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What a nice board!
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Seeing as I the Anon never came back. Sleepychan minecraft server when?
I feel like you could have put a little more effort into that OP anon.
Replies: >>45718
Sorry anon it's late here and I just wanted to get straight to the point.
>>45712 (OP) 
Have they bothered to release the new rendering to people outside of the cuck10 store?
Replies: >>45736 >>45744
Minecraft only exists to indirectly shill whatever garbage OS kikerosoft is on now, so doubtful. Play Vintage Story, it's better.
Replies: >>45743 >>45744
Goyvidia RTX Gaytracing? No, because it's literally impossible to interface with an RTX card using Java AFAIK. And even if it weren't, performance is so garbage on Java edition already that it wouldn't work anyway. Though who cares, it looks retarded anyway. Realistic shaders in a 1x1 meter voxel game is stupid as fuck.As is anyone who bought into the gaytracing meme.
If you meant the new OpenGL3.0 renderer instead of the old 1.0 one, that's just in snapshots so far.
Replies: >>45741
Not entirely sure which I mean since I haven't been paying attention but I recall hearing that they rewrote a lot of the resource intensive stuff, maybe for raytracing, but that would have been an upgrade to performance in any case. And I do think that minecraft comes away pretty good with raytracing from the footage I've seen, shame about the whole nvidia lock-in
>Sleepychan minecraft server when?
Never, kill yourself.
Replies: >>45744 >>45751
>vintage story is better than minecraft
Every minecraft clone is as shit as minecraft except buggier. Vintage story is no different considering I managed to kill the sleepy server by opening up a chest next to a gearbox.

>>45712 (OP) 
There's a Create 1.16 server over on smug, it's pretty comfy if you want to join them. Create is probably the best minecraft mod so far, with no magic blocks and shit.
The r9k server's hostfag has lost any real interest of hosting a minecraft server since they always managed to die.
The next best looking mod would be this autistic wip DBZ mod that has space travel and a completely custom GUI and shit.
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[Hide] (2.8MB, 1920x1017)
well I would like to play with anon
it would have to be a pirate server though because fuck giving microsoft money
people took the textures for it and made them into a java resource pack, it's not the same but it's something
funnily enough you can look at version differences and Java is clearly the main version still, the bedrock version is comparatively broken which says a lot
Replies: >>45832 >>45834
This. I will never go back to playing Minecraft, no matter how many mods you slap on your server.
Imagine thinking the quality of the game is dependent on the nigger-rigged newfaggot retard server on this dumpster altchan, with mountains of stitched together mods server side and pirate clients because all of you mutts are dirt poor.
Replies: >>45753 >>45847
What, have you played on one of the official buyfag servers or something?
How are they? They always have awesome screenshots.
Replies: >>45754
No I played it solo, but I paid for it because it's a small indie dev and the game is legitimately good and I'm not him shilling it here either. But you should all also buy it and give him your money as well as subscribe to him on Twitter, Instagram and Patreon.
Replies: >>45755 >>45756
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>they actually have Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon accounts
Thank you my fellow anon, I am also not the developer of Vintage Story™ but I do however now contribute at the highest patron tier!
Truly it is Minecraft, only better.
Well seeing as >>45744 wants to play, what mods, if any, do you plan to have?
Replies: >>45834
Terrafirmacraft. Nothing more nothing less.
>Create 1.16 server over on smug
There's also a 1.12.2 serb on /monster/. Both work with pirates btw.
Your money's no good here, anon. The only currency worth anything around these parts are (You)s. Here, get yourself something to eat.
Replies: >>45883
>There's a Create 1.16 server over on smug, it's pretty comfy if you want to join them. 
Give me a link I wanna do something.
Replies: >>45854 >>45883
Never mind I found it.
Ok It seems we've got a few options. here's a strawpoll on what to do:
Replies: >>45883
Both of these servers (the monster and vg one) are pretty great options if you're jonesing for some co-op with anons. 

I want the create server to be more popular but a zzz one would be worthwhile. I know maidos have updated, so we could do a light modpack depending on whether or not fags want to do vanilla.
Replies: >>46021
Two mods I would suggest would be Dungeons arise and Dungeon gear simply because they go together really well and provide a good reason for exploration.
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Well that settles it, what now?
Replies: >>46605 >>46609
I know that this might be a tiny bit off-topic. But have you guys heard of hytale?
>unreleased Tencent game
Replies: >>46503
What the fuck are you talking about? I haven't found anything like that.
Replies: >>46505
[Hide] (34.1KB, 831x474)
Like what? Tencent?
Replies: >>46506
Wow, great I didn't know that. Thanks.
You mean that game the Vintage Story dev worked on and quit because it's for niggers?
Replies: >>46538
Ok. I actually didn't know that too. But whatever, I just found it out.
I'm sure it'll be fine but I'm not optimistic about Tencent having ownership of it. They're getting their own competitor to the best selling game on the planet and I doubt they'll just let it be, it's the perfect opportunity for kikery. That said Minecraft is owned by Microsoft and you can't play it without logging in, so I guess it can't be much worse.
Heard of it, then heard it got bought by chinks, then stopped caring.
Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons modpack, but its kept hostage by curseforge.
Replies: >>46609 >>46673
Modded zzz server with mods I guess. I would prefer a modpack with the Create mod or something but RADD might be fine too. There's also Mana and Artifice which looks neat too.

