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What a nice board!

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I was startled to see this since I hadn't heard anything from Toby Fox for a long time, but he's releasing it tomorrow.  Hopefully this version won't delete the directory it's in when you uninstall it.

Undertale has sadly morphed into a pile of cancerous trash, and Deltarune has a bit of the same fate, but when the latter released in 2018 I had a pretty fun time playing it and discussing it with other anons.  I'm hoping something like that can happen again; if the game turns out to be bad then at least we can thrash it together.

>inb4 shill, poz, cuckgame, etc.
dubs_threads.jpg (u)
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>>81500 (OP) 
Checked but don't care.
>>81500 (OP) 
It was born a pile of cancerous trash. Mediocre game, all in all.
And this guy takes 3 years to release each chapter, what the fuck. How many chapters is it gonna have?
shill, poz, cuckgame, etc.
Do-You-See-Repeating-Numbers-This-Could-Be-Why-2-min.jpg (u)
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>paying even the slightest attention to a game made by man-on-man anal sex enthusiasts for man-on-man anal sex enthusiasts
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Dubs thread? Dubs thread!
3ed3be63f766fe5da5ecd940b0f057f26009e2a64944f94003cb0d211395d57a.png (u)
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>dubs thread on 10pph
check my 81529 digits
1442709247233.png (u)
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>>81500 (OP) 
>worst character in the game
>can never kill her
Reminder that Tumblrtale is the Cowboy Redditbop of vidya and tumblrina deviantautists are the reason why this game is even remptely accepted, same as why lolishit is being treated as anything but drawn CP
>w-we just use it as a coping mechanism because our daddies touched our no-no parts five years ago, I swear!!!!
speak english
354d13baa2d80ca63bd069a485e40f158f7ca0f330b0d1edb64d671f4d2c221d.png (u)
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Sounds like Yume Nikki
>>81500 (OP) 
>Toby Fox
>same as why lolishit is being treated as anything but drawn CP
This is your brain on 3dpd
Replies: >>81684
Hoping the MC gets forcibly molested by the purple dinosaur
>>81500 (OP) 
>inb4 shill, poz, cuckgame.
As is right and proper, because all of those are true. How about, since you're the one who's making out that it's good, you provide an explanation as to why?
This may be the single worst post I've read all year.
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>>81500 (OP) 
I thought there was a general agreement to never have a thread about these games again.
Screenshot_2021-09-16_at_21-05-46_aarcade_on_Twitter.png (u)
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>>81500 (OP) 
Why would you post this SJW shit here?
Replies: >>86609
5e9.jpg (u)
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post Paul Blart vs cancer goat pics please. I wish to see them.
Replies: >>81593 >>81666
Part_1.png (u)
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Part_2.png (u)
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part_1_and_2_merged.png (u)
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murder_of_deltarune.gif (u)
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Paul_Blart.png (u)
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Classics, I wish I had a cap of the original thread.
>was about to post these images but got hit with flood detection and the site ate my post.
Well okay then.
Faggy_Nut_Fuckfest_luvs_Epstein,_twitter.jpg (u)
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Reminder that the people behind these cancerous SJW games are pedos themselves
Replies: >>81650
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Asriel_redrawn.png (u)
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Paul_Blart_and_the_Murder_of_the_Universe.png (u)
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Spoiler File (u)
(397.4KB, 772x1210)
Here's all I've got.
Replies: >>81666 >>81704
Check this five.
Replies: >>81651
Japanistan collectively getting on it's knees and sucking Tumblrtale's dick was the most satisfying "told you so" to delusional weebs who thought they were immune to cucking. At this point I hope Japan becomes the next Sweden.
Replies: >>81685
>Autism Night Fuckin'
Not surprised. NG was Reddit before reddit.
Replies: >>81734
Decent.  But can you control two digits?
>Japanistan collectively
It was the same fujos as supported it in the west?
0ac75d4549fe1f070c9a243f1b7c85ea102073d69485d3ba52092c7e34dd4c0c.jpg (u)
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>jap loves undertale
>dude jap is cucked
The last time I played undertale I don't remember any poz in it, maybe due to the fact that I was ignorant of the issue at the time. I remember it being pretty endearing and the music is catchy so i even tried to play some tunes on the guitar. The dev becoming a sell-out, delta rune being pozzed isn't a problem with undertale as long as undertale itself doesnt contain any dumb shit.
Replies: >>81686
absolutley_loud.webm (u)
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>>81500 (OP) 
Paul_Blart_Black_Cop.webm (u)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 500x281, 02:29)
Paul_Blart_Stage_5.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 500x281, 01:29)
Paul_Blart_enters_the_Chamber.webm (u)
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Replies: >>81704 >>81755
Replies: >>82552
Ok niggerpill
Replies: >>82552
It's literally the same like way back when faggot says "russias cucked" because they have muslims, despite the fact that thet are right next to muslim countries.
There will be westaboos in japan nomatter what's the cost.
And funny thing, all of those retards are tvcuck posters who are obssesed normalfags.
Replies: >>82552
>>81500 (OP) 
Why should I care?
No seriously why should I care about a cuckolds game featuring (((gender theory)))
Replies: >>82552
This is great, I didn't know it was this developed. I can only wish for a Barkley-style game out of this.
>>81500 (OP) 
Oh boy, time to play this and feel bad for doing so. Enjoyer Undertale and Deltarune Chapter 1. It's too bad Toby is a bit od a fag.
Replies: >>81715 >>82798
If you think so.
1d873dd17d6acbef7f5675a0ed157c84cd346cb9d7ba506cc8d339d2a50d4714.jpg (u)
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>making such a soulless comparison for contrarian sake
>>81500 (OP) 
>Undertale has sadly morphed into a pile of cancerous trash
Undertale hasn't been updated significantly since release, it was a one and done game.
What you mean is that the fandom went to shit, and you don't say that openly because like 99% of faggots here you're a pig that can't judge a game on its own merits and has to wallow in internet shitstorms 24/7.
Replies: >>82335
What's the source for the third webm, the Chamber one?
Replies: >>81756
Street_Fever_-_Chamber.mp4 (u)
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E32014.png (u)
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Pretty fun chapter. I didn't quite get the warm fuzzies I felt after Chapter 1 but I think it's because I'm totally checked out of the romance subplot between antlers and lizard.
The locations were cool and the fight against the big shot or whatever his name is was also fun. When I first downloaded him to the disk my game crashed and I was all like "Toby, you clever man" before realizing it actually just crashed. 

