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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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What are you playing?
Why is it shit?
NTR-bait edition.
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>>67030 (OP) 
This slut just reached level 30, should i make her a Mistress? It seems to fit her because her unique passive of inflicting slow after being hit and Mistress has the provoke skill.
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Final Fantasy III, first time I've actually had fun with a JRPG and played it for more than an hour. Having nothing to do at work besides exist tends to push you to madness. would make love to terra
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>Final Fantasy III
I thought for a minute you meant the actual FF3 until you mentioned Terra. Me too
Speaking of which, does anyone know how the 3D remakes of Final Fantasy III and IV compare to the originals? Do they make any major changes aside from the graphics?
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>>67030 (OP) 
Any recommendations for a beginner to the genre? I don't think I've ever played a real wrpg/jrpg, if at all. I like the idea of a party of roles that you need to make your party effectively survive. I think that's part of why I liked Girls Frontline since you put together girls in a squad. Different gun types do different things and have different formation modifiers
What game, anon? Looks neat. I like the idea of branching jobs too. It reminds me of Ragnarok Online, where most roles start out as one basic job and then you can specify into one of multiple specialized choices. (God I wish Ragnarok was a single player rpg. I love the art style but you hardly get to see most of what's in the game if you're not a solo class and you don't need to go to a lot of places anyway because you can just farm zeny to buy what you want from someone else)
>call them Japanese role-playing game
>only one of these words actually applies to them, sometimes none of them
Why did they do this?
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Blame this faggot.
The closest to a "real" JRPG that I finished from begining to the end was Persona 4 and Dragon Quest 11.
Persona 4 because I enjoyed the battle system for me it was something new and unique
Dragon Quest 11 because it's simplistic nature gave off a special kind of charm to me.
There's SMT which is the closest thing I can thing off of what you mentioned, but I'm still a beginner in this genre too.
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Persona games are only fun on the hardest difficulties.
Replies: >>67218
Playan Ys Book I & II, the OST is great and the game is fun if a bit tedious at times.
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>What game anon?
Dungeon Travelers 2, game is amazing and probably up there in the top with other first person dungeon crawlers. Game is really hard so if you are new to the genre i would start with something else, Demon Gaze comes to mind if you want to start playing dungeon crawlers, also the game is exclusive to Vita (there's a lot of  people that bought a vita because this game is really well know to dungeon crawler fans and can not be played anywhere else).

If you want to play a more classic JRPG i would start with a Dragon Quest game, i have only played Dragon Quest XI but it excecutes the "standard jrpg" thing masterfully, the game is really polished and full of love.
Replies: >>67166 >>67218
Etrian Odyssey is good, if you want a dungeon crawler. They're the gold standard for dungeon crawlers for good reason. If you want a slow burner with lots of dialogue and world building you can try Trails in the Sky. Golden Sun was probably a lot of people's first JRPG and the two games have a lot of charm. There's a lot more but those are some that come to mind first.

What's the state of Vita emulation? Is playing that game on an aging computer feasible?
>What's the state of Vita emulation?
Nonexistent, pray you can get a used console and an SD2Vita without paying out the ass.
I don't think Etrian Odyssey is a good crawler but it's a good jrpg, the combat is one of the best in the genre but the exploring mazes aspect is really barebones, can hardly be called mazes.
>What's the state of vita emulation?
Might as well not exist, i heard in an update that it can now play two indie games.
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I have been playing End of Eternity/Resonance of Fate. Reanbell a cute.
The answer to your question is "I forget" and "yes." The DS 3D FFIV has different bullshit extra content from the remake before that one (Whyt and its minigames, added just so that the game would use the DS's stylus) and I forget what else changed. FF remakes, though, are probably the most likely games to have comprehensive lists of changes between versions on the FF wikia or on gamefags. Now, the FFL 3D remakes probably don't have detailed lists of changes between versions, but I know there are some for those, too. 
That's a hell of a question to answer, so I won't even try. 
I always considered Etrian Odyssey more of a Wizardry-like than a JRPG.
Replies: >>67218 >>67652
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I'm not too sure why I said "real" here. I guess I was trying to differentiate between something like a TES game with the kind of game that's discussed here. I don't really care if the game is traditional in it's gameplay, as long as it's fun and has that party gameplay aspect.
I've heard about all of these games. I think I'll give Persona 4 a try. Definitely not what I had in mind but it looks interesting enough and I've been seeing the series around for a long time now through art, memes, and just mention of it. It's natively available for PC in English and I didn't realize that all the rest of these games are for fUCKING CONSOLES AAAAAA and I don't have any consoles at all. Even Wikipedia said that JRPGs are referred to as "Console RPGs" My autism doesn't like me emulating stuff if I haven't at least played it on the real console before so yeah.
It kind of rubs me the wrong way to play a recent release with so many older titles that I haven't played in general. Talking about the series specifically, it's the only title available for pc natively.
I was looking at SMT Nocturne since it's an old SMT title that's available for PC (through a VERY recent remaster), but I'm concerned about the fact that it's a remaster and not the original.
Good. :-) Unless I have to play through once to unlock the hard difficulty
>Dungeon Travelers 2
Looks nice at least from what I can see. I hope I can play it one day...same with all these other games. I'm putting them down in a log. Demon's Gaze looks like it's for consoles only as well.
>Dragon Quest XI
Same as I said to the other anon, it just rubs me wrong to start with a 2020 title. It's nice that it seems to be so well received though.
>Etrian Odyssey
Noted, but console so it'll have to be put on hold.
>Trails in the Sky
The 3d style really reminds me of Ragnarok. The characters and mobs obviously aren't sprites but still. Available on PC now too. I definitely want to try this.
>Golden Sun
Not on PC, but I noticed from the wiki page that Motoi Sakuraba is the composer though. Same guy that composed for DS games iirc.
>That's a hell of a question to answer, so I won't even try. 
I realized it was kind of a shitty thing to post right after I did so but I figured I might get a bite since I had a little more to say rather than just lazily asking for a recommendation.

