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About your game idea... could you tell me again in detail what it is, and why do you think we should fund it?
well, it's has a very mature story mixed with ground breaking third person shooting mechanics, and zombies, I think it'll make millions
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What do you say we add crafting, breakable times and long walking-talking sections?
Replies: >>56508
crafting is done during cutscenes with quick time events which can't fail but if you do it plays a slightly different animation and voice line, you know to mix it up a little and give the player choice
>>56504 (OP) 
Because sandbox destruction is cool.
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I don't need you to fund it, thousands of retards will do it for me no matter what if I start up a kikestarter AND I don't even need to deliver a functional product!
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>>56504 (OP) 
Using the ExBrain system to make a videogame that works somewhat like Toribash, but with faster action, since you can input commands using your brain.
If this works you could use it to make other games like FPSes to make them more immersive.

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>>56504 (OP) 
Ok what we are going to do is ape other games wholesale BUT because hindsight is 20/20 we will just do them better. When can I expect my first paycheck?
>>56504 (OP) 
About my game idea ?
I was pitching a movie to you dumb fuck.
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We have much to talk about, Kojangles-san.
Anyway so about your game, we're thinking of aiming for an early 2023 release for PS5 and PC.
>>56504 (OP) 
How about a game where you insert your peepee into other men's behinds?
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We're looking for original game ideas in this firm, anon.
Plus, there's no way we could get the rights to make a video game adaptation of The Last of Us 2.
You'll fit right in here, if you know what I'm saying.
>>56504 (OP) 
There's no such thing as a free lunch kid, get fucked.
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I don't mean to be indiscreet, but are your parents hebrews perchance?
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You play as one of the fallen angels who were cast away from heaven. Although at the beginning of the game you follow Satan and consume human souls for their powers, after a certain in-game event you begin to repent for your great sins. Sworn on stopping Lucifer, you set out on a great crusade against him and his thousands of demons. To gain the power required to battle against the devil comes at a great cost however. 

>cool story anon, but where's the vidya?
Think of faster paced Dark Souls combat set in an open world
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>Dark Souls combat
FE x SMT, but for real this time.
People still want it.
Yes, I can go into more detail.
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Where_art_thy_motivation.jpg (u)
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Make it cuhrayzee instead, then we can talk.
>>56504 (OP) 
>Prasenting actual ideas and asking for funding.
>Not just lying about everything, getting the money, releasing some subpar piece of shit without paying anyone who worked on it, and running away with the money.
Darksiders 3?
Replies: >>56641
How so?
>>56504 (OP) 
Freetard Titanfall 1 with some changes out of 2, maybe open up the variations in Mechs.
Fund it because you can write it off as a social cause with the right wording.
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>>56504 (OP) 
Well, it takes place in a mythical fantasy world where your character is born with Dragons Blood.
>why do you think we should fund it?
You already bought it.
Uh.... um..... ugh.... 

I forgot.
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Perfect, you're hired.
It's a game about fucking horses and I call it horsefucker the game
but you can do other stuff too
Replies: >>56693
Wow, that sounds VERY progressive. $70 billion coming right up.
It's going to be some mediocre adventure game that we really don't give a shit about. But here's the catch, we will add random and unexplainable crap into the game to make our players think that there is some secret lore hidden in the game. We will wait for the retards to piece together a story for us and then make a sequel based off of it. We don't even have to be creative anymore. We can just steal the creativity from our own fans and sell it back to them.
>>56504 (OP) 
It is a FPS were you play as a space marine that is sent to a planet sending SOS radio signals. When you get there everybody dies except you, because the planet is overrun by zombies. You manage to save an egghead scientists, since you don't have any ammo, she gives you a gun that replenish its power from zombie blood, if you get bitten by a zombie, you can run back to the scientist for the cure.
And by cure I mean you need to kiss her, before you turn into a zombie, she doesn't like it at first, since you steal her first kiss, but she comes to like it later on.
When you are turning into a zombie you get enhanced abilities. The qt scientist will give you new weapons that charge using zombie blood.
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It's total war style RTS, but with kids.
The kids have bb guns that they shoot eachother with and use shopping carts as tanks, bicycles as cavalry, etc.
Campaign maps include suburbs, parks, that creek in the woods behind your house, and the school yard.
that's actually an ok idea
That theme would be unironically fun in any genre.
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Do you know what would be worse than waking up every day and pondering about the path you never took?
Waking up every day and seeing somebody else taking that very path and having that gut-wrenching feeling that this hack is only there because you provided them the tools they needed, something they twisted and distored to suit their needs and then that fucker won't even give you the common courtesy of a God damn reach-around.
The tetradev,that faggot that claimed Dishonored was his initial idea and was taken from him and that Terminator/Minotaur story i read sometime ago srping to mind.

