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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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Old thread hit bump limit.

>argue about software vs. FPGA
>bully other anons for using filters and savestates
>complain about MAME scope creep pulling the devs away from Model 2 and Naomi
>ask for help with Wonderswan frame jitter you need a 75Hz monitor
>>48911 (OP) 
Are FPGA reaching the level of emulation or 5th gen consoles or is that an impossible thing to do ?
Replies: >>48915 >>48930
Maybe in ten years. Sooner if manufacturers get off their asses and use better base technology (vacuum transistors, molecular logic gates, photonic circuitry, etc.).
Replies: >>50159
>>48911 (OP) 
Speaking of PC-98, the lips flaps finally work in Policenauts on Neko Project 2 fmgen.
I hope the madlad who forked PCSX2 1.6 back to WinXP with D3D11 support via wineD3D much to the chagrin of PCSX2 soydevs who get really triggered at the idea of continued Win7 support because Microsoft dropped support in VS so it's morally correct for us to do too t. kojin pulls an ishiiruka with no survivors.
Replies: >>48934
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PC-98 graphics are *smacks lips* the best.
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>>48911 (OP) 
FPGA are the way of the future when it comes to preserving gaming media since they accurately clone the target console IF the person programing the FPGA knows how the target system works. 
In the next few years or so, I would be surprise we play Gamecube games on a FPGA. The 7th generation of consoles are going to be a bitch to clone considering how complicated the Hypervisor of the Xbox and the security of the PS3 despite being cracked in the past.
Replies: >>48932
Today if you want to spend fuck-you money and write the VHDL yourself. The FPGA explosion happened because FPGAs for education and testing got cheap enough for low-volume contract factories in chinkland to keep in stock. FPGAs big enough to hold the gigatransistors used for 5th gen are still "production" only and get used in shit like backbone network equipment and niche crap like the Mac Pro's video acceleration, so you can't just buy them in lots smaller than 100,000 like you can with the shit going into MiSTers and OSSCs.
FPGAs are literally software emulation on a circuit board. Its the opposite of preservation.
Replies: >>48936 >>50159
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>Still using Windows
Linux gaming with Lutris is so goddamn easy to set up that it blows my mind that Neets/people who don't require windows for their job still use it.
VMs still work better than Wine/Lutris for both performance and compatability, as long as you've got GPU passthrough.
>Its the opposite of preservation.
How so? FPGAs can recreate the entire circuit of the original hardware if the FPGA is big enough. This may not be considered better then original hardware, but it is to typical software emulation. Part of preservation is keeping the original hardware alive and running. But surely it is also to make sure that generations in the future can also have access to as close to the original hardware as possible. Since the number of original hardware can only go down once it is stopped being manufactured, then FPGAs are a great alternative when access to the original hardware is unfeasible.
Replies: >>48937
>FPGAs can recreate the entire circuit of the original hardware 
No they don't
Actually look up what FPGA based emulation is before bleating this nonsense
Replies: >>48962
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>as long as you've got GPU passthrough
That's the problem. I've recently tried to do single GPU passthrough, but the VM always stops responding during Windows installation. I guess my hardware is just simply too weak to handle KVM.
If you're going that far then you might as well just put a windows partition on your HDD, or better yet buy the used console because this isn't fucking an emulation thread or anything right? (ps I know wine is not an emulator but it functions exactly like one so whatever)
Replies: >>48944
Wine not being an emulator is actually why its compatibility is still as spotty as it is. I don't know if it's intentional jewry or not (the funders for wine sell a proprietary fork that claims better compatibility with shit like MS Office) but the WineHQ policy is to implement the one tr00 version of the Windows API and translate that to Linux API calls. This doesn't work because Windows is a broken fuckpile and MS has been using EXE-specific compatibility hacks since at least XP, if not earlier.
It is a never ending struggle.
Ok, so it might not be perfect 1:1 copying. But I still contend it is a fine way of ensuring a system isn't forgotten and isn't the opposite of preservation you believe it to be. Unless you can say exactly why you believe it is?
Replies: >>48964
Its literally software emulation except even more limited but tied to a limited hardware.
More importantly, being tied to a physical piece of technology that is being manufactured out of a single factory in chinkland means the moment supply chain gets disrupted, all you'll be able to do is sit on your ass with your dick in your hand in the name of "preservation"
Replies: >>49000
Hi everyone! I have been emulating in my phone a lot lately, mostly old japanese games from the SNES, i would enjoy a lot some recs!
Replies: >>48966 >>48972
I wrote my mail in the Email field but somehow i didn't showed, it's [email protected] I think it was a bug.
Replies: >>48972
In order to give you recs we needs the numbers on your moms credit card, the expiration date, and those wacky numbers on the back.
This. FPGA emulation has the same accuracy ceiling as software emulators. It's the "audiophile" snakeoil of emulation. It's even worse than regular emulation because it's tied to proprietary hardware and toolchains, and it's sold at a ridiculous markup to faggots. There isn't anything that magically makes the same algorithms better when implemented on FPGA instead of a general purpose CPU, especially now that powerful and cheap ARMshit is everywhere. The whole purpose is to separate retards from their money by insinuating FPGA emulation is any better than those chink ARM handhelds.
t. actual embedded engineer who's written a couple shitty emulators
And hear I thought FPGA would be something cool that will advance emulation even more, what's the price of an FPGA and how much does it compare to ARM ?
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Okay, I'll bite. What about being able to bring your own PLLs instead of being chained to the OS timer's granularity? What about the dozen or so layers of abstraction which add multiple frames of input lag to software emulators on PC, lag that can't be eliminated without unreliable hacks like runahead? What about being able to map memory directly to hardware instead of murdering performance trying to squeeze the brain problems of a 25-year-old MMU into a linear, paged buffer where any memory access could end up taking a shit because the host OS decided to give you a bad day?

Prove yourself worthy of those digits and explain how all of this shit, which can be done with relative ease in a softcore, is totally doable in software and not issues emudevs have spent literal decades trying to either ignore or convince retards that they don't matter because you can bing bing wahoo on your smartphone. There are some things FPGAs just can't simulate without extra hardware (see FPGASID which copies the SID gatemap exactly... except for the analog filters which have to simulate MOS' garbage RF transistor process) but there are others that just can't be done on a commodity CPU.
Replies: >>49012
The timing strengths of FPGAs simply aren't relevant to videogames; they're for serious data transfer. 1st to 5th gen consoles are adequately emulated on a modern commodity CPU, and 6th gen onwards benefits more from 3D accelerators than they would being on an FPGA. Is the Culture series good?
>What about being able to bring your own PLLs instead of being chained to the OS timer's granularity?
For what purpose? You don't need a custom oscillator frequency for 100% accurate bing bing wahoo. You just need to get everything done before drawing.
>What about being able to map memory directly to hardware instead of murdering performance trying to squeeze the brain problems of a 25-year-old MMU into a linear, paged buffer where any memory access could end up taking a shit because the host OS decided to give you a bad day?
The entire memory of basically anything emulated fits entirely in cache on any remotely modern processor. If you're getting cache misses because you're torrenting gay porn while gaming, that's on you.
> What about the dozen or so layers of abstraction which add multiple frames of input lag to software emulators on PC
Multiple frames is an exaggeration, but otherwise that's just the tradeoff cost of convenience running on a desktop OS. If these were as big problems as you make them out to be, then surely there would be more bare metal emulators.
Replies: >>49108
Linux is difficult and neets don't try hard things or they'd not be neets.
Replies: >>49023 >>49063
I can't speak for all of NEETdom, but I am a beautiful and sagacious NEET who concerns himself primarily with Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. FreeBSD being one of the primary systems I work with. Furthermore, I work very hard at things that aren't slavery to other men. This is what it is to be a NEET, normalniggers drink my piss and handle my ass pennies.
Replies: >>49037
What exactly does Lutris have over vanilla wine+winetricks? Aside from the pretty icons and stuff, that is.

I'm sure they do but GPU passthrough looks intimidating as fuck, the fact that you have to go fiddling with the BIOS just to play a game scares me.
Replies: >>49063 >>67543
Why are people so proud of being objectively worthless?
Replies: >>49038 >>49065
Who, normalfags?
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Why does gallium nine keep breaking and un-breaking with every second wine-staging update?
It used to be more reliable 3 years ago DXVK is a meme as they can't figure out how to map more than 4GB of memory to 32bit games without running out of address space, let alone exposing more than 512mb of VRAM to dx9 games.
GNU/Linux is only difficult if you're used to Wangblows.
BIOS interfaces are comfy.
Replies: >>49567
I wouldn't know, I'm just proud of being a NEET.
Replies: >>49073
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>proud of being a literal nigger welfare queen leech
Even if I was on welfare that would still be less draining on society than plenty of "respectable" "profit" generating jobs. Not every instance of capital gains is productive for society, and the idea that not generating capital is inherently immoral is absurd when contrasted with that reality.

It doesn't sound like you've thought this through very much anon. I spend my days growing corn and peas, lifting, reading, playing video games, and talking to people on imageboards. It's quite comfy and I haven't worked a day in my life for another man. Only on my own land for my own needs. You should try taking it easy sometime. Sounds like work is taking a lot out of you.
Replies: >>49082 >>49109
Sam_Pathetic.jpg (u)
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I bet you work in the service sector
>>48911 (OP) 
Im gunna emulade my benis in ur bum
Replies: >>49567
You sound like the kind of guy who when master decides to punish the rest of your fellow slaves because one's lazy, you get mad at the slave.
Replies: >>49109
>I haven't worked a day in my life for another man.
Not all of us are so fortunate anon, where did your initial funds come from?
>Only on my own land
Again, not all of us are so fortunate. Do you pay property tax? Are you off grid?

You are right about capitalism though, when there is no regulation or limit on what can be marketed and sold, you end up with the current immoral hellscape we have today.
Replies: >>49086
I am fortunate, I inherited what I have even though it's not very much. From there I live frugally which can go a long way. I'm not shitting on people who aren't as privileged as I've been. I'm just contesting the idea that NEET lifestyles are inherently immoral and somehow a huge net negative for society.
Replies: >>49094
Why would I work when the average wagecuck cant even afford to own his own home if he so worked well into retirement age these days? Just 30 years ago you could take any low paying job and still affort to pay off your house loans in 15 years or so. I just want to move into the middle of nowhere where housing is still affordable but there is no work there.
Replies: >>49094
122801930_1567686806751403_4748450145606388048_o.jpg (u)
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I agree with you, especially here in the jewnited states where participating in the workforce is being more and more penalized via taxes and diversity shit. It's almost not even worth working, especially for petro-fiat dollary-doos that are losing even more value.

Blame jews and barren women for the current market. Between right to work and immigration wages have stagnated horribly.
Do not reply to cuckchan rejects.

