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Mostly software modifications, but console mods are also welcome.
What are your favorite Total Conversion mods /v/?

I've been dabbling into Company of Heroes Blitzkrieg mod and it's some of the funnest shit I have ever played, units are invincible bulletsponges, engagements are much farther away, camera is put much farther away so you don't have to pan like an ADD ridden retard and most units are actually useful.
I've also been playing a ton of Anomaly for S.T.A.L.K.E.R CoP, waiting for Gunslinger to finally be finished before diving in.
>>46875 (OP) 
>favorite Total Conversion mods /v/
I have a few, but I'm not sure which one to choose.
>Age of chivalry: hegemony
>Europa barbarorum
The most time I enjoyed playing was well 
>Divite at Impera for RTW2
And maybe some hoi4 mods.
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Is there a stalker multiplayer mod that doesn't run like shit
Replies: >>46916 >>46951
Not yet
Several of them are in the works.
I forgot which ones are still active.
>>46875 (OP) 
Serious Doom Demo has been my favorite total conversion
>converts serious sam fusion into doom eternal (before doom eternal came out, mostly pure speculation on the trailers), which come with the following 'defects'
>glory kills & chainsaw are just straight up instant, due to lack of animations along with not being entirely forced to glory kill
>ice nade & flamethrower is separate buttons instead of being a toggle
>uses the doom 2016 assets instead of the eternal assets
>way bigger ammo limit
Replies: >>47060
All_aboard_the_SS_Doom.webm (u)
[Hide] (28MB, 1360x768, 02:29)
>Serious Doom
Oh yeah, forgot about that. Too bad there's been next to no updates from the guy despite it becoming a very popular mod for a while.
and look what I found just lying around on the front steam workshop page: https://youtu.be/wL0gzOupRZ8
Replies: >>47194
>>46875 (OP) 
>units are invincible bulletsponges
Which units specifically? If that's true they must have changed something, back when I played the Blitzkrieg mod a single HMG could wipe an infantry squad in seconds
Replies: >>47222 >>47336
>no glory kills
Are you serious?
Replies: >>47203
Are you a nigger cattle Bethesdrone that cannot play a game without the presence of a repeated three second time loss almost constantly interrupting gameplay, due to the enemies being bullet sponges to promote LE EBIN GLORY KILLS XDDDD?
Replies: >>47239
Depends on the usage of cover but usually engineers in the base game would die very quickly to rifleman squads even inside heavy cover, in Blitzkrieg mod they can last significantly longer using just sandbags in a diamond or triangle formation and using the Hold Position order. Same thing applies for units inside buildings like HMG squads and emplaced foxhole positions, they generally live longer and have more value than in the base game even when facing Snipers or enemy HMGs going through their blind spots.
Any infantry in open terrain against an HMG or even just regular riflemen is going to get wiped in seconds though.

Maybe he means the new frontal armor mechanics? Penetrations are now much more important for actually damaging armor assets so things like AT squads and field AT guns depend more on having a higher caliber than the tier of armor they're facing. Calling in something like a Tiger or Panther is much more difficult to dislodge overal for Allies unless they bring in equivalent gear, use mortars, shoot them from the sides/behind or use artillery or bombing runs to flush them out.
Replies: >>47336 >>48037
I was just making a joke, anon. Don't be so serious.
Jesus I've just realised how much hoi4 mods there are.
Infantry in general can survive tanks as their frontal MGs do pitiful damage and their cannons miss a ton of times even if they're an anti inf one, they can also blob into each other with rifles or even auto rifles/smgs and take forver to die.
They miss a lot even when clipping into each other which is fine for a game with a ton of micro, but it looks absolutely retarded.
The tank model can be mitigated as with good micro you can run the inf models over with some effort, especially if you have anti mine upgrades which double as an infantry shredder.
None of this shit is explicit though and it honestly looks retarded and janky.

