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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

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Wanna hear about the depths this industry has found to sink off to?


>CKII Subscription Service
>We are glad to bring you the launch of a new subscription service to the Crusader Kings 2 Game experience!

>With so much additional content available, the cost for new Crusader Kings II players can seem prohibitive or intimidating. This is an affordable way for players to experience the entire Crusader Kings II catalog without having to weigh which items they would prefer to purchase.

>We have jewed you so much that our supply of new paypigs has dried up so heres something to obfuscate the costs
>>38460 (OP) 
>Paradox makes CK2 f2p.
>Adds subscription that would mostlikely cost you way more then buying the game while it was p2p
It fucking suck. It fucking sickens me. Even if the niggerjews make a new expansion, quess what it's just a glorified DLC, you are never going to see it fir sale in physical form.
Replies: >>38473
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>year of the Lord 2021
>CKII still relevant
>parajew still milking it
>suckers still supporting parajew
Replies: >>38473
>subscription anything
Subscriptions only make sense to fund a constant supply of new content for online games like MMOs, nothing else.
>>38460 (OP) 
>the cost for new Crusader Kings II players can seem prohibitive or intimidating
Gee, sounds like a great reason to lower the price or bundle all the DLC together in a sort of GOTY deal, not come up with some scummy subscription.
>full game now so prohibitively expensive the sales are drying up
Did they outjew themselves?
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>>38460 (OP) 
>the cost for new ckII players can seem prohibitive or intimidating
Yar har.

>CKII still relevant
It's better than CKIII in almost every way, including graphics, so why are you surprised? Paradox would be dumb not to milk it further... but not like this. Games tied to a cloud service like steam or origin are bad enough already, since you don't own the games and you can lose them at some faggot's whim, and now they're bringing MMO practices to single player games.

They know subscription model is a rip off, they state it clearly and they STILL implement it.
Replies: >>38476
Are there cracks of CKII or CKIII? Asking because I'm suspicious. I've seen cracked games from steam like rise of nations the definitive edition or something.
Replies: >>38479 >>38536
Yes to both. Current version of CK3 is 1.2.2.
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Oh great, OP is a newfag and he hasn't been properly shunned.
Replies: >>38499
Ignore the retrotard, they can't comprehend anything unless you explain it to them in old system analogs.
That was just fir the fanmade shit you dumbass and sometimes for some free official content, basically internet.
Replies: >>38517
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>BSゼルダの伝説 was a fan game
Can newfags just go?
>And sometimes oficial stuff
>>BSゼルダの伝説 was a fan game
>Can newfags just go?
Can't you read or what
Replies: >>38520
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I mean keep burying your self in lies
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Replies: >>38523 >>38545
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Next news, Google, Elon Musk, and Nintendo join forces to bring you notStadia at home!
Yep, that how idiotic he is, worse than a roach.
I didn't say free.
oy vey
>its ok because it happened in the past
Replies: >>38533
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Did I say anything remotely condoning anything both OP and companies do you eristic fool?
34bc76 doesn't even deserve attention at this point.
Replies: >>38538 >>38540
This is not a thread about cucktendo, go fight your dialectical wars elsewhere and let people hate paradox in peace.

Don't really care about 3, but there's an up-to-date version of 2 with all the DLC. The only issue is that some mods have problems with installing all their content properly, since the installer cannot read what you've got installed.
>its ok because it happened in the past
And you are still a nigger, stop derailing.
Replies: >>38541
Stfu back in the day consoles were the only way you could play games.
Also my Internet restarted itself so I'm 34bc76. Ok, just for clarity.
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There's a retard roaming in this thread and it would be amusing to tick him off even more.
Judging his response to >>38521 he can't read others' posts either. He must be marginally retarded.
So whats next on this downward dive to hell? Subscriptions to just view the  games in a digital store?
Replies: >>38549 >>38945
80$ games (plus tip) tied to your SSN with weekly license checks to keep the game in your hard drive otherwise you get fined for 100$ plus weekly interest
Replies: >>38559
>newfag for not knowing about obscure piece of shit
Are you the bitter autistic faggot that posts in every thread?
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Just like my best Korean mandate ISP connection!

