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What a nice board!
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Thread for organizing gamenights across the webring, including finding gayms to play, hostfags to bully, and polls to rig.
Replies: >>45935 >>45940
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>>45923 (OP) 
Hello, I would just like to take a moment to tell you all I would really like to sniff samus.
Replies: >>45937
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Just one more. 
Very sorry, please continue. 

Also I want to do SonicRoboBlastKart again. That was pretty fun and seems to be easy to host.
Replies: >>45951
Time for Killing Floor and Sven Co-Op
Replies: >>45949
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>>45923 (OP) 
Having a bunch of rooms open for an RTS would be a good change of pace. I'm shit at those and don't know anything though.
Starcraft 2, AoE 2 and Dawn of War would be my suggestions
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I love this giant woman.
I was just about to suggest AoE II. I would be down for it.
>Starcraft 2
Please. If anything it should be Warcraft 3.
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I'd love to play sven coop. Since we're also posting attractive women in this thread, here are a few of my own I have saved. i hope file posting isn't still fucked
[Hide] (106.7KB, 676x863)
I'm going to need more of floofy samus, and more poofy haired cute girls in general.
Replies: >>46699
sven is shit let's go zombie master
on an unrelated note I'm going to rig the next poll for the source mod I want
Replies: >>45966
me too lad, see you in the gayniteb owl
Dawn of war is rather easy to play with assuming anons can port foward. Fuck SC2 though why would you want to play that piece of shit?
Lobby-based bullshit isn't for gamenights though, RTS better suits tournament style brackets and timeframes due to not having client/server "join or leave whenever you want" requiring more coordination.
>Starcraft 2
Other two suggestions are decent though.
Replies: >>45989
Wasn't the main problem with Starcraft 2 it being built around the compfag gookclicker experience to the exclusion of any fun or any enjoyable strategies? Is there even a single RTS still being played that doesn't listen to compfag niggercattle?
There was some fun to be had before the custom lobbies got locked down and all the balance was fuckedSo much so that even the compfags fucked off back to SC:BW again. Add to that the lock in to battlenet and you can throw it in the garbage for a gamenight. C&C TB is better anyway.
how about monster hunter?
I could C&C Zero Hour
>Wasn't the main problem with Starcraft 2 it being built around the compfag gookclicker experience to the exclusion of any fun or any enjoyable strategies?
>Is there even a single RTS still being played that doesn't listen to compfag niggercattle?
A lot of older ones with workarounds like DTA but almost every new RTS targets that market then dies out because PvP players of any sort never mind compfags have always made up a minority of the RTS community.
Replies: >>46006
I swear these retarded devs have never heard of well structured campaigns or comp stomps.
Replies: >>46053
>Is there RTS still being played
Pretty much all of the classics such as AoE2, Red Alert, Generals Zero Hour, C&C3KW, TotalA, SupCom, War2 & 3, Warzone and who the fuck knows what else have active multiplayer scenes through either official remasters, pirate lobbies or fanmade patches. Some reaching thousand players at peak times, others only scrapping around 100.
Can't say the same about newer games outside of Cossacks 3, although it is just a remake of Cossacks 1 so it doesn't really count.
Replies: >>46053
Everyone wants to be the next gookclick or dota.
World in Conflict is alive too but is technically RTT not RTS. It also has drop-in drop-out play instead of lobbies which worked well in that other gamenight but I doubt there are enough autistic anons around nowadays to fill up a game.
SCII's problems came from three areas mainly. There were others but that was mostly nitpicking.
1. It was built around being an esports game instead of a good game.
2. Actiblizzard couldn't keep their grubby mitts off it and patched out any fun strategies that players came up with instead of allowing the games community to grow and invent new ways to defeat these strategies.
3. I believe it was the Denuvo copyright protection that caused the game to lag even when connected locally during tournaments since they still needed to be connected to actiblizzard's servers. This caused the game to be dropped for a little while until the issue was fixed.
All in all SCII was a disaster and didn't have the lasting potential like it's predecessor because game developers and publishers are now retarded.
Game recs
>Morrowind multiplayer mod
>Jedi Knight 2 multiplayer
>Serious Sam multiplayer
>Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005)
>Postal 2 multiplayer mod
>Rune Classic multiplayer
Replies: >>46126
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[Hide] (23.8MB, 1280x720, 01:53)
Garry's Mod's Clockwork framework has been made free and open source. Now you can play HL2RP without giving money to (((Conna Wiles))). This gamemode is next on the list after i'm done setting up the YourRP server and uploading the server pack for easy piratefag hosting.
Replies: >>46129
To add to the list, what about that cyberpunk fps that was played some time last year? Dystopia I think it was called.
Replies: >>46164 >>46239
>paying for RP
wew what
Replies: >>46132
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Yes, it's a thing. There is even a whole addon store for GMod.
Replies: >>46175
It was solid, but we played it multiple times. Better do something we haven't played as much, or at all.
Replies: >>46173
We have played it exactly twice and it has been enormously popular both times.
Replies: >>46179
The only thing surprising about that is that Valve didn't somehow try to come down on them for monetizing something so proximate to their own work without giving them a cut. I guess they figured they either didn't have a route to horn in on it, or thought it would drive Garrysmod uptake and generate revenue for them that way.
I guess it feels too familiar now. There's still sourcemods we never tried, like Resistance & Liberation, No More Room in Hell, Zombie Panic, Alien Swarm.
Replies: >>46231 >>46235
Speaking of Alien Swarm, you guys ever try the Reactive Drop fanmade expansion? Lot more missions, 8 player limit, etc. It would be nice to try for a gamenight, assuming everyone doesn't FF eachother to death immediately.
Replies: >>46232
>8 player limit
Didn't know that detail, worth a try
We need an EDF game with 16 player limit.
>Zombie Panic,
Zombie Panic happened once back on 8chan but it wasn't very popular. RnL could be fun but it can also turn into a slog depending on the map and how well fags can work together.
I forgot about that game but I do know Morrowind multiplayer would be pretty fun. It has a player limit of 64 players and also has PvP, and someone can host their own private server.
Fortress Forever?
Replies: >>46315 >>46316
Nah, lets just play a boring second-rate singleplayer game with a side-thought poorly-implemented multiplayer game mode which never took off instead. Cause Dark Messiah was such a good view into how these gamenights should be played, right?!
Replies: >>46374 >>46404
