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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

Hearts_of_Iron_IV_Screenshot_2020.11.11_-_15.28.00.67.png (u)
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The last thread hit the post limit.
>New HoI4 dlc is coming up, might be better then the last one. Which is not saying much. It's mostly about fighting changes and tank designer.
>CoH3 is coming up, centered around mediterian theatre. It's gonna be shit
>Vic3 is coming up it looks like ck3/I:R don't expect much from it.
Modding scene
>Hoi4 modding scene is as big as before here you have some intresting mods in development
<Cursed days - a soviet cold war victory not ultimate scenario
<Stahlvorhang - a Soviet in axis axis victory scenario
<Axis of Evil - a 4chan rewrite of TNO, 4cuck might not be best, but it will be better then TNO
<Vic2 mods
<Victopia - tl;dr Roosevelt died a year early somehow american disassebly.
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>>66056 (OP) 
*The last thread hit the post limit.
>no subject
You fucked up.
Replies: >>66060
Eh it happens.
Replies: >>66064
The shit autodeletes
You could of posted this in the strategy thread you retard.

>b-but m-muh low posting
Your thread fucking sucks.
Replies: >>66077
6372-n_imagesia-com_shsd_large.jpg (u)
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>>66056 (OP) 
>CoH3 is coming up, centered around mediterian theatre.

I sure can't wait for the coolest battle in the entire century to be boiled down into 1 dumb short mission where the allies win easily and dindu nuffin afterwards. 
>Monte Cassino, 1944
>Germans stuck on top of a mountain, completely surrounded and outnumbered 2:1
>Allies bombard every inch of the mountain with aerial and artillery bombardment for days, almost every building is levelled. 
>Despite 1200 tons of explosives being thrown at them, there are 0 German casualties. All the allies managed to kill were 200 civilians and some of their own
>They assault the German positions with massive forces 
>German Übermensch outnumbered, shellshocked and wounded, wipe out entire allie divisions 
>More bombardment 
>Even bigger assault ensues, more kiwi and american divisions become entirely obliterated 
>Allies decide to send in their shitskin "elite" troops as they are supposed to be the best mountain warfare fighters
>Rajputanas, Indians and Gurkhas are sent to climb unnoticed up the slopes
>The Germans, taken by surprise, proceed to wipe out the shitskin forces in hand to hand combat
>A Maori division managed to capture an unprotected sector under the cover of smoke. Germans show up later to fuck them up. Any Maori left alive proceed to run away. 
>Weeks of more of the same roflstomp continue until the Germans run out of ammunition. Completely surrounded, outnumbered 2:1, all 100,000 of them manage to sneak away in the middle of the night unnoticed to go reinforce the Hitler Line. 
>With the mountain now only defended by 30 Germans who were too injured to move, the brave tough allies capture the cassino and raise their flags victorious. Truly, a great victory.
German_paratroopers_jumping_From_Ju_52s_over_Crete.jpg (u)
[Hide] (166.1KB, 800x490)
Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-166-0509-16,_Kreta,_Gefangennahme_britischer_Soldaten.jpg (u)
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Bundesarchiv_Bild_141-0848,_Kreta,_Soldatengräber_Recolored.jpg (u)
[Hide] (55.8KB, 800x495)
We´ll see
My biggest concern so far is how the Axis forces are handled and if we get the commander or the doctrine system
Allies got the US and Bongs, meanwhile Axis are probably only going to be Germany with no Italy

