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What a nice board!
READ THE RULES https://zzzchan.xyz/v/custompage/rules.html
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PORT: 3724

>What is wurm unlimited?
Autistic building game, come join in we probably need your help. Newlads are always welcome, just say hello in global/village chat and ask someone to walk you through making a cart.

>Why should I play this and what can I do?
Because it's a fucking awesome game and your /v/ros are having fun RIGHT NOW and want you to join. You can build, craft, explore, fight, shitpost, undertake autistic mega-projects, doompost, die, shitpost more, call the admins niggers (they love that), and a million other cool things.
>>45382 (OP) 
Btw does it matter how long the number string in ALI213.ini is for pirate clients or does it need to be 11 digits like the number that's already there?
Replies: >>45442
>>45382 (OP) 
That's a lot of mods? Do I have to download each one, or does it come with the pirate client?
Replies: >>45444
[Hide] (796.5KB, 1041x586)
you may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
Replies: >>45388
>you may not like it
But that's a lie, I do like it.
>>45382 (OP) 
Reminder of who is what factions in OP here >>42897 last time I was a newfag and joined the wrong faction and I was banned from IRC for some reason so I couldn't tell anyone
Convince me to play this game with a screenshot.
Replies: >>45405
I can't, this game is actual suffering. Actual autism. I don't mean it's so complex yet rewarding, I mean it's mind-numbing and drains your IQ with how horrendously grindy it is. I don't wanna bot and I don't wanna see a server full of idle botters either.
>PORT: 3724
>>45382 (OP) 
I am tempted to try this out again because of that crab.
that's my mod folder. the pirate client does not have any mods that you might want preinstalled because some people may not want to play with mods so you have to install your own. dont remove the mods that are already in there.
iunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i dont think it matters how long it is because its not a real steam ID anyways
those are server side mods, your client side mods will have to be installed yourself. please do not install any server mods into your client side mods
rip serbia
how do I view my coordinates and is that one minimap thing available?
pirate client didn't come with one it seems.
Serb dead?
Replies: >>45483
On due a restart due to broken shit, will revive in 3-5 mins.
Sure was good times. Hope to see you fags at the next one.
Replies: >>45485
I remember it like it was only yesterday...
Replies: >>45486
>ate my pic
Replies: >>45487
logrotate isnt doing its job im having to manually purge the log files im sorry
Replies: >>45488
I'm docking your pay this month baka
Replies: >>45492
Serbian is having issues
Replies: >>45492 >>45496
proxy ssd too small, new one with bigger ssd tomorrow.
Replies: >>45496
[Hide] (41.8KB, 387x606)
But this was supposed to be a good friday.
[05:59:04] The settlement of Formerly Chuck's has just been founded by Sneed.
Replies: >>45505 >>45509
[Hide] (50.3KB, 720x466)
>cuckchan memes
so funny
[Hide] (1010.7KB, 500x394)
I get the fucking joke already you goddamn fucking nigger farmer faggot I swear I'm going to come to your fucking fields and dig a big fuck-you-hole down to the goddamn stone and haul that shit out to the ocean
Replies: >>45526 >>45631
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720, 00:04)
newfag here, two questions
1. are all player models supposed to look like necromorphs from dead space with squiggly spaghetti limbs all over the place?
2. is the server in the OP the actual one you're playing on? I got on asked which one was the webrin faction and no one knew what the fuck I was talking about, I didn't see anyone calling anyone a nigger or a fag or even a poopyhead for that matter, there wasn't as much as a hint of chaos whatsoever and when I opened the map it looked completely different from the one in the OP. did I get something wrong or what?
Replies: >>45530 >>45535
1. Yes.
2. Yes.
You might have missed the fact the merchant is called the Lil Jew. Also admins spawned a horde of rats with the custom name "Juden" (misspelled German word for jew). People are calling each other niggers and faggots all the time. So if you're worried there won't be the usual raunchy shit, it's probably because you haven't been around for long yet.
But I did notice a thing or two in the webring faction that were clearly cuckchan shit, so there's that.
Replies: >>45544
They're probably hots infiltrators, as long as they don't steal shit nobody cares though.
[Hide] (616.3KB, 1200x675)
just ignore them. maybe we should immigrate away from their tyranny
Replies: >>45623
[Hide] (46.2KB, 541x554)
You're in the wrong neighborhood, fren.
Replies: >>45650
You will never be a woman
Replies: >>45774
unlimited is no different based retard
i bet you online doesnt have this map now does it?
>this is what unbased redarts actually believe
the entire skilling system works differently
>>45382 (OP) 
Is action normalizer and livemap included with pirate client?
Replies: >>45697
why did my sleep bonus run out in like five minutes? I had an hour
Replies: >>45697
chekkibrekki reporting for duty