I kind of wish he'd just release the whole thing at once because now I'm sitting here wanting to know what happens next and knowing that by the time I find out I'll have to replay everything because I'll have forgotten it all.
>you're a pig
Wouldn't sheep be a more fitting animal to describe them as, given what you're trying to call them? 
Honestly, shills these days get so assmad they can't even be coherent with their insults.
Replies: >>82434
I thought it was okay for being free but I really wish Toby would have more unsettling moments or pull back the obnoxious sugersweet veneer to showcase more horror stuff. Especially when the main antagonist takes center stage with tons of "Lol so randumb xd" type of shit, that stuff would be more acceptable if there was a greater amount of unease throughout.
I decided to replay chapter 1 to refresh my memory before playing chapter 2 to avoid the situation you describe.  It's been charming enough going through the dark world and re-encountering all the characters, and the game's short enough that I don't think I"ll get tired of them by playing 2 chapters at once.
>When I first downloaded him to the disk my game crashed and I was all like "Toby, you clever man" before realizing it actually just crashed.
Fucking lol.
I was going for the "rolling in shit" mental image, but that was probably wasted on your tiny brain.
Seriously, "shilling" a free game that's already being covered by everyone and their mom, and that can be basically played on youtube?
It's just unintresting, the basis of the story is technically the same as undertale. I never got what's so intresting about undertale/deltarune series. It's just a basic rpg with "deep story" and that's it. I just don't get it.
Fuck, dude. I stopped caring shortly after C1. How're the tracks in 2 so far?
Replies: >>82446
I don't think the tracks are as good as Field of Hopes and Dreams or Rude Buster, the latter of which is recycled as battle music in here too. Cyber World is good though.
Did you guys stay on the disgustingly sweet normal path this time, or did you stray again to the genocide route?

