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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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No more uggos edition.

Rise was announced for the bing bing wahoo machine but it didn't say it was an exclusive so it may head to other consoles at some point, or not but switch emulation is a thing so who cares. Obvious changes are that you get an odd grapple that lets you jump around, might be cool. Also the handlers are qts but its not like there was a really big bar to pass. Also you get a dog and I'm sure there is porn of it fucking a huntress already somewhere on the internet. All in all looks like sort of a return to form with some notes taken from world.
World has some shit being announced at some point, probably another elder dragon and some speculate its Fatalis, guess we will find out. 

Anons occasionally get together to play p3rd but I'm sure some could get together to play 4u and the other games. I would like to see that again because it was pretty fun. 
So anons whats your favorite 
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>tfw no more coop psp mon hun with the bros on julay
Replies: >>7460 >>7535 >>8188
I just want to know if this is switch only or PC will also get it.
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Don't let your dreams be memes.
Replies: >>7496
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Looks like they are also making a new Monster Hunter Stories. Didn't care to play the first one since an rpg MH seemed boring. That and it seemed more like a kid game then anything else.
So when are we playing again? I still have to beat the guild 5th star
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It was good fun.
Replies: >>7559 >>7613
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Replies: >>7613
Fuck now I want to play again. I got pretty far and I still got the save. Maybe I'll get a game going at some point.
Replies: >>7644
we could always play mhfu if you don't want to continue p3rd
Replies: >>7654
I liked p3rd, I still want to get to the elder dragon fights.
Replies: >>7804
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well fucking holler when you want to play even though I wouldn't mind getting some PTSD inducing double plesioth coop action in mhfu
>Think about buying World and Iceborne since it's on sale
>Casualized piece of shit
Into the tarsh it goes
Replies: >>8186
I don't think anyone will argue with you on that. 
I have been trying to hammer down what I don't like about it and its not just one little thing. Its a million little things. A lot of it just takes the challenge out but I can think of other stuff. Like the layout of the only town, it sucks and it just a chore to get everything done. The smith having to play that stupid video every time you craft something. Everything about the handler, the retarded story they try to make you give a shit about with the ass load of literally whos. Hunting horns have shit song pallets outside of a few and sound like shit, clutchclaw is gay, highrank felt like the way the game was supposed to be and master rank just cranked up the monster resists to things like flashing because it was trivial to shit on a rathalos with flash spamming. I could go on.
Can someone with a vita play with PC lads ?
Replies: >>8190 >>8191 >>8192
Does it go through myneighboursushicat?
if you can install ppsspp on it then probably yes
Assuming you could point the vita in the right direction I don't see why not. The server that is used is, in the emulator we just use that as the adhoc server. 
This is doc with the posts you need to forward, ignore the coolbird stuff that server is ded.
>>7435 (OP) 
The character voices better not be this bad in actual gameplay, honestly I'm not looking forward to voiced cutscenes to either
Replies: >>8213 >>8257
Hopefully there is an option like in World, to use Japanese or the "MH language" for a better experience.
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Are you ready for another round of Ace Cadet never shutting the fuck up?
jesus fugg, pic related didn't age well
Replies: >>8293
I'll take a mute ace cadet that I have to pretend to help over this cinematic garbage any day.
Zinogre or Valstrax
Alatreon Volcano or White Fatalis tower

I beat village G-rank rape ape solo today in 4U and now I need to just finish off a bunch of quests I skipped.
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>>7435 (OP) 
MHBigGuy before the post-game and MHFU
LS for fun, GS for serious work
Chameleos and Garuga (in some grade)
Kototo and Jumbo(for the music)
Anything than doesn't have too many sloppes. Fuck the Vollcanic Hollow and Ancestral Steppe middle area.

>Finally got transmog stuff on MHXX
>Favorite armor doesn't exist in game
Any /fa/shion hunter here? I need something with an outlaw look.
Replies: >>8596
Replies: >>8605
You're a big guy.
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Shit I pressed the wrong button, now would be a good time to learn how to delete my own posts, what a fucking disgrace.
I'm in room 8
Come on, let's hunt something
Replies: >>9704
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>wake up
>see this
which game?
Replies: >>9710
beware, i am bad
Replies: >>9711
I am in room 8 and nobody is here
Replies: >>9713
let me check my router settings and all
Replies: >>9715
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any second now
Monster hunter is for gays.
cute gif
>missin huntan
I'll get in next time
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some caps from the session
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I'm using GS for most of my quests but I feel like branching out.
Any recommended armor skills for Dual Sword and Lances?
Replies: >>10054
Fast as fuck, pretty fun. I hear element is best for them
You start as a steel wall and eat shit a lot due to not being familiar with the lance. You end a ballerina.
Replies: >>10146
>I hear element is best for them
don't fall for this meme
Replies: >>10148
>don't fall for this meme
Its been true for both DB and lances even in Freedom Unite.
Replies: >>10151
When I looked up how damage works, raw is always better with the only exception being bowguns due to how damage is calculated. Elemental can be a nice bonus if the weapons are otherwise equal.
Replies: >>10155 >>12403
you looked up damage for dual blades and didn't notice the low raw MV and the elemental multipliers?
Replies: >>10163 >>12403
Despite that raw damage is still better.
Replies: >>10165 >>12403
Not for DBs and lances. You want different weapons for different monsters based on their elemental weaknesses.
Replies: >>12403
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>>7435 (OP) 
It's been almost a year since i bought world on ps4,it would be my first MH,any tips? should i pay ps+ for the online?
Replies: >>10666 >>10679
taka_taka.png (u)
[Hide] (230.4KB, 700x535)
>it would be my first MH
>any tips?
Yeah, play an ackshual MH.
Cmon now we've been here already too many times before. You know we can't not bite.
Replies: >>10669
sad.gif (u)
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Extra rude.
>supporting Soyny
Fuck no. Never forget Omega Labyrinth Z.
Replies: >>10706
2968ee097c848d0dfb598ee7d586a0151a1e1d30aff70362b9cee658150efd37.png (u)
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This but unironically.
This Nofriendo will save the anime tiddies.
Replies: >>10864
>implying Nintendoyvey is any better
All censorship is a cancer, whether it's censoring beautiful women, DMCA'ing fangames, or bending the knee to featherniggers, like they did in Sm4.5h.
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(Very) simplified average p3rd late game DBs
Raw: True 210
Elem: True 190, Elem 30

Raw * ~motion * sharp * ~hitzone = ~Damage/hit 
20 * ~.12 * 1.32 * ~.4 = 1.26
Elem * ~elemmotion * sharp * ~hitzone = ~Damage/hit
30 * ~.6 * 1.125 * ~.2 = 4.7

Notes: Ignoring defence multipliers because they're universally applied. Assumes you are attacking opportunistically and not exclusively on the highest weakzones. Generally speaking you won't be with DBs outside of TA type runs, especially when just starting &/or you want to get breaks, but this still assumes getting mostly decent hits and litte/few bad hitzone attacks.This also makes very broad sweeps about average hitzone and motion value data, it's far from scientific, you can still see however that on average an elementally aligned weapon gives ~5x the bonus damage that a pure raw weapon would give. Note that the total damage difference (~12 per hit vs ~17 per hit) doesn't account for armor skills, talon/charm, food buffs, demondrug and might seeds. I can't remember exactly but the total for all of that should be around +50 true raw, so expect to see something closer to ~15/hit vs ~19/hit, still an improvement but not quite as massive. Disclaimer: depends heavily on monster and strategy as well, some monsters have very easy to reach 50+ raw hitzones where you'd likely be seeing almost equal damage, conversely some monster have almost raw-immune hitzones that take shitloads of elem damage. Most importantly, the time saved with having a full/partial elemental set of weapons may not offset the time lost grinding for them so raw isn't bad by any means.

Lance is a much trickier case because if you're even half-decent at lance you should almost always be targetting the weakest hitzone, the accuracy of lance's attacks is one of its best features, but if you're just playing casually without being a tryhard we can estimate it as something like this:
20 * ~.25 * 1.32 * ~.4 = 2.64
Elem (no elemmotion):
30 (* 1) * 1.125 * ~.2 = 6.75

Same clauses as above apply, so you're probably going to see something like ~35/hit vs ~40/hit , noticeable but less than with DBs, and possibly negated entirely if you're very accurate. Also lance doesn't get ESP on any normal moves so low raw/high elem hitzones don't mean as much and lance's charge attack deals half elem/status damage. You shouldnt' ever be using the charge attack in p3rd anyway but it's worth mentioning.

Conclusion: Strictly speaking elem is better than raw, so long as you're not constantly hitting 45+ hitzones (most monsters only have one of these and it's often in a finicky spot higher than DBs can reach so you won't be in normal play) with a high crit weapon & WE.
__guildmarm_monster_hunter_and_1_more_drawn_by_hinata_sora__274428843ac592a5941966a948246f04.jpg (u)
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SnS, Lance, and Switch Axe. Gonna try the Bow out soon
Pokke Village and Bherna
Ancestral Steppe and Great Forest
Replies: >>12882
You're on emulator?
Replies: >>12885
I've been thinking about running 4U on an emulator but I dont want to start over when my 3DS copy has 400hrs on it.
Replies: >>13543
>start over
If your 3ds is CFW you can connect wirelessly to your PC and transfer your save to emulator easily.
Replies: >>13544
Its not, I guess I can't just plug my memory card in and transfer saves like that?
Replies: >>13546 >>14324
MIght be worth a shot, as far as the emulator is concerned it is just 3ds
Replies: >>14239
I started to use the insect glave in world and this is pretty fun. I should try it out in my 4U save.
Just did some research after getting Citra and 4U set up and I do need CFW to transfer saves.
Replies: >>14324
Of course you need fucking cfw to transfer saves since nintendo feels compelled to jam obtrusive headers on every save file from every game on the system because ??? cheaters in single player/coop kiddy games?

