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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

21c84272b69416c809f2899ea07573678d555884d4c3212d0065609b473489e6.png (u)
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ITT: discuss issues with the board

>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>ban gamergay
>kill Mark 

By the way seagull is a nigger and if he deletes this post he's a tranny as well.
>remove seagull
I concur.
Other possible solution: seagull stops being a faggot removing every single post slightly critical of his moderation.
I know it's unrealistic, but a man can dream.
Replies: >>67041
>>67035 (OP) 
alright who pissed in your corn flakes
9b3fa558db0bceff772c5fea4f07dbd91b5ee5261cd9cd84accca871b0a85ae2.jpg (u)
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>Ok, so you got a stage 4, infection in your right finger that's rotting all the tissue inside and if not treated it's going to keep advancing until it gets your hand, arm and eventually your heart potentially killing you
>now you have two options
>option A, we amputate the finger and stop it entirely
>...or option B we just hope it goes away on its own and none of the things I listed before happens
>what will it be?
<lol just let it be fam
Replies: >>67054 >>67158
retarded_bitch.png (u)
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I agree but how should we remove him when he doesn't even own the board?
Take away his gvol status???
Break into his account and change his password?
Convince him to leave us alone?
Replies: >>67048
What's wrong OP, was your soyjak deleted again? Or did something else happen?
Replies: >>67051 >>67158
easily done, stage a coup d'etat
Replies: >>67056
seagull.png (u)
[Hide] (16.7KB, 722x375)
Bird presses the Mark button; deletes multiple threads
butthurt.png (u)
[Hide] (117.4KB, 480x700)
posting this in advance for when fagen eventually comes shilling, sockpuppeting and generally being a flamboyant homosexual
sports/v/ is a good alternative if that means anything
>retarded animeposter can't into analogies
You can choose to amputate your finger instead of asking it to please cut itself off, you unfortunately cannot force a faggot mod out of his position: you can only ask him or his superiors, and hope for the best.
Replies: >>67158
who cares, I don't want more splintering, I want this board with seagull gone
Replies: >>67058 >>67061
boogeyman.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 360x384, 00:12)
Okay but we need figure out how to do the removal part of the coup. How can a mod be demodded by anon?


stop you can't say that
155c62f484f32b1d523227227a28063731b3d322f325a3fd70f3af204bd34a37.png (u)
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OR you could stop being such a faggot and banning shit you personally don't like. No wonder the rules were removed from the front page.
me too but you have to consider the worst case scenario
unhappy_kart.png (u)
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then dox sturgeon and threaten his family if he doesn't shitcan the bird, this is the only alternative to exodus
bc43fc8326b60cef9efdb0e67763a70cc88818bbe836f55fa88645b61dca0332.jpg (u)
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janny.jpg (u)
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Hello, let me explain myself. 
>Notice a bunch of reports on the same IP
>Look up the guy's post history, it's entire pages filled with random replies to random posts, most of the time not even related to the thing he's replying to
>3 pages into his post history I come to the conclusion that every post on that IP is pretty much spam
>Delete by IP, since I thought there were no legitimate posts in there. 
>I get the notification that of the posts deleted, 1 of them was a thread
>See it was the FPS thread of all things
>Anons rightfully complain, new FPS thread is made but it's immediately derailed 
>I delete the derailment
>At the same time, the frog spammer (or someone pretending to be him) shows up, makes 4 threads & I delete them
>You are here

That's all I'm really guilty for. Any extra accusations of "deleting things he doesn't like" are baseless.
reee.webm (u)
[Hide] (197.3KB, 480x360, 00:03)
Replies: >>67068
>not mentioning how you quietly memoryholed the part of the new FPS thread OP that called you a faggot
Just don't push the Mark button next time, simple as. Also ban gamergate and delete /b/.
Replies: >>67074
In other words, the complaining faggot is a tornigger who got butthurt his spam was deleted and is taking advantage of a mistake to cause drama.
A tale as old as time.
Replies: >>67074
>Any extra accusations of "deleting things he doesn't like" are baseless.
You deleted the GET contained within the 2000 IQ Cirno thread.  ;^(
Replies: >>67072 >>67074
terry.jpg (u)
[Hide] (17.1KB, 245x253)
This could have been prevented with better technology. Deleting by IP should show a confirmation if it's about to delete threads, and it should show what the threads are. Threads shouldn't even be deleted until after 24 hours, they should only get marked as hidden until then, and during the 24 hour period it should be possible to recover them simply by unmarking that.
shantae_upset.png (u)
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The get was ruined by tengu spamming with a bot so I don't care too much about that.
Replies: >>67083
IT'S_PAYNE-27rL1Mm-SXM.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 640x368, 00:25)
>you quietly memoryholed the part of the new FPS thread OP that called you a faggot
Guy called me a nigger in the very title of the thread. His anger was justified but if that thread had any hope of not turning into meta then that part had to go. 
It wasn't TOR, it was a VPN IP instead. The FPS thread was made on that IP as was the spam. I didn't go far enough into it's post history to notice so I deleted it by accident. 
>the GET
He was cheating, using a bot even. Everyone in the thread called him out, it was not a legitimate get.
Oh come on. I wish we had another SRB2Kart gamenight. We've been having a bit of a drought on gamenights lately.
Replies: >>67081
>I delete the derailment
This includes editing the OP to remove the mentions of your fuckup.
You could have easily solved the issue by making yourself a new FPS thread with OP "I accidentally deleted the old one, sorry": you don't limit drama by trying to stop its spread, does the name Streisand ring a bell?
Replies: >>67082 >>67085
Stop being a lazy nigger and do your job instead of deleting by IP. Plenty of anons here post by VPN or Tor.
Also stop deleting all criticism of you because "muh meta derailment." Five or six fucking posts is not derailing anything, and deleting it makes you look way worse than if you left it up.
Replies: >>67085 >>67095
Scotland.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (12.3MB, 640x480, 04:06)
>legitimate get
They are always super fun.
you_must_be_new.webm (u)
[Hide] (534.4KB, 1920x1080, 00:03)
>I accidentally deleted the old one, sorry
>implying nigger gull would ever humbly admit his fuckup and apologize instead of playing dodgeball with semantics and making excuses up like a certain jewish slimy cunt
i know who you are now stop peddling your shit
you're the people that have fucked this country over

