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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

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Has any of you faggots watched any of these? There's a lot of them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_television_series_based_on_video_games 
Some I never even heard about like a Rayman 3D cartoon and a PaRappa the Rapper anime. The only vidya based cartoons I watched are Earthwome Jim and a few of the Sonic and Mario cartoons. Also that Kirby anime. I kind of want to make my way through that list now. How many shows of that list have you watched, anon?
Medarot and RockmanEXE.
They're good. Watch them.
A lot of those in that list are VNs. But I did watch
>Devil May Cry
I can't remember shit about the DMC anime. Though the Gungrave anime scratched the mafia itch I seem to always have.
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>>39024 (OP) 
sonic boom is alright, can be funny when it feels like it
sonic X is questionable, rehashes sonic adventure 1 & 2 with a weird flavour and it's original story is pretty messy
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>rehashes sonic adventure 1 & 2 with a weird flavour
A good chunk of that weird flavor is literally them running off of a earlier script; like movie novels; irrc there's even unused dialogue triggers in some cutscenes for shit that happens in sonic X.
There's also the unused chaos tentacles that are in sonic X.

Most of the show barely has a plot outside of the adaptions; its a monster of the week show and doesn't really gain a focused plot until season 4.
I watched Gungrave, Ys and Trails. All of them were nothing special.
Also I wasn't aware that DC MK animated movie was released.
Lots of TBA for the live action releases on that list, the future's gonna suck some dick.
The gungrave's anime had a great first half, before the pseudo apocalypse in the second half had it turn into some lame action shounen where all the gunbattles are a slideshow of Grave posing. The fight with Benji was great, but the rest was mediocre
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Watched Wild Arms: Twilight Venom some years back. Series had a more enjoyable journey than destination; my speculation being that Sony pulled funding from Bee Train. Still fun up to the last few episodes though; the train one especially. Probably helps that while inspired by Wild Arms 1 and 2 and sees some characters make cameos, it's not an adaptation of either.

Hoshizora Jet is like the worst fucking credits theme they could have chosen, fucking hell. Even the OST version sounds like aural shit.

Not sure about counting .hack//Sign or .hack//Roots. I mean, yeah, they are animated series, but they're almost required viewing to really get the most understanding out of .hack as an intentional multimedia universe, as opposed to existing as adaptations or their own thing.
>Devil May Cry
-Shitty animation not even close to portraying at leas some of the crazy combat of any of the games.
-Dante was turned into a simp, having women (and even a little girl) ordering him around.
-Doesn't eat pizza, but strawberry sundae just because of some piece of shit sponsor, so one of his quirks was completely erased from the plot.
It was, along with BlazBlue, some of the worst anime adaptations of games that I ever watched.
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>>39024 (OP) 
You might check Sega's anime. The Panzer Dragoon and Virtua Fighter ones are passable, but enjoyable.
Sakura Wars is pretty good in some seasons. The first one is a classic.
(19.4MB, 1280x720, 02:28)
>some of the worst anime adaptations of games that I ever watched
You might want to try whatever OP is recommending.
>Flash tier animation
>Not even the good one.
(16.6KB, 480x362)
Is this official material? That is downright pathetic. Why would the japs allow this? Who thought this was a good idea?
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(18.6MB, 540x360, 07:43)
>why would the japs allow this?
Do you think the Japs would allow this? Now, here is some Jap approved garbage.
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I can't tell if that's better or worse than modern cartoons. That kind of scares me.

>Why would the japs allow this?
Assuming that abomination up there was the 2009 cartoon from nickelodeon, probably because it had been adapted twice already by and for Japan: a 2002 CG anime that went for 78 under-a-minute episodes (plus a 22 minute "movie"), and a 77 episode anime by Xebec. Doing some reading, three of the former were sent to nick to be dubbed, which inspired frederator studios to think they could do it too. Apparently TenNapel was one of the people who worked on the 2009 one in some capacity.

