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Having fun?
Rarely do I pay attention to recent releases so I recently found out about Mortal Shell. Haven't gotten very far, just got Eredrim, The Venerable, but It's pretty fun and comfy. I love souls-like games and the atmosphere is incredible. Makes me wonder if Bloodborne will get a PC port at some point. I mean, I'm not in a hurry to play it since I still need to finish Sekiro and both Nioh 1 and 2. Yeah, I been pretty lazy with finishing games lately. I've been playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd as well. I was trying to get into MH again since I tried before and failed but this one stuck and I been having a blast playing it. Oh, I'm also playing New Super Lucky's Tale. I'm actually playing both the original and the new one to compare them both. They're really fun platformers. Speaking of playing both versions, I'm doing that with Yakuza. I couldn't decide between playing Kiwami or the PS2 original so I'm just playing both one after the other.
I've been alternating between the Geneforge remake and Strange Journey Redux.
SJR is definitely easier than Strange Journey, so I'm doing a mild challenge run where I don't enable the sub-app that doesn't give you a game over if your main character dies, and I've also been training up a Demonica-N from level 1, which has been... interesting. I basically keep it in my party at all time and fuse mitamas onto it for stat boosts and sick skills.
I've beaten the Geneforge remake once as an Agent on Torment, but the game's new mechanics really tore my ass up, so now I'm playing a Shaper. Also on Torment, but it's noticeably easier due to having better meat shields. I'm genociding everyone on this fucking island.
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>>41472 (OP) 
Doing ng+ in Xenoblade 2 but i think i already burned out, might drop it for a while for A-Train that comes out on friday.I love this game, i love it's combat system and exploring it's world, yesterday i just found 3 areas that i didn't know existed in the game. Next week there's the remake of saphire wings bundled with strangers of the sword city coming out and i really feel like playing good old dungeon crawlers so i will play that.
Replies: >>41495 >>41537
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>>41472 (OP) 
Couple more screenshots.
Replies: >>41491 >>41495
Been playing through SMT as of late. I dropped it for a week or two before coming back to it and I'm quite thankful for that, the directions the game went through are nothing I wouldn't have liked more.
I can only hope the rest of the ride is as good.
Spoiler File
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>5th pic
Replies: >>41493
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Actually I should probably contibute to the thread. I think I'm going to finish my play through of Xenoblade chronicles. I got walled in the bionis heart for a while and dropped it for like a year or more, I would occasionally poke at it and die again. Then I saw the guide on how to play melia and was finally able to beat it. Then I stopped again because I wanted to beat the .hack series which I just finished off. 
Other stuff I have been playing on and off is Elona, maybe some more cataclysm DDA the brightnights mod, Battletech Roguetech mod, the first Nioh which I also need to beat. Oh and Etrian Odyssey which is kicking my ass as usual.  A few other things too but I can't really think of them right now. I've been on the fence about getting a switch and will probably try to emulate before I buy anything.
Replies: >>41502
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My problem with melia is that she hits TOO MUCH, and takes agro off tanks, same problem as Rex once he gets Hikari really, except hikari has an ability that grants 50% evasion so you can actually tank with her too.
Replies: >>41503 >>41522
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>pulls agro
I don't know who thought giving the mage waif a nearly guaranteed topple move was a good idea but it amuses me. My dream team when I need to hit hard is normally Melia as my control, Dunban, and RIki. 
Sometimes I think about restarting due to really screwing up the parties affinities for one another but I guess it really doesn't matter at the end of the day. If I ever want to do it I'll just emulate the enhanced edition on the switch or something. Have some more choice Melia's.
I'll probably pick X back up after this but I really have a lot of issues with it.
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>>41472 (OP) 
I started playing Touhou Luna Nights yesterday currently fighting Patchouli. I'm a sucker for time stop/manipulation abilities. It plays like your average metroidvania clone, just feels a bit more linear. One thing I don't really like is that your normal attacks are tied to your MP so you cant really spam attacks especially during boss fights. I've gotten kind of use to it, but sometimes I get to into an attack that I end up wasting my MP and just have to dodge until I regain it again. It can be kind of brutal with how far the saves and heal rooms are from each other. Plenty of hidden walls and secret rooms. The guys that made this are also making a Recod of Lodoss War Castlevania style game too, I think it comes out later this year, so I picked that one up too.
Replies: >>41556
>endless sword bash spam
>pull aggro off everything
God I love being an asshole to my own team sometimes.
I've been playing through DMC3 with mods and vergil and such having finished my first playthrough recently, and then I tried 4.
I really liked 3 despite some of its worse qualities(camera's a bitch, some bosses and enemies are just not fun at all). 4's so far not appealing to me much. It's not difficult(or rather enemies aren't agressive enough) and enemy variety is stupidly limited, and they die very quickly so I can't even style with nero's initially limited moveset.
I'm considering either playing Dragon's Dogma, Nioh 2 or emulating Nier once I'm done with 4 because I don't want to burn out before I start V.
Replies: >>41531
If you're not playing DMC4 on Legendary Dark Knight mode you're playing it wrong. I never played any of the Nioh or Nier games, but DD is really good.
Replies: >>41536
LDK on a first playthrough?
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I just finished Rikki & Vikki today, which I previously described in >>35952.  It's a very good game and I encourage anyone who likes puzzle platformers or retro games to give it a try.  The only thing that really annoyed me was the good ending being locked behind the co-op game mode, which I can't play because Steam Remote Play is mediocre at best.  Aside from that, it was just about the perfect retro game:
>satisfying core gameplay
>adheres to the restrictions of its target console
>absolutely phenomenal music
>extremely well-designed puzzles
>no bullshit
There's even a hidden world.
I also bought the bundle, probably buying EDF 5 too since I played it for like 150 hours
Replies: >>41562
>I also bought the bundle
I think I'm about half way done with with Luna Nights now, Its definitely been a lot of fun. Gonna wait till the 27th to start Lodoss War. EDF5 is probably my favorite in the series. Bought the JP version when it originally came out the the ENG when it first came out to PS4 and then the PC version.
>>41472 (OP) 
Mortal Shell looks pretty good. I haven't actually got to playing it seriously with intent to beat it yet. But for the 1 hour I playtested it, seems like one of the best soulsborne indie clones ever made, nearly on the same level as the first The Surge. It's supposed to come out on GOG and have extra content released sometime this year.

As for my games, I've been playing Fallout 4 for the first time with over 200 mods since early february, already over 300h clocked in my savegame.
Replies: >>41632
>nearly on the same level as the first The Surge
The Surge had its fair share of problems in both level design and mechanical design, so that isn't saying much.
>Fallout 4
Why?  Even with mods, what is there to do in that game you can't get better elsewhere?
Replies: >>41644
I know The Surge has its fair share of haters, and some criticisms are valid, but I still love it - even if a significant reason for that being that even today, it remains one of the very few games to take the genre away from the dark medieval fantasy setting.
Anyways, I didn't mean to compare The Surge and Mortal Shell on a technical or gameplay standpoint - I'm just saying I enjoyed Mortal Shell nearly as much, and that's all.

>Even with mods, what is there to do in that game you can't get better elsewhere?
You tell me.
I've modded F4 to make it as close to STALKER as possible in atmosphere and gameplay, having exhausted on actually playing STALKER and its mods to death. I've even modded blowouts into the game. Playing on survival difficulty ofc.
I'm also actually getting a bit of enjoyment out of babysitting my settlements and settlers.
Of course the actual storyline, characters and dialogue are pretty meh. Ada could've been robowaifu material if only they hadn't made the character so simple.
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Replies: >>41771
I'm grinding out a 100% file challenge for Trials of Mana. A 100% file takes a minimum of 4 runs to complete and I'm almost done with 2 of them. To keep the grind interesting I am switching up how I play the game. I played the first run normally. The second run I am playing with the triple experience ability, never using the dodge button, only fighting required battles, and purposely knocking out allies in boss fights for a solo challenge. Out of these four modifiers, never using the dodge button changes the gameplay the most. Until the triple experience ability over leveled me past everything, no using the dodge button turns into important skills enemy pattern recognition for anticipating attacks, and managing the Class Strike meter for impromptu dodging through Class Strike invincibility frames. This is a lot more fun than the normal infinite dodge which is the source of all complaints about the game's easy default difficulty levels.

My final two runs will have to be on the highest No Future difficulty level to obtain more-ultimate-than-ultimate equipment exclusive to that difficulty. The third run shall be a normal run. But in the fourth run I will try again to not use the dodge button; however, I don't know if this is physically possible.  Because almost everything one or two-shots the player in No Future, and there are a few bosses with attacks that are too fast, or too large, and too common to avoid without using the dodge button. I could cheese the absolutely required ability which prevents ally AI HP from decreasing below 1 by switching characters so that an AI always takes hits, but I don't want to. I'll probably take the less cheesier route by having a Duran AI with Provoke and the aforementioned ability instead.
Replies: >>41773
How is it compared to the SNES game?
Replies: >>41868
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I beat Luna Nights earlier this afternoon, Reimu pretty much kicked my ass, but managed to get a win after abusing the fuck out of Time Stop and health items. Map Completion is at 99% so gonna try to find the last two rooms later tonight. Not sure what to play next now. I do have Moero Chronicle on the Switch that I haven't played yet. Maybe I'll hop into that. I'm pretty much just waiting for Stubbs to come out now.
Replies: >>41805 >>41821
[Hide] (1020.3KB, 380x185)
>Moero Chronicle
The game is alright, feels like a discount Dungeon Travelers, if you feel like playing some dungeon crawlers on a portable Saphire Wings / Stranger of the sword city dual pack is coming out on tuesday, experience game never disappoint, if you feel like rubbing some monster girls tities disregard my post and go right ahead, moero has plenty of fan service.
Replies: >>41806
>Saphire Wings / Stranger of the sword city
Isn't NISA working on that or are they less pozzed these days, because I heard Falcom forced them to fix the bugs and translation in Ys VIII.
Replies: >>41808 >>41809
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>are they less pozzed these days
Replies: >>41810
[Hide] (1.2MB, 384x162)
I THINK that NISA only publishes Experience games in the west and does not translate them, previous games from them were not pozzed by them. We can only wait to see, i pirate anything anyway but if you couldn't hack your console because of your model i will write next week my impressions, stranger of the sword city was already published by them and there was no pozz.
Replies: >>41810
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I have the SNK collection and was surprised they had Athena in her bikini armor on the cover, makes me hopeful that companies are keeping them on a short leash.

Pic related
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Deus Ex.
I'm envious of you.  I discovered the exploit with one of the blade subweapons (the one where the protagonist throws 100 knives or something), and it trivialized the back half of the game.
Replies: >>41832
I guess you're talking about 1000 Knives, it did make the game a bit easier, but I'm not that good and probably never figured out what the exploit was.
Replies: >>41874
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>Jagged Alliance 2
>heard it was good and I like strategy games
>don't know anything about modern combat or guns but I played Silent Storm before and it looked like a similar kind of game so I figured I should be fine
It has been a month now since I installed it. It's a great game and I'm having a lot of fun, but this is pure pain. At least I -think- I am getting the hang of it.
Which is the overall better game is hard for me to judge. To me, it is a faithful remake to the original, but beyond this it still plays and feels so different to the original that most of its evaluation ought to come from seeing it as a standalone game.

I can say for sure I prefer the SNES for graphics and the remake for music. I can also say for sure the remake's difficulty is much, much easier than the SNES' difficulty. Most of this easiness comes from that no-cooldown dodging mechanic which is easily ignorable in a casual playthrough for a better combat experience. There are two higher difficulty modes available from a patch, named Expert and No Future, to unlock after completing the game once. Expert and No Future were made for NG+ and are extremely tedious to complete without using NG+ bonuses, but they are otherwise welcome additions for upping the game's difficulty without self-imposing restrictions. The remake has more character customization than the original with new passive abilities to unlock and modularly apply while leveling up; however, most of the passives are useless filler. Overall there are still enough useful abilities to end up having a larger number of super-OP builds than the original.

The story has a little expansion with a new post-game dungeon, and many brief party talk dialogues that play outside of cutscenes. I prefer the remake's story over the original by the addition of party talk dialogue as the dialogue adds a bit more detail to the world without intruding on the story's original structure. The post-game dungeon's execution relating to its place in the story as taking place before the final boss is awkward, but ignorable, and would've probably fit in just fine with a few minor adjustments in execution. There is a new 4th class tier for the post-game dungeon, but gameplay wise it feels like a wasted opportunity because of how late you have it. Fortunately the Expert/No Future patch adds the ability to keep unlocked class costumes in NG+ to make the 4th jobs feel less like a wasted opportunity.

Overall, Seiken Densetsu 3 and Trials of Mana are both good enough games that I can't recommend one over the other, and players should try both of them. For Trials of Mana by itself, it's what the Secret of Mana remake should've been. Also for Trials of Mana, whatever you do, avoid the PS3 version. It subtly censors the game by removing clothing and jiggle physics that are present in the Switch and PC versions.
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Haven't been playing much outside of some retro games, Touhou, and Thief fan missions when I can. Last game I completed was Ghostrunner. A really fun fast moving combat/platforming game. It's not as long as I was hoping it to be, but it's very replayable. 

Other than that, I tried Valheim. While I enjoy the environments, music, and good sound design, it's a very basic game that still falls into the same pitfalls as other survival games. It has some good anti-frustration measures, but adds enough in order to pad out the game (for instance, you can't transport precious metal through portals you can make, meaning you have to take time to run/sail back to your base to drop it off, which could be far away from said materials, since they weigh you down). Combat is simplistic and easy to exploit, but to be expected when it's trying to be part survival part building simulator. The difficulty works based on what gear you have equipped, where the same enemies you fought in a previous area are stronger in another (but no change in behavior) up until you get the next tier weapons and armor. After that, they become trivial again. It can be a comfy game, but very repetitive and grindy after a while.
There's nothing to figure out: you just stand still and enjoy your three full seconds of i-frames while throwing knives at the boss.  The weapon disables your hurtbox but doesn't disable your ability to graze and restore health/magic/time, so you can use 1000 knives to ignore a hail of bullets and regain more magic than you spent to use it.
Replies: >>41880
I let Holy Sword do most of the work while I just dodged and weaved out of attacks.
[Hide] (41.9KB, 639x361)
First Men of Wars. Difficulty is ball busting even on normal, especially MoW2 german missions.
Some mods for HOI4, yes unirronically.
Got any recommendations? Mostly techtree stuff or total conversions.
I have TWR, The one mod which is bassically Vic III to future, TNO but I won't be playing it much 
And touhou 15. I'm trying to finish it as my first 2hu game to finish.
Replies: >>42358
[Hide] (50.7KB, 600x587)
Been playing shadowman.
Good game, got it because it was technically a superhero game but soon found out its more of a horror/demon souls precursor. The graphics and movement make it seem similar to legacy of kane at first, but eventually it shows its face as a genuinely frightening and engaging game with a ton of features now prominent in modern games.

