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What a nice board!
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Discuss retro video games.
Replies: >>49480 >>49504
>>49479 (OP) 
Could have at least placed some effort into the OP.
Anyways, what have you guys been playing? Been playing nothing but N64 Rareware games, just finished Banjo-Kazooie.
Replies: >>49481 >>49483
I've been playing old PC games, mainly Liero because it's fun as hell just to play around with different weapons.
Replies: >>49532
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It may not count as retro, but I have started a play through of Die by the Sword and am liking it so far. Playing as a skeleton is more fun than the main character. I also plan on starting a new play through of daggerfall as well. An anon also told me about magical pop'n so I'll play through that later. What I really want to play is King of the Monster and KotM2. I used to love playing Rampage in the arcade and this looks like something similar.
Is 6th gen considered as retro yet?
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No, and apparently never will be.
Replies: >>49501
Not here, not yet anyway
Replies: >>49501
then which games count as retro?
>>49479 (OP) 
there's an emulation thread already up
Replies: >>49510
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There haven't been any stylistic evolutions/revolutions within video games since developers started going for 'muh realism',This means that even though literal time was passing since their release there hasn't been enough actual 'progress time' to mark things as retro,if that makes any sense.
Replies: >>49531
This. Every topic should be delegated a general thread, and any thread even slightly fitting into one of those generals should be moved or deleted into said general. I have a dream that one day zzzchan will have 0 users - and you, sir, are the kind of people we need to make such an ambition come true! Keep up the good work, sperg.
Replies: >>49512
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This. I remember when on fatchan the BO himself said he fucking despised generals which, since I hated them too, sounded like a breath of fresh air but look at this fucking shit now. Fucking newfag niggers that think that everything has to be in one general. Just make one thread then and call it "Video Game general" and whenever someone dares to make another say "hurr durr there's already a video game general" Kill yourselves, unironically.
Replies: >>49520
Which ever ones are being capitalised on by businesses to sell to "geeks". Can we turn these "retro" threads to something more specific? Pick a gen or a time period or a platform.

Also, the OP is about as low effort as it gets. What games have you been playing OP?
Replies: >>49532 >>49537
Board is to small and singular threads just die.
Replies: >>49533
>There haven't been any stylistic evolutions
Not if you count artsy color diarrhea cocktail games made by indies, I'm sure one day those will be looked back upon as retro in some capacity.

Shit thread tbh
see >>49481
Replies: >>49541
Yeah, that's why people should make one post in a general thread, get ignored, and never make a second post.
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>Pick a gen or a time period or a platform.
Fifth generation?
Replies: >>49541
I suppose you've also played OpenLieroX? That's a pretty great game.

Last PS1 game I played was Muppet Monster Adventure. Great game. Awesome music.
Replies: >>49564
Where should I go to find roms now that most sites are shit and dmca'd their uploads.
private trackers
The ol' paradise still works just fine, as long as you have the workaround script. You just can't download from them without it, to keep the DMCAfags and retards out.
Surely you wouldn't belong to either of those groups, right?
First I've heard of this. I've been out of the emulation scene since 2018
Multidisc downloads are still fucked though; the script only allows the first disc to be downloaded.
Replies: >>49557
Unless you just want a couple games or romhacks/translations you can find no intro romsets on fucking archive org, they get update yearly, everything up to 4th gen weighs about 20GB, PCE CD and N64 are an extra 40GB each and PS1, Saturn and Dreamcast are about 500GB+ each, so i just have a curated collection of each console. Not sure if you consider 6th gen retro, but those are even worse, PS2 no intro alone is 2TB.
How so? I just checked the first game that came to mind (Tales of Symphonia) and it has separate pages for the discs, and both work fine. A quick search of "disc 2" showed a lot of similar pages, so I expect it to be the same for all if not most other games.
If you've got an explicit example of a page, I'd like to take a look at if I can edit the script to work for multiple downloads.
Replies: >>49601
Vimm's Lair. Unless you're telling me it's kiked now? That's how I've been getting my ISOs and ROMs currently.
Replies: >>49601
OpenLieroX is great, wish it had more online players.
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Which emulators are good, and which ones should I avoid? Apologies for the noob question, but I've been using ZSNES, and from what I understand, it's terrible, and I want to move away to something better.
Replies: >>49570
There's an emulation thread right here >>48911 faggot
Games that had their discs on separate pages never had an issue. Dreamcast games usually had everything on one page, so try it with Shenmue or something. Incidentally, what version of the script are you using? Updating to the latest version broke everything for me.