>He was cheating, using a bot even. Everyone in the thread called him out, it was not a legitimate get.
you fucking what
fake news the spam is done by hand and always has been
some faggots don't understand that you can mass delete your own posts with the checkbox
this is the equivalent of getting banned in an fps for being too good
source: trust me
Replies: >>67086 >>67088
>This includes editing the OP to remove the mentions of your fuckup.
Only the title, I make mention of this in the logs. 
>Five or six fucking posts is not derailing anything, and deleting it makes you look way worse than if you left it up.
Alright, I guess meta posts will stay from now on
just_wtf_is_that_supposed_to_mean.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (446.1KB, 480x368, 00:02)
>I know who you are
>you're the people
>on an anonymous anime imageboard
Replies: >>67089
1590245923405.jpg (u)
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>Guy called me a nigger in the very title of the thread.
Is complimenting the board moderator in the thread title forbidden by the rules?
Replies: >>67116
Fuck off tengu, spamming for gets has never been legitimate. All you do is ruin other anons fun.
Replies: >>67094 >>67098
Spoiler File (u)
(2.2MB, 1280x720, 00:25)
838ed96812959498c861e5a9336ccde0fec9590aa0d60550ff3ad201c5727ebe.gif (u)
[Hide] (396.3KB, 400x320)
>Alright, I guess meta posts will stay from now on
Replies: >>67091
Of course, pasta has the final say in these things
Replies: >>67280
jannies.jpg (u)
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>His anger was justified but if that thread had any hope of not turning into meta then that part had to go. 
<Said the jannie
Let it slip more tranny jannie, you do abuse your gay little faggot censoring to powers delete a lot of shit you shouldn't be, even have the gall to try and justify it here to us, fucking powertripping faggot. 

Look at this fag doesn't even have to common courtesy to apologize, so full of his own power trip.  All this fucking rat had to do was not be a fucking censoring selective moderation little shadowy faggot. Shit all  he had to do was delete the cp, delete the spam, delete the obvious shit and shut the fuck up nigger, but he couldn't do that so here we are.
Post in the meta instead because cuck boy here will for sure delete when damage control doesn't work.
Replies: >>67097 >>67099
8ab272290eb4628dce4a5adb9d4754ef5843af52184e627db9a8c528fb65eb26.jpg (u)
[Hide] (182.4KB, 800x884)
>I guess meta posts will stay from now on
Oh boy, I can't wait for the /b/ spam to bleed over here because "meta" is allowed.
my fun is erasing your fun
>Five or six fucking posts is not derailing anything, and deleting it makes you look way worse than if you left it up.
I'd say it'd be a failure of moderation not to remove it. Meta threads are containment threads, and I absolutely do not want this fucking shitshow leaking out into the rest of the board. Nuke that shit from orbit.
Replies: >>67096
Just make an END OF RINE post telling people to take it to the meta thread, without deleting the few justifiably angry meta posts that made it in because it makes anons angrier.
I don't see how accidentally deleting 1 thread in my attempt to get rid of spam is power tripping
>spamming for gets has never been legitimate
i'm gonna blow you the fuck out one more time, on record
it has always been legitmate on 8gag
it has always been counted on 8gag
since season 1 spee's GETs were awarded points
guess how they got most of them
look at the archives if you want evidence
you just don't play the same way our organized and professional teams play
and if you tell me
this isn't 8gag anymore
you are delusional

you can't unGET the got GETs
get got
Replies: >>67100
9aea17d711089998ee5a75a99ad4f99746abff38473d27c1f4fb2f84e47a5f60.jpg (u)
[Hide] (104.8KB, 941x960)
>(1) and done
either a shill sent by Mark or an absolutely assblasted faggot
either way, see you tomorrow
newfags.jpg (u)
[Hide] (27.1KB, 450x337)
Replies: >>67103
look i'm no KoG but i take what i can GET ok
that's just how it worked here so that's how I learned to play
just triggered captcha from this succlent pph
0d32caace5f306db9ce25649dfb23197e668ab8fa5f0d54ed8329d25c24bdcd7.jpg (u)
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the end of ziggergelion
C                                    G                           F                                  C
imaaaaaaaaaaa watashi noooooooooooooo negaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaigoto gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

   D                G       D                                 C  G
kanauuuu naraba tsubasa gaaaaaaaaaaa hoshii-iiiiiiiiiii

C                               G          F                  C
konooooooooo senaka niiiiiiiii toriiiiiiiiiii no youniiiiiiiiii

   D            G               D                   C                                                 G
shiroi tsubasaaaaaa tsukete kuuuuudasaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAiiiiiiiiiiiii

        C         G        Am                 Em
kono oo zora niiii tsubasa wo hirogeeee

     F        C          G
tonde yukitaaaaiiiii yoooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

        C          G       Am         Em
kanashimi no nai jiyuu na sora he

        F          C         G                                  
tsubasa hatameeeekaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Replies: >>67108
51c47c9ddfe6b4b51f2e93d663bc0d8bb3649c9b18f2911c9741c19fe94cfe8b.png (u)
[Hide] (368.1KB, 738x615)
stupid zigger code actually fucked my lyrics instead of making them neat 

the end of ziggergelion part two

C                                    G                           F                                  C
imaaaaaaaaaaa watashi noooooooooooooo negaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaigoto gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

   D                G       D                                 C  G
kanauuuu naraba tsubasa gaaaaaaaaaaa hoshii-iiiiiiiiiii

C                               G          F                  C
konooooooooo senaka niiiiiiiii toriiiiiiiiiii no youniiiiiiiiii

