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Im playing the second call of juarez game.
Remember Billy's stepfather? That beat him when he was growing up? Billy is the mexican you play as in the first game. Well the stepdad is now a confederate soldier in call of juarez 2. Its just so cringy. Not only does he raise someone elses kid but its a mexican kid thats not even his. And ofcourse he is a racist confederate soldier. You see where im getting with this? I mean they havent said anything about racist or stuff like that but its pretty obvious what they're trying to get at. Well maybe im wrong?
>>64182 (OP) 
Wasn't that all in CoJ as well? Other than the bit about his stepdad being a Confederate soldier, at least.
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Well i mean the confederate soldier is the new stuff. The rest was from the first game.
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>>64182 (OP) 
Got Iron Harvest, Democracy 4, and Ultrakill

Iron Harvest is a dumbed down CoH, but isn't necessarily bad. The AI pathfinding is fucked at times but manageable.
Democracy 4 is just a better Democracy 3, which wasn't very good. First round I did a full 8 years and by the end had a 97% approval rate.
Ultrakill is fucking awesome, like a mix of Doom and Quake(more so), with a style system similar to Devil May Cry. Absolutley fun.
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Doing a master mode summon-only run in Terraria. Probably the hardest run I've done so far, whips are like shittier melee weapons without projectiles and bosses aren't designed for such short range, summon armors are weak as shit, and most of the minions aren't good at fighting bosses either. The only early hardmode minion (spiders) are useless against anything that's not right next to you and on the ground so you have to beat hardmode bosses with the same pre-hardmode summons you've had forever. Doesn't help that some of the minions like baby slime and pirate are ultra-rare drops.

Getting the dagger minions from Queen Slime opens up hard mode a bit more, they're the first minion that feels like an actual summoner weapon that works properly instead of randomly floating around and sporadically fighting random enemies somewhere at the edge of the screen and getting stuck behind walls. Blood bats might have been good as well, but I have no idea how to kill that shitty boss except having enough DPS and defense to kill it before it kills you.

Right now I need to set up a Plantera arena and I'm not really feeling like it. I think in order to beat it, you need to use a summon wand to target the main body and then just run around until it's dead. A whip probably won't have enough range due to the snatchers, and the snatchers will be hit first and cause your minions to focus on them instead of the actual main body.
Replies: >>64198
Snow flinx is a very good normal mode summon that probably remains the best one until hardmode despite being available fairly early. For Plantera, you probably want to remove the tentacles anyway since she becomes much easier to survive once the ones that can be killed are gone.

I wouldn't say that a pure summoner run is the hardest, but only because the game was designed with zero regard for melee combat. A pure melee run would be just about outright impossible on expert or master because of the Wall of Flesh, if not for the bee keeper sword. Its tentacles regenerate far faster than you can kill them so you rarely get a good opportunity to hit the boss if you're using a yoyo, actual melee is literally impossible and boomerangs would get blocked by the tentacles and lacks the DPS anyway. Maybe flails could work with a ton of skill and luck, but flails are severely overrated and their DPS would plummet when you're forced to stay far from the boss.
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Just finished SMT IV and managed to get the neutral ending surprisingly
Was kinda disappointed by the difficulty of the game after the infamous Minotaur and Medusa being rather low only going into assblaster levels near the end when I decided to fight Beelzebub (and failed miserably)
The final stretch of the game felt rather weak though and I fully expected there to be another dungeon after Ayylucy and Merkabah but nah, you just meet up with Isabeau in Shinjuku and after a cutscene credits roll
Going to start with IV Apocalypse after a small break
Replies: >>64203 >>64216
Why is that art so bad?
Replies: >>64205
Flinx definitely carried for Wall of Flesh, but they seemed to do only 1 damage in hard mode. Pre-hardmode in general wasn't too bad but I really struggled to get forward in hard mode, I had to build a specialized arena for queen slime that was separate platforms up high so all the little slimes and bouncy projectiles fell down.

>remove the tentacles
I recall it being a fool's errand since they have a lot of HP and respawn quickly. I don't usually try though.

I've wanted to try a melee run for a long time but summoner sounded more interesting when I got in the mood to play.
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I was using a HD texture pack in the final stretch of my playthrough that used waifu2x to up the texture resolution to 4x for almost every texture
I´m not a fan of it myself
If you mean the redesign for some of the demons (like Lucifer or the 4 Archangels) then blame the guy who decided to redesign them, I hate them too
I'm pretty sure that Plantera's tentacles never respawn. Unless that's a master mode change that I've forgotten about but I seem to recall that all master mode does to bosses is multiply their stats.
Apocalypse is a sequel? Thought it was a re-release or something
Replies: >>64218
Was dicking around last night seeing what games I could get running on Linux. Got a copy of Fractured Space (a dead online space MOBA) running, except all I get is a black screen with a loading bar while my GPU ramps up. Might have to install DirectX somehow. Also trying to get Dark Souls running with DSFix is more annoying than it should be.
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Its a sequel set in a parallel universe set after Flynn gets crowned Hunter Champion
Apocalypse offers some nice gameplay improvements so far but the writing feels worse already
Replies: >>64220
The writing is worse but the gameplay changes are great, the game felt challenging all the way through unlike IV that once you reach Tokyo the game becomes too easy, enjoy it anon. The final stretch is probably my favorite in the whole series.
Replies: >>64223
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I´m already enjoying the demon conversations much more than in IV and the skill affinity system seems intriguing
Is magic still such a ridiculous powerhouse like in IV or are they on a more level playing field with gun and strength skills now?
Also this writing fucking hell
American localizations man. Was playing a game the other day and a character was speaking like a twitch retard, saying shit like "duderino". I need to learn japanese.
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Jesus, how do you people stand localizations?
Replies: >>64233
I'm playan Age of Empires 3, currently going through the first half of the original campaign. The story is crap, and I wish they just stuck to historical campaigns for each faction instead of the Circle of Ossus crap.
>>64182 (OP) 
Playing battletech roguetech mod. I've been thinking a lot about armored core recently but the laster in my slim is dying and I need to replace it. At the same time I think I can do that thing with freemcboot where you do it over the ethernet, I might look into that.
Not really a "localization" issue. The writing in 4A is just that awful.
Replies: >>64361
Fair enough.
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I now feel like replaying it but SMT V is just around the corner and i don't want to burn out.

I just started Duskers, i had the gog version on my PC since a year or so and i decided to give it a try last night, amazing game with great atmosphere. You basically send drones to abandoned space ships to get fuel, upgrades, and get log entries from the crew but you control your drones with command lines, for example:
navigate 2 3 r4; gather all 2
The drone 2 and 3 will move to room 4 in the ship and the drone 2 will proceed to collect everything in the room. There are enemies on the ships and most of the time you don't have guns on your drones to kill them, so you have to figure out how to lure them into a room and throw them into space or leave them all locked in, it's almost a puzzle game.
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>but SMT V is just around the corner and i don't want to burn out
For me its the opposite
I started playing IV and Apocalypse now because of the release of V but also because I dont know if I can even play it on emulator when it comes out
Replies: >>64242
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I will play it on my hacked switch, i just can't go back to not play JRPGs in some handheld but i heard most switch emulator work fine, you just have to adjust the clock speed.

That map you are on later has a really fun puzzle section, hope you enjoy it. Here's a couple of screenshots i took when i played it.
Replies: >>64244 >>64368
>A horde of Metatrons
Oh baby
Does he have his "Fire of Sinai" skill again in Apocalypse too?
I was missing that one in his arsenal in IV
>later has a really fun puzzle section
As long as its not like that disorienting shit that happens in the Purgatorium dungeon
Replies: >>64245
He does have Fire of Sinai, now leave to avoid spoilers.
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Trying to play Delver, but the game randomly crashes, it was made in java, the JVM throws error about lack of memory.
The game is fun, it's a simple dungeon crawler, but well made, except for the java part.
Replies: >>64310 >>64313
I think I bought this thing in Early Access for $5, or just after it came out. It was fun for a couple hours, it any better now?
Replies: >>64478
>skeletons can't even go down the ledges
What is the original line for that then?
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>>64182 (OP) 
You're not wrong Call of Juarez 2/Bound in Blood is a shitty console sequel with shit writing and worse gameplay and the only good thing to come out of it was the fact that most of it's assets were used for the creation of Call of Juarez Gunslinger, which is a top tier game.
1 and Gunslinger are the only ones worth playing, 1 is a sandboxy but linear Adventure/FPS game with plenty of variety along with good writing and Gunslinger is an extremely polished arcady shooter with good writing.

I finished Frontlines: Fuel of War campaign today, it was enjoyable but would be more enjoyable if there was more weapon and vehicle variety.
Most guns outside the SMGs and Sniper Rifles are inaccurate as fuck which wouldn't be so bad as it actually forces you to rush your enemy, issue being that A.I is laser sight hitscan bullshit.

The cutscenes and worldbuilding also feel like they want to be World in Conflict or some war drama but they always keep it too cartoonish and light hearted for it to be well done.

Been thinking of giving Enemy Territory Quake Wars a go, It's such a shame I didn't have the money for a decent rig as a teen, I missed out on these Battlefield wannabes that I always wanted to try out.
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>really fun puzzle section
Thought you were talking about the final dungeon and was about to call you a faggot
Replies: >>64400
Because retarded faggots like you SMT only has linear corridors now, kill yourself.
retarded faggots are the one who wasted their time with 4 and 4A
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Should I play Devil Survivor Overclocked if I've already gotten all endings in regular DS? Should I just play DS2 instead?
Replies: >>64416 >>64440
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I just wish we could get another Strange Journey
Replies: >>64421
IIRC Overclocked just adds an 8th day epilogue mission for each ending, so you are better of just playing DeSu2 (Record Breaker) than replaying all of 1 for a couple of extra missions
Replies: >>64420
Alright, I'll check that out then. 
How about Devil Summoner for 3ds? I hear it's a Saturn game, is it better than the original?
Replies: >>64424
People can't into dungeon crawlers anymore anon, the last dungeon of 4A is a standard challenge on dungeon crawlers and people still get filtered by it. It's ogre.
Replies: >>64423
As someone who played obscure dungeon crawlers, I count that as a blessing. Dungeon Crawlers rely too much on random enemy encounters and confusing as fuck map design. Some of the earlier Shin/Megami Tensei games are terrible with this, barely telling you where to go or what to do - implying you don't tear your fucking hair out before figuring it out due to the random encounter rate being so damn high.
Replies: >>64442
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>Devil Summoner for 3ds
You mean Soul Hackers?
Don´t know
I´ve not played it yet and the only thing I´ve read about it is how the battles emulate poorly
Replies: >>64425
SI_3DS_ShinMegamiTenseiDevilSummonerSoulHackers_image1600w.jpg (u)
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>You mean Soul Hackers?
Yeah, I don't think Raidou is in 3ds
Replies: >>64426 >>64445
1404945317197.jpg (u)
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There is another Devil Summoner game too, you know
Also came out on Saturn and got ported/remade on the PSP
Replies: >>64427
Oh nice I had no idea, wonder if it'll ever get translated, just like Nine
Replies: >>64438
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625bea7936c1e169ef6e57c9a88cf6059351086ce4989667033dea9ff75a51d2.jpg (u)
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I've been playing both Rome: Total War and Medieval 2 and I find them to be pretty overrated. While I do think that the combat is entertaining, the campaign can be quite boring and broken. Due to the AI being dumb as a Sub-Saharan African, the for the campaign even on hard mode are still easy, because you can exploit AI weakness which makes that pretty dull until you're in a sticky situation and have to use the best of your units. I also don't how it came to CA's mind that the historian expensive means that they should drain most of your income, while only having only 3-5 historically rich cities that barely make income early game. It's also pretty frustrating that around mid to late game that unrest can difficult to handle, because of squalor. And yes I do know that you can simply increase the tax rate and build public baths and temples, but that doesn't always work, because some cities can have 3+ growth even if you raise the taxes to very-high. Apparently devs were too retarded too give us an effective way to control the population to solve this issue. The only way to stop is to either incite a revolt and siege it back and choose exterminate option, or sending a massive army of peasants to other cities or maybe sending them to an enemy army and let them be massacred. The mods and battles seem to be the only reason why these two games are still really popular, but I still enjoyed them more-so than I did the arcade bullshit that is Warhammer 2.
Replies: >>64441
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I found this blog a while ago:
Looks like it´ll take a while but its better than nothing
8D.webm (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 552x320, 00:09)
I have been playing Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3. Finally found a boss that straight up filters my party composition and requires me to explore different monster and skill combinations. I like it a lot but it really suffers from being a 3DS game. The small screen size, the small draw distance and having to deal with Citra is a pain in the ass. Theres a fan translation for it but its barely functional. 

Overclocked adds a new day, fleshes out certain endings and adds a few features from the sequel. If you've never played DS2 then go for that and then play Overclocked when you feel like replaying the first game.
Have you tried europa barbarorum? 1 or 2?
Replies: >>64447
>Confusing as fuck map design
That's the entire point of dungeon crawling nigga, or so you want linear corridors like Etrian Odyssey? I love the combat but the dungeons are even worse than in fucking cheap rpg maker eroges.
I wish I never got rid of my copy of Soul Hackers, guess I'll just pirate a copy now.
No I haven't, because I've only heard mixed opinions about them.
Replies: >>64449
And classical age total war?
Replies: >>64452
Not that anon, but these questions are stupid, because most total war mods still contain the problems wrong with the vanilla game. Surrectum has a couple solutions to his problem, but the unrest for each city still broken, despite there being better buildings and the battles are very slow. Are you gonna make a point or what?
Replies: >>64458
Replies: >>64459
Also forgot to sage
Do you have brain damage? I was saying the dungeon is shit.
I don't know, I never played the early access version, I'm playing the 1.04 version, I suspect it is the reason why it crashes.
DARK_SOULS™_III__The_Fire_Fades™_Edition_20210706125906.jpg (u)
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ef83b24df1c5343f62baf76df80f6470.jpeg (u)
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I stopped procrastinating and played dark souls 3, i have some complaints.

They repurposed a ton of shit from bloodborne, the first two areas are pretty unique but then you get to undead settlement and it's literally hemwick, right down to the hanging corpses.
The enemies are pretty obviously just yharnam monsters with a new coat of paint (the guy with the pot is blatantly just a re-skinned kidnapper), the only unique enemy so far was the lothric knight, who behaves like a balder knight on crack. About this, it seems they ramped up the aggression on absolutely fucking everything in the game, did they compensate for this just like they did in bloodborne? Not really, you can roll up to six times with the starting stamina and the knight class can fast roll with the armor on, but you swing slower than the enemy so your only approach to combat is either with a dashing R1 or with your shield held up, aggro range is ridiculous as well, some farmer ran out of his house and started attacking mere seconds after i took the screenshot, and i wasn't even close to him.

But the biggest issue is the stats, vigor is just vitality with another name, but stamina and carry weight is now two stats that you need to level up separately, there's also a new one called luck that i don't know what it does yet. Soft/hard caps are gone, some weapons scale with certain stats all the way to 85, so you can't just say, go with a dexterity build, pump that stat to the hardcap and spend the rest of the points evenly on health and stamina, now you need to take your weapon into consideration, for example i want to use the lothric knight sword (since it's a reskin of my trusty balder side sword) and that thing scales with DEX, so all i have to do is level said stat to 40, right? Wrong, fromsoft introduced a mechanic called infusions, so while the base sword can get away with 11 STR/40 DEX a quality infused one will perform better with 45/45, and a sharp infused one gains S scaling on DEX so leveling that stat to 60 is required to get the most out of it. And that's only for the lothric sword, there's another weapon i want to use called the frayed blade, this one absolutely needs 70 DEX, so it's incompatible with my endgame build (11 STR/45 DEX) unless i go for a sharp infusion on the lothric's and deal with having less health and stamina. Basically you're no longer running a "dexterity build" but rather a "specific weapon/weapon's build", mind you that this only applies if you stick to the SL120 rule, because the game lets you level all the stats to 99, but after 120 you start needing 100k exp per level up, and past 300 it's around 500k.

Am i liking the game so far? Not really, it just makes me want to replay dark souls 1 and bloodborne, i'm still going to beat it, but i wager it'll take me half a year due to how "tiring" it is.
Replies: >>65166
Kinda liking Iron Harvest's campaign so far, despite not being very challenging so far, there has been a few moments where I paniced due to flame mechs coming in and destroying both my AT and normal troops (they where being flanked). But managed to hold my positions. Had a enemy hero mech that JUMPED into a cluster of my troops and killed a good chunk of them. Thought I was going to fail there, but thankfully I had some AT and other mechs in the back that took him out. So far worth 15$ despite it being a more arcadey CoH.
Replies: >>64679 >>64688
I just beat the final boss in God Hand. Although I totally understand the cult following that this game has, I feel as though the pickup system really bogs down the experience as a whole. It's not exactly satisfying to get to the end of a tough area and feel like I won because the game dropped me a strawberry and a porn mag rather than because I truly mastered the attack patterns of the enemies. Dunno if it's different on hard mode but the devs locked it behind a cleared save and I'm sure as shit not going to do the game all over again right after beating it. Pretty fun experience regardless.
IronHarvest_2020-09-06_18-33-05-82.jpg (u)
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You got to the final Rusviet mission yet?
Replies: >>64681 >>64688
Nope,  just finished the mission where you defend the train for 5 minutes. Not that far in. How was the campaign for you?
Replies: >>64683 >>64688
IronHarvest_2020-09-06_13-00-56-40.jpg (u)
[Hide] (203.6KB, 1920x1080)
I enjoyed the Polania campaign even though it felt more like an extended tutorial to me, the Rusviet campaign got progressively worse (last mission or the forced stealth mission) and the Saxonian campaign was ballbustingly hard in some missions
Replies: >>64687 >>64688
>forced stealth mission
Very gay.
Replies: >>64801
I wish this game wasn't a CoH clone. I hate this genre of games with a passion. It would be better off being an RTT MoW-style.
Replies: >>64703 >>64801
I mean, the game itself is ok. I wouldn't call it bad, a little rough around the edges, but certainly not bad.

My biggest complaint is probably how dumbed down it is compared to other RTS games. You only need two buildings. If your unit is damaged and retreats, they can quickly and cheaply recover. Including mechs, where once they get to base they can heal instantly (with a cooldown at the very least). No dedicated engineers to repair or even a repair building. Heroes can do the same, retreat then instantly heal. And even if he goes down in a bad spot, you can just respawn them. No real penalty (I think you lose vet ranks). Just wish therr was a little more to it.
Replies: >>64708 >>64801
It's a shame because the game has some cool designs. 

It's not even easy to pin down why the game feels off. Maybe the macro elements of the game just aren't well thought out. Regardless, it feel incomplete. Like something is missing.
Replies: >>64720
One thing i feel is missing is good transport for troops. But i haven't tried all the factions.
Replies: >>64801
6ad3892ab5835b4f11d20f2e6454aea3fac40fcd29d76b19d7b42a4388af50cf.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 336x256, 00:57)
I decided to play Fable TLC since I finished Fable 3 a long time ago. I didn't last long since I didn't find it fun and a bug with the mercenary boss was enough to make me drop it.

Since that didn't work I decided to replay 3 and nigger I have to wonder how I managed to complete this shit before. 
Everything was so fucking bland and the only fund I had was buying low and selling high stuff, I should replay The Guild 2 one of these days.

