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Step 0. Resource Acquisition
Go here to get Anki, a flash card program:

Here are some suggested decks:
Core2k/6k: https://mega.nz/#!QIQywAAZ!g6wRM6KvDVmLxq7X5xLrvaw7HZGyYULUkT_YDtQdgfU
KanjiDamage: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/748570187
Kana: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1632090287
Tae Kim's grammar: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/242060646

Other Resources
RealKana: http://realkana.com/
(alternate version) https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/learn/kana.html
Click the column of characters you want to study and type the corresponding romaji into the box as they appear

Kana Invaders: https://learnjapanesepod.com/kana-invaders/
Space Invaders/Galaga style clone. Type the romaji to shoot the kana alien

KanjiVG: http://kanji.sljfaq.org/kanjivg.html
Simply plug the character in and instantly get a stroke order diagram

Forvo.com: http://ja.forvo.com/
Type in a word or phrase to hear a native speaker's pronunciation

Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese: http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/
Great introduction to Nipponese, you can start here to learn basic grammar and vocabulary

KanjiDamage: http://www.kanjidamage.com/
Learn Kanji by using mnemonics and radicals

Mainichi browser extension: http://mainichi.me/
Learn a new vocabulary word every time you open a new tab

JapaneseClass: http://japaneseclass.jp/
Learn Nipponese by playing games (requires registration) 

DJT Guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

JapanesePod101: https://www.youtube.com/user/japanesepod101/videos
Namasensei: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqJ5wU4FamA&list=PL9987A659670D60E0
JapaneseVideocast: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX6kjDZDLD_dNyrkdvTRKVKIJRo4g7xFD

>Alright I've got everything set up, now what?

Fucking LEARN, you bitch. Learn the Kana first, then move on to grammar and vocabulary. I don't have all the fucking answers, I'm just the OP. Maybe you can ask for help in this thread, but who knows if you'll find any worthwhile feedback amidst the shitposting. Honestly you should be able to figure most shit out on your own.
>>65089 (OP) 
>tfw we're no longer >>88
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I found something interesting the other day. The thumbnail for Love Kami on the Japanese eshop shows a lot of skin, while the American eshop thumbnail seems to be conveniently cropped. I wonder if NoA has stricter guidelines for their eshop thumbnails. Apologies for the quality, they don't let you use the screenshot function in the eshop for some reason.

Replies: >>65139 >>65187
Who knows. It could be required by the marketplace or it could be the company self-censoring because they think that's what sells games now. In ye olden days of video gaming, treating Americans like Puritans was the conservative and safe thing to do, and it's probably not going to be hard for companies to snap back to that logic.
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>NOA knew that they can no longer censor games. 
>So, instead of reflecting on their shitty Youtube videos, they censor the E-shop thumbnails instead.
Replies: >>65229
>NOA knew that they can no longer censor games
They can and they do.
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Go translate this game for me you dumb fucks. Put your shit to practice now.
Replies: >>73644
Has anyone ever bothered doing this in the opposite direction and translating good western games for japbros?  I mean, I'm pretty sure there's no japanese translation of Deus Ex to this day.
Does the phrase “pissing in the wind” mean anything to you? Nips wouldn’t like nor understand Deus Ex, they are so bug minded that the idea of a government stacked against the people is anathetical to them. Hence why anime like Akira, Angel Cop, and LoGH really only have followings in the west.
Anon, I'm mainly referring to japanese non-normalfags, not the japanese population at large.
Replies: >>73643
That's interesting, because Japs seem to love media involving the characters getting stronk and overcoming the odds: pretty much every shonen. I guess East Asians, particularly the Japanese and Chinese, have a thing for authority. Like the Germans.
There isnt a single recent shonen or otherwise where the established domestic government, be it the police, the shinsengumi, politicians, etc are all ‘the bad guys’. I know there are instances of one or two people from each being ‘bad’ but they make a point not to label the whole system as bad.
Replies: >>73643
There'd probably be at least some niche that enjoys it.  I wouldn't mind if the finished translation were uploaded to /librejp/ first.
It's better for a native speaker to translate to their own language, otherwise you end up with weird dialog like when Japs/chinks try and translate games into English.
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I'm pretty sure there's a Japanese release of Deus Ex, but it's locked to easy modo because Japanese players are confused by first person perspectives.
[Hide] (393.6KB, 1603x2020)
>recently start learning
>learning the kana 
>memorizing 10 a day and know 50 so far
>a little proud of myself as I though it would be a lot harder for me personally
>wonder how many characters are in the Kanji 
>it's over 4000 characters
Replies: >>73563 >>73635
It's not as bad as you think. The real bitch about Kanji is the characters with minor differences that you have to look out for.
Replies: >>73566 >>73568
Forgot to mention, the real issue for me right now is grammar. I still son't understand exactly when to use "wa"(flags the subject?) over "ga", or somtimes "no" (which is possessive)

I guess I'll find out once I get around to it. It's still interesting how needlessly complicated it seems to be. I realize that there's centuries of culture behind Kanji, but as a foreigner you can't help to think the kana is the only necessary system.
Normal Japanese doesn't have spaces between words, kanji basically fills that gap and tells you it's a seperate word. Without it and no spaces, it becomes a mess.
Replies: >>73572
Yeah I heard the grammar is complicated as well. Just more for me to look forward to. Why the fuck did I decide this is going to be my first foreign language.
Replies: >>73573
Isn't there kana who's sole purpose is to convey space? I swear I read something like that. Like I said I just started a few days ago.
Replies: >>73584 >>73635
Autism. When I lived in Germany I learned some of the language, and let me tell you it is far easier. Most European languages with English takes on average a year to learn with dedication. Japanese however takes two to three years to even get a decent understanding.
Replies: >>73587
I might get called a gay faggot for this but... I've been interested in learning for a while, for someone with 0 knowledge of japanese would Duolingo help me get to know the basics?
Yes, it's only goos for starting, but quickly loses it's value. They teach you formal Japanese from the beginning, which honestly is unnecessary and makes it more confusing to learn. They also do a poor job explaining grammar, and the comments left by users helps a bit. Do not use it as a primary tool. I found Drops is good if you want basic flashcards for characters, especially Kanji.
Replies: >>73586
Japanese dictionary: https://jisho.org
Another dict: https://www.edrdg.org/cgi-bin/wwwjdic/wwwjdic
imabi: https://www.imabi.net
also, don't forget Tae Kim

Practice kana here: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/learn/kana.html
You must know kana (both hiragana and katakana) before you attempt to learn kanji. Also, when learning kanji or kana you should (if not must) follow the correct stroke order.
(search the Internet for practice sheets)

>as a foreigner you can't help to think the kana is the only necessary system.
there are too many words that sound the same (also look the same in kana) in Japanese, which is why kanji is hard to replace.

>"wa"(flags the subject?) 
Wa (written like は) is the topic particle

>Isn't there kana who's sole purpose is to convey space? 
no. kana is used for grammar stuff

no. duolingo isn't that useful, it's something you can do when you are waiting for something (bus, for example).
Get copy of Genki, if you are native English speaker. If you aren't. pick a textbook that's written in your native language.
To add to Duolingo, I am barely over the first checkpoint and realize it's value is low at this point. They like to introduce shit with grammar with little to no explanation. Trying to find better alternatives. Drops is free, but isn't as good as the paid version (if you're willing and like it enough, wait for a sale. They frequently have em like most mobileshit). Aniki is you're friend, and I need to leave my comfort zone and finally fucking use it regularly. I know some fags who have spent over a year learning and have become fairly competent at the language. They tell the same thing about Duolingo, despite some getting pretty far, even completing the courses.
>Japanese however takes two to three years to even get a decent understanding.
Bullshit. I'm 8 years in and still barely understand anything.
Replies: >>73589 >>73635
Not the same for everyone. And I am not saying good fluencey. Most fags I know who are decent dedicated an hour or more nearly everyday for over a year and a half.
Kanji aren't like letters, don't learn them like they are. Treat them more like how you treat words (but they aren't words either, you have to learn those separately as well)

>flags the subject
no. は and が do entirely different things, but it gets confused because が, を, and some instances of に get covered up when a topic particle like は appears at the same time.
It's more accurate to think of it as
>there is one set of rules that tell you where to put が
>there is another set of rules that tell you where to put は
>if they happen to be the same place, hide the が

Kanji-kana majiribun is easier to read once you've learned it, and as the goal of writing is almost always to be understood by the reader rather than to exist for its own sake, that makes it a better system.

no. There is a kana that indicates gemmination and a kana that indicates long vowels. There is an interpunct punctuation mark and a comma, but it is rarely necessary to use them to separate words.

I would never recommend Duolingo for anything you anyone.

How many work hours do you average per week?
Replies: >>73640
[Hide] (125KB, 1920x1080)
This is anki, plus a few hours of other shit. (Actually I have no idea how much is that, I'm not measuring it with a stopwatch)
Replies: >>73646
I think the original PC version was released in a limited capacity in Japan. The PS2 version was fully translated and is more common there, but the game faded into obscurity. Oddly enough, Human Revolution is simply called "Deus Ex" and even had a full Japanese dub.
Scarlet Nexus came out last month and the entire plot is basically about a government conspiracy and how the people are spied on and manipulated.
Nips don't speak out against the government publicly because their culture values stability more than anything, but to say people there don't think the government is bad is simply delusional.
in the time it takes for someone to dump the script you could've learned japanese and played it yourself
What's your decks?
Replies: >>73696
[Hide] (3MB, 4032x3024)
This is hopefully going to be my first foreign language. Is the way I go about it effective? 
>make flash cards
>pick 10 characters
>try to name/write character
>if I miss I practice those
>memorize 10
>add them to my "known" pile
>test myself at least once a day from the "known" pile by writing them out

Pic related is my setup. Please excuse my awful penmanship.
What is that thing between の and き?
Replies: >>73667
On mobile so I can only give you the romanji. Its supposed to be "a" in katakana.
Replies: >>73678
For kana, basically any method should be fine because it shouldn't take very long, but why not use Anki?
Replies: >>73672
>For kana, basically any method should be fine
I recommend both using flashcards (either use anki or make them yourself) and practicing writing them out on paper (remember to follow the correct stroke order) Use paper that has squares. Use 4-8 squares for each kana/kanji.
I used this to learn kana.
It should take a week.
Replies: >>73678
Oh it looked like the kanji 了 to me.