Its got a lackluster story, but I was really gripped by the gameplay, atmostphere, and horror, as well as surprised by how similar the game was to souls games, especially demon souls. Not a great game objectively, but still good in its own right, and great if you are interested in a 3rd person combat/ps1 era horror hybrid.
[Hide] (44.8KB, 294x680)
Today marks the 20th anniversary of Gothic. Been playing it whole weekend because a lot of anons and people outside of imageboards have recommended it to me. I can see the appeal and have called it "german S.T.AL.K.E.R.", but it's still going to take some time to grow on me.
>Loop Hero
I've also been playing Loop Hero, which is nice, but very, VERY grindy. Love the sound effects.
Accurately described by most people as a worse and unfunny Subnautica in space. I don't like it.
>Curse of the Dead Gods
A mix of Hades and Dead Cells. It's good, but far from great. Very punishing in terms of maintaining you progress. In order to unlock more dungeons and earning perma-currency you have to beat a boss, and the final third boss of each dungeon is a motherfucker that wipes the floor with me before I can knock even 25% of health off them. Even if I made it through the entire dungeon mostly intact, you don't get much for your efforts unless you put a cherry on top and beat that final boss. Hate it when games demand near perfection from me.
With all that bitching said, I still like the game, the combat and double-edges swords that are curses keep it interesting.
(3.4KB, 34x74)
playing the new dlc for crosscode
>finally get to finally experience the entire game, more or less going to bundle any additions and updates after release as 'new' for the dlc, like new game+, arena, etc.
>some of the additions are very questionable, last minute heroes is fucking retarded for example
>the dlc still has the very gay story, holy shit i just wanted to have fun through crossworlds - that is not to say the characters aren't bad, reflecting on the game once again, the interactions and banter aren't bad but man when the game wants to be serious, it is so painful to go through
>for some reason, it didn't occur to me to play the game royal guard / just blocking everything instead of dodging with dashes, now the game has now become a lot better in being fun, the perfect guard window is actually wide enough to not be absolutely perfect with timing and gets wider with the royal guard stat
>despite being new dlc or rather suppose to be part of the game, what was end game gear for the main game can now be upgraded again to 'ascended gear', a new rarity that auto scales your gear which is pretty damn lazy
>the 'final' dungeon was pretty damn good, adds a new gimmick sphere that interacts with all four elements and combines all of the previous puzzle elements from previous dungeons into a game where i had to actually think for once again, the 'final' boss was a bit cheap or rather Schneider / the game thought i was evenly leveled which is full of shit
dlc isn't too bad, but could have been way better
Replies: >>42362
[Hide] (207.4KB, 500x500)
>touhou 15
Finish the older games first, you absolute baka.
Replies: >>42364
[Hide] (95.9KB, 688x512)
[Hide] (101.1KB, 800x1100)
>last minute heroes is fucking retarded for example
Whats so stupid about them?
Do they have extra content in the new DLC thats bad or something?
I was told that this one is easiest, It's my first one.
Replies: >>42365 >>42380
[Hide] (168.5KB, 671x475)
Yeah it only gets worse if you try the first ones, they are full of shit mechanics and screen clutter and the two newest games are like masochist levels because everyone who has beaten everything a million times told ZUN his games are too easy. Just try to beat 15 and give up altogether if you can't.
Replies: >>42366
Alright. Thanks mate.
Replies: >>42603
Start with 6.
I wanted to play Stubbs the Zombie, but with the reviews coming out for it makes me think I should skip it for now.
Replies: >>42592
>reviews coming out
Are you telling me they remade stubbs the zombie anon?
Replies: >>42594
No they just rereleased it with widescreen and win10 support. I think it only runs on Win10 is one of the complaints I read about it.
Replies: >>42595 >>42608
I'll have to catch that one on sale someday then. Haven't played that since I was a kid. Seems like it might work over proton, not enough reports yet to get a real consensus.
Replies: >>42596
Its on GoG so I may pirate it this weekend to see how it plays.
[Hide] (286.7KB, 1010x399)
[Hide] (321.9KB, 742x519)
[Hide] (372.6KB, 977x354)
I was waiting for someone to call my bullshit but it never happened I'm sorry anon start with 6.
What a coinkydink, I just fapped to that last night
Replies: >>42605
Looks like degeneracy to me.
[Hide] (7.6KB, 366x152)
Yeah, I can't run it on Wiin7. There are a few fixes listed on pcgamingwiki, but I can't be arsed to try them, especially if I don't know whether they're for old or new version.
Replies: >>42611
Fucking gay, I still have my old Xbox copy, should probably play that instead.
[Hide] (21.3KB, 326x326)
>we have to fuck you harder
DPfags pls go
Replies: >>42614 >>42634
[Hide] (46KB, 400x200)
Don't think of it as a sexual act.
Think of it as two bros giving each other high fives down low with their dicks, using a woman as an anti-gay protection, a human condom.
Just make sure you don't get carried away and let your balls touch, cuz thats fuggen gay as heck dude
Replies: >>42616
Replies: >>42617
[Hide] (556.4KB, 718x580)
>furry too
ur mom's house lmao
Replies: >>42618
[Hide] (16.7KB, 340x340)
Spoiler File
(7.8MB, 3000x3000)
It's great though, one of them gets a way to fuck any youkai girl he wants and instead of keeping it for himself he invites his bro to enjoy the best thing to happen in their lives. I think there's a couple more doujins where they basically keep doing the same thing to everything that walks. True friendship right there.
[Hide] (225.6KB, 800x599)
>instead of keeping it for himself he invites his bro
Replies: >>42638 >>42646
>loser faggot doesn't know friendship
Replies: >>42641
[Hide] (14.5KB, 447x378)
>letting someone fuck your wife is true friendship
Replies: >>42646
[Hide] (1.6MB, 560x315)
Keep defending your awful tastes, cucks.
Replies: >>42646
>they don't want to fuck their wife with a bro
I heard /v/ was a board for real anime enthusiasts but I see I was mistaken.
Replies: >>42650 >>43324
With your wife?
Replies: >>42649
[Hide] (118.7KB, 400x264)
It's some faggot straight from /tv/. They have this word game that is sort of like rock paper scissors that is made up of cuckchan lingo.
Replies: >>42650
[Hide] (78KB, 1268x688)
I thought /v/ were fellow hand holding and cute__ enthusiasts but I see that I was wrong.
Even worse, it's a cuckchan thing.
[Hide] (16.9KB, 324x383)
>hand holding
And you people dare say sharing wives is a shit fetish.
Spoiler File
(8.7MB, 800x600)
I like handholding to, but my desires are a bit more unconventional.
[Hide] (38.5KB, 566x261)
Hey, buddy, I know you heard about this ebin sekrit klub from your pals on cuckchan, but you don't fit in here and we can tell.  Go back.
I've been playing CKII with the HIP mod. Right now I'm trying to restore the Roman Empire with the Eastern Romans as an Hellenic pagan, so I can go on a genocidal spree on some mudslimes by mass sacrificing them back to Allah. The game has been going good so far, for one I was able to get the christcucks to not hate me and create more internal wars by assassinating them with favors and appeasements and I think I will be able to externally btfo the Egyptians in a couple years due to the amount of internal wars they've been having, which cost them at least 5-10k levies from butchering a strong marital king and replacing him with a weak ruler and his heir is an even weaker ruler.
Replies: >>42662
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1680x1050)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1680x1050)
>CKII with the HIP mod
absolute patrician
>Roman Empire with the Eastern Romans as an Hellenic pagan
I remember also doing Hellenic run, and being triggered that the god names are Roman instead of Greek.
Meanwhile in Italy, a son got high on drugs, had an epiphany and decided to teach himself how to fight, but wanted a favor for his self-improvement efforts.
Later, a million conscripts appear to ransack my neighbor, out of the blue.
>I remember also doing Hellenic run, and being triggered that the god names are Roman instead of Greek
It's just paradox being ahistorical about many things as always, just like how Buddhism in game is egilitarian and allows women to become priests.

>Meanwhile in Italy, a son got high on drugs, had an epiphany and decided to teach himself how to fight, but wanted a favor for his self-improvement efforts.
That's nothing compared to my Ireland run where a pajeet mudslime conquered all the way from India to the Middle East and had a holy war with the Ethiopians copts and lost agaisnt the niggers for whatever reason.
>One million levies
How the fuck did this happen?
Replies: >>42667
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1600x900)
I have no idea, Satan. His levy number on character sheet is in the negatives, so it's probably a bug. 
Also, look at the consequences of not restricting diplomacy range.
Replies: >>42669
[Hide] (20.6KB, 268x268)
*Smacks huge ghetto lips*
[Hide] (16MB, 1200x500, 04:56)
Well fag you made me re install CK2 and now i have installed HIP, i have only played vanilla, i am for a ride now.
I've been playing Drakengard. Dear God help me, but I'm actually enjoy it.
>Dodging shit at the last second with caim
>bowling ball dash attacking through shit with caim
>midair drifting with the dragon
>gaining altitude and then swooping down in a mechanic that's useless for anything but showing off and having fun
>this "everything is fucked" atmosphere
>a game that did not laze out on having weapons level up change their models
The actual game is rough at best and shit if I'm being honest, but I'm really enjoying it.
Lots of caim's weapons just launch enemies away from  the rest of the hitstring which is frustrating. Constantly getting knocked off the dragon because crossbows is annoying as shit and having them inch away from you when you're trying to hit them is annoying because not every weapon is both fast and has a long reach. The music I swear is made to fuck with you because it keeps skipping and replaying and at first I thought it was my emulator but it's the actual fucking music.
But despite it all I'm actually still enjoying it and I want to play 2, 3, Nier( if I can emulate those two, speaking of which in what order should I play Nier/D3, D3 first then Nier or the other way around?) and Automata if I don't burn out by then.
>>41472 (OP) 
I'm playing Doom eternal to prep for the dlc coming out later today plz no booli but until it's released I'll probably play some Synthetik or Open fortress later, overall meh.
>having them inch away from you when you're trying to hit them is annoying because not every weapon is both fast and has a long reach
Just retreat and use the running dash attack thing on them, that works with all weapons.

>because it keeps skipping and replaying
What do you mean?

>speaking of which in what order should I play Nier/D3, D3 first then Nier or the other way around
I don't think it matters since Nier is a sequel to the first game.
Replies: >>42724
[Hide] (4.3MB, 480x368, 02:56)
[Hide] (4.6MB, 480x368, 03:12)
>dash attack
Takes too long so I've gotten into the habit of using the jump attack instead.
>What do you mean
First webm, the part that starts at 16. I thought my audio was glitching out before some new instruments started. I still really like that song. There are a few other examples I've came across but I've gotten used to it by that point and I'm mostly really enjoying the music. I listened to the whole OST yesterday and I can't wait to get to the 9th chapter because that music is great.
I meant does Nier somehow tie into D3 or the other way around?
Replies: >>42727 >>43015
One of D3's endings leads to D1, and one of D1's endings leads to Nier.
I've heard 2 is trash that they didn't even make with Taro on board for it. It and Nier are set after different endings of the first game.
I will boolee you to the end of the earth.
Beat the first field of La Mulana, I knew this game was obtuse but fucking hell they really expect you to just try random shit until something happens. I saw no indication anywhere I was supposed to hit the block in the statues mouth but maybe I'm just dense.
Also tried Killer7 briefly, will probably restart with M&K. what a weird game
I am a huge fag and I couldn't finish the game. The combat got too repetitive and boring for me. Just swing your sword left and right, do an AoE attack and repeat. Maybe I don't like musous, but the dragon bits were kinda fun.
Most of the game is spent in the world of spirits. You're on a rail because chess pieces have no freedom. Harman is Ahura Mazda and Kun Lan is Angra Mainyu. A supercomputer can predict the future, but only because a secret society is making sure the events unfold as planned. The moon is the source of all evil. None of this is a spoiler because none of it is ever told to you.
> I saw no indication anywhere
Every tablet contains the solution to a puzzle, somewhere.  You did find the item that plays a chime when you solve a puzzle, right?
Replies: >>42771
[Hide] (246.6KB, 1768x992)
Yeah that's nearly unmissable. There's a tablet in the same room that says the block and platform are linked but hitting the block didn't seem like a reasonable solution given the hint.  picarel
If you can't decipher an easy clue like that you will have a hard time later.
Replies: >>42936
I probably won't be able to finish it. Still think that's a stupid clue.
Been playing the expansion for Cross Code. Just got through the beach level and the grass head challenged me to a duel. Can't find the last McGuffin or the last chest in the beach level and it's driving me nuts, but I'm guessing it's hidden in the dungeon or one of the new chests in the town or something?
The devs do end up conditioning the player, just a little, to not strike things. It's thematically important. It has the unfortunate side effect of encouraging players to defer hitting a thing to solve a puzzle, but that's probably unavoidable. I love the series, and I really appreciate the devs going out of their way to make the game a trap filled maze that doesn't want you to solve it (despite there being clues all over). Having said that, there was no way I for one would have been patient enough to finish it unassisted.
Replies: >>42993 >>43744
I finished the game twice but I remember always needing assistance getting into the tower of the goddess. To this day I'm not 100% sure I do need to go through that 8bit area first to reach it or if I'm just missing a really obvious exit.
Replies: >>43744
>crossbows are fucking annoying
your only hope is magic, the swordsmasher magic is pretty top tier and isn't too hard to get
the game is just trash by the fact that
>if you do your strings on someone long enough you have to do your buffered big magic ender with the triangle button because they will start blocking
>hitting someone when they're flying will instantly bring them back up (which is fine for pumping out damage but very bad for crowd control), which they can react almost inbetween the gaps of your strings

drakengard is truly a shit game

if you're into questionable or very subjective music, you might want to look at evergrace's ost
Replies: >>43224
It could be better, although I'm starting to think it's getting tedious because of the mission design. Chapter 5(when the empire nukes a battlefield) has you run around a big battlefield attacking groups of enemies, then saying "ha ha they are reanimated as skeletons go kill them again but they spawn when you're on on the ground so no dragon for you was some tedious bull-fucking shit. Caim as a whole needs a big revamp and the dragon needs some form of additional speed/maneuverability. There's a mechanic for gaining lots of speed when diving but you lose it all instantly you start leveling yourself.
I didn't even use the dragon for most of the ground missions, since you need to kill people with your weapons to level them up.
Replies: >>43311
Well I found just about two weapons at any given time to be useful, so I enabled a cheat that has one kill level up the weapon to level 4, because I want to read the weapon stories and see the model changes.
Honestly I'm considering fucking off now that I've seen ending A. I'm doing all this to play Nier/D3/Automata and I'd rather not burn out or kill myself before I do.
Replies: >>43313
[Hide] (477KB, 600x600)
>I'm doing all this to play Nier/D3/Automata
Nier follows from ending E. You need to collect 100% of the weapons for ending E.
Replies: >>43345
>the dragon needs some form of additional speed
Also the dragon has a quick dash button (the X button in DoD, dunno if they changed it in Drakengard), and if you hold it down you go faster.
Replies: >>43345 >>43347
[Hide] (620.5KB, 970x1160)
I get to kick this bitch's ass eventually, right?
Replies: >>43323 >>43325
[Hide] (75.4KB, 500x500)
>crotch plate
[Hide] (330KB, 668x664)
You're truly disgusting.
[Hide] (70.4KB, 255x153)
>playing the shitty remake
Replies: >>43338
How else am I supposed to find out what it's like? Listen to someone else tell me?
Replies: >>43690
Well yeah, except I know what ending E is because it's the entire reason why I played D1. It's just that the actual game part is not that fun. The dragon is now mostly bossfights and they are garbage(the black dragon fight was actually really fun though), caim's gameplay has not much new to add and whatever limited moveset variety there was has already topped out and honestly ending a was pretty depressing, especially when I know it leads into Drakengard 2.
For D2 I have no idea if I want to emulate it. I have played it before, many many years ago but I doubt it would be worth it just for the music and trying out the shortswords which I never ever gave a chance. 
I'm aware, but it's not a particularly fast speed.
Replies: >>43347
>No dragon for you
technically you can trigger the skeletons then hop back on the dragon and shoot them down with fireballs if you keep pressing L1 + R1 to do a 180 turn or turning around with your movement + respective dash, but it's doesn't deal that much damage with the dragon's fireballs sadly

Pretty sure it's faster to 'mash' the X button in a rhythm to get multiple dashes
>Decide like a fucking retard to continue Drakengard to ending E
>Ending B's the best the game had to offer, really good back to back dragon bossfights
>Ending C was pretty meh and I'm not really sure why Caim and Angelus were fighting
>On the verge of chapter 12/ending D
>All of these tedious as fuck no dragon kill everything in a large map missions
>All of these "wait 20 minutes" weapon unlocks
>all of these obtuse as fuck "go in this specific path and then solve this puzzle you don't know even exists and then have the dragon gargle your balls for a decade to spawn a chest in a hidden place" weapon unlocks
>Chapter 10/11's music where the music ceases to even be an enjoyable listen and instead just takes a jackhammer to your brain, doubly so when you're playing at 120% speed
I'm almost there, two missions and I'm almost there.
Do Nier/D3 at least play well? I want to enjoy more and I really, genuinely liked Ending B's bosses.
Replies: >>43634 >>43669
Also I forgot
>this fucking 50 year old chainsmoker going "lalalala"
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1811x807)
Yeah okay, fuck you too Taro.
>Do Nier/D3 at least play well?
I don't know about D3 but Nier is pretty fun. Though I thought D1 was fun too

That is important to the backstory of Nier.
>the madlad actually did every ending
Did you like the road of suffering leading you to this final point?
Replies: >>43685
I liked it up until I had to go and unlock weapons. Then it was frustrating and tedious, until the rhythm game, in which it became frustrating but I somehow still liked the music of that boss when it wasn't out of sync. I still died like 40 times on it and I really wanted to save state but then what's the fucking point and I might have well just looked it up on youtube then.
Replies: >>43689
>expecting anything happy in taro's world
Welcome to the misery circus, buckle the fuck up.
>the rhythm game
I was playing on actual hardware so I couldn't savestate, but I cheesed it by pausing when a ring came out and unpausing to press the right button.
If you have a 3DS to play it, you can play NDS games just fine too.
Replies: >>43695
I don't have a 3DS. I also beat Strange Journey about 6 years ago on the Neutral path. 
I'm about 30 hours in and aside from the art style change and voice acting, it's really not bad. It's definitely easier, though.
[Hide] (133KB, 1770x424)
[Hide] (155.2KB, 1246x370)
Replies: >>43766 >>43768
>>41472 (OP) 
>what are you playing?
Castlevania 64.
>having fun?
Kinda. Feels like an easy game where you must wander around until you proceed to the next area.
>The devs do end up conditioning the player, just a little, to not strike things
Unattentive players get conditioned to that. Ones who do pay attention, learn from one of the very first hints in the temple that an eye being on screen is required to punish you. There's no eye on that screen, so you're free to hit whatever the fuck you like.
>Having said that, there was no way I for one would have been patient enough to finish it unassisted
Same, I had to look up hints about 3 times. The sequel was a lot easier in that regard, I only had to get help with the Ratatoskr puzzle.

Going through the 8bit area is a secret alternate path to get there. You're supposed to just enter through the entrance at the bottom, where the place also lights up. Said entrance appears at the Surface's waterfall after you beat Viy.
Replies: >>43763
I forget since it's been so long. Did the MSX-alike version have the eyes, too? But anyhow, what I mean is that "hit the thing" is sometimes a valid way to solve a puzzle, but you have to figure out if a clue is telling you to hit something or to do something else. Since "hitting things" specifically can result in you getting whacked for a percentage of your health, it wouldn't surprise me if there were people who tried every other way of interpreting a clue other than the one that resulted in them hitting something since they were afraid of being smitten. There are, after all, some screens in the remake with eyes where you have to figure out what exactly you are or are not supposed to hit. 

