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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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ITT propose new ideas for gamenights to come since there's no dedicated gamenight thread at the moment.
What would you want to play? I really fancy some Worms with the board. Here, there's some story now that I'm fresh off some game:
>Worms: Armageddon
>enter some game
>host immediately notices my name is "niggurz" also host name in PC
>kicks me out of the party for not speaking "jive"
>re-enter the game, only this time I do so saying
<"fuck yo momma phat ass"
>lets me in this time
>playing with 3 others
>use ebonics in game and acts as if I was mad
>hosts tells apart and starts taunting me
>asks me if I came out of parole recently
>call his racist ass out
>start arguing about how the ninja rope is the black man's invention
>then immediately ask host for reparations
>I'm all uppity by the end of the game
>start insulting everyone
>next game, host changes his team's name to "south africa" featuring "car jacking" and "taxi mafia"
>russian kid who can't speak english tells me that rap is nigger monkey music
>and the last guy changes his flag to the dixie
Worms gamenight WHEN. didn't screencap much, sorry dude, trust me it happened
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one job, anon, one job
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don't nigga me, I'm the master nigga
1v1 me faggit.
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I'm up for some Worms Armageddon, but I'd prefer TF2 or Quake. Does Worms Armageddon run under WINE well?
Replies: >>81210
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If you want to run WA on Linux natively, you can.
Check this out:
Replies: >>81212 >>81224
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Replies: >>81215
Welcome_to_the_good_life.webm (u)
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I've never seen this project before. Pretty cool, but my distro is not supported. I'll just read the wiki pages on running WA through WINE in case something breaks.
Replies: >>81216
>>81203 (OP) 
I've considered making a general coop/game2gether thread but I don't know how popular it would be.
Get a job.
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>Pretty cool, but my distro is not supported
>not supported
>a script that builds and configures the game to your target os
Type Worms Armageddon into the search bar inside the page I've sent you.
Then, install the two scripts and save them as .sh.
Run the first script (libplayit), then the other script targetting your executable of WA (last version).
Replies: >>81217 >>81224
I'm getting the following error when trying to run from a Bash shell (yes, I made the script executable):
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('
Replies: >>81219
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Never mind, fixed it by simply running it from the directory where the installer is located. I think I'll just stick with Lutris, though.
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I nominate Team Fortress 2 Classic, it's free and im pretty sure it's Linux-Kosher
Anyone who disagrees with me is going against the guy who nominated KF and was hailed as a genius after the huge success it turned out to be.
Replies: >>81224 >>81237
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This is just a PlayOnLinux wineprefix setup script you double nigger. You don't even need winetricks bullshit to play Armageddon anymore, it's been patched to work around Wine's DirectX bugs for over a decade. You literally run the installer, run the patch installer and then it just werks.

I nominate TF2 Vintage instead. Both are gay but at least I believe TF2V lets you turn off all the post-2008 cancer they added after they betrayed us.
Replies: >>81225 >>81237
TF2C and TF2V are surrounded by cancerous circlejerk fags. Also TF2V implemented a ton of post-Mannconomy shitty items, nullifying the entire point of the mod. Stock can be played on regular TF2 and I would guess that actually has players.

I say we do OpenRCT2 multiplayer, it'd be different fun.
Replies: >>81227 >>81307
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The Dreamcast emulator Flycast has added GGPO (good rollback) netcode to its online capabilities, most notably fighting games:
Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf Achse
Capcom vs. SNK
Capcom vs. SNK 2
Dead or Alive 2 Millennium
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Power Stone
Project Justice
Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper
Toy Fight
Hokuto no Ken
The King of Fighters XI
The Rumble Fish 2
Samurai Shodown VI
KenJu - Atomiswave to Dreamcast conversion
Virtua Fighter 3tb (USA)

We'd have to play in pairs, but it's free and easy to set up.  I tested CvS2 with a friend who lives three time zones away from me (I'm east coast NA, he's west coast NA) and it was very smooth.