>You don't need a custom oscillator frequency for 100% accurate bing bing wahoo.
False. Funny you mentioned wahoos because both the NES and the GBA actually run at a slightly different blanking frequency from the standard, meaning NES emulation will always be slightly faster and GBA will always be slightly slower without desynchronizing the PC display and the emulated display. The difference is minute, but it's one way FPGA can be more accurate than software. On multiprocessor systems (aka anything with a GPU) you also end up either sacrificing accuracy or killing performance to keep each chip in sync. If you have your own PLLs and frequency dividers you can just do what the original system did and assuming your schematic is correct it should all just work.
>The entire memory of basically anything emulated fits entirely in cache on any remotely modern processor.
Doesn't fucking matter, what makes MMU emulation slow is having to implement the full behavior of both the MMU and any caches the system has.  If you don't do this you're pretty much guaranteed to end up eating shit from some game or piece of software that counts cycles or depends on cache lines being invalidated at a particular time. Dolphin has been bitten multiple times where the speedhacks they used to avoid emulating the GameCube's memory model weren't good enough and they needed to add hacks on top of the hacks so it behaved how the game expected. This is mostly relevant for computers (think Macs, where OS compatibility for emulation is constrained by later versions needing a full MMU) and newer consoles that will probably never fit in a single FPGA, but guess what? It's another way FPGA can be more accurate than software.
>muh convenience
Convenience was never an option.
One other place where FPGAs win is interfacing with original hardware. Can you plug your Pokémon Blue cartridge into Mupen64 and import your team from when you were a kid? Fuck no. Can you use your old 3D shutter glasses with a Master System emulator? Fuck no. Teach your son the true meaning of suffering by making him play NES games with the Power Glove? Fuck no. Play Monty on the Run on an original Commodore monitor you found in your attic? Not without a bunch of expensive DAC hardware, which will likely be powered by FPGAs. You might be able to do some of this with GPIO lines, but that's pretty much exclusive to the Raspberry Pi and maybe some of the bigger Arduinos.

FPGA emulation isn't going to replace software anytime soon, and will probably never be more user-friendly than software, but there are some things it just does better than a software emulator on a commodity PC. I think you're just looking at the gay Analogue clone consoles and overhyping from MiSTer resellers and being a contrarian shithead based solely on those.
Never read Culture.
>I spend my days growing corn and peas
>Only on my own land for my own needs.
Then you're self-employed, not a ne*t, you fucking autist, you work for your own upkeep.

>muh work is slavery
You people are mentally polluted by ebin memes and cannot conceptualize any kind of occupation beyond cubicle office or amazon warehouse worker.
Casual gardening isn't employment, it's a hobby.
slayer.png (u)
[Hide] (126.1KB, 571x685)
>doing these much mental gymnastics so you don't have to confront the fact that your hate for NEETs is just you parroting shills like the good NPC you are
This is why I quit my job long ago, because it always, ALWAYS gets lemmings like you more angry than the entirety of (((gaming journalism))) when they see the sales numbers for DmC.
slave.jpg (u)
[Hide] (246.8KB, 960x722)
>neets are just lazy
>thinks being a slave and working are the same thing
If neets are just lazy why are you mad at them? Why are you mad at them using welfare?
You might say because "I have to pay for that welfare and they don't deserve it", but in saying that you admit that you aren't smart enough to decide whos worth your money and who isn't; you're agreeing that a welfare system should exist.
That your money should forcefully taken from you and given to people you don't like.  These people who don't work and are only paid to give your money away, they know who should have it and not you. That its only right they collect your money and wrong that others do.

What do you call someone who collects your money while you work, if not your master?
>You might say because "I have to pay for that welfare and they don't deserve it", but in saying that you admit that you aren't smart enough to decide whos worth your money and who isn't; you're agreeing that a welfare system should exist.
What the fucking fuck is this reckless retardation? By your "logic" being victimised by a crime means you endorse the crime. This whole post is one of the most flagrant displays of chutzpah I've seen in a long time.
No one deserves welfare, ever, at any time or place. Welfare is dysgenic, parasitic and ultimately even harmful to it's beneficiaries. No one ever bettered their situation on welfare (defrauding the system by drug dealing or working under the table etc is not an argument to the contrary and only illustrates the corrupt incentive structure), it is the subsidisation of poverty and misery. Welfare is literally paying people to be poor. This is done to create reliable voting blocks of dependant parasites, and why democracy always becomes an arms race of subsidies and free shit and tax breaks between the (invariably dominant) mass gibs party and the industrial party. 
You, the welfare recipient, are nobody's master. The state is the master by virtue of force and the illusion of legitimacy.
I collect your information while you shitpost. You are my slave, nigger.
Replies: >>49556 >>49567
Checks out
>If neets are just lazy why are you mad at them? 
For being lazy?
>Why are you mad at them using welfare?
For wasting taxpayer money? 
>I have to pay for that welfare and they don't deserve it
>but in saying that you admit that you aren't smart enough to decide whos worth your money and who isn't
How  exactly does specifically stating who is not worth your money admit that you are not smart enough to decide who is not worth your money?
>you're agreeing that a welfare system should exist.
It shouldn't, yes.
I think the point is that you should start a farm and/or go hunting instead of sucking off of the government teat.
cf44b56e4d5c66f04884a60c4ec80ac2aebc4d2b87e4811fe73d0816f3dca847.jpg (u)
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PngItem_214771.png (u)
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Recommend me a non shit N64 emulator, or at least a non shit GUI for mupen64.

Don't mind me, just checking them digits.

>BIOS interfaces are comfy.
Absolutely correct. Still functionally intimidating though, especially for the non-technical.

>Recommend me a non shit N64 emulator
doesn't exist
1f173da014bc775653a4bd695e1352be045db9b4b079f0f291c15808b5970aa4.jpg (u)
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>come to thread for emulation advice
>argument between neets and wagecucks
Replies: >>49573
a50d068ced24e2ceb27593aa43185fb6c95995e08854be5ac76dc2239b02132d.jpg (u)
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>complain about derailing
>while not even posting your question
Is retroarch the best all around emulator for Android?
Replies: >>49580 >>49581
Deimos_thumbs_up_transparent.png (u)
[Hide] (72.2KB, 550x399)
I'd say PPSSPP is the best one in terms of quality, functionality and accessibility.
I thought it was a frontend not an emulator in and of itself
Replies: >>49593
CEN64 if you can run it, m64p if you can't.
Replies: >>49614
>Recommend me a non shit N64 emulator
The ParaLLEl retroarch core worked great for me for Wonder Project J2, a game that is notoriously hard to emulate properly.
Replies: >>49614
My mistake. I've found it emulates well and I enjoy the plug n play support for the razer kishi.
Just tried it, very choppy emulation and there's no way to change the controls even after installing a GUI.
The GUI lets me change the controls but they actually stay the same.

>The ParaLLEl retroarch core
Was hoping to avoid retroarch... I tried it once and couldn't configure jack due to the very messy UI, any tips on navigating that?
Replies: >>50159 >>51367
Screenshot_from_2021-04-28_11-58-49.png (u)
[Hide] (37KB, 2560x1080)
How do I get recording to work on Linux?
The recording is usually pretty horrendous no matter what so I wouldn't even bother
Replies: >>49651
use a third party tool
Replies: >>49651
OBS Studio (or ffmpeg if you know what you're doing) should satisfy your needs.
Replies: >>49651
I think they still haven't fixed the recording function mentioned in the UI being input recording only whereas if you want video recording it's a command line thing which uses the same syntax as ffmpeg.
But yeah just use OBS, you'll actually get GPU encoding then.
Replies: >>49651
OBS only records a black screen when I use retroarch.
Replies: >>49656
Which settings were you using?
Were you running it in a window?
Have you tried selecting window capture manually instead of "active application"?
ezgif-7-61f260efbb6a.gif (u)
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>all these pretty PC98 girls
Why didn't I keep learning Japanese?
I ask myself the same question almost every day.
Replies: >>49699
Instead of asking yourself pointless questions just start.
Replies: >>49734
pull_the_trigger.jpg (u)
[Hide] (51.7KB, 600x338)
>no more actual dating sims
>only persona trash and bejeweled clones
you_can't_learn_japanese_forever.png (u)
[Hide] (422.6KB, 600x627)
emulators_screenshot.png (u)
[Hide] (85.6KB, 1024x600)
>bios intimidating the non-technical
It's not like it's a console, it's less cryptic than modern android stuff I've seen that pisses me off. 

Not him by the way nor use any software that is bios tier in it's user interface. 

Also, why vibrant blue? My eyes are bleeding. Black and or green are better. Also red would hurt but would look cooler. 

>would you like to be Ancient Rome's definition of slave and work by the hour?
>would you like to be a giant kike and buy something for a dollar and sell it for two?
No to both. Also, neets take up far less resources than people that have gobs of cash, especially in the USA wherein we get no free shit other than 200ish usd in food per month, and they tried to phase that out from non-workers in 2016 so really most get nothing at all.
Take the Tixati pill, my man.
nice faggot avatar FAGGOT
Replies: >>49958
nice_proprietary_software.jpg (u)
[Hide] (34.8KB, 580x346)
487e2cda4572dbe3dd34e4a5b34a8b7a1905be5cf9d45bd6137ed4d442fcc771.jpg (u)
[Hide] (80.9KB, 592x644)
Replies: >>49958
>modern android stuff
What do you mean?
>Also, why vibrant blue?
It's not "vibrant" exactly it's just basic blue (#0000FF) since the BIOS has very limited color support, I'm guessing they chose blue because it's known to be the least eye straining color and hence a best fit as background.
Might wanna ditch that and try DuckStation.

Damn this looks comfy, too bad it's not compatible with loonix.
Replies: >>49953 >>49958
> too bad it's not compatible with loonix.
Nice prebuilt, faggot.
Replies: >>49958 >>50159
It was only 68 usd on amazon when I saw it just 2 years ago or so. Great deal for the price. Not like I'd buy it twice though. I'm just neet. 
Sad-Link reflects my mood. 
I've been using it forever, why stop?
I meant stuff like android applications have cryptic controls. Console not intuitive, android too intuitive, yesterday's software for x86 by win9x age was just right. About the color, I figured it was a color support thing if it's not using it's graphics card or anything when booting up. Black would still be better with white font. 
I've thought about it but I've been used to using the epsxe for so long and trust it and have it backed up on so many drives and are nostalgic to the emulator at this point since I've been using it going back to the windows 98 computer I started with.
Replies: >>50045
9/10 bait
Replies: >>50045
>nostalgia for an emulator
You should be nostalgic for the PS1 instead. Get Duckstation.

