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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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Last bread is reply capped or something. Now we are immortal and infinite.
>What is it?
Dominions is a silly war game with frogs and nigger spiders and blood-sacrificing furries.
>How do I get started?
Get out your wallet, goy.
>How do I play with other people?
Two games are currently awaiting more players:
Vanilla Middle Age Game:
Warhammer Game with Warhammer Mod:

C'mon, try something new. Everyone just wants to make the same meme bless. Delve into obscurity.
People often ask what "low effort" means. Well, this is it right here. This dumb retard was given a golden example of what a good vidya thread looks like >>53349 and yet this is what he does with it. He couldn't even be arsed to copy-paste the download links anons already provided him with, instead you should "get our your wallet".

Fucking kill yourself OP, you dumb lazy doublenigger.
Lol you a gay. You wouldnt have missed your chance if you just posted your OP rather than jerk off over it. Now join a game and quit bitching.
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Come on Man, it's not a big deal right now for you to be stalling but still I said I wanted to have fun and playing with myself is not that fun. If you want a couple of days of break or something I'd be ok with it, although I'd much rather finish this game as fast as possible, maybe if there is a specific day where you are around to get a few turns in I would very much like that.
You could argue that most anons that have been on /v/ for years should be familiar with Dominions. Although spoonfeeding the mod inspector and manual at the very least should be in the OP. There was a time when niggers begging for download link were answered with spoonfeed denial, then it shifted towards if you're not posting pirate link you're obviously a shill. Guess that's where we have been for a while but still. Lazy niggers don't deserve basic bitch spoonfeeds.
Speaking of lazy niggers, you could have copypasted previous OP yourself rather than just quoting the post, and actually contributed to the thread instead of adding to the retardation. So yeah, fucking kill yourself you latest breed of retard.

v5.53 (latest as of this post) + crack (Win only, reuploaded from

Technical manual:

Tools direct connection game hosting service made by the most reptilian of virgins
Inspector: - You can inspect every item, spell, unit, event, etc. in depth, as well as import mods to do the same.
Pretender calculator: - Calculate the most efficient pretender chassis for your build
Casting fatigue calculator: (Source
Nationgen: - Randomly generates new nations. It mixes and matches sprites as well, so you can get cool or ridiculous looking units that don't exist in the vanilla game. You can host variety games with this by generating a bunch of nations and letting players pick from the pool.
PBEM manager: - Turn manager for email games. Originally for Dom4 but works for 5 as well

WorthyHeroes: - Adds fitting heroes to nations with few or none and slightly increases the power level of some existing heroes.
Hellenika: - Mod focused on early age that adds a bunch of new, powerful nations, modifies vanilla ones, and adds a bunch of modified vanilla nations from other eras to EA.
Touhou nations:
Warhammer nations:
Clown nation:
Debug mod: - Useful mod for testing. Makes all spells and items level 0 except enchanted salt since it hasn't been updated and adds some ritual spells useful for testing.
Dominionsmods mod forum:
Steamcommunity mods (not workshop):

The game comes with a map generator and editor. I've found that generated maps usually aren't great outside of singleplayer without tweaking the gen settings and manual editing post gen.
MapNuke: - A map generator with some focus on balance. Good for multiplayer and gives everyone a "fair" start with the same amount of provinces around their capital and some terrain that their nation benefits from with the optional thematic starts. Also generates roads and road visuals which the default map generator doesn't do.
Cartographic Revision: - Another balance oriented map generator. Hasn't been updated to support some newer nations and lacks the ability to generate roads but has a different art style.
Dominionsmods map forum:
Llamaserver: - You can use this page to download Steam workshop maps from a mirror usually
Steam workshop: - For use with above
Automatically nostart maps: - upload a map to automatically disable start locations on provinces with less than a specified number of connections