Laying on your deathbed and having regrets about all the things you never got to do is nothing to laying there and feeling cheated and knowing it was all your fault for letting it happen in the first place.

tl;dr get you own ideas make your own mistakes faggot but i won't willingly part with the one thing that is truly my own in this world or the next.
Replies: >>56715 >>56729
I'm amazed you alone have all the skills and practice to make your ideas come true.
Surely you have no actual reason to post on this here board in the first place, then.
Starting projects with like-minded people is a waste of time anyway.
Replies: >>56728
I don't know how this relates to the post above so I assume you're a total retard.
Sounds fun.  I'm not sure about the part where you describe running back to her, though: is the game an open world FPS or a FPAdventure like Metroid Prime or a more hybrid game like Deus Ex?

That sounds really neat.  Would it have any distinct gameplay mechanics?

>i have incredible ideas but i'm too fucking lazy do to anything with them
Stop huffing your own farts, fago.
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>distinct gameplay mechanics
Red Alert tier super weapons:
>I got you! 
orbital or sniper strike
nullifying shield
>I'm not playing with you anymore! 
mass teleport to base
>Mom said we have to share. 
resource steal
>I'm telling!!! 
>Oh no, it's uncle Paul again
player disconnected
>>56504 (OP) 
Age of empires combined with timeline of gameplay of Empire earth, advancee diplomatics, expanding maps.
Culture specific units and designs, nations based on the culture system.
Eras system where you'll get new ages and gameplay like which each obe has five ages:
I. Ancient Era:
Paleolith>>>Neolith>>>Copper Age>>>Bronze age>>>Iron age
II. Medieval era you get the idea
III. Age of colonialism
IV. World war era+ early cold war
V. Modern era
VI. Future era.
Nation and culture specific ststems like roman modernisations and like.
Comfy post apocalypse survival with friends which focuses more on cooking and survival aspect
More complex survival with ages and high multiplayer counts maybe even aging and shit. Where you are trying to survive throughout the last ice age to the medieval with advanced crafting, forging, metalurgy. Even more then TFC or Vintage story and more.
Replies: >>56783 >>56867
I'll give out more when I remember more.
Replies: >>56867
First person coop 40k game. But not shit.
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I plan to make this game once i learn programming. I have to plan how to make it fun since it's a bit gimmicky though. It's a Run n' Gun with a bit of platforming. Think Metal Slug for reference. Here's the catch. In the game you have something with the placeholder name of "The Guntar". A rifle but also a guitar that fires when you play it. So the current control scheme I have in mind is (PS2 controller for reference): D-Pad or left joystick to move, x to jump, R1, L1, R2 and L2 as your 4 notes, right joystick as your whammy bar and square, triangle and circle for distortion, overdrive and other stuff. So you go through the game destroying enemies while playing cool solos accompanied with banging drums and maybe another guitar as BGM. You can also change your 4 notes at any time. The game rewards using combos and some bosses will be even more ball-breaking difficult if you refuse to use them. Of course, the last boss is Satan himself who you battle in a guitar battle.
Replies: >>56793
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[Hide] (208KB, 341x283)
Violence is bad also God doesn't exist therefore Satan doesn't exist either, also those controls are too complicated.
Now, et the fuck out of my office before I call security.
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DMC, but actually Kamen Rider (or Tokusatsu in general) and better combat and enemies like Bayonetta or God Hand. 
Also featured: a bunch of other bullshit and the game will be PC only.
Replies: >>56801
>better combat and enemies like bayonetta or god hand
>he picked one good game and one shit game
Replies: >>56803
Can someone tell me what the fuck this is supposed to be? I don't understand moonrunes sadly
Replies: >>56825
are you going to shit on bayonetta now you homo?
Replies: >>56804
Yes, God Hand is the better game after all
Not_Metallica.webm (u)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1280x720, 01:11)
A heavy metal drummer is cursed by satan with an unholy appearance, to regain his humanity he must battle each demon in the 7 layers of hell in a drum-off
Spoiler File (u)
(55.4KB, 498x680)
Spoiler File (u)
(86.7KB, 644x1700)
Spoiler File (u)
(554KB, 554x800)
Spoiler File (u)
(2.5MB, 3300x2550)
Spoiler File (u)
(2.2MB, 1536x2048)