Never played wurms before, but how do I get to you guys?
action normalizer is a server mod, livemap is a client and is not included in the pirate client, you have to add client mods yourself
action normalizer most likely
[Hide] (106.3KB, 1499x233)
Boys, the cries of mutiny are getting louder. What's the call here?
>literal 4um faggotry
What the fuck is going on in this thread? What are you retards up to now.
>unless we recieve a firm fucking apology
I actually agree with the trees thing (and also the iron thing to a lesser extent), I wish this "fuck with basic resources" thing doesn't become a trend among hostfags, been two serbs in a row now, I really fail to understand what this accomplishes other than pissing a lot of people off. I'm sure there are ways to make things interesting without such gimmicks.
Having said that I think kiwi guy is being a faggot, it's not THAT bad, or at least he shouldn't be taking such an extreme stance on day fucking 2.
Replies: >>45728
Who cares what cuckyfarms is saying lamo
Autism. Very severe autism.
[Hide] (87.1KB, 1120x630)
its an extreme position because the entire east side of the map from JK to MR spawn looks like image related. This is why you don't make a wurm map using gimp paintbrush.
[Hide] (76.5KB, 1200x1200)
LOL tree butthurt
>Conrad fucking Curze is crying about there not being enough tree types to obscure him while he fucks the forest goblins
[Hide] (230.4KB, 531x238)
>[01:51:42] <Danious> him and his band also claim they found an NPC that gave some cahe which popped out 9 wagons with hots banners
Whether you give a shit is up to you. Thomyris and Sneed and his merry band of faggots already have a village up as the MR capitol since that's the only one around.
So if you're planning to play MR this time around to be among other webring faggots, you'll need to deal with a dead meme and backstabbing discordfaggots-- backstabbing discordfaggots that won't even post their fucking discord link here so we can tell them how fucking faggotty they are either.
Furtherfuckingmore, the admemes are in on this. It's a goddamn Alex Jones tier conspiracy, fuck.

if none of you contest this claim and defend w*bring heritage from c*ckchannel heretics all of you MIGHT collectively be pussies
Replies: >>45785
>discordfaggots that won't even post their fucking discord link
>Seething this hard that he cycles ip to shill his conspiracy harder