It reminds me of Dawn of War 3

Can´t wait to be utterly disappointed by the lack of mention of Unternehmen Merkur/ The Battle of Crete
Replies: >>66082
I can't it hit the post limit.
This is a deffinition of pyrrhic victory
Replies: >>66083
While we're at it, and slightly off topic, what WW2 games have the less talked about areas of the war? You don't need me to tell you anons that the period has a ton of vidya potential, but I think it would be interesting to play through things like the French or Polish resistance, Soviet and Finns battles, and holding off the Japanese as the Republic of China during the rape of Nanking.
Questionable if it was even an Allied victory at all, the Germans accomplished their objective of tying up as many troops as they could around the time they knew a cross-channel invasion was going to occur while the Allies failed to cut them off.
>French or Polish resistance
The Saboteur aka GTA Baguette Terrorist Resistance Edition
>Soviet and Finns battles
Talvisota is pretty gud, even has skiing.
Replies: >>66086
>Polish resistance
Enemy front
>Soviet and Finns battles
Those are in forgotten hope 2
>Chinese theatre
The only I remember is a CoH mod tha take you there
Replies: >>66086 >>66122
Sudden Strike 4 has the Winter War and the Pacific campaign, Blitzkrieg 2 also has a a couple of pacific missions during the allied campaign and I think Axis & Allies also has a Pacific Theatre
>French or Polish resistance
The Saboteur and Enemy Front
>holding off the Japanese as the Republic of China during the rape of Nanking
Closest you´ll get AFAIK is the Far Eastern War mod for Company of Heroes 1
Replies: >>66086
Thanks for the game recs, anons.
Replies: >>66131
How's Divde Et Impera? I heard that it was the only reason to play Total War:Rome 2, but I've also seen a-lot of people on steam complain about the battles being too slow and somewhat frustrating. So is it overrated or underrated?
Replies: >>66092
I played it and enjoyed it a lot more then regular TW:R2
Replies: >>66095
So what makes it better in comparsion? Does winning or losing a battle actually have impact?
Replies: >>66096
It adds doffrenting population.
Unique roman
Replies: >>66097
More Roman auxillaries
Area of recruitment units
And yeah better supply shit. 
>Does winning or losing a battle actually have impact?
I think it does have a bigger impact the regular game.
Replies: >>66100
3f9d06cf8603c8eecfa04cc8787a8118b6fbf71e56c6f1ec06e43fa3f3d1a373.jpg (u)
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0a910fe0e417e540680ef0a3b556e6dd6e38c0af3bf769ced4eeeab7ec11f781.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (102.9KB, 800x1280)
Alright, looks like I'll be playing more total war tonight.
salem.jpg (u)
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der_führer_bekennt_farbe.webm (u)
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>>66056 (OP) 
>Axis of Evil
Got any sources on that?
Can't find anything about it other than it being made by evil racist halfchan n*zi's who allegedly harassed some TNO dev at one point.
Replies: >>66175 >>66206
(You)_did_great.jpg (u)
[Hide] (79.3KB, 384x600)
>forgotten hope 2
A man of peak taste.
>holding off the Japanese as the Republic of China during the rape of Nanking.
Any game that did this would probably be shit because god forbid we portray any period of China's history where they lose or our Chinese overlords will force you to make shitty videos about how great China is forever like John Cena.
Be warned that Enemy Front isn't actually a very fun game to play.
T-there is no way they could fuck up CoH3 more then 2 right?
Replies: >>66176
They are bassically removing bunch of bullshit like "wholesome warlords" and  antlantropa dam, iberia and taboritsky has been changed, not much has been revealed outside of shina amd that goebbels has been added and GCW isn't needed
Adding niggers and wahmen? 
But gameplay wise it will be the same bullcrap.
Replies: >>66459
A_scene_from_Downfall_but_dubbed_with_HL_SFX-bqepG8TfSc4.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (8.9MB, 640x368, 03:14)
We've got a conclusive analysis today and I hope nobody excepts me to start the generator.
Company_of_Heroes_2_Unused_Rear_Echelon_Voice.webm (u)
[Hide] (8.7MB, 480x270, 16:11)
>Adding niggers and wahmen?
Women were already in the game
Nigs too, kinda
>>66056 (OP) 
Does anyone know of any strategy games based around the Polynesian migriation, similar to the paradise found scenario?
Empire Earth II gamenight when? Also has anyone here played it? 
Just wondering if anyone has played it and what were his thoughts on it was it better? Because in my opinion it is
The who system of regions is neat and the ages are way better made then in EE1. 
But this gives ne a question, how thefuck did they fuck up EE3?
Also what's the best no-CD patch for warcraft 3 and the frozen throne? 
I have pirated version so don't worry.
Replies: >>67294
EE3_2020-09-22_16-48-04-95.jpg (u)
[Hide] (450KB, 1920x1080)
EE3_2020-09-22_16-54-25-16.jpg (u)
[Hide] (456.9KB, 1920x1080)
EE3_2020-09-22_16-53-47-18.jpg (u)
[Hide] (444.6KB, 1920x1080)
EE3_2020-09-22_16-51-05-60.jpg (u)
[Hide] (476.1KB, 1920x1080)
easternfuture.jpg (u)
[Hide] (441KB, 977x656)
>Just wondering if anyone has played it and what were his thoughts on it was it better?
I liked 2 better
>how thefuck did they fuck up EE3?
They reduced all the nations of the previous games into 3 stereotypes (Western, Middle-East, Far-East) reduced resource gathering to caravans (gold), metals (gained via mining) and research (gained by garrisoning villagers into town centers), reduced the number of ages to like 5 and tried to force some shitty cringeworthy humor into every unit
Plus you have no real campaign except the shitty world conquest that never worked for me and shit performance alongside questionable graphics
Only real thing I liked about EE3 is that the Far-Eastern units in the final age become cool biological mutants
Replies: >>67289
>Only real thing I liked about EE3 is that the Far-Eastern units in the final age become cool biological mutants
I actually prefered the middle eastern final age units.
Replies: >>67290
>middle eastern final age units
Post them
Never endured the game long enough to see them
Replies: >>67305
What? They removed the copy protection over a decade ago.
>Patch 1.21b
