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What a nice board!
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Which of the games have you anons been playing? There hasn't been much news recently aside from the 25th anniversary announcements, the confirmation of how we're getting new aircraft, and the official Ace Combat youtube channel posting big juicy pieces of lore that nobody understands because it's all in Nipponese. There is a 25 page Famitsu article that was made just for the anniversary and was translated by some autists, which can be found here in parts:
The article goes into detail about different aspects of the series from its appeal to fans, unique aspects of each game, and the histoy of its development.

What is Ace Combat?

Ace Combat is a series of arcade-y dogfighting sims where you pilot a multitude of fictional and real planes in various conflicts in the alternate world of Strangereal. This game isn't like other flight sims such as DCS world or EF2000, in that it doesn't strive for an absurd amount of realism in its flight model. Instead, Ace Combat is all about fun. You will unleash hundreds of missiles, shoop da whoop your lasers, and execute absurdly high G turns. It is a series known for its anime plotlines, giant superweapons, amazing music, and gameplay that never gets old. So get out there and make Belka proud.
Replies: >>558
>>557 (OP) 
What happened to that kikestarter game, did they make any advancement or not ?
Replies: >>581
I've been replaying the PS2 holy trinity on emulator, since I can't be assed to setup my PS2 to play them again.
Got all S-ranks on hard in 04 only to not unlock the Wyvern, since Normal S-ranks unlocks the plane and Hard and higher S-ranks unlock color schemes.
Replies: >>581
(4.3MB, 3840x2400)
There was a teaser for Project Wingman at the PC Gaming Show this year:
The developer still has the demo up on itch.io, and it's slated to be released on Steam to. Link to the demo:

That's probably the biggest complaint I have with old nip games. They don't consider beating the game on higher difficulties as a condition for unlocking lower difficulty items. I understand it's to add more replayability to the game, but it's still annoying and feels like a cheap way to do it.
(110.5KB, 1000x1000)
(310.6KB, 1332x774)
I've downloaded and got the PS2 AC games on my PS3, but I've never played any before in my life.
Do I play them in chronological order or is one of these 3 specifically best suited for new players?
Replies: >>589 >>591
I played them in their release order and would suggest that.
0 while a prequel felt like a perfect conclusion to the triology, but I can see why some would want 5's ending as the finale. 
4 is best played first for sure because it's short and it was a launch title, so it's a little bit less refined and complex than the other 2.
Sorry for the fuckups.
Replies: >>591 >>592
(3.8MB, 1276x668, 00:49)
I would follow >>589 suggestion and start with 4. To add to what he said, the story for 4 is more separate from 5 and 0, where they take place on a different continent than 4 as well as having different factions. Gameplay-wise 5 and 0 are ahead of 4 and feel a lot more refined. 5 will introduce mechanics you won't see in 0, and vice versa. Personally, I think you could play 5 and 0 in any order.
(105.6KB, 1279x717)
thanks, anon
I didn't take a picture, but is the ground supposed to glitch out into little squares? I think the emulation isn't 100% accurate, cutscenes are slower than their own audio tracks and if I'm flying straight, the screen vibrates up and down by 1 or 2 pixels.
holy fuck those tutorial messages are slow
Replies: >>676
If you are playing 4, I have heard that it is the worst of the trilogy to emulate with the most graphical issues.
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(1.3MB, 3839x2159)
Yeah, it's 4.
I thought my fat PS3 would be able to play anything considering it's got PS2 guts in there.
Replies: >>705
>PS2 emulation on a PS3
I hope your PS3 doesn't overheat anon.
Replies: >>707
(23.1KB, 436x290)
(14.2KB, 520x520)
I keep a regular room fan directed at it blowing full speed. This was the highest temperature I recorded without the use of said fan.
It'll be fine.
Replies: >>709 >>710 >>1070
I'm still not sure why do the old PS3 overheats when emulation PS2 games is there some thing wrong with the cooling solution.
Replies: >>711 >>1091
>Woah, how is it possible that a tight plastic box with 0 airflow and a chink 90mm fan overheats?
Replies: >>711
Meant for >>709
They've released another video on the channel, and still not with an English transcript. Truly to be an Ace Combat fan is suffering.

(8.2MB, 1280x720, 01:50)
All 3 PS2 titles are acting up on PS3. Zero is worst of all with zero collision going on, making the game unplayable.
Replies: >>1079 >>1082 >>1091
You can change the fan curve with CFW, it will sound like a turbojet taking off but atleast it wont overheat anymore.
Replies: >>1077
>it will sound like a turbojet taking off but atleast it wont overheat anymore.
Should add to the immersion playing Ace Combat. Anon just needs a flight stick and a helmet.
You sure there's nothing wrong with your PS3 and try looking up the compatibility list of the PS2 emulation or you could always emulate on the PC it's still have some graphical bugs but not to the degree that you showed on your video.
Replies: >>1083
(16.4KB, 1695x121)
I don't know if this is applicable for you, but there is a wiki for "PS2 Classics Emulator Compatibility List" that appears to show the same issues you are having.
Replies: >>1083
(433.8KB, 1924x1056)
(33.9KB, 363x660)
My PS3 is fine, I played the new Twisted Metal and emulated TM: Head-On and Black that same day, those ran just fine.
Yeah, reading up on that right now. I have this settings screenshot saved from way back when, but I'd have to experiment with it myself first.