DIon't have screenshots of the game so have this.
imagine_the_sex.png (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1185x2250)
Has anyone played CDDA? I have been bored with dying light so I wanted to play cata again. Any new features/reworks/nerfs/ouright removals? Sure I could go see the the pr pages but I haven't played in almost a year so I figured an anon could put me up to stuff.
IronHarvest_2020-09-06_19-35-08-23.jpg (u)
[Hide] (235.5KB, 1920x1080)
Funny thing about that stealth mission is that only the initial part is forced stealth, the latter part of it is a >stealth is optional type deal

Its not bad, but it lacks a certain something
Better cover system, better mech interaction, more impactful infantry combat maybe

>No dedicated engineers to repair or even a repair building
Your pioneers can repair buildings and mechs in the field, but its really ineffective compared to simply retreating them and cost is probably lower if you retreat your unit since repairing drains your metal and oil same with field medics
That is unless you play Usonia with their exo suit pioneers

>transport for troops
Polania has a mortar mech that can take a squad, Saxonia has a hero unit that can take a squad and thats pretty much it
The Usonia dlc added an air transport unit for all factions IIRC
def4277f78ab28a3e9412e8f3016581045a071a70a1e480e743fe5b410923cb2.png (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1920x1080)
>>64182 (OP) 
Trying out the Code Vein demo aka anime Dark Souls/Bloodborne. Gameplay isn't horrible so far but pretty much everything feels foreign in some way except the gameplay loop of fighting through an area until the next checkpoint and the mechanic of those checkpoints resetting enemies when rested at, refilling health, etc. I would much rather the game not be attached to some silly story where I'm forced to watch 3d anime models perform awkward MMO style cutscenes and listen to whatever you call English anime style voice acting. I suspect it gets better later and this is all only because it's the start. I was planning on buying it if I liked it because I enjoy the co-op components of games like these, but it's feeling like I might just drop it. Still have some ways to go I think so I'm just going to keep on until I reach to wherever the demo area ends and see if my opinion changes.
Thats a jelly donut tho
Replies: >>64916
>I suspect it gets better later and this is all only because it's the start.
It doesn't get better.
Check out the BrightNights fork. Tries to rework a lot of the bullshit they have added like bags and other unfun shit.
I thought it was a cheeseburger
CDDA used to be a good game until the creator inserted furry shit everywhere buy based on your pic you are probably one of them so you will enjoy it.
Tried it, thought it was ok. I am not a big fan Dark Souls, got bored of it towards the end and never really looked back. I bought it anyways, but i might do a refund.
Its an okay game
Has a couple interesting ideas with the blood codes but ultimately plays it safe throughout
Imo the highpoint of the game were the trek through not-Anor-Londo, the special vestige you find within and the final two areas
Couldn't get into it. The game loop itself was uninteresting, which is a pretty fatal in and of itself, and I naturally shy away from any game whose developers are actively eating it alive (or, equivalently, whose players feel like that's happening). It's like Stone Soup: if you aren't a person who plays it, sitting back and watching it burn up internally is about the entertainment value of watching a documentary about building implosions. If you are a person who plays it, it's like watching an old friend go on to a new life without you. Sure, you can play the old versions, but that's all you'll ever have, and if the new versions do happen to have some improvements you probably won't ever play with them unless you're dedicated to dragging them into the older versions yourself.
Replies: >>65162
>sure, you can play the old versions, but that's all you'll ever have
What the hell does that mean?
>Soft/hard caps are gone
They are still there
>fromsoft introduced a mechanic called infusions
Infusions have been around since Demons souls
>so while the base sword can get away with 11 STR/40 DEX a quality infused one will perform better with 45/45
Quality infusions are a poorly thought out mechanic just like everything else in DS3. At 99 STR and DEX a refined Broadsword only does 20~ more damage than a Sharp Broadsword.
This is all a moot point because most of the good weapons in the game cannot be infused and the only infusion worth doing in PvE is Simple to your offhand caestus for passive MP regen.
>there's another weapon i want to use called the frayed blade
You're not getting that until you're done with 99% of the game and even then its completely useless without repair sorcery.
>Basically you're no longer running a "dexterity build" but rather a "specific weapon/weapon's build", 
yeah no thats not a thing, not even when talking about PvP meta autism.
If you want to enjoy DS3 then install the Cinders mod. It actually makes it enjoyable and gives you more freedom in terms of builds,weapons and even playstyles. 
DS3 is the definition of a phoned in sequel. Half the shit in it is copy pasted directly from Bloodborne(poise literally didn't work on release, assets being copied directly from the game, enemies being designed for R1 spam). It gave me a newfound appreciation of DS2.
I replayed Hotline Miami 2 and remembered why i hated it so much. Most levels suffer from the developers just adding more enemies, and making them stupidly huge to the point camera wasn't really adjusted to handle it, and even holding shift to look does fuck and all in the bigger maps. Combine that with the issues from the previous game(top down shooters are not good with M+KB, the huge amounts of travel when aiming can really fuck you over) and it's a miserable experience. 

Soundtrack is pretty fucking good though.
Replies: >>65174 >>65175
>top down shooters are not good with M+KB
You are using the wrong method to aim, you're playing a top down shooter not a FPS, you don't have to put your crosshair on the enemies to aim for them.
Once you understand that you can start learning to aim by keeping your crosshair closer to your character, once you've got that under control you'll start naturally adjusting the distance of your crosshair depending on whether really precise aiming or fast reaction is required.
That's also why some games in the genre have a laser pointer or aiming line upgrade / option.
The one thing you'll never ever match on M//KB compared to gamepad is movement.

>t.actually good at top down shooter on M/KB
>top down shooters are not good with M+KB
They are called twin stick shooters for a reason. Why would you even attempt to play with M&KB?
Hotline Miami doesn't play like a twin stick shooter.
Because M/KB is actually better for twinstick / top down shooter when properly implemented.
citra-qt_2021-07-09_16-19-07-49.jpg (u)
[Hide] (134.3KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-09_16-55-39-50.jpg (u)
[Hide] (117.9KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-09_17-10-48-94.jpg (u)
[Hide] (140.4KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-09_17-39-15-94.jpg (u)
[Hide] (163.6KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-09_17-58-54-83.jpg (u)
[Hide] (131.9KB, 1884x754)
>Dagda is a fucking edgelord
>Kid named Hallelujah
>Medusa coming back from the dead
>Chucklefuck named Gaston joins 
And here I thought that the story would get better after Flynn got kidnapped by pretty-boy Krishna and his giant flaming snake
Replies: >>65223 >>65419
choke_on_it.gif (u)
[Hide] (534.1KB, 500x376)
>plays NISA shit
>whines about it being NISA shit
You can't learn Japanese.
nigger what on earth are you talking about.
5d4.jpg (u)
[Hide] (14.2KB, 324x451)
You should learn English first mother fucker.
I finished my second playthrough of No More Heroes, shits still fun after all these years, and played a few Shoot'em Ups I picked up during the summer sale. Just waiting to start NMH2, but might not start that till next month since I still have time till NMH3 comes out.
Top down shooters can work really nicely with M/KB if the controls are designed for it. Trying to use a mouse in a game designed for a twinstick controlscheme won't work the same way a platformer can't be played with a carwheel, though incidentally, plain keyboard only can work in such an scenario.
>NISA translated SMT IV:A 
Fatlus USA were actually the (((localizers))) of the game. They're also known for their infamously poor grammar within Persona 5 as well.
b76487dd6ff3ee56bed396d8e85aa30d08388e34344b670c9419049b63b3d12f.png (u)
[Hide] (414.5KB, 717x400)
RedvsBlue_-_Warthog_Music.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (6.9MB, 1280x720, 03:44)
>Madness Accelerant and Madness: Project Nexus
I love these games. They're are fun as fuck. They remind me when I used to do nothing but browse newgrounds and play alien hominid on PS2 and GBA. Too bad Tom turned into a cuck. I'm looking forward to Project Nexus 2 sometime this year though. Looks really fun.
Pretty fun as well. I like driving around while playing the warhog music from Red vs Blue. I prefer arena shooters like Serious Sam but i don't mind these types of fps games once in a while.
Replies: >>65499 >>65519
apparently  various archives of Lost Planet 2 have died so i decided to upload my copy. its on the volafile since archive.org is having issues
Replies: >>65380
Lost Planet 2 benefits from the glut of third-person shooters on the market at the time and despite its arcadey and brief playmodes, has a lot of polish that games these days seem to be unable to match. It seems like third-person shooter mechanics have become equated to shitty "cinematic experience"-type games and aren't a valid genre in its own right anymore. The latest notable entries, Gears 5, Outriders, are saddled down with satanic big name game publisher crap like ingame ads and always online garbage. Retro FPSs had a renaissance, when is it going to be TPS time again?
demi_and_donto.jpg (u)
[Hide] (105.6KB, 739x625)
Is Nanashi the worst looking protagonist in SMT history?
Replies: >>65422
citra-qt_2021-07-10_09-46-15-90.jpg (u)
[Hide] (146.9KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-10_11-21-12-86.jpg (u)
[Hide] (142.5KB, 1884x754)
While he looks like a skinny crossdresser, he atleast looks like somebody that grew up in post apocalyptic Tokyo instead of whatever super sentai blue in the new game is
Replies: >>65423
Did you get past the part where your party had to wear disguises?
Thats when I stopped playing. Couldn't tolerate the bullshit of the story anymore.
Replies: >>65424
citra-qt_2021-07-10_13-31-36-40.jpg (u)
[Hide] (165.1KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-10_13-42-38-19.jpg (u)
[Hide] (124.4KB, 1884x754)
I just got a girl called Toki in my party to sneak into Tsukiji Konganji to rescue Flynn and kill some golden fuck called Maitreya
Replies: >>65425
Prepare for cringeworthy shit involving that character
Replies: >>65428
She already does the *teleports behind you* thing, how much more cringeworthy can it get?
Replies: >>65440
747c916d363c645960da7bff7f32ca44784951493d6d3b429f9c11733ea8999a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (18.7KB, 704x396)
Get out while you still can
Replies: >>65478
citra-qt_2021-07-10_16-56-04-40.jpg (u)
[Hide] (143.1KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-10_18-34-39-08.jpg (u)
[Hide] (165KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-10_19-29-23-36.jpg (u)
[Hide] (146KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-10_19-30-20-42.jpg (u)
[Hide] (167.3KB, 1884x754)
But shit just happened
Also whats with that weird sound every time YHVH gets mentioned?
Replies: >>65517 >>65694
>Tom turned into a cuck
How did Tom and his large, long, smelly, uncut toenails cuck out?
Replies: >>65528
They thought it would be cool if the characters couldn't say Yahweh
Great taste, but to inform everyone that madness gained popularity again due to Friday Nights Funkin.
Replies: >>65558
a11c0301cd6b4ce8f04a5d5fdfb76141f04465beefcec8a3c682e99551b0fd70.png (u)
[Hide] (296.6KB, 1280x720)
I got back into snowrunner. Driving around and listening to podcasts is really comfy. 
I'll never get over the fact that axis throttle is completely useless in the game.
the_absolute_state.png (u)
[Hide] (25.4KB, 630x351)
pain.jpg (u)
[Hide] (57.8KB, 600x737)
4dc1f4d3ebb0a0f4464be6f5baae1673b71b19c40751a622c35844038335d0e1.gif (u)
[Hide] (3.6MB, 480x265)
>newgrounds advertises itself as a sanctuary when tumblr goes under
>then pulls this shit
Irredeemable... Classic NG will be dearly missed.
>that last point
Fucking hypocrite built newgrounds fame off the back of edgy shit made by school shooters and faggot shit stirrers.
Replies: >>65534
Of course they are, they'd have to nuke over half of the site to follow the rules.
9dee69ddc31bef3fd4b46b8099282964e5f461ea2dadeada21a6e0409597d331.png (u)
[Hide] (85.6KB, 296x208)
Imagine if these rules were in place back in the old days. Much of the content on the site would be banned, including stuff that Tom himself has done. It's fucking unreal.
Replies: >>65602
jew_theme.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 448x536, 01:12)
>making light of / exploting a tragedy
Isn't Newgrounds still dying slowly? I don't even think that new rhythm game that normalfags love so much will keep it up going for very long.
Jeff_bends_the_knee.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x720, 00:39)
>archive didn't save the video
Replies: >>65602
madness_wombat_reload.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 640x368, 00:23)
A shame.
My grief is beyond expression.
Replies: >>65604
Really? Newgrounds was never that good to begin with.
Replies: >>65605 >>65890
Wrong.webm (u)
[Hide] (501.5KB, 1280x720, 00:04)
Hank_Hill_remembers_Adobe_Flash_Player_games_(240p_30fps_H264-96kbit_AAC).mp4 (u)
[Hide] (4.8MB, 432x240, 01:47)
5b316ceba003b39d872b1eeec84f6a7a6e5a50a2c850f1df38e203123e15e287.png (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 894x894)
>every flash game was on newgrounds
Replies: >>65608
341b05bf34685efa92ca997e0c5ee70128b5ca56b6193812bdefe21299298356.png.jpg (u)
[Hide] (23.1KB, 270x270)
>Newgrounds was never that good to begin with
Replies: >>65609
Prove me wrong faggot. The vast majority of old newgrounds was drama and shitty animations by hacks that still cling to e-fame to this very day.
Dress my babe 6 and A.L.I.A.S.
4d6df4eb8454e52e004dd090eafffa851d7adef576c8458b7358e97d1ed217d4.jpg (u)
[Hide] (40.4KB, 590x594)
I swear to god that fat dude in red literally stands and moves around like an npc, you know those nonsensical idle animations npcs have in games like looking around and shit or making unnaturally smooth movements, that's him. fucking uncanny.
Replies: >>65623
I wanna know the name of the game in the hank hill video that had the red and blue jumping creatures.
>look up the video jewtube
>maybe I'll find the game list in the comments
>comments disabled
Replies: >>65617
prove yourself right, I went to newgrounds for flash cartoons and games and that's exactly what I got.
Watergirl and fireboy?
Gun mayhem 2?
Replies: >>65681
[Hide] (765.8KB, 532x300, 00:04)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 725x447)
[Hide] (54.5KB, 681x462)
[Hide] (450.1KB, 851x423)
he became a meme after the debate because of how weird he was. then he got cancelled because he had some non-kosher comments in his reddit history.
god i miss those debates, they were such a shitshow
>Watergirl and fireboy?
I think that's the one, thank you!
GalaxyIsOK.jpg (u)
[Hide] (60.5KB, 1080x295)
Although I'm not a loli or shota fag, and not against them, what is it people like this always making a big deal about lolis, but not shotas? Do any of you anons know why? Pic related, this Belarusian, makes a vid about finding lolicons gross, but why not kill two birds with one stone at that point and include shotacons too? I find it weird. It's like someone saying "I hate racists," but they only talk about white supremacists.
I just want to know why they're so vocal about loli/shota but not real CP.
Replies: >>65689
Exactly. At least this jewtuber talked about Twitter MAPS, but stopping loli/shota art isn't going to stop real pedos. Plus, it's better that pedos masturbate and fantasize about fictional characters, than for them to try and do the real thing. Take smokers and people addicted to cigarettes for example, vaping is better than using real cigarettes. Ideally, they wouldn't smoke or use nicotine or at all, but it's a better alternative.
Because YHVH is the kosher version of Yahweh, which is one of the Lord God's names in the Old Testament. A portion of Judaism believes pronouncing or writing God's name is a fatal sin, or something stupid like that. It's the same reason for why G-d, and not God, is a thing in Judaism.
Replies: >>65695 >>65745
hypno_morshu.jpg (u)
[Hide] (38.6KB, 400x400)
>A portion of Judaism believes pronouncing or writing God's name is a fatal sin, or something stupid like that.
I got autistic enough to research this because of SMT.

The specific reasoning is that because Hebrew is such a cancerous fucking language it doesn't even have vowels in written form, the full expansion of Y??H??V??H was lost over time. Because the jew god is an asshole god, they decided the risk of pissing him off by pronouncing his name wrong by accident was too high and spawned all the tetragrammaton autism to avoid it. For the record, scholars not literally predisposed to insanity are fairly confident it's pronounced "Yahweh."
The answer is very simple. Straight men like loli, so loli is bad. They don't like shota, so shota is good. Then there are a million other double standards like how even speaking to a younger girl can get a man branded as a pedo but no one gives a fuck about female pedophiles. The media even celebrates it, I'm sure you've seen the clips of middle aged women going crazy about Justin Bieber and things like that. And of course, females are always victims but males never are, and treating shota like loli would be admitting that males can be raped. You've heard all this before I'm sure.
Replies: >>65698
I recommend taking a long, long break from learning so much about Jewish fables, anon. How unironic autism works according to the Jews shall rub off on you sooner or later if you don't.
Replies: >>65698
88869287_p1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (406.6KB, 675x955)
I wish it wasn't true, but you might be right. The only other thing I can think of, and this is going into schizo territory, is that humanity, as a whole, hasn't moved past the "we need to protect the women" mentality. The TL;DR of it is: that women still need to be protected, especially above males, because something underlying in our minds says they need to be protected to continue the race.
But what if he learns how to summon golems, anon?
**Do they debate the name with 'nahweh'  and 'yahweh?'
Replies: >>65700
c18abb25c402c87000e1597ad40c6b812d55f77d03afb720be8b22fe6be70883.jpg.png (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1576x1600)
>forgot to finish spoiler
Fuck it I'm tired.
Replies: >>65728 >>65890
frampt.jpg (u)
[Hide] (38.1KB, 480x480)
>faceberg meme
citra-qt_2021-07-11_15-38-26-01.jpg (u)
[Hide] (126.4KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-11_20-40-53-61.jpg (u)
[Hide] (127KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-11_21-18-12-19.jpg (u)
[Hide] (146.8KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-11_21-21-32-11.jpg (u)
[Hide] (138.1KB, 1884x754)
this_bossfight_is_cancer,_and_I_love_it.jpg (u)
[Hide] (221KB, 1884x754)
I already checked myself, but still thanks for the more thorough explanation
Also where do I find the black card to enter the secret shop in Ginza?
Is it another stupid money grinding quest chain like in IV?
450_1000.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (26KB, 450x253)
I started RE8
I think it's the best looking game I've ever played, and it runs pretty smoothly even in my toaster (granted I have to play it on medium).
I've heard the pirated version actually runs better than the steam because of denuvo retardation. I wish publishers stopped being such fucking kikes and undermining their own games with that retarded drm.
The game has been fine so far, there was a "survive the waves of enemies" part at the begining which I fucking hated and I hope there aren't any more parts like that. Other than that there seems to be few enemies, except for the bitches that follow you (I'm still at the castle so I guess that probably changes later)
Replies: >>65778 >>65832
the pirated version runs better because of the custom capcom DRM.
There are certain scripted points in the game where it hammers the CPU to make DRM checks where the framerate drops to a slideshow. The crack "breaks" these scripted sequences which in turn also breaks the DRM checks.
Replies: >>65780 >>65786
>the pirated version runs better because of the custom capcom DRM
Really? Not because of Denuvo, that's even more retarded.
d34bde05513f9e745dbcdbd3284f809c962e5077efe83c77cf3fcf377bfb6197.jpg (u)
[Hide] (27.1KB, 502x502)
>DRM checks midgame
Does it get much dumber? I feel like half this ridiculous DRM shit even exists because some barely human suit wouldn't let the game release until it was in the game, consequences be damned.
>I don't know what a video game is, but I heard this increases sales.
c361021498fb83f22c1d83950dc650fd-imagejpeg.jpg (u)
[Hide] (17.3KB, 512x384)
I heard the game stutters after you kill an enemy, imagine shooting a zombie (or werewolf whatever) and the game freezing each time.
Replies: >>65800
Yeah enemies randomly cause stutter when you kill them after a certain piojnt in hte game.

>Does it get much dumber?
MK11 had one char with one move that would trigger a Denuvo check, which obviously also causes a noticeable stutter ingame.
Replies: >>65805
20210711193252_1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (403.2KB, 1920x1080)
Finished Vanquish on Normal.
Will definitely replay it on hard later.
Replies: >>65825
waning_pain.png (u)
[Hide] (191.9KB, 635x457)
waning_senator.png (u)
[Hide] (170.3KB, 701x479)
waning_zandatsu.png (u)
[Hide] (261.1KB, 635x457)
waning_end.png (u)
[Hide] (185.3KB, 635x457)
>MK11 move causes denuvo check
I must have evidence of this retardation.
Replies: >>65821
Sorry I was wrong it's not MK11 but Injustice 2 
Read the NFO it has a very good explanation of just how fucking retarded the implementation is.
Replies: >>65918
>replay it on hard
Can't wait for the ragefest oldfuck
>and it runs pretty smoothly even in my toaster (granted I have to play it on medium).
I tried to play it today and it run like dogshit even on the lowest settings possible, which makes no sense to me since REmake 2 and 3 ran fine on the same specs. I even went as far as re-enabling Hyper Threading and disabling the Spectre and Meltdown mitigation patches (although I ended up re-enabling them again, because for some reason the game didn't want to start with them off). I probably wouldn't mind the cinematic 24 fps, if the cutscenes weren't lagging to the point where they became unwatchable.
Maybe I'll try tomorrow again, but this time with a fresh install of Windows.
>there was a "survive the waves of enemies" part at the begining which I fucking hated and I hope there aren't any more parts like that.
Yeah, I ended up watching a video of a speedruner on how to cheese it because I've had enough after being was stuck for hours on the hardest difficulty.
Replies: >>65845 >>65957
Turning worlds into polluted shitholes in factorio.
>Yeah, I ended up watching a video of a speedruner on how to cheese it because I've had enough after being was stuck for hours on the hardest difficulty.
Apparently the cracked version of RE8 doesn't have some of the animations that are present in the DRM version. Parrying and damage feedback is completely broken as well, which explains why you had such a hard time. This probably makes the later parts of the game literally impossible to beat on anything harder than the standard difficulty.
Replies: >>65957
Thewarriorscover.jpg (u)
[Hide] (34.7KB, 284x350)
I've been playing The Warriors and this is one of those games that pisses me off, not because it's bad though there is a clear lack of polish, the camera is shit, and it's the only game I've ever had crash on PCSX2 but because it takes things people are fucking up to this day and it makes them fun as fuck. 
I don't think I've ever played a melee section against multiple enemies that's this good, whether it be one vs many or many vs many. 
God Hand is really fun, but the game really shines on 1v1s.
Replies: >>65894
You'll know you're wrong inside you once my dick is in your ass faggot
Newgrounds was better than most of the sites we have that are riddled with censorship are retards today. 