But, really, they did accomplish the goal of discouraging people from just randomly without thought or without clues hitting everything when they come across something that looks like a puzzle. From what I remember, there weren't actually THAT many rooms where there was a thing you were supposed to hit and a thing you weren't supposed to hit, unless the puzzle was specifically figuring out which of the things you were supposed to hit. It's sort of a natural consequence of the big stick approach they take that people get shy about answering "yes" to "should I hit this thing that I think the clue is saying to hit" and it fits the deathtrap theme the game has going on. Of course, then there're the times you throw a secondary weapon in the wrong place or jump and whip at the wrong time and get blasted for being incautious, but that's just part of the fun, too. 

The sequel set out to be more accessible, I think. I seem to remember progressing pretty steadily but occasionally having to wander around trying to figure out just what I hadn't done yet. For some reason, it felt more intricate and backtracky with more big complex puzzles that took traversing an entire field again and again to solve, although that might just be that the sequel to a game like La Mulana would naturally be more involved even if the actual puzzles were less obtuse. I think the fields were also more broken up with more parts of fields that you could only easily get to (maybe at first) through other fields. Again, pretty much what you'd expect.
[Hide] (639.4KB, 1000x1000)
Was talking to some buds and they recommended I pick up Furi and Assault Spy since I like DMC, so I found them on GOG pretty cheap. Needless to say I should stop taking recommendations when someone tells me a game is like Devil May Cry.
Replies: >>43766
I get assault spy being very vaguely DMClike, but Furi? It's not a bad game but it's as far as DMC as you can get.
I'm still not sure if it's an emulator glitch or not but watching characters contort in and out of existence at the edge of cutscene cameras fucked with me so hard when looping through cutscenes again to find an alternate path.
Replies: >>43767
I think because its just boss fights and crazy patterns that boss does, but the game just feels to basic for me, not enough variety in combos and all the bosses feel kind of the same, or at least have the same flow of waiting for them to attack then parry, 3 hit combo, wait, parry and repeat. Assault Spy I haven't made it far into but just completing the tutorial and the first area feels a little basic but it looks like you can get upgrades later so hopefully the game opens up more.
Drakengard sometimes felt like it was Taro's attempt to do one of those "what if these video game tropes were taken literally or to their logical conclusion" games. Why does the PC never say anything despite being a character in the game? He gave up his ability to talk for power, of course. The PC kills a literal army's worth of grunts over the course of the game, because he's expressly setting out to kill that entire army. There's a princess whose only role in the story is to be kidnapped over and over since she's the only thing that can fuel some world-ending ritual--so naturally she gets kidnapped and the world-ending ritual actually gets carried out. I had thought there were more.
Replies: >>43770
That makes sense, but what about Manah being possessed by a bored text to speech voice?
Also it still doesn't remotely forgive how badly the game plays
Replies: >>43887
I'm willing to believe that the game playing badly was just due to bad design. If they wanted the mechanics to really make the player suffer or be bored into an epiphany about the game they could've made them even more rote than they already are. Also, that the game may not have been Taro wanting to do a whole game's worth of logical-conclusionism but just cherrypicking a few things that stood out to keep people like me wondering. Sort of throwing stuff at the wall to see what stuck. It certainly worked, whatever it was. The last ending and the giant loli bossfight and the sky egg teeth babies could've been just Taro's "talent" for grotesquerie or the outre or whatever you want to call it showing through. It's not a very well developed theory, but Drakengard wasn't a very well developed game (unlike some other projects Taro had a hand in).
Replies: >>43891
I can say for a fact I'm sure they were trying to make the dragon fun, especially when you wait on the main menu and see the gameplay reel, the way they move with the dragon is certainly something they meant to be enjoyable. Is the dragon as a whole 100% really well made? No, I'd say about 60% mainly because the "floor"of the levels isn't often clear and you end up with homing shots hitting the floor and despawning in a few chapters(the ocean fortress one is miserable for this).
Caim's just garbage to play. I emulated around 20 minutes of Nier yesterday and even if it's 30 FPS he plays much better than Caim does.
Replies: >>44026
[Hide] (66.8KB, 683x512)
Slightly off-topic:
What can I play with my co-worker at the office on the same screen? We'd like more variety than Worms Armageddon.
>low requirements
>easily minimized
Homm 3
crypt of the necrodancer
or any psx games with couch co-op or vs, like crash bash, gt2, tekken though rigging your keyboard to have all the dualshock inputs for two players would be slightly inconvenient
[Hide] (324.6KB, 474x271)
>>41472 (OP) 
Playing New Vegas for the first time. I'm going to go with a high intelligence, charisma, and luck build which is supposedly really hard early on but gets extreme strong later on. I've also got it on the hardest difficulty short of survival mode
Survival mode isn't a difficulty. You should activate it always.
Replies: >>44000
Yeah I'd recommend turn on survival mode and lower the difficulty, since it just makes the enemies more bullet spongey rather than smarter.
Drakengard. It's alright, combat could be a little better but the game is visually stunning.
>high charisma
Pointless to dump points into that stat.
[Hide] (330.6KB, 750x711)
>not going 10 luck from the start
Replies: >>44044
It makes sense that they tried to make dragon mode enjoyable, because they went on to provide an entire class of enemy (more than one? I forget) that doesn't really do anything too important other than knock you out of dragon mode. It just feels right for that particular game to try to give you something and then take it away.
>>41472 (OP) 
Finally got into Dead Space 3 so I can get some closure on the trilogy. I really like how they did the combat in this one, everything feels crisp and smooth even if the enemies do get in your face way faster. The pc screaming every time he shot a necro in the prologue was a nice touch and I was kind of disappointed to find out I'm going to be stuck with the same guy doing the same things instead of this fresh recruit screaming at every shadow. I was really hoping they'd move away from the whole girlfriend situation but I guess I can handle a sappy rom-com in my horror games for THE THIRD TIME with the addition of cuck subplot as of this moment in-game. Not really sure how to feel about the crafting system yet since I've only used it once but all the clutter in the workbench makes me think it'll get annoying really fast.
[Hide] (2MB, 274x257)
>not dumping luck every time and not relying purely on wits and competence of your character
Not gonna make it.
Replies: >>44081
You don't play New Vegas for the difficulty.  If you literally just put points into Repair you'll break the economy and all semblance of difficulty within 10 hours.  Then all the DLC areas will give you stat boosts, legendary items, and weapons that will turn the base game into a cakewalk.  By the time you get to level 30 you'll be vomiting so much damage and have such good armour that it will be very difficult for any enemy that isn't level scaled to hurt you.
Fun game. On my last playthrough, I didn't dump all charisma so it wasn't a complete minmax build. Took energy weapons and meltdown perk, also known as faggot piss-blast: enemies might explode when killed by energy weapons, and if they're too close to you, you take tons of damage.
Motherfucker you're playing new VEGAS not ScienceNiggers dump those points in luck
>been playing DOOM on and off for years, not really feeling it
>still only in ep4
>at this point every mission is "here's 3 barons of hell and also you have no ammo, have fun"
>all tactics go out the window and every map is just starting infighting and waiting for all the monsters to kill each other because you have no fucking ammo
>fuck it, emulate up Rockman for the Famicom
>it's old and unrefined but good
>damn good
Finished it over the course of one day, beat every boss at least once with no special weapons. Very good, a bit bullshit in some parts but it made me look forward to number 2.
Replies: >>44097
[Hide] (156.3KB, 203x495)
>he can't finish Ultimate Doom
Maybe you should learn to aim. I bet you used the select trick on the Robot Masters too, you prancing la la homo man.
Replies: >>44235
>verb stem + です
what is this strange new conjugation
Replies: >>44312 >>44324
[Hide] (2.7MB, 328x321)
>not desuing everything
地獄行き is one word there. It's like "hellbound".
Just started EDF Iron Rain as a break from 5.
>you can play as a titty monster in a bunny outfit
>cool enemy robot designs
>SAM is cool too
>Heretic-style item system fixes healing weapons and grenades
>lots of named unique squad members with personalities and everything
<jankier than the mainline series; movement isn't normalized and you need a patch to kill mouse accel and 75% render prescale
<enemy numbers lower than nuDoom, clunky starter weapons
<shop unlock system means no weapon growth
<subtitles are for mission story speech only, no squad chatter or SAM subs
<all my named unique squaddies are probably going to die to stupid shit for story reasons
Replies: >>44617 >>44828
I've been playing the first mad payne on my potato laptop and so far I'm enjoying the first level designs, atmosphere and the graphic novel of Max's explaining everything. The gunplay is very easy to understand and get into, although I suck ass at aiming and have times where I fuck up my chances to kill enemies with a single bullets. I'm trying my hardest to use bullet time less and only in emergency and sticky situations.
Replies: >>44612
I've been playing Nier and quite frankly it's boring me.  The music's excellent, the voice acting's excellent, and drifting with the boar is fun but I find the rest of the game incredibly boring and my patience all tapped out after 100%'ing Drakengard so I'll give it a break before trying it again.
So I decided to play the Lodoss metroidvania that was released recently. So far it's really fun but I can tell it's going to be short.
Loved Max Payne, though I don't know if I can play through it again just for the new difficulty. Also, I think you're supposed to quicksave all the time because from what I remember, the automatic saves are few and far between, just in case you're having trouble there.
>I'm trying my hardest to use bullet time less and only in emergency and sticky situations.
As long as you remember that it's there for you to use it. I don't think the game is easy enough for you to justify not using it at all in your first playthrough. Make sure you're checking every nook and cranny for painkillers too.
Replies: >>44651 >>44829
Finished Yakuza 6 on the recent PC port
I didn't hate it but its easily the second worst game in the mainline series, topped only by Yakuza 3. Its similar to Yakuza 3 in a lot of ways but it suffers from having worse combat and a general lack of content. 
I played Kiwami 2 before this but that had even worse combat than 6 by the virtue of having more awful shit in it.
The story and characters are interesting but they shit the bed when it comes to pay offs and the last half of the game has awful pacing with 5 minutes of gameplay followed by 20 minutes of cutscenes. Theres a lot of stupid shit in the game but unlike Yakuza 2,4 and 5 it doesn't use that stupid shit for something cool or fun. There are 50+ substories in the game but I really had no desire to do any of them and ended up doing only 16 substories in total.
My biggest problem with Iron Rain is the mission design, the maps are too small and a bit empty and with the small enemy count and the wave based system there isn't much room for strategy.
Unlike the mainline series with huge open maps that gives the freedom to approuch enemies however you like, and just like you said the controls feel like a huge downgrade for me everything feel rigid and strict unlike EDF5 there's alot of room to do some neat shit.
Also allies are pretty useless in Iron Rain.
> I think you're supposed to quicksave all the time
I have already done this on my first play and acknowledged the autosaves only come when you're in a new area/level.

>Make sure you're checking every nook and cranny for painkillers too.
Way of ahead of you on that as well. The only problem I'm struggling with is trying to properly aim to get head shots and how to dodge bullets. The only nitpick I have so far is that the mobsters can do a ton of damage with shotguns when they're in close range, but  you can't do the same to them, but instead stun them for a couple of seconds, although this wouldn't be a problem if I could git gud at aiming my shots. The pump-action and dual ingram are the best weapons.
So, I just beat it on Easy because the weapon unlock order is fucking weird, making Hard unsuitable for a first playthough, plus
<playing on Hard doesn't give you clears for Easy and Normal because of the mission ranking system that only exists to supplement the unlock system
<also, there's the fucking RETURN TO MISSION AREA IMMEDIATELY shit from CoD, but it only lets you go further by about 10m before invisible walling you anyway
However, there are a few more neat things:
>human enemy faction has reasonable motives without making EDF the bad guys
>secret item caches and unique weapons to find in most (all?) missions
>more varied weapon mechanics than 5, such as increasing power the longer you fire, sticky DOTs, terrain-triggered explosions, element damage and resistance, altering shot type by charging, etc.
>can jump while sprinting
>zombie gas
I hope EDF6 steals a few ideas from IR, but not the unlock system. Fuck that.
>though I don't know if I can play through it again just for the new difficulty. 
Save that for the next time it's snowing outside.
>Make sure you're checking every nook and cranny for painkillers too.
A lot of the secrets and easter eggs have these and ammo as well, worth learning where they are.

I assume you already played it but if not 2 is somewhat easier as well as also being a decent game.
[Hide] (176.2KB, 1680x1050)
Started on Metroid Prime 3, and after making it halfway through SkyTown I can say with confidence that this is the Fusion of the Prime trilogy. There's way too much pacing back and forth through linear areas to get to the next plot ticket, where Prime 1 and even 2 gave at least the illusion of exploration. If there were more side areas and alternate paths between the "hot spots" on each planet, it wouldn't be so bad.
It also triples down on the shit Prime 2 took too far
>spend 5 minutes every time you enter a room scanning everything because there might be a logbook entry
>overly telegraphed "puzzles" where you barely need to do anything other than have X item
>recycled enemies and objects, why are there 4 kinds of Splinter I got tired of those shitheads on Aether
Then there's the forced wagglan. And the Plot, which tries to make everything seem urgent and serious when the charm of Metroid has always been exploring an abandoned and isolated environment where everything is hostile.
I'll probably still finish it, just like I finished Fusion, but goddammit we could have gotten Dread instead of this.
[Hide] (381.7KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (334.5KB, 1920x1080)
90% of the way through Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, it's a good game. Lack of useful fast travel or fast movement options, and transforming taking so long are real pains but those minor gripes for a short game. Just before the Vampire castle with Lizard and Hawk stones, probably won't bother getting more. Difficulty curve is whack in this 
>first death during Fish man
>died a bunch from the fucking ninjas during Lion man
>Final castle is a complete nightmare, fireballs everywhere and switching armour constantly  
The option to switch between modern and classic graphics on the fly has given me an appreciation for how visually cluttered modern games are. Found some sections much easier with the classic graphics.
also Wonder Girl a cute
[Hide] (162.6KB, 504x506)
>wonder boy: the dragon's trap
[Hide] (47.2KB, 640x448)
That art style sucks. The only game I played in that series is the one with proto-Shantae.
[Hide] (34.3KB, 640x256)
Move aside, plebs.
Which is better DMC 3 or Ninja Gaiden Sigma II?
Replies: >>44894
> Ninja Gaiden Sigma II?
Scratch that I meant Ninja Gaiden Black, Sigma 2 just came to my mind.
Love this game also you're trash
Replies: >>44918
[Hide] (186.7KB, 500x500)
[Hide] (45.6KB, 605x559)
I have been playing Xenonauts Community Edition recently. It's been going pretty well. I've captured 2 alien bases but i have a 3rd one that has grown to a fortress level. Those are very difficult because they contain 30+ aliens, many of which are high ranking. I have plasma weapons and the marauder so it's not entirely one sided.  I had actually quit the game around a year ago due to having 2 of my save files glitch out on an Ironman game. This time I am playing without Ironman and on normal because any higher than that and the game just kicks my ass. I guess I'm not good enough to take on higher difficulties. 

I thought Doom 2016 was okay. It wasn't as good the original doom but I think it was okay. It's certainly better than a lot of the modern garbage that gets produced today. I haven't played Doom Eternal yet but I am kind of confused on how and why they are giving doom guy a backstory. It's true he always had one and it wasn't needed to understand him but I feel that it's kind of unnecessary to have it in the game. Like one anon said on this topic "doom guy's personality begins at his shotgun and ends at the barrel" or something along on those line.
Replies: >>45412
[Hide] (245.3KB, 1920x1080)
Just finished Sleeping Dogs.
Solid game overall, but the camera made me more nauseous than Kane & Lynch 2 ever did. Definitely a console game ported to PC, I'd still recommend it. As generic as the story was, I was still invested in chinese characters with names like Winston, Jackie and Steve.
With that said, I don't think I have it in me to play through DLCs. Do they have or do anything interesting that sets them apart from the main game or is it more of the same?
I only tried the one that had the Chink version of zombies that replaced all the NPCs. Really it was more of the same and I never finished it since I felt I did everything I wanted to do in the main game.
I wish they made a second game, I loved it.
Replies: >>45412
Xenonauts is fun but I find the later alien types can really fuck with the balance in fights. Once they're immune to stun gas/flashbangs, can see through smoke, can pop out and fire a huge burst before you reaction fire and so on it reduces the ability for you to actually play tactically and feels like they just wanted to lean into memes about X-COM being lethal rather than punishing you for playing badly but rewarding you for using creativity to level the playing field original X-COM's late game difficulty was often just the result of bad design where you could walk turn one into a Blaster Launcher shot and lose a bunch of men more or less unavoidably, but fags would have to actually have played it to know that. The CE should be a bit better for this to be fair because I think it integrates mods like the one that allows you to breach downed UFOs from multiple angles by putting holes into the hull though sadly only at specific points and also not through floors like in the original game.

>I was still invested in chinese characters with names like Winston, Jackie and Steve.
Not as uncommon as you might imagine in Hong Kong and cantonese speaking immigrant communities in the West mandarin speakers are mainland bugpeople though I think they usually have chinese names as well. It started out as a way to interact with white people.
>With that said, I don't think I have it in me to play through DLCs. Do they have or do anything interesting that sets them apart from the main game or is it more of the same?
The island competition one is a fun throwback to martial arts movies and pretty short but I tihnk that's integrated into the main game as side content or at least was in the re-release. The Halloween and Cult DLCs are both short and feel very rushed and low effort literally didn't even make new models for the main antagonist in one of them, it's just Jackie with a facemask so you can safely skip them. The cult one in particular is bland while the Halloween one was at least funny

There was a F2P MMO that was shit and died but the real sequel that was hinted at in game will never happen as the first one didn't make enough money. That's not to say it wasn't profitable because it was, just that it wasn't profitable enough to be worth continuing.
Replies: >>45446
I've been playing Shenzhen I/O, and holy fuck this shit is way beyond my level. I thought that because I had smashed a couple shell-scripts together like a caveman I could go into this game with ease. Fuck this assembly-like shit is hard, and I can't for the love of me wrap my mind around JMPs and how to implement loops or stuff like that with them. Currently stuck at pic related, and I don't even know if I'm actually approaching it from the right angle with two chips for the drinking sequence, one controlling the other, but then I constantly blow it up by not being able to properly sync the read/write cycles. Still lots of fun, or well as "fun" as assembly can get.
Replies: >>45452
Yes, it certainly gets punishing to a point to where it just feels unfair. I just wish the aliens would be restricted to only building bases once ever 2 months. I've dealt with 3 bases so far and now I have discovered a base in eastern china and one on the tip of Chile. What's worse about them is that means there are 4 extra alien ships attacking me each wave. Each alien base adds 2 ships to each wave. I've noticed this is often in the form of fighters accompanying larger ships. I've already in late game as I've discovered battle ships so I don't even know if I'll be able to hold out for that long. I lost the continent of Australia but had already built a base there so i basically lost out on 500,000$. 

