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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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What are you playing?
How was the last one you finished?
Are you looking forward to anything?
Did you make your reps on Anki to play that obscure jrpg?
"Girls" edition.
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Mission is a qt and Bastila is for bullying and kissing.
Replies: >>80481 >>80485
That game has aged so poorly. I played it for the first time like 7 years ago and the writing was just embarassingly bad.
It did allow for some pretty sadistic choices, however, and that appealed to my angsty teen self. Forcing Zaalbar to kill MissionUuuuhhhhhggggghhhhh
Are the things that make it bad things that should've been seen as bad when it was released, or (as you seem to be implying) is it bad seen through the lens of a decade or more of newer and fresher media? I don't believe that Bioware is known among anons for being or ever having been particularly good writers. The inevitable remake is coming, I believe, and certainly they will change things and not for the better. Was the writing in the sequel any better in your opinion?
Replies: >>80498
Well it is considered a classic for some reason so I assume it was more well received because of the times. I never played the sequel but I did hear it was better.
Replies: >>80499 >>80526
I forget sometimes that it isn't realistic to ask people to remember what a game was like when it was released when they weren't around for or just didn't play it at release.
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Best 5 RPGs on DS
though they have a lot of competition
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knew I was forgetting something, this one knocks twewy off the list
>Dark Dawn
Didn't that game kill the franchise?
Replies: >>80540
it was considered a classic because it was made by bioware and used soy wars as a property
bioware was riding the high it got from baldurs gate(not a good game either) up until it released dragon age 2
>Dark Dawn
Considering how that game seemingly went out of its way to annoy if not outright anger prior fans of the GBA pair, I'd disagree. I've honestly wondered for years if Camelot even wanted to make another Golden Sun game, and only did so because Nintendo forced them to. Alex fight never ever.
Replies: >>80540
I'd say that is undeserved.
It was an okay game. It just clashed extremely with fans anticipated and is a prime example of why you cannot revive a franchise after 10 years even with good intents and a competent game.
It could never live up to the fan hype over a decade and it did start of rather slow.
When I played it first time I remember being just as irritated by it.
After some years I replayed it and found it was rather good actually. It carried the spirit and feel of the original games to a great extent.
Really the only thing that it could have needed was a hard mode setting.
You have to play it in the mindset that it is just a bridge connecting the franchise and not a standalone epos like the first duology. Many threads remain unresolved.
Though you could say the same about the original games. It was a weird decision to not dig deeper into unresolved issues and kick off an entirely new lore instead. They could have or still could easily just outsource the plot to the fan community and probably come up with a better story.
I liked the outset though. Playing through the secend generation of protagonists is something RPGs rarely do for some reason. A wise decision.
Personally only the points of no return were an issue on my first playthrough. There should be more of a warning about the 2 points in the game, or some way to eliminate them in postgame. To be fair, 1 of them was rather embedded into the story and kind of unavoidable.

tl;dr: It was a good game that only killed the franchise because it was maybe a tad below the quality of the last 2 and also it's impossible to please fans after a decade has passed.

> if Camelot even wanted to make another Golden Sun game
sadly the brothers went on to say they aren't too hot on making more GS, so we will most likely never see a conclusion, as more time has already passed after Dark Dawn than before it.
Replies: >>80543
It killed the franchise because it was made for literal children.
The gameplay was dumber than the original Golden Sun which was already very limited. That and it ends on a cliff hanger which just makes it even worse. I wouldn't call it worth playing, let alone one of the top 5 RPGs on DS.
y6.jpg (u)
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I'd only really agree with TWEWY here. You left out every Etrian Odyssey game on the DS, Radiant Historia, fucking Strange Journey.
Replies: >>80560 >>81293
So the FF4 pixel "remaster" got released and boy did they fuck it up yet again.
It too is based on the braindead US release of the game which actually removed gameplay mechanics to cater to amerisharts.
Replies: >>80637
Tell me your pick is from a manga please.
Replies: >>80561
Boku no Pico

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Replies: >>80577 >>80604
Works on my machine™

Do you live in Australia anon?
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>blocked by something so trivial
>the writing was just embarassingly bad
What is so bad about the writing?
Anyone know when The Wayward Realms by OnceLost Games gets released?
Replies: >>80629 >>81060
MONARK_2ndPV_screenshot___.png (u)
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TWR_benchmark_screenshot.png (u)
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A  new RPG thread? Did the old one hit the bump limit? 

