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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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The new Ratchet and Clank game is out, but a thread focused on that will be very limited, so might as well include discussion about other platforming games. It can't be as bad as the reboot, right? So what do you aons think about it? You're not masturbating to porn of the new character they added, are you? 
I can't believe the voice actor for Johnny Test is Ratchet.

For other platformers, I'll start by talking about Yooka Laylee and The Impossible Lair. Yooka controls great in my opinion and I found the game to be pretty chill at times. The only part of the game I didn't like was the final level, the impossible lair itself. My problem isn't that its hard, it's that compared to the rest of the game, it's a huge jump in difficulty. So if you have some free time on your hands, I think it's worth giving a try at the very least.
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I liked hat in time. I went in for the loli but the game was surprisingly fun. It feels pretty snappy and it's nice how you can just go fast without bullshit stopping you. 
Bow kid a shit. 
>Yooka Laylee
I don't think I could bring myself to play it, not because of the game itself, but because of how it looks. It commits the sin of being a unity game that looks like a unity game, with the disgusting unity ground rendering, bland unity default lighting, and general unity visual style.
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The LBP series was great. It has got no politics, barely any cutscenes and/or story, solid gameplay, good soundtrack and visuals, and great level design that is without mentioning the hundreds of quality community made content which is easily accessed and seamlessly implemented into the game without the need of any additional shit.

How come it never gets talked about?
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>>62844 (OP) 
I'm trying to play Rayman 3. I enjoy it. Just I forget about it often.
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I personally loved 1 and 2, 3 was when it went to shit. Soundtrack was my second favorite part of it. Probably doesnt get much talk because it’s PS3 exclusive? Not sure.
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What's wrong with the third? I haven't played it yet.
I don't know anon, you're implying anyone here owns a Piss5 which is hard to believe.
I loved the sly trilogy. The gameplay itself on its own was nothing special but the way it was presented and the way missions played out made it one hell of a package.
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I want to fuck this lombax.
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>>62844 (OP) 
I've always hated that they redesigned Ratchet in the PS3 games to have a more human head/look closer to the generic 3DCGI shit that was every movie at the time. They also started putting more focus on the stupid stories with those games, and took themselves far too seriously. I think I just wrote the series off when they announced that they wouldn't bother with 60 FPS in the future because "it doesn't affect sales". Not that the later PS3 ones had a stable framerate to begin with, but at least they bothered to try back then.
The original trilogy was a lot of fun though.

The problem with LBP is that everything is physics-based and that's a terrible idea in a platformer. For example, the ninja stages in the first game (I think) had some thin pillars with gaps you were supposed to run over, similar to how you can run over small gaps in Super Mario Bros. Problem is, sometimes the physics would fuck up and you'd fall because one pillar wobbled in just the wrong way. The game was full of small things like that. Great customisation but the gameplay was flawed.
>wanting to fuck snatchet
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Rayman 2 and 3 are great games. The third game wasn't even developed by Ancel, because he was busy with Beyond Good and Evil.
Snatchet and spank.
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>start writing about SuperTux's overly slippery controls
>remember that the game has a fucking banepost
>remember I forgot to screencap it
I think it was on a level called Find the Big Fish. At one point there's a pit you can drop into, and instead of being an instakill you land in a secret area and find a big fish for you.
I do not understand why a 2D platformer which formerly used SDL's software renderer had to use OpenGL, OpenAL instead of SDL_mixer, or the fucking C++ boost libraries.
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ha ha, you can see his lil foot just below him :)
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I heard SDL_mixer has some serious latency issues