The only problem with Vimm is that it's limited to US region and some fan translations.
Replies: >>49628
linking this since it's relevant, whole collection of retro + some new River City/Kunio games. beat-em-ups and sports mixed with a beat-em-up style
>Games that had their discs on separate pages never had an issue. Dreamcast games usually had everything on one page, so try it with Shenmue or something. 
You're right, on Shenmue it breaks. Seems it gets the GID (Game ID) for the download just fine, but the separate links have some second variable based on the numbers after [gid]-download. Normal download links are all just one page with ?gid=[the game's gid]&test=true, so if we could figure out what the second variable's name is it would likely be as easy as adding &[that variable]=[the link's second value] to the other url.
For instance, for Shenmue 1 the GID is 168, and the four download urls are all /168-download-1264 to -1267 but the broken workaround page has no 1264 anywhere.
Sadly there's no indicator of what that second variable's name might be on any page, since the rating only uses the GID not the download's extra ID. Could maybe bruteforce a bunch of words to see if we get a working link eventually, but that's inefficient and I don't know a good way to do it.
>Incidentally, what version of the script are you using? Updating to the latest version broke everything for me.
I got my script years ago, and just have it as JS in a browser bookmark. Wouldn't even know where to find updates, really, though I did find a different version of the script on github. The relevant JS in that seems to be the same as my bookmark version, though.
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Madou Monogatari I – a super cute RPG-ish first person dungeon crawler. A dungeon cuter. It’s part of a long-running series and this is basically a Mega Drive remake of one of the earlier games. It actually marks a milestone of being the very last game ever released on the system in Japan. Also of note is that this is where all the Puyo Puyo games spawned from.

It’s pretty solid and addictive: you enter a tower and have to navigate through about 15 floors with a cute loli while fighting equally cute enemies and solving tasks and light puzzles. Despite the appearance, it’s decently challenging – you must have a notepad and pencil on you at all times because the game marks literally nothing and there’s a fuckton of stuff to keep track of on every floor. To cast spells both in and outside of combat, you have to directly input different button combinations, kinda like in a fighting vidya. Which is a pretty interesting approach and adds player's own speed as a factor in the game; pretty good shit, I wish more RPGs used this.

Visually it’s very impressive for Mega Drive, with detailed and animated sprites. They had to sacrifice like 50% of the screen for that but it never really bothers you. There’s also a lot of good quality voice work. The music is pretty solid as well, though there’s very little of it, probably making space for all that speech. Interestingly, the game goes for a rather unconventional approach of not using any numeric stats to indicate your condition, and instead all the status information is conveyed with loli's expressions, music and text. Usually this idea turns into a pain in the ass, but in a simple game like this it works fine. There's no story really, it's kinda arcady that way, but there are gags and funny interactions sprinkled throughout.

Looking forward to more of the games in this series getting translated.
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[Hide] (2.4MB, 2886x1443)
Panorama Cotton – a gorgeous-looking cute ‘em up for Mega Drive, the art direction and music here are absolutely incredible. A lot of quality lewdness in the game as well. I was honestly surprised Mega Drive can even pull stuff like this off, it looks on par with SNES quality. And of course as per tradition, the best-looking, most interesting games never got localized in the west. It gets really fast with a shit ton of objects on screen, you needed stuff exactly like this to sell more blast processors, Sega.

The game’s pretty short, sadly, and not too tough but it gets the job done as far as challenge goes. I'm usually not one for shmups but this one just sold me. It turns out this specific type of gameplay from behind the character and with "3D" perspective does appeal to me, though I haven't seen many other shmups that play like this. However, instead of small arcady bursts I would rather the game be longer and have the ability to pick up health items and upgrade your shit at least a little bit.
I also got surprisingly invested in the simple comedic lore that it has, and those 90s designs and aesthetics are top tier; kinda reminded me of Slayers. I wish there was an anime based on the game, would watch the shit out of that.