Releases -
Naomi ROMs -
Atomiswave ROMS -
Dreamcast BIOS -

I can go into more detail about how exactly you need to configure the emulator and ROMs if people are interested.
Replies: >>81227 >>81498
spacejin_troll.png (u)
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>regular TF2
>using steam
The point is we can pirate it and the hostfag can tailor it into something sane with console variables. If you just don't want TF2 someone who isn't me can try scraping a version of Pirates, Vikings & Knights II that works with revEmu.

I would rather play Federation vs. Zeon DX, at least that has built-in 4 player lobbies.
Replies: >>81237
bye_bye.gif (u)
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>somebody else besides me plays Worms
what name do you usually play under? I'm on pretty much every day, mostly play normal and kaos normal, and mole sometimes. Also I've hosted about four wormnights in the past with tons of tiddy maps, I can share them if you want.
Replies: >>81262
Killed when the dev team and community was infiltrated by furries, repressed homosexuals and dramafaggotry.
I'm still mad that the devs explicitly forked TF2C to avoid the drama then made a discord 'for normalfag containment' and turned that into the real community instead of sticking with the anons who breathed the initial life into it.

>using steam
There have been tons of gamenights run using some workaround where anons can either connect normally through (((Steam))) or pirate it and join with that instead. No good reason why that shouldn't work for TF2 as well.
Replies: >>81238
c20ce605b77e5d8dcc02edade5e18093-imagejpeg.jpg (u)
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But if you saying "regular TF2" you imply a recent enough version that the usual piratefag workaround we've used for previous gamenights won't work, unless you want to find a functional copy of 2007 TF2 and package it for piratefags. It really doesn't matter which version we use so long as whatever gay tranny shit it has can be turned off by the server host.
Replies: >>81277
sven_coop_banana.jpg (u)
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No_More_Room_in_Hell_Hatsune_Miku.png (u)
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left_4_dead_2_vocaloids_.jpg (u)
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I would like to play No More Room In Hell, Left 4 Dead 2, Or possibly project zomboid. I'd also be up for sven coop.
Replies: >>81275 >>81292
thanksgiving_viper.jpeg (u)
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>what name do you usually play under?
Why did no one read my greentext.
>tons of tiddy maps, I can share them if you want
Is it necessary for all players to have the map installed for it to work? I know that's the case for soundbanks and flags, which I meant to make some for the occasion. Those could be shared too.
Replies: >>81358
I don't like fighting games, but I'm up for Worms or whatever FPS coop game, maybe not TF2 though. I know Postal 2 has coop and multiplayer, how about that? Up for other games too, just not fighting, fuck that.
Replies: >>81275
Spoiler File (u)
(152.8KB, 625x1000)
Do the games that I mentioned in this post interest you? 
Replies: >>81291
>But if you saying "regular TF2" you imply a recent enough version that the usual piratefag workaround we've used for previous gamenights won't work
I wasn't aware that was the case. Has it been tested?
>It really doesn't matter which version we use so long as whatever gay tranny shit it has can be turned off by the server host.
And as long as fags who refuse to touch Steam can play yes.
very_very_scarry_dont_open.mp4 (u)
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Since poals can be rigged, can't we just let the hostfag decide which game he wants to host? Is there even any hostfag here?
We had Sven a thousand times, so I don't care about it, l4d2 is overdone as well, but I actually never played No More Room in Hell, so I'm up for that one.
NMRIH is the best option. L4D2 has a player limit and it gets retarded with mods that increase it. I haven't played Zomboid for like 10 years holy fuck, no idea how it's doing.
Replies: >>81297
I vote for Zombie Master, that hasnt been done since the /vg/ days
tf2_sniper.png (u)
[Hide] (11.9KB, 347x142)
NMRIH and Zombie Master would be interesting, although I do want to play complex doom invasion with you fags, the utility gun was reworked and holy shit it's awesome.