I also had several cities get nuke but surprisingly I got away with most of them. as a general bit of advice, if you have very good relations with a certain region and you cannot or don't want to respond to a terrorist attack, you don't have to. I lost manila in flipland and a city in Ireland i forgot what it was sorry Irish anons but i was luck enough to not lose those regions. You will  however, lose a fair amount of funding which can be dangerous in the long run. For the last 2 months for me, I've never had the amount of money that I've had go over 1,000,000.
Replies: >>45455 >>45458
Shenzhen is definitely one of Zachtronics' hardest games. I managed to 'complete' the main storyline, but not 100% and the second set of levels is fucking hard.
Exapunk is quite a bit easier, if you ask me, might want to try that one first to get more used to writing assembly-like languages. Though if you're already stuck at the drinking billboard, even that might be beyond you.
>syncing read/write
Just have one thing wait on a value from a post, and send a bogus value from the other. Though I don't think you need that for this puzzle at all, if my memory isn't completely gone from the alcohol.
I meant to post these but it didn't go through.
Replies: >>45458
File posting is fucked for some reason.

>I just wish the aliens would be restricted to only building bases once ever 2 months
There's probably a mod for that, if not maybe it's something you can tweak manually.
>What's worse about them is that means there are 4 extra alien ships attacking me each wave. Each alien base adds 2 ships to each wave. I've noticed this is often in the form of fighters accompanying larger ships. I've already in late game as I've discovered battle ships so I don't even know if I'll be able to hold out for that long
It's worth checking the CE settings by the way as it changes up how waves work and the variety you can meet in ships. I forget the specifics and it's mostly good changes but I never got to the late game with the CE.
>I also had several cities get nuke but surprisingly I got away with most of them. as a general bit of advice, if you have very good relations with a certain region and you cannot or don't want to respond to a terrorist attack, you don't have to. I lost manila in flipland and a city in Ireland i forgot what it was sorry Irish anons but i was luck enough to not lose those regions. You will  however, lose a fair amount of funding which can be dangerous in the long run. For the last 2 months for me, I've never had the amount of money that I've had go over 1,000,000.
I find that the global map stuff is mostly ok, challenging without being unfair as long as you're somewhat active. It's just like I said that the actual battles seem to play out as them wanting you to lose men later on but instead of making more challenging AI it's just aliens who lock off the ability to do anything but stand and shoot or cheap kills. If you gained other utility equipment later on it might be offset a bit but I just miss the early game flashbang/smoke/suppressing fire cover+pin+flank game really nails the MG use, first TBT game where they're more lethal and often more effective than snipers use that made me feel like I was actually out thinking the enemy rather than simply trading deaths. It's a minor complaint all in all and it's not like any X-COM clone has really solved the issue of keeping fair-feeling lethality up (UFO:AI was closest but the reaction fire bugs out too often) but it annoys me.
Replies: >>45459
>File posting is fucked for some reason.
Chess is broken too so I can't even post about it on the meta board.
[Hide] (186.9KB, 768x432)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1448x960)
[Hide] (263.4KB, 350x710)
Just beat Chrono Trigger for the first time, can definitely see why it's considered a classic. Piss easy of course, only times I died were figuring out how bosses work, misjudging how much they can do in a single attack Dalton and Zela using Hallation on me, then following that up with 3 more attacks which is fucking bullshit. It's pretty simple, easy to get into a loop of 2 characters dealing damage and 1 healing as needed. 
Only time I had to grind was when I didn't understand how Son of Sun worked and ground out 3 sets of Ruby Armour. Top tier equipment also negating all status effects is stupid broken, much better if you could just obtain multiple Amulets or equivalent. On the other hand, it makes Lavos negating that and then inflicting chaos much more shocking. Why they bother handing out elemental resistance vest is beyond me, when there are very few bosses except Sun of Son where that's useful. 
Writing is enjoyable. Side quests for individual characters in the last act are great, especially liked the closure Glenn gets. Is there a way to re-trigger the scene with Lucca's Mom? I failed it the first time because I had no idea what was going on and couldn't figure out how to do it again, if you can. Somehow avoided knowing that Chrono dies, found that pretty shocking in the moment. Feel there should have been a side quest for Ayla (my wife), she and the prehistoric era need a bit more fleshing out. Side quests for the Sun Stone and Rainbow Shell were enough work to feel like an effort with the reward being good enough to made it worth it. Also just realized I never equipped any of the accessories you get from that, and never used any tabs. oops
Combat: fine. Not hard as previously stated, longer battle get boring if the boss doesn't asspull some Fuck You move to kill someone off. The Duo and Trio attacks seem basically useless, having the individuals attack gets as much or more damage and is more dynamic if needed. A couple can be okay in specific circumstances like Slurp Kiss or Twin Charm, but most are too expensive to be worth it in a protracted fight. Spamming your biggest damage and having an item slave still seems like the most efficient tactic.
Music is pretty good, listening to the The End screen as I'm writing this. Will probably check out Chrono Cross soon.
p.s. just started looking through the Charm list, this seems ridiculously abusable. maybe that's overselling it given the equipment turnover but getting multiple Haste Helms even for the last leg of the game is obscene.
Replies: >>47434
[Hide] (15.5KB, 640x360)
Yakuza 4, I beat the story last night and I don't know if I should go back and finish collecting stuff. I beat all substories, including the Amon dudes, but I'm still missing a lot of shit, like some keys, karaoke, hostess club and shit like that. But I really don't like those minigames, especially the hostess thing, I hate that. So I might just start another game instead.
Replies: >>46858
I redownloaded DXMankind Divided because the gog version doesn't have denuvo. While it runs better the game just irks me in a way I can't really describe. The game's clearly made for stealth but giving me see through walls vision and lots of combat oriented options to stop me from ever being threatened if I get spotted is bullshit. Then giving me a billion and one ways not to make my own path but simply make the laid out path a thousand times easier through a blink teleport, remotely shutting down cameras from a massive distance, invisibility that's functionally unlimited because a good chunk of your bioenergy regenerates and no one's a threat, even those heavily augmented heavies. It's a lame game and a massive disappointment as an "immersive sim" or whatever the genre is called and I don't know why I didn't save my data in case Perpetia or System Shock release this month.
I also pirated Crash 4 since it hit PC recently. It's fine but the utter lack of momentum when slide jumping is fucking with me, and it seems to rely more on dicking you over with more tedious crate requirements than anything. Fucking you over because you couldn't make out a hidden crate on top of a building because the camera isn't free enough is some fuck.
Replies: >>47047 >>47653
just move onto 5
The only reason to 100% the yakuza games is if you don't have anything else to play.
Replies: >>46860
Yeah I know, I don't think searching the entire town for a few keys of lockers that contain useless garbage will be any fun or rewarding.
I don't like playing games in the same series one after the other because I get burnout. I was thinking maybe finally getting around to play MGSV.
Give up now. It only gets much, much harder.
Wait, Mankind Divided has a fucking blink? You mean like Dishonored? I beat the game and I had no clue about that.
Replies: >>47051
It's the icarus dash, one of the experimental augs and it's ridiculously powerful especially when you can start charging it and then you're allowed to move vertically as well. It's completely silent and requires line of sight of your target.
The whole experimental aug shit was poorly done anyways since HR/MD have a bunch of filler augs like radar augs or "mark multiple enemies" augs and another class of "keycard" augs that exist solely so the level designers can create an alternate path that requires that specific aug(gas rebreather for example). Which is all a product of the leveling in the newer DX games being based entirely around augs and not skill points as well.
Replies: >>47441
[Hide] (266.8KB, 537x600)
>playing Loop Hero
>stage 4
>Lich boss appears
>three dozen lich buildings spawn as well
>level up literally on the last tile before the boss
>Second Thoughts
>Blissful Ignorance
>right click instead of left click
[Hide] (117.8KB, 700x700)
I got around to playing morrowind for the first time. I thought it would be easy, then I answered some questions and ended up as a healer who specializes in hand to hand combat, couldn't deal with the cave bandit the locals referred me to and nearly got arrested for the unlawful use of someone's private sleeping quarters and got fined for all of my money.
Now I'm scrounging the road for weeds to sell. I don't know why I'm doing any of this but I refuse to be filtered.
Don't answer the questions to make your character, make a custom class.
Replies: >>47413
[Hide] (94.1KB, 233x300)
What race and sign? Hand to Hand is useful but has some quirks and levels extremely fast, which is good for investing in Speed to get past that excruciating walking pace. Make sure to keep you Blunt Weapons skill up as well.
I never use custom classes, I think they're cheesy and make the game too easy.
Replies: >>47416 >>47441
From what I remember hand to hand is pretty busted. It doesn't do much if any damage but tires out enemies.  So you could punch someone and then while they catch their breath attack them.
Replies: >>47418
It deals damage to fatigue until that goes to zero (which causes a "knockout") then damages health. Enemies with low fatigue are less accurate and easier to hit, so it is pretty powerful, but there are many situations when it doesn't work as well, in particular with multiple enemies. In exchange for rendering the enemy helpless, It takes longer (sometimes much longer) to kill anything with Hand to Hand than with equivalent skill in any other weapon type.
Replies: >>47441
[Hide] (1.6MB, 480x270, 00:09)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 480x270, 00:09)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 480x270, 00:09)
Fug noita is fun, I also discovered my jewish heritage with it, considering that greed has been demise of almost all runs.
(sorry for resolution, it's captured ingame)
I chose dunmer because being an N'Wah is for subsequent runs and I chose the ritual on a whim.
Replies: >>47425
[Hide] (46.9KB, 720x720)
Pretty much finishing up Monster Hunter Rise, game was fun but the endgame is too boring. Moving on to Sakuna now, and Rune Factory 4 soon. Need to get around to playing the new Record of Lodoss War game though. Also have the Limited Run versions of No More Heroes 1 and 2 coming in whenever they release. Need to stop buying games.
[Hide] (186.1KB, 1024x633)
You'll be fine. I would have gone with The Mage instead of The Ritual but it's not a big deal. Make sure to do the Temple questline since your character is basically made for it.
[Hide] (119.1KB, 1280x720)
Played and finished the System Shock Remake demo on all 3 available difficulties today. I had a lot of fun and I am looking forward to playing the full game. Hard mode felt the best. It makes the game feel like a survival horror FPS. Though ironically hard mode might turn out to be easier than normal mode, because it's hard enough to force players into getting good at finding items and taking smart fights to conserve health and ammo. Therefore, but without knowing what the rest of the game is like, it's more likely a player on hard mode ends up overstocked for every fight, than a player on the easier modes where the difficulty is low enough to lull a player into a false sense of careless resource expenditure.

Only downside is everything looking so dark. "You are guaranteed to miss some items on your first playthrough." kind of dark. Turning down post processing effects to low brightens the game up a bit to tolerable levels, but it could still be better.
Replies: >>49545
[Hide] (148KB, 881x1000)
Those elemental armors are situational, yes, but if one understands how certain things work, you can make some fights a lot easier. Like the "unwinnable" fight with Dalton's Golem in the throne room.

>Is there a way to re-trigger the scene with Lucca's Mom?
I don't think there is, at least on a single play through. Chrono Trigger does encourage NG+ runs though, so if one wants to get all the sidequests, or just see other party dialogue via different compositions, the fact that you retain a lot of stuff makes it a breeze.

>Feel there should have been a side quest for Ayla (my wife), she and the prehistoric era need a bit more fleshing out.
They certainly make it seem like she should have something, but all she has resembling one is that she says one of her tribe will sell fire resist gear if you bring him enough materials. Maybe they couldn't really think of something otherwise more fitting, considering she lives so far in the past and has the foregone outcome of living at least long enough to pass on her genes, since Marle's a very distant relative.

>A couple can be okay in specific circumstances like Slurp Kiss or Twin Charm, but most are too expensive to be worth it in a protracted fight.
That is what gold studs are for. Though, they also obviously make the single character techs cheaper as well (5 TP for Luminaire, for instance). Not many to be had unless you charm the fuck out of the Black Omen though.
Isn't it pretty common for non-human enemies and powerful enemies to have stupid high fatigue not really fairly derived from their to their attributes so that fatiguing them down isn't effective? It was so long ago that I really can't remember. 
To be fair, original DX had the swimming skill, which if I remember right was pretty much useful only for taking shortcuts or diving down to secret underwater caches in a couple of places. Then again, that was just one skill versus several augments. 
There's really a world of difference between an experienced Morrowind player who knows the ins and outs of the skills and how leveling works, what the manual (hah) is wrong about, and so on, versus a player who is just starting and hasn't been primed with a bunch of things to keep in mind about the game. I think it's very easy to forget that. 
You may want to restart and consider creating a custom class that's similar to a class you like from the manual. If you want, you can find a lot of gotchas about how the game works and what weapons are useless and so on. It sounds like you ended up with a character you don't want to play; I'd say you'll have more fun if you at least start out with a character that you think you're going to enjoy and maybe then bump into quirks of the game system, rather than having to fight those quirks anyhow but with a character whose concept you don't really like.
Replies: >>47508
[Hide] (181.6KB, 1920x1080)
Finally decided to play MGSV. Gameplay is good, a huge improvement over 4, and the plot so far has been fine, I'm not even 10% in so I couldn't really say. My problem with this game is that I have played maybe 10 hours and from the looks of it the missions are always the same, infiltrate base, fulton someone, collect something or break something. I knew this was going to happen going from small contained stories to a huge open map, but I wonder how long does it take to get tiresome.
Replies: >>47473
I hope you played Peace Walker first, since 5 is a sequel to that.
Replies: >>47511
>Isn't it pretty common for non-human enemies and powerful enemies to have stupid high fatigue
Yep, sure is. You can gain levels just from punching Mudcrabs and Kwama around Seyda Neen. 
>so that fatiguing them down isn't effective?
Yeah, that's why I said earlier that it as some quirks and is situational. At high enough HtH skill it can be alright, but it's usually better to just bonk critters with a stick.
>There's really a world of difference between an experienced Morrowind player who knows the ins and outs of the skills and how leveling works, what the manual (hah) is wrong about, and so on, versus a player who is just starting and hasn't been primed with a bunch of things to keep in mind about the game. I think it's very easy to forget that. 
That's a fair point.
I did play Peace Walker a couple of months ago, I wasn't expecting the amount of references to that game in this one, it was probably weird for most people because I asume not many played them.
>Trying to get all six gems for one of the tranquility falls levels
>Almost at the end of the level
>game bugs the fuck out and has the latest checkpoint crate I've broken kill me if I'm ever on it, which I am when I die and respawn on said crate
This is such fuck. All Crash 4's made me feel is a burning desire to 100% crash bash instead since it's the one ps1 crash game I haven't finished.
[Hide] (103.3KB, 960x601)
[Hide] (131.2KB, 220x225)
I just finished Castlevania Symphony of the night and man it didn't disappoint me at all, the controls are perfect just moving Alucard in this game is fun, the map is full of shit to do, the OST is also great "Festival of Servants" is one of the best for me.
The biggest issue for this game is the balancing of the items, the first few hours it's a bit challenging and fun but when you reach the mid point, the game becomes fucking easy but the difficulty picks up again in the "Reverse Castle" but after getting a few items it becomes easy again, the difficulty curve would look like a "Periodic Function".
Eitherway it's still a fun game to play, maybe I'll do a Richter playthrough.
Replies: >>47893 >>49613
I just finished it recently too, and I get what you mean about the difficulty. Near the end of each castle all of the non-boss enemies start doing only 1 damage, and I beat Dracula and Galamoth on the first try just by tanking them. I don't remember any of the later Metroidvania style games being like that.
[Hide] (113.4KB, 937x653)
After starting Okami I'm impressed by just how much of this game Shiggy and Friends ripped off for Twilight Princess. Midna is definitely a better fairy than Issun though.
Replies: >>48093
>Shiggy and Friends 
How involved do you think Shiggy was? He's listed as producer but I don't think he did a lot of work on the game, producers are often put in stuff just for name recognition.
Replies: >>48095
I doubt he was involved much. He strikes me as the kind of cunt that does nothing but takes all the credit.
Replies: >>48096
>He strikes me as the kind of cunt that does nothing but takes all the credit
He never programmed, just did some art in early nintendo and always was an "ideas guy". I do believe he was pretty important in early nintendo but it seems the last game he directed was SM64 (it was actually Star Fox Zero but I'm not counting that), and SMB3 was the last one where he is credited as designer, director and producer.
I've been jumping back and forth between Ghostrunner, Assault Android Cactus and Skul The Hero Slayer
I really like the game even though it wasn't what I had expected. It's not really like Mirror's Edge with how the momentum and speed are, in fact I'd call it more or less like a 3d ronin in real time(which I'm more than happy with). If I have any complaints it's
<The fist melee enemies
Mainly because fighting them revolves around stopping, waiting for them to leap, dodging out of the way and then hitting them from the back, just give me a faster way to go through them that isn't burning blink on them. Let me parry them, or intercept them in midair, or something.
>Movement speed
I just wish it was slightly faster. Every time I glitch out by using Blink off a ledge, or sliding and then dashing off a ledge to get insane speed I wish the default movement speed was much faster than it is.