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hostfag here, i hate to say this but that EYE server package from rin is being a bitch. it's made for wangblows only and trying to convert it to linux to put it on my VPS isn't working. i also have a shitton of over things to do this week so if another hostfag is willing to try it or host another game that's what will have to happen. sorry to disappoint.
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[Hide] (7.5MB, 480x360, 01:46)
Killing floor it is then unless someone wants to start a new vote. I vote for AoE 1 or 2
Replies: >>46370
I wish to play some old-timey modded Quake, just for the sake of it.
Replies: >>46616
>Cause Dark Messiah was such a good view into how these gamenights should be played, right?!
Unironically yes.
Replies: >>46395
Opinion status: discarded
We should play an ARPG like Diablo or Titan Quest sometime. I've met some good /v/irgins through killing hordes of mooks for hours.
Replies: >>46413
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Just use wine. Anything that doesnt have a linux binaries in its Steam dedicated server package 91720 in this case is most likely not going to run on linux natively even if you can find the right SDK server files.
Wine, Xvfb and x11vnc is all you need you only need a lowres session, maybe even 8bit, combined overhead is negligable on even the cheapest trash VPS.
Now that I think about it, why does EYE even have a dedicated server package?
>Cause Dark Messiah was such a good view into how these gamenights should be played, right?!
[Hide] (1.9MB, 200x150)
hostfag here, PSA to anyone who downloaded the GMod server packages: there is a chance they may be infected with something. my wangblows machine suddenly started having all sorts of weird shit installed on it and it's behaving incredibly fucky. I haven't done anything significant with it since hosting the server, just playing TF2 and CS:GO. things I've noticed are
>some fucked up variant of chrome reinstalling itself after boot
>start menu fucking up
>explorer crashing
>bullshit antivirus installs that belong to SYSTEM appearing in program files like AVG, Avira, Baidu, Panda, etc.
trying to run AV scans on it but making windows images on linux is a bitch. i could also be wrong and they came from something completely unrelated, but i'm warning you all to be on the safe side.
And this is why I only play game nights using buyfagged software or FOSS software. Fuck downloading your bootleg proprietary cracked binaries.
I wish FlareRPG had multiplayer.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 255x191)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 255x191)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 255x191)
So I'm not the only one. I had to use system restore on my machine when it failed to start, but I thought it was an isolated case. Didn't even bother mentioning it since I have been needing to do a full wipe and start fresh for some time now.
Replies: >>46415
Replies: >>46419
Weren't you supposed to have acquired the client from a reputable pirate website, like cs dot rin?
Replies: >>46424
It was Solomon who compiled it, so be careful with any other shit he tries to peddle in the future.
Replies: >>46422
[Hide] (783.4KB, 303x270)
I'm not saying it was the gmod pack that caused my crash since my computer does crash from time to time since it's garbage. I'm just saying it's funny I had problems the same time 01045d did. Of course it could have been my own ignorance that caused it, and if that's the case please enlighten me.
Replies: >>46478
Anon I think you're talking to Solomon.
[Hide] (70.4KB, 700x691)
I did, everything I downloaded was from cs.rin.ru and the official revemu website. if you check your Program Files folder and don't see a bunch of fake AV folders you can't get into, you're probably good. it's possible it's a fluke on my part and I installed something that wasn't included in the server package that fucked shit up. either way it's no big deal, it just had some vidya that I'd have to redownload if I have to wipe it but I think I can clean it all off.
[Hide] (79.2KB, 1920x1080)
I've been using both the server and client everyday since you uploaded it and nothing like that happened yet.
Replies: >>46430
[Hide] (1.8MB, 340x240)
in that case it's probably a fluke and i installed some bullshit on my own. i have 5+ PCs in my room at any given time so it's no big deal, if one breaks I can use another to fix it up. i'm a fucking hydra.
Enlightment is something earned, not given. Otherwise there is no point.
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[Hide] (65.2KB, 860x640)
[Hide] (4MB, 444x250)
[Hide] (52.5KB, 600x350)
[Hide] (243.5KB, 750x728)
1, 2, or 3?
[Hide] (397.1KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (36.4KB, 1747x131)
[Hide] (421.1KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (27.7MB, 1280x720, 07:51)
Still playing cracked GMod and my computer hasn't exploded yet. Test serb is up. I'll be releasing the pre-configured server pack later.
Here's the big addon pack if you haven't bleached your client yet. The next gamemode i'll be setting up, HL2RP, won't require 6 gorillion addons.
[Hide] (3.7MB, 854x480, 01:22)
I am 99% sure my PC got infected from some other means. the gmod package is clean so you can stop freaking out now. ended up resetting windows entirely but it's fine because I only had like 5 things installed and my games on a separate drive.
>third pic
every time
[Hide] (866.8KB, 1000x1000)
Are there playable gondolas?
Replies: >>46640
If you know how to use PAC3, you can make one yourself.
[Hide] (44.2KB, 240x416)
[Hide] (87.4KB, 617x1000)
[Hide] (462.9KB, 1022x1488)
[Hide] (135.3KB, 900x783)
[Hide] (995.2KB, 1500x2018)
I decided that this thread needs more samus. Pls continue posting though.
Replies: >>46686
Has anyone organized a game weekend with fightcade? Realistically would thatbbe something people would be interested with? Like simpsons arcade, tmnt, or even street fighter?
dude tubes lmao
>Has anyone organized a game weekend with fightcade?
I think we had a tournamnet or something once on zchan, I didn't wanna play though because it shows flags
Replies: >>46738
It sounds difficult with beat emups or any other genre, simply by the fact that those allow 4 or 5 players tops. With any fighting game at least you can organize a small tournament, keep track of battles in this or another thread and even gather in the fightcade chat room to shitpost while waiting the next turn
I'd be fine playing 3rd strike, but game nights are usually group multiplayer shit, not 1v1.
[Hide] (34.5KB, 500x500)
Oh fuck me, I also noticed some strange bugs happening with explorer just recently. If I get any titty pop-ups or that touhou ransomware virus, I'm holding you personally responsible, faggot.
What fighting games have tournament modes that you can create a private lobby for and also you can spectate the matches while you wait for your match? I think that can be fun for gamenights.
Replies: >>46707
melty or bust
Replies: >>46717
We can do Melty, but also
>Arcana Heart 3 Love Max
In player matches you can host a lobby for up to 6 people and also has spectating
>BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma EXTEND
Central Fiction has a shitty netcode on PC. Chrono Phantasma is also a more balanced game. Supports lobbies with up to 64 players.
>Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus R
Supposedly has added lobbies last year. This would definitely be fun to play.
Replies: >>46720
[Hide] (450.7KB, 668x921)
No one will play because of flags.