Except that Newgrounds had a-lot of great flash games and animations as it had shit ones.

You just be better off not posting at all, if you're going to post normalfag shit.

>what is it people like this always making a big deal about lolis, but not shotas? 
Because women and sodomites are hypocrites and want to make it seem as if they're standing on a moral high-ground. To add on this note, faggots want to scapegoat that the straights are pedophiles and immoral, despite the fact that LGBTP are riddled with pedophiles since the creation of their movement.
Replies: >>65934
The Warriors really feels like somewhat of a passion project which makes sense given it's based on a license that the vast majority of PS2 owners were likely unfamiliar with.
Ys 9. It's alright but I'm sick of Ys games being merely "alright" and Falcom should start working with a new engine already, this one's been showing its age for quite a while now and having to deal with platforming when the physics and movement is like this is not particularly ideal. At least the music is still as enjoyable as ever.
I have no idea what to play next after I'm done with this one so I'm digging back into my backlog and busting out either
>God Hand
>Shinobi Ps2
>The armored core games
Which would be the best to start off with?
That is so insanely fucking retarded I can't bring myself to believe it.
What of I fap to /ss/ but I project myself on the shota?
Replies: >>71718
>I tried to play it today and it run like dogshit even on the lowest settings possible
Your specs? I'm playing it with a Ryzen 5 and an RX570 and it runs at constant 75 fps on medium settings.
>This probably makes the later parts of the game literally impossible to beat on anything harder than the standard difficulty
Well if it comes to that I'll just lower it, still not wasting a dime on nu-capcom. Just killed the tall lady, it's funny that they based their entire campaign for something that happens within the first couple hours, they really know their audience.
>Which would be the best to start off with?
I found God Hand to be pretty hit and miss, you may love it, you may hate it. The Armored Core games are fucking great anon, I'd play those if I were you. I have no idea about Shinobi.
Easiest to pick up would be Shinobi, it might be brutally difficult but there's nothing complex about it.
God Hand is a bit more involved and has some quirks that take some getting used to but it's not a bad choice either.
Armored Core is a massive time investment as you will need to get used to the controls and mech building as well as how you're supposed to use those two to not get mangled instantly, though the games are really damn good one you learn your way around them, some of those games are extremely brutal difficulty wise, AC2AA and ACLR standing out as the two big example of that.
God Hand is one of those games that makes you give up and drop it, then come back later like a battered wife. It is fun once you get into it, but you'll probably want to play it start to finish or else it'll be really hard to get back into. 
Armored Core is a mech mech game, meaning the controls are a clusterfuck unless you're already used to mech controls or have the controller somehow.
/ss/ is pretty good. It's one of the few tags that consistently have both good art and non-shit story, there's never shit like vanilla turning into the gf's sister getting guys to gangbang rape her, and the femdom stays light.
Replies: >>71718
Sprite_Red_Cutscene.webp (u)
[Hide] (10.3KB, 344x604)
I marathoned Everhood because I kept seeing footage of it on jewtube and it looked fun. It was pretty good for the first half of the game, but I felt like the plot got weird as hell afterwards. Once you get your arm back, the frog who gave you a tutorial straight up tells you to fucking kill all those people you spent the entire game up to this point getting to know and befriending. Everybody in the world of Everhood is immortal and the frog guy really doesn't like that. So you just spend the rest of the game murdering everyone. Sure, some of the characters were right and ready to go, but others really did not want to die and seemed to be more resigned to their fate when you meet up with them in the afterlife. And then after you finish them off, you fight a cube and then you also die and get ready to reincarnate or whatever. Also, you get praised a lot for your efforts. So the message of the game is that dying is good and immortality would suck, I guess, but as I am a mortal and thus have no say in whether I get to experience death or not, it's not exactly reassuring for me to have learned that. I don't even hate the ending, it just makes me feel really uneasy. I'd imagine this is what I'd feel talking to a serial killer from the other side of a prison window. 
I guess that the plot didn't feel pretentious, if that means anything. There's 4 more endings with more bosses to fight in them so I'm just hoping that the content is less concerning in those ones. At the very least the music was very good, there was only one track in the entire game that I thought that I explicitly did not like and the record was spotless otherwise.
Replies: >>67194
citra-qt_2021-07-15_20-35-19-45.jpg (u)
[Hide] (106.4KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-17_21-43-05-96.jpg (u)
[Hide] (137.9KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-18_13-20-32-08.jpg (u)
[Hide] (97.6KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-18_13-44-22-13.jpg (u)
[Hide] (165.7KB, 1884x754)
citra-qt_2021-07-18_14-06-14-22.jpg (u)
[Hide] (89.5KB, 1884x754)
Finished up SMT IV Apocalypse
Was pretty fun overall and while I found the rebalancing of some of the skills and items to be more on the annoying side the combat and demon negotiations were alot better than in IV and while difficulty didn´t have that ridiculous drop that IV had it still was kinda low outside of a couple of boss battles thanks to the partner mechanic
Dialogue wise I wouldn´t say its that bad as people make it out to be, sure it has some bad parts thanks/no thanks to your companions but there were also moments that I found genuinely great
The final dungeon was a bit of a slog, but man that final bossfight was great, music and all
Replies: >>67182 >>67184
God the redesigns are fucking terrible
Nigger, spoiler that shit, there's some anons that haven't played it yet.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, demons having affinities is probably one of the greatest additions to the series in a long time, it stops shit like having agi on fucking jack frost. I'm thinking of replaying it but SMT V is only a few months away.
Replies: >>67208
>the ending where you don't kill everyone is basically "good job, now fuck off," not even a special CG or something
Okay, I'm done with this game now.
citra-qt_2021-07-16_18-38-06-69.jpg (u)
[Hide] (162KB, 1884x754)
>demons having affinities is probably one of the greatest additions to the series in a long time, it stops shit like having agi on fucking jack frost
Yeah its a great addition, but I wish the random skill changes the demons ask for would stop being shit they have negative affinity for
a8b8b8996f5cc6c1a4108ab4052ebe1ea2894f8c8fd57c31efd0997fe6650243.jpg (u)
[Hide] (116.8KB, 1009x1087)
>hear Dust is a good new vegas overhaul
>start game, scared shitless 
>notice it's just a start zone selection room with no enemies and don't afraid anything 
>pick safehouse since I'm a bitch 
>spawn in a bloody room with dead people all over 
>this isn't a safehouse at all
>get empty grenade launcher, .22 pistol with two bullets from a body, and the can of beans they tried to kill me for 
>go outside, head south to a little shed that could have resources 
>feral ghoul tries to attack me, shoot him twice 
>no damage because lol .22 
>4 more ghouls come and kill me
>reload, try going north 
>see some tunnelers 
>tunnelers see me 
>they start running 
>fucking run away straight into a tribal 
>tribal runs straight at me 
>unload onto his metal helmet and do no damage 
>see tunnelers coming 
>try to get the two of them to kill each other while I escape
>tunnelers and tribal unite and come straight at me
>get mauled and then they start fighting 
Replies: >>67399 >>67461
E1cSuqlXMAEshdu.jpg (u)
[Hide] (230.1KB, 964x1479)
I remember I used to play it a few years back. The premise and initial impression is pretty nice - you're alone in a deserted area, finding some cryptic notes and radio broadcasts. Thing is, the impression fades quickly when you progress for a while and find that you haven't actually progressed at all, and the mod boils down to going forward, fighting trash enemies such as fiends, then going forward again, finding some stuff, then fighting again, ad infinitum. I played this with the gun runner's arsenal and after a few hours my supplies were exhausted, since I almost always expended more rounds than I could find; starting without any supplies has to be a masochist's paradise. I recall I eventually managed to reach New Vegas underground, because a radio broadcast led me there, and I was unable to get anywhere because it's filled with the ghost people from the DLC. Hope it doesn't ruin your fun, but that's what my experience with it turned out to be. Has anything of note been added to the mod lately?
>tfw medusa will never fall asleep on you
Why live?
I'm playan OpenRCT2. A comfy game for a comfy Sunday. So far I've beaten Dynamite Dune, Bumbly Beach, and now I'm working Pacific Pyramid.
ender-lilies-generacion-xbox.jpg (u)
[Hide] (183.7KB, 1920x1080)
I'm playing Ender Lilies, a friend gifted this game to me and gotta say I'm thankful because I don't think I would've ever played it if it wasn't for him.
Plays like your usual metroidvania but the map instead of the usual grid is divided in rooms that change color when you have picked up everything inside it, just like Resident Evil 4, which to me makes it really convenient because I would often forget about stuff in regular maps. The graphics look cute and I really like the character design, it does try to be dark souls at times, but I don't mind that.
It would be better if it was hentai.
It also plays like Folklore, Lost Kingdoms, and more recently like Bloodstained as far as how you collect enemies to turn them into your attacks. For me, the idea is intriguing and more interesting than an action game or card/monster collecting mechanic alone.
Replies: >>69204
Harmonious.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 368x368, 03:08)
I liked all the vocals in the music, felt really comfy just standing somewhere in the rain and listening to the music.
Replies: >>68909 >>69204
bfabacb82e6865e045bd3a2bd4791520164a7b945eefa043ce851a91dfb35124.png (u)
[Hide] (515.4KB, 512x512)
hey,_not_too_rough.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 990x1400, 02:11)
FFFFFFFFFFFuck that's really fucking good. It reminds me this BGM from Stronghold Crusader. I have a soft spot for string instrumentals like that.
I haven't played any of those games, isn't Bloodstained that Igarashi game? How does it compare to SotN and the like?
Yeah the soundtrack is defintely a highlight, could listen to that song for hours
Replies: >>69209
Bloodstained is okayish and short, especially compared to SotN. It doesn't compare to modern metroidvania juggernauts, such as Hollow Knight, but its okay among other indie metroidvania titles like Axiom Verge. Bloodstained suffers from poor balancing, so its easy to cheese through a lot of the encounters, and it lacks the promised kickstarter goal of a roguelike/randomized mode which really irked me.
Replies: >>69232 >>71902
b0b570c892a4848d46fdfe8cecf8a04bec1427c703edb8df4261c642a5e4a01d.png (u)
[Hide] (546.4KB, 585x534)
I've tried Contra Returns. It's garbage, but it also ran and looked like garbage. The issue there's a good game in there, just that you can't balance around gacha. Still kind of dig how it controls though. It's more akin to a twin stick shooter now. I wouldn't mind playing more of it if it ran smoother. The story alone is kind of worth going through.

Starting up SSX3 for the first time now. This better be good.
Wave Race (n64/gcn) sucked. 
Kirby's Airride sucked.
Replies: >>69229 >>69672
Okay that was fun. Dolphin's a shit emulator but damn that was a fun session.
Replies: >>69672 >>69676
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (771.8KB, 1268x667)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (876.8KB, 820x904)
>lacks the promised kickstarter goal of a roguelike/randomized mode
Replies: >>69233 >>69485
He wanted the super gay version of a randomizer where map layout, enemy placements and stats are random instead of just having the key items shuffled around.
Replies: >>69234 >>69485
What about the super gay version of playing Zandatsu where they actually bother to animate him sitting on a bench, or allowing player input to actually do that rising uppercut slash followed by a helmbreaker
I admit I've barely played those extra modes in Bloodstained but Zandatsu felt really phoned in which I wish it wasn't because it's the one part they could have actually gotten a leg up on the older iga-vanias.
Replies: >>69235 >>69236
67bf8b9fdbedb1ca3e5185441fce93260e30274b2fe1d5aa5df5460291942827.png (u)
[Hide] (242.3KB, 500x476)
>leg up
Making a proper effort to have a well executed alternate character would not have been a wasteful effort, which is a shame that they failed to do so twice (bloodless ain't great either, though better than Zandatsu)
A full randomizer however is just wasteful to make, especially when you have a quarter of the map locked behind an upgrade with no alternative so you have to add a fuckton of extra consideration just for that.
Shuffled key items is way more than enough to provide teh experience
There hasn't even been a full randomizer that hasn't been a flicking train-wreck in a metroidvania afaik, the Super Metroid one in particular likes to just softlock you sometime in the fucking escape sequence on top o it being already a bad thing.
Replies: >>69485 >>69559
I was thinking something more along the lines of Deadcells, though it isn't so much metroidvania as it is 2d sidescroller action-platformer, which really isn't too much to ask for. Kudos for sucking developer cock and rushing to make excuses for their ineptitude, though.
Replies: >>69496 >>69505
>which really isn't too much to ask for
Wrong, it's a lot more fucking work than you seem to think to actually make it work at all and even more on top of that make it enjoyable
And even if you took the simplest way to do it (forego underwater related things / force the upgrade early on, limit to a set of "building block rooms" to pick from and make each areas, remove any and all leveling and flatten the enemy difficulty curve)  it would still take take a significant amount of devtime and QA for a result that wouldn't even necessarily be worth chasing.

>Kudos for sucking developer cock and rushing to make excuses for their ineptitude, 
First off you're putting words and developer cocks in my mouth, I'm certainly not saying they've not be lazy and incompetent at various points.
However wasting resources on a near useless feature would be far more inept than making the choice to cut it and present a much more viable alternative, which is what they've done and 100% the correct choice.
Replies: >>69499
You post reeks of faggot-assed apologism, you're retarded stop posting and go back to reddit.
Replies: >>69500
How about you learn what goes into developing a game instead of being a faggot that thinks everything is "just two lines in unity bro"?
Replies: >>69501
Once again, free tears on behalf of the devs who had no problem taking money for a half-assed product.
Replies: >>69502
How much did you spend on that kikestarter anon?
There's not reason to even care about that being changed if you didn't.
Replies: >>69673
faf.png (u)
[Hide] (388.4KB, 600x600)
Dude that would mean reassembling the entire map, creating an algorithm that would flip around map assets which makes it lose the Metroidvania aspect. It turns into a rouge like or whatever, which in turn requires more work to balance it out and make sure it functions instead of being softlocked by every other room.
Level your expectations, man.
t. someone who has never backed anything because Early Access and Kickstarter is a scam 90% of the time.
>>64182 (OP) 
>What are you playing
Rayman 3 and Warcraft 3 started the human campaign some time ago.
I don't know, it's just that this idea that I find most "spritual sucessor" not so much suck but just fall short of even reaching the original game's quality. I knew Bloodstained would never reach the same level in pixel art/visuals or music but I'd at least hoped it would go the extra mile in unlockable content since those are where stretch goals end up shining.
Replies: >>69572 >>69635
marketing.png (u)
[Hide] (94.5KB, 500x375)
So which stretch goals did feature creep kill?
I've heard mixed opinions on Richter Zandatsu mode, there's a randomizer mode which works like most randomizer hacks/roms for classic metroidvania games I've seen, there's "Classic mode" and hard classic mode called "1986 mode", you can play as the vampire boss if you input "BLOODLESS" as your name, the name input can also be used to unlock special backer weapons, there are now 2 "8-bit" spiritual sequels to Castlevania (Curse of The Moon 1 & 2)...

What else have they promised?
The game could have been better, sure, one could attribute stretch goals taking time and effort away from polishing the main game, but I guess that's the nature of the beast. A game designed by democracy, devs trying to please everyone.
I still think they did a very good job in spite of all the shortcomings.
Replies: >>69635
I mean it has more content, it's not great content however.

>So which stretch goals did feature creep kill?
The original randomizer proposition and the WiiU/VITA port.

>I still think they did a very good job in spite of all the shortcomings.
For a kikestarter project it certainly isn't as bad as expected
>Wave Race sucked
>Kirby's Airride sucked
>Dolphin's a shit emulator 
What planet do you live on?
Replies: >>69676 >>69684
The guy you're replying to apparently got so butthurt he reported your post.  Look at the logs.
Dolphin is shit compared to original hardware, as most do, but its leagues ahead of other emulators. For the longest time PCSX2 didn't have multicore support, I don't know if it does now but you can bet Dolphin got a lot more done with its development than for other emulators targeting that generation of consoles.
Replies: >>69684
Dolphin is overhyped, it does run quite a few things but once you try to go deeper into the NGC catalog you find plenty of games with various issues, then there's Wii stuff.
The only thing they have over other emulators is an impeccable PR team, but if you look closely you realize it's not quite as good as you think, especially now that it's been infected with trannies that think they know better than everyone else.

> For the longest time PCSX2 didn't have multicore support, I don't know if it does 
You got it wrong, PCSX2 had stable multicore support years before Dolphin, Dolphin even removed it at some point and refused to give you support if you used the option because it was fucking garbage.
>you can bet Dolphin got a lot more done with its development than for other emulators targeting that generation of consoles.
They had the easiest console of the gen to emulate by far and had the D team for PCSX2 and a literal fucking ghostown for Xbox emulation in general to compete with and they still took years to catch up.
Even more telling is that the XBOX emulation scene is going to catch up and pass them before long.
Even more amusing is that at some point they started talking shit to the PCSX2 janitor team and when they got told to contribute or fuck off they fucked off and got super butthurt.
frackin.png (u)
[Hide] (26.1KB, 512x512)
Spoiler File (u)
(6.8MB, 1280x720, 06:04)
Orang.jpg (u)
[Hide] (40.6KB, 600x600)
Starbound_vanilla.webm (u)
[Hide] (11.7MB, 960x540, 05:11)
Reminisced with a friend today about the fun we had with the old Starbound beta builds and how Chucklefuck screwed everything up afterwards. Ended up spontanously reinstalling it and trying out Frackin Universe, the difference was incredible.
If anyone else made the mistake to buy that trashfire, consider giving that mod a shot. When we played today it felt exactly how we used to imagine how Starbound would be when it's finished, it's a different game entirely. 
The feature creep is gone despite a ton of extra shit being added, progression actually makes sense now and (intro aside) I haven't seen anything of the retarded vanilla story in the playthrough yet. It finally also doesn't have this dreadful soulless feel to it anymore because the mod actually expands all that shit the Devs just tacked on in single lazy updates before casting it aside entirely.
1369054604926.png (u)
[Hide] (15.7KB, 484x121)
Speaking of Chucklefuck I saw an interesting looking game coming out recently that is unfortunately published by them. I don't know why any developer would taint their brand by partnering with them.
Replies: >>71639
48784c3776df48f334db7f498ce845a3acb4a27d1d10cb58be1798f8d64658ea.webm (u)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1280x720, 00:30)
been playing lots of Kaos Normal in Worms Armageddon lately, it's insane what two eastern slavs can do with this 20 year old game
>7-8 crates drop at the start of each turn
>worms have 250 health at start, health crates give another 200 each, pick up a few of them and you're basically immortal save for getting knocked off the map or drowned
>only weapon available at start is bungee rope to drop off cliffs and maybe throw yourself into a specific position if you're lucky
>taking damage doesn't end your turn, nor does using a weapon. you have 45 seconds per turn to collect as many crates as possible and deal as much damage as possible, damage to yourself and your other worms be damned
>since the amount of damage you deal per turn can basically be negated instantly by the enemy picking up a few health crates, the terrain will quickly become a very intraversible field of craters, pitfalls, and ledges if you don't have ropes
>low gravity and jetpacks are essential in traversing terrain quickly, collecting crates should be prioritized over dealing damage to save up for big combos instead of a few menial attacks, crate finder is a must to choose what crates to grab and ignore
>eventually worms get stuck in their general positions as crates quickly pile up around the map, turning into a war of attrition
>all your worms have the health of The Terminator but your arsenal may consist of the equivalent of a piece of twine and a zucchini, creativity is key
>eventually a double damage crate spawns and the entire terrain can be obliterated in a single blast because of the high density of crates (which explode when damaged, blowing up other nearby crates), leading to certain death for almost all worms caught in its radius
>by the time it's over the island is gone
if only they could fix that pesky 1990s vidya color pallette limitation
Does it fix the combat and remove the reliance on NPCs?
Replies: >>71622
Not sure yet, but the glaive I found is great against melee enemies and the pistol you now start out with is okay for what it is. Guns now need to be reloaded but draw considerably less stamina compared to vanilla.
Also the only NPC i interacted with yet is some planetside scientist that gives you basic directions, but I believe he's not mandatory either since you can fix up and freely expand your ship entirely alone now.