Friendly reminder that there's an official monthly news livestream for Monark on the 14th. I look forward t it. 

There's no release date for TWR yet. I heard the game's in Development Hell (meaning their progress sucks) but they're not giving up. I wish them luck. They probably need it.
Replies: >>80630
>Did the old one hit the bump limit? 
Yes, 450 is the bump limit and post limit
That last trailer had some really nice music
Looking forward to the livestream
Replies: >>81228
It's even easier than the braindead official US SNES release, I think. The more I see of the remasters, the more I think they're like a strange attempt to retroactively make 1 - 6 more palatable to normalfags by creating ""definitive"" editions that are suitable for tiny nigger brains who believe JRPG's are supposed to be "Hold down A to win", and who believe JRPG's with a modicum of difficulty are all luck based trash where grinding is the only strategy.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Square messed up V and VI.
Siralim3.png (u)
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I've been playing a game recently called Siralim 3. The pixel art isn't exactly on-point and the dialogue is kinda shit (though not the usual "the writer is a humongous faggot" kind of shit. Instead it's got a "the writer is probably the kind of guy who laughs at his own jokes" flavor. Kinda reminds me of 2000's webcomics). However, the game scratches the absolute fuck out of my customization itch. You can make equipment and give that equipment to your creatures, you can freely equip spells you obtain to your creatures, I haven't unlocked it yet but apparently there's this huge ass breeding system with a ton of combinations.
What I like the most about this game is that the creatures have unique abilities like Pokemon but the system has more depth. Two of my creatures have abilities that let them cast spells when other creatures have casted spells on the same turn. Recently I found a creature that grants a 1/2 chance of a spell being casted again, and it stacks with the other abilities. So now every turn my creatures act 3-6 times in that turn, which can absolutely fuck up single enemies fast. It's great.
You might enjoy DQM Joker if you like monster customization.
Siralim is so open-ended when it comes to builds, balance is out-the-window and its all about being as broken as possible. Not that its a bad thing, but it isn't something all games can pull off correctly.
So against my better judgement I decided to give Unlimited Saga a try and now I am 10 hours in Laura's campaign. The more I understand the game the worse it gets. It takes a big fat dump over everything in the Saga franchise and then presents it to you in the worst way possible.
The entire game is more menu driven than the original Wizardry on Apple II for no meaningful reason. Gone is the open world appeal of Saga games and all you have is a completely linear game where you can't even level up your characters without finishing side quests and god forbid if you don't want to level them up because the game won't allow you to progress unless you botch your build.
Replies: >>81039 >>81053
yeah but that music tho
Would any of you Morrowind autists recommend me to play OpenMW?
Replies: >>81049 >>81059
No. Morrowind is old and outdated. However Skyrim is gettting another release soon as Skyrim: Anniversary Edition so it would be wise to wait and purchase that instead, you can trust me anon.
Replies: >>81056
its a good game
Replies: >>81055
Replies: >>81057
transparent.png (u)
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>and purchase that instead
>.t Todd
I've been playing shadowhearts but In thinking of just saying fuck it and jumping to the next one in line.
I would, but it depends on the particular autist. Some people can't live without specific mods that OpenMW doesn't support, but in my opinion all of the ones that matter are supported. Besides that, it's extremely fast and stable, and has a couple of QOL upgrades out of the box.
There was a massive write up by some eceleb fag who was hired as the marketing guy and left after a year or two. According to him, despite the decades of experience the lead guys have they're lackadaisical as fuck and probably suffer from their egos. It could be vaporware and the rumors explain why their progress is unbearably slow, but they are making some miniscule amount of progress more recently as seen on their Twitter. I'd assume it won't ever be finished until proven otherwise.
grim.gif (u)
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Just finished Grimm's Hollow.
It was pretty cute: you're a dead girl in this in-between afterlife state and you help souls pass on to the great beyond by beating the shit out of them and stealing their willpower. Maybe a bit on the easy side, sure, since dying only forces you to restart the cave with all the enemies respawned and you keep your soul points, but the combat was decent enough for an RPG Maker game and having upgrade points also function as shop currency was a nice touch.
You should play it if you don't mind RPG Maker vidya, shit's free.
Replies: >>81149
If you want another good RPG maker game to play then give Demon King Chronicle a try.
Replies: >>81150
This looks cool, thanks. I'm just not sure where to download it now that Playism doesn't host it anymore.
Replies: >>81151
its on
Replies: >>81153
Shit, thanks again.
>That game has aged so poorly. I played it for the first time like 7 years ago and the writing was just embarassingly bad.
<implying video game writing has improved at all since that game came out
MONATV_Episode_4_screen.png (u)
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NIS_America_-_MONARK_-_Allies_Trailer_-_PS4_PS5_Nintendo_Switch_PC.mp4 (u)
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>Looking forward to the livestream 

