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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

yande.re_214019_armored_core_gun_kawashiro_nitori_kurione_mecha_touhou.jpg (u)
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yande.re_233648_armored_core_armored_core_5_crossover_gun_kawashiro_nitori_kurione_mecha_touhou.jpg (u)
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yande.re_49218_anubis__zone_of_the_enders_jehuty_konami_mecha_shinkawa_yoji_sword_zone_of_the_enders.jpg (u)
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yande.re_49220_anubis__zone_of_the_enders_ardjet_konami_mecha_shinkawa_yoji_zone_of_the_enders.jpg (u)
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yande.re_75201_anubis__zone_of_the_enders_konami_mecha_nepthis_shinkawa_yoji_zone_of_the_enders.jpg (u)
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Where's the mecha thread, faggots? Are you playing anything? Anything you're excited for? Well, get fucked mecha is dead, but we have a ton of old games to enjoy, so there's that. Start posting sexy robots and designs and anything else /m/ already.
Also, when is From going to drop gay souls for another Armored Core? Daemon X Machina is shit and can't even be called a substitute. The drought continues.
Spoiler File (u)
(272.4KB, 633x499)
Spoiler File (u)
(338.9KB, 637x477)
>>63002 (OP) 
Did somebody say fukken rowbats? I don't know if this counts but there's a decent amount of metal to her and the classic robotic speech pattern
I didn't realize Fromsoft made a mech game. I've certainly heard the name Armored Core before but I haven't played it. I was hoping to try out their other games since I enjoyed Dark Souls and I don't think I've ever played anything else outside of the series so far in general.
Replies: >>63199
Armored_Core_Verdict_Day_Original_Soundtrack_-_35_Mechanized_Memories.mp4 (u)
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>>63002 (OP) 
Armored core is dead and its probably not coming back. A lot of the devs moved to Daemon X Machina. The more I think about it the more I think they knew VD was going to be their last game. Everyone talking about how everything has moved on, mercs getting older. 
Also the fact that you not only fight but BEAT a NEXT as the final boss proves that you are the toppest of dogs and might have the biggest dick of the setting. 
Now granted it was a shitty NEXT but it was a NEXT, Primal armor and all.
maybe J shouldn't have been an assault armor spamming faggot.
>Daemon X Machina
Unrealized potential. There are a lot of abrupt design dead-ends that point to having a whole lot more planned than what actually made it in. At least what is leftover is serviceable, if mediocre.
Replies: >>63098
Yeah Daemon X Machina feels a bit weird to play, but I believe that a sequel will fix alot of the stuff with it the game has a good foundation.
I started playing AC5 on my PS3 and it's super fun to play the other AC games didn't feel right to me but this one is much better.
>>63002 (OP) 
I've seen some indie japanese devs that are trying to revive the genre most of the games are still in development but they look neat.
>>63002 (OP) 
the design of the mechs in ZOE are 10/10
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Have been playing a lot of MWLL and Roguetech recently. I dont even like most of the Battletech mech designs and the ones I do like were probably licensed from some animangogaka but MWLL is solid and doing stupid shit in the Roguetech mechlab is pretty fun.
Replies: >>63192 >>63301
960px-fh57jvgq85fsqgoa28ifev6s078pgbn.jpg (u)
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>I dont even like most of the Battletech mech designs 
Come here and say that to my face, faggot
I envy you, you lucky moron, and you should play them immediately. The controls seem clunky at first but you will realize that they're better for simultaneously moving and shooting than the "modern" controls that get introduced in AC3 even though the "modern" scheme is easier to pick up. Thanks to the horrible dynamics of dedicating your entire thumb to the right stick. Sometimes I'm convinced that two stick controllers were a mistake.
Replies: >>63199
Raven_RGilClan_v06.png (u)
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Bushwacker_RGilClan_v02.png (u)
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Shadow_Cat_RGilClan_v09.png (u)
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Fuck, I forgot my reply.
>picks the most boring Battletech design
Shit taste, mi amigo.
Replies: >>63201 >>63223
382px-ta0swaic2xiamr43qbrunlfqatv1ieb.png (u)
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Fuck you, nerd
2m2yvxh.jpg (u)
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>Posting the garbage MWO design
Terra_Nova.jpg (u)
[Hide] (33.5KB, 300x450)
I just want PC versions of 4s and Vs
I really miss gritty industrial worldbuilding, then again they happened when both tabletop and grunge were at their peak and vidya was still a niche hobby.

