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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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Mental disease or a good financial investment depending on how it's done?
Is there any piece on your vidya collection that you like looking at. Mine is a prefect condition copy of ATHF: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am for the PS2.
To be honest the only physical vidya I would like to collect are japanese N64 games with box and everything. Unfortunately I don't have the money for it at the moment.
check_these_quads.png (u)
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>>80242 (OP) 
>Mental disease or a good financial investment depending on how it's done?
For digital archiving and preservation when it's dumped? Good financial and cultural investment for the person and everyone else.
To put it on your shelf as a physical copy and hoard them all in your room? Definitely mental illness.
That said, I wish physical copies would still be the norm.
>>80242 (OP) 
Do it for fun, yeah you can make a buck but think of how often someone buys a 300 dollar game. Not often. 
I have a metal case prime collection that looks nice. I bought it on a whim while they were new and never knew how rare it was. Will probably never sell it though.
>>80242 (OP) 
Assuming you mean console games both a bad investment and mental illness right now since we're in an extended bubble due to fags who just want to stick their collections on social media and you can usually get most of the experience with either emulating or modding a console and downloading the games. Give it another 5 or so years and then maybe it'll cool down. For PC games unless you want specific things like an early copy of Doom who cares since the only practical constraint you'll run into is space.
Replies: >>80364 >>80468
>>80242 (OP) 
>Mental disease or a good financial investment depending on how it's done?
Unless you are the one orchestrating the rise in used game prices, you would be retarded to think that you should go and buy vidya as an "investment". If you have to collect things based on their worth of money and not enjoyment, then you don't like the hobby so much as the idea of an impossible get rich quick scheme.
>>80242 (OP) 
>good financial investment 
The only reason to collect is if you get pleasure out of it/enjoy it. If you're doing it for money then you're doing it wrong.
Replies: >>80308
>>80242 (OP) 
Was going to type something up on your dumbass "one or the other" question, but >>80305 pretty much said what I wanted to.
Replies: >>80320
They why did you type something NERD?
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old_saves.jpg (u)
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buy_games_I_have_hundreds_of_copies_of_you_stupid_fuck.jpg (u)
[Hide] (122.7KB, 1280x720)
Love hidden gems, especially ones with old saves from the 90s on them. I just picked this one up the other day. Started collecting them because playing them on original hardware feels completely different than emulation. It's like a return to form, before everything went to shit in the industry. I also enjoy the feeling of owning games again, and knowing that no kike from valve or some other company can take them away from me.

As for the investment aspect, you can make quite a bit of money selling nostalgia. If you bought Gamecube any time before 2020 you made bank. The prices will probably come down again but will likely never return to pre plandemic levels. It's probably a bad idea to buy in for the purposes of reselling right now, unless you get a good deal. If you do want in, gen 5-7 is still pretty cheap if you exclude Nintendo.
Replies: >>80364 >>80788
>good financial investment
Are you a jew?
Exposing FRAUD And DECEPTION In The Retro Video Game Market
Karl Jobst
>we're in an extended bubble due to fags who just want to stick their collections on social media
>Give it another 5 or so years and then maybe it'll cool down
I think I read this exact same thing 5 years ago. I'm too lazy to get the real hardware out unless I have to most of the time anyway.
>If you bought Gamecube any time before 2020 you made bank
I could go pick one up in any place that sells used consoles for ~100$. Still have my old chipped one with the network adapter and full-size DVD case though.
Although if I wanted to play on real hardware using the soft-modded Wii is less of a hassle.
I'm extremely pragmatic and my vision is shit and I don't want to have to go back to CRTs so I only emulate, but I do collect as many ROMs as I can and back them up. I actually dislike physical media, not for the games themselves but because the consoles can fail. It's more likely to fail on the newer console gens, so I see no reason to get an old console that will last forever because I can emulate it just fine. As long as you back everything up you'll have it forever and no one can take it away from you. The only reason I'd want a physical game is for the instruction manual and other supplementary material. Some of that is absolutely necessary depending on the game.
I get butthurt because i needed so little to complete my Gamecube list but glad Xbox stuff is still somewhat cheap.
And to be honest for a working man most prices aren't that bad if one takes into account actually playing a game before buying another rather than hoarding stuff. But one thing is sure, fuck collectors who buy to resell rather than play the damn thing.
Also RIP physical stores.
Replies: >>80483 >>80487
>we're in an extended bubble due to fags who just want to stick their collections on social media
That probably only applies if you buy English versions of games. Collect the original Japanese versions instead.
Replies: >>80477
Does that still work? With the rise of speedtrannies I would think jap games would start creeping up in price as well, since they're loud about the Japanese version being not only cheaper but also faster to complete.
Replies: >>80480
I buy a lot of Japanese games and I rarely see the ridiculous $100+ price that a lot of English versions command.
Replies: >>80487
>Also RIP physical stores.
Yeah the days of good mom and pop stores are long gone. 99% of even the non-chain stores that are left are just scalper hellholes that should just call themselves pawn shops for how much they try rip people off.
Replies: >>80487 >>80502
>Also RIP physical stores.
Still a number of them out where I live, though about half are more along the lines of multimedia stores and thus don't have the same degree of selection a game focused shop would. But having traveled a bit the past five years to see family, and knowing a few people in other states, it seems I've been lucky to have as many options out here in comparison on occasion I've felt like seeing if anything's of interest. Being able to find worthwhile stuff at low prices is basically a thing of the past now though; chink flu fucked the aftermarket hard as hell, both in terms of demand for games, as well as prices (the less common rpgs, most horror, and games with a relationship aspect seem to have been hit the hardest; like $220 for Thousand Arms), which was already getting pretty bad due to scalpers in general but has had the whole stimulus check issue of "free" money and lowered inhibitions because it wasn't actually earned on top of it. Was honestly shocked to actually see a complete copy of Star Ocean: The Second Story a few weeks back for just $25.