Oh who am i kidding
Replies: >>82517 >>82524
There's an actual genocide route this time, but it requires you to do some specific stuff to get on it. You get to kill Berdly.
Replies: >>82524 >>82544
>>81500 (OP) 
Where the fuck can I pirate this shit?
Replies: >>82521 >>82798
its free dumbass
Replies: >>82523
whoops sorry lol
Spoiler File (u)
(7.8KB, 274x200)
I think the genocide route for this chapter is pretty chilling
Replies: >>82544
Spoiler File (u)
(247.2KB, 306x441)
Yeah, i even did some of the necessary step by accident, and even then it doesn't really trigger unless you push in specific ways that you have no way to know.
But the end result it's worth it, you even get a better final boss
whats_yer_offer.jpg (u)
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This isn't discord nigger condense your fucking posts into one.
Replies: >>82701
todd_big.jpg (u)
[Hide] (61.5KB, 498x1024)
the alternate route is actually better written, now it's about corrupting others instead of being a schizo listening to your inner voice
Replies: >>82701 >>82702
It's just how I read stuff. Sorry.
That sounds like a retarded fanfics.
How the fuck is there is no todd_check_em.jpg made out of this pic.
Replies: >>82703 >>82777
because you haven't made it yet
Replies: >>82777
>deep story
Nigger what. The main appeal is the shmup-lite combat and tumblr characters. The game is so lackluster that these aspects don't make up for it even if you like them, though.
I've played rpgmaker shit that has deeper story and gameplay then undertale.
todd_check_em.jpg (u)
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1373183945881.jpg (u)
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2cc2cc23c71dbb209237db470ada93a237e00863580bc750f289c5a944d985ed.jpg (u)
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>consecrated immediately with lucky trips
double_todds.jpg (u)
[Hide] (27.8KB, 389x400)
Here's an almost square one, but pointing at the digits, I hope
Off by 2 pixels, fuck
Replies: >>82792 >>82843
deltarune.png (u)
[Hide] (22.7KB, 1920x1080)
Some fag from Twatter managed to get the game run natively on Linux. Here's the link:
Remember to launch it with no network access, since the engine it runs on phones home.
firejail --net=none ./runner
Replies: >>82798
But_why.webm (u)
[Hide] (1019.4KB, 720x400, 00:05)
>>81500 (OP) 
Is it as retarded as Ciconia no naku koro ni?
Replies: >>82802
Motherfucker do you really expect anybody to read Ryuukishi's newest bowel movement?
Replies: >>82854
>get your art goons to whip you up some flatly shaded, or even not shaded at all, pixel art furries and write the story about how much they love gay sex with the occasional nod to the supposed greater plot
>half ass a jrpg engine, half ass a shmup engine and stitch the ends together like some kind of gameplay centipede
>make okayish sounding music but you can't establish subtlety in tone and one theme for a general mood sounds almost identical to another theme for the same mood so to compensate you turn random instruments in the song into as3sfx utterances and pretend like this is your """""""style"""""""
<set yourself up for another gorillion dollars in profits and even more awards
How does Toby Fox keep getting away with it?
checked_todd.png (u)
[Hide] (118.8KB, 389x400)

I attempted a transparent version.
Replies: >>82845 >>82848
I don't like the disembodied hand grabbing him from behind.
>off by 1
it's like it's holding him from falling
checked_todd_2.png (u)
[Hide] (108.9KB, 389x400)
What hand?
Replies: >>82853
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (148.9KB, 389x400)
Replies: >>83233
checked_todd_3.png (u)
[Hide] (109.3KB, 389x400)
Fixed the zipper.
Plenty of people ITT are gorging themselves on Toby's latest turd judging by the abysmal posting quality aside from Todd dubs, surely a VN by a has-been nipponese hack would be palatable to their tongues?
stan_boat.jpg (u)
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>playing chapter 2
>get captured in Queen's mansion
>get Lancer out of my pocket to escape
>his card touches the ground and he pops out
>"I'm here to save you!"
>game hangs and stops responding
Toby, you've done it again.
todd_dubs.png (u)
[Hide] (120.9KB, 389x400)
What do you mean, anon? It's right there.
Kyle_Justin_-_Double_Vision__Song_from_AVGN_.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (4MB, 496x368, 02:51)
fa4bd76ca970b7263930a0f27100bacac3745f312895a7f48d3a4a2ecc8f5694.png (u)
[Hide] (813.2KB, 880x1262)
>>83233 (checked)
It looks like his hand got cut off and replaced with another persons.
Can I have some dubs too?
IDK_lol.PNG (u)
[Hide] (16KB, 1203x349)
tlc.PNG (u)
[Hide] (61.5KB, 1277x955)
susie_REEE.PNG (u)
[Hide] (5.9KB, 317x215)
>I didn't quite get the warm fuzzies I felt after Chapter 1 but I think it's because I'm totally checked out of the romance subplot between antlers and lizard
I think I liked chapter 2 overall more than chapter 1 simply because it had more gameplay, but the yuri stuff kind of came out of nowhere.  Despite Noelle being very cute she doesn't have much of a personality beyond the bumbling oh-so-sweet girl common to any piece of Japanese media aimed at teens.  Susie got a lot more character development this chapter, which was nice, but I was a little disappointed I didn't get to have the entire 4-man party in a real fight.

The issue with having both the standard JRPG combat and the be-nice-to-everyone combat is that one clearly has more polish put into it than the other, so they don't feel like genuine choices.  The standard combat is more of a shortcut for dispatching enemies without killing them since you can beat them up and then use Pacify or something, but that can be difficult since you don't know exactly how much damage you'll deal.  A focus on low numbers combat like Paper Mario or Bug Fables would have made the combat system a lot more rewarding since you'd have more control over it.  As it stands, there's no reason to combine both lethal and non-lethal combat.