>Release Date:2008-02-06
>The game no longer requires the CD to play.
Just get any pre-Refagged patch after that.
Replies: >>67305
I couldn't find them.
They are more of a mad-max/ post apocalypse style.
Dude I've told, I have a pirated version. Rather old version to be exact.
Replies: >>67313
>Dude I've told, I have a pirated version. Rather old version to be exact.
Okay, and?
Replies: >>67316
I know, I should download the fucking patch ok?
09ad52dc77a0226bc8e68fa85bc25e7e4f0c01168681a626e64197523cf02f69.png (u)
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a6f6a985c7fc2ac407c3fa06f3322f76b3eae7775314d41c5f5f3ebea417eca0.png (u)
[Hide] (331.4KB, 1000x750)
68f9fa233bf06f96649188d3709665b3396221e474f6d8806bed73f62e292a1b.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 1480x800)
7e288bcf5b416232be848ea5f56a00c1f8495fec089cbff3dea7cf775a08d923.png (u)
[Hide] (931.8KB, 1480x800)
b1b7f106c55f744475ed353ecbc1c0643ee977970f20526a1fb82d1f3069256e.png (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1480x800)
Played Heart of the Swarm
it had some fun levels but ultimately felt like a jew scam. WoL had 28 levels  or so, whereas Heart has 27 but 7 of them are jewish scam levels that take literally 5 minutes to beat. Final level was fun, but 3rd to last level felt like a less interesting repeat of another level from WoL. Heart also lacks the more interesting plot angles that WoL had such as the missions where you had to pick someone to trust. Since the characters are Zerg they are all fairly boring as well, Abathur is really the only interesting one. Dehaka would be pretty cool but it seems it's only custom games/co-op missions/Heroes of the Storm that fleshed out his character and abilities. In the actual Heart campaign he's just pretty boring. Final level was fun and fulfilling but overall was just underwhelming compared to the mission variety in WoL. Heroes of the Storm did a better job making the characters interesting than the actual campaign where they first appear.
Replies: >>67608 >>67678
>but ultimately it felt like a jew scam.
It was a jew scam considering they split up what should have been one game with roughly 8- levels per campaign for each race. SC2 pisses me off because of all the wasted potential. I especially hated how heart of the swarm recycled The Culling of Stralthome again and again, and how it completely butchered the primal zerg. Dehaka could have been a huge expansion to the games lore. Talking to him should have been about why the primal zerg behave the way they do and look down on the "broken" despite their obvious strengths. We could have gone into great detail about their view of the world, and how they think. This could have even paved the way for a new fourth race for the game which would have really shaken things up for the better and a major selling point that would allow SC2 to not wallow in SC's shadow, but nooooooooooooooo we got mutant Yoda and a side character nobody cared about instead.
>Also has anyone here played it? 
Yes, and it's not that good.
Units are tiny and hard to see, pathfinding is still kinda bonkers, the garrisoning system is a trap, and large maps become quickly unplayable.
Replies: >>67656 >>67684
Am I the only one who actually likes it or something?
Yes the pathfinding is kinda crap, in tutorial  they got stuck because somehow I got a bridge in the middle of ground and after that was another bridge. 
That's the only problem I can think of.
Replies: >>67679 >>67684
I've never played much StarCraft when young, I mostly played Warcraft 3. 
And from what I've heard Starcraft 2 is crap. And I see that you didn't enjoy it too. Plus I never liked modern "expansions" they are just glorified dlcs.
You're not the only one as there still is a a pretty sizeable community built around it: not a big surprise, EE2 is by far the least flawed game in the series so that's where EE fans went.
Replies: >>67684 >>67780
I always thought Rise of Nations was the superior game. It didn't have the retarded AI of the first Empire Earth, for one. The only thing I think EE did better was the campaign. It has an actual campaign and it is a total cheese fest.
Replies: >>67687 >>68021
GRIGOR II is good. for shitposting.
But gameplay wise it's a bit better, but I still enjoy EE2 thanks to it's feel.
>EE2 is the least flawed in the series
I thought EE2 was worse than the first game because of how EE2 made use of too many different kinds of resources.
Replies: >>68018
>I thought EE2 was worse than the first game
I'd suggest replaying the first game, then.
The AI is at the same time non-functional and so stacked with cheats as to make victory nigh impossible, the camera is horrendous, you still have something like six resources, and the tech upgrades are madness.
Rise of Nations is better than both EE and AoE:II for anything except hyper-competitive PvP faggotry.
Replies: >>68027
How would you guys fix hoi4?
What mod has the best techtree?
Replies: >>68028
Original EE or EE2? I'm not saying it's not.
Replies: >>68046
There's a lot to fix in HOI4
>air war
>general balance
And so on so forth, you might as well just make another game instead.
Replies: >>68031
Yeah, but how I have several ideas like: the factories produce more equipment, but  you can expand them like in vic2 and you would need to put it into a certian nanufacturer and mostly naking it more like vic2 with factories can be expanded by themselfs if you give them resoursces.
Maybe heavy modifications on the weapons like modernizations that would you inprove the characteristics of the gun and that would change the icon.
Tech tree could get improved with unique shit and I'm personally not that much of a fan of the upcoming.
Splits in the tech tree, butaking each not overpowered like one split has more powerful and slower heavies and mediums and the other has more agile mediums and heavy tanks as support or something. 
Unique tech trees too.
Better implementations of focus with it instead being unseen and more in the line of decisions and not like ticking timer.
Deffinitly else what you've said too. These are just few of my ideas. 
Or just how would you make yourself hoi4 or ww2 grandstrategy.
Replies: >>68046
I'm mostly only familiar with EE2 so that one, I'd say EE as well but I've not played it in so long I can't really make a fair call on it.