>OpenRCT2 MP
I played that with people and it wasn't fun, Enemy Territory however would be fun.
Replies: >>81311
wolfen_ET.jpg (u)
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We played Enemy Territory, it was okay. Here's OC from that time.
Replies: >>81584
maps are downloaded to the player once they're added to a lobby
napalm.gif (u)
[Hide] (6.9MB, 768x682)
If people fancy Worms how about an Arcanists 2 game night? Arcanists used to be a fun magic-themed Worms-like on FunOrb. FunOrb was owned by JaGeX but got shut down. Arcanists 2 is a fan recreation. It has all the spellbooks and everything seems to work. It just feels a little clunky and looks a little worse but all the spellbooks are available from the get-go and there are 3 additional spellbooks that I don't think existed in the original. You also have to make an "account" but it doesn't require an email address so it's not much hassle. Finally, in order to talk in game you need to be "verified" on (((Discord))) which I hope no one does. There are many chat rooms elsewhere.
Oh, forgot the site:
I'll second this. Arcanists seemed like it'd be fun it it wasn't part of the freemium bullshit, so I'm definitely curious to see what it's like with everything unlocked.
1a8e3a8379c3d3b2ef9419b6d86828f12c2b5d16e94b410d881674e66ebb0284.gif (u)
[Hide] (411KB, 499x281)
How much fun would this be over regular W:A? Haven't looked much into it, but how's the mobility? Armageddon does it to me because of the ninja rope.
I see some anons aren't too keen on Worms so, unless we add a lot of custom shit or try out a different gamemode other than the regular, I wouldn't mind trying out whatever your suggestion is.
I'm not going to use Discord, faggot. I'd rather set up a room in Jitsi Meet or Teamspeak instead.
Replies: >>81461 >>81483
>I see some anons aren't too keen on Worms
What kind of shittaste is this? Last time I played with anons, we had a blast.
Replies: >>81464 >>81466
a1390d4b8a7f88fb9af20d1a4be49371.png (u)
[Hide] (79.2KB, 250x729)
There were complaints last time about Solomon (the fag shilling Worms in this thread) raping everything since he's been playing the game for years. Also from retards going "server full shit game" because they're too stupid to read the lobby chat and set up a room with HostingBuddy, but redditors don't get to have opinions.
Replies: >>81484
>It just feels a little clunky
I hope you don't mean in comparison to Worms, because anything clunkier than Worms would require the keyboard to grow a pair of claws and cut off my fingers.