Yeah this is probably the best way to learn kana, since they are so simple.
A kana deck (lol), radicals (these two are pretty much insignificant now), words and some kanji. Some random sentences ala subs2srs, but I'm not sure whether they have any use or not.
Replies: >>73713
Are you doing anything else?
Replies: >>73717
Trying to read some, then get fed up that I still don't understand half of the words. But at least that makes more words for my mining deck (I only add words that pop up many times though, because otherwise I'd drown in anki reviews).
Replies: >>73722 >>73724
You should be reading a lot.
Replies: >>73725
Have you done any grammar?
Replies: >>73725
Grammar is literally the easiest part of the whole language, that's not my problem.
I've head that a lot, but whenever I tried, I didn't really get anywhere. Try to read anything, and 3 sentences later all my motivation is gone.
Replies: >>73726 >>96537
>Grammar is literally the easiest part of the whole language
Maybe if you think grammar just means morphology.
>Try to read anything, and 3 sentences later all my motivation is gone.
Why, because you don't recognize any of the words? How long does doing this take you?
Replies: >>73732
No, I recognize some words, but not enough, so I have to constantly stop and look them up and realize too often that I actually know that word, I'm just having a brainfart, and it takes me about a year to read a single LN. And I have a pile of games that I started playing, then give up early, and set aside to check it out later, but if I'm continuing like this, I'll never get there.
Replies: >>73733
Stop looking up words while you're reading and if you're missing so many words that you can't follow the general story, lower your reading level. Consider using graded readers or even reading exercises from textbooks.
Replies: >>73779
>graded readers
I've read all I could find a few years ago, I've even ordered two books that I couldn't find anywhere online, but they're not that useful. There's a huge gap between the most advanced graded readers and the real life texts you can find.
Maybe some manga, like からかい上手の高木さん, but the problem with that is that sometimes I sit down, and read every chapter that was released in the last half year or so in one go, and it's gone.
They also suffer from the usual you have Japanese 101 difficulty shit, and you have the "you need PhD in linguistic, japanese and east Asian history to understand it" level, and little in between.
Like that weird reader after WWII that was linked into the OP some time ago, it starts with pages of kana practice, then it starts to throw in some kanji, and 10 pages later you have excerpts from Genji monogatari in the old kana orthography, because otherwise it would be too easy.
Replies: >>73817
>10 pages later you have excerpts from Genji monogatari in the old kana orthography
Why did they feel it was nessessary to te as ch old Jap I am assuming is outdated?
Replies: >>73818
Holy shit I had a stroke. Meant to say 'teach'.
Replies: >>75205
How do you pronounce パxラッシュ and what the hell it supposed to mean? I think it's the name of a dog, but it's just weird. Maybe there's another reference I don't get.
Fuck, I didn't mean to quote anyone.
I think it's パトラッシュ (Patrasche), but censored, like Pa*rasche. Patrasche is the name of the dog from the novel A Dog of Flanders and apparently also the name of a dog in the Rockman X manga.
Replies: >>75587
x between two names denotes a pairing.  Very common in fanfiction.
Replies: >>75587
I know about that usage, but this doesn't look like a pairing for me.
Yeah, it looks like that's it, thanks.
Even though they normally use 〇 for censoring. Or ☆ or something of that sorts.
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Protip, don't look up nip song lyrics, don't learn nip, stay pure.
Replies: >>76325
[Hide] (204.6KB, 1080x1080)
I'm sleep deprived, please explain the problem. I plugged it into DeepL and it just seems like a song about the singer really being into getting fucked by her boyfriend/husband. What bit of the song is suspect?
[Hide] (928KB, 1424x800)
How is Dragon Quest XI for someone looking to complete it's first game completely in jap? Other recs?
Linear. Enough challenge and changes to keep it interesting enough. Areas, character, and enemy design is often clever/interesting. The game has alot of personality. Not grindy.

The meat of the game is really in style. It's a pretty fast game too for an RPG. Very straight forward with very little autism.
I would recommend SNES rpgs as they have a good mixture of readability and less text
DQ11 isn't bad though, it has voice acting and majority of the dialogue can be paused.
Replies: >>76889
>It has voice acting and the mojority of the dialogue can be paused
This is what i was looking for my first game entirely on jap because even i can't read some specific kanji, i can understand because of the voiced dialogue.
Have you ever played any JRPG before? If so, don't bother. DQ11 is the bologna sandwich of JRPGs.
Replies: >>76897
Its straight forward. but its not just bologna. its fried bologna with mayo and tomato on sourdough.
[Hide] (215.4KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (212.8KB, 1280x720)
Replies: >>81447
[Hide] (472.8KB, 960x544)
There's no need to bump, everyone here either already knows nip or already gave up.
Replies: >>81603 >>82613
>Can't decide which should be my first VN completely on nip.
Any recs? Maybe ものべの?
Replies: >>81603
Some retard was spamming the board so I bumped to save the thread.

I heard that has more advanced dialog than the average VN. Probably best to start with some random moege/nukige without much of a story.
Replies: >>81607
[Hide] (380.3KB, 1500x1500)
I might read ToHeart2, i wanted to play the first dungeon travelers.
While we're at tokyo xanadu, is it reading walls of text for 1.5 hours, then have 10 minutes of gameplay, and repeat, until the end, or will it get better? Because right now it's like reading a VN, except the comfy save at anywhere and review older lines shit. And missing voice acting for half of the lines
Replies: >>82652
[Hide] (44.3KB, 1024x768)
>People still falling for the tokyo xanadu meme.
Many such cases.
Replies: >>82749
It looked shorter than the legend of heroes.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1637x1088)
>Loose interest in manga/ video games.
>Keep learning because might as well go all the way through.
It's like a curse, thought dabbing on people that have to read shitty translations is cool.

Does drawing on jisho kanji you don't know works for anyone? What do you use to search for uncommon kanji?
It usually works, but sometimes a kanji has an irregular writing in which case I use radical lookup or search for the word using ? in place of the unknown kanji.
Replies: >>85867
[Hide] (18.5KB, 260x382)
Not a Japanese learner but a Chinese one there are very few good chinese games old or new unfortunately, and >>85859 has how I assumed you would look up unknown kanji. Are there not Japanese Dictionaries where you can index by radical and number of strokes? Don't tell me you're trying to learn a language without knowing how a dictionary works!
[Hide] (398.5KB, 678x610)
>Not a Japanese learner but a Chinese one
Why would you do such a thing anon?
Replies: >>85874
[Hide] (857.1KB, 1400x5552)
Replies: >>85874 >>85876
I want to be well read of religious texts in their original languages. Sometimes I despair that I will not have time to get to a reasonable competency with my dream list of languages to learn: Classical Chinese, Attic Greek, Sanskrit, Hebrew, and maybe Arabic

I'm also hedging my bets in case Socialism with Chinese Characteristics defeats Globohomo, and everyone has to deal with the Chinese like >>85870, so those who know the language get to be second class citizens instead of third. At least the pic related from my last post, Legend of Sword and Fairy seems to be a well received RPG. I'll get to playing it someday.
Replies: >>85877
[Hide] (44.9KB, 393x417)
>or russian
For what purpose? I'm asking as a slav.
Replies: >>85880
The chinese will never not sabotage themselves and be defeated.
To play Jack o Nine Tails of course.
>kanji drawing recognition
To be honest, the only one that works more than 1% of the time is jewgle's. You can use it on googol transate if you set source language to japanese (just ignore the translation and copy the result to jisho, google translate is shit even for a dictionary), or if you have an android phone, you can install google handwriting input. That can even work offline, and since it's a "keyboard", it works with any app.
I wish I could recommend something better, but other solutions are like if you draw that stroke 2 pixels left to their intended position, they don't recognize it.
Jisho has radical search, but it's still a PITA.
Replies: >>85890
>but other solutions are like if you draw that stroke 2 pixels left to their intended position, they don't recognize it.
Are you using the right stroke order/count? Jisho won't recognize it if you don't.
Replies: >>85891
I tried everything with jisho, and nothing worked. Maybe, on a tablet or something I could draw nice enough kanji, but with mouse I can almost never produce something that jisho produces. Even if I look up the stroke order in advance, which kinda defeats the purpose.
Replies: >>85894
[Hide] (1.1MB, 924x460, 00:37)
[Hide] (974KB, 924x460, 00:18)
It usually works for me, even with messy handwriting, as long as the stroke count/order is correct.

Here's some examples of how stroke count/order affects the results, and how it recognizes a messy 鬱.
Replies: >>85964
Maybe i fucked up the stroke order, will try again with jisho if i find an unusual kanji.
Replies: >>86070
A lot of the time I use Microsoft IME's handwriting recognition. If I'm feeling too lazy to draw it or can't fully make out the details then I usually just Google with the information I have. For example, if it's some kanji with radicals I know like 鰯, then searching 魚に弱 will pull it up. Or if it's in a word with a kanji I do know, then I'll just Google the word with a wrong but similar looking character and Google will typically provide some results with the actual word. Something like 脳更寒 will still pull up results for 脳梗塞 even with two wrong characters. Other times in the same situation I might pull up the kanji I do know in a character dictionary that contains common vocabulary examples and just hope it's there.
Replies: >>96549
It's not really a viable method for searching unknown kanji unless you already know the stroke order of all the radicals and the rules governing which radical to draw first, etc. And even then there are some special snowflake kanji that don't follow the rules.
Replies: >>96549 >>96616
Play Nioh in Jap. It's super beginner friendly. Totally not filled with classical Japanese and non-jouyou kanji.
I've decided to try and learn Japanese due to seeing some English vtubers actually speaking Japanese and realizing if they can do it while doing all the other shit in their life, I could too.
Wish me luck, for I shall need it.
For the Anki flash cards, should I start with Core2k/6k or Kana? Also, how much practice in a day is good before it becomes detrimental (like the brain stops picking up on things)?
You don't really need flashcards for kana, just grind this website until you remember them.
Replies: >>96582
[Hide] (3.9MB, 640x360, 01:05)
From here english. 
Also I saw Juon without jimaku and I understood the most of the dialogs, highly recomended if learning, nice horror movie too. Started chrono trigger, some words I didn't understand, but I think I got it pretty well, got bored after two hours.
You're already setting yourself up for failure.
Replies: >>96582
>Grammar is literally the easiest part of the whole language
I can't agree. The moonrunes are way easier for me (within reason, I can write, say, 癲癇 or 靡く, 齎す, 翳す, but forget about shit like '吮癰'舐'痔'):
>have trouble telling whether 事 or の is supposed to be used in a sentence
>anything related to conditionals gives me trouble: もし, なら, ならば, ~れば (have a rough understanding, no idea about differences)
>I still don't get the noun+である construction
>can't tell the difference between ~たり とか し
>want to do: したがっている or verb+らしい? (e.g. 父が家を買うらしい)
Replies: >>96537
forgot to quote >>73725
Do people have success with dictionary lookups using things like the four corner method? "I need to look up this kanji and don't know the stroke order" is not exactly a new problem for non-Japanese and there ought to be workable solutions for it.
>spend years studying japanese
>finally can understand, I did it, I know jap
>no untranslated (non-H)manga uploaded by japs
>no untranslated games uploaded by japs
>unsubbed anime gets uploaded but all but the most obscure titles are subbed a day or two later, for movies a week or two
what was the point? I honestly feel like I wasted my life
What exactly can't you find?
Replies: >>96639
You improved yourself, faggot. That's never a waste. Go translate era games on /hgg/ if you need something to do.
Nips don't understand computers and so they are extremely autistic on piracy, even more so than the normalfags in the west. 
Recently some nip youtubers that did supercut of movies and narrated the TL;DR of their plots all got jail sentences and fines, and that was after a lot of bargaining to bring their sentences down. That was because the court ruled that what they did was equivalent to uploading the entire movie and profiting off it.
>what was the point?
I'm guessing never ever stuff and nip literature. LNs are hardly translated after all.
[Hide] (47.4KB, 478x450)
>Recently some nip youtubers that did supercut of movies and narrated the TL;DR of their plots all got jail sentences and fines
why are the the japs so retarded in this aspect? pardon the stupid question, but what if you would tell a jap something along the lines of "oh yeah i downloaded the show you talked about and watched it and like it, too etc. etc." Would the jap go on an autistic rant of how you are evil or do they not give a shit about what overseas gaijin do anyway? could you explain to them how you watched all those shows that have never been officially translated or should you stay silent about that?
Replies: >>96564 >>96586
>why are the the japs so retarded in this aspect?
I don't know. Nips are simply incapable of understanding anything beyond basic electronics. 
Maybe the microsoft situation crippled their understanding of software the same way that the rapelay situation crippled their rape fetish. 
>or do they not give a shit about what overseas gaijin do
I guess mostly that, but nips are also extremely non-confrontational by nature, they probably wouldn't sperg out even if it was another nip. 
Also, here's the case if anyone wants to get upset for free 
>no untranslated (non-H)manga uploaded by japs
>no untranslated games uploaded by japs
You're not looking hard enough. Either improve your Jewgle-fu for Jap pirate sites or pay for Jap licensed comic sites.