Out of curiosity, did did the wuflu do anything to really affect prices out there, what with them taking stuff like lockdowns seriously (or so I heard)? I mean, I've heard that they don't have anywhere near the sort of collector/hoarder/scalper scene out there as the west does, particularly North America, but did demand still push things up a bit, or would most people there just shell out for digital rereleases instead of physical to avoid being in public to begin with?

I know at least one small chain here that tries to undercut online prices by some non-negligible percent and offer more in trade than other stores here do to keep people going to them as opposed to elsewhere. But at the same time, they can only offer a set percentage as sell or trade value, and if their own prices to sell at wind up too low, they risk losing potentially good inventory because people will just go scalp them online if that's the case. Thus shit's still gotten high there, exceedingly so in some cases, even if the regular employees aren't happy to see it happening.
>did demand still push things up a bit
Looking through some of my past purchases, some things are a bit higher priced than when I bought them, but some things are a bit lower. I think that is due to the volatility of the used market rather than corona-chan.
s-l1600.jpg (u)
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Also using your Thousand Arms example, the Japanese version is only 10 bucks on ebay for a pretty much perfect condition copy. Quite a difference.
Replies: >>80564
Not to shill for them but i was lucky to have visited some stores in Arizona not that many years ago and they were a mirror of old dedicated stores from 20 years ago, clean as hell both in local and in products (all used stuff had clean cases or brand new ones, easily removable price stickers, all booklets included) and the workers were fat fuckers but who kept quiet and COMPED freebies if you bought more than 50 bucks of anything.
That kind of store made me want to horde and collect games, everything was easy to settle and prices weren't mad, most gen 6 stuff was 6 to 10 dollars in great conditions. The most expensive thing i got was a seemingly sealed Eternal Darkness for 35 and i think God Hand for 30. Never wanted to open that ED copy, wonder how much it costs now.
Last time i went it was closed and there was no sign outside so i suppose they busted, shame because i spend more than 500 bucks several times there and it always had people inside. Nothing like seeing with your own eyes walls full of old gear and copies in complete condition, pre-pandemic i only had Bookmans and nowadays who knows if they are still there.

>Out of curiosity, did did the wuflu do anything to really affect prices out there
Not him but i literally got a late nite call from a friend a month ago telling me to flip my Gamecube collection ASAP, shit got ridiculous for some inane reason. I haven't done so because i actually bought games to play them but college never let me and nowadays despite lower class loadouts i still feel "pressured" to turn the TV and console off after more than 30 minutes, i always feel something is wrong and that i need to finish or focus on something coming soon despite not having any work scheduled, yet i spend the time posting in the webring.
Replies: >>80527
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>>80242 (OP) 
>financial investment
don't be a faggot
I do it because it warms my cockles to see a bunch of good vidya (or at least titles that made an impact, not really proud of MW2, but I spent a lot of time on that multiplayer).
I'd like to get my hands on the Build Engine holy trinity (Duke 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior) and DooM. I once saw a big box copy of Quake 3 Arena going for a $100. Fucking bullshit.
The one game you can't see is Delta Force: Black Hawk Down
Replies: >>80530
>>80242 (OP) 
>financial investment
That is not the reason people buy physical you fucking foetus.
Yeah, Arizona's been really kind to me in the past with reasonable selection and mismarked prices. Doesn't happen much at any store out here anymore as prices continue to climb online, but personally, there's not that much I'm still looking for at this point, and I run most of my systems modded these days anyhow. Pair of siblings I play stuff with sometimes say that prices here are still much better than the ones where they live though, so it might be a matter of perspective.

>Never wanted to open that ED copy, wonder how much it costs now.
Too much, even for disc only.

>Last time i went it was closed and there was no sign outside so i suppose they busted
There have been a few others that closed down in the parts I'm around too. The old lady that ran one closed hers due to (going off a newspaper clipping left in the window) a wuflu induced lack of help, potential customers preferring to buy online these days, and her own old age. And a year or two prior another staffed by a few fat fucks went under for reasons they never made clear. Former honestly had pretty bad selection on the times I went there (though I did once get Aria of Sorrow for $12), and both had higher prices than other locations. Neither felt like a huge loss to me since there are still more options out here. Just wish they would have had some actual closing sales that might have made what remained actually reasonable to buy.