>Assault Android Cactus
I love the game through and through with the exception of the music of the third and fourth zones, I don't know why there's this shift from really energetic beats to kind of shitty dubstep.

>Skul the Hero Slayer
2d "rogue-lite" where you play a skeleton kid who can swap heads, you get two heads at a time and there's quite the variety in the game. I really like it but a couple of things bug me
<Skul's default head is incredibly fun yet you can't upgrade it
Maybe you get to later in the game but still, sucks. Throwing your head at shit and then teleporting to it, swapping to a power skull and then doing a stomp is fun but the skull is not that good later into the run.
<Skull swapping cooldown is too long
Even with the upgrades it feels half as slow as it should be. I want to be cuhrayzee
<Not all skulls are equal
Even in the same category some skulls are just pure shit. Compare something like the Skeleton Pikeman in the speed category to the werewolf, hell rider or samurai, it's just ridiculous
<And not all skills are equal
You get to play around with two out of three-four random skills per skull. Which is great for replayability and all but it kind of undermines things when  some skills are just utter dogshit compared to others. Compare again the werewolf's rip apart/hunt to the beast leap. The former is a single target attack that deals comparable damage to the latter, except the latter goes through all enemies, gives you invincibility for the duration, can cause bleed, and you can store up to three charges of it.

I'll probably play Nayuta no Kiseki after I'm done with/ I've dropped any of these three.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 2010x1200)
Just finished Temple of Elemental Evil. It's certainly the most accurate to 3.5 D&D of any CRPG. Aside from a couple very minor oversights (Cone of Cold using reflex saves instead of Fortitude, things of that nature), the only thing missing is the grapple rules (kind of understandable, they probably took one look at that and said "fuck this"). Actually turn based, which is nice. I'm sick of D&D games going with Real Time With Pause just because that's what Baldur's Gate did, not realising that it only worked in that game because 2nd Ed was so much simpler mechanically.
The music is interesting, synth heavy which is kind of refreshing for this kind of game.
Even though I just finished I might start an evil run, it's a fairly short game, which I appreciate in an RPG.
There are some problems with weapon availability, certain weapons simply aren't viable for specialisation due to complete lack of masterwork or enchanted version (there is item crafting but an item must be masterwork to receive an enchantment) and rogue skills aren't very useful due to the lack of traps in the games main dungeon. I also have a problem with character levels being capped at 10, which screws warrior classes out of their third attack, but these are the only real problems and overall it's a pretty fantastic game.
A recently released game called Smelter. It's a bit of Mega Man and a bit of Act Raiser and I like it.
Also Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2. It's fun but I've probably fucked myself and need to restart the campaign because I have zero resources to upgrade any of the systems I captured.
> La Mulana
Okay I've finished Hollow Knight (not true completion but I'm tired of that game after spending so many days playing over it). I've heard of LM, is it really good? Like Super Metroid good? You gotta tell me the negatives.
Replies: >>48970 >>48971
Also, since there's mentions of metroidvanias - Is Super Zero Mission alright? Do I have to play the original official one before the fanmade romhack?
La Mulana's a puzzle game where the puzzle is writing down all of the mural text you come across and whenever you're stuck somewhere it's up to you to figure out which one of the texts is relevant here and what the fuck it even means.
I really love that part of the game but it's up to the player because I see where it can be obtuse bullshit at times.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 2736x1550)
Playing Dragon Quest VII, the 3DS port to be specific. I don't know how they fucked it up, but the game has noticeable lag whenever you bring up the menu. Which of course it every battle, though it is still playable. I played DQ8 on the 3ds as well and it played much more smoothly. 
Anyhow, I think I have reached the worst section of the game by far: the Alltrades Alley Island. First you already lost a team member in a previous island, so now there are only three characters. But then they decide to heap this long arc on the island just so you can get to choose classes. It starts by taking away all of your abilities/magic. Then you have to go through not one, but TWO unbeatable boss fights. After which you go through three dungeons with small corridors, plenty of monsters with aoe attacks, and two more bosses to get your abilities/magic back. It wasn't hard per se, though there were some close calls, but it certainly was tedious. I just hope the other islands are just as long if not longer, and have just as much events that happened here.
I read somewhere that the beginning of the game was cut down a lot from the PS1 version, and that you fight slimes before you go to the past the first time. Is any of that true?
Replies: >>49020
There are no monsters in the start of the game. You go around for an hour plus doing tasks and learning a tiny bit about the world before going to the past. Only once in the past do you fight the slimes. I have heard the 3DS version takes less time to beat though. I never played the PSX version. But I can imagine a few extra hours are added just by having to search for those tablets that in the 3DS version is easier since there is an item that glows when you are near one.
>I don't know how they fucked it up, but the game has noticeable lag whenever you bring up the menu.
Wasn't the English version of VIII on the PS2 like that as well?
Replies: >>49103
[Hide] (259.8KB, 1600x800)
[Hide] (507.1KB, 1708x2560)
[Hide] (163.4KB, 960x960)
I picked up Stella Glow on the 3DS a few weeks back because it had been on my wishlist for a few years, was expecting a 10 to 15hr SRP, then I looked up the time to beat it and it turns out its a 50hr game minimum. Not bad, just wasnt expecting that from this game. Probably going to play Muramasa on the vita along side with it, been trying to clear out my handheld backlog since most of those I buy and play for a few days and drop. Might sprinkle in a little bit of EDF 2017 in there too.
Replies: >>49159 >>49161
[Hide] (292.6KB, 800x884)
Having recently played DQ VIII on PS2 with my wife I can confirm that the 3DS version is absolutely trashy. The problem is that although they mangled everything that made the original game special, the quality of life improvements they added are undeniably making it the better game as far as gameplay goes.
>Lots of nice outfits for Jessica
>Graphically and aesthetically it looks fantastic
>Orchestral rendition of every theme is beautiful
>Memorable Voice Acting, and I usually despise English VAs in Nip games

>Terrible graphics, the lighting effects are particularly mangled, they replaced all the good textures with brighter ones to make up for it and it looks awful
>Jessica's VA retired and the one they used sounds much more bland and less sassy
>OST is MIDI as fuck, changed to stanky trumpets and pianos
>Censored to hell and back, apparently you can't show a bit of leg in a BIKINI outfit
>Has the most alternate costumes
>Fixed several exploits with weapon prices and crucially introduced extra items and recipes for items that would be unique or lost anyhow
>Heavily rebalanced Skills and stats so that certain combinations are no longer broken while buffing some weaker ones
>Added two extra playable party members (though you get them so late in the game they shower you in skill points to make up for it), Morrie and Red
>Added two alternate endings, which honestly suck in my opinion, as well as some extra backstory cutscenes and a rewrite of Jessica's motivation partway through
>Monsters are on the overworld rather than fought through random encounters, which makes the game much more manageable
>A way to replay bosses was added, which would have been great on the PS2

The mobile version is a slightly better 3DS version since it has much less lag going in and out of fights and unloading enemies, however they made it piss easy and they shower you in gold from the get-go so it's just not worth playing. PS2's lag happened mostly when fighting like seven enemies at once or for certain attacks with a ton of particle effects and jiggle physics.
There are fan-made patches that fix the shitty MIDI track to the full orchestral one, and change the censored costumes back to the original.
Replies: >>49275
Stella Glow is slow to play. Compared to Fire Emblem Awakening, it's obvious how much slower SG is. Any other flaws with FE:A being irrelevant to gameplay speed, before you point them out. SG does have some neat ideas mixed in along with the bad, though. It's a charming game, not just because marrying and starting a family with the best girl is an actual thing that you can do.
Replies: >>49160
I like the voice actors so far, but I'm just on day 2 right now and the gameplay hasnt really opened up that much yet. Is Lisette supposed to be best girl?
Replies: >>49202
[Hide] (272.8KB, 960x540)
I have some pretty big issues with SG but best girl hilda's ending made it a little better, even if her motivations were kinda retarded. The units seem to get way too busted by the end and the true final boss is a giant chore with way too much health that you can just cheese with delays. Now Muramasa and EDF are fucking awesome and I'd start that shit up any day.

On a side note, I'd recommend Langrisser II and Growlanser IV to anybody who likes SRPGs.
Replies: >>49162 >>49176
[Hide] (19.9KB, 438x438)
My issue with SG is missing the true ending by not hanging out with that traitor enough.
Replies: >>49163
I agree. What kind of retard hangs out with no personality knight man instead of his harem.
I was going to make Stella Glow my main focus but since everyone seems to have some kind of problem with it I'll probably shift focus to Muramasa and maybe Rune Factory 4, and just play SG whenever I get some free time or when I want something else to play.
>Now Muramasa and EDF are fucking awesome and I'd start that shit up any day.
I played the Wii version years ago on an emulator but ended up dropping it cause I didnt really like the Wii emulator at the time. and I played EDF 2017 years ago on the 360 but wanted to see what was up with the vita version.
Replies: >>49180 >>49187
[Hide] (109.5KB, 750x658)
I was talking more to him about VII, but okay. I do recall the 3DS version of VIII having an effort to make a comprehensive restoration patch (which of course doesn't do anything like retranslate it; the English script being sacred cow tier like Lunar 1 and 2), but it's kind of annoying that one needs to do all that just to elevate the game content back to the PS2's quality. Heard something that the 3DS censorship was due to differences in CERO rating between, what, 2004 and 2018 in Japan, with Square-Enix not wanting the game to have a more restrictive rating than before. Doesn't excuse the western branch not even bothering to re-implement it, despite the fact that our T rating is broad. Fucks sake, it's almost hilarious at points what some games get away with under that.

Out of curiosity, did you mention to your wife how the 3DS one was censored, and if so, what sort of response did the PS2 original not being so prompt?

The Genroku Legends DLC pack is also very much worthwhile, but I don't think I'd recommend giving Aksys money for it at this point.
Replies: >>49275 >>49276
>and I played EDF 2017 years ago on the 360 but wanted to see what was up with the vita version.
It adds new mission, weapons and re-adds pale wing into the game.
The new weapons for ranger are quite unique some of them control the enemy behaviour.
I think I played it dubbed the first time but I don't remember anything about the voices. I probably turned them off. Later I found an undubbed version. Lisette is not best girl. I would tell you who it is but it's an actual spoiler and I don't remember if this site uses the asterisk spoilers or the discord shit. SG is worth playing though, as long as you can deal with how slow it plays. Rune Factory 4 is a great game too.
[Hide] (347.5KB, 723x1000)
I know about that, but we didn't bother patching it because literally all we cared about was playing as Morrie - which is great - and Red - which is eeh
But like, the censorship in the 3DS port is so bizarre. I went in fully expecting breast reductions and whatnot but they just drew the line at the costumes and some skirts being too short for the characters. It's like, if you have to censor it, why going through all the trouble of remaking the same outfits except worse and then not address the parts that may actually be "sexist"? Ratings were a mistake.
>Out of curiosity, did you mention to your wife how the 3DS one was censored, and if so, what sort of response did the PS2 original not being so prompt?
I'm not an RPG guy so she was the one to tell me to check it out and I absolutely loved it. But I was the one to tell her about the censorship since I recall it being a huge deal breaker back on 8/v/. She was heartbroken that they made Eito's outfits and the bustier costume look like shit.
Probably going to play XI just to see why people are so enamored by it.
Replies: >>50172
*she knew of the PS2 version, I knew of the 3DS version
>Playan Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2
>Having a lot of fun, clearing out sectors for the emperor and moving to the other
>Reach a sector with all enemy fleets being much stronger than mine, have to divide and conquer, every fight's a fun challenge
>Game just decides enemies can spawn in ultra high strength fleets in an already conquered sector, meaning all of the clearing I've done and the lanes betweens the systems and sectors are pointless
Gee, what fun.
[Hide] (122.5KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (190.6KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (195.7KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (230.6KB, 1280x720)
I found out setting Shadow Quality to Medium or lower greatly improves the brightness and my enjoyability of the demo. Pics related. The Dark screenshots are with Shadow Quality set to High or higher. The Light screenshots are with Shadow Quality set to Medium or lower. Set 1 is an extreme example of dark rooms in the game, so set 2 is an example of a room with typical brightness levels. Now I hope Maintenance is still a dark level with medium shadow settings.

Also, the Cyber Mantis enemy needs some pathfinding fixes, for the Cyber Mantis next to one of the bathrooms always gets stuck on the corner in front of it. I also don't think the Cyber Mantis is aggressive enough with its sprinting attack. In all my playthroughs I saw it one time. This tepid aggression is on Hard Enemies too, which, to me at least, seems to increase the frequency of special enemy attacks, if the enemy has a special attack (i.e. Servbot lunges, Mutant double swipes, Cyber Mantis sprints, Cyborg Assassin proximity mines.) Perhaps this is by design to make the Cyber Mantis a priority target with resets to its sprint activation when it takes damage? If so, the ability to stagger its special attack activation ought to be very weak or nonexistent on Hard Mode at least.

The System Shock remake has given me an appetite for older games and newer games using older game designs again. I played through Tyrian 2000 for the first time on the Normal Campaign mode; I am replaying Thief II; and I have Prodeus, Amid Evil, WRATH, Ion Fury, and Jets'n'Guns 2 on the backlog. I'm playing 1 to 3 of them at a time with a casual pacing, as I think I need a break from dedicating to game I can play and play, and so I don't have much to say about them.
Tyrian is a truly great game not because it's an okay non-bullet-hell vertical shooter with great music, but because it's fucking stuffed full of little secret shit. One downside is that they give you a readme with pretty much every secret thing listed in it, and so it's easy to just spoil all that stuff for yourself. No, none of it is extremely exciting, but it shows that the guys making the game were having fun just throwing stuff in without feeling like everything in the game had to have a purpose or be balanced.
Replies: >>49599 >>49888
It has a great soundtrack, too.
Replies: >>49888
[Hide] (85.1KB, 500x500)
Just finished a Diablo II run with a friend. Might play Nightmare and Hell alone.

Heroes 3
Any side-scrolling beat em up or retro console game emulated (try Contra, Psychic Killer Taromaru, Rock'n'roll racing, Bomberman, Streets of Rage, Metal Slug etc). Although, might be problematic on non-mechanical keyboards.
Death Road to Canada
Tabletop Simulator
Lethal League

I love this game too, but my personal favorite is Aria of Sorrow, you should definitely check it out. Bloodstained RoTN is solid too.

Ion Fury was GOTY for me, and one of the best shooters I played, ever. This is coming from a former quakeworld pro. Don't play it on less than the highest difficulty, that's where the FUN is.
Thief II is one of my favorite games too, you should check out Death's Cold Embrace fan mission, or 7 Shades of Mercury.
Tyrian is one of those games with a weird atmosphere to it - the disconnect between action and the serious story that grows more tongue-in-cheek over the course of the game (why am I shooting at blimps in Savara again???), the soundtrack and the Douglas Adams-esque datacube lore entries.
[Hide] (126.3KB, 960x640)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1563x2534)
Yesterday I finished Metroid Fusion, my first ever Metroid game, and it turned out way better than expected. Samus' movement is very fluid, the maps look sublime, and the difficulty curve is well adjusted. The only thing that wasn't fluid was the jumping somersault; getting that first boost off the ground is very tricky to pull off, and although rhythmically timing your jumps afterwards while in the air is easy it doesn't always work. Overall it was an enjoyable experience.
I'm now playing Metroid Zero Mission after digging out the guide in pic related, and frankly not enjoying it as much. It's far less fluid for one, and although seemingly easier it has a habit of concealing crucial items and areas without giving hints to their whereabouts, as if expecting me to go around bombing and launching missiles at every tile.
Then there's this part https://youtu.be/zo3tUABgKn0?t=1132 (18:52) where Samus must become a ball and somehow bomb herself up a few stories, or alternatively propel herself up with the extremely janky wall jumping mechanic. I thought that was very poor game design.
[Hide] (128.1KB, 521x440)
I can see you really are new to Metroid series. Fair warning: EVERY Metroid game has at least one of these moments you've described.
Here's some pointers:
>you ARE expected to bomb every tile
>you WILL backtrack
>and you WILL like it
try to steer clear of maps and guides unless you're really stuck. My memory isn't that good, but I'm pretty sure that section isn't necessary for progression, so you could have skipped it. I think.
One of the main reasons people like Metroid games is this exact aspect: the maze. You're expected to get lost and run into dead ends, only to come back to the same section later, having unlocked a few more items like Space Jump or Power Bombs and breeze through.
Metroid Fusion is by far the most straightforward title in the series, every other title is more complex in terms of exploration and movement mechanics.

Just remember to have fun and backtrack.
Replies: >>49641 >>49780
>metroid fusion is a fan favourite
I thought people hated Fusion because it's linear and beats the player over his head with uninteresting story.
Please do not feed the underageb&s.