Also race modifiers are actually a thing now, environmental modifiers, damage resistances, diet Florans can only eat meat, only Glitch can eat metal food and so on and some unique perks. Florans for example are ironically enough good underground explorers/miners because they permanently regenerate hunger during daytime (and health if they're full), even deep underground. Also the mod has prewritten perk-sets for two dozen mod races most of which being furfag-bait though.
Replies: >>72634
>coming out
>early access
The only thing that's coming out is you from the closet as a homofag.
Mostly Daibanchou -Big Bang Age-. Holy shit it's an insanely hard game, but the amount of content is absurd enough for me to suck it up and keep playing.
Source, right fucking now.
Replies: >>83851 >>83877
I hate that the "older women, younger man" market is dominating by /ss/. I have no problem with it, but there needs to be more high school age guys impregnating older women, whether they're about half a decade older than them who once babysat them, or the next door neighbor ara ara. I just want the dynamic of "the woman who once picked up a little boy is now being held up and fucked against a wall by that now grown-up man." And before you ask, yes he'd vow to take responsibility, that should be obvious.
Sage for doublepost.
__umbral_knight_lily_guardian_siegrid_gerrod_the_elder_warrior_and_dark_witch_eleine_ender_lilies_quietus_of_the_knights_drawn_by_miv4t__90c5eb5bfd3caa2f07ecbb6113f4fed6.png (u)
[Hide] (7.6MB, 2000x3000)
The change in look and gameplay they made to Ys (especially from Memories of Celceta onwards) made me almost drop the series altogether. The new engine also made the game feel more bland compared to the mix of 2d/pixel and 3d environments of the previous generation. 

The thing that bugged me the most was how they started putting more emphasis on the storytelling and interactions with characters than the adventuring and combat. In earlier games, you'd still get a good story and characters, but it was usually in short spurts and didn't overshadow the action and adventuring. The heavy storytelling and character interactions were saved for the Trails series. This basically allowed those more interested in gameplay than story a series (Ys), and those interested in a grand complex story a series as well (Trails). Recent Trails games still play pretty much the same, but Ys started to incorporate elements from Trails with how long cutscenes and character development can be. The party system they've been using in newer Ys games doesn't help either, making the game's challenge more along the lines of "Use this character for this type of enemy" and allowing you to survive longer than you would in older games since you only need at least 1 party member alive. I get that they wanted to change things up after sticking to the old systems for so long (and give characters like Dogi some time to shine), but there are better ways of handling it (hell I would've liked to see Adol have a way to switch weapons and items like Dante while fighting and adventuring). I don't foresee things changing for Ys however, since the series isn't as profitable for Falcom compared to the Trails games (especially after they turned it into their equivalent of Persona along with Xanadu). Only time will tell.

That reminds me, 8 was really fucked over by NISA localizing it (they had to re-release the game due to their fuckups), but I'm not sure how bad 9 was since NISA is still localizing the Falcom games. anything worth mentioning in how they handled it? 

Recently beat this myself. I was pleasantly surprised by it. It wasn't anything original (and you can easily tell what inspired the game), but the game does really well with what it used. I really like the idea of fighting with spirits, and the potential of combinations you could have to deal with the situations you were in. The story, atmosphere, world, and music were excellent and blended well for what it was going for (especially at the final area. The music and sound in that area caught me off guard when I first heard it). That being said, I didn't like how a lot of the spirits were either similar to others in function (better or worse), or were just a gimmick used for a specific purpose. While I could see some interesting challenges using only specific spirits, some combinations would not be viable (given how most of the spirits are limited in use until resting or getting lucky when breaking boxes). It could've done better in giving you clues to where some of the more obscure tablets were as well. All in all, I'd definitely play it again, but after a long break.
Replies: >>71902
index.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (475.5KB, 1372x772)
Beat Doom 2016 a couple days ago. I liked it a lot but feel like a combination of the perk system and the base difficulty not keeping a consistent push on me made it really easy towards the end. I didn't do all the rune challenges nor get all the collectibles this first pass but I got the perks that grant you infinite ammo when your armor is at a certain amount, the one that lets you glory kill from longer range, and the one that causes enemies to drop armor when glory killed. The middle stretch of the game where I didn't have these, nor had them leveled up to their 2nd tier was more difficult and caused me to flip between weapons and perks more often. The final level was trivial though because the infinite ammo let me soak through the early waves from each section with just the chaingun with a fully upgraded turret mode meaning I chewed through enemies rather quickly. By the time I got hurt enough to lose infinite ammo I just switch to the gauss cannon or rockets and spam those while hunting for armor pickups to repeat it all again. 

Coupled with the BFG and a guaranteed ammo pickup in each combat arena, there's a powerup available as well, and the chainsaw for barons and I stopped worrying about managing resources entirely. It's still a really fun game but I will have to bump up the difficulty while hunting for the remaining collectibles. For now I'm going to finish off 'I have no mouth and I must scream' and then jump into Siren.
Replies: >>71838 >>71864
dd.png (u)
[Hide] (395.7KB, 613x3801)
>>64182 (OP) 
Somewhere between 30 and 40 hours in on my first time playing pic related and I'm not having fun anymore. I feel like I'm always burning myself out on these kinds of games early with stuff like the inn board quests. The worst part is I don't even feel like I really accomplished anything by doing those quests, except maybe Mercedes' shield as a reward. Otherwise all the armor and clothes I've been buying looks samey. Don't get me wrong though, I really like how armor looks in this game, but it feels like it's getting worse save for stuff like chainmail. Oh yeah, and the loot all feels like garbage. In the rare case I actually found armor, I had already bought it.
Replies: >>71853 >>71856
>I liked it a lot
anon come the fuck on
Replies: >>71847
The fuck do you want me to hate on? It's not the DaVinci of first person shooters but it's still a fun game.
Replies: >>71853 >>71855
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (8.6MB, 2741x1294)
I've played through Anger Foot and One Million Fatal Guns (OMFG). 
Anger Foot is a very fun and silly little game, early build, supposed to be more to come, this version is free, recommended for a short romp:

OMFG is a tad silly for a different reason, it's like a prototype for Borderlands weapon generator made by a Game Development college (part of Big Scaly). Couldn't get past level 14 after 4 tries, gets very repetitive, there's 5 or 6 rooms in total. It's like the opposite of Devil Daggers "Couple of room, lods e guns" that's a lie too, there's 8 guns and they have different prefixes always pick golden minigun
It's free on steam if you use that
Been playing Highfleet. Its a one man labor of love and while it has some annoying things to it its pretty fun and the art direction is fantastic.
Replies: >>71855
43208904b3e9fe9c9c1d9c469223785911088fcbbc3fc8fea2c7f31b1f9f4394.png (u)
[Hide] (3.6MB, 1800x2545)
Board quests are just there to give you extra shit once you accidentally complete it, you don't need to actively care about those at all. 
>but it feels like it's getting worse save for stuff like chainmail
Also, functional armor is for faggots, you're supposed to play fashions dogma and dress you and your pawn up to look cool/cute. 
>the loot all feels like garbage
Loot isn't all that good, except in hard mode. You might stumble upon something useful but most of what you get are just monster drops to upgrade your armor. 
The name. It's not Doom at all.
Replies: >>71872 >>71895
my_thoughts_on_nuDoom_Eternal.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 1796x2642)
and_now_for_something_completely_different.jpg (u)
[Hide] (678.2KB, 1278x1438)
>It's not the DaVinci of first person shooters
that's not what every single mainstream gaming outlet told me
It's not Doom and it's not fun
I wrote this entire wall of text on Doom Eternal, but it all applies to nuDoom 2016 as well
Was it really just one autistic slav who made all that? That explains the unintentionally hilarious art. I watched a little gameplay and lost my shit when I saw this clip-art arm on the bearded guy.
Replies: >>71857 >>71895
As 88ef73 noted, unlike weapons, armor isn't super important stats wise so I find it's usually pretty easy put something pretty cool looking together. 
Have you gone to Bitterblack Isle yet?
Replies: >>71872
Highfleet.webm (u)
[Hide] (26.4MB, 1920x1080, 03:35)
The best part is that its all .pngs in the filesystem. I've been meaning to see if I can change the bulletglass effects with anime girls or something. As far as I know its a one man show though. That arm gets a ton of use even in the 50 page manual that comes with the game.
Replies: >>71860
v_2.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.8MB, 476x360, 00:45)
is it worth trying out now or should I wait a year for patches? Because I know what Slavjank is like and this was made by just one.
Replies: >>71863
I haven't had any issues and a patch just dropped that fixed different resolutions not scaling which was a big complaint. I would look around and see what other fags have run into just to be sure.
The rune system was too much in my opinion because it hides some stats that I think should be builtin, first among them being quick weapon slots. On the other hand I did enjoy the weapon designs and sounds, especially the upgraded railgun.
>Board quests are just there to give you extra shit once you accidentally complete it, you don't need to actively care about those at all. 
Alright, so I think I mistakenly had the idea that there was some limit on how many of those notice board quests you could have at once. I'm pretty sure I got a prompt at one point after taking a bunch, but it may or may not have been related to the prompt you get when you take an escort quest. That was probably fucking me over. I'm not a retard and usually pay attention to everything but I don't know what the deal with that was. I also wasn't sure how the board works since I'm pretty sure an escort quest for the old bitch in Cassardis just disappeared and I never got it back, even with empty spaces on the board. I just didn't want to lose any quests at all just in case of something or another because I'm a completionist.
>functional armor is for faggots, you're supposed to play fashions dogma and dress you and your pawn up to look cool/cute.
That's what I've been doing, though with a bit of a bias toward new stuff that has better stats. It's just funny how neat looking partial plate armor like the sectional was available at the start and now I've rifled through all the armor for sale in Cassardis, Gran Soren, the two traveling vendors, as well as the guy who sells stuff at the camp on the way to the Shadow Fort, and the majority of it isn't really appealing in any way. The counterfeit guy obviously sells some nice stuff but it's expensive and most of it looks like shit unless you have it alongside the other pieces anyway, which essentially makes it even more expensive.
>Loot isn't all that good, except in hard mode. You might stumble upon something useful but most of what you get are just monster drops to upgrade your armor. 
I don't mind common enemies dropping garbage. I'm talking about all the chests in the world that have things like seemingly useless items or special pots that I or my pawns don't use or that I just combine into some other shit that still neither of us use. I think the reason for that is I haven't gotten far enough though and that most of my time has been spent on padding or uselessly going back and forth.
>Have you gone to Bitterblack Isle yet?
No. I assumed it was an end game location. Even if it's not, it feels wrong to start doing something that was originally DLC before at least completing the main quest. I did visit the location and loot it though. And I think it was because the woman forced me to go after I talked to her, but I can't really remember that just like I can't remember what exactly made me think there was a limit on notice board quests.
Replies: >>71875
You can only have one escort quest at a time, but I'm sure that's the only limitation. 
>I'm pretty sure an escort quest for the old bitch in Cassardis just disappeared
Escort quests and normal sidequests do disappear once you progress through the story, but I think normal board quests are permanent. Escort quests are often not worth it though, save for some exceptions like blonde tits. 
>as well as the guy who sells stuff at the camp on the way to the Shadow Fort
I think I know the point you're at, armor does get stagnant at that point. Armor unlocks with story quests so you won't get new stuff for a while. Then there's the eventual unique loot armor and the ur dragon purple suit if you're playing online before bitter black. 
>I'm talking about all the chests in the world that have things like seemingly useless items or special pots that I or my pawns don't use
There's the eventual useful item, but yeah it's mostly stuff that shouldn't be in a chest. 
>And I think it was because the woman forced me to go after I talked to her
She does. BB is mean to be end game content and the difficulty will quickly ramp up if you still haven't seen the hounds.
Replies: >>72297
>The name. It's not Doom at all.
Well I won't contest you on that because I have played the original doom at least but 2016 was still fun on it's own merit. As my post indicated I think the difficulty gets borked because of the added perk system so that's an argument towards why adding modern conventions to this series betrays design principles from the original titles but I'm not really going to try and dissect what you both have no doubt already done. 

I don't suck off game reviewers. Played my friends copy for free and had a nice week with it.
Balancing kills Bloodstained more than any other issue, though it's not really a great game to begin with.  Any of the laser beam spells just annihilate everything the game has to offer, though I'm sure if it weren't for those there would be a dozen others that are nearly as broken. Melee combat also feels like absolute shit just because of how rigid the movement and timing is.  It also has a special input system like fighting games that's so overly picky you can barely get the basic 3 kick combo to actually work three hits in a row OUT of combat, and that's just QCF+attack.

I could probably go on, the more I think of Bloodstained the more I'm reminded of how terrible it is.  Like movement abilities that go way overboard and trivialize any sort of combat environment in the latter half of the game.  In any case Ender Lilies does everything right.  Melee feels more fluid, none of the abilities are game breaking and at least a good half of them are actually worth using.

>It could've done better in giving you clues to where some of the more obscure tablets were as well. 
You're going for the perfect ending at that point.  The solution is simple: find a room you haven't cleared, clear it.  Repeat until you get all the tablets.

>>64182 (OP) 
Currently playing Sakuna.  Game actually suffers a little bit from what I complained of in Bloodstained.  Some broken overpowered attacks, melee feels a little stiff, and inputs can be a touch annoying.  None of those problems are anywhere near the extent that they were in Bloodstained though, it's just a vague reminiscence.  I keep thinking this game might have been better if it were designed with a time limit like certain Atelier games.  In fact structurally it's very much like an Atelier game (different gameplay genre of course), In any case as it currently stands there seems to be nothing stopping you from just skipping days and minimal-effort farming your way to godmode stats.  At least in a traditional RPG grind you'd plateau and need to find stronger opponents.  If you were limited like "you must beat the game within 20 harvests" or whatever number, and the game was designed with that in mind (simply tacking on a challenge like that never works), exactly how you farmed would matter a great deal more.
a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (439.2KB, 1920x1080)
>take Reynald escort quest, lead him to windbluff 
>oh fuck he wanted to go all the way to the great wall and it's also getting dark 
>try to run and get there before night
>get attacked by bandits and wolves, and then a cyclops and wolves
>kill three batches of wolves, cyclops is almost dead, Reynald is still alive
>look away for a second, then look back and he's fucking dead with the fourth batch of wolves around him
>[mission failed]
>kill the cyclops 
>start making my way back 
>recognize chimera sounds right as it sees me and run away into skeletons then run away from the skeletons into a wight and then run away from the wight and almost jump from a cliff 
>Rook and cute pawn are dead and asking for help, only the pawn I don't care about lived and that's not a good outcome 
>go back, ready to eat shit
>ended up beating the fuck out of the Chimera with fire which was surprisingly not that hard 
I hadn't noticed it during my last attempt but strider is a really good damage dealer once you get equiped. I remember getting fucked hard the first time I fought a chimera as a warrior, though it was also hard mode.
I wonder if I can beat the game with Rook. He's already getting mauled by wolves, I don't know if I'll be able to carry him through the Soren hole.
Replies: >>71922 >>72297
dudeleaflamao.png (u)
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1920x1080)
>Play rimworld dlc
>Capture one of the asshole pirates who keep trying to set my weed farm on fire.
>Perhaps he can be rehabilitated.
>Treat his burns.
>Surgically light and apply a smokeleaf joint to the pirate.
>He dies.
Not even once.
Escort quests are a scam, you're better off putting a portcrystal at the destination and warping there for instant rewards. Reynard's quest especially, since it's offered so early on and takes you to a lategame area. 
One thing to note about the notice board quests is that some of them have very narrow windows where they are accessible, there is a limited number of quests on a given board at a time, something like 6 on Gransys boards, 3 on BBI boards, and the long-integrated DLC quests for aneled weapons takes priority on boards, its very hard to find some quests when you want them. Notably, there's a very small quest window that exists after you get to gran soren but before you explore the everfall, and another similar tiny window where you finish one wyrm hunt quest but do not go to meet the duke. Gotta wonder what the fuck the devs were smoking when they came up with that.
Replies: >>71938
>Gotta wonder what the fuck the devs were smoking when they came up with that.
Probably the design files for the never ever full game. 
download.jpg (u)
[Hide] (385.1KB, 1920x1080)
I bought Red Orchestra Ostfront so that I can finally check out the Darkest Hour mod. I have to say, I am impressed. 

What really got my dong rocking was the tank combat. Every vehicle has interiors and multiple positions for viewing through periscopes and vision ports. The interiors aren't fully modelled (can't look behind you as driver for example) but they're still enough to immerse you into the vehicle. The gun sights also have realistic ranging. You control the range with the Q and E keys and you can see the sight rotate to the new setting in real time. By comparison, modern WWII games like Hell Let Loose have neither of those features. No interiors at all and the sights there are completely static. 

Another cool thing is how interaction with other players works. There's usual stuff like resupplying your machine gunners sure, but there's more roles you can interact with that I haven't seen in other games.
Anti-tank roles are usually armed with a Panzerfaust or a Bazooka. Both weapons have very, very slow reloads. about 16 seconds in fact. Yup, you read that right, 16 seconds to reload a rocket! Most tanks have shorter reloads than this! What's more, if you unequip your rocket launcher, the rocket will be unloaded. And here's the cool part: Any player in your team can crouch behind you, press the 'resupply' key and your reload will be almost instant! (Watch our for backblast though). So by himself the AT player only really has 1 chance to take out a vehicle, if he fails to disable it with the first shot then he is usually done for. But if 2 players team up, they can send another rocket down range very quickly. Such a simple feature, and yet so incredibly immersive in-game.
Replies: >>72211 >>72248
wallpaper_phone.jpg (u)
[Hide] (221.2KB, 946x2048)
>>64182 (OP) 
Devil dagger
7fb2b2c4c0306b4d65db031d4b7ba45210da1b78_hq.jpg (u)
[Hide] (82.6KB, 717x550)
I'm glad you liked it, hopefully Hell Let Lose comes close to the content Darkest Hour has one day.

>>64182 (OP) 
New Vegas, 6th run
Picking up my half finished playtrough from 2 years ago, which ended afted an emergency PC upgrade.

Legit though my 2 year saves were corrupted due to different modset, I don't know if ModOrganizer is magic or what, but not did they work with the updated modset but I even added more mods on top of it and it ran like a champ.

Been gleefully exploding everything I don't like into little tiny pieces with the Auto GL.
Replies: >>72217 >>72230
1ffd23d53c59303e463df63cf726385028ffd66b7b4d435ea73469849ae240be.jpg (u)
[Hide] (167.4KB, 548x800)
>laser weapons
Replies: >>72286
RedOrchestraLargeAddressAware_2021_08_06_23_48_21_649.png (u)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1920x1080)
102.jpg (u)
[Hide] (74KB, 280x373)
>I'm glad you liked it
Liked it? I'm fucking hooked! I've already put 15 hours into it and I can't get enough. Honestly, the HLL devs should off themselves unironically out of sheer shame. This fucking 13 years old mod on a jank engine has figured out how to do construction/building flawlessly. Not decently. Not merely good, they've done it FLAWLESSLY. 

