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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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May flash rest in peace.
What emulators have you been using fags.
Also how am I supposed to get more crates in decision:medieval?
>>61709 (OP) 
Inb4 >shitty OP
But I wanted to make a flash thread and ask the guestion about decision medieval.
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thread nuked by seagull in 3, 2, 1...
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>>61709 (OP) 
I'm occasionally using flashpoint to play some older stuff. Remembering newgrounds and other places with hundreds of fucking free flash games really makes me wonder what the fuck went so wrong that some games selling today don't have even a part of the functionality or passion behind these old projects.
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I've wondered that myself...
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Alexander_Rybak_-_Leave_Me_Alone.mp4 (u)
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Flashpoint and SFWchan.
/f/ was comfy in spite of its repetitiveness.
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Newgrounds was people making games for the fun of it. Modern indies are people making games either for art or to try and make some quick cash.
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Has anyone figured out a way to play the full version of this game? Adult Jew added DRM to it that made it only playable on their website, and they've taken it down years ago I think. It was one of the best flash games ever made, has it been lost to time?
>for art
More like for social gain, pure artistic merit has no use for them.
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It was good but I personally preferred some of the games youd find on Cartoon Network’s website, like that Ed Edd n Eddy skateboard game.
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>dead flash meme
just because something doesn't get any more updates doesn't mean it's dead. software dies when nobody uses it anymore. there are still plenty of people that will continue to make games and animation in flash until they die.
>all porn that was made with vector graphics in flash only gets better with time as resolution increases
>just because something doesn't get any more updates doesn't mean it's dead. 
Actually you are right.
So does anyone know how to get kore crates? Are you not supposed to build the tower?
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For 'art' then but yes, that's what I meant.
There are a few sorts of DRM used in flash games. If it's the sort where they stream actual content used in the game from their servers it's probably dead.

If sites stop hosting the original .swf files and only use whatever workaround then those games are fully under their control and potentially lost forever. Even in the past big players like Kongregate and Armor Games were using various tricks with streaming the data to make it very hard/impossible to play offline and games exclusive to those sites are now dead unless they've been manually updated to work with new methods.
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Seems to suggest that it's on FlashPoint.
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Seems to work fine. I only did the first two levels but nothing suggests it isn't the full game.
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Tried it myself, and got to Act 3. Trent is complete bullshit.
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>>61709 (OP) 
I love flash but I dont like most of the archival sites. A lot of flash games were just reskins of other games or e-shovelware.
>What emulators have you been using fags.
just the flashplayer, havent touched the NG one
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Any good erotic flash games? 
Did anyone play erotic flash games?
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>Remembering newgrounds and other places with hundreds of fucking free flash games really makes me wonder what the fuck went so wrong that some games selling today don't have even a part of the functionality or passion behind these old projects.
What i really find baffling is how these flash games used to be free, and now we have indie devs selling trash (that as you pointed out, are often worse than old flash games) for stuff like 15 bucks.
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Some of the flash games were more complex then stuff you find on some shitty app store all made for fun and put on the internet. Where is the  creativity now?
creativity is unprofitable and thus has been pushed out of an oversaturated market.
speaking of oversaturation
Replies: >>66745
>Kingdom rush is now exclusive on mobile
That's technically the only one that matters to me, that went there.
Decision series was really complex and I remember some survival zombie game on flash from armor games.
Even the less complex were moade from love like the thing thing series or A.L.I.A.S.. 
I remember even some really old armor games games.  I think I played more flash games then regular games when I was young.
Replies: >>66745
Ones with passable gameplay were rare, the vast majority of ero flash was animations, scene swappers and interactive touching games. Here's a collection if you like those:

With actual gameplay there's Crimson Keep, an ongoing series of web games, and there's dlsite games like JSK's and KooooN Soft's stuff.
Replies: >>66745
Flash games were an entire INDUSTRY for websites. Newgrounds, Armorgames, Kongregate... What was the actual reason Adobe gave for dropping flash support? Did they just not get enough dosh from its development? Considering how many parts of the world are becoming more digitally literate and how profitable advertising to them could be it seems like a massive oversight.
Haven't tried it out, but looks cool.
Replies: >>65713
Into the trash it goes
Flash has always had huge security and performance issues alongside licensing headaches. Once better ways to distribute multimedia were available it fell by the wayside and it stopped being worth Adobe's time to maintain.
It was bigger than a game and animation industry, it was an essential part of website infrastructure. Many websites wouldn't work at all without Flash, Youtube included. I can only speculate on why the total abandonment of what used to be one of the most essential dependencies to browse the internet happened, it probably has to do with how it wasn't built to run well on newer hardware and systems, how it's full of vulnerabilities and how they're completely unwilling to fix it.
Replies: >>65726
Flash was dead the moment Apple refused to support it on their goyphones, but the reason Adobe did their killswitch was because the plugin had about 25 years of technical debt and was fundamentally insecure, and they didn't want to spend the money on a rewrite when the format itself was made obsolete by demographic replacement, or they just weren't confident in their ability to fix it without breaking backwards compatibility.
There was also Scaleform, which implemented in-game UIs using Flash. I don't know if it had the same security problems as browser or standalone flash applets.
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Does anyone have that one flash game where you have to dodge shit as you evolve into different creatures as a neat song plays? 
I remembered that it exists again and I can't find it.
Replies: >>66701
Bubble tanks 2?
Replies: >>66704
You mean flOw?
Replies: >>66704
No, it was an autoscroller with actual graphics and you played as animals and a robot.
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Imagine selling flash games.
>what is a quarter of the Android/iOS app store
>>61709 (OP) 
the game
>everyone, look at how smart i am!
We all know most flash games can still be played, one way or another.
That's not the point.
The point is that flash was a giant platform with tons of developers creating tons of contents and tons of communities grown around such content, now it's all gone.
>all porn that was made with vector graphics in flash only gets better with time as resolution increases
That's not how vector graphics work, especially for patchwork assets like the ones you typically saw in those games.