>pre-pandemic i only had Bookmans and nowadays who knows if they are still there.
Guessing it wasn't the part of the state I'm in if that was the only option. I doubt that any Bookmans location would go under easily though. Seems to take a lot to kill a (local) chain multimedia store compared to how all it takes is a handful of Gamestops in too close of proximity to fuck over non-chain game stores.
>Best of Quake 4
So it's just an empty box?
Whats the deal with niggas that horde the extremely rare games and never share them? is it autism or what?
Replies: >>80532 >>80533
autism.gif (u)
[Hide] (528.5KB, 480x270)
The same kind of retards who didn't want Nintendo to produce any more NES minis because according to them they had to become a ultra rare1!1!1! item that only they and very few others were in possession of.
And again according to these assholes, the same Nintendo, instead of making those available to anyone who wanted one and turn a profit in the process, should have pandered to their autism just so they could brag about having something others couldn't easily get.
Being stupid, childish and autism.
As in people that have copies of otherwise totally lost games but who don't dump them digitally for others to enjoy?  A sense of control and getting their dicks metaphorically or literally sucked by people wanting the opportunity to try them out, I imagine.
P9110550.JPG (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 2304x3072)
Part of my PC (and PS2) collection. I need to do full inventory check some day, but I have 150+ retail games and another 200 covermounts. Only a small fraction is from last 10 years, because when majority of releases around 2012 turned into "code in the box + CD with Steam/Origin/Uplay/whatever install", I lost interest.
As for consoles, I have exactly 463 physical games for PS1 to PS4, GBC/GBA, NDS/3DS and from N64 to Switch.
Doubt it. I have several games that are considered "rare and valuable", but the rest is just normal. And every time I sold something from my collection I usually got less for it than  what I originally paid for it. There is little demand for used/older games where I live.
Hi czechfriend
Replies: >>80572
Interesting. Did Japan not use the big PS1 cases with the 2.5x wide divider for multidisc releases, at least for games with only two discs, the way the west did?
Replies: >>80619
P9110557.JPG (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 3072x2304)
Maybe you were wondering why the hell I bought both of Witcher 3 expansion packs, when I hate the "code in the box" thing. Well, each of them actually contains two Gwent decks + necessary counters, so you can play it with your friends in real life if you have any, that is
Replies: >>80783
Xenogears does, but the other 2 disc games I have use that nicer small case.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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>physical dlc
I didn't know they released a boxed version of this. Also pretty sure the Shivering Isles disc included Knights of the Nine. Todd got you even back then eh?
Replies: >>80678
>pretty sure the Shivering Isles disc included Knights of the Nine
Sadly, it does not. I got both SI & KotN second hand for £7 each including postage, so no money for Todd.
Have you played Kingdom come: delivarence
Replies: >>80839
nice stuff in this thread
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>Hidden Gems
>government datamining thread
Replies: >>80791
Just report and ignore, like the rest of us have
Replies: >>80792
>everything that isn't the same 3 generals is datamining
Replies: >>80794
That is the status quo here, so you must either be new or you don't belong in such an enlightened /v/.
I used to collect SNES games but I sold them/gave them away after I realized I only play those games via emulation these days and SNES emulation is pretty much perfect unless you're into speedrunning or some other form of autism.
Replies: >>80849
>government data mining of a 70 user board
Replies: >>80809
Lets be honest, the US has wasted government money on more retarded things than spying on a very tiny part of the internet.
Replies: >>80816
Yeah, but why games?
Replies: >>80819
102938471092851.jpg (u)
[Hide] (670.1KB, 2352x1992)
Gamers are dangerous anon.
Replies: >>80820 >>80826
Yeah, but why datamine them for games?
Replies: >>80821
stick.png (u)
[Hide] (90.9KB, 480x300)
Don't ask questions, just conform to the hivemind.
Replies: >>80823
But it doesn't make sense
Replies: >>80824
You have given me no choice but to report you now for not conforming, seagull my personal janitor, please delete this thing I personally dont like
not yet
f1b2b8dd91d9054c9af441db672f6f517bdaaaf871ebb92589e3834d772e7cab.gif (u)
[Hide] (9.4KB, 329x302)
When I'm rich I hope to one day own every original Xbox game in existence
Replies: >>80849 >>80850
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[Hide] (1.8MB, 1024x768)
>tfw I found Blix for very cheap but it didn't have the manual.
I got DOA3 though.
Cartridges only or did you have the boxes with manuals as well? I love the old cardboard boxes. The artwork on those used to be pretty nice as well.
Replies: >>80851 >>80879
My only peev is Xbox, i can discard lots of games but OG Xbox stuff always warrants a look for me.
Still dirt cheap too.
Replies: >>80852
>Steel Battalion
>Still dirt cheap too.
my concern is how long that will last for, everyone seems to only care about 5th gen so far but it's only a matter of time before a bunch of soyboy hipsters start talking about the Xbox, then watch prices go up by six gorillion percent.
Replies: >>80855 >>80879
Well, taking into account the Gen 6 already got its prices up since 5 or 6 months ago (some games got 200% increase) i would say Xbox is still safe, especially when it represents the burger mainstream dude bro demographic, there's no appeal to it other than technical aspects like upgraded audio depending on the console (China made have normal audio cards, Mexican and Hungarian early and special models have upgraded boosted cards), best video outside PC ports and usually the best performing multi-plats out there, along with decent exclusives here and there even if PS2 also had its fair share of cool stuff.
Really, instead of saying Xbox has good exclusives most hipsters make a silly counterpoint in saying their consoles have a "better one" instead of just admitting every console has its good points: 
Forza Motorsport 1? oh yeah there's Gran Turismo 4/Mario Kart Double Dash, Blood Wake? there's Twisted Metal Black/Mario Kart Double Dash, RalliSport Challenge? WRC series/Mario Kart Double Dash.
Mostly cartridges but I do have a few manuals. I kept them because I like the art.
GameCube games are already absurdly expensive. Melee, probably the most common game for the system, usually goes for around $50. Never mind games like Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Skies of Arcadia Legends which go for $150-$250 for the disc alone. Scalpers are sub-humans.
s-l1600.jpg (u)
[Hide] (236.8KB, 1600x1200)
>GameCube games are already absurdly expensive
I wanted to get Twilight Princess for a while, but it's over $50 which is when I generally hesitate unless it's something I really want. Of course the shitty Wii version is cheap.

>Skies of Arcadia Legends which go for $150-$250 for the disc alone
What kind of retard would pay $150 for a bare disc?