Lmao. This clown has been asshurt all night running off this idea that anyone in the Sneed Warband is there to make HOTSheads' lives easier and not to utterly crush and decimate them in our quest for glory. Idk if you've got some power fantasy of being king or some shit driving you up the wall but you're delusional. I know it's you replying to yourself because you're both using the same ridiculous speech pattern of "muh testimony" and "contest this claim" like you're addressing the court. RPfaggotry I can respect, sure, but Formerly Chuck's isn't some HOTS subsidiary. Obviously we're linked to the webring because otherwise I wouldn't be here to see you making retarded posts, you could scavenge wherever the 4cucks are grouping at right now for evidence and you'd come up with nothing because we're unaffiliated.
Replies: >>45787 >>45789
actually I'm your proxy and you're whichever boogeyman everyone is mad about right now!!!!!
[Hide] (328.4KB, 256x256)
>replying to myself
and if for some reason the webring, zzzchan in particular, fucking LIKES the sneed meme then that's great. Otherwise I say fuck your faggoty meme.
Replies: >>45790 >>46083
Yes, I know we have ids you fucking retard which is why I mentioned IP cycling. Facetiously, mind you. No one is going to contest the crown on your part because you're fucking obnoxious not because there's a conspiracy to create some diabolical puppet state. Stop trying to make drama happen to fulfill your delusions and asshurt over a single town name.
Replies: >>45797
[Hide] (14.4KB, 353x478)
No, fuck you. I don't want a war, I want the fucking sneed nigger to turn the crown over to someone who isn't an underage fucking memelord. I want to have a village that isn't the equivalent of a dead, forced, unfunny fucking meme; I want some fucking options. Having just one goddamn village will not be enough.
I want fuckers to know that there are others out there that fucking despise this forced meme and they have every fucking right to seek a better option.
And I want to let the faggot discord cabal know that they're fucking niggers.
If you make a village free from all kinds of faggotry I will be a resident anon.
Since I can't be at the server right now I am gonna ask it here: Can piratefags install clientside mods.
Replies: >>45800
They can, yes.
Also, I'll just stick around spawn and make a comfy living over there for the time being if yall don't mind. I rather not get into any drama.
Replies: >>45804
I strongly suspect all of the drama makers are from burgerland because whenever I sleep there is a new drama going on so if you are on European time like I am you will be safe from most of it.
Also it is free country and a free server anon do whatever the fuck you want.
Replies: >>45807
I'm from Burgerland and I'm going out of my way to make zero drama. Multiple towns can be made. If Sneed succeeds as a settlement, good for Sneed. If not, oh well. People need to remember that the real enemy is those fucking HOTS NIGGERS AND THEIR STUPID SEXY BIG TITTED GOTH GODDESS. GOD FUCKING DAMN THEM AND LIBILA'S KAZAAR MOMMY MILKERS MAKES ME SO FUCKING HOR-uh MAD. GOD DAMMIT.
[Hide] (1004.6KB, 1080x1060)
Replies: >>45866 >>45920
[Hide] (50.5KB, 500x536)
Why do you feel the need to advertise your homosexuality on this board?
Can't you vote out the mayor? If not, just kill him to death or something.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1915x1016)
Bros the HOTSheads are among us bros they're gonna kill us in our sleep to please their goth mommy
>calls other underage memelords
>gets this fucking mad about three words