Anyway, thanks very much for recs. Please don't bully me for not wanting to emulate. I might just give in anyway and do it for the 2d games and maybe also the ones that have been released on phones. I actually don't know how much of this stuff is emulatable except for DS and PS2 games. Obviously not Vita since that was just discussed.
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>I wish Ragnarok was a single player rpg
Just so you know, Trails in the Sky was on PC first, then ported to PSP. The Steam/GOG versions are based on the original PC code. It's a subseries of a subseries, but you don't need to play any of the previous Dragon Slayer games to enjoy it. Do play Dragon Slayer to see a hugely innovative series that secretly influenced hundreds of games, including Shiggy Diggy's Zelda games.
Both DS and GBA are easy to emulate. Functionally it's not very different from playing an old PC game. I don't see why you would be averse to it.
>Do they make any major changes aside from the graphics?
Well, I know IV had a retranslated English script by the guy that went on to redo Chrono Trigger's for its extended port on the DS. Mato, the fan translator of Mother 3, has had an ongoing script comparison between various versions of Final Fantasy IV, and has said that, while it's certainly flowery, he still finds the DS remake's script to have been the closest in accuracy to it's Japanese counterpart. Gameplay-wise, I think I've heard that Final Fantasy III DS revised the job system somewhat compared to the original, while Final Fantasy IV DS had the Augment system to carry over some abilities when certain characters leave the party. I'd expect that any subsequent versions based on those handle the same, minus the touch screen menus.

You might take that with a grain of salt though, as I haven't actually touched III, and IV I had to put aside due to real life stuff and just never had much drive to get back to. Not because I found it bad, but that Final Fantasy isn't a series I've had that much luck actually getting into compared to other series I've tried.

>Any recommendations for a beginner to the genre? I don't think I've ever played a real wrpg/jrpg, if at all. 
Can only really speak on JRPGs, but with those, it would kind of depend on if you'd want a traditional experience (IE: what comes to mind when those terms are heard), or something more niche. Ignoring Pokemon, I know my earliest JRPGs were the likes of Golden Sun, Chrono Trigger, and Tales of Symphonia, but there are a lot of games, both as stand-alone ones or series, that one could probably start just fine with.

>I like the idea of a party of roles that you need to make your party effectively survive.
Sounds more like you'd want a dungeon crawler RPG, or at least a traditional JRPG with class changing and/or custom stat or skill builds, than something "standard", for lack of a better word. Think I've heard it said before that Demon Gaze is a good entry point for the former (It's currently Vita exclusive, but in Japan is being ported to the PS4 and Switch in September; might come west again, but remember not to give NISA money for it), but I'm sure a lot of anons got into those from prior existing series, like Etrian Odyssey or Wizardry.
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I've been playing SMT1 on my switch after getting euphoria and hype from getting the True Demon Ending in Nocturne, I also have SMT2 installed and will try it out right after SMT1 if I manage to beat it.
Once I beat SMT2 I would have beat all of the mainline SMT games, 4A does not exist.
SMTV looks passable for now, I just hope its actually fun to play once its out.
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Are there any more absurdly stupid and fun turn-based rpgs with good humor like earthbound instead of the typical magic elf-dildo fantasy bullshit storyline?
Weird games like Hylics and OFF also count.
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Replies: >>67470
lisa_Dansen.mp4 (u)
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Lisa The Painful.
Replies: >>67473
Citizens of Earth
Chapter 2 actually never ever. Maybe it's for the best.
Replies: >>67650
He said "fun". This is anything but.
Replies: >>67963
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What do you anons think about Star Wars The Old Republic and Final Fantasy 14? I dumped 20 hours into TORtanic so far and I don't think it's that bad. I'm not going to act like it's good, it doesn't hold a candle at all to Kotor 1 and 2 either, but I think it's decent.
Real Kotor 3 never ever.
The only thing I know about FF14 are that fujos are going crazy over the cat boy in pic related.
SWTOR in current year is alright because you don't really need to spend a dime to just do the class stories and none of the shit quests while leveling. Until (((Square Enix))) completely overhauls their account creation mechanisms and how you buy the game I will forever shit on FFXIV for being a shit game despite never having actually played it before.

