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Who are your favorite lolis in videogames? Who would you take as your daughter or wife?
Mine are Yumi, Purin and Roll. Are there any recent videogames or mods with lolis? I only heard about Onirism but I haven't played it.
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favorite fedposter?
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I want to have a daughter like Miyako someday.
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That's an awful outfit and zher hair looks like a dried out brush.
Replies: >>43102
That's the point of it.
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>>43081 (OP) 
Onirism is pretty good. It's still in early access, but has a good amount of content to go through, and the weapons and movement feel satisfying. Oh, and it's made by the French.
Replies: >>43105 >>43106
onirism more like onaholism
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>it's made by the French
Not surprised.
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does this one count
Replies: >>43202 >>43412
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For me, it's charwwotte.
The face of death and destruction.
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Patty is a pretty fun loli baba.

Why did they localize her as Elmer Fudd?
Replies: >>43179 >>43412
I've been meaning to try that game purely because she's so cute.
>fifteen yeaws owd
Is that just a translation thing or is she actually that old?
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Shes the one doing the raping, though
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Give me cartton drawing of little girls or give me death.
Also, stop trying to turn everything into a meta thread nigger.
>>43081 (OP) 
You're from cakechan
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/v/iggers are largely retarded and will only respond to memes like loliposting. If you're referring to 8kunt it's more like the loli ban was the final straw and it was already obvious Jim had washed his hands of us. If anons actually paid attention and weren't PPH addicts, the decentralized exodus would have happened in 2016.
Replies: >>43190 >>43377
Doesn't even make any sense, I thought we were /v/irgins or /v/ermin
Replies: >>43192
I think it might have been censored up depending on when in the game that was taken from, but from what I remember of SD3 from ages ago, she is in fact much older than she looks. IIRC she's part fairy or something.
Replies: >>43377
>loudly screeching at everything in sight
>angry about everything, never does anything about it
>will proudly follow retards and jews if they're told they're the greatest
>looked down upon by almost everyone else
No, I'd say /v/igger fits for most of /v/'s history, though at least /v/ can create beautiful things. sage for meta
Replies: >>43194
I more mean it doesn't really fit with the letter not the board
Replies: >>43197
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>>43081 (OP) 
That's her actual age.
Replies: >>43377
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Yes, though only barely.
Replies: >>43217 >>43412
Snoutless cat-face is a dangerous game to play. Not because it's furry-proximate--although, like a radioactive gas, you can never really safely ignore that aspect--but because it's really easy to end up with a monstrosity through the wrong combination of things humans have and things cats have. Not a hot monstrosity, either. Probably the greatest danger zone is the mouth, specifically the portrayal of lips, but colon-3 mouths nearly always avert disaster there since fan artists nearly always respect it.
Replies: >>43369
You sound like a retard
Oh, okay then. Aging up characters is one of the dumber things translations do, since if there was lewd stuff it's not like writing a different number on a character bio makes it less lewd.

Banning loli is a much clearer line to cross unlike the other stuff which, as you said, was gradual and thus much easier to ignore or not notice.>>43189
>If anons actually paid attention and weren't PPH addicts, the decentralized exodus would have happened in 2016.
Also this. I would have left as soon as Jim took over if there had been anywhere else to go.
Replies: >>43407 >>91211
The problem that leads to age-ups in vidyais if you don't, you get kikes and christcucks projecting their pedophilia onto you and getting your game pulled from shelves. This is why Edea in Bravely Default got bumped from 9 to (I think) 13. This is probably the only form of censorship I'm willing to barely tolerate because it's just a symptom of feminism rather than an attempt to avoid pissing off christcucks or push an agenda.
Replies: >>43443
Replies: >>43433
There's are these two sites called SauceNAO and Yandex. Use it.
Replies: >>43433
Would it really have killed you to rename the pictures to something useful? The names of the girls or games they're from would take up less words.
>would it kill you to download some extenions and turn on scripts?
yes it would.
Replies: >>43434
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Replies: >>43445
>This is why Edea in Bravely Default got bumped from 9 to (I think) 13
That was 15 to 18, unless you're talking about the new game which I don't know shit about.
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I can't believe there are people that never played this.
What is this?  It looks like if .hack were about anime mexicans.
Replies: >>43450 >>43454
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>tfw no catgirl that loves you blindly, calls you master, fights monster and doesnt afraid of anything
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[Hide] (15.6KB, 285x281)
I can't believe there are people that can't do a simple search based on all the material provided in this thread without begging to be spoonfed.
Replies: >>43455 >>43461
It was a shit game, I don't blame anons for not knowing it.
Replies: >>43456 >>43457
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you're mum was a shit game
The original is a little rough around the edges, but the sequel is one of the best PS2 games.
Being batman I've discovered that pigtail pirate is from tales of vesperia, but a loli cat girl could be literally anything. There is no information about her besides being a loli cat girl, thats not enough.

Saucenao yielded nothing useful. Just hanzi and some guy named dogyd and his name lead nowhere.
>freeze peach
You are a nigger and a normalfag for using this term, even ironically.  The fact it exists in your brain means you have been terminally psyopped by trannies and leftists.
Replies: >>43463
>needing to have your government approve of everything you say to be able to say it
I love the 21st century
At least you tried. It's Dark Cloud anon
You sure need to learn how to search on the web. Just knowing it is a catgirl from a ps2 game is enough to find the source in under 5 minutes.
Someone posted porn of the catgirl in the thread, you could have easily reversed search that to some booru and found the game name among the tags.
t. also never heard of the game but going to add it to my backlog
Replies: >>43476
She's a half-elf and ages slower.
Replies: >>43498
>never heard of the game
there was literally a thread about it just a day ago before the nigger bird decided to deleted it because ?????????????????
Replies: >>43494
Because the cuckchan OP couldn't help but add a wojak.
But does the Japanese script imply she's supposed to be slower to develop mentally too in how she speaks? Or did Square's western branch, or whoever they whored the game out to for localization, feel she needed to be made even less mature?
It's "kawaii" or some shit, she has the vocal cords of a child and the script fucks with how she pronounces things to reflect that. I remember the fan translation did something similar but not Elmer Fudd levels, so it's not nu-Square being retarded this time
Replies: >>44357
She says stuff like "dechi" instead of desu and "watachi" instead of watashi.
Replies: >>43502
I mean "atachi" instead of atashi. Also she doesn't use kanji in her dialog, to imply childishness. 

They went way overboard in the localization though.
Replies: >>44357
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I knew I saved all this Etna art for a reason.