I refuse to copypaste guides because guides are gay.
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Quit bitching.
Replies: >>63252
Added a delay because I ain't letting you stall on me while asleep again.
I live to bitch.
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You had all day to make a pretender and join one of these games but all you did was criticize my OP. Guess you're just some troll who doesn't actually play video games.
Here, have another original screenshot.
Replies: >>63422
Thanks for the (You) but I'd appreciate it even more if you gave me a pretender. What do you like? Vanilla or Warhammer? You've volunteered yourself. Join a game today.
Replies: >>63428
What mod is this?
Replies: >>64788
Sorry anon, I'm already the one other pretender in the warhammer game. I'll join your middle age game, though. My favorite pretender is the saurolich. Eh has 28 prot and doesnt afraid of anything.
Replies: >>63464
Replies: >>63505
Lol nice shitpost
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Please...please stop fighting...I just want to subjugate your nation's people...
Sorry yeast. I've been feeling like shit. I knew something was up when I started getting a headache out of nowhere, and then I had a sore throat and I knew I was getting sick. Been feeling lethargic, probably because I keep pissing away all the contents of my stomach through my ass. I can still get to the computer but I just couldn't bring myself to get on, especially to do a turn. Tried to will myself to do the turn the other day with a couple hours left before I started staling and I couldn't. Tried to relax and play Sven Co-Op before that and I couldn't take that for long either. We can put the game on hold if you really want. Though I would prefer someone take over, I don't think anyone really wants to. The offer is on the table, no matter how slim the chance may be.
I don't think I have chink flu but kind of scared I might have an aneurysm or something. Never had that kind of headache that long. Thankfully it pretty much went away after 2 or 3 days but I still get pain for a short period of time sometimes. It also feels like it's like a phantom pain or placebo when I become conscious of the area I was feeling pain in. I dunno...the pain wasn't debilitating though, like how I've read aneurysm or tumor pain is supposed to be. Might just be my first migraine. Fit the description pretty well.
I'll get around to a new OP when I feel better if it seems like it's needed. I just wanted to make some edits to the old OP and shove in blitzserver somewhere with some disclaimers about the fuckery to do with pirated clients. Might add llamaserver as well since it's a more tried and true service that's been around for a long while now afaik (no offense blitzserb anon) and it works the same with pirates from my experience.
I'll join the MA game when I'm feeling a bit better. Do you have any qualms about changing the god awful map though? It doesn't need to be "mapnuke or nothing" but if it's going to be a small amount of players again, I think that would be the easiest and overall best choice. Either that or one of those arena style maps like pic related if you really can't get anymore players.
Replies: >>63506 >>63511
>We can put the game on hold if you really want. 
Yeah I'm ok with a hold until you get better, wouldn't be right if we didn't take it to completion. Threw in a delay, will postpone again if need be.
Replies: >>63955
I chose thay map because i was planning to start at around 6 players. Its cooler than it looks. The canyons make for interestinf connections.
Replies: >>63955
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God damn this heat wave is not fucking helping. I'm going to try to do something tonight Ys.
>same amount of players as sleepydominions
>map is just as big plus a few more provinces
I don't understand. Did I do something to you? Why do you want to hurt me like this?
On second thought, you're right. But then there aren't any maps on there ideal for 6 players. Some too big. Others too small. So I'm open to map nuke now. How does it work? Do I need to generate a map with it first?
Replies: >>63967 >>64278
Ok, so the issue with mapnuke is you have to pick the specific nations that will be playing. So, it'll be uploaded to blitzserver forever but become more or less unusable after this specific game is done.
Replies: >>64278
6dd9a0d22de351df5aedcfbc895ac59e-imagejpeg.jpeg (u)
(7.5KB, 231x250)
Ok, so I threw one together in the Dom 5 map editor. I hope you like it and can appreciate all I've done for you.
Replies: >>64278
>God damn this heat wave is not fucking helping. 
Eh no hurry lad, heat waves suck ass. So far I am blessed with a very temperate start of summer and the trend keeps going. I may have to suffer less than a month this year and vidyagaems will not be put on break.
Replies: >>64278