Pro-tip to anyone that plays SWTOR, you can't look like any of the NPC Nautolans when you create your character, do not under any circumstance buy that fucking race. It's a scam, all of their faces are unbelievably fucking ugly.
Replies: >>67683 >>67740
The more I play .hack GU the more I am even more lukewarm on it. I think I'll play it through but I don't know if I'm going to like it as much. 
Side note I believe we finally got new on a new Etrain Odyssey but thats more a dungeon crawler then JRPG.
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One of the guys on the project eventually put out a post saying the game was basically dead in the water and everyone more or less left, which is a shame. He released what they had finished on itch if you are interested in playing it.
Replies: >>67683
One other explicit change to FFIII DS is that, due to the fact that the screen can fit less enemies, said enemies tend to have inflated health to attempt to fix the ballance, which in turn causes things to feel more like a slog. Maybe that's not a problem for some people, but whatever. I'd also like to note that FFIII DS also makes the player characters actual characters, and I dunno if you're one of the people who would prefer that.
>Starting with Dragon Quest XI rubbing you the wrong way
Understandable, but it's enough of an anthology series that I don't think you'll have much of a problem. You might miss a few references, but I'm pretty sure the only explicitly connected DQs are 1-3 and 4-6. That having been said it's good to understand where a game came from, sometimes. Many classic JRPGs are fortunately on consoles you can emulate. I like Final Fantasy 5 (another anthology-type series, which has a lot of games I don't really like) but I don't know if it's good for beginners. If you do want some, I'll list the three that got me into JRPGs, but you might learn wrong and play JRPGs for the gameplay like I do.
>Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)
It's a pretty basic JRPG from Square Soft, who were one of the kings of the genre back in the day. It also stars everyone's favorite bing bing wahoo boy. This is also also the game Geno is from, if you've met an annoying Smash fan in your life. Overall, I'd say it's alright, but if you get too used to the action elements only other Mario RPGs will satisfy you (of which there are several).
>Pokemon (Every Goddamn Nintendo Handheld)
If you haven't played Pokemon at this point you're either way older than me or way younger. If you really like the team building aspect then holy shit Pokemon is right up your alley. Aside from that they're not super great in any way.
>Final Fantasy Legend 2 [the English localized version of SaGa 2] (GameBoy with a remake on the DS)
God this game is fucked. If you like the team building aspect, then this game is pretty wack for that, since you can have humans and robots and monsters and shit as party members. You also gain stats seemingly randomly but apparently come from wearing certain equipment, I didn't know this as a kid and haven't looked into it though. Aside from that, it's definitely a ride, it's probably a bad game for beginners which is probably why my taste is so fucked
If you want a recommendation of something actually good, play Chrono Trigger. The SNES version is perfectly fine, the DS version is a bit more accurately translated I think and has some bonus content that probably isn't that great but exists.
23325a56a76fb5afb45afa7a3bb76180553d944cef9d3d1ffb80cfbc8e2c499c.png (u)
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>Until (((Square Enix))) completely overhauls their account creation mechanisms and how you buy the game I will forever shit on FFXIV for being a shit game despite never having actually played it before.
So you want them to make the game free to play or buy to play? Please explain, anon.
>It's dead
Replies: >>67764
FF14 is fun. It's certainly better than any other modern FF game, though that is a pretty low bar.
Replies: >>67689 >>67739
It's okay, it's not really a game I would recommend to people but I enjoy it personally. The game community is being ravaged by WOW rapefugees though.
Replies: >>67704
The game's community has been extremely pozzed for a long time.

In fact I'd say the wowfags are a breath of fresh air because they haven't fallen into the "everyone needs to be super friendly all the time by the way would you like it if a catboy sat on your face uWu" behavior yet.

It had gotten so bad that I just swore off interacting with players but the wowfags are a lot more laidback, they won't throw a fit if you call something retarded or whatever.
Replies: >>67739
>FF14 is fun
Only if you're autistic and brain dead.

>The game community is being ravaged by WOW rapefugees though
It's ravaged by discordtrannies, who will invite you into their shitty group and then get triggered if you sing Christmas songs with a fellow newbie or do anything socialable.

>In fact I'd say the wowfags are a breath of fresh air because they haven't fallen into the "everyone needs to be super friendly all the time by the way would you like it if a catboy sat on your face uWu" behavior yet.
What? Certain servers are filled with some of the most insufferable cunts who get offended by the smallest shit in the world, while some are actually chill and can take a joke. Let's not forget that wowfags are massive degenerates and known for their  infamous erotic roleplaying inns of shitty kinks from scat to furfaggotry, which makes things even worse and explains so many online gaymers are so anti-social. The entire MMO community is gay and retarded, which is why I only play with friends.
Replies: >>67788
>do not under any circumstance buy that fucking race
Can't you unlock them while playing the game? Aren't most of the races locked when you are playing for (((free)))?
>Real Kotor 3 never ever.
And I hope it stays that way, I don't think there is an unpozzed developer that could manage to do it.
Replies: >>67764 >>67783
ed3e3a6fd3b02879cac3752b5d6df0c9908d16f7c9f122dbc8a531354895a60a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (56.7KB, 607x428)
Replies: >>67783
>So you want them to make the game free to play or buy to play? Please explain, anon.
No, I want them to have a competent website and game client. And if I recall correctly the game is free up to a certain level, but in order to play for free you need to use a completely different game client from people who bought the game. It's a convoluted mess and if you look at any forums for the game you'll find thousands of people who can't figure out how to even buy the game because their website is so fucking shit.
>Can't you unlock them while playing the game? 
No I don't think so.
>Aren't most of the races locked when you are playing for (((free)))?
Yes most are. Though basically every single race is just the exact same model with different skin color and maybe a horn sticking out of their head.
Replies: >>67767 >>67783
>No I don't think so.
Fug, if that is true, I guess I should buy a new TOR box from ebay and activate the key.
Replies: >>67768 >>67783
Well now that I think about it I think you can unlock races for other classes if you get them to level 60 or whatever. Like X class has access to X race, but Y class doesn't have access to X race, so if you get X race to level 60  on X class, now classes that didn't have that race can be played as it. But there are a handful of races that are locked out and must be purchased.
Replies: >>67783
>And I hope it stays that way, I don't think there is an unpozzed developer that could manage to do it.
I think the guys in charge of Divinity Original Sin could maybe do it. Would have suggested Devolver Digital, but they gave money to Saint Anita.
That picture is so good.
Yeah, that is pretty stupid. Not even Bioware was that incompetent.
Yeah, it's pretty gay that they lock some races behind a paywall. So you can't make your Mary Sue/Gary Sue light side, sith pureblood jedi, but on the bright side, races don't get racial stat buffs/debuffs.
Well, I'm sure that some of the wow players are indeed faggots, but from what I've seen the percentage is lesser than the ff14 players. I have seen maybe 2% of ff14 that I wouldn't classify as faggots whereas with the wow newbies it's maybe 25%.