>what was the point? I honestly feel like I wasted my life
Some people even found jobs just by being good at Nipspeak, consider making yourself useful, filthy NEET.

anki is great for vocabulary and kanji, though.
Replies: >>96822
>why are the the japs so retarded in this aspect?
They are extreme cucks to authority, so are more likely to follow stupid rules/laws. That's why they still censor their porn too.
>synopsis is jailable
Y'know, maybe my country isn't so bad.
Just found out 「いつまでもあると思うな親と金」 exists. They have saying for everything. and it hit very hard

Microsoft's IME and Google translate (especially the latter) usually work for looking up stuff even if you fuck up stroke counts or the stroke order.
>if they can do it while doing all the other shit in their life, I could too.
I feel the same way. Good luck.
>what was the point?
You get to avoid translation jank and localization poz
You can translate stuff (if you're into that)
You acquired a new language, which broadens your horizons and opens career paths
[Hide] (1.6MB, 770x1124)
>I'm guessing never ever stuff
the issue with never ever stuff is that it never ever gets uploaded either
and no I am not gonna pay for it like a ningencattle
Replies: >>96677
It's a shame they don't take archival seriously, since that's how niche stuff gets lost forever. I was looking for the manual for a Japanese only Sega CD game the other day and I could never find it, and the game itself costs hundreds of dollars used.
Anki is shit for vocabulary and kanji. And you shouldn't even studying kanji, it's a waste of time. Just read a book.
Replies: >>96865
Whenever I read anything without recording somewhere for later review it usually goes
>read stuff
>look up words I don't know
>forget them right after
Anki helped them stick much better in my mind. The big problems Anki doesn't solve are words with lots of uses, like 掛ける, and collocations (e.g. which do I use for development, 展開 or 開発 or 発達?)
>studying kanji
While isolated kanji study is a waste of time, looking up kanji to a word, and having a rough understanding of what they refer to often helps. Also taking advantage of stuff like 意符 and 音符 helps with retention.
Replies: >>96901
>look up stuff, forget them right after
That's exactly like me. I used to think that the worst offenders there are rikaisama and the likes, because it takes zero effort to look up a word, but the thing is even if I have to manually discern some random kanji and look it up a dictionary manually, it only marginally sticks better. Whatever I don't put into anki, save for a few exceptions, I forget completely.
Also tip, even if you use anki, you don't have to put every single unknown word into it, especially if you're a beginner. You'll just overwhelm yourself with words and learn a lot of words that you'll barely see again (if at all), only add common words first. (And by common I mean common in the stuff what you're trying to read, and not common according to core6k/10k or rikaisama word frequency which is based on newspaper word frequency counts I think).

>lots of uses
In that case I just list all uses on the card. Yeah, this means that sometimes I get 3-4 lines long definition., but I can't really think of a better solution.
What I do is to list the words with similar meanings on the card,that can help a bit if you see all similar words and meanings in one place. Of course, it's not perfect, you can't reduce all the nuances into a few words definition, for that you have to read a lot. And to read a lot, you need a lot of vocabulary first, otherwise you'll have to stop at every third word to look it up in a dictionary, which is like the surest way to burnout.
Replies: >>97060
>In that case I just list all uses on the card
I'd make a card for each definition unless they're closely related: e.g. レコードを掛ける has nothing to do with コートをハンガーに掛ける, and nothing to do with 保険を掛ける.
I mean, imagine trying to explain words like "get" and "take" in one go to someone. Given the staggering amount of uses they have, the other person would end up staring at you in confusion, so it's better to break them down into more manageable chunks.
>you don't have to put every single unknown word into it
I use a text file for keeping track of shit I've seen for shit and giggles. Currently sitting at 14k+ entries. I wonder how many English would take on the flipside.
>What I do is to list the words with similar meanings
I do that, but on a separate text file, and try to add stuff like antonyms or explanatory notes (e.g. for donations, I have 寄付 for money, 寄贈 for objects).
>you'll have to stop at every third word to look it up in a dictionary
That happened to me. It felt awful but I eventually started to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it doesn't happen nearly as often now.
Replies: >>97100
[Hide] (79KB, 800x800)
>I'd make a card for each definition
I don't know, I already have a problem of mixing up similar things, if I'd have to figure out which of the 10 meanings this card is supposed to ask, that would be even worse.
>14k+ entries
Heh, I only have ~5k. But I'm too lazy to put every fucking word I look up into it, only things from a book.
>but I eventually started to see the light at the end of the tunnel
It happens once in a blue moon, Then I turn the page, and the light disappears again.
Reposting here because the RPG thread is about to die and nobody wants to answer me there.
Some anon recommended Romancing Saga 2 as some beginner friendly read, but text is auto advancing and it's way too fast. Any idea other than git gud? Taking a screenshot of every text box, then going through the screenshots one by one sounds awful.
Play a different game that doesn't auto advance the text.
Replies: >>97361
Use cheat engine speedhack with hotkeys to switch between 1.0 and 0.0 speed? Use an emulator that autopauses when it loses focus? Use the emulator's pause feature, if it has one?
Replies: >>97361
[Hide] (419.6KB, 1920x1080)
SoulCalibur 6 these 122 characters (plus western numbers) as decals you can apply to almost anything on a character. Any suggestions for interesting words that can be made using just them beyond pic related and obvious stuff like 不敵?

Replies: >>97341
大山 on the front.
Have you retards tried turning auto advance off?
Replies: >>97361
[Hide] (99.3KB, 960x544)
Well, for that you have to find the settings screen, if this game even has one to begin with. Console games usually have about 2 settings that doesn't fucking change anything.
I tried it on my vita, well that doesn't have any of this. Maybe I'll try it in an emulator, I don't know.
Yes, that's an option, but I was told this is a beginner friendly game, for fucks sake.
any good hiragana only vidya and mangas?
Replies: >>103150 >>103169
Why would you want to read through kana soup?
Replies: >>103154
i don't know what that means, please egsplain.
Replies: >>103163
Hiragana/katakana by itself is very cumbersome to read.
Replies: >>103165
So what should I do? I can only read hiragana.
Replies: >>103167 >>103176
Learn to read kanji, obviously.
Replies: >>103168
[Hide] (1.1MB, 320x240, 00:42)
>hiragana only
Doesn't exist.
>kana only
>good vidya
I hope you like Pokémon. Kana-only stuff is made for kids, not much quality to be found there.

If not that, your best bet is furigana-heavy text. I've seen some DS games with furigana. Platforms with bigger render resolution probably have more examples.
Replies: >>103171 >>103176
Replies: >>103175 >>103176
i liek pokemon. I'll try that.
I'd think your [anything]dere wife would learn English since they love you. At the least they'd try to teach you Japanese. But there have been successful relationships without a shared language, so, maybe it's irrelevant. Have you tried body language?
>hiragana only
>doesn't exists
I'm not sure about 100% hiragana only, but 99% hiragana only is a thing, especially older games made for kids when you didn't have enough pixels for kanji+furigana. Try some NES or gameboy games. For example Mother 2 is mostly hiragana from what I've seen I still yet to play it, but someday I'll get to it...
Also there's a bunch of katakana only games for pc-8000 and the likes.
If you don't want to dive into deep water so soon, find something that has furigana, but that'll be mostly stuff aimed for children. If you don't know kanji, you can also try a text hooker to speed up looking up kanji, but in the end you'll have to learn kanji anyway.
People never learn.
[Hide] (377.6KB, 874x709)
Replies: >>104102 >>107186
I'm not a fan of overly edited let's plays. Just give me the raw gameplay and raw commentary.
Replies: >>107181
[Hide] (203.3KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (182.5KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (179KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (148KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (187.1KB, 1280x720)
Interesting. Unlike the localized version, the Japanese version of Animal Crossing uses the real names of holidays, except Hanukkah for some reason. It calls the dreidel "festival top" and the menorah "feast candle".
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1348x1995)
I hope your new year's resolution is to learn Japanese if you're still a filthy EOP.
A fellow fan of snorefests, I see. The lack of editing is why I prefer letsplays to streamers.
I'm not sure why you think western e-celebs don't edit their videos, but yes, they rarely edit them to the extend japanese master race does. Raocow's dieジェスト he stole from japanese mario hack letsplays is his trademark at this point, pewdiepie started editing his videos at some point too but later just hired a guy to edit his videos for him (his black souls and getting over it letsplays). With streamers it's usually fans who make the "best moments" compilations.