   D            G               D                   C                                                 G
shiroi tsubasaaaaaa tsukete kuuuuudasaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAiiiiiiiiiiiii

        C         G        Am                 Em
kono oo zora niiii tsubasa wo hirogeeee

     F        C          G
tonde yukitaaaaiiiii yoooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

        C          G       Am         Em
kanashimi no nai jiyuu na sora he

        F          C         G                                  
tsubasa hatameeeekaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Anons I'm genuinely curious, why do faggots say that the chess captcha is hard or will kill PPH or whatever?
I like it precisely because it's less involved than typing out whatever characters and there's a bit of a minigame in it.
New things are considered hard because you suddenly don't know what you're doing. The instructions were a little unclear for the chess so a lot of people had trouble figuring it out at first. I think it's easier than the usual challenge once you learn it. Incidentally I heard 4um got a new captcha recently and pissed off the goyim over there.
Replies: >>67112

So someone artificially stirring the shit after the initial anger? More relevantly the big lesson here is don't use delete by IP unless you're certain which is something we've all known for years thanks to mark. VPN's are a big thing for lots of eurofag anons.

Any captcha could in theory reduce PPH but probably only on paper.
The reason is because /cow/fags have literal brain damage due to whatever schizophrenia they haven't been diagnosed with yet. It screws up their visual perception so their spatial reasoning is very poor keeping them from being able to solve a simple visual test like the chess captcha.
This anon is retarded ignore him. The instructions were obvious for anyone with a functioning brain unlike /cow/ posters.
It's not as intuitive as simple captcha, I fucked up like three times when I first saw it and had to resign and actually read what I was supposed to do. But it's not like it's actually hard, and temporary anti-spam captcha is fine. As far as PPH goes the spam itself will do more harm than the captcha.
It was unclear whether the shaded distortions at the image's edges were to be marked or not. At least that's what gave me pause for a while.
>can't read
If one wants to make a thread about FPSs, one shouldn't drag board drama into it.

As dumb as it sounds, >>67112 is right in that people with schizophrenia (AKA /cow/niggers) have poor visual/spatial perception, which is why the simple task of drawing a clock face is often impossible for them.
Thank you. Now that this is out of the way, bump lock this thread.
Replies: >>67119
But we haven't even hanged the cunt yet, or burned him at the stake, what are you on about
chess.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 238x420, 00:29)
let me show you why the instructions are misleading
7865dd0b59dc36084659eac66e36923096fbe775de1056e80edddce068079819.jpg (u)
[Hide] (66.6KB, 1280x720)
>so use your brain
I can see why some people would find that misleading
That is piss easy:
_ _ X X
_ X X _
_ _ _ _
_ _ X _
Replies: >>67123
I know how it works it's about the bros.
Hey you're doing a great job seagull but why the fuck is that togafag spic allowed to make /b/ completely unbrowseable. I had to switch to /dunk/ because I'm sick of seeing that guy harvesting (you)s.
Replies: >>67125 >>67131
fc20aa3698db501835ccf728e381866feae3a46c94411437e938144706755ab2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (18.6KB, 700x535)
this, fucking ban that nigger already
Replies: >>67131
The only real problem I see with the captcha is that some of the icons can look partially filled in, which occasionally throws me off when I'm trying to solve it. Also, the color scheme for the captcha is inverted on certain themes.
saint_anita.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (64.8KB, 533x680)
delete gamergate thread they do nothing but whine and anita won anyways
Replies: >>67129
this anita won
lina_mad.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (173.6KB, 1153x885)
Anon you have fucking brain damage, please tell me you're merely pretending.
The moderators here can't even be asked to drop into the "Free Ban" thread once a month. You actually expect them to moderate /b/ for any length of time?
Shoulsn't of bumolocked the Aniki thread. I would understand after his birthday but during is unexcuseable.
That was a dick move. Seagull should sticky it for a week to make amends.
Replies: >>67136
a32cb287c79fc6892f3f3706312093b5ff34e3eba8040d2b5776c5f5b6c3f9d2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (24.2KB, 724x508)
go peddle your lgbt faggotry somewhere else you wannabe troon, thread should've been instadeleted on grounds of not being video games in the slightest and promoting homosexuals, he did good bumplocking it, but it wasn't enough clearly
>fag apologists
Seagull should have banned any faggot lover who bumped the thread and then deleted it.
Replies: >>67137
awful.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x368, 00:34)
Replies: >>67141
Understandable, but I seriously doubt anyone became gay because of gatchi memes. Most of the content where well made with alot of effort put into them, despite it being around for years. Aniki was the only dude who was cool with them, and even embraced them. And said he was only gay for pay, but you could argue about that for ages.. I cannot imagine being such a unsufferable faggot you can't handle gay jokes, which is what gatchi essentially is.
Replies: >>67199
15f7ddc07c109a37c02cc9ab4386bc91ed40c3a6f26dc194a1abd5b6830f808a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (68.4KB, 361x414)
576ef4c8ab08395162b4ddd361bc8429fd0a85b1a29f1acd250440bf0e4ed58c.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 850x820)
>Born North Babylon, New York
how ironic
>Among his starring roles is the Roman emperor in the Danish feature film HotMen CoolBoyz (2000). Herrington's scene in Conquered (2001) with Nino Bacci, Colton Ford, Blake Harper, and Jay Ross won the "Best Group Sex Scene" at the 2002 Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards ("Grabbys").[7] Occasionally, Herrington performed striptease acts at gay clubs in the United States

