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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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Guess what? Crash "4": It's About Time just released on PC last month. And you know what that means. You can pirate it and mod it so you don't have to see the disgusting models made for the game. I'll probably try it out and see if despite the shit visuals they could make a decent platformer.
Besides that, tell me anon. Do you like the Crash games? What's your favorite one?
I still often play CTR because it's so fun.
[Hide] (40.4KB, 423x799)
>>50665 (OP) 
>You can mod it to have the classic Crash model
Okay that's kind of epic

The crash games I enjoyed was Crash Bash & Crash Tag Team Racing along with Crash Twinsanity
Replies: >>50703
The only crash game I've played are 1-3, CTR, and crash bash. I never played any of the ones that came out after.
Replies: >>50680
Rooftop_Rampage.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (6.4MB, 640x480, 02:05)
>ywn get a Twinsanity remaster with all the cut content added
it hurts to live
Twinsanity is the best in the series, this is undeniable fact and anyone arguing to the contrary will be beaten, mutilated, and fed to the retarded kids. the whole soundtrack is a capella, no instruments at all. just goes to show how absolutely legendary Spiralmouth were.
>fat bandicoot tits on third pic
now they're pushing for furfaggotry?
>>50665 (OP) 
I remember reading all the insane stuff they did to make it work on the ps1. The issue was it hit the laser WAY more than it was rated for at the time. When they mentioned to the ps1 rep, which they had been avoiding up until that time hes looked a bit sour and mentioned the rating but by that point it was a done deal.
For decades I said "Crash 4" to refer to Wrath of Cortex. I am fucking angry.
>The only crash game I've played are 1-3, CTR, and crash bash.
The only Crash games that matter.
>I never played any of the ones that came out after.
It's good you didn't.
5b25637fe5575a6622557f8c91b863fa912ad0667b4cb9454ed955e5126662f5.png (u)
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The fat tiddies are part of the mod, the original model looks like a tumblr dyke.
Replies: >>50709 >>51146
>>50665 (OP) 
Why the fuck is there no PC release of the CTR remake.
>>50665 (OP) 
The only Crash I played was the original and I liked it well enough at the time.
>>50665 (OP) 
Why would I want to play a current year sequel to a quintessential 90s franchise.
Replies: >>50709
It's modding. Why wouldn't you be able to have another 3D model? They've been extracting models and textures from PS games for years now. The rest is mostly rigging if animation still works how I understood it to work back ten years ago.
Call me when there's a total conversion mod that removes all the pozz.
Replies: >>50708 >>66787
kmcocppgocv.jpeg (u)
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here it is
>>50665 (OP) 
I've only played mind over mutants on my PSP. 
And the first one on a mobile emulator.
>now they're pushing for furfaggotry?
>The fat tiddies are part of the mod, the original model looks like a tumblr dyke.
Isn't she made by furfag? But ahe looks way better with mod.
It is a pseado reboot, since the wrath of cortex and twinsanity are called 4 and 5 in nippon.
Replies: >>50710 >>51151
>It is a pseado reboot
that's even worse
Replies: >>50711
What did you expect?
Replies: >>50712
Ideally for them to forget about old games and never touch them again.
Replies: >>50716
Crash 4 piles too much on the tedium when it comes to 100%'ing the game. I can't really explain it but instead of providing a decent fun challenge for the player it just fucks with you with minute bullshit that forces you to replay a level 3 or 4 times just to get everything because HA HA DIDN'T YOU NOTICE THAT ONE CRATE WE HID BEHIND A SOLID WALL? DIDN'T YOU NOTICE THE CRATE IN THE BACKGROUND THAT DOESN'T POP OUT BECAUSE THE CRATES BLEND INTO THE SCENERY? DIDN'T YOU NOTICE IT EVERY LEVEL BECAUSE WE'RE FUCKING ASSHOLES? REPLAY THE FUCKING LEVEL
Well as far as I know the devs didn't like the wrath of cortex and Twinsanity and lore.
Gameplaywise I've seen it's more of the simmilar to the og trilogy with the gameplay elements of the dimensional masks or whatever.
Replies: >>50718
Oh boy. I sure do enjoy 60 hours of retrying few levels 50 times to get everything.
I've heard about this bullshit.
So just play the og trilogy and not a pozzed facsimile.
Replies: >>50719
I didn't play it. Nor I will. Maybe just for some retarded mods.
Also some people can play it, gameplaywise it's still diverse enough. And pozz, it's not that much. Or just I haven't seen anything outside of the tumblr dyke tanya or whoever.
shit like this was in wrath of cortex too
I remember Twinsanity dropping the ball at some points, it's not my favorite Crash because of that. Wrath of Cortex, whether you believe it was shitty, mediocre or decent, was at least of consistent quality.
facepalm.jpg (u)
[Hide] (41.5KB, 500x361)
>The fat tiddies are part of the mod, the original model looks like a tumblr dyke.
That's why.
For a second i thought: "Tawna doesn't look that bad actually, i remember she looked worse."
Silly me.
Replies: >>51151
50305541211_facf533e7d_h.jpg (u)
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v1qs12syr4m51.png (u)
[Hide] (338.9KB, 497x767)
You know what's even worse?
This was the original design before they went full Tumblr.