They don't do the overly polite thing where you get the impression that the guy on the other side of the keyboard is going to have a mental break down if you use the r- word, the nigger word, the faggot word or anything deemed offensive.
I have a bigger issue with how that kind of faggot behaviour causes nobody to want to speak in duties unless they wipe, though some are better than others. Like for instance I'll tell some dumb cunt off-tank to grab the enemies and either because he is an ESL or because he can't/doesn't want to respond everybody gets confused and we wipe. It's not really something you can fix it's just a community thing. The ultimate experience I've had was playing mabipro with smug anons until they all died or quit from boredom. At the end of the day an MMO is only as good as it's community and unless you can find other anons or people you like to play an MMO with it's gonna be like 50 times worse.
Replies: >>67867
keep MMOshit outside of this thread please
I'll have to keep that in mind, in case I ever choose to play FF14. Thanks for the heads up, anons.
>Any recommendations for a beginner to the genre?
Chrono Trigger.  It's simple, fun, pretty, has good music, has good side quests, has a good story (except for the very end), and lets you explore a lot of the world at your own pace.  It's a classic for a reason.
Lisa the Painful is Just as "fun" as Mother 3 and I played and beat them both.
The thing is Mother 3 is absolutely fucked even from the first chapter, Lisa is just violent and gory at times, but it has a better sense of humor.

Shin Megami Tensei - Nocturne is a very good start.
The reason I had a hard time with that request is that I have bad memories of trying to get non-(j)RPG friends into them. I recommend the ones I liked when I was getting into the genre, and they're playing games that are 20-30 years old and saying "yeah this is probably a good game but I just don't want to stick with it." Honestly, any Mario RPG including Seven Stars, the first Paper Mario or two, and the first few Mario RPGs would probably be good intros to the genre, because they're from the "let's just have fun" Nintendo era. Dink Smallwood is a pretty fair simple action RPG although it can be kind of repetitive. Anachronox was actually a great JRPG made in the Quake 2 engine, of all things, by what's-his-name from Ion Storm. I don't know how well it runs on modern machines, though. There's also Epic Battle Fantasy, which is kind of memeshitty and eye-rolling in places and so I sort of hesitate suggesting it, but it was actually a decent barebones RPG series. The first is, I think, a little weird to play, so maybe start with the second or third, which should still be free and are Flash games and should run on anything. Hell, I think the fourth is Flash, too.
There are faggots that get massively butthurt if you suggest a better strategy then what they're doing. Let me tell you an example.
>Manor dungeon, one of the first real dungeons you get at around 30
>returning player is tank
>followed by a sproutling (newbie) and regular player
>throught the dungeon the tank kept turning on and off his tank stance like you use to, but isn't viable anymore
>kept getting mobs attacking me since I was healer
>had to heal myself as well as him
>as a result he would die since he was drawing in alot of mobs and I had to keep myself alive.
>Told him what he should be doing, since I am having a hard time trying to keep us both alive
>ignores me and keeps doing the same shit
>repeat myself after dying for the 3rd or 4th time
>he leaves
>sitting there waiting for a new tank
>try to strike a conversation with the other two, but they ignore me
>out of nowhere one of them starts being passive aggressive, saying "You're a bit of an asshole aren't you? Need to chill it."
>extremely confused, literally nothing I said was harsh in anyway
>he keeps going with a passive aggressive manor
>call him a passive aggressive cunt
>sprout also says something and leaves
I've met some cool folks in FF14, but jesus there are some real fags in this game. I can't count how many disgust me from their either their generic whore characters, or how gay they talk. Trannies are also easy to find by how ugly their characters are, if their description doesn't give them away.
Replies: >>68050
I haven't gotten in trouble yet but I hear the game's jannies run a sort of super aggressive gulag called the "GM jail". Maybe it's only reserved for people who use the words of power, I don't know. 

In any case, this is mostly a SJW run game for SJWs. It's a shame because the game is decently enjoyable for what it is.

>I've met some cool folks in FF14

I sure haven't.
Replies: >>68056
>but I hear the game's jannies run a sort of super aggressive gulag called the "GM jail"

Yes and no. I've gotten away with saying some mean shit to people, but they generally open themselves up to it. Mainly when people get upset over the dumbest things, like when you don't do a specific strategy for hard content. Both strats can work, but some people are adamant are specific shit to the point they become obnoxious. I've been reported multiple times, but they haven't done shit.
I've had a friend who did get jailed for a week for calling someone a retarded faggot, and honestly they where. They where screeching we where skipping cutscenes in the Main Story roulette, which if you played know takes waaaaay too long and tedious. I know another anon who called someone a faggot tranny and got banned. So it seems they focus on gamer words and general harrasment.

>I sure haven't
Shortly after that anon called someone a tranny (they advertised it in the noob linkshell), he actually had people privately message him and thanked him. They're out there. In fact, my FC despite being spics and redditors, tolerate the "bad" shit we say.
capcom.JPG (u)
(19.2KB, 206x236)
Help, Pathfinder: Kingmaker turns into a shitshow for the last 40-50 hours and I've dumped too much time into this game to quit now.
Why do 90% of D&D games completely implode when reaching higher levels, despite never including the really game-breaking shit to begin with? 
How many fucking Black Dweomer Owlbears do I have to wade through before I've decimated the countryside? Why am I personally doing half of the shit in this game anyway when I have entire armies and gangs of high-powered adventurers at my disposal?
I still have fun murdering people with my Magus, so whatever. Might restart with a different party.
Replies: >>68058 >>68675
>Why do 90% of D&D games completely implode when reaching higher levels,
I haven't had any problems with the games I played.
Replies: >>68059
How often do you make it past level 14?
Replies: >>68065
I don't remember, been a while since I played.
2021071319365100-0DC6ECE91CF3F6F02BAFC002E3FFBAAD.jpg (u)
[Hide] (224.3KB, 1280x720)
2021071319364200-0DC6ECE91CF3F6F02BAFC002E3FFBAAD.jpg (u)
[Hide] (253.6KB, 1280x720)
Teleports_behind_you.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (18.8MB, 1280x720, 00:29)
I have 350hs in Fire Emblem three houses, i keep coming back to it, the amount of freedom the game gives you to build the characters is amazing and the war phase maps are good. Might finally play in maddening after i finish my current BL run.
Replies: >>68093
Spoiler File (u)
(7.6MB, 720x480, 00:29)
Spoiler File (u)
(7.5MB, 720x480, 00:29)
Sage for double post.
Reminder that Golden Deer is the best house. Blue Lions are okay though. As long as you're not an Edelfag, you're alright in my book.
Anyway, I wonder what Nintendo is going to do with the series. It's a strategy game series where the units have personality and character, but there's a lot of them in the game. Then you have to remember that it's a long running series too, so there's only so much you can do before the characters end up coming off as samey.
Replies: >>68098
89949799_p0_master1200.jpg (u)
[Hide] (734.8KB, 960x1200)
The only route i disliked was Edelgard's because everyone acts out of character for plot's sake, Golden deer was okay but for someone who's supposed to be smart Claude it's really average, i won't get into spoilers but the final boss comes out of nowhere, even if the music is really good in it's final map. SS last map was my favourite, it's not an epic battle like in every other route but a sad one where you have to put out someone dear to everyone and the music let's you know really well.