I only use qbittorrent because private trackers won't let me use Tixati and Tixati's file integrity check stops completely on every error making it unsuitable for MAME updates.
>private trackers won't let me use Tixati
That's for a big fucking reason.
Replies: >>50069
Tixati can spoof client ID and most private trackers are too incompetent to check for that.
t. used it where it's banned with no repercussion.
Well you're supposed to use a DAT + rom manager, especially if you're dealing with PD and their autism about not starting fresh torrents.
>look it up
>also doesn't support win7 but win10
My potato is a 32bit windows 7 computer, emphasis on the 32 part. I don't see a 32bit version. This sort of thing is why I 'never move on' from things. I also use an older project 64 and vba and older epsxe as newer didn't help me much with my neet and stagnant ways.
That's why your shitty PC was $68.
Damn son tough luck... You could try the 32bit version of Mednafen if epsxe ever gives you trouble.
Replies: >>50162
>ok it 
Unless you're somehow using a really fucking outdated CPU your 
PC should have no issue running 64bit windows, and if you really have a CPU that cannot don't feel bad you can't run anything better than ePSXe anyways (though I doubt it, for that money you'd get a core 2 duo based machine at the very least)
Duckstation might still run on 7, it's just that you won't get help from the dev if shit breaks, but if you have that old of a PC I think your GPU might not even be able to run it anyways..
Mednafen is probably  a nogo, that needs a 1st  gen i5 at the very least, maybe even needs to be OCed to run everything well.
Replies: >>50106
Duckstation runs fine on 7, and has DX11, OpenGL, Vulkan, and software render backends. There's no x86 build, though.
By far the biggest variable when it comes to "can FPGA do [X]?" is floorspace. For instance probably the most popular FPGA device for retrogayman is the MiSTer, which costs about $150-$200 and uses a Cyclone V SE with ~110k (LE) cells, along with a bit of extra fixed "hard block" cells to augment the fully reconfigurable cells. That's just enough to fit a PSX or Saturn, and not quite enough for an N64:
Something about triple the size, such as a Cyclone V GT (301k LE cells) costs quite a lot more at around $800 for a devkit. The largest FPGA right now is probably the Versal VP1802, with 7.2M cells for $8500.

>FPGAs are literally software emulation on a circuit board
Sure, but they can do realtime cycle-accurate emulation at a fraction of the price of a general purpose CPU capable of the same feat.

>single GPU passthrough
How would that even work? Don't you need a 2nd GPU dedicated to the host OS to see what you're doing?

>Was hoping to avoid retroarch... I tried it once and couldn't configure jack due to the very messy UI
Sorry, but so many of its cores and other features are so far ahead of any alternative. Plus the UI isn't that horrible once you've finished setting it up.
>any tips on navigating that?
They recently added an optional Qt WIMP GUI. It's still rather incomplete, but you can already use it to avoid suffering through the XMB-knockoff menu abomination for a lot of tasks.

Using castoff office/school/etc. prebuilts is okay, as long as you pick one that can at least take normal PCIe cards to upgrade into a decent build.
Replies: >>50163
I have psxeven like back with win98 to get past stuff like the city of the ancient's glitch or waterfall glitch type scenarios actually.
>How would that even work?
It's basically dual-booting without the need to reboot the system.
>Don't you need a 2nd GPU dedicated to the host OS to see what you're doing?
Of course you do need a second GPU to see what your host OS is doing, but you don't need one if you just simply release the GPU that the host OS uses, and then make the Windows VM pick it up.
Replies: >>50283 >>50707
a4cb30c24247014f7a10a9a9dfb366961139a4e87c83e30638a0d8a32c28ab89.gif (u)
[Hide] (66.6KB, 381x583)
a94761c1d9f76ad5bf62309c9b73988c0a37d6e3a942976419f70de8c9b066eb.gif (u)
[Hide] (4.7KB, 381x172)
2da9d457e3fe08646535850fee1c3fc46489a382ce2873bf98ba870a43c4c0a7.gif (u)
[Hide] (65.7KB, 459x604)
Fucking hell, why is this dithering shit and color composition so aesthetically pleasing?
Replies: >>50258 >>53851
1a4e5c4e66d16490e316163929a98da6ddd9a8ce236f46249860039bbf62ed5d.gif (u)
[Hide] (80.8KB, 326x300)
It's not pleasing when it's resized wrong like that.
Replies: >>50283
>single GPU passthrough
SR-IOV never ever.
>non-shit N64 emulator
Any emu with the ParaLLEl RDP plugin/backend, so Near/byuu's ares N64/PSX emu which is IIRC the only one outside of Retroarch cores that has it.
Yeah obviously I know what PCIe-passthrough is
>you don't need one if you just simply release the GPU that the host OS uses, and then make the Windows VM pick it up.
Once everything's fully working, I guess, but until then I can't imagine how you'd troubleshoot during initial setup or later reconfiguration. The only thing I can think of is if you had a second computer using a remote terminal session to monitor your host OS over the network.

Yeah, even >>49691 pic isn't integer-scaled, OP is the only one that got it right.

I'm not sure that would help for use cases like ours. Remember the reason we're forced to resort to PCIe-passthrough in the first place, is that Windows doesn't have guest drivers for gayman GPUs. Otherwise we could simply share hardware-assisted GPU resources at 90% native performance like we already can with Linux/BSD/etc. guests.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (53.8KB, 455x555)
>Near/byuu's ares N64/PSX emu
Replies: >>50905
If you use GPU passthru for a virtual machine, does that mean you can't run any native apps with that graphics card ever, or can you use it as long as you're not running anything on your virtual machine. Like if you use integrated graphics for linux while the virtual box is running, can you switch to running your expensive GPU on linux itself for native apps later? Who can afford 2 high end peformance gaming cards just for GPU passthru.
Replies: >>50729
Yes you can switch GPUs between host & guest. Reading more on the subject, it appears if you set it up right nowadays, GPUs can be switched without rebooting the host kernel, without shutting down host X, and sometimes even without shutting down the guest, mostly through the use of elaborate scripts to automatically release&reclaim devices. Unfortunately, each such feature you use will apparently increase the flakiness of your setup, because the underlying features emulated from real hardware (for instance, the ability of laptops to hotplug Thunderbolt eGPUs) are themselves not very well supported by typical proprietary guest target OSs such as Windows & macOS.

Also, regarding single-GPU PCIe-passthrough, here's a typical guide that uses such hotswap features:
Tried it earlier. Doesn't emulate at full speed, sometimes becomes choppy, and apparently I can't set the C buttons because the cancerous "unified controller" settings page doesn't even have them. Worst of all it sets the PC fans on overdrive despite the piss poor emulation.
Thanks for the suggestion though.
Replies: >>50998
>Doesn't emulate at full speed
If your GPU is too ancient to do Vulkan properly, you don't have to use ParaLLEl's fancy Vulkan port of the Angrylion renderer (which recently got a major rewrite that sped it up a lot), you can just use the normal OpenGL renderers shared with Mupen64+P, which run full speed on even an old cellphone SoC and is more than accurate enough for most ROMs.
>apparently I can't set the C buttons because the cancerous "unified controller" settings page doesn't even have them
This is sadly true of LibRetro's Mupen64 cores due to the RetroArch lead dev's autism, but the ParaLLEl core has a core-specific "Independent C-Button Controls" option which allows you to bypass that limitation, and map all 4 C-buttons to dedicated digital buttons, which is nice if you have a controller with 6 face buttons like I do.
Replies: >>51003 >>51320
>GPU is too ancient
>just use the normal OpenGL
I have a Geforce GTX and I'm already on the OpenGL driver...
>the ParaLLEl core has a core-specific "Independent C-Button Controls" option
How can I access it? There's only one controller page in ares.
Replies: >>51219 >>51224
I think he meant that the independent C-Button was in the Retroarch core, since he mentioned Libretro.
ares_n64_snow.png (u)
[Hide] (603.4KB, 646x552)
>I have a Geforce GTX
GTX started back with the 7xxx series, whereas Vulkan support didn't appear until many generations later during the 6xx series, which even then had some exceptions until the 1xxx series. Check the following list to see if your GPU supports Vulkan:
Durr, sorry, I assumed you were using the ParaLLEl core in LibRetro.

Trying out Ares, I can remap the "R-Left/Right/Up/Down" directions to my pad's digital buttons, which gives me normal C-button controls in Ares' N64 core. Unfortunately, I can't get graphics to work properly using Vulkan or either OpenGL plugin for Ares' N64 core, even though other systems work fine, with the graphics merely outputting some sort of snowy garbage, picrel. While I couldn't see anything useful, I could hear audio which had a lot of crackle, and an FPS counter which indicated bad (unstable ~30FPS) performance.

This may or may not be because I'm on Linux, and had to build it from source.

I also tried a fork of Ares called Polyblast (only available on Linux as a prebuilt Snap package), which eliminates the unified controller gimmick, allowing you to directly map controls for each core. Unfortunately, bugs & apparent performance for were otherwise identical to Ares, and likewise restricted entirely to the N64 core, with other cores working fine.

Again though, I should note that the ParaLLEl LibRetro core that Ares' N64 core shares code with runs flawlessly on my system, and that other cores in Ares also seem to work fine, so there just must be something funny about Ares implementation of the core.
Replies: >>51230 >>51315
what_were_you_expecting.png (u)
[Hide] (140.5KB, 484x242)
Didn't byuu troon out a couple years ago? It's not like he's been relevant since he first bullied the SNES9x devs into fixing their shit. Yeah it's fucked, and will probably remain fucked for the forseeable future. It bites that CEN64 died on the vine, considering the dev was going all in on techniques like ahead-of-time recompilation that are only now being used in commercial emulators. It would have been neat to see a full N64 running on a GPU, but Mupen64plus-next will have to be good enough for now.
Replies: >>51249 >>51256
>Didn't byuu troon out a couple years ago?
Not that I'm aware of. He's just been repeatedly "retiring" & "un-retiring" from the retrogayman scene, as well as futzing around with his various emulators by renaming/forking/rewriting them.
>Yeah it's fucked, and will probably remain fucked for the forseeable future.
I don't really see why, given the Ares N64 core is mostly code from something that already works really well and continues to rapidly improve, ParaLLEl. All we really need is a LibRetro frontend for desktop PCs that's actually sensible.
Its main feature was cycle-accurate emulation, basically the brute-force FPGA approach but in software.
>ahead-of-time recompilation
TBQH, given the extremely tiny size of the N64's library (especially the games 99% of people actually care about), and the sheer autism of Nintoddlers, I think the ultimate future of the N64 scene will be reverse-engineered source ports.

Ideally, that would be something generalized, like what I and another anon ruminated on last thread: >>6452 >>6489
Replies: >>51315
>Didn't byuu troon out a couple years ago?
Yes and no, he became a furry, asexual and a nonbinary at various points in time but really he's just a fat autist that wants people to like him a little bit he dropped most of that shit since he changed name.
You might be thinking of Staple
butter / arisutora.