Thanks for the help, fellas.
Could be a matter of opening it up and dusting it out. Might run better if you replace the thermal paste too, if it hasn't had a new coat put on since it left the factory.

Out of curiosity, have you been using the native backwards compatibility to play them, or Cobra? Just asking, since looking at an archive of an old list of PS2-on-PS3 Compatibility for fat models (kikepedia purged that page), Ace Combat 4 and 0 are listed as working, while 5 isn’t mentioned in either direction.
Replies: >>1093
(225.7KB, 1052x688)
(114.2KB, 1087x402)
(241.5KB, 767x770)
Cobra, I think.
I'm still a little fuzzy on how the whole CFW thing works, where the trickery begins or ends.
All I know is I put a PS2 game image in the PS2ISO folder through FileZilla and "launch" it through MultiMan. After the launch, MultiMan closes and the default XMB menu opens up, but with the PlayStation 2 Disc "in the disc tray". 
I can't get the PS2 classics to launch despite dumping the entire .RAP repository (14.352 files) on my PS3 and following all the instructions on nopaystation.
Also, my fat PS3 has only 2 USB slots, so it's not the earliest model.
So you tell me. If I understand it correctly, I'm only using cobra to trick PS3 into thinking the .iso on its internal hard drive is actually a legitimate PS2 disc in its disc tray, and the actual emulation is done natively on a hardware level.
I'm not the brightest tool in the shed, but I get by.
Replies: >>1094 >>1095
I'll have to double check the exact steps, but if you have a CFWed fat, you should be able to go into toggle Cobra on or off in multiman.

>Also, my fat PS3 has only 2 USB slots, so it's not the earliest model.
What does the sticker on the back say is the model number?
Replies: >>1095 >>1096
>I'll have to double check the exact steps, but if you have a CFWed fat, you should be able to go into toggle Cobra on or off in multiman.
Actually, taking a look, it seems to have more to do with the CFW itself. If you're using Rebug, look in the Rebug Toolbox. Other CFW makes probably have similar ways to get at the system settings.
Replies: >>1096
(70.7KB, 684x435)
oh fuck, I am pretty dim. It's Slim.

In my defense, I owned a FAT one at first, but it kept overheating, so I took it to the shop and they said
>naw man, it's fucked. Here's a Super Slim, pay an extra 50 bucks
So I pay for it, take it home, but they didn't crack it, so I take it back and they say
>sorry man, my bad. Here's a Slim, we'll crack it for you, just pay up another 50 buy
<nigger what?
>it's got a bigger hard drive and it's difficult to crack, my dude, we have to reforge the entire chip and everything, it's a fickle process, guy
<fine whatever, I just want to play my PS3 exclusives
I take it home and it's still not cracked all the way. After about 2 or 3 days of digging up PSX-Place and GBAtemp threads, I finally got it to work as it is now.

So in all that confusion I've genuinely forgotten which PS3 I overpayed for.

Yeah, I got a Rebug toolbox installed just in case, but I don't touch it because so far most of the things work and I don't know how to use it without bricking my console or sending it into some sort of closed loop. And the PS3 is in my bedroom while my PC is in the living room, so I don't feel like running back and forth between the two to learn how to use it
Replies: >>1100
>It's Slim.
Yeah, you don't have access to the Emotion chip of the 20-60gbs, or even the sort of software emulation the 80gb used (which had a lot of incompatibilities). You're stuck with Cobra. Best case is probably to check and see if there's been any homebrew improvements to its capabilities, but it might well be stuck at whatever Sony released it as. It's not exactly meant to run just any PS2 game to my knowledge, and I'd think the PSN rereleases would be ported around having to use it.

Does kind of surprise me that none of the PS2 Ace Combats got rereleased for the thing, even as digital ones. Maybe Namco thought they sold well enough to stay available, or maybe they had too much trouble trying to get the games working with it (as I've heard happened with some other games).

>Yeah, I got a Rebug toolbox installed just in case, but I don't touch it because so far most of the things work and I don't know how to use it without bricking my console or sending it into some sort of closed loop.
I don't really fuck around much with the CFW settings myself. But in this case with the fats, it's a good option to swap modes since if a game isn't working with one, it might work with the other.
Replies: >>1105 >>1126
(131.4KB, 960x960)
thanks for the help, binary dubs man
Replies: >>1109
A 20/60GB fat model (NTSC, anyhow) would give the most inherent compatibility on a single Sony console, but they're also rather infamous for their high failure rate, between the higher internal temperature and very shitty factory thermal paste jobs, though the latter of which can be with something that works better.

