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Self-explanatory title. I mean, most if not all games have flaws. I'm refering however, to games that could easily be classified as mediocre or even bad, but nonetheless you can sit down and enjoy it.
>Earthworm Jim 3D
Made after it was bought from the original developers, it's clear that EWJ3D lacks a lot of charm of the two original games. You can really feel the lack of TenNapel's involvement in this game. It's also a very generic 3D platformer that pales in comparison to other games in the genre. Yet while lacking a lot of charm as I previously said, it retains some of it. It's definitely not great nor terrible either, but it isn't so bland is boring. Well, at least for me. I could see a lot of people getting bored very quickly, specially since the first level it's not very good. I didn't mind it though. It's just simple fun that's not outstanding in any way.
Something i found funny is how the game is E rated but you can decapitate some enemies with blood splattering.
>Duke Nukem Forever
I didn't grew up with 3D. In fact I played it some years ago. After that I heard the terrible reputation this game has and the development hell it went through. Maybe it's because i'm not to close with 3D, but I didn't mind this one either. It's what you would expect from a bad 7th gen FPS, but it stands out for me because of how much of the enviroment you can interact with, the corny shitty dialogues and some of the things you do in the game like turning into a tiny version of yourself and drive a toy car. If it wasn't for that I probably wouldn't care for it, but as it stands it's just a fun game. I get the backlash from fans of 3D though. Same with nu-doom.
>The entire Sonic series
I plan to make a thread about it when I beat all of the mainline games. All Sonic games with a few exceptions are heavily flawed. Some are outright garbage, but i do think a lot of them can be immensively fun. Sonic games have a something to them that while I can say they are bad games, i can't say they are unplayable. I'll expand on this more some other time.
>The Neverhood
Now this has that charm that EWJ3D is missing. Too bad the gameplay can be tedious, sometimes on purpose as seen in the wall of text hall. Some of the puzzles are also very confusing. It's something that is more fun to watch than to play. I still play it from time to time though, as everything besides the gameplay is really great.
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My pick would be Megaman Starforce Force. While it's just a mediocre j-RPG inspired by Megaman Battlenetwork and supposed to take its place, i grew up with it and was one of my first real, actual games. The plot is okay, the gameplay too but overall let's face it, the game barely goes above 50 / 100 if you have to rate it honestly. Still playable too. After playing it a dozen of times over and over i know it by heart.
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>>57751 (OP) 
>Sonic Heroes
I know the flaws of that game, huge amount of accelaration, numeros amount of jank, 'THE FUCKING RAILGRINDING'.
But for me it's still a fun game thanks to it's level design, great music and colorful artstyle.
But I feel ashemed to say this but I like playing skyrim.
I swear to god this is not a shill post but skyrim is one of few Open World games that I actually enjoy, and the problem is that I know it's shit, I know that it's unimaginative boring game unlike Sonic Heroes where even though you could argue that it's shit you can't deny that atleast it had some love put into it, but skyrim fuck no it's one of the trashest game even when I installed fucking hundreds of mods it's still shit...
But I keep playing it, I clocked in atleast over 100 hours even when I keep telling myself "Holy shit this game is soo bad who would enjoy this" but I keep playing, and the biggest problem is that I tried the other Elder Scrolls games.
Morrowind and Oblivion never caught my attention that hard, I play them for a few hours and that's it.
Thank god I uninstalled skyrim or else I would've been playing it right now.
Replies: >>57811
>>57751 (OP) 
Duke Nukem Forever is pretty much just a fine game that's not as shit as is made out it just had to live up to over a decade of expectations and journalists who'd decided it needed to be shit on for being 'old gamer' media and not full of trannies. It doesn't hold up as a classic but I've played far, far worse.
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I wanted a difficult game, but kept finding the ones I was playing too easy. The levels in Bubsy felt big and it was hard. I liked all the death animations and didn't mind the spoken bits at the beginning of each level. I didn't like the second one and never tried any others after that.

