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What a nice board!
READ THE RULES https://zzzchan.xyz/v/custompage/rules.html
Check this thread out >>>/vhs/6

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Somewhere near the woods, there lies a gas station. Neatly placed seemingly in the middle of nowhere. However is far from desolate. For there anons from all around gather in a room within said station. A room filled to the top with arcade machines. There anons enjoy the evening. Drinking, calling each other faggot, and just having a good old time.
>What is this?
Anons pick a game and play it until they beat it or die. An arcade game that doesn't take long to complete and rewards skill. Once finished they post their score and see who did the best. They give others advice, share what they think of the game, call each other casuals, say which character of the game they would fuck and more.

Pretty much a rip-off of the RPG Club but with arcade games because I can't take 30+ hours strategy games.
Of course you didn't pick Metal Slug 3. It's the starting stone we'll use. The next game will be picked by you.
>How much time do I have to play it?
I think 2 weeks is more than enough. It will only take an hour of your time so you can do multiple runs if you want to try and get a better score.
>Where do I get it?
I recommend emulating it but If you're too retarded or lazy for that you can get it here: https://gog-games.com/game/metal_slug_3

I was going to post my score but I miss-clicked and didn't take a screentshot. I did horrible either way so I'll do it again (Like 40 credits and 22k of score).
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>>50062 (OP) 
>I was going to post my score but I miss-clicked and didn't take a screentshot. I did horrible either way so I'll do it again (Like 40 credits and 22k of score)
We need to do a credit score thread of arcade games anons can easily emulate. It would be a fun challenge between each other.
Replies: >>50079
>Once finished they post their score and see who did the best. They give others advice, share what they think of the game, call each other casuals, say which character of the game they would fuck and more.
Well you need to learn how to read then you can play video games.
Replies: >>50096 >>50786
I have the metal slug games on my console and have beaten them all, but I can always use an excuse to play the, again.
If you haven't already, you can play the game with other anons or your actual friends with fightcade. Would recommend
Replies: >>50093 >>50107
>>50062 (OP) 
Actually let me get an actual post in. I like this idea, arcade games are way easier to jump into like this.

We should do that at some point.
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oh boy do I love this idea and I can't wait for the thread to die because /v/ doesn't actually play video games

A pile of suggestions for future games:
>Fantastic Night Dream Cotton aka BIG COT TON PAN TSU - Side-scrolling cute-em-up that isn't made of bubblegum and isn't a bullet hell, it's an "enemy hell" instead where the challenge comes from clearing the screen and trying to get powerups without colliding with an enemy. Your "bombs" (magic, you have ground-firing bomb shots) fire in a straight line so you can't just mash bomb to get out of a pattern you don't like.
>Panorama Cotton - As above but it's Space Harrier.
>Mortal Kombat - See how long you can survive against the gayest button-reading shitheads in the history of fighting games!
>Donkey Kong - the real OG, can't pass up the chance to see anons fail at this
I suppose some beat-em-ups would also be doable, but every one I can think of is a quarter-muncher and the gameplay itself is usually "it's fun with friends" tier. Maybe Battletoads for the meme points?