You just pick what nations are going to be in the game and generate the map. You don't even need to touch the settings because everything is usually fine by default and it's already set up for the thrones gamemode and spawns a throne per player. There are some inherent problems with mapnuke but they mostly have to do with "cheating" or griefing someone's game. You kind of just need to trust the admin to not be a fag and trust that no one is going to go out of their way to ruin your game (and their own game), but that's applicable to any game really. If there is any tomfoolery to do with the map, users can download the map and open it in the editor too and see it for themselves. One thing that is kind of true is that everyone is the same amount of space away from each other but there are always different terrains in the way that make it slower or faster to reach different neighbors so not really unless you rush someone with a flying pretender :^) but again, rushing someone puts you at risk so it's just being a fag. The defined nation starts mean you know who's near you for sure but the advantage is that nations highly dependent on certain terrains usually get it. Maybe it's not for everyone but I certainly like it and not getting a totally cucked start with thrones or water in my cap ring as a land nation is nice. Also kind of niche but I like that roads get some use since you never see them outside of those pretty premade maps.
>it'll be uploaded to blitzserver forever but become more or less unusable after this specific game is done.
That shouldn't even really be a consideration. Even llamaserver is full of generated maps that no one ever uses. I assume it's just easier to keep them on the server since there aren't hundreds of players uploading maps every day.
Oh dear. I'm sorry you went through that. I know what it's like to try and generate a map with that thing. Thank you for your service. I'm sorry for the bitching but it's not just about me. As I've said, I think the game just plays much better with an ideal amount of provinces. 20 provinces per player doesn't seem like a big difference but every 1 or 2 provinces is another turn of expansion and it easily gets bigger when other players fail to expand or are slower to expand because of their spawn. Fighting indies for that long just isn't fun and shuffling armies like it's mid to late game from the first or second war is extremely tiring.
I finally got around to logging into my turn. I shall finish it even if it kills me...
Replies: >>64281 >>64314
>rushing someone puts you at risk
If you're rushing with a SC pretender you're already at risk with all the negative scales to get bless bonuses, but does map nuke also make sure to spawn magic sites that correspond to a nations starting magic? I've had games where I found about 3 magic sites in twenty territories and they were all sites my race generally didn't use.
Replies: >>64303
ma_sitesearching.png (u)
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>does map nuke also make sure to spawn magic sites that correspond to a nations starting magic?
Sorry lad, I don't think so. Maybe I can still help you with that though. Pic attached is from the following link and there is a lot of other good info here
Maybe you know all this and just have shit luck though. Speaking of luck, I might as well finish it off by mentioning that Luck and Magic scales help with gem events. Even better if you can take turmoil.
Replies: >>64329
95 provinces should be a good size for 6 players.
The issue with mapnuke, I was trying to say, is that it'll be for the specific combination of nations in that particular game. So it'll be there in the list, unusable.
One thing that maks blitzserver different from llamaserver is you can quick create a game by selecting one of the uploaded maps. So, it'll mess with games that people make if they don't realize it's only for specific nations.
It's something we'd have to address with blitzserver admin so they could at least be discernible in the maps list.
Replies: >>64325 >>64344
>95 provinces should be a good size for 6 players
Oh yeah, it should be. I guess I didn't say that outright but the map looks fine. Again, thank you for your service. Maybe you got lucky but last time I tangled with that map generator it wasn't pretty. The biggest issue is that you can't manually change what provinces look like and so you have to generate a new map unless you want the overlay to not match what the provinces actually are. You can actually do that with Mapnuke though
>So, it'll mess with games that people make if they don't realize it's only for specific nations
I think most players making games would be able to tell that it's a mapnuke map and thus likely to be unusable but that's obviously not everyone. The current map is fine but I'd say just use mapnuke if you really want to. Site's in beta so let admin figure out what he wants to do about it. The same kind of thing could happen on llama anyway if someone picks a map from the list and it's a mapnuke one, but I think I understand what you meant about the difference between them. I created a game and it started off with your gay map by default.