>Or just how would you make yourself hoi4 or ww2 grandstrategy.
For one thing I'd extend the timeframe and reduce the emphasis on micromanagement in combat. It stats so close up to the war that they have to focus a lot on the actual fighting and anything you do to influence countries before shit starts feels artificial because most populations won't do a political 180 in 3-4 years. If you want to understand WW2 you should start the game either in 1918/1919 or possibly January 1929 for the wall street crash.
Replies: >>68054
What would be some intresting scenarios that you would like to see, even small scenarios something like operation barbarosa or maybe something like conquer europa as Germany in way more colder enviroments or something.
Replies: >>68060
As many as possible is good really. The problem is the way that current Paradox hardcodes everything with scripting and mana means that every new start position is a huge amount of manual work to add so they won't bother. Darkest Hour, the peak of the series, has start positions as varied as the Russo-Japanese War, WW1 and yes a Barbarossa start too.
Replies: >>68533
>>66056 (OP) 
anybody wanna play competitive C&C Zero Hour\Shockwave or even casual Kane's Wrath?
Why in Warcraft 3 and starcraft you can only select few units?
Does anyone have an answer for it?
something something readability
>hardcodes everything with scripting
I really wish Paradox, despite nearly having a monopoly on strategy games, would focus on better AI. HOI4 is probably the biggest example of the AI being generally retarded. It's annoying when you're about to invade but the AI sometimes have zero troops on their border with you, so you can quickly take advantage.
Do you really want to select even more units when the pathfinding shit the bed more than enough already?
Replies: >>68538
I was just wondering.
Replies: >>68542
have you ever tried tagging into one of the AI enemy countries? they're ridiculously retarded
>divisions strategically redeploying from one front to another
>divisions shifting around the front en masse with strategic redeployment and losing all organization + entrenchment
>one trillion different armies most without commanders
>one trillion different front line drawings
>one trillion variants of tanks planes and ships in the factory queue
>one trillion units in the training queue
>one trillion different custom templates for divisions
it's really stupid
Really makes you wonder how they fucked it up.
Could be a multitude of reasons really
My guess is either engine limitations, extreme pathfinding issues that were found when they did testing above whats available or (because these games are so old now) it didnt fit on monitors or the UI properly at that time
No, but I may give this a try.
Paradox has a monopoly on grand strategy because they have barely any competition, why would they bother with serious improvement when they can just coast on mediocrity?