Now if politicians could pay my heating bill, I'd be gaming in a jimmy!
Other companies would bundle everything together, call it the CK2 Ultimate Edition or something like that and put it on GOG for that extra dollar, but Parajew goes above and beyond as usual and jew themselves out of potential money.
[Hide] (30.3KB, 384x240)
I've stopped giving a shit, I simply cannot be bothered to get angry anymore.
I just play and watch older stuff while buying the rare actual good stuff coming out.

Parajew will self implode anyway since going public has bloated them to ways I never thought possible.
Replies: >>38586
>getting angry
why bother
laugh and grow fat
don't actually grow fat
Replies: >>38588
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Don't need to tell me, I grew up thin in a family of fatties.
I just play non garbage and move on
If you're dumb enough to fall for this shit you deserve to be robbed blind.
Somehow, i don't think that is quivalent to gimping shit intentionally.
This is just a gay "DLC pass", whereas your talking about something that gave you a fuckload of games(eventually atleast); news and a pseudo internet. Its a pretty big stretch to compare these especially outside of a vacuum.
It was common to buy gaming news back then, and this isn't even "keep subbed if you want to even own this shit". Which is the fundamental part of this.
Replies: >>38624
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Dude half a level of BSDQ was unplayable if you didn't pay for vouchers at the atm.
This shit was planned since the 90s, and OP has the audacity to switch his dynamic IP 4 times and not delete his shit thread because he can't do basic research like the ignorant roach he is.
Yet, I have not seen his mirror crack site of his favorite nostalgia box. So the goalposting continues.
Replies: >>38628 >>38629
>This shit was planned since the 90s,
I'm sorry to break it to you, but nintendo isn't the entire gaming market; nor did those early internet service based addons define it.
And i literally can't find jack about specific parts of this so excuse me for not knowing what still doesn't sound equivalent to the issue here. A dumb bonus level you get for an """""event""""" while retarded really ain't the equivalent of a subscription.
>lmao just ignore because it was already happening
What in the ever loving fuck are you trying to prove with your posts?
>>38460 (OP) 
Don't most of these games have DLC unlockers? This isn't unexpected of Paradox and I don't expect them to even not fuck up a game again.
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ITT: underage newfags trying way too hard to fit in
Replies: >>38643
Woooow not knowing some obscure boomer streaming makes them heckin newfagerinos.
Replies: >>38675
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>>38460 (OP) 
Replies: >>38668
>reddit memes
You talk like a fag.
Would a subscription service like this make the game unpirateable? The full game, that is.
Replies: >>38680
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>>38460 (OP) 
[Hide] (50.7KB, 544x675)
I'd be delay based piracy like you're seeing every character update on your favorite FG: no.
Hijacking this thread to be upset about something else.
Namely, Blizzcon.

I sure am (((excited))) about Diablo 4 you guys
I can't wait to play as a brand new, never before seen class, THE MUTT ROGUE. Such brutal very excite amirite fellow gamers?
Look at this gameplay! Look at the graphics and framerate! LOOK AT THE TRANSPARENCY EFFECT! IT'S LIKE I'M PLAYING ON SEGA SATURN ALL OVER AGAIN #RETROCRED!!!!
Diablo Immortal lives up to its name by still not being dead somehow. Good thing this is all pre-recorded, otherwise we'd have to answer to some of our out-of-season fans!
We've also written a very awkward segway to announce Diablo 2 Reforged Resurrected, surprising absolutely no one. 
Let's see how they fuck this one up.

>Diversity quotas
>120 GB of hard disc space required
>Auction house
>Pay to not grind
>69 USD
>Absolutely no mods
>Absolutely paid mods
>Always online
>Every character has to wear a gay pride Blizzard t-shirt like the presenter
>Blizznet becomes subscription-based See how I brought it all back around?

