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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

(93.6KB, 1200x450)
There was some interest in the RPG thread so the idea is to choose a RPG game to play together, depending of the lenght of the game we would reach a milestone every month.
The objective is to talk about games while playing them together.Poll closes friday and you can add games you want,the same day an installer/rom will be provided.
>>38122 (OP) 
I am monitoring this thread.
>>38122 (OP) 
I really dig this idea, I hope we can get this thing going.
(1.3MB, 272x480, 00:15)
>>38122 (OP) 
I'd say, let's play first one of those darned Chinese JRPGs, then we play some non slant eyes CRPGs. Those gooky roleplay games aren't too hard on the brain, so more anons could get to play through it.
Replies: >>38133 >>38135
If might and magic 3 wins i would be pleasantly surprised.Great introduction to western dungeon crawlers.
Replies: >>38134
I voted for it. Always wanted an excuse to get into the series, anyway.
Replies: >>38137 >>38148
What about WRPG style games made in Japan like SaGa and JRPG style games made in the west like Anachrox?
Replies: >>38137
>gooky roleplay games aren't too hard on the brain
voting for the last remnant
Replies: >>38137 >>38139
Me too, voted that, Tactics Ogre and added Valkyrie Profile.
I fear that a random Kawazu game would filter half the board.
Replies: >>38138
(551KB, 256x192)
(491.3KB, 230x173)
(1MB, 496x368)
Well, I was thinking about adding a SaGa game, because there's a MEGA for all the games in the RPG thread already. 
Which one would you add? I thought about adding the first DS remake, because it's one of the easier ones and under 30 hours long. And how about OG Saga: Endless Frontier? Everyone should be able to play that and it's really fun.
pre or post scaling fix?
Replies: >>38141 >>38144
>shilling mugen frontier
You know damn well most anons will not finish it, it's like putting Wizardry 4, i was hoping to start with an easy game.
Replies: >>38144 >>38147
Wasn't only the 360 version fucked?
Or do you mean some mod?
Replies: >>38144
The DS remake sounds good, though I haven't played it yet. From the ones I did play Romancing SaGa 3 seems the most newbie-friendly but it's still very fucking cryptic compared to your usual RPG. Did the remake add some later mechanics to the original? It could ease people in SaGa's systems if so.
>OG Saga
Stop anon, my dick can only get so hard. Though I don't know if I would do it right now.
Replies: >>38144
(40KB, 180x162)
>>38138 >>38139 >>38140 >>38141 >>38142
Are you pondering or are you voting, folks.
>choose a RPG game to play together
That's a great idea fellow Gamers, I vote for Skyrim Special Edition! Whoever plays longest wins.
>there's a MEGA for all the games in the RPG thread already. 
Sorry for being a retard who needs to be spoonfed, but can you point to that post? I can't find it, and ctrl+f brings no results.
Replies: >>38147
(31.1KB, 304x205)
>it's like putting Wizardry 4
That's an exaggeration, but I will leave SRW and SaGa out of this for now. Right now there are 23 total votes. Let's see how many Anons will actually show up when it's time to discuss the game. I'm gonna vote Parasite Eve for now, because that's a 9 hour game. Technically, you could finish both Parasite Eve games in a week. 
I put in an entry for Digital Devil Saga. But if M&M wins I won't complain since I similarly have an interest in the series but never played any of them.
>You could finish both Parasite Eve games in a week
Some anons aren't neets and even have families, i was calculating a playtime of 4 hours a week, so a game like parasite eve would be finished in two weeks.I would like the opinion of other anons to see how much time they could dedicate every week to place the milestones if most are neets i would make shorter times and a game like parasite eve instead of two weeks, one.
(167.8KB, 675x1025)
When's the poll closing though.
Replies: >>38155
>>38122 (OP) 
Skyrim: Ultimate Collectors Edition of course!
This. Assuming we reach a decision this weekend, should we assume that in the future we’ll pick a new game every 20th or so?
(1.1MB, 888x960)
(38.1KB, 750x650)
(109.8KB, 750x650)
remember to choose Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. It's the best gaem rpg video you'll ever play.
Replies: >>38160
(1.5MB, 1920x1080)
wasn't there a vidya club similar thing on zchan/fatchan too?
Anon's talked about the idea of a vidya club back fatchan meta threads but it went nowhere because you know fatchan if fucking dead
Replies: >>38161
(5.6MB, 220x202, 05:27)
there is a thread on geimu but it has 0 pph
Replies: >>38171
The eternal anglo keeps getting away with it.
(372.9KB, 1870x683)
Geimu has a game of the month thread.
>pic 1
I remember seeing that character a year or two ago.  I really liked her but never remembered where she was from or what her name was.