I can confirm pirated online arcana heart just werks, no vlans or steam or anything. I can make a tournament for that if enough people is interested.
Replies: >>46723
There was a tournament using it back on 8chan many years back.
Replies: >>46725
Also forgot
>Umineko Golden Fantasia
>many years back
>2014 was 7 years ago
Replies: >>46803
>has anyone organized to play with fightcade?
Yes, several times, for many different games. Only fightcade 1, FC2 sucks monkey dick. Never worked as gamenight however, only in tournament format.
>Realistically would that be something people would be interested?
Not as a gamenight i can assure you that. Fucking stop with the lobby bullshit if you don't know what the fuck a gamenight is. Organize a tournament if you can already you stupid motherfuckers.
Replies: >>46728
Someone just make a fighting game thread with online matches so this nigger will calm down.
[Hide] (57.3KB, 498x498)
so faggots, have we got anything for tomorrow?
>muh flags
We already know you're a fucking leaf, if you're actually barebacking an imageboard then you're already getting v& so why the fuck would you be scared of sharing your IP?
But what if people bully me for being a BR?
Replies: >>46743
then dump your BR folder heuheuheueh
[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1090)
Anons who dump amerimutt memes don't like it when you know they're from the dominican republic or brazil. I know a few are from australia, but the trend is there.
A fightcade gamenight sounds like a great idea if you plan on only catering to 2-3 anons, including yourself.
Replies: >>46777
A lot of people showed up for all fightcade tourneys, and more if they flag fags would have joined.
Its silly people wouldnt use fightcade because it shows flags, everyone knows shitposters are third worlders, what are you hiding or insecure about? 