I went back and checked the fan translation and there's a point where she tries to read a book and can't read any of the kanji. She's retarded.
Replies: >>44358
>tfw i cannot stand etna at all for her looks, attitude, and character
Everything about her I despise and I don't know why
Replies: >>44360 >>44374
[Hide] (181.4KB, 392x500)
There's only one explanation.
[Hide] (28.7KB, 366x334)
>doesn't like smug demon washboards
What a loser lmao
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[Hide] (2.8MB, 1920x1200)
Replies: >>64028
>I never understood why people needed to post loli porn on a video games board to begin with
The name of this thread should be enough reason to get through your thick nigger skull. But I guess reading anything in the thread you entered or putting 2 and 2 together is too much to ask for from a nigger.
Maybe, I remember leaving for the webring as soon as I saw the state the site was in. As far as I can tell the majority of users migrated after waiting three months and coming back to a broken and deserted website.
I've seen worse.
Cry about it, Agent Sanders
[Hide] (69.1KB, 610x673)
[Hide] (1MB, 238x204)
Posting porn is allowed on this board, and these threads are no exception. If you're really that upset about people posting images that you don't like, please leave and choose to visit one of the many imageboards that ban it. Otherwise, go suck a fat one and stop your bitching.
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Reminder to not reply to goons.
[Hide] (770.3KB, 2837x1741)
>The line "/v/ doesn't play games" isn't a stereotype or projection, it's a fact and you can go on any /v/ on the internet and you will find it a common truth.
<he says on the dedicated game night board
Have some loli for your return trip.
Replies: >>44681
[Hide] (416.2KB, 1600x1640)
>side tie pantsu
Is that the train loli game?
Replies: >>44683
Yes. More like a novel with unlockable h-scenes than a game though. There isnt even really any choices as far as I know, just unlockable routes.
Replies: >>44685
Oh that sucks, I like a lot of choices and/or gameplay.
Replies: >>44689
[Hide] (1MB, 967x800)
You 99% of the time won't find that in modern VNs since every company is near bankrupt and doesn't want to hire a gameplay guy. I miss the days of the shitty attempts at gameplay.
Replies: >>44691
There are still tons of eroge with gameplay, they are just released on DLsite rather than as big budget productions.
Replies: >>44692
Yeah I guess, but a lot of that is cuckshit or RPGmaker.
Replies: >>44696
[Hide] (121.2KB, 560x420)
RPGmaker games can still be fun. There's a good loli one with gameplay like Harvest Moon/Animal Crossing, where you marry a whole town of lolis from various games.
Replies: >>44697 >>44700
Sounds interesting until you see the subpar (and sometimes downright shit) art
Looks interesting but doesnt seem like there is a translation and I'd rather not use MTL. Also WolfRPG > RPGMaker
Replies: >>44701 >>44727
post some example of a game made with wolfrpg to corroborate your claim then
Replies: >>44704 >>45167
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[Hide] (911.5KB, 960x720)
[Hide] (382.3KB, 616x471)
>I cannot use a search engine
Dont worry, I will spoonfeed you anon.
Most of these are not really loli though.

>Imouto!? Life ~Monochrome~
Live with imouto, work, work out and do lewd things at night.
>The Imperial Gatekeeper
Papers Please but its actually good its great.
>Introducing An Apprentice Incubus
This is more of a traditional RPGMaker game. Play as a shota incubus, has atleast one loli.
Replies: >>46238 >>138432
Spoiler File
(497.8KB, 700x1300)
Lolis in vidya?
How about: lolis as consoles?
Replies: >>44716 >>44721
The true chad test is bringing this on a busy train and playing it
Replies: >>44718 >>87879
[Hide] (197.9KB, 735x1000)
Replies: >>44720
>Greasy hair and no gainz
It's shit
[Hide] (692.4KB, 1009x738)
that's brilliant, I'm gonna assume it's just a home made sticker?
[Hide] (124.2KB, 816x624)
That's why you should already know Japanese. The ones that are "translated" are usually machine translations anyway.
Replies: >>44729
That's one weird looking lever
correct me if i'm wrong haven't played in ages but you get to fuck pic related in wots4
great game regardless
Replies: >>44749 >>44814
I don't see any pic on your post.
Replies: >>44765
[Hide] (100.4KB, 257x227)
Replies: >>44814 >>45085
Cry more faggot, you're really accomplishing a lot.
Reminder that blacked.moe users are all fat cucks.
You do, but the game makes you jump through hoops to do it, likely to fool the censors.

You "nightcrawl" her once, but when you get the joke scene you reload a save to before and then you nightcrawl fo' reals
Replies: >>45087
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[Hide] (60.9KB, 560x650)
[Hide] (57.9KB, 560x650)
[Hide] (58.9KB, 560x650)
[Hide] (59.8KB, 560x650)
Squids are very important.
Replies: >>44948
Yes they are.
She had the best route in the game.
You just have to enter and exit the nightcrawl thing.
[Hide] (257.1KB, 1920x1080)
>>43081 (OP) 
If you beat the PC version of Gurumin on the highest difficulty, Parin's model changes so you can see her pantsu instead of just a black void. Since it's a PC game, you can just swap the models and get the panties right away.
Replies: >>45089
I want to play this game now
Replies: >>45095
Why didn't you before?
Replies: >>45096
[Hide] (970.8KB, 500x500)
crippling depression makes me unable to enjoy things I like
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1007)

Coropata, the incredible machine game with a loli, is on PC/Steam now.
Replies: >>45113
[Hide] (82.3KB, 245x413)
[Hide] (89.5KB, 326x368)
[Hide] (95KB, 272x426)
[Hide] (58.3KB, 238x310)
[Hide] (91.8KB, 281x339)
Gwen-chan :3
>Gwen-chan :3
I'm not quite sure how to solve that
[Hide] (583KB, 1100x625)
Fuck me, that's a bitr pricey for a barebones port.
All of Miwashiba's games.
>The Imperial Gatekeeper
<Papers Please but its actually good its great.
Just because a game is not shit doesn't mean is instantly a classic specially one with flaws such as:
<None of the non-essential NPC's remember you, even those who you take their virginity
<The essential NPC's remember you just because they were programmed to react to certain events, other than that, it's their first time meeting you every time, like Hana, you can steal her virginity the first time you meet her yet she won't remember you raping her, you helped her pass, that's all
<None of the non-essential NPC's comment on your behavior or the effects of not/letting them pass, not/redressing them, not/cumming inside, etc.
<Can't get them pregnant, therefore can't give birth, therefore no new NPC's
<Fairly short campaign.
The engine has been twisted from combat RPG into the current shape to the point that the game is hardcoded, so modders don't have much drive to force new content into the game since it's too bothersome/time consuming.
Replies: >>46251
GW1 was good.
[Hide] (15KB, 363x377)
<None of the non-essential NPC's remember you, even those who you take their virginity
They arent supposed to be the same people unless you use the pen.
Why would she make a fuss when she got what she wanted and is trying to pass again?
<None of the non-essential NPC's comment on your behavior or the effects of not/letting them pass, not/redressing them, not/cumming inside, etc.
But they do.

As for the other things, I think you're expecting too much out of a dlsite game focused on the inspection/touching mechanic.
I would love a longer campaign though. Last update added some more post-campaign stuff I think.
>The engine has been twisted from combat RPG into the current shape to the point that the game is hardcoded
None of the games I was talking about even have combat, even newer RPGM is used to make non-traditional stuff like the Dojin Otome games.
>modders don't have much drive to force new content into the game since it's too bothersome/time consuming
There already is mods, most add new NPC's, uncensors and/or try to improve the engrish offical translation. Why would not sticking to the mould make it any harder to mod than the usual RPGM spaghetti?
Replies: >>46255 >>46313
[Hide] (1MB, 628x615)
>Dojin Otome games
I fapped like crazy for a few nights playing あまえんぼ+ recently
Replies: >>46435
[Hide] (599.1KB, 909x690)
[Hide] (589.8KB, 661x652)
<They arent supposed to be the same people unless you use the pen.
You mean the glasses?
<Why would she make a fuss when she got what she wanted and is trying to pass again?
Pic related
<But they do.
Not when you meet them again.
>I think you're expecting too much out of a dlsite game focused on the inspection/touching mechanic.
You're aware that despite being their first attempt into a game like this, it is not their first game and those games have more content that this one, right? 
>None of the games I was talking about even have combat, even newer RPGM is used to make non-traditional stuff like the Dojin Otome games.
I've only played The Imperial Gatekeeper out of those three, since playing as a shota/shouta/boku/-kun and otouto/onii-chan is a turn-off for me but yeah, i've seen
>There already is mods, most add new NPC's, uncensors and/or try to improve the engrish offical translation. Why would not sticking to the mould make it any harder to mod than the usual RPGM spaghetti?
Last time i checked, this was the response i got
>With the PCP mod though yeah it's worth a replay. Procrastinatus tried as much as was possible with the engine limitations to let this game live up to it's potential. There are a bunch of new story characters that have a character arc that plays out each time you visit them in a new level, they get new costumes and you find more info on them. But he told me there were a lot of idea's he wanted to do but couldn't because the engine is just so limiting. Even just the dialog system. I've been rewriting dialog all day today trying to make my own submod to PCP. One such thing I wanted to do what have NPC's make a custom comment if the player has previously sent someone out nude before. But it's not possible, the game can't really remember things like that. The game doesn't really check a lot of things so it's hard to tie events together. So I've resorted to doing simpler one off situations.
Related to the second pic
>This editor was in moonrunes until Procrastinatus released a partially translated version the other day with his mod. So it's fantastic we can use it now, but even then it's so limited by design. As you can see you can't even see all the dialog I've written for each box, just one line at a time, then if you click you can see the dialog in the window below. And it's just editing strings, you can't add new strings or get them to reference each other.
Replies: >>46509
>/v/ doesn't need loli porn to exist
Are you asking for it to be removed?
[Hide] (94.1KB, 835x562)
>Essentially all I posted was "/v/ doesn't need loli porn to exist"
What kind of game is it?
Replies: >>46439
You play as a shota spending a month in the countryside with your big tiddy aunt and her two big tiddy daughters. It's a free roaming simulation game where you can do various activities in that month including fugging all the girls in the house along with a few girls outside the house.

