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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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Let's talk FPS!

What's the best retro FPS?
Any good new FPS?
Favourite FPS protagonist?
Whats the deal with FPS melee?
Best arena shooter?
Did Aim Down Sights kill FPS games?
Tactical FPS games!?
Immersive sim/stealth FPS like deus ex.
Is there any FPS for VR with realistic ammo reload (manually inserting bullets in magazine) and immersive inventory ?
>>75909 (OP) 
>What's the best retro FPS?
Classic Doom and Quake 1 are at least more addictive than anything that came after them, objectively better I don't know. When it comes to Doom in particular I've grown to love Doom 64 especially when it got a PC port with sane controls. The improved graphics make a huge difference - the game looks amazing without losing sight of being classic Doom.
When it comes to the more competitive side of shooters I never felt like trying out anything besides the Counter Strike franchise.
>>75909 (OP) 
>Did Aim Down Sights kill FPS games?
Tools don't cause damage, retarded developers using tools poorly cause damage.
Blaming ADS for a shitty game is as ridiculous as blaming regenerating health.
Replies: >>75925
v_plays_unreal_tournament.mp4 (u)
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>Facing Worlds
fuck i want to host UT2004 again. i have the server ready on my VPS, I just haven't had time to do it. i care more about movie night anyways, maybe next week.
Replies: >>75919
>i want to host UT2004 again
Do it, it was fun the last time.
Replies: >>75921
it shall be done
hi.png (u)
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Yesterday I played Bad Company 2 again after about a year and the first thing I was greeted to was this admin automated message in the chat:
Discord is for fags, real pros use teamspeak, come join us.
3 matches later, I saw two opposing team players call each other nigger. 

I felt right at home again.
Replies: >>75943
Name a single example of an FPS with cooldown-based (not being shot for 5 seconds, etc) regenerating health that isn't a step down. Health items in inventory, I'm totally fine with as that is still a resource you have to manage. Any mechanic that encourages or forces the player to wait when you could have done something else instead is just about always bad by definition. Even if you are about to die its preferable to encourage the player to die faster or at least go somewhere to get health, that way they're actually doing something.
Mechanically it's pretty shit, but It really only made sense when tied to a context as a way to immerse you.
Halo did it with a deflecting shield and COD 2 did it as a metaphor of being under enemy fire without cover.

As soon as that's broken it's just fucking stupid and lazy.
So not only do you have a shit game mechanic but you also don't have any way to justify it in the context of the game.
Replies: >>75930 >>75933
Research.jpg (u)
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Halol had a logic to it at least: if you want checkpoint-based level progression and don't want players to have to restart if they fuck up and reach a checkpoint/encounter with almost no health (as sometimes happens with quicksaves) you need to guarantee they reach the checkpoint/encounter with a minimal health total. That's what the shield is for, a second healthbar that is always full when you enter combat. Until Halo 2 casualized it by removing health packs.
Halo 1 did it semi-competently because there is still a health bar involved and it is actually tied to other mechanics. There are weapons that damage shields more quickly than health and vice versa. However ultimately it's still a game where you're a super soldier that ambles around like he's out on a Sunday stroll and any damage that doesn't affect your health encourages you to hide behind a wall. 
>a metaphor for being under enemy fire without cover
Other games have done that better with suppression mechanics, they cause you to not be able to shoot well. Like Brothers in Arms if I remember right. You can still seek a better position, in fact you are forced to if the enemy is suppressing you with machine gun fire. Arbitrary waiting is among the most immersion-breaking things for me.
Crysis was better than Far Cry 1 in pretty much every way, here's one example: even the half-assed alien part is miles better than the zero-assed zombie part.

With regenerating health, the resource you have to manage is time itself: enemies aren't just going to wait for you to rest behind cover (unless you play CoD, in which case go play better games), you need to fight them off to buy yourself time to heal and you need to heal because you got hurt fighting.
It's a bit like grass in Demon's Soul: having basically infinite heals in your inventory doesn't mean shit if you walk into an ambush and get swarmed.
Of course, it's trivial to fuck the whole thing up with encounters that are too slow, but the same goes for non-regenerating health and excessive medpacks/whatever, or the fast paced-combat in classic doom being worse than door/corner camping in everything but speed: the problem is the implementation, not the concept.
You mean mumble right? Right?
>>75909 (OP) 
>What's the best retro FPS?
Probably Doom specifically Doom, not Doom II if we're talking vanilla. If we're considering overall content including fanmade stuff then definitely Doom.

>Best arena shooter?
Quake for 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 max. Unreal Tournament 2k4 for team games.

>Name a single example of an FPS with cooldown-based (not being shot for 5 seconds, etc) regenerating health that isn't a step down
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway which functioned specifically as a 'don't stand around outside of cover while fags get a bead on you' mechanic. I mean the game as a whole was a step down from the first two games but that really worked better than in the first game which had a conventional health system where you just got slightly wounded once and it was one hit kill from there on.
Replies: >>75974
>Hell's Highway
>Better health system than the prequels
Cease this faggotry right now. 
In HH enemies were basically PRETENDING to shoot at you. Their bullets did not actually ever hit you no matter what. The way it worked instead was once you went out of cover and under enemy line of sight, an invisible death timer begun to count down. Once that counter reached 0, you died. The game portrayed the time you had left by making your screen red. 

The only things that affected the timer were the distance to the enemy and their weapon. An MG would speed up the timer, and being right next to an enemy would speed it up too. But make no mistake, the actual enemy projectiles NEVER hit you. 

Do I need to explain why this system is absolutely retarded? Do I need to explain why the simple and grounded health system in the prequels is better?
Replies: >>75983
Yes, you need to explain why a heavily random system is better for a tactics game with clunky controls and very limited units.
>heavily random 
Doom is way more random than allowing enemies to sometimes hit you with real bullets and yet it was somehow a fun game.
Replies: >>75991 >>76044
And before you say "but Doom isn't a tactics game," your argument never made sense to begin with because the standard for tactics games is to include lots of RNG.
Replies: >>76044
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Aren't tactics games without randomness just puzzle games?
Replies: >>75997 >>76003
Have we even played the same games? You're calling enemy accuracy random? They NEVER hit you with their first shot, so you always have a chance to find cover first. If you found the first 2 games difficult then you're braindead. They were incredibly simple, 1 squad suppresses, the other flanks. If you only have 1 squad then the squad suppresses the enemy and you flank. If there's a superior number of enemy squads then you order both your squads to suppress the enemy and you flank by yourself. 

That simple, no randomness to it. If your squad died regularly "randomly" then you're a shit leader.
thinking_dog.jpeg (u)
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What's the difference between puzzles, tactics and strategy anyway? Is it the amount of randomness?
Replies: >>76001 >>76013
I'm on the last couple of levels of Project warlock. I'm very mixed on this game. On one hand I like the sprite work, the music and parts of the gameplay. On the other hand the level design is baffling, the secret design is baffling, the weapon upgrade system and spells system is baffling, the saturation and bloom effects especially when you get hit is eye-cancer levels of shit, the leveling system is pointless and the bosses were mostly fine until that tank boss at the end of episode 4.
I can't really tell if I like or hate the game. I'll say that looking at the gameplay of the sequel I think it looks much better but it still has that ugly eye-cancer saturation too.

I pirated chernobylite and will be playing it tomorrow. I hope it doesn't disappoint but it probably will so I've got either the choice between Douk Alien Armageddon, AMCTC or Demon Throne lined up when if I end up dropping Chernobylite. Any recommendations on which to go on first?
Replies: >>76300
Puzzles have fixed results, strategy have a lot of randomness you have to account for, and tactics is like strategy but with more rock paper scissors.
puzzle.jpg (u)
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Operation_Barbarossa.jpg (u)
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Tactics.jpg (u)
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A game or question designed to test someone's ingenuity. 
Operation Barbarossa. 
Fireteam formations, bounding overwatch, room clearing, movement techniques, battle drills.
I feel like a tactics game turns into a puzzle game when it intentionally restricts your options and it becomes a chess position practice puzzle with only one or two possible solutions, but maybe that's just me.
Are there any good tactical shooters out there that aren't shit? Only decent ones I've played are SWAT and R6
Replies: >>76013 >>76015
Tactics is what wins battles, strategy is mostly about logistics. If you have to care about economy and supply lines, it's strategy. 
There's Operation Flashpoint, specifically the rebellion campaign. Be sure to loot all the guns and ammo you can find and throw it in your truck because you're a ragtag group of shitters and what you see is what you get.
There's also a few doom mods that simulate ballistics and wound mechanics.
If you haven't tried them, Red Orchestra and Post Scriptum are also quite decent, though they suffer for their heavy focus on multiplayer.
And Doom's enormous damage randomness is one of its greatest flaws, making it hard to even learn how hard various enemies hit because of how extreme the spread is.

Tactics are defined by the relatively small scale and fine grained control, not by RNG.
Imperfect information and inability to control everything at once are not RNG either.
Replies: >>76094 >>76121
Doom's randomness is mitigated by the fact that big randomization is only there for dodgeable projectiles and melee attacks, meaning the dice doesn't affect the outcome of a fight, the tactics and performance do. Shitscanners deal consistent damage for the most part with the most extreme example, the shotgunner, having his damage affected mostly by range spread. Even the archvile can have his damage mitigated consistently by utilizing terrain even if you're unable to break LoS and the damage is always consistent.