You don't necessarily need to install the whole cfw set to get one of the transfer programs running, you only need the homebrew menu, which might still be easier to do than full cfw.
Replies: >>14361
You got a good tutorial for that?
Replies: >>14461
Nope, but you can probably poke your way around between these links:

Save manager CIA (for use with full cfw, probably has links to basic version):

Save manager tutorial in reference to pokemon (VERY likely outdated)

Homebrew only:

CFW for retards (probably still includes installing homebrew):
Replies: >>14461
Anyone knows how to make Event Quests available for MHP2G? 
No, not MHFU, I mean the Jap version of MHFU
I already have around 30 .mib files but I don't what to do with them. 
Do I have to modify my gamesave for this?
Replies: >>19645
pop_plush.jpg (u)
[Hide] (28.7KB, 600x450)
Can the pirate version of MHW be modded? Tried with simple, visual stuff but the game keeps loading forever after picking a hunter.

Have you tried using the quest packer/unpacker from the MHFU save tools? afaik it can port event missions if the automatic downloader doesn't works.
This thread has gone a month without posts but I would just like to reiterate that I really want to sniff moga sweetheart
Yes, I fixed handler's face and it worked just fine.
According to the Capcom ransomeware data leak MHR is apparently coming to PC but I don't know if thats 100% true or 100% bullshit.
I choose the believe the latter because the former would be too good to be true.
Replies: >>19855
it looks MH online tier of bad so I don't know why you would be excited for it
Replies: >>20419
>Can the pirate version of MHW be modded?
Are you using stacker's loader? It's needed for nearly any mod to work on MHW. That aside why would you play the pirated version? No I'm not saying you should be a good goy and pay for it, I'm saying that there are better MH games and the only reason to play World over them is that it's easier to play with others online and you can't do that with a pirated copy as far as I know.
Replies: >>19893 >>19901
you can play the pirated version online
Replies: >>20789
ebin_spin.gif (u)
[Hide] (795.6KB, 498x466)
Shit, forgot to say i have the 166925 codex update version. Not sure if that's the last one.
>Are you using stacker's loader?
Yes, the Nexus version and a mod manager and it still doesn't works. (had to reinstall the game a couple of times before tried the mod manager. For some reason deleting the mods folder wasn't enough.)
>why would you play it?
Played the shit out of MHXX and want to test if it runs in my budget pc (its was stable untill the blue raptor fight). Also burning time while waiting for people than doesn't triple-cart for deviants in console.
>quest packer/unpacker from the MHFU save tools?
Thanks for the clue! I'll start there.
It doens't look like uninspired chinkshit at all it actually looks pretty gud.
It kinda reminds me of 4U but on crack with a bit of MHW features in there.
It comes out in october next year apparently.
I'll patiently wait for it and get it once its available.
Like seriously though MHR plays nearly nothing like MHO.
Replies: >>20420
>It doens't look like uninspired chinkshit at all it actually looks pretty gud.
good one
>Like seriously though MHR plays nearly nothing like MHO
there isn't even a demo out, are you seriously trying to shill crapcom diahhriea?
Replies: >>20781
Because I like Monster Hunter which is a capcom game.
What are you doing in this thread if you have anything out of capcom?
Replies: >>22003
Iceborne, right? Because I can't find how to play online the pre-iceborne version.
>I like monster hunter
>I'm excited to play a shitty mod for MH4U that badly imitates p3rd's style and completely misses the point of the series to introduce more EPIXX HI-SPEE FAST PASED ACTION
Comparing it to MH online is just baiting, but rise does not look promising.
I've been playing 4u on citra. How the fuck do you get a farm going? Is it just the exchange stuff you need to do?
Replies: >>25609
No farm in 4U
Replies: >>25715
So I need to use this exchange shit? I kinda liked the farm. It was a good was to sort of unwind between hunts for a few minutes before getting back into it.
>Hunting horn in rise
It's looking pretty nice now. I have a feeling its going to be a lot faster than what it used to be and might be more popular now.
59796131_p17.jpg (u)
[Hide] (283.4KB, 1330x922)
Game night when (old games, of course).

How Kulve tarot hunting works? Saw it after finished the main story and two days latter it never appeared. Playing singleplayer only bc pirate.
Also wanna know if there is a way to get rid off MHW blur.
Replies: >>29852
We could do more p3rd again or 4u if anons are sick of p3rd.
Replies: >>29870 >>30185
6a5820efceaa516b04dc950ab575b21844e4fcc20a850e6fcefa662c7c0df15e.jpg (u)
[Hide] (41.4KB, 500x375)
I'm not sick of p3rd yet, if you're the same dude who used to host on julay, I've yet to do like 40% of the guild missions also if you're the same dude again, we have to S rank all pw missions
Replies: >>29873
I was the coolest guy who never carted ever but yeah I played with that group. I forget how far in I am, past the part where you do zinogre so I got a healthy amount of quests left still. 
I want to fight the squidthing.
Replies: >>29875 >>31780
2rath.jpg (u)
[Hide] (698.3KB, 1366x768)
>it's carter
Replies: >>29876 >>31780
1379797605637.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 320x240)
Its not that I cart, its just that everything goes wrong in exactly the correct manner to make me cart. You understand of course.
Replies: >>31780
Anybody give any credence to the Switch Pro rumours launching same time as MHR? Same as Nintendo did with the 3DS and MH4?
I'll probably skip it on console entirely and get the PC version that's coming in October, according to the recent Capcom hack.
dubious_kush.jpg (u)
[Hide] (448.7KB, 1544x1416)
Is coldbird still working? Also we're starting from zero or should I get some progress before we start?
Replies: >>30187 >>30188
some anon on julay had made some great guides to play, shame the faggot bo wiped the board
It's now. I played plenty of P3rd last year (and the year before, I think), but I'm only midway through, not into high rank yet. Played a ton with people who had endgame stuff anyway, very fun.
4b160d29b402ec9d03dfc9573faa64665ab37262bd9d7857f9f13f89e1ec234a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (476.8KB, 1043x1043)
Should I buy Iceborne if I'm going to play with randoms? I did everything in the base World already, except EB. Or is it as bad as I heard and not worth the time?
Replies: >>31372
Iceborne is fine. Though Capcom did kinda put a greater emphasis on group play insofar as making some monsters best tackled with others, but its all still soloable. As of the final patch, the Safi'Jiiva siege is scaled down for solo play (will scale back up if you allow others to join). You will be grinding in the post game area, The Guiding Lands, a lot for the new weapon augment system as well. 

I'm not really sure what you've heard about Iceborne. Personally, I enjoyed it. There were plenty of tweaks and adjustments made to all the weapons making for a more enjoyable game, along with all the monsters added. Basically feels complete compared to just the base game.
Replies: >>31392
To add, I'm sure someone will bitch about the clutch claw. It isn't completely necessary to use or required, but can be of help in softening a part on a monster, making it easier to break. Pretty much all the time attack runs I've watched barely use it and are sub 4 or 5 minute kills depending on the weapon and who is doing it. Randoms can be really bad on certain fights like Alatreon, if they don't understand the specific mechanics involved. Alatreon specifically requires you use elemental weapons, either ice or fire depending on the actual quest, and you will fail if you do not do enough specific elemental damage in the first phase (recommend watching a couple videos for a better explanation).
I remember seeing a lot of complaints about performance, poor weapon balance and monsters having too much armour to accomodate for the new tenderise mechanics. Guess I'll give it a go when there's a good discount or a stable way to join lobbies and jump to random sos on pirated version.
Replies: >>31400 >>31459
From my personal experience, I don't have many issues to complain about. I'm running at 1440p and stay pretty close to 60fps, unless I'm right up in a monster with other players and lots of flashy effects are going off. This with a 1070 and dx12. It's win10, I know, but the performance boost was worth it, to be completely honest. As for clutch claw, I don't really 'use' it, but it depends on the weapon. If I'm playing switch axe, I don't bother with it much and do just fine. If running dual blades, after two roundslashes while in demon mode, I can R2/RT to combo into a claw attack without breaking the flow. It's not required, but if you're trying to min/max your damage for like a time attack, you would consider doing it if the opening is there.
Replies: >>31459 >>31499
Claw is the only way to trigger WE in most cases and using the wallbang cuts off about 1/10 of the monster hp (solo) and puts them in trap-length trip state (10 seconds+). If you're playing MP it doesn't matter at all because the damage doesn't scale with the hp and most importantly MP is braindead. I don't care about the claw because MHW was fucked from the beggining and putting a little dash of vomit on my plate of feces and piss isn't really that egregious. In other words if you liked based MHW iceborne won't be a problem for you.

>It's win10, I know, but the performance boost was worth it
I don't have enough meme faces to make fun of this.
Replies: >>31501
I just hate having to stop the fight to whip out claw and try to get a wallbang, same with tenderizing. I get they said fuck it and wanted to try something new and world was a good place to do it but I hope it doesn't come back. 

p3rd when?
Replies: >>31501 >>57555
>I don't have enough meme faces to make fun of this.
Sorry, not sorry. There's only so much that will be bothered to be squeezed out of dx11 at this point. Few will even bother supporting Vulkan as far as PC goes, when talking specifically about non-indie devs. The reason I did the upgrade was due to wanting to play a game that had cross-play without needing to spend the money for a ps4; said game would only work under win10/dx12. It also happened for the purpose of having a pair of controller encoders work correctly, in a custom arcade cab I built; they are universal, but default to xbone when plugged into a PC, which doesn't properly work if you're not on win10. You can force them into different modes, but this is both inconvenient and inefficient to do every time I would turn my cab on. It's not even clear that it defaults to the xbone xinput, not x360 xinput, when plugged into a PC.