Replies: >>50130 >>50141
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Shadow Over Mystara
Crazy Taxi
Monaco GP
been there, done that. that said I wouldn't mind playing them again
<the GH28 version of Galaxian³ will never be recovered
Here's a few ideas (MAME, green rating only):
>Magical Crystals - Overhead 8-way shooter with platforming elements. 2 player co-op.
>Rampart - That weird castle building game.
>Shock Troopers - Overhead 8-way shooter. I like it more than 2nd Squad. 2 player co-op.
>Mahou Daisakusen (Sorcer Striker) - Basic vertical shooter by Raizing with a comfy diesel fantasy aesthetic. 2 player co-op.
>Pang (Buster Bros.) - Bubbles are assholes and you have to pop them all over the world. 2 player co-op.
>Black Dragon (Black Tiger) - It's a Capcom fantasy platformer. A lot gentler than GnG though.
>Contra - The math chip's been implemented properly as of the latest version, so you'll die more often now. 2 player co-op.
I thought about Tower of Druaga because of the whole note-sharing thing, but every version's been picked apart and wiki'd and FAQ'd already, so what little real fun the game has is lost.
Replies: >>50130
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Just finished the game on the GOG my perfomance was well miserable, got like 26k score but used 65 continues.
The game is fucking hard like ultra hard, I never played a game this hard if I finished this on actual arcade I will go bankrupt but man is it fun, the soundtrack and visual are god tier.
I'll try another run later to see if I can improve a bit.
Also about future recommendation does the game have to be an arcade that game out on arcades, for example Star Fox is an arcade shooter but it never came out on actual arcades.
Replies: >>50126
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>65 continues
what the hell man, I wasn't that bad even as a child
Replies: >>50127
There were multiple times where I didn't what the fuck is going on and lost my postion.
But still I fucking suck at this game.
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The Irony of Arcade games is I find that most games that have scoring systems tend to benefit from not having you be able to put in an infinite amount of money. I would actually suggest some games that arent arcade game like

>Wario Ware Inc. "Thrilling" Stage
>Crypt of the Necrodancer
>Anything by Tresure
>Rain World Expedition Mod
>Pretty much any Rouge Like
Replies: >>50130
Has any one of you fuckers actually completed Metal Slug 3?
>Playing Video games
I'm working out right now, I'll Download the Rom when I'm done.
No, the bad men are bullying me.
I haven't done a score run for 3 yet cause it's so long and honestly mechanically tiring at times. Only done one for X/2. I'll post about it later today.
Any recommendations for difficulty? I'll go Level-8 aka console hard mode except technically harder due to faster, tankier enemies unless some casul says otherwise.
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give me a couple hours
Replies: >>50153 >>50223
Now I want a pic of viv and ztan playing against each other on an arcade machine
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How do I change the Difficulty for the Arcade version?
Replies: >>50149 >>50229
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[Hide] (15.1KB, 1202x723)
[Hide] (15.4KB, 1202x723)
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Depends on the emulator. I use GGPO-FBA from Fightcade 1 for convenience sake and there it's just pressing F2 and selecting the options in images related. I also upped the game time from 60 to 90 due to it not really mattering and only making it an issue to play the game with timeouts happening due to massive boss healthpools such as with the ending to X, which may or may not happen in the final mission here if you're dumb enough to let your tank die.

Oh also, you can make the playing level visible at the bottom by selecting Credit/Level to be On/On, that makes it look like the fourth image.
Replies: >>50158 >>50229
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At least a dozen times, have you?
Replies: >>50154
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forgot about the invincibility frames you get when you jump in and out of metal slug while fighting the final boss
No, but I'm not suggesting a dozen games to be played two weeks from now.
I found the Menu Using F2 as well. I was using the Mame 2003plus Libretro Core with Retroarch.
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What a cheap ass nigger gay clown insert coin hell! Everything kills you in one hit so you insert those goyins more. 
I played on hard and completed it with 91 continues, score was 28something. I did have fun nonetheless, and will likely try again with KNOWLEDGE later on medium. Thanks!
Replies: >>50169 >>50286
>91 continues
Finally someone worse then me.
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>80 Continues
How the fuck are you supposed to dodge the meteorite alien bullshit barrage attack?
Replies: >>50180
You iframe through it by ejecting the tank at the right time
Replies: >>50373
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Goddamn am I way shiittier than when I 1CCed, took me all of 13 continues
Got memed hard on mission 5, though I aced  the corridor escape and first clone section so it's  not all bad.

>dotemu "port"
Why do this to yourself?
Replies: >>50297
if you want to prevent yourself from credit pumping, switch the damn game from MVS to AES, it will give you i forget how many continues but a set amount of continues which is an okay compromise of autistic 1cc'ing the game between just pumping credits for semi-casual players
Replies: >>50285
Out of curiosity what paths have you chose for mission 1-4.
Provided you didn't get bamboozled by the carnivorous  plant in mission 4 that forces you through the worst section of the game obviously.