>>57751 (OP) 
>The entire Sonic series
The blocks that make you wait in Sonic 1 Spring Yard Zone get real old after a while. It would have been a much more replayable game without those. I cannot remember any other major flaws in Sonic 1/2/3&Knuckles. ||test||
Bubsy would have been a competitor to classic Sonic if they could have hired some actual level and enemy designers instead of making vast expanses of nothing and filling them with poorly telegraphed instakills. As it is it's just another casualty of the 68K era.
I actually enjoyed parts of Too Human. Most of the game had its major flaws, like the Valkyrie revival taking way too long, but it had the makings of a decent game. Too bad Silicon Knights got into trouble over the Unreal engine.
What formatting were you trying to use here?
Replies: >>57814
You can literally just read the FAQ at the bottom of each page.
Wait the bold text doesn't work 'TEST'.
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I see it, markdown seems to have changed AGAIN. give me a bit.
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>Arma 3 
Shit optimization, shit physics, overpriced DLCs with in-game ads, literally, incompetent devs. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it only gets sales because there's no competition, but multiplayer with mods is really fun. 
Aside from that the only kusoge I can think of that I liked is KS, but it's been a while and odds are the devs fucked it up somehow.
Replies: >>57827 >>57829
>incompetent devs
Reminder that they thought it perfectly normal to sit on top of a hill and take pictures of military bases and airfields in one of the most heavily armed islands of the aegean. When one of the devs got caught and locked up they sperged out because he dindu nuffin
Replies: >>57832
Didn't PUBG spawn from an Arma mod? I'd hate it just for that. 
Ok but seriously, I think Arma is kind of neat. It feels really janky sometimes and 3 runs like shit as you said. I remember messing around with a pirate version and all the gun autism mods I downloaded didn't show the magazine when you reloaded for some reason which annoyed the fuck out of me. I don't know if it was on my side but I had multiple gun mods from different authors and they all had the same issue except for the vanilla stuff of course. I had fun with the A-10 training mission though.
Replies: >>57832
Who's developing jschan and why are they a massive nigger?
I forgot about that. How can you be that much of an autismo and still not have any coding skills?
I think it spawned from a modified DayZ mod, with DayZ being an arma 2 mod. So yes.
Good news! There was recently a major romhack released for Star Force 1 that gives it some major mechanical upgrades, removes the version exclusive fuckery, uses the better font from the sequels, restores the crossover content cut in the English release, adds button based alternatives to all touch screen based stuff, lowers save times, removes the dependence on connecting to other players (you can fill out the brother band without multiplayer ect.), and adds some new content including new quests (that fit so well you'd never notice they're new if you hadn't played before) and a hard mode option that's actually balanced (instead of just pumping up enemy HP/damage).

Normalniggers bashed Dook Nook Forever and then praised Doomy Ternal for the exact same shit years later but even worse.
Replies: >>57873
The first Bubsy is pretty fucking good. It has some bullshit deaths but that was all platformers back then. Bubsy is fun to control and the levels are really big. It's just thrown shit at because of how bad 3D was.
No they didn't
Speaking of flaws, is Cave Story alright? I mean I love metroidvanias and all but is Cave Story considered good by imageboard standards or good as in "reddit" standards?

Could've asked this question elsewhere but I heard cave story got mixed reviews to the point where it has a lot of "flaws" (correct me if im wrong on this one). I'll sage.
Cave Story is fucking good, it does have a few flaws, spoilery ones, but other than those few minor things  the game is brilliant.
However any port by Nicalis should be treated with caution, at best they're nothing special, at worse they're butchering hte source material.