The Japanese version of that goes for $50, which is still pretty expensive, but at least it comes with everything including the cardboard sleeve. I wonder if I should get it in case the price goes up more.
The problem with Gaycube games is that the library consists of Maylay (which will always be expensive because of smashfags) and a small number of good exclusives that got small print runs due to the shit install base, so everyone knows what games to scalp. PS2 library by contrast has both more "hidden gems" that haven't been shilled to normalfags and larger print runs of the games that haven't been shilled which puts downward pressure on prices.
Replies: >>80890
To add insult to injury, there's a good chance you're going to get a disc read error after paying out the ass for one of those games.
The only expensive PS2 games I've ever seen were obscure JRPGs and even then the prices were nothing compared to what scalpers and used game stores charge for GameCube games.
Blood Will Tell, Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and God Hand are already sky high since months ago.
Replies: >>80966
>The only expensive PS2 games I've ever seen were obscure JRPGs
What about Rule of Rose?
How is the emulation for the gamecube?
af0c16a584f1057e5a186454b5ff75018c295257bbe3ab2ff60f9ab099cd0b2a.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1430x989)
Pretty good. Not perfect but leagues better than PS2 emulation.
Replies: >>80955
1596238251167.jpg (u)
[Hide] (47.8KB, 320x292)
Of course, that's kind of moot when you can get a Wii off craigslist for $80 and a gaycube controller (or a pro controller shaped like a gaycube controller) for $40-50 off eGay and run Nintendont off of a ~$20 SD card for 99.9% compatibility with original hardware, plus you get an expendable box you can carry to LAN parties and shit and only be out ~$150 if some nigger runs off with it.
Replies: >>80956
>that's kind of moot when you can get a Wii off craigslist for $80
That's $80 too much for playing Wii games
Replies: >>80958 >>80970
DELUSION_5.png (u)
[Hide] (206KB, 333x370)
You're not fitting in.
Replies: >>80959
Did i say anything wrong? keep your wagglan shit if so
Replies: >>81012
>Never mind games like Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Skies of Arcadia Legends which go for $150-$250 for the disc alone.
You should see what Gotcha Force goes for these days if you haven't yet.

For some reason, Gamecube Twilight Princess just seems to creep higher and higher, despite both the Wii and WiiU ports. Granted, the Wii version has that asinine mirroring of the whole game and the WiiU port is WiiU, but it makes me wonder if a Switch port would prompt the Gamecube version to fall in demand and prices.

>The only expensive PS2 games I've ever seen were obscure JRPGs and even then the prices were nothing compared to what scalpers and used game stores charge for GameCube games.
There's honestly quite a bit more PS2 games these days that fall into that. Obscure JRPGs, sure, but most horror games on the system and even a fair amount of action ones. Still, at least it's not like the Gamecube, in that the "must play" titles that sold really high amounts of copies aren't $40+ each on the aftermarket.

>Blood Well Tell
I saw a copy of that hit $500 pre-owned last year because of stimulus checks.
Replies: >>80968 >>80981
>it makes me wonder if a Switch port would prompt the Gamecube version to fall in demand and prices
The strong possibility of a Switch port is the main thing keeping me from taking the plunge and getting the GC version.
Replies: >>80977
You buy a Wii to play GC games off an SD card, not to play Wii games.
I love thick, big boxes.
The bioshock one is a bit comical but interesting, but the bottom left ones look meaty and probably have lots of fun stuffs.
Replies: >>81050
I wonder about that. Nintendo hasn't tapped the Wii/Gamecube collection of games at all for ports besides a handful each. Hell, they haven't done something as easy as release Luigi's Mansion 1 or Dark Moon when Luigi's Mansion 3 just seems strange all by itself on the switch.
Replies: >>80979
Well they already ported it to the Wii U. It would be a waste to make an HD version and then leave it on a dead system.
Replies: >>80981
>in that the "must play" titles that sold really high amounts of copies aren't $40+ each
I mean God Hand really is a must play and i would dare to say Yakuza 2 is too.