Noita had a fun voiceloid letsplay on nicovideo. Or more like a death compilation.
Someone tell me how the fuck does nip names work. When you have some kanji, and rikaisama shows 150 possible reading for that name, how the fuck does nip people know how to read it? (when the reading is not given in furigana, or parentheses or whatever)
Replies: >>107431 >>107472
I imagine it's a mix of memorizing which readings are used for particular full names and wild-ass guessing based on the most common name-readings for each kanji. I also imagine you're expected to have furigana with your name on e.g. business cards unless you're famous or an asshole.
Replies: >>107434
I don't know about business cards, but forms always have a field for kanji then another for reading, because yeah, it's not obvious in some cases, even for Japanese people, I was more wondering about what they do when there isn't one. But then it's probably just if you're famous enough you don't need furigana.
Turns out that name was a character from a video game, except it had an extra kanji at the beginning, so search engines couldn't find it. I guess if I had know the game in question I could have also known that name, but this sucks
Names are easily the hardest part of the language.
Replies: >>113395
>started reading some LN some time ago
>every time I find an unknown word, I write it into a text file
>if it's already in the file, I just increase a number next to it (and if it's >=3, it goes into anki)
>31 unknown words on the first page, don't worry, it will be better...
>some 850 pages later, I still have about 2-8 new words per page
Unique new words, not including the almost 5k words already in the txt but I forgot about them in the meantime words.
Let's not go into how my anki reviews look like.
I'll never learn this fucking language.
Suggest me something to cheer myself up, or failing that, suicide tips.
That sounds like a pretty inefficient way of doing things. Why don't you just skip the text file altogether and just put them right into Anki?
Replies: >>109900
I don't think it makes much sense to put every word I see once and never again into Anki, it would just make me burn out even more. There's a limit of the number of new words per day my brain can handle without exploding, and it's pretty low. I have to slow down sometimes even like this, when too many new cards pile up in Anki...
Replies: >>109903
Just because you add a word to an Anki deck doesn't mean you have to study it that same day. Just lower the new words per day on your deck.
Replies: >>109905
But if I add more new words than I learn, it will just make my backlog larger and larger. Today I'd learn words that I added 2 years before, and I would only see the words I add today 5 years later.
[Hide] (114.1KB, 438x762)
Maybe adding a sentence with only one unknown would be better than making anki cards of isolated words. Context is kinda important and remembering where you read that word will make you remember it faster and with the proper context.
The way I do it is that I read a manga, I skip all the sentences that have multiple unknown words, and find sentences that only have one word that I don't know. I put that whole sentence in Anki and I move on.
Take pic related as an example. The unknown word is 加護 which translates to "divine protection". I put the sentence on the front and the word definition on the back. If I can't understand the whole sentence even if I know all the words, it means that there is some grammatical rule that I don't know yet so I'll check it out and add it on the back of the card.
Replies: >>109919
Yeah, I'm a bit reluctant to add sentences from the shit I read, because if I misunderstand something, then adding that misunderstanding to an Anki card would just make sure it's permanent and I'll be fucked up for the remaining of my life. Yes, I also have a chronic lack of self-confidence.
So right now I just add some random sentence from jisho. Unfortunately there are many cases when it doesn't even have a single one, and even when it has, it has nothing to do with what I read. So it's just on the back side, which is probably not useful.
I wouldn't beat yourself up too much, a few words a page isn't that bad really. Especially depending on what you might be reading. Sounds like decent improvement already from when you started too. It'll only keep getting better with each volume you read. 
As far as example sentences for Anki go, here's another site you can try though I think pulling them from what you read is usually better. As with Jisho the translated sentence may take some liberties at times. I also put sentences on the back of my cards and mostly only refer to them if I don't feel good about the word. Going over a sentence for every word/definition all the time is too time consuming. 
Replies: >>109965 >>120112
>I wouldn't beat yourself up too much
Easier said that done. It's a bit annoying that I have so many new words, when the author is the same, the same series, the same setting, the same characters, etc. Originally I only wanted to do this for the first 1 or 2 volumes, thinking after it I'll only have a few unknown words here and there, but now I'm at vol 4 and I still have no idea when will it end.
>decent improvement
The problem is that it's like 1/x, I've got a decent improvement on the first 50-100 pages, but after that not much, I were already at around 5-10 words/page around page 100. Yes, there's improvement, but not that much.
Also it's a bit inconsistent, and things like when I have no new words for two pages, then on the third I find 13 new, that can somehow piss me off more than it should.
Good to know, I'll keep that it mind.
Any "edutainment" games that help you learn Japanese? Not some sort of gamified app just an actual game that's focused around teaching the language.
Replies: >>110006
Just put every single word on anki, brainlet.
>games that help you learn Japanese
Any Japanese game. Don't bother trying to find a dumb educational game, just play fun games and practice the language.
[Hide] (906.6KB, 1920x3240)
[Hide] (821.7KB, 1920x3240)
[Hide] (27.1KB, 640x480)
I found an untranslatable line while playing FF8 in Japanese. Let's see how the localization handles it...

They didn't even try.
Replies: >>112326 >>115824
[Hide] (91.4KB, 350x310)
Has square had a single game in their entire existence that didn't have a horrendous translation?
Replies: >>112362
>game that didn't have a horrendous translation
I'm not sure such a thing even exists. Video game translations have pretty much 0 QC.
[Hide] (204.1KB, 832x651)
Back to this shit again, I've came across this fine specimen today: https://ecchi.iwara.tv/users/%E5%8F%AF%E8%81%BF%E5%88%80
How the fuck do people know how to read 可聿刀? There's zero introduction or info or link to anything on that page. I've tried to search for it, and I only really found chink pages, and when restricting to nip, I've found this iwara page and not much else. Or do they just don't care? But in the latter case, every time they want to write down his name, they somehow find this page and copy-paste from it? Or do people assign a random reading to it and they add it to their IMEs dictionary? The second kanji has readings like いち、ふで, etc, but mozc only offers that kanji if I type ふでづくり. Do they type か, select 可 from the candidate list, then ふでづうり, 聿, then finally かたな and select 刀, or is there some secret reading that jisho doesn't know?
Why is this writing system so fucked up?
Also if someone has that manga with some bullshit kanji, and at the end one character asks how to read it, and the response is something like <that bullshit kanji> obviously, post it
Beats me. I think that's one of those things you can't learn without actually asking a native speaker.
A helpful piece of knowledge for any learner to remember (and one puzzlingly absent in most guides) is that kanji compounds are usually read through the combined 音読み of said individual kanji, usually preferring their most common readings. In other words, that, for example, would end up being read as かいつとう. Or at least that's the best guess you could come up with unless the users themselves provided some further clarification.
And yes, you'd have to manually look for every kanji on IME in order to input that regardless (it doesn't take so long after you're used to it). Which is why nicknames are so common in social circles.
[Hide] (348.3KB, 1125x1600)
[Hide] (310.1KB, 1125x1600)
[Hide] (85.6KB, 1125x1600)
A good amount of people probably have the 'use conversion history' setting on to make predictions so they wouldn't necessarily have to go out their way to manually add most things like that. That is more or less how you would type it, though you can just type ふで. It doesn't help with the reading of course, but as far as the potential origin for the name, when I Googled 可聿刀 there was someone drawing a possible link to another name, 阿津沼 (あつぬま) which if you'll notice each character from 可聿刀 is contained within those characters.
Replies: >>113501 >>113526
>when I Googled 可聿刀 there was someone drawing a possible link to another name, 阿津沼 (あつぬま) which if you'll notice each character from 可聿刀 is contained within those characters
That's probably the intended reading for both then. A lot of the comments on that video site are about knowing this user from a different name on niconico, but nips love their cryptic bullshit so it's all vague.
Replies: >>113526
So the niconico user is 阿津沼, no wonder I didn't find it. So this is what that user meant by "名前の字ズラと作風". Fuck nips and their stupid games.
Not sure where did you find the あつぬま reading, the first name rikaisama gives for 阿津 is あず, but at least 沼 seem to be a different component, since this user's fc2 account name is simply 阿津.

Yeah, that's it, thanks.
Replies: >>113595
[Hide] (48.3KB, 450x450)
It's the reading given on the syosetu page that their nico page links to. 阿津沼一成・アツヌマカズナリ in full. That is how I would have read that anyhow since it sounds a little better with a つ to me and the character is pretty commonly read つ in names. At least you don't see this sort of kanji stuff crop up as puzzles in games too often in my experience. You might see it occasionally though so doesn't hurt to have a little experience.
Replies: >>113604
Too bad that left side radical is 心 and not 小 or that would work.
Replies: >>115824
Why don't we just make a game that teaches japanese? learning whilst being active should produce results, right bros?
Replies: >>113791
Because all Japanese games teach Japanese. Duh.
Replies: >>113889
Yeah, edutainment games are a meme.
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1279x1430)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1279x1434)
Replies: >>114872 >>115824
Localizers are failed writers who think they are funny. They view games as a medium to publish their "unique" writing rather than something to seriously translate.
Replies: >>114985
I've extracted about 3GB voice data (some 3.5 days to play back) from some random games that I more or less played. So at least I have some audio for example sentences for my anki cards.
Too bad most of my unknown words are not from these games, but from random LN/website.
Translators or editors?
Replies: >>114986
The first one is fine except for the yeet part tacked on.

Doesn't matter. It looks the same. Perfect neumonic. I'll never forget it now. 

It's a fucking username. You never know how names are supposed to be read for sure unless you know that person's name. The advice about onyomi is also worthless because many names use nayomi which are completely different from on or kun. 

As you said so yourself, what the fuck could you even do? It only makes sense in Japanese.
Replies: >>115827
>As you said so yourself, what the fuck could you even do? It only makes sense in Japanese.
They could make the 5 stones spell out "munba" if they hadn't localized it as a six letter word (moomba) instead.
Replies: >>115831
How do you get "munba" out of "Blue, Wind, Life, Shadow, Water". Or would you just rename all the stones so that its something that arbitrarily spells Munba? 
I guess that would at least keep it somewhat more similar.
Replies: >>115835
Yeah the name of the stones doesn't really matter in that sidequest. They would be harder to find with different names, but there is a guy who gives you a hint and a text box pops up when you are close to one so they aren't hard to find in the first place. Also they could probably also change the order you have to find them in if that makes it fit better.

Medicinal (the life stone is found between tree roots)
Upper (the shadow stone is the only one found by going up an elevator)
Noisy (the wind stone makes a wind noise when you pick it up)
Aqua (water = aqua)

There, I came up with a solution in less than 5 minutes. That's why I said they didn't even try.
>>65089 (OP) 
>Joss Whedon
I should really play that butchered game. I like Joss Whedon shows.
>template response
>it's also some baseless insult
>a strawman too
Stop browsing reddit I guess. 
<but that's a strawman!
If the shoe fits.
Replies: >>117788
[Hide] (384.8KB, 1486x781)
I just found out that the Saturn Policenauts fan translation is apparently censored compared to the PS1 fan translation released a few years earlier. The PS1 fan translation was made by goons so I wouldn't be surprised if that has its own censorship slipped in there as well.