If you can't dodge revenant rockets it's really just your fault you got critted for 80 damage. It's like complaining cyberdemon rockets shouldn't instakill you when you're 100/200, the calculation is a risk you're taking for failing to perform a simple task (move and stay away from the walls).
Replies: >>76157
Have you tried just hitting enemies until they die?
>Shitscanners deal consistent damage for the most part
The smallest random factor in ANY non-blast damage source is 3, and afaik that is only used by player attacks.
Chaingunners have their damage multiplied by a d5, for example.
At least try and look at the docs before spouting memes.
Replies: >>76358
I think I'm dropping Chernobylite. Not because I find it shit but because I found a room with a bunch of dolls watching tv and then when I shut off the tv it put me into complete darkness somehow and I'm just not up for those kind of spooks. I just want to shoot shit man, not be depressed about Igor's wife. Plus giving me stealth options but not letting me hide the bodies I make is a pet peeve of mind that I really fucking hate.
Renegade X Firestorm stream tomorrow bros.
Replies: >>76359 >>76365
Chaingunners and Zombiemen deal either 5, 10 or 15 damage with each pellet with no inbetweens, the difference isn't that big considering their firerate is the biggest threat here and getting shredded by 5s or 15s it won't matter if low or high rolls, you still want to get to cover ASAP wether it be a hard wall or another monster or better yet, shoot the gunner with virtually anything to flinch him and thus stop him from firing if not kill him outright with a shotgun blast. Note that the damage is heavily mitigated by armor and also, blurspheres make them miss 80% of the time even in close quarters.
It is consistent in the way implemented, not in the raw stats. Please consider playing the game instead of bitching at RNG.
Replies: >>76361
Replies: >>76376
Stop parroting shit you read god knows where, and read p_enemy.c, in particular lines 817, 840, 861.
Notice how all calls to P_LineAttack are preceded by a P_Random call multiplying damage by a d5.
There are some other calls for melee attacks multiplying damage by other values, such as a d8, but as you can see no call in the whole file uses a d3 to determine damage.
>p-please consider playing the game
Bitch, you're the one claiming blatant falsehoods about damage values in a game that has been open source for more than twenty years.
You really think you're going to be seen as an authority on the topic?
Nice, hopefully they learned their lesson
Replies: >>76376
It's happening right now
No Invidious link yet because it's live.
Friendly reminder you need to play Grezzo II.
Dusk is slowly growing on me. By the end of episode 1 I was thinking of dropping it but episode 2's really stepping things up with the more open spaces, more aggressive and creative enemies and fights and the more mindfuck abilities and level design.
Replies: >>76450
dusk sucks, go play a white mans game instead of commie shit
Melanin enriched hands typed this.
I can't tell if I'm enjoying SplitGate because of enjoying Portal a lot or because of  just how ridiculous the hold-the-ball matches are.
I really hope they fix that lighting, it's looking kind of fucked.
Looks amazing already, even while they're still using placeholder assets. In particular I enjoy greatly expanding Renegade's support abilities beyond the Engineer's bog standard healing, while also giving something new to the Engineer by turning them into a natural fit for resource collection, base building, and ultimately being the money makers used to buy super weapons and epic vehicles. But I really, really, really hope the developers change their minds about infantry loadouts by turning loadouts into a post public release project. For turning 12 infantry classes per faction into 24 - 36 sub classes per faction sounds like an absolute nightmare to balance for such a small, part time, volunteer team that'll add who knows how many more months until public launch day.
Replies: >>76520
I kind of agree about loadouts. It's the sort of thing that sounds great on paper but will probably be a bloated nightmare in practice. They're likely to end up throwing things in either because of lack of better ideas or a commitment to an idea (such as "every class should have two loadouts") regardless of whether it actually makes the game better or not. Then when fans are hyped up and expecting loadouts, unless everything just happens to work out perfectly, fans will have to suffer the disappointment of bad loadouts or loadouts being removed when in game or dropped beforehand. I don't know if they're committed to some degree of asymmetry of the sides like Renegade had, but if they are (and I feel they should be) then that's even more stuff that they'll have to think up.
Replies: >>76530 >>76585
Did you mistake it for Hrot or something?
What is the deal with Hrot? Is it actually any good or do people just want more FPS so they'll take what they can get? It doesn't look particularly appealing but then again shit like Dread Templar, Selaco, Sprawl and Viscerafest look really appealing to me so maybe I'm not one to talk.
There is asymmetry, you can see with the vehicles and loadouts.
They play very differently.
I know that CEO of "new blood" is a kike and the same company financed that antifa game "tonight we riot", but the developer of dusk, David Shymanski, is making "Dawn SDK" which is planned to be like GZDoom, so you can make a custom mods/wads with it, even /pol/ tier like Moonman.wad and the developer and kike producer can't do nothing to stop it.
Remember, there is always a bright side and you can turn tools used by your enemies against them.
Replies: >>76543 >>76557
I know this isn't strictly vidya but I'm really starting to dislike the whole "rock star" act every indie FPS dev is putting on. Like I can't just get the release date information or the link to the demo straight up it has to come with a serving of this insufferable "guys I'm so cool and ironic, not like those AAA SUITS" and it got old really fast.
>can't say a game is planned to have modding tools without ranting about kikes
e92cc8ef2f55d9a847b1254fdb44214c4ab502c61680a6eac04cb6f4432a148d.png (u)
[Hide] (771.6KB, 960x678)
>mentions a popular imageboard meme
Replies: >>76569
Because it's only shows, that kikes are trying to control and pollute every video game with their marxist agenda. New Blood company is example of this, when kikes in charge are trying to buy as many apolitical indie FPS developers as possible, milk them for shekels and take a % from the sales of these FPS games to finance anti-White kosher shit, such as this antifa game.

And this SDK for Dusk will be the only good thing which come out of this shitstorm, mainly thanks to developer himself who write all the code and not the (((publisher company))).
So are there any good total conversions or mappacks/gameplay mods for Quake 1? I've heard of Arcane Dimensions but I've yet to get around to playing it and I'm considering doing so after Dusk, just want to line up some more stuff in case I end up getting that itch for Quake again after AD.
>can't write one post without "totally not a rant" memespam
>first instinct for insults is to call someone a tranny
>can't even bring himself to write "tranny freak" or any other direct insult, must go the reddit route of passive aggressiveness
You're such a faggot holy shit, kill yourself.
Dave Oshry is an attention whoring faggot that can't shut up on Twitter about how much of a jew he is.
Replies: >>76584
So how about that Overload, huh? Fuck I love 6DoF FPS so much and the fact that it's dead outside of maybe a halfassed descent remake makes me sad.
So him being an attention whoring faggot the correct thing to do would be deprive him of that attention. I know he's insufferable but that doesn't mean he has to take up any of your time or effort or be constantly brought up in FPS threads. Just let it go.
Replies: >>76592 >>76787
I wonder if they have a different idea of what a "loadout" is. Because it sounds like the personal powerups that replace veterancy are the loadouts. And personal powerups are already in the game, i.e. the non-engineer Repair Tool. It that's the case, then it could be easier to implement since personal powerups would just be far weaker versions of another class' ability. But still, to me it feels the game has plenty of features for players to see it as a complete game already, and infantry customization in any form ought to be a post release project so Totem Arts can get the game out as soon as possible.
Replies: >>76592
That's who'll be getting part of the money if you buy Dusk or many of these retro shooters being funded and published by his company.
That's why he's being talked about.

I just feel like they should only confirm what's going to be at launch and not stuff that is still like 6 years away.
It's not only feature creep but plenty of tards who have the biggest expectations will get dissapointed.
Replies: >>76597 >>76693
>noo don't give the attention whore money for making an ok game!
>give it attention for posting dumb shit on twitter!!!
Do you even understand what behaviour you're rewarding?
name ONE good FPS game RIGHT NOW 
I need something to play
fire-blood.gif (u)
[Hide] (15.1KB, 182x197)
Replies: >>76602 >>76603
I really liked Ion Fury.
any good mods?
Replies: >>76604
Death Wish is the go to fan-campaign. There's also BLOOM for Doom II.
img_056.png (u)
[Hide] (220.5KB, 1130x900)
Oblivion Lost Remake 2.5
Project reality m
TF2 before 2015
Replies: >>76669
>before 2015
don't you mean before 2010?
hats and F2P garbage killed the game
Replies: >>76706
System Shock 2, just beat it with a few vanilla+ mods, mostly SCP and high res textures. And by the way, every faggot who thinks that "the music ruins the horror" can choke on a cock. It's an action RPG not a survival horror game. Survival horror games don't let you have heal spells or start the game with a grenade launcher.
I don't know the game that nails the atmosphere of complete alienation and abandonment more than SS2, which by itself is pretty horror-esque. And the music doesn't change this impression.
Doom 64 and Quake were fairly atmospheric if you like isolation, as well as Super Metroid. But SS2 is top tier I agree. I just see it memed very often, "do you play the game with music or not? the great debate." Ignoring that there's only 3 drum and bass tracks or "rave music" as tasteless Reddit fags call it in the whole game, the fast music only plays in the areas where you encounter the most enemies. There isn't even music for the ending levels of the game. It just annoys me to realize there were fags who heard the first track of the game and said "ewww rave music" and immediately turned it off.
I meant 4, regardless it's way less than half of the music in the whole game, something closer to a third.
Replies: >>76701 >>76714
It's not like you can't just turn down the music and enjoy the high quality sound design of the ships.
Replies: >>76695
I agree it is feature creep. Which is strange because in the same video Fobby says he wants to avoid feature creep. But the possible infantry overhaul he's gushing over is the definition of feature creep. This is a jump in assumptions, but this reminds me of Mega Man X: Corrupted, where that fan game's developer has been feature creeping for so damn long that it's clear he has no intention of releasing the game. But instead he would rather add pointless optional content and re-re-remake completed content to milk his fanbase for donation bux. But maybe Firestorm X is not popular enough to sway its developers into such a scheme, I hope!
I'd argue that the game is designed around this already. The areas with the most ambiance have no music or the slow tense music. Though the default level for the music was a little high and I did turn it down slightly.
Replies: >>76701
I mean, if someone gets to Ops and doesn't like the music he should probably blow his brain out for having the shittiest taste imaginable.
Replies: >>76714 >>76729
2013 is when I got into it and that's when I had the most fun with it. Around Meet your Match it started getting really bad because of compfags and the godawful UI and matchmaking changes they added.
Replies: >>76719
Med Sci 1 is the only one I could see an argument for it not fitting as well, bit too upbeat in places.