>HD version and then leave it on a dead system.
Other than the retarded marketing scheme i never understood the hate on the Wii U, it corrected the mistake the Wii did with the motion controllers (despite using gyro at times or forcing to use the screen) but it had a fair number of decent titles that could've been more had not Nintendo cannibalized projects to save the 3DS, funny to think many titles for it were dumbed down both graphically and gameplay and that we may not have the complete versions of it for a long time, namely that one Kirby game and Luigi's Mansion 2.
I've been trying to collect for it but have only found Yoshi's Wholly World, the rest of the stuff i've seen seem to be chewed on by toddlers.
>i never understood the hate on the Wii U
I'm just stating a fact. I didn't get a Wii U back then because that was before I knew nip and all the games were being censored, and I wouldn't get one now because most of the catalog has already been ported and it's still to expensive to get for just a couple of games.
Replies: >>80983 >>80984
>because most of the catalog has already been ported and it's still to expensive
That's reason enough for me but the porting thing not so much other than getting a real controller, like in the case of Lego GTA in Xbox One/PC.
Maybe Captain Toad as i read they added more puzzles but i am still in the fence, especially when there's a Wii U laying around my house, cousin bought it and went away to work in another city and never picked it up.
The Wii U was already DOA, too many issues to resolve and literally a near-nonexistent library.
It seemed like an all around shitty console and most of its games worth a damn got ported to Switch anyways.
The overall library for Nintendo for both 3DS and Wii U were pretty shit at that time anyways if you didn't like their first party offerings, and their first party offerings were largely mediocre, hyper-casualized garbage with gimmicks instead of innovation at the time anyways.
This is also true. The age of Nintendo censorship was shitty and the fact that one of the only noteworthy 3rd party games on the platform that was supposed to be a big deal (Fire Emblem x SMT are big franchises) got censored horrendously and disappointed expectations was a nightmare.
Doesn't get into the fact that there were no big "draws" to the console either.
The 3DS library did have most of the Nintendo games on it. The Wii U logically should've had more games that took advantage of its greater power compared to the handheld, but there was almost nothing.
They didn't even have a standard library of shit to use, it was so dry and barren that its not even funny.
Doesn't get into the fact of how ugly, weird and strange everything surrounding the Wii U was.
I mostly use my Wii U for GC games that my computer can't run emulate at full speed like F-Zero GX plus it's comfy playing on the gamepad. If hacked it's a fine little system to have around but I can definitely see why it failed.
e7ea2537a65ce06798879a92528e24a8d6e5b2573260b87f8d8cd6497f60e4aa.jpg (u)
[Hide] (29KB, 637x484)
>one of the only noteworthy 3rd party games on the platform that was supposed to be a big deal (Fire Emblem x SMT are big franchises) got censored horrendously
And the Switch port is still censored even in Japanese, so the only way to play the actual version is on the Wii U.
>The Wii U was already DOA, too many issues to resolve
I can understand that but which issues were those? not trying to defend a buy because i practically already have it but i don't see why buying a port for a Switch when a Wii U most probably already made them compelling if they are.
>literally a near-nonexistent library.
Which Nintendo didn't help to resolve but honestly recalling my memory its library is still better than current offerings and i would dare to say even Xbone ones.
>It seemed like an all around shitty console and most of its games worth a damn got ported to Switch anyways.
First is a conjecture which seemed accurate but the second could never be suspected when it was released.
>Doesn't get into the fact of how ugly, weird and strange everything surrounding the Wii U was.
This seems more like your personal bias than facts.
Replies: >>81005 >>81013
>its library is better than current offerings
What are you talking about anon. It has very few games, and most are available on Switch anyways along with new titles. The PS4's library has ports from the Vita and, while it did have multiplats, those are still better than not having them. The Xbone was basically a worse version of the PS4. But what did the Wii U have? You could count the notable games on two hands, three hands at most.
>first is a conjecture
What do you think people thought when they saw or heard anything about this dry, weird fucking thing. The perception is what I'm referring to, and I don't think its an unreasonable one. Its one of the weirdest home consoles ever made, the fact that its controller is some gigantic, semi-oblong rectangle with a huge screen makes people wonder what the fuck is even going on with it
And then it has no "identifying" games with it.  The Switch had big flagship titles in BOTW and Odyssey, and lesser or later titles that became heavy hitters like Pokemon, Smash, etc. and while it has a lot of ports, they at least allow the library to have something rather than nothing
What's more, the marketing around the Switch made it seem simple, intuitive, and allowed for even those ports to be worth getting due to the novelty of the form factor (compared to the confusion and weirdness of the Wii U's form factor) allowing even them to do well. On top of this they increased freedom for 3rd parties to develop and release and had almost no censorship by comparison. The Wii U barely even had games to censor, it was just fucked.
>personal bias
Hard to call an impression a bias, there was never an incentive to buy the thing, its form factor is almost objectively strange like the Dreamcast's.
The Switch is an argument after the fact but simply compare the way the Switch was handled compared to the Wii U and its easy to see differences.
Replies: >>81008 >>81068
>The way the switch was handled compared to the wii u and it's easy to see the differences.
You mean marketing and an easier-to-please consumer base? Cause other than that the switch suffers from the same blights that everyone harped on about regarding the wii u. I mean, re-read your post, you essentially admit it yourself considering almost everything you said in that post also applies almost just as well to the switch. The only area notably better for the switch is 3rd party support, which hardly matters when almost all of it's relevant 3rd party titles can be found elsewhere anyways, it has a similarly poor library first party wise in regards to quantity, especially considering a lot of them are repackaged wii u games charged at full price with maybe 6 hours of extra gameplay tacked on, which are funny enough some of the switch's more interesting titles (it's kind of poetic to me that 3 of it's 5 best selling titles are wii u ports). It's true that the wii u had a really slow first year but outside of that first year the switch is fairly similar on the first party end of things. If you want to obsess over numbers to a pedantic degree even though they hardly matter considering for both consoles only a 1/3rd of the titles are relevant, they have very similar first party release rates thus far. AFAIK, The wii u in it's 5 year lifespan had a total of 67 titles liscensed by nintendo, the switch so far (4 and a half years) has a total of 69 titles liscensed by nintendo, counting the ports. 

That aside I want to probe into what you mean between the differences in form-factor, how is the switch any different or better than the wii u? The tablet is more pronounced yet less utilized (which may be a blessing in disguise if you really hate the tablet) making for the controls that surround it less comfortable (the wii u gamepad ironically is one of nintendo's most comfotable controllers, meanwhile you need midget hands to enjoy the joycon's and even then you probably wouldn't enjoy it cause nintendo cared more about looking sleek and flat than actually molding their controller to be held by human hands). The alternative's (the pro and classic controllers) are the exact same. The fact that the joycons can become two or one controller is even more of a gimmick than the wii u was at it's introduction. The switch simply built on the concept of the wii u by making it actually portable, which, on average, is maybe useful for 3 airplane flights at most and otherwise is basically equally as useful as it is on the wii u.Though, as an aside, it is conceptually cool and was what the wii u baited at being in the first place so it's nice that they somewhat followed through (I have a personal soft spot cause I remember admiring and browsing those portable gamecubes people made long ago). Also, homebrew on the wii u presently is mostly superior to the switch, though the switch will certainly be better by the end of it's lifespan considering due to it's larger popularity it has far greater dev support. From the way I look at it the switch is just the wiiu+.
Replies: >>81036
Is that you chad?
wii_u.jpg (u)
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The WiiU's failure was due to different factors.
>The name
Nintendo thought that it was a good business decision since the Wii was so successful, but this only led people into believing the WiiU was just a revision of the Wii (like the PSone or the PS2slim)
Also, the grandmas and grandpas they managed to get as a customers with the Wii weren't going to upgrade, so their reasoning was flawed.
>The controller
People who want to play on a console don't want to use a fucking tablet, and generally speaking, people also started to get sick of gimmicks and motion controls at the end of Wii's lifecicle.
I didn't help that it also had a shit battery life.
>Was underpowered
The WiiU was said to be on par with PS4 and XBOXone but it was much closer to the PS360 consoles while costing just as much as the other 8th generation consoles.
Because of this, people preferred to buy a PS4 and third party developers didn't support it because they couldn't just port the games from PS4/XBOne, but had to develop the games specifically for a system that for all the reasons mentioned, sold so poorly that wasn't even worth the effort.
>I mean God Hand really is a must play and i would dare to say Yakuza 2 is too.
That's fair. Was thinking more along the lines of comparing, say, Ratchet and Clank having been about $12 (at least as of a few years ago), or Jak and Daxter for $10, while Super Mario Sunshine was $50+, looking at platformers. Or Okami being $15 while Windwaker and Twilight Princess were both $40+. None of which were flops in sales. Even third party multiplats have usually been about twice as much on the Gamecube as the PS2. "Nintendo tax" if you want to call it that.