I always find it funny when people act like fan translations are the solution to shitty official localizations, when they are just as susceptible to censorship and shitty translators.
[Hide] (63.6KB, 800x533)
What is it supposed to mean? It's common for the leftists in t*itter comments to throw this line, but what does it convey?
Replies: >>117799
it means you should go outside more and enjoy nature instead of being a NEET shut in, used by trannies to epically pwn internet users. it means you should literally go outside and touch the grass around you
Replies: >>117810 >>117811
Which is completely and hilariously ironic coming from trannies, who are all urbanite scum. Besides, I get enough touching grass throughout the day anyways. It's nice and /comfy/-pilled.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1632x1224)
>it means you should go outside more and enjoy nature instead of being a NEET shut in
One doesn't go against the other; besides, it's hard to enjoy the outdoors when it looks like pic related.
What do you do with words that you can't even find in dictionaries, other than ignoring it?
Like 豚め in この卑しい豚め!, the only thing I found is this one example sentence in weblio:
It's clear that it's some kind of curse, maybe related to 雌豚, but that's just an assumption.
Replies: >>117814
That's not a word anon. It's 豚+め
Replies: >>117818
Well, shit. Then how do you tell what is a word?
Replies: >>117819 >>117822
A word? Or do you mean verb?
Replies: >>117820
No, any kind of word. Like above, because I apparently can't tell from the moonrune soup when does one word start and when it ends.
Replies: >>117823
Practice and context. この[noun]め is a common insult.
Knowing sentence structure and having a dictionary for things you don't know
[Hide] (14.4KB, 31x443)
What is 矯声 supposed to mean? I can't find it in any dictionary.
Replies: >>118944 >>118946
Probably a typo of 嬌声
Replies: >>118946 >>118968
矯 and 嬌 have the same 音読み as each other so likely >>118944
If it's not a typo the sentence makes no sense anyway.
Replies: >>118968
Thanks, probably 嬌声 then, at least the sentence makes sense with that.
I've once tried Duolingo, and it's shit. It was clearly created to get shekels from ads and microtransactions and subscriptions, rather than teaching languages to people.
>I think pulling them from what you read is usually better.
Tried that, but now sometimes I end up example sentences like "その頃には、五行さんもいつも通りの凛とした表情を浮かべていかたが、どこか無理をしているように見えて、さきほどの寂しげな呟きがいつまでも胸の奥で響いていた……。", which is way too long. Should I just omit irrelevant parts? But in that case I might fuck up the sentence, and I don't want that.
Replies: >>120298
How is that too long? You'd only need the example if you forgot the context right?
Replies: >>120327
I mean the example sentences on jisho are usually a third of this, so it feels long. And to have context, sometimes I think I'd need more than just a single sentence, but I don't want to manually type a half page of text into anki.
Replies: >>121143
[Hide] (37.2KB, 00:04)
Is my hearing completely shit, or does she say ときどき instead of 色々?
To be honest, with 時々 it probably makes more sense.
I should really stop worrying about trivial shit like this though.
Replies: >>120628 >>121143
Sounds like 時々 to me.
A somewhat girthy sentence that invokes a more unique and clear image in your head possibly in addition to the memory of the game you were playing when you first read it will always bring that knowledge back to the surface better than just some generic short sentence. Whether too long, short or abstract, not everything you read will make for a good example sentence though. It's fine to fall back on something else in that case. If I can remember I try to keep an eye out when I continue to see if the the word pops up again in a better sentence. Of course there's also better resources for example sentences out there than Jisho. Here's one I use occasionally. They actually give you additional sentences for context if you click on the example because you're right in that you do sometimes need that for proper context.

It's not terribly uncommon to see a few minor discrepancies between the voice acting and text like that.
Replies: >>121421 >>122264
>yesterday that linked worked
>now I want to try it
<empty page
That's my luck, I guess
Replies: >>121437
Not sure why the front page isn't working but if you just add your word as such: https://yourei.jp/言葉 it seems to come up.
Replies: >>121547
Thanks, it looks like it's indeed a better resource too bad no mediocre translations to check my mediocre understanding
[Hide] (449.2KB, 1233x924)
More untranslatable Final Fantasy goodness.
Replies: >>122320
[Hide] (659KB, 1412x868)
[Hide] (32.9KB, 480x360)
The Square localizers really hate translating opium properly huh? At least they didn't change it to bananas this time.
I guess, now sometimes I put more sentences on a card to have context. I don't know if this will help me at all, or I'll spend even more time managing my anki cards.
Also don't put example sentences with audio from eroges, unless you want to listen to moans while doing your reps

Why do you care so much about it? We know that translations are usually horrible.
Replies: >>122266
>Why do you care so much about it?
It's interesting to see the things that are changed or lost in translation. I always intended this to be a Japanese learning + shitty localization discussion thread.
Replies: >>122270
Whatever floats your boat, I think.
I think one of the reasons I started learning nip so I won't have to rely on shitty localizations. Or play one of the 2847592 obscure VNs that never received any English translation.
Replies: >>122273
Plus it helps encourage people to learn Japanese if they know just how shitty all localizations are. They will never know that without someone comparing them to the original text, since obviously EOPs can't compare them on their own.
Honestly, I'm learning nip to watch japanese gameshows at this point. I'm losing interest in JRPGS and anime as I grow older.
Replies: >>122279
I know, but we already have shittons of evidence for that. I mean, some more never hurts, but I had a feeling that >>122224 anon is burning out on bad translations instead of enjoying the game.
Also, if you want to help EOP, you gonna put a proper translation next to your post, because a screenshot of moonrunes doesn't help them either
Interesting, the older I get, the more 3DPD intolerant I become, sooner or later it'll affect my ability to play games with realistically looking characters. Whelp.
Replies: >>122281
[Hide] (426.5KB, 1320x925)
>but I had a feeling that >>122224 anon is burning out on bad translations instead of enjoying the game
Nah, I just like to screenshot things that seem like they would be censored to compare later. The only other thing in FFT I took a screenshot of for that reason is this (because of 強姦), but I couldn't find an English version to compare.
Replies: >>122283 >>122320
Oh, good, I thought you compared every sentence to the English translation. Then ignore my rambling, I guess.
Also, isn't there a full playthtough or something like on jewtube?
Replies: >>122286
There is but this was from the in-game glossary thing.
I always appreciate any comparison shots. It's nice to know if a translation for any one particular thing was censored or otherwise fucked up and how badly. When I started learning I was still innocent and more or less trusting of translators, but the quick realization of just of awful it can get certainly helped keep me going even when it got rough.
Someone transcribed it on GameFAQs:
<Gustav Margueriff
<Sub leader of the Death Corps. Former sub leader of the 
<Knights of Death. Before joining the Knight of Death, he was 
<one of the Hokuten Knights. But due to his reckless actions, 
<such as robberies and rapes at seized towns, problems within 
<the Knights arose. He was forced out and eventually joined the 
<Knights of Death. He plans the abduction of Marquis Elmdor, 
<but loses his life from Wiegraf's purge.
So 強姦 wasn't censored in this case, but 敵兵を皆殺しにしたり was omitted. The translation of 転籍させられた as "was forced out and eventually joined" is also questionable.
This is missing from the document linked above, but it became:
<Evanescence... what a sad word...
Replies: >>122324 >>122524
>So 強姦 wasn't censored in this case
That's unexpected. I thought rape was a no-no word back then.
The causative passive させられた essentially means "was forced".  転籍 means "quitting the organization you belong to and transferring to another one". The translation is accurate.
Replies: >>122525
I think he means the "eventually joined" part. "Was forced to transfer" would be more accurate.
After how many years of studying but still not learning anything can you say that you failed to learn nip?
Been at it for almost 3 years, but really let things go in the last few months. Reading nip and studying grammar feels exhausting. Does it ever get better? note: I don't have major trouble with moonrunes or readings; I keep forgetting the meaning of words and some grammar points just won't click (にて/による; 次第/によって/に於いて for depending, etc.)
>Does it ever get better?
>Does it ever get better?
Of course. The more you practice the more natural it becomes. I read nip at almost the same speed as English now.
Replies: >>123581
How many years does it take?
Replies: >>123582 >>123643
20, bare minimum
Replies: >>123589
Then, at least I'm still on track and didn't run out of time. Good to know.
[Hide] (40.4KB, 920x276)
Less than 10.
Replies: >>123645
Well, fuck, I don't think I'm gonna make it.
Replies: >>123670
I think your pessimistic mindset is part of the problem, if you're the anon who always comes in here to complain about not learning anything.
Replies: >>123680 >>124698
I don't think I've been optimistic/enthusiastic about anything in the last 15-20 years, so I don't think that's gonna change.
Replies: >>124698
[Hide] (319.8KB, 517x355)
How are にて and による remotely similar to the point you'd mix them up?
Replies: >>123705
They both start with に, they're almost the same length, etc
Replies: >>123712
One is a particle and one is a verb though
Replies: >>124003
Some people (like me) have a superpower that they can mix up anything. Like names, left/right, files/directories,
Oh, and forget, I can forget anything.

>trying out OCR so I don't have to manually type in the example sentences
<spend as much time correcting the OCR mistakes that it would take me to type in the sentence in the first place
Replies: >>124059
How the fuck do we read the vertical mess that is the average Japanese book?
Replies: >>124060
[Hide] (6.8KB, 377x346)
What do you mean? You read from top to bottom, right to left. Like this.
Or, maybe I'm just too oldfag to learn this shit. Now I got 13 new words on a page, that's like one new word per column. I'll die in WW3 before I learn this shit.
Replies: >>124722 >>124727
How old are you?
Replies: >>124753
[Hide] (87.5KB, 245x248)
>only 13
Replies: >>124753
>quit learning jap 2 years ago (after 3y of studying)
>to this day I can still read most jap memes and hentai I encounter in daily life
I'm honestly surprised, there are words that I couldn't recall if you asked me "what does X mean in japanese" but once I read it, I just know it.
Guess the Anki torture wasn't worthless afterall.

Anyways, I'm wondering if I should get back into it now.
There is not much of a reason to start learning it again, other than dunno, it being kinda fun? 
I kinda miss it.

Since I didn't study for 2 maybe 3 years, has there been any technological advances since I've been gone?
When I stopped studying people mostly used a texthooker (ITHVNR) with yomichan and Kanjitomo for everything else.
Are there new better tools by now? Any advancements regarding translation engines?

I have recently played a machine translated eroge which was surprisingly pretty playayble with very few gibberish sentences.
Which makes me wonder what people use for that.
Replies: >>124753
Almost a wizard.
That's like one new word per column.

>to this day I can still read most jap memes and hentai I encounter in daily life
I have no freakin idea how you did that, I would still be unable to do that. (Not like there aren't a bunch of normalfag memes that I don't understand, even in English.)
I think Textractor is the most actively developed fork nowadays. I'm still dumping it into mememoon, nothing beats rikaisama when I need to lookup the unknown words (which can be anywhere between 0 and 38 per sentence...)
No idea about machine translators, I'd kill myself before using one.
Replies: >>124764
>Almost a wizard.
So 30-40? That's the same as me so you are not too old.
Replies: >>124813
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1418x2074)
[Hide] (79KB, 480x720)
Hmm, I feel like this euphemism doesn't really work the way they phrased it in the translation. It sounds more like he is talking about a plot rather than literal sperm.
Replies: >>124783
He isn't talking about literal sperm though, considering he's in a reality that lets you summon demon gods with a stone it doesn't seem that unrealistic to influence stuff via not literal seed but effectively the same thing. Not defending the translating but this is top tier nitpicking.
Replies: >>124786
[Hide] (237.5KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (232.8KB, 1920x1080)
Why would magic existing mean reproduction doesn't exist? Here's the more accurate PSP translation for comparison.
I said almost, so slightly under 30. But that makes me look even worse. Maybe I'm just to autistic or retarded to learn this shit. Or maybe I'd just need to spend 30 hours a day learning nip to be effective.
Replies: >>124817
I thought a wizard was 40. When do I get my magic powers?
>When do I get my magic powers?
It's a fuckin lie, man.
Replies: >>124918
[Hide] (651.5KB, 647x363)
That can't be. I was promised magic.
Replies: >>124922
The magic was inside you all along. You are fully detached from the world of mortals and may revel in true spiritual freedom.
[Hide] (40.1KB, 800x549)
You already have magical powers, if, by magical powers, you mean not getting any. Don't worry, we're all in the same boat.
Replies: >>125000
[Hide] (16.4KB, 636x302)
>see 兵糧 for the first time
>think it's probably pronounced へいりょう but look it up just to be sure
<japanese language: lol fuck you
Replies: >>124984
Those are listed readings on most kanji dictionaries
This wouldn't be a problem if tou had learned 中文 instead. You all made fun of me for learning that over Grorious Nipponese, but it got me laid even if most the exclusive games suck.
[Hide] (40.7KB, 192x222)
What a waste of trips
Replies: >>125038
Fucking a chink sympathizer is like fucking a dog. Yeah you dicked something, but you're still a fucking disgrace for doing it.
Replies: >>125038
>being happy you got with a bugwoman
Replies: >>125038
[Hide] (53.5KB, 451x569)
Now we can make fun of you for being a normalfag and for learning Chinese.
Replies: >>125038
[Hide] (882.3KB, 1425x4413)
Replies: >>125067
[Hide] (857.1KB, 1400x5552)
Don't forget this one.
[Hide] (16.7KB, 256x384)
Can you solve this puzzle?