>Mega for SaGa games
I have links to the Final Fantasy challenge Mega, which I believe also includes the SaGa games, if you're interested in that.

I voted for Might & Magic 3 since Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is my favourite game and I've always wanted to try the M&M series.
(117.1KB, 1275x715)
more like gaymoo LOL
Fuck off Eden, we will never forget what you did.
Replies: >>38169 >>38170
he didn't do anything he's just a faggot lol
You're welcome anon.
(4.1MB, 02:14)
(3MB, 01:35)
fucking great music :^)
Endless Frontier EXCEED also saw a beta English patch, after which the person responsible for the English side of things straight up vanished after saying they have a debugged release by last March. Comments suggest it's still playable and intelligible, but people can also have low standards too.

That said, considering how Endless Frontier is not only part of the SRW series, but also apparently set after Namco X Capcom AND Xenosaga, might that be kind of a high entry bar in terms of avoiding spoilers? Granted, I haven't played them myself and am going off what I've read before, so maybe they're more loose about their relations, but I was always under the impression I ought to at least play Xenosaga (and Xenogears) first.
Replies: >>38218 >>38285
I played a bit of Mugen Frontier but stopped because it was super boring, and T-elos shows up in it, so it might have spoilers.

>I ought to at least play Xenosaga (and Xenogears) first
Why haven't you? Go do that now.
The SRW timelines are caused by "dimensional quakes" from Gilliam FUCKING Yeager's malfunctioning XN System. It's not the same KOS-MOS and T-elos as Xenosaga.
(33.8KB, 351x395)
Next time I'm proposing Azure Dreams, in case anons manage to pull M&M3 forward. If we get a JRPG now, it would be fairest to have a CRPG up next.
>most of the poll is singleplayer games
How about we play some multiplayer ones like Neverwinter Nights or Baldur's Gate 2?
(573.9KB, 604x555)
>Neverwinter Nights
/v/ should make its own roleplaying server.
Replies: >>38347
We could also try Wasteland 3, too, since that's a little different. Anyways, I think it'd be interesting to do something like Pokemon for a month and then doing a netplay tournament.
Replies: >>38347
>Neverwinter Nights 
Wasn't that a nigger to set up due to cdkey horseshit?
>Play games from cucked studios goyim! Also you shoul play multiplayer like a normalfag!
Fuck off niggers.

I'm uploading the roms to mega, will post tomorrow the links.
Replies: >>38355 >>38382
(54.5KB, 1280x1024)
Well, here's a magnet 45722b5627d3ecf59e270fde3080b301ff979259
And a mega link:
There's two versions there, a psp eboot for people with vita/psp and the ps1 roms to emulate on PC.
It's from 2002, they weren't that bad back then. Don't have to say that you should not play the enhanced edition. The game is unique in multiplayer, because you can do all sorts of things with the DM client, you can run a /tg/ session if you're autistic enough.
(104KB, 1280x720)
(147.8KB, 1280x720)
First time playing Parasite Eve.The combat is in real time and quite unique, but it's a little too easy for my taste hope it get a little harder later. i'm emulating in my switch and it works perfectly.
(22.8KB, 400x288)
If you niggers don't stop making half the threads about the worst game genre I'm gonna blow up a federal building
Replies: >>38376 >>38662
>worst genre
Git gud, bro.
Replies: >>38379
I'm not a nigger who finds challenging things frustrating, the genre just sucks
Replies: >>38383 >>38817
I'm not super into JRPGs, but I have played Chrono Trigger and a little of Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy VI. I'm not very far, having just gotten to Central Park, but this game is a very weird hybrid of JRPGs and Resident Evil and I'm not sure if it works.