Seeing this single image is worth all the shit I've put up with on this serb until now. God bless you sneeders, keep working your magic.
Does this faggot not remember that we had 
TRUMP 2016 
literally plastered onto the hillsides of Brosmouth? No meme shit will EVER be as cringe as that was. Yes, it was embarrassing at the time, too.
Replies: >>45919
There's no crown, you have no rights, stop being a queer and come play the fucking game.
Replies: >>45977
The jews did this
>about to kill badmin character
>server goes down 
cringe? more like based
Does anyone have the Brosmouth job sheet kicking around?
Why don't they just make another village?
Replies: >>45977
Birch, lavender, sand, rivers
Because that would imply they identify as their own group. Instead they wish to astroturf the webring into their goddamn dicksword cabal.
>No crown
>No rights
Fuck you I can scream about this shitty meme all I want, I can handle the consequences.
>Play the fucking game
Fine fuck you.
Replies: >>46035
I meant the rest of MR
Make an alternative MR village then nigger
Replies: >>46360
Not that anon, but it is done.
>minding my business in a mine
>suddenly get teleported above ground and stuck in a wall
>unstuck doesn't work cause it says I am teleporting
quality server
Replies: >>46373
just scream for a badmin
Replies: >>46377
I walked around until it eventually shunted me out of the wall but still what the fuck
Gesith sus
Replies: >>46492
[Hide] (189.2KB, 462x450)
serb ded?
>Connection refused
just fuck my shit up
server is back up
server is back kill
Replies: >>46477 >>46480
(11.2KB, 184x184)
serber pls
I need to farm
my frens need gud crops
[Hide] (124.1KB, 554x417)
I'm going to run your voice through a recognition matrix so I can find where you are and hug you
Replies: >>46484
[Hide] (1.6MB, 456x467)
im also waiting on server logs to diagnose, we'll see
>please be unrecvoerable
>please have no backups
>please be caused by Reimu's action mod
Replies: >>46482
it's such a shit mod
all the action mod has accomplished is making the poopsocks poopsockier
Replies: >>46483
i told the hostfag that the mod wouldnt turn out well but he insisted on testing it anyways.
>it combas botting
no it doesnt because it affects all players indiscriminately
Replies: >>46736
D'awww thanks fren, it's not his voice but mine.
Also did this a month ago: https://voca.ro/15zlkNf0Xgwq
Replies: >>46485
[Hide] (27KB, 409x460)
>D'awww thanks fren
[Hide] (9.2MB, 1920x1088, 00:25)
Replies: >>46491
[Hide] (461.5KB, 900x900)
>meme pl8, med maul, shield is le meta
>force everyone to do the exact same build
>get terrorized by one tard in leather and TWO med mauls
>among us meme
>>45797 here. very epic.
server when fuckers
Replies: >>46510
It's back up.
[Hide] (55.7KB, 322x322)
I made it to the place, Aether. EZ, just the wrong way the first time.
[Hide] (3.6MB, 1920x1055)
[03:33:02] Sneed slain by Chuck
Replies: >>46693 >>46732
I take no responsibility for my autistic ramblings somehow becoming reality.
Whoever took my backpacks from the forge you're the reason I will be behind multiple locked doors in the future and no cunt will be allowed in. 
If it was Sneed FUCK YOU all I did was suit and equip your ass you UTTER NIGGER.
Yeah fuck you Sneed
>affects all players indiscriminately
that's exactly why it would work, if the mods updated to the newest version already, and stopped deleting everyone's fucking times
Event tomorrow 12pm pacific time.
SERB EVENTS TOMORROW (4/9) Held at the Tournament Grounds from 12p PST / 3p EST to whenever it's done. We (badmins) are trying to make this a casual, informal, day-at-the-fair style event where we have lots of smaller things and cross-kingdom banters in between the actual competitions. I'll talk about the events shortly, but for the preparations: bring lots of food and supplies for your kingdom, lots of flags and banners and pavilions/tents to represent yourselves. Bring some trade goods as well, either products your village has made or loot you've claimed but aren't interested in. An anon suggested using nails as currency and while I like the idea, it seems a bit unrealistic. Expect WL/BL enchant bartering, sale of artisan pizzas, exotic pieces of loots and many other things. Come prepared. There will also be a casual and informal contest to see which kingdom brings the best snacks, although there is an on-site kitchen for each faction. 
 1) Tea Brewing Competition: bring ingredients and whatever tools you need. Open roster, anyone can enter. Each contender will be given one 50ql sprig of camellia, and must prepare tea (of any kind). Winning tea is judged by a combination of QL and the duration of the affinity you get from drinking 200g of it. 
2. Jousting Tourney: bring your own mount. Everything else will be provided. Only 2 competitors per kingdom, so that each kingdom rides against each other kingdom once. Competitors ride their mounts along a line against each other three times, and total wounds after three charges are tallied up. competitors will be given 50ql leather and the polearm of their choice. Barding for horses is optional but encouraged. 
3. Animal Taming "pokemon battle": bring your own pet. Open roster, anyone may compete. Dom'd/zomb'd pets are welcome. Buffs can be applied by any friendly priest before each fight, but no casting is permitted during the battle. These three are the main events. Lots of other smaller things are planned in between, including a few minigames and experiments and other odds and ends. PKing is allowed but please keep it behind the bleachers and not during official events. Courtesy TPs back to the arena will be provided. See you lads tomorrow.
Replies: >>46856
>Competitors ride their mounts along a line against each other three times, and total wounds after three charges
That will be 0 wounds for both sides, I guarantee you. Wurm combat don't let you just run past one another and hit, especially if both sides are mounted. It will be a lucky competition to see who will be on their swing timer when you both pass one another
Replies: >>46863
Alternatively, I made a suggestion for a mexican stand off using carts.
Mexican Mad Max.
>>45382 (OP) 
I'm trying to get away from crying faggots so I hope this is updated.
Replies: >>47245
[Hide] (105.1KB, 263x263)
Top job cucking yourself out of HOTS, by the way. If you managed to breed you'd probably have daughters.
Replies: >>47245
>>45382 (OP) 
I've started to crash seconds after loading into the server for some reason after being able to play fine since launch. I've literally made no change to my game or computer and it's the same after a reboot as well. Is anyone else having this problem?
Replies: >>47247
I don't understand
go to your WurmLauncher folder, open your client.log file, ctrl+f for any SEVERE messages you received and post them here
Replies: >>47255
Guess it's not just me then? No severes, but here's a bit from the log when I crashed. Nothing else looked interesting but I'll attach it if you want, though I may just backup my pirate id and reinstall then and report back.
Unexpected crash while playing
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modsupport.packs.ModPacks.closePack(Ljava/io/File;)V
	at org.gotti.wurmonline.clientmods.serverpacks.ServerPacksMod$4.lambda$done$0(ServerPacksMod.java:242)
	at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modsupport.ModClient.runTasks(ModClient.java:92)
	at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.runGameLoop(WurmClientBase.java)
	at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.runConnectionLoop(WurmClientBase.java:325)
	at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.runGame(WurmClientBase.java:304)
	at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.run(WurmClientBase.java:1601)
	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)**
Replies: >>47256
is that all or can you do a ctrl+f search for any SEVERE warnings?
Replies: >>47258
I did ctrl+f. I'm certain there's nothing.
Replies: >>47259 >>47260
put your log on catbox.moe and link it here, ill take a look through it
Replies: >>47260
or just pastebin it actually
did you want to try uploading that to catbox or a pastebin instead?
Last friday's events were a mixed success, MR and HOTS showed up in force and had fun competing, JK was an hour late and then bitched out and quit but hopefully won't repeat the same show this weekend. After polling some players and discussing, the badmin team have decided to structure future events much more carefully. We want to have something for PvPfags, something for for dedicated crafting autists (including medieval housewives) and one wildcard "fun" event that anyone with no particular skills can enter. So far, the first two events have been revealed and talked about with each faction, but the third "fun" event will probably remain a secret until the day of the competition. I'm here to post full descriptions of the two big events, though.

