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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

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What are you playing? Are you enjoying it? Would you recommend it?
I'm waiting for Youma Gakuen Ki. It's a PS2 classic from 2004 that recently got a remaster for the Switch. Burgers already got it digitally, but I'm waiting for my superior yuro physical copy, which will arrive later this year.
Until then I will either play Xenosaga or Suikoden.
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>>37521 (OP) 
Very close to beating the .hack series. I actually gave the last dungeon another go but once again took on to much viral percentage and got a gameover. Might try again tonight. 
I also started playing Etrain Odyssey again and I'm having trouble thinking of the 5th party member. I got a Prince, Hoplite, and arbalist. I was doing a ninja but I'm not sure about it.
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I've been slogging through Xenogears having a miserable time. 20 hours in and the main plot isn't even mentioned. You're just going from one event to another interspersed with incomprehensible scenes which were only added because otherwise the final bosses would have 0 build up but it doesn't really work because these scenes are completely removed from all characters of the game.
Why was it so well regarded?
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>>37521 (OP) 
There's still a thread in the catalog that hasn't rached bump limit yet new friend, lurk more.
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No one wants to post in a dead thread.
Replies: >>37604
It's only a dead thread because you don't post in it, dumbass.
Replies: >>37605 >>37606
No one else seems to care for it, plus its anchored past the 5th page so may as well start a new one.
No one wants to post in a bumplocked thread that is just going to sit rotting the the catalog for the next 2 months.
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>>37521 (OP) 
Interesting game op, i was about to make a dungeon crawler thread but i don't think it's worth it.

I want to get into classic western crawlers, is the first wizardry too out dated? Some people recommend to start with Might and Magic 3.
I play old JRPGs by release date so I recommend playing WRPGs by release date as well.
(96.4KB, 1080x877)
Try Wizardry. If it's "too outdated" for you, play the PS1 Wizardry instead.
Legend of Grimrock is good, too.
Replies: >>37655
Ultima 7 has far better NPC scheduling than Oblivion though. It's amazing that a 30 year old game still has yet to be beat in the realness of its open world.
Replies: >>37665
Ultima 7 is also one of the only games where you can do almost every event in reverse chronological order and still beat the game, which is amusing to say the least.
>too outdated
Entirely up to you, anon, and how much old school jank you can tolerate. Very few of those older games have modern ports, remakes, or helper applications, so the thing to do is dive in and see if your skin crawls. Sure, it takes a long time, but you might as well pick a place and start. Some but not all of those older WRPGs are pretty disconnected from sequel to sequel, so you might not miss much if you start later on in the series. Don't do this with Wizardry 4 though.

Incidentally, someone in Japan did remake Wizardry as a text-based training h-game where the RPG part plays itself. But the Japanese have always have this weird thing for that series.
Might and Magic deviated from the Wizardry formula starting with 3.
If you want to play Wizardry then I recommend playing the SNES remakes. Not only are they beautiful, they also change the level design for the better.
It's a deep game. The main plot is already in motion even before the game begins.
Replies: >>37712 >>37806
the only thing deep about it is the developer's head up his ass
its like a video game made by someone who watched awful anime like evangaleon and never played a game in his life but decided to make one anyway.
never watched that one. is it a spin-off of NGE?
Fun Facts: Xenogears was originally a pitch for FF7 that got spun-off into it's own thing. Now, FF7 had various talks before Chrono Trigger happened in Spring 1995, but serious stuff only happened afterwards. Evangelion started airing fall of that year, so it's entirely possible Takahashi took some inspiration when coming up with Xenogears. Hell, Xenogears was the only game he worked on after Chrono Trigger.
Anyway, if you want a Xenogears experience that isn't miserable, play Xenoblade 2. It's basically the same story just remixed and finished. Xenogears basically doesn't have a second disc and people mostly sit around in chairs and monologue over prototype screenshots.
Replies: >>37726
>if you want a Xenogears experience that isn't miserable, play Xenoblade 2
I went back to Xenogears after playing through the entire Xenoblade series and really liking it. I expected it to be a flawed gem, instead I got irredeemable trash. 
But yeah the Xenoblade games are basically Xenogears but actually competent.
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Jesus I have FINALLY finished .hack. This game has been haunting me since middle school when I first played it and its been years of me trying to do it on and off. I actually gave up for a while because the final disk quarantine was so expensive until I learned about freemcboot. That didn't work the first time I tried it and then I used an older computer I had and that got it to take using the HDD trick on my phat ps2. 
Meanwhile I'm doing the final encounter on my slim and the laser seems to be finally going and it hung during a cut scene. Changing the orientation of the ps2 fixed it though. What a slog that data bug dungeon was before the final boss rush though. Post game I still have to do the one you are given by aura  but I can guess what is going to happen there. 
The final boss was an exercise in patience with its constant field wipes but at least it had a mildly unique feature where it summoned exploding mobs, and thats it really. 
I'll probably start on G.U at some point but I'm just really glad to put this behind me after all this time. Now that I think about it I remained completely unspoiled with the story all those years but I guess the game it never really talked about.  I'll look into the surrounding media that was made for the series. 
elk is still a faggot though
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>I guess the game it never really talked about.
Tends to be what happens when a series is now old, niche, and dead. You hear about it when it either gets something newsworthy, or when someone is actually playing it.