For those unfamiliar, let me explain. (Warning: Wall of text, but there's no other way.)
In Poo Let Loose, the squad leader can only build spawn points for his team and his squad. He cannot build anything else. What's worse, he is the only person in his squad who can build those things. So in order to build anything, the SL cannot participate in combat. He has to spend time building shit. 
To build team spawns (garrisons) he needs supplies. There's 2 ways of getting supplies. First (and most common) is the "Support" role. One squad mate will have to pick that role and place a supply crate near the SL. The second (relatively recently added) way if the supply truck. Anyone can drive this truck around and drop supplies. Ok, how do we replenish these supplies then? Well, the support role is on a count down and more supplies will magically appear again in his inventory. The truck will have to drive all the way to the HQ which is at the corner of the map. This is slow, clunky and honestly incredibly boring for both the support and the truck driver. One has to basically hide in a bush and not die, the other has to drive back and forth. Lastly, the SL cannot build any defences. You need an engineer squad member to do this. This makes building EVEN MORE tedious and time consuming. 

In Darkest Hour, the SL can build ANYTHING by himself as long as there are supplies near him. Additionally. he can promote another squad member into an ASSISTANT Squad Leader. This guy can do anything the SL can. So the SL can go fight at the front lines and place rally points for his squad while the ASL can work in the rear and build garrisons and defences. 
How do you get supplies in DH? Easy, you spawn in a Logistics truck. Drive to where you want to buildan and just build what you want. If you want more supplies then you simply build a supply cache that slowly replenishes supplies near it. You can then (if you want) load the truck with those supplies and move on somewhere else if you need to. The ASL can build defences too, there is no retarded engineer role gimmick. He can build foxholes, bunkers, various AT guns, sandbag walls, tank obstacles, barbwire, ammunition crates, vehicle spawn points, etc. 

Simple, quick and even fun.
Replies: >>72286
1623230444536.png (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 2240x1808)
I've been trying to play Terraria for weeks but I just can't stand that fucking timer when you die. You just have to sit there motionless staring at this countdown for 20 fucking seconds because the game locks up all the controls and UIs for that duration, and the nigger developers took out the ability to tab out of the game without it pausing so you quite literally cannot do anything except stare at that countdown and do nothing.
Install tModLoader and download a mod for instant respawn or quicker respawn. TModLoader with some content and QoL mods is way more fun than 1.4, and a few of Jourrney's End neat features like automatic door opening have been ported as mods.
How many people are still playing this?
Replies: >>72258
you should sit there and contemplate how badly you fucked up 

Fucking shitter
Replies: >>72301
About 120, you'll find servers every day around 8pm EST, sometimes during the morning too though usually less players.
Auto Grenade Launcher you ball busting aficionado.
That's explosives, that pic isn't not mine and depicts a Minigun, which also isn't Laser shit.

>This guy can do anything the SL can
Not true, he can't mark shit on the map and some constructions are SL only. He can't make spawns either.
>You can only have one escort quest at a time, but I'm sure that's the only limitation.
Yep. That was annoying when I figured it out but it happened early on at least. That's probably where the confusion happened.
>Escort quests and normal sidequests do disappear once you progress through the story, but I think normal board quests are permanent.
I see. Thanks. 
>Escort quests are often not worth it though, save for some exceptions like blonde tits.
I just try to do everything I can just because. And anyway, it gives me a reason to go to certain places just in case I never make it there through a quest.
>I think I know the point you're at, armor does get stagnant at that point. Armor unlocks with story quests so you won't get new stuff for a while. Then there's the eventual unique loot armor and the ur dragon purple suit if you're playing online before bitter black. 
Ah alright.
>There's the eventual useful item, but yeah it's mostly stuff that shouldn't be in a chest. 
Again, I think it's just me and going back and forth through the same areas and opening easily accessible chests. I just did a Wyrm Hunt mission and found a bunch of armor pieces in the dungeon I was in. SOME of them were brand new.
Anyway, thanks for the replies because I would have never realized I was doing something wrong. I feel much better about playing now. Now all that's left is for SOMEONE TO FUCKING HIRE MY PAWN WHY DID I BUY THIS
Fuck, I think that happened to me too. At some point in the path they don't stop coming for awhile. I had to look it up after a few minutes just so that I wouldn't sit there for another 5 killing wolves in case they were infinite.
Replies: >>72513 >>72565
You'll understand once you've played over 3000 hours.
It should let you instarespawn but the boss disappears.
9169216ff43596eea57f8642199549aee320454eb13332c13ab389aba2a1b26a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (326.4KB, 566x800)
8/v/ used to have a pawn list around the game's release, but I don't know if we have enough people playing to make one right now. 
If you're on Steam version and your pawn is a cute meat shield I could hire her.
Replies: >>72576
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (156.8KB, 1024x1024)
Alien isolation. Was forced to apply a mod due to how shitty the games anti-aliasing is.
Replies: >>80375
Took a while for people to hire my pawn as well, and they still aren't giving her high marks despite me following online guides to set them up.
Replies: >>72576
Stummy_Squad.png (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1030x630)
I was thinking of making a DD thread and anons could use it to find pawns. No idea if it would be DOA after getting a few posts but it wouldn't hurt to try, right?
Well she IS set up to tank. I don't know what level you are but we're only around level ~30 and it's my first time playing so I don't have any good gear to compensate. I also I don't know how cute she is to others. I don't think she's half bad myself and honestly I still like her even if she's not perfect, but she did look a bit better in the character creator. Notably, her face is a little too fat from the front and I inadvertently ended up making her face look like one of the default faces, hair and all, which could contribute to people blowing her off if they see her. Still, I think she's set up relatively well to my knowledge and her outfit isn't bad for what's available to me imo. I ironically can't make any adjustments to her appearance because no one hires her so I'm only getting by with the RC that the game drops from monsters and quests. I remember hearing that the game "hires" your pawns in online sometimes but I haven't experienced that at all.
I can find it kind of hard to rate pawns myself sometimes since I can't always remember how well they've doing unless it's really bad. 4/5 star ratings are likely though since I try to pick appropriate skills and inclinations so they tend to do what I want. One of them usually ends up having some info for a quest even if I'm not looking for that and I usually pick pawns that look nice in the first place too.
Replies: >>72782 >>72844
A little correction about FU.
I played further and the mods starter quests do lead to the shitty vanilla main quest, but no features seem to be barred behind any quest progressions which effectively means you can ignore it entirely at the very least. And it appears they also removed the retarded progression blockers from vanilla quests where you have to wear armor from a specific quality tier to initiate it, even if you already own better gear. At least I haven't seen them where I believe they should be.
Also energy drain for ranged weapons is actually higher than I initially believed, I got it wrong because of racial bonuses. It depends a lot on whether your gun needs physical ammo or shoots energy projectiles.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1280x720)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1280x720)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1280x720)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1280x720)
I finally finished Snake Pass yesterday; you may remember it as one of the collectathon 3D platformers that was released in 2017 alongside Yooka-Laylee and A Hat in Time, although sadly it was not nearly as popular as either of those.  I bought it in 2017, played for a bit, stopped until 2019, played for a bit, then finally started again last month due to a conversation I was having in another thread.  I overall enjoyed my time with the game but it kind of falls apart near the end of the game, and that soured my overall opinion of it.

The premise is that you control a snake named Noodle in a 3D environment full of bamboo poles and other obstacles.  You collect things to complete each level: 3 big gems which are mandatory, 20 shiny blue orbs, and 5 golden coins.  The orbs are usually pretty easy to find and reach, with one or two of them being hidden in really tricky spots, whereas the coins are often in locations that are harder to access and trickier to get.  Generally, the game is a lot of fun: you control the snake by moving his head around with the analogue stick and making him go forward with the right trigger.  You can raise his head with one button, and dive underwater with another.  There's also a button to have the snake's bird friend (Doodle) pick up his tail, which can be useful but can also sometimes screw you due to the physics.

The game is at its best in the early stages, when the simple joy of trying to navigate a level and collect everything in it is unfettered by hard platforming.  Most of the satisfaction comes from slithering around intricate bamboo pole formations rather than navigating super hard platforming sections, which unfortunately become more common later on.  This game reminds me of the kind of experimental games we saw with the advent of 3D graphics, where a lot of the intriguing gameplay hooks came from simply moving around in a 3D environment.  Noodle is genuinely pretty hard to control at the start, and as the challenges get more complex (navigating between two spinning bamboo apparatuses, or reaching part of Noodle's body out over a death pit while on a moving jungle gym), the controls don't quite keep up.  The final world is themed after air, which means there are lots of instant death pits and the main gimmick is huge gusts of wind that rip control away from you and blow to your doom.  It's not particularly fun, since knowing exactly where the gusts begin and end is tough to tell, and knowing exactly what they'll do to Noodle is also hard to tell, since they just apply force evenly on different parts of his body.  If Noodle is wrapped around a pole with the wind blowing on him, then pressing RT to go forward will result in his head moving forward very slowly while the rest of his body unspools from the pole very quickly, because the wind pushes on the tiny cross section of his body as it's moving around the pole.

Hope that made sense.  I do genuinely recommend the game (make sure to pirate it since the devs were absorbed into Tencent recently), but it can be frustrating due to the sometimes slow controls.  The art style is also really pretty, and despite being made in Unreal it runs very well.  Noodle and Doodle look good and animate well, and the lighting and water effects are also very pleasing to look at.  Don't let the horrible compression on these screenshots fool you.

The one thing that really hampers my enjoyment with the game (and which I can't forgive due to the game's strengths) is the lack of unlockables or replayability.  Each level has an arcade mode (which I suppose gives you a limited number of lives, or uses a scoring system) and a time trial mode, but that's it.  I expected the coins and bubbles to unlock some new colour schemes for Noodle, or maybe some small challenge levels, but there isn't anything to do except beat the levels and watch the credits.
Replies: >>72830 >>72837
cliffside_base_lol.webm (u)
[Hide] (10.9MB, 640x360, 00:38)
>No idea if it would be DOA after getting a few posts
I'd post my eventual adventures and it might get other anons to play it, so it's worth a try. 
>I don't think she's half bad myself and honestly I still like her even if she's not perfect
I'd hire her, the loli is really cute though.
>ironically can't make any adjustments to her appearance because no one hires her
You can change to hard mode then change back, it'll keep your items, stats, and present your current characters as a basis, but it will reset the missions. I fucked up when making my character so I did that as I was still early in the game.
Replies: >>72965
Sounds like a good review. I've never liked it when games demand very high precision when the game isn't built for it.
It certainly have it's problems. The devs tried to create a 3D platformer with a genuinely unique movement system that isn't a Mario 64 clone. It's frustrating at times, but I am glad I played it. Shame it was probably a bit too odd to be universally popular.
I'm only getting by with the RC that the game drops from monsters and quests. I'll let you in on a secret, in the basement of the pawn guild is a quest board that gives out 2,000 RC with every quest on that board you complete, and there are at max 100 quests you can get from that board. The catch? It's all about going to a spot on the map and finding a hidden item, the "From another sky" quests that were DLC in vanilla DD. Doing 100 of those tends to get tedious, and a number of them are in places like the greatwall that are locked to main quest progression. Once you get all the badges, you keep them through NG cycles and can get 200,000 RC each cycle just by taking the badges out of storage and accepting quests consecutively.
Replies: >>72965
Her name is "bitchito". She's a level 31 ranger if you want to look for her and you're on pc. She's medicant and utilitarian, though I'm not sure how good those are on that vocation. I think medicant just means they use curatives with more health remaining and utilitarian is possibly using skills a lot and taking advantage of enemy weaknesses.
>but it will reset the missions
I'm already too far gone for that. Thanks for the advice though.
Are those the lewd bandits you're beating up?
Oh right, I forgot about that. I guess it was because of tedium that I put it off but I suppose it gives me a reason to do those quests and explore a bit more. I'm not sure if I could just cheat in RC because I'm scared of getting banned from online, but since there are quests to get so much I'd like to do those then anyway.

Btw if you want to reply to this post, feel free to do it in the DD thread. I should see it.
9229d1e0d0d872d7be97dc59813efb1b1f25778096d1a566caf474d5e7890fba.jpg (u)
[Hide] (53.2KB, 664x662)
>go back and play a narrative-based game I enjoyed a few/several years ago
>notice that creator apparently tried to fund the game for a remake and sequel, didn't work out
>no word from creator
>look up more information about him
>he killed himself like 2 years ago
can I have one day that's not depressing, please?
Replies: >>73059 >>73064
shantae_huh.jpg (u)
[Hide] (46.7KB, 315x372)
Out of curiosity what game?
Replies: >>73063
presentable liberty, free indie on gamejolt. it's actually extremely unique and interesting and it's not very long either so you won't have to sink much time into it. go in blind, don't read or watch anything. RIP wertpol
He's in a better place now
db6057a3e4d36595709ef87a4147f513eff6d67a3458997e98e8095bdf4cfb2d.PNG (u)
[Hide] (834.9KB, 722x538)
ea54327d538b7bccc6d36ce4c886a87d757787a00e97d42e2f97e7a9063cf1a1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1539x2148)
I was looking at Popcap's game history to see if there was anything good like Plants Vs. Zombies before they sold out to EA and found Bookworm Adventures. It's an old puzzle game where you progress through some story by spelling words using letter tiles to damage the enemy. The gameplay itself is turn based and after the end of each level the player is rewarded with equipment that can help them for future levels. There's a noticeable difficulty spike in Chapter 1: Level 10 since it's the point where enemies will rotate very strong debuffs on you. If the words you end up making do not average around 6 letters then you will probably die a lot. If a game of spelling words seems like it will get boring fast then I suggest you play the sequel Bookworm Adventures 2 instead since it supposedly does everything the first game does but better. 
Looking for the game itself though was actually a massive pain. For some reason EA removed Bookworm Adventures 1 and 2 from the internet, making it near impossible to get. It seems like the only way to get this game now is to get it through the Bookworm Wordy Wonder Bundle iso file in the Internet Archive.
Replies: >>81688
c0a81354f932b167eef127aca09bfa5f216e896d22d016d423f8ee27f91a39b3.png (u)
[Hide] (589.7KB, 2537x1441)
a193cfdcbf7fbbd6e196a79a85672f0b1d827249529cee80d202835f7856d79f.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (598.8KB, 640x368, 00:08)
>go to conquer new zone
>endure 50 waves of greys
>everything goes fine for a while
>the last few waves kept fucking with my infrastructure
>couldn't rebuild in time before the next wave hit
>my defenses tried but they were no match
>walks over all my buildings and takes a shit on my base
>3 hours gone
souls=.jpg (u)
[Hide] (64.4KB, 460x215)
>finished eldest souls, played the demo a while back
>game is really short, could beat within ~4 hours blind, but finished it in less than 3 hours - although some ign reviewer managed to burn 15 hours lamo
>game can be easily broken by picking the red skill tree and picking the left branch
>pretty much playing hades cast build where you're picking red gems and pretty much looping the red gem mechanic and dodging blows
>but back up a bit, in this game you have a 'blood thirst' meter where charged hits fills it pretty fast and once filled you gain life steal and a big ender move that does big damage, you don't heal 1:1 so thankfully you still need to dodge stuff
>but the game is kind of retarded as always with a lot of souls games but this is more extreme - you have to graze/touch attacks with your dodge move in order to refill your stamina, just getting out of the way isn't good enough and your stamina regeneration is very slow, but at the very least stamina is only for dodging not attacking
>the way the game handles the analog stick kind of sucks, which leads to me missing attacks more often but on hindsight maybe i should have sticked with just using the keyboard  
apparently there's 6 endings and DEEP LORE  as every souls game has to have LORE but when the NG+ showed and said "225% more boss hp", i closed the game and wrote this review instead
I'm currently playing Recompile, a third person metroidvania set in a computer.
I think the only reason I'm continuing to play it is because I've been looking forward to the game for quite some time and I feel like it gets better but it has so far made a dogshit first impression. You're spawned into massive 3d environments that your starting movement speed and jump height make miserable to traverse(not to mention the height you can drop before losing health and being respawned at your dropping off point is tiny). The music is nice outside of atmospheric dronic parts but there's little music so far beyond atmospheric droning farts or no music at all. The third person shooting is quite frankly rudimentry and there has to be more to it. All this first hour I've played tells me is that there's definitely going to be a jump upgrade, definitely something to make you move fast at an enjoyable rate, something to more to the combat. Which then baffles me why they chose the first impressions of this game to be this miserably slow and boring start.
I'm giving it either another hour or two upgrades. If it gets better, great. If it doesn't, what a waste.
Replies: >>76373
2021-08-17_08-49-53.webm (u)
[Hide] (27.6MB, 1280x720, 01:09)
ScarletNexus-Win64-Shipping_2021-08-16_16-26-24-65.jpg (u)
[Hide] (251.2KB, 1920x1080)
ScarletNexus-Win64-Shipping_2021-08-16_16-29-40-25.jpg (u)
[Hide] (221KB, 1920x1080)
ScarletNexus-Win64-Shipping_2021-08-16_20-36-32-98.jpg (u)
[Hide] (265.5KB, 1920x1080)
ScarletNexus-Win64-Shipping_2021-08-16_20-49-40-29.jpg (u)
[Hide] (258.4KB, 1920x1080)
>Scarlet Nexus
I cant really decide whether to like or dislike this game
At points it feels more like a VN with combat mechanics tacked on, but then you get into the groove of smacking the (rather repetitive) enemy roster around with your gravikinesis powers and you forget that a couple of pretty essential skills are locked behind a skill tree (like air-dodge), your level grinding means fuck all for the most part and how everyone´s weapons upgrade tree is a straight line
The characters themselves are a mixed bag: As your two protagonists you have Yuito who fills that retarded gullible optimistic archetype and Kasane who fills the role of cool and calm and collected but most of the time she talks to the other party members she feels really autistic
The other party members on Kasane´s team are an insufferable cunt called Shinden that yaps on and on about how he should´ve been the squad leader and how he will beat you one day and etc., a nice big tiddy onee-san character that goes by the name of Kyoka who is way too much into fortune reading, a turbo lazy Idol/Game called Arashi and Kagero who fills the obligatory perv role thats actually torn up inside
The story (on Kasanes side atleast) starts kinda weak, goes nowhere for a time and then starts getting interesting during the ice level
the_game_glitched_after_this.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.9MB, 640x360, 01:29)
Flying the TE-4 with a flight stick is really fun once you actually configure the curves.
8b8344f43ba2209e5a09f02ec264da2dc8a453dbab22e0572e5b6ee9398b8c84.png (u)
[Hide] (305.1KB, 633x479)
playan UT2004 and mods in preperation for this coming friday
Complete and utter wasted potential, what a massive disappointment this has been. What were they thinking.
Been playing a bunch of things
>Vrally 4
Basically textbook forgettable game, it has a few nice things and if you can forgive the arcade handling it's not horrible to drive but the fucking inconsistent difficulty as well as retarded "event randomly pop up and are made from randomly selected races" is fucking infuriating, not to mention anything besides Hillclimb and Rally is boring.
Hillclimb relies too much on making tracks a bunch of neat setpieces, which is fine if you have more than 3 locations but the cool factor wears out really fucking fast when I'm at my fucking 50th event because the stupid championship isn't spawning racing the same 3 locations but slightly different sections of it, at-least you get a proper fucking insane hillclimb car and a bunch of shitty EV trash, with the only good one as DLC
Rally is obnoxiously hard, as in worse than anything else I've played, not helped with car rating and tiers being entirely fucking meaningless, basically modern cars have better handling and less control loss on acceleration / handrake / tight turns while older cars are just faster but go all over the place, well at least it means you can go for the Lancia S4 and forget about everything else, 
Also fuck anything taking place in Kenya and Malaysia, who the fuck though those were okay literally anytime they come up you have to hope they skip the cancer parts of those locations which  never happens.
Japan is pretty cool though, and Siberia is one of the rare time I've had a snowy / icy location not be a major pain in a rally game
Vrally cross is boring and that's it, all but 2 cars are pretty much the same, the tracks are uninteresting and the AI is boring to race against since it never catches up, unless they decide to AFK in the middle of the track for a few laps for no particular reason
Buggy is the same except the car feel floaty and anything that isn't Siberia is a shitty boring track
Extreme Khana is so pathetically easy for the most part that it's not even worth mentioning, and then South Africa comes around and it becomes retardedly hard for no reason, to the tune of barely being able to win by half a second if you play well whereas other tracks will have you pull away by half a minute if you're not retarded, the RX8 sounds wrong which is also upsetting since it's not everyday you get a dorito car in a rally game.