Every fucking videogame character needs to have a sidecut and neon hait.
Give Crash a manbun why don't ya?
tawna.png (u)
[Hide] (46.3KB, 1456x1316)
When your studio is composed by tumblr dykes and diversity hires you can't really expect any better.
Her face looks better than the one in the remake, but to me Tawna should have been like pic related, even though the modded one is not bad.
I wanted Crash to come back but not like this, at this point it was better if the series stayed dead.
Started playing the game. Aside from the iffy art style for characters like Cortex and Coco (and alt-universe Tawna's design which I modded out), it's pretty fun. The level design is good and the controls are incredibly tight and responsive. The writing isn't obnoxious and can be quite funny, I just got to Tawna but she hasn't been incredibly girl-power so far, unlike what you'd expect from her design. The actual animation work is top-notch. I've heard horror stories about going for completion, though, so I'm not looking forward to that. So far none of the hidden gems have been bullshit, even the first two colored gems have hints within the level for finding them. One criticism I have is that all the levels are pretty long for a Crash game. These would be two or even three levels in the previous games. Also, grabbing the crates on rail grinding sections quickly becomes obnoxious. They don't start off two bad, but it quickly gets to the point where you barely have time to see a crate before you have to react to break it, making those sections trial and error for completion. And I heavily recommend the saturated crates mod. The vanilla crates are the same color as the rest of the wood in the game, including unbreakable scenery crates, which can make them blend into the level environment. Saturated crates not only colors them closer to previous games, but lets them stick out from the environment so you don't miss any just because they looked like part of the level.
I understand what you mean but the other concept still looks like the artist's fursona instead of being a throwback to the Tex Avery school of funny cartoon animals like Crash is. Even Coco is arguably closer to that than this. >>51163 is better but makes a classic blunder: the tiny hot pants just emphasize how lopsided her proportions are. They should have just kept her as Jessica Rabbit with a snout and you want her to be playable then just give her Pinstripe's old Tommy gun or something.
Tawna_bandicoot.png (u)
[Hide] (122.2KB, 726x581)
> the tiny hot pants just emphasize how lopsided her proportions are.
You have a point, you just make her proportion like the picture in the OP and the problem is solved.
I really wouldn't mind is her "official" appearance looked like the pic OP posted.
Replies: >>51488
>>>51163 is better but makes a classic blunder: the tiny hot pants just emphasize how lopsided her proportions are. They should have just kept her as Jessica Rabbit with a snout
You do realize that is the original design, right? As in the one from the first Crash Bandicoot?
Replies: >>51482
I remember Crash 1 Tawna having a dress that made the fucky legs-to-body ratio less obvious. If I was wrong about that then I blame lowpoly.
Replies: >>51488
It fits the setting and it's fun, that's all I give a fuck about.
What we got was some Bulldykes self insert fursona straight out of CA.
159344435470417102.png (u)
[Hide] (41.3KB, 146x337)
I was a bit mixed up. Pic related is her in game, which is the modified version to appease the idiot mentioned in >>51473. >>51163 is a colored version of Tawna's original concept, before she was changed to satisfy the marketing bitch. Still, my point stands that hot pants and tank top were the original design. The shirt and skirt were added later by the demands of a marketing person.
Replies: >>51495 >>62841
Okay, for some reason I remember her having the full Jessica Rabbit dress. I still prefer the skirt to the hot pants because even if it's the product of a cheap whore, it's one of the few cases where a cheap whore got something right by complete accident. Designs with bad anatomy where the badness is obscured by the outfit can sometimes look better than the "correct" anatomy. Think that Assault Thighs anime from last winter, or all of Alex Ahad's designs where the legs are so close together at the hips there actually isn't any room for the pelvis.
Replies: >>51499
b9909cb956ee565935db48b553649657ce3a7bc4r1-1000-697v2_hq.jpg (u)
[Hide] (64.6KB, 1000x697)
Maybe you got her mixed up with Madonna, Sonic's almost-girlfriend?
Replies: >>51504
She looks like Betty Boop if she wasn't a nigger.