There is an English version if you are an EOP, but I don't know how good the translation is.

Sorry if you were expecting a loli game
Replies: >>46442
I saw the steam page but couldn't really get a feel as to what it was supposed to be be.
but you could tell me who that artist is, I know he drew an amazing floor, just can't remember his name. I think he was going blind.
You mean rustle?
Replies: >>46445
Thats the dude, I was getting his name mixed up with some other artist. Thanks,
[Hide] (42.6KB, 612x610)
>Nobody was arguing back because of Brandolini's law
That is the most blatant excusefagging I have ever seen, my god.
Pro-tip: nigger cattle like you, who are anti-debate, are the reason that censorship of lolis is so prominent. As someone who will defend lolicons to the death, I know that addressing a symptom(anti-lolicon) is not going to stop the disease(anti-debate).
>amazing floor
Tilefag? You're still alive?
Replies: >>46511 >>46542
[Hide] (471.6KB, 1384x950)
>You mean the glasses?
>Not when you meet them again.
No, the pen. Using it is the only way a randomly generated NPC can appear again as far as I know. The rest are random new ones.
>Pic related
I dont remember her exact dialogue from the events and such, maybe you're right.
>You're aware that despite being their first attempt into a game like this, it is not their first game and those games have more content that this one, right? 
I have not played their other games, no. Are they any good? From the looks of it they have less art and use the engine in a more traditional way, which would mean less work.
You can extract all the .wolf files and open the game in the editor just like the dev. If you want to add things like random NPC's appearing again and them remembering stuff you would have to script it. A lot of the code is in nipponese like every single variable name and db entry from the looks of it so the problem wouldnt be engine limitations, it would be deciphering moonrunes. From what I've seen mods mostly edit DB entries and art so far.
Stuff like:
>One such thing I wanted to do what have NPC's make a custom comment if the player has previously sent someone out nude before. But it's not possible, the game can't really remember things like that.
Would simply involve making a new variable, finding the script I think they call the scripts themselves "events" for some reason that handles the give back clothes part and then and then setting the variable to true or false depending on the player choice. Add another entry in the Char Dialogue called "Greeting Last Nude" or some such and then edit the dialogue scripts/events/whatever to check said variable and pick the normal or the new greeting. This is basic stuff and it's not hard but moonrunes make it more complicated than it has to be for most.
Replies: >>46698
Theres some top tier loli that gets posted and the artist drew really nice wooden reflective floors with scratches and everything. very nice floors. unrelated to tilefag.
Replies: >>46513 >>46716
>unrelated to tilefag
Look, we know it's you. Just share your tile folder already.
Replies: >>46522 >>46716
Who would of thought there'd be so much autism?
Replies: >>46580 >>53111
You just don't understand, clearly this is a different breed of floorfag; tiles and wood aren't exactly super close matches.
Clearly he has a wooden floor folder.
Replies: >>46716
I am the most pro-debate person in this entire internet.
If anyone wants to "debate" in the internet they need to deal with countless retards because "debating" is actually just trying to argue with the lowest common denominator. But if you just ignore them? Not at all.
Replies: >>46716
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1920x1080)
anyone got that chart of games with loli casts or player characters?
Replies: >>46579
[Hide] (3.3MB, 2120x5776)
No one has updated it yet, but sakuna of rice and ruin came out 2 months after this was made, and touhou luna nights added cirno as a secret bossfight.
Replies: >>46583 >>46603
>would of
Replies: >>46581 >>46654
he would of used have if he would of had a brain
Replies: >>46585
[Hide] (1.9MB, 2036x2048)
hey, thanks for the chart and the extra suggestion.
Replies: >>46650
Shit the fuck up, idiots like you are a diamond dozen. Let’s get back to brass stacks - you like cock don’t you? How you even found your way here is a blessing in the skies, especially in the doggy dog world we find ourselves in.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 708x1000)
it truly is a doggy dog world, pardoner.
I could use some black caulk
absolutely underrated post
[Hide] (162.5KB, 1200x630)
I started playing Sakuna the other night, just made it through the tutorial, but it already seems pretty fun. Got the Collectors Ed on Switch and I don't know if its the game or my headphones but I keep hearing audio pops.
Replies: >>46650
You guys really need a better way to past the time.
[Hide] (226.2KB, 800x1178)
[Hide] (349.3KB, 600x857)
You're welcome, just keep in mind that the playable character in luna nights is sakuya, who is definitely not a loli.
Have you played the roll-chan romhacks yet? They're sprite hacks of the NES games, no other changes besides making roll the playable character, shame capcom never capitalized on this, they could have added her on 7 onwards as a secret character or even DLC yet they never did.
The combat is absurdly fun, but i have to admit the rice farming filtered me hard, usually i'd just ignore it but sakuna's stats are directly affected by the quality of her crops, so half-assing it means you'll run into an enemy you simply can't beat and/or kills you in a single hit.
Replies: >>46652 >>46697
So close to primo toddlercon bait and the age ruins it.
>The combat is absurdly fun
Maybe its just because I'm in the beginning but it doesn't feel nearly as fun as Fairy Bloom Freesia. I'll probably play more of it tonight though.
She does babytalk in Japanese, which is characterized by replacing s which ch.
No, not have. 'av. That's why it further contracts to woulda.
What game is this?
She's cute as fuck.
Replies: >>46663 >>46664
Holy Sword Legend 3.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1473x2159)
What kind of nigger doesn't know Trials of Mana? What are you, a zoomer or something?
  Actually, it just got a remake and release in English of the original game not too long ago. 