>Also you shoul play multiplayer like a normalfag!
How is multiplayer a bad thing you no fun faggot?
>the genre just sucks
It's fun.
Also, an entire genre can't suck. There is at least one game worth playing for every genre.
What you meant to type, but could't because you are probably retarded, was "I don't like the genre".
Replies: >>38384
Pretty sure you could extrapolate that from his original post without being a pedantic faggot about it.
Replies: >>38395 >>38400
>without being a pedantic faggot 
Where do you think we are?
>Thread chooses Parasite Eve
Already played it, but I will say that it is one of the comfiest games I have played. Though that probably wasn't the intent given Parasite Eve 2 is more like the horror game I expected with the 1.
Replies: >>38401 >>38404
>bioshit garbage
canadians fuck off
I'm having fun with it, the game is easy and ammo plentifull to be a horror game in my opinion but the combat is really good.
>parasite eve
how is that an rpg? I thought it was more like silent hill/dino crisis/resident evil
how about you play it and find out retard
I thought it was too but no. Its like rpg combat with that mixed in? Its weird, I suck at it.
You must be thinking of the second game, which is very much like resident evil and the like. The first game however plays differently and is more similar to vagrant story in terms of gameplay.
(317.8KB, 640x360, 00:13)
(115.4KB, 800x600)
so did we ever decide on the specifics? we end poll on 20th and play till the next 20th yes?
Replies: >>38477
(441.6KB, 1600x669)
I already posted the links to the roms >>38352
There will be a new poll 20th of march, i think a month is plenty to finish a 9hs game, with longer games we might take 2 months.
Replies: >>38509 >>38817
make it monthly
what kind of casual retard can't beat a game in a month?
Replies: >>38510
Like i said in another post, not everyone is a neet, some people don't have the time to beat a 70+hs rpg in a month, we'll see when we reach that bridge but for now a month for Parasite Eve is more than enough to beat it.
Replies: >>38522
its better to have a new game every month instead of hamstringing others over some slowpokes. The people who don't have the time to play games can play it at their own pace. Its not like the games will stop existing after a month. 
I would also suggest deciding games before making a new thread and keeping the games relatively obscure so you don't end up with retards overwhelmingly voting for stuff like Morrowind or Final Fantasy just because of their status.
Anyone tried Baldur's Gate 3 yet? Larian writing for Original Sin 2 was absolute and total shit, should I expect the same from BD3?
(50.2KB, 733x545)
(50.2KB, 894x428)
first time using a psX emulator and if anyone has experience with mednafen, is there a way to use fullscreen without fucking up the resolution? 

Using windowed mode everything is line up properly and looks clear as day, but the moment I go fullscreen using the 1:1 resolution settings as per a walkthrough I used it just blows up the image. Otherwise fullscreen gives me a smaller window than windowed mode with crystal clarity.
(366.8KB, 1920x1080)
Can't help you buddy, i emulated on my switch using retroarch that's where i tested the rom, have you tried any forums?
Replies: >>38616 >>38817
Try turning that scaling factor down to 1. It should automatically integer scale anyway.
Replies: >>38616
Use ePSXe instead.
Replies: >>38611 >>38616
(55.9KB, 358x429)
Replies: >>38612 >>38622
(75.4KB, 1280x720)
not so fast, dubsman.
Replies: >>38622
>have you tried any forums?
Been reading around, nothing specific to solve it although other people note the problem. Might have to change the resolution my screen is on before running the program. Figured since it's listed as a core for retroarch as well someone might know what's up. 

Gives the same results. I'll keep reading around, cheers. 