My favourite overall for me it's blue lions. Almost every mission on the first part of the game has some connection to someone in the house, it also helps that most members on the house know each other from somewhere else so they have some history together, the only thing i disliked is it's last map, by far the easiest one.
>I wonder what nintendo will do with the series
Most of three houses development was my by Omega Force and ISIS helped with minor stuff like the DLC, which can be seen because they went full Conquest route in the dlc which i loved.

Marianne best girl.
Replies: >>68104
6ea0494cd27265c3ad3d4279a688923c.png (u)
[Hide] (581.1KB, 640x853)
>Marianne best girl
She's precious and must be protected. The only thing is my autism has a hard a time accepting characters like Marianne and Bernadetta being in a war zone. Haven't really played the game, do their personalities get hardened after the time skip?
Replies: >>68108
1c911038770814318179a464de31d3f5.jpg (u)
[Hide] (88.5KB, 736x920)
Well, Marianne is usually the healer, i think it's speaks about her because she lives for other's sake in the first part of the game her character arc in the second part is that she learns to live for herself and gains that beautifull sscimitar after literal facing her cause of pain, so getting a weapon is really symbolic.She also proposes to you. Bernadetta is probably the worst character in the whole game, i won't even talk about her but i still recruit her so Edelgard doesn't set her on fire after the time skip on gronder field. Why are you talking about a game that you haven't even played? Have you only watched a long play or something? I really don't get it.
Replies: >>68111
>Bernadetta is probably the worst character in the whole game
From what I've seen, she's basically a cartoon character. There's other cute and humorous characters, like Lysithea, Ashe, Ferdinand, and so on, but at least they weren't as over the top as Bernadetta.
>Why are you talking about a game that you haven't even played? Have you only watched a long play or something? I really don't get it.
My circle of friends were talking about the game a lot when it originally dropped. So I learned about some of the game’s aspects through osmosis. However, I have played through other Fire Emblem games like two of the GBA games and some of Path of Radiance.
Replies: >>68118
ash.jpg (u)
[Hide] (668.3KB, 1280x1829)
Lysthea only humorous character is that she likes candy and doesn't want to be treated like a kid, besides that she literally spends all her time studying because they experimented on her and she has at most 6 year to live I don't really know about what could be considered humorous about Ashe or Ferdinand. Ashe want to be a knight because of his admiration of Lord Leonato and Ferdinand wants to be the best noble he can because he considers his duty as a nobleman is to care for the common folk, Ashe along the way becomes conflicted with being a knight because sometimes your duty involves killing good people like Lord Lonato himself I don't remember that much about Ferdinand, besides that making him a dancer and a sword master was really op and carried me hard.