A few of the ports default to 5 credits, which is still fairly challenging if you're new but nothing particularly hard if you apply yourself.
Replies: >>50294 >>50297
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Got it. Masturbated lever in cellar, but hatch wasn't open.
I always choose boat for the first level. You can spam grenades to get the boats out of your way before they engulf the screen in missles and you get to fight the boss in a metal slug instead of the walker which I think has slightly more manuverability.
[Hide] (120.5KB, 841x596)
All topside paths, with the exception of Mission 3, where I ducked into the bottom path early on.
Looking through the recording, Mission 5 takes up half the fucking game.
>Why do this to yourself?
Pure convenience, I'm lazy and have no excuses.
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I mean these aliens. I didn't see any tank.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1439x1079)
You mean these barriers? You just shoot them so they go down faster.
Replies: >>50377 >>50382
No that boss is easy, I'm talking about the part right before the barrier boss.
get to the fight in zombie form and spam grenade you wipe like 3 of them with 1
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>Unregistered HyperCam 2
[Hide] (295.8KB, 450x338)
>>50062 (OP) 
Man i wish we had a PROPER Metal Slug 4 developed by Nazca
Is there supposed to be so much slowdown?  In the alternate path in the first level with the giant eels, I'd sometimes blow up a couple enemy submarines and the entire game would slow to a crawl between the water filter, the wreckage sprites, and the explosion effects.  I'm playing on Fightcade 1's GGPO FBA emulator, if that makes a difference.

>never played a Metal Slug game before
>pretty good at action platformers
>50 continues
>final score of 299xxxx
Decent performance, I guess?  It was the closest thing to a culture shock I've experienced in games in a long while.  The sheer amount of bullets on the screen and some of the areas with infinitely/excessively respawning enemies were real pains, as were the shitty controls on most vehicles which required you to move in the same direction you wanted to shoot.  The rest of the game was generally fun.  Good music, lots of explosions, beautiful sprites: everything you'd want from an SNK game.

More than anything, the design of the game really reminds me how frustrating many arcade games were made to be.  The arcade and developer both benefit if the game is full of unfair bullshit, but not quite so much that it prevent the player from enjoying the game at all.  I could definitely begin to feel the pacing of an easy section, a somewhat hard section that will likely kill you at least once, then a super cool boss that will make you want to put in quarters.  Every time the game asked me if I wanted to continue, I just thought of all the arcade games I played as a kid where I never got past the first level (although those were usually at midway fairs or amusement parks for kids, so they weren't exactly the same).  Yeah, game, just let me reach into my endless pocket of digital quarters and pull out another one so I can see the rest of the level and you can spawn another 20 enemies who each vomit 1-hit kill bullets and bombs.  Damn, what tension I feel for putting my money in.

Metal Slug 3 was genuinely a really fun game, but I am not sure that I would have enjoyed playing the game to completion if I were playing it under arcade conditions.  50 continues = $12.50 just to get to the end of one game, assuming that you're inputting quarters or tokens that each cost a quarter.  I grew up on console and PC video games, so paying that much for every playthrough is staggering.
>but you can git gud and 1cc it!!!!
Sure, and in the process I'd spend at least a hundred bucks learning all the enemy patterns and strategies for each branching path.

The green laser ball attack?  I think if you move slowly back and forth along the bottom of the screen, the tracking will be a bit easier to avoid.  I noticed that whenever I tried to dodge them by jumping in the corner I would die because the tracking and projectile speed meant I would either fall onto something underneath me or be shot by one of the following projectile that had tracked me into the air.
Replies: >>50587
I swear, they made 3 to be an ass pain.
Cleared with 34 continues, 3096279 score.

I used to play the metal slug anthology collection on the Wii, and could 1cc most, but 3 was always a bitch. 

Love the pixel art, love the animations, Fio is best girl.