Good eye
According to my notes, v0.1.3 is the last one without OpenGL.  I built it from source on my 32-bit ARM SBC, and it runs fine.  I collect old versions of games and emulators exactly for this reason, because I don't want to be stuck needing OpenGL or SDL2 for anything.
The old SDL1 is great for running stuff on fbdev tty, without needing X or Wayland.  It works on old/small hardware just fine, and no GPU needed.  None of that should be required for the kind of simple games that were common in the 80's.
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Believe it or not i just finished R&C for the first time (I missed a lot of collectables and i haven't bought the R.Y.N.O. yet so i might have to farm bolts). I found it really fun and the difficulty was pretty good too. 
I don't know what else to say. I guess i'm going to go play R&C2 and Secret Agent Clank.
I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on the games when you get through them. I've only played the first three and somehow Going Mobile. You mainly hear that the original series 1-4 are the best with 1 being a bit different from the rest. More a puzzle shooter than a straight shooter. I think usual standing is 2>3>1=4.
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The RYNO's a pain to get the normal way, especially since there isn't a NG+ bolt multiplier factor like later games. There's a glitch you can do though make it a lot less taxing on you as the player, but it still requires quite a bit of time to get that many bolts, at least on an actual PS2.
ratchet and clank was god tier
Both 1 and 4 are oddities really, 4 is very combat focused and not much else.
I'd honestly put deadlocked above 3 though, though considering 3 of questionable quality is a pretty rare thing.
Its not a super coherent game and sometimes just falls apart. I can certainly see why people put it at second or first generally though.

Outside of secret agent clank none of the games are actively bad, though the post 4 ones become samey.
Also the reboot is just kinda mediocre obviously, can't exactly its bad if you take it by itself but with context all you have is a downgrade with little charm.
But all the post 4 ones have the latter part really.Reboot is a couple steps further though
Both 3(Up your Arsenal) and 4(Deadlocked/Gladiator) are straight up combat games but 4's much better at it, I have no idea how it's seen as the relative worst of the PS2 lineup.
Replies: >>65611
Like I mentioned I haven't played 4 but I think it must've sold less which is why it's put under 3.
Man, Deadlocked multiplayer was hot shit. I fucking LOVED the combat in that game, grinding around, blasting robots to death with dual laser-pistol while firing off screen-annihilating nukes on my way to capture one of four map points.
Then again, I started with Ratchet 2, so the 'upgrade your weapon into something retardedly overpowered" and fighting in the arenas were always my favorite parts of the games. I still distinctly remember the cylindrical arena that would have lava rise and fall while you were hundreds of feet above the crowd.
Fuck yeah.
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warioland 4 best gaym
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Game also had some great music for combat situations.
Sonic Amature Games Expo (SAGE) is going on right now. You anons find anything interesting?
>Psychonauts 2 is out
>GTX 1050 minimum
>Lignux port is supposedly coming out later this year
>doesn't work in Proton by default without media foundation shit
Any of you fags pirated it yet? How is that shit?
That game is actually out? Are the Fig backers going to get their shekels?
Replies: >>77643
Pirated it and played a little. So far I’m surprised at how good it is. It feels like “Psychonauts but again” but that is a good thing. The only played two levels so far but they’re both fairly imaginitive and weird compared to early game 1 levels. The hub world had lots of weird named NPCs that have different dialog at each part of the story just like the first so you can wander about and talk to them all. The grinding so far is easy and meaningless, just minor upgrades instead of important powers, but we’ll see. The humor is alright with nothing too fantastic but some good bits and only one joke that almost approaches SJW shit. Raz says RATS when thete is a locked door and someones pet rat takes offence. Raz says “Sorry, I guess I ought to rethink how I use that word.” That’s not a full Woke thing but it feels like they said it a little too close to some gay shit. We’ll see how it goes once I get time to finish it
Replies: >>77649 >>77665
Can you play this shit on toaster? I like the first game, but I might have to play it again because that was a long time ago.
Replies: >>77697
What the hell
I keep forgetting about games that are coming out
That spoiler seems more like it's making fun of it than anything, but who knows.
Replies: >>77697
I got a newish gpu recently but every other part of my pc is at least 6 years old and i had no issues. Running windows 7 (they didn’t say windows 10 only thank fuck) and aside from a weird warning at the start there have been no issues or bugs. Not sure if that’ll change though. It feels polished.
Just pirate it if you have the time/bandwidth. Its on gog-games so easy to aquire. 

I hope so. There’s also the new group of teens that Raz that feature an assortment of weirdos including a wheelchair guy, a spanish guy, and a nignog. Haven’t seen enough of them yet to see if they’re just the standard diversity crew or not.
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I need to finish Voodoo Vince.

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