>Med Sci 1
>Hydro 1
>Ops 2
> Command 2

Replies: >>76717 >>76729
Med_Sci_1.ogg (u)
[Hide] (2.7MB, 03:28)
Engineering.ogg (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 03:30)
Hydro_1.ogg (u)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 03:03)
Ops_2.ogg (u)
[Hide] (3.3MB, 04:03)
Command_2.ogg (u)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 03:22)
>he didnt experience TF2 before 2013
damm you missed out bro, playing on the van was epic and so was playing the game without 50 different weapons ruining the balance of the stock guns
3ee2c028e5f36c8677943ac72665b3c0715aec371b41df0d858d99b101ff52fb.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (8.9MB, 480x368, 03:30)
Anyone else play this? It was quite fun for the time, being able to taser people until they burst into flames or blowing their heads off was cool.
Replies: >>76794 >>81681
There are degenerates that say shit like "Yeah just turn off the music it makes the game better", bitch a well made game is designed in such a way that the music works for the game, and System Shock 2 is no exception.
Command 2 is the best in my opinion but that is quite late in the game.
Fuck, how did I forget Engineering.
The whole "space vehicle does stuff" metagenre is dead right now. 6DoFs are dead. Shoot-em-ups are dead. Space RTS (Homeworld, Iron Curtain or whatever) are dead. Spacefight games (sims or arcade) are dead and Star Citizen doesn't count. It's like Star Citizen is occupying all of the available mindshare for the entire idea of "vehicle game in space." Yes X4 came out recently, so that's one. One. 

You think there'd be some indieshit group crapping out clones of Privateer or Starflight or Elite or that one Microsoft Space FPS (Ascension? Ascendence? I can't remember the name) or even Master of Orion. That reminds me that space 4Xes are also dead. Whatever. This isn't the thread to be complaining about it.
SS2 is one of the few games where both the music and SFX are integral parts of the memories I have of the game. They're immediately identifiable without being pretentious or overcomplicated. On another note, I wish so many of the weapons in that game hadn't been so useless in comparison to regular old standard guns and the grenade launcher. Even in co-op, it didn't make sense for one guy to be an expert with, say, energy weapons, because the guy with the shotgun was still probably going to be doing most of the work early on. Or, I guess maybe my friends and I just weren't very good at divvying things up. It's also one of the few games that I actually enjoy playing over again despite having done pretty much everything in it more than once. It's just an enjoyable experience to go through even when it isn't novel, which is more than I can say for a whole lot of games.
>This isn't the thread to be complaining about it.
I feel your pain anon.
Hey at least Drox Operative 2's still kicking, right?
Still putting aside the space part of 6DoF there was a new aquanox game that came out recently, I haven't played it but I heard the reception was pretty mixed so I haven't bothered.
Replies: >>76994
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (8MB, 1920x3426)
This has been in my backlog since the day I played it at a PS2 kiosk in a computer store.
I can never find the time to fiddle with PCSX2 to run it.
Energy weapons are cool in concept, but it simply isn't worth it to invest in a weapon skill that is only good against robots, when both the grenade launcher and the assault rifle/pistol get ammo types which utterly destroy them. Their one advantage is that you never have to waste space on ammo, which is a significant advantage, but it isn't enough. What else are you going to carry anyways? And the laser rapier is just retarded. Why would you want a melee weapon that deals bonus damage to robots when all robots and turrets explode on death? 

The System Shock Infinite mod tries to address this but it ran into its own problems. Now the whole weapon/damage system is rock paper scissors, and every character is basically forced (unless you're doing a challenge run) to put 1 skill point into each weapon type, AND get basic psionics. That mod is incredibly frustrating because psionics are relegated to being utility unless you find one of the relatively rare psionic enemies. Oddly enough the author's recommended solution to not having all the damage types is to use Marie's attack power, which requires FIFTH LEVEL PSIONICS. It makes far more sense to just buy Psionic Bolt and kill them yourself. I guess the author really did not give a shit about build customization. On the plus side there are now doors you can blow open with the grenade launcher I guess.
Replies: >>76994
Has anyone here played March! Offworld recon? Just wondering.
Replies: >>76854
Replies: >>76857
what works?
Replies: >>76858
The game.
Replies: >>76860 >>76863
22ebf85ae6ef2ce2b5c6df8a76a1bc8426f98053c1ac2d62a30ae7329b96ba13.jpg (u)
[Hide] (9.4KB, 251x241)
Replies: >>76864
It had been so long and just like that I'm back.
Replies: >>76864
Dude I'm happy as fuck and can't wait to play it tommorow.
What are you talking about?
Replies: >>76865
LOST_the_game.jpg (u)
[Hide] (85.3KB, 474x685)
>What are you talking about?
Replies: >>76867
No I've meant the fact that March! Offworld recon works, i needed to download an exe that bypasses the need for CD to be loaded
any good obscure FPS/mods out there?
Replies: >>76880 >>76987
there was that neverhood wad for doom, or was it foreverhood? I don't remember it was weird and somewhat unsettling
goldeneye.jpg (u)
[Hide] (24.7KB, 474x296)
was it good or was it overratted trash?
The campaign was fine. The overrated part is the split screen multiplayer.
Replies: >>76903
>The overrated part is the split screen multiplayer.
Halo's multiplayer was overrated as hell which drew upon this as a baseline.
Replies: >>76945
Thats a bit of a stretch considering Goldeneye multiplayer was so barebones. There's no jumping and the maps consisted of hallways, with at most a catwalk overlooking a lower level. It wasn't any more sophisticated than Doom, and it was slower. Halo was at least a console approximation of an arena FPS, although again much slower. The race mode was the most enjoyable though.
c56178ccce740ed495f1dd95583c0cdaef89721fb3c2a987fcabb76f25834719.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 640x480, 00:28)
you tell me
Replies: >>76958
d4e20680-c2da-4c62-8bd8-e95f79a65731.png (u)
[Hide] (4.7KB, 127x96)
Gamenight when?
Replies: >>76986
Nemesis.jpg (u)
[Hide] (20.7KB, 400x300)
That webbum never fails to make laugh
Precursors.jpg (u)
[Hide] (98.3KB, 616x353)
Precursors, it's essentially STALKER in spess.
Replies: >>77017 >>79890
I just can't understand why people aren't making clones of these games. There's really been nothing just like Descent: Freespace and its sequel. People love the games. Nobody is trying to clone their essentially very basic premise (objective-based spaceship FPS with a mission structure and some plot) or if they're doing it it's being done to generically and badly to make any splash. It's incomprehensible to me, like how nobody makes indie mech games. 
If all you had were consoles, it was the best multiplayer FPS you were likely to be able to get going and play. Even things like SOCOM were still years away, not to mention Halo. Objectively, it was floaty, barebones, and had glaring balance problems, but it did offer somewhat of a different experience even for people used to, say, QTF.
SS2 was an excellent game, but you had to be willing to work with it sometimes if you wanted to actually use all the tools it gave you. "Work with it" in this context means to not be maximally efficient. Even then some things in the game just didn't have a niche.
Replies: >>77012
>not be maximally efficient
Well the problem is that the skills are so poorly balanced that you can fuck yourself quite a bit if you think that, for example, Repair is useful at all, or don't take enough points in Maintain and waste tools on 2 condition points. And Exotic isn't useful for, I don't know, half the game at least and requires significant Research? Not counting the shard which only needs 1 point and dumping a bunch of modules into Research isn't exactly appealing at that point. So it's tough not to look up at least some info about skill builds so as to not fuck yourself. Then once you know which skills to avoid, you end up with a lot of extra modules to spend on whatever you want.
Replies: >>77018
I recall hearing one of those autistic 1-2 hour "breakdown analysis" videos where the guy mentioned the combat nearly every enemy you face has some form of enemy shield to them making them tanky as shit and that makes me apprehensive towards trying the game.
Yeah, the game did have some balance problems that were sort of insuperable no matter how much you attempted to take the game at face value. Once you know enough about the game to plan, for instance, an exotic build that's sort of useful, you're already to the point where you're knowledgeable enough have to make challenges for yourself ("I won't use the shotgun," "I'll make a melee only build," "I'll make the stasis gun useful somehow"). It would be interesting to hear the designers talk about how they thought the game would be played and how much work they put into balancing for new players, players who'd played a few times, and so on. And, too, for any game with nontrivial balance, game designers just about always seem to make balancing decisions that end up working out completely not how they intended because players have infinite time to play the game and playtesters don't. It's a hard problem in general.
Replies: >>77134
G3FE69_2021-08-25_03-11-13.png (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 2332x1344)
What eras and events would you choose for a time travel FPS to maximize the number of interesting an unusual weapons to play with? Even better if you can have as many guns possible share the same ammo (even if they need to change chambering between levels) and be reused across time periods. Assume each time period has non-anachronistic weapons, and the player can mix whatever they want in multiplayer or custom levels.