Anyone interested in posting X scores?/1cc?
>Is there supposed to be so much slowdown?
The real thing does slowdown a bunch and FBA uses MAMEs NeoGeo implementation which is fairly accurate so any slowdown you have should match stock arcade cab performance.

You come in with more grenades and pussy it out, 30 is ideal
You can also attempt doing the fight as a zombie and use the vomit attack a couple time at the beginning but you better have meds on the ground at the ready because the rest of the fight isn't gonna be kind to you otherwise.
>>50062 (OP) 
Metal slug 3 is a great example of a poorly designed game built to steal money from naive kids, i beat it on playstation and tbh some of the boss fights have moves that are actually impossible to dodge.

Take off the nostalgia goggles
Replies: >>50595 >>50597
Git gud.
Replies: >>50598
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[Hide] (53.6KB, 256x256)
[Hide] (56.7KB, 105x159)
Replies: >>50871
Arcade was designed to be monies 
drain it's not poor it's werking as intended.
Nowadays you can play it for free  and enjoy that glorious pixel art tho.
Replies: >>50599
Even with save states you cant beat certain bosses without taking a hit. It was designed for arcades to take money
Replies: >>50603 >>50612
Its werid that monetization was worse back then than it is now, arcades didnt get shit for impossible games
Replies: >>50629 >>50964
>Even with save states you cant beat certain bosses without taking a hit.
Replies: >>50604
Im not gonna watch a video, i played it myself.
Replies: >>50607
Then by all means continue reveling in your own mediocrity.
Replies: >>50608
By all means maintian your bias over your nostalgia
Replies: >>50613
>you cant beat certain bosses without taking a hit
Stop typing like a nigger and name one of them.
There's no bias you wrote a factually wrong statement and plugged your ears when told so.
Replies: >>50614 >>50623
Yeah my hands on experience with the game was factually wrong
Replies: >>50617 >>50619
[Hide] (108.8KB, 3000x3000)
>He keeps responding.
Replies: >>50623
The fact is that you felt the game was so unfairly hard no one could clear it without getting hit once, even with cheating outright, which is factually wrong.
You should consider that you're simply terrible and accept it instead of blaming the game.
[Hide] (121KB, 707x1000)
These type of games were certainly made to nickle and dime people into spending as much coins as possible, don't even get the illusion that companies SNK did that shit in their arcade games because they wanted people to "git gud".
Even if it is "possible" to clear it with 1 credit doesn't mean it is fair, who knows how many times that autist played it to memorize every single attack.
With that being said, it is still a great game, a shame SNK wasn't able to reform Nazca after the bankruptcy, that copy-pasted trash made by Koreans was fucking garbage, and their shitty characters were shit and unnecessary.
The only Metal Slug not made by Nazca that i would save is Metal Slug 5.
Replies: >>50635
meant for >>50613

Is it just me or is shitposting on the webring at an all time high? The same thing happened with vch where it was fine for the first couple of months before it got "discovered" by Cointelpro or whatever it's called(FBI?).
[Hide] (987.9KB, 720x712, 00:23)
happens in waves, it'll pass
Its always been trash youre just seeing how bad it actually is as anons force replies to "fight" the raid
You're gonna complain that a game you only need a quarter to play is too hard? It's certainly a lot better than
>paying upfront $60 for half a game that needs another $240 for all the DLCs, season pass and other bullshit, ontop of the console itself or whatever hardware is required for a modern PC release
At least arcade is realistic with you. You suck? Pay another quarter for a continue. You're good? You're great, continue to have fun.

Shitposting aside, the game actually has difficulty settings that  actually impact sections in significant ways, such as making certain projectiles fall slower, making less projectiles appear on screen and giving more leeway of "safe zones" for certain attacks, ontop of lowering boss HP values as well. Arcades were always pumped to max difficulty due to being quarter munchers, but that's their charm as you're not paying just to play the game, also plastering a highscore at the local arcade to show off your skills.
>Even if it is "possible" to clear it with 1 credit doesn't mean it is fair
The definitely isn't truly always fair and certainly has that 4th boss that can pull some bullshit attack patterns or give you wolves for 8 times in a row negating any sort of challenge the fight could have it's not exactly that unfair either, especially not by arcade standards.
>who knows how many times that autist played it to memorize every single attack.
Probably not as long as you think, took me 50 hours to get my first 1CC and most of my attempts died well into stage 4-5, really the hard part is keeping focused and being able to mash the fire button for an hour, none of the individual sections are hard on their own.