Depending on the weapon, you don't even have to stop and aim for claw, but you usually can't then do a claw attack on the head, to aim for a wall with a flinch shot. Rise doesn't look to have claw, anyway, replacing it with the wire bug, making every weapon basically into aerial style ala X/XX. At the very least, they have a decent enough new baseline for the series, not that I'm knocking pre-World monhun. I played the shit out of 3U and GU and enjoyed both immensely. 4U was meh, because I didn't like playing on such a tinyass screen and equally disappointed Capcom couldn't bother with a Wii U port at the time.
Replies: >>31557
I know with lance you can clutch counter but if the monster is doing its spergout attack you are fucked. I'm probably a scrub but still its annoying.
<playing MH by multiplayer

Successfully No-cart solo G-Rank White Fatalis should be the absolute minimum for MH /v/irgin players.
Replies: >>31818
the_risk_I_took.jpg (u)
[Hide] (52.2KB, 255x180)
>being good at videogames
>wyvern riding in MH:Rise
So it looks like you can grapple onto wyverns and then ride them around and make them attack as well as wall bang their faggot ass. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I also saw a gunlance boosting around too.
Replies: >>32936
Yeah, it feels like they've made fights more vertical and let hunters be more agile. I hope the fights make that extra mobility required and/or worth it.
It has been a while since last I played MH, so I am thinking on giving it a go together with some friends. The thing is, we are kind of limited in options because of circustamces, and we could only play either emulated p3rd, or pirated Iceborne. Considering that we liked 4U, which one would be best to play?

I had played p3rd before, and I quite like it, is a pretty solid MH if a little bit easy, but the lack of G rank does makes me reconsider. As for Iceborne, I played a bit of World, but couldn't get into it because of some of the changes, like scoutflies, focus on story that gets in the way of multiplayer (I don't get why you have to watch the cutscenes before being able to play multiplayer) and what felt like the lowest difficulty as of yet, but to be fair, I really didn't get too far to see if its improves. And I read that Iceborne introduces some improvements and new mechanics.
Replies: >>33192 >>33240
> emulated p3rd, or pirated Iceborne.
That's really odd. If you can emulate P3rd, you can emulate MHFU, which is the only recommendable game for G-Rank.
Replies: >>33194

Shit, I'm retarded, for some reason it just didn't cross my mind. 

>Only recommendable game for G-Rank

How is that? I must say I'm quite casual, so I have dabble quite little in G-rank in general, mostly on 4U. I did play MHFU, but never really got too far. Why is its G-Rank the only recommendable one?
Replies: >>33456 >>35746
Iceborne is mostly just more World. It's a little harder, a lot more classic monsters are brought back, the new village and gathering hall are much better, and it fixes the absolute dearth of subspecies that World had, but none of the problems you mentioned were fixed. Plus, you have to play through vanilla World just to get to the Iceborne content. If you didn't like World, Iceborne isn't going to suddenly change your mind.
>Why is its G-Rank the only recommendable one?
Because it's the hardest gamemode of the hardest MH game that exists to this day.
Replies: >>35746
Strictly speaking if 'hard' is what you're looking for it would be some of the power creep retarded shit from frontier which is literally impossible without mutiple layers of guts/auto ancient potions/etc, but MHFU is recommended for being the absolute best all-round monster hunter. 3U has the most developed combat otherwise, 4U is the best gimmick-hunter that hasn't gone off the rails into world (and presumably rise) territory where it's just a different game, 1 has arguably better aesthetic (less epik draygins and power creep) but dead servers and max fucking tedium for consumables. FU has the best mix of everything.
Leaks were spot on. Capcom just confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC in 2022.
>“We received a lot of requests for a PC version of Monster Hunter Rise, particularly from overseas players, and so we have decided to develop a version for PC, which we aim to release in early 2022,” said Tsujimoto. “This is still under development, so I’d like to share more detailed information when the time is right.”
Replies: >>39767 >>39774
>PC release in 2022
then the ultimate release is going to be in 2023 and late 2023 for PCs
Hopefully its not shit.
monster hunter generations U works on ryujinx if anyone wants to play. mp works with no setting up to be done
just avoid the cheatengine stuff and make sure to turn off all logging in the settings
and d*scord rich presence
and docked mode
oh and the download links for the game files themselves are behind a url shortner which requires a captcha
i dont know about monster count but its a romp through all the old maps of the second and third generations (maybe 4th too but i dont know ive just started) plus 4th gen weapons so maybe it might be something to add some novelty for you p3rd and frontier players
actually it would be silly to share a game and not provide hassle free links. recommended to use something like jdownloader to download btw
the 3 parts for the base game 1weWN/MHG-U-RF-NSwTcH-NSP-Ziperto.part1.rar 2ccr0/MHG-U-RF-NSwTcH-NSP-Ziperto.part2.rar Qhy5/MHG-U-RF-NSwTcH-NSP-Ziperto.part3.rar

update /file/7vgzr48pj3zctb6/MHG-U-%2528RF%2529-NSwTcH-NSP-UPDATE140-Ziperto.rar/file
how well does it run?
I already have a complete save in Citra with XX but if you niggers wanna play together I could start from scratch here.
Replies: >>42333 >>42809
That reminds me we never completed the p3rd playthough.
Replies: >>42329
eh the PPSSPP netplay was way to finicky with people randomly getting disconnected. The only reliable way to play through that would be to set up an OpenVPN node like those normalfags at hunsterverse do but that exposes the host way too much.
Replies: >>42330 >>42333
I remember most doing ok, I can't remember to many having issues. Shit I wanted to fight the sky octopus at some point. Eitherway hunting with anons will be fun.
30 fps consistently, with rare stutter moments. sometimes the game mismatches textures, but this is remedied with reentering the zone or just ignoring it. you can import your XX data but it seems like a fair bit of work. its all in the pastebin

from my experience slowing the game down when loading into a hunt stops the dcs that happen at the start of said hunt
Replies: >>42334
i should add that when i say the mp needs no setup i mean you connect with other ryujinx players like you would when playing a  legit copy.  going to the guild and searching/creating a hub
Well I've got 2 things to look forward to this month. A new monster hunter game and Doom eternal's second dlc
Replies: >>42356
Gtrussia+_c0cc269d8f72a4913e09c4df78cf5a00.jpg (u)
[Hide] (116.9KB, 1024x682)
Replies: >>42413
Maybe he intends to pirate it? I found that it was an alright game besides forcing you to pretend its quake by always trying to make you move around
Replies: >>42416
1586353057293.jpg (u)
[Hide] (34.9KB, 567x506)
I can understand pirating to try the game, I did the same and couldn't stomach it for too long.
But to not only pirate DLC on it's release, but to be genuinely excited to play it, that's another thing entirely.
Replies: >>42418 >>42478
EsXY1igXIAA8VRc.png (u)
[Hide] (244.4KB, 498x281)
I don't think you really belong here if you find pirating a game as something reproachable. Especially a bethesda game.
Replies: >>42419 >>42478
1234.png (u)
[Hide] (704.2KB, 730x714)
you reading comprehension needs work, anon
Replies: >>42421
voodoo_3dfx_tech_demo.png (u)
[Hide] (420.5KB, 558x866)
>posting a reaction image of wholesome 100 angry cuck
Sorry anon, but this is a no gay-nigger zone.
Replies: >>42427
Mike.png (u)
[Hide] (622.1KB, 1136x640)
Is Mike allowed?
Replies: >>42429
>asking anoniggers for permission to post

it's better to base64-encrypt the links than to simply put a space in the middle, as the link content is still very distinguishable
>most posts this thread has gotten in a month is bitching about an anons comment
Bravo zzzchan.
I just like the game for the movement mechanics and the resource management. Also it made cuck /v/ loose their shit when they couldn't figure out how to play it
Replies: >>42481
What the hell do you mean, it's an FPS. What is there to figure out?
Replies: >>42482
That's exactly what I mean
Still debating if I want to get Rise, the demo really turned me off on it, I'm just worried that it will be annoying like how World was.
Replies: >>42586 >>42643
just wait for the PC release
Replies: >>42591
You're probably right on that might be for the best too especially if they don't let you transfer saves between games.
What didn't you like about the demo?
Replies: >>42657
I just didn't like the preset load outs, and the map they provided felt way too linear.
Replies: >>42736
alex_r_u_okay.jpg (u)
(6.7KB, 210x236)
ZZZ Freedom Unite playthrough when?
Replies: >>42671 >>42674
finally got around to setting MHGU in Ryujinx. Runs pretty well so far but then again I only did a single quest. I wonder if it will start lagging online or when fighting gore magala.

I don't have it in me to replay that game
Replies: >>42674
Maybe I'll set it up too. I had started 4U and have been working on it here and there but playing with anons is fun. 
It was considered but we ended up doing p3rd
Yeah, if you don't use the spidey bug to climb up the mountains, getting to the monster is a pretty boring affair. Just brain afk while you ride your dog down a corridor.
Any of you wanna play MHGU on ryujinx?
Replies: >>42781 >>42882
Thats the one from the link in 
right? I might be interested.
Replies: >>42784
Replies: >>42785
moga_sweetheart.jpg (u)
[Hide] (92.8KB, 570x1057)
I'll work on getting it set up then.
800949e9c66063a61f5c9769d2d44e779852d517c94e9ff3068b529a3b5d5138.png (u)
[Hide] (409.3KB, 1200x1200)
does it run as good as ppsspp? because my machine is big suck, last time I tried double cross on citra it didn't even go past the start screen
Replies: >>42810 >>43083
>does it run as good as ppsspp
I doubt it
Replies: >>42813
oh_fuck_man.jpg (u)
[Hide] (200.7KB, 1920x1080)
well fuck me then
so nobody has it set up?
Replies: >>42952
I need to finish setting it up but it probably wont be tonight.
MHG-U_test_run.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.2MB, 1920x1080, 00:27)
Runs a shitload better than Citra, that's for damn sure.
Replies: >>43087 >>43088
e948e80c78f6d770be575ec604371a56ded90781f36df15b548e3a8e9f897712.jpg (u)
[Hide] (51.7KB, 331x331)
can my 4th gen intel integrated graphics machine run it y/n
Replies: >>43088
MHG-U_test_run.mp4_snapshot_13.54.609.jpg (u)
[Hide] (333.1KB, 1920x1080)
I'm sorry anon, but all signs point to try it, you never know
so anyone wanna play now?
Replies: >>43103
2021-03-19_18-31-28.mp4_snapshot_00.12.495.png (u)
[Hide] (4.2MB, 1920x1080)
2021-03-19_18-31-28.mp4_snapshot_00.45.862.png (u)
[Hide] (4MB, 1920x1080)
2021-03-19_18-31-28.mp4_snapshot_02.06.264.png (u)
[Hide] (4.7MB, 1920x1080)
2021-03-19_18-31-28.mp4_snapshot_02.50.987.png (u)
[Hide] (4.5MB, 1920x1080)
Not right this moment for me, anon.
I'd love to finally try huntan with other people, but I am tired, hungry and have hiccups.
Tried running the online version on Ryujinx and managed to join a lobby. Didn't get to an actual hunt because I have no idea how to do so and too tired to figure it out. So consider this a confirmation that this probably works.
I'm getting errors trying to download those with jdownloader, what am I doing wrong? I know you broke the links to avoid webcrawlers.
ugly_thing.jpg (u)
[Hide] (48.3KB, 623x291)
you need to manually open the links, disable adblock, click on the "Generate link" button twice, close the spam tabs and on your third click you will be taken to the download page, which I couldn't copy into JDownloader2.
It's going to take a while.