Need to get into this series more.
Replies: >>50704
GBA is retro in the same way Cavestory is retro while being made in 2004.
That doesn't always work. Downloads generally fail so I moved on to other sites.
>If gen z gen 7 on down is retro, if gen y gen 6 on down is retro, if gen x gen 5 on down is retro. 
But then they all clash and argue without realizing what is happening.
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[Hide] (112.3KB, 2310x1443)
Monster World IV – an excellent platformer for Mega Drive, really loved this one. Despite being part of a series, it’s the only one from that prime 4th-gen zone that made it stand out and caught my eye. And it's the only one within the series starring a cute girl, which makes it the best one in my book. Check out that clay figurine they made for the cover.
I don’t know about the rest of the games but this one commendably strives to be more than a standard jump-n-slash platformer, there are some obvious RPG influences – you can explore a hub-town full of secrets and talk to people to get hints and flavor text. You also have to find money to buy new equipment, sometimes having to go and grind for them. The story is very simple but pretty good for what it is, the cutesy lore is surprisingly interesting and I wonder if there's some continuity across the series.

Visually it’s fantastic for a Mega Drive game, they tried their hardest to work around system limitations and be on par with SNES quality as much as humanly possible. The game has a lot of those iconic SNES-esque pastel colors and the art direction is superb. The music is alright, there are a few nice melodies but generally it’s somewhere in the background and doesn't have strong enough themes to go along with the levels. And it definitely didn’t escape the iconic Mega Drive treatment, fart sound and all.

As a platformer the game is pretty versatile – you can slash in any direction, jumpslash upwards and downwards and guard with a shield. As the main gimmick you get a floating pet blob-thing that is used in a variety of creative ways to platform and solve simple puzzles. Good shit. The game is not at all hard initially but, as if to compensate for that, the last few levels go over the top with platforming and get somewhat ridiculous. There’s also an impressive variety of enemies you encounter, although bosses are generally a joke, a few have a second form but you can just rush all of them.

Sadly the waifu never returns in the series. Such great injustice.
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You got a translated rom? I've been wanting to play it, but can't into moonrunes.
Replies: >>50307
Sure thing, anon.
Replies: >>50310
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They're doing a remake of this for consoles, unfortunately it looks like shit graphics-wise, shoulda hired natsume instead of iirc squeenix.
Replies: >>50327
Need to replace the battery in mine
Replies: >>50331
Looks like a mid 00s fan game. I like how they had the audacity to show a side-by-side comparison with the original. Somebody at marketing thought "yeah, that looks good".
You have a physical copy?
Replies: >>50332
Replies: >>50333
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[Hide] (131.6KB, 2304x1344)
Magical Pop'n – a pretty solid action cuteformer. It’s a rather straight arcady affair as there’s no story to speak of, which honestly is a shame because I always enjoy the way they manage to incorporate lore and story into simple platformer/action games of the era.
The game’s not too hard initially but does get progressively more challenging, with the final stage being quite something. Even more so considering there is no save function or even a password system. And levels in this are quite long, easily up to an hour on your first playthrough. Something tells me not many little nips beat this game back in the day. Thankfully the controls are pretty tight.

Visually it’s very appealing, with beautiful, nicely detailed backgrounds and effects. Music was also a standout feature with some rockin’ tunes, especially later on.
However, the elephant in the room is that they had some contemporary idol do the voice of the main girl and fuck is she terrible. It’s not like there’s voiced dialog or anything, how do you fail at basic cutesy sounds? This is the first time I've encountered such an issue.

Though the game is still enjoyable, it’s definitely a bit bare bones and lacks something – some interesting gimmick to add more depth to the experience. You do get extra abilities you find throughout levels but they are almost entirely useless except for the two mandatory ones utilized in platforming. I guess the idea was that less skilled players will use those more often, but since they consume resources you end up just ignoring and subsequently forgetting about them. Plus your sword strike is enough for virtually all enemies, including the bosses.