Lag isnt an issue with fightcade neither.
Replies: >>46787
[Hide] (867.2KB, 1024x544)
Well, go tell them. I remember including all the "no I don't want you to know I am from brazil" posters we would have gotten almost twice the players.
Replies: >>46821
It's shocking how quickly shit goes by until you look back over it all.
Replies: >>46822
Why do we have so many hues? How did they find out about this obscure shithole?
[Hide] (29KB, 720x695)
Replies: >>46824
Despite like 5 of my favorite video games of all time releasing in that year, 2007 was a shit year, the late 2000s as a whole were shit as we were entering the 2010s and the economy went straight to shit, normalfags flooded the internet and tech, "Nerd Culture" started gaining mainstream presence and entertainment as a whole took a nosedive since that year and I'd argue culture as well.
Replies: >>46825
[Hide] (3MB, 1063x1500)
> 5 of my favorite video games of all time releasing in that year, 2007
This better be one of them, anon.
Replies: >>46827
[Hide] (41.8KB, 600x394)
No, they were 
>S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl
>Supreme Commander 
>World in Conflict
-Super Robot War Original Generations

Plus other titles that were also decent quality
-Company of Heroes Opposing Forces Expac
-Medal of Honor Airborne
-Halo 3
-Enemy Territory Quake Wars
-Europa Universalis 3
-Super Mario Galaxy
-The Witcher
-Orange Box
-Command and Conquer 3
-Tomb Raider Anniversary
-Universe at War
-Call of Duty 4
-Medieval 2 Kingdoms Expac
-Overlord 2
-Assassins Creed
-The Darkness
-Manhunt 2 
-Soul Nomad
-Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
-Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
-Galactix Civilizations 2
-Virtua Fighter 5
-GTA Vice City Stories
-EDF 2017