anywhere between 1878-1886 (Wild West, Victorian gaslight)
>Smith and Wesson Model 3 (.44-40)
>Winchester 1873 (.44-40)
>dynamite sticks (can be placed as bundles as timed explosives or thrown as grenades)
>double barrel (12ga)
>single shot rifle with and without scope (doesn't matter)

1918 (Russian Civil War)
>Ruby (.32 ACP, much faster than Model 3 but far weaker)
>Smith and Wesson Model 3 (.44 Russian)
>Mosin (7.62x54r)
>Lewis Gun (.303 British, very unwieldy if used standing)

1920s (Prohibition gangsters)
>Ruby (.32 ACP)
>M1911 (.45 ACP)
>Thompson (.45 ACP)
>any pump action shotgun (12ga)
>dynamite sticks

somewhere between 1939-1945 (any WW2 battle, maybe eastern front with both sides trying to kill player)
>take your pick, hardest part is avoiding redundancy in multiplayer
>Kampfpistole is the only thing that has a particular unique niche I can think of

[spoiler]mid 1600s level with Leonardo da Vinchi's internal lever crossbow and braces of flintlock pistols.[/spoiler]
WW1 for experimental shit. 
Timeline fucks up and you go to alternate WW2 where they actually built the fun weapons.
4d715b590e1975004bd467ae96aaedd6a9bc96d260ddd7efd9ee249639b3eab9.jpg (u)
[Hide] (120.4KB, 1020x630)
>eastern front
Battle of berlin would be cool
it led to masterpieces like Perfect Dark and Timesplitters, so no.
Spanish Civil War would be neat.
You'd get to play around with weird pre-war German and Russian guns.
And killing Republican scum is it's own reward
81edf77500a0d598d168d42532ee8acc85af286e768a8f0d1d363c54db74aa04.jpg (u)
[Hide] (25.5KB, 474x355)
Give me FPS game ideas.
Replies: >>77120 >>77244
an fps where you shapeshift into your enemies, where every enemy has a different playstyle. Movement mechanics, weapons, gimmicks, etc.
Replies: >>77244 >>77266
whats the deal with quake remastered?
Replies: >>77137 >>77165
Considering that it was developed by 2 studios, which was Looking Glass and Irrational Games (former Looking Glass employees), it was likely a product of constant disagreement along with EA's strict one year deadline. We know for a fact that the weapon condition system was very controversial among the devs and many of them didn't like it. It's nearly guaranteed that this was not the only problem of its kind. EA didn't understand how far ahead of its time the game was and didn't care that it would need more time before release. What is most shocking though is that the game didn't even sell 60,000 units within about half a year, which is shockingly anemic even for 1999. That's the launch sales numbers that most EGS exclusives get today. SS2 is perhaps the game with the widest gap between financial success and critical acclaim along with insider influence. It was extremely influential yet nobody played it at release.
You need a account to find out the deal with Quake Remastered.
Replies: >>77175
It's shit. GLQuake is easily pirated. Do that instead of buying that Betheshit.
You don't need a Beth account the game just narks you about one. But still do not buy it as there are plenty of fucking source ports and mods. You can "remaster" Quake for free and do a better job.
Small Open World F.E.A.R inspired Cyberpunk game with an inventory system.
Tons of density, interiors and small details.

You should play Psi Ops and FEAR 3 anon.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (325KB, 480x300)
Shadowcaster did something like that, although you weren't shapeshifting into enemies. Aside from that one, though, was that one game American McGee made where you played as a little cherub thing a kind of game like that? Or perhaps I'm thinking of some other game where you spent most of your time playing as possessed characters. I remember it had a lot of technical problems and flopped pretty hard.
Replies: >>77308
Are any of these rhythm fps games any good? I know BPM is the big one but I could have sworn there was another released this year as well. Name started with an S or something and I'm vaguely sure it was shown in either realms deep 2020 or any of that year's online E3 shit.
Are any of the FPS 'roguelites' any good like gunfire reborn or roboquest? I liked Ziggurat but that was in spite the whole rogue'lite' aspect, not because of it.
Are you talking about the 2000 game Messiah?
Replies: >>77365
lol.png (u)
[Hide] (341.1KB, 683x713)
Just in case any one of you still had a glimmer of hope that Stalker 2 wouldn't be absolutely horrible.
Replies: >>77323 >>77369
Replies: >>77334
Founder of GSC and lead game designer of Stalker. I've posted screencaps of him praising his whore wife for taking photo shoots dressed like a slut and him being an overall retard who spends too much money on bikes before. His political views also appear to be faggot-tier as he loves feminism.
Here you go fags.
I think you're correct.
This is what happens when you marry
Replies: >>77374
This is what happens when you marry and let her take control
Ok tried out March! Offworld recon. Not a bad game. The health system is intresting. The enemies are intresting and all.
You have intresting weapons Every single one is a minigun though, but that's not a minus. If you enjoy shooting abd runjibg sort of like in original doom then I think you'll enjoy it.
Replies: >>77685
Firestorm_OST_-_Scouting.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (9.6MB, 640x368, 04:19)
Still can't believe I'll live to see  a Tiberian Sun FPS
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (635.8KB, 1920x1080)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1920x1080)
Why is eye-cancer-vision the default setting?
Replies: >>77684 >>77686
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1920x1080)
Finished the Cultic demo, it's a fine demo but it has a few issues.
>Movement speed is slow, even with always run. Could stand to be a bit more bouncy and faster like Blood or other build engine games.
>Always run being on means you still have to press shift and then crouch to slide which is hell on my injured wrist, why would I never want to be running anyways.
>Wall crack texture could pop out a bit more.
>Enemy cultists could also pop out a bit more from the environment
>Lots of unity "janky physics". Stacking chairs is a pain, jumping on stacked physics objects is a pain, grabbing something while crouching immediately drops it under the geometry, etc.
>Lever action rifle is a straight up upgrade over the handgun in all ways except that the ammo for it is less numerous.
>Swapping weapons could be a bit faster.
>Enemy accuracy at close range is a bit much. The game has the same stuff as Blood where crouching reduces enemy accuracy but since the enemies aren't as vocal and don't pop out immediately it's a bit on the shit side there.
>You can shoot down enemy thrown hatchets/dynamite which is nice, except it only takes away their momentum so no mid-air shooting dynamite. Which sucks.
>There's a kick, it's kind of useless and I only realized it exists on the last room of the demo
>shotgun's a bit shit as a workhorse weapon, I feel that the Sten's better for that.
>Some janky physics with grabbing and throwing. There should just be a full power throw button.
>Could use less eye-cancer even with the color filtering turned off. My biggest issue is that in the often grey areas the often grey cultists blend into the environment, and I could barely see if what was thrown at me was a hatchet or a dynamite bundle.
>Sound could use a bit more tweaking because I could not distinguish enemy shotgunners from enemy machinegunners from enemy pistol users 
Otherwise here's what I really liked
>The map is nice and big, loops around itself a couple of times which I also dig.
>Alternate routes and nice mix between open areas and closed clausterphobic areas.
>The sten's a blast to use and there's a lot of ammo for it which I appreciate.
>Really satisfying gunplay even when you turn off the retarded slow motion shit, I like headshots in sprite-based FPS(Or maybe these are voxels and I'm just really blind).
Replies: >>77686
So am I the only one who cares of it?
Replies: >>77689
So the game looks like shit, plays like shit and runs like shit? And it's nothing like blood either?
Replies: >>77689
It runs like shit, yes. I thought the demo showed some promise but that promise can go either way really.
I tried BPM and I think my conclusion is that I'm not really one for rhythm games because I have no idea what beat I'm supposed to be following in the first place.
Also fuck me my eyes hurt from all of that saturation, what is it with indie FPS and saturation?
Replies: >>77814
BPM_-_Final_Boss.webm (u)
[Hide] (15.7MB, 1280x720, 02:03)
There's a slider for every world's color saturation in the menu.
I liked it, but I'm awful at it.
Replies: >>77815 >>77822
>even your weapon has an outline around it
I'm thinking about jumping over to Quake once I'm done with Dusk E3. Anything new going on with sourceports or mods since 2017?
See I'm not hearing the the gun sync up with the music at all and it completely fucks me with me.
Replies: >>77826 >>77915
It took me a while to get used to as well.
Basically, ignore the guitar and focus on the drums or crosshairs. And you don't need to perform an action at every beat, just make sure it lands on a beat.
It's genuinely a difficult thing if you can't intuitively feel it, but it also depends greatly what the game expects from you. I finished EBA on its highest difficulty, but to this day I can't do the Yoshi's Island minigame in Super Mario RPG correctly. It's kind of a truism to say it, but every game's going to be different.
postal.webm (u)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 620x264, 01:32)
>play postal 2 again
>it fucking sucks in everything but it's own flavour of commentary, music and atmosphere
although i would be more harsh if i actually played the vanilla version but overall, OK game as I reflect on it
>once you realize that 90% of the weapons are fucking garbage, the game is more fun, but very jank as the game stutters with npc behaviour and overall shooting someone stutters the game
>the sawn off shotgun is a literal bass cannon that turns people into red mist, best weapon
>sniper rifle is on paper good but requires you to scope in
>grenade launcher & rocket launcher are oddly fucking trash, takes too long to explode and kill things safely
>'machinegun' and the h&k lookalike are fucking retarded
>glock might be god tier with the burst fire but i never got enough ammo for it
>burning someone sounds great until the npcs start burning you ablaze
>apocalypse weekend / ohko melee weapons are very satisfying, but slow to use
>the game is suppose to be according to the forums, stalker-like difficulty where higher difficulty increases damage dealt & taken, but i find that to be full of shit
>why does this game's 3d sound fucking suck and fuck, i can hear postal dude fine but as soon as someone is a foot away from me it's impossible to decipher their retardation
>police uniform is almost too good