For some reason women like Ash.
29f7d6f006d30f8ec1356cb255ec187f.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (591.9KB, 1172x1037)
> I don't really know about what could be considered humorous about Ashe or Ferdinand. 
I should have said cute ||or|| humorous. Sorry, my bad. Ferdinand is humorous because of the "I'm Ferdinand von Aegir," meme.
>For some reason women like Ash
One of my friends was a fujo. From what she told me, it’s a similar reason to why men like Marianne, Lysithea, and Annete. "He's a wholesome, cute boy," were basically her words.
Replies: >>68125
I see the formatting guide on the faq is still wrong.
spoiler that shit, dumbass
Replies: >>68139 >>68140
only on blacked moe you need to spoil hentai, go back.
It wasn't even particularly disgusting you whiny baby, though I know nothing about nu-FE so I don't know if it's faggot shit or not.
Replies: >>68142
It's futa shit But point still stands, nsfw shit doesn't need to be spoiled unless is something like scat.
Replies: >>68160 >>68291
remilia.jpg (u)
[Hide] (60.5KB, 1000x1000)
I put my faith in you and this is how you repay me
Replies: >>68166
homo_games.png (u)
[Hide] (253.9KB, 846x308)
I'll let you suck my blood as compensation.
vitun_saatana.jpg (u)
[Hide] (231.1KB, 900x1200)
>futa on male
End_of_Eternity™_4K_HD_Edition_20210722090046.png (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1920x1080)
End_of_Eternity™_4K_HD_Edition_20210718220331.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (21.3MB, 1280x720, 00:27)
End_of_Eternity™_4K_HD_Edition_20210718220446.png (u)
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1920x1080)
Could use a few more scopes.
Replies: >>68510
>>67030 (OP) 
I've been playing through the original Phantasy Star. I've played it before but never finished it because Fusion fucked up my save file so I'm using save states this time. A lot of these JRPGs from the 80's hold up remarkably well because of how simple they are. The only frustrating aspect is the cumbersome interface.
except it does?
>5. /v/ is not SFW. NSFW content is allowed, just spoil it.
Replies: >>68329
randall.png (u)
[Hide] (171.1KB, 360x450)
>quoting the rules
Replies: >>68331
d6933d0f2b960b35075decc071733e9aa1822e1c4b35c1cf7e041aa4ae4324ee.jpg (u)
[Hide] (37KB, 399x480)
7th_dragon.png (u)
[Hide] (490.8KB, 472x708)
Finally got around to finishing 7th Dragon after dropping my 20 hour long playthrough years ago. Started a new game instead of continuing my save and it took me 70 hours to beat the entire thing complete with the bonus dungeon.
I don't think its worth playing for anyone. I only persisted with it because it catered to my specific type of autism but the game itself gets really bland 10 hours in. The first 2-3 hours of the game are essentially a hobo phase where money is tight and random encounters can kill you in two hits but once you get to level 20 or so the difficulty falls off the cliff. Every single encounter plays the same and you have no reason to change your strategy because its going to get you all the way to the end. The biggest reason why you'll be coasting through the entire game is because of the main gimmick of the game. There are 666 dragons in total which you need to kill to unlock the bonus dungeon. If you just kill them as you come across them you'll be over leveled for every single encounter in the game and this is with me avoiding every single random encounter in the game 30 hours in. By the end of it I had almost enough money to reach the ingame gold cap and theres nothing to spend it on.
I guess the visuals and the music is nice. There are little progression things you unlock by doing side quests which gives you a good incentive to do them. The primary method of level grinding isn't a tedious slog like in the Etrian Odyssey games but its not like you'll need to level grind anyway. For specific classes I actually ran out of things to spend skill points on around level 50 and I finished the game at level 75.
I hope you used the encounter rate reducing patch. It also did something else I'm not sure about, but I think it reduced the damage from red grass. It was absolutely insane in the game without the fan patch. If my memory is right, it forced you to use the one class with a skill that reduces it or the game was simply not playable. I think the most memorable thing about 7th Dragon, aside from needing a fan patch, is that there is a sacrifice skill that actually permanently deletes the character. Unfortunately you need to put skill points into it to use it so it's pointless unless you deliberately plan on killing the character off.
Replies: >>68507
I switched from a Fighter to Samurai a little ways into the game because Samurai had a skill which completely eliminates random encounters if you're higher level than them. Also yeah you pretty much need a Knight in your party just for the Walk Safe skill but Knight itself is extremely useful so it being mandatory doesn't really hurt.
Gun.jpg (u)
[Hide] (234.1KB, 500x500)
Is this your first time playing EoE?
Replies: >>68515
No, but I've never finished it before so I am hoping to this time. I'm still always amused by the customization though.
Replies: >>68603
20200427175550_1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (192.4KB, 1920x998)
I found the game too tedious/annoying and dropped it after getting the boat and finding out I cannot enter some island because I had a male party member, which at that point was the straw that broke the camels back
Found the 3 sequels surprisingly fun though
>finding out I cannot enter some island because I had a male party member
you can just tell them you're all females and they let you in anyway
I can't believe this series has a character named Fagotto.
>cannot enter some island because I had a male party member
What a weird requirement. I don't know a lot about this series, other than the funny character name. Does it have party building like Etrian Odyssey?
Replies: >>68527
If you're given a choice to make a party of cute girls, why would you make a guy anyway?
Replies: >>68527
20200427214530_1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (300.5KB, 1920x998)
>Does it have party building like Etrian Odyssey?
You only get 4 instead of 5 party members but if you have played EO you´ll feel right at home

Because I decide character sex by coin-flip if its not connected with stat changes
The classes are really nice but they game they're in kinda blows. They' be great in an actual dungeon crawler.
Replies: >>68535
>They' be great in an actual dungeon crawler
have you not played etrian odyssey?
they're all watered down versions of the classes from EO1.
>Found the 3 sequels surprisingly fun though
They have a charm but they're also very "modern Japanese", if that makes sense. Many of the character portraits look like they could have come out of TWEWY. It's a bit jarring when the first game was medieval fantasy more or less. The party building took a hit by limiting you to three characters, and the battles themselves suffer a lot from the unskippable cutscene attacks. The last one had a class that played Yugioh in battle though, which was charming. On the bright side the games had some catchy music (as long as you avoided the shitty Miku tie-in remixes) and the PSP games had some very good examples of how you can make impressive scenery even on weak hardware thanks to good design.
Replies: >>68547
20200427191346_1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (406.7KB, 1920x998)
>The party building took a hit by limiting you to three characters, andthe battles themselves suffer a lot from the unskippable cutscene attacks
I didn´t find the reduced party capacity to be that bad 
The battles however I found to be too easy outside of a couple of boss battles (like the dragon at the Shuto Seaspire in 2020 II or Hypnos in VFD) and didn´t require much tactics
The game gives you buffs and statuseffects galore but I always found that killing the enemy quickly was better than doing it the SMT way and buffing/debuffing the field
>Miku tie-in remixes
They weren´t even remixes for the most part, just covers with Miku going la-la-la over them
I´m still confused as to why they added her into the game and why they decided to add the IMO pointless Idol class only in the 2020 II when she was already in 2020
How far did you get the first time?
Replies: >>68649
End_of_Eternity™_4K_HD_Edition_20210724150848.png (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1920x1080)
I only beat up to chapter 8 last time according to my PS3 trophies. I am up to chapter 7 on this playthrough so far.