Any sort of platformer will do but it's a little like Sega's Altered Beast in that every so often you'll change environments -- you'll be a wolf in the forest, a horse in the desert, a pegasus (or a monkey depending on player choices earlier) in the clouds, then a fish to get to the final boss.

The trick really is in licensing because you're going to want some spin offs. The main one, above board and listed in Steam you'll shoot everything with guns and swords.
Then make sure that whoever makes the anime cross over where you're shooting lolis has to pay you a reasonable sum and you can give them access to the assets to speed up time-to-market.
Then you're going to have the underground version where the furries shoot cum and have to outfuck the bosses -- this will need a bunch of different mechanics changes like, you want them to have fun losing to the boss, and maybe make it a bit of a gambling thing who loses but don't get them get stuck on the hyper herm-fox just because xir was expected to be popular you want them to die on the final boss when they're trying to eat out a shark -- probably have cutscenes of prior victories as they knock the big boss down to the next stage.
And all of that goes without saying you won't want the company name on it but you also don't want them selling it under the table without letting take a cut so ... just make sure you've got a finger in the pie because furries, if you know what I'm saying.
Replies: >>58368
Alt-Chan Tycoon! It could be so awesome.
Replies: >>56819 >>56820
>play the rise and fall of an IB as it succumbs to normalfags, glowies, and autistic drama
>aim to either be the true promised board, or sell out for datamining shekels
I'd buy it.
Replies: >>56820 >>56822
Now that would actually be pretty fun to play.
By buying it you have already succumbed to the jewish plot of extracting shekels out of autistic IB users, therefore all you get is a game with an eternal Game Over screen, as you have failed even before you began.
On pirate sites you would get a version that you can actually play though.
Replies: >>56837
He is controlling the robot WITH HIS BRAIN.
>>56504 (OP) 
It’s like SWAT 4, except everyone moves like Sam Fisher.
heeh.jpg (u)
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>the reverse of that scorpion in Serious Sam 3
fuck it, why not? They're used to being fucked up the ass on the daily basis
>>56504 (OP) 
Asura's Wrath but as a video game.
More to the no.1
Cities and towns regions simmilar to EE2, but you can occupy them too.
Units would slowly grow in numbers mostly throughout the bronze and iron age much that one unit of men at arms would have 120 or maybe at lowest settings 25 men. 
Dimplomacy includes military ocupantion, puppet state, declare peace/war, trade and more.
Also something simmilar to resources needed to create other resources like iron+ coal= steel and more. More resources would get added and ofcourse more units. Money and upkeep of units.
Factories can be expanded simmilar wein to vic2. Like steelworks could get later on gun manufacturing plant and more.
Replies: >>56868 >>58153
So what do you guys think this one?
konatacrying.jpg (u)
[Hide] (244.6KB, 1680x1050)
I just had a dream about a game idea, but I fucking forgot about it. It was so fucking cool, too.
>>56504 (OP) 
A hero who looks like a yellow pizza with one piece cut explores the maze filled with small round pellets while he is chased by four colorful ghosts
MMO where 100% of the content is raids.
Replies: >>57791 >>57918
3ec1d707090643c62cdbbef86b06c740d9aed0cce5484531411b8d64de476124.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.4MB, 960x720, 01:07)
Playing new vegas with some economy mods made me realize how fun a STALKER-like fallout sim would be. 
>combat is just STALKER except with better melee and with drugs 
>have to drink and eat to survive 
>no fast travel
>caravans and travelers going around in real time, skipping time simulates shit happening 
>have to scavenge or do jobs to survive
>survival is really useful if you want to travel into the desert, allows you to hunt and cook the wildlife and survive from the plants 
>no base building or farming because that's a whole can of autism that would detract from the main point
>F1-like dialogue 