>I'll look into the surrounding media that was made for the series. 
.hack//Sign is very much worth watching, though the experience might be different than intended watching it after IMOQ rather than before/alongside it. Roots is similarly a prologue to G.U., but a rather different beast, and compared to Sign, the later episodes get into spoiler territory for the games themselves, so it's not all that clear what Bee Train was thinking there in terms of proper utility to future fans, as Sign pretty much avoided true spoilers to IMOQ in comparison. Yet Rebirth still expects you to have seen at least some of it so you can understand the (as of the game) pre-existing characterization and relationships of a few characters which the games don't necessarily provide. Just figured it worth mentioning.

It gets worse for him. All I'm going to say.
Replies: >>37781
Wasn't Sign made before the games themselves? I know a few characters show up in the games. Would that be the order to watch in if I was going to view them? 
Also Natsume is a qt.
Replies: >>37842
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(639.7KB, 1200x1820)
Sign began airing before the games released, both in Japan and the west, but as a 25 episode (plus 2 OVAs and a review episode) series, it kept running through  a bit after Mutation in Japan and Outbreak in the US. I would assume Bee Train began at least the conceptualization while Infection was in development. As far as watching Sign goes, you shouldn't have any issues going in release order, though episode 28 (OVA 2 "Unison") is a now non-canon celebration of the R:1 era, set after Quarantine with both the game cast and anime cast meeting. Obviously that one would have been best saved until after playing the series, but you've already done that. I should mention though that, while I find Sign good, it is divisive in a way, being much more of series about the types of players attracted to MMOs and their interactions than action (one of the few works to understand that facet of MMOs), which leads some who try watching to find it boring.

There was also .hack//GIFT, a separate Comedy OVA that Japan got as an unlock on the Quarantine disc and which western players had on the Liminality 4 disc. I actually never got around to seeing that one.

Some novels as well, though I'm not sure how many were actually released in English off the top of my head. Pretty sure AI Buster was though, tells the story of a systems administrator, Albireo, encountering the first Vagrant AI.

With Roots, due to the way the later episodes do go into spoiler territory, view order is more important. I can't recall the exact one I used (I'd have to do some digging in synopses for that), but back in the day, Cartoon Network stopped airing the series after episode 21 specifically because it started spoiling Reminisce when we hadn't even had the game released here yet. Like Sign, it also had a bonus episode set after the G.U. games, so obviously watch episode 27 after those.

G.U. also saw something called the Terminal Disc, which came with the CE of Rebirth out here and contains a lot of informative FMVs. The first four are lengthy recaps of IMOQ, but the remainder are unlocked with G.U. save data and explain from one of The World's development staff the last days of R:1 and creation of R:2 to help bridge the gaps between the generations. Consider it similar in execution to Liminality.

And then there's .hack//Link, a PSP game set in R:X, and seeing the protagonist team up with the casts of all of the above. It wasn't released here, but was fan translated some few years back.

Legend of Twilight was also a manga and anime. I never actually went through them myself, so I'm not sure they're actually canon with the main chronology, but I recall hearing the anime was basically non-canon with the manga it was based on.