GDLauncher is open source and fine enough for that. Alternatively MultiMC can download packs from Curseforge.
Replies: >>46673 >>46709
No, Terrafirmacraft.
Doesn't it require a Microsoft account in order to play the game? It's also bloated as fuck for something as simple as downloading the game's files and launching them.
Replies: >>46739 >>46778
I use titan launcher.
Alright lads we need to get a plan down A.S.A.P. So are we gonna go for a per-made modpack or are we going to craft it ourselves?
Replies: >>46754 >>46778
whoever sets up the serb decides that. there's no point in discussing it further until someone volunteers for that role.
Replies: >>46756
fair enough.
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I think we should play the far more frustrating, boring, and poorly-made game Vintage Story instead!
All launchers requiring microsoft accounts is sometime next year. Migration hasn't even started. MultiMC cracked is your best bet if you want to avoid Microsoft pozz. Can't update modpacks but it can download them. Otherwise, GDLauncher is basically Curseforge/Overwolf but not pozzed aside from the authentication thing.

Strawpoll for a general consensus.

I would be a hostfag but I'm not sure if I want to go to the painful lengths of setting up a server with a VPN again. From prior experience it does seem that forge's serverfag experience isn't too bad, but if a mod shits out a memory leak that can be a issue. Most importantly, any complicated worldgen mods is off the table in multiplayer. But, a terrain mod like Simplex might be used because it simplifies terrain (so does the opposite effect of most worldgen mods) and makes it cooler.
As for mod suggestions, Create is a popular new one, Tetra is a pretty autistic and better Tinker's Construct, and there's always an interesting choice of magic mods for any given version. Nether Update has Ars Noveau which is spell crafting but simple and not stupid. It also has Magic and Artifice which is a rewrite of Ars Magica. Also, Geolysis recreates Terrafirmacraft's ore generation for the latest versions which might be nice to use.
If you guys want a lightweight comfy pack, it shouldn't be hard to make it.
Replies: >>46784 >>46972
If we go medium modded, or just modded I would like if TC6 with augmentation, and isorropia was added. Beyond the veil could also be really neat to have. Of course this is assuming that the server will run 1.12.2.
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I have not played Minecraft beyond 1.8. All I know is they made the combat gay in 1.9 and 1.10, oceans now have stuff to do in them, new tier above diamond, and Aether mod is now part of the base game(?). Also the switch to C++ over Java fucked over modders. Is there any reason to play nu-craft?
>C++ over Java
Only applies to Bedrock, Bedrock is a buggy mess that's still objectively worse than Java edition, and the devs only actively develop on the Java version.
>Aether Mod is now part of the base game(?)
No new dimension, nope. What did happen is that they went back to the Nether and made it less shit. They added also Ancient Debris which makes Netherrite scraps. Four scraps and four gold to make one ingot, and that ingot in a blacksmithing table lets you upgrade your diamond equipment to netherrite equipment. It's not a bad way of adding a new tier while making the old tier still valuable.
>Is there any reason to play nu-craft
Stability and capability over performance I guess. The datapack system Java has is a godsend for modders and they've been revamping data systems. Modded items don't have a internal limit of 256~ or so anymore, for example.
The problem is that the methods they use have been increasing memory and CPU usage of the game. I do think some major improvements are coming to 1.17 since they've publicly stated that they're going to a newer version of OpenGL. Also, nu-craft is just a better game than any version after beta 0.1.8. The only exception is nip modders staying on 1.7.10 because it's just faster than newer versions, although that isn't a definite with how newer versions are going.
[Hide] (3.4KB, 687x51)
>Minecraft beyond 1.8
>never played this version
you should give it a try, it's the only one i know.
[Hide] (9MB, 1280x720, 04:08)
>Still remember when the fat fuck would come to shill the alpha of this shit
Every year goes faster, fuck.
Replies: >>46826 >>46881
If that's the case then I'm sure it was the fat fuck who convinced me to play the free browser version many moons ago (pre-alpha I think).
>every year goes faster
I know anon. When ever time slips through my fingures It's usually due to me not doing much or being bored with what I'm doing at that moment, I obviously don't know your life but maybe try doing some stuff you're interested in, start a garden instead of playing minecraft. 
We're can make it frens.
Replies: >>46882
/v/ mansion time?
[Hide] (181.8KB, 1024x768)
The game now is better in every way except in 2 cases:
1. you think spamming the attack button is good combat
2. you accidentally glued your nostalgia googles onto your face
Replies: >>46884 >>46890
>you think spamming the attack button is good combat
No one claimed it was a good system, however it was better then what replaced it.
Replies: >>46885 >>47337
Yeah, because it's harder. And making something that's trivial be less trivial is always bad.
Replies: >>46887 >>47337
>Yeah, because it's harder. 
This sounds like you agree with me.