Solution spoiler: I think the answer is 知 since it's the only one that can't be written in katakana. 加=カロ, 功=エカ, 化=イヒ, 外=タト, 刈=メリ, 仁=イニ, 知=矢(not katakana)ロ
Replies: >>125890 >>125912
I thought it was because it's 知 is seven strokes and there's nothing else there with an equal amount
Replies: >>125899
That would only work if they were all the same besides that one. Some are 4 and some are 5.
How do they translate this shit? (Provided that game ever received an english release)
Replies: >>125913
They don't. I got that from this site documenting how butchered that game was in translation.
What is the most meanings you've ever seen for a single verb? My vote goes to 落ちる
If you count all the nouns that can be used together with する to create an action, that would probably be it.
掛ける is the first word that comes to mind for me as it was the first of few words I didn't bother properly adding to Anki because of the long list of meanings.
There's とる but it has multiple kanji, so I don't know whether it counts.
出す、付く also have shittons of meanings if you count all the words they can be attached to.
[Hide] (10.1KB, 450x450)
>>65089 (OP) 
It's been a few years since I've studied. I think it's about time I come back to this. I was doing quite well with the grammar, but I hate the everloving shit out of flashcards and Anki. As soon as I started Anki, I dropped it. This time, I think I'm just going to memorize each of the kanji and then start reading a dictionary.
Replies: >>126129 >>126153
Anki is useful but it has the potential to get out of hand if you don't know how it works. Adding too many new cards and racking up a >1 hour daily review time is a common beginner mistake.
Replies: >>126161
Using something someone else created is almost always a bad idea in Anki. I recommend you make your own based off what you encounter and then tailoring it to what helps you memorize shit. Also, creating a card will probably help you remember shit more.
>reading a dictionary
What do you mean, reading? Like using while reading something or just straight up reading a dictionary like an idiot?
>>1 hour daily review time is a common beginner mistake
I was doing that for, like, 5 years. It can be a bit annoying, but you never gonna learn anything if you don't try.
Replies: >>126178
[Hide] (33.5KB, 732x555)
[Hide] (24.8KB, 726x522)
Anki is just a supplement, your main learning should be through practice. My two main decks have an average daily time of 14 and 10 minutes.
Replies: >>126250
Unless I put my words into anki, I won't learn them, even if I see them 10000 times.
Plus that was core6k, you need to learn a bunch of words before you can do any kind of practice.
Alright, I'm going to get back into this. Before I start, has anyone ripped the entirety of IMABI? I'd really like to read it on my Kindle.
Is it a problem if more than one word has the same example sentence in anki?
Replies: >>128948
I don't see why not.
Okay, this is probably not my level, when I'm reading something that has words that I can only find in random goo.ne/yahoo questions, and not in any normal dictionary. Just don't know why did it take me to read ~30k lines to make this observation.
But shit that has simpler language is boring as fuck. Whelp.
What the fuck is a ヤリ手部長? Searching for it I only found some ugly 3DPD gangbang videos (probably from the fuck meaning of やる), but I don't think that's the meaning I need. (Said 部長 said お前、仕事出来そうだよな, then sent the character to work overseas for 5 years which the character hated, while himself/herself got a nice early retirement). やり手 can also mean something like giver, so maybe someone who makes the other work to the bone?
Replies: >>130957
[Hide] (51.6KB, 347x1403)
[Hide] (32.8KB, 567x558)
[Hide] (39.2KB, 677x509)
Replies: >>130962
やり手 means something along the lines of 敏腕家 which means an efficient/capable person.
やり手部長 most likely just means something along the lines of "capable chief/director".
>in spring
>since spring
I guess the PSP translation has some errors, since "in spring" is correct here.
Fuck moonrunes i want to speak aryan, where the HECK do i learn german? gotta play dem ww2 games with the voices set to authentic
Replies: >>131069
Replies: >>131071 >>131085
Does this shit actually worked or am i getting memed on?
Replies: >>131083
no it's a jew scam
[Hide] (23.4KB, 960x539)
Replies: >>131095
[Hide] (267.1KB, 914x1810)
[Hide] (241.6KB, 908x1210)
[Hide] (199.3KB, 814x1214)
[Hide] (873.6KB, 913x4994)
[Hide] (195.5KB, 913x1212)
This is the only news channel I watch.
What is 肉ビラ?
What's the context?
Replies: >>131316
Replies: >>131316
Various H scenes.
Thanks, that's probably is.
Anyway, any tips where could I try to look up shit like this? Normal dictionaries no match, searx for 肉ビラとは no usable results.
Replies: >>131318
Well that one you can understand just by the context. 肉=flesh ビラ=petal (like flower petal)
Replies: >>131321
[Hide] (29.5KB, 627x332)
Where did you get that from? dictionary.goo.ne.jp also only lists the poster/flyer meaning.
Replies: >>131324
From 花弁. Sometimes you just have to infer the meanings of words rather than be able to look up the definition. 

Like how you would understand "beef curtains" just by knowing the meaning of both words and the context it is used in, even though you would never find it in a dictionary.
Replies: >>131380
>beef curtains
But at least that's two normal words. Here you have a random word, take the second part of it, and write it in katakana, so even the kanji won't help you.
Replies: >>131389
[Hide] (173KB, 1903x919)
It could also be from びらびら, I'm not sure if that gets its name from 花びら or not.

Also how didn't you find the word by looking it up? I just tried and it was the first result and even linked to the wikipedia page.
Replies: >>131415
Wait, what, reverso not being complete bullshit?
<She is made acme no less than 14 times continuously and is driven in just before a limit.
<When the tampon is taken, a slightly stain attaches and is exciting.
About what I expected... I guess just putting those sentences into deepl would produce better results
<She is made to cum 14 times in a row and pushed to the edge of her limit. Flesh bill enlargement.
<Looking at Miki's pussy in close-up, we can observe a bright red vagina with slightly darkened fleshy lips.
Yes, it does. "Flesh bill enlargement" still looks hilarious though.
I saw that, but from a quick look it didn't look like it's about 肉ビラ, maybe I should looked harder. But it's still another you can probably guess the word from the context than describing the word kind of page.
Replies: >>131416
[Hide] (54.1KB, 962x620)
[Hide] (278.5KB, 720x464, 00:03)
>maybe I should looked harder
[Hide] (107.5KB, 1402x308)
What the fuck.
The reason to learn nip.
I mean if you can. I think I've already reached the limit of words I can learn, if I learn a new one, I forget an old one, and my anki reviews are getting out of hand again, shit.
Yeah, but I don't play JRPGS.
Post purposefully bad mistranslations of GOOD games.
Replies: >>131879
That's not a JRPG.
Replies: >>131880
[Hide] (136.5KB, 465x519)
then what is it?
Replies: >>131884
[Hide] (26MB, 1280x720, 01:37)
It's a hack and slash tower princess defense game.
[Hide] (43.3KB, 901x252)
I will never learn nip. I understand, like, every fourth word.
Replies: >>132324 >>132328
Try reading something less boring.
Replies: >>132355
[Hide] (292.3KB, 1784x590)
at least you don't need to learn now that we have a program that finally does what google translate on the phone was capable of for years
Replies: >>132330 >>132332
<Become a ship
I don't think it's this one, chief.
Replies: >>132333
>he doesn't want to become a ship or a plane
Then suggest something
Replies: >>132463
Replay a game you liked in English but in Japanese this time.
Replies: >>132504
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1920x1080)
I don't think this will help
Replies: >>132511
Why are you on /v/ if you don't play games?
Replies: >>132516 >>132518
[Hide] (93.3KB, 470x468)
I don't have time to play games, because I need to learn nip first to play the nip games.
Replies: >>132536
[Hide] (13.3KB, 190x229)
That doesn't even make sense.
Replies: >>132559
I told this at least a hundred times now, how the fuck am I supposed to play a game if I have to stop and look up every second word? That's a sure way to burnout.
Stopping every second to look up every second workd (and noting them to study them) is how you really learn.
Replies: >>132569
[Hide] (228.9KB, 662x540)
Stop complaining and just do it.
Replies: >>132569
Yes, but if I do it for more that 15 minutes, I get a headache. Plus there's a limit of how many new cards I can add to anki before going back to 1h+ reviews.
Replies: >>132574
This is why you can't learn. All you do is make up excuses and complain.

You don't even have to add the words to anki, and even if you do they are still subject to the same new card setting as all the other cards and won't immediately flood your reviews. I'm pretty sure I told you this already but you came up with some other excuse why you can't do that either.
Replies: >>132579
Jesus christ if you're gonna constantly complain about having to learn vocabulary then stop learning you fucking woman.
Replies: >>132579
Yes, I know, I should have started learning nip 10 years earlier, but that boat has sailed. (And I guess at that time I was busy learning english)
If I don't add words to anki, I never learn them. And if I add them, I'd add generally 10 times as many cards as I could normally review, so I'd just end up with bigger and bigger backlog.
But if I stop learning I'll never learn it.
Replies: >>132714
[Hide] (36.5KB, 640x480)
Long shot but since we're talking about it, my anki died just a silent error and it closes as I launch it. Anyone knows where I can find my deck  on linux  and if it will keep my progress if I copy paste it when I reinstall anki?
Replies: >>132591 >>132592
[Hide] (59.6KB, 746x412)
You could've just checked the documentation on their website. Not certain it'll just werk, especially if the error is caused by some fuckup in your deck, but I'd expect it should work fine.
You should setup an ankiweb account to automatically backup your deck.
Replies: >>132607
Or use ankisyncd if you want a more private solution, and not store your data in someone else's server
Trannyslators are faggots. 
Who woulda thunk.
Cunt flaps. 
Literally meat flaps.
If you're having to look up every other word, the material may just be at a higher reading level than you can handle. You could try something easier that lets you reinforce the grammar and vocabulary you do know while introducing new words at a lower rate that is more manageable. This may require consuming some shit you don't care about that much, but the practice can be worth it. You also may not want to look up every unknown word you come across. If you see an unknown word used a few times in a short period of time or you haven't had to look up a word for some time, you could look it up then. Otherwise, try to use context to fill in gaps, or just deal with not knowing something and move on.
Replies: >>132715 >>132725
>or just deal with not knowing something and move on
This is also good advice. Heck even in English you will sometimes come across some technobabble that you may not understand, there's nothing wrong with that if it's not necessarily important.
>may just be at a higher reading level than you can handle
Maybe, but my problem is right now that there is that cute textbook ます/です, use <500 word vocabulary, put furigana even on the most basic kanji shit, that I have no problem with (and because of that completely useless to read because I won't learn anything from that), and real life nip, where I'm completely lost, and hardly anything between.
>This may require consuming some shit you don't care about that much
I think I was recommended some VN here, but it was so fucking boring that I gave up. Is there anything that's simple (from a vocab standpoint) but not childish as fuck?
>try to use context to fill in gaps
That works when you have a few unknown words here and there, but when every second is unknown, it's impossible. Plus my 'tism rarely allows me to leave unknown words behind...
Replies: >>133210 >>133304
So is duolingo good for learning nip? im currently learning german with the thing and it works well for me but im still not at a level where i can shitpost on KC yet. any good imageboards for japanese that foreigners can post on?
Replies: >>133210 >>133232
>Is there anything that's simple (from a vocab standpoint) but not childish as fuck?
Pretty much everything I consumed when I was first trying to read was manga aimed at younger audiences, like probably around early teens. It can be hard to find something right around your level early on. Some more lighthearted JRPGs can have easier dialog, like Dragon Quest or Neptunia. 