I did enjoy the game enough that I want to go back and do the kill-everyone route, but I'm a bit saturated with the characters and setting now so I may leave that for another day.  I'm sure that I'll watch an Easter egg compilation video to get the full experience at some point.

Both Undertale and Deltarune were pozzed due various pieces of faggotry and due to the main character being a nonbinary whatever, but I still appreciate that Toby Fox is making the games.  At this rate, Deltarune will be finished in another 12 years (3 more chapters, it's been 3 years between releases), and I just can't bring myself to hate something for that long.  Hopefully it doesn't completely fall apart somewhere between now at the end.

Susie is cool.  Noelle is cute.
Why should I play this over LOTR: battle fir middleearth?
Replies: >>83298
Why should I play this over any JRPG or walking sim?
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1016.4KB, 679x1080)
I like the snowgrave route because it sets up the route to claim Noelle for yourself and cure her terminal Barneyfagness.
Replies: >>83301
why are you faggots even playing this?
Replies: >>83302
(You).png (u)
[Hide] (138.4KB, 1920x1080)
Because I had fun with Undertale and Deltarune chapter 1.
>but you shouldn't have
>Because I had fun with Undertale
Oh mighty wizard, lend me your secrets.
hardcore_yuri.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 480x368, 00:37)
The only fun fight in undertale is locked behind the most boring route
>inb4 but that's the point of the route
Making the game shitty to prove a point is retarded
rpg_loop.png (u)
[Hide] (19.2KB, 1000x600)
>focus on numbers
it's more of the fact that you don't influence anything but health when attacking
non-lethal is a bit more interesting because it has minigames and gimmicks but in terms of having to think about tactics, there is none apart from optimizing your turn usage
>Because I had fun eating shit.
>but you shouldn't have
Replies: >>83423 >>83453
At this point, I'm suspecting the only reason Toby keeps insisting Kris is a 'they' is because Kris is, quite literally, an 'it.' A fucking lovecraftian abomination just barely kept together by (You) controlling it, as much as it doesn't want it.
Replies: >>83348
He keeps insisting it because he's a leftist.
Replies: >>83424
the_yaoi_community.jpg (u)
(12KB, 172x200)
This game is just gay propaganda. Ralsei's a faggot trap, and Noelle a dyke. I regret giving this game a chance. Though the music in it was fine, and some of the stuff in the game genuinely made me smile.
>>81500 (OP) 
>Undertale has sadly morphed into a pile of cancerous trash
It was a le quirky furfag game with gay characters and internet memes written into it. How was it already not a pile of cancerous trash?
Nice one
He reminds me of someone, oh.
The lead dev of TWR.
Replies: >>83425
>Toby developing an alternate history gnazee victory HoI IV mod in parallel with Deltarune
So that's why it took so long.
Replies: >>83427
Yeah they are simmilar. Both are leftists. The lead dev of TWR is a neoliberal cuck. But his mod is better them TNO. 
They are going to delete the LGBT rights from the mod and that's the only good thing
Replies: >>83438 >>83755
Neo-liberals aren't leftists.
Replies: >>83451
Gonna have to agree. I jist really wish there wasn't faggot shit.
Replies: >>83447
Faggot_shit_-_Falling_Down.webm (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 960x400, 00:19)
>Leftists aren't leftists
You're retarded, stay on your autistic discord server.
Replies: >>83456
1431225152808.gif (u)
[Hide] (2.6MB, 400x225)
Neo-liberalism is located in the top right quadrant of the political compass. Its explicitly pro-capitalist and globalist. Your ignorance is honestly hilarious.
Replies: >>83491
>it's an "american confuses lefties with progressives yet again" episode
Replies: >>83475
>it's a "brainwashed normalfags think the political compass actually exists" episode
Replies: >>83480
I never mentioned any such thing
Replies: >>83489
Pardon, you implied it. Ideology itself is a meme created by Victorian liberals to encourage factionalism. Being a "lefty" or a "progressive" implies that one exists along one or more spectra which can nominally describe your views and/or goals. Obviously I am asserting that this is not true. In a Hegelian sense we have an overwhelming amount of historical precedent for what constitutes a successful state, and no extant ideology serves to satisfy those conditions. In other words, the west (and increasingly the rest of the world) has fallen under the delusion that what matters is not direct solutions to existing problems and the maintenance of stability, peace, and prosperity. Instead they assert that a person must bind themselves to a party or faction which follows a specific doctrine. This has been called a disruption of the democratic process, but this is insufficient; it's actually a perversion of politics withal. The only relevant "ideology" is the one that best serves the state and people at the moment. Ideologues are a cancer on the face of the earth because they openly espouse the accumulation of power to accomplish an agenda, rather than the pursuit of stability, peace, and prosperity. The worst part is that this is now considered rational, for example someone can say "I like the idea of public healthcare, I just don't want to support socialism" or "I like what Trump has done but I don't like his politics". Without the blinders of ideology, these are blatantly absurd statements. Admittedly ad hoc examples, but pay attention to the next politically-flavored conversation you have and you'll pick up on more such quotes, perhaps even from yourself. The ubiquity of the ideology meme is no excuse for allowing yourself to fall into a thinking trap, friend.