My pride demands I figure out what's wrong. By the end of the weekend I'll have an answer or a different emulator.
Replies: >>38620 >>38621
I just tested the newest version at default settings and the resolution is fine. Forget about whatever walkthrough or frontend you used and just redownload it fresh. Just set psx.videoip to 0 in the cfg file to turn off the ugly vaseline filter and you're good to go.
Replies: >>38630
try duckstation
(171.7KB, 1440x810)
Drop the guns and leave quietly! You friends will get it!
(32.2KB, 400x382)
>I just tested the newest version
Well this might actually be part of it. I'm using a linux-based system and the version in my repo is 1.22 not the 1.26 from the website. It also looks like some of the library dependencies on my system aren't up to date either so I'll update those and build the newest one from the source code. That or just grab my old windows pc

>Just set psx.videoip to 0 in the cfg file to turn off the ugly vaseline filter and you're good to go.
Replies: >>38640 >>38641
In that case it might be better to use retroarch since I think it is more platform independent.
Replies: >>38840
Maybe try Duckstation. It's damn good most of the time, and has appimage downloads for loonix.
Replies: >>38849
rpg is actually the worst genre
Replies: >>38674
(135.4KB, 948x300)
Was Trump right all along? I should delete the thread.
I guess I'll start the game discussion. Right off the bat, the intro was at least 5 minutes long and I have barely any idea what to expect. All I could gather is that there was a city, a girl with a gun, and spooky flesh demon things. At least the 90's CGI was charming, I suppose.
(22.2KB, 970x546)
The genre is definitely saturated with casual trash and shooting galleries. I will say that I enjoyed playing CoD games on veteran when I was younger though. It's a unique experience where you're forced to figure out how you're supposed to survive every encounter.
Oh shit. I didn't realize we were starting already. Uhh here's some neat image I found in the first page of search results for this game. Some emos made a song recently named after the game I guess.
Is this an rpg? I wanna play this next!
Replies: >>38837
First chapter done. I'm already rolling in gun ammo, which feels weird for a game like this. The battle system is kinda neat but I feel like the novelty will wear off very fast.
Replies: >>38834
Science fiction can be pretty silly sometimes. Can't just say "it's magic" so the writers have to wrap the premise around bullshit about cell anatomy.
Replies: >>38831 >>38834
That's just how Japanese science fiction works. Remember, megaten comes from a novel about a computer program to summon demons.
I'm going through the same things, there's too much ammo i hope that there's a limit only to not make some weapons too op.

Yeah they talk about cells and stuff but it's just magic.
We might play an Atelier, but i think we should play a western rpg next month i really wanted to play might and magic III, we'll see.
Sage for double post
If anyone wants it here's the manual for Parasite Eve. 

This wound up working right out the box using the beetle PSX core as my choice. Solved the fullscreen issue, which is interesting because I'm running an even older version of Mednafen on this core, but also fixed a sticky key issue I'd had playing the game last night using the 1.22 install. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'm going to vouch for Duckstation. It also fixes the weird rendering on PSX.
Does Divine Divinity get better? I've been wondering around this starter town talking to retards about flowers and some retarded wizard being on the fritz for an hour and I want to kill myself.
Replies: >>38853 >>38914
Isn't that a Diablo clone? Those are always shit.
Replies: >>38854
If it's trying to be then it isn't a very good one. I've killed zero mobs so far.
Is it even possible to dodge the dog boss' shockwave attack? I blew almost my entire inventory of medicines on that fucker.
(316KB, 320x240, 00:05)
Nigger we have a general rpg thread to talk about other games, talk about parasite eve here or fuck off.
How long do we have to finish Eve? The end of the month or 30 days from when the links >>38352 were posted? I don't have any way to play audio right now so I simply cannot allow myself to play any new games.
Replies: >>39367
20th of march,then i'll make a new thread.
>at dog
>no urge to go further
Guess I'll let it sit a week then try again. Its not bad though.
Replies: >>39470
There's plenty of times so anons don't feel the need to rush it.

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