>new vegas' writing, macro and micro reputation system, and post-apocalyptic view 
>singleplayer only, maybe optional coop
Good luck getting the IP from bethesda though. This would only ever happen as a bootleg not-fallout, but that's possibly as risky as naming your game "Scrolls".
sanjicontemplate.jpg (u)
[Hide] (8.2KB, 300x168)
Forgive my weeb autism, but I like weebshit and I like metroidvanias. I can't help but fantasize about a weebshit game that's a metroidvania, especially when there are more than a few that already exist.
One Piece metroidvania platformer. Utilizes Sanji as the main character, it's a metroidvania with a focus on movement. Early on in the game, your first skill (which uses a stamina meter, standard magic bar systems apply) allows you to jump while in the air. The gimmick, is that you can do so any time if you're in the air, provided you have enough stamina.
Chaining together jumps in a short time frame will increase your airspeed, and consequently your attack. Chains though will cost more stamina, which is only regenerated when moving normally on the ground.
There's not a focus on going fast, but a acknowledgement. The trick would be designing levels in which the player can utilize this freedom in the air to their advantage. That means very little (if any) of tight spiky corridors. Those are gay in any platformer and used as a cheap dev trick in designing hard levels. You also would have a 'heavy attack' button, which would change the type of attack depending on how fast you go. Bosses would have a focus on not necessarily being difficult, but forcing the player into different tiers of mastery of the movement system. Attacks would follow suit, focusing on placing the player into situations in which they have to rely on their handle of the movement system.
Other sub systems would be a skill tree utilizing Sanji's eventual skills post time skip. Diable Jamble and other moves would make an appearance here, with Diable Jamble being a toggable ability that sets you on fire, for higher damage. It drains your stamina, however. Other crewmate's abilties would also appear too, the earliest would be Luffy's Gomu Gomu ability, which for some stamina sets a 'rubber' charge on you that, for one time only negates a impact attack, or electricity, or lets you bounce off the ground at high speeds (keeping your momentum. Normally you'd have to spend a jump boost on the ground to continue your speed.) All crewmates would have abilities, but aside from a couple others, the rest would be entirely optional. Cooking would be a minor focus, with you being able to collect materials. You'd collect recipes, and then just dump materials into the recipe to make a food item. Food items give buffs, and some materials 'resonate' with certain dish types increasing effects, however if you're lazy you can just dump materials into a recipe and make a quick buff meal before a bossfight or something. They'd also heal stamina and health, however they can only be used on the ground.
As for the story, it'd take place during the timeskip. Sanji wakes up in a rusty jail cell, with a little bit of amnesia. He ends up fighting other crewmembers, defeated villains, and weird amalgamations. In the end, it's revealed that he's been traveling through a giant simulation room, designed as a training ground for an ancient people. The 'new game plus' wouldn't really be a new game, but rather Sanji dreaming of the simulation room post Wano. The raid suit, harder levels, new bosses, and new areas would make an appearance. Beating this would reveal that the crystal Sanji picked up during the ending of the regular game and placed in his pocket was responsible for his dream. Realizing this, Sanji places it into Zoro's pocket.
I wonder if Mountain Blade formula was mixed with cuhrayzee before.
Also was thinking about Lord Monarch but packed with more action, however I afraid it will cause troops to become more of a background mechanic, just like with most Musou type games.
In the conclusion, I don't have any ideas. Only glimpses of imagination.
Replies: >>57823
You're hired. I can't believe this hasn't been done yet, the only good thing I can think of about any MMO are their raids.
Replies: >>57918
Isn't it just devil survivor?
Replies: >>57828
dark souls