>>63002 (OP) 
>Anything you're excited about?
SRW 30, that's about it.
EDF 6 and some MechWarrior 5 mods, but that barely qualifies.
Replies: >>63233
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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I said most. Do you truly enjoy designs such as Megaman Mouse or Box On Legs #32? Many renditions of Atlas are a bit wonky too.
Looking through the list of mechs in skirmish there is a surprising amount of good looking ones though.
Replies: >>63237
Is Mechwarrior 5 fun with mods, I hear it's pretty bad game.
Also why do people mention EDF in mech I know it has some mechs but they are not always the main weapon in the games but the mechs designs are rad as hell Nyx for life baby
Some of the Mech designs are intentionally shitty due to the Succession Wars impact on infrastructure, but yes there are many uninteresting ones. Generally the IS humanoid designs are lackluster.
It may be worth it if you pirate the new DLC. They just released a patch that puts the game at where it should have been at launch. I did play it with mods about 6 months after launch and it was decent but extremely dry. The missions were not exciting at all and the AI was retarded, even after modding it. Supposedly the AI is better now.
Replies: >>63239 >>63247
>Some of the Mech designs are intentionally shitty due to the Succession Wars impact on infrastructure
Sure, but that doesnt apply to the examples I posted. The Clint is a Star League mech and the Strider is a OmniMech based on another Star League mech.
3a7e13cd4e87f7f4926dcd8084d8e4d14ce6d10ea68ed4924a49cfb468302bd9.jpg (u)
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What's the easiest mech game that isn't shit? 
I couldn't into Armored Core or Living Legends but Mechwarrior 5 is kinda gay. 
Bonus points if the mech is a cute girl or has a cute girl AI but it's not a requirement.
Replies: >>63250
The DLC patch broke nearly all mods, and it's currently impossible for modders to update their projects to work with the DLC until PGI releases another patch to fix modding. But I concur with >>63237 saying the DLC patch is what the base game should've been at launch, and it might be worth pirating.
Replies: >>63260
cyber-troopers-virtual-on_2.png (u)
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pa.213085.6.jpg (u)
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Virtual-On: Cyber Trooper
Replies: >>63353
>mods required to make the game worth playing
>devs broke modding
What a disaster.
Did they atleast fix enemies spawning right next to you so you dont need a mod to fix that?
Replies: >>63301 >>63354
heys_guys.png (u)
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cute_factions.png (u)
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too.png (u)
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Trannytech.png (u)
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Its a kitchen sink mod but its pretty fun. I wish I could find an axeman though but the highlander I snagged off a mission is working really well.

 They said they did but not really. Its better but its more like "better".
Now have some cursed imaged from the old 8chan /vg/ battletech threads.
I'm just waiting for the Living Legends tier Total Conversion some lads are making.
Replies: >>63347
I've been thinking about playing LL since some anon posted about it a few days ago. is it really hard to get into like most mps with small communities? also i doubt it runs on linux.
Replies: >>63435 >>63904
Is the PC version any good or do I have to track the PS2 version down?
Fortunately the Better Spawns mod still works with the DLC.
It'd be challenging to get into with a large community. The skill floor is high, mechanical and map knowledge in particular, and the developers know and are okay with that. The hardest part for me was finding something I wanted to pilot in the first place. I settled on whatever has an AECM, which is like a combat support role in the form of a mobile radar stealth generator that masks the radar of nearby teammates (but not your own radar) and partially defends them against enemy homing missiles. The AECM is an easy way for scrubby players to add value to their team.

Also, the wiki is your friend for learning about what each piece of equipment and weaponry does exactly.
>no sound
wait what?
Replies: >>63880
>>63002 (OP) 
>those >literal >COCK-pits
Armored_Core_20th_Anniversary_Special_Disk_02_-_12_-_Mechanized_Memories_-_in_the_end_--lBmPvWyQ-HY.webm (u)
[Hide] (13MB, 1920x1080, 05:27)
Fixed it.
It's a mod with no tutorial that expects you to know a hefty amount about BattleTech or at least MechWarrior already. The vehicle buying system works off of the canon variants of the 'Mechs, which means you have to look them up on (the BattleTech wiki) to have any idea what you're buying if you don't already know. It will tell you what weapons and systems are there, but if you don't know what "LB-X AC/10, MLAS x 2, LRM20" means for example, it will be slow going for you. 