Did you rike it? 

In other news, Monark just got an English dub trailer so awful it almost makes me want to commit sudoku. I hope the dub is optional. Otherwise, NISA can go fuck themselves.
Replies: >>81268
I played that a year or two ago. I remember I had an entire team of Salamanders that would all automatically cast truckloads of spells. I equipped them all with the "can't be cast directly but deals 100% of enemy HP in damage" spell. Then I ran into someone in the PVP bar with the same gimmick, but he also used the "revive your entire party" spell, so I stole his idea and gave all my Salamanders that spell too. I think there was some ability that spread outgoing damage across the enemy team, and I used that too because it seemed like it could bypass defensive gimmicks or something.
I don't think it's possible to be 100% invincible in that game because every single ability has something that counters it, but I was basically 99% invincible.
System Shock is a dungeon crawler and i'm tired of pretending it's not.
Replies: >>81234 >>81267
I'm looking forward to the remake. But it looks like the release date was pushed back once again from this Summer to Q4 2021. But with a few months left in this year without a definite release month for the game, I'm almost certain the remake won't release until next year at the earliest.
Replies: >>81235
The remake looks like shit though.
there are people who think otherwise?
Replies: >>81298
>Did you rike it? 
The MAD status intrigues me
Some of the skills used by your party increase it but it also seems to make you stronger? and can be transferred to the enemy and used to deliver a crushing attack of some kind
>English dub trailer
>I hope the dub is optional
Probably going to be dual-audio like most of their releases nowadays
Kotor 2 was better in every way.
Blaster only runs were harder to pull off too.

Fuck fighting vrook with a +36 unstoppable distruptor rifle. The old bastard heal spams around 40% hp. 