Here's the footage of my first test run, I was genuinely surprised to see it run as smoothly as it did. Cutscenes are jerky and loading times seem a tad long, but I'm no MoHun veteran. Runs at a pretty consistent 30fps, haven't tried running it with the 60 fps cheat.
The HD version is still being processed, youtube is being a cunt today
eel_being_pet.gif (u)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 255x173)
so anyone wanna play today?
Replies: >>43302
mwah.jpg (u)
[Hide] (456.9KB, 1288x792)
Sure, mind if I stream it as well?
Replies: >>43303
if you got a cytube link it here so we could chat
I'll be ready in 10 minutes or so
Replies: >>43304
Let's test the connection first, I can't host because I'm already streaming and my bandwidth is as thin as a virgin's urethra.
Replies: >>43374
my internet shat the bed the moment I made that post and its still not up
god really must have it out for me
so anyone wanna play today?
hopefully my internet doesn't shit the bed
yian_garuga.png (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1247x705)
this ended up being easier than I remembered
Im not sure they should bring you to megaupload. If you go through the links inthe pastebin its gonna take you url shortner hell so its the least i can do fot you guys. All i did was add a space so you shou just have to remove the space and have a working link.
Replies: >>43964
heres a single link for the whole mhgu switch game if you need:
say thanks to [spoiler]AlvRo[/spoiler]
Actually it might just be megaupload, theres other mirrors but in order to access them you have to go through the short links.
Also if you guys want the game to have less stuttering try installing the shader cache if you haven't. Building your own cache will cause stutters whenever something new happens/loads in, but its a one and done kinda thing
so anyone up for some multiplayer?
Replies: >>44021
In what?
Replies: >>44022
GU in ryujinx
I keep having to delete and reset my settings (saves, controller profile, directory pathways) every time I try to run something on the Netbuild of Ryujinx. If I don't do that, the emulator crashes when I try to launch a game (not just MoHun, Hyrule Warriors crashes all the same).
I suspect it has something to do with shaders, because the regular version of Ryujinx has to load cached shaders before launching a game (I can see the little progress bar at the bottom), but after doing the reset shit it launches just fine. Until I close the application.

Any ideas?
Replies: >>44048
Its the profiled persistent translation cache setting, disable and see if that fixes the crashes.
You will need to rebuild the caches every launch though
Replies: >>44083
>download and start playing GU expecting others will play online
>no one plays it
putting_together_a_team.png (u)
[Hide] (852.2KB, 1249x612)
i pirated Rise in my switch and this would be my first monster hunter (i usually play strategy games on pc but i want to try new genres) there's like 20 types of different weapons to choose, any advice for a new fag?
ebc9ef7577f4237e5e45b37c45ab0803925e2a9764c86f27cf1310cbb56df24e.jpg (u)
[Hide] (58KB, 449x609)
Worked like a charm.
GU was kind of bad compared to 4U
No but whatever weapon you pick is shit and you should pick a better one.
Replies: >>44087
I see this image floating around a lot, and every time I see it I wonder... what does team #2 look like?
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1288x792)
I'm on, just host already, gawd!
Pick a weapon and go to the training area, pick what feels good for you. It's perfectly ok to fail a quest early on if you're new to the games, the learning process takes a while. Apart from 3 ranged weapons, all are melee, varying in speed and damage. Don't touch the bug polearm for now. Try the fuck off sword or hammer, they're slow, but simple enough to use. If speed's your game and Sonic's your name, try the starting Sword 'n Shield or Dual Blades. SnS lets you block and use some items even with your weapon out. There's more combos than you might think, so button mash responsibly (i.e. don't). Experiment, eat well and don't forget the whetstones.
>GU was kind of bad compared to 4U
Its not like you niggers are rushing to play 4U either

Hub : benis
Passcode : wew1
Leningrad_—_Voyage.webm (u)
[Hide] (16MB, 1200x500, 04:56)
Might go with hammer, i love unga bunga weapons. Will you finish monster hunter Gerpkin?
Replies: >>44091
its been 15 minutes now you nig
Replies: >>44091
trivial_despair.png (u)
[Hide] (275.2KB, 635x360)
Had to jump to the store at the last second, sorry
Replies: >>44092
get on your cytube
She_cant_take_anymore_captn.jpg (u)
[Hide] (332.9KB, 1920x1080)
If anybody wants to watch this trainwreck:
Replies: >>44094
Ryujinx_2021-03-26_00-13-43.png (u)
[Hide] (477.7KB, 747x442)
Replies: >>44095
>tfw berrypicker as fuck
so anyone else up for multiplayer?
Has anyone played Rise and confirm if they actually made the game less shittier than world?
Replies: >>44182 >>44325
Considering how high World set the bar, I'd imagine thats a pretty hard goal to reach.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 1920x1080)
>can't enter name
Replies: >>44239 >>44270
ah, never mind
anyone wanna play?
Your character looks like someone I know from a particular anime I can't remember.
So how is Rise? Do the new mechanics make it too easy?
Replies: >>44319 >>46935
game.png (u)
[Hide] (4.8MB, 1920x1080)
The monster actually feel a bit more stronger, or its probably because I'm not that used to using low rank gear. The wire bugs are kind of cool, the can be used to evade, or explore more areas, theirs hidden scrolls in each level that give lore about what the area used to be like. Mounting monsters works a lot differently in this once compared to the others that came after 4U, I'm not to clear on how it works now but I think one of the conditions is that you have to have two monster fight each other and the one that gets knocked down can be mounted, when you mount it you can take control of the monster and use it to fight the other one. What little I've played of it I like more that GU and World. One thing I do hate is that it tells you the Village and Hub progress, and I can't find a way to disable it, mainly because I think it takes up too much space in the Hub world.
Replies: >>44343
2021-03-26_22-21-45.webm (u)
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1000x560, 00:37)
Anybody know how to disable the keyboard on Ryujinx?
Replies: >>44332
just unmap it?
How well does it run for you?
Replies: >>44340
1422861838354.jpg (u)
[Hide] (59.9KB, 640x508)
Like dogshit.
At least unlike Hyrule Warriors it launches and I barely saw any graphical glitches, but the framerate is 15 with and 20 without vsync. I tried using the 60fps cheat that was provided in a pastebin for MHGU pastebin above, but I've never used cheat engine before in my life, so I'm not sure if it worked or I forgot to launch something.
Multiplayer is unavailable right no, because the net-enabled version of Ryujinx crashes whenever the name entry dialogue pops up. Doesn't happen with the regular up-to-date version of Ryujinx, but it still takes an eternity to load. And these framerates are unacceptable. 
Holy fuck the tutorials made me give on the first quest, I am too tired for this shit. This is so japanese it hurts.
You just need to inflict ™Wire Damage with your ™Wire Attacks to put the monster into a mountable state honestly what is the point of trademarking the attack and damage type of a one-off mechanic?
Replies: >>44352
Because gay retard niggers, but so far what I've played I like this more than World, still doesnt top 4U for me though.
anyone up for some GU?
Replies: >>44500
I am
Replies: >>44504
And holy fuck is playing with a 60fps cheat sexy, afraid it'd crash the game if I run it online though
benis and wew1
Replies: >>44505
Crashed while joining.
Are you hitching every couple of seconds as well?
Replies: >>44506
that happens for a few minutes because you have PPTC disabled
Replies: >>44507
the stuttering that is, not the crash on joining.
If you're still crashing i'll remake the lobby
finally.jpg (u)
[Hide] (352KB, 1793x1011)
wtf.jpg (u)
[Hide] (542.3KB, 1806x1012)
I found predator Kelbi.
did they actually remove paintballs in MH Rise?
Replies: >>44770
They've been gone since World, I miss them but at least they go rid of the annoying glo bugs that followed you around.
cute_anime_maid_in_a_safe_envronment.JPG (u)
[Hide] (98.3KB, 1278x631)
This may sound like a retarded question, but it is coming from a retard:
Is it worth upgrading armor instead of getting a higher tier (rarity) armor because I like the skills it grants?
Replies: >>44772
you mostly use armor for the skills, as for the defense, just don't get hit lol
Replies: >>44773
I would only upgrade armor if it was something I was going to be sticking with or entering High Rank with it.
I decided to pirate MHW and boy what a fucking mistake. Its like concentrated modern gaming cancer.
>unskippable cutscenes
>constant NPC chatter
>all voice acting is annoying
>takes 30+ minutes of cutscenes before you even get a weapon
Replies: >>44897
You can set the language to Monster Hunter Language for classic grunts and gibberish. Still kinda shit though.
Replies: >>44899
"classic" games didn't interrupt you with annoying dialogue every 5 seconds especially with no way to turn it off.
I just turned the voice acting off but even that option doesn't disable all voices. What a piece of shit.
Replies: >>45824
Anyone up for GU?
Try setting voice volume to zero in the audio settings.
anyone up for GU?
rape.png (u)
[Hide] (56KB, 3464x351)
>So how is Rise?
Dog shit
>Do the new mechanics make it too easy?
Yes. I never played world, but now I understand why people hated it. A lot of the same complaints can be made about Rise. Here's a few I can think up at the moment
-Can teleport to home base to access your storage at anytime
-All sorts of environment clutter that exists to help you out
-your drops are worse when you capture a monster, which is easier
-Minimap tells you fucking everything; Markers for quest objectives, always shows monster locations, shows if the monster is ready to be captured, shows when are where the monster is going to run to
-Drive-by gathering and auto crafting means you just run around on your dog to stock up on healing and whatever without ever having to slow down or think
-drive-by item use means you can just get on your dog and evade all day while you heal
-dumbed down cats and no ability to play as them