In Blitzkrieg if inf go in front of a tank they'll lose a couple of models in a few seconds and being outside of cover = death
They did increase engineer/pioneer squad sizes in Blitzkrieg though, which I guess sort of contributes to their improved survivability. 
>Any infantry in open terrain against an HMG or even just regular riflemen is going to get wiped in seconds though.
Yes, this has been my experience as well. Weapons teams such as HMGs or mortars just seem more useful than in the base game.
I quite enjoyed HoI4's The New Order mod. Playing fascist Speer was a great experience.
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I found my modlist for that anon that was asking, it's all UI tho
>adiyax27 historical flags
>colored air force
>colored buttons
>colored events
>colored ship icons
>colored theatrte alert icons
>danielx27 not reflective sea
>danielx27 politcal map
>historical portraits I chose moerreich over it since they're conflicting
>immersive intel agencies
>lampx27 equipment icons
>lampx27 support equipment icons
>moerreich it's made to work with the kaserreich mod but the bulk of it works as intended even without, it's great
>strategic view adjustments

I also tried the MPU division icon mods but they were a bit of a hassle and didn't even look that good, so I stuck with the vanilla icons
GSG players have autism, what did you expect
Replies: >>48065 >>48424
Thanks, anon. Despite the fact I'm more of a total overhaul person.
Is there a good guide for fanmade Serious Sam maps like there is for Doom?
Don't think so, but try the Dyke Nukem mod.
It's really good
Replies: >>48361
I've actually tried to play TNO again, after some time as Amur, but jesus. How are you supposed to play as it? Or any russian warlord, I've always got buttfucked by multiple other warlords at the sametime. First as Aryan brotherhood now as Amur. How?
Replies: >>58358
Fusion has plenty of total conversions. I think the most recent high profile one was a standalone blade runner game where you played as a replicant.
>Dyke Nukem
I honestly thought that was some lewd mod for Douk 3d and now I'm disappointed.
Replies: >>48371 >>48409
Legit mistype, sorry for getting your hopes up
>7Smoke compilation maps for good serious sam maps
>Red Day: Episode 1 if you want to hear hard bass
Otherwise you have to look through russian threads for some maps or walk through the steam workshop
as the other anon said, the Serious Duke 3D mod is more of a conversion similar to Serious Doom but instead of modifying TFE levels, the mod has it's own take on the first episode while being influenced not just by DN3D but also DNF, at least the good parts of it.
Replies: >>48409
>standalone blade runner game where you played as a replicant
Just make sure not to stream it or you'll get your ass banned on Twitch
>you have to look through russian threads
if you need a translation, post it in the thread
Replies: >>48436
Also have you guys heard of Red flood? It's a weird mod, but there is something about it. Does it originate from some imageboard?
Replies: >>48429
haven't really played hoi4 since the last major update which I only got because I wanted to try  the spy mechanics, maybe I should get it again
Replies: >>48430
>I only got because I wanted to try  the spy mechanics, maybe I should get it again
Pirate friend?
But, it's a really weird mod. And I'm serious.
Replies: >>48431
>ever giving money to parajew
hell I regret even spending 1 buck on humble bundle for hearts of iron 3
Replies: >>48433
>>ever giving money to parajew
I didn't, only for the base game, but everything else is bassically pirated.
>hell I regret even spending 1 buck on humble bundle for hearts of iron 3
Hey, hoi4 ain't that bad. While it isn't darkest hour. But it isn't bad. I actually like how each country has it's own font.
Replies: >>48434
>Just make sure not to stream it or you'll get your ass banned on Twitch
Who got banned?
Replies: >>48437
Punch._Crit!_DOG!_YESS!!.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (4MB, 1280x720, 00:19)
funny calzone man
sm64plus1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (45.3KB, 640x480)
I've been wanting to talk about this.
>super mario 64 PLUS

This mod is wonderful. Does the following
>harder difficulty option
>hardest difficulty option - permadeath
>change fov
>force 4:3 if you want that
>continue level after getting star 
and the best part

I played this for the past two days and gonna finish it soon. The one thing I wish the mod creator can add in the future is a feature to add custom romhacks into this. That way I can play the hacks smoothly with good controls. Once I played sm64 on 60fps, I can't go back to playing on 30fps lock bs.
Replies: >>48475 >>48498
God there is a submod for tno which takes place in the year 2000.
I thought SM64 romhacks had been doing this for years now?
Replies: >>48510
Replies: >>48511
Here is the source for the analog camera hack if you want to add it to other romhacks. There was some older one I cant remember.
>Playing fascist Speer was a great experience.
Might I ask you how you are not supposed to make speer go dictator in those bunch of events? You know the revolts or what.
Replies: >>58358
>historical portraits I chose moerreich over it since they're conflicting
Why would you think that an anime mod that changes all of the portraits within the game would ever work with a mod that changes almost every leader's portrait to their respective photograph?