tl;dr political ideologies aren't real and believing in them only empowers the global elite by facilitating the methodology of their agenda(s).
video games
>pro capitalist
u wut m8?
Replies: >>83493 >>83546
Do you not know what neoliberalism is?
Replies: >>83495 >>83546
Given the lack of definition in this thread, yes.
Replies: >>83496
4e66cad65e218089685367e00de3ff6352487ae29d16297afe403ca788728528.jpg (u)
[Hide] (233.1KB, 777x777)
>I need a korean glass blowing forum to tell me what words mean
Replies: >>83497 >>83499
>I trust the kikes who write history to define words for me instead
>just believe me
Why do you strive to become what you despise?
Internet people have different words for the same thing. He means pro-big business, Clinton or Bush style, which no one really likes unless they're a corporate stooge but because we use different words for it we want to kill each other when they're just two faces of the same coin.
>>81500 (OP) 
Can barely bring myself to play it. I'm more interested in its development. Didn't Toby hire a new artist to help with the sprites? And wasn't Deltarune supposed to come out with all the chapters at once?
Replies: >>83646
WAS meant to
Replies: >>83658
So what happened? Does he think he's going to charge per chapter after the third one?
Replies: >>83661
Obviously he would lose everyone and  everyones intrested in it. It'll be like:
>"Toby who?"
After 12 years he would just fuck up and die mostlikely too.
Never played any HOI4, what’s so bad about the two mods mentioned?
Replies: >>85290
3e5d07d56f5a62453f46173da831dee5f5a58877394624769e2b77c5091ed497.png (u)
[Hide] (61KB, 314x415)
Certified /tv/ fresh
Replies: >>83771
>The ogre not only has discord on his computer, but allows it to tell everyone on it what he's doing
brighten_up.jpg (u)
[Hide] (47KB, 640x640)
>trying to set up snowgrave route
>think "oh, i just kill everything"
>nothing happens
>redo first 30 minutes
>look up guide
>"oh, so i have to freeze everything"
>that should be easy
>miss exactly one (1) enemy that appears before you even have Noelle in your party
>have to redo the first half-hour of the game
Really getting tired of your shit, Toby.
Replies: >>84961
the only way to continue that route tells you how many enemies are left that you need to kill, you literal retard
Replies: >>84970
dude_what.PNG (u)
[Hide] (19.5KB, 1235x349)
Nah, I just misunderstood which enemies the game cared about me killing, since "defeating with violence" is not the same thing as killing (freezing).  The route only opens up once you actually meet Noelle.  The directions I was reading mentioned "a Poppup hiding as a prop," which I thought meant the one that leaps at you just before Noelle joins the party, so I kept trying to walk past it without getting into a battle.  It actually meant the one that's part of the new swarm of enemies that spawn behind you when Noelle joins you.

Stuff like this is part of what annoys me about Fox's style of gameplay design - that is, cramming the entire game full of unique interactions, quirky dialogue, and hidden tidbits.  I wouldn't have thought the route behind me would repopulate with enemies since the rest of the game was pushing me forward all the time.

Anyway, I did the snowgrave route and beat the final boss.  It was fun, but a bit monotonous; the gameplay system for random battles is better than in Undertale, but still not quite deep enough to support prolonged periods of fighting enemies.  I have to walk around town and talk to people, but aside from that I'm just about done with this chapter.  I'll have a normal pacifist save file and a snowgrave save file for the next chapter, and hopefully Fox actually acknowledges the decisions players took in future chapters if he was willing to go to all this trouble.

