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What a nice board!
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I'm looking for some good sports games. Specifically for
>Ice Hockey
>Wrasslan (Hopefully featuring Hulk Hugan)
>Racing (Everyone knows the classics (Burnout 3, Ridge Racer 4, Daytona USA))
Any good one you know of? Minigames also apply.
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>>49360 (OP) 
oh boy I love sports games, let me give you some
Baseball Stars 2 on MAME, enormous sprites, fast paced and tons of character. Doesn't get any better than this, though the games do drag on a bit.
>Ice Hockey
NES Ice Hockey, bit of an oldie and you may destroy your thumb playing it but I honestly loved it. The wiiware version is really nice since the wiimote play like a comfier version of the NES, but if you have to emulate it please just set a turbo button on your controller.
Neo Turf Masters on MAME; DUH! It's comfy AF, even in multi.
Not much of an expert there but I've been told that SEGA Bass Fishing is the game for you.
>Racing (Everyone knows the classics (Burnout 3, Ridge Racer 4, Daytona USA))
Vid related
>>49360 (OP) 
>Any good one you know of? Minigames also apply.
Too many to count. Strikers and Strikers Charged are on my top list of favorite sports vidya. In no particular order:
The Inazuma Eleven Series (particularly the first trilogy as the games get progressively more complex but most of them are good), soccer rpg with batshit insane story
Cosmic Smash, super fun and addictive arcade tennis game where you control a Wireframe Man fighting his way across a subway
Disney Sports Soccer, unexpectedly meaty soccer game where you get to use a ton of powerups
Klonoa Beach Volleyball, comfy af volleyball game with Klonoa characters, you can literally play it 4-way multiplayer with a single controller
Power Spikes 2, arcade volleyball game that answer the gender question: only male, female and cyborg are the true genders

I'm planning of making my own /agdg/ sports game at some point, hopefully with the vibe of the games I've talked about.
>>49360 (OP) 
I remember Sega making a ton of sport games back in the 90s and early 2000s, they really knew how to make sport games fun, it's about the gay realism it's about over exaggerating the fuck out the sport because in reality sport can be a bit boring but add in some fantasy to the mix and you got yourself a fun fucking game to play.
>>49360 (OP) 
I don't play a lot of sports games, but I remember RBI Baseball 4 on the Sega Genesis being fun.
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Does this count as a sports game?
Replies: >>49420
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>>49360 (OP) 
I had a whole bunch of Kunio games I posted back in 8chan's /vr/ before the Holocloudst that I updated and wanted to post sometime, guess that's now.
There's several sports games in this collection, though for OP's interest
>Nekketsu Hockey is ice hockey where you beat the shit out of people
>Crash 'N The Boys: Street Challenge has a judo segment based on grapples, Nekketsu Fighting Legend also has irish whips but is more of a platform tournament fighter ala smash bros
>Crash 'N The Boys also has a Hammer Throw segment mixed with "golf" in a loose sense, and also a segment where you have to fucking drown your opponent to win
Other than that, within the whole collection there's dodge ball, soccer, two mixed-sports games (Crash 'n The Boys being one of them), and basketball, not counting the few remakes in there.

Eat up fags, here comes the spoon.
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thank you dear anon
also, I just don't get what's so racist about drawing african americans with big lips and beady eyes, since, you know, they have them
Replies: >>49417
Acknowledging that race exists is racist, unless it's about how white people are bad or black people are good.
Yes, and so do all other fighting games.
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My sister played a ton of Madden 07 on Xbox, it's basically like an RPG where you're constantly building up your sportsball character to max potential. The soundtrack was also pretty gud.
Replies: >>49424
>In a modern sport game
You sure about that anon because nigger music doesn't count as soundtrack.
Replies: >>49426 >>49428
That's like 13 games ago.
Replies: >>49427
To be more specific "Licensed" sport game, they are usually dead silent in middle of the game which is fucking gay.
07 had lots of hard rock, I remember AC/DC quite clearly
Replies: >>49646
No AC/DC in 07 but there's a lot of late-era buttrock,
Given the chance, how would you create the perfect sports game?
Replies: >>50521 >>50531
Alright let's say I'm making a soccer/football game, first of all an actual OST not some gay band music or whatever, arcady gameplay it doesn't need to be realistic I want it to be fast and quick to jump into, a story mode where you create team to win the finals or you join in a team that's already made that was known to be the best of the bunch but in recent times it fell out of grace and (you) most bring the team back to it's glory days, presentation should be something unique not something that tries to be realistic.
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>the perfect sports game
We have the perfect sports game in one of the banners here.
Replies: >>50654
for burnout fans that are disabled + pscx2 doesn't run well, legends and dominator are great fixes on ppsspp
an old mame rom i used to play all the time was backstreet soccer, fucking brilliant
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>only one fishing game posted in entire thread
Come on faggots.
Since minigames apply I'm recommending OoT's fishing minigame, from my experience the only fishing minigame that wasn't overly simplistic and/or sucked balls.
Swastapitch best pitch

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