Interestingly, this is one of the most expensive Super Famicom games due to its rarity.
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I played this like last year for the first time.
Replies: >>50527
Also RIP the porn star that did the voice that died of renal failure from having too much sex in her life.
Replies: >>50528
Did you like it?
Replies: >>50548
sauce on that claim?
Replies: >>50548 >>50577
Yes it was fine. 
She had a kidney infection in the center of her kidneys and was found dead from 'hay fever' but wasn't even old enough to die from hay fever. She died before 40 and was a nympho with kidney infections, put two and two together. They say 'pneumonia'. Uh huh. She was just too respected, ironically. They just didn't want people to slut shame women plus uti and it leading to kidney issues. Also when she retired she was all crying about how she had an 'issue'. You retire then die of pneumonia while having kidney issues and it's probably only 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside in Japan in December and you're only 37 and have no lung problems but do have a serious kidney infection....Another thing, she was found face down, as though she passed out while walking. Perhaps her blood pressure was too high and she passed out then suffocated from lying on her face, but if dying from pneumonia I'd expect you to die on your back in your sleep myself. But if your kidneys fail your blood pressure goes up and up as you can't piss off the water and then you'd eventually die of a heart attack, or if super unlucky, pass out, land on your face while having hay fever, then suffocate and an asshole decides you died of pneumonia because it was a bone chilling 40-50 degrees outside as is typical for japan in Dec. Hay fever is like having allergies you know. Not dying from the cold of which would correlate with death from pneumonia.   

Is it pure conjecture?  Yes and no. It' something people like to assume with how people like to save face and with ow Japan are a bunch of pansies and also floozies on top of that. 

She is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ai_Iijima if too lazy to actually read the official stuff on her. A porn star, in her 30s, with major kidney issue, dies flat on her face while having hay fever. But it's pneumonia even though not wintery outside. Uh huh.  

Anyway, my bullshit aside it's sad that she died from 'pneumonia' at 37 flat on her face in her heated nice ex-porn star apt with non-relevant wrecked from super-aids renal system.
Replies: >>50549
This is on my backlog, and I'll play through it soon.
Honestly it might have been cold outside.
Americans didn't want games like this. They just wanted more EA Sports.
Replies: >>50932
lazy cuckchan thread
Replies: >>50937 >>51599
There was no EA sports back then.
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[Hide] (76.6KB, 1024x600)
Though I concur that generals are cancer other than that what did you add to the thread yourself? 

Do you want me to dump all my list of retro games gen 4 5 and a bit of gba six? I can do that if it makes you feel better but that'd be it's own kind of spamming for me to list my 200ish roms I have. 

psx rpg and rpg tier that I'm Interested in are:
King's Field II
Beyond the Beyond
Legacy of Kain, Blood Omen
Legacy of Kain, Soul Reaver
Vandal Hearts
Wild Arms
Ogre Battle
Final Fantasy VII
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Final Fantasy Tactics
Saga Frontier
Breath of Fire III
Blaze & Blade: Eternal uest (PAL)
Azure Dreams
Granstream Saga
Kartia: Word of Fate
Parasite Eve
Dragon Seeds
Tales of Destiny
Brave Fencer Musashi
Jade Cocoon
Tactics Ogre
Guardian's Crusade
Legend of Legaia
Monster Seed
Shadow Madness
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
Star Ocean: Second Story
Final Fantasy VIII
Suikoden II
Final Fantasy Anthology
Thousand Arms
Shadow Tower
Chocobo's Dungeon 2
Vandal Hearts II
Saga Frontier 2
Alundra 2
Front Mission 3
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
Vanguard Bandits
Wild Arms 2
Vagrant Story
Digimon World
Legend of Mana
Legend of Dragoon
Threads of Fate
Chrono Cross
Valkyrie Profile
Parasite Eve 2
RPG Maker
Dragon Valor
Eternal Eyes
Final Fantasy IX
Torneko: The Last Hope
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
Breath of Fire IV
Lunar II: Eternal Blue Complete
Persona II: Eternal Punishment
Digimon World 2
Battle Hunter
Technomage (PAL)
Saiyuki: Journey West
Tales of Destiny II (Eternia)
Dragon Warrior VII
Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth
Arc the Lad Collection
Digimon World 3
Final Fantasy Origins
Megaman Legends
Megaman Legends 2

gb and gb: 
castlevania adventure
Castlevania II belmonts revenge
donkey kong land 1/2/3
ff legend 1/2/3
kid dracula
kirby's dream land 1/2
legend of zelda link's awakening
metroid 2
super mario land 1/2/3(that's wario)
wario land 2(or mario land 4?)
ff adventure 
azure dreams
legend of zelda the oracle of ages
legend of zelda the oracle of seasons
lufia the legend returns
resident evil gaiden 

refer to img for most of my list though it is missing a couple I'd play. 