>Dirt Rally
It's good and I'm having fun, except in Sweden and Finland, probably shouldn't have gone for the Lancia Stratos because that thing really wants to kill me.
Only bad thing I've seen for now is night stages being far too bright

And for something completely different
>Danganronpa 1
I'm not usually much for this style of game but it wasn't that bad of a time, however, the localization is fucking dreadful to the point of hurting the "logic puzzle" part of the game.
Another issue is the game assume you're literally retarded , it's insanely easy to get ahead of the logic of the game then fail because you didn't state the obvious multiple times, though I guess that and many of the argument flaws can be chalked up to having to convince the others not have an actual legal trial.
Best girl doesn't die which is a plus
That bear is just extremely annoying in a not interesting way.
The twists aren't too obvious nor too completely out of left field for the most part.and I actually was motivated enough to replay it immediately and pay more attention to a lot of things

I'm about to start 2, and I can already tell I'm gonna be very upset by the end of it though it does have to do with the fact that it is a sequel being spoiled to me.
Replies: >>76423 >>77322
Should have played the PSP fan translation of Dangit Ronpaul 1.
Nagito is the best fucking part of 2 and he single-handedly carried the game for me, NISA shittery aside. Have fun.
Replies: >>76425 >>77322
>should have played the goon translation with bazinga memes
Play the original Japanese version, all translations are shit.
Playing modded starsector using the yuri faction so I can bully and get bullied by anime girls.
Replies: >>77333
Yeah the fact that nagito committed suicide to rat out the fake gamer girl is pretty rad. The funniest part is the assassin girl who is the servant of of manlet pretends to be retarded. The soundtrack is very cool also. I really like monokuma what are you on?  Also is 3 good?
Replies: >>77326 >>77333
a62899ff5b2380aeaf07c3f17ee445013afbbc6e80c4be53af7639498bdbf921.jpg (u)
[Hide] (15.1KB, 298x169)
Did you know that this gamer girl is in cahoot with that faggot white bear?  And she's just an ai?
Replies: >>77331 >>77333
Did you know the first case is the cook kills fake togami(shape shifter)? The red head killed by the sword women?  Loli and punker killed by nurse because of mind virus? Big man killed by hamster guy?  All of them are the ones responsible for the doomed world? The big tits tomboy is implied raped by countless men in the past?
Replies: >>77333 >>77336
Hope you're having fun,
Doing an actual faction playthrough or just loosely affiliated privateer?
Reminder that Valkyrie FAs and Glimmering Petal torp bombers are fucking busted.

Yeah I've finished 2, I'm just reeling from the sheer retardation of everything in that game for now.
Literally pulling "it was all a dream" and "no john your are the zombie" back to back.
Worst yet you're left with the two worst girls by the end.
>Yeah the fact that nagito committed suicide to rat out the fake gamer girl is pretty rad
It's pretty much the one thing that wasn't too entirely retarded
Replies: >>77338 >>77377
I mean molested by countless men, pretty sure she's a Virgin.
I don't care about the story that much I just like the feel of the game, not as good as the first but still very enjoyable. Both of them have shit stories anyway, it's the presentation that counts. The worst part of 2 is that awful 2d walk animation when you're moving between places.
Doing a Nex playthrough in the core worlds with my faction. I was tooling around looking for a good home realized the Kapteyn starworks was free real-estate. The Persean League tried to fleece me so I took their station in that sector and we have been at war ever since. I just fought off a massive invasion and I'm getting sick of them so I think I'm going to start hitting their military bases. 
As for the Yuri  I'm using a bootleg Yuri mod as the current isn't updated and the only two factions I'm seeing right now are Royal Azalea and Aria, is there a base Yuir faction? For some faggy anime mod I'm pretty impressed with them and they have some pretty good flavor.
Replies: >>77390
> is there a base Yuir faction?
Yeah there's Caparice trade Co. which has mostly shieldless stuff and thrives around spamming insane amounts of missiles and fighters / space mechs, it's honestly the lesser of the three in many aspects, they should be around bottom-middle right of the core.
They have some pretty goddamn busted weapons / LPCs, and a few ships that are very useful
Replies: >>77392
I'll have to check it out and see what they got. The league finally offered me a ceasefire after I took another military base but man did I lose a lot of Marines taking it. I had a Remanent raid follow me into the system and take out the station for me which was pretty lucky. I should have planned better and prepped for invasion by sending an agent though. 
I think I'll fight Aria at some point because they look like they might be a fun enemy to have.
bisnn99m1ziuxsak3vss_350x200_1x-0.jpg (u)
[Hide] (45.6KB, 350x431)
>Alien isolation
Wow. Almost a month since i made this post. I only focused on trying to play this game for the past month but its just too fucking shitty. Really slow stealth gameplay and a story i couldnt care less about. I also hated the alien even though i only encountered it once. The fucker would know where i went each time. So it became a slow fucking crouch walking/trial and error. I would just open the game only for me to close it withing like 5-10mins. Uninstalled and removed that shit a few days ago. I've forced myself to play dozens of games i didnt enjoy. I just couldnt with this game. It was just too fucking much. Over the course of a month i progressed like 3-4 missions and got like 5 hours playtime. Most of that playtime was just me opening the game and then closing it because i didnt want to play it.
I also started playing Call of Juarez Gunslinger today. Only played a little bit but its pretty good.
Replies: >>80650
only_authentic_heroes_of_the_american_west.png (u)
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1920x1080)
Some cringeworthy collectible i picked up.
Replies: >>80666
lol mutthurt amerikikel
They weren't heroes in general but some of the few good ones in the wild west were injuns. Some of the worse savages were also them, too.
White americans will have to fight a cultural war just like the injuns did in the not-so far future, it depends when they are going to do it that will decide if it is an attrition losing one or a swift victory.
Replies: >>80686
Kill yourself for being a feathernigger lover. They seduced the naive, young, white men and tricked them into creating psychotic mongrels.
Replies: >>80895
What are some roguelites or similar games where your success is primarily determined by skill rather than RNG?
diablo 1
Replies: >>80829
Replayed Dishonored since it has been quite a while and it turned out better than I remembered it, maybe that's because I was looking more for a puzzle game with some story instead of a more involved stealth game. It's still in an odd spot gameplay wise because not only are you way overpowered in either loud or silent playthroughs but all interesting powers are for the lethal side, the game evidently knows this because it will at the slightest exploration throw the non-lethal option at you in order to "balance" this but through this only ends up trivializing both approaches especially considering that those options are often the easiest option to take too.
All this leads to the stealth option playing, as I said, like a puzzle game where you look for the right order of taking the enemies out and then proceed to pick them off one by one and stashing them somewhere, getting detected will alert all enemies so it's pretty binary but besides some semi-random paths no one will react to you clearing the map. The Arkham games did this way better in their arena segments.
What the game does manage in my opinion is atmosphere via visuals and sound as well as autistic looting which is kinda what I was looking for anyway 
Maybe I'll try out the other titles considering they use Art Nouveau and later 19th century architecture, as well as to see if they made stealth more interesting and difficult.
On a scale of Path of Exile to 10, how likely am I to softlock myself if I don't look up some meta build from a wiki?
Replies: >>80831 >>80870
No wait that would be 0 to PoE, not the other way round.
its diablo 1
there are no builds, you can pick a warrior and then make him cast spells
That kind of poison didn't seep into the series until really late Diablo 2
Diablo I isn't like that. Diablo II and particularly LoD is where the series devolved into grindy shit instead of substance.
Invisible Inc, and I think a little bit of Star Renegades counts.
>They seduced the naive, young, white men
Nigger every civilization made naive, young, white men procreate with them. If you are going to blame someone blame the horny spaniards, anglos and frenchmen for banging every ethnicity in the world, pygmies included.
Replies: >>80906
<it's you whiteys faults that your inherent kindness and altruism was exploited, now make small-eyed mutts, goy!
So, rope or firing squad? What's your preference?
Replies: >>80913
>I'd rather remove basic agency from whites than admit that some men went for muh dick
Retarded to the point of glowing
Replies: >>80917
It's not a matter of basic agency you actual kike, it's a matter of admitting that white Europeans are inherently kind to a fault, and we had that weakness exploited for ages. That's how we reached this point, and to let you hook-nosed parasites lie about it is no better than letting Tyrone and Jamal knock up my people's women.
fucking_cliff_racers.png (u)
[Hide] (249.8KB, 1266x688)
Did I post in this thread already? I can't remember...

Decided to pick Morrowind back up after trying to play through it a few times in the past and go for magic only (or mostly anyway) for some more variety. Doing well so far at 15 hours in but the alchemist in Balmora's got an inventory full of absolute dogshit potions now since she's who I keep selling to (seriously it seems like an oversight because most merchants with more than a few hundred gold are hard to find and she's in the first city most players get to).
newsimage1126a.png (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 640x447)
Trying to chip away at my backlog, I'm playing a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, such as:

Mystic Ark
Natsuki Chronicles
Romancing SaGa 1 (SNES)
Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Upcoming games on my backlog are Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, Etrian Odyssey Untold 1, Front Mission 5, Metal Max (NES), Ragnarok DS, and Vanguard Princess.

The most recent game I finished was the SaGa 1 Wonderswan remake. The gameplay is as janky and experimental as the Gameboy version, and swaps around bugs instead of fixing them. The Dissolve/Melt slime monster skill no longer healing the user is the most painful bug of all. It makes slime monsters far less interesting than the Gameboy version. But slime monsters are still of average power overall with decent single-target magic damage. The Wonderswan remake also has UI improvements through giving more in-game information on what items and skills do, and what monsters will transform into when they eat meat. Because of these information improvements, which I feel are a huge deal in more complex RPG's like the SaGa series, I think the Wonderswan remake is the definitive SaGa 1 version, despite the bugs. And overall I had a fun time exploring one of the cousins to the Final Fantasy series, despite some of the horribly dated gameplay. Like one of the highest encounter rates probably ever in RPG's. Like "Three battles in three steps." kind of high. It's a mess at times. But it's a beautiful mess. And I recommend playing it.
Replies: >>80967 >>80980
One of the things I like most about older video games (before patching was widespread, even on PCs) is just reading about their weird bugs. It's always enjoyable to see how developers seemed to have intended things to work versus how they actually worked in the game, whether it's because of bad planning or actual errors.
>Romancing SaGa 1 (SNES)
Wait for the remaster for this
Replies: >>81042
Do you know when it's releasing? I'm aware of the Wonderswan remaster and the PS2 remake only. Though I should probably be playing the Wonderswan remaster anyway because it restores all of the cut content from the SNES version.
Replies: >>81044
Its releasing sometime next year along with the remaster of Unlimited Saga and Saga Frontier 2.
Until then just play the other games in the series or play the remake on PS2.
The wonderswan port has more content than the SNES version but it still doesn't have all of it.
Replies: >>81045 >>81052
Okay. Thanks, anon.
>the remaster of Unlimited Saga and Saga Frontier 2
Shit I had no idea those were coming. Shame I fucking hate remaster.
sleeping_dogs.jpg (u)
[Hide] (107.8KB, 460x215)
Sleeping Dogs.
I played it a couple of years ago on xbox i think. But i couldnt remember anything about it other than that i played it before. I saw it on the steam store when it was sale and bought it. I was expecting it to be some shit chinese propaganda wank. But its actually pretty good so far. An interesting storyline and fun gameplay.
Don't take the good goy policeman route, you'll regret it, have fun as a triad gangster instead.
I liked the story and characters, a lot
Replies: >>81457
I remember the melee combat to be extremely tedious(new batman game tier one button spam bullshit), and i once got stuck in a hacking mission. Don't take my word for it though because it was quite a while ago and i was running at on a toaster with 18 fps on minimum setting.
Sleeping Dogs is a bit like Vice City in that the setting/atmosphere is what elevates it above the rest of the GTA and GTA clones. The definitive edition helps here with larger crowds, I think prettier rain effects and integrating the DLC into the base game far better than the original which dumped overpowered shit on you + skipped a lot of the triad and police unlock trees right out the gate. The two standalone DLCs are very short distractions but are fun enough. Definitive edition is not worth paying for over the original if you've already got that though and anyway the dev is now dead so in either case you should pirate it.
I gave it a few hours after hearing how great it was, but I didn't really like it.
I vaguely remember playing this game when I was a kid but couldn't remember the name. Thank you, anon.
pathologic_2_art.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1080)
pathologic-2_mhu7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (387.6KB, 1920x1080)
You guys plathologic 2? Man, this game is way harder than the original game I'm on day 8 and there already are a bunch of infected and one of the Stamatins died, which I don't give a fuck but whatever, I don't like people dying on me.
Replies: >>81711 >>81712
did it get finished or are they still selling a third of the game for full price?
Replies: >>81875 >>81992
This game is the definition of incoherent, pretentious garbage pretending to be high-brow "art" but failing at being an entertaining game.
Replies: >>81875 >>81992
Furry_fanfiction.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 724x2500)
katt1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (101.7KB, 451x600)
katt2.png (u)
[Hide] (354.3KB, 631x768)
I just finished a "complete" run of Starfox 64, by which I mean I beat every level and saw both endings.  I know there are medals for getting high scores in each level, and I believe a third ending too, but I'm not sure I like the game enough to keep playing it like that.  Getting the medal on Corneria was pretty annoying since as soon as I made a mistake through the easy parts like the beginning or the green valleys between city sections, I would have to restart.  I was consistently getting within 5 points of the goal score, and although it was very satisfying to achieve I'm not sure that I would feel that way on every level.

I could always abuse save states, of course, but that would take a bit of the fun out of it.  I plan to move onto the other Starfox games (Starfox, Starfox 2, Starfox Assault) and maybe the 3/DS games after that (Command, Starfox 64 3D) if I like the others enough.

The core gameplay mechanics are very rich, to the point I actually forgot about a couple of them - mostly how certain flight actions behave in all-range mode as opposed to the normal rail shooter levels.  That caused me some frustration during the Star Wolf fight at Venom, but generally it was very fun and responsive to move the ship around and shoot things.  Occasionally the perspective would foul things up, especially with levels set in space that didn't have ground or water to orient myself relative to the screen boundaries, but that was pretty rare.  On my first couple playthroughs I barley used the banking and loop-de-loop maneuvers, but they were very useful when I began to become more comfortable and learn each level better.

That said, not all levels are created equal.  Aquas has you controlling the Blue Marine submarine, which is very slow and clunky compared to the normal Arwing.  I thought the hook of using unlimited torpedoes as lights in an otherwise dark level was cool, but the slow movement and N64 slowdown made the level feel like I was trying to wade through honey.  My favourite levels were probably Solar and Zoness, since they had unique gimmicks throughout that actually affected how I positioned the Arwing on the screen.  The Landmaster levels were fun (Macbeth and Titania.  Heh.), and I would have liked to see more of them, but I can see why such a limited vehicle was only used twice.

The graphics look good and have aged well due to the use of simple polygon shapes, and the character voices are unique and endearing - although each one only has a few lines of dialogue, almost every single character has a distinct personality.  The music is very good, and listening to it brought me back to when I was a kid and the N64 was the new thing on the block.  I liked how the side characters (Katt, Bill) had their own melodies that would play when they were introduced; Katt's theme in particular really fits her, and it was cool to see her and Bill reappear in different missions depending on how you advanced through the map.

I never found rail shooters appealing before playing this game, but now I think I'd like to try more of them.  I can see why people obsess over this game, since all the background radiation (characters, music, the general tone) really do hint at a larger world outside of the main game and it invites your mind to wander.  I'm kind of surprised there hasn't been a big spiritual successor to this game series like Bug Fables for Paper Mario or A Hat in Time to old 3D platformers.  There's a tonne that could be done with the mechanics, but maybe it's enough for Nintendo to drip-feed series fans a new weird game once every console generation (except for the Wii lol).

Slippy is annoying.  Katt is hot.
Replies: >>82015
Nah it's just the one third, I got it pretty cheap though
I really liked the first one but I'm starting to believe you're right

If anything I can't wait for the last day to come and choose the ending that levels the fucking city. It's going to be cathartic
It has more than enough content to be worth the asking price
Sometime one reads such retarded posts, i don't even know what to say.
Replies: >>82068
sf1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (671.7KB, 1920x1080)
sf2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (750KB, 1920x1080)
guide.txt (u)
I've been playing Serin Fate for the past several days. It's reminiscent of Stardew Valley, except more based on adventuring, and there's a pokemon capture mechanic of sorts. It also has a witch theme.

The game looks good on the surface, but I do NOT recommend it unless you have a lot of patience for bad game design, retarded UI/control scheme, terrible combat with terrible balance and enemies that spawn on top of you and shoot at you while clipped inside walls, tedious shit that is required for progress, item stats being mostly determined by RNG, some items have special abilities that aren't explained properly, and "secrets" that have almost literally no leads to help you find them some of which are required to progress in the game. I'm currently crafting some endgame wands and it literally takes over an hour of real life time for the crafting process of some items to complete, and in the middle of crafting I randomly got one of the wands from an enemy despite never getting a weapon drop from an enemy before (except for the weakest wand).

If you do end up playing, then here's also a guide for less frustration that I wish I had, especially if you don't have patience to read all the extremely shitty dialogue.
Replies: >>81999
>text files STILL don't work

- When you get the tutorial, pay attention to it because this game has some obtuse mechanics that are not at all intuitive to learn or use.
- Craft or buy a Broom ASAP.
- The pokemon give a special resource when placed into a pen, so it's worth getting more than the ones you're using. They're very annoying to feed though.
- The game doesn't tell you what equipment do and it's almost never worth using your resources just to try, so here's a rough guide: Metal Helmets are melee, metal Hats are dex. Most witch hats seem summon-based with small magic bonus, while black/dotted/red seem balanced between magic and summon. Red cape is melee, blue is vit, purple is magic, all have good dex. Cloaks are all shit compared to what they cost, they're mostly vit, red has some melee, green has some dex, magi has some magic, power has a all the elements, drab/tough are pure vit, ghost is boosted version of green. Prisms are melee+summon accessories, Baubles are magic+summon. Do NOT craft rings with gems.
- Magnifying glass doesn't reveal any unlockables or secrets as far as I know, so after a certain point it's just wasting inventory space.
- Scarecrow is Bird Feeder 2.0, you don't need both.
- "Mana Link" just means you need to charge something with right click. That includes the advanced furnaces and such, there's no building-related power system despite wires existing.
- In the skill tree, go towards for the harvest skills that let you harvest higher tier materials, they're the most important.
- Hit rocks with your wand/sword a few times before mining them, I think that gives it a chance of dropping runes. Similarly the pebbles turn into runes sometimes if you break them with wand.
- Flowers may give 2 rare drops if you use your sword/wand on them 3 times before harvesting.
- All the backpacks except the combination one can be obtained fairly early, before you're done with forest. There's also a retarded nearly impossible to notice secret wall entrance in the same room as the mining backpack.
- There's an elevated area in the forest that you can't access (with a big tree, near a teleporter), the way to get there is nearby and doesn't require anything. I missed that area until very late in the game.
- The old man's hat looks like a piece of wood/dirt at a glance. I picked it up by accident without noticing it at all.
- The soldier captain or whatever gives progressing tasks to kill monsters.
- There's an "optional" spell unlock in the dark maze, but it becomes very important later on. You need to find a lever in the area with patrolling monsters, it opens a door in the statue puzzle.
- Fishing with a rod doesn't give you anything that you can't get with the other, better method. There's some rare fish and some people have spent hours fishing for them with the rod.
- There's an inactive gate in the sun lands, you need to "dust" it in sleep mode.
- Smelting stone has a small chance to give something other than stone.
- To craft the dry dirt that you can place on the ground, put dirt into a furnace.
- There's a ghost in the town at night, he has some info you'll want eventually.
- Pick up the red masks (you may need a little more HP than you have at the start). They're probably not worth buying at the beginning though.
- You need to befriend some of the NPCs to get their call item, the bomb guy at least is required to progress at certain point. In order to befriend them, you need to have an appropriate item in inventory when talking to them. There's no hints about this whatsoever, I recommend just looking up the items from the wiki. Similarly, you need to have appropriate items in inventory to fix a bridge later, but there's a hint for that.
- If you're stuck after finishing sun land: there's shitty hints that kind of suggest how to get to the next area, but they're missing the most important part; you need to fish into a whirlpool that you can barely see in the beach.
- If you're stuck on a sliding tile puzzle: the goal is to make all the tiles light up, it doesn't matter where the sphere goes.
- If you're stuck with turtles because you skipped the dialogue (or like me, accidentally double-clicked over the exact piece of dialogue you needed and that won't be repeated by anyone again): To call them, use the purple necklace. Then you need to land on one of the smaller islands.
- If you need a Star: Just wait outside on your farm while dreaming when it's raining lots of mana stars, may take a few minutes.
andross_in_love.png (u)
[Hide] (284.7KB, 511x282)
Star Fox 64 3D is just 64 with less slowdown, a couple memes removed and an easy mode, it's a valid way to play 64 but not worth your time if you've already played it. I would recommend playing the SNES games first (they're fun but the slowdown is murder, thankfully most bsnes forks have a turbo mode these days) and then Assault. Assault in my opinion is the direction the series should have moved in after 64, with all-range levels that just toss you onto a planet and let you choose the Landmaster or the Arwing to shoot shit with. Most levels have significant on-foot segments though and the TPS mechanics can be pretty clunky.