>9½ Inches (1998) (Thor Productions)
>Wrestlers: Muscle Fantasies 2 (1998) (Can-Am Productions)
>Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3 (1999) (Can-Am Productions)
>Minute Man 17 (1999) (Colt Studios)
>Minute Man 18 (1999) (Colt Studios)
>Body Shop (1999) (All Worlds)
>Summer Trophies (1999) (Pacific Sun Entertainment)
>Tales from the Foxhole (1999) (All Worlds)
>Lords Of The Locker Room (1999) (Can-Am Productions)[21]
>Playing with Fire 2 (2000) (All Worlds)
>The Final Link (2000) (All Worlds)
>HotMen CoolBoyz (2000) (Zentropa)
>Conquered (2001) (All Worlds)
>Flesh Trap (2001) (Fox Studios)
>Naked Muscles (2002) (Colt Studios)
>Ryker's Web (2003) (Arena)
>Minute Man Solo 27: Big Shots (2006) (Colt Studios)

>Awards and nominations
>Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards
>2002 – Winner – Best Group Sex Scene (for Conquered)[7]
>2002 – Nominated – Best Actor (for Conquered)[7]
>2002 – Nominated – Best Three-Way Sex Scene (for Conquered)[7]
>GayVN Awards
>2002 – Nominated – Best Actor (for Conquered)[citation needed]
>2002 – Nominated – Best Group Scene (for Conquered)[citation needed]
Your faggot idol was given "best faggot" prizes for being a butthole stuffing faggot by faggoty, boy molesting, satanic jewish committees
You worship a faggot, want a thread about a faggot and want to tell me I don't belong because I reject your faggotry. Kill yourself and get aids faggot lover.
Doubt you even read my post, again you're an unsufferable faggot.
Replies: >>67144
gachi memes are fun, those that del and otherwise inhibit have a stick up their behind
>n-no YOU are a faggot
Whatever you say faggot lover.
Replies: >>67149
Worry about your own dick. Not someone else's.
didn't he have kids?
Replies: >>67149
>meta thread derailed by literal faggots
Think he was married with one. As I said before, he claimed to be only gay for pay, but you can debate that forever. 
How about nigger, would you prefer to be called that?
。。。.jpg (u)
[Hide] (36.3KB, 334x400)
So when will Dolphin dox Seagull and threaten to spam his Powerword on KF?
>he still hasn't figured out the mystery of the grids
6d3ec4d6b8ef6d0f24e5ad957d4519b3a74c8279937b0092b494f591236ebc08.jpg (u)
[Hide] (63.3KB, 554x439)
Gachimuchi MADs and memes have been posted on /jp/ and /v/ for years now, and belong here more than you do. Go be a humorless twat somewhere else if you don't like it.
Its+time+to+clean_a9ac02_7746199.jpg (u)
[Hide] (163.1KB, 768x960)
>>67035 (OP) 
>retard spams board
>mods tolerate it
>retards spams board more
>mods put the foot down and delete retard's posts by IP
>retard spergs out
>meta thread
Replies: >>67155 >>67160
i think it was a Tor IP so that's why
Replies: >>67157
VPN, >>67074
why are you replying to yourself?
Oh, is it torfags again?
It's torfags again, isn't it?
It's the same fucking thing every god damn time.
Fuck outta here. Nobody wants you.
He kept calling everyone a cuck he disagreed. To such a degree in fact, that every other word in his posts devolved into "cuck" or some variation thereof.
Replies: >>67172
>>67035 (OP) 
Seagull is fine, he just makes cuckchanners mad because they can't post their epic wojacks and frog, the other subjects have already been discussed in other meta threads to death, and GG fags usually stay on their containment thread.
And then another few anons leave and never come back, just like clockwork.
eternal_littlespace_jutsu.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1200x1200)
OK but when are LOL threads coming back
02b5b22273d36dd4d493cd82c4eac397e9347c8c63d88fb7f0c917cb5afce181.png (u)
[Hide] (993.5KB, 1176x1060)
Let's give it a couple more years and keep that stuff on /b/ for now. Even though I tried starting a couple of LOL threads there, I only got sad pieces of shit and bots to respond to it.
Spoiler File (u)
(1.1MB, 5120x3680)
Spoiler File (u)
(1.1MB, 1024x687)
ea21c5d039bead5615e812690c8d9c2df7882e75d0c1affdd3cf8317d9056136.png (u)
[Hide] (427.5KB, 462x450)
Replies: >>67170
134315049191.png (u)
[Hide] (853B, 127x47)
>Alright, I guess meta posts will stay from now on
Nah, that's what these threads are for. Don't listen to the bad faith cuckchanners trying to erode the moderation of the board.
my_eyes.jpg (u)
[Hide] (26KB, 415x544)
Replies: >>67170
20210622_015552.png (u)
[Hide] (201.3KB, 559x303)
Metashit is all so fucking tiring. Fuck this niggerbullshit.
Replies: >>67181
Spoiler File (u)
(1.3MB, 1024x680)
Spoiler File (u)
(1.2MB, 1024x770)
Spoiler File (u)
(961.4KB, 1024x779)
Spoiler File (u)
(800.1KB, 1024x662)
Spoiler File (u)
(1.3MB, 1018x785)
469b820e3f335750db805820a34fc172868b99fb9a553965897b422c0ac06383.jpg (u)
(8.3KB, 225x225)
after what you posted i'm not clicking anything you ever post again
ce1a5a852b37b8c30a1ebc8569c44f28666fa361943a1f6ee36b71cf95c3ec53.png (u)
[Hide] (966.1KB, 800x850)
>Fuck outta here. Nobody wants you.
Don't care. Didn't ask.
mucho texto
I agree, nobody should talk about meta issues. Who cares if I deleted by IP once or twice? Man up, you sissies, this is my board.
Replies: >>67183
That's not the point retard. Every fucking time, there's always the classic gayops, the power-tripping jannies, the aloof admins, the incompetent fucking coders, and the retarded fucking mass of anons all constantly fighting each other. We've dealt with years of this shit. YEARS.  And no one learns, or does jackshit about it.
Replies: >>67191
lurk moar tornigger lmao
asshole_cat.jpg (u)
[Hide] (107.6KB, 651x776)
Your use of the cuckchan term janny instead of mod is proof enough you're part of the problem.
That you care about the rank term used or whatever instead of referring to admemes by general terms of abuse shows that you're either statist trash that contributes nothing but meta whines or an underage b& that's not been around long enough to remember any other chans.
Replies: >>67200
>I seriously doubt anyone became gay because of gatchi memes
<being this naive
if fuckin mario has turned people gay I'm sure gay porn edits have turned people gay
1448852730713.jpg (u)
[Hide] (52KB, 900x810)
What was I spamming about?
>Your use of the cuckchan term janny
Were you even around during the first exodus? And if anything vol would be preferred over mod given that that was the correct term on 8chan.
Replies: >>67268
The nigger doesn't know that blacks didn't create anything.
Why is everyone on the internet compelled to say "bruh" like it's some amazing word of power that quadruples your gains or something?
Replies: >>67230 >>67267
Nice. Haven't posted on any board here in months. Let's see how things are going.
>Jannies still pruning posts like it's their little garden instead of just removing illegal content and actual spam.
Guess I didn't miss anything. Someone call me when we get moderation that doesn't think it's some kind of arbiter of quality.
Yeah I won't let the door hit me on the way out, thanks.
Replies: >>67238 >>67244
>doesn't read the thread, posts his mental diarrhoea anyway
We are here because seagull used delete by IP like a fucking retard and killed a thread in the process, not because he deleted shit he didn't approve of. Go spread your faggot drama someplace else nigger
fb9262405d615ef222e59bb6065bc46df4894711d8206b1bfd8e69f00dbc17e4.jpg (u)
[Hide] (21.1KB, 383x383)
>he's still mad he can't post his shitty wojaks
>remove actual thread about vidya
>carefully prune meta discussion from the new thread
>leave up dozens of completely off topic shitflinging posts about trannies and other american politics
The initial mistake, I can understand.
The follow up was stupid, but still understandable.
But the third point doesn't fit: it's no longer overzealous moderation, it's  biased moderation that protects some kinds of meta discussion and punishes some others.
Replies: >>67250 >>67256
Ok faggot.
Did you report those posts?
>like it's some amazing word of power that quadruples your gains or something?
>he doesn't know
bruh moment
spurdo_tired.jpg (u)
[Hide] (52.7KB, 219x281)
tired_bunny.png (u)
[Hide] (405.8KB, 1133x1171)
I'm too fuckin' tired to care about which term is cuckchan or not. Besides, like >>67221 said, you clearly don't remember the old exoduses. There were HE threads and memes that used the term to laugh at cuckchan jannies.
d96e8d5767873695d0537b1368cc06c1401ade46ac7b973d8c7da5e2e907c10e.jpg (u)
[Hide] (38.3KB, 645x773)
This is the image mods DON'T want you to see.