Duolingo is pretty terrible for Japanese. I can't think of a single reason to recommend it.
Replies: >>133232 >>133248
>I can't think of a single reason to recommend it.
it let me memorize most of the katakana and hiragana fairly quickly
after that it's a lot slower than using a textbook, and it uses certain unintuitive concepts that actually keep your brain from thinking in japanese (such as asking you to type out what something means in english)
Replies: >>133233
>it let me memorize most of the katakana and hiragana fairly quickly
Even a chimp could memorize those in a week or two.
Replies: >>133235 >>133277
I memorized them in 2 days with it
Replies: >>133237 >>133250
with a chimp?
Takagi-san is pretty easy in my opinion, but the problem with that is I read a year worth of new manga in a couple of days and then I have nothing to do.
I wouldn't exactly call that simple. Plus it's full of obscure references. I mean, we have stuff like this, but that's not exactly beginner friendly.
Replies: >>133304
Nice, I did it in 1 day
Replies: >>133251 >>133277
And I did it in month. Or maybe 2, it was a long time ago.
[Hide] (203.1KB, 1089x1546)
>tfw I can kind of recognize most hiragana characters and don't know a single katakana after 1 year and a half of constant learning.
We're all going to make it, bros!
Replies: >>133295 >>133309
[Hide] (230.9KB, 948x924)
Except you because you might be retarded.
Replies: >>133307
An anon just posted a massive amount of Jap audio porn on plw animu. Go practice with a boner now.
Replies: >>133342
Even if you find and read something specifically written for people exactly where you are, it's likely going to be boring and perhaps also childish. Try picking some common theme to read about that isn't overly complex, struggle through a few games or manga/books learning basic relevant terminology and soon enough you'll have material you can read where you'll know a good chunk of the vocabulary. Doujin RPG porno is my usual recommendation, but there's a bunch of possibilities. Cooking, piano, baseball, dog ownership, fishing. Some topics will be more simple than others, but you've got the pick of the litter. Line up some material and go from what seems easiest or most interesting. 

You don't need to recognize references to read the lines.
Replies: >>133383
[Hide] (79.8KB, 439x297)
I guess it was worth a shot.
[Hide] (378.5KB, 500x498)
Yeah I was just kidding by the way, I haven't even started. You've got this bro
ASMR or javshit?
Replies: >>133345
The former.
[Hide] (46.7KB, 598x478)
[Hide] (39.9KB, 598x295)
[Hide] (34.4KB, 598x295)
Daily reminder to learn Japanese if you don't want the pronoun brigade inserting literal twitch memes into your games.
Replies: >>133383
>Try picking some common theme to read abou
I dunno, I'm reading an LN, I'm at the 4th book now and it still daunts me with shitloads of new words on each page. And it's the same theme, the same setting, the same characters, the same fucking author.
Didn't the DJT guide used to have a list of nip shit ordered by difficulty? I can't find it (but that page looked quite differently the last time I checked).
>most interesting
And usually they're the ones with the harder than steel language difficulty.
Literally what the fuck is their fucking problem (I know, they're ((( localizers ))), a special case of mental retardation).
[Hide] (21.8KB, 60x614)
I guess I'll just pretend that I never saw this line and move on.
Replies: >>134699
What don't you get?
Replies: >>134731
Is this even supposed to make any sense and not just some random mumblings about fire dragons and whatever bullshit?
Replies: >>134737 >>134739
[Hide] (15.1KB, 636x150)
It sounds like a ritual summoning to me.
>you (or thou as 汝 is usually translated) are fire
>you are the god of fire
>you are the flame dragon
>answer my call
So to answer your question, it's not supposed to mean anything, it's just chuuni.
Replies: >>134842
Also, while we're at it, what's the difference between 焔 and 炎 (both read as ほのお)? Because before this text used 炎 but now it started using 焔, then randomly alternating between the two. Jisho not being helpful, neither https://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/word/%E7%82%8E_%28%E3%81%BB%E3%81%AE%E3%81%8A%29/#jn-205090
Replies: >>134857 >>134913
I'm going to take a wild guess and say 焔 is archaic.
[Hide] (42.1KB, 824x434)
>what's the difference between 焔 and 炎
Same as the difference between these words. It just evokes a slightly different feeling.
Replies: >>136081
[Hide] (37KB, 748x196)
Is this a horrible font, or am I just retarded?
Replies: >>136077
That's a pretty typical handwriting type font. If you can't read it it says 
Replies: >>136089
Is the claim that non-English, non-Nipponese languages don't have enough synonyms for thesaurus to be practical true?
Replies: >>136089 >>136107
>handwriting type
Actually a low resolution handwriting font scaled up, so it's pixelated as shit. I managed to figure out the letters, but it's still shit. Or just I'm not used to it. (Real handwriting, though, that's undecipherable most of the times)

I'm pretty sure almost any language in use today has enough synonyms to collect them in a thesaurus.
Replies: >>136108 >>137675
[Hide] (58.5KB, 850x871)
It is legible to me. You are not used to it.
Replies: >>136189
[Hide] (231.8KB, 496x525)
[Hide] (36.1KB, 590x261)
[Hide] (13.3KB, 689x867)
[Hide] (105.6KB, 914x693)
>a magazine aimed at men is sexist for having a hot girl on the cover
<"localization specialist" responsible for several recent sega/atlus games
Daily reminder to learn Japanese.
Replies: >>136386
[Hide] (36.5KB, 580x335)
Tweet:  https://archive.ph/qV49I
With some replies (nitter):  https://archive.ph/G8n1M
Profile:  https://archive.ph/SEJAs
Longer timeline (nitter):  https://archive.ph/LKeWx

And one of the retweets from that timeline for additional motivation. Pic related and:  https://archive.ph/1753h
Playing fire emblem three houses right now in moon runes, the game being completely voiced helps a lot with uncommon words.
Replies: >>136529
[Hide] (257.9KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (215.1KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (226.4KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (306.1KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (221.3KB, 1280x720)
Good choice, I heard that was pretty butchered in English.
Found out that suki means preferred/preferable. It's an adjective!
Replies: >>136596
It is also a noun
>started: 2021-11-13
>finished: 2022-05-25
To read a single 260 page long LN. In English, that would be a day or two. Shit.
It may not be the tidiest and cleanest font but it's definitely readable. Keep practicing.
Replies: >>139309
[Hide] (250.7KB, 1144x2048)
Replies: >>137949 >>137993
What company was this?
Replies: >>137950
Some otome game company.
Replies: >>137952
[Hide] (168.2KB, 600x1000)
Jesus christ
Women enjoy being shit talked and feeling vulnerable, they are just losing customers.
Replies: >>137999
Yeah wasn't that 50 Shades of Grey thing about rape or something?
Replies: >>138086 >>138088
Yes, also checked.
It's not rape if you want it, and it's not rape if you regret it
>一つ 終わりを告げた、山のふもとで鬼さがし
>二つ 福なる黒羽に、鬼に魅せられ穴を掘る
>三つ 御子の血に染まる、ほこらの下で鬼が鳴く
>四つ 黄泉と間違えて、刑場ヶ原で鬼が舞う。
>五つ いくさのなれの果て、飼葉の蛇壷に槍が立つ
>六つ 夢幻の城の跡、何を望むと鬼が問う
Why do I always end up with weird shit like this when I want to read something?
I know, I shouldn't randomly download obscure eroge and expect that I won't end up in some clusterfuck story
Replies: >>138935 >>140076
What are you reading?
Replies: >>138941
Obscure garbage that has a total amount of 7 votes on vndb: https://vndb.org/v9108
(And a grand total of 5 on erogamescape)
And reading might be an overstatement, I've read the first few lines, and I've found more weird names than in an atlas.
Replies: >>138945
That looks pretty good. I liked the other Tiare games I played in the past before I knew nip (Runaway City and Season of the Sakura)
Replies: >>138949
Dunno, I have a feeling that the mystery part will throw me off. I've read it in a review that the game is not too good at explaining things (which actually might be intentional, given the theme). But I fucked around too much with the game to have a readable font in wine, so I'll try to read this shit no matter what.
Also the game is supposed to come with some printed manual normally, of course the version I downloaded didn't have that. (Not like I can't use it without that, but sometimes they have useful background info).
Replies: >>138951
Instead of wine you should play it with the Neko Project 2fmgen emulator, since it is originally a PC98 game.
Replies: >>138952
Yes, but the windows version has a CD audio bgm, while the PC98 is just playing some midi. And I can hook the windows version with textractor
Replies: >>138957
[Hide] (18.8MB, 1280x802, 02:47)
>he doesn't like PC98 FM music
[Hide] (25.3KB, 640x400)
About unreadable characters... and they're all place names! I guess I have a programme for tonight, trying to decipher this mess.
Also it doesn't help that I have no fucking idea what is the reading of these names, xy happened at kanji soup, then z at another kanji soup, where a character named random kanji clusterfuck disappeared, all presented in a single infodump, doesn't make it easier to remember things. Heck, there's even a review where the (nip) guy wrote he has no fucking idea what is the correct reading of the village's name the story takes part it, as there are two real-life nip village with the same kanji but different readings and the reading is nowhere mentioned in the game or the printed manual. Fuck nips and their retarded writing system.
I guess I'll have to take notes, like I'm back in high school, because there's no other way to remember all these things.
Replies: >>139321
Yeah that's one thing you really never get used to. I wish all games had furigana just for the people and place names.