So in short, the chronology (as far as I'm best aware) is AI Buster > Sign > IMOQ/Liminality > Roots > G.U./Terminal Disc > Link.But again, I'd have to do some more research into where to best watch which parts of Roots after which parts of G.U.

>Also Natsume is a qt.
There was something enjoyable about her, both looks and personality. If Kite wasn't a twin blade already, I think I'd have been more inclined to take her around.
Replies: >>37853
Yeah her and moonstone were a bit of a 3rd wheel but having a class that can do anything, cast and fight, could be handy when I decided to use them. That and they had better magic defense unlike the heavy classes so they wouldn't whip around and delete the caster. 

I'll check out the order then to watch, .hack always had this air of mystery to it which I always found fun.
Replies: >>37865
(837.2KB, 1228x921)
It is interesting to see a JRPG series with such a focus on world building (Cyberconnect2 also spent a LOT of development time on Solatorobo doing just that, so I guess that's an element they really like) and chronology through multiple mediums. Even if I fucking despise the episodic release style for the games.

As to mystery, Sign did a really good job at setting that up, both for people already planning to get into IMOQ, and those that saw the anime first and got interested (Sign expected those watching to play the games afterward to get a full resolution as to what was actually going on). I personally don't think Roots handled things nearly as well to that end, but then again, G.U.'s a bit of a different beast than IMOQ in focus anyhow.
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Weird how no one seems to give a shit about a new Bravely Default when at the time the original came out it was supposed to be the greatest game of all time, guess it's not Persona.
Bravery Default 1 was mediocre and censored
Bravery Second was censored even harder so nobody bothered
There is no way Bravery Default 2 isn't going to be censored and neutered from the get go with Square Enix and its ethics committee.
Replies: >>37927 >>37934
I have an allergic reaction to retarded Square titles. And like the other anon said it was censored, so I never bothered with it. I still remember arguing with stupid anons on 8chan or 4um, whichever it was at the time the first one came out. They kept coming up with excuses for why we had to support a censored game.
Replies: >>37934
I got an uncensored version but i dropped it at the second dungeon, might pick it up again if the only concern was censorship.
The only good thing from that game was the music. Other than that, it was a combination of bad decisions and wasted potential. It had an interesting world and lore to it at first, but then it goes down the shitter when you realize you have to go through the same exact dungeons and boss fights after beating the "final" boss (which can take up to 48 hours to get to) 5 fucking times before getting to the end because the plot involves multiverse theory. Not only that, the gameplay brings out both the best and worst aspects of JRPG turn based combat. While you are able to do interesting multi-class combos (or even get everyone to be good at everything), the amount of grinding you have to do in the game just to advance the plot is atrocious (in some ways even worse than SMT/Persona games, since it's like FF where it has random battles you can't predict or advert from). Any game that has a fast-forward button to get through battle animations faster should be a red flag on how bad the grinding is. This isn't even getting into how much of the items and experience you get are from the online aspect of the game, which is more or less dead and useless for those that missed out on it. Not only that but you don't get new weapons or gear when you go through the multiverse worlds, and the fights keep getting harder each time you go through them. 

The only ones that would be interested in this series are those that are completely dedicated to the genre and that genre only. Even then, as >>37907 and >>37916 said, the game was censored when released out of Japan, so interest died out for a lot of JRPG fans except those that agree with the censorship, since it was done to appease the easily offended crowd.
(3MB, 2155x3133)
(3.9MB, 4059x2918)
(1.9MB, 2000x1972)
(2.8MB, 3549x2817)
(3.9MB, 4146x2967)
play the SaGa games, fags