This is the word mods don't want you to read: BASED

Rebel against the jannies now.
Replies: >>67274 >>67578
Reminder having more then 70 iq is needed to post on this board, if you don't have them, which this poster >>67271 doesn't, you shouldn't post.
Also this ain't no 4chan 2.0 so no culture from it is wanted here.
Replies: >>67293
kikewheelsone.webm (u)
[Hide] (7.8MB, 640x360, 06:31)
kikewheelstwo.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.3MB, 512x282, 03:58)
This thread reminds me of the good old days.
Thanks, I knew kimee was ripping off another video when he did cow.webm but I couldn't 100% remember what or find the original in the abyss of my downloads folder. Daily reminder /intl/ was fucking vindicated and Jimbo organized the spam.
Replies: >>67279
all it needs is imkikey banning everyone itt for no reason
>implying he even cares anymore
Alexander is full normalfag now
(you)3.gif (u)
[Hide] (239KB, 500x500)
Is this the designated shitting thread?
Replies: >>67346
4b233bffec639d99a47750d521e4fd68992d7d127bd9ffe7fb722927f5dae42a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (43.2KB, 319x310)
0e6578d4347b2cda1fdd92af2b3b7a149f98cbb54c69abefd93f8fe834e6f359.jpg (u)
[Hide] (227.9KB, 1100x1380)
3f701b18a3029204db7fcde6d3cc619b4843acedfe5b6440b5a15b9479f39605.png (u)
[Hide] (128.7KB, 354x504)
8d3ec3a223e3c1148fd6ad655e203c32b7027abaeb2410c15db5ab0b9987a9b8.jpg (u)
[Hide] (107.9KB, 922x918)
>this ain't no 4chan 2.0 so no culture from it is wanted here.
what about these then? these, as well as many, many other, all originate directly from 4chan and are 4chan culture to this day, but you have no trouble posting them do you? hypocrite that you are, shut your fucking mouth you mongoloid wannabe "oldfag"
>admit to being an incompetent moron
<thinking this will make anybody take you seriously
lurk_more_faggot.webm (u)
[Hide] (825.3KB, 468x352, 00:22)
Replies: >>67306
8gaggers came from 4chan originally, so all they are allowed to us to jerk off to old 4chan memes. They are incapable of creation and don't see the irony in any of it either. They're literal spergs, so don't be too harsh on them.
Which Pokémon would you fuck?
fbbcf4e399485582e75e20be21afff195da5eb6b0bb42fe7e51a64ad74475c86.jpg (u)
[Hide] (68.5KB, 680x516)
We should have listened.
>no argument
glad you gave up immediately
Replies: >>67308
No argument. Also those were there from the hayday. And not soyjak like you posted so kill yourself.
Replies: >>67315
You gave up when you were born faggot.
Go back to 4kike. 
You don't belong here newfaggot.
you're moving the goalpost you monkey retard, your argument was
>this ain't no 4chan 2.0 so no culture from it is wanted here
now you're saying
>BUT that was from the hayday so it doesn't count
also just arbitrarily declaring my argument isn't one doesn't automatically make it wrong. go back to the debate club in elementary you fucking smoothbrain
Replies: >>67317
The only smoothbrain here is you retard.
Replies: >>67319
>no argument again
you understand that pretending to be retarded is still being retarded right? people are going to assume you are retarded and won't give you the benefit of doubt.
9a2075ab74774ca6095a51487adc842e9673b2ff2a2ddea820f377c59fa7a79f.png (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 2200x874)
The 4chan that exists today is nothing like the 4chan that used to exist.
Replies: >>67322 >>67323
That reminds me, do you think that 22chan's /vg/ might be a good alternative board?
Replies: >>67326
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 2200x874)
Here, I made an about as meaningful image as yours.
Replies: >>67328
Everyone in this thread but me is retarded.
Replies: >>67330
Your a parasite nothing more, you have never been on 4chan pre-2007. You are an alp. You'll alp like a good alp that you are.
Replies: >>67333
Why is it always one retarded cunt that makes all these meta threads
Replies: >>67331 >>67345
Nice joke.
Replies: >>67332
Because he needs to, he's learned off lurking on 4kike like a good alp he is.
your birth was a nice joke
Replies: >>67335
>8gag circle jerker calling anybody a parasite
Replies: >>67334
Says the right one. The one who uses a dead meme that has been killed by people like himself. 
Stay mad alp.
Replies: >>67337
Says the right one.
Replies: >>67337 >>67339
I have no clue what you are talking about, but I can tell you sure are mad lmao!