I'd be angry for spending my biden bucks on this if nigger dollars weren't already worthless anyway.
Lmao, Rise is tailored for the braindead casul MHW crowd. MH is officially dead.
>-All sorts of environment clutter that exists to help you out
Rise actually has less shit in the maps compared to World but yeah all of the other shit pretty much applies 1:1 to World.
anyone up for some GU
>shows if the monster is ready to be captured, shows when are where the monster is going to run to
if you have a cat with you, it will even tell you when a monster is ready to capture even before the blue icon shows up.

a monster making another monster mountable in a single hit is fucking dumb. remember when another monster entering the zone you and your target were in was a source of concern instead of free damage?
Replies: >>47292
Bully_the_monsters.webm (u)
[Hide] (4MB, 880x496, 00:34)
Honk-Honk, motherfucker
2021-04-11_16-05-40.mp4_snapshot_07.25.625.png (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 1920x1080)
2021-04-11_16-05-40.mp4_snapshot_07.26.089.png (u)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1080)
2021-04-11_16-05-40.mp4_snapshot_33.05.680.png (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 1920x1080)
>Gather some Popo tongues, hunter!
>We need some more honey, hunter!
>Go pick up some mushrooms, hunter, it's easy!

Every time I know it's coming, but I'm still mad when it happens.
Replies: >>47334
I some gameplay where a person was able to run into these fish and get a 50% attack boost on the spot. That and just chasing the monster it is easy to find some small health boosts. I suppose it was too much to ask for a new MonHun where the monster has the advantage or is even on the same level compared to your overpowered "this isn't even my final form" character.
The only quest more annoying is
>Go gather the material you have to hold
>But dodging/getting hit/running out of stamina destroys the item
>Oh and watch out for all those monsters we spawned in just when you got the item
>Also you have to go the path we want you to as suddenly there are massive boulders blocking the easiest path out
Replies: >>47374
e96661ccd2e0d4853ccc90be559e53f8aeb46a80247db4069c1000c9e9151344.jpg (u)
[Hide] (100.3KB, 480x640)
>I some gameplay where a person was able to run into these fish and get a 50% attack boost on the spot. That and just chasing the monster it is easy to find some small health boosts.

I ran into those and, as far as I can tell, they have a short cooldown. I didn't pay that much of attention what it did because I just kept running into button prompts and other shit that was giving me free buffs.
I forgot to mention the mounting shit. You don't even have to jump on the fuckers anymore. They just go down after you beat on them enough and then the game makes you mount them when you try to attack. This game feels like a fucking theme park.
441acf022986e2b12ff8a406e1a04a933d5716ad596cb1424e11147e38fed279.jpg (u)
[Hide] (202.6KB, 840x1007)
Replies: >>47395
We did never end up beating that giant octopus thing.
Replies: >>48127
26.jpg (u)
[Hide] (35.9KB, 226x272)
>finally decide to Homebrew my OG3DS
>gonna download my copy of MH3U to my 3DS
>game is fucking DEAD
>put cart in my N3DSXL
>Fucking DEAD
Since its homebrewed now I guess I got nothing to worry about, but still shit sucks.
Replies: >>47997
Ass_Band_STARS.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 608x416, 01:10)
revolver_ocelot.jpg (u)
[Hide] (44.1KB, 1200x342)
Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter
Replies: >>48129 >>48138
to be fair I never even saw it because I've yet to beat the urgent mission at the village as well
>using twatter
Go back
What could it mean?
Replies: >>48154
Monster hunter.
Replies: >>48165
fe1f8d4c11397d6e7a4a27b471a5bb05be81a36383a544db24fbd44bae8032fb.png (u)
[Hide] (136.3KB, 500x531)
Anyone still playing the 3ds games? Recent technology breakthroughs have allowed me to finally emulate a shitty portable console from a decade ago in my modern gayman computer.
Replies: >>48471 >>48500
which one are you playing?
Replies: >>48477
I just started 3.
Replies: >>48480
How well does it run for you?
I have an end game save for it but I could accompany you with some shit weapons.
Replies: >>48482
Somehow it runs well on the latest citra build, but 3 areas in the forest drop the fps to 10. I'm praying the other games just work.
Last time I was on citra, there were still quite a few people still playing them.
so anyone wanna play?
Replies: >>48523
I can play early game 3 :^)
Replies: >>48524
you know how it works?
anyone up for some games?
Depends on which one. I don't have time now but I might be interested at some point.
Replies: >>49446
up for it today?
Replies: >>49477
Honest to god Iceborne can be turned into a good solo/co-op experience with mods and I hope to fuck the PC version of rise is just as moddable because everything I've seen of the switch version makes it look like God Eater 3: Weeb Harder Edition. I have no idea what the fuck Capcom is thinking with some of this shit.
>bro wouldn't it be cool if you could control a monster like a puppet and use it to do 10000 damage to the quest target?
>dude it would be SICK if when 4 fucking retards all get on dogs and attack in a quest you can't see shit due to the efx
>A hunt took longer than 15 minutes? Turn the HP down
>hey remember hunter arts and how everyone hated them? Let's add them again but as part of the core moveset and even more powerful
>Endgame? Wave mode. Everyone loves wave mode.
Replies: >>49459
>Honest to god Iceborne can be turned into a good solo/co-op experience with mods
Tell me more, I haven't touched that shit since the demo.  I didn't touch Witcher 3 until mods made it harder, as well.
Replies: >>51085
I just got home. Which monhunt would you want to play?
Replies: >>49478
up to you
Replies: >>49521
I've got p3rd and 4u.
Replies: >>49522
I am up for 4U
I think I'm pretty much done with Rise, it was fun in the beginning but as soon as I got to the end game theres just nothing to do. I wouldnt say its a waste of money because I got 120hrs out of but had I know the endgame would have been so boring I would have just saved my money.
Replies: >>49527
doesn't an update for it drop tomorrow?
Replies: >>49530 >>49547
I don't know I havent really kept up with the game since I finished it about 2 weeks ago.
Replies: >>49535
unknown_(1).png (u)
[Hide] (427.3KB, 917x495)
Just checked out the trailer for the 2.0 update, looks cool 3 new monsters and some apex added to solo hunts. But I'm hoping that several actually means several and not just some reskins.
Replies: >>49579
The update drops today at 5pm pst
Porting monsters they already made from World isn't exactly "new."
So anyone up for GU today?
Finally got to G Rank in GU and boy do I fucking hate all the maps in 4U.
I don't remember hating them this much back in the day but all of them are so fucking bad. I wish the game had more 3rd gen maps but as it stands most of the HR and G rank quests take place in 4U maps and it makes my blood boil.
Stalker_Senpai.png (u)
[Hide] (823.3KB, 1432x2488)
Are you having fun anon?
Replies: >>50187
Kind of, but I wish I was playing 4U
Replies: >>50233 >>50235
>I wish I was playing 4U
Don't do that, you should only play for yourself.
Replies: >>50235
_main_tom-hardy-bane-the-dark-knight-rises_0.jpg (u)
[Hide] (112.2KB, 1188x1028)
066c5997a9a9567a46d001a93f2a19f0a63f0048d154fed81ea75f17f2b55e0d.png (u)
[Hide] (71.5KB, 606x572)
Well fuck this is a late reply but
>Fix all the shitzones
>remove clagger entirely (except Great Jagras because you need it for the claw tutorial)
>Made elderseal actually worth a damn
>un-power creep some of the more blatantly busted shit that was patched in later (ex: Raging Brachy's weapons and armor)
>buff the more useless skills so they're at least decent to have in
>Un-nerf WEX and MM
>a handful of MV changes, mostly to things like Perfect Rush which are blatantly too good and invalidate movesets but also to buff some less-used moves
>Nerfs to Temporal and Rocksteady mantle (Temporal lasts 30s with -1s per dodge additionally, Rocksteady lasts 60s and has less damage reduction)
>increase drop rates for decos so you can actually get what you need
>nerfs to defender and that fucking movie set so you actually have to use the armor and weapons you're meant to
I've basically been slowly but surely chipping my way through the issues and I did a full co-op playthrough with buddies with most of these changes (up to Shara) and the game is way more fun like this. If I knew how I'd change the tenderize formula a bit but it's not so bad as it is. Instead of just going "attack -> clagger -> tenderize -> wallbang -> repeat" you can actually kind of play like before and just use the claw when you really have to or to sneak in a wallbang when a monster stops.
I never really understood just how much free damage claggers gave people until I took them out. It's legitimately challenging to get a tenderize or a wallbang on many monsters unless they're tired or stunned when they aren't just giving them out for free. You need to actually time shit correctly and often it just isn't worth the risk when there are better options like dropping a trap. I might tone down agitator as well just to further nerf wallbangs since the main reason they were so sought after was the massive boost from agitator.
Anyway, ramble over.
Replies: >>51113 >>51168
anyone up for GU?
This doesn't actually solve the core design issues, in that it plays like a dragon's dogma knockoff and is subsequntly balanced around that. Everything you've listed is basically just fiddling with numbers and can largely be acheived just by ignoring the mechanics and playing the way you want as a self-imposed challenge. It makes the game tolerable but it's certainly not good all of a sudden.
>I did a full co-op playthrough with buddies 
Well that explains why you were able to have fun.
glasses_niggatoro2.png (u)
[Hide] (117.3KB, 229x322)
>Well that explains why you were able to have fun.
Imagine not having hunting buddies
Replies: >>51218
>This doesn't actually solve the core design issues
Oh really? Which core issues weren't addressed?
Replies: >>51165
2ddc71589a3008431730fb17cfdd54edf871e9814830248e637138d3d0db4165.jpg (u)
[Hide] (54.4KB, 500x408)
>implying "fiddling with numbers" can't basically sum up every single major balance overhaul to every single game ever
>implying "ignoring the mechanics" is even viable in iceborne when the faggot claw is literally required to not do shit DPS
Assuming anon isn't full of shit and those mods do what he says they do it's a decent fix to the worst of it. It would be better to just totally remove the claw but that probably can't be done. You sound like someone who is impossible to please.
>inb4 "w-well it's still b-bad because muh cutscenes and handler!"
Replies: >>51218
The shitflies for one
Much appreciated for finally delivering anon, maybe I can squeeze some fun out of MHW this way.  With that said, it seems like it's mostly rebalances and hitbox fixes that any MH would benefit from, when the fundamental casual shit like scoutflies and healing being too easy while moving were what made me delete the MHW after an entire 10 minutes of playtime and never look back.  Rise goes even further in taking the HUNTER out of Monster Hunter by just plastering icons all over the map immediately, it really pisses me off.  That's probably what the other anons mean.
Replies: >>51218
If friends can make diablo 3 fun friends can make anything fun. If something is boring with mates you need to rebalance your friends first.