in space
Replies: >>57820 >>57823
Just call it dark holes to avoid copyright fuckery.
Replies: >>57823
>I wonder if Mountain Blade formula was mixed with cuhrayzee before.
Dynasty Warriors, but that's really stretching it. I would like to see a Mount and Blade with the combat of Chivalry or Mordhau.
That exists already. https://store.steampowered.com/app/628670/Hellpoint/
staring_contest.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (7.9MB, 1280x720, 00:33)
No, nigger. Every fucking time I say that, some chucklefuck like you comes along with your clever little fucking comment, like I haven't tore Devil Survivor apart. Devil Survivor is its own thing and is not FE x SMT.
he probably meant for it to be a good dark souls in space, though
Replies: >>57854
<would like to see a Mount and Blade with the combat of Chivalry or Mordhau
>taking an actually functional combat system based on directional manual blocking and replacing it with a cancer that is tapping right mouse button to get a timed block that can't be held or repeated quickly to reliably defend
Replies: >>57869
Dark Souls isn't good though so he has no point to begin with
Replies: >>57858
what arpgs do you think are good?
Replies: >>57861
What's that one where you can voice ancient magic into happening, and the MC is part dragon?
Yeah, I like that kind of combat. I guess an improvement they could make is letting you hard block with shields.
Replies: >>61266
Those are Wyverns not Dragons
Dragon's Dogma?
I guess she is in your safe base while you explore the areas next to it, something like System Shock 2.
It was a shitpost from an image of the same idea.
Replies: >>58093
Raids take longer to make than players take to complete them so you've got to pad it out with some grinding somewhere.
in verbis virtus? https://store.steampowered.com/app/242840/?curator_clanid=4777282
Replies: >>57937
I thought of that game when he mentioned that but I didn't think it'd actually be that
DxVrI.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (286.5KB, 907x1400)
Replies: >>60288
>Noone likes it.
>all this chatter since that post

Seriously, nobody likes ... furries?
There have been a few okay ones...What would make an amazing furry game?
Anybody played Thems Fightin Herds? its at least slightly furry.

Outside playing Elder Scrolls as a khajiit though, I can't think of any good furry RPGs with storyline consequences like was suggested here.
Replies: >>58369 >>58624
p.webm (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 1200x675, 00:10)
>What would make an amazing furry game?
A developer that's not furry nor thinks of it as a "furry game". See: Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Banjo Kazooie, Ratchet & Clank.

Furries always default to fetishizing furrieness and can only write about some cancerous snowflake identity politics and whatever shallow "storyline" you can come up around that. "I'm gay and my feelings are X and I'm depressed."
Replies: >>58371 >>58375
>Furries always default to fetishizing furrieness and can only write about some cancerous snowflake identity politics and whatever shallow "storyline" you can come up around that. "I'm gay and my feelings are X and I'm depressed."
This guy is right.
I miss when cartoons and vidya could have animal characters without being categorized as "furry", and there were never any inappropriate aspects or lewdness to the characters.
>A developer that's not furry nor thinks of it as a "furry game".
This is 100% true.
Replies: >>58501
>I miss when cartoons and vidya
As at least one other anon said, there's a difference between a furry game and a game with some (or even all) furry characters. The first trick, I think, is to design characters that either have absolutely no "this is someone's fursona" stink, or to make the rest of the game good enough that players don't feel compelled to notice it. That first one can be a surprisingly tall order these days. The other problem is that nobody except furries wants to make a game with a bunch of furries in it, and furries seem to just be more incompetent than the average video game developing public. Also, the only money they can get to do it comes from pandering to furries sexually, either just the group as a whole or to even more specific fetishists in the group. The latter also can be a powerful motivator for the developer (someone who really likes, say, incest or goopy transformations or whatever), but rarely contributes much to the game as a whole.
I don't have a game idea but i got a gag manga that fucking writes itself
>modern day earth
>a hyper realistic fantasy videogame comes out where players are tasked with preventing the apocalypse/demonlord/what have you
>turns out the smug loli goddess of another world created it with help from a rep of God. The game will forge a soul that she can place in her currently paused world and save it
>the rep of God (soul of a game dev, polite iwata type) selects a perfect save file for her
>she sees the lowest time one which is 2.5 weeks faster labeled [ANY% TAS WR 0XHOOKSHOT PRINCESS SKIP GLITCHES ALLOWED] and says "Shouldn't we pick that one?! Let's go with that one!"
>rep tries to get her to undastandu that that one isn't quite one that would fit and is a tool assisted speedrun
>Goddess gets the soul as well as a copy of the pannenkoek style commentary video
>manga is about a freaky half naked speedrunner doing weird glitches and skips in a fantasy world while goddess watches and listens to the soothing autistic pannenkoek2012 style commentary explaining it
>Skips an essential item that takes a week to get and instead gets frictionless buffed boots and builds up speed for several hours to save time
>gets princess who youre supposed to meet in the last 3rd early on and drags her around so she can unlock hidden areas early, she is freaked out but grows increasingly fond of him commentary explains that he does just enough to comfort her and build trust to keep her going
>Skips every rival battle much to rivals displeasure
>throws things at odd angles and high speeds so they land in weird places at specific times
>also completes quest with a weird side objective like the gnome in hl2ep2