>And making something that's trivial be less trivial is always bad.
So you think that the combat update made combat require more skill? If that was the case why did almost every pvp server refuse to update past 1.7.10?
Replies: >>46888
[Hide] (51.6KB, 400x400)
Replies: >>46889 >>47337
If you were talking about pve, then you have more of a point. I also made a mistake, they didn't move on from 1.8 not 1.7.10.
Minecrap is still shit and boring in every single way autismo.
Personally I don't really mind either form of combat, but the people that suck the dick of it are kinda annoying. Either way it's up to the serverfren when one pops up.
I just want comfy vanilla anarchy server (hax banned) so I can boobytrap my schizo bunkers and hide my boxes in the walls and farm tnt mats to fuck everything up
Replies: >>46943
>hax banned
Good luck with that.
Replies: >>46956
i can't unleash my full autism if people can just tp to my 50,000x50,000y bug out bunkers and x-ray all my traps and boxes :(
oh well people don't like anything remotely resembling that style of gamemode anyway, it seems. it's either post-apocalyptic 2b2t or retarded shit like minewind.
Replies: >>46972
Easiest way to prevent some hacked clients is just to actually use a modded server instead.
Otherwise there are plugins for texture x-rays and shit. The more advanced hacked clients are more similar to forge's shit, but are incompatible.

So general idea is a modded client. I'm guessing the modpack option is the terrafirmacraft-fags operating in full force. I'm going to keep you fags in mind when designing the pack so there is autism options.
I'm gonna put together a pack for 1.16.5 forge, but I'll put down another strawpoll for minecraft version. If 1.12.2 or something wins then I'll scrap it and go work on that. Gonna go between two and ten major mods. I'll be back with a pre-emptive modlist. In the meanwhile you guys can suggest mods.
If some serverfag wants to cuck me and put up a server with a modpack of hostfag's choosing then go for it. I just want to keep the thread going and hopefully we'll be lucky with a hostfag.
Strawpoll for modded minecraft version: https://www.strawpoll.me/42921868
1.16.5 has a decent mod list for both modloaders.
1.12.2 has probably the biggest mod list, forge exclusive.
1.7.10 is aging but has some old mods that might be worth going back to. (I think Dekucraft never updated past this version. I liked Dekucraft. Or whatever the mod was called.)
Fabric 1.16.5 will probably perform the best out of any version because of the clientside renderer mods that can double or quadruple FPS. If your concern is performance, pick this option. Most fabric mods are vanilla+ type mods. Otherwise 1.7.10 will perform the fastest and 1.12.2 is a middleground between updated and speed.
Replies: >>47191
[Hide] (211.8KB, 770x770)
>1.16.5 forge has 3 votes
Replies: >>47191
Its the latest version paired with a few interesting mods. No real surprise that the competition is it and 1.12.2. Though, I'm actually surprised by Fabric getting a couple of votes too.

It seems 1.16.5 got picked. I expected 1.12.2 to actually get picked instead, but that's okay.

Mod list: https://ghostbin.co/paste/jkntjjj
Look through the mods. SereneSeasons and Survive means temperature systems. Survive also adds sleep/stamina systems and thirst. Some anons may not want this and it's trivial to turn off features of Survive or remove it completely.
Ars Noveau and Mahou Tsukai are the magic mods that were added, with Ice and Fire adding a shitload of difficulty.
Since we've only got five or so major mods, if anyone wants more content mods feel free to suggest.
As you can also see, there are nine generation mods, six (technically seven) are for the overworld, while two are for the end. If we want BetterNether too, we can do that. Maidos are also in, and Geolysis should make mining more entertaining and give more reasons to set up Create quarries at certain locations. Many anons should be interested in Tetra as well, as it's a vanilla-ish style tool mod with a lot of depth. Way better and cooler than Tinkers. Other than that, Antique Atlas is the map mod, but we can replace with Forge Teams/Map which has inbuilt chunk claiming integrated into the map itself if fags want that. Any fag wanting to suggest Dungeon and NPC mods are very welcome.

I'll be learning crafttweaker to delete duplicate recipes too, so if any fags want me to add recipes for saddles and shit I can do that. After configuration everything and getting feedback/requests, I'll post the download link for the client and server. (Separate for ease of use.)
There will be three download links in total. A client download link (which will include a cracked client alongside the modpack), a modpack download link (for those just interested in the mods) and then the server download link (which is just the serverside mods.)
The cracked client modpack will include defaults to optifine that makes it run a lot faster out of box. (It's just turning on a few options and turning off connected textures. It'll be just optionsof.txt in the zip file if you've got your own defaults you want preserved.)
I suggest armor underwear, sound filters, better bedrock generator, Dynamic Surroundings, mowzie's mobs, and spider 2.0. Adding blood magic and tome of blood could also be a good idea.
>little maids
I didn't even know it got updated.
Replies: >>47226
I hope you turned off water caves feature from Yung Better caves because it will make all the caves under the ocean flooded
Replies: >>47226
>Blood magic
I heard good things about it. How is it?
>Dynamic Surroundings
Up to the client, I won't include it because it can lag a lot.
>Better bedrock generator
Already included in Yung's caves
>armor underwear, mozie's mobs, spider 2.0
I'll check out armor underwear out. I was going to add mozie's mobs but I wasn't sure if anons would be adverse to it.