I'm like 30 but I am a pcfag and barely ever play any japshit, but I want to fuck her and enjoy babytalk so.
Replies: >>46671 >>46716
Speaking of niggers.
Spoiler File
(116.5KB, 500x500)
Well, you're in luck. The remake is on PC and it's been cracked for a while. You could also just emulate the SFC original.
Replies: >>46674
Thank you for the info anon.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 722x1002)
i think i have only played like 4 megaman games. the sidescroller ones were fun, but that battle network game was so boring. played a couple hours on a friend's copy and he was halfway or more through the game. shame roll never had a bigger part in anything considering how much art people have made of her.
[Hide] (670.6KB, 793x595)
[Hide] (853.8KB, 794x593)
>No, the pen. Using it is the only way a randomly generated NPC can appear again as far as I know. The rest are random new ones.
I'm seeing what you mean now and not really new ones, the game just recycles them, i thought the pen just forcefully pulled them to the stage you were playing, if they were part of the type allowed Like how noble lady doesn't appear on the first stage
>I dont remember her exact dialogue from the events and such, maybe you're right.
Hana is the pure love one, Paula is a nympho,  Chrisia is submisive/massochist, Olivea is haughty, Ranzy is a nympho numb to the point of almost being frigid
>I have not played their other games, no. Are they any good? From the looks of it they have less art and use the engine in a more traditional way, which would mean less work.
RJ182139 is more traditional, if you enjoy fem protags that can't understand lust until they're too horny then it might appeal to you
RJ151776 is a more experimental one, athough the whole plot revolves in a single spot, a bar in Eisten, if you like shota brother/older sister then it should be serviceable enough the sister appears as a cameo in the sandbox, she's the slut
That info would've been useful like six months ago, now the ones that were trying to mod the game decided to make their own, probably patreon game which will most likely be indev for years to come.
On another note, i'd like to suggest Touhou Kenchinroku/Record of Penis Viewing You're cajoling the residents into filming sex tapes with you/Town Record google translation but is a VN and the artist gave the excuse of evolving his artstyle to the point  he's now unable to draw in his previous style as a reason to leave the story unfinished.
And Daisuki na Sensei ni H na Onedari Shichau Omase na Boku no / Watashi no Puni Puni, pics related, basically a quizz game, sadly it's untranslated and always giving the horny answer will rush you to the end of the game, can't recall if you skip scenes or you just skip being able to go to several houses to teach in a single playthrough, there's also the issue of if you give a wrong answer you'll have to wait a bit before you can load the game to try again so, remember to load before you start teaching and after that since after that you'll have to give either a neutral, a motivating or the horny answer if you were successful.
He's a floorfag, but not a tilefag. It's just another kind of floor that GIVES HIM WOOD.
See, you're just proving my point more. You're just making up more excuses for why you don't WANT to argue, dad, it's not faaaaair.
I repeat: nigger cattle like you are why discussion and debate are frowned upon in this day and age. You are just as equally responsible for censorship as any other cultural marxist, because you allowed this to reach this point.
>any form of -oomer
Don't encourage it.
which would be a better choice to play for the first time the remake or the original?
Replies: >>52750
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1576x1576)
If you play the remake you won't want to go back to the original, both have generic combat systems but the remake has a new OST made by the original composer, good looking 3D models, full voice acting and extra content. Go with a full woman team, riez is the most fun character to play as, angela destroys everything once she gets her first class change and charlotte is pretty much the only real healer in the game, plus the male choices are: bara shota furry, gay looking prince (who wants to fuck his hot sister) and retard with a 80's hairdo.
Replies: >>52829
I consider full voice acting is an active detriment in a game, and your descriptions of Kevin and what's his name make them sound much more interesting than they actually are.
[Hide] (271.1KB, 1280x474)
[Hide] (174.8KB, 640x480)
[Hide] (156.8KB, 640x480)
[Hide] (766.2KB, 804x1351)
[Hide] (611.2KB, 700x1133)
>>43081 (OP) 
Wonder Project j2 comes to mind. 

So does Relm and Yuffie though.
>this won't get you banned
>zoomer does
It's just silly.
Replies: >>53115 >>53116
[Hide] (231.6KB, 407x397)
Fresh off the boat, eh?
Replies: >>53218
What am I supposed to see here? Are you retarded?
Replies: >>53218
[Hide] (168.6KB, 1066x768)
[Hide] (282.3KB, 1366x768)
[Hide] (202.7KB, 1366x768)
Replies: >>53136 >>53139
[Hide] (1MB, 855x714)
>google zero results
>Yandex zero results
>Tineye zero results
>no hints in the file name

I fucking hate posts like this.
Replies: >>53138 >>53158
[Hide] (20.1KB, 450x254)
It's Lost Ruins BTW. Fucking Reply fishing faggot.
I played it, has some of the worst, most awkward combat I’ve seen in a faux-Metroidvania
Replies: >>53158
[Hide] (74.6KB, 668x768)
Yeah that's what happens when you get a screenshot of a game instead of just taking images from the internet and reposting them.You forget to rename them ad then some fag cries about it because because he's too dumb to take 2 minutes off his fap schedule and figure shit out on their own.
That' because you are retarded enough to play it as a memevania.
Hint:There's a reason the game has a permadeath mode.
Replies: >>53207 >>53223
What exactly about that post is searchable if not the images? Is one supposed to look for "anime girl video game"? What about "green goblin video game" or perhaps "cat girl giant"? "Jenny"?  I truly don't know what you expect someone to do.
Replies: >>53229
[Hide] (644.4KB, 1084x718)
>go into thread
>not only insult it without adding anything but also use poor grammar
>get triggerd like a nigger for being called a nigger though (zoomer getting triggered for being called what it is)
IB's all over for ages have autistically screeched over the zoom word when in reality it was all the other *oom words that were cancer, by the zoomer no less. They can dish it out retardedly but can't take it as they are only here on IB's being extremely new to the point of not belonging here due to hating their own age generation aka themselves.
Replies: >>53227
so if I stop pretending its a metroidvania then the combat will miraculously stop being shit? woah!
Replies: >>53229
Replies: >>53245
[Hide] (211.6KB, 1366x768)
He figured it out pretty quick >>53138 ,why couldn't you?
I guess you could always pick story mode if you got filtered.
Afterall the developers did foresee as much and went through all the trouble to put it there alongside A FUCKING WARNING meant for journosand fags like you.
All that of course is under the presumption that YOU CAN FUCKING READ.
Replies: >>53240
Well, he probably had played the game before and so he recognized the characters. Someone who has never played the game before would have no chance of doing so. But I can see that you've got some special complex about this game so I'm sure you won't be able to provide any special insight.
Replies: >>53248 >>53254
Replies: >>53259
Just ignore his bitch ass, it’s cleary a shill. Doesn’t surprise me considering how new the game is.
Replies: >>53307
Actually my process was to search metroidvania with goblin girl and when that didn't work I checked steam and ordered metroidvania by release date. I doubt he is a shill. He is probably an insecure newfag trying to fit in.
Replies: >>56474
Replies: >>53299 >>53300
>are you retarded?
<let me explain it all!
>acts even moar retarded due to being further triggered
Way to go.
And no I don't believe you're 'like 30' either.
[Hide] (24.4KB, 400x412)
>thread named Lolis in Vidya
>anon posts lolis in vidya
I wanted to post some myself but considering the games have only been out a few months since their release i think i should probably play it safe wait a few years
Replies: >>53309
That's why people made retro-games boards. The old and young were not designed to get along. 
<though ironically that means that some should be not even on an IB of course to begin with....
The drama is far too easily triggered. A single word might put some autistic into symptoms, so dangerous.
Replies: >>53321
[Hide] (12KB, 221x256)
>Implying your shitty -oomer meme isn't equally bad as people randomly screaming SHILL at anyone videogames
Replies: >>53323 >>53326
Anyone *posting videogames.
To hell to this place.
[Hide] (95.1KB, 1032x720)
It's not my meme or I'd be the only one that had been censored over it on IB's rather than my having seen it over and over when so many other words trigger me myself, like simp for example, or larp (when used wrong). 

Also, they are shills, having a retro board is a good thing as /b/oards keep zoomers in so would /v/ keep zoomers away from the retro gaming board ideally. As it is /v/ and /b/ I get to have as the IB's aren't evolved that much yet and /r9k/ was over evolved to the point of dying, so yeah...