Replies: >>38686
>We've also written a very awkward segway to announce Diablo 2 Reforged Resurrected, surprising absolutely no one. 
This is what infuriates me the most - the modern trend for remaking older games. Most of the time it's absolutely horrible, lazy and kills the original game's atmosphere, includes questionable changes, like mechanics. Yet, there's almost no resistance to this and people are actively BEGGING to remake the games instead of fucking playing the originals.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 480x368, 00:42)
Did you see how they announced Burning Crusade Classic?
It's like Blizzard is releasing the same games over and over again.
They're the new Nintendo. Only without the gimmicks, they're full on shameless about it.
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[Hide] (51.7KB, 553x411)
Who wants to do the voices?
Mine aren't that good.
Replies: >>38711
>Yet, there's almost no resistance to this and people are actively BEGGING
This is what I don't understand. I've seen this, too. I mean, go to any fucking PS2 longolay and there will be at least 5 fags in the comment section saying something like "Ohhhh the nostalgia, I wish we would get this game for modern consoles!"
I wish this people weren't the target audience and it just reminds me every time of how much I fucking hate normalfags
>>38460 (OP) 
That is the end result of ever supporting any company or studio, ever.
Never give them money.
Replies: >>38708
people who will never pay will never pay, and those who pays will continue to pay regardless of what you said, so your advice is completely useless that will bear any fruit at all. Why don't you shut the fuck up and learn bitch? A lot of faggots here pay for games all the time and they certainly will not change their mind because of your stupid advice.
Replies: >>38710 >>39073
[Hide] (233.1KB, 777x777)
>replying to luciano
That's a seriously good Marge impression
What do you find reproachable in a statement not to give money to jewish companies?
Replies: >>38740 >>38772
It's mostly switch niggers desperate for literally anything on their nogames console
Replies: >>38736
[Hide] (678.5KB, 625x468)
It's funny because literally every single exclusive for the switch was ported from the Wii Literally Who, either in production or as a """updated""" port
Splatoon 2 was DLC for the first game
The Zelda Scrolls needs no explanation
Mario Unleashed is the only one I'm iffy on but the Wii U was conspicuously missing a 64-style Bing Bing Wahoo game, so I suspect it was at least in planning before word came down to move everything to the new system.
Replies: >>38788
Not giving money to kikes is a bit different than never buying any game ever. But I agree with the general sentiment, wherever possible you should avoid buying games unless you know with absolute certainty that the people behind the project are actually receiving the funds and aren't pozzed, which is near impossible.

But these days I mostly buy games on sale because I don't trust the subhuman slavs and refuse to run their cracked binaries outside of a virtual machine. Some day I hope we'll get consumer SR-IOV and this issue will be a thing of the past though.
Replies: >>38764
>But these days I mostly buy games on sale because I don't trust the subhuman slavs and refuse to run their cracked binaries outside of a virtual machine
May I ask why?  I've been doing it for over 20 years and never had a problem, just get cracks from trusted sources.  It's even easier now to warez with online steam fixes/emulators where you just use the clean .exe anyway.
Replies: >>38770
I barely trust the games that I buy to be running code that isn't spying on me and harvesting data let alone pirated software. I'll pirate things that don't need cracks like GoG releases because you can generally verify those with MD5 hashes. To me it's worth the peace of mind to spend a few bucks for legitimate software and not need to worry about the weird code I'm running, or at least need to worry less. Obviously there are some instances where the pirated software has less malware than the legit software, like things that come with severely malicious DRM like Denuvo so it doesn't apply to everything.

If I could sandbox everything perfectly in a world where you can pass through GPU's to VM's seamlessly I would just pirate everything without a second thought.
Replies: >>38777
The thread for this is just outrage bait. No one cares, because at the end of the all we can do is pirate their games, simply play something else and avoid Paradox's games like the plague, or for once actually make our own games and stop relying on big corps to make our entertainment.