Whoever made it was either a troll or a mega faggot to be sure. I'll forgive the absence of AM2R since it probably wasn't out yet, but recommending Prime Trilogy because it's newer and forces you to waggle through all three games instead of just 3 is a fucking sin.
Replies: >>49688

Fusion's my favorite by far. The horror atmosphere and soundtrack are exceptional, and SA-X is a great rival. The story's enjoyable, I love the sense of urgency and paranoia it instills. Honestly, I think those who make these charts are 3d metroid fans, and also never actually played the game, and put Zero Mission there instead because it's "muh remake of the original so you gotta play it".
Replies: >>49688 >>49786
[Hide] (889.1KB, 1050x903)
fusion was good, it was also my first metroid, I then played zero mission and liked it more gameplay wise but I gotta say fusion's exposition was fantastic, especially for a gba game. I arguably had more trouble with fusion than zero mission despite people saying fusion is easier.
>the horror atmosphere and soundtrack are exceptional, and SA-X is a great rival. The story's enjoyable, I love the sense of urgen
cy and paranoia it instills.
I agree, they pulled it off pretty well
Replies: >>49709
>where Samus must become a ball and somehow bomb herself up a few stories
I think that guy is sequence breaking, you probably need to go there with high jump boots, and I don't even think you need to go there...
Either way learning to bombjump is pretty useful so you should probably get used to it, I don't like the walljumping in Zero Mission either, I think Super Metroid was the only metroid that got that right, once you get the hang of it you'll be making jumps you never thought possible.
Replies: >>49693
I really liked the idea of secret base moves hidden in the moveset of a metroidvania character that you can just stumble on. The only other game I've seen do that was Rabi Ribi
rabi ribi is a fucking modern miracle
I remember more about Fusion than I do about Zero Mission, but SA-X was cool as fuck and the boss fight with it is still up there for me. I've been wanting to replay them both for a while so maybe I'll get back to them when I'm done with what I'm currently playing.
I'm confused why no one in this board called you a retarded faggot.
Replies: >>49718
[Hide] (126.2KB, 1024x768)
couple anons did, I was about to, but then realized that Fusion came out 19 years ago and it's entirely possible for somebody who only just now discovered Metroid games to play babby's first metroid. Either a troll or an underage, but considering the age of the game, it's hard to tell.
Replies: >>49727 >>49766
Honestly Fusion isn't that bad, it's just not a Metroid game. Metroid gameplay is actually linear if you graph what you need to have where, but it's figuring out where to go that the fun comes from and Fusion replaced that (along with Prime 3, never 5get) with cutscenes and NPCs and locked doors telling you where to go at all times. Zero Mission also does this but not as bad since the map in that game has more alternate paths and side rooms.
>Either a troll or an underage
Nah just poor.
The only console I ever had growing up was a hand-me-down Atari, so I missed out on entire franchises and genres. It wasn't until the late noughties that I managed to buy a current (at the time) gen console, and since then I've been trying to catch up on decades of vidya amid my job life.
Fusion is my first metroidvania game and I'm damn glad that I finished it, so I can explore other titles in the genre not having stopped at basic platformers. Don't be a doublenigger and let people enjoy things.
Replies: >>49780
[Hide] (8MB, 320x240, 03:07)
>zero mission
>far less fluid
nigger what? it's piss easy to move around with, the faster movement is very easy to adapt to and the game was designed around speedrunning. bomb jumping is also piss easy, don't know why you're having trouble with it. just place a bomb at the same time your last one detonates and you'll gain height. horizontal bomb jumping is different and only used by speedrunners in one specific area so don't worry about that.
I would recommend looking into the Prime series, they're very well made and integrate the Metroid fomula into 3D.
>Prime 1 has better environments
>Prime 2 has better bosses
>Prime 3 is meh
>Prime Hunters is what the fuck am i playing am i holding this right wtf is going on
>Prime Pinball ????????????
Replies: >>49787
>Don't be a doublenigger 
I was the one who replied to you with the most helpful advice (>>49626), you quadruple, console playing, no PC with emulators having, walkthrough watching, powerup not remembering nigger.
Replies: >>49835
Spoiler File
(387.6KB, 1244x1400)
[Hide] (518.5KB, 1280x1421)
Spoiler File
(55.5KB, 680x487)
I've been playing Phasmophobia a lot of recently. It's fun with friends you get along with but the online community can be an absolute ship heap sometimes. One of the more annoying aspects of the game would have to be joining lobbies. Sometimes when you join public lobbies people just kick you. I guess normal fags haven't found out how to create private lobbies.

With all that being said, I have actually had fun on the game. I recently got into a game with this drunk Finnish guy who kept slurring his words and talking about how the ghost was a "Jewish Nigger" and he was going purge it from this world with his Aryan superiority. This happened extremely late at night so if you want to play with someone on the game, I suggest you play the game at this time.

I am aware that the game has become mainstream because of popular twitch streamers but just because it's mainstream doesn't prevent it from being fun. It's one of the few non-music games that I am aware of that you have to use your voice to accomplish objectives. I'd actually be down to play with some /v/irgins if they're up for it or when the game is finished.

One thing I also forgot to mention is that the servers suck shit. I constantly get disconnects and I've failed to get a good game going. I wouldn't blame anon for waiting until the game is finished. Also the asylum level makes me want to fucking die.
Replies: >>49782
Replies: >>49785
[Hide] (148.4KB, 590x272)
Thanks, anon. lost my job, my house, my wife and kids. If you'd only spoiled that middle image you could have saved a life.
>favorite being fusion
It's the most linear with that ship telling you what to do. Then it disappoints you with a twist you were expecting that never comes.
Replies: >>49788
[Hide] (15.9KB, 768x448)
Hunters has the same boss over and over and has no good puzzles if I recall. Though the n64 tier graphics are cool. Prime the first ought to have been for the n64. 

Prime 2 is harder and more depressing an atmosphere, but some people like that depressing dark atmosphere. 

Also, about Metroid's formula being compatible with first person, she moves too slowly in comparison to the 2d sideways games.
Doesn't replace the fact that it's an exceptionally made game, and a horror game, especially for the younger audiences where you can't put more in-your-face staples of horror like blood. It works around that and delivers it in a way that plays straight into the underlying reasons of being anxious and paranoid without looking like a haunted house ride.

>It's the most linear
Because metroid is known for it's open-ended design of myriad choices of where to go next, right? You can do some worthwhile sequence-breaking in Super, but no normal player will even attempt or know to do that, and most playthroughs outside of speedruns look pretty much the same. The important part in metroid games is letting the player figure out HOW to get to the goal, and Fusion does that just fine, the only thing it adds is a dialogue with the AI. In fact, Fusion has sequence breaking as well, even if it's not as extensive.
Replies: >>49797 >>49835
The problem of Fusion is not linearity, as people often say, after all the only metroid game that isn't completely linear is maybe the first one...
The problem with Fusion is the hand-holding
>the important part in metroid games is letting the player figure out HOW to get to the goal
But before getting to the goal you need to figure out where the goal is, Super Metroid doesn't tell you "Ok you got the grappling beam now go to the wrecked ship", it expects you to explore and find those grappling tiles yourself. Fusion's IA just tells you where you need to go, maybe you have to figure out something else but it still does half the job for you.
Replies: >>49799
[Hide] (339KB, 2366x2164)
>The problem with Fusion is the hand-holding
>you need to figure out where the goal is
Yet ZM has quest markers and Primes hold your hand every part of the way and explicitly tell you what to do and what to expect from each enemy, yet you niggers always seem to put it in the MASTERPIECE, BRO section. What's your point?
It's also wrong in those games. Notice how I used Super as an example. I haven't even played Prime.
Replies: >>49801 >>49808
Then the logical conclusion would be that Super is the outlier, not Fusion.
Replies: >>49802
Fusion is the 4th game, mate.
Replies: >>49803
So? I know it is. What's your point? Do you have one? ZM and Primes can be criticized for the same downsides, and they're acceptable being in the top category yet when you mention you like Fusion suddenly there's (You)'s out of the ass. Make up your mind.
Replies: >>49805
>yet you niggers always seem to put it in the MASTERPIECE, BRO section
That's probably just youngfags nostalgic for the Gamecube.
Replies: >>49808
[Hide] (11.4KB, 564x261)
>So? I know it is. What's your point?
That there were already 3 games that didn't hold your hand before Fusion, so Fusion started as the outlier. Furthermore it was the first game that started doing this marker thing, so that justifies it getting more shit that subsequent games, kinda like Resident Evil 4 sometimes gets shit for turning the series into 3rd person shooters, despite 5 and 6 being way worse.
Don't get me wrong I do like Fusion, I just wished it wasn't constantly telling me where to go next.
Replies: >>49806 >>49807
I also can't hold the fourth game in the series to the same standards than a remake of the first game.
That's not how it works.
There's like 14 metroid games.  3 don't hold your hand, 11 do. Which are the outlier? You should be able to solve this.
Moreover, I was talking about the retarded top metroid game charts that I've seen a good number of. My point is that they're hypocritical, and in the top ones Super is the odd one because the others there sure do hold your hand, yet Fusion is the leper for some reason.
Replies: >>49808 >>49809
[Hide] (46.6KB, 450x343)
I'm middle aged and recall that by gen six we hit an impasse with gaming, ergo peak Metroid is gen six/gamecube. Fusion is just Super Metroid but made easier and you can't tell the ship to self destruct itself or anything. Also they are the same generation so why would one be more 'young' than the other to like? Anyway, the graphics were actually nice for the first time rather than merely acceptable so it was quiet the atmosphere. The music is great too with the Primes of course, adds to it. Post gen 6 is just 'slightly easier and wide screen with slightly better graphics' and the magic is gone. Young people wouldn't care to remember gen six. It's near 20 years old as the gba and gamecube are from the very early 2000s. 

You can turn the hints off of prime but not the purple shit off in ZM. Which are you saying 'they' put into the masterpiece section of their brains? Both? 

You can turn off the hint mode in the prime games just so's you know. The flamboyant ZM ship on the other hand....

Are there really 14 metroid games? I don't think most of them count...
>first one and or zero mission (and any nushit jewtendo made recently)
>the gamecube games 1 and 2
>hunters (does not count)
>prime 3
<is four out yet?
>other m? was that a title everyone hated that I skipped?
That's like 8 as far as I'm concerned. Also I don't count metroid 2, maybe people that like that would call it 9, ten at most, but 14? I ought to look up what they are next time I feel like being bitter and depressed because I count 7 because I don't count m nor hunters nor m2 nor remakes.
>There's like 14 metroid games
Yeah when you count stuff like metroid pinball.
There are 4 2d metroid games and 2 remakes, I haven't played the Samus Returns remake but at best it's a tie.
Now I haven't played the Prime games but if  what >>49808 here is saying is true, you can turn off hints, so the game doesn't forcibly hold your hand like in ZM and Fusion. If this is true in all 3 Prime games then the hand-holding games are the outlier, which was never my point to begin with, but whatever.
Replies: >>49811 >>49812
I actually never played 3 due to the gag-worthy wii-mote and all. Just the first two, and no one really praised the third, hated m.

But yes, you can turn off the hints in the firs two.

>checks 3
It looks like it still sends you a message in the third one from what I'm reading even if you turn it off on that one. No wonder no one liked the third much.
If we count the whole series, then about that number, yeah, although fair enough, shit like Pinball isn't really related.
Well, you wanted to argue pedantics, so if you consider actual Metroid games, there's more that hold your hand than ones that don't. The "main body" of the series is much bigger than it was when Fusion released. Argument would've worked back then, not today.
In any case, I don't even want to argue about pedantics, I don't like shit holding your hand either. All I'm saying is that the faggots who make these top charts should put Fusion up there with the rest, if they're going to put ZM or Prime. In fact on the posted chart for some reason ZM is on the first place, not Super. Why? Who fucking knows.

Also, "you can turn it off" isn't much of an argument, you can turn off quest markers and minimaps in today's AAA titles as well but they don't suddenly become Thief or Morrowind, because they're still originally built around those systems. The developers first intention is for you to work off the hints rather than infer the solution from the environment. True enough, in case of Prime, it's hard to get too lost or confused without those systems because it's not that big of a game as games are today, and you can just trial and error it, but the point still applies on a general scale.
Replies: >>49813
>Also, "you can turn it off" isn't much of an argument
It is though? If I could turn off the hand-holding in Fusion it'd be a much better game. I mean it's the one problem I have with the game,  of course being able to turn it off would help.
>All I'm saying is that the faggots who make these top charts should put Fusion up there with the rest, if they're going to put ZM or Prime
Well I never made any charts, and I do think Fusion is probably better than ZM but maybe they think the game has other problems other than the hand-holding
Replies: >>49814 >>49815
[Hide] (89KB, 700x700)
>It is though? If I could turn off the hand-holding in Fusion it'd be a much better game.
Could work with Fusion, but wouldn't work with bigger games like, say, modern open-world games. You can turn off the markers and the minimap, but then you're just lost and confused as to where to go, because the world doesn't tell you, you can't talk to NPCs to ask them where a certain thing is, the only thing you can do is study the map and try to painstakingly find out on your own. They're just not built with exploration in mind, the devs expect you to just follow the arrow to the X. I doubt normalfags would even be able to figure out simple written or explained directions, they'd just drop the game instead.
Also, call me a heretic but I like the navcomputer talks in Fusion, the most of the dialogue isn't even about where you should go, but about what's happening on the station, why you do what you do, why you should HURRY THE FUCK UP, about how the cosmic horror chasing you through the station is more powerful than you in every way, and so on. Shame they lock you in the room until you listen to it, but then it wouldn't exactly be lore-consistent because in the previous games you're dropped off on your own to use your wits as a bounty hunter, but here you're assigned a partner and instructions from HQ with constant updates on the mission.
Replies: >>49815 >>50319
>purple shit in zm
I meant the purple ship in fusion here.... 

Indeed that faggot purple ship needs to be turned the fuck off. 

Open world is cancerous to the point that it killed Zelda recently. Who cares about it as a genre? It's for you to play with your fake friends a game that (((never ends))). Of course such duped sheep would need their help-mode. 

About talking to NPC's, that ship pretty much is the NPC talking to Samus and that kills the format of the game it does. It's mean to be lonely. Actually that second Metroid Prime having an alien talk to you is a mistake itself, but at least it only does it like once then you leave it far behind rather than have it at the center of the entire game. And yes I concur it locking you in random rooms makes you feel like you're not even in control, the ship is. Her ship is bullying her. What the fuck? 

Fusion is an okay game though. At least it's hard tier as Super Metroid was despite being a gen six game. I got my ass kicked by that gravity monster. 

What faggot would put that remake at the top? Glad I've never seen these charts. Super obviously should be above it. Also Fusion should be above it just by being not a remake and also an okay Metroid game that's original and has more..... art put into it. Fusion is Super tier in it's art.
Replies: >>50517
[Hide] (180.4KB, 628x418)
Good work my fellow /cow/boys, we really owned those anime game pedos this time.
Replies: >>50038
Sorry. Thanks for the advice anon.

>and Fusion does that just fine, the only thing it adds is a dialogue with the AI
Agreed. I would say the most linear aspect of Fusion is locking entire visited areas later in the game to force the player to navigate to a certain target. Didn't happen often though so not a big issue.
Replies: >>49857
at the end of the game you can free travel between all the areas anyways, i don't know why anons keep bitching about this. you can even do it before endgame (after beating Ridley but before visiting a navigation room) if you do it right. I remember trying to see what would happen if I went to my ship after beating Ridley and if I would get locked in, but they locked out the whole hangar bay the fuckers.
Replies: >>49908
Alexander Brandon (i.e. Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, etc.) is one of Tyrian's music composers alongside Andres Molnar. Though I don't know what else Andres does as a composer.
Replies: >>49908
[Hide] (103.1KB, 960x640)
Sweet digits dude.

>they locked out the whole hangar bay the fuckers.
I'm surprised you even managed to get there without passing by a navigation room... And I can tell you ZM has lock-ins as well, so it's clearly not a Fusion issue as some anons have said.