Yep, I'm currently doing a lot of testing and configuring right now. My main goal is just to get the world gen to be not retarded as that's the hardest thing to change post-server.
Replies: >>47228 >>47261
Blood magic used to be standing in place stuffing your face with food while cutting yourself for hours, but I've heard that it's changed a lot from the older versions so I honestly don't know.
i may be a fag for suggesting this, but why not just use a modpack?
Replies: >>47234 >>47235
also why do i see everyone using strawpoll now?  we always used poal.me
>why not just use a modpack
That was a choice in the last poll, and didn't win.
[Hide] (369.6KB, 747x447)
Because this is a newfag thread, I'm surprised that's all that tipped you off. Still better than metashittery, and all the better if a serb actually happens.
Replies: >>47246
Don't be like this. They're both polling websites. It's not like strawpoll requires you to sign into facebook or something. Without looking into it, I suspect poal.me is an anon made project because of the greentext support, but that doesn't really mean anything. Poal's chat window can fuck with discussion too.
Replies: >>47257 >>47316
Strawpoll runs a script from Consensu[dot]org, which is owned by a yuro digital advertising group, IAB Europe. It is complete opaque to me what they actually do which is worrying. Probably doesn't matter, but given the choice I'd rather not. 
also I like poal's stylesheet more and you can turn the chat off
poal.me has been getting memed on in various threads and I felt like using something else.
>why not just use a modpack
Main reason is so that anons can play something more tailored to them. Also no modpack has maids. 

Modpack is mostly configured, a few small additions that aren't listed in the ghostbin. Also, in the client pack there's the skinmod for cracked clients to be able to get skins.
Serverfag: If you want Terraforged terrain generation theres a setting in properties you have to tick. (set level-type=terraforged in server.properties file)
Here's a server for right now:
It's not the most reliable thing in the world and if another serverfag shows up I can upload the world files and settings.
Server Mods Download: https://mega.nz/file/y4USyLjC#horPQmbxUvxCqc76DyqWauy2YIMYMqzt-hSwJDU_jno
Cracked Client Download: https://mega.nz/file/28VSGTyB#3hEhlPQZlyN3_-T04eaU-oixCFkb2Asdp4pceGhxDG0
Just the Mods Download: https://mega.nz/file/K9UQ2TTR#XHVVpPfV5T0I8zeubmJyBBGQVQlcofG-BAStabHfyuw

Minecraft howto copypaste from smug.
How2Minecraft guide
>make sure you have at least 8GB system RAM, and at least 4GB is free before trying to run the whole modpack
>get Mineshafter 
>start it
>you should be able to use any username, the one you pick will be your Minecraft display name
>when prompted for setting up a profile, select Use version: release 1.16.5, and enter the following line into JVM Arguments:
-Xmx5G -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy -Xmn1G
>if not prompted, click Edit Profile in bottom left corner and follow same instructions
>start it up once to title screen, close it
>close Mineshafter

>get Forge
>if not on Windows, google for other versions, it's free, just make sure it's the right version number
>Forge installs with default settings, just keep OKing
>after it's done, open Mineshafter, edit profile, Use version: "release 1.16.5-forge1.16.5-whatever" (it's probably at the very bottom of the list)
>run the game, it should look like pic related with Forge text in bottom left
>close the game
>open whatever folder is specified as "Game Directory" under Edit Profile, probably %AppData%/.minecraft
>find the mods folder
>extract everything from the mods .rar into the mods folder
>start Minecraft from Mineshafter, it will take a long time
>now in the right bottom corner it should say 100-something mods loaded
>Add server
>add the IP
>the server may or may not refuse to allow you in, so long as it only says "Disconnected", it's a serverside bug, you have to keep trying to connect, potentially many times until it lets you in
>if it says something else, like "missing XXX", your mods may be in the wrong place, post the error ITT

>Using the cracked client download, it should be a one click play.
You're pretty quick anon, easily putting Solomon to shame, that lazy dastard.
Replies: >>47263
I just want to play brownbricks
Replies: >>47270
I'm getting an error on mineshafter
java.lang.RuntimeException: Classpath file not found: C:\Users\user1\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\ms-starter.jar
Replies: >>47277
Does the cracked client linked work?
Tried launching it. Nothing happens. Even the output logs is empty and switching profiles just crashes it
Replies: >>47304 >>47308
it seems to be now. I downloaded Forge separately which seems to have fixed it. Needed to manually move the mods, don't know if that's expected. You need the nightly build of Forge for one of the mods. Connection works too.
Same as >>47281 your cracked client doesnt launch, and Mineshafter doesn't detect any Forge installation I do, I've tried 4 different versions and it ever appears in the version list.
Replies: >>47305 >>47308
never appears in the version list**
>>45712 (OP) 
>first pic
>This is my hole, it belongs to me!!
Yay a serverfren has come to help us :DDDDD
[Hide] (301.1KB, 1000x1200)
Because i used to serverfag for a couple of friends
Alright i did a fresh install and packed it up into a simple plug and play file, even has the current server ip in the multiplayer lobby list. It should JUST WERKS
zzzchan modpack Download : https://mega.nz/file/PvpDWCQL#bJ_8eNa-nXm0vqgVwxq9S3pzKo9fW1O6kuHu5Vqxkbs
Few things to note:
>you NEED to launch it with "START Minecraft" batch file or else it will read from your own .minecraft file
>enter username and launch
>options are default out of the box
>ram usage is set to 4GB, change it in edit profile
<i have no idea why the asset folder is bloating up the file size to 200mb, the entire file is 600mb total unpacked
<neither do i know why the java process still stays up after i turned off minecraft
I was able to connect just fine although I did pay for blockgaem plz no booli
[Hide] (74.8KB, 1280x720)
>ram usage is set to 4GB
but I have 4GB ONLY, I guess I'm not playing
Replies: >>47321
When are we going to play together frens? :DDDDDD
Replies: >>47313
tonight (10 hours)
Strawpoll requires you to fill Jewgle captcha, enough said. Or maybe that's just for some IP addresses like mine.
[Hide] (31.2KB, 775x342)
[Hide] (1.8KB, 368x49)
Client starts, can't connect to server though.
Replies: >>47320 >>47323
[Hide] (17.6KB, 261x210)
You could try using your disk drive for additional memory cache, Windows should provide a GUI option for that, Linux however is more involved as it requires often a command line to do it.
i dont think thats a problem because appleskin is a clientside only mod. That error happens randomly either because of lag or something else entirely
actually the old combat has some retarded 'skill' due to how momentum & sprinting works, basically you got a ghetto air juggling system & trying to mitigate the pushback with careful movement