>It's not like he's been relevant since he first bullied the SNES9x devs into fixing their shit.
He did bully no-intro into fixing their old SNES dumps and he did make the MSU-1 spec.
Replies: >>51266
turn_people_into_dinosaurs.jpg (u)
[Hide] (81KB, 599x707)
Also he finally completed a shmancy fanlation of Bahamut Lagoon, prior attempts at which were apparently what initially started his autistic journey back in the '90s.
>I can remap the "R-Left/Right/Up/Down" directions to my pad's digital buttons, which gives me normal C-button controls in Ares' N64 core
You're talking about RX/RY?
>I can't get graphics to work
>This may or may not be because I'm on Linux, and had to build it from source.
Strange. I built ares from source and graphics work fine, with maximum performance when I uncheck all the fancy video options and just have a basic render at native resolution. Maybe try that? You can also try my personal build:

I've given up on ares and the libretro core altogether, and thankfully found a painless emulator called RMG which is basically the mupen64plus core bundled with a GUI in a single self-contained folder. It lags sometimes but better than nothing... One last thing I could try is Wii Virtual Console emulation on Dolphin.
>inb4 dolphin emulating an emulator outperforms native n64 emus

>I think the ultimate future of the N64 scene will be reverse-engineered source ports
Please god let it happen. The SM64 port was flawless, wish someone reverse engineered Majora's Mask next.
Replies: >>51319 >>51328
You'll most likely get OoT first, though MM is just an updated version of it so it might not be  far off once OoT is done.
Though it's questionable to think that native ports are really ever gonna be a solution, a good emulator takes a fraction of devtime and effort that a single one of those ports take, evenn if you wee to take massive shortcuts like the Turok / Forsaken ports (as in not really a native port but rather a re-implementation in another engine) it's still a fuckton of efforts.
>a controller with 6 face buttons
slooooow down there, hombre, you're gonna have to explain that spicy shit. Where do I get a controller that has a decent amount of face buttons in this day and age?
AB03-001_product_image_01__84213.1601135622.png (u)
[Hide] (492.9KB, 1280x1280)
fighting-commander-pro-hori-ps4ps3-_2_grande.jpg (u)
[Hide] (17.9KB, 600x600)
Hori Fighting Commander comes to mind. Moves the top trigger buttons on the typical PS360 controller next to the face button diamond. Not perfect it looks like only the bone version has an analog stick, but one of the better controller ideas of the last decade.
Replies: >>51333 >>51337
>You're talking about RX/RY?
It actually offers all 4 directions (which the C-buttons are mapped to by default for some insane reason), individually mappable to analog or digital, though no threshold sliders like Dolphin or PCSX2 have.
>You can also try my personal build
Wow LOL there's so many ads I can't even find a download link, I'd recommend or something in the future.
Yeah, there's also the similar m64p. Both lack features RetroArch offers, but if you can't stomach the goofy UI, those are good options.
>Wii Virtual Console emulation on Dolphin
VC was always junk, and for many years it's been totally outclassed even for the few games it once had a monopoly on like Beetle Adventure Racing.
>Please god let it happen
I think N64 would be the perfect initial target for this, given its tiny library, heavy reliance on SDKs, and exceedingly autistic playerbase.
Replies: >>51367
There's also an officially licensed USB Sega Saturn controller. They were distributed by LRG, though, so I don't know how hard they are to find now.
Bgs8I83.jpg (u)
[Hide] (659.6KB, 3264x2448)
hammerhead_fx_02.jpg (u)
[Hide] (103.5KB, 810x580)
sabrent_pad.jpg (u)
[Hide] (81.2KB, 1500x1094)
ibuffalo.jpg (u)
[Hide] (19.7KB, 906x828)
I've got three such controllers:
>3Dfx Interact Hammerhead FX
Actually pretty good all around, especially since L2/R2 are positioned with a nice pistol trigger feel, and its gimmicky turbo buttons are implemented in software so they can be remapped to start & select. Its only disadvantage, due to its age, is a lack of clicky sticks.
Loose build quality, sticks in particular are very squeaky, discrete buttons in place of a contiguous D-pad are uncomfortable for 2D games, also no start/select buttons.
Reasonable build quality, comfy feeling rubberized coating, all inputs including clicky sticks, start/select, AND a couple extra buttons.

The only thing all of them lack is a few more modern features like analog buttons, tilt/motion sensing, Sony's trackpad on the back, etc. for full coverage of all modern consoles & ports from them.

I don't like stuff such as >>51327 that just shuffle around standard console inputs, instead of actually adding extra inputs so that the gamepad is a superset of all real console pads (and offers the maximum number of separately addressable inputs for native PC vidya).
>Wow LOL
Faggot. Install an adblocker and try again, or try this direct link (not guaranteed to work):
And let me know how it goes.
This was the first emulator I tried and it was garbage, see >>49614
Replies: >>51372
He has a point, why would you use a shitty upload site like that?
Replies: >>51383
There are not many websites that allow anonymous users to upload files with no questions asked. I'll just use the vola room next time.
I think mediafire does.
Replies: >>51440
I gave an example in my post, its only caveat is that files can't be DOWNloaded for free longer than a month, which seems like a reasonable tradeoff.
Replies: >>51440
what about anonfiles?
Replies: >>51440 >>51443
Mediafire requires an account. Not only that, it also automatically scans the uploaded file's name and contents to detect "copyright infringement" then accordingly blocks the file from being downloaded.

I have never heard of that website you linked, I'm not gonna start using a service I know nothing about before properly looking into it. Please understand.

Several anons on the board reported problems with it, downloads either don't start or start at abysmal speeds. Plus the website kinda glows in the dark...
Replies: >>51442 >>51451
Use with ublock and youre golden its fast and in my experience never die once. Also you sound like a fucking pussy dude, so spare us your shitty game you picky bitch. 
>p p p plesse understand
Anyone uses anonfile is an oxymoron contrarian because its slow as shit and the only selling point is "privacy" which strokes ego of hipsters off.
Replies: >>51451 >>51478
Replies: >>51467
>Please understand
No, I don't understand. Uploading a file is the same level of interaction as visiting a website and uploading an image or submitting some text in a form, the only "privacy concerns" you could possibly have are if it wants an eMail, phone #, or whatever. Aside from that, the actual privacy concerns are logging your IP and user agent, exactly like any other website (or, for your IP, literally anything you do online).

Just use a VPN and a sanitized browser, and don't be a 'tard.

>slow as shit
Literally who cares? This is a 60MB file we're talking about, if you want to upload animes for posterity or whatever, use a torrent.

Valid criteria to pick a site for stuff like this:
>do i have to create an account
>do i have to fill out a giant form
>does it use stupid js garbage that requires me to open a browser i dislike to function
>does it have malware, ads, and clutter that make it too annoying to use
>do the people who download my file have to do any of the above
If the answer is no to all of the above, that's fine.
Replies: >>51467
I've used uguu for years and never saw that page, thanks a lot.

>"privacy concerns"
Show me where I wrote that.
>does it use stupid js garbage
Ufile literally does.
So, have you tried the appimage yet?
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (596.9KB, 806x382)
>Anyone uses anonfile is an oxymoron contrarian because its slow as shit and the only selling point is "privacy" which strokes ego of hipsters off.
<one out of 2 file hosts allowing 20gb uploads the other one being vola which is even slower and doesnt keep files for as long
<no registration
<no waiting time or other fuckery meaning downloads should be resumable
<even has a simple upload API
You should go back.
life.png (u)
[Hide] (932.3KB, 1270x716)
>>48911 (OP) 
I remembered that fag that took panty shots of a bunch of gamecube girls and decided to try it.

Life is not fair. Please post Moga girl lewds to soothe my broken heart.
32e80fb6b4c2013619f498a98aa919cfd2df1f426c9a31eeeb76b455e283cc27.jpg (u)
[Hide] (112KB, 1366x768)
What kind of a monster would design a model like that?
>no life
>no hometown
What is this god forsaken world you've posted?
life_too.png (u)
[Hide] (529.1KB, 1003x713)
Not even in the japanese version. I feel personally offended.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (830KB, 1280x720)
World's End Club isn't due for release in another 10 days but the NSP is already out.
Anyone know what settings I should be using on Yuzu/Ryujinx for it? Ryujinx just crashes and Yuzu  gets 2 fps while all characters are onscreen.
Replies: >>53549
Try an older version of Ryujinx that still has single threaded scheduling. It'll be super slow, but it probably won't crash unless the game requires an unimplemented function.

Nice retro pc game repack website that sets up all these games to run on windows 10 natively.
Limited palette forces color harmony.
Replies: >>53922
palettepack1.png (u)
[Hide] (2.7KB, 503x282)
Palette tier rankings? Main thing I remember is that Commodore  IBM was way worse about their choices, especially an obsession with purple:
I myself was a Macfag growing up, so when color happened, day 1 it was with 2/4/8-bit modes selecting from a 24-bit palette that could handle ports from any other platform perfectly, with all graphics & (full PCM, tho only 8-bit 22kHz) audio handled completely in software. Shiet was so cash.
Replies: >>53946
2019-01-05_08_01_18-YU-NO_-_The_Girl_that_Chants_Love_at_the_Edge_of_the_World.png (u)
[Hide] (72.6KB, 1024x576)
2019-01-05_08_01_33-YU-NO_-_The_Girl_that_Chants_Love_at_the_Edge_of_the_World.png (u)
[Hide] (57.1KB, 1024x576)
2019-01-05_08_02_37-YU-NO_-_The_Girl_that_Chants_Love_at_the_Edge_of_the_World.png (u)
[Hide] (68.8KB, 1024x576)
1452850522162.gif (u)
[Hide] (204KB, 640x400)
sayless2.png (u)
[Hide] (30.5KB, 1024x576)
The PC98 where most of the nice pixel art comes from has a palette of 4096 colors, though it could only use 16 at a time. It's not like CGA where you have to make due with weird cyan and stuff.
Replies: >>54683
Ryujinx just got a pretty hefty performance boost all around. It runs better than Yuzu for me now at least for Mario Odyssey. Everything else I tested doesn't even boot in Yuzu.
204211e0d7ce9b5a1a8c595465bd0f0d4f2f8525772c3c754e388b653b06bbfc.jpg (u)
[Hide] (136.3KB, 640x400)
14b784da42214b4dcc41e797c056006ba5ee28c59e01d1218e37f0b9c4264b2b.jpg (u)
[Hide] (102.3KB, 642x402)
d0da922e5663c078d51892b0387219dc205abd8c77a486faa9040c76571be4d2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (124.2KB, 640x400)
ca143e41f6773e4db8f01cbc998a8a5b1f22a50ce93a25617e865a1848574971.jpg (u)
[Hide] (65.6KB, 642x402)
2619c735a2c816054e7324d17f567d8d163d27d605995fbfc1f3206a1fb21865.jpg (u)
[Hide] (232.4KB, 640x400)
>it could only use 16 at a time
that must be why the contrast is always so nice.
1c9e29b798d5fc250969e7c7c7c748eae45d2bb6922e9ea1ca2c92675966af14.png (u)
[Hide] (51KB, 1248x720)
>talks about nice 16 color palette images
>posts fucking jpg files that not only rape the image quality and add tons of colors, but also bloat the filesize
Fuck you too buddy.
resized.png (u)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1920x1200)
you got a png of that third image?
trying to make a wallpaper out of it, but the compression artifacts are too cumbersome to remove by hand
Replies: >>54707
Cute chibis. What's that last one?
Replies: >>54706
Dragon Half.
Hana_no_Kioku_09.png (u)
[Hide] (24.2KB, 640x400)
ballade_for_maria.png (u)
[Hide] (24.2KB, 640x480)
dragon-half_6.png (u)
[Hide] (34.4KB, 640x400)
ballade_for_maria_4x.png (u)
[Hide] (38KB, 2304x1376)
>posting pixel art in jpeg
Absolutely disgusting. Pixel art should only be in png or gif... Here are the original pictures but I'm missing #2 and #4 from your post, if you provide source I could get them too.
Grab yourself some art from here:

I went ahead and made you the wallpaper, it's not exactly 1920x1200 but you can crop it / scale it as you like.
Replies: >>54712
#2 and #4 are both from xenon
also calm your tits, i just pulled them from vndb some time ago
Replies: >>54763
Xenon_Mugen_no_Shitai_003.png (u)
[Hide] (22KB, 592x400)
Xenon_Mugen_no_Shitai_005.png (u)
[Hide] (32.7KB, 544x288)
Replies: >>54862
>that dick
Those nips are really sneaky.
Replies: >>54866
I'm more fascinated by the titty listening device.
Does anyone know of a functioning GameBoy link emulator? A few years back, I just opened up whatever was in the Debian repo, mGBA I think, and it worked just fine. These days, mGBA crashes when I try to link, and everything else ends up the same way: launches directly from command line, no documentation and --help flag doesn't list anything about link, so I have no way of enabling the link functions.
Replies: >>60176 >>60790
HUO.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.5MB, 1280x720, 00:50)
Some fag on shithub made a standalone m64p build with Parallel-RDP instead of GLideN64 in case anon doesn't want to niggle with RA or yet another one of byuu's multi-system emu escapades.
Replies: >>59899
Always great to see the ongoing fruits of ParaLLEl development being brought to a wider audience, hopefully somebody will do the likewise with the same author's excellent Vulkan renderer from Beetle PSX.

That, and possibly progress toward somebody finally making a proper desktop LibRetro frontend in lieu of RA.
Replies: >>60004
dork_slip.jpg (u)
[Hide] (106.3KB, 700x630)
>a proper desktop LibRetro frontend in lieu of RA.
Even if that were to happen no one besides a scarce few anons would find out about it and the author would quit after a short while due to RA adding more bloated shit to the libretro "spec" and/or the occasional controversy due to themaister's autism.
If only the libretro protocol was in the hands of actual seasoned protocol/spec maintainers like Khronos or GNU instead of attention whoring redditors with patreons.

Besides that, how is Saturn emulation these days?
Beetle Saturn on RA got faster a while back and can now decode Sakura Taisen FMVs in real time on my microwave, but is there any progress in regards to Kronos fixing the palette/sprite corruption issues in Grandia?
Replies: >>60111 >>60143
c41bcf4fa97e5fde46ab6c2329403a1646acaa54e0c17061e23c6a674f486fc3.jpg (u)
[Hide] (164.3KB, 1100x1324)
How well does PS2 emulation work with linux? 
I'm thinking of switching soon and leaving as little as I can to a w10 vm.
Replies: >>60025 >>60158
It doesn't. Get a real PS2 and MechaPwn it.
Replies: >>60026 >>60143
PS2s are expensive as shit because of scalpers and can't into upscaling.
Too bad. PS2 emulation is garbage even on Windows. I don't know what the scalper prices are but I'll bet it's still a better investment than any newer console, even including a cake box of DVDs and an OSSC.
Replies: >>60102
What? I can easily get a PS2 (silver version) for like $30 USD.
Replies: >>60102
>PS2 emulation is garbage even on Windows
It certainly needs way more power than it should, but it runs well with most games if you have a beefy rig. 
On my 5 year old gaymen rig God Hand and ACZ run at 2x resolution flawlessly. ICO has some missing light effects if you upscale it, but runs well otherwise. Vice City Stories is unplayable though. 
Yeah, but I'm not a burger. 
I can't find any normal PS2s to buy, and a nigger rigged one with a broken CD port and modded to read from USBs costed as much as a brand new PS3 with multiple games last time I checked. 
And I don't really consider importing an option as import tax can often cost over 100% of the price of the product plus shipping. That's not hyperbole.
>Even if that were to happen no one besides a scarce few anons would find out about it and the author would quit after a short while due to RA adding more bloated shit to the libretro "spec"
This more or less already happened multiple times. There's a bunch of old abondoned libretro frontends.
Replies: >>60143
>the author would quit after a short while due to RA adding more bloated shit to the libretro "spec"
>This more or less already happened multiple times.
None of them ever progressed anywhere close to even skeletal support of LibRetro's featureset. Rather, they tended to fritter away all their autism on experimenting with exotic iTunes-esque UI layouts for game library browsers, before even bothering to implement much usable core support/config UI.

Basically the stereotypical /agdg/ problem

>basic texture filtering
>basic or no postprocessing
>limited overclock and no cycle stealing
Replies: >>60173
united_states_of_rage.png (u)
[Hide] (530.8KB, 959x1027)
Farenheit451.jpg (u)
[Hide] (156.3KB, 1120x630)
rika_if_only_you_knew.png (u)
[Hide] (929KB, 960x1080)

M-maybe the libretro port will fix it once it stops segfaulting.
Replies: >>60162
18e3ece49ce4a903607e7065760e767d7445f8a3d054a4df08131776217d28d1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (58.6KB, 1100x739)
Lol, just go to a third world country and you'll get one for basically free.
Help I'm retarded and don't know how to make Saturn games run on android retroarch plus.
Replies: >>60172
Step 1: Throw the phone in the trash and turn on your computer.
Step 2: Get SSF.
Replies: >>60635
>Rather, they tended to fritter away all their autism on experimenting with exotic iTunes-esque UI layouts for game library browsers, before even bothering to implement much usable core support/config UI.
I was referring to frontends like minir. There were a couple similar ones that I can't even find anymore. Not that they would work properly with newer libretro versions or were even developed to the point of being usable to begin with.
Which version of mGBA are you using? IIRC version 0.9.1 had some major enhancements to linking, so do try that.
Replies: >>60272
I knew Debian was slow, and deliberately slow, but fuck. The version in its repos is 0.7.0. I think what I need to do is install some qt development packages so that mGBA builds with the GUI and I can enable link support.
Replies: >>60320
Or I can just give you an AppImage:
I haven't tested it outside of my system so let me know if it doesn't work
I don't own a computer.
Replies: >>60636
2679faf2abc8012791560519dd00d4e5dee4883e48003f6aa93f77e8b27295cc.jpg (u)
[Hide] (62.6KB, 443x602)
>trying to bait like this in two threads
2610a344054d345cf84922fba2a5730bf6a410fdb58c224f49da201af0540a89.jpg (u)
[Hide] (65.2KB, 437x458)
>Snes's CPU runs at 3.58MHz
>ATtiny85's CPU can go up to 20MHz
Do you think it'd be possible to emulate an entire SNES, USB input and HDMI output included, within a microcontroller?
It depends if it has a GPU inside or not. If it does, then you could probably get some emulation on the system, but otherwise you would have to bit-bang video signals through VGA or some other output, which would take up most of the CPU processing.
Replies: >>60765
31c531ca18e912205d70d3c0016c9ddb2e491ff00262dca57bf6bbca4449625a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (189.4KB, 1410x1638)
I said HDMI since it's easier to get and has sound return, but you're right, I grossly underestimated the cost of video output. 
>[email protected] gives you a bit over 330k clock cycles to work with 
>HDMI requires 1280x720 minimum, which would require 921k cycles per frame (without encoding)
>hardcoded nearest neighbor upscaling and hardcoded TMDS table brings it down to 355k in ideal land without borders 
>hardcoded black borders could bring it down further by maybe 40% in ideal land
>which means you have 120 cycles to read input, read ROM code, process the input, read ROM sprites, and convert it to an image 
>BUT that's not just 120 cycles, that's 120 cycles between all the video output shit, meaning you can't just read stuff during those 120 cycles because the I/O pins will be busy and you have to process video in between 
>so you need two output matrixes and keep alternating between them, making the entire process even slower as you can't just hardcode memory access anymore, alternatively you can double the code and alternate at the cost of memory which you might not have 
>so you need to quickly read all the input you need, then sandwich upscaling lines, converting bytes to the proper TMDS format, and outputting video, with the entire game logic, and you are forced to do them together in one big spaghetti code or else it won't work, and that's only considering the smallest resolution of 256x224 without audio, and that the output will work perfectly by itself, which it won't 
Now VGA supports [email protected] With black bars all around and making the 256x224 twice as bigger you only need to update the image around 114k times per frame, plus bars, which isn't as bad since by that point you can just use a PLL to write it at blazing fast(i.e. 2x) speeds and you have the other 200 something thousand cycles to do whatever else without needing spaghetti code or double frame matrices, but that's only if you can manage to pipe it in a way that you can correctly change the output once per cycle
In conclusion the answer is a conclusive maybe, depending on how fast input(controller and ROM, as there's not enough RAM in the chip to keep an entire game) and emulation is. I regret everything.
Replies: >>60945
1.png (u)
[Hide] (641.9KB, 1240x1755)
Not a chance.  Get something like this instead.  It's got a 32-bit ARM9 running at 454 MHz, and 64 MB RAM.  It can run Linux, or whatever you program it to run.
Some Kraut did a GBA link cable implementation by running 2 GBA cores simultaneously on an FPGA.
Maybe? In terms of raw power, those're roughly equivalent to a low-end i486, which could just barely run ZSNES back in the day. Here's a handheld Apple ][ emu project built around one:

>HDMI requires 1280x720 minimum
Wut? I assume you're referring to how MOST (but not all) HDTVs also accept these modes over HDMI. HDMI spec allows all the modes VGA does, 240p30/480i60 included, and ackshually uses less bandwidth than VGA with new nonblanking timings liek CVT-R2.
Replies: >>61004
Not even close.  Even your typical budget 486SX PC ran at a higher clock rate, had shitloads more memory, and amongst other things had dedicated video and sound chips.  That's in addition to actually having fully 32-bit registers, and probably more cache too.
Replies: >>61018 >>61052
Clock rate is a pretty pointless way of comparing CPUs that aren't the same model.
Replies: >>61051 >>61052
No, it's just one more metric!  The 8-bit ATmega wouldn't keep up if they were clocked the same, so if the 486 is faster, that just widens the gap even more.
This is the biggest thing, since even ignoring overhead, the SNES itself had more RAM, and without DMA anything external is going to cause problems.