Zero Mission is finished. The walkthrough video I linked earlier in the thread was indeed sequence breaking, so I found a better one to help me with the point I was stuck in at the time, then it was all smooth sailing from there. This is the video: https://youtu.be/3blDUTPgWGs
The game was too easy all the way throughout, until the brain boss fight which was extremely frustrating to say the least. And just when it seemed like the worst was over Samus loses his armor and ZM suddenly becomes a sad attempt at a stealth game, except when it's not in the several instances where you're forced to blow your cover. That was the point where I threw in the towel and started save scumming like there's no tomorrow. Thankfully Samus regains her armor and with the streamlined somersault mechanic becomes a near invincible killing machine, defeated only by one-way disappearing blocks.
Finally it was time for the agonizing Mecha Ridley Lil' Dickly with the 4 pixels hitbox before the final kaboom. Overall a very mediocre game at least compared to Fusion, story is almost non-existent and there are several glaring bad design choices. Some of the pixel art is really cool though, especially the statues. Whatever happened to the broken one?
Now onward to Super Metroid!
Replies: >>49911 >>50405
[Hide] (19.7KB, 256x381)
>ZM has lock-ins as well
>he didn't powerbomb the walkway
Replies: >>49918
Which walkway, double dubsman?
Replies: >>49921
The one that connects the temple with the space pirate's ship.
is this a fucking lolbot picture
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1280x720)
Been playing aottg. I don't like the anime, but this fangame is  fun for what it is due to its maneuvering system.  It's taken a while but I'm starting to get the hang of it.
[Hide] (319.5KB, 1920x1080)
Spoiler File
(229.1KB, 1920x1080)
Spoiler File
(147.8KB, 1920x1080)
Spoiler File
(192.3KB, 1920x1080)
Spoiler File
(219.2KB, 1920x1080)
Senran Kagura Shinovi Vs
My first game in the series. (Actually I got the 3DS one a long while back but it was the Japanese version and my language skills were too shit to understand anything so I dropped it) I'm liking it well enough so far. Stunlock spam in Hack n' Slash games really pisses me off though and this game is no exception. It's extra annoying against enemies with longer attack ranges.
It's a 6/10 game by default and with the uncensored patch it becomes an 8/10. 
I'm also playing Shenmue I to practice my Japanese and the controls are shit. I'm also not entirely sure what I'm supposed to be doing right now but that's mostly because my Japanese is shit. Most I can decipher is that there are 3 Chinese men I need to meet and one works in a tailor shop and another one works in a patch/badge shop. Also, why did they spell it like Shenmue when it's actually Shenmuu? When you spell it like Shenmue, I want to say Shen-moo-eh, but that's wrong.
Replies: >>50086
The game is probably hotter without that terrible quality nude patch.
Replies: >>50087 >>50089
Without it, its just sun rays covering up the parts, I find both annoying, and I've played 4 of these games and none of them were fun, the Pinball game was ok, but its Pinball, its not hard to fuck that up.
Replies: >>50088 >>50089
[Hide] (169.2KB, 1440x900)
>Without it, its just sun rays covering up the parts
No, it's cute chibi faces.
Replies: >>50089 >>50090
Censorship just pisses me off so I'd rather have low-res nipples consistent with the game's visual quality than just being told "there's a nipple here but you're not allowed to see it"
Replies: >>50090 >>50110
That seems worse to me for some reason.
Yeah it pretty much a lose lose situation.
Yeah you are never going to see a nipple in a console game like this because of their CERO rating system. That's why these games are always lewd but never explicit.
[Hide] (328.9KB, 858x1200)
Dunno how much you guys still care and I guess it's a bit of a /blog/post, but we ended up trying out Dragon Quest XI and I honestly would like to know if anyone else of you guys has played it and what's your opinion on it. So you can just skip this whole post and just go straight to answering it. (Also if you know any game with the same vibes as DQ8 in general, I have heard Dark Cloud is good but not much else about it).

To preface this, my wife was acquainted with the Dragon Quest series only through 8 and much later on with the 3DS version and DQ 5. I'm not usually one who likes RPGs that much, but I played it at her request and ended up enjoying a lot the gameplay loop of cutscenes->exploration->boss.
Anyhow, to make things fun, we tried to pick a game each in order to have something to experience that the other may not have played, in my case I went with Luigi's Mansion (since I wanted to see if my memories of it held up) and she begged me to find a working copy of DQ XI, mostly because we used to make fun of how dumb Luminary looked, and how, verbatim, "it looks like they took a real life location and placed Barbie dolls to play the main characters of an OVA".
We managed to get a solid 4 and a half hours in the game before feeling absolutely defeated by it. For the better part of our playthrough, the gameplay loop is cutscene->cutscene->cutscene->exploration->light fighting->tutorial->cutscene.
The game starts pretty nicely, actually: the intro cutscene is gorgeous, Cobblestone is a bit boring but definitely much bigger than Farebury and I felt the game just looked really fucking good, with tons of details and unique NPCs and even when lowering graphics settings, the game would still look really good. It also loaded super fast and apart from getting used to the camera, most of it is super responsive. The intro area is even pretty good at establishing how combat works and what you can and cannot do in the overworld and in battle. If the game had got a demo, I wouldn't be surprised if they included everything up until the "reveal" (that you're the Luminary, which is such a non spoiler I won't even bother hiding). But at the moment of departure after leaving Gemma behind I felt the entire game collapsed onto itself. I seriously question the game design philosophy adopted for this shit, and so did she.
Basically, Luminary himself is pretty nimble and the world is dotted with interesting sights, monsters to fight and items to collect to get stronger. However, immediately after leaving, you're gifted a horse which handles more like a motorbike whose job is to make both the fighting and the exploring negligible by trampling enemies by running at them and overall never running out of stamina so you can beeline it to the next location. This presents a problem, since you cannot possibly know if you'll ever need the horse or the exp more, so the entire first two hours were spent galloping, dismounting and fighting the admittedly really cool new monster designs, which was decidedly NOT fun for me, and neither for my wife's more patient self.
Secondly, the fighting itself, as far as we could gather, feels extremely redundant. You get your health back after leveling up, which is something I really like since you can act more strategic when picking fights. However, not even a few steps away from the first area with enemies, you're greeted by a campfire which lets you heal (so you don't need to restock and go to inns), protects you from monsters (which are already piss easy to flee from) and even lets you pick the exact time of day to wake up and a save point to boot. She immediately threw her hands up in the air, since this invalidates 90% of the tension of grinding or exploring. Admittedly, I don't know how frequent they are, but the fact that the game explicitly throws them at you not even a couple of hours in the game is frankly a little bit insulting. Makes something that felt like a reward in and of itself (barring story events, 8 had about three places where you could heal for free, all of them requiring you to explore or get through a good chunk of the story) a lot more shallow and boring.
There's also the combat mechanics. Ideally the game wants you to approach enemies a la Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, getting a hit in before they can retaliate. However, you need to tiptoe around them to get a chance to do so, and even then the damage you deal (at least in the beginning) is much lower than the damage you can dish by just attacking the enemies outright. Feels like you're wasting your time trying to pick the perfect moment to hit them when you can just heal in so many different ways completely free. Then there's the whole "free roaming" combat portion, which I just don't get. We assumed that you could use the terrain or the moments in between attacks to choose an angle to approach the enemies, or even dodge them outright by timing it or at least affecting the combat somewhat, but so far the combat arenas add NOTHING to the game. Actually, they make it worse, since you're forced to use the D-Pad to select from the menus when you could have done the same thing with the analog, and also force you to just walk around and waste time if you want to flee from the battlefield. Are we missing some part of the game, there? The music is also terrible, like, why even get a full orchestra to play the same exact opera piece for the intro cutscene when the rest of the game has SNES tier midis as bgms?
Anyhow, back to the gameplay loop: so around this time we reach the watchamacallit Capital City and again, the exploration part is awesome since every little knick knack is so well modeled and placed right, it really feels like a live city. Which makes the fact that you can interact with basically NOTHING even more aggravating. 90% of the doors cannot even be interacted with - all they should have done is say "this wooden door is too sturdy to unlock" or some shit - and most NPCs don't even have dialogue options. None of them are even a small bit funny or quirky, like 5 or 8 (according to her at least).
At this point we were still pretty hopeful that the adventure would take a nice turn, but then the cutscene hell began as soon as we entered the King Stonepun's palace. Literally a solid 90 minutes of cutscenes establishing fuck all, followed by 30 minutes of C-C-CINEMATIC S-S-SO REAL set pieces or moments where you just walk from point A to point B to meet characters that add nothing to the game or the story.  And here again, I just can't understand this: the game is chock full of QoL and automation options - automatic fights, automatic running, objectives marked on the map instead of letting you figure out shit, a fucking radar, recaps for every 15 minutes of game time if you save and reload, a quick save option that also autosaves after key areas or moments of the story etc. - and literally none of these slant eyed nips thought of having an auto skip for cutscenes or an automatic scrolling for voice acted dialogue? I want to be earnest here: I could probably have missed it, but we went through all options and I just couldn't see something like that. They made those beautiful assets, you're going to fucking see it whether you care or not. And I'm absolutely sure that what we saw was practically all the game had to offer, that is, walking from cutscene to cutscene and getting the faintest amount of gameplay whenever the game felt like it.
But the moment that absolutely broke the two of us happens right as you're about to leave town, as the game's way of teaching you to hoard money/scavenge for supplies and buy shit at shops: Erik (the blue pretty boy in pic related) needs to find his old partner in crime and a precious jewel they stole and hid in a heap of shit. You get to the shanty town part of Capital City, cutscene; you see the trash pile, cutscene; you reach for the object, cutscene; Erik reasons that his pal sold him out and you'll have to watch over a guard post hoping to see a fatass redhead pass by, CUTSCENE; you literally run up to the guardpost and watch one of the most aggravatingly long and pointless cutscenes (a solid 10 minutes of setting up that the local guard is scared of dogs, which requires you to also watch him get angry at a granny, Robbie Rotten laugh while being bribed and oogling at a slutty performer); YOU GO BACK LIKE HALF THE SHANTY TOWN TO TALK TO THIS FATASS, CUTSCENE; YOU'RE TOLD TO FUCKING GO BACK TO THE GUARD POST TO GET BACK IN THE MAIN STREET, CUTSCENE; YOU NEED A FUCKING DOG TO SCARE THE GUARD STIFF AND TO DO SO YOU NEED TO TALK TO BRAT WHO WANTS YOU TO BRING HER MORE SHIT (WHICH IF YOU DIDN'T WASTE CASH MEANT RUNNING AROUND THE PLACE LOOKING FOR MORE AND FINDING SOME FUCKING BERRIES); AND THEN THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO THROW TWO MORE CUTSCENES AT YOU TO SEE THE GUARD GETTING SCARED OFF! AND EVEN MORE CUTSCENES WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR WAY UP TOP. YOU HAVE A GODDAMN JUMP AND RUN BUTTON AND NEITHER HELP YOU ANY WITH THE EXPLORATION, SINCE 90% OF THE GAME HAS INVISIBLE WALLS AND YOU DON'T KEEP YOUR MOMENTUM WHEN JUMPING. THE HORSE DOESN'T SKIP SHIT EITHER. THE PLANKS AND ROPES AND CLIMBABLE SHIT ADD NOTHING TO THE GAME.
So, 4 and a half hours in, we finally fucking reach the overworld again and at this point we're just rushing through since we're full of trinkets and just a few random monsters to fight them with, we reach another campfire and Erik gifts us this game's version of the Alchemy Pot. So my wife's like "cool, finally we can now look for recipes and ingredients to experimen-" and to the fucking second we're handled recipes and ingredients to build shit. When the fucking minigame comes up  (with another CUTSCENE of course), I'm laughing like a maniac and she's FUMING with anger. We just failed it on purpose (it's just a guesswork game of when to hit each part of the sword at which temperature, which is just a fucking chore given that it adds nothing to the game and is barely a puzzle, let alone an interactive part of the game) to quit to the main screen.

I really feel like this game is just an elaborate scam to get people to buy it for the first hour and then leaving them unable to refund it later. I legitimately cannot understand who ever greenlit this. Do you guys feel me on this one?
Before I settle down to read this novel is this a pasta? I don't want to get 3 quarters of the way though it and realize I've been bamboozled.
Replies: >>50174
Nope, just my experiences fresh off of a gamenight. I am not that kind of shitposter, anon.
[Hide] (48.6KB, 445x214)
Replies: >>50178
[Hide] (860.4KB, 1080x1080)
Take it as a longwinded way of saying that Luigi's Mansion is better than Dragon Quest XI
Replies: >>50291
I didn't get burnt out until halfway I would say at the tower of lost time. You can basically split the game into three sections, and I feel if I took a long break between those I would not have felt so utterly burnt out that I did.
Replies: >>50230
>my wife
>4 hours into what should have taken 30 minutes or less
>acting like an absolute cuck on top of it all
You might want to stop taking her feminine penis up the ass and get your head out your ass before you try anything requiring the smallest of efforts.
Replies: >>50230
>30 minutes
You mean, without exploring even a bit of the world clearly littered with shit to pick up that may or may not be important down the line? You could probably walk up to where I got in thirty, sure, but what's the fucking point of ignoring everything? Might as well play a corridor shooter then.
I see, I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
Replies: >>50338
>>41472 (OP) 
I ran out of games to play that really interest me months ago and my go to time sinks now are Stalker: Anomaly, Elite: Dangerous and a couple H-games
Recently developed a craving for Strategy and Colony Sims though, downloaded Frostpunk overnight and will give it a shot today. Looking for interesting games in that category made me realize how much I miss playing old Stellaris. From what've read online, Parajew actually broke the AI with their updates in the last few years and all CPU empires collapse after a hundred years or so due to failing economies.
Replies: >>50293
I'm not reading all that shit, but I enjoy Dragon Quest for the very well tuned traditional JRPG combat, and XI with the challenge modes turned on is the best incarnation of that.  It's almost as cruel as Wizardry sometimes.
>Elite: Dangerous
How is that? I've considered buying it a few times when it's on sale since I liked X3, but I don't have a flight stick and the reviews say it's really grindy or something.
Replies: >>50638
[Hide] (567.5KB, 910x823)
>10.290 characters
I haven't been less interested in reading something since the brainwashing texts of Sociology 101.
Replies: >>50320 >>50533
>Memorable Voice Acting
It's fucking terrible. Good thing you can turn it off and I always do.
I don't think normalcattle is THAT stupid, i mean they loved the first dark souls and that game doesn't have quest markers, all the game tells you is "ring the bells" and once you leave the tutorial you can go to three different areas (londo ruins, the bone zone and black knight halberd's domain) besides the one you're supposed to go in (undead burg), and even undead burg's has its own "trap" zone, the valley of drakes
Replies: >>50358
[Hide] (417.1KB, 1246x724)
It just seems to be some normalfag shit anyway.
Having beaten DQ11, I can tell you that your instincts were right and you made the correct decision.
Who said anything about ignoring? I don't take 20 minutes to appreciate a stick on the ground, yet you go and shove it up your ass instead.
[Hide] (419.8KB, 1257x1138)
[Hide] (566.1KB, 698x4352)
>they loved the first dark souls
Dark Souls, despite its cultural impact, did not sell as well as you might think.  It took several years to reach more than a million sales.  Compared to something like CoD or Battlefield selling millions on launch day and then milking normalniggers for years with DLC, DaS1 is a pretty small game, financially.  One DLC expansion which isn't even easy to access unless you know how to find it.

There are also many, many people who don't like Dark Souls because they're just too retarded to do anything but press forward and expect the game to play itself for them.  Everyone who bitched about Sen's Fortress and couldn't get out of the Undead Burg is this kind of "person."
Replies: >>50424 >>50433
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1080)
>Now onward to Super Metroid!
After Zero Mission, you really should play AM2R before Super Metroid.
Replies: >>50408 >>50537
Did they ever get the Vita homebrew port fixed up? Or has it been abandoned.
>It took several years to reach more than a million sales
It was niche/cult title like Demon's souls before it until the PC release, coupled with being picked up by streamers who needed something other than first-person amnesia clones and excitibike to generate views. Then the PVP streamers came around and attracted the "competetive" scene. In either case, it was probably too much for the console crowd to handle.
Yet contrarian faggots on the webring all claim it's an easy normalnigger game now
It is. Who the fuck thinks DS is hard lol? All you normalniggers need to go back.
Replies: >>50715
It's not hard in the same way Armored Core isn't hard, meaning that if you're careful pay attention to what you're doing and actually use your brain you're not gonna have that hard of a time, if you don't you get filtered within the first 10 minutes of the game.
Replies: >>50439 >>50715
>that if you're careful pay attention to what you're doing and actually use your brain you're not gonna have that hard of a time
Yeah, you know, playing a video game.
Do normalfags just randomly mash buttons or something, how is this new science to them.
>Yeah, you know, playing a video game.
I mean moreso than usual.
[Hide] (80.2KB, 1280x720)
I've been playing Soma and I'm not seeing how the game is frightening or anything. 

>Yet contrarian faggots on the webring all claim it's an easy normalnigger game now
It is if you know how to pay attention to the detail and your surroundings.
Replies: >>50510
The real horror is supposed to be existential dread, as an ooga-booga-so-spooky game it's not that scary. It's hard to give much of a fuck about the existential dread if you're already a depressed nihilistic loner like most imageboard users, though.
Replies: >>50520
[Hide] (18.6KB, 512x448)
[Hide] (19.2KB, 256x224)
[Hide] (15.1KB, 256x224)
Since you guys have played the metroid games I want to know which ones I should try/avoid. Only one I've officially completed (not full %) is Super Metroid. Now, I'm just playing the great romhacks of it:
>Project Base 0.8 (most recent version)
Fantastic way to replay SM plus some new paths have been added for speedrunning. Managed to clock in less than 3 hours without 100% (because of bad memory of some places; could've gotten quicker). In this new version, you can change the hud too.
>Ancient Chozo
If you want another way to replay SM with Project Base physics but want a new look to it, then it's this one. A very cool thing I liked was how there was a Brinstar-Maridia hybrid sub area. It even gets it's own music! In the original, there's really no natural transitioning between two sub areas. When you go from Brinstar to Maridia for the first time in this hack, you'll notice how as you go further, Brinstar becomes more dilapidated and decayed - and BAM, welcome to Maridia. I heard from a youtube review that the boss battles are harder but I almost all bosses in one try (spamming missiles is key). Except for Ridley (because I forgot normal missles do nothing for him) and SpoSpo (his boss room is underwater)
Gave up on Ascent after I found out the game locks you out of an sub area after it's flooded with lava as a cinematic end of a chapter of some sort. Were you anticipating to fill out the map and get certain items in the area later? Sorry fucko, you're never gonna get it now.
>Escape II
Currently playing this one, I gotta admit one of the maps is backtracking heavy. I got bored of this hack at first because I was too hesistant to sequence break and get early missiles and energy tanks by bombjumping. But I realized original Metroid's bombjumping required tired thumbs on the X button. Still gonna finish it, opening it up and revealing more stuff looks promising for fun times. There's even a hard version for this mod for those who want a real challenge, but I'll stick with the default difficulty.

Please recommend me which Metroid games are good. For instance, there's Metroid and Metroid: 0 Mission. Which one should I try? Any romhacks/improvement patches I need to check out?