[Hide] (39.3KB, 745x258)
Why are they so erotic? i hate being like this.
Replies: >>55431 >>55441
Because you are gay.
[Hide] (36.5KB, 626x256)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1458x1072)
[Hide] (21.4KB, 740x187)
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1438x1125)
Haha, no more holding back.
>you will never be this ass devastated over a picture
Be sure to livestream the suicide later.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 640x368, 00:45)
>>43081 (OP) 
Replies: >>56474
[Hide] (219.3KB, 600x600)
So did britbongs fuck rabbits? The word cunte and also roman cunnus was nomenclature since 14th century, I highly doubt they didn't know what it meant before it became "too rude" whatever the fuck that means.
>lmaom british fucked rabbits hahahahahha

Replies: >>56477 >>56490
[Hide] (428.4KB, 1121x1168)
>The word cunte and also roman cunnus was nomenclature since 14th century
Cunny is eternal.
Replies: >>56490
Fact: queen is derived from the same root as cunt, and it was pronounced kwāni (kwunny) in Proto West Germanic. Gyne, in gynecologist shares the same root.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 640x360, 00:36)
Some final fantasy 3d remake game had a lot of little girls running around. I've seen a 6 hours video of a guy just playing it and looking at every girl there from every camera angle possible. Not a single pantishot, 0/10.

Main character from "life is strange" is cute, at least visually. She isn't quite a loli, it's highschool/college/whatever, but she is slim enough.

I need to play Disgaia already, I keep seeing the girl from that game everywhere and still have no idea of what that game is about.
Replies: >>56501 >>62991
>Main character from "life is strange" is cute
commit suicide
Replies: >>62991
Don't like her? More cute girls for me, I'm not complaining.

Wait, shit, fiction doesn't work like that, there it's the most popular choice that gets massproduced. Well, in real life the most popular girl is also the one who gets the most pregnant.
So how are you guys liking ender lilies? I'm not very far in it, but i can already tell it's gonna make me cry considering that lily flinches every time her ghosts attack, her dodge is actually a dive and her hair gets darker every time she purifies a boss. One thing i'm really liking about this game is the fact that you can grab onto ledges (even though lily is supposed to be a frail little girl), so many """metroidvanias""" forget to implement this mechanic for some reason. Also the music is beautiful and the graphics are gorgeous even though it looks like it was made in flash, it kind of reminds me of hollow knight which i dropped 5 hours in in that aspect, but without any of the soy.
>ain character from "life is strange" is cute, at least visually.
I'd hatefuck her blue haired dropout friend, she's even more retarded and annoying, but that's part of the charm.
Oh lawd, I need a cunny kwāni to rule a Germanic tribe with.
Replies: >>63005
Why would you want your queen to be a cunt?
[Hide] (351.8KB, 600x857)
[Hide] (368.6KB, 1500x2121)
[Hide] (413KB, 675x1200)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1447x2047)
[Hide] (190.8KB, 694x852)
It's such a shame that most vidya lolis are relegated to gachashit these days. Sakuna is the only recent one i can think of.
[Hide] (504.6KB, 960x544)
[Hide] (575.5KB, 960x544)
Fresh off the oven.
Replies: >>63368
[Hide] (149KB, 960x544)
I love Lize so much.
Replies: >>63401
Hopefully i will know enough nip by the time i finish DT 2 post dungeon to play 2-2.
Panty shot's from spike? i thought they went full woke.
bumpan to save this important thread
>>43081 (OP) 
So when's zzzchan going to get the /l/olikon board?
Replies: >>74277
When there's demonstrable interest in >frequently posting something that couldn't go in this thread or /japan/.
bumpan a delicious bread
Spoiler File
(395.8KB, 1000x1200)
Spoiler File
(395.4KB, 1000x1200)
Spoiler File
(413.4KB, 1000x1200)
Spoiler File
(413.9KB, 1000x1200)
Spoiler File
(393.2KB, 1000x1200)
This post is brought to you by puniholes.
[Hide] (146.7KB, 800x1067)
[Hide] (3MB, 2332x3262)
[Hide] (4.2MB, 2480x3508)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1300x1550)
[Hide] (737.6KB, 793x1200)
Can't let this thread die.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1920x1088, 00:11)
[Hide] (94.9KB, 370x320)
[Hide] (430.2KB, 680x534)
God bless.
[Hide] (27.8KB, 467x413)
[Hide] (914.6KB, 1176x672)
I love this kind of pantsu with the side tie and barely enough cloth to cover the crotch.
Replies: >>97102
Not even illegal as it's not sexualized ironically.
[Hide] (611.2KB, 700x1133)
[Hide] (315KB, 640x480)
[Hide] (271.1KB, 1280x474)
When I think of lolis in video games I always think of ff6/ff3 and Realm first but also the robot in that one n64 game.
Replies: >>87890
Fact: Reconstructed languages are theoretical.
Those aren't lolis.
Replies: >>87899
Relm was like 11 and Josette is literally 12 days old.
Replies: >>87902
Age has nothing to do with whether someone is a loli or not. You posted a bad example for the first one since the official art does look more like a loli, but Josette is most definitely not a loli.
Replies: >>87914
If that were true then normalfaggots wouldn't have banned it.
Replies: >>87924
>Implying normalfags operate on reason or logic
Fucks sake anon the same people who go on crusades against loli constantly get outed as pedophiles.
Replies: >>87933
Being attracted to teens isnt pedo by definition
Replies: >>88025
Actually legally it is in Five-Eye nations (and perhaps some 9 eyes ones (and perhaps some 14 eyes ones)). Pedo means child, legal children are generally teens but the real issue is teen of what year? Then again in Africa there's a 21 year old age limit. The drinking age is 21 due to the whole 'women are done with puberty now' shit. 25 draft age is 'men are done with puberty now so we can't reprogram them and they're falling apart by now so we can't run them ragid'. They have ages for a reason. 18 though, a man is tall enough to do work and a female won't likely die from lack of birthing hips, that's all that shit is. 16 for some. It was always approximate in ancient times as people went by their gut, of which was indeed more sane. 

But yeah, man didn't mean what it means today. Child, man, woman, these words lost their meaning. 

But yes, pedo is a time and a place and if you go back far enough like the word racist it literally did not exist. 

For the USA even Yuffie is a loli despite being a teen.
[Hide] (258.3KB, 500x351)
>For the USA even Yuffie is a loli despite being a teen.
Dude I just told you it has nothing to do with age. It has nothing to do with laws regarding real people either. Loli doesn't change depending on what country you're in.
Replies: >>97040
Its actual definition is attraction to prepubescent regardless of jew laws.

Also many loli artists trace.
[Hide] (118.7KB, 400x264)
>Also many loli artists trace.
>source: my ass
Delicious bait anon-kun.
Bubuka is the only one I've heard that traced actual children. Rustle traced adult girls and modified their bodies. 
Most loli artists I've seen have clear anatomy flaws that shows they don't trace. 
Eat shit and die.
Replies: >>88041 >>98550
[Hide] (309.6KB, 1110x1553)
[Hide] (182.9KB, 1000x930)
[Hide] (105.7KB, 1070x1138)
[Hide] (394.5KB, 909x1200)
This. Real life little girls don't have hips like these
Replies: >>91212
Where did this meme even come from
[Hide] (17KB, 400x400)
From people looking at cp and loli art and seeing similarities.
Replies: >>88181 >>88266
Have you been outside before? 3DPD kids do not look remotely similar.
Replies: >>88193
Are you bating me into posting cp and traced loli porn?
Replies: >>88270
Also junior idols and other such things
There is none though
>inb4 art drawn from reference to nude modelling
It's the same nude modelling as adults do, you've just got a selectively curated collection. Artists simply don't trace as much as people claim they do in general, they're just been trained to be very familiar drawing certain standard poses.
afaik it was specifically because rustle was breaking into western markets and tumblrettes thought that they could cancel him with a character assassination not realizing that this was at a time a significant portion of comic LO subscribers had legal collections of 3dpd cp.
Replies: >>91212
>had there been anywhere else
>mfw /tech/ had made endchan back then
This isn't necessarily true. 12-year-olds, for instance, can. Little girls don't suddenly transform from basically shotas to full blown women in a year, and not every girl is the same.
>it was tumblr
>sources: 0
Oh man that third one is nice.
[Hide] (317.6KB, 1134x945)
[Hide] (90.4KB, 723x1000)
[Hide] (67.7KB, 600x800)
[Hide] (76.8KB, 600x800)
[Hide] (273.9KB, 900x1200)
Ain't letting this glorious thread die until we hit bump limit.
Actually it does change depending on what nation you're in as loli is literally illegal in five eye nation since 2003 for the USA and then the new creeper act but whatever. 