Because those games are built around micromanaging.
Replies: >>68548 >>68622
wow.webm (u)
[Hide] (46.2KB, 250x300, 00:01)
>Paradox has a monopoly on grand strategy because they have barely any competition
>paradox has monopoly because they have monopoly
>up is up because it's not down
at last I truly see
Replies: >>68550 >>68622
Truelly wow.
Well majority of mods do it that way that ypu have either small territory, get aggresive neighbours or just plain debuffs or events and shit.
I don't remember which game it was, at one point because the AI couldn't handle naval landings in any capacity the Paradox solution was to add a strait across the English Channel that armies could march over since it made England OP otherwise.
Replies: >>68553
Victoria II
Replies: >>68554
Yeah, that was it. Not sure if it was England or Continental Europe it made OP. Wonder if they're going to keep it for Vic 3.
Replies: >>68558
They'll make the AI incapable of invasion.
AI is hard to make so instead they've focussed on multiplayer. That way they more or less indicate that PvE is training or a lesser mode and serious players all do competitive PvP shit. Obviously this requires the game to be dumbed down so it can be played on speed 3-4 and ideally finished in a few sessions or possibly just one sitting.
Paradox has a monopoly on GSG for the same reason Bethesda has a monopoly with TES: because they're just adding ever more layers of spaghetticode onto engines that were programmed by competent devs 15+ years ago when devs cared and were cheap and messing around with a solid underlying gameplay formula that was also worked on back then. To compete with them you would have to pay the technological cost of making your own engine upfront and work out the game design and produce a product that was not only as good as HoI but better than it to persuade people to move and then spend fucktons marketing the game too to. All of this has to happen before you make a single penny of revenue never mind profit. You are trying to compete with a company who only has to tweak the edges of their technical base and product when you're working from a completely blank sheet.

You might think it is as easy as hiring competent likely white, male programmers such as those who made these engines in the past to build it for you but nowadays it's much harder to find them since companies don't develop talent internally/allow such people to get mentored by the last generation and university courses are both crap and focussed on diversity anyway. Autistic males used to dominate tech companies but now are scattered to the five seas, broadly shunned by society and likely disillusioned with gamedev when they could go get better paying infrastructure jobs anyway also a not-insignificant number have been pushed into the tranny pipeline but that's a different issue. And again even if you do somehow scrape together enough of them to make an engine you still have to pay them to do so before you can ever start making a game which itself is another bunch of years of costs without money coming in.
Replies: >>68655
johan.jpg (u)
[Hide] (115.4KB, 800x800)
Wasn't Johan there since the beginning?
b8704aeff91d8b004b4d54406205a87d29f2539fad9336593143d57f1e057b21.png (u)
[Hide] (256.9KB, 498x332)
>high-paid studio lead
>working for the company that sells 300$ games
<browses the used games section
Replies: >>68662 >>68717
64807ed274ccf3c848ddabdb4c6182b35a8cebad202ed537161be3a8ff6a5b8a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (199.2KB, 650x638)
I thought "begagnat" was the games with preganancy fetish
0ba794e0ff65b2164ebdeea468e72378d355a3e128a8a13bb5922c7dd1cd6c5b.jpg (u)
[Hide] (286.3KB, 666x720)
8a0eab495ee2b3b0eaedd8a2e1e55e82aa0ec92813ef5d738b718f78e8e8754c.png (u)
[Hide] (236.8KB, 620x640)
Why does the guy have half his waifu's head on his shoulder like that?
Replies: >>68673
well why don't you?
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (9.3KB, 259x194)
Oh fugg the gondom broge again :DDDD
Replies: >>68730
Not sure but I doubt he's down at the level of programming nowadays. (((Wikipedia))) certainly claims he moved from programmer to designer and producer which means he gets a large wage to do little of value. More generally it's usually a bunch of unnamed devs who make a studio great not the handful of high profile fags you can name off-hand.

That picture looks to be fairly old, judging at least by what games they're advertising over at the side.
how_is_prangent_formed_360P.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 640x368, 02:00)
>am I gregnant?
Replies: >>68734
>Luigi board
Replies: >>68735
Curse_of_The_Weggy_Board_360P.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (2.7MB, 640x368, 01:48)
>wedgie board
Replies: >>68737
>Do I have to buy it from a witch or a vegan.
Replies: >>68739

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