Keep in mind that ヶ is pronounced as が at least, so that mountain on the right is probably pronounced みこがたけ
Replies: >>139468 >>140076
Anyway, is there a good names dictionary? jisho.org has one, but it's a bit hit or miss.
Replies: >>139522
Beats me.
[Hide] (60.7KB, 510x695)
I still haven't read anything in the last two days, but I have this. And now I'll have to memorize this table. I guess I'm overdoing things again.
Anyway, slightly back to 御子ヶ岳, or more exactly 御子, also in >>138897
. According to jisho and weblio, it can be みこ as son of god (in Christianity), or a child of the emperor, or a fancy writing of お子. Then there comes this:
I think this rules out the first two meanings. So it would be just お子? Also in the mountain name? Does this mean that 御魂 is not みたま? They kinda use these words like some name.
How do these nip people decipher their own writing? I'd be really grateful if they would use fucking furigana when it makes sense.
Replies: >>140089 >>140095
Meaning doesn't really matter for name pronunciations. There are really no rules for how names should or can be pronounced, that's why they are so confusing.

Light from Death Note's name is just 月(pronounced らいと).
Replies: >>140091
But I think in that case, at least they mention somewhere that 月=らいと, right? At least it's in the wiki: https://deathnote.fandom.com/ja/wiki/%E5%A4%9C%E7%A5%9E%E6%9C%88
This game just expect you to somehow know all this shit. And being made in 1997, they couldn't even depend on players looking up obscure shit on the net.
Replies: >>140092
>This game just expect you to somehow know all this shit.
Or they expect you to just guess or gloss over it. That is something I have learned to do with most names by now.
[Hide] (5.9MB, 1280x720, 00:49)
>How do these nip people decipher their own writing?
Also they don't. Even native nips have trouble reading their own language.
Replies: >>140108 >>140163
The side effect of desperately clinging to the shreds of culture the jews allowed them to have after WWII plus a grammar where nearly everything can be omitted by context. This is why so much nip humor is based on misunderstandings, and to an extent it applies to all natural languages. English has "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" and Anglo language imperialism, French has unwarranted self-importance, and Japanese has not knowing how to pronounce shit until it's spoken to you.
Why do they laugh like two retards? Why do people pay attention to e-whores like them? I wanna go back to 2007. Or to 2013 and persuade myself to learn a different language
Replies: >>140475
It's pretty much just neo-idolshit but somehow more embarassing.
Do anyone know a good tool that I can feed some nip text and it will collect the words inside it, and it doesn't have shit accuracy like jisho.org?
What I really want is to feed it some huge text, and collect the words that appear multiple times and not yet in my anki deck.
Replies: >>141149
Try this maybe.
Replies: >>141154
With wine, clipboard doesn't work (only the linux->wine direction, wine->linux works correctly...), so I can't paste anything (and there's no open file option, or at least I can't find it)
Wine's notepad can't open an utf-8 file. But I guess they're just copying windows' notepad, which is also a piece of unusable shit
Under mono it crashes with System.EntryPointNotFoundException: QueryPerformanceCounter
I guess I'll look at this later.
[Hide] (31.6KB, 640x400)
Wait, what the actual fuck, a furigana? And I'm only 3000 lines in the story?
(I mean, it's the in parentheses after the word style because you don't have enough pixels to render a real furigana, I don't know if this has a different name)
Replies: >>141621
I've seen them do that for words that aren't even hard to pronounce.
Replies: >>141688
>hard to pronounce
Wut? Isn't furigana used when the target demographics might not necessarily know how to read the given word? What it has to do with how hard is to pronounce it? And there's like ネプテューヌ, where it's a running joke of how impossible is to pronounce her name, it's written in katakana
Replies: >>141704
That's what I mean, to know how it's pronounced.
[Hide] (181.9KB, 950x1478)
[Hide] (174KB, 420x680)
I'm reading CCS and I came across this page. I was curious to see how it's been translated and... it's terrible. At least as far as I can make out. I pulled this off fanfox and the translation on mangadex is the same. I understood the gist of it but I had to look up some things just to make sure. Here's my fairly literal translation.
According to [our] promise
I said to the shop girl "an engagement ring [please]" and bought it.
Since the girl has the に particle, I assume she must be the indirect object and not the subject as is translated by this person. Plus it makes no sense for the shopkeeper to いって買った.
Until it becomes a wedding ring, please treat it as something precious.
This one I didn't understand so well but after a lot of comparing with example sentences, I discovered that [noun]にする means something like do/behave in a [noun] like way. So 大事にしろ must mean something like "act as if it were an important thing." However, I also noticed that  にしろ can mean "though" or "even if" so maybe it means "it's still an important thing though." That would mean this sentence has no verb though. In either case, I don't know how the translator got pic related.
Obviously means "yes" but probably with the nuance of "I accept."
How is my translation? Am I right? I had a look at the surrounding pages and they're no better. A lot of it is simply disconnected as if one speech bubble has no bearing on the the next even though it's meant to be a conversation. I know it's repeatedly pointed out but I'm surprised at the lack of quality in pic related translation. It doesn't even flow or make sense in English. It almost sounds like he bought the ring and then the shop girl sprung it on him that it was an engagement ring. I'm not even remotely good at Japanese. I'd still consider myself a rank beginner although this is not my first attempt at learning and it's proving to be a lot easier this time round.

On an unrelated note, I don't recall there being this much illicit romance in the anime. The man just proposed to his 11 year old student.Getting in early There's scarcely a pair of characters that don't have latent romantic anxiety between them. That's shoujo manga for you I suppose.
>horrible translation
More news at 11. I guess whoever translated it just looked at the words he understood, and randomly tried to fill the gaps. Actually, let's try deepl on this shit:
<as one promised
<I told the lady at the store that it was an engagement ring.
<Take care of it until it becomes a "wedding ring."
Sorry buddy, but deepl produces 10x better translation than you.

That's actually an entry in jisho.org because it's that common.
Nah, it's 大切にする in imperative form
Replies: >>141739
Where is that? Is that the same as 大事にする? I figured it was する in imperative.
>Sorry buddy, but deepl produces 10x better translation than you.
Figures. Although it doesn't seem that different to my translation except I missed that he could be remarking to the shopkeeper that it was meant to be an engagement ring and not asking for something like that. That does make more sense. Thanks.
Replies: >>141748
>On an unrelated note, I don't recall there being this much illicit romance in the anime.
The student/teacher romance was in the anime. Also the homo romance between Sakura's brother and that other guy.
Replies: >>142063
Sorry, looks like I can't read early in the morning, But checking weblio they treat them as synonyms, so yeah, they're pretty similar:
>it was meant to be an engagement ring and not asking for something like that
XYです could mean literally that it's XY, but when ordering it's more likely you want that.
Is a complete normal dialogue. It would be something like 私の注文はメロンソーダです if we were to say it fully, but of course it's obvious from the context so you can skip it.
Anyone know how to read nip that's supposed to look archaic?
<Eradicate my descendants, give/sacrifice their lives to me. In that case, thou from death release???
What that せん is doing at the end? My first hunch was that it's some kind of negative, and jisho lists せん as a Kansai-ben for しない, but it doesn't really make sense (why would you do something, if the reward is that you won't be released from death?)
Replies: >>142013 >>142015
Either the guy wants to die or the author fugged up
Entry 2 of below. する > せ+む > せん 
Replies: >>142018
Um, what? Talk to me like you talk to a retard, because I am. How the fuck does する turn into せ+む, and what does that せ do there?
Replies: >>142019 >>142020
せる conjugated I think
せ is one of する's 未然形. Very much like say する > し + よう to mean basically the same thing as せん in your sentence, し is another 未然形 form of する. 解放しよう. 解放するつもり. Expression of intent.
Replies: >>142022
Do keep in mind this is rare to see anywhere
Your translation is fine in the meaning. The phrasing isn't the most natural sounding in English, but the important thing is that you understood what was being said and did enough digging to figure out the things you didn't get initially. A lot of "translations" you'll find online, especially if it's unofficial fan work, can be absolutely terrible. The translator may have a very poor grasp of Japanese because they learned from shitty sources and don't even know how misinformed they are. Some people even just throw text through a machine translator and assume it's accurate, even when the English sounds fucking retarded. Unless you know you can trust the source, it's best to approach any translation with skepticism.
Replies: >>142063
Yeah it was a literal translation rather than a natural one. When I'm reading, I don't translate in my head all the way to proper English. I use a weird hybrid of English words and Japanese sentence structure. So the second and third sentences in my head would sound like this.
>Shop's girl-to "engagement ring is" I said and bought.
>Wedding-ring-into becomes until, important-thing-as treat
I cleaned it up but tried to keep the sentence structure similar. Anybody else do this? I find it helps greatly. Presumably I should eventually get to the point where I intuitively and immediately understand the Japanese words without any English.

>A lot of "translations" you'll find online, especially if it's unofficial fan work, can be absolutely terrible.
Is this a current year development or has it always been this way? Are all the old fan translated anime I watched over a decade ago likely to be the same? I guess it was probably variable depending on the group. I wish I'd started learning sooner.
This is the first example of a translation I've found where I'm relatively sure it doesn't match the Japanese and not just in a minor way. I wanted to check it with someone. I use Tae Kim and DoJG as references but mainly I just look unknown structures up online when I find them in my reading.

It's been a long time since I watched it. I remember Touya x Yukito and Tomoyo's weird obsession for Sakura but I don't remember Terada sensei x Rika or Shaoran x Yukito.
Replies: >>142086 >>142092
He's a snob so he's going to say every translation ever is just a pale shadow of the gororiors orijinaru nihongo because of some tiny inflection of one kanji that means the author was hopping on one foot when he wrote it. The truth is translation has always been a massive crapshoot, even before crunchykike and the memesub cartel ruined everything. This is why even literal babby tier Japanese knowledge is useful, so you can tell when the translator is lying to you and interpret dictionary-ese gobbledygook to figure out what the original Japanese probably was.
>Presumably I should eventually get to the point where I intuitively and immediately understand the Japanese words without any English.
Yeah you shouldn't be translating to English at all while reading.
Replies: >>142109
Yes, don't even attempt to read until you're a native speaker
https://learnjapanese.moe/yomichan/#offline-audio-server has some sort of homebrewed anki plugin that serves yomichan links to local audio files.
I want that plugin so that I don't have to wait a whole second for each word's pronunciation to download over and over, and also because forvo has no business knowing about my research on ふたらりの前立腺.
But the links in the guide are dead. My friend who has trannycord fetched me the plugin itself from their server, but when it comes to the audio dumps, he told me that the last messages on there were people whining about dead links.
I take it nobody here happens to have those dumps?
Where else can I ask before having to go to cuckchan?
Replies: >>143194 >>143339
I have some 128277 mp3 files from jpod I downloaded a long time ago (and it's for rikaisama, so I don't even know if they're compatible), so they're possibly outdated, and probably only the base pack. Also
>having to run a fucking http server so a fucking addon can play a fucking sound file
The absolute state of modern web browsers.

Also, it takes like 10-60 minutes for me to add a single word to anki. But at least I can't do more than 3-5 per day without burning out on the reviews, so I guess it serves as a way to prevent me from spending too much time managing my collection?
>wait a whole second for each word's pronunciation to download over and over, 
Learn how to pronounce each syllable (kana) and learn the few "exceptions"/additional rules (like the "n" in "denpa" is pronounced like "m" because there is p). If you know (some) IPA, you can use this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA/Japanese
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