then the pvp was changed to something that's arguably worse by removing that but brought in the shield & axe autism instead
Will a buyfag client work? I know, I know, >Microshart, but I got it back during the days Notch was still part of Mojang.
I've already got Forge, so...
Replies: >>47341
It worked for me.
Whats stopping a cracked client from logging in as another cracked or legit accounts username and getting access to their inventory if the player is not in the server?
Replies: >>47347
Please remove the energy mechanic. It's horrible having to stand perfectly still every 30 seconds for minutes to not die from exhaustion while exploring.
Replies: >>47347 >>47350
>Whats stopping a cracked client from logging in as another cracked or legit accounts username and getting access to their inventory if the player is not in the server?
Basically nothing for now.
>Please remove the energy mechanic. It's horrible having to stand perfectly still every 30 seconds for minutes to not die from exhaustion while exploring.
The thirst mechanic should also be removed. It's just a mild nuisance that doesn't even increase the difficulty level of the game, but in return makes the game more tedious and thus boring to play, just like hunger.
Replies: >>47350
A lot of nigs have complained about that. You'll find Thirst and Energy removed. Temperature is still there though.

Also adding a few plugins. Including accounts, greentext, and maybe a couple others. Also will need to investigate that fucking memory leak. Or have the server restart every 8 hours, whichever is easier with a python script I guess.

And If the server becomes a regular thing I may move it to creeperhost or something and setup donations (obviously paying for the months I have shekels.) I know people really like longterm autismblocks and if the server goes down and I'm not able to put it up anymore I'll post the world download in the thread for another nig to pick up. (May depend on how massive the world is at that time wew.)
Replies: >>47353
Forgot to mention. As feared, I did not check worldgen enough and it gets fucked at 1000 due to a conflict between ice and Fire and Terraforged.
Since fags don't like strawpoll I'll be using poal.me this time.

Caves should still generate fine (and technically in layers) but the really neat worldgen might have to go. Alternatively, if you fags are fine with filthy lizards appearing every ten chunks, then great. I'll try my best to mitigate this by setting low values in the configs but I don't think config values really affect the dragon's spawnrates. Or any other structure.
Getting Connection refused errors. What's wrong? What do I need to fix in my install? Using a buyfag client that I just recently reinstalled.
Replies: >>47356
Server is gonna be up and down for a small bit until I configure it.
[Hide] (31.6MB, 854x480, 08:53)
Are you fags using the best mod ever? Not sure if it's working on 1.16.5. I'm using it on 1.16.3.
I'm using it, but the pack doesn't contain the mod as it does cause lag.
Replies: >>47360
Server should be up for now. Hopefully everything works with the plugin system.
Yeah, it's actually a very cool mod, even if it has lag to it.
Replies: >>47362
[Hide] (15.8KB, 1235x65)
Looks like it's working. Good thing i downloaded more RAM since having a supercomputer is a minimum requirement for Java Autismcraft.
Minecraft Rapist it seems the login plugin is either pozzed or it doesn't allow spaces.
Replies: >>47365
Lagging again, if you can't get back in that's why.
Replies: >>47367
[Hide] (56.8KB, 920x401)
I can't get back in.
Goddamn it, looking into it it's worldgen being an pain. Going to do the new world thing right now, and disabling some Geolosys features since I'm getting errors from that.
[Hide] (464.4KB, 640x640)
Let me know when the server is more stable - if you need someone there to stress test let me know but otherwise I'll wait before taking my shoes off in game and getting comfortable.
Replies: >>47369 >>47401
Yeah, fair enough. I'm removing Ice and Fire, Geolosys, and Better Caves and testing the result.
This is 100% a issue with worldgen. For some reason when you try to generate new chunks, the server goes to shit. Gonna be a bit until the server comes back up. I'll announce any modlist changes and then shortly after upload a few links for the new modpack in that case.
Replies: >>47373
Geolosys, OuterEnd, and Save My Stronghold seem to cause the most lag. I was able to fly about 1.5k blocks in Creative max speed generating terrain and only got some lag at the end. Starting server with these mods out, will upload new modpack soon if all goes well.