I can think of dozens of weird fun stories you could do with this. I want to het my drawing just good enough and shitty enough to make it
Replies: >>58927 >>58940
kramer.png (u)
[Hide] (111.4KB, 306x338)
>autistic nerd speedruns an isekai world
I'd watch it for a season and maybe have a good laugh for the first several episodes before it got stale.
Replies: >>58940
21-da1a1f75efb23c2fdc43463fc0d0124a4f128b963605336cc2c801a1839af7f5.jpg (u)
[Hide] (675KB, 1120x2480)
Kono Sekai ga Game da to, Ore dake ga Shitte Iru is close enough to this, but doesn't quite go all the way.
>Minecraft AoE styled strategy.
>nuWolfenstein but without pozz and soviets instead of nahzis.
Replies: >>60208
>>nuWolfenstein but without pozz and soviets instead of nahzis.
That could have actually worked if the people in charge of Wolfenstein weren't retarded.
>The escapades of Blazkowicz has weakened the Nazis, so other people and ideologies start to come out
>Neo commies start stealing tech to close the power gap
>Commies try to curropt the masses, saying, "See, this is why you need communism, we're the ones that ended fascism!"
>Possible Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact 2.0
>Fight mecha Stalin, whose brain was kept safe somewhere in underground Siberia
>Fight some abomination of Nazi/Soviet/Communist making
The sky is the limit really.
Holocaust tycoon, it's like an incremental game where you must kill more and more jews, you can turn them into soap and lamp shades for profit and downgrade your doors into wooden doors to lessen costs and so on. You can upgrade your killing methods into more and more ridiculous ones to improve the holocausting speed.
Replies: >>60212
I have better Aushwitz borthel tycoon.
But not bad.
>your doors into wooden doors to lessen costs and so on
>video game
>but it's fun
>Mount and Blade but during the Late Bronze Age collapse.
>Total War: Star Wars edition, but with more factions than just classic Empire vs. Rebel or Republic vs. Separatists.
Replies: >>60268
A vn with nothing but rape because it's so hardcore.
>>Total War: Star Wars edition, but with more factions than just classic Empire vs. Rebel or Republic vs. Separatists.
That would be very fun. For the more factions, I think they would have to set it either during The Old Republic era or after the Return of the Jedi with the Imperial Remnant and Thrawn. That way, you can have the Mandalorians, Hutt Cartel, and the other mercenary/criminal factions of the setting. Shame that Disney had to ruin everything by shoahing the old expanded universe.
Replies: >>60285 >>60290
header.jpg (u)
[Hide] (46.1KB, 460x215)
Replies: >>60287 >>60290
>you need steam version to get the mods working because it is the only patched version
1430339695678.png (u)
[Hide] (128KB, 478x225)
Now that'd be good. A feature where there's sub-factions for the Imperial Remnant, like the Pentastar Alignment, Empire Reborn, Thrawn's Empire (of the Hand), Zsinj's Empire, and so on, like in TW: Rome, and each can have the chance to reunite the Empire, would be badass too.
Good gaemu, but not exactly what I'm looking for, since it only has Empire, Rebels, and Zann Consortium. Not sure what mods are there.
Replies: >>60292
>Not sure what mods are there.
I think the mod Thrawn's Revenge has a lot of factions.
Replies: >>60307
Ah man, how'd I miss that? Welp, now I've gotta get EaW and install Thrawn's Revenge then.
It's like simcity except you start with a fully developed, wealthy, crime-free city and you have to slowly ruin it through subversion. MC is a banking jew of course, and you have to use your money to buy journos, politicians and influence in order to enact shit policies like diversity and communism. Winning condition is your city is utterly ruined, full of niggers looting and burning everything, and most whites left. Losing condition is you tried to do too much too fast, the people got wise to it, kicked you out and installed National Socialism.
d234230f964ef174ea1e78cf8cd09f31325f2d7b41cd49e1c506e833a2a90a93.jpg (u)