You're bad if you -need- to use the claw to do well, wallbang is just easier (if you can do it reliably) and ironically the fixed damage is significantly less meaningful in multiplayer due to scaling health, only the knock down time and hitzone change matters. Killing the monster in 3 minutes instead of 2 minutes doesn't mean you can't play it. Aside from visuals and sound design, you need to fiddle with the AI values, monster speed and a lot of the hunter movement values, plus probably most of the environment benefits, though I'm not wholly adverse to those. If you did that maybe you could have a game that's actually monster hunter and not just toukiden 2: dark arisen.

Anyway, your fixes show an obsession with improving DPS options, rather than changing the core gameplay. For a co-operative game, this is pretty pointless since you can self-impose purely dps changes, leaving two issues; either that multiplayer instances take too long, which could essentially be fixed by changing hp values when playing how you want; or that you can't enjoy a video game unless the video game is telling you that you're good because you have big numbers.

The visual elements are a major factor, which there are mods for already in fact. Not to mention that there's plenty of weapon MV rebalance mods as well as claw rebalance mods that exist, I myself spent a long time creating and fusing several music and SFX mods to make the game sound like the older games. Many people have actually modified not just animations, but combo strings, speed, hit count, etc. for many weapons already. Though no one has yet to do something like a complete rehaul of the base combat to make it tight and methodical like the real games. The fact that the anon's mod doesn't actually make combo link or animation speed modifications is why I say it's just fiddling with numbers, it doesn't change how you play the game, it just makes the calculator work differently. Fixing the hitboxes is good though, every monster hunter game could use hitbox fixes.
Replies: >>51271
>You're bad if you -need- to use the claw to do well
Shut the fuck up retard
Tenderizing is mandatory. Not even the TAutists ban that. The opening move of every speedrunning fight is to use the clutch claw to put the monster in rage to trigger Agitator.
All flying monsters got built in flash immunity in Master Rank because you are supposed to flinch shot them out of the air. Every other stagger/trip turns into a clagger to give you an opportunity to tenderize and wallbang.
Replies: >>51309
Again, there's an obsession with 'best' over 'well'. Playing with friends isn't exactly TA autism, you can get good enough times without using the claw, and have more fun while doing it. If you feel the claw is obligatory to do well at all it's a problem. Well is successful in a quest, it's not like everyone played kelbi bow in 3U or hame builds in 4U/XX even if it would be optimally effective, and there were still plenty of ways to be succesful. I even played a hammer alchemy build in XX, both solo and in parties. Ineffective but I could still do well with it.
Anyone up for some GU?
TopBillingComingThrough.jpg (u)
[Hide] (65.6KB, 408x600)
I missed the swimming mechanics in monster hunter 3, I wish they developed it more because I actually liked fighting leviathans.
I pretty much ended up soloing the entirety of GU because none of you niggers ever want to play
Replies: >>52680
defeat_.jpg (u)
[Hide] (106KB, 438x681)
I wanted to start asking you niggers once I hit highrank, but autism got the better of me. now @ G2
Replies: >>52686
wanna hunt?
Replies: >>52702
maybe next weekend
if I don't forget
Would anyone be interested in joining an Anon and myself in playing MH3U on citra? It's been working well so far and we are nearly HR3 in the port.  Only issue is if someone disconnects and the monster goes back in to the area where said player is you have to abandon the quest.  This has only happened twice due to their connection not citra.  This also means that siege monsters and arena stuff should never break if someone DC's.
I could join you
Replies: >>53420
I could host the Citra room right now if you'd like.  It'll be a public room named "MonHun for You" pass 1337.
Just join that and use the "friend search" at Neko in game.
Replies: >>53473 >>53650
I would if it ran properly, but some areas just decide to drop the framerate for no reason. And somehow cemu and switch emulation run flawlessly.
Replies: >>53425 >>53426
Have you tried the rasp build for citra?  Works pretty well for 3u even better for 4u.
Replies: >>53428
I use two cheats to disable post processing and limit it to 30FPS
but yeah Citra is a massive piece of shit.
Replies: >>53428
The latest build runs better actually. Also it was just that 3d option in the menu turning on by itself, but I still can't run area 7 of the flooded forest. For now it's only that area only on that map. Monsters love going there sadly.

I only have one of those and I don't know what it does, can you post yours?
Replies: >>53434
Also, is it normal I can only move the camera in one axis at the same time with the circle pro thing on? It is annoying not being able to move diagonally.
Replies: >>53434
You guys still playing generations on ryujinx? I've barely got anywhere in it, i dont really have the time or energy these days. Come to think of it ive never really gotten to the end game in any monster hunter game. How long does the grind take?
Replies: >>53434 >>53436
Does citra mp work with a regular 3ds? I think I still have my 3U cartridge somewhere and it sounds like it would run better than emulation.
Replies: >>53438 >>53456

3U doesn't have true analog camera. Its basically the dpad mapped to the right analog stick so you can't move up and down smoothly, only incrementally.

took me some 50 hours to rush through the entire game
Replies: >>53436
It doesn't take that long, GU is just particularly longer.

That's the cheat I had, in any case if you're going to play and it's not on flooded forest I can join in.
Replies: >>53437
limit your FPS to 30 too
That might make it more stable
3DS version of 3U doesn't have online multiplayer
If you mod your 3DS you can extract your MH3U save and transfer it to citra.
Two of us are playing right now.  Same info as replied post.
Playing again for a few hours.  Two of us are farming for HR gear upgrades in Port.  Saw an Anon joined last night.  I apologize I was afk and forgot to close the game.
Replies: >>53832
That link is dead and I forgot to save it, anyone has it?
Replies: >>53832
Do you play around a specific time? 

Replies: >>53889 >>53891
Sunday and Mondays pretty much all day unless I have to do some errands.  On other days any time after 19:00 GMT -5 until around 23:00 (Burger time zone)
Replies: >>53891
Forgot to mention putting the lobby up in about 5 minutes.
MH3U Lobby is up.
>barely manage to repel laoshanigger in mhgu
Finally I can grind some useful G-Rank armor
Replies: >>54298
wanna do multiplayer?
Replies: >>54302
sure, if I can figure out how
Replies: >>54305 >>54307
open the multiplayer menu, search for local lobbies, join the one named "V" with the password 1337
did you crash?
Replies: >>54308
keyboard crashed everything
Replies: >>54316
how laggy was it for you
Replies: >>54317
not really, besides ryujinx being choppy
Replies: >>54319
well it was unplayabily laggy for me
hits registered 5 full seconds later
maybe remake the room
Replies: >>54320
Replies: >>54322
did that lag for you at all?
Replies: >>54323 >>54345
shiggy_diggy_monhun.jpg (u)
[Hide] (34.7KB, 720x535)
I need a break. Thanks for helping me farm, hammerbro
And punting me to my death
Replies: >>54346
you deserve it you tripping piece of shit
Does anyone happen to have the Rise OST on a torrent, etc.?
I can only find some mini album Capcom released pre release and some jp physical copy that I'd have to fuck around specially importing.
I just wanna listen to the comfy songs when I'm not playing without having to deal with streaming platforms shit.
Replies: >>56498
Do you want it MP3 or FLAC?
Replies: >>56560
Nevermind, found it on nyaa, somewhat unexpectedly.
kth.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1034x818)
>triple carted to G rank hyper narga
>5 times
send help rope
Replies: >>56747 >>56849
upgrade your armor
Replies: >>56765
>680 def
>need hyper parts for +5 armor/piece
>get raped by hyper niggers
<dude just kill more hypers to get less raped by hypers lmao
Replies: >>56769
you're probably using shogun ceanataur set like all progressionlets
if you have trouble killing hyper shogun ceanataur then you don't need more defense, you need to git gud.
Replies: >>56791
ceana GX ackshually
or a mixed set for pierce lbg
Replies: >>56849
Well there's your problem.
Also imagine actually needing meta sets to beat hyper monsters blamao, just make a mixed fashion set in Athena's ASS which has 'gud enuf' skills and roll with it. Anyway if you're carting like a tard to narga, consider using cheats like adept, brave or absolute* HA; otherwise evasion+2 is a balanced skill that will possibly give you more DPS than offense skills against monster like narga, assuming you can time your end-lag delay properly to use it offensively (getting more attack openings).