2007 was a great fucking year, every platform was getting love except the NoGaemsStation3 I remember it being great, and looking back, it was somehow actually better than I remember.
Replies: >>46955 >>46999
[Hide] (73.7KB, 1178x263)
Here's the GMod YourRP server pack.
Time to set-up Clockwork. You know it's going to be a bitch to do when not even the vending machines are working out of the box, but i think it will be worth it. I'd like to see how anons would handle a roleplaying game other than SS13.
Replies: >>46879
[Hide] (28.6KB, 685x242)
Of course i had to forget something.
If your server uses assets from games other than GMod (mine does, it's Counter-Strike Source) you need to mount it's dedicated server directory in garrysmod/cfg/mount.cfg. Otherwise weird shit starts happening like money floating. DarkRP requires mounting CSS.
And some game content packs for clients:
https://kajar9.wixsite.com/cscheater2/downloads - Same thing, but with spawnlists.
Replies: >>46904
being able to walk through CS:S crates is a feature, anon
no gamenight? dead board
Replies: >>46938 >>46964
If nothing else, a SRB2 rerun should be brain dead easy to host safely, right?
Replies: >>46940
Super Racism Bros 2?
Replies: >>46946
Sonic robo blast 2 kart.
Replies: >>46950
Super Racism Bros 2 has better netplay.
Replies: >>46954
Host it then, if you're so great.
>Call of Duty 4
Replies: >>46961 >>46999
It wasn't that bad, especially compared to modern releases.
[Hide] (96.5KB, 640x628)
>miss gamenight after having one every other week for 4+ weeks in a row
>ded bord lul
[Hide] (346.9KB, 640x480)
Since there's nothing going on...

Replies: >>46995 >>47152
[Hide] (77.1KB, 700x805)
Why not find something to do now faggot, I'm fucking bored.
Replies: >>46998 >>47010
It's 12 fuckin' AM. Do you seriously expect at least three fourths of the board to be awake and fully operation-ready at this ungodly hour?
Replies: >>47001
>-Medal of Honor Airborne
Neat ideas in Airborne but it's a shame they never expanded on them. Though I'd say 2005 is a stronger overall year.

As much as I dislike CoD 4 and the general consolisation/casualisation of the series 4 in and of itself isn't a terrible game. It's not great, but as a forgettable spectacle game it stands up to a single playthrough just a shame it arrived at such a perfect time to get blown way out of proportion and seriously harm the entire genre with its influence it also still manages to shit on the forever war in the Middle East compared to later games missing that element entirely. I'd also stick things like C&C3, Tomb Raider Anniversary and Stranglehold in that bucket of not being particularly notable but at least being something you can waste some free time on that's competently made and not trying to jew you with microtransactions constantly. I'm not sure ASSCREED really makes that cut outside of the potential it felt like it had and which obviously led nowhere.

The point is really that in any given year even up to 2007 or so you'd likely see at least 4-5 games that could comfortably sit in a favourites list or at least be worth something long term and then a large number of games falling into either decent or at least playable covering a whole bunch of genres. Nowadays you're lucky if you get one memorable game a year, what does come out that's worth even looking at is usually clustered in a handful of trendy genres and I often struggle to find enough new games to fill up my time thank fuck there's so many old games to try.
Replies: >>47016
[Hide] (287.7KB, 1158x792)
[Hide] (291.4KB, 1158x792)
Wrong Amerinigger, it's 3 AM and I fully expect everyone to be in the same timezone as me and equally as autistic. Now host something you dumb faggot
Replies: >>47006 >>47029
Anon I..
Replies: >>47011
[Hide] (118.6KB, 609x707)
Want to play Deathwing, Risk of Rain (1 or 2) or BoI? Take up the offer in the next 2 or 3 hours before I go to sleep.
Replies: >>47011
(11.4KB, 184x184)
If you can sort out a nosteam version of Deathwing before I fall asleep then sure