Replies: >>64331 >>64344
I wasn't aware of what sites spawn in what areas and their specific chances only that you want to have 4 in a school of magic to get most sites for that school in the area you search and 5 for 100% chance to find them if present. I guess I am just really unlucky. Didn't know that blood sites didn't spawn at all in the sea.
Replies: >>64333
Why do you keep spamming new games? Just join the one that's already gathering pretenders.
Replies: >>64333 >>64461
I think the few level 5 sites are only spawned by events so sites actually go up to 4. There's a single level 6 site but considering everything else I wouldn't be surprised if you can't find it by searching either. Also you can't even use most blood magic underwater anyway. The slaves are all actual units in battle so they drown.
I think I only made 2(?) and I didn't make them to get players, I was testing something each time. I can't delete them otherwise I would.
Whatcha testing?
Replies: >>64461
>I was testing something each time. I can't delete them otherwise I would.
You can archive games in the schedule page, if you mean games on blitzserver.
I'll add a to-do for a way to upload and select a map in the game setup page which isn't made typically visible when selecting a map.
As an aside, I was also thinking about adding an option that allows nations to select their start location in the lobby as a gimmick.
Replies: >>64417 >>64461
Just have blitzserver automatically generate a mapnuke map based off the pretenders that joined :^)
Replies: >>64461 >>64569
[Hide] (71.5KB, 721x507)
Btw working on a pretender for the MA game. Also just realized the map is only horizontal wraparound but I think that's actually a pretty good idea for a game with a small amount of players. More likely to save the headache of fighting from every direction when a game with 10+ players would probably never get that far. Plus it keeps some of the spirit of Leaking Land if that was one of the things you liked about it.
I was just checking out what you said about what you said about maps on blitzserver out of curiosity since I didn't quite understand what you were trying to say.
>You can archive games in the schedule page, if you mean games on blitzserver.
Oh shit, that's right. I think I did that before too. Thanks.
>I'll add a to-do for a way to upload and select a map in the game setup page which isn't made typically visible when selecting a map.
Sounds helpful.
>As an aside, I was also thinking about adding an option that allows nations to select their start location in the lobby as a gimmick.
Sounds cool if you could get it to work. Of course it would need some restrictions on how close you can spawn next to other players. And then maybe there could be some kind of admin override in case the map is fucky and a player is only left with a really shitty spot. I don't know how likely that is to happen but just a thought so I might as well share it before I forget.
This sounds pretty cool too. If you add some way of communicating to everyone that the map was generated by blitzserver and not the admin, that could be a way of combating the inherent trust issue.
Replies: >>64463 >>64564
I like east/west wraparound because that's how Risk is. It's good to give players some walls to back up against and it makes sense.
Still no games with the clown mod. Maybe I'll make one myself later.
Replies: >>64510 >>64525
I'd join
thing if if only one player is the mod nation it makes it a little less fun. There is other mod nations by Mu and he just came out with a new one already, so now there is 4 in total.
Replies: >>64529
wouldyouliketoknowmore.gif (u)
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Tell me more.
Replies: >>64696
Is fine is fine, I set the regular timer to 48 hours, do you think that's good enough to satisfy the laziness and personal needs? Since it's just the two us I don't mind that much.
Replies: >>64710
That sounds like a nice idea so I did a quick check, but it looks like mapnuke might be a bit clumsy to integrate.
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>vanilla middle age game
>reddit heroes
I haven't played (multiplayer) before, anything I should know about this mod before the game? It doesn't seem to impact me a whole lot besides the theoretical meme of a year 1 etimmu, does it make fluking heroes for opening up paths substantially stronger for other nations or something like that?
Replies: >>64604 >>64710
>does it make fluking heroes for opening up paths substantially stronger for other nations or something like that?
The short answer is yes. The nations which already have good heroes (hello hinnom) are I think largely untouched, while nations which got junk get some new mages and/or have their indie commander heroes acquire some new special abilities)