keep crying, worthless 8gag baby boy
Replies: >>67339 >>67702
Replies: >>67341 >>67343
230fa77f296d9a0cb1bd34ebabcf5254b946db96ce8d91e5c0f695cb2c85b5f6.jpg (u)
[Hide] (10.5KB, 200x315)
Ok, but don't expect that the 4cuckold will shut up.
Hi seagull
/ggrevolt/ aka /lolcow/ are still asshurt, so they take the time from jerking off to diaper fetishes to bitching about 8chan and gamergay.
Replies: >>67347 >>67583
>to diaper
meant from diaper
Replies: >>67583
UT_manga_adaptation.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (69.1KB, 687x880)
>newfag gets called out for his newfaggotry.
>starts spamming his epin soyjacks to show how fucking new he is.
>mods nowhere to be found when they are actually needed.
Great board this place turned into.
Replies: >>67370
Uncomfortable.jpg (u)
[Hide] (53.2KB, 691x658)
I-is 4um down again?
Why the autism?
Replies: >>67377
Limes are just superior lemons
It's the same fag who spammed's threads.
>nooooooooooo why aren't mods defending me I don't want to look at those pics noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Replies: >>67378
No, it's just the resident autism (or one of) still being buttblasted that a single board on the internet doesn't like his "culture".
Replies: >>67380
maybe if they stopped getting fed asshurt they would stop posting it.
World's_Smallest_Violin.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 320x240, 00:37)
Aww that's sad. A faggot goes around spamming wojacks on other boards, because things won't go his way. :(
243dbc3cc709b62583f1c96e65203152fb7cd0995a44a187721ece6ab5e7cb9f.png (u)
[Hide] (146.3KB, 422x493)
Look nigger I get you're butthurt but nobody cares but you. Stop posting these godawful edits of a beyond dead meme.
>not knowing the difference between 4chan and cuckchan
Cuckchan is just anonymous reddit.
Replies: >>67422
To be fair, 4chan is pretty shit as well, have you SEEN 4/v/? Or /g/, or 4/tv/ for that matter?
Seems like you all got distracted by the autist and seagull now gets away with everything.
Replies: >>67582
7ce955f4f208866f2c48ac3c3c98cdf88f1fb1e2ab109cc19529fbfd661035d2.png (u)
[Hide] (493.6KB, 320x768)
based on what
Eh, seagull seems pretty alright for a mod, ironically the only faggy thing he's done as far as I know was bumplocking the aniki thread, but then again the thread was probably better suited for /b/ anyway.
Replies: >>67588 >>67928
490033a717ddd13dbe92302e033647491c8abf5b1ea9eb6e4c48e0ed4e8fbc29.png (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1790x1144)
ok gator
Replies: >>67600 >>67616
7f5b79173cc770528d1ae31b075b44fd6621260508d256c604778ee97fd6a00a.gif (u)
[Hide] (14.4KB, 518x400)
I agree! And Mark ain't so bad, either!
You realize the reason Mark is bad is that he doesn't moderate enough? If you want to post trash then go to markchan.
Replies: >>67594
I'll open up to the idea of a comparison once seagull comes out as a twitterfag and we know what his face and asshole look like.
1542400504.jpg (u)
[Hide] (105.7KB, 564x520)
>doesn't moderate enough
Replies: >>67596 >>67598
Does he still allow pure cancer like 4AM?
Replies: >>67693
Mark.jpg (u)
[Hide] (909KB, 2000x3000)
Anon should have worded it differently. It's not that Mark doesn't moderate enough, it's that he doesn't moderate ||properly||. Soyjaks, cuckchanners, redditors, 0 effort threads, derailment and shilling are almost always ignored by Mark. The only things Mark deletes is spam and personal criticism. You cannot badmouth him without getting banned soon after. 