Kind of odd that Capcom hasn't included God Hand as an unlockable or something for those various DMC collections though. But maybe the old "3/10 -IGN" review is still seen as a sign the west doesn't like it by Capcom.
>Fire Emblem x SMT
Man, I remember what a disappointment that was. They went in the worst possible direction with that game. Many said it was just Persona with a few Fire Emblem characters thrown in, but saying even that is being far too kind to it.
>>80242 (OP) 
>Mental disease or a good financial investment depending on how it's done?

Mental disease. Anyone who praises original physical releases of games so high that he places ridiculous prices on them is not a real gamer and dosn't understand the real gaming culture.

1. Not all game deserve to be preserved, there is a legion of shovelware that can be forgotten. Yet retards try to make an investment on shit like Nintendogs and Barbie games.
2. One should only own physical copies of good games that one does actually play. There is no point in owning every game for a system beyond autistic obsession. Play Pokemon if you have it.
3. Video game piracy is part of the culture, especially for older generations like the 5th and that to the point that if your Playstation games collection dosn't include burned CDs it's inauthentic.
4. The same as point 3. is true for older PC game titles. We did copy that floopy back in the day. Having Doom on a no-name floppy is more authentic than owning the Cardboard Box.
5. If one really wishes to own a pristine collection of game titles then the answer dosn't lie in used copies previously owned by kids with cheeto hands, but in clean reproductions. They are even cheaper than skalper prizes.
6. Physical media ages. There is a high chance that games on CD don't read anymore, because they are effected by CD rot. Cartridges can have faulty boards. 
7. If one wants to enjoy original hardware, one can still and should make use of pirated copies. We did it back in the day, we do it today. There is no difference if your copy of Tomb Raider is original or a burned Rom when it's inside a PSOne that is modded.
8. Smart Gamers can make use of modded hardware to emulate rarer hardware. In this threat some Anons already mentioned to use the Wii and Wii U to emulate the Gamecube. There are more options.
1f34074cec20338b5b967fd4ed3d4d1a22a79542d92ac5691706da72cd3de10b.gif (u)
[Hide] (208.2KB, 617x1122)
Super realistic non consensual intercourse of European video game market 8 - 17.99 years
Files taken from a sealed source list links
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USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST No link shorteners you nigger

Like seriously?
disgust.png (u)
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I ain't clicking that shit
Kikkoman.png (u)
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>even the mods were scared
Replies: >>81034
Dude the link could be anything even cp. And there are cp faggots here.
>saying 3rd party support hardly matters on a console
This literally directly affects the Wii U's library. It has no fucking games as a result of this, leading to essentially a "poor get poorer" effect. Ports contribute to a library at the end of the day and the Switch's concept was unique in a good way, as compared to the Wii U's which was not considered unique in a positive way along with the general confusion and whatnot. 
>the Switch is the Wii U+
Eh, there are some big similarities so I see what you mean, but the Switch found a creative way to sidestep the Wii U's issues.
The Wii U was not a hybrid console (and isn't one for that matter, it just has a ridiculous sized controller) but the Switch is and is clearly advertised as such even showing within the product name itself. 

The Wii U is not portable, it is a home console with a large screen controller. The Switch can be a standalone handheld (not a good one imo, but good enough for people apparently) or a home console at any given time, and is lighter, easier and serves dual purposes and taps dual market demographics.

You can't say 3rd party support doesn't matter when it directly affects the game library, which is pretty much the most important aspect of a game console.  You would have to be delusional to say otherwise. People were meming about the PS4 having no games (and  I don't blame them, but they meant exclusives when they were meming) but the Wii U wasn't even worth meming on. It's existence might as well not even been acknowledged by anyone, it was just that fucked. Nintendo was the ultimate loser in the last home console generation.
"Elsewhere" shit doesn't matter when there is something novel about the platform, and the Switch had novelty in being a hybrid platform that had flagship Nintendo games sufficient enough to draw attention and sales.
If you refer to quantity of library but exclude ports and multiplats arbitrarily, you will fail to understand what really happened:
People want to play those games on their Switch.
Developers saw the amount of money being made on ports, both indie and otherwise and drew those in along with encouraging eventual native development and multiplat releases.  There is something fundamentally different playing the same game on a Switch vs a PC or another home console, if you aren't aware of this I don't know what to tell you.
People want to play their favorite games on a platform they like.
Replies: >>81040 >>81116
Post sent early
Also forgot to mention it's pointless to focus purely on quantity with regards to first party releases
For those the quality and the name recognition is much more important. Nothing like BOTW (and I'm not counting BOTW itself in the Wii U's favor because it was literally the last fucking game released on the platform) or Odyssey, Pokémon or Smash took off on the Wii U. The titles it did have were not handled properly and largely fell into the void because they weren't "big name" enough to overcome the Wii U's issues, along with Ninty's focus on the 3DS after the Wii U was floundering of course.