The statement itself is not bad, it's the fact that this retard constantly tells others to not buy games despite the fact that quite literally very few people on /v/ buys games either because they don't play them or hate the industry so much that they forgotten the concept of purchase.
I guess that's one way to do it.  I just treat my gaming computer as the sandbox and then put any money that would have gone to software towards more hardware.
Replies: >>38778
If quality KVM's weren't prohibitively expensive I might consider having dedicated hardware to compartmentalize things. But the cheap ones break after a few months.
>Splatoon 2 was DLC for the first game
Do you have a single fact to back that up? It seems more like it would have been another title on the Wii U potentially (like 3 will be to 2). Given they weren't bothering with an AC game for the Wii U, the team probably decided "let's just make another Splatoon game" instead. There's also the question of when development started, and how much of Nintendo knew about the Switch. Somebody like Monolith Soft probably knew super early, given the Switch was a target platform for BotW, and even fucking Game Freak had a game and engine well into in development in mid-2018. Granted, every single game I listed (aside from maybe Xenoblade 2, which I think is improved from their engine for X) are running on Nintendo's SDK and/or Lunchpack, which are shockingly portable engines (well, if Mario Maker for 3DS is running on Lunchpack like the console versions are, anyway). But if it was said in an interview somewhere, well, egg on my face, I'm fucking stupid.
>Mario Unleashed is the only one I'm iffy on
Odyssey doesn't have any console gimmick forced on it, but they could have stripped it out like they did with BotW. In addition, given 3D World was like the last two Galaxy games, I feel like that was just the direction they were taking things. Maybe Odyssey would be on the Wii U if it wasn't a colossal failure and lived longer than 5 years, maybe it would have been a launch title for Switch instead.
Honestly, the only game that really needs a port is Xenoblade X due to the fact that the Wii U online will eventually die, and given they fucked the game up to add the online features they might as well bring that over. Also, The Wonderful 101 is on PC now which is a fucking miracle, go play it.
Replies: >>38792
[Hide] (310.8KB, 820x860)
>>38460 (OP) 
i don't know anything about this game but isn't all this stuff a little expensive for a new player to want to commit to? 5 dollars to try it for a month seems a little easier to swallow
just pirate it faggot
Replies: >>38794
>But if it was said in an interview somewhere, well, egg on my face, I'm fucking stupid.
It wasn't.  I think the point he was trying to make is that Splatoon 2 was very similar to Splatoon 1, although I don't see how that's a problem since the core gameplay of the series is very solid.
oh yeah the devs should just construct their monetization scheme around me pirating it... fucking retard
If they wanted it easier to swallow they would have priced the DLC no more than 5 per expansion and have a "complete" edition with everything for a flat fee, not of this overpriced a la carte bullshit.
>oh yeah the devs should just construct their monetization scheme around me pirating it.
Then what the fuck are you going to do other than bitch and moan about a game you're probably not going to play? Are you going to go on the forums and bitch 24/7 or maybe you're just going to cry like a bitch on imageboards about durr evil corporations doing what they typically do each year.
Replies: >>38835
Of course $5 is easier to "swallow". They created the problem and are giving you the solution that conveniently gives them a more consistent and reliable source of revenue to shill to their share holders. Share holders fucking love recurring revenue because you can project profits much easier under that model. And they get the added benefit of profiting from people simply forgetting they're subscribed to one of a billion services now that everything has a subscription attached to it.
>isn't all this stuff a little expensive for a new player to want to commit to?
Yes. But instead of taking a step back and thinking "maybe we're doing something wrong here" by trying to charge twice over for content that should have arguably been in the game from the start or given for free, they are trying to milk money from non-pirates who weren't paying in the first place. I haven't played without all the dlc so I'm not too sure how much they each add. You could argue that certain expansions go outside of the original scope of the game, but shit like charging for a campaign converter between two of their games seems retarded imo.
Yes You shouldn't take someone calling you a faggot in such a reply to heart, anon.
[Hide] (46.4KB, 500x500)
They already do you dumbass. 

>>38460 (OP) 
Thanks I have never played this shit but I will pirate it when I do. 