Seagull's issue is the exact opposite. He is so keen on aggressive quality control (and understandably so, we've all seen what 8ch/v/ looked like since 2016) that many times he deletes posts that were innocent. It's good that we finally have a mod who doesn't put up with the cuckchan menace but he needs to chill out a bit, he has killed at least 2 threads on accident so far.
Ban expired already? Are you going to post more of your soyjack collection?
Replies: >>67615
I'm not even sure about what seagull is doing that is pissing off autists since I don't follow board drama closely but what I do see is that this board has received a huge influx of either cuckchan/reddit fags or subversives posting "based" soyjacks and other garbage, "go back take your meds" one-liners, and other shit. So if the complaint is that he is too autistic about quality and ends up deleting a few legit posts here and there, I say fags who complain about this can go fuck themselves. What do I care if a thing or two I post get caught in the middle of the shitstorm, I rarely post anything worth reading anyway.
It's basically manufactured outrage.
stay mad eden
here we can see two retards in the act of gay mouth sex
Replies: >>67613
stay mad (insert bogeyman here)
i dont know who seagull is but fuck that guy man
ce785b36a8f3bd06da3afb2c0d5e12757e15b07db745599dc12ae1a91b3fccec.png (u)
[Hide] (384.6KB, 585x738)
oh man gator that's a spicy burn
Replies: >>67616
Who the fuck is this gator person you keep claiming you're responding to?
Replies: >>67617
he's like blackpill he most posts in the gamergate general but occasionally he wanders out and you can tell it's him instantly
Replies: >>67620
Jesus fucking christ. How many fucking boogymen are there on a sub 100 user board?
Replies: >>67637
50% of the userbase is known bogeymen
Replies: >>67646
all me tbh
I rarely see any soyjaks posted there that isn't taken as an offense or part of spam from some butthurt autistic fag. No one openly welcomes admitted cuckchannlers or redditors there either.
Replies: >>67694
4acdebf53d8608552f3030ce449e3fe5ea6bf4f43f0e4d9c7e88d596a5f0cbcb.png (u)
[Hide] (416.5KB, 674x826)
Go back there you stupid jew loving goy
An Alp is a human male so unbelievably homosexual that turns into a female succubus in the lore of monster girl encyclopedia fags don't exist in mge Alps then spend the rest of their days lusting after dick.
I believe he's calling you a faggot.
The fuck are you talking about? He bans anything he doesnt like.
Replies: >>67712
Because no one is upset at seagull, it's a faggot from 8moe who got butthurt that the gaymergays didn't want to do things his way. Now he samefags and act as an actor to illude the thoughts of anons on this board. It's either /ggrevolt/ or /lolcow/ , but at this point they're the same people. It amazes me how one fat kike can rent-free in the most retarded human beings heads. That's the only positive thing I can think of when referring to Mark.
Replies: >>67784
>scat fetishist and wojak-posting faggot is STILL this assblasted
Keep up the good work bird
Replies: >>67784
woah.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 340x243)
>What do I care if a thing or two I post get caught in the middle of the shitstorm, I rarely post anything worth reading anyway.
with that kind of mindset you may as well be posting on twitter or reddit at this point
>everyone who has a problem with the way this board is run is cuckchan/markhole
epic astroturfing
Replies: >>67873 >>67877
smugumin.png (u)
[Hide] (262.6KB, 414x459)
>>everyone who has a problem with the way this board is run is cuckchan/markhole
I like how you're admitting that you're the butthurt faggot and are still assblasted that everyone knows that your ideas are retarded. Kill yourself and at least save your parents the dissapoint they have out of you.
Replies: >>67883 >>67982
Does seagull have a fanclub like mark? That would explain the blatant defending ITT. I personally don't care but the damage control is too much.
Replies: >>67928
>I like how you're admitting that you're the butthurt faggot 
Replies: >>67977
Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that I liked seagull in my post earlier >>67582 , and I'm still butthurt about the whole aniki bumplocking.
It's obviously you retard. Go cry on your trannydiscord if you're this asshurt that you get btfo'd for being a gay nigger shit feitshist.
Replies: >>68132
i just noticed this woman wears a choker. what a slut!
Replies: >>67990
Megumin is a washboard and I would rub my wet clothes over her chest.
>What do I care if a thing or two I post get caught in the middle of the shitstorm
Same, fellow redditor!
Who cares if the mods nuke thousands of random comments, it's all worth it to protect us from wrongthink.
Replies: >>68023 >>68041
official_zzzchan.png (u)
[Hide] (40KB, 785x906)
Ban and delete everyone whose posts I don't personally approve of in any way, that's the only way to fix the board.

You're like an annoying little brother Eden, you will never be relevant and your deadboard will stay a deadboard. Cope from here to eternity.
zzz/v/ is better then zzz/b/.
>anyone I disagree with is Eden
Replies: >>68041
I know it's easier to complain than compliment, but I feel like a tool responding to someone just to agree. I guess that's why likes are allowed in most platforms? Though that system brings worse things with them, and does nothing to improve the discussion.
Replies: >>68041
Stop responding to yourself.
Replies: >>68042
All me fellow schizo.
which boogeyman am I supposed to be again? eden? the wojak poster? gator?
Replies: >>68138
Literally who?
5645644.png (u)
[Hide] (681.7KB, 832x529)
>>67035 (OP) 
By tuning at /animu/ jazz streaming.
Starting at 3 pm PST / 22 UTC updated

tune in with any media player at:
Replies: >>68432
Replies: >>68433 >>68434
you will need a music player such as foobar2000 or vlc. I use foobar2000 and it works just fine. 
File>add location then put in this link:
Replies: >>68434
Though not optimal, it just werks for me in Firefox.
Btw this sounds more like classical music at the moment. Not that I'm complaining. Is it anime or video gaym music at least? I really don't care either way but I'm curious
Replies: >>68435
Got a bunch of classical music albums to stream, right now its playing.
Jeremy Joseph, Orchester Wiener Akademie & Martin Haselböck album.
ff751dd66e5e6e2ce4607850b25ccbb1b410a4149eff14cfb6e02547deecfc5d.jpg (u)
[Hide] (438.8KB, 740x740)
>Orchester Wiener
Replies: >>68439 >>68444
Gas whoever keeps making these garbage threads
madotsuki_drinking_grape_soda_with_mouth_open_stop_making_such_a_mess_you_godamn_idiot.jpg (u)
[Hide] (73.8KB, 680x777)
I'll orchestrate with your weiner, faggot.
Replies: >>68590 >>68602
nice trips
pls orchestrate mai weiner-peener, sempai uwu <3 :33333
Replies: >>68615
Can I watch OW<
d44935dfe1253faf61918f40fbc1e9a5757b53e6c92499efccb8abf0c828ea06.webm (u)
[Hide] (4.4MB, 574x480, 00:36)
Replies: >>68661
Wat moobie?
niko_stomach.jpg (u)
[Hide] (343KB, 1200x900)