>How2Join now:
>Download >>47308
>Remove Geolosys, OuterEnd, and Save My Stronghold from your mods folder.
>Join server
Server seems stable for now. Will check in a few hours. It might just need a autorestart script attached to it. We're getting comfy so I won't wipe the world or anything now. This should be it.
what retards are meming poal.me?  its whats been used since always.  honestly only 4cuck and reddit use strawpoll.

anyways thanks for links, ill give them a download
[Hide] (431.7KB, 1920x1018)
[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1018)
As you guys see, we're still starting out. Very comfy phase.
Replies: >>47534
It ain't JUST WERKing.
<Incompatible FML modded server
<Server network message list is not compatible
<Connection closed - mismatched mod channel list
I'm using the batch file and I'm set to use 1.16.5-forge-36.1.4.
Replies: >>47455
Make sure to follow this >>47373
 instruction aswell
Replies: >>47457
Thanks. Now I just get "Can't connect to server" errors.
Replies: >>47458
I think thats just the server being down. Couldnt connect either
[Hide] (1.8KB, 462x40)
Had to remove Terraforged and Appeskins aswell, but now I get this error instead.
Replies: >>47474 >>47481
Use Multiplayer, not Realms.
I had to get rid of OfflineSkins too.
Replies: >>47477 >>47480
>Use Multiplayer, not Realms.
I don't know my minecraft-faggot-speak so I'm unsure what you mean. I'm pressing Multiplayer and trying to join the server that's called "Sleepychan's Server"
Replies: >>47480
[Hide] (24.4KB, 691x239)
Forgot to mention. Pic-related is what I get after removing all the listed mods and trying to connect now. Not sure if its a mod related issue or if something else if fucked.
Replies: >>47481 >>47533
That message means the server's being screwy and you should try again in a while.
Since >>47472 shows an error message that mentions Realms, I assumed you clicked the wrong button in the main menu.
Replies: >>47533
Figuring out the restart thing now. That's why the server has been down for a little bit.
Replies: >>47546
I was originally planning on putting an added extra sign to.. discourage people from caking the place in 15 fucking magic barriers or whatever fucking bullcrap you guys had in mind, but then realized I didn't have the space and it would look like shit.
Server should be coming up shortly. Made a python script that tries to connect to the server every ten minutes. If unsuccessful, it should close the frozen terminal window and restart the server. No promises.
Replies: >>47554 >>47555
Power is being a nigger in this area (I live in America, this is usually rare or never happens) and I'm getting repeated brownouts. Server still technically up, but it'll be connectable whenever my router catches a break
Rare brownout for the area it seems. Server is still online
Replies: >>47587
Couldn't connect today, real life keeps fucking calling.
Replies: >>47599
Been testing it over and over, seems to be an issue during chunk exploration. The only clue is that Perfomant has a tagged issue that looks a lot like ours. I started the server without it, then with it, and now it seems to be running smoothly. If it crashes again I'm taking it out for good.

No problem, the server has been fucking itself all day.
Replies: >>47606
[Hide] (661.8KB, 1920x1018)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1018)
[Hide] (498.8KB, 1920x1018)
[Hide] (733KB, 1920x1018)
To clarify, server should be up for awhile now.
Replies: >>47609
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1920x1018)
Redecorated the basement too.
I genuinely think all the mods which add 'content' like the machines and granularity are ruining the game. Not only does it take out a lot of the intrinsic comfort within Minecraft, but it also adds a layer of confusion for people who just want to relax instead of having to worry about some obscure mechanic suddenly acting as an obstacle, or some asshole using new similarly obscure mechanics to fuck up your day/land. For that reason I strongly recommend removing all but the QoL mods, or the mods that simply add new mobs/NPCs. Everything else is irrelevant and just gets in the way.
I agree but it's two entirely different styles of play. I'd rather a vanilla server, but host is the arbiter.
Replies: >>47630
(16.6KB, 249x188)
>Vanilla fucking MINECRAFT
Replies: >>47632
[Hide] (180.8KB, 1024x1024)
If i wanted to play Satisfactory, I'd play Satisfactory. 
The creature mods and block variety are good but I don't like this autistcraft or adventuring shit. Minecraft was a relaxing game when I played it last.
Comfy is a buzzword.
Replies: >>47639
>Minecraft was a relaxing game when I played it last.
I don't understand your thought process. I find mods like create inherently comfy and relaxing as they're so simple, but add so much. 90% of create is figuring out how to turn a gear a certain direction. It's very simple and if you understand how gears work it takes almost no effort. It sounds like you just refuse to even attempt to learn mods and just dismiss them as bad for taking more effort then the base games main mechanics. I suggest you join the server and attempt to learn a few mods, you might find that they're more fun then you originally thought.
Replies: >>47639
[Hide] (396.2KB, 1920x1018)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1920x1018)
The only tech mod is Create and most of what it can do, vanilla can already do. It just looks good (and easier.) while doing it. It's not complicated, in fact it's the easiest tech mod out there. Just press 'W' on the items in the mod browser.
The overlap of vanilla and Create includes, but is not limited to: item transfer, tree farm, mob farm, autominers, mass smelters, flying machines, and player transport.
Ore 'doubling' (not really doubling, its less efficient and less powerful than that) and automatic placing is about all vanilla can't do.
>autistcraft or adventuring shit
Again, the only tech mod is Create and if anything it makes the game comfier. Moving parts, no magic blocks, only parts for one whole machine built by hand. It makes the game comfier.
The adventuring mods can be somewhat ignored. They're neat rewards for people who want to go out and get them. If you're worried about nigs trying to fuck your face with obscure mechanics, the only mod that does that is Mahou Tsukai, by design. Netherrite is about the second highest tier anyways, with the first tier being pretty difficult to get.
Ars Noveau, Create, Tetra, Ice and Fire, Alex Mobs (not really a major mod but still) all have in-game documentation and in Ice and Fire's case, isn't that complicated.
It's not hard, it's not confusing, and right now it feels pretty damn comfy to me. Stop throwing away the books and trying to consume every mod at once. Satisfactory certainly isn't like that. Hell, vanilla minecraft certainly doesn't give you all the tools right out of the box.
Again, the only real complaint is that if you don't have a familiarity with a given mod, someone can fuck you with it. Unfortunately, the same applies to vanilla and that's been tried and true on many servers. Consider your knowledge of the game as another resource if you're that concerned with PVP.
As of right now there isn't anyone doing PVP. Spawn is pretty damn comfy and we're still only just getting started. There is a lot of content to munch through, and that's not a bad thing. If you really want to play with mostly vanilla, there actually isn't too much stopping you, and anons have already put up valuable infrastructure that doesn't take any effort to use. If you have questions or problems in individual mods, other anons on the server will probably help if you ask. I know I will.