Yeah, though even looking at another (also dubious) metric like MIPS, the AVR is only on par with a 25MHz 486.
God I fucking hate citra
Why can't every developer port their 3DS games to Switch or PC.
Replies: >>62567
Just buy a shitty used 3ds or something they're probably pretty cheap
Replies: >>62572
Using a real 3DS even worse. I don't want to get arthritis playing 60 hour long games with that awful nub.
Replies: >>62579
Well then you're stuck at 4ps with horrendous rendering
I loved Tixati, just wish it was open sores. Transmission will have to do.
kiwi_byuu_shit_1.png (u)
[Hide] (117.5KB, 635x860)
kiwi_byuu_shit_2.png (u)
[Hide] (81.6KB, 643x794)
kiwi_byuu_shit_3.png (u)
[Hide] (42KB, 620x360)

Some shithead on Twitter is claiming Kiwi Farms drove byuu to suicide. Given the number of replies from blue checkmarks about retaliation I assume this is all bullshit and KF just pissed off the wrong kike, but given what a head case byuu is it's just in the realm of plausibility.
Replies: >>62797 >>62859
jewsh_dindu_nuffin.png (u)
[Hide] (83.7KB, 727x476)
kiwi_fag_response_to_byuu_shit.png (u)
[Hide] (102.5KB, 725x406)
and KF claiming they dindu nuffin and this is all just an elaborate personal army request from byuu
Replies: >>62859
Wait, wtf byuu is dead? That's so sad, he was the autist that was responsible for research into SNES emulation and other cool shit like decapping the ICs. But then again, i'm not really into emudev drama so maybe he was just a massive faggot and nothing of value was lost.
Replies: >>62862 >>62865
There's a significant chance the whole thing is horseshit and some discord faggot made it up to kill Kiwi Farms. They deserve it for what they did to both /cow/ and imageboards as a whole, but not like this. As everyone's favorite foxdick says, there is no hard evidence byuu is dead. If he is dead, remember he was a massive attention slut and has claimed to be, at various points, a tranny, a genderqueer, bisexual, and a furry. So he was an incalculably large faggot, but something of value was lost.
It seems like emulation, autism, trannies, and suicide go hand in hand. Wasn't there some Dolphin tranny who committed suicide too?
Is ps3 emulation still dogshit?
If so good riddance
depends on what you want to play
DS emulation is nothing but autism. Your choice is either a power tripping autist with DesMume or a tranny autist with MelonDS.
>Wasn't there some Dolphin tranny who committed suicide too?
Yes, it was a big deal on the usually mental illness hugbox sites two or three years ago when it happened. I think the tranny was involved with shaders, so not much was lost in development time.
b9e968132fd18c4f454bb7838a28e11f03256e8d5cf9395b1e45aebd5fefa09a.png (u)
[Hide] (477.3KB, 800x800)
>playing The Warriors
>game freezes when there's too many NPCs
>get to a story mission that has too many NPCs and it keeps freezing within seconds
pls help. 
I already tried going through all video rendering modes, disabling audio, and setting the rendering from 2x to normal, but nothing seems to fix it.
Replies: >>65900
are you using the latest version of the emulator?
how about switching to the software renderer?
Replies: >>65902
>are you using the latest version of the emulator?
1.6 because I'm still on w7. 
>how about switching to the software renderer?
I tried both but still freezes.
Replies: >>65903
latest version still runs on windows 7, you just need to use pulse audio.
alternatively "downgrade" to 1.4 or so. They are more stable in my experience.
Replies: >>65908
c65053a5b85fb64499d60c5c297e653a2bc0bd9797659a8d31ae8de68e224a1b.jpg (u)
[Hide] (193.3KB, 1000x703)
I tried 1.4, it works flawlessly because modern software. 
Thanks, anon.
>Is PS3 emulation still dogshit?
60% of the PS3's library is fully playable, so it's definitely come a long way in recent years. I tried emulating Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, Drakengard 3, and NieR recently and they all ran just fine for me.
Replies: >>65913
I'm just getting into PS3 emulation, where do you usually get your roms? Specifically ones that work.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (574B, 183x17)
there's ought to still be some live links in the share threads around the webring or the forsaken boards.
Replies: >>65915
>share thread
I'm retarded, I forgot we had one. Thanks anyway anon.
Vimm's Lair, mainly. And private trackers for the few I can't find there.
Reycho.png (u)
[Hide] (161.8KB, 564x254)
Nyoro.png (u)
[Hide] (190.7KB, 342x698)
yuki.png (u)
[Hide] (248.9KB, 459x683)
vanilla.png (u)
[Hide] (446.7KB, 572x713)
vanilla_2.png (u)
[Hide] (68.5KB, 189x247)
>playing world's end club
>literally at the end of the game 45 minute left
>some puzzle cockblocks me, swear I've got the solution right
>compare with two source to confirm I am right about the puzzle
>but the game isn't accepting the answer
>yuzu is probably somehow breaking the puzzle
>but it didn't break any other puzzle in the rest of the game
>game is too niche to find answers to this shit
Replies: >>65963
>It seems like emulation, autism, trannies, and suicide go hand in hand
Same with piracy, the only person who seems to be able to crack denuvo is Empress, and the most popular game repacker is fitgirl. Both of them claim to be women, and most likely both of them have dicks.
Replies: >>66114 >>66116
I've not used yuzu but in many emulators you can change the CPU emulation to a slow but more accurate interpreter mode instead of the usual dynamic recompiler mode and change it back after you've solved the puzzle.
Had to do this for a single level in Captain Toad on CEMU a while back.
Replies: >>66016 >>66034
This helps as well thanks as well anon!
Replies: >>66000
84f88e3ed862ff0875c0825140ddf81c34401340501244c94719eb3ceb1d8063.png (u)
[Hide] (319KB, 477x530)
Anybody still have the password for PS3 1fichier no-intro catalog?
Replies: >>66001 >>66050
nice_dubs.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 350x255)
whats the cypher
Replies: >>66016
Why would I want to use a proprietary client? I wouldn't much care if it wasn't something like this where privacy is a thing. Go fuck yourself unless you explain yourself.
What about it?
Base 64.
thanks, but there definitely is a password needed
Replies: >>66050
1e44ba31da0e425a72343fb02c579f4df79e13749d8b69f8a0d8d3de7140ccfa.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (42.3KB, 960x720, 00:01)
I'm sorry, but the last time I've used these links you didn't need a password to access them.
Some guy made a ZSNES fork.
It's the AlvRo uploads. The password is "ByAlvRo" without quotes.
Replies: >>66062
fucking legend, thanks
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1288x747)
>Is ps3 emulation still dogshit?
it's about to be
>Both of them claim to be women, and most likely both of them have dicks.
I thought he was a guy, fug.
That doesn't really 100% mean they're a  tranny. That'd be like saying anybody who plays as a female in a game but is male irl is automatically a tranny. Makes no sense. Now if he literally said he is female on a forum or his comments that'd be another thing entirely.
52a717194f47ef246dfcd5e39bae4bafd16e1cf5b91c7b0ede2f219bc6aa124a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (445.5KB, 900x636)
I just tried RPCS3 and it's surprisingly stable. I was expecting it to be worse than PCSX2, but it seems about par with it on my machine.
Maybe if I could find the PS3 version I could finally play VCS.
Replies: >>66909 >>66997
I love the copyright infringement in this picture. I also love that brands udon noodles.
Autism is known to be correlated with trannyism, watching tranny activists try to do gymnastics to excuse that fact is highly amusing. It goes without saying that autism and emulation would also be linked and suicide and trannyism needs no explanation.
Replies: >>66956
If autism had a really strong correlation with trannyism, you'd see a lot more of them on imageboards.
How do you know there aren't?
cuckchan didn't become tranny central for nothing
Replies: >>67002
There's always been plenty of crossdressing faggots around imageboards and I don't doubt that a good number of them have moved on to outright trannyism. Probably more common on halfchan than 8chan or latterly the webring given that the (first) exodus was back when traps were a thing but trannies hadn't been pushed into the mainstream and it's unlikely anyone who made the move would progress further down that path but I guarantee you there'll be a few trannies hiding around even here. Most likely in any form of off-site Discord, IRC or other VOIP server (TF2C had a homosexual catholic for example) that was originally used to organise some sort of event or project but went down the inevitable slide into a circle-jerk with interpersonal drama that happens any time people leave anonymity behind.

However it's a correlation not a causation. Autism just makes people more susceptible to the various types of pro-tranny propaganda and also much more likely to suffer from social problems alongside the general issue of society treating young men as disposable to which, for some, swapping to a female seems like an easy solution the female to male tranny is motivated either by stupidly believing in feminist patriarchy myths or by white women realising they're now near the bottom of the modern leftist victimhood hierarchy and need to find an easy way to move up it, it usually strikes teenage girls who are also highly susceptible to social pressure. Undeniably it also provides victimhood protection and special treatment in employment and education. Anyone can fall prey to these factors autists are just more likely to do so and in general when a supposedly real condition like this correlates with other things that are clearly not sensibly linked (other examples: trannyism striking entire friend groups at once despite being non-contagious, or disproportionately affecting white people) then it's probably a manufactured problem.
Replies: >>66997
Yeah, that's been common knowledge ever since it was able to 0day Purse Owner V well enough to wrinkle the publisher's panties.

I wonder how its generation-mate Xenia is doing? It now has a Vulkan backend in addition to DX12, so ports beyond Win10 are presumably doable.

>Probably more common on halfchan than 8chan
Threadly reminder /cuteboys/ was the #3 board throughout most of the site's history
Replies: >>67002 >>67022
>Threadly reminder /cuteboys/ was the #3 board throughout most of the site's history
Really. I have never visited or heard of that board until now, maybe it was just a bunch of fucking slags flicking their bean not without some fags of course.
The degenerates intentionally targeted vulnerable autistics like at r9k and they do target autists/retards in general, it's like the ultimate form of humiliation and trolling just to make mentally ill people suffer. It's so fucking evil. 