I've finished SaGa 1,2 and 3 not too long ago and I'm going to start the first Romancing SaGa game pretty soon. Is there anything I should know beforehand (like if I have to seek out the manual and stuff) and a recommended starting character?
>the art
Fuck, Kobayashi's art is so good.
Replies: >>37951
get ready for a shit-ton of enemies on the map, but don't try to avoid them
>a recommended starting character?
whoever looks best to you
if you really cant decide just go with albert
Replies: >>38278 >>39394
Sure thanks for the dolphin porn.
Are they good?
Replies: >>37963
(7.3MB, 2751x3000)
Yeah, really good. They're already good for the delicious tears of the people and (((journalists))) who can't even beat them. As for the actual quality of the games? Even better. Kenji Ito and Masashi Hamauzu are great composers. The visuals are (usually) eye-candy, too. That's as much as I can tell you now, but I'm trying to write about the whole series and hopefully I can post that PDF or txt file here one day. Until then, try the games, if you want to play something "different".
Replies: >>38413
(369.4KB, 883x1285)
Would you be interested in doing something like a book club and choose a game so we all play it at the same time a discuss it? Of course because of the nature of jrpgs we should maybe do a couple of chapter every month and not the whole game.
Replies: >>38090 >>38117
I've been playing Fallout: New Vegas since about halfway through last year.  I'm 90-something hours into it and just did the final DLC, Lonesome Road, at lvl 50.  Now I have what seems to be the endgame ahead of me so I'll likely keep questing around the Mojave before going forward with that.  It's been a great ride so far and I'm extremely happy I discovered Viva New Vegas so I could have an experience that is almost completely crash-free and generally has many QoL features.

>Would you be interested in doing something like a book club and choose a game so we all play it at the same time a discuss it?
One of the only good things about /geimu/ is its game of the month club, so yes.  You do need to set some strict deadlines so that people actually play the games, though: if you wanted to discuss something like a longform RPG then you'd probably need to say have a chapter/story event done every couple weeks.  Even when people are enthusiastic, these kinds of things can lose steam very easily.  Maybe getting the BO to pin the thread would help.
Replies: >>38091
(12.9KB, 300x225)
I would like to limit it to rpgs, geimu is more general in that aspect or were you refering to doing it in this board? First i will see if there's some interest in the people that usually post in the rpg thread, if there's interest i will make a poll. Of course i will provide the rom/installer of the games etc.
Replies: >>38105 >>38109
I'd be interested for sure.
That's pretty neat idea, I got a vita just to get into RPGs but I haven't used that much recently.
We can try at least. Start with a shorter JRPG. How about Parasite Eve? You can beat the game in one or two days. From there we can get into longer ones. If the story isn't divided into chapters, we can just set a destination everyone should arrive at, before we ultimately discuss what and how we played.
Replies: >>38128
Well there's some interest so i made a new thread so this one can be about more general discussion.
>Parasite eve
I went into this expecting some sort of horror game and was really confused.
Replies: >>38172
The second game has a few moments that startled me, but yeah, they're not really scary games.
(24.3MB, 1280x720, 01:12)
Are you happy Caligula anon? It was also anounced Octopath Tactics: Let us flop together.
Replies: >>38202 >>38204
(7.9MB, 1280x720, 01:14)
Oh yeah I forgot that direct was today. I don't see anything particularly interesting, but why are they releasing a Skyward Sword HD before porting Twilight Princess from the Dead U?
(619.5KB, 700x900)
(356KB, 1440x1080)
Well, I'm about 4 or 5 hours in and I want to give my 2 cents.
Started out with Aisha because the idea of a steppe nomad as protagonist was pretty novel to me (though I want to to a playthrough with the pirate guy too).
Pretty much it went like this.
>"Aisha went to play with her horse."
>Wander in the steppe for 10 minutes with no idea of what I'm doing
>Find a desert and proceed to get lost in it
>Manage to find the way out by following my footsteps on the sand (very cool stuff actually)
>Random enemy comes up and kills me
>A dark knight saves Aisha and takes her to his palace
>Then he brings her back to the village and makes the tribe submit to his kingdom
>The little dumb fuck has no idea of what's going on
>Get out the village and die to the first enemy once again
>Aisha is captured by slave traders but then is saved by Jamil, a thief who becomes my second party member
>The city where Aisha finds herself now is full of little kids who ask you for money and thugs who try to mob you
>The sewers are full of sharks and giant enemy crabs
>The ships to go anywhere else cost too much
>Get enough money by killing muggers and fishes and sail to northern part of this Godforsaken city
>Find a witch in the pub who offers to become a party member
>Aisha is growing stronger, a physical powerhouse
>The mage's Fire magic is extremely useful
>Manage to kill enemies a lot better than before
>Go around, talk to people, unlock places while still having no idea of what I'm doing
>Go to an island and realize I don't have enough money to get back, proceed to reload my save
>The fucking FF2 stat leveling system is a blast here
>Go on an adventure into the sewers of some city and fight a fuckton of zombies while dying left and right
>Still no idea of what I'm doing
>Go back to the steppes now that I've grown a lot stronger
>A random dragon kills with one moves everybody 
>Maybe the steppes are not a good idea
>Take a ship to some random knight kingdom
>Find a chest with a lot of gold
>The knight is kind to Aisha and brings her to a meeting
>They're talking about demons coming out of a mountain
>Nobody wants to go because it's costly and dangerous
>The aforementioned knight and his favorite squire resolve to go by themselves
>I offer to help them
>Enter the mountain
>The first encounter kills everyone in my party except the old knight
I'm in love.
Replies: >>38345
(3.6MB, 962x978)
(3.7MB, 947x1026)
(321.9KB, 468x1194)
(373.7KB, 615x1098)
(448.6KB, 615x1128)
I just realized that the lead artist for TWEWY (Gen Kobayashi) also did the character design for the SaGa DS remakes.
(4.9MB, 02:47)
(8.2MB, 04:41)
(5.9MB, 03:14)
(7.1MB, 03:52)
and fucking listen to this. Composed by Ryuji Sasai, who also made the soundtrack for Rudra no Hihō, FF Mystic Quest, Bushido Blade 2 and some more games. Sadly, this guy doesn't compose anymore. Square didn't give him any work after Bushido Blade 2 so he left the company and is now in a Queen cover band and a rock band called Spiders from Cabaret. I have no idea what he's doing now, but his music is fucking great.