Replies: >>47012
go fuck yourself
Replies: >>47013
(13.6KB, 250x193)
What's with the attitude, nigger. Here I did it for you
You didn't expect us to play through Steam did you?
Replies: >>47014
[Hide] (621.1KB, 720x720)
Beggars can't be choosers, faglord. 
Replies: >>47015 >>47017
I don't have a Battle of the Immortals character and Risk of Rain is gay as fuck, don't call it a fucking choice.
What's wrong with Fitgirl?
[Hide] (9.2MB, 640x368, 06:30)
>Though I'd say 2005 is a stronger overall year.
Anon, everything post 1992 was probably a stronger year, I'm talking about one if not the last good year before the financial crisis killed most medium sized companies, AAA bought them all and flooded everything with viral marketing and normalfags flooded the industry.

It's why I think nowadays are much better days for videogames, there's much more to play and enjoy than 2008-2015, it's not just AAAshit, Japanese middle sized game and indie shovelware.

You get actual middle sized companies making games and seeing success and non journo shilled/cliqueshit indie titles seeing it as well.
You get stuff made by one dude selling like 1000000 copies because it's actually of quality, it's good shit.
Replies: >>47124
There is nothing wrong with fitgirl.
[Hide] (45.5KB, 600x501)
We should do all hosting on Jerusalem time.
[Hide] (33KB, 433x469)
Is it possible to force SWAT: Elite Force into a PvP mode? I remember the dev disabled the code at some point, but then they put this in their FAQ saying that it's not recommended for being "too realistic":
>This mod uses very realistic values for the weapons, and ultimately it doesn't play well in PvP modes for those reasons. Personally I would recommend playing these PvP modes on the original SWAT 4, non-TSS, since the PvP balance is as good as it can get.
Replies: >>47035
Dev's not wrong, a lot of shit is broken with Elite Force for PvP purposes like the nerfs done to flashbangs and the changes to cuffing due to equipment rebalances changing how weight in general and the addition of bulk. Plus everyone would just be running around with an AKM or 9mm Armalite in no armor like they're on crack.

That said, I think those gamemodes can be forced by the server host via hosting through commandline. I don't remember how that's done though, it had something to do with using a tool for the original game to make dedicated servers.
[Hide] (54.5KB, 640x480)
Return of the best racing gamenight when?
Replies: >>47100 >>47132
I'd love to, should be easy to set up. Some of the tracks are very dumb though, making you double back when it's not clear or arbitrarily driving out of your way to go around some random set of boxes when the rest of the track is right in front of you.
Fair enough then. It's true that faggots forget 2007 was the year when most of the really damaging trends started but that doesn't mean a switch was instantly toggled into shit mode and everything stopped.

>It's why I think nowadays are much better days for videogames, there's much more to play and enjoy than 2008-2015, it's not just AAAshit, Japanese middle sized game and indie shovelware.
>You get stuff made by one dude selling like 1000000 copies because it's actually of quality, it's good shit.
The problem is finding it in the waves and waves of lazy indies. Pretty much these sorts of games are reliant on being picked up by some faggot e-celeb or niche genre forum circle-jerk e.g. RPGCodex or an opaque storefront/social media algorithms deciding to shill them and while that's undeniably better than having to dicksuck SJW journalists or die it's still broadly random chance. So yes it's an improvement over the joke most of the last decade was but it's still not great.