With the lack of detail, texturing, that loli/animu has what you're really asking about is flat chested and petite. Just say that instead if it's not about age and stop being disingenuous for the sake of being lawyerly whilst  ironically it is indeed illegal. 

Not that I care about it ethically, it's  just that this venom over nothing in my direction when you have no logical foot to stand on is faggy.
Replies: >>138431
Spoiler File
(72.8KB, 518x630)
Golf loli is best loli, prove me wrong.
Replies: >>97098
[Hide] (104.5KB, 458x767)
I don't want to prove you wrong, but I do want to post better musclegirl art of her than that.
Replies: >>97113
If you like them so much why don't you buy a pair and wear them you fucking faggot.
Replies: >>97104
I am.
Replies: >>97106
Do they look cute?
>tfw no stronk loli to dominate me
Replies: >>97115
[Hide] (825KB, 714x814)
What about a floating loli that is tsundere all the time?
Replies: >>97120
Why would you ruin a perfectly good leggy loli with shit personality?
Replies: >>97122
You're supposed to fuck the tsundere out of the leggy loli anon.
Replies: >>97123
[Hide] (333.9KB, 700x1260)
Or I could just go for a girl that isn't shit in the first place.
Replies: >>97124
[Hide] (96KB, 300x223)
Replies: >>97125
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1676x1020)
The 2hus are all virgin except sanae girls except the white haired dude and if you think otherwise you're wrong and have shit taste.
What about the turtle and cloud?
>>97125 Sanae is a good girl.
[Hide] (189.8KB, 1349x1892)
Suwako has descendants so she can't be a virgin.
Replies: >>98556
Replies: >>97358
[Hide] (189.8KB, 450x350)
Junko is pure, so she can't be a nonvirgin.
SJW's reaching for a logical reason to attack freedom of expression. 

>no no it's literally REAL children! BELIEVE
[Hide] (1.5MB, 608x1269)
[Hide] (9.6MB, 2710x1802)
Playing SC6 since they removed Denuvo. Talim and Amy are nice, but not quite lolis, just youthful, flat, young teens. Soul Edge uses a loli as an avatar, but she doesn't fight or even have a full design (she only appears as a 2D portrait with variants for facial expressions). Given one of the two new characters [spoiler]dies for real in the plot and he was fucking around with the Astral Chaos she lives in (?)[/spoiler] I'd love to see her in SC7 stealing his fighting style.
There are records of early colonialist documenting the native tribes they found. Unsurprisingly, people were casually fucking on the street in public, and age wasn't even a thing they considered at all in that equation. Incest is also a lot more common in untouched tribes than modern societies.
Replies: >>98283
So what you're saying is that doujins are just historical accounts?
>>43081 (OP) 
>8 months later
>OP still has unnspoilered porn
Replies: >>98535 >>98552
Roll is pure, not porn.
> traced adult girls and modified their bodies.
Proofs? I know of an artist that has done this, Murai-Renji, and that shit looks uncanny as fuck. Maybe you're thinking of a time people were talking about him?
It's not a real girl. That's just plastic.
Replies: >>98555
>Where did this meme even come from
Mostly pedos trying to muddy the water. They never once post proof, not even proof using legal images of children.

Plastic porn. But considering the amount of media that finds it necessary to censor genitals while not censoring dildos and fleshlights, I can buy the logic that no fictional porn ought to be censored whatsoever.
She's also magic, and can probably produce offspring without sex or pregnancy.
What Cotton game is the one with the girls bathing in bloomers only?
Replies: >>98646
[Hide] (231.5KB, 1280x720)
Cotton Boomerang
>Quotes made-up posts
<hurr janny bad!
Replies: >>99466
This. There is no proof Seagull ever acted wrongly. Do you have screencaps of those posts before they got deleted? Didn't think so, retard. They were probably shitposts or deserved to be deleted anyways. If you don't like it you can take your ass to cakechan.moe or gaymoo nigga
Replies: >>99467
>There is no proof Seagull ever acted wrongly
[Hide] (4.9MB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (4.7MB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (236.1KB, 689x666)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 3312x4956)
[Hide] (828.7KB, 1734x2459)
Reminder not to reply to derail attempts.
Replies: >>99472 >>99476
[Hide] (738.4KB, 2301x1517)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1849x3215)
[Hide] (182.9KB, 1000x930)
[Hide] (468.2KB, 864x864)
[Hide] (581.9KB, 619x1000)
This. Can we get back to loli posting please?
[Hide] (137.9KB, 1024x576)
>5005 year old loli
Replies: >>99477
[Hide] (942.3KB, 1196x945)
>you will never impregnate a lolibaba
Replies: >>99481
[Hide] (89.9KB, 580x800)
>ywn take a lolibaba out on a date
>ywn watch her fumble around with technology while pretending she knows what she's doing 
>ywn make her upset by trying to hold her hand because "Anon! You're too young! I could be your grandma!" 
>ywn turn her into a fumbling mess by replying "Yeah, but I want you to be my wife"
Fuck the universe.
Replies: >>99487 >>99531
I wish I could at least write wholesome stories like that, but I even suck at that.
Replies: >>99492
Just study what you like then write shit and keep writing shit until it's not shit anymore.
Replies: >>99494
Yeah... Unfortunately it's so low at the priority list of all the shit I should do that I rarely get there.
Also I'm a sadist psychopath, so I'd probably torture them to death before writing anything that could be considered wholesome.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1023x1455)
[Hide] (554.6KB, 970x1570)
[Hide] (215.7KB, 850x800)
>hold her hand
Whoa, let's not get too lewd in this pure thread.
Spoiler File
(3.7MB, 1920x1080)
I had somehow never considered that due to children being just resized adults in NV, body mods also apply to them.
Replies: >>102050
Oh boy.
So one time this guy friend (no longer friends with) I had at school told me he liked one of a girl from our school, I asked him why and he said because she looks like a “real life loli”... I didn’t know what that meant! I thought it was something pretty like a doll but I wasn’t sure so when I went home I searched up what loli was and I couldn’t have been more disgusted. That girl was also younger than him so I should’ve known, I remember when he first told me he liked her I told him that she was too young. She was only two years younger than him but in high school that’s a bit weird. The next day I told him off about liking little girls and of course he defend himself by saying “they look young but they’re legal!!!” I told him it didn’t matter since they look just like children. I made sure he stayed away from that girl. I dismissed so much warning signs now looking back. He also would guilt trip me because I never let him touch me or hug me.
Replies: >>102061 >>109352
Replies: >>102070
If anything women are never mentally mature enough to consent, but you have to draw a line somewhere. Might as well be 18.
Replies: >>102071
Age of consent is a jewish psyop, true niggas dont care about age
Replies: >>102072
You live in my house and eat my food and are my responsibility, go ruin yourself and fuck around on your own, until then you have a curfew and no sex.
Replies: >>102073
Kill yourself rulecuck
Replies: >>102075
Replies: >>102077
shitposting from my PS tripple
Unironically in my 30s, fml
Replies: >>107831
Spoiler File
(12.7MB, 2894x4093)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 580x1469)
Spoiler File
(4.4MB, 3307x2598)
Spoiler File
(450.5KB, 873x1000)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1000x1178)
At least there's one thing the fags at Riot haven't managed to fuck up yet.
Replies: >>109360
[Hide] (4.6KB, 320x200)
30 is the new 20, mate.
Holy shit anon youre such a faggot
Spoiler File
(359.5KB, 1920x1080)
Bannerlord mods letting you play as a loli is great.