First as you know is the clown nation
but the first nation he made was this
The glitch nation where the divine power is a missing god or something. Then there is the more ermorian like nation which I find to be really cool the "dream of tendrils"

and finally he released this nation a couple weeks ago where everyone is cursed and the nation is a bunch of aberrant and stupid things locked away by previous Pantokrators.
Replies: >>64699
objective_failed.gif (u)
[Hide] (4.6MB, 498x273)
>nation where everyone is cursed and is populated by beings banished by the previous pantokrator.
As in every unit has the curse debuff? That sounds awesome, but how could it possibly work?
Replies: >>64714
apkallu_gets_trolled.png (u)
[Hide] (19.3KB, 529x218)
Joined MiddleAgeGame. Just need one more.
That sounds fine. I'll try not to keep the timer past 24h if I can help it.
>reddit heroes
I haven't personally seen anything that sticks out to me as being too fan fiction-y or biased if that's what you mean. One thing I've noticed is that human non-mage heroes usually get made a little bulkier (and get an extra misc slot) but I suspect it's so that they don't drop dead to a stray arrow or run away and die in the retreat the first time a hit gets through their armor, which matters sucks hard when they're unique.
>year 1 etimmu
He can't appear before turn 10 in WorthyHeroes
>does it make fluking heroes for opening up paths substantially stronger for other nations or something like that?
When it comes to path access, I think it depends on several factors how effective that path access is, like how early on you get them or what paths they are. If WH follows the vanilla trend at all, then mages with tons of paths and guys capable of super combatant duty should be restricted from showing up until a certain turn. The strongest heroes are probably still in vanilla though. You can look at all the changes and additions the mod makes yourself though
I've looked before but I haven't played with more than a few nations and even less in actual multiplayer so I'm not really qualified to say if something is too strong or not.
Replies: >>64737 >>64976
Just don't get hit. :^)
Replies: >>64731
wizard_high_on_potions.png (u)
[Hide] (808.4KB, 2100x1900)
Invulnerability could help, but wouldn't a curse also keep them from succeeding at casting a spell?
sacreds.png (u)
[Hide] (479.2KB, 1280x720)
>I haven't personally seen anything that sticks out to me as being too fan fiction-y or biased if that's what you mean
The design intentions and the resulting lack of diversity are the problem. Buffing heroes more for nations with weaker heroes takes away the national identity of strong (vanilla) heroes and encourages homogenized scales across the board. Taking some aspect in which nations diverge wildly and doing your best to strongarm it to the same general level defeats the point of dominions' asymmetry.
I can't help but think people using the mod just want to gush over muh heckin heroinos regardless of nation and I'm kind of salty as fuck about seeing a reference to it on the wiki like some shitty mod is a strategy concern for vanilla gameplay.
>You can look at all the changes and additions the mod makes yourself though
The mod itself has most of the base values (which I don't know offhand) there to compare to in itself, which is what I was doing, yeah.
>turn 10
Am I misunderstanding something? That's (late) year 1, right?
Replies: >>64745
Some nations having literal indie commanders for heroes is not flavor balance your opinion is awful.
>Some nations having literal indie commanders for heroes
Replies: >>64756
I want to play nations with interesting and thematic content not palette swapped indies.
Then play the nations which have content you find thematic and interesting?
Many nations in EA don't get cap recruitable SC chassis gamestart even though the existence of such is one of the defining features of EA, you going to go looking for a mod to add giants to ea-ermorlikes as well?
Replies: >>64802
Medieval_2_10_11_2018_5_15_19_PM_(2020_01_31_19_41_05_UTC).png (u)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1024x768)
It's just vanilla total warhammer.
You know what, anon? You're absolutely right. In the interest of achieving strategic asymmetry I propose we create a mod that removes mages from roughly half the nations, and removes troops from roughly half. It doesn't matter which nations the troops and mages are removed from, in fact it would be best if some nations had neither troops nor mages, to better contrast those nations which get to keep both.
Replies: >>64804 >>64808
Additionally, to illustrate just how badly I hold your opinion in contempt, Bogarus' epithet is AGE OF FUCKING HEROES and its titular hero (Bogatyr) is a multihero veliki knyiez with a touch of extra prot. Veliki Knyiez are recruit anywhere 1CP commanders. This idea that the vanilla distribution and balance of heroes is intelligently designed and contributes to the theme of nations is a bloody fantasy. You could make a mod that does that if you want, but that's not what vanilla is.
Nothing wrong with adding extra modded nations that are intentionally gimped, assuming you're not a fuckup who just makes something overbearingly powerful because they don't understand what they're doing. If you've a plan to try to make them playable and you're willing to shoulder the disadvantage of playing something missing options, what's wrong with that?
Not that ashen ermorlikes are a great example (because they are also many other things, and are overbearing in many ways), but they literally have no recruitable mages, and lack access to conventional troop recruitment. If you have an active pretender and gems, you can summon mages regardless of your nation anyway. You could absolutely make a nation with either of both of those ideas and have it be thematic and interesting.
There are a variety of differences between this and that, and your being a petulant bitch aside if you did have a concern about the viability of various nations locking the change you're making to that (nation's powerlevel) behind scales dependent rng isn't the way to go about it. Note that (nation's powerlevel) can be interchanged with (thematic and interesting content) in the above; if it's such a bother to you that a nation doesn't have muh interesting heroinos are you going to cry if you don't roll any in the game?