What we really need are more indie devs to turn an initial success with a small project into becoming a medium size/AA studio through gradually building up on the quality and ambition of their games like was done in the 90s and earlier. So far they've mostly just stayed down at the indie level releasing other games only at the same level of ambition as their first title. Now that gives something to play so it's not terrible but very more often than not it's just playing a fairly standard genre with a few interesting game mechanics and that's something I tire of in ~20 hours or so.
Replies: >>47752
Ah racing games, possibly the most boring of gamenight games to play
So where the fuck is it?
Replies: >>47159
[Hide] (18.7KB, 500x500)
Replies: >>47198
[Hide] (23KB, 839x54)
[Hide] (562.7KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (348.6KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1920x1080)
Test serb is up again, now hosting HL2RP. Get in if you want to watch me suffer trying to set it up.
Here's my mirror of the client: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6tr6z5ati7xvp41/GMod_Client_3-29-21.7z/file
And the addon pack: https://www.mediafire.com/file/gxqxxnry120ukfy/HL2RP-Addons.7z/file
fun shit
[Hide] (65.4KB, 641x602)
[Hide] (149.4KB, 1376x479)
[Hide] (30.8KB, 780x183)
[Hide] (43.9KB, 805x314)
The GMod devs are now doubling down on blacklisting legitfag servers, delisting them from the server browser if they don't like it, which basically spell the death of 1942 and Mexican Border RP servers. They can also shut down your server anytime they want. This is coming from the game that would let you download a severed penis prop from it's old official website. All the more reason to use the cracked version instead.
>official gmod server list
Wouldn't the regular steam servers pick them up still? I doubt garry could have that much power.
Replies: >>47352
There's Steam games with dead master servers and nothing shows up in the server browser, so the game developer probably controls the master server.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 2048x2048)
The time has come, and so have i. I've created a Garry's Mod thread.
Thanks again to the GMod hostfag for sharing. Cracking this game's online multiplayer is no small feat.
Cross the Border was one of my favorite goofy meme QTF maps, and I just wanted to thank you for reminding me about it. Polite sage for completely off-topic.
[Hide] (4.5MB, 1920x1088, 00:24)
reminder that garry also put RedShell in the game a few years ago for (((analytics))) purposes. There are guides to disable it by just corrupting the DLL and making it read-only. I forgot to do this on my client/server build so you might want to do it yourself.
[Hide] (67.6KB, 956x641)
>tfw I went a good goy and buy fagged gmod because I thought I would be able to make lotsa tonks innit but end up not doing it.
Why does everything have to turn to shit?
Replies: >>47492
i bought it almost a decade ago, you start off by dicking around in sandbox for a while then you take a look at the other gamemodes and find your niche. ZS was some of the most fun I've ever had in a game, assuming I could find a good server.
Replies: >>47509
I only joined 1 server and it took me ages to connect to it because it had tons of addons to download and once I'm in I saw tons of error models floating around, why the fuck is shit allowed?
Replies: >>47716
That's all gmod servers and has been for years now. Also donation benefits to make it P2W. Once the price of renting an easymode control-panel run server dropped fair enough for kids to afford to run them and adding mods was simplified so far a retard could do it the game was doomed.
Replies: >>47748
[Hide] (43KB, 440x660)
So it is mainly the retarded kids that run those servers which are too dumb to properly set up a server and getting the right mods to work without having to require other source games? Welp I guess I will play gmod only in solo modo or with other anons then. That would also explain why often I see a gmod video there is a lot of dumb kids speaking in mic.
[Hide] (120.8KB, 1853x970)
>The problem is finding it in the waves and waves of lazy indies.
This was always an issue before the AAA dominance and over reliance in the 2010s.
The market was filled with shovelware, but thanks to that plenty of gems were made.
>What we really need are more indie devs to turn an initial success with a small project into becoming a medium size/AA studio through gradually building up on the quality and ambition of their games like was done in the 90s and earlier
Except you're seeing that happen more and more, not just that, modders as well.
>Now that gives something to play so it's not terrible but very more often than not it's just playing a fairly standard genre with a few interesting game mechanics 
Not true at all, many are creating some different mixes
I don't know of many games like Factorio, Rimworld and Project Zomboid.

The big differences between now and then is that the more shilled games are trash now, while you would get some decent quality marketed stuff back then, and that good games which were mostly obscure or merely cult classics now have some clout due to the internet becoming mainstream so their legacy is well known.
Don't forget that mediocre shit being popular is nothing new

While we should absolutely look to the past for inspiration, learning and enjoying a better time when games were games made by a couple of enthusiast misfits, we should also look towards the future and support said still existing misfits.

There's actual gold now again unlike most of the 2010s
Replies: >>47927
Do we have a hostgger and a plan for the upcoming weekend?
Replies: >>47831
I could do ReVolt next weekend, not enough time to get it all set up this weekend
Replies: >>47833
Do you pick the most boring games to host for a gamenight as possible?
Replies: >>47835 >>47836
[Hide] (8.2KB, 504x275)
Replies: >>47839 >>47842
Let me guess, youre one of those anti-fun idiots who says the Dark Messiah gamenight wasn’t fun and balanced?