Command is optional. The tactical layer is interesting but the shooting has more in common with the SNES games than 64 and the fuel timer can fuck you if you're not abusing the deflect bonus you get from barrel rolling. Adventure is not a Star Fox game.
Replies: >>82134 >>82163
>It has more than enough content to be worth the asking price
shill your unfinished garbage elsewhere
Metallic Child
I haven't had fun playing a game like this in a long time. It would take too long for me to explain but I really recommend it, give it a pirate and see if you like it. I do really recommend you play on hard for the best experience though. Nothing quite feels as satisfying to throwing shit at the wall with giant gauntlets for me.
Why does he look like eggman?
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (485.4KB, 477x493)
Video game tie-ins were weird in the 90s.
Replies: >>82931
I did play Assault and Command when I was a kid, so I'd like to revisit them to see if they hold up; I remember liking them, but it could simply be that I had bad taste or I didn't have much else to play.  I'm mostly looking forward to the SNES games since I've never played them.
Replies: >>82167
Assault's on foot segments are pretty terrible to the point of almost ruining the game. I do remember the battle mode being extremely fun to play with your friends though.
The aesthetic looks like a cheap Korean MMO, which immediately put me off.
Replies: >>82269
I agree with you, but the gameplay is fun.
20210918223315_1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (272.7KB, 1920x1080)
20210918203621_1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (247.9KB, 1920x1080)
20210918205424_1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (292.8KB, 1920x1080)
Played Uboat again since its new update dropped. Pretty good game despite being ((early access)).
Replies: >>82646
b62e7914629dfede21ed9527e60f1bfac4c1780a465570b3c7d6ffc580dc3700.gif (u)
[Hide] (560.7KB, 1000x750)
I got my Windows 2000 machine up and running again with a fresh install of all my vidya, I don't know what to play first.
>Deus Ex: Invisible War
>Unreal II: The Awakening
>Rise of Nations
>Far Cry
>SimCity 4
>Diablo II + Lords of Destruction
>Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2
>Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
>Unreal Tournament 2004
>Battlefield 1942
Installing stuff off of old CDs is fun, like all the old programs that don't exist anymore. GameSpy Arcade, XFire, oldass versions of Reader before it got cucked. I want to go back and this is the closest I can get.
Replies: >>82642 >>82645
That's a really nice station you have there, I really like the severed head. A bit avant-garde, but I have to give you props for originality.
Replies: >>82818
ff751dd66e5e6e2ce4607850b25ccbb1b410a4149eff14cfb6e02547deecfc5d.jpg (u)
[Hide] (438.8KB, 740x740)
ur waifu a flat
Replies: >>82818
Is it better than modded SH3 yet?
Replies: >>83257
I played. At first I really wasn't feeling it but grabbing rowbutts and using them as shields before I airhockey their asses into flames/other rowbutts is quite fun.
I also got a really fun gauntlet weapon called EXTREME FISTS that has a skill called an EXTREME STRAIGHT which is basically a really heavy, slow charged punch. I love that sort of shit. Thanks for the rec.
I'm playing Neo: The Weeb Ends with You
On Yuzu, works surprisingly well on my not very good pc. The gameplay is kinda weird, haven't gotten used to it, I think the Ds game was way better in that regard. The game is kinda weird in the sense that it feels like it should've come out in the early 2010s, would've fit right into the ethos of teenagers back then, nowadays, I don't know.
Of course the localization is trash, I've already seen a couple of cancerous memes.
Replies: >>82740 >>82938
yuzu_754___NEO__The_World_Ends_with_You_(64-bit)___1.0.0___AMD_9_19_2021_2_56_03_PM.jpg (u)
[Hide] (383KB, 1404x765)
Forgot pic
Replies: >>82938
it's not my actual rig, mine is slightly more authentic than that. except now the left speaker isn't working through the passthrough connector on the right one, and it doesn't get power if it's plugged in all the way, it has to be partially plugged in but then it lets out a low hum the whole time it's on no matter what volume it's at. the speakers are 20+ years old so I'm not surprised but it has a subwoofer as well. fuggin advent mayn
I started playing Klona on a whim and I'm having fun with it. I remember me and my bros rented it as wee lads but never beat it.
Replies: >>82840 >>82842
52ad803c969e0aa933e9218a9f92d27f038495303dd7cfdbd3f563e621d5c331.jpg (u)
[Hide] (69.4KB, 564x564)
Replies: >>82919
4016bdac8c4424f0abbaa004c471155a1d7bc0c962a678e11aae005289b9e349.png (u)
[Hide] (34.2KB, 640x1601)
Replies: >>82919
Spoiler File (u)
(483.5KB, 529x470)
Grandpa is going to get better right?
psychonauts_2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (242.1KB, 1083x609)
Holy shit, Psychonauts 2 is bad. I had read up an anon's post in some other thread where he said that it was good and there was a gay thing but the way he worded it made it sound like it was really minor or hard to catch or something. So I thought I might as well try it anyway if that anon liked it. But goddamn do they hammer in the fact that these faggots are faggots after it comes up the first time. I honestly eventually closed the game and uninstalled it in a panic because I was genuinely afraid that the game was going to subject me to watch them mack off in front of the camera.
The rest of the game wasn't exactly that good either. The combat is complete ass now. They nerfed the fuck out of psi blasts so now they're basically useless, and they tried to give other abilities like psychokinesis and pyrokinesis better utility to fill the gap but it wasn't enough so they're only marginally better. And you can't melee attack while you're levitating now for some reason. Also the developers really expanded the enemy roster and most of them have a special ability that they're weak to but this is a game made for consoles first so it starts becoming kind of a clusterfuck later in the game as you constantly bind and rebind your buttons to abilities. You're never even really in danger because the game hands out health like it's candy so every encounter is just a slog that you endure until it's over.
I wouldn't even say that the mindscapes or whatever they're called have improved from the first game. They're technically more impressive but I don't know, they don't feel like they go all in with the weird factor like the first game did. The very first level with the broken teeth and flesh was good but it just stopped trying to have the same kind of impact after that. They didn't even commit to the spy shit that they had going in the beginning. It all just suddenly turned into shit about Razputin's past and how he's connected to everything and it kinda pissed me off. I liked how he was a nobody stowaway in the first game and had to build his connections. The way that the big villain was tied to him was utter bullshit.
Overall I'm glad I didn't care much about this series to begin with or else I'd probably be pretty fucking mad.
Replies: >>82932
The 90s were a fun time overall. Americans were still trying to figure out how to process Japanese-made video games (well, all Japanese pop culture, really) and how to resolve the inherent conflict between, on one hand, the predominant "video games are for children" mindset that most normalfags had and the inherent cutesiness of Nintendo and other Japanese studios and, on the other hand, the fact that not just children went to arcades and that games like Doom existed and were also popular. It would've been interesting to have sat in on some of,say, Nintendo Power's marketing meetings to see if they thought (or, I guess, knew) they were selling to schoolkids or to college kids, because the magazines of the time were really where the conflict was most obvious, in my opinion. Game devs knew exactly who they were making games for, generally, and publishers had much less of a clue than they did today about games marketing (and mostly worked in obscurity since the Internet was so new and general public game mags didn't talk about things like games publishing). Then again, Nintendo Power didn't cover PC or other-console (TG16, say) games and so at first they weren't really often dealing with things like Wolf3D. I mean, that did eventually change. Maybe Gamepro would've been an example of a more interesting marketing meeting as they covered most platforms.
Why would you even try a modern Mr Shitface game? That "anon" was probably a retard or a shill.
Replies: >>83058
2021072811423300-8078E4906727599C57FB4A53FDBD3591.jpg (u)
[Hide] (331.9KB, 1280x720)
2021072813482600-8078E4906727599C57FB4A53FDBD3591.jpg (u)
[Hide] (143.9KB, 1280x720)
2021072815064900-8078E4906727599C57FB4A53FDBD3591.jpg (u)
[Hide] (149.7KB, 1280x720)
2021072815070000-8078E4906727599C57FB4A53FDBD3591.jpg (u)
[Hide] (145.4KB, 1280x720)
2021072815070300-8078E4906727599C57FB4A53FDBD3591.jpg (u)
[Hide] (318.3KB, 1280x720)
You haven't even seen the worst it has in store for you.
69ee084b8b268d37a7c63ff80b5d7a5efbe328912bdf9a74d21eb0688db34ce6.jpg (u)
[Hide] (668.3KB, 1600x1600)
1f72897ec58a61fd7ccb6b12d19695b1c9b69460951a4ebfe903bdadc094913b.jpg (u)
[Hide] (378KB, 980x1620)
I despise how video game translations have become so bad that it's necessary to immediately assume whatever you're reading is largely and possibly intentionally mistranslated and "localized" (see: butchered) because they assume people won't notice when it's fucked up.
And a lot of times you might not. There's egregious meme translations like those but if they can fuck that up imagine how badly they fuck up the parts that seem 'normal'. Emotionlessness, personality changing, 'tarding up the script, it makes an amateur's overly literal translation or machine translation look good in comparison with how badly modern anime/video game translators liberally fuck up the script. I genuinely hate the people who make these sorts of translations because they're unironically ruining it for everyone else, especially when they use excuses like "oh it's just a natural part of localization!" when they put in dumb memes or tranny shit into the script.
As a result of this, translators trying to be accurate are going to get shit on for even trying becuase people are just going to automatically assume any part of the script that looks weird was the result of the translator intentionally fucking everything up for everyone, even if that was just an accurate translation of the dialogue. It's sort of like how people feel the need to apologize or liberally edit things to the point of unrecognizability because the thing they're translating happens to not be politically correct, like how there's apparently several translations of Mien Kampf that are inaccurate in several places. In fact it's exactly like that, just replace "political views I disagree with" with "anime titties that made me feel uncomfortable".
Shit translations have been so many years in the making that if you don't know Japanese by now it's your own fault.
Replies: >>82958
I know Japanese, why do you think I'm so mad about shit translations? Certainly I'm not reliant on edgy fansubbers/crunchyroll/cucked out localizers to get any content anymore but now that I know the process of translating Japanese I realize just how far out of their way they'd have to go to mistranslate things this badly. The best explanation I can think of is that the translators are getting things accurate and then they're forced to pass it off to editors who butcher the script and liberally add memes as they proofread. God help us if they think that meme translations make people like things more, which is sadly sometimes the case with retarded redditors who laugh at references to THING they know.
Replies: >>82967
So what you're saying is that normalfags are getting used to meme translations, and that if they don't see memes then they're going to assume that the game was badly translated irrespective of how accurate the translation actually is? My feeling is that normalfags don't actually care about translation quality for the most part unless it results in them missing part of the game. If you take one and ask him "should translations be accurate to the original" they'd probably say that they should, but if you then point out instances of inaccurate translations in games that they have played my feeling is that most of them would dismiss "small" things and not care enough about major things (except missing content) to make enough of a stink on social media to convince publishers to do better. I don't feel like people making accurate translations are going to be ostracized as deliberately making bad translations, I just think that most amateur translations are going to go largely unnoticed except for games that have no official translation, and even then only the enthusiasts who know about that particular game are going to judge that translation, and those enthusiasts are the normalfags who are most likely to care about accurate translation. Now, this is just my own opinion, and I can't say definitively how the majority of players feel about translation quality. It's one of those things that the average player probably doesn't even think about, considering that he basically never has an alternative. For anons, the best answer to the problem is probably to learn Japanese or to convince Japanese developers and American publishers that accurate translations will result in more sales and a better reception of their games.

Also I'm not sure you can directly compare translations of a commercial product like a video game, which are done by paid grunts or contractors and which are done once and without systemic review, and a literary product like a historical novel, which was probably first done by academics and for which a definite edition probably exists irrespective of the products of commercial venues who want to sell "more accessible" translations to the masses.
Replies: >>82971
>I know Japanese, why do you think I'm so mad about shit translations?
I think there are more people who don't know Japanese that complain about shit translations. Though rather than put some of that energy into actually learning they just complain a bit and then buy those shitty translations anyway.

>God help us if they think that meme translations make people like things more
I guess you have never seen a Working Designs apologist.
Replies: >>82971
You're probably right in thinking most people wouldn't care about the translation quality unless it was broken to the extent of making the game unplayable, considering most people have low standards. I still think there's enough people paying attention to the point where a team could get shit on simply for trying to do their jobs accurately.
This one is obviously an unlikely hyperbole, and the inverse is obviously more likely to be true, but say you're playing a game that's pretty normal up to the point where one character starts going on a baffling rant about trannies, Trump, gays, all kinds of 'woke' bullshit. Anyone critically looking at translations would, as a result of poor localizations over the years, immediately assume this was a translator going off his gourd. But no, that just happens to be more or less what the script actually said and the game is just a poorly written piece of shit.

As for literary translations, I still think they can be mistranslated, it's just more likely to be done intentionally maleficently rather than because some retard screwed it up. This is especially true for books of immense cultural value, like the Bible or Quran. From what I've seen, the Quran in particular suffers from changes to render it more politically correct sounding and less like the living words of a pedophile who murders people.

>I think there are more people who don't know Japanese that complain about shit translations.
I meant that more in a way where I could understand thoroughly just how bad everything is. If you don't know the language, you tend to focus on the parts that just 'look' wrong, assuming you're looking in the first place. This can lead to stuff like the above hyperbole where an accurate translation can seem inaccurate.
>I guess you have never seen a Working Designs apologist.
I haven't but I have seen people who apparently enjoy the butchered to shit dubs that get regularly put out by the usual suspects. Even worse, they want everything they hate to get the Ghost Stories treatment. I can guaruntee you that a modern Ghost Stories dub would be the unfunniest shit imaginable since the people writing it would be the same people adding in lines like those ones in Maid Dragon where a chraacter suddenly started talking about the patriarchy when her lines and personality were completely different in the original Japanese.
Replies: >>82977
>This can lead to stuff like the above hyperbole where an accurate translation can seem inaccurate.
That reminds me of the Fire Emblem "censorship" a while back, where EOPs were complaining about a line made more accurate.
What's with the copyright notices in the bottom right corner? Is this how the Switch's built-in screenshot tool works?
Replies: >>83023 >>83204
It depends on the game. I guess it is an option the publisher can set.
Replies: >>83204
I can't tell if it's an editor or a translator issue, either way somebody needs the gas chamber.
I dunno man. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
See >>83023
Not sure, I never played the Silent hunter games tbh. 

>World map isn't entirely finished yet, most ports that don't belong to germany or britain aren't modelled yet.
>Recent updates added more realistic torpedo behavior. T2 are now free of charge instead of the old steam-powered T1 because they're unreliable shitware. Pistol versions of the torps matter now, Version 1 is bad and everything above gets progressively better. FAT and LUT variants are also available now which make them turn erratically after a miss for increased hit chance in convoys That one didn't work in my favour yet. 
>Depending on realism setting, angle of impact also plays a very large role on whether one detonates or not. Magnetic detonator mode exists for situations where you have to fire without a proper angle but they can fail or trigger prematurely like their real versions, although I don't know if this risk increases in the polar region as it theoretically should.
>Morale system revamped, crew doesn't panic anymore from simply spending 10 minutes near a warship. Panic only really becomes a factor when morale already eroded from long missions without vacations and other morale shocks.
>Neutral freighter inspection is now a thing, but it feels clunky still. Requires 3 different character traits 2 inherent, 1 learned to interrogate captains efficiently, because the average german submarine officer is apparently too retarded to look at a map for ship courses, which port imports which wares and basic use of a dictionary for german - english / spanish / whatever translation.
>Ship AI is decent enough when they aren't ramming each other during alerted phases, warships attempt to methodically search the area where they THINK you are, based on their perceived impact angle of the torpedo. Seem to coordinate in convoys, don't all go for the same target, some check other areas around the convoy and others stay in formation entirely if theres a lot of them.
>Friendly Uboat AI is batshit insane, either getting itself killed within 5 minutes of making contact or going on a mass murder spree. Wolfpacks actively work together, attacking from different sides and try to snipe alerted warships engaging friendly subs.
Also the development progress is rather slow but at least stable. That update took several months to get officially released but the testing branch got updates atleast twice per week.
Replies: >>83371
Am currently playing "Flynn Son of Crimson". I love the music, I like most of the music, but the gameplay's still slowly growing on me because the game feels deadly afraid of actually challenging the player. The platforming's very forgiving, the combat's mostly forgiving(I like the fights against Roz so far) and it seems to very slowly drip feed you new abilities and I wish it would just take the training wheels off and let me be challenged. Even the "challenge" maps are really easy combat maps against waves of enemies that could just use a bit more to them.
I've just unlocked the first secondary weapon and am probably going to start doing stuff with the big dog so that's neat.
Replies: >>83376 >>83739
Sleeping_Dogs_Predicts_Fall_of_Hong_Kong-bIpLP9oRmgc.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (15.8MB, 1280x720, 00:59)
I completed the game. Not a chinese wankfest. I also remembered this moment from a side mission just now. And i went out to check steam reviews, full of chinese crying about this exact thing.
Replies: >>83285 >>83371
That's not really a wild prediction, every HK businessmen in the 90's knew that would happen and they mock such thing in tons of their media, which was already over the top with triads doing retarded paperwork on purpose and companies hiding their real assets from the mainlanders.
I should really play Sleeping Dogs one of these days, it has everything i want but somehow haven't got it yet.
Replies: >>83286
play with a controller, you'll thank me later
If you have it on steam, enable big picture mode, then control settings, then enable support for whichever controller you have. I tried playing with a ps4 controller but it didnt really work. Some buttons worked and others didnt. The control scheme just didnt work. But after enabling playstation controller support everything worked. No problems.
What's a recent automation game that came out? Assume my standards are 1/10. I just want to play something.

1/10 because I don't want to play obvious mobile game cash grabs with kiddie graphics and chinese market research trailers. I don't have standards about quality but I do want it to be an actual videogame instead of some assembly line product.
Replies: >>83291
Automation as in something like Spacechem? It's not by zachatronics but The Signal State looks nice and I remember liking the demo. It should either be out by later today or tomorrow.
Replies: >>83577 >>83668
Played it with mkb, the controls work great, no need for controllers
Replies: >>83311
The_Autism_King.jpg (u)
[Hide] (91.5KB, 779x768)
I played most of the game with KB+M too, but camera behavior made me nauseous. 
I'm playing Dragon's Dogma with a speed hack. Fuck walking around for so long, x5 speed and suddenly the game isn't nearly as tedious anymore.
>minnesota plates
I think the I heart nintendo thing kind of gives away the edit a little too much.
i'm thinkin based
hrundel.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 592x480, 00:10)
Playing Stalker:Anomaly for the first time. It's alright, gets tedious as fuck though on many counts compared to the original. I already feel like a ukranian. I'm on both normal difficulties, made it to Pripyat today and killed the giant.
Agreed, did the same here with STALKER, and it's a blessing with the fast travel instead of running for 35-40 minutes back one way to restock on ammo and whatnot. Probably not the way the game was meant to be played, but I don't give a fuck, it's already tedious enough.
Replies: >>83374
249610cce6bdf63213fb44452da34e168d865a7380d85742ce80acf877126b07.png (u)
[Hide] (401.5KB, 804x899)
Sounds good, or like it will be when it's finally finished.
>Not sure, I never played the Silent hunter games tbh. 
If you ever want to SH3 with GWX mod would be the normal entry point.