Training Noelle to become a strong-willed killing machine was very satisfying.  I hate the kind of oh-me-oh-my-oh-goodness characters who trip over themselves and have no personality otherwise.
Spamton is surprisingly interesting for a character who looks like he's just side boss fodder.  I suppose he gets a lot of mileage from drawing on things we already know about how spambots work, as opposed to a character like Queen, who sort of behaves like a computer but not consistently.
Replies: >>85189
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (6.4MB, 4096x3072)
I unironically believe that Spamton is too good a character to deserve being in a Toby Fox game.
Replies: >>85216
>shitty memebait character
Replies: >>85230
Characters being actually insane is not the same as being tumblr meme-bait,even if often used as such.
There is actual good writing hidden within the spambot-man,he has defined themes and a proper character arc behind the standard quirky secret boss routine.
Admittedly Toby seems to want to use the character as le-funny-meme man,which is part of why I said it's doing the character injustice.
I wonder if this game is going to end up being a prequel, despite the dev having, I think, pretty much said it's not set in Undertale's continuity. Toby doesn't seem opposed to metacontinuity garbage in his games. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he tweeted something like "Chapter 1 is in a different universe but Chapter 5 isn't" someday, and then let the fans try to figure out what that means. We can be reasonably sure that some kind of meta bullshit is going to happen at some point. Maybe people who have a Snowgrave flag set in some file somewhere will have to skip Chapter 5 (until the workaround is figured out) or something like that. I wouldn't be surprised if he used this release model in part because it lets him more finely control what people are able to datamine, because he seemed pretty unhappy with things leaking out, or to give people time to get bored and try stuff in earlier chapters, so that more people will have tried alternate game routes out of boredom.
Replies: >>85634 >>86609
Tranny dev, retarded "muh x bad" events/reading and a lot of reading. All german fuhrers post-hitler don't have personalities of what they should have had heydrich commits suicide after he realises he needs to be a dictator and kill people or something boring gameplay for most of countries, a lot of cut content. Railoded gameplay and much more.
"Muh germans bad" shit, the dev is a neolibtard, goebells goes for a mass conquest, for some reason? He unirronically fucking got mad over the fact that someone posted a meme with stonetoss template. But it's mostly the leaddevs cuckoldry and such. But the mod is alright, if you don't see the bullshit like forced failstates and such.
Can't help but really enjoy this gay shit, but the music was rather disappointing Spamton and the mech fight had great tracks though
>skip chapter 5
What do you mean? why chapter 5?
>main character being a nonbinary whatever
Never saw it like that, seemed to me the idea was to make the player identify easier with the character without giving him too much control such as a character creatorthat Deltarune mocks anyway that could have evolved into outright faggotry though, the world has gotten way more pozzed since 2015.
Replies: >>85655 >>86609
Chapter 5 was picked out of a hat. Toby's the kind of guy that would make a game where if you finish route B, then you get the bad ending scene of route A whenever you finish it after that and, barring technical workarounds, can no longer get route A's happy ending. I can see him not telling players that if they play route B of chapter 2, then they'll be prevented from doing something else later in the game, because playing route B means you're a bad person or whatever reason. I don't know if Deltarune is that kind of game, because meta bullshit was sort of a running theme in Undertale, or if he got tired of that kind of and has something else going on. But if he does decide to try that again, he'll have to go bigger this time or get accused of just rehashing Undertale ideas. Hence my guess that "bigger" might mean "can't start Chapter 5."

Also I thought he was saying now the last three chapters would be coming out at the same time. Unless he's worried about losing sales or is tired of the game or maybe just the episodes meme, I can't see that being done without some goofy Toby Fox thing happening to justify it. Maybe I'm giving the guy more (less?) credit than he deserves.
I am torn between seeing how much a garbage Chapter 2 is, or how much a trash Snoot is.
Replies: >>87036 >>87129
>meta bullshit will happen at some point
Oh, of course.  Watching people react to that and try to figure it out is part of the fun of Fox's games.
>using a chapter-based release to prevent people datamining
That's a novel idea and I certainly wouldn't put it past him, but I think he mostly chose this release method because he doesn't want to overwhelm himself with a huge project.  A friend of mine said that near the start of the whole Deltarune project, Fox said he was going to get it finished within 7 years or just not bother going on.  I know that these kinds of monolithic projects can bury people who aren't ready for them.
>snowgrave flag
There must be something like that considering how different things are at the end.  Then again, Kris did leave the door open before he summoned the new dark fountain, so perhaps the entire town will be covered in darkness and Fox will find some way to hand-wave Berdley either being braindead, crippled, or alive.  I think it'd be a lot more fun to have the different routes proceed in parallel, but if there are as many meaningful choices in each subsequent chapter (there are 7 according to the chapter select screen at the start of the game) as there were in 1 and 2, then it'll be way too much for Fox and his team to track.
>"lol no u don't get to play the ending"
That seems like a bit much, even for a game as quirky XD as Deltarune.  Besides, telling sections of your player base to fuck off is a bad idea for any developer.