Anyone remember the scandal of Swecuck Paradicks removing white only mod for human race in Stellaris for no reason multiple times? I do. Those greedy fags can die for all I care lmao.

Also reminder that retards spending money on shitty games is why we have more and more shitty games coming out. I literally haven't played a good game recently since DOOM2016. 

Pirate fucking everything.
was looking for RGE's tweet and video reflecting this, but found this:
[Hide] (110.6KB, 1200x1600)
I guess this became the /gsg/ thread now. 
I pirated CK3, just to see how different it was from CK2. The new mechanics are nice for the most part (new dynasty stuff, custom religious heresies, innovations) but the game is still incredibly bare-bones, only slightly better than base CK2 without any expansions and far inferior with the expansions.
It also feels like they deliberately left some stuff out from the previous expansions just to sell it as DLC later on, like disease mechanics and secret societies. There's only two bookmarks as well, 867 AD and 1066 AD.

Once more expansions and mods are released, I could see it becoming fun.  At this point, it just feels like a literal map painting simulator though.
Replies: >>38862 >>38882
what happened to the /gsg/ thread?
Replies: >>38864
There wasn't one, but it seems like this thread is close enough.
[Hide] (83.6KB, 1024x683)
I miss the times when I could just buy the game in a box and expect it to be a complete, playable product.
Replies: >>38878
do pc games even get physical releases anymore? I still have my disc for age of mythology
i think some pcs dont even come with a disc drive anymore. how dumb is that?
Replies: >>38879
>do pc games even get physical releases anymore? 
Yes, but it's eather just the code or
Replies: >>38880
* Just the base game.
>i think some pcs dont even come with a disc drive anymore. how dumb is that?
Yeah, but you can still buy with roms or have an external one.
They censored the word Deus Vult because it was "problematic".
I'm not touching it with a 10 foot pole
I nearly forgot that they've done that.
I've read about that too but I'm not sure if they actually did it or not. From what I read, it ended up being some clickbaity (((article))) with a vague response from Paradox that seemed like they weren't doing any censoring but they easily could have. I really don't remember the details or have the link.
Replies: >>39018
Always online will become more and more common. We're already getting there with multiplayer no longer being dedicated servers with the publisher/developer only hosting the master server list very cheap to do, and if they shut it down you can easily make a fanpatch to redirect to a new one but ranked matchmaking shit where they can cut support and push you into the new one just like with console multiplayer. For Paradox in particular their biggest competitors tend to be their own older games so if they can at least make multiplayer something they can shut down it could force people to rebuy the new game. Right now the proposition is that you buy an inferior version of the game then buy individual DLC 10-20 times to 'fix' it which still leaves it worse overall than the last one and fags with any sense know that even if they want to do that they could just wait a few years and pick it up cheaper.
[Hide] (3.5MB, 2559x1161)
[Hide] (672.5KB, 1160x634)
Seems like it was just clickbait/PR, since I found a screenshot of them using it in game. That's not to say that Paracucks didn't add other poz into the game though.
Replies: >>39036
That stuff was in CK2 too.
Replies: >>39051
[Hide] (145.5KB, 1296x586)
There was less of the sexuality bullshit, the character was either straight or a faggot. They've even projecting this on children now.
Replies: >>39053
[Hide] (87.4KB, 600x450)
>buttmad shill sperging when peopel convince normalfags and others to stop paying companies.
Stay mad, shill.
Replies: >>39074
Proof read your posts
>Proof read your posts
Replies: >>39080
Replies: >>39080 >>39292
I'm not a retard. It's 'your'. 
Replies: >>39081
[Hide] (38.6KB, 300x380)
Replies: >>39083 >>39090
[Hide] (65.8KB, 800x480)
[Hide] (502.7KB, 300x222)
Replies: >>39291 >>39296
found it lol

Notable mentions:
Replies: >>39296
>not *your'e
Replies: >>39296
Your mom, has seen better shit then this joke and no, you weren't one of them.

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