First up is the "all-out 1v1". It's a series of 1v1 fights against each other kingdom where you choose your strongest fighter, best gear, most powerful abilities and consumables, etc. Looting will be prevented and lost affinities will be reimbursed. You can also "insure" any pets you wish to bring, though for consumables we're dealing with those on a case-by-case basis. The idea is that you test how well you can fight at "100% power" against the best warrior of the enemy kingdom. For larger groups (MR and kiwis) we'd like to ask that you have one specific champion to fight each other faction, but for smaller groups (Freedom) we're allowing for one champion to fight multiple matches. Depending on how many members HOTS still has on friday, we may make that accomodation for them as well.

The non-combat event is something we're calling "iron crafter", although one anon claimed it sounded more like an HGTV show. The arena will be terraformed to have tar, sand, clay, peat, etc, as well as lots of trees and a small mine stocked with 10k veins (and rock walls). Each kingdom will be given a 3x3 plot of land, and at the start of the contest the badmin team will reveal 2-4 "secret ingredients". The objective is to spend an hour working with your kingdom to make the nicest 3x3 house/structure possible using the secret ingredients and other resources in the arena. You can and should bring whatever tools you like, including carts, but please don't bring any resources from outside the arena. At the end of the hour, a panel of 3-5 badmins will judge each house based on a number of criteria, like "how well does it use the secret ingredients" and "what is the QL of the house and its contents" and "how much detail and variety is in the interior of the house". Just to clarify, no hostile actions are allowed during this event, including attacking, harming, killing, bashing, debuffing, stealing, etc etc. Violators will be sent to gay dragon jail.

Details about the third event will be revealed on the day of the contest (FRIDAY 4/16, AT 7 PM EST). Prizes will be announced and given out after all events are over - each individual event comes with prizes, and whatever your kingdom scores in any event contributes to an "overall score" for the entire event, which has its own unique prizes like last week. We have things planned for 1st-4th place, so you lose absolutely nothing for showing up to compete. Hope to see you lads on Friday.
Hey Aether, see if you can be on for the tourney tonight so I can get our deed fixed.
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[Hide] (3MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1920x1079)
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (4MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (4MB, 1920x1080)

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