Yeah we should totally take your opinion into account /s
[Hide] (248.2KB, 417x462)
at this point i'm sure it's just 1-2 anons that hate fun and lurk here just to shit it up
[Hide] (87.6KB, 600x508)
It'd be more fun without the bootleg-tier tracks with no quality control.
The absolute state of the people defending the shitty gamenights. Lol, just lol.
Replies: >>47870
Right. Just go play MMOs with the 8niggers.
[Hide] (345.4KB, 1000x1000)
>This was always an issue before the AAA dominance and over reliance in the 2010s.
>The market was filled with shovelware, but thanks to that plenty of gems were made.
Not with indies it wasn't since digital distribution wasn't as widespread and the barrier to getting stuff out to where people could buy it was higher. It was more a case of lower-end publishers pushing stuff out.
>Except you're seeing that happen more and more, not just that, modders as well.
I can't think of any that have managed to follow through to an actual AA vidya studio. Maybe Streum On? I'm also thinking here about games like Reciever which have a neat idea and instead of moving on or incorporating it into a full on game the developer just slapped together another standard indie roguelite. Or whoever it was that made FTL which was fine but honestly not that amazing then followed it up with something very similar just with mechs instead.

>Not true at all, many are creating some different mixes
>I don't know of many games like Factorio, Rimworld
Both of those sit in a similar management game area and while Factorio is a little more unique Rimworld is a polished version of what was already trendy. Now I'm happy both exist as they're good remixes or refinements of existing genres and trends compared to shit like Prison Architect which was just badly designed but they're providing the same thing we've already got.
>Project Zomboid
Plenty of roguelites out there, though granted it was early enough that it probably counts more as one of the ones others have copied.
I'm not saying any of those three are bad games, just that they're in the genres that thousands of other indies are in both before they released and after they succeeded.

You can also look at how many multiplayer-only tactical shooters are coming out which are mostly just selling themselves as remakes of older games/mods.

>The big differences between now and then is that the more shilled games are trash now, while you would get some decent quality marketed stuff back then,
That is very true: AAA used to churn out decent or even great games fairly regularly while now it's a miracle if they scrape into playability.
>and that good games which were mostly obscure or merely cult classics now have some clout due to the internet becoming mainstream so their legacy is well known.
Some have crossed over, a lot still haven't. Much like with indies its down to the random chance of an e-celeb/online community/algorithm picking them up which is definitely better than no chance at all but isn't ideal.

>While we should absolutely look to the past for inspiration, learning and enjoying a better time when games were games made by a couple of enthusiast misfits, we should also look towards the future and support said still existing misfits.
>There's actual gold now again unlike most of the 2010s
Don't get me wrong it's defiantly an improvement but we need is to advance beyond the current indie heavy/random shilling chance market and into a situation with mature AA developers putting the effort into full games. Most indies, even the good ones, are not really reaching into the realm of greatness they just seem to because they come out against a background of shit. They're proving the base level of average/decent/good experiences but not the classics or truly ambitious games.
What about Worms? Or would that not be fun with a group?
Replies: >>47930 >>47934
Host that shit, if you're so great.
Someone already did it and it was a trainwreck because of the obvious gaps in mastery the host had with everyone else. No fun if its just one person curbstomping everyone else - a good reason why the sven coop gamenight was such a success.
How about mw4/living legends?
Replies: >>48185
[Hide] (57.6KB, 512x384)
Killing Floor or bust
Replies: >>48189 >>48192
Sven Coop or bust. A Sven gamenight never fails.
Replies: >>48195
I think either KF or Sven will be a huge hit.
[Hide] (173.4KB, 1024x906)
Hostfag here, I don't know if it's one anon spamming the thread or several of them, but KF seems to be very popular. I'll get it working next week as well as a Mumble server for voicechat if I can't get it working in-game. Never played it before so I won't curbstomp everyone like I did Worms.
Replies: >>48203 >>48207
KF is a cooperative horde/wave shooter. You can't curbstomp anything.
Skip the mumble, it's pointless

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