Are you implying the fat fuck did anything anymore
shrug_katarn.jpg (u)
[Hide] (111.8KB, 1021x631)
>I just wanna be transparent
Roughly 6 years too late.
How long until he transitions?
>jewtube linked
Kill yourself.
>The mark button was pushed
That button needs to desperately be taken away from all jannies, not one knows how to use it in such away that doesn't make them a power tripping retard mark acolyte.
Replies: >>68792 >>68795
When will Seagull kill himself retire just like Mark is now?
Replies: >>68813
770ac7c497085cd6e061f2be4bada74779dfee324bbd92ae4503ebaa04284466.jpg (u)
[Hide] (91.2KB, 600x535)
>The mark button was pushed
Replies: >>68797
Spoiler File (u)
(7.8MB, 1280x634, 01:06)
<guyse i'm leaving kinda sorta but not really more like thinking of it we'll see as this ongoing thing is going on huuurduuuur next big thing in my life ,mobile, investors,maybe i stay as a consultant,many experience i gained these past 7 years ,much skills to pay the bills blerp blerp
Wow he has really come such a long way.Between this and his youtube carreer ,the possibilities opening for him are limitless.
10 gondolla jpegs says he stays exactly where he is and keeps doing the same shit he always hasbeing a burden to everyone else and this is nothing but another attentionwhoring trick**
Its the "hurt the feelings of a wojak spammer" button. While mass deletion is not a good thing, mass spam of wojak garbage is worse.
Replies: >>68850
What the fuck is this video
Replies: >>68801 >>68846
imagine_my_shock.jpg (u)
[Hide] (143.9KB, 1000x951)
that was mine, and many other's first guess too, kike would literally NEVER leave unless he found another bigger source of attention to grift on, say he got asked to be BO of some cuckchan board or whatever he'd zip right to them
Hello newfriend
Replies: >>68846
951acf4d7067f14b92c0be0e9419898c251ba640d8f7add834208f8625d627f5.jpg (u)
[Hide] (26.4KB, 326x306)
I'm sorry I don't know every porn clip in existence, jagoff.
Replies: >>68839
Why is it always the (1)s shown to be obsessed with cakekike? Why don't you go over to his site and bitch about him there? If he's an attention whore, then don't give him attention and beg for his dick everywhere you go. No one cares about Mark.
Replies: >>68812
>No one cares about Mark
Apparently they do seeing they bitch about him several years after the fact. Its an unhealthy obsession that's beyond any normal behavior at this point.
Replies: >>68819 >>68828
Its amazing how seagull has become this hated in this little of time.
Replies: >>68816 >>68843
I don't care about some fucking jew janny either, just being a jew and a janny should tell you all you need to know in advance. Maybe some baby brains still don't understand the severity what the parasites called jews believe, and what being a jew means to the people around them.
Replies: >>68824
>I don't care about some fucking jew janny either
<which is why I will continue to complain about him everywhere I go as I produce more (1s), complain about seagull and bump this thread whenever I get the chance.
You are the only one with the baby brain and how you refuse to get over the past and simply find something better to do other than let a fat dumb jew upset you.
Replies: >>68866
>Its an unhealthy obsession that's beyond any normal behavior at this point.
Well you can probably blame it on the fact that most of these retards lacked a good father figure who should of taught them on how to not be gigantic faggots.
Replies: >>68829
> should of 
|| Your || dad should've taught you how to spell.
>Your dad should taught a language he doesn't even know.
It's not a spelling error, it's ghetto grammar.
1613352248170.jpg (u)
[Hide] (53.8KB, 960x711)
>porn clip
Not just new but a faggot too huh?
This place should know by now how to treat your kind
Replies: >>68846
Only by retarded cuckchanners upset that they can't spread their cancer here.
sample_7a1a6af6d88f056dc7104e07ba2d2743.jpg (u)
[Hide] (224.7KB, 850x601)
>me trying to figure out if one of these naked beings is cakekike
I don't know what this is either. If I had to guess, it's a recording of some celeb/eceleb or the woman claimed the guy raped her or did something else and the video is proof against it.
Replies: >>68847 >>68848
358p9f9r4dy21.jpg (u)
[Hide] (146.8KB, 660x704)
>implying cakekike has had sex
Replies: >>68849
sluttective.jpg (u)
[Hide] (481.3KB, 1414x1000)
I remember he said he was going to hire a hooker if he was still a virgin by 30 or 40 or something. Dunno why anyone would throw their wizard powers away like that.
Replies: >>68865
This! Seagull is based
Nobody thinks he's "based" cuckchanner, but he doesn't do retarded shit and filters the cancer and that's good enough for me.
>passive aggressive
el_desafio_empieza.png (u)
[Hide] (4.3KB, 160x144)
based on what
Replies: >>68862
based on deez nuts
Considering that video is 2012 and he said that around 2016 the theory makes no sense
vegas.jpg (u)
[Hide] (479.2KB, 1440x900)
I'm a real (1) you baby brain faggot remind me why are you whinging about an actual JEWISH PEDOPHILE JANNY giving the creature attention? For how long? Why? 

It's been years now baby brain bitch, we have our own board here with our own autistic as fuck janny we need to keep in check you fucking jewish retard.
Replies: >>68869
wuw.jpg (u)
[Hide] (15.8KB, 300x200)
And is this jewish pedophile in the room right this moment?
Replies: >>68872 >>68874
Keep your autism in check ty
You already made this joke. Make some new material. It's getting repetitive.
Replies: >>68876
And is this joke in the room with us right now anon?
Replies: >>68877 >>69210
8b6e377871b7535f82ec31bd2a66b58d89e34e11a80acc39c9513eb8b8490868.png (u)
[Hide] (198.5KB, 329x292)

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