Didn't Annie get her pantsu censored some time ago?
Replies: >>109744
>Bannerlord mods letting you play as a loli
Fuck, I've been waiting for that game to hit a finished state before playing it again. I wish they would hurry up.
Replies: >>109772
Spoiler File
(360.1KB, 1920x1080)
Spoiler File
(357KB, 1920x1080)
Spoiler File
(358.8KB, 1920x1080)
I think it was worth the 35 bucks I got it for, even before the new patches. Would like to see one of the total conversions reach a playable state. The Nippon mod wanted to push out a demo that's just Kyushu this year, but that was stated last year and moders make Valve Time look speedy.
Replies: >>109977
Huge shoulders. What are these, trans-lolis?
Replies: >>110093 >>110096
It's "devs not wanting to make a seperate skeleton and animation set for a model that's going to be covered up anyways"-lolis.
[Hide] (110.5KB, 720x960)
shoulders? look at those fucking hands, and look at that fucking boy ass, this is just horrible
[Hide] (113KB, 825x566)
[Hide] (287.9KB, 480x550)
kikechan is trying to slide this thread
not on my fucking watch
Replies: >>117155
[Hide] (98.3KB, 868x1067)
>bottom of catalog is filled with anchored threads
>10 (or something like that) threads per day maximum
It's a thread wort bumping, but no need to worry.
Replies: >>117158
Spoiler File
(73.9KB, 614x609)
Spoiler File
(172.4KB, 509x358)
Spoiler File
(141.6KB, 760x625)
The real question is: what are they trying to deflect attention from?
[Hide] (4.4MB, 480x272, 01:58)
less bitching moar lolis
Replies: >>117223
[Hide] (317.7KB, 1134x945)
[Hide] (77.5KB, 640x480)
[Hide] (434.6KB, 752x800)
[Hide] (67.5KB, 960x1280)
[Hide] (7.4KB, 640x320)
stop responding and report them, you are being raided
Replies: >>117247
[Hide] (333.7KB, 600x800)
Do lolibabas count?
[Hide] (419.9KB, 640x272, 00:04)
[[You need a zzzchan Gold Pass™ to see this post.]]
what gaem
Replies: >>117251
Boku no Pico
Replies: >>117256
It's downloading now. Thanks for the recommend
Replies: >>117260
[Hide] (390.1KB, 1000x778)
No problem
[Hide] (67.2KB, 234x284)
Of course.
If you respond to this nigger I will find ur waifu and fug her
Replies: >>117273
Not before I fug your waifu in the ass.
Replies: >>117275
[Hide] (147.7KB, 533x800)
Oh yeah? What if she has no ass?
[Hide] (271.1KB, 730x681)
You will never be white.
You will never be a woman.
Your life will never have value.
Replies: >>118749
Anon has been mindbroken. Refute the law posted.
Replies: >>118750
[Hide] (393.4KB, 680x612)
Overruled by the constitution. 
There's yet to be mass arrests over loli in the US. In fact, there's yet to be a case where loli by itself led to someone being arrested in the US. 
To put it in your language, cope seethe mald dialate. Now fuck off.
>Overruled by the constitution. 
>There's yet to be mass arrests over loli in the US. In fact, there's yet to be a case where loli by itself led to someone being arrested in the US. 
Not like you'd know about it
>Overruled by the constitution. 
How so? Explain.
>there's yet to be a case where loli by itself led to someone being arrested in the US. 
It happens every so often in specific states.
Replies: >>118757
I just stained my monitor with cum thanks to this image.
Replies: >>118757
[Hide] (351KB, 518x818)
There's legal precedents for imagery being protected under the first amendment. While the constitution is often disregarded in the judicial system, legal precedents can easily make or break a trial. 
>It happens every so often in specific states.
Post examples that don't involve other crimes (e.g. guy has loli and CP on his computer), or cases where the defendant panics or gets tricked into pleading guilty, which could and does get you in jail even if you aren't guilty of any crime. 
I'll stop replying now.
I understand the urge.
Replies: >>138427
>pedo coping this hard
Replies: >>118767
>t. actual pedo
Replies: >>118922
[Hide] (630.2KB, 680x680)
If you're gonna respond to obvious bait at least post loli or something with your post so it's not completely worthless
Replies: >>118926
Don't forget that they often IP hop or get their discuck friends to respond to their own bait.
Replies: >>118983
dont forget theyre also under your bed and in your closet, and they are also in the dark basement, ooOOoOoOh!
Replies: >>118985 >>118989
You will never be a woman.
Spoiler File
(217.6KB, 1280x768)
Under my bed and in my closet? That's cool, so I can easily beat them up with a steel pipe until they can no longer move.
[Hide] (143.7KB, 512x512)
[Hide] (351.3KB, 1202x434)
My fellow men of culture, i made a thread in the jrpg sub forum about loli characters and to my disgrace half the people from the RPG general came to shit and report my thread.

The solution is quite clear, the codex population must be replaced by lolicons, once we have bigger numbers thing will change, i don't think mods wanted to delete it by they were pressured by the majority there.
if you want a fucking private army, pay pajeets to do it
[Hide] (147KB, 1200x1200)
Are you implying these losers won't just ban regardless of numbers? Why try and convince a bunch of normalniggers to believe something they've been conditioned not to believe anyway?
[Hide] (11.2KB, 500x500)
Replies: >>124988
[Hide] (9.1KB, 500x460)
melon is best hu
What's with you and RPG Codex, anon? Did you use to use the site or something?
[Hide] (292.9KB, 745x886)
>nobody to play shitty old ps2 fighting games with
Not a good feel
Replies: >>128373
[Hide] (10KB, 320x256)
I don't really have any, except this wind-up doll.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 2048x2048)
Does Aruru count?
Force emulator devs to integrate good netcode. Find their houses and have a nice talk with them.
[Hide] (2MB, 1258x1630)
[Hide] (550KB, 664x774)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1000x750)
[Hide] (427.8KB, 550x733)
Spoiler File
(507.4KB, 550x733)
The jew fears the loli.
[Hide] (415.2KB, 1365x2048)
LoliDOOM when?
Replies: >>138425
[Hide] (201.5KB, 1150x1150)
[Hide] (260.9KB, 797x170)
Spoiler File
(431.2KB, 640x480)
Spoiler File
(800.7KB, 797x597)
[Hide] (27.1KB, 600x596)
>Post examples that don't involve other crimes
I think way back in 2011 or 2013, there was a case of a guy's wife reporting him to the police and pushing hard for there to be legal action because he had loli on his computer, where the cops only cared because she made a big stink about it, and of course he took a guilty plea which doesn't fully satisfy the requirements of proving it's illegal. Other than that, 99% of cases are just stacking charges on pedos for actual CeePee with no loli involved.