>The only Metal Slug not made by Nazca that i would save is Metal Slug 5.
What's wrong with 6 and 7?
Replies: >>50682
It's really not that much in absolute terms.  The webring is pretty small, so a group of teenagers (maybe 4-6 of them on /v/) can seem larger than they are.  It feels annoying when you're in the thick of it, but it never lasts more than a couple days.
>What's wrong with 6 and 7?
They felt cheap, more like mods/rom hacks than actual new entries.
The copy-pasted reused sprites from Metal Slug 1 got boring and the washed-up backgrounds looked like garbage, same for the new sound effects like the soldiers' screams which sounded stupid instead of being funny.
Also giving every character different stats to try making the game "deeper" was unnecessary and to me they just weren't as fun as the original trilogy.
Replies: >>50683 >>50695
Though the shitty Korean made Metal Slug 4 is still BY FAR the worst one.
Replies: >>50695 >>50696
Fair enough, but what about Metal Slug Advance?
Also thinking about it, was there ever an attempt at a commercial clone of Metal Slug from anyone besides that one CT special force game and that one not so subtle NG dev Team clone? were any of them even halfway decent?

Nope I can assure you this is  not the worst thing with the Metal Slug name out there, there's the **tower defense game with MTX and over $100 of 
Though I can understand why you would want to never remember it too.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 640x906)
What about this one?
Replies: >>51143
[Hide] (910.7KB, 749x517)
Just beat it again today to see how I'd improve once I knew what was coming.  Went from 50 continues to 32, although with a lower score.  I took some alternate paths (stage 4 upper path which led to the pyramid with mummies and the holdout section where you had to kill plants and get power cells to open the door).  The plants were a LOT more annoying for me this time, but the aztec spaceship boss was much easier because almost all of his attacks were the yellow projectile wheel and the wolves, which were a lot easier to avoid than when I played the first time.  The mummies were a neat enemy type and the mummy transformation was fun, although I did have a few particularly infuriating moments in the final elevator: I had a shotgun which killed the mummies and mummy dogs in one hit, but the screen was so full of them that I couldn't get out of range of my melee attacks, which don't kill in one hit.  I was jumping and mashing the shoot button just to see if I could get a single shot off, but my character refused to do it.  Very frustrating death.

I still have to successfully complete the ice cave section in level 2.  I'm pretty sure something cool happens if you can ride the mammoth all the way from the back to the front.

I noticed that during the low altitude plane section in level 5(?) with all the trucks, I had improved immensely just by managing to keep the helicopter/plane alive.  I didn't die a single time to the airplane boss ("I'll see you in hell!"), whereas he must have taken at least half a dozen continues on my first attempt.  The final boss was still a pain in the ass, though, mostly due to all the green projectiles he spits that fly up quickly from the bottom of the screen.

The robo-brain enemies in the alien ship gave me conniptions just like they did the first time.  I looked up a TAS no-death run and apparently you can just jump through their hoop attacks.  I'm so fucking annoyed at inconsistent shit like that because it seems everywhere in this game.
>giant robot boss that shoots giant lasers
>>lasers don't hurt you, shockwave does
>spaceship boss that shoots giant laser
>>laser hurts you
>enemy in spaceship that fires laser rings
>>laser hurts you, but you can jump through it
I'm not angry that the attack was too large or anything: it literally just didn't occur to me to jump through the ring because every single attack in this game kills you in one hit (unless it's a transformation attack), so why would I be able to?
Replies: >>50811
>the robo-brain enemies in the alien ship gave me conniptions just like they did the first time.
>TAS no-death run and apparently you can just jump through their hoop attacks.
You can do that but honestly it's better to sacrifice a few bombs to kill them prior to them being able to attack at all, the one exception is around the clone area where you have the tank so abusing iframes to absorb their attacks is better
TAS is TAS it can do things you can't, firing at max rate while crouched indefinitely for one which is fucking straining on your hand if you try it normally.
Replies: >>50834
My usual strategy was to faceroll them and dump 3/6 bombs into them (normal/red) depending on the variant, but even the short time it takes to mash C six times is enough for the red ones to fire a single laser.  There are also the regular ones that spawn in multiples, sometimes on opposite sides of the room.