maybe paradise lost is a bit better but who knows, i actually prefer playing postal 1 (mouse fix) / postal redux over this abomination
Postal_2_Redundant_Asylum_ambient_music.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (10.9MB, 1280x720, 01:36)
Look_at_my_jiggly_butt.webm (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 720x400, 00:30)
aw no nigga now I know you're not dissing Postal 2 of all vidya. I know you're not bitching about weapon scaling in a game where you can go through the whole week without laying a finger on anybody. Where you can throw a piss stained doughnut to a cop to make him puke. Or get gonorrhea to make entire town lose their lunch. Or burn book-burning hippies in a library. Or raid a taliban hideout for explosives and a god damn WMD.
>npcs set me on fire
oh you're retarded, you should have opened up with that
Something tells me you never realized this was the greatest satirical sandbox ever devised by a bunch of guinnies for you to fuck around in, and instead played it straight like call of duty or something.
You stupid.
Did Flying Wild Hog forget about Shadow Warrior 3? I don't know why I'm looking forward to it. I thought the other two were shit.
Replies: >>77973 >>77989
>caring about shadow reddit 3 
Looks like it will be delayed to next year
Reddit Warrior 3 rolls of the tongue better. And yeah, I don't care, 1 was stale, 2 had potential bit opted not to simply be shit, but annoying shit.
Replies: >>77989
It just feels like there's a lot of upcoming games but nothing's actually coming out early access doesn't count, you know?
Replies: >>77989 >>77999
Popotan_Dance.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 800x600)
1 was good, 2 was Borderlands tier shit, 3 is cancer.
The OG is still the best though, the first reboot is worth the time invested into it though.

Most good stuff isn't shilled endlessly and is usually lower budget while the ones that are shilled endlessly are pure fucking trash.
That's the difference anon, just play whatever, the reason idiots are jaded is because they were sucking off AAA trash in 7th Gen, but those games were casualshit as well even if less than now and with more attention to detail.
Replies: >>77993
>1 was good
I hated 1. The guns felt like ass, the sword felt like ass with the techniques being the only worthwhile things to use but they also felt very unsatisfying to actually use. 2 I was more open towards but I'm sick of all of these games that might have been much better if they just dropped the loot system. Nioh, Darksiders 2, every platinum games game starting with Bayo 2, it just drags the overall game down in my opinion.
>Most good stuff isn't shilled endlessly and is usually lower budget while the ones that are shilled endlessly are pure fucking trash.
What even is being shilled endlessly? Outside of Ultrakill and maybe Prodeus I'm not even sure what the big upcoming things are.
I'm just a bit down today. All day I was looking forward to playing EYE again and then I reinstall it and it won't even launch and I have to spend however long trying to debug the game which I can't be assed to do, so I want to go and play Quake but then I'm in this retard block of "what source port, do I install vanilla+ mods like that Quake 1.5 one I saw a couple of years back, do I bother with the new release/episodes, etc" and all in all I've spent more time thinking about what I want to play and how to go about doing so than actually playing it and I'm angry at myself for doing so and I still haven't gotten EYE working or figured out how 2 quake
Replies: >>77995
Oh and because I'm a retarded fuck I also spent a couple of hours thinking "Maybe I should install Hired Gun instead of EYE, but wait maybe I should wait a couple of years until they fix and patch and add content to it" while waiting on EYE to download, only to finish those two hours realizing I didn't even start the fucking download.
The whole gaming industry feels like being in limbo right now. The 8th console generation shit the bed hart. Mircoshaft wanted to kill PC gaming, but instead killed it's own console two generations in a row. Sony avoided most bullshit at first, but then they decided to pull all the corporate fuckery and drink as much of the SJW cool aid as they can and stopped being a japanese company. Nintendo shit the bed with the Wii U so they had to bring out the Switch, which is the only console even normalfags want, but it's outdated hardware at this point. This struggling of the consoles could be a great time for PC gaming, however the PC market has it's own problems. Hardware has become extremely expensive, Mircoshaft also shit the bed in which Windows was lying and fucked Windows 10 and 11, meanwhile Linux gaming is still years away from being usable and Linux itself is on the way of becoming pozzed and the indie scene is still full of jews, women and trannies.

At this point there isn't much to do besides searching for the twothousandteen gems that you have missed because they weren't shilled and jailbreaking 7th and 8th hardware, so you can play the few good games with the older generation libraries on one device. It's sad and awesome at the same time. Sad because the glorious future we wanted isn't happening, but awesome because we have the key to paradise.
Replies: >>78002
【PCエンジン】「コア構想はここから始まった_PCエンジンワールド(1987年制作)」天外魔境_PCエンジンDUO_TurboGrafx-16_TurboDuo_Hudson_【ハドソン】-dT385YYNoiw.webm (u)
[Hide] (29.8MB, 640x480, 09:26)
>we have the key to paradise
Pretty much, I can play old and new games on a single device, the best device that's very streamlined nowadays, most for free and with whatever peripheral I want.