Replies: >>51546
Nothing new, the series has had these obtuse secrets you need to find to clear it 100% since the start.
Replies: >>51567 >>51568
thinking.gif (u)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 460x259)
>Betty Boop
>a nigger
Replies: >>51552 >>51569
real_betty_boop_baby_esther_black_woman.jpg (u)
[Hide] (32.1KB, 600x315)
>Betty Boop
>not a nigger
Replies: >>51569 >>51577
It wasn't every level though.
Crash 4 is on another level, though. Remember how Cold Hard Crash in 2 is infamous for that one crate placed just out of view of the camera? Crash 4 does that multiple times. The big problem is, though, is that there's just a lot of level repetition. You have each level, then you have their alt-versions that are only a little different, then you have the side-character levels where you have an original section as said character but then switch to Crash/Coco to play a significant portion of a level you already did, just with remixed crate locations. And levels are much longer than they were in the original Crash games. All of these levels have a crate gem, a hidden gem, a gem for finishing in three or less deaths, and a time trial (which you need platinum relics to get 100%).
Replies: >>62841
hqdefault.jpg (u)
[Hide] (20.9KB, 480x360)
>photoshopped image
>sourced from
You're the only nigger here.
Pic related is the original untouched version of Betty Boop from the film Popeye the Sailor (1933), where she is shown as a slightly tanned Hawaiian dancer. The scene in question is here:
If she was a nigger she would have been drawn with a blackface like every cartoon of that era. The "article" that you sourced this abomination from ( ) falsely claims that the inspiration for Betty was some nobody nigger singer called Esther Jones, when the truth is that the creator of Betty (Max Fleischer) explicitly modeled her after Helen Kane who was white and told his animators to do the same. There was even a lawsuit by Kane against Fleischer claiming he capitalized on her style.
Replies: >>51579 >>51585
Nice try, FBI. You're just saying that because you don't want to admit that you're actually a nigger lover.
[Hide] (247.1KB, 640x960)
For years, i wanted Crash to come back, and now i wish it stayed dead.
Trash_only.jpg (u)
[Hide] (23.3KB, 233x350)
I tried Crash 4 and i can say it's fucking garbage.
This is not Crash Bandicoot, this is "Skylanders: featuring Fake Crash".
It's like the developers didn't put any effort to recreate what made Crash good, nor even it's artstyle, they just limited themselves in doing the same trash they have been doing for years but with different characters.
The character design is shit, the level design is garbage, the "humor" (is you want to call it that way) is lame and unfunny and it looks bad just like that skylanders garbage.
I don't get why they didn't let Vicarious Visions work on it, they weren't perfect but at least they TRIED to stay faithful and didn't try to reinvent the wheel. (Also Tawna apart, the character models looked way better and more like the actual characters and not like some cheap knockoffs)
It reminded me of those shitty games made by Sierra and Vivendi like "Crash of the titans"
Glad these untalented fuckers are now forced into making CallOfDuty DLCs.
>outback tomboy Tawna proposed as an alternate design
>gets replaced by a disgusting dyed-hair dyke instead

Honestly I like the game model better than the original concept. Has more of a high school/90's vibe to it instead of being a total bimbo. Something about the converse sneakers really makes it for me.

Yeah, that's why she's animated with pale white skin. If you want to be a real semantic asshole she was originally supposed to be a dog.
Replies: >>63052
I mean if tawna looked like she does in the OP mod nobody would have complained.
I think
Still, bad character design is only one of the game's problems
Replies: >>72980
>Call me when there's a total conversion mod that removes all the pozz.
Even without the poz, the game would be trash anyway, it's like those shitty games made in the sierra/vivendi days.
It's fucking garbage and looks like shit on top of that.
JUST_Tiny_Bandicoot.png (u)
[Hide] (91.6KB, 399x428)
>playan through my rom of crash 1 again
>glimpse at whatever gems i may be missing
>"it seems that i'm missing..."
<Cortex Power
Fuck this gay Earth.
I mean I would have complained less at least.
And anyone who says "it's just one thing, the rest of the game isn't so bad" the slippery slope is real and we're long past the unacceptable point.

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