I probably burned out from trying to complete the coliseum or something last time. There's so much stuff to grind for it's easy to get distracted.
Replies: >>68705
61vFRoCsbLL.jpg (u)
[Hide] (88.3KB, 500x500)
Well, finally finished my run of three houses, now i'm that period between games.
Might start Oreshika, has anyone else here played it? How was it?
Replies: >>68667
Arrival_of_Child_(11).jpg (u)
[Hide] (102.5KB, 960x544)
Arrival_of_Child_(17).jpg (u)
[Hide] (103.4KB, 960x544)
Last_Words_(5).jpg (u)
[Hide] (59.9KB, 960x544)
Oreshika_20150306_214157.jpg (u)
[Hide] (94.9KB, 960x544)
I tried it a long time ago but never finished it. The breeding system is pretty cool, especially when you get some non-human features mixed into your family, but I found the gameplay repetitive I think. Though that could just be because of the difficulty setting I chose, the difficulty is weird in that game in that it claims to makes the game longer rather than harder. I guess your clan gets stronger slower or something.
Replies: >>68672
stranger-of-sword-city-revisited-image.jpg (u)
[Hide] (434.6KB, 800x453)
I tried the game for an hour and didn't enjoy it, so i started this instead, really digged the art style. Might start something else on my vita, i downloaded a lot of games just the other day so i will probably spend all day tomorrow trying games for an hour or two.
Just beat Dragon Quest Builders 2

>can play as cute girl and dress her up
>other girls lust after her fairly openly
>core gameplay is pretty fun
>characters are relatively charming
>story is decent for what it is
<way too hand-holdy and drip feeds even relatively important features
<open world but with a very tight sequence means a lot of doing stuff twice because you did it too early
<way too much thick, hard to read "accent" heavy text
<since you've got a warrior following you for most the game, most enemies are HP sponges that the parts without him show can actually be a lot more fun
<final boss is randomly a(n impossible to lose) shooter for some reason

Good game, but definitely things that can be improved upon. Given B1 took heavily from DQ1 and B2 takes so heavily from DQ2, DQB3 would have the advantage of being based on the best game in the trilogy by far, and one famous for its non-linear exploration heavy mid-game.
Replies: >>68676
Did you do the Pirate Grimoire quest in Pitax? That's the last really, really good part of the game. [spoiler]I want to know what people who weren't in on the jokes thought of the quest.[/spoiler].
Replies: >>68678
I think you're underselling how obnoxious the accents can be. They have a woman that speaks like a Puerto Rican klingon from the bronx. Fam.
Yeah, I killed all those fags and kept the reward for myself. I'm not surprised it consists of a bunch of in-jokes.
Replies: >>68709
Clipboard04.jpg (u)
[Hide] (630.1KB, 1920x1080)
The coliseum grind is ridiculous. I powered though it one time while having something else on in the background, but when I replayed the game I only went through it to buy stuff.

If you take a screenshot with a 3rd party tool (or PrintScreen) you can get rid of that watermark in the bottom left.
Replies: >>68707 >>68949
I am playing on PS4 so I have to use the built-in capture button. 

Why did they change Reanbell to Leanne in the English version anyway? It's not like they can use the excuse "Reanbell isn't a real name" when the other two are named Vashyron and Zephyr.
Replies: >>68718 >>68908
Spoiler File (u)
(3.6MB, 2330x1648)
The relatively short version of the story behind these injokes.
A man named Cleve Blakemore spent two decades making a first person dungeon crawler RPG before finally releasing it in 2017 (so only after the backer quest was written), which is so long the original announcement can only be found on the Wayback Machine because it happened so long ago that no gaming site from the era still exists. Before starting this, Cleve claims to have been a contractor for Sirtech Australia for a canceled Wizardry project by Sir Tech Australia that he was the only source for the existance. Cleve claims this project was horribly mismanaged to the point he was pretty much the only one doing actual work and that the developers had inserted bizare fetish shit like walking penis monsters. For years people treated Cleve as a clearly mad joke for his generally odd behavior on message boards, to the point a parody of him got into Jagged Alliance 2 (made by Sir Tech Canada), since Cleve was clearly crazy and told many crazy stories about other stuff as well. Come 2012 (well over a decade into his crazy talk) and a box of development documents for Sir-Tech Australia was found (pic related among them), and 'they proved Cleve was telling the truth about everything'.  That's why, if you pay attention to the plot (the demon Sir-Tech's comments and the reveal on why the one Eldest is helping you hurt the other is as revenge for a prank Cleve's standin mentioned) you realize all the crazy stories the Cleve standin tells you are absolutely true. 

The whole affair is fascinating.
Someone probably thought it sounded weird and decided to change it to Leannbell, because in Japan Rs and Ls are mixed up, but they probably also thought Leannbell sounded weird and cropped it down to a common name, Leanne.