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Here's a half baked autism idea. Call it Descent or something because gimmicky games need uninspired names. 
>ww2/ww1 alternate reality where the world is just a bunch of small floating islands each island is its own city-state because good luck making a country 
>aesthetic is a mix of experimental war shit and African nigger rigging 
>also fuel is expensive as shit and materials are also really expensive 
>zeppelins are too slow, mainly used for transport and defense at the cost of little fuel 
>helicopters don't exist because they'd use too much fuel for their speed
>planes are the fastest thing around, but since they would use too much fuel aerial fight is mainly based around throwing the plane into the air as high as possible and maintaining velocity, only using fuel for emergencies and to get back to base if you're too low and slow 
>player is in war for some reason 
>starts with a shitty African tier plane and a full canister of fuel 
>player chooses how much fuel to bring, more fuel means less risk, but it also weighs more meaning you'll have to use more fuel 
>game based around dogfighting shitty African planes, and the eventual zeppelin and ground targets, with your shitty African plane, making smart use of momentum and the limited fuel you have (e.g. zeppelins are vulnerable from above, but going high means either risking stalling or having to use fuel)
>at any point you can eject and take all the fuel with you, but you will lose your plane; not having enough fuel or speed to go back means you have to eject 
>planes are more expensive, but also easier to find. Fuel is cheaper, but finding someone that sells it is difficult, sometimes ditching your plane is worth it, sometimes it's not
>zeppelins act like the zeppelin in AC3, anti-ground stuff is like AC1/2 
>maybe some wind pillars around to let the player regain some altitude, but limited enough to make the game not easy (e.g. 1 near each base, with bases being relatively far from each other, but when bases are getting attacked too hard they activate island turbines to move the island over the wind pillar, moving the island up slightly and blocking the pillar)
Replies: >>60774 >>61568
biplaner.jpg (u)
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This is pretty much WWI with floating islands. Early aeiral combat was pretty zany, jousting with pistols and throwing bricks and grenades at other planes and ground targets. And then later nigger rigging machine guns to what was supposed to be scout planes and thus creating the first fighters.
Judging by gameplay videos, It seems that Chivalry 2 have held blocks, even without shields. Mordhau also have non-timed block ability with shields, but for some reason as a separate button.

>Dynasty Warriors
A huge stretch indeed, albeit a lesser one for Empire spin-offs.
Although I wouldn't mind Musou game, where troops are not standing or running aimlessly, being nothing but a beating bags and you could even promote some to officers/companions when upgrading.
Replies: >>61568
This is unironically a good idea for a fun game SHUT IT DOWN
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>installed national socialism
hate when I try to download titty game from dodgy russian site and instead install national socialism on my pc
Replies: >>61273 >>61276
hate it when that happens
not funny
>>56504 (OP) 
You go around like in GTA and rape little girls
David_Hasselhoff_Looking_for_Freedom_1989.mp4 (u)
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I would make a similar game, but with getting the authoritarian countries and regions to love FREEDOM. Vid related. Shoutout to kraut anons.
I don't know why, but I think this could work as a survival horror game. Something like Resident Evil.
>>61266 (checked)
>Although I wouldn't mind Musou game, where troops are not standing or running aimlessly, being nothing but a beating bags and you could even promote some to officers/companions when upgrading.
Okay. Someone has to cyberbully platinum or some other Japanese studio to make weeaboo Mountain Blade.

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