I dunno why this is such a bother to you. If you're unsatisfied with vanilla content, why isn't the game more heavily modded? Are heroes and arena really the only things you want fleshed out? Did you add worthy heroes with a view towards changing the heroes of a particular nation? Are you gay?
>This idea that the vanilla distribution and balance of heroes is intelligently designed and contributes to the theme of nations is a bloody fantasy
If heroes aren't an important factor in the theme and uniqueness of nations, why mod specifically that and nothing else?
I always thought the purpose of the worthy heroes mod was to acknowledge that Illwinter hasn't yet completed all their vanilla heroes. I remember the Utnapishtim hero had no description for a long time because he was a WIP.
MAssiveMalarkey is truly living up to its name. Do you plan to actually start it?
Replies: >>64987
>That sounds fine. I'll try not to keep the timer past 24h if I can help it.
>procedes to stall for 48 hours
I had faith for once
>while talking in thread about the videogame while not playing the videogame in true /v/ fashion
A-anon, thats a halfchan game.
Replies: >>65023
I thought you didn't want to shill there because they just stale all the time. Shill warhammer game at them.
Replies: >>65024 >>65026
Actually wait first and make sure this game doesn't become stale fest
I saw them whinging about llamaserver being down so I chucked a post in assuming it'd be ignored like it usually is. Apparently some anons decided to actually try it.
>Apparently some anons decided to actually try it.
I just joined cos I saw it on blitz with players. I didn't realize how small the map was so I'm looking forward to embarrassing myself.
Replies: >>65075
Instead of looking forward to embarassing yourself how about you finish the game you are already in and stop embarrassing yourself.
Replies: >>65116 >>65134
Because making new pretenders is more fun than actually playing the game.
>how about you finish the game you are already in
It hasn't started yet?
This is the HS ID, dude. Has posting on reddit rotted your brain to such an extent that you're incapable of telling people apart without uids, even when they're responding to each other and have radically different writing styles?
Replies: >>65136
>even when they're responding to each other and have radically different writing styles
Yes, I may be going insane over lack of turns and am barely paying attention to the thread, I WANT GAME.
Well MAlarkey has already failed to get through it's first turn on time, to no great surprise.
Replies: >>65150
I don't know what I expected. Some anon did have trouble submitting his turn though, which means I can get excited for next bug fix. So it wasn't a total write off.
this_is_video_games.png (u)
[Hide] (15.4KB, 464x452)
lol halfchan desn't actually play video games
halfchan.jpg (u)
[Hide] (197.3KB, 1154x564)
turn_1.png (u)
[Hide] (47.2KB, 264x158)
s-l1600.jpg (u)
[Hide] (167.8KB, 773x1200)
Yo! Nahggas gak ya turn. 'S coo', bro. we startahng Yo! Don may me shank ya!
waitingforman.png (u)
[Hide] (60.6KB, 300x300)
Replies: >>65744
I cry
Shrine_To_Stop_The_Moon.png (u)
[Hide] (280.9KB, 351x763)
Just a heads-up. I'm going to start forcing next turn when it's just Uruk left in MiddleAgeGame because he was shot dead in Iraq and unable to take his turns or go AI.
RIP Uruk.
Replies: >>66068
visvideogames.png (u)
[Hide] (402.4KB, 976x808)
I know most of the other players aren't from here, but are you going to start doing the same thing for MAlarky? It's pretty clear certain players aren't coming back.
Replies: >>66075
Someone from halfchan made malarkey and i have a feeling the host started double-playing as ermor so be prepared for some fuckery.
Replies: >>66118
Looks like you're right.