The more innocent ones must go to mental wards, while euthanizing the malevolent perverts.
Replies: >>67006
#3 in the charts, #1 in our hearts.
>/cuteboys/ #3
Unless half of tumblr migrated there to the exclusion of all other social media while I wasn't looking, this is horseshit and you need to lurk for 10 years before posting again. I stopped using 8chan when it became obvious Jim was just lining up redditors to be harvested and the servers were falling apart, /cuteboys/ was consistently somewhere around #15 on the top boards list, putting it next to such speed demons as /tg/ and whatever /v/ spinoff Mark hadn't abused his gvol powers to kill yet. The top three (other than Q of course) was very consistently /v/, /pol/, whatever name the kikes had given the newest GG board, with either a meme board like /bane/ or another legacy board as #4.
Replies: >>67027
>(other than Q of course)
That was a billion years after the native pop had already been winnowing off to a death spiral, leaving behind almost nothing but legions of drooling circlejerk retards who refused to migrate in lockstep from mismanaged legacy boards like /b/, Kampfy's /pol/, and Mark's /v/, to replacement boards like how the site was supposed to function.
>newest GG board
Acid had long ago killed any such presence by then
>such speed demons as /tg/ 
Y-y-y-you take that back, baka!
Why is the PC Engine so pure?
Replies: >>67195
7d68527a38f6a702e35fad0bac8fb806cccd2936731814af90f52e245010f248.png (u)
[Hide] (543.1KB, 756x715)
Replies: >>67249
Ys_I_&_II_PCE_-_Tower_of_the_Shadow_of_Death-xPXK0OkB04U.webm (u)
[Hide] (4.6MB, 640x480, 01:52)
There is no Mario/Sanic console war autism, the games are good and PC Engine CD releases have that beautiful PC-98 aesthetic.
Replies: >>67405
toast-sandwich-place-of-origin-united-kingdom-bread-toast-butter-21659552.jpg (u)
[Hide] (42KB, 500x635)
>buy remake for shiny new cd-rom platform
>kewl cinepak or w/e voiced cutscenes
>start gaym
>drive spins up as redbook ost starts playan
>it's still just the same 'ol general midi
I don't think that stopped until midway through the '90s
Replies: >>67518 >>67520
suigintou_wants_to_shitpost.png (u)
[Hide] (351.2KB, 640x480)
But PCM recordings of midi tracks were good back then and not everyone could afford their own MT-32.
The music and voice recordings in Ys I & II are unusually high quality, I might be imagining it but compared to PSX/Saturn titles and even games released today everything sounds so damn clean and natural.
>>it's still just the same 'ol general midi
Thats studio quality midi. You couldn't just natively run that shit on consoles and even on PC you'd need to spring an extra 300$ for an MT-32 to get that quality. 
Even today roland MT-32 emulation is a crapshoot with most samples for software midi emulators being incomplete and most of the "reverse engineering" efforts being guesswork.
Xenon2CDTV.jpg (u)
[Hide] (71.7KB, 519x468)
Ah ah ah yeah!
Check this out!
>What exactly does Lutris have over vanilla wine+winetricks?
Quality of life improvements, assuming you haven't already set up an array of scripts for yourself. As with anything in Linux, if you have a workflow that works for you, there isn't much point in changing, but it is extremely useful for anyone who is new to WINE gaming in general. It gets even more convenient if there is an install script available for the game you want, which is provided by the community and distributed on the Lutris website. These scripts can make extremely finicky-to-install games a total breeze, basically one click and done or a simple install wizard. Coincidentally though, many of these finicky games are shit or tied to online services (Blizzard games and their launcher for example).
Dolphin now has mGBA built in for GBA link cable support.
11c8ac03d575f280cc88850d05675be57f41723642bcf65e1f34934cc119a5b6.jpg (u)
[Hide] (37.5KB, 704x396)
This is such great news, I had about given up on trying to get my mGBA to connect to Dolphin. Hopefully in the future they make it easier to connect to a standalone mGBA install.
Replies: >>68330
Baphomet_reading_a_book_on_headpats.png (u)
[Hide] (823.6KB, 2000x2000)
Finally, some good news. Four Swords gamenight fucking when?
Replies: >>68544
Up until now there was no way to connect mgba to dolphin, you had to use VBA-M
Replies: >>68338
>Up until now there was no way to connect mgba to dolphin
There was, they announced the feature back in April:
And the article mentions that it was available even further back, but in a buggy state.
Replies: >>68860
Tetra2.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (63.4KB, 640x480)
Hopefully this'll spur fanlations of the pvp mode
Is the game that good?
I wasn't aware there was such a demand for GBA link cable support on here.
Replies: >>68561
2d060066728510fa138aec0ef9ce9685124264b97c3b642939d1d34b56df96dc.gif (u)
[Hide] (681.8KB, 520x293)
Wouldn't this require every player to run Dolphin + an instance of mGBA for every player?
5 emulators at once for a full game? Anon's toaster isn't going to like this.
Replies: >>68565
That & FF: Crystal Chronicles
That's the price you pay for not getting desyncs and connection failure every 5 seconds. At least mGBA is relatively lightweight compared to Dolphin.
Replies: >>68856
tryke.mkv (u)
[Hide] (18.9MB, 640x480, 01:01)
I've always liked the idea of retroarch, i.e. creating a universal API for emulator cores but the actual implementation really pisses me off.
Too many half-baked features and the way menus / core options are organized is terrible.
emulators on the original xbox had better user interfaces.
I tried using the record feature and it turns out ffmpeg / obs is much better, I'm hoping alternative libretro frontends become popular soon.
have you tried bizhawk?
Replies: >>68891
>That's the price you pay for not getting desyncs and connection failure every 5 seconds.
Fixing the link cable network protocol would have solved that issue too, without having to run 5 emulators for netplay. But last I heard only the mGBA devs were trying to do anything about it on both ends. Worst case scenario the Dolphin devs will now deem it obsolete and block commits and maybe even remove it.
Replies: >>68871 >>68891
Now they just need to get Kirby working.
The problem is link cable compatible games are going to be written assuming RTT is on the order of microseconds. Making it work when actual RTT is hundreds of milliseconds would either require enough input lag (to cover up jitter and fill the command buffer for the fake GBA devices representing remote players) that running multiple GBAs in lockstep would actually be a better experience.
Replies: >>68991
I love all the bleeding-edge features, but yeah, their presentation in RetroArch UI-wise is abominable. And you don't have to look all the way to XBMCKodi or whatever to see it done the right way, both countless MAME frontends and (as >>68811 noted) BizHawk have better UIs, especially normal WIMP GUIs on PC.

Sadly, nobody seems intent on making more frontends LibRetro, and development of RA's own Qt WIMP GUI seems to have stalled somewhat as well.

>without having to run 5 emulators
GBA emu isn't exactly the heaviest thing in the world, even an RPi can run the LibRetro mGBA/VBA-M cores with 6-frame runahead at double native speed. Anything capable of running Dolphin acceptably should be capable of far more than that, especially since Dolphin barely touches more than one thread on multicore systems.
Replies: >>68955 >>68991
>recording with RA's built-in recorder
Just don't unless you want to record raw 256x224 4th gen console output while playing with a CRT shader in 4K for some bizarre reason, the syntax it uses for custom configs is barely documented and it's shit compared to a general purpose screen capture software like OBS.
I have never had any problem with RA's Ozone menu.
There is nothing preventing you from syncing clocks with either method. In fact, the TCP protocol already had rudimentary clock syncing support before this implementation. Brute forcing latency compensation isnt the only option.
>GBA emu isn't exactly the heaviest thing in the world
>Anything capable of running Dolphin acceptably should be capable of far more than that
That's what I am saying though, with the TCP protocol only the host would even need to run Dolphin and any toaster could join while hostfag streams the screen or some such.
Wouldn't work with every game but it would give you more options than "lmao buy i7".
Replies: >>68995 >>69024
>TCP protocol already had rudimentary clock syncing support before this implementation
And it was extremely slow to the point that no processor in existence could run two instances without slowing down.
The current method is both faster and more reliable than the old shitshow of desyncs and freezes.
Replies: >>69133
2679faf2abc8012791560519dd00d4e5dee4883e48003f6aa93f77e8b27295cc.jpg (u)
[Hide] (62.6KB, 443x602)
Clock syncing doesn't make up for operations that would normally take tens of cycles taking tens of thousands of cycles because the "cable" sending the link bus data is 500 miles long due to internet latency. You either have to pause the emulator (including the emulated GameCube, otherwise you desync) and wait for the packets to return, you buffer data and make everything lag like shit, or you realize you cannae violae the laws of physics and emulate everything connected to the GC as a unit, then pass input data to the GBA like a normal controller and avoid sync/lag issues altogether. I bet you point and laugh at stadia for needing FTL to not be shit when this is the exact same problem, only worse because your Xsex controller doesn't run its own program code.
Replies: >>69133
Clock syncing is exactly what they have done with the integrated mGBA though. Running a full clock sync locally over TCP wouldnt be that much different. Problem is the protocol itself is the same as it was half a decade ago, which the mGBA devs seemed to be planning to improve on. Clock syncing by itself does not solve any latency issues, what it does is prevent desyncs and link cable disconnects. But with the integrated mGBA solution you now have 5*4 points of failure where things can desync instead of 4 while also having much higher system requirements. I've no doubt it is smoother when it works though.
>comparing low bandwidth sync and latency issues to the abomination that is Stadia
Stadia has to recieve an input over the network and pipe that to a game, record video of the game, make a video encode small enough for streaming without looking like complete shit, transmit the video over the network and have that video decoded by the client before the player sees the result of a keypress.
mGBA/Dolphin over TCP would be mGBA gets input locally, mGBA sends data to Dolphin, mGBA recieves reply from Dolphin, player sees result. Barring desyncs and high latency, thats it. Not as fast as transmitting inputs one-way like normal Dolphin netplay, but nowhere near Stadia. If anything it's comparable to normal multiplayer vidya that does not rely on deterministic simulations for syncronization or other tricks such as client side hit detection.
Replies: >>69149
I would suggest you read up on how link cable data transfer works. Your suggestion is literally impossible for this particular case.
MAME sets just dropped. Still no new arcade CHDs. Did Byuu/Near come out of hiding yet, or is he still dead?
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (52KB, 1262x382)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (6.5KB, 569x154)
I too have a need for an N64 emulator.  I've tried several recently (at least all the ones listed in pic related), and they all seem to have their own problems.  The biggest limitation is that I'm on Windows 7, and m64p doesn't officially support it, and by extension neither do its ports/GUIs/etc.  I can get just dandy performance, but there's no sound at all.  According to one GitHub comment I read, there may be older builds that work even if the program doesn't explicitly support my OS, but I'd prefer not to go back and try each of them one by one.

Project64 worked great when I first used it a couple days ago, except:
- I booted it up yesterday and it chugged like it was running on a toaster, both when loading a state and when starting the game new, despite none of my hardware or software settings having changed.
- The emulator waiting for 30 seconds every third or fourth boot because the developers want me to give them money to get a fucking DRM code to bypass the wait.

Ares was decent, but had very shaky performance with lots of stuttering.
CEN64 (and a GUI frontend for it) I wasn't able to get working because it needed some ancillary files and I didn't know where to get them.  Pic 2 related.