The TAS wasn't doing anything particularly crazy in that section aside from firing quickly.

>abusing i-frames
Nah.  As bullshit as the game is, it rarely outright cheats.  I wouldn't enjoy the game if I just did that over and over.  More than anything, I would have liked the ability to drop through platforms so that I could dodge bullets, but for some reason this game doesn't let me do that.
that 5th gif can probably be made into a nice banner
[Hide] (796.1KB, 448x224)
>Also thinking about it, was there ever an attempt at a commercial clone of Metal Slug from anyone besides that one CT special force game and that one not so subtle NG dev Team clone? were any of them even halfway decent?
Demon Front
Demon Front is a decent Metal Slug clone by IGS, not as good gameplay wise but still pretty fun, and the visuals were superb.
Replies: >>51324
[Hide] (231KB, 1912x432)
>Its werid that monetization was worse back then than it is now, arcades didn't get shit for impossible games
I lived the arcade period in the 90's and i remember that many games got shit for being designed to get as many coins as possible instead of being designed around being fun first.
If anything things got worse now, if back then a game was shit, at worst you would lose 20/50 cents, nowadays, you are supposed to pay 60/70 bucks for a "full" game and you get maybe a third of what a complete game should be.
Replies: >>50970
2021 needs to have the "original game" section be scrambled and have an "original game with fan patches" section where it's normal.
Replies: >>51144
[Hide] (14.1KB, 304x224)
What is it about the final boss suddenly making me sprout extra chromosomes when you literally just have to do the iframe thing.
>Nope I can assure you this is  not the worst thing with the Metal Slug name out there, there's the **tower defense game with MTX and over $100 of 
>Though I can understand why you would want to never remember it too.
>What about this one?
I wasn't even counting those ones, i was merely talkng about the main series, even though i agree those are garbage.
even better, have the collector's edition have a bunch of useless crap but the game is not included
[Hide] (104.5KB, 800x600)
I'm bad at this but not that bad. Will try again soon maybe
I am curious to hear other anon's opinion on this one.
[Hide] (13.7KB, 304x224)
That run was absolutely fucking shameful
>died to falling in the water on the submarine path from mission 3
>no miss mission 4 up until the boss where I die to the slow wolf pattern
>3 continues to the fucking clone machine for absolutely no fucking reason
[Hide] (13KB, 304x224)
What a fucking nightmare. 40 continues, for the last third of the last two missions it felt like all I could do was put coin, bomb and fire on turbo and stand in front of enemies. Didn't screenshot Mission All Over because some genius decided to bind screenshot to a different key for the SDL vs. Windows versions of FBNeo. Going to try Cotton next and put my money where my mouth is, here I come motherfuckers.
Anyone up for a online metal slug round ?
Replies: >>51643
[Hide] (176.8KB, 317x364)
I'll play, you mean with fightcade right?
Replies: >>51644
Yeah give me 5 min and I'll be ready
Replies: >>51647
hold on it seems I haven't updated in a millennia and it's installing the newest crap
Replies: >>51648
Yeah me too I'm installing some new update, I'll tell you when I'm ready.
[Hide] (1MB, 773x816)
Alright I'm ready for action
Replies: >>51656
which room are you in, and what's your nickname?
Replies: >>51657
metal slug 3
Replies: >>51659
[Hide] (507.6KB, 648x598)
>needs to leave 5 minutes into the game

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