With regards to ergonomics, if the controller is weird regardless if it's actually comfortable or not, news like that would need to propagate firstly and it never did because nobody ever bought a Wii U. I wouldn't be surprised if it was more comfortable than a Switch to hold but its hardly relevant if larger factors are working against it.
Comfort is important but far less so than other factors.
The Switch's ergonomics are somewhat shit but tolerable for people, it did not bring in people because of its ergonomics though. 
The joycon changing to controllers is a gimmick for sure, but an easy one to understand. Nintendo's consoles have always had good gimmicks but if you fuck up on what is presented or understood to the customer, its hopeless.
You could call it marketing, though I think the consoles are too different for it just to be a mere marketing difference alone.
If the Wii U's homebrew wasn't better when it was literally discontinued and not supported by Nintendo for a long time I wouldn't know what to tell you except that people really didn't care for it
Replies: >>81116
I want to fuck that robot.
Actually, they mostly contain just jewel case with CDs, manual (although 100+ pages) and a map.
>You could count the notable games on two hands, three hands at most.
I think only two hands at the very most, that's still one hand more than current offerings. We are this screwed.
>What do you think people thought when they saw or heard anything about this dry, weird fucking thing
If our hobby is to play games rather than follow trends then this point is irrelevant, we wouldn't be playing OG Xbox, Saturn or Dreamcast games if we followed nigger cattle trends.
>And then it has no "identifying" games with it.
I think otherwise unless we eliminate ports of it.
>Hard to call an impression a bias
Buddy a first impression is technically a bias, i understand the console being a sad piece of history if also of tech but i only care about the games it played natively.
>its easy to see differences between U and Switch
Completely correct but that was part of the point, Nintendo threw the console under the bus and my point is it got some decent time wasters in it to make the thing worthwhile the research if its games are found for relatively cheap (20-30 bucks).

Now i haven't said even the titles i find interesting so i will do so just to make my point more concise, i do not know if they were all ported but that would be an after-fact thing like you well said, it might influence buying one over the other but still, it should be at least remembered as consideration:
Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, Yoshi's Woolly World, The Wonderful 101 and then the questionable or ambiguous things like Lego City Undercover (supposedly the soon-to-be ported Xbone version is miles ahead but some say otherwise) and Star Fox Zero (gyro shittery and inconsistent tone in missions) maybe also Pokken as the Switch version supposedly rus worse and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse but haven't heard much about it, still looks like a downgrade for the system after not getting neither Triple Deluxe or Planet Robobot.
Less than three hands but more than one, probably not worth buying a console if it is over 50 dollars but it's a thing to consider.
Kirby and the rainbow curse was great, I'd suggest it if you don't mind gamepad shenanigans once in a while.Though, It's a game that's only really fun if you go for total completion for as the goals they set out are fun to attain and it makes the levels themselves a lot more interesting (I wouldn't know otherwise as I was always trying to get the highest stage rating and all collectibles, but I imagine it's a lot more boring if you aren't). Furthermore, it rewards completion with more gameplay that's actual gameplay. It's similar to dkc:tf in that sense, but I'd say kirby was better in this area as while the K levels were cool I thought the bonus area in TF was pretty lacklustre. Two main things that one might have an issue with is that it's difficulty outside of challenge mode is more or less level and some may not like that it seems to shift focal point as opposed to trying to increase challenge in the very basic areas. There was a decent amount of level variety as the game is structured in a way where each world clearly focuses on exploring a different aspect of what can be done with it's main mechanic while also including what was built on in it's previous worlds. Personally I enjoy when games do this well (a good example being stephens sausage roll) and I think rainbow curse does do it well, but I could understand if one didn't enjoy it as much and would prefer a game that instead just focused on more simple but challenging gameplay (which for them, challenge mode exists anyways I suppose if not for the fact that it's barred partially behind main game completion). For a point of reference, I'd say it's less constantly shifting in level focus than something like DKC:3 but far more than most games. I think the only part of the game I disliked was the fourth stage which was a boring romp relative to every other stage in the game, the only redeeming level was the level where you infiltrated and blew up the airship as rocket kirby.
A third party title is only relevant if it's console exclusive or if it's gameplay deviates significantly and from what I can tell most third party games on the switch as well as the wii u simply aren't. It's certainly a positive to the switch, I'm not arguing otherwise; I'm merely saying that it's less relevant than it was in past times. For comparison, look to the wii or any nintendo console prior where a lot of it's third party titles only existed on those consoles whether or not it was cause of peripheral differences elsewhere. Unless a player is taking advantage of the switch's portability, then no, I do not see any positive difference between playing it on the switch and playing it on a pc with a controller for the large majority of 3rd party titles.
Though I suppose, if we are measuring how good the consoles are, then what the average user makes use of is irrelevant in light of what can potentially get out of it, and thus the aforementioned portability even if mostly unused inherently gives 3rd party presence more significance than it does say on xbox or ps (which I seemed to not imply). Thus, I concede that it does matter more than I initially suggested in regards to the consoles potential but I still think it doesn't matter as much as it did when it was mostly exclusive.