anyone know wtf is going on with the >warhammer game's throne settings?
Replies: >>66150
Good catch, probably fat fingers. I've updated it to 10 T2 and 4 T3.
This game is never going to start, though.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (300.2KB, 1197x1033)
I've deployed an update to auto-archive games after two weeks of inactivity, and pushed all the current games forward to archive in four days to clear up the crap there right now. If one of these games is yours and you don't want it archived, please connect and submit a turn (just resubmitting your already submitted orders will work fine).
If it lapses, you can unarchive it by going to the game's page (you'll need to get the url out of your history or something, there's currently no page to actually view a list of archived games) adn the Archive Game button will have changed to Unarchive Game.
Replies: >>66214
peculiar.png (u)
[Hide] (134.4KB, 769x636)
That difference in color isn't registering on palemoon.
Replies: >>66219
Sorry, I haven't set up cache busting yet, and there's a 24 hour cache on the css, you'll have to do a hard refresh.
Replies: >>66222
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (140.6KB, 1246x867)
Though I am curious palemoon-anon, when you click on the will be archived link or the activity link does it highlight the text on the destination page? I don't think the browser specification for the feature I'm using is formalized so I'm not sure what the browser support for that is.
Replies: >>66224 >>66412
Ill give you an answer in 11-13 hours
>he took a turn with ermor before turning it to AI
>but didn't make nazca an AI so the turns still take 3 months
butt why
Replies: >>66412
Maybe it really was the original guy and he took one turn before realizing it wasn't worth it at this point.
No it doesn't.
Replies: >>66445
He paid more than the base (ermor) price to buy mercs I was already hiring, even though if you idle for 6 turns as ermor you have like a trillion skeletons in your capital.
Well, it's a moot point anyway. We're not going to be seeing someone feeding cash to a player ermor so it's probably not going to matter much.
Sleepydominions archived, gettin tired of postponing turns and forgetting. You better have a good excuse Man, like getting hit by a car or something. If not you are a nigger.
Replies: >>66509
Time to join the warhammer game.
>Man killed me just to stale
>gave him a spooky mask
how cud u do this?
I actually like MA Machaka, they were pretty fun. I've been thinking about what to do for EA Atlantis. Atlantis in general seems like a scales heavy nation as they have some pretty good casters and priests that come right out of the can with them.
Replies: >>66517
mother_hydra.png (u)
[Hide] (193.6KB, 1007x950)
EA atlantis is pretty good. Their capital units are very strong and can be absurdly tough with the right blessings. They also benefit very strongly from scales as they still have their coral guards which can also be quite tough. They also get mother hydra who you should make a profit so she can boost all the priests in battle making them super strong to. This is not to mention the fact their special units have a shit ton of health in general. As for scales they benefit most from increased productivity and growth more than sheer income. For my first play through with them I gave them Larger/Magicweapons/regeneration on an immobile imprisoned pretender and they seemed to be absurdly strong. Since many of their units are already very big Large made them even bigger and your leader sacreds can be given boots to let them trample to.
EA atlantis benefits a lot from the fact that the other EA water nations suck massive dick for one reason or another, so you can easily happen to have a largely uncontested expansion period in a lot of games.
If you do get strangled by water nations that can't transition to the land well it's not the toppest tier.
gee, who could be last to submit their turn?
New game with warhammer game that's actually gaining traction. Be a cool guy and join so we can start it.
Is there anything better then bantering with an enemy using send to all? I think not. Thats right lizards, you smell.
Replies: >>74926
7fd6ccedd5eb03ede77d99c066b68557bca57b8dfe8fcf5d7036088e36b551ca.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (84.4KB, 650x575)
How would you know? You don't even have a nose.
I'd like to shitpost in <Everyone> but my turns at the moment are literally opening -> click n and move commanders until none of them are left -> submit turn. I am very busy right now
MiddleAgeGame.png (u)
[Hide] (981.1KB, 948x1361)
>hypaspist commander with enchanted helmet, enchanted spear
>player's cap that's been stale since turn 0 not taken, not even sieged for money, year 4
>undisturbed indie provinces everywhere
What the fuck were you circus niggers doing in the north this entire time?
Replies: >>76595
Summoning birbs. Clowning around.
Which game.  I'm trying to clean up mekone who went AI in mine but they are bullying me.
Replies: >>76668
bag_of_dicks_yes_please.png (u)
[Hide] (67.8KB, 214x291)
In the filename. Game is all but over at this point, just needs to be played out as a formality. I went the entire game without seeing uruk (stale turn0) or arc (last remaining player, has like 10-15 provinces) until like late year 3, and hadn't seen like 1/3-1/2 the provinces on the map so I'd been assuming I was pretty fucked for the lategame but turns out I'm playing with dementia patients.
>ctis psuedostaled before going AI
Even before that he hadn't scripted his marshmasters that he sent down in actual fights nor y'know, all the ones sitting on the border.
I dunno, this was my first game (+1 vs AI), I just feel vaguely cheated. There's been no thugging, multiple communions nations not using communions, people getting into extended fights not massing counters, unscripted mages.
Replies: >>76730 >>76939
If you're disappointed, make a new one. I'll join it and suck some more.
I’ll join too now that I have the game installed and have no fucking idea what I’m doing
Replies: >>76959
That's good enough for me.