chrono trigger
donkey kong country games
doom games 
mario kart
castlevania games (not really I suck)
ff games
killer instinct
legend of zelda alttp
lufia and the fortress of doom
lufia 2
magical pop'n
megaman games
secret of mana 1/2 and 3 translated
secret of evermore
star fox
mario rpg
mario games in general esp yoshi's island or world 2
super metroid
tales of phantasia 
wing commander 
wonder project j
earthbound or mother or whatever

castlevania, but the first is better that they made for it
mario 64
paper mario
kirby 64
donkey kong 64
mario kart
legend of zelda games 
shadowgate 64
star fox
wonder project j2
Tsumi to Batsu - Hoshi no Keishousha (Japan)
yoshi's story
quake 2
re 2
megaman 64/legends
perfect dark
smash bros

ff games
megaman games
zelda 1 and 2
mario games
ff games
castlevania games
mother or earthbound or whatever
shadowgate and deja vu
wizards and warriors

Innsmouth no Yakata (Japan)
jack bros

That pretty much sums up my list.
>the psx list
I should add some more to that that I actually have as due to neet space of drives I ironically don't have all of the psx listed there but do have some that are indeed not in that list. Still, it's whatever because no one cares and the point is that....well....too broad as I  implied.
Holy autism
bless you anon, saved
Replies: >>50957
>also included nes
>gen 3
3 four five and 6 rather. 
Yes, I hope the list helps avoid someone's brain locking up when thinking of what to download and or play. That and anyone can pick a game to talk about now from the overall list so we can now no longer call the thread low effort....then again at the same time it is mostly pleb taste even if overall thorough plebeian taste....
[Hide] (1.9MB, 890x900)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x960)
Wild Arms – ah, a true classic. I haven't played the Wild Arms series yet and I'm glad I was able to start with the original; usually I would unintentionally start most legacy series with part 5 on PS2 or something like that.
This is basically that 'Zelda meets Final Fantasy' game that we often memed up as kids; with emphasis on dungeon exploration and tool usage you even get a grappling hook, but at the same time being a hardcore oldschool RPG. And I do mean hardcore – you don’t even get essential advanced magic like ‘heal group’ until 2/3 of the game and when finally given an opportunity, you can easily miss it and fuck yourself over. Some late-game puzzles are also downright impossible. Good shit. Overall it’s not too hard if you know your stuff, but it always feels nice playing games from an era when they actually valued challenge. Here you have to fight 4 final bosses in a row with no ability to save, while nowadays you have to watch 4 hours of cutscenes and then press X to win.

Visually it’s that very special breed of games put on the next-gen hardware but still remaining last-gen aesthetically, giving off a unique vibe. Lost art, really. The backgrounds are absolutely gorgeous but I'm not a fan of "3D" character sprites and their awkward animations. Speaking of 3D, despite being mostly pixel based I guess they couldn’t help themselves and, this being 1996, all the enemy encounters are rendered with full polygonal engine. It's about on par with FF7 that it had to compete with that year. There are also some interesting technical tidbits, like the game is actually wider than 4:3. You can also customize literally every icon and window in the game Mario Paint style and make them out of poorly drawn benises. Now that's next-gen.
The music is really good, has a unique sound and definitely makes itself noticeable. Since the game has a Weird West theme going on they even sampled some Ennio Morricone tunes.
The story is kind of a mixed bag, there are some nice moments but overall it’s pretty weak, definitely not on par with 5th gen. I did like that it took 5 hours before the game title even appeared, lol.

They certainly packed a lot in here, at every point of the game there’s always more stuff to do and to find. Truly the golden age of gaming, may it last a 1000 years in our backlogs.

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