Other than that, it plays like MechWarrior Online should have played and playing as Battle Armor (what you spawn in) is also quite fun. You can buy upgraded gear for the Battle Armor as well and it's cheap (shaped charge explosives, better missiles, etc). They're best at killing Mechs due to the massive size difference making it much like trying to shoot a house fly with a revolver. Tanks can stomp on them fairly easily if they're spotted.
Been playing more Roguetech right now and I really really want to find an axman. I have a highlander for my assault but I want to run up to people and axe them to death. I was using a hatchetman before and thats a pretty good mech.
1390170051557.gif (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 371x294)
RAD is still the coolest mech game.
Replies: >>64456
If you think about it that robot is protoBalam from edf.
Replies: >>64457
With every EDF game that releases I always hope that the mech controls for it would be RAD style.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (33.4KB, 300x224)
Replies: >>64716
BattlekekUnseenv0.1.pdf (u)
The whole unseen debacle was such a hit for battletech because their entire main lineup was licensed from weebshit. 
Have a thing an anon on 8/vg/ wrote about it.
Replies: >>64724
I know about it from before though, it's a clusterfuck. They licensed the designs from a nip model kit importer that probably didn't even have the right to do so. And then Battletech got sold multiple times and no one knew if the licenses were still valid or if they were ever legal in the first place. After almost 20 years of this shit they decided to just redraw the designs in a style similar but legally distinct :^)

Also this PHX LAM is ridicilous, insane movement and evasion in aerospace mode. If you're not hitting BT every turn you're using it wrong. Only downsides seem to be taking more stability damage if something actually manages to hit you in aerospace mode and you can't replace most of the internals.
Replies: >>64727
Can't the LAM just fuck off across half the map? Man I used to have a Venom which is an upgrades spider and its jump range was retarded too. I miss it.
Replies: >>64743
Phoenix_Hawk_Sprint_Range.png (u)
[Hide] (608.4KB, 773x494)
Phoenix_Hawk_LAM_Land_Mode_Sprint_Range.png (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 976x653)
Phoenix_Hawk_LAM_Aerospace_Mode_Sprint_Range.png (u)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1438x770)
Phoenix_Hawk_LAM_Aerospace_Mode_Jump_Range.png (u)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1505x962)
Yes. Although huge aerospace mode jumps generate so much heat and sprint goes so far its almost pointless unless you really want to fuck off.
Also this is with a downgraded engine core (200), I think it was something like 250 by default. Might even downgrade it again and fit some more cooling.
Replies: >>66007
Pretty tasty, wish there was a way to search for mechs you want though. I've been looking for an axeman and I can't find one. 
Not like heat matters unless you are sitting on any ammo bins. Roguetech is alright , I keep trying to start a new game but I feel like I don't know what I want. Maybe I'll do a tank start as a meme.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1287x727)
I tried AC4, it's really fun even if the mech designs are rather abstract due to emulation.
I couldn't into the PS2 games because of the camera controls but in this game is really smooth. Maybe I'll get into it enough to get motivated to learn the PS2 controls.
I say this every time AC comes up, but I think ten years ago, or whenever the waggle era was, From could've squirted out intern-made "remakes" for next to no money. Since everything on the Wii sold, they would've made AC a profitable series again and we would have more AC games now. That ship's sailed, I guess.
az01ppsspp.webm (u)
[Hide] (17.3MB, 852x480, 02:23)
Anon, as much as I have a soft spot for 4th gen AC, absolutely nothing you can gain from them can apply to the pre-4th gen games. If your issue with the older games (at least the pre-Nexus ones) are the "tank" style controls, then just change them through the emulator to be dual stick. The only issue with this method is that the pre-Nexus games feel a bit oversensitive/ touchy in terms of camera control, but its not insurmountable and it works perfectly fine for the campaign and AI arenas. If you were already doing that then the thing you have to understand about old-AC, due to the "turn speed" stat you aren't going to make big quick movements to the camera to adjust your aim, you have to move and adjust you AC so that your target "falls" into your lockbox relative to how your AC is moving and how your moving your lockbox. If you'll excuse the shit quality, webm related I think illustrates that well. It's PPSSPP gameplay of Last Raven, and either due to how ppsspp works, or due to how I set up dual stick controls, the game has an awkward time picking up diagonal input from my right analog. So instead of awkwardly trying to aim up, I simply adjust, and move my AC in a way that complements how I'm moving the camera and also taking into account how my target is moving, so that I can stay locked on well enough to land as many hits as I can.