Again, we have five major mods. This isn't a big modpack with hundreds of mods like Engimatica. Create doesn't make it satisfactory and vanilla is arguably just as adventurey as what we have here. There's a few dozen, and most are very much vanilla+ mods.
Replies: >>47639
Correct, which is why I specifically avoided using it.
You are probably correct. I'm not in the proper headspace to do that, and relying on the nostalgia of solo beta as a comparison to this.
> vanilla is arguably just as adventurey as what we have here
I know, I don't like that either. Hearing they added strongholds, ocean temples, Aether and villages was confusing to me and contributed to me quitting around 1.2.
>other anons on the server will probably help if you ask. I know I will.
I don't begrudge you guys your fun but I won't be joining more. Part of it is not liking playing with others who are at a vastly different skill/knowledge level, which has put me off several games including Terraria with IRL friends.
also I forgot Bethesda sued Notch for using the word Scrolls in a game title. IP law was a mistake.
Replies: >>47641
What do you like about this game, then? Mindless building autism in creative mode?
Replies: >>47643 >>47688
I don't remember. ignore me, i'll start blog posting if you keep asking questions.
>game lags to hell and back
>get forcibly logged out
>can't rejoin because the server says I'm still logged in
Fix your shit.
Replies: >>47651
Well, restarted without performant.
Replies: >>47662
Switched from Mohist to regular forge. New authentication mod- should be less retarded. If anyone was having issues with login and items fucking up, it may be fixed now.
In survival mode, yes. Adding your unnecessary and convoluted technical mods doesnt change “mindless building autism” as the end goal of Minecraft either so not sure what your point is.
Replies: >>47704 >>47725
So you like the shit aspect of shit games and eat the shittiest versions possible.
Replies: >>47724
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1053x1070)
This. I always liked Touhou, but I felt it was just too boring - that's why I added some mechanics in my mod that make it so each spell card can be enhanced/dehanced by the player via a convoluted system of levers and pullies that you have to activate in a certain sequence throughout the level and also have to solve non-Euclidean geometrical equations via the 'mini-game area'. Don't complain, I just want the shit parts taken out of this game! What's that? Go to some other game which caters to my wishes rather than ruining an unrelated game with convoluted mods which ruin the flow of gameplay for said game? GIT GUD!
Replies: >>47725 >>47726
[Hide] (155.9KB, 775x608)
>Adding your unnecessary and convoluted technical mods doesnt change “mindless building autism” as the end goal of Minecraft either so not sure what your point is.
Labeling mods like create as convoluted makes you look completely clueless. Tech mods have for a very long time been very simple, and create is most likely the simplest of them all. If you understand how wheels turn then you understand create. The unnecessary claim is very odd as 90% of the game can be said to be unnecessary for the goal of building things. Why have more then one type of block? You can build with just one so what's the point of the rest? What's the point of a worldgen? Just have a static void, The game is about building after all. Why have sound? Last I checked sound isn't required to make something.

>Strawmanning this hard
As you stated before Or at least I think that was you building things is what you see as the main point of the game. By that logic how would a mod like create that revolves around making mechanical structures to lower the required time to build large structures, while also adding smaller building goals go against this? I also don't see how mods like create interrupt the flow of gameplay . How does making structures interrupt the flow of making structures? Your straw man also falls apart as you're not forced to use any mods in the pack. Sure you have to install them to join the server, however you're not required to use them.
>comparing modding minecraft with modding Touhou
Fucking sub-zero IQ what a fucking retard.
Minecraft is a sandbox with no goal. Survival is an attempt at limiting player resources and producing ingenuity through challenge. It fails at this. Touhou is not a open ended sandbox game without any fucking story.
>convoluted technical mods
You can't fucking read. You actually can't fucking read if you think any of these mods are convoluted. They have guidebooks, their mechanics are straight forward. Create is the most piss easy technical mod and it even has fucking drawings to show you what to do.
>I just want the shit parts taken out of this game!
None of the mods remove content you fucking nigger. Nothing. You can still play vanilla as fucking is. There's just more content. Or do you get hopelessly confused whenever Mojang releases a new mob that just walks around and do nothing. How long did it take for you to wrap your head around the glow squid nigger? One month? Two? Nothing ruins the flow of the game, it merely appends it. That's a flaw of modding as a whole. You still end up doing the same things as if it were vanilla, unless it's a progression focused modpack.
The end goal is the same. The steps are the same. All that happened is mommy added a few new toys to your toybox and now you're shitting on the floor because the box wasn't the exact same way you remembered it was a year ago. 
Christ, if you're that buttmad about other things being in your building game just fucking play minetest. There, brown bricks in its purest form.
Replies: >>47729
[Hide] (695.5KB, 1800x1772)
[Hide] (23.4KB, 624x480)
>b-b-b-but they have guidebooks!
I don't remember base minecraft requiring any guidebooks, it just threw you in and everything was straightforward this is less the case with the latest updates Microsoft has been putting into Minecraft, I didn't have to familiarize myself with some pointless bullshit ledger, or recognizing what the symbols do or how they work or how to craft something (the new shit the mod adds isn't intuitive at all) 