I assume as much. I'm not saying I agree with it.
>A fucking reference to the Neanderthal of all people
I was going to play DQ Builders 2 but now i HAVE to. If anyone doesn't know Cliff hangs out in the Codexx on his games sub forums, he's the ultimate shitposter and a mad /pol/lack, it's amazing they even allow Grimoire to be sold on steam and GOG with how much they love their cancell culture.
Replies: >>68769
he is talking about Pathfinder,not DQ builders.
1384582866120.jpg (u)
[Hide] (16.8KB, 164x308)
Oh, fuck. That was a reference to THE Grimoire madman? I haven't heard about that guy since... shit, we were back on 8chan?
Replies: >>68783
Yep. Some of the pirates themselves are references to smaller in-joke on the forum behind the quests, but the bulk is about Cleve's crazy shit.
Damn nigger. This Cleve guy sounds cooler the more I hear about him.
Replies: >>68793 >>68841
Cleve_on_SJWs.png (u)
[Hide] (417.8KB, 1269x325)
Don't_mess_with_the_Cleve_cunt.jpg (u)
[Hide] (316.6KB, 800x417)
He is the coolest
Replies: >>68798
lD45Qtb.png (u)
[Hide] (9KB, 432x636)
aecbbb250ba933604f5781e9aba371947db748c6ef17b601caa847d0e423b3fe.png (u)
[Hide] (422.6KB, 1465x5825)
Does anyone have the screencaps of his story with the girl at the ice cream shop or the one about him living as a homeless spider person under New York City? I could have sworn I had those saved but I can't find them.
Replies: >>68845 >>69176
> his story with the girl at the ice cream shop
Holy fuck, I remember it.
I'm playing DQXI(?) I think. The MMO and the DS game always throw me off. It's the one with the hero having a purple outfit. It's fun but I always found DQ has a problem of 'this is the third fucking town we've gone to where this item we need was sold/taken to/stolen from.' I know the series is built on refining familiarity, but this is the third village I've gone to looking for the damn tree branch. I do like the art style and how all the  characters actually look like they took a drawing and made it 3D, but I don't know if me playing on Switch is a good idea or not due to the PC version existing with all the fancy graphics stuff.
I'm also replaying a bit of TWEWY in anticipation for the sequel, but I hate the controls on all the remixed versions. It's clear the game was built for the two-screen combat of the first game, especially with the boss battles, so the game feels a lot slower and more restrictive as a result. I want to play the sequel but judging by the already discovered translation lol issues, and the fact that the game is no longer tied to a specific platform, leads me to wonder if the sequel will match the awe the original could invoke at almost any given moment. So far the soundtrack seems like it might match the original's though.
Replies: >>68854
>due to the PC version existing with all the fancy graphics stuff
Didn't they remove all that stuff with the updated version?
Replies: >>68855
Right, but they still have the original version. The updated one is a port of the Switch version. I don't think they could easily add the new stuff to the original due to the 2D mode they added.
Why are these threads always so civil? Really makes you think.
"Zephyr" is the name of a wind, kind of, like "Athos" is the name of a mountain. I don't know what to say about Vashyron. Maybe some Hungarian princeling or something--I don't know. "Leanbelle" appears to be one of those archaic names you don't hear often in the States except maybe in the mountain communities.
End_of_Eternity™_4K_HD_Edition_20210725053757-1.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (7.9MB, 1280x720, 00:42)
End_of_Eternity™_4K_HD_Edition_20210725052556.png (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1920x1080)
Btw do you get anything for clearing all 10 levels of each rank, or is doing the first 3 good enough?

RIP Pater
Replies: >>69166 >>69193
NPJH50459_00001.jpg (u)
[Hide] (131KB, 960x544)
NPJH50459_00000.jpg (u)
[Hide] (168.1KB, 960x544)
Started and finished 7th Dragon 2020 almost immediately after finishing the first game.

I both like it and hate it. I guess its more "playable" than the first game but everything about it is painfully generic and simplistic. The simplistic combat mechanics end up working against it when you have to fight the post game final boss where its complete RNG at certain points if your party will wipe or not unless you want to break the entire thing on its back by using dragon eggs and exhaust spam.Its also only "challenging" encounter in the entire game.
One of the aspects which were simplified was the number of classes and the party count being reduced to 3 with no back/front row seperation. This meant that the remaining classes had to be mangled even more from the already mangled ones in the first game. This leads to the healing character playing double duty as the damage dealing magic character but in practice it just means that you won't really be using damage magic because you're too busy keeping your party topped up. Then theres the hacker class which is completely useless, having the worst of both worlds of its class mangling.  
Character building was also completely mangled. There is no such thing as builds. You have to upgrade your base to get higher tiers of skills which makes stronger skills story gated instead of you building your characters towards them. If you bother with the post game dungeon you'll end up getting all the skills a class can have as there is no restriction to how many skill points you can get. You can "retire" your classes for really minuscule stat boosts which halve your level, refund all your skill points and allow you to pick a different class but there is no real reason to do it.
While you won't be overleveled like in the first game, the difficulty is a joke and you can turn it down to be even lower. I auto attacked through 99% of the random encounters and only used skills when it would resolve the encounter in a single round. Most dragons will kill themselves to your counter attacks in the first 2 turns while you're actually setting up your buffs and react commands. Most bosses will die in 5 or so turns with only the post game buffed versions of the bosses taking 10 turns due to increased health. 
The entire structure has been streamlined to be less of an adventure. It feels like they looked at Persona 3 Portable and Devil Survivor 2 and decided to mash them together but then again the premise of those games is so fucking generic that you can't even call it a ripoff. 
I guess the music and the visuals are good again. The music is mostly good remixes of the one from the first game to fit the more modern setting. You can save Hatsune Miku and then change the soundtrack to feature that voice. I didn't even listen to it once so I don't know how it sounds. They did a really good job of converting the 2D sprites to 3D models. The 3d models are also well animated and the new monsters look really good too. The humans have a chibi look to them but they aren't as cute as the art from the first game. The environments also look really good as they use a lot of colors instead of just making caves brown and sterile. 
Overall I still wouldn't recommend this game. I finished it in 40 hours but I always had a nagging feeling of it being an Idea Factory dungeon crawler shovelware. It obviously isn't as bad as those games as its not trying to be a barely disguised fetish game and the dungeons aren't just wide empty waste of time, it never really fleshes out into a great experience and ultimately feels very restrictive.
Replies: >>69173
>That artstyle
Holy shit did they hire the guy who made the galo sengen music video ?
I found this game to be ok. Music was good as you said, it just seemed to become a chore at times. Unfortunately, I tried playing 7th Dragon 2020-II, which I guess would be the 3rd game, and it is the shovelware game you think this one was. Of the little I have played, you are forced to go back to areas you already cleared in 2020, fighting a lot of the same enemies to boot. Maybe it switches things up, but it was a very bad first impression on me that I haven't tried jumping in to it.
08758fd758073933b900dffa31e72648f7caa96f9f0f98bb01bb2713b7f0329e.png (u)
[Hide] (49.3KB, 272x242)
nice Call of Cthulhu handout
Clipboard51.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1920x1080)
>do you get anything for clearing all 10 levels of each rank
You get an achivement.
Don't bother unless you're farming for a certain item to min-max your guns. And at that point, are you really having fun?

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