Anyhow, any PS3 can read PS1 discs, and thus should be able to load them via the system's own capabilities. So if you've been considering Ace Combat 3 with the fan-translation patch, it might be able to run so long as multiman or whatever can bypass the region lock (I know it can for PS2 games, but I haven't tried with PS1 just yet). Just a thought.
Replies: >>1112
It can bypass region lock, I've already played NTSC versions of Armored Core, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Spider-Man, Fighting Force, Future Cop LAPD, Destruction Derby and Twisted Metal.
I gotta say, I'm loving the menus of these games so far that's the only thing I've really experienced
Replies: >>1114
That's good to hear. Such a shame that apparently it's standard procedure that (intended) backwards compatibility has to remain what the system originally was. Occasionally it can be a boon a boon (NDS is still region free played on the region locked 3DS), but more often it just means something like the PS3, where if it's region free, it only applies to the games specifically for that system, and not more broadly as to what all it can run.
Ace Combats doesn't get re-released because of the plane licensing.
Replies: >>1132 >>1604
Ah, that makes a lot of sense. More than other games that have missed being rereleased.
They seemed to include a lot of planes in AC7 though. In fact the only aircraft that were missing were fictional ones
(1.3MB, 1920x1080)
Schroeder did nothing wrong
Replies: >>3231
They're adding (((Osean))) skins to the game tomorrow. We even got a little trailer. I wish we got some kind of roadmap for these things, it all feels like it's happening at random.


Belka did and has done up to this point absolutely nothing wrong
(651.7KB, 1920x1080)
(4MB, 1366x768)
(210.5KB, 1920x1080)
(1.5MB, 1920x1080)
(344.6KB, 1920x1080)
Anyone here like tomboy?
Replies: >>3740
(602.5KB, 1736x2456)
(523KB, 1984x2806)
Of course. The tomboy is the gift God gave to all rightous men
Replies: >>3757
(429.6KB, 1996x1600)
The cutest.
Replies: >>3758 >>4210
>you will never give her the big sniff
(1.3MB, 1500x1061)
I used to think this game was cool like 15 years ago and I figured with newer installments they'd make it a bit more realistic and improve the technology or some shit. So when I heard they were releasing 7, I was hyped since I've gotten into plane games in recent times, then I had a look at the gameplay and now I think it's a piece of shit.
Replies: >>4210
(1.1MB, 1488x2105)
(1.4MB, 1488x2105)
But which is better? Tanned tomboy, or not-Asian tomboy? Now that I think about it, I don't think AC7 has any girls that aren't good material.

The gameplay loop is just like the other games anon, but now with extra mechanics like clouds and wind affecting your flying. It's definitely worth a play. However, AC as a whole has always been more arcade-y than realistic - which is a good thing.
(10.6MB, 1280x720, 01:10)
>CFA-44 Nosferatu
>ASF-X Shinden II
>skins for all Belkan squadrons from Zero
Please Project Aces, my penis can only get so erect.
(396.7KB, 1920x1024)
F-14 time!
Replies: >>9462
>Turkey is starting to advance in military power and they developed one of the most advenced drones ever capable of pin pointing military facilities without civilian lose.
Is this true ? if it is it's literally the plot of AC7.
Replies: >>9470
I wonder how long those ultra high detailed models took to render in 2003
Spoiler File
(1.6KB, 150x150)
I just recently got AC7 on PC and I've been wanting to give it a shot, but work has been keeping me busy these past couple of weeks. I've been hearing that it's great although not Holy Trinity tier, so I'm expecting good things. At least what the few tracks I heard from it are fucking bangers, so I'll look forward to that.
I expect Osea to gibe back rightful Belkan clay
(48.2KB, 816x624)
>Developing anything that actually works
Anon, have you not seen how awful they've been doing against the Kurds?
(921.8KB, 990x1200)
I've been considering trying out this game for the first time, and I've heard the new one is actually not that bad. Is it a good starting point? Probably going to play just one game.
Replies: >>15146 >>15154
(216.4KB, 1500x600)
I wouldn't recommend starting with 7, as it's basically a Ace Combat's Greatest Hits on UE4. Start with 4 and if you like it also play 5 and 0. All the PS2 games are easy to emulate now so you shouldn't have any trouble.
>I've heard the new one is actually not that bad
it's cod with planes and over the top anime plot
Replies: >>15157
So it's H.A.W.X.?
Any news on Ace Combat clones?
Here's the only one I can find recently

Pretty sure there were 2 or 3 Ace Combat clones on PC out there, some of them are still in development.
Replies: >>20999
>Pretty sure there were 2 or 3 Ace Combat clones on PC
Wait there's more, I only heard of Project Wingman which looks actually good gonna torrent it when it releases.

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