Basically, if I wanted Vintage Story's annoying, frustrating, and arbitrary granularity, I'd play Vintage Story, not some bad excuse for a Minecraft mod.

tl;dr Host failed at making a comfy server, when he had only one job.
Replies: >>47732
[Hide] (32.8KB, 255x216)
Base minecraft doesn't have content, you stupid nigger.
Everyone except for me is a shit-eating retard with terrible taste in video games.
Replies: >>47734 >>47744
Depends, some people did enjoy the simplicity of earlier betas or alphas.
[Hide] (16.8KB, 450x251)
I gave up on joining after the sea of errors and connection issues, I might try again if hostfag fixes his shit to where it isnt up to fucking chance if you can connect or not.

Not the same anon but the appeal of base-game Minecraft to me is to make the best of what it has, for example the redstone system. And it's also very much up to the people you play with, if you play with rulecucked Redditors, you're going to be left with only the dry core-mechanics of the game, but if you play with people who allow fun, you might actually have fun.
Replies: >>47759 >>47790
>it's fun with friends
Everyone except for me is a shit-eating retard with terrible taste in video games.
Replies: >>47887
For the connection part, it's fixed. Server has been up for more than half a day and it hasn't crashed yet. To compare, it could barely go four to six hours when the issue was active.
As for the other issues, it should be as clearcut as downloading from >>47308 and removing the mods from >>47373.
Other anons have talked about also removing appleskin and offlineskins and it working then. I don't know why that'd work but probably another download soon with these changes already in so it IS just a one click.
Can we play pixelmon at some point?
Replies: >>47889
That's exactly my fucking point, which is why its fun to grief and anally exponge them. Making flying burning swastikas that move with slime-blocks and crusading against buildfags is precisely the appeal of the game.
Would you want pixelmon or pokecube? Pixelmon is 1.12.2 and also more pokemon orientated, pokecube is more minecrafty and has real time battles.
**And preference for mods outside of pixelmon in that case?
Replies: >>48028 >>48184
>page 3 already
Behold, the cost of terrible mods on good games.
Replies: >>48039
Don't use Mystic Eyes of Death Collection too much. Documentation doesn't mention it nukes mana regen.
>Vanilla Minecraft
Nice bait. Now fuck off faggot.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 5408x4384)
[Hide] (621.3KB, 1920x1018)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1018)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1920x1018)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1018)
Replies: >>48171
Those structures obviously weren't built by any anons, so where's the fun in putting them in? Another reason why the server will continue to be dead
Replies: >>48173
>weren't built by anons
You know, you don't have to go into threads containing things you don't like. It just makes you look stupid when you're wrong.
Replies: >>48178
That temple was there the first day the server came up, and I was among the first to visit the server. No way someone built it before I got there. The aquaduct is also artificial.
Replies: >>48180
The temple was rebuilt, and it's interior is completely different. Stop being a faggot. The aquaduct was obviously built by an anon and same with the house interior shown too. You're plainly wrong on all accounts. Pop is 4~ or so anons. 
I don't get why you continue to act like a fucking nigger. Christ, do you start shitting yourself whenever you get into a library or something? It's like you took one step in the game, realized you actually had to put in work to get what you want, and then decided to exit because it wasn't easy enough for you.
>pixelmon or pokecube?
>And preference for mods outside of pixelmon in that case?
I have none in mind. Whatever is fine.
Replies: >>48186
[Hide] (65.6KB, 800x449)
[Hide] (84.8KB, 1280x720)
Speaking of pixelmon, those niggers are complete faggots for just injecting the full 3D models of the pokemon into the game. I remember back in the day they had custom hand crafted pokemon models that actually fit with the art style and it was the bomb. Also you've just reminded me of all the fucking absolute cancer you have to go through to download the mod or any fucking minecraft mod. Everything hidden behind fucking adfly links and god knows what.

I feel like I've made this exact same post before, maybe it was back on Julay/v/. God I hate dealing with all the bullshit involve in minecraft. What a piece of garbage software with even more disgusting mod developers looking to turn a quick buck off their retarded 12 year old player base clicking their pozzed virus ridden data mining links.
Replies: >>48188 >>48191
Minecraft doesn't have an official modding platform yet? What about first-party, official servers you can buy for you and your friends?
Replies: >>48191
The Curse site is pretty "official" and you can just download shit from there without an account or anything, so it's not all that cancerous. 
The only mod I can think of that is complete cancer by design is Optifine. Fag refuses to open source his shit despite it breaking a fuckton of other mods, because he wants to put several layers of ads on each download. Which is exactly why I don't like Forge mods, at least the Fabric fags tend to keep their shit open and are working on alternatives to the OptiJew. Plus it just doesn't run as shit from hotpatching their code to work since pre-release Mincefart until now.

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