I picked Aisha for the first time and for the same reason as you did, too. I'm glad you enjoy it.
Replies: >>38371

They are decent JRPGs, but the censorship controversy fucked them over, which to be fair is well deserved. Good combat system, good class system (pretty much a copy of FF5), good music, mediocre story with fun characters, quite a lot of QoL things like adjustable encounter rate. It has some things I personally enjoyed like a ranking system that gave you more EXP depending on how well you did, which actually encouraged you to beat random encounters efficiently. Some fights actually needed tactics and you could break the game in half with some jobs combinations.

Sadly, dungeon design is shit, and after chapter 5 the game shits the bed and become extremely repetitive until you reach the end unless you ignore the sidequest, which you don't want to because they are some of the best fights of the game. The "Build you Town" system is a Facebook tier minigame that you need to do if you want to unlock all skill, equipment and the hardest Bonus Bosses of the games, the Baals.  Also, of course, is the censorship. The main protagonist were aged up on the international versions, some dialogue were changed and some costumes were censored (I think they were the Brave Bikini and the Vampire Job), which is doubly retarded as they already made the characters older.

Basically, BD is a decent JRPG that got fucked by the team wanting to introduce too much gimicky shit in all aspects of the game and for stupid censorship. Which is a shame cause I actually quite liked it. Haven't played Bravely Second though, probably will with an uncensored patch at some point. Haven't seen much about BD2, will wait to see if there is any censorship and what changes did they make and then probably will try and emulate it or something.
Replies: >>38354 >>38371
>Haven't seen much about BD2, will wait to see if there is any censorship
These days they like to self censor all versions of the game. You probably won't get to gear about any censorship that occurs.
(17.5KB, 500x418)
(21.4KB, 500x430)
(38.8KB, 500x798)
(260.3KB, 1536x2048)
Looks like he’s involved in SaGa arrangements (one of which, “Destiny 8: SaGa Band Arrangement Album” just debuted yesterday), and what I take to be more than a few doujin albums.

It's modern Square-Enix. As a globally-minded brand, they self-censor, even for Japan these days.
Replies: >>38390
Wow, how gay is that.
Replies: >>38412
(403.1KB, 269x190)
>Wow, how gay is that.
You'd think a "this game was released in [X year] and may not reflect modern standards." message would be safety enough, the way stuff like Yidsney's old movies get (got?) away with not having to go back in be censored, but nope. Can't have any chance of someone being offended there; "we can do better now and fix it". And a lot of companies seem to ascribe to that mentality.
I'm looking at these now and I see different versions, what would be the best to go