What you should really be asking is if eroge counts.
Replies: >>138435 >>138437
[Hide] (607.7KB, 1024x980)
>For the USA even Yuffie is a loli despite being a teen.
No she's not, you fucking retard. Loli is a body type range correlating roughly with proportions of children aged 6-14. There's some grey area between JCs and JKs, and around the lolicon-toddlercon border.
No, loli doesn't change depending on the country you're in. Legality of certain pictures may change, but that doesn't suddenly make a well developed 17 year old anime girl a loli just because the law says underage fiction is illegal. Point to these fucking countries and their laws that claim to have definitions of loli, rather than just "fictional porn of minors is illegal", you lying cunt.
>Introducing An Apprentice Incubus
Fun little romp. I really liked how the characters actually moved around as time changed and you could catching doing this for unique dialogue.
What kind of wife snitching her own husband? The man is clearly at fault here, he can't control his own woman. He deserves nothing.
What's the game on the third pic?
Replies: >>138438
[Hide] (367.8KB, 1487x2972)
I put the title in the filename. Cum on, anon, step it up.
Replies: >>138439
[Hide] (1014.8KB, 1694x890)
I hate that "feature". I wonder if it'll ever be removed or made optional.
Replies: >>138445
[Hide] (6KB, 408x74)
[Hide] (39.4KB, 429x500)
I said step it the fuck up, onii-chan. You can also view the unspoiled file name by saving link as.
Replies: >>138446
[Hide] (338.4KB, 1369x1183)
>He actually though Spoiler File was the filename
Anon, I think the feature is dumb too, but you can't be that retarded.
Replies: >>138446
[Hide] (46.6KB, 539x956)
It was a joke you dip
Replies: >>138451
I understood it was a joke, but you definitely didn't make it clear whether you knew you could still see the original filename anyways, so I had to spell it out 4U.
Loli = CP
t. knower
Why hasn't /v/ made their own loli game yet bros? it seems like a sure winner to me!
Why haven't you killed yourself bro? It sure seems like a win to me!
Replies: >>138471
Already did bro, this is a GHOST you are talkin to boy
Because I lack motivation to finish anything.
mods are asleep but I ain't letting the jew steal my loli thread
Because I can't draw yet(?)
Spoiler File
(194.4KB, 844x1210)
Replies: >>144483 >>146234
Spoiler File
(914.6KB, 1024x784)
I got what she needs.
Replies: >>144179
Spoiler File
(10.2MB, 4299x6070)
shitty overused joke
lolis don't exist
Lolis don't have a bush like that. That's just DFC.
What's a good site to post loli smut?
Is it only Pixiv?
Making your own site
Twitter is mixed, there is definitely risk but also the largest audience as well (and you could probably find other places from the people there)
With nip sites you have the braindead censorship. With western sites, you have the endless sea of moralfags. The best place is probably some obscure gnusocial/mastodon/whatever is the most hyped implementation in CY+7 instance, but if you want audience, you're fucked.
Replies: >>144696 >>144761
Allthefallen is technically still around and I'm pretty sure they have a gnusocial instance... somewhere. But the best place to post your loli drawfaggotry is the webring.
Just post it here. Pixiv has that stupid censorship rule.
Replies: >>144761
Spoiler File
(378.6KB, 1680x1080)
Spoiler File
(138.3KB, 768x1125)
Spoiler File
(86.3KB, 720x960)
Spoiler File
(117.9KB, 1344x910)
Spoiler File
(155.2KB, 1339x1300)
Sure they do.
Replies: >>144761
I have recently seen a few artists move to itaku.ee, which has a gay mobileshit interface with a hideous default colour palette but is otherwise fine.  The simple fact it doesn't hide the full resolution image is a win in my books.
Bush does not alter body shape. Still a loli. Also, what fucking bush? Did you reply to the wrong post?

Pixiv has a censorship rule, but it lacks moralfags for the most part. This means that tons of artists get away with posting uncensored stuff so long as it's not reported. Just like how on Twitter tons of artists get away with posting hardcore loli hentai because the western moralfags aren't interacting with Japanese twitter much in the first place due to the language barrier. Regardless of the site you choose, make sure to keep backups of all your work, and avoid giving out unnecessary personal information. It's easy to restore a nuked Pixiv with an alt account. If you don't want to lose any text attached to your uploads though, be sure to keep a txt of them.

You have absolutely horrendous taste in bush.
Replies: >>146234
What's the point of a loli thread if ALL the fucking images are censored? This is so pathetic I can't even.
Replies: >>144788 >>144802
Go change Japanese law then, faggot.
Replies: >>144791
The law? You mean the gay law?
Replies: >>144792
Yeah. Go change the gay law.
What bothers me the most about the censorship is that it's not consistent at all, some will have blur which doesn't let you see anything but pixels, some will have huge black lines that cover everything, some other will just have thin lines over the clit and some other small bits. It makes no sense.
Replies: >>144805 >>144853
IIRC the law just says "no sexual organs" which is often interpreted as "no bagina insides" and it's up to the artist to figure out how far he can take it before the cops come knocking.
Replies: >>146219
Spoiler File
(976.2KB, 1057x1500)
Spoiler File
(444.2KB, 1280x1849)
Spoiler File
(1.1MB, 1408x2000)
That's why I fap to manga, the censorship is pretty much non-existent. I wish eroge followed the same rules.

There have been some talks about "protecting freedom of expression" in the latest Japanese elections, but that just seems to be from foreigners rather than their own domestic censorship.
The only reason there is any at all is for plausible deniability. If japs had any balls in this regard they could all just stop doing it.
Replies: >>145033
Patreon/Fanbox exclusive uncensored uploads push them closer to that.
Spoiler File
(931.5KB, 1120x1540)
Replies: >>146203
One of those rare instances where i wouldve preferred if it was a boy
>3rd pic
Like how is that censored? The censor bars are fucking transparent and thin to boot, you can literally see everything. Why doesn't everyone just do that if that's good enough to get a pass?
[Hide] (169.7KB, 330x238)
>No sexual organs
>Artists censor the anus too
>The Japanese have declared that the butt is a sexual organ
Replies: >>146223
>Artists censor the anus too
I'd say 10% of them do. The censoring is so inconsistent that it's fucking hilarious, starting from the what you have in >>144853 (bonus point if they upload a layered psd somewhere), having so much censor that you can't even tell the character's gender, all the way to adding white lights that completely obstructs 3/4 of the image.
Replies: >>146229
[Hide] (44.7KB, 1024x576)
The white lights thing I have only seen once
Replies: >>146230
Thank you God for stopping me from committing sin.
Replies: >>146232
[Hide] (21.6KB, 640x360)
Metatron himself coming down to protect you
Replies: >>146233
Light is so blinding even my past sin is washed away from my mortal body.
Spoiler File
(1.4MB, 2238x3061)
Spoiler File
(1.4MB, 2238x3061)
Spoiler File
(1.4MB, 2238x3061)
I like me bush, like me pubic hair. A loli can have either and still be a loli, as seen in exhibit B and C here on my PhD science chart. But according to the artist, that's not a loli, just an older sister tomboy who has a newly-discovered exhibitionism fetish because her younger brother was interested in going into the grown men's bath rather than the women's with her this time and she decided to oblige him.
The proportions aren't right for a loli, I think.

You'd be surprised. I remember in 4th grade I had two friends that had so much body hair for their age, we called them Bigfoot and Chewbacca. Seriously, they had more hair than some grown men.

I think the best tactic for twitter is to pretend you're either jap or chink. Considerably lowers the risk because moralfags care little about anyone who doesn't speak English. Still a shit site though, but if Marimo can survive, anyone can.
Replies: >>146254 >>146255
Is Pawoo better than Baraag?
[Hide] (136.2KB, 483x444)
Replies: >>146256
It's not loli because it's not loli at all dude
>I like me bush, like me pubic hair. A loli can have either and still be a loli
Neither of those are loli
Busg is literal anti-loli anyway. Next you'll say oppai-loli is loli.
Replies: >>146256
Spoiler File
(5.2MB, 2238x3061)
I fixed it for you, anon. Do you love me now?

>It's not because I said it's not
That's just nonsense, put some effort into your posts. Funny though, I literally said oppai isn't loli in /hgg/ today.
Well what's loli to you then? It's literally just a body type that focuses on proportion. Pubic hair doesn't change the body type. That's like saying a tomboy is no longer a tomboy just because she's got some strands down there, or a motherly type is no longer motherly because she doesn't shave. Also you may be surprised to learn that both, boys and girls, do indeed go through puberty and start changes. Girls can start as early as 8 and develop physical changes including hair growth. By your logic, all lolis are younger than 8.
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