Get the translated OG freeware version and some recent version of NX engine
Replies: >>57955
cavestorybossart.png (u)
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The only flaw is after you've seen and done everything, you wish there was more. Great game and props to the jap who made it by himself, he spent five years on it before releasing for free.
Replies: >>57910
Cave Story is a very good game.  There are a couple wonky things like the floaty jump physics and the weapon level system, but overall if you play it you'll see why it spawned so many imitators.
Not really.  It's mostly linear with some branching paths based on your weapons and decisions.
I'd argue the requirements to get the good ending are a flaw, considering you have to do the direct opposite of what the game seems to expect multiple times to even start the good route. Only other issue I can think of is Curly Brace isn't real and isn't bearing my technorganic super babies.
Replies: >>57965 >>58025
The Nicalis one seems the best for me though. I tried playing the original for like the first three minutes and the jumping is weird (like you said). I think Nicalis fixes this?
Replies: >>57956 >>58025
The actual freeware version might be rough on modern systems that's why you use a source port
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AA2. No other game lets me become the chad fat old man dominating the lesser males of the high school.
Replies: >>58025
Spoiler File (u)
(93.2KB, 610x790)
I can think of one more flaw: almost every boss from after you get Super Missiles is trivialized by standing on its hitbox and mashing the Z key, they just deal so much damage at max level. Only two bosses from memory evade this, Misery by being too small to consistently hit and Doctor's first phase for having a shot-blocking option that keeps the tiny missiles from dealing full damage. Everything else gets rolled until you hit the secret level.
You cocksmoking retard. Only worthwhile part of any Nicalis version is Wind Fortress, and then only because they conned Pixel into making it for them.
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Feel free to bully me. Even though I haven't played a lot of it, it feels like a single player game with an MMO slapped on top of it, and everything else wrong with it, I love Star Wars okay. ||Plus, I like the MMO style of combat it implemented.||
I don't care much for TORtanic, but its story definitely clashes with the KOTOR games' continuity, and I really hated how they treated Revan and Malak as having been brainwashed by Vitiate instead of them willingly turning to the dark side to protect the Galaxy and the Republic at large against the great unknown threat (WHICH IS NOT THE VITIATE'S SITH EMPIRE GODDAMMIT). 

Also, learn how to use spoilers, faggot.
>||Plus, I like the MMO style of combat it implemented.||
Am I the only one on this website who used the double asterisk spoilers?  I remember lots of people complained about the double pipes last year because it's a discord-ism that Tom used for no reason.
Replies: >>58086
Fags who cant remember basic shitposting syntax without the FAQ or (((outlanders))), you decide.
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>stellar atmosphere
>some of the best animations in the Diablolike genre
>pretty good voice acting
>great soundtrack by Soule
>gorgeous visuals and world design
<easy, simple, mindless, plays itself
But worst of all:
<game ends on a cliffhanger that is resolved in the expansion, and the expansion is awful
What a shame. I still like it, though.
Replies: >>58373
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'Starship Troopers (2004)'
<Shit human models, even for the time
<Slow walk speed
<Audio mixing and quality all over the place
<Blatantly unfinished tp the point that some sections are impossible without cheesing
<You play as a Speeshul Spess Marine instead of a random MI
<A ton of levels are linear corridor garbage with shit lighting
<Some levels force you to backtrack completely empty levels just for padding
<Weapons are mostly all the same variant of the same gun
<Bulletsponge enemies and bosses
>Hundreds of enemies on screen
>Dozens of allies on screen
>Nails the movie aesthetic flawlessly
>Music is mostly original but it's so good and similar to the 1997s movie soundtrack that you wouldn't even notice
>Enemy variety is great despite some frustrating enemies in some sections
>Most enemies aside from smaller ones lose limbs and armor when shooting them
>Mowing hordes of bugs for Humanity never stops being fun
>Some of the art design in the levels is really good and nails the movie really well
>The Psy Ops, the Commander and the Pilot are all likeable characters
>Outpost defenses with 1000 enemies on screen
>Isn't too short and doesn't overstay it's welcome, around 12 hours of fun
Low budget project from some nobody brits, but really enjoyable and some passion put into it despite lack of budget and the publisher sending it out to die in the same timeframe as Half Life 2 and Gaylo 2.