Way to out yourself as a newfag.
Flash went from being the MUST HAVE plugin that you NEEDED to see videos on Youtube, to a niche and technically obsolete relic: it still outlasted every other plugin by 5 years or so, but eventually all things must come to an end.
>selling flash games
I've seen people sell flash games, like TBoI and Botanicula, but repackaging 3 ancient free flash games and asking for 10 dollars is a whole new level of jewry.
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We'll definitely see more of it. Henry Stickman came out on steam and became popular again as streamerbait. That would most likely be the trendsetter for a lot more free flash games being resold because flash is dead and newfags don't know they were free to begin with.
Flash games themselves had an annoying trend of DRM and microtransactions showing up after the golden age of flash died down so it's nothing new.
Japs sold a lot of pornographic flash games. That's most of what Isotonix did, for instance. They're the ones who made that B2 flash-based engine for block-breaking games, and there were at least a couple of circles who sold flash games made with that engine. The Robozou guy just recently put a collection of a few flash games on DLSite, and JSK and I think that KooooonSoft group are STILL making games in flash. Let's not even get started on furry donation-based flash games like HTH or CoC, which weren't exactly sold but certain generated money--both of which, funny enough, were not only never finished but had sequels despite that, and they too were never finished.
Replies: >>72134
Five_Nights_at_Funkin_lolipedoshit,_twitter.jpg (u)
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>he still has nostalgia for Negrogrounds and retarded 2000s flash shit
It's like I'm really on Deviantart
Replies: >>71919 >>71942
I don't get it
Stick_death.png (u)
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Nothing beats the classics.
Replies: >>71945
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Christ, cakechan is embarrassing. Why did you post this thread?
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So other anons don't have to visit the site.
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conveniently_ignoring_all_the_posts_calling_him_a_faggot..jpg (u)
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Same_prson.JPG (u)
[Hide] (97.3KB, 550x595)
Replies: >>71972 >>72006
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>visiting an imageboard just to defend the honor of another imageboard
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Also hi to all the cakeniggers raging at my post lol
1580438176329.png (u)
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Also hi to all the boogeymen in my mind raging at my post lol
Replies: >>71977
Replies: >>71978
Also whem are we gonna go back on topic?
You have to be born with thick skin to do such a thing.
Replies: >>72018
>2nd pic
holy fuck 8cuck is even worse than I thought
Replies: >>72009
As another anon already pointed out, got the edgy redditors who wanted to be part of "le ebil nadsee 8chan armie" for the moniker, not because anyone actually wanted to discuss the board topics at hand.
it's been a while since I've seen this one
Replies: >>72019
Oh yeah I played this shit when I was young.
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>Where is the  creativity now?
Freem!/mugen and derivative western site are incredibly active with the advent of HTML5. in particular is trying to set up a feasible net arcade environment, you can access HTML5 browser games by filtering Platform->Web and Price->Free. Flip to "New and Popular" to get a better look at new games and the horrific, fun, sometimes complex garbage people are coming up with these days.
Pic related. The tone of most the games isn't as fun or savvy as Newgrounds and competitor sites used to be, but there's nothing stopping anyone from making a website that caters to games with a more "traditional" "internet" atmosphere, or which has better sorting options.

I still mourn the orchestrated murder of Flash, but I'm always amazed by how everyone pretends browser game dev died with it, when development seems to be chugging along just fine. What's your favorite browser game this year? Have you even tried one lately? It's nice to talk about what's gone, but it's no surprise to me that these fractured imageboards struggle to make OC or find new things to banter about when everything is retrospective. The internet isn't dead yet, it's only in the process of being smothered, enjoy it more while it  yet lasts...
To avoid being "tell, not show," I'll bring up Vicious Mockery. It was some kids' thesis project, but it reminds me so much of a lot of the old typing-based flash games, like QWERTY Warriors or Typing Defense. Neat little thing if you haven't had an excuse to push your typing speed in a long time, it ramps up the difficulty after a few levels. 

Most JP net games before RPGM and general game maker were Shockwave or Flash, and there are still examples of both published to this day.
>Falling for /cow/ shitstirring
Thy Dungeonman II and other Homestar Runner related games. Those were awesome. Can't go wrong with an out of place David Bowie reference
Are there any good flash emulators I can throw SWF into and have good controls? 
It doesn't seem like flashpoint supports exterior files.
Replies: >>72636
Just use the Flash projector.

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