Moerreich is just a weeb mob that makes a shitty mod less insufferable to play for those who are autistic for anime. Even if you use the listed mods you have, Kasierreich is still a bore-fest and some of the issues have still not been fixed. You should have just recommended cheat mods and anything shortens the time to complete tedious national focuses within the game.
f5a0f336b60f10bdcdb72fd57868e72436f1b57708b576e7f425808c26361cf7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (16.5KB, 405x444)
>want to try roguetech again only checked it out briefly a long time ago before going with BTE
>have to get the precached download because unstable connection the launcher uses git which still doesnt support resume despite talking about it since 2008
>11gb, have to unpack it 3 times
>first unpack the installer
>installer unpacks the launcher and another zip with the actual mod files
>have to import the zip in the launcher which then finally unpacks the mod files
>but wait! its not installed yet
>have to update to the newest version to get it to install, downloads even more shit
>finally time to install, select all the options I want
>"error: are you sure you are a good goyim? make sure you have a legit version of the game"
>check log, complains about cracked files
>move them somewhere else temporarily
>installs without any problems
>it doesnt even check for legit files, only bad goyim files
>can finally play roguetech
What is wrong with just unzipping a fucking archive into the mod folder?
What the fuck is wrong with anti-piracy cuck mod devs?
This isnt even the first time Ive encountered a mod with anti-piracy measures.
Replies: >>58982 >>59040
Over the course of your playthrough, go along with the Gang of Four but don't give into them on everything. When the revolts come up toward the end, you can choose a few of their options but again, don't go with all of them. Don't choose any of the options that resolve the issue with violence. If you do it right you'll get the so-called "Dengist Speer" ending where the Gang of Four are kept in government but are made powerless, the megacorps are dismantled, and Speer is the new Fuhrer of a reformed and modernized Reich. In my opinion this was the most satisfying conclusion of any country I played.
The Russian warlords are pretty difficult to play as. I tried to go Hyperborean but failed every time.
Replies: >>58366
6a6a12496940839ee4ffc885c467a58eeb7eb83717be34620490961fcb656ce0.png (u)
[Hide] (553.6KB, 854x1255)
I downloaded a bunch of mods for New Vegas and I'm really liking the scavenger autism it created.
I'm thinking of going for a melee only hardcore mode run next, and go for the Meat of Champions perk. I hope there are some good mods that make melee usable.
Replies: >>58363 >>58367
get melee cleave (aka sweep) mod allows you to hit multiple enemies with a single swing
>Don't choose any of the options that resolve the issue with violence. 
I tried it.
>The Russian warlords are pretty difficult to play as. I tried to go Hyperborean but failed every time.
Isn't the easiest gommie one? The western revolutionary front?
Also TWR isn't better the TNO if you are looking for stuff. The whole idea of the retarded owner is "if the people choose to not follow progressivism they are wrong and need to be reeeducated"
Tried modding Yakuza Kiwami 2 with the extended moveset mod. Adds a lot of moves from previous game's playable characters but the issue is that it's still tied into Kiwami 2 and it's retarded ragdolls, extreme heat system and blocking mechanics.
Fucking Dragon Engine's such dogshit.
>Still no new Tokugawa no Saru chapters
>The artist's other r63 manga of Achilles isn't translated either
What pain.
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[Hide] (875.7KB, 620x349)
>look up if any custom tracks exist for SSX Tricky, or any mod for that matter
>nothing at all, homebrew community is nonexistant
>biggest "mod" is an HD texture pack for Dolphin that actually looks good but still isn't a mod per se, nothing exists for the Xbox version
>everything else is just minor texture or music swaps
i just want custom tracks on the greatest snowboarding game ever made. if only those slavs that hacked EA actually got away with the dev tools for this game if they even exist anymore or the longshot hope that someone finds a gold disc in the wild and doesn't send it back like a fucking cuck
Replies: >>58910
>i just want custom tracks on the greatest snowboarding game ever made.
Start looking at game files in a hex editor, then.  Someone, somewhere has modded an SSX game.  Talk to him on a forum/twitter/whatever.  If a game is running in Dolphin, it's probably easy enough to mod or retexture.

The only reason people mod games is because they have the exact reaction you're having: "wait, nobody's done this?" and they decide to do it themselves.
Is BTE worth it? I've only played vanilla.
Replies: >>59039
Its basically vanilla with more stuff. More mechs, weapons, equipment, full Inner Sphere map, clan invasions depending on what year you pick etc. From what I remember the base game mechanics are largely unchanged, but yes I would say its worth a try.
There is also Battletech Advanced 3062 which is supposed to be something inbetween BTE and Roguetech but I havent tried it.
I did the gog-games installer and roguetech worked fine but then again its just a legitcopy. I enjoy it but its bloated as fuck.

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