'Darkest of Days'
<Janky A.I animations
<Some really dubious visuals
<Shit anti climatic ending with a cliffhanger
<Serious corner cutting in some sections
<Literally impossible to run with an AMD card thanks to a fucked up version of PhysX
>Insane plot about you being a George Armstrong Custer soldier brough forward into the future and enlisted into a Futuristic Company to go back in time and fix history
>Hundreds of enemies and friendlies on screen
>Some really great mechanics like having to shoot enemies in the foot or arm to incapaciate them and not create time paradoxes which gives you less progression points and 
>WWI, American Civil War, Indian Wars and Rome
>Mostly using Period weapons
>Reloads have sort of a QTE where you need to press at the right time to reload faster, or slower if you miss
>You can fucking mow down Union goys and Indian Savages with futuristic Assault Rifles
>You can fucking Arty to death Russian with a futuristic Rocket Launcher that works like a salvo Javelin
>You can burn Romans to death with a flamethrower
>Progressikn system is great if basic and mostly consists on Reload times and mag/clip sizes
>Fuckhuge maps, some of which can be played with some degree of freedom
>Music is pretty good
>Voice acting and visuals are alright
Made as a tech demo by Marmoset, it inevitably failed as it was released in 2009 and wasn't Modern Warfare 2.

Still, extremely enjoyable game
The Imperial Agent story is worth a playthrough. The writing and concepts in that are good enough that I wish it had been given its own game. Everything else is sort of shit though, and of course it all falls apart after you finish the class-specific content.
Replies: >>58359
I think I might have a very skewed view of TOR from only playing IA by pure chance and thinking it was a decent singleplayer game with some coop sections.
I really liked that game as well.
I remember setting up LAN with my dad and playing trough the game with him.
>>57751 (OP) 
>Duke Nukem Forever
I played that before 3D and even then I disliked it. I absolutely hated the RC car sections, and not many of the weapons felt very good. Killing enemies wasnt satisfying either. Despite all that, I still beat it, but I forced myself to.
After playing 3D and loving it, few years ago I tried replaying I really saw why old fans where dissapointed.
85b273bb3b904435516921639042b762344e210b4c9dabb845d6532a4c7381fc.jpg (u)
[Hide] (349.7KB, 1600x740)
Here is one that I just recently replayed. They updated it to work on modern machines and achievements. AI felt slightly better but:

<New update took away all the songs from the main  menu
<worlds felt empty, even for its time there eas alot of nothing
<Zombies you create die very easily, arent very good in general
I was playing on Hard, on normal they are a bit better.
<Only a certain amount of zombies could follow you at a time, even worse in older versions
<the Zombie AI pathfinding could of been better, newest update made it a bit more jank. Pretty obvious in the Police Station level
<Most bosses besides the last and Chief Master (very subtle) where bland
<vehicles where meh

>one of a kind game, still cant believe nobody has released something similar despite so many damn zombie games these days
>fun power ups, all of them are useful and unique
>good humor and overall charm
>cool watching things go to chaos
>good soundtrack (despite the main menu getting neutered)
>satisfying kills, blood effects that still look good, and the audible crunch from you biting their skull is still great

Overall, the game isnt as great asI remember when I was a kid, but despite that I still really recommend it. Wish there wws more zombie games like it instead of generic open world zombie survival bullshit.
Replies: >>58447
There was a zombie RTS in development back in 2005-2007 where you controlled a zombie horde infecting a whole city, it looked pretty good from what I remember but unfortunately it was cancelled.

Can't find any info about it though
Replies: >>58509 >>58514
I remember watching a preview the dev was giving and it was definitely very early develoment. Was sad to hear it canceled
Replies: >>58514
Possession_(Cancelled_Zombie_Game_Alpha_Footage).mp4 (u)
[Hide] (5.8MB, 480x368, 01:19)
Found it, not an RTS though
Replies: >>58516
This was it.
Replies: >>58517
I miss all the newspaper particles and shit, modern shit barely does it.
It added so much to Dying Light

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