I've been playing Worms Revolution with friends for several months.  The core gameplay of the series is good, but there are so many annoying little things that constantly get in the way.
>but ur playing the bad one lol
And yet it's still better than Armageddon because the water mechanics actually provide a fairly hard counter to bunkering.
f1b1432b53be8d40cbc57bee81ace4bf04c6d05b96f7182f83e173c141090738.png (u)
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If you gays don't decide on something soon I'll just start a MM8BDM server again.
Replies: >>81516
There's no mobility like ninja rope but there's lots of summons and mounts. Many mounts can fly and some can teleport and even teleport you to their position. There's also portals. There's also lots of defences and healing so I think it has a bit of a different feel to Worms. You also only control one character (bar the summons of course). I'm happy with Jitsi or Mumble or IRC or even the CyTube chat room.
>raping everything since he's been playing the game for years
What a bunch of sissies.
I was planning on doing a cvs2 gamenight soon so don't worry about it.
IMG_0820.GIF (u)
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Please God No
Making a poal for this now
Replies: >>81520 >>81580
Fuck Soloman, that watermelon seller
Replies: >>81526
>it's the "oof I'm too retarded to host sorry bro no gamenight this week" fag again
Make that thread if you're so great. Any of the options proposed so far (except Flycast because fuck making a bracket with less than 48 hours notice) are fine with me, I was only going to do it because you were all ideafagging instead of hosting and it was well-received the last time specifically because it wasn't just doom.
Replies: >>81522 >>81571
d65a111d401f040a515c0c0d013b2bcefd5dd555bb450524441ab4e187e6509a.png (u)
[Hide] (390.7KB, 770x789)
Look well, everyone. This is the type of faggot hosting your gamenights. This fresh-off-the-reddit bitch.
i didn't even make this thread, i'm surprised that someone else here plays worms
Replies: >>81528
are you the jew king (or godzilla creepypasta or whatever it was) guy? we played a game with a nip, a burger, an aussie and some yuros, right?
that was fun
Replies: >>81536
yeah that's me, if you remember the date I can probably post the replay files. i wish all games did something like that
Replies: >>81547
It was in February, late February IIRC
No one wants to play faggot fortress 2
Replies: >>81562
Then explain the overwhelming votes for it in the poll? Imbecile.
Replies: >>81568 >>81573
6f950c9ff3a9ba51d9f59fc908170fa57cc74ba558757edb6c107755b11e058f.jpg (u)
[Hide] (138.9KB, 1024x942)
I don't want to play that shit either, I don't know who the fuck made all those votes. Fucking conspiracy, I'm telling you.
Replies: >>81570
So what do you want to play, highhorse?
Replies: >>81587
>except Flycast because fuck making a bracket with less than 48 hours notice
You don't need a bracket.  Just post match codes and play games.
DANCE.webm (u)
[Hide] (14.3MB, 1920x1080, 00:45)
it's thursday night and no one made a bread yet
people are infighting about public opinion because someone used three VPNs to vote for a TF2 fork
bitching from everyone instead of hosting
afraid of hosting what they want because someone who wouldn't play at all no matter what would bitch
clown world
Replies: >>81575
4fb763ca97a57aaf23e3d01d4350366a9dde59f33a38dee791ea2fb88ced6f70.jpg (u)
[Hide] (87.1KB, 496x443)
<I didn't get what I wanted as the gamenight so I'm bitching about it and pretending like I'm le neutral who hates everything and everyone but me is dum: The Post
Replies: >>81578
I'm actually salty about no one making their own thread yet with start times and everything but if that's your headcanon I won't judge
Replies: >>81604
1617240657172.jpg (u)
(3.4KB, 125x123)
>that wall of text in the chat
Enemy Territory had ok gameplay but shit maps that led to a giant spamfest of artillery and mines into the chokepoints.
r.png (u)
[Hide] (123.6KB, 344x298)
I just want comfy rape games why does it have to be this way
What do you know, was browsing GGN and saw a post from an anon who was on ut2004 gamenight a couple weeks ago, and the post was about ut2004. You know who you are. Pretty cool to meet sleepyfags outside of their usual habitat.
I already made a post and voted on the poll too.
Tabletop_Simulator_logo.png (u)
[Hide] (110.6KB, 368x271)
1d80fa3f77e302991fe8b72370cee6b235fc0ff2117f4f13577ade0298c61b00.jpg (u)
[Hide] (253.3KB, 850x1200)
How about another Tabletop Simulator gamenight? Maybe we can actually play 40k this time.
Replies: >>81596
Back to the gamergate thread with you
roll_panties.gif (u)
[Hide] (117KB, 978x706)
here take it baka >>81602
Megaman was fun. I kinda want to do sonic roboblastkart2 again. Zombie master we haven't done before and source games are always popular.
Replies: >>81621
meh I'll sit this one out, tired of low-effort doom clones
Replies: >>81623 >>81624
What about zombie master then? I'm more just spitting ideas so if you got one Mr. (1) i would like to hear it.