Sleeping Dogs is now a sad reminder of the last few years of Hong Kong's existence.
Replies: >>83372
fcf0a0982a7ad43f02d9f6ae5814c2c5e2e6845fd41017b6feba6ceb0661a3ce.gif (u)
[Hide] (372.3KB, 800x800)
Fuck this gay china-loving world.
woah_nelly.PNG (u)
[Hide] (560.8KB, 1280x676)
>slava ukarayini
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (54.3KB, 1920x1080)
This shit bothers me more than it should. Has no one actually seen a rainbow? Rainbows have SEVEN colors you fucking morons, why do they keep doing this?
Apologies for the sperging but this shit keeps driving me up the wall whenever I see it.
Replies: >>83381
I was planning to but my PS4 controller busted up, shit controller compared to the Bone one.
Rainbows are a gradient, they don't have any fixed number of colors.
Replies: >>83382
But why do they keep leaving out indigo, it's my favorite color.
Honestly the game itself is pissing me off with how  afraid it is to provide a challenge. That boss I mentioned I liked fighting? I fought her two more times and she has the same exact moveset as before, is just as aggressive as the first time I fought her, has the same health bar, has the same attack patterns and same length of pauses in between attacks and it's literally the same fight as her first fight except once in a blue moon she puts on an electric shield that you have to charge magic for. It's bullshit how wasted this game feels.
Replies: >>83388 >>83411
Spoiler File (u)
(572.2KB, 600x600)
The game is just telling you to indiGO FUCK YOURSELF.
Indigo is the color of straight people.
It's out. Tutorial's a big too long but it's pretty much a zachatronics game right down to the comfy music and hitting the wall almost immediately after finishing the tutorial.
Replies: >>83583
also my autism compels me to bitch about how all of the cables are dangling and are not taut even if you place all of the modules on the rack next to each other with no spaces in between
1630455531723.png (u)
[Hide] (568.6KB, 650x650)
Jesus Christ, it's all so tiresome
Zachtronics type games are more puzzle games than automation games I think.

The most annoying part is that the "Automation" tag in steam gives you almost everything except automation. Doesn't matter what kind of garbage games I'm willing to deal with if I can't find games from the correct genre in the first place.
Replies: >>83689
What the fuck does an "automation game" mean anyway? Do you want a new Incredible Machine game or something?
Replies: >>83690 >>83693
I doubt it's worth explaining. In fact I'm beginning to doubt it's worth my time even coming to this fucking place.
3536befff51ee097df4dfe8f099eccd77f12504dfbce442ccb941456679f203c.png (u)
[Hide] (244.8KB, 364x500)
Like FF12
See you tomorrow.
Oh boo fucking hoo
Done with it. It's quite mediocre.
>Zero challenge throughout the game. Combat is a static, very forigiving difficulty the entire time and the only progression in terms of enemies is that they get tankier and tankier and it's quite boring even after you unlock more weapons and moves because it's all super basic shit. Platforming is insanely forgiving and all stuff you'd see on stage 1 of another game. There's zero or extremely lenient timing involved in anything in the game
>Combat is overall extremely basic and with how tanky enemies are it's mashing the attack button and then dodging with your very forgiving, massive amount of I-frames and then mashing again.
>The bosses are all completely static punching bags. They have very telegraphed, very easily dodged attacks that they do on patterns while you mash attack on them. They're ridiculously tanky so every one takes 3 minutes even if you have both damage upgrades. They don't change up their patterns or speed up as they take more and more damage, they just follow the same pattern from the moment you start the fight to the moment you end it.
>No side content besides the relic hunts, but because the game is deathly afraid of not holding the player's hand lewd, the game literally marks all of the secret walls and paths leading to said relics with very stand-out red leaf decals so you don't even have to go out of your way to find where they are.
My wrist hurts from all of this mashing and none of the music was good enough for me to even remember. Utterly mediocre which is a waste, I would not have minded a decent new metroidvania.
Replies: >>83941
playing with my balls
Replies: >>83852
scrn.PNG (u)
[Hide] (88.6KB, 938x139)
Used saucenao.
Replies: >>83875 >>83877
Don't_have_time_to_play_with_myself.webm (u)
[Hide] (210.9KB, 1280x720, 00:04)
Replies: >>84062
>Saucenao works with video files
Well, learn something new every day. Thank you.
Replies: >>83877 >>83878
randy_this_sucks.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (133KB, 656x480, 00:02)
>it's some sort of mecha show that happens to have a group of cowgirls, not a hentai OVA exclusively about a cowgirl farm
I'm still going to watch it, yeah, but I'm morally obligated to bitch about this first.
Replies: >>83879
It doesnt. I just took a screenshot from the video.
Hentai are usually badly animated and censored anyway, so in a way ecchi shows are better. If only there were more hentai like Front Innocent.
Not always, I find some really good.
Replies: >>83941
I remember that game being crowdfunded a few years ago.  There was something about the art style and sprite usage (mixels/rixels or another sprite error) in the promo GIFs that made me skeptical.  Shame to hear that it's so afraid of challenging the player or doing anything neat with the mechanics.

The biggest problems with almost any sexy Japanese animation, whether it's just cheesecake or outright porn, is that they take all the conventions of anime as a whole and bolt them onto any project.  A hentai animation shouldn't be 23 minutes long with a 90-second intro and a tonne of cardboard cutouts sliding around.  It'd be much better if the average hentai animation was 3-6 minutes long but actually had good animation.

If you've watched the ecchi series Manyu Hiken-Chou, it suffered from the same problem.  The guys at Hoods Entertainment are really good at drawing boobs, but they just can't stretch that out to a 23-minute adventure story without it feeling artificial and hokey.  The animated shorts were much better than the series as a whole because each one is about 2 minutes of chicks fondling each other's boobs in hot springs, with the same consistent animation quality.  You don't have the whiplash between sakuga and limited animation the rest of the series has.
Replies: >>83943 >>83945
12 episodes of vanilla hentai.
God I wish there were more vanilla hentai.this includes hentai with vanilla esque shit  and not being filled with shitty fetishes.
Sad you feel that way. I liked the story in Manyuu. It felt like a classic samurai story with a ridiculous premise. The cheesecake being top notch was a bonus. I also dislike yuri and shoujo ai so to each their own.
Replies: >>83983
The only hentai I enjoyed was the Rance one.
>I liked the story in Manyuu. It felt like a classic samurai story with a ridiculous premise
Oh, I liked watching Manyuu for exactly that reason, and I think it's among the better ecchi series that I've seen, if not of all time, simply because it understands what it is.  You have a woman who uses her saggy tits to hypnotize the heroes, a forbidden technique that's literally just the asset_theft tag from a booru, and the obligatory Dream of the Fisherman's Wife homage.  It's a good ecchi show, but it's far from perfect; that's all.  If the humour of the premise hadn't been so stupid and so compelling (in addition to the great cheesecake) then I simply wouldn't have bothered.

I can't tell you how many shitty hentai OVAs I've started watching only to be bored mindless in the first five minutes when they try to blend action, sex, and some bland science fiction setting.  For actual titillation, it's better to find a patreon/subscribestar animator and scrape his posts using kemono.party or something.
434ddff21899b3d921d63af619dbf729140c13065357f188b6b148d721837b94.jpg (u)
[Hide] (211.5KB, 1024x763)
Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2, the tie-in game for the abhorrent sequel to the excellent movie. It's built on the Q3 engine so lots of spiky geometry, low-poly faces, and two keyframes per animation. Here are the high(low)lights:
>camera is nice and smooth and for a tie-in game it looks pretty good
>movement and controls are going to get on my nerves
>just like with Half-Life it gives you plenty of weapons but they're all divided into categories and you have to manually select each one, something that will only get more tedious as your arsenel grows
>sword combo is a pain in the dick, while you're getting molested by giant flies you can only swing the sword twice, or if you use the weirdass timing you can swing it six times but sometimes it just ignores your input so you just stand there while the flies stab you over and over
>game gets interrupted every 3.7 seconds for an in-game cutscene where they love to show you close-ups of their mouthholes and dialogue that nobody wanted to record
>first boss should've been easy, blow up the four corners of the mound it's standing on, but sometimes when it has direct LOS it will just shoot big fuck-you tentacles up your ass, all the while getting attacked by bugs while climbing on the pole 'THAT YOU CAN'T DROP DOWN FROM BECAUSE THE ANIMATION ISN'T DONE PLAYING WHEN I SAY DROP DOWN I EXPECT YOU TO DROP DOWN IN THAT MOMENT MOTHERFUCKER'
otherwise its ok, low-poly ass is underwhelming
I was thinking about action movie or game characters that would make for a good crossover fighting game, and how their intros and post-fight chatter would go, and that kind of thing. I decided that Ash Williams would be the most fun to write for, but that Duke would have the best mirror match lines mostly because of him not having time to play with himself. The staying power of the writing, such as it was, in Duke 3D impresses me to this very day. Thanks for your patience with this irrelevant blogpost.
2021091820324800-E4B9D34CDA3694D39A60EE1165888629.jpg (u)
[Hide] (263.1KB, 1280x720)
2021091823593600-E4B9D34CDA3694D39A60EE1165888629.jpg (u)
[Hide] (243.7KB, 1280x720)
0321bfdb1ae07dc38237732bca8679cf31052030a7a2dce444a9a2f1914dea83.png (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1704x940)
Tried Rune Factory 5 last week and dropped it because of framerate issues, i was going to wait for it to get patched but it turns out that adding faggot marriage is more important, so i will go back to it once i finish Dungeon Travelers 2.

Say goodbye to male friendship in video games, now every male npc will want your dick.
Replies: >>84202
a4ccc88a5f12fe558813fa56e27bc0c3591d027553329c1f54d88ef53cce8668.png (u)
[Hide] (369.2KB, 640x481)
>please respond to me I'm desperate for outrage replies
blackpilled.png (u)
[Hide] (779.1KB, 960x544)
I mean, they survived a lot, but no company can live only with a domestic market in mind if they have some kind of budget, i will probably stick with the AA jap market to avoid the westernization.

Hina-chan is cute so i will play the game for her, shota fags btfo.
niggerpill.png (u)
[Hide] (212.7KB, 500x773)
Every time
Bothways you must've been gay to like him. Go fuck yourself.
news_2020_11_11_228.png (u)
[Hide] (1002.5KB, 1920x1080)
Started playing X4 Foundations recently. That game is pure fucking jank and you can easily glitch through larger ships among other bugs but I've kinda grown to like it.
Started my first game as a Terran and quickly fell in love with their ship lineup. The Katana corvette is so fast that you can intercept scout fighters with it and two Meson Stream Mk2 guns can instakill other medium ships if the entire beam connects. Making good money as a "tank hunter" this way, killing Xenon K destroyers engines and weapons while waiting for system authorities to finally show up and kill it. Pays 600.000 credits per ship.
Replies: >>84750
IWD2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (165.3KB, 1024x768)
I recently started replaying the (original) Icewind Dale I and II. The Infinity Engine still has its own rustic charm, but the pathfinding - even with tweaking - is unhelpful at best and can easily lead to TPKs at worst. Especially if the guy with the haste boots decides to take a detour and aggros half the goddamn dungeon.

The loot RNG also has been screwing me over. In my last walkthrough, I got tons of two-handed swords, spears, polearms, and flais while my characters were built around bows and longswords. Now that I specced them towards these four niche weapons, it immediately starts raining longswords from all directions.

PS: Don't forget to keep the dead cats.
suffer.jpg (u)
[Hide] (340.3KB, 700x700)
playing the first sniper elite. The movement is weird (its like you are gliding on the ground when you move). The objectives are just not fun either.
out.webm (u)
[Hide] (7.5MB, 853x480, 01:47)
I've been playing BeamNG, driving rally cars is really fun. 
My game is fucked and I can't connect to the server though, and the search engine on their site is pretty shit, so I'm rather limited in maps.
I'm still waiting for them to release all the DLCs.
I've been on a downloading spree getting games from gog-games.com after I recently discovered that they did not, in fact, shut down but thankfully moved to another domain. So for now, while I wait for some other games to finish downloading, I'm playing Arx Fatalis. The control scheme is unique, to say the least, and I'll admit that I'm having a hard time adjusting to it as a noob, but I should improve as I keep playing. The game itself is fun, and I was pleasantly surprised with all the little details it had, like cooking. Cooking has always been something modders added for their survivaltism, not an actual mechanic in the native game, so it's a good thing to see. The magic system is definitely a novel idea, though I would say it's definitely not the most polished. I can't believe click-and-dragging a mouse around can be that infuriating. I'll have to continue playing on to see if the game is truly as good as folks say it is.
Replies: >>84940
Don't forget to use this
Replies: >>84968
Thanks, that's helped immensely with my issues.
oops.png (u)
[Hide] (733.9KB, 1920x1080)
Noita pro tip: don't shoot Giga Black Hole at a boss that copies your spells.
Replies: >>85533 >>85745
Postal_Brain_Damaged_gameplay_Sub_01.webm (u)
[Hide] (947.9KB, 1280x720, 00:06)
Played through the Postal: Brain Damaged demo. It's pretty good. Gameplay isn't really Postal, more like a mix between Psychonauts and ULTRAKILL (or something else I can't remember). Plays alright, but something about the aiming puts me off, can't quite get the hang of it. Gameplay webms soon.
>piss.png flat on a tree
0/10, eastern-bloc sweatshop-tier slavjank
Replies: >>85849 >>86333
Well, I was going to play KOTOR 1, but for some reason the mods and patches I installed now require a CD to play. I should note that this is a GOG copy, so it definitely shouldn't have this issue. I don't have a CD drive, and I can't be particularly assed to get an .iso and mount it. I guess I'll just play Arx Fatalis some more.
orbs.png (u)
[Hide] (861.4KB, 1920x1080)
Managed to complete a bunch of achievements, and finally got this thing. I killed the final boss with a dark sun, I was going to finish the run by doing a supernova, but had to toss the run because apparently you can only create a limited number of suns per world. The essence eaters don't seem to spawn in all parallel worlds, and I lost one sun to a crash.
Capture.JPG (u)
[Hide] (74.2KB, 700x467)
The webm is taking way too long to bake, so here's the full thing:
HD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhw4RjUrPWw
Replies: >>85853 >>85858
Why the fuck would you use premiere instead of going straight to AE? 
>adobe encoding 
Just export it to mp4 and use ffmpeg to encode it to webm, adobe software is slow as shit.
Replies: >>85860
Looks better than Postal 3, barely. RWS must be smoking crack if they think anyone can make a decent postal licensed game, but I guess it's free money. I still think Jon St. John sucks as The Dude and is a total faggot. They should have given the Postal 3 guy another chance when Rick Hunter turned them down, his performance was fine. I'd like the 2000s cartoon suburbia art direction if it wasn't shit on by the low res textures.
Replies: >>85860
like_it.jpg (u)
[Hide] (53.4KB, 958x538)
I do my editing in Premiere and rendering in Media Encoder CC 2017.
Never used AfterEffects in my life.
Converting with StaxRip (ffmpeg GUI frontend for dumbasses like me) takes just as much time.

-c:v libvpx-vp9 -threads 4 -pass 1 -b:v 436843k -f rawvideo -an -y -hide_banner NUL -c:a libvorbis -q:a 0

I liked it. Some tweaking still needs to be done of course, maybe some bullet traces for your weapons and less spinning "blood.png"s whenever you hit an enemy with the chainshovel.
There's gonna be at least one more area type, the asylum shown in the first trailer, so my guess is there'll be plenty more of Dude's hellish mindscapes. Shame Hunter won't go back to reprise the role anymore, but yeah, Corey Cruise was perfectly serviceable. They even used him in the free Postal 2 expansion later on and joked about it.
I really didn't like the Brain Damaged demo, it felt like there's a lot of dead time in which nothing happens and I didn't find exploring the level much fun because it was the same copypasted house over and over.
It also felt like it lacked a lot of direction and that the game is really inmature compared to Postal 2 or Paradise Lost. Haven't played Postal 4 so I can't tell if this is the direction all the games are taking but I really didn't like it, hope the rest of the levels aren't as bad as that one.
Replies: >>86336
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1140x655)
Agreed on most everything except
no Postal game thus far could be considered anything even approaching mature.
>Postal 2
>Apocalypse Weekend / Paradise Lost
more of the same, but even more meta stabs at game devs
>Postal Redux
silly edge
>Postal 4: No Regerts
from the half hour that I've played of the pre-alpha build (if you apply some advanced math, that's almost a dozen frames!) they were going in a sillier direction. Don't think they'll go full Saints Row 3 or Serious Sam II, so I'm keeping my enthusiasm under control.

All your other criticisms are on point, but come on, dude.
Replies: >>86345
I just don't like the poopoo peepee humour, it's there in the rest of the games but in Brain Damaged it's more in your face.
600x600.jpg (u)
[Hide] (35.8KB, 600x600)
I'm playing Hitman 2.
Does anybody else feel like the hitman series has been around since forever yet they don't have a single truly classic game? I mean some of the games are good, I'd say this game is great. But they never come to mind when thinking about the greatest games of all time or whatever.
Oh and fuck the niggers who decided to name the new games Hitman, Hitman 2 and Hitman 3. It's pretty fucking confusing.
silent ass feels pretty classic to me, the music, the odd difficulty it has (tap running is how you actually move fast), globe-trotting around the world like a videogame or something, etc.
>But they never come to mind when thinking about the greatest games of all time or whatever
Silent assassin and Blood money are great
IO interactive is just a shit developer in general. For every good game they make 2 absolutely rancid ones and with the recent hitman reboots they've merged their good and the rancid parts. None of their new games can be called complete but they are completely infested with horrendous practices.
Replies: >>86375
>For every good game they make 2 absolutely rancid ones
Speaking of which, is Kane and Lynch any good?
Replies: >>86376 >>86437
It was probably enjoyable as a third person shooter. 
I played both games but don't remember shit.
Replies: >>86437
Luna_Nights.jpg (u)
[Hide] (156.6KB, 1280x720)
Playing 2HU Luna Nights
9/10 platformer
It oozes style, tons of little details in the environment, great puzzle platforming, decent enemies and the difficulty curve is near perfect.

One of a kind and I love it, can't wait to see how Lodoss Deedlit feels.
Replies: >>86384 >>86434
I don't like how all the fangames treat Sakuya like she's aloof but that game is really good yeah
Replies: >>86385
Sakuya is pretty deadpan in Luna Nights though.
de6a2a26b789b4a8d06388862e97856d4e13ff92032f43524bbd11249b3ab239.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (96.5KB, 750x748)
Loving Luna Nights. Still need to beat the bonus boss and finish it off. 

I’ve been playing Foxhole and enjoying it. Lots of ways to do weird shit and still contribute or at least feel like it. Your guy doesnt level so it avoids the farmer issues of Planetside 2 and there ain’t any f2p shit bogging it down. I can go shoot at the front or go supply trucking or try to steal enemy cars or build and man artilery and I’ve yet to get bored. Every time I come back the war slowly progresses with new faction tech researched and there’s a desperate amount of shit that needs doing. Lots of teamwork and mic chat, though I think theres a fair bit of clan/guild faggots hoarding on both sides. i just want wwew 2 on this, though I feel like we’d very quickly get ourselves banned. Biggest complaint is that it used to have enemy proximity chat but they disabled it. 

I also got a relative who got a vr set and am looking for what I can try to play with him
Silent Assassin is a classic.
Blood Money is a worthy sequel, can be considered a classic at this point.
someone_please_page_kotaku_.webm (u)
[Hide] (5MB, 1280x720, 00:14)
sage for doubleposting
Kane & Lynch was a bit weird to play because I played it soon after finishing Blood Money, so it felt strange to be running and gunning people in the open using the same engine. The first half was fun, the second half in south america or whatever stretched forever.
K&L2 was hated by everybody I've talked to and reviews panned it as well. I liked it. I didn't get nauseous from shaky camera, I liked the back to back talking, I could tolerate the autoaim (only happens when you throw an explosive object and could shoot it in the air from your cover without looking at it) and mostly shitty weapons.
I grew up watching a lot of crime documentaries with my family, so I guess that's why I was alright with all it's shortcomings.
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