This particular game takes place in the late age and uses the leaking land map I originally wanted to try. Dare you enter my leaky world to challenge the ching chong ding dong?
Signed up as Midgard. I did win a 8chan Dominions 4 game as MA Ermor long ago, only via swarms of blessed knights and no mages and also via everyone else staling eventually. I guess I should play a less cancerous nation.
I've never done any late age.  What nations arent allowed?
Replies: >>77211 >>77236
Allowed? Not sure what you mean.
Can you do it?
Then it's allowed.
Also, you're gay.
I haven't really done any late age. Let me see if I can whip up a pretender I like.
arco_defeat.jpg (u)
[Hide] (110.4KB, 1350x716)
Well, Ermor, I'd say gg if you weren't such a sore winner.
Restarting la game because bogarus is a mega gay who went ai right away
>Please remove me(LA pangea) from TheLatestSuckFest, I would like to change my nation and pretender. Thanks in advance.
Crossposting from /domg/. Should probably set your games to private if you don't want the halfies in it.
Replies: >>78145 >>78294
Fug ok. On it.
The game has relaunched.
OK LA game is start for real this time
lameuria.png (u)
[Hide] (201.1KB, 840x514)
>I didn't spawn next to the afk, restarting
why are hostfags always like this
Visited that blasted heath, saw the 'remove a nation using it's password (why isn't this vanilla what the fuck)', what's wrong with that function that you've left off putting it live?
Replies: >>78338 >>78390
Who is Man?
Replies: >>78313
waitingforman.png (u)
[Hide] (68.4KB, 300x300)
I assume it's always the same guy
Replies: >>78321
Its like herding cats i fucking swear. Just cant win.
How do you know what hostfags are always like? Didnt you say you never played multi-player before?
Replies: >>78340 >>78345
I was the LEAF and none of those were me. To Ys from that game, (I think he was blitzmin too) sorry for being a bitch. Shit wasn't a good time irl. I have a history of pulling the plug when things get tough and it wasn't important enough for me to will myself through it. Either that or my will was already broken. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't been playing dominos until very recently. I hopped in a game on /domg/ in case I feel the need to abandon again. Though I've played games to the end in the past so I don't join games thinking I'm going to go AI or stale at some point.
Hostfags for games in general
Replies: >>78345
>How do you know what hostfags are always like?
What >>78340 said but also I can still read threads and look at admin logs. This sort of faggotry is everywhere in tabletop RPGs with exclusive factions and the advent of online versions of the same type of game where hosts get explicit first-pick privilege and don't face social ramifications for wasting 72hrs of everyone's time has made it an everyday thing.
Did you not see the shilling for the cuckchan warhammer game in this and the previous thread where the host had hardlocked the faction that gets 16/19 AS/DS unsurroundable onaqui in blacksteel from every fort for 280 gold and every other unit in their faction has no upkeep? That game was also restarted for the same reason as far as I can tell. I was 90% joking but tbh I don't think that I'm not right. There's literally no reason any of these games should ever have a master password set and yet they do so often.
>I was the LEAF and none of those were me
That doesn't make it any less funny, though.
Eh, I think hosts should get their pick first since they're going through the trouble of admining, but they should have some restraint and not firstpick the same nations before anyone else if they're the ones making games all the time. If it's someone else's game and no one has picked them then it's fair game imo. I personally don't like doing firstpicks as admin but that's partially because I don't want my nation to be identified as admin.
Replies: >>78390
I happen to know the host of that warhammer game just likes vampires in general. Also he isnt the same guy who is hosting autist hammer
Urethrae your killing me man.
>There's literally no reason any of these games should ever have a master password set and yet they do so often
I found admins weren't setting master passwords, and then weren't able to sub in players so I now default it to the management password.
>Visited that blasted heath, saw the 'remove a nation using it's password (why isn't this vanilla what the fuck)', what's wrong with that function that you've left off putting it live?
That's been deployed actually.
The original warhammer game had to be unstarted after one of the players was staling from turn 1. After that we weren't able to get another player to fill the slot and I didn't want to start the game with only 12 players or whatever it was at the time, so another anon hosted one that went ahead with only 8 or something around there.
>Thu, 02 Sep 2021 23:40:35 +0000 	Removed R'lyeh
Is this what shows in the admin log when a user removes their self, or did I fuck up some shit with map generation or something?
Replies: >>78886 >>79982
You talking about the diplomancy game?
Replies: >>78887
that too, though I was specifically asking about withallthegay
Its meant to only show that for admin removals but I probably fucked something up and its showing it for player removals as well.
Replies: >>79983
When I removed someone as admin it showed twice, so I'm thinking that it shows once every time a player is removed for any reason as well as in the place it's supposed to when the admin removes someone. R'lyeh and Sauromatia weren't me, Atlantis was.
Anyone know how the fuck combat summons work for squad based stuff like morale?
Like if I have lifelong protection on a nerd and the imps fear rout, does that mean that all imps summoned in by that guy will appear routing? Do the imps all count as separate squads and check for routing individually? Is there a meta-squad that includes the guys not assigned to commanders (presumably with 0 starting units if attacking a place or assassinating someone or whatever) that the summons go into?
How about having your army marked as routing. If you have a berserk commander still fighting and they're freespawning imps, do the imps autorout, or is routing just painted over your army the turn that you rout and it doesn't check.
I know all the information about morale mechanics is from one guy decompiling the game, but I hope someone has anecdotal experience with some of this.
allahuackbar.png (u)
[Hide] (526KB, 686x305)
Everyone seems sick of this game and I'm going to archive it unless there are any objections. SPEAK UP if you want to continue playing because I only want to end it if everyone is done. The impossible AI turned out to be just tedious. Probably would have been a different story if it worked out as intended, with people going AI when they're just about dead as opposed to the BIGGEST NATION IN THE GAME.

Fuck you, Mekone, whereever you are.
Replies: >>81135
I've been slower with my turns, sorry about that. I'm ok with archiving but only if everyone else is. Otherwise I'll keep playing.
Replies: >>81175
Are you Atlantis?
Replies: >>81181
Replies: >>81186
That means everyone in the game is ok with ending it. Let me put it out of its misery before it becomes a full-on stale fest. EpinGame2 should be going up within the next few weeks but feel free to start a game in the meantime if you want.
I'm going to have to take the server down for about 12 hours from 01:00AM GMT on the 16th to move houses. Sorry for inconvenience t.worstmin
Replies: >>81310
You may want to put a message on the front page of the site.

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