Anyhow, I would just assume money and connections.
Still better than the average western cartoon.
(1.3MB, 864x480, 00:19)
Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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I used to believe Soyny of Amerilard was retarded for not milking Ape Escape's franchise and their instantly recognizable apes, though after seeing this cartoon, those godawful Million Monkeys character designs and how little the monkeys amounted to with those spin off games they didn't even bother to bring overseas... I think I'm good.
(16.8MB, 320x240, 10:08)
the darkstalkers cartoon features felicia leading around a shota the whole time, so it's fine by me :^)
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That looks like fun
(24.2KB, 285x324)
>felicia leading around a shota the whole time
Do you have a torrent?
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Spoiler File
(1MB, 1000x1414)
there probably isn't even a (good) torrent, but all of the episodes are publicly available and easy to find on jewtube
(33.6KB, 590x350)
>Do you have a torrent?
Open wide anon!
While I was doing my job in some person's house, they had the TV on some channel that played cartoons and it was some of the most derivative and garbage animation I've ever seen and worse of course 3DCG shit. This somehow makes that look good in comparison.
Replies: >>39200
>jimmy's town gets invaded by niggers: the episode
A lot of modern cartoons are some straight up schizo shit too, things are probably gonna be fuckin wild when kids today grow up after being raised on this shit combined with being heavily medicated and basically deliberately being turned into madmen in the school system.
>Now, here is some Jap approved garbage
>actually good jokes and qt girl
You need you check your eyes, anon.
>>39024 (OP) 
>Candy crush had a game show
I didn't expect that.
>>39024 (OP) 
>Has any of you faggots watched any of these?
A few
Pretty sure that one is meant for people who've played the game because it's a complete clusterfuck. didn't know of the game at the time
>Devil May Cry
Mostly unrelated to the actual games.
There's a few seasons of that that are actually pretty damn good for a children shows made to sell you physical crap.
>Galaxy Angel
It's good but definitely an acquired taste.
Animation is mediocre but otherwise it works, maybe a bit too well since you can figure the big twist much earlier than the VN if you pay attention.
>Persona anything
All shit.
>Sakura Wars
The early one is fucking great.
>School Days
Not worth watching because it simply cannot translate the content of the VN well  but has nearly nothing worth watching it for if you've played it.
>Viewtiful Joe 
Never finished it due to poor english and lack of sub / dub in my own language at the time but seemed fairly okay
>Wild Arms 
Haven't finished it yet but seemed good if you can handle it not following any game but instead picking a bit from the other two entries at hte time
It exist, that all I can really say about it
>Z.O.E. Dolores,i
Pretty good.

List is missing those two that i remember
>Halo Legends
Okay if you're invested in the lore I guess
>Dante's Inferno
Okay I guess
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Fuck off faggot, Sonic's arms aren't blue.
(14.7KB, 225x205)
>Mostly unrelated to the actual games.
J.D. Morrison's first appearance was in the anime and he was white in it.
Replies: >>39286
That's why I said mostly, it borrows elements from the game but everything is a little bit off, it's not as offensive as DmC but it's kinda like DMC2, it's called DMC, it has Dante in it and a few other relevant things but really doesn't feel the same.

In contrast for example Bayonetta Bloody Fate, which is another one that's omitted in that list keeps the tone of the game, mostly, just with heavy tweaks to the story.
>Halo Legends
Reminds me, I watched Halo: Forward Unto Dawn when that came out. Was pretty good until Mister Chef showed up. It's a good setting he's just the worst protagonist in FPSs.
They're also producing a new TV show show just called Halo, coming to Showtime sometime this year supposedly.
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(72.8KB, 440x640)
(102.9KB, 600x457)
>>39024 (OP) 
I've been watching the 2003 version of ninja turtles with my younger brother. I guess in this case it's more of a vidya based on a cartoon but it's still good. The art style has a really edgy the badass kind of edgy to the stupid gay edgy early 2000's feel to it and the artstyle reminds me of a good combination of classic western comic books and anime. 
I don't mean to go off topic here, but why exactly do you believe mister chef to be a bad protagonist? In many ways he's like doom guy from the first 2 doom games, He does have an interesting back story and even his own personality but you don't need to know that to play as him. If anything, the original bungie devs intended mister chef just to be a suit of armor that the player could self insert into, much like what ID intended to do with doom guy.

I'm not calling you wrong or stupid or anything like that for holding a different opinion, I'm more curious as to why you hold your opinion.
Replies: >>39415
Would love to see a Halo show about culinary, with Master Chief as the host, now called Mister Cheff.

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