Replies: >>81624
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (767.5KB, 1200x1600)
you don't play video games herdnigger
The issue is everyone but me was ideafagging and didn't seem to actually have a plan to host something. SRB2Kart eats shit very hard for people with high latency so while it can be fun I would prefer something like Zombie Master, TF2 or an emulated game that supports at least 4 players.
Replies: >>81674
Clearly, we should be playing Aliens vs. Predator 2.
>complains about high ping in just about the only Doom fork with lag compensation
>hosts Doom fork with no lag compensation
Having played both with 100ms+ I can safely say Zandronum is much worse. It's fine with vanilla Doom weapons or ones that copy vanilla like Chex Quest because they are mostly hitscan or high RoF but in something like MM8BDM that has a lot of low RoF projectile weapons it becomes a painful game of trying to predict when the projectile will actually fire with what feels like half a second of lag.
Meanwhile in srb2kart I had no noticeably lag because it actually does lag compensation.
>The issue is everyone but me was ideafagging and didn't seem to actually have a plan to host something.
To be fair most game nights require a lot more setup work than using a free Doom hosting service. You are right about the ideafagging though. Never feed ideafags. Feeding ideafags among other things is how these threads went from:
>I'm thinking about hosting X or some kind of Y, thoughts?
<bls hostbs my gaem why you host this gaem its shit retard Z much better fuck you
Im still not playing your shitty game, dude
Replies: >>81720
You're completely wrong and have no idea what you're talking about.
Replies: >>81720
08758fd758073933b900dffa31e72648f7caa96f9f0f98bb01bb2713b7f0329e.png (u)
[Hide] (49.3KB, 272x242)
Having played SRB2Kart with 200 ping and being unable to make a 45-degree turn without hitting the wall or turning a full second early, you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.
Replies: >>81720
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (12.6KB, 947x99)
drnigger.webm (u)
[Hide] (15.3MB, 1280x800, 03:02)
>breaking news, faggots incapable of gitting gud
Nobody even complained about lag the first time. Played both times with ~120ms and no lag, many races were won whenever KartAnon wasn't around.
>Im still not playing your shitty game, dude
I've never hosted srb2kart.
>Having played SRB2Kart with 200 ping and being unable to make a 45-degree turn without hitting the wall or turning a full second early, you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.
This is you, isn't it?
3fb9b98aa5815d167c7aafef1aaa848a-imagepng.png (u)
[Hide] (105.2KB, 370x293)
>I've never hosted
Then you have no right to complain.
>This is you
Yes. I thought the physics were broken until I changed my VPN endpoint, after which I immediately went from DSP-tier to "only" mediocre. If the troondevs fixed that then that's great.
Replies: >>81727
SRB2's netcode seemed perfectly fine to me, I didn't lag at all, or at least didn't lag perceptively. But what do I know, I have fiber.
>I've never hosted srb2kart.
Also changelog is from 2019.
Replies: >>81728
1470318812033.jpg (u)
[Hide] (155.4KB, 500x665)
Huh. All I can say is I've played zandybam with 200 ping and srb2k with 200 ping and the former was annoying but the latter was almost unplayable.
Replies: >>81736
Something else lagging it up I suppose. Could be something as obscure as a router or god forbid NAT444 not handling a large amount of UDP packets very well. Also looking into it I was wrong about Zandronum. It does have lag compensation, but only for hitscan. Sadly that doesn't help much with MM8BDM's rampant abuse of projectiles. I'll still come and Mega Buster your Mega Roll if I've not dropped dead after Super Clang Men Wars Robots Tactics night
I played SRB2K with nearly 300+ ping and possibly some framerate delay due to potato and
Fuck the shitty trolling-tier maps with blind corners into deathpits, deathpits in the middle of the road with no visual cues, ambiguous teleporters that look like solid walls, random teleporters that launch you into walls, boosters that actively launch you into miles of grass where you can't even reset yourself for a literal minute because it slows your kart to slower than a snail, tracks with gravity wells or slopes that launch you repeatedly into a deathpit over and over, shortcuts that look like the main road but will actively fuck you over if you take them without a boost, fuck the retarded physics reacting to rubberbanding and slingshotting people to the curb, fuck the battle arenas, fuck the horrible bullshit powerup spam and most importantly fuck your face

Please host it again, I clearly haven't suffered enough of your absolutely shit game. Fuck you.
Replies: >>81740 >>81743
git gud
Replies: >>81742
Here's your (You). Slut.
memesntitties.png (u)
[Hide] (924.6KB, 600x899)
I won't deny srb2k has some awful tracks but all the same git gud faggot

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