Finally some original  yandere that isnt faggot shit.
Replies: >>81315
Yeah, for most is a first person shooter with rpg elements.
Gaycube just turned 20  a few days ago. Whats your favorite Rpg for it?
Replies: >>81315
Rawk_Hawk_Battle_-_Paper_Mario_The_Thousand_Year_Door.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (3.5MB, 864x480, 02:05)
Kotor 2 definitely had better roleplaying compared to the first. It sounds cheesy, but I like that you can choose why your character joined Revan in the Mandalorian Wars. One of the options was basically, "If being a jedi means that I have to sit around in a temple all day meditating, while millions of lived suffered, then I will be a jedi no more."
I'm not very cool, so Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. Inb4 Bug Fables guy. Never got around to really playing Tales of Symphonia.
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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I've been playing two RPGs recently since I undusted my Vita. Playing RPGs on the Vita is incredibly comfy for some reason, even if it's just emulation.
First was Live a live or however it was spelled. A nice game overall, although some parts were rather dull, and I enjoyed how the combat and story were handled. It's pretty, the music is great, the writing is pure cheese which fits perfectly with what it's trying to do, and it's overall very memorable.
The second is マール王国の人形姫 (Maaru Oukoku no Ningyouhime, or "The Doll Princess of the Marl(?) Kingdom"), where you play as a girl who can talk to dolls and wants to get with a hot prince. Her fairy doll is super cute, pic related. The combat itself is fine, but I feel like I'm overleveled for where I am in the game even though I'm just taking encounters as I get them and not really trying to grind. Big gimmick for combat is recruiting new dolls/monsters to join your fighting force. It's possible to accidentally miss dolls, and all of them seem to have some sort of 'wish' that I'm not sure if it's just something that's part of the story or if it's a sidequest I'd have to go out of my way to do, since every wish thusfar has been automatically fufilled by just playing the story. Random encounters can be a little obnoxious since they range from being able to move through several rooms before fighting again and 'take another damn step and you're back in the battlefield'. The story in this one is also very cheesy, which I'm fine with, it hasn't really taken itself that seriously at all yet. Live a live has an English fan translation, but I'm not sure if Ningyouhime has any translation and I can't be bothered to check.
Dread_hime-sama.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.1MB, 512x678, 01:10)
>What are you playing?
Morrowind and EO3.
I never finished Morrowind's main story before so I'm hoping to remedy that now. EO3 was warmly recommended to me.
>How was the last one you finished?
I can't say for sure but I think the last one that I finished was Baldur's Gate 2. It was excellent.
In contrast to that, I also played Skyrim for the second time in my life since its release, two days ago. It was boring.
>Are you looking forward to anything?
Not really. I just want to finish the games I'm playing now and wrap up those that I've played and got very far into and then got burned out and never finished. I find that RPGs don't have the exceptional quality needed to justify playing through one for 40 hours. But does any game?
>Did you make your reps on Anki to play that obscure jrpg?
No, I hate doing anki reps, I just read VNs and look the kanji up on the spot.

What video game has good writing? Maybe Planescape does, but I haven't played it in a long time so I can't say. Either way, I wouldn't play a game for its writing. All I want out of a game's story is to not be absolutely retarded.
bad488d93891b112ab1a5e5eacb09d4132d4665add7afc154e70b07ea2294f78.png (u)
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>You will never finish all the RPGs you want to play in your life.
How do you cope with this? In what's left of the year there's like 4 or 5 good releases left.
I cope by knowing that the vast majority of them fucking blow
Replies: >>81394
d983759582ed5692d2a0fda4c0303960aa7f5262862d38462a26b707b0b51727.png (u)
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Why are you so negative anon?
Replies: >>81395
gl.png (u)
[Hide] (272.8KB, 960x540)
Don't get me wrong there's a lot of RPGs I like but the market is saturated with many many terrible ones
I am glad for what I can play. anything else doesn't matter
Most RPGs are shitty grindfests that waste your time.
I started Valkyrie Profile but all the unexplained skills you can spend points on confuses me. Like identify, monster knowledge, etc.
Puchi_Monark_tweet.png (u)
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Puchi_Monark_01.png (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1025x3069)
Apparently Monark is getting its own 4koma series. 
I might run it through OCR later. Looks interesting.
Replies: >>81669
Here you go.

>One day, suddenly...
>Separated from the outside world, Shin Mikado Academy

>*Mist that drives you mad

>In order to clear the mysterious mist spreading through the school, five students arose!

>Hey, Kokoro-chan! Don't just lie there, help me! [Nozomi]
>Acceptance impossible. Not working is my job. [Kokoro]

>Your big body is in my way, maggot! [Shinya]
>Roll some dung around quietly, dung beetle! [Ryoutarou]

>Vice-President, once you've sorted this out, resolve the incident! [Banitasu]
>...... [Vice-President]
>Don't make that face, protagonist! [Banitasu]
>Onii-chan, do your best! [Imouto]

The rabbit's name (Banitasu) seems like it might be a portmanteau of "bunny" and "vanitas".

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