>the music was rather disappointing 
I thought it was all great, and I especially liked the cyber field theme: very adventurous and comfy, which is impressive since that area is only about 15 minutes of actual walking.  The leitmotifs in Berdley and Queen's themes were really fun.
>seemed to me the idea was to make the player identify easier with the character without giving him too much control 
I felt the same way, but if >>81589 is correct, then Fox seems to be committed to Kris being explicitly androgynous/nonbinary/whatever instead of just someone whose sex isn't stated clearly.
Replies: >>87036
that's_a_female.png (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1920x1080)
This game has the potential to be good and is pretty good gameplay wise (though I'd prefer the puzzles not to be so babby-tier or maybe have a hard mode) but it bogs itself down with stuff Toby feels the need to shove in like love triangles and confusing pronoun bullshit and sexualities that seem to change on a whim to the point it's genuinely confusing.
This is the kind of game that makes you want to make a superior game yourself.
Replies: >>87036
e030c418198410aac2e4aa72ec92ffaecdcb60ce00be2c6463996f61793209f5.png (u)
[Hide] (2.7KB, 180x204)
Snoot would consider that a compliment
At this point i wouldn't mind if each chapter released a year from the other
The music has been growing on me BE A BIG SHOT but it wasn't as immediately catchy as the previous chapter or UT or another similar game that i played recently, Omori
>love triangles 
That's just Berdly being retarded as a joke, he's dead anyway.
>confusing pronoun bullshit
It's just "they" for Kris, same as with Frisk.
What do you mean?
I honestly think that the level of pozz here has been vastly exaggerated, it is there no doubt, but it's not nearly as degenerate as people make it out to be, reminds me more of a cartoon or something, chances are it will get a lot worse though.
Replies: >>87128 >>88185
My understanding is that the next three or last three chapters, I forget which, are supposed to be released at the same time. My source is bullshit I remember, so take it with a grain of salt or go confirm it yourself.
Replies: >>87145
gays_done.jpg (u)
[Hide] (789.4KB, 1280x720)
>>81500 (OP) 
shill, poz, cuckgame, etc.
Snootgame. A game featuring halfchans teagan which they also manage to make and release before the actual game it was based on causing much butthurt.
Ads_and_spam.png (u)
[Hide] (270.3KB, 769x456)
Just_spam.png (u)
[Hide] (173.4KB, 769x456)
it was fun
Replies: >>88185
spamton.jpg (u)
[Hide] (60.4KB, 1023x1376)
spamton_va1.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1280x720, 01:23)
spamton_va2.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (4.7MB, 1280x720, 01:42)
spamton_va3.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (5.1MB, 1280x720, 01:40)
spamton_va4.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (6.9MB, 1280x720, 02:13)
>It's just "they" for Kris, same as with Frisk.
Any pronoun wanking is stupid and confusing because it means the writer is deliberately bucking the trend of English and most every other Western language being masculine by default unless explicitly feminine.

I've been thinking about Spamton a lot more recently.  I hope Fox does something with the character, since there seem to be hints that he knows what's going on more than most other characters in the dark worlds.
>He talks about a [heart-shaped object], which is Kris's soul (AKA the player).
>He knows about the Knight, and the dark worlds, which most characters don't seem to.
>>Some of his shop dialogue implies he's afraid of the Knight (although this could just be him flashing back to something else), which allowed him to transform from his normal self into the big shot salesman he wanted to be.  Perhaps he made a deal and isn't allowed to talk about it?  Then when the Knight left, Spamton's vigour left with him and he started living in a dumpster because his business dried up.
>He's the one who tells you how many enemies you have left to kill during the Snowgrave route, which implies he knows what you're doing to Noelle.  He also sells you the Thorn Ring.
>During the non-Snowgrave Spamton Neo fight, he notices Kris's soul transform.
Replies: >>88188
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (166.8KB, 731x461)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (155.5KB, 755x468)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (141.3KB, 832x468)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (137.5KB, 767x468)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (149.8KB, 756x469)
[Hyperlink Blocked] initially seems to be a joke about porn websites, but I think it refers to the dark fountain.  There's dialogue in the Snowgrave Spamton Neo fight where he says he noticed what you're doing with Noelle, which he calls [making].  At the end of the normal route, Queen mentions that a Lightner of sufficiently strong will could make a new fountain wherever he wanted, which was part of her plan.  Given that Kris stuffs the player's soul in the couch and opens up a dark fountain in the living room at the end of the game, I think Spamton could see what Kris wanted to do despite him being controlled by the player.

He also mentions that he knowingly sold the Thorn Ring to Kris/the player so he could use it for evil.

The only wrinkle in all this is one line where he says "You think making [Frozen Chicken] with your [Side Chick] is gonna let you drink up that [Sweet, Sweet] [Freedom Sauce]?"  You could read this as him referring to the dark fountain, in which case it would be inconsistent with the previous [making] terminology, but it could also be that he's saying [Freedom Sauce] to mean the standard love/sex/whatever power trip Kris/the player want to do with Noelle - in that case, the [making] terminology is consistent.  This is where Spamton's insanity makes it a bit hard to decipher things.