Additionally, getting hit once is fine, but if you're carting regularly that means you're getting hit multiple times in succession, or your being careless when narga has the tail in hyper mode and getting'd. You only need enough defense to not get 1-shot in order to fight reliably, and not getting 2-shot makes a fight fairly low risk. Requiring more defense than those thresholds is DSP tier (having it is fine though if you feel like it, just so long as you don't -need- it to win).
Replies: >>56861
G rank and hyper narga hard counters adept and valor crutches. If the hyper version had a little less HP it would be a perfect fight for me.
Replies: >>57368
Agreed, I don't care what anyone says, hypers have too much HP. Just because you -can- sub 5 minute solo them with TAS builds and 10 hours of resetting doesn't mean it's okay to bulk them up so much that getting sub 15 solo using decent, rank appropriate gear is nearly impossible. Really, monster hunter is a casual action game with coop features at heart, it doesn't need to be set up like an MMO.
aaaaaaaaaaaa.png (u)
[Hide] (896.3KB, 769x506)
[Hide] (834.9KB, 888x598)
>33min slog
>finally did it
<get by niggercougar anyway by getting only one (1) hyper shard
fuck the slots, I''ll just grind silverwing
Replies: >>57474
need some help?
imagine_the_smell.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1220x673)
What do you think it smells like haha

Do you think the volvidon is embarrased when it does that haha
p3rd when?
Replies: >>57563 >>57567
be the change you want to see
>you will never triple cart during zelnya's hunts again

Or will I?
Replies: >>57572
6a57195a141cfccc6ff614f8d316bb1ee0fe7a2f5efd4c7f9df9ecd098a68b4e.jpg (u)
[Hide] (30.9KB, 540x540)
>carter is the only one left to play with
so when do you want to cart?
Replies: >>57573
What rank? I lost my p3rd save.
Replies: >>57574
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720, 00:05)
>I lost my p3rd
>have to either start all over or play with a 100% save cheater noob
how do you even lose something like that?
Replies: >>57575
>or play with a 100% save cheater noob
It doesn't take that long, specially since I can increase speed in the psp emulator.

>how do you even lose something like that?
Easy, I deleted the whole ppsspp folder. I'm actually not sure what happened to it, but I guess I deleted it mass deleting other stuff. So what rank, is it actually endgame?
Replies: >>57576
I'm still pretty much where we left off, aka few missions left to complete low rank, among which the urgent
Replies: >>57579 >>57582
Just move onto GU in ryujinx. Not only does it run better, the netplay is better too.
Replies: >>57582
I am not this cartman so I didn't know. If it's not high rank yet I'm almost sure I can get to high rank yet in an hour or two. Links to the hd game?

I'm ready to play GU in any rank any time.
Replies: >>57580 >>57585
>I'm ready to play GU in any rank any time.
host a room then
Replies: >>57583
I forget where we were. I know that I didn't fight any elders yet but I am for sure after zinogre

I'm to retarded to make it work
Replies: >>57583 >>57585
Alright done room is cart pass is 1488.

>I'm to retarded to make it work
It takes 5 minutes an it's better than psp, just for the analog camera.
Replies: >>57584 >>57585
Unable to enter hub
Replies: >>57586
I don't think I can run that, that's why I stick to the ppsspp ones
>Links to the hd game?
I could upload it to anonfiles I guess, I'm not sure which version it is
>I forget where we were. I know that I didn't fight any elders yet but I am for sure after zinogre
you were like 1 level behind me
I was at the last batch of missions of the low rank lady and you were finishing the seco,nd to last batch
Yeah I stopped being able to host rooms a few days ago for some reason, everyone crashes when they join me. And I keep forgetting. You make the room.
Replies: >>57588
WiiU with the password 1488
>rajang ragehair is HR999999 not G1
Nice you too.
Replies: >>57594
you should finish the final boss before farming shit.
Spoiler File (u)
(3.4MB, 2000x1258)
I started playing portable 3rd as my first monster hunter and I have a question. Where can I find jumbo bone ? I tried farming the Arzuros with no luck. I read that there is a 20% chance drop on it. Is there another monster with better drop rates ?
moga_sweetheart2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (157.4KB, 600x850)
moga_sweeheart_3.png (u)
[Hide] (406.7KB, 425x600)
moga_sweetheart_4.png (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 932x1280)
I want you to look at this. Isn't it just perfect?
Replies: >>61836
items have tiers in mh, there's low, mid, high and g, if I'm not mistaken the jumbo bone is mid tier, you won't get it until I think the 4 star missions
Replies: >>61838
H-how exactly does a girl use ona gigiholes?
I need it to make the bone armor, a low rank blademaster armor. Why would they need a mid tier item for a low rank armor ?
Replies: >>61844
then it must be one of the less common drops, just keep farming and be wary of the eye
idk about P3rd, but in 3U it's a 10% on carve, but a 25% chance to get 2 if you capture.  Try capturing him.
Replies: >>61880 >>61885
capturing involves using a trap on a monster when it's low on health (limping) and throwing two (2) tranquilizers.
Replies: >>61885
I'll try to do that, thanks.
P3rd had a big group of anons playing around 2 years ago, I think. I started up sometime last year and there were only one or two people left playing occasionally. Good luck, anon, it's tough unlocking higher-rank missions without anyone to play with. I'm down for unlocking the rest of the things that I missed if you have multiplayer set up.
I'll play whenever, I think we already played together and you're just a few missions behind me
Multiplayer would be great, I heard it's more fun when you play with someone. I don't play much unfortunately because I am very busy with work, so I'm progressing slowly. I just started the village 3 stars missions after I killed the Qurupeco. I'd love to play if I ever reach wherever you are. You'll have to spoonfeed me on how to set up online play in ppsspp
Replies: >>62391
Shit uhhhhhh, actually it was here in the thread:
I know, >google, but if you have any suggestions on a mirror I'd love to hear it. It should be pretty straightforward, I remember it being a step-by-step guide.
Replies: >>62406
Made it work with the server. is dead. Wanna test if it works ?
Replies: >>64637
I probably would have joined in if it was MHFU. I just see no reason to play p3rd, if you wanted newer monhun, just emulate 3ds instead of psp
Replies: >>62417
>just emulate 3ds instead of psp
All the 3DS games look and run worse than P3rd while also having worse controls.
>dealing with shitra
Replies: >>62418
Eh, I just know of Citra, never tried it as I just played the games on an actual 3ds. I just know that P3rd doesn't have that many monsters and was a bit too easy for me when I tried it
I am retard, I didn't see this. I can hop on to check it whenever
Is it time to cart during anons hunts again?
>you will never watch Zelnya lose their shit again
Replies: >>64680
Soon, friend anon.
Tried to test it tonight and PPSSPP crashes every time I try to open the guild hall. Not sure what's going on; myneighborsushicat appears to be up,
and PPSSPP is finding the right IP address, it just can't make a connection.
Replies: >>65121
Thats weird, if it can't find the address it doesn't crash. It just joins the room with no  What version are you on?
Replies: >>65122
myneighborsushicat is fucked. appears to be working fine, but gives the same crash. If you believe someone on the PPSSPP forums, myneighborsushicat has been down and showing the same player counts for weeks:
Tried out Monster Hunter Rise on the switch. So much stuff on the screen you forget you're supposed to be playing a game. I wouldn't be surprised if they turned MoHun into a pachinko machine.
Replies: >>65816 >>66008
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (101.5KB, 474x753)
It's been a pachinko machine many times over.
I just want to try out the new horn.
Plesi's sho wet OwO
09be37439ccb08bf9b041ba46d539265e00a83dccc39d1f1cfe2c7150457cc2c.jpg (u)
[Hide] (45.9KB, 1024x768)
I've been playing MHGU on Ryujinx netplay build. It's fun and works great online. This MH is the best MH by a long shot. This is the only MH I've ever played other than world. I have a few suggestions that would fix the game.
>Remove all nog NPCs
>Replace palico farm with loli catgirl harem
>Reduce or remove egg delivery quests.
>Balance broken weapons like bowgun.
>remove or balance adept and alchemy classes
Other than those, the game is fantastic.
ffd2a53d36fab95c01895a699db903f746b262214032b8d6197610a0b4cd4732.png (u)
[Hide] (537.1KB, 618x875)
>Remove all nog NPCs
<Not wanting dark skin qts in your game
>Replace palico farm with loli catgirl harem
<Wanting the same breed of cancer that ruined Fire Emblem
Knowing Capcom, if Monster Hunter did get the husbando and waifu autism of FE, they'd make all romanceable characters be as bad as the handler from world.
I agree with everything else though. Egg quests are really tedious unless you're playing with someone else.
Replies: >>66024 >>66029
Adept is the fastest and most fun way to play the game.
Replies: >>66024
78068a275c4d60f981a57ae09e009179-imagepng.png (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1110x1280)
>he plays in ez mode
>calls it fastest
well, atleast you're aware.

>dark skinned
no, these aren't golden Okinawa qt girls like  Kat. There's a big obese aunt jamima character asking me to catch fish. i want my fantasy hunter world to be a NO NIGGER ZONE.

and I didn't say to add romance or lewd the cute cat girls. it would simply be an aesthetic change and no more. Cats are for slavs and unmarried women in their 40s. This aesthetics change is just objectively better. Do the math.
Also I'd be able to bully them in game and knock them around for fun.
It's just better.
e3eed110f6080adca53b2d2e358b51f72c0a9cc0d4bfbec999cb25b5c3a952ef.jpg (u)
[Hide] (148.8KB, 787x1165)
Spoiler File (u)
(635.5KB, 1002x1416)
Spoiler File (u)
(671.3KB, 1002x1416)
gengar_curse.png (u)
[Hide] (206.4KB, 748x639)
Are there even Switch keys and the other bullshit just to get it working available online yet? I don't wanna pay 6 gorillion dollars for a Switch that may or may not be patched just to emulate stuff. sage for off-topic
pls spoonfeed me
Replies: >>66042
Switch emulation works great on PC if your CPU can handle it. I've heard of people having issues if they have AMD cards though. The online works well. Seems to desync certain things in MH like small monsters and gathering spots, but seems pretty good with the main monster.