>At least it's hard tier as Super Metroid was
>Super Metroid
Okay I'm curious. Hard as in how? The bosses? The mastering of base moves like walljump?
>The real horror is supposed to be existential dread
I can see it how it is, the game makes it kind of obvious that you aren't the protag during the prologue with the whole everyone's personalities are being installed into machines, and the fact that you randomly switch outfits and mysteriously get a flash-light out of nowhere. I still don't find the appeal with the whole le random monsters fucking up screen thing. I found Amnesia to be scarier than Soma.

>It's hard to give much of a fuck about the existential dread if you're already a depressed nihilistic loner like most imageboard users, though.
Speak for yourself and some other anons here nigger.
Replies: >>50525
For a second there I thought you said "flesh-light", which made me laugh so hard that my neighbors thought I was dying or in some form of trouble.
(14KB, 250x244)
>10.290 characters
I'm glad the message limit is 20k characters for posts like that tho
Zero Mission is pretty linear (but not as obnoxious as Fusion because there's no story to get in your way and a bunch of "speedrunners go here" map shortcuts) but it wins against NES Metroid just because "every room looks exactly the same" and "no automap" are a disgusting combination. There's a Lua mod that adds Super Metroid menus and automap if you can put up with FCEUX. Other than that, Prime series is good, just ignore Hunters and 3 and remember that it's not actually an FPS despite being first-person.
Replies: >>50537
This isn't a rom though it's a closed-source windows exe, and it got DMCA'd by jewtendo too. How can I guarantee it isn't pozzed?

>Please recommend me which Metroid games are good
Strongly recommending Fusion. I only played it and ZM so far but I wouldn't consciously recommend ZM because I didn't enjoy it.

So if Fusion and ZM are linear, what is an example of a non-linear Metroid game? Serious question.
Replies: >>50542
There aren't any ww. The map isn't a linear corridor, but the path you take from point to point is dictated by upgrade requirements to reach certain areas so without sequence breaking you will always beat every boss and collect every upgrade (not counting expansions/etanks) in the same order. Any "nonlinearity" in SM was not intended by the developer, the physics are just easy enough to break that an autistic player can cheat it and do things like reverse boss order. If you want a truly nonlinear Metroid where you can e.g. beat bosses in more than one order without cheating you're stuck with romhacks.
As of late, I've only been playing a couple games.
>Fallout New Vegas 
I have a strange obsession with this game. It's a buggy mess, and I play the same style every time I play it(cowboy samurai). Maybe I just find it comfortable in its predictability. 

>Hunt: Showdown 
I don't know /v/'s consensus on this game, but I've been enjoying it. It's very different from conventional FPS games, or at least the ones I have played. There is just something exciting having to sneak around, yet keep an ear out for those out to get you.
Replies: >>51033
Spoiler File
(430.1KB, 1050x1500)
>hard how?
Forgetting where x thing was when you have to backtrack and the bosses kicking your ass sometimes when you suck at video games. Like that faggot that latches onto you then hits you with it's tail for instance raping the shit out of your e-tanks. Or Ridley needing to be hit with over nine-thousand missiles. But about Fusion being okay I was thinking before specifically the bosses kicking the shit out of me in Fusion even worse than Super. That gravity monster raped the shit out of me if I recall in Fusion. Really about memory if it's my first time playing a game I do better, maybe replaying Super is messing with my mind. I guess I just suck at video games to the point where I tend to get assraped by bosses with my heart pounding.
Replies: >>50636
>Like that faggot that latches onto you then hits you with it's tail for instance raping the shit out of your e-tanks. Or Ridley needing to be hit with over nine-thousand missiles.
hahah in both instances it's the same guy - Ridley. Thing is SM was easy when I replayed it (in project base romhack). For ridley, the normal missiles dont do anything. I had to look up a small walkthru on this one. It turns how he's only weak to Super missiles and charged up beam shots. All bosses in SM are easy if you know the tips and tricks. Another example is the fact that you can kill of Kraid asap. When he comes up, put a charged shot in him, when he opens his mouth, immediately feed super missiles into him. He's gone. As for the other bosses, you need to repeatedly tap the missiles onto them. The more you tap, the more difficult it is for them to continue moving (they freeze for split seconds).
Replies: >>50668
[Hide] (103.1KB, 737x749)
The game is a constant grind and the devs are morons that think "time investment = gameplay", yet they somehow managed to make it appealing to a certain niche autism which I share.
If you're genuinely interested in E:D then you should get ready to read atleast 2 or 3 guides, videos or forum threads about every single new action you intend to do in that game even if you already have 700+ hours in it like me, because the game fucks you over at every opportunity it gets. You will earn credits the wrong way, you will pick the wrong missions, you will buy the wrong ships, you will outfit your ships wrong, you will engineer your ships wrong. 9 out of 10 times the most appealing looking option you can take is wrong.
On the other hand if you know what to do you can relatively easily evade the lions share of the grind. The best thing you can and should do is pick a player squadron that is willing to show you the ropes, preferably a medium-sized one with a couple dedicated autists that might just greet you with a hundred million credits worth of pre-completed wing missions.
Replies: >>50641 >>50666
>he didn't just mine for a day and make millions of credits and then buy the end game ship and then get bored of the game
There's nothing to actually do in Elite Dangerous. It's grind for the sake of grind.
Replies: >>50667
>pick a player squadron that is willing to show you the ropes
I was actually only interested in the single player side, so I guess I'll pass.
>grind for the sake of grind
Like all games at the end of the day. Its by design though. Games are busy work to keep kids out of trouble, like boy scouts but you dont learn anything real. 
Unfortunately adults took over the medium as the ones consuming it and now games are shit.
Replies: >>51033
[Hide] (125KB, 1280x720)
>same guy
I meant pic related's bottom left for the 'tail' raping you, hence the animu girl being raped up the butt by a green alien's... thingy.
Replies: >>50671
If you have to explain it its not funny
Replies: >>50673 >>50725
Porn addicts are often never funny.
Replies: >>50725
Either you're retarded and you don't know what the fuck "easy" means, or you're just pretending. Easy means that anyone can beat it with no effort or skill whatsoever and only minimal attention. Shit like the New Super Mario Games with the White Tanooki suit or Kirby games were you can float above the entire level with no threats.  

What contemporary PS3 games were any where near as hard?
What other game released in that time frame had enemies that could kill you in a couple hits and labyrinthine levels filled with death traps? Dark Souls was a radical departure from modern AAA design that caters to the filthy masses, and was much more like an old school game in its design. If a regular triple AAA game was Tanooki Suit New Super Mario Bros, Dark Souls is like classic Castlevania.

Well, I didn't get filtered within the first 10 minutes and I did have a hard time, especially with certain bosses, that proved to require hours of practice to beat.
For you.
>if I don't fap I can take control over my life
Do you feel in charge?
Replies: >>50753
>Well, I didn't get filtered within the first 10 minutes and I did have a hard time, especially with certain bosses, that proved to require hours of practice to beat.
I dunno what to tell you then, though it's true that both of those games have noob traps so you can stumble on something that seems like it'll work for the whole game then get turbofucked latter on.
Replies: >>51047
[Hide] (10.8KB, 544x480)
[Hide] (64.5KB, 768x678)
The original Metal Gear.
Surprisingly complex game for 1987, many of the mechanics of the latter games are already implemented, of course there is some stupid stuff like soldiers that see in a straight line alarms the are turned off after you beat up  a couple of guys, and very cheesable bosses, but still.
Maybe Kojima isn't that much of a hack after all.
Replies: >>50738
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the original metal gear sucks ass, it's clunky, very limited in scope, full of "gamey" bits, easy to cheese, and confusing as hell. metal gear 2, on the other hand, is a fucking great sequel, it expands and improves pretty much everything from the first one be it gameplay, writing, graphics, soundtrack, pacing, controls, longevity, whatever, it truly blows the first out of the water. it's so good they recycled a lot of the ideas in it into mgs. 

when I first played the original a few years ago, it felt like a total slog and a pain to play, but the second was actually a quite enjoyable journey.
I think it's more of a case of a lot of people treating games as a passive activity (like TV) when games are supposed to be active. They want something to just tune into, do a few things, then tune out and be done. Low effort and no thinking.
Baneposting still doesn't make you funny retard. Your sense of humor is just really shit.

>Easy means that anyone can beat it with no effort or skill whatsoever and only minimal attention. 
Paying attention to where you are going, studying attack patterns, and doing the famous "die and learn" are not skill-based, they're common sense that even normalfags can accomplish if they aren't too stupid. Dark Souls clearly requires effort, brains, and the motivation to play, but it's not something impossible for even a child to beat without a guide. If I had to put a difficulty rating on Dark Souls I would definitely say it's "Normal". But saying the game is hard is as retarded.
Replies: >>50755 >>50800
>Your sense of humor is just really shit.
4 U
Replies: >>50756
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>4 U
<if I can't read your post you are illiterate
<if I don't get your joke you have a shit sense of humor
I keep seeing this shit and it's making me embarrassed by proxy for whatever anon thinks this illogically.
Replies: >>50813
>if I can't read your post you are illiterate
We read and it wasn't funny simple as is negroid.

>if I don't get your joke you have a shit sense of humor
That's literally how humor works. The worst part about your female humor is that /hg/ probably wouldn't find it funny either. 

>I  seeing this shit and it's making me embarrassed by proxy
Ironic for you to say that with (1)s proxynigger.

>whatever anon thinks this illogically.
It's not illogical it's just that you really aren't funny. The asshurt that no one laughed at your joke other than (You) is funny though, so maybe you should continue being a upset retard to get some laughs on here.
Replies: >>50850 >>50922
>going full reply-to-every-sentence-individually autistic
Replies: >>50851
>wow you're addressing each point I made haha that's totally lame dude imagine putting effort into a conversation
Replies: >>50897
Never said that, please don't put words in my mouth.

>you're addressing each point I made
Picking apart every sentence instead of being able to concisely get your point across makes you look like a nigger.

I see you're now resorting to strawmanning because of your severe case of butt blisterings.

>that's totally lame dude
And continue on to do so. What a terribly telling sign.

Back to cuckchan.

>putting effort into a conversation
Yes this format truly is better. You've opened my eyes anon. From now on I will put as much effort in as possible and reply to every sentence individually so posting quality can hit the highest standards imaginable.
Replies: >>50906
You've really convinced me that attacking posts point by point is counter-productive with this hyperbole. From now on I'll confidently argue against what I assert my opponent to believe as a general sentiment rather than just attacking what it is they're actually saying. Truly directly quoting someone and responding to their literal arguments is not effective as you've displayed, because someone can do this in bad faith. And anything that can be done in bad faith is clearly bad.

Loosely referring to the sentiment of a post rather than what is actually being said obviously can't be used in bad faith as we all know. I'm glad we've cleared this up and are working together to push for high effort posts.
Replies: >>50993
I have dynamic IP and rent a router but keep on assuming shit. 
<if you don't imply x thing well and I can't infer it's totally your fault!
It's a two way street whether you like it or not. 

Bottom line though if you did not like my post and or joke did you have to chimp out about it? No, that's not what this is, you're mad because I said I suck at Super Metroid. That's what this really is.  Being better at video games and coming into contact with someone that's subpar isn't that big of a deal. Get over it.
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Been playing the Portal Reloaded mod that released recently. Adds an extra portal for time traveling. Since I'm retarded some of the puzzles fuck my head for longer than they should, which is fun in a way.
>no you
I've been playing Dragon Quest Builders 2, it's pretty decent so far I'm enjoying it. The one thing that irks me up to now is the warrior female who talks in mid 00s normalfag scene girl meme speak. Her dialogue make me cringe so hard my bollocks retract into my body.
As an aside this is only the third Dragon Quest game I've played and all of them spin offs, so I've been considering giving the main series a go. Can I play them in any order or it there a set order that's recommended to understand the shit that's going on?
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I've been playing the first Fallout and I'm not seeing what the autists see in the game to call it better than Fallout 3. Adding the limit thing just to get a water chip seemed rather pointless, considering you can still explore the entire map within only a few days and find the chip. The combat system is also kind of shit due to the retarded AI and bugs that ruins the game. You can also easily cheese out enemies for high gear if you can shoot them through buildings in which they won't shoot back or go around.

>Bottom line though if you did not like my post and or joke did you have to chimp out about it? 
You're making like four fucking post because two people told you the truth that your joke was fucking shit. You're the only being a gorillanigger. Shut the fuck up and get over it, your joke is shit and no manner how many times you respond to everyone.
[Hide] (5.1MB, 1280x720, 00:29)
[Hide] (11.3MB, 640x360, 06:07)
>Do normalfags just randomly mash buttons or something
You're kidding, right?

> It's a buggy mess
Please tell me you did the Viva New Vegas installation to remove most of the crashes and make the game actually look and feel decent.

>Like all games at the end of the day
This is sophistry that people with obsessions use to deflect criticism.  Strider and Ninja Gaiden aren't grinds.
Replies: >>51034 >>51227
> Strider and Ninja Gaiden aren't grinds.
Grinding to acquire skill at a game is a thing and you certainly ain't clearing either of those first try.
Replies: >>51035
>Grinding to acquire skill at a game
That's not what grinding means.
>is a thing 
You have to go back.
Replies: >>51036
>That's not what grinding means.
You're doing something repeatedly to get a resource, in that case skill, it's grinding, it's already used that way, don't be a faggot.
Replies: >>51229
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> I'm not seeing what the autists see in the game to call it better than Fallout 
You need to be above eighteen years of age to post on this board. I'm not going to entertain your 'criticism', since it's as low as the overall quality of your post.
As >>50730 points out there are several noob traps in the AC games that can fuck you over later in the game. This isn't a design flaw and is actually there to act as a soft barrier to check if you have mastered certain skills. For example in AC2 werehound is there to fuck over anyone who thinks they can get away with not learning basic maneuvering. AC2 has a lot of stuff like that from what I remember I even learned how to fight with a caterpillar base much better by watching one of the AI opponents fighting.
Replies: >>51092 >>51228
There's one bad thing about AC2, you never truly fight ACs  outside of the arena, the ones in mission all have halved AP.
So when you get to AC2AA even some duels get fucking brutal and everything you thought worked suddenly doesn't.
Replies: >>51096 >>51228
I used to think that, but it was probably better because you could use a greater assortment of weapons. I still ended up using two chainguns combined with arm weapons because I was afraid of running out of ammo more than being destroyed.
DQ1-3 should definitely be played in order. All the games have light story connections to each other, though.
That first video gives me physical pain to watch.
They also forgot to put a check in for abusing boost feathering with quad legs, which basically wins the game for you up until the secret bonus arena boss that cheats with inifnite energy and no load penalty.

AA fixed this by fucking quad legs energy consumption though I guess.
Replies: >>51240
>Skill is a resource
It's not
Replies: >>51240
There's plenty of builds and tricks for said builds that make them kinda broken once you get around to it.
You can dominate early arena (as in till rank 25) with back large rockets and tank legs (as in a build you can do right after the raven test, though you have to spend a bit more as you progress through the arena) and all missile + rel with OB jousting is what you do when you're lazy for late arena
The secret arena opponent in 2 isn't really anything to write home about imo, now the fucker from 3 with the stealth extension is some grade A cancer to deal with and the SAWA build near him is no pushover either.

But it is, a resource doesn't need to be quantifiable or expendable to be one.
Replies: >>51243
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>a resource doesn't need to be quantifiable or expendable to be one
Do you exchange a resource (time) to obtain another resource (skill)?
Do people who spend time honing a certain skill own it? 
Can said skill be shared as a form of currency?
>I'm not seeing what the autists see in the game to call it better than Fallout 3
I just don't like Oblivion with guns
Spoiler File
(1.5MB, 1024x770)
Spoiler File
(149.6KB, 731x1094)
I've been playing Jak II this week, out of a nostalgic feeling. The game's certainly an interesting one, given its mishmash of collect-a-thon platformer, shooter, GTA-style open world, and skateboarding, all with anime-styled elves. It's early 2000's in its full glory. It's beautiful in a way.
The platforming and melee mechanics retain their same quality from the first game, still having the incredibly smooth movement that made the first so fun to play. The vehicles are decent to control and move, and the hover-to-flight mechanics the zoomers can do is a good way to weave through traffic or avoid the Krimson Guard and their kamikaze zoomers. I found the hoverboard mechanics certainly cool, as a big fan of the THPS series, though sadly the hoverboard can never reach the same levels of polish Tony Hawk did.
That said, the game naturally has its flaws, being such a sharp departure from The Precursor Legacy. The plot is wonky, since it has to accommodate such a great change, but I found the time travel element to be at least decent for the setting. The Mar subplot, on the other hand, didn't work out for me. The gunplay is decent, but it wasn't as good as Jak 3 is, naturally. I'll get around to playing that one. It works best, however, as an addition to Jak's punches and kicks, instead of replacing them outright. 
Jak II, while flawed, doesn't deserve the hate it got, I believe. It was a fun game that while certainly not its predecessor, helped create a unique setting that shone, and Jak 3 would be even better, in my opinion. And with that, I conclude by saying that Keira is best girl.
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>>41472 (OP) 
I'm still enjoying Caligula as usual. 
>tfw I will never be headbutted by Naruko thrice in a row IRL 
Life is unfair
Replies: >>51707
I switched to Metroid II as I've never beat it before and it's even harder as there's no map and annoying to keep killing alpha Metroids over and over.
Who's the best girl in Caligula?
[Hide] (140KB, 1200x720)
The Mafia Remake, looks fine, plays like pretty much every other TPS, not impressed to be honest.

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