One further detail which makes this whole theory a bit stronger is that BIG SHOT actually contains lyrics, which you can see here: (around 1:00)
>Please Knight, please answer the phone
>Please Knight, hahahahaha
>Pull the strings and make them ring to tell you how much it's ringing
>Please Knight, please answer the phone
>Please Knight, hahahahaha
>All the suspense is- all the suspense is-
>Tell me what you're really selling

"It pulls the strings and makes them ring" is also narration during his Snowgrave Neo fight (and maybe the regular Neo fight; didn't play it myself).  Spamton also complains about wanting to be a big shot so he would finally escape the "strings" - again, I think this refers to a deal he made with the Knight.

Feel free to poke any holes in my theory.  There's a lot in the game I didn't personally see and which I don't remember.
Ah, one final thing - Spamton makes references to a [clown] in several different spots, which is pretty clearly Jevil: they're both hidden bosses, and I think Spamton is noticeably harder/more insane than Jevil, which corresponds to what he says about "someday I'll surpass that [clown around town]" or something to that effect.
Replies: >>88204
Most of those bracketed terms are pretty direct. This isn't like the orz. If he says "freedom sauce" he's probably talking about something related to the PC being free or the player thinking he's going to discover some generic secret. I see no reason to assume it's a more obscure innuendo than that.
Replies: >>88503
I found Spamton significantly easier and more fun
What i'm curious is how much Spamton is Deltarune's Metatton really
ASDfmpwerm.png (u)
[Hide] (341.2KB, 811x892)
There's the literal interpretation of that whole [Sweet, Sweet] [Freedom Sauce] thing.
You've got to kill shit or seal fountains to get strong in the dark world. Your party's never killed anything up until the point Noelle joins. In order to actually kill a lightner, you needed to abuse the shit out of Noelle. Spamton knows that this isn't supposed to be what you're doing, and offers you some help.
Spamton also knows that the consequences of your actions are going to fuck up Kris's life, going so far as to say you'd be better off dead rather than go through with it. He mentions that there will be no more [Magic], or [Miracles] and that you'll end up crying in a broken home too. He knows that there's a world outside of the dark world and wants a piece of it as well.
>>88203 is right basically.
Spamton's just trying to take advantage of the situation like a salesman would. He's trying to sell you an alternative route, and in return he gets the chance to be free.

He just wants some freedom; whether you're breaking your strings by following some fucked up route or taking the "optional" boss, he'll help.
Replies: >>88608
ceremonial_Kris.jpg (u)
[Hide] (157.4KB, 1300x899)
The Knight is the person on the phone, Kris is not on the phone, but soulless Kris is the person last seen doing Knight things. 
It seems obvious to me that there is a sleight of hand here, "Kris" is the dagger being used to open new fountains, not the more literal knife he wields, and the player (soul) is in fact fighting for control of Kris with a third party, the true Knight. The optional bosses and collecting shards will likely be the bonus ending for piecing back together the scattered Gaster, transplanted from an entire different universe, and defeating him for real, ending his omnipresent manipulations.

The more interesting question is what's so Weird about the Weird Route? Is it the only alternative route, or simply the deepest in the story, with the most time to simmer?
The answer to me seems to lie in the introduction of alternative "acts" from other characters. These fit into the narrative that Susie is getting really into it and she wants more agency, and this is all about Kris getting new friends and developing as a person, but it's also a deliberate reduction in his power has a character. The Weird Route inverts that, with Kris developing a compelling power over Noelle, who is capable of killing enemies that the programming has decreed Kris and his "full time party members" incapable of killing.
The [Freedom Sauce] Spamton refers to, and his role in the story, seem to be on the idea of escaping the videogame's narrative entirely. The Weird route will likely focus on kneecapping the "You vs Gaster" subplot, so it's a twist ending for the twist ending, where Kris, the tool caught in the middle, is the winner.
Much like Spamton, Kris is on strings, but he's beholden to both the story's basic narrative and the player's control. 
Unlike Spamton, who "escaped" his role as shitty salesman by obeying a third party, Kris has found his first independent exploit to ruin the narrative, in the act of crippling an otherwise very important character of Birdley, and also fully eliminating Spamton (leaving no sentient item behind). The player aids and abets it, but it shatters the dichotomy where everyone but Kris is making the choices. It's possible the player's own control is next, and by chapter 3-4, the player will merely be along for the ride. Or it may be that the Weird route ends early, not even making it past chapter 3-4.
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