Don't be a dipshit, if FromSoft thought there was money to gain from that they would do it. Instead, the 20th anniversary of the OG AC came and went, and the only thing to show for it is compilation of the OSTs from the games that was only released in JP, and the 25th anniversary of the OG AC will be next year and there's still jack crap. If you think name recognition would've done it, AC was MORE niche in the era you're talking about cause jap disinterest in any mecha that wasn't gundam was starting to kick in to high gear at the time. With some exceptions like G.Lagann and maybe E7, if it wasn't called Gundam, then japs generally didn't care as much. This is generally even worse in the west where if a mecha has legs and isn't in Star Wars it may as well be walking garbage. If we're talking FromSoft's name recognition, then at that time no one gave a shit about FromSoft at the time until Demon's Souls was released, and even then it was only as a studio to look out for not a big name. They didn't become a big name mainstream studio until Dark Soul's. And if we're talking about right now, we only need to look at Metal Wolf Chaos XD, a rerelease of an older game that has more forgiving gameplay than any pre-4th gen AC, with modern FromSoft's name recognition behind it, Devolver doing a passable job at marketing it (which is far better than any FS game that isn't a Souls game), and an over the top campy story with massive amounts of meme potential. And it still released with all the interest and fanfare of a wet fart. Anon, on every level, your dumbass assumption is bullshit.

OG armored core was 97 in japan, a year after a back to back rubning of 3 new gundam shows that historically ended with people being burned out on the franchise.
Replies: >>67875
Anon, why are you being an idiot? This post >>67215  is talking about the "waggle era" which is the 7th gen of consoles, which is what my post >>67436   is referring to. Shit going on in the 90s has no relevance to either post in regards to the time frame specified, nor is it relevant today, where in spite of the lack of a new full-length series, Bandai has managed to keep interest in gundam strong through movies, side projects, and merch (like model kits). Most other jap mecha series that came out in a similar time frame to 0079, and were considered just as big at that time, aren't anywhere near as relevant as gundam is today.
Replies: >>68131 >>68144
I highly recommend learning the classic controls. After learning them I actually think dual stick is worse. Dedicating your entire thumb just to moving the camera is gay. With the classic controls, your fingers are in contact with all of the buttons all of the time and you can still control the AC fine. Just be sure not to be a total scrub and use the quick turn.
>MechWarrior 5 vanilla lancemate AI breaks when AI lancemates pilot Heavy or Assault mechs, causing them to barely shoot their weapons when enemies are in close range.
>Enemy AI doesn't seem to have this problem and has no problem ripping apart stupid lancemates.
>AI mods are still not fully working with the DLC patch.

Whelp, it was fun while it lasted. I have a hunch the AI is "broken" due to AI mechanics hidden for some retarded reason . But I don't care to play such a trial-and-error game one bit.
Map camera and turn to face buttons, map linear/strafing movement to dpad (or vice versa), map weapon/swap/boost to shoulder and l3/r3 buttons. Now the control scheme is practically the same as modern games. You might still need a high turn speed mech and feather boosted quad legs to make it play like modern AC, or otherwise that quick turn shoulder mod if the particular game you're playing has it.
>look it up
>2011 was 10 years ago
>Gundam AGE
>High profile 

Still nah 

>Gurren Laggan
>Most popular animes of 2011 are shit like hunterxhunter, madoka, and some other shit

Try again.  Games like AC are always niche, even over in japan.
Are you being facetious? Nothing of what you posted contradicts what I said here >>67436 or in >>67875.  And where the fuck did I argue AC was never niche? I said it was MORE niche in that era specified. It was this anon >>67215  that tried to argue that FromSoft would make money doing HD re-releases of AC during that 2006-2013 time frame.

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