I found this. I used a similar guide. Not sure if the links are outdated though. But this should atleast point you in the right direction.
Replies: >>66115
So you never played Monster Hunter. Good to know.
Replies: >>66044
he played one MH game and at least acknowledged it was better than World
>This MH is the best MH by a long shot. This is the only MH I've ever played other than world.
Is this some kind of bait?
You played 2 games with the name monster hunter in the title and you claim that you know both what to do with the series and which game is the best? What about the other 4 generations and potentially up to ~10 games?

- The rainbow hairs and the faggots are much worse than the recolored anime "merely a tan" girls. Honestly i don't think i remember any niggers in any monster hunter games anyway.
- No, we don't need MORE homogenisation than we already have
- Egg quests are one of the few quests that test your knowledge of the game other than not dying, if anything we need more varied quests. Mot to mention that egg quests HAVE been reduced and simplified to the point of triviality with food buffs and armor buffs and the ease of getting infinite stamina compared to gen 1/2
- Unless you mean simplify, there's nothing particularly broken with bowgun other than that if you have a bad set up it does no damage. Hame builds take a lot of time and investment to set up and aren't exactly broken in any meaningful way. Having an expense method of dealing with post-game grind isn't really a bad thing, and regular bowgun play (pierce/scatter/whatever capcom decides to make the better shot type that generation or elem lbg) isn't really dramatically better than good play with blademaster weapons.
- Are you saying adept is a problem because it's shit or because it's good? Because adept is just a way for dead weight shitters to not triple cart in exchange for doing no damage because they spend the whole quest doing adept run animation. Only DBs is worthwhile in adept and striker still does better if you play properly.
- Alchemy needing a rebalance is the only worthwhile thing here. Currently it's not "item/tools based style" it's just a glorified HA battery. The only thing it does worthwhile is rush high level SP with alch stones/juice and use genki dama or whatever it was called to boost strikers. It's hard to get it to work, it doesn't do anything interesting and worst of all it's not even fun to use it. If it at least it was some wacky gimmick or a girlfriend mode I could forgive it, but it's just tedious and boring.
Replies: >>66087 >>66117
The words of a dash juice addled mind.
Replies: >>66129
thanks a ton lad, sadly my craptop doesn't seem like it's powerful enough to even run it even after trying some smaller games, but this'll be very useful for when i upgrade
Replies: >>66117
1420007945699.jpg (u)
[Hide] (57.2KB, 685x567)
While I'll need to go ahead and ignore most of your post to avoid derailing the thread, I don't hate the egg missions. I really just don't like when they ask me to do it 3 times. Once is enough. Also basic gathering missions could be canned. I like the ones where I have to stalk an animal and watch it eat or "make" the thing I have to pick up.  That stuff is fine, but "gather 20 mushrooms"   "kill 20 pigs" or "kill 50 mosquitoes" really don't need to be missions. And they don't really reward you for doing these so they just end up as something tedious you do while waiting for people to join online.
There is an absolutely broken build with the bowgun that people sometimes use online that basically is high damage and gives them nearly infinite i-frames. It seems broken.
I think adept makes it easy and changes the gameplay to something not suited for this game. It's too good at avoiding damage and instead of battles being about remembering and adjusting to avoid attacks (and new attacks as the game progresses) It makes the game about just dodging when they attack near you, and attacking when not being attacked like Nier Tomato combat.
I just overall think Alchemy should be redone completely or removed. I can't even figure out what they were going for with it or how they thought it would fit in with the game. You're right. It's not fun.

Yea, i had trouble running it on a laptop as well. It was a decent laptop with a 1st or 2nd gen i7 and AMD "HD" graphics, but it lacked the proper shaders to run at all. If you were able to run it, but performance was unsatisfactory I can suggest a few things.
Make sure you do Part 3: Shader Cache in that pastebin. I had much better performance after doing that.
Disable vsync by clicking the "vsync" in the bottom left. Red = off.
Lastly you can click docked/handheld to toggle between. If you can't run it docked, try handheld.
Lastly, try playing an actual level. When i was experimenting and unlocked the framerate i would get 100+fps in the levels and fighting monsters, but experience massive drops in the hubworld, especially palico ranch.
Replies: >>66129
No that's the demondrug talking, if I was OD'd on dash juice I'd be spinning more

>Jurassic park 3 is the best jurassic park movie, it's the only movie other than world that I've watched
I really don't follow your logic, you haven't even seen half of the series but you're making this judgement?
>There is an absolutely broken build with the bowgun
This is a XX problem
>I think adept makes it easy and changes the gameplay
And brave, absolute readiness/evasion don't? This is a XX problem, not an adept problem.
Please, just play FU or 3U or something so you can play a good game, or at the very least try to understand the one game you are playing before laying out your commandments.

About the gathering quests, there's 2 points: 1 is that XX has an unbelievable amount of bloat so this is really exacerbated, 2 is that they often reward a high amount of the mats for that type of small monster/gatherable in rewards. I've often done the vespoid quests specifically to get mats for vespoid armor/weapons, or more importantly, monster fluids, so those quests are useful for being able to know there will be a lot of spawns and get bonus drops. In XX, especially online, you don't really need to worry too much about your weapon or it's upgrade path, but in other games you're often in a position where getting materials from small monsters can be important, or at least important for a set/weapon you want to make.

Lastly the point you made about the tomato robot game is really what encapsulates double crossed, and why most people barely consider it a MH game. "At least it isn't world" is about the best praise I can give it.
Replies: >>66132
27f2d6df9ceed05f716fc5d526eb9ea22778df01404499ef2630b9b21ee7bc73.gif (u)
[Hide] (2.7MB, 515x479)
>These problems you have with the game aren't actually problems, but they're problems with this game.
Replies: >>66303
You stated problems with bowgun, bowgun is fine. XX is shit. You stated problems with adept, fixing adept is putting a bandaid on a severed leg. XX sucks. It's an okay musou game but the worst monster hunter game by far. Play a real monster hunter fagit.
Replies: >>66360
improved_palico_dance.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 393x396)
If only I indicated a specific game I was talking about when lodging those complaints.
And I did play a monster hunter game. In fact i played the objectively best monster hunter game.
Replies: >>66540 >>66598
Okay todd. When's the next skyrim coming out by the way?
Replies: >>66578
It's_Only_a_Matter_of_Time.png (u)
[Hide] (600.1KB, 792x693)
I'm still mad.
big_think.jpg (u)
[Hide] (35.7KB, 777x704)
Did someone managed to play the psp games on public servers or using VPN is still the way to go? Already tried that PPSSPP guide in the forums but can't see anyone there, even if there are people in the server.
Replies: >>69452
I literally just finished playing P3rd with a friend of mine using myneighborsushicat
22a602b2f39453e43a1ba8a64455457e5411371d08297c3c53f2bbe9b87f16e0.png (u)
[Hide] (247.5KB, 720x480)
So I played the original MH and MHF2, picked up MHW a while back and originally I thought it was too easy. Once I hit the higher rank quests it actually got quite a bit more difficult. I've seen anons bashing the game ever since it came out and I don't know if I'm missing some kind of info about the game but it's been pretty fun so far. Is there some kinda bullshit I missed out on?
Replies: >>79889
How far are you in world? Its a lot of little annoying crap that gets on my nerves.  That being said I'm still working to fatalis though.
Replies: >>79909
My next assigned task is to hunt a fulgur anjanath, and I get what you mean about the little things. The connection in multiplayer hunts can just drop out sometimes and I'm left to finish the mission on my own. Things like the map and UI are a bit cluttered as well.
Replies: >>79918
I don't really care for the clutchclaw and think its bothersome to use. I hate all the characters. I hate the gathering hubs in this game. Farming is nice and easy but as a personal preference I sorta liked the farm. 
>fulgar Anjanath 
I like that they actually made the subspecies a good fight. I couldn't even tell you what the signature moves of any of the base ones were.
Replies: >>79920
Yeah I was getting my ass handed to me when I first fought viper kadachi and just barely finished that one. Iceborne really feels like what the game should've been the whole time. You can really tell they were trying to get casuals to play with how the entirety of low rank is basically just a tutorial.
Replies: >>79927
I forget who is another good one, nightshade dobsonbat is alright if only for forcing you to actually work around his clouds. They even buffed up the earlier monsters a bit. What weapon did you settle on?
Replies: >>79936
Heavy motherfuckin bowgun. Ain't nothing like having an ammo regenerating, hipfired .50cal. I do really like messing around with the other weapons too though, gunlance is also a favorite.
699bf49a4fe1c7b8b008c1c1c92826e6e4345038f6621206244b444e34831ba7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (214.8KB, 1080x1080)
>Go against Archtempered Nergigante
>Xeno Cipher LS & maxed Odogaron Armor
>Defense L & Moxie from food plus Mega Armorskin potion on-site
<1 hit cart prevented by moxie
<1 hit cart
<2 hit cart with stun
<1 hit cart that visually missed by 3 metres

Is this normal in MonHun games or is World just that much of a bitch to play? Am i doing something wrong? Most of his attacks don't seem to have any windup animation either.
Never played the other games, got bullied into buying this by some friends a year ago.
Replies: >>81170 >>81289
world is trash that probably drilled all the bad habits in you
I remember a lot of speedtrannies were raging when AT Nerg got released because they couldn't just stunlock it to death
Replies: >>81184
Low rank in world was abysmal and taught you a bunch of awful habits.  Master rank is how they should have been acting this while time. You can actually see then use their signature moves more consistently.
Replies: >>81185
I would agree with you if it didn't add clutch claw and all its assorted problems.
>Is this normal in MonHun games or is World just that much of a bitch to play?
Oneshots? If that's the hyper deviant in heat rainbow colored version of the final boss, then that's normal yes.

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