Normalcattle and AAA will implode in due time, till then I enjoy old games and niche titles.
Replies: >>78005
Isallah brother, death to normalfags. Heil Hitler.
0562cafc538ceba0c750acee6a13d80f27e347b13259a544848fd43777a9bcbf.png (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1080x1290)
>Cheating on Dewritos with Pringles
For shame, Gaylo, for shame. Who will be the Pringles Pope?
 I found all of these supermarket chips suck ass because of the "flavoring dust" they use, outside of the shitty taste it just makes handling the chips feel wrong. I find that making my own is much better especially when they're sweet potato chips which I've never found any supermarket selling, which thank god because who knows how they'd fuck that up. Probably flavor it with some overpriced cereal crossover or some gay shit.
How did they stuff that burger into a Pringles tube?
Replies: >>78325 >>78354
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (419.1KB, 540x540)
one layer at a time
I still love Piquant Paprika Lay's and Aldi's store brand cheese tortilla chips.
Replies: >>78376
I like farmers chips, you know those that look more like they are actually from potato?
>thank god because who knows how they'd fuck that up
corn syrup
Very carefully.
Old Dutch were really good, the crunchiness was superb
t. chip enthusiast
real amerimutt hours, real men eat crisps
Replies: >>78370 >>78376
Oi, do you have a loicense for those crisps, m8?
Replies: >>78376
Pistacchio.jpg (u)
[Hide] (42.7KB, 700x466)
Replies: >>78389
0fd586a69a8d1103c2c641cb1a87257335f077156a3641617bc50f36f9b0d230.jpg (u)
[Hide] (76.5KB, 786x602)
612e10f10fb9fd8c759f29125ebb7f511f21c8128c10d84db7d007d2a69a74f2.png (u)
[Hide] (41.3KB, 894x703)
3a80f69224ac6f5d0aca4c2e393ab4aa6fd19179b6b13cd9047cd6cd82df36ee.png (u)
[Hide] (330.2KB, 747x677)
shalom david
Replies: >>78391
huh.gif (u)
[Hide] (5KB, 572x316)
What the fuck is that supposed to accomplish?
Replies: >>78395
Make people think that the US isn't owned by Israel?
I think I realize the problem with Dusk is.
Dusk's issue is that it focuses too much on being atmospheric on spooky than actually entertaining and you're left with a lot of gimmicky levels and not a lot of "standard" ones.
Yeah it's neat getting spooked by something out of the NES Godzilla creepypasta for an entire level or being given a mortar and being told to hunt rats is a novel concept but the game seems deathly afraid to actually have you fight enemies sans the really obvious trap arenas where Andrew Hulshult gets to ape the shitty soundtrack of the doom games(He's really good at atmospheric and mellow stuff as also shown by Amid Evil so I have no idea why keeps trying to mimic Gordon's shitty style) and you're given at most 10 enemies to fight at any given time.
I think another issue is how ineffectual most enemies are and this is shown in how a lot of the more dangerous enemies aren't actually being used most of the time(The scarecrows from Episode 1, the grenade dolls from Episode 2) because they're so tanky they'd drag down the rest of the game, but I felt Episode 2 had the best balance because they used those fat welders who would spam fireballs at you.
I don't know I'm just not feeling the game anymore, I've got four missions left and even on Cero Meido+Intruder Mode the game just doesn't feel particularly satisfying to play as it did in Episode 2's best parts.
Replies: >>78452
i only played bit of episode 1 and it's just awful, indoor areas feels like your head is going to bump the ceiling, outdoor areas are just so boring, hardly vertical
i recall the only time the game overwhelms you is in moments where it's completely retarded, oh we suddenly introduce a new enemy type in a cramp indoor box that you fell through, like what the fuck is this retard design
the weapon variety is also kind of dog shit because again it has that episode 1 / new weapon per level syndrome, god it bores me to tears
Replies: >>78464
I think regarding the weapons the game's built towards intruder mode, but I still agree in how unsatisfying they mostly are. I like the double barrel and the akimbo shotty's, I like the crossbow and I like the sword and that's about it.
Replies: >>78475
At the very least I think the not true final boss of Dusk was worth drudging through Episode 3 for. That was some fun shit and it kind of makes me want to play the multiplayer The slaughter-wad type level before it, not really, and the shitty actual final boss, also not worth it.
Up next on the backlog is Hedon since it got a major update recently.  I'm curious if any of these paid wads are actually that much better than any regular GZdoom TC.
Also in the background I've been playing Quake(spasm-spiked, not touching the re-release at least until Quakespasm-spiked can run the new episodes) again and going through the vanilla+mappacks so I can somehow justify to myself playing Arcane Dimensions instead of just playing AD and being done with it. I love it but it's kind of fucking with me how easy bunny hopping was in Dusk compared to Quake 1. Not that I need to, but I want to. Was running diagonally in Quake always kind of fucked(as in you move slower than strafing) or is this a sourceport thing?
Replies: >>78470
> I'm curious if any of these paid wads are actually that much better than any regular GZdoom TC.
They aren't, and isn't hedon that game with a tranny/futa MC doughnut steel OC
Replies: >>78472
>They aren't
It's alright so far, platforming in the GZdoom engine isn't my cup of tea however. I like the special difficulty with the unique only-melee weapons. So far not something I would have paid for but I'm enjoying it. 
>hedon that game with a tranny/futa MC doughnut steel OC
Unless the game comes with futa sex scenes I do not know nor need to know anything about that shit. I've heard of that before and the artstyle really isn't helping me claim that's false, but again I hope none of that shit is in game.
Thats half the weapons though
Replies: >>78476
Less than half, you have the pistol, sickle, assault rifle, hunting rifle and the two jokes that are the explosive weapons. That's 5/10 weapons(I felt the assault rifle was alright) I felt were either very unsatisfying or downright dogshit to use.
Hedon so far has the same basic issue I have with DUSK in that there's a lot of dead-time in between clearing the area of its initial enemies and going through whatever key/switch hunting puzzle the game expects you to for a bit until you reach a new key, then the game spawns a shitton of enemies and the music kicks into high gear and you get to play a slaughter wad for a while and then it happens again. On one hand Hedon's fights are much more enjoyable because
>More enemies
>I like the weapons more, with the exception of all the sway/recoil on the shotgun. I especially love the axe and throwing it into fuckers, watching them gib.
On the other this problem's more pronounced than Dusk because the levels are much larger. Apparently the second episode jumps to a Strife styled game with NPCs and such but so far I'm getting pretty sick of this type of level design. I'm noticing this as I play Quake more but there's very rarely any dead time in a level compared to DUSK/Hedon and I don't recall much of this in Doom either.
Also unless it was hidden away in a secret I've encountered no futashit yet which is a point in the game's favor.
Replies: >>79198
Quake's vanilla campaign is arguably the most tightly designed set of FPS levels ever made, so you'll have a hard time if you compare most games to it
Replies: >>79199 >>80894
But as far as I remember Ion fury and Amid Evil didn't really have this problem either, I noticed it plenty with Dusk though.
Hedon_Secret.png (u)
[Hide] (286.9KB, 1920x1080)
Stuff like this makes me really want a new Douk game.
Replies: >>79590 >>81085
I think the days may be behind us when you can slip cheesecake into a well-made non-porn game that you expect to have a broad market. You'll have some people whining about exploitation, some whining that it doesn't fit the tone or breaks the mood, and others whining that it doesn't go far enough and that you should've just made a sex game. It's also worth confronting the notion that when Dick Kickem was launched, a great many people who were expected to play it were too young to  buy porn and the internet was too new to supply it conveniently, so happening to discover some pixelated titties was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. I think it's really underappreciated how the unexpected, whether it's sex or not, can drive gamers to continue to play a game. With the current development paradigm of being really transparent about what'll end up in the game, that sort of thing isn't possible, especially if your game is going to be crowdfunded (because the payment processors don't like even soft porn in games to be kept secret) or mass-market (because the ratings agencies are the same way). Also paypigs expect to be kept informed of what'll end up in the game thanks to the expectation of relatively transparent development that the patronage model seems to encourage. I don't know, though. Games do end up doing it, but I think it's mostly weird almost-fetish games that wouldn't make it if they were tamer.
Replies: >>79596
It just sucks now because I guarantee you a good chunk of the current indie dev FPS crowd would probably subscribe to this idea that liking titties is bad and immature or something.
I just want a game to stir the fire in my BALLS OF STEEL with some human babes. Orc/demon babes are fine and all but I want some human babes. Not in the way DNF did it though. Jesus how do you make a strip club and a threesome with twins, and a sexy french maid that unattractive
Replies: >>79846
Styx.png (u)
[Hide] (521KB, 1920x1080)
Styx.jpg (u)
[Hide] (346.6KB, 720x1002)
Am I seeing this right or is it a stretch?
Replies: >>79760
It's obviously a reference
Replies: >>79761
I'm asking if it's a reference to Styx, it's odd I wouldn't think a GZDoom developer would reference that game in particular.
Replies: >>79776
>it's odd I wouldn't think a GZDoom developer would reference that game in particular
There's a The Room reference in Ion Maiden.
Replies: >>79778
It's a not very well known stealth game in a world where orcs are not all sexy amazons, I wouldn't have pegged heh it as something that appeals to the devs of Hedon.
I'm still not really sure what to think on Hedon. It's very impressively made but it's also not very well made. Yeah you have working ladders and big ass maps with some pretty backgrounds but the level design and direction isn't really the best. It has a lot of effort put into it but it feels like most of the effort has gone into impressing you with what they can do with the engine and not with actually making something tight and well made. I mean yeah I like it enough to replay episode 1 with berserker mode because it's practically a new character but I do that with any game with multiple characters/playstyles.
Would I have paid for it?
Going off the first impressions of the first couple of levels, probably not.
Replies: >>79779
>something that appeals to the devs of Hedon
I can enjoy warcraft 3 with hating monsterboys. 
It does make sense.
We're currently at the point where cheesecake in ordinary games (not porn games and not tiny indie games) isn't just looked at as an immature thing that needs to exist only in its own shunned space, but is more of a thing to be actively sought out and destroyed by social media pressure. A game that shows realistic (read: ugly) titties for some "mature" purpose would be fine, naturally, since it shoves along the games as art or games as mature entertainment narratives. Then again, we're also in the era where chinese devs can shovel shitty porn games endlessly onto Steam and the gaming rags barely even deign to notice it. I really don't know what to think. We're in a very weird place.
Replies: >>80429 >>80432
To anyone who has played Ultrakill recently, two questions
>Has the quality remained consistent to that one demo from a year or two ago, the one with only the prologue
>When the shit is it leaving EA, if you have any idea?
8.png (u)
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1920x1080)
6.png (u)
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1920x1080)
2.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1920x1080)
Some autistic tourneyfags have spent 3 years working on a fork of Quakeworld Team Fortress and just released it in August. Game night when?
Replies: >>79919 >>80434
Sold. Any fan-patches or mods I should install for it or just go in vanilla?
Replies: >>79905
I think there's a patch but good luck finding it as it's probably in Russian and I've lost the one some anon back in 8chan provided.
Games pretty obscure so there aren't many mods unless you can find some ancient Russian file share site.
[Grenade spam intensifies]
Hedon_Gondola.png (u)
[Hide] (715.7KB, 1920x1080)
It's because you are trying to piece together a consistent moral standard where there is none. Almost no one actually cares about the objectification of women in games. It's a cudgel to be used by power hungry people to exert control over something, or money, nothing more. This was evident at least as far back as Anita Lottashekels when she posted her videos claiming that Zelda was a damsel in distress with no depth. She hasn't been one since at least LttP and OoT Zelda was easily one of the more interesting female characters of that era and a powerful mage who could shape-shift into a Jewish ninja and shoot holy lasers. If she gave a shit about games at all she would know this, but she doesn't, and it was confirmed when the college presentation video surfaced where she admitted she hates video games. She believes gamers are weak men who can be leeched off of through browbeating and people like her are extremely common nowadays. Chinese and other nationalities of games go untouched because they don't have as many of these people breathing down their necks and they simply ignore the manipulators if they call them out on social media.
Replies: >>80432 >>80490
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (163.3KB, 730x717)
Replies: >>80434
Y-you too.
Forgot to mention in my other post, but I am interested in this if we want to throw together a game night for it. We'd need enough people to fill out teams though. The UT2K4 game night had a good turnout but everyone insisted on FFA the whole time, so a few people will have to be patient at the start.
I use a particular news aggregator, and since there is an "entertainment" section near the "technology" section, I look at it from time to time. From observation, it appears that if a celebrity objectifies herself and posts it on social media (as long as it isn't porn, which is de facto bad), and then trashy clickbait media outlets rehash this and make news stories about it, nobody cares; in fact, this sort of behavior seems to be encouraged as empowering. Now, remember that the public image of most high profile celebrities is carefully controlled and styled by PR corporations that exist to do just this one thing, and that the women whose personalities are being used are not generally solely in charge of these PR outlets, meaning that these narratives are basically not entirely in their own hands, which is one of the things that people say is bad when it's pointed out that women in commercial porn have agreed to be in the porn and so are party to their own objectification. Surprising nobody, you don't have to scratch the surface very hard to uncover hypocrisy in mass entertainment no matter what kind it is, really. I'm getting sort of far off the subject, I guess, but it really all does come back to dollars--specifically advertising dollars--at the end of the day. I'm still surprised that the usual suspects don't make more noise about the Japanese- and Chinese-created porn that's all over Steam. The companies generating it are usually not subject to direct English-language social media/marketing magazine pressure, but Valve certainly is.
Duke.png (u)
[Hide] (648.4KB, 1920x1080)

Hey duke.
Unless there are any other big visual secrets I don't think I'm going to post about Hedon anymore, I'm practically shitting up a thread no one's using for now.
Replies: >>80523 >>80941
Cant wait untill you find the tranny secret
Replies: >>80524
I don't think there is one. There's the rare cheesecake poster(nothing overtly lewd like the red demon poster I had posted a week or so ago) and there's artwork(which looks kind of cool, goblin assassins look nice when they're armored like that one post apocalyptic manga about the gun-nut midget in the desert whose name I can't remember at the moment) of the girls lying around in libraries and rooms and there's visual stuff like Duke/Gondolas but nothing pornographic or even romantic.
Really the only spears I've seen here are the cryolance which is a nice weapon and the force pike which is also a nice weapon.
Replies: >>80574

>You think there'd be some indieshit group crapping out clones of Privateer or Starflight or Elite or that one Microsoft Space FPS (Ascension? Ascendence? I can't remember the name) or even Master of Orion. That reminds me that space 4Xes are also dead. Whatever. This isn't the thread to be complaining about it.
Freelancer, with not-Dolf (but monkeys in lost dimension).
Like Descent. Space FPS with docking and talking.
dp.jpg (u)
[Hide] (96.4KB, 768x614)
>like that one post apocalyptic manga about the gun-nut midget in the desert whose name I can't remember at the moment

Desert Punk?
Replies: >>80676 >>80685
That's the one.
Speaking of which it's finally clicking to me that Hedon's a more technically impressive but ultimately worse in gameplay version of Ashes 2063.
It's a great effort and everything(and the big hub-like level 3 in Episode 2 is a ridiculously fun idea and well made, especially with all the secrets on top of secrets) but being a couple of levels away from finishing Hedon all I'm thinking is that I want to play Ashes instead. 
I'm itching for any of these types of games like Deus Ex or Terminator Resistance where you're dropped in a large, yet somewhat linear, map and are told to achieve and objective and go about it how you feel. Any recommendations for those? I think Chernobylite's the most recent thing that fits that profile, is it any good or is it shit?
Replies: >>80789
>tfw no desert punk game 
I stop reading that manga when it reaches hiatus(stuck at the panels with assassins in black i think). Has there been any new development?
Chernobylite is shit,  play S.T.A.L.K.E.R or Total Chaos instead.
>level design
Quake is a weird miracle in itself with its unique ambience, its soundtrack, the pixelated textures, and those sounds. I listened to them recently, all the growls, chainsaws, grenade bounces, it's absolutely well done.
A reboot is being made. There was a fan made attempt too but, I think it contained one level, I can't even remember if it was fully playable or not. That was perhaps ok because it wasn't an obvious conspiracy to run for your pockets by pulling on your nostalgic strings, but on the other hand there might be this official release and it's just that hard to accept.
They'll throw in some detailed lore which is such a vulgar move.
I can also imagine some "organic" fads on social media, pushed by names no one ever heard of among Quake fans until the marketing started, featuring Quake 1 memes to sell hype, i.e. "The reboot has a real final boss fight this time!"
Replies: >>80941
Joke's on them: actual quake fans know that there are no big names among quake fans, so anyone who tries to open his mouth outs himself automatically. 
I played a Quake mod once that had two different chainsaws for the player to use. I think Quake hit a sweet spot for 3D FPS in that it was easy to mod yet simple enough that pretty much any mod was a big improvement. Some of those TCs were really fucking impressive, too, considering that they were played by pretty much nobody: that French-Canadian one with the voice acted enemies; QTank, which was janky but fun as shit; Industrial mod, which I think may have been the two chainsaws one but also had a nice tank cannon for a heavy weapon; Navy Seals, which was one of the first 3D FPS ever with real modern guns in it; Crush Depth, which was surprisingly polished and feature-rich, kind of like a minor and less wacky predecessor of that Chaos UT mod but with a bit of a water theme. 

I remember this one Quake mod that involved flying with rudimentary planes of some kind, but I can't for the life of me remember if it was released or some prototype thing a friend of a friend of mine was working on. I think it had an offshoot of those really elaborate bots that one who ended up working at Raven made, or maybe I'm just full of shit.
I for one don't mind. I don't plan on playing the game but don't mind reading someone else write about it.
Replies: >>80947 >>81047
>Joke's on them: actual quake fans know that there are no big names among quake fans
Esports and other frag faggots
Replies: >>80953
Who the fuck cares about competitive Quake 1 anymore? Clanfags, and clanfags are their own circlejerk so I don't think their voice has a high value.
Replies: >>80961
>I don't think 
Anon please, Bethshit will prop them up as mouthpieces and normalfags will eat it right up, same with CS, Halo and COD
Replies: >>81043 >>81295
>Bethshit will prop them up as mouthpieces and normalfags will eat it right up
This is also happening with Age of Empires II to sell gimmicky DLC civilizations for a "definitive" game edition, while ignoring missing features and technical issues present since release day. It's one reason for why I think a similar thing will happen to the Quake reboot.
>I remember this one Quake mod that involved flying with rudimentary planes of some kind
Could it have been Airquake by Fingers?
Regarding mods, I miss playing Action Quake 2. Of course, even back then, competitive fags would disable weapon models and turn up gamma because muh frags.
Are you talking about the remaster that just came out or is this something new?
wasn't it implied that all the orc "girls" were actually futa?
the one thing I remember is that there was something resembling urinals in the orc girl bathrooms
Replies: >>81147
Hedon_Demon_sideways.png (u)
[Hide] (459.3KB, 1076x1920)
BIG DEMON TITTIES, rotated because the secret was in a stupid area and it was presented sideways in an area you are supposed to be crouching in. I'd like to see H-doom's girls in this style, not just demons drawn as anime ladies.

Also I want to complain about the retarded underwater fight against two Archvile standins where you only have access to three weapons(and the melee weapon is the strongest of the bunch against said archvile standin), your movement is gimped, there's a blue filter+diving suit graphic getting in the way of the visuals, they're semi transparent and blend in the room and said archvile standin can teleport behind you and instant kill you while the only cover you have are really thin pillars that don't offer much cover. Fuck that fight. Again an example of something technically impressive but retarded and not quite fun when you actually play it.
Nothing in the game and I didn't really notice the urinals. There are male minotaurs/dwarves though. I tried looking up some porn because sexy musclegirls and I got a dick in my eye, which serves me right for being a degenerate who looked up porn to begin with.
Replies: >>81577
6293b989-56a3-4151-a37e-ef4bf8eafc9d.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (146.2KB, 1130x636)
Have any of you anons gotten a chance to try black Groundhog Day? I still can't believe this studio worked with Anita Sarkeesian for Dishonored 2.
Maybe I'm too old or too young, but I don't get the appeal of Counter Strike. It's not arcadey enough like Unreal/Quake/etc. or "realistic" enough like Red Orchestra. Splitgate is the flavor of the month, but I've had more fun with that than the years of tried getting into Counter Strike.
I heard it was just a more boring dishonored.
Replies: >>81314
I'm waiting on them to get rid of denuvo, patch it and release the inevitable expansion packs first before sticking it in my backlog. I'm not expecting much out of it at all.
Replies: >>81314
NO_CHIN.jpg (u)
[Hide] (47.3KB, 740x493)
> but I don't get the appeal of Counter Strike
I don't get the appeal of competitive shooters in general. They are all as shallow as a puddle and have the most boring gameplay loop on this earth. Tiny ass maps, everything must be 500% perfectly mirrored balanced, usually zero content updates unless it's paid DLC/microfagsactions, mouthbreathing communities that want to mixmax everything for muh competition (playing on fugly potato settings even though they can easily max out the game for example), they gladly support content deletion if they don't consider it important (deleting half of Siege's maps because HURR DURR THEY AREN'T GOOD FOR COMPETITIVE ANYWAY LOLOLOLOL), etc.

Pic related what the average CS-loving spastic looks like
Replies: >>81314
Sisko_Pointing.jpg (u)
[Hide] (50.1KB, 593x454)
I remember liking Dishonored. I guess it'll be worth a pirate or getting on sale through a bundle at some point.
>>81299 (checked)
>It has denuvo
Well that's gay.
You got a point. At least with the old arena shooters and stuff like Jedi Academy, it looked like the devs were trying to make a fun game first, and the players made a competitive scene out of those games. Plus, those games gave you, at the very least, a single player campaign, and if you were lucky, the multiplayer mode had bots, so you could play it offline.
I want to see if being able to play as the Nigress and invade other people's worlds ala Dark Souls will be patched heavily after enough people cry about getting killed in their games.
Replies: >>81317 >>81322
Barely vidya, but I cannot fucking stand all of these niggeresses in new AAA vidya having this perpetual smug bitch face. Same shit with that travesty of a Saints Row reboot, and the same with that Forspoken game with the terrible quippy dialog. AAA devs should stop doing this shit.
Replies: >>81322
That would be hilarious if they did nerf her. I can already see the headlines by Polygon/Kotaku, "Arkane patches Death Loop To Appease White Men Incapable of handling a Strong Independent Black Woman".
I blame Dream Works for starting the trend of smug faced characters.
Replies: >>81324
b9ed2ae30a6867b7b8bf023374e9b8a57fb5ddbc32f51498bde56787755b60b9.jpg (u)
[Hide] (16.1KB, 710x402)
Cute shy submissive virgin nigress with a bright smile in videogame to make my dick hard when? Tanned anime girls don't count.
Replies: >>81327 >>81342
Unfortunately I doubt we'll ever get sexy africans like Sheva again.
Replies: >>81342
c32acd76b3cc2d2fa265142de8a1aece.png (u)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1920x1080)
Now that you mention it, I can't think of any. Guess I'll have to make my own game with one at some point.
Does Darli Dagger count?
Replies: >>81345
I don't know but I like her.
Do you think we'd be getting anything interesting on that end with how indie fps devs seem to be preferring female protagonists for their games?
8867283.jpg (u)
[Hide] (91.3KB, 600x900)
download.jpg (u)
[Hide] (764.2KB, 2048x3194)
The Citadel
by doekuramori
Tell me more, anon.
Replies: >>81366
no.webm (u)
[Hide] (679.1KB, 480x360, 00:14)
NO_holy_shit_no.webm (u)
[Hide] (526KB, 1280x720, 00:05)
Jontron_-_No_No_No!.webm (u)
[Hide] (163KB, 640x360, 00:02)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (328.2KB, 600x360)
ew no
fuck no
bad anon
Spoiler File (u)
(992KB, 1766x1000)
E9UXANmVEAgJ3rl.jpg (u)
[Hide] (294.2KB, 2048x1693)
Ok so it’s a doom like retro fps with an anime look and style somewhat giving me ghost in the shell vibes but if it was a bit more gore, The level design is quite good and encourages experimentation with your Arsenal speaking of which you get 14 different weapons that also have secondary fire modes that overall feel pretty good, the enemies for the most part are wall Designed with no hit scan Bullshit to Deal with And with beautiful Sprites works, the bosses standout from the rest of the game by going full bullet hell they are ok for the most part, The ambience/music does need some work but I would say it’s not to bad, It’s on steam for like 10$ you get around 5 to 6 hours of content and I recommend it
stinky.PNG (u)
[Hide] (163.1KB, 318x373)
Any idea if it runs with wine on linux?
Replies: >>81371
I imagine so, in my experience pre-HDRP Unity games usually run well enough in Wine.
After checking ProtonDB, seems it used to run without audio but that may be fixed now.
Replies: >>81384
>you will never run through the levels after and pick up the pieces to put together a wife.
Thanks, anon. I will give it a try.
thank you for the explanation, doekuramori
Every_Gun_&_History_Guy_After_COD_Vanguard_MP_Reveal.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.6MB, 1280x720, 00:54)
Replies: >>81414 >>81438
I don't know what's worse, the game or the video editing.
Replies: >>81418 >>81427
I didn't make it.
Replies: >>81445
>not appreciating montage parodies
You missed out
Replies: >>81445 >>81460
See, the old gory games like the two Crusaders just didn't know what they were doing--sure they weren't marketed as gore games, but they clearly thought it was important. Or maybe isometric games just lent themselves to messes considering how Fallout and Fallout 2 were. But anyhow, exploding a guy into nondescript kibble or seeing the same two melting animations every time you use the microwave gun (or the UV gun, or that molecular bond decoupler thing--I forget which did what now) on anyone just isn't it. ROTT had started to get the idea, but didn't go far enough. SOF tried to be hardcore and didn't do so bad again within the limitations of their technology. Details are what people are looking for out of their guro.
Demonification of nazis countinues. Also sledgehammers knows less about weapons then before. Genius. I wouldn't be suprised that it will be as bad as CODWW2
Replies: >>81443
In 50 years people are going to believe that 3R used flying saucers. Almost every year new sensational "discoveries" are being made, and almost none are based on fact. Nothing is going to surprise me anymore.
Replies: >>81444
It's just jewish bullshit and more demonification of nazis because muh nazis bad and gun shitting.
I want to see these faggots get beaten up by actual nat-socs
Replies: >>81456
Parody.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1578x816)
Severed Steel's coming out tomorrow. I expect a short but sweet replayable game and then little to no traction on the level editor. Has anyone else played the demo?
I'm aware anon, I wasn't blaming you for it.
I might sound like a fag, but I sometimes enjoy this content. But mostly when it's grand strategy.
>he doesn't know
>he wasn't there
The whole "montage parody" meme quickly evolved past actual parodies of actual CoD montages, and became its own weird brand of shitposting.
aspirin_44.webm (u)
[Hide] (485.8KB, 480x360, 00:06)
I've tried the demo, saw the potential, lamented my lack of skill.
Guess what?
You'll play as an Japanese in american campaign. Yes you heard me right JAPANESE IN AMERICAN CAMPAIGN
Replies: >>81459 >>81560
Are they in an internment camp?
Replies: >>81463
Seriously nigger? Montage parodies were pure cancer. I remember when we were all raging about shit like Meme Run on the Wii U.
Replies: >>81476
Ofcourse not, because that would be racist! And allies weren't racist sexist.
Also there was tranny in the mp reveal. I'm not watching it anymore even if it's with my favourite "youtuber" on the side.
Montage parodies were a lot of fun, they have survived the test of time far better than many younger memes, they encouraged far more creativity than image macros, and some of them (such as Pimp My Reich) still blow modern memes out of the water.
If that's your idea of cancer, you might be too picky.
Replies: >>81515
4chan_moment.png (u)
[Hide] (502.4KB, 805x784)
If you actually enjoy montage parodies past 2013 when Reddit started raping them dead by flooding the tubes with lazy template shit then you're an absolute faggot.
If you actually enjoy Jewtube algorithm pushed cuckchan (aka nureddit) made montage parodies filled with Twitter memes and with Wojak thumbnails, you deserve to die of cancer.
Replies: >>81566 >>81694
A member of the 442nd or something completely retard?
Replies: >>81670
萌.jpg (u)
[Hide] (241.9KB, 777x340)
The only thing that could possibly be faggier than that is posting wojack-like edits of Yotsuba. Jump off a bridge newfag.
hitler_question.png (u)
[Hide] (55.1KB, 299x315)
>rotated because the secret was in a stupid area and it was presented sideways
Couldn't you have just extracted it from the games files, or use a free camera mode?
Replies: >>81657
Jesus christ I'm sorry for ever bringing up the editing.
I'm not sure how to extract shit from a wad yet. I was planning on finding out after I'm done dragging my feet finishing this episode because it's been a week and I'm still on the second "open world" level.
>implying it won't be sliding: the game
unless they nerfed the movement options to not be full invul all the time, game will be kind of boring to play
Replies: >>81660
Wasn't that the entire point? I was playing the no health regen difficulty and the enemies wipe the floor with you with really high accuracy and damage so I figured they want you to stunt as much as possible.
And he's also a self-insert of one of the writers.
Replies: >>81683
Orc_Content.png (u)
[Hide] (638.1KB, 1920x1088)
Demon_content.png (u)
[Hide] (792.8KB, 1920x1088)
So I gotta give some praise for the second "open world" level in Hedon. Yeah it's still too big for its own good and the fights are still too focused on being like slaughterwads, but I like the idea.
So apparently the blue orc you're playing in Hedon is actually a demon half-blood so she's the chosen one who can pass the big gay demon gate to slay the big bad demon guy. But halfbloods are "too pure" for a demon gate so they've gotta get tainted by five demon Primarchs. One wants you to make a statue of your self of some salts, I'm not really sure why. One's an avatar of lust so she wants to see you bang another halfblood(it's the one in Demon content). The halfblood's has a muscle fetish I'm convinced mirrors the artist's own muscle fetish(lot of her dialog is MM AREN'T YOU A HUNK GET A LOAD OF THAT SWEATY SCULPTED PHYSIQUE WHY DON'T YOU SLAP ME AROUND BIG GIRL) and mine and is a cocktease(and quite frankly not very appealing in sprite form) so get locked in a couple of open rooms while enemies spawn in. The enemy count's larger than the newer Doom games so they're better but still, at least give me some terrain to fuck around with and monster closets. I'm still in the process of getting to bang her so the jury's still out on whether or not there are sex scenes in this game
The third's a jew, the primarch of gold. He was tricked by the halfblood we're trying to bang so we take him back to his altar after a bunch of puzzles. He jews me out of 300 gold coins and then tosses me in tax jail where a fellow member of your orc tribe(the short goblin variety, someone you've met in the previous open world map who is the mr moneybags of this game). It's a big mountain of gold where you're trapped, but you find an amulet of true sight and do a small math puzzle(about taxing peasants, naturally) to escape. The goblin cunt bitches at me for breaking her out before she has the chance to stuff as much gold as she can down her hot leather pants and boots and will probably be jewing me out of money once I get back to the hub.
Still haven't gotten to the two  other primarchs yet.
This open world map is a big 3 map affair(possibly 4, I'm still not sure yet), each one's breddy fucking big, with loads of puzzles and secrets and fights, biomes, NPCs and whatnot. It's like a Strife map, basically. I fucking love it even thought it could have been streamlined or done a bit better I'm enjoying it.

Also impressively there's a painting in the GZdoom engine that has the whole "the eyes follow you around" deal going for it which I never thought possible for the engine. Another thing that makes me unable to outright dislike this game is how hard they've tried in doing impressive shit with the engine.
I'd recommend pirating or getting it on sale if you really have to buy it Hedon just to see what they can do with the engine. Also if you're an avid secret hunter you'll be mostly pleased. Across the maps I've been finding bits and pieces of a larger riddle so it's a bit of la-mulana in there as well.
1624684064927.jpg (u)
[Hide] (60KB, 561x416)
very good game. controls are tight and the game challenges you on the later levels, although i recall not beating one of the bonus missions because of how hard it was. on the topic of FPS, i have PCSX2 set up and im looking for some games to kill time with. what do you anons recommend?
fucked up replying to >>76723
Black's the only PS2 FPS I recall playing. I recall it being fun but it's also very heavy on spectacle over substance from what  I remember, lots of set pieces and explosions and such.
Replies: >>81689
Look at the long reveal or something. The guy that talks about art in the artshit section looks just like him.
>if you enjoy THING you are cancer
>also here is an unholy wojak-yotsuba hybrid haha
You pic caused me almost as much pain as the Lain-Sneed one.
25 to life and Bad Boys 2, nigguh
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A black screen, a new sprite from the demon where she appears to start disrobing, a moan from your character and some minor healing and that's about it.

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