I'm aware that I'm probably being really stupid and missing something obvious, but I think I've done basic due diligence and I'd appreciate any help.
Update/correction: I have found a working PIF file and gotten CEN64 to boot a ROM, although the performance is abysmal.  I'll try tinkering with the program settings and see if that helps at all.
The m64p dev, like the PCSX2 devs, is religiously anti-W7. He claims it's due to not having a W7 machine to test on, but he deleted a post with a fix in it, showing his true colors. I'm going through the releases to find the latest version with sound.
Just use the parallel retroarch core.
Replies: >>78381 >>78547
Like >>78378 sez, your best bet (especially on an antiquarian platform like Win7, since they still actively support all the way back to Win98, and have a good history of stubbornly clinging to weird old platforms such as PPC OS X far longer than their upstreams) is to just bite the bullet, get over the learning curve for RetroArch's hideous GUI, and use its ParaLLEl N64 core. It also gets you actively developed cores for every target aside from N64 that run on everything.

If you don't want to deal with that, and  don't like PJ64, probably the friendliest option is Mupen64 with the M64Py frontend.

Also, note that old-fashioned N64 emulators such as those using the GlideN64 graphics plugin should run HD resolutions at lightning speed even on an antediluvian GMA900 Atom netbook, so slow performance is unquestionably the result of a bad install.
Replies: >>79653
mupen64plus-libretro-nx I found to be superior as it includes Parallel-RDP, Parallel-RSP and GLideN64 if you're toaster can't into Vulkan on top of being based upon a more recent version of mupen which fixes some audio distortion in a few games.
RMG worked nicely for me on linux it's not the fastest but it does the job.
I finally got the PCSX2 libretro core to run and it's somehow just as fast as standalone, RA's head nigger is even backporting gorillions of commits from PCSX2's master repo into the core leading to it just werking somehow.
Parallel-VPU when?
Why the hell did they go to all the effort to slim down the PCSX2 core to a reasonable size by dumping all the UI elements+dependencies while the Dolphin core has been rotting for 2 years with CMake still listing the QT GUI as a valid compilation option?
I don't expect them to add shit like the builtin GBA cable emulation or some of the obscure addons mainline devs have been adding to it but come on, even the beetle-saturn core rebases itself off of the latest mednafen once in a blue moon.
Replies: >>79274
Probably because Mednafen is already built with frontends in mind, while standalone PCSX2 is infamous for being a broken non-portable piece of shit rotting under a mountain of hacky spaghetti code, whereas standalone Dolphin has for years been the most widely esteemed emulator made today, bar none.
Replies: >>79382
Red_computer.png (u)
[Hide] (60.1KB, 524x856)
>the PCSX2 libretro core github repo has almost the same amount of commits as the standalone repo despite the former being less than two years old
Why is PS2 emulation so cursed?
It can't be the hardware as plenty of systems with similarly daunting architectures have seen healthy progress in emulation the past decade or so, what specifically caused PS2 emulation to stagnate so hard OG Xbox emulation rose from the grave?
BW_upscale.png (u)
[Hide] (375.7KB, 1215x909)
bw_upscale_3.png (u)
[Hide] (76.7KB, 1198x901)
bw_upscale_4.png (u)
[Hide] (307.4KB, 1188x885)
BW_Upscale_5.png (u)
[Hide] (349.8KB, 1198x897)
bw_upscaled_2.png (u)
[Hide] (440.3KB, 1188x879)
Replies: >>79622 >>79625
bw_upscaled_6.png (u)
[Hide] (118.2KB, 1200x903)
bw_upscale_7.png (u)
[Hide] (293.7KB, 1199x891)
bw_upscale_8.png (u)
[Hide] (202.8KB, 1197x890)
pokemon_miscegenation.png (u)
[Hide] (114.4KB, 1185x882)
aunt_jemima.png (u)
[Hide] (93.3KB, 1192x897)
Replies: >>79623 >>79625
why_BW_is_so_good.png (u)
[Hide] (276.6KB, 1192x893)
comparison.png (u)
[Hide] (364.7KB, 1225x917)
wifi_confirmed_working.png (u)
[Hide] (22.2KB, 272x450)
wifi_still_works.png (u)
[Hide] (65.5KB, 1197x894)
Replies: >>79625 >>80011
That's not "upscaling", ya doofus, it's increased rendering resolution. There isn't even any texture scaling/filtering going on.
Replies: >>79670
Starfox_breakfast.jpg (u)
[Hide] (316.7KB, 1200x815)
starfox_falco_bachelor.PNG (u)
[Hide] (158.7KB, 187x362)
Starfox_Zero_flopped.png (u)
[Hide] (109.1KB, 690x1028)
Spoiler File (u)
(1010.9KB, 1250x883)
Falco_gets_shine_spiked_at_12%.jpg (u)
[Hide] (46.2KB, 600x339)
>just bite the bullet, get over the learning curve for RetroArch's hideous GUI, and use its ParaLLEl N64 core
That worked smoothly once I tinkered with some configuration settings to get the window displaying the correct size.  The emulation crashes if I move the window around, but the actual play experience was very good aside from a few minor visual bugs (like the boss health bar having a few extra pixels on the side, or boss death explosions not being layered quite properly).  Then again, with old games that pushed the limits of their consoles, these might honestly be part of the game.

The game in question was Starfox 64, which I'd been interested in since I finished reading this article about the development of Starfox and Starfox 64.  The developers have real love for the series, and it's a shame that everything after Starfox 64 feels like a half-baked experiment when all anyone actually wants is new levels and pretty graphics.
Barely even a Starfox game.  At least it gave us Krystal.
I recall this being fun when I played it as a kid, but it felt way too short.
Novel idea and the branching paths were neat, but the fuel economy wasn't implemented properly.  I recall getting into unwinnable states without enough fuel to complete a skirmish, and the focus on all-range skirmishes was kind of annoying.
Promising game that had its controls intentionally made bad to accommodate Miyamoto's obsession with the Wii U gamepad.  The reticle on the main view actually lies to you because the first person gamepad screen is meant to be used for precision aiming.  Gay Maker's Toolkit had a surprisingly good video on this one.

And Zero flopped, so it's unlikely we'll see anything from the series on the Switch (unless you count the weird cross-promotion with that ubisoft space open world game Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which I don't despite the novelty).  It's really impressive how much good character and personality design can carry a series, since whenever I see fanart of the crew it's almost always going back to Starfox 64 and using their personalities from that game.  All Nintendo needs to do is make a game that doesn't have a stupid hardware gimmick and put a course creator in it and it'd print money.

Maybe I should make a Starfox/rail shooter thread.  It's fun to go through classics like this for the first time.
Replies: >>79694 >>79931
you can't really see too much of a difference but filters are being used in most of those screenshots
Replies: >>79694
c502fc479f9ad6ffe784d310b6cdd7b56097694c5c8428995b1d2be3f3693bc4.jpg (u)
[Hide] (14.8KB, 493x335)
ffmpeg -f x11grab -video_size 680x420 -i :0 goolash.mp4
Calling Starfox a "series" is a bit loose, given most titles basically boil down to remakes of the 1st game.
Don't forget the 99%-finished-buried-leaked-then-finished-and-released 2nd SNES game that emerged recently

All I see is some slight AA on polygons, which occurs natively during rendering. The framebuffer is completely unfiltered and unscaled, as are textures and sprites (unless you count integer nearest neighbor, which you shouldn't).
erika_question.png (u)
[Hide] (347.6KB, 702x874)
Is Xemu as good as it claims to be?
Replies: >>79930
I only tested it with Panzer Dragoon Orta and JSRF, but they both run at full speed as long as I don't boost the render resolution. Orta has some minor glitches in the first stage, and JSRF has no problems as far as I can tell.
Replies: >>79941
>it flopped
>t. Because I say so
I don't doubt it but is there an actual sales chart for it anywhere? Half the fun of finding out about a flop is how much of it was a flop.
Replies: >>79940
Less than 1/4 the sales of SF64, less than 1/2 the sales of SF64's 3DS port. As the linked analyst noted, that was on a 130-person devteam working 3 years before a high-profile worldwide marketing campaign on release.
Replies: >>79948
I tried it with Genma Onimusha and it works great
smugestsnake.png (u)
[Hide] (62.5KB, 594x474)
Skyarrow.png (u)
[Hide] (261.7KB, 1197x896)
what_it_looked_like_on_DS.png (u)
[Hide] (46KB, 1199x898)
Skyarrow_Way_Zoomed.png (u)
[Hide] (231.1KB, 1199x898)
skyarrow_ds.png (u)
[Hide] (73.1KB, 1199x899)
[Hide] (505.3KB, 1198x895)
Replies: >>80012
Skyarrow_angled_high_res.png (u)
[Hide] (124.8KB, 1194x899)
Angled_DS.png (u)
[Hide] (46.5KB, 1195x898)
castelia_dock.png (u)
[Hide] (62.8KB, 1195x891)
castelia_dock_high_res.png (u)
[Hide] (169KB, 1196x897)
heavy_load.png (u)
[Hide] (437.8KB, 1199x898)
Replies: >>80014
castelia_center.png (u)
[Hide] (225.6KB, 1200x893)
busy_street.png (u)
[Hide] (191.7KB, 1197x895)
tags-sore_legs.png (u)
[Hide] (69.9KB, 1198x895)
Liberty_Garden.png (u)
[Hide] (244.9KB, 1199x896)
Deus_Ex.png (u)
[Hide] (199.3KB, 1199x899)
Replies: >>80015
level_curve.png (u)
[Hide] (39.8KB, 1184x793)
LAW.png (u)
[Hide] (113.5KB, 1216x845)
victini_room.png (u)
[Hide] (181.5KB, 1415x926)
Victini.png (u)
[Hide] (43KB, 1196x898)
Zoomed_out.png (u)
[Hide] (458.4KB, 1195x899)
Nogamestation 4 now has a virtualizer that can launch indieshit titles on Linux only. The dev of the previous most advanced virtualizer (Orbital) claims to have decompiled the demo release and that it's not a scam despite being proprietary and appearing from nowhere. Is it stolen SDK/PSNow code or is this just the power of being white and not a tranny?
Replies: >>81396 >>81446
1450729700230.gif (u)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 350x197)
crapmadeoffailandaids.jpg (u)
(22.6KB, 210x230)
>being proprietary
Replies: >>81605 >>81713
>Linux exclusive on top of being proprietary
Hopefully this will inspire other x86 VM/emu devs to get off their asses. I wouldn't even mind loading on bare metal (running in real time on Ring 0 should massively boost cycle-accurate emulators anyway because they wouldn't need to switch between user/kernal modes).
devofspine.png (u)
[Hide] (28.6KB, 574x275)
He said he will release the source code "eventually".

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