Also, as a general note I'm not arguing whether or not things were relevant factors towards the wii u's failure. I'm aware it was a flop and financially unviable. So I don't care if ergonomics aren't a significant factor towards the consoles success because they are a significant factor to the consoles quality. I'm merely addressing whether or not the switch is so much better than the wii-u that it deserves the immensely greater success it's recieved, to which I think it doesn't. This is why I brought up quantity comparisons in the first place, to illustrate there isn't a huge difference in the area despite how differently they are recieved. Not to suggest it's the significant factor regarding first-party releases. Which speaking of, were  pretty good on wii u, I don't care about identity. I think most of the wii u's first party titles were better games than both botw and odyssey. Hell, I think nintendoland, surprisingly enough was a better release title than odyssey if not more alienating to the general playerbase due to the heavy usage of the gamepad for sake of exhibition (which doesn't make it worse as much as it makes it more niche in nature, I think nintendoland is one of nintendo's best minigame collections out there). Beyond release though you have all that >>81068 mentioned as well as SM3dW, Splatoon and maybe zombiU. Sonic racing transformed and Fast racing Neo were both decent as well. I'd mention MK8 with the other racers, but I'm personally ass mad that they basically scrapped battle so they could focus on mktv shit (or I assume that's why). I suppose I wouldn't care if online wasn't a thing but it is, and I wanted to play battle online but the courses are shit and the modes are shit. Other than that, it's as good as any mario kart is and I only didn't mention it initially cause I don't care about it as much, new courses were fun, 200cc was cool. Anyhow, quality wise, I think it's library is certainly much better than what you seem to suggest.
Replies: >>81145
>SM3dW, Splatoon and maybe zombiU. Sonic racing transformed
Splatoon i didn't include because i am oblivious of its single player gameplay which is my priority.
ZombiU have only heard bad stuff and Mareeo stuff is not that appealing to me but it looks cool. Sonic Racing i think it's better ran on the 'Bone but maybe i am confusing the first iteration which had some other racers included.
Replies: >>81191
It got ported in the WiiU's lifetime in 2015 to the other consoles/PC. The few AAA 3rd party support it got was from Ubishit, but they quickly dumped the WiiU.
I am still impressed by the horror titles the Wii U had like Fatal Frame 5, ZombieU and Resident Evil Revelations. It had a great potention to become an awesome console for horror game titles.
>ZombiU have only heard bad stuff...
It's a great proof of concept game for how the Wii U is suppose to work. It's difficult so a lot of casual got scared away from it. They basically try and succeed in what Alone in the Dark 5 tried to do with the live action inventory, only instead of your jacket you have a backpack thats displayed on your controler. The game did itself a disservice by trying to sell itself as a Survival-Horror game, because it's closer to a roguelike or Dark Souls. Your character has only one life, if he dies you lose your items and get a new character. The new character can find and loot the dead character and there is a safe haven with a box to collect items. There is also a sytem to leave online messages for other players. The story is basically throwing disposable Britfags at the zombie apokalypse to save England.

And because of that all of the ZombiU ports are fucking shit. Without the inventory mechanic of the controler they changed the game into a shitty 3rd person shooter with instant death.
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Time to post some pictures again, let me show something from my collection. In the first decade of the 2000s, the Czech branch of CD Projekt made probably the highest quality releases on local market. Lets take a look how S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl looked like.
The box itself - even when they moved to DVD boxes, every release had a paper slipcase, usually embossed, as seen here.
And what is inside? We have a manual, but that's to be expected. Map and a "Zone survival guide" - nice. Some bonus for multiplayer mode, card informing you that you can register your game at distributor's web site and a catalogue of other games you can get.
Manual is informative, but nothing to write home about. The map, on the other hand - you certainly won't get lost in the Zone.
And the main treat - Zone Survival Guide. It has 48 pages about history of the Zone, people and beasts you will encounter or find, anomalies and artefacts, equipment you will need and... guns. Lots of them.
That's all - now look what other cool games you can buy!
Replies: >>81236
I think one of the UK releases of SoC had similar things inside but only if you paid for a special edition.
0f86c284f1f2c79285ed9f7afddad5479cc0661e9af75e3fef2ab1f08b9935d9.png (u)
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d15f990b19f9b957ac62f745ed97c86fd304cc4b595f700a05fe9a3729d0d61a.png (u)
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9a4809d8d030435c5046aa4ec409e19026030e319434d9978c032c60f312d87a.png (u)
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d05ab8aa74f3ef3bfa024781909a06ff1eadd3a7e1b0ca7b6bcb6d7b055a6129.png (u)
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7d920bed73130448a1f3d9547b0ed0dd0968a3051ea89193c0b4fbcbce04c4e7.png (u)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1080)
Seeing a lot of anons still like to collect physical vidya. What do you think of stuff like Limited Run and Indie Box?
Indiebox's shit is pretty annoying because they only give a steam code. Limited Run does offer a physical copy though.
Pretty sure Limited Run is an SJW company. Also I don't go for collectors editions packed with all that useless junk.
Replies: >>81249
They look good but the game also matters, that Zombie one seems rad.
Replies: >>81249
>Limited Run
Pretty sure those faggots said before that they didn't want (now former, I guess) 8ch anons as part of their customer base, so fuck them. In any case, I can understand them, and I guess Indiebox, serving a purpose for physicals of actual low budget games, but what's aggravating is when those sort of companies also wind up handling physicals for bigger budget, established companies as well that should be doing standard retail releases, but for some reason don't have enough faith in the games they make or publish. Same issue with NISA, though if physical distribution was all they did, they'd probably be a better quality company.
Replies: >>81247 >>81249
Aren't Limited Run a bunch of nigger faggots? I don't remember the drama, but it was quite bad.
Replies: >>81249
Replies: >>81251
Yeah, Limited Run are a bunch of faggots. They even supported burn loot murder in last year's E3 I believe. If you want to get one, get it second hand.
Zombies ate my Neighbors is a great game and you should play it if you haven't. There's also a doom wad based on it that's pretty good as well.
Something from a number of years ago. I forget the exactly details, but it was a blanket statement on twatter (because of course it was) about how the denizens of 8/v/ were a bunch of "misogynists", "pedos", "terrorists", or something else like that who weren't welcome to buy from them.
Replies: >>81252
Thank you for the explanation but I need some proof of it
I checked and saw nothing in the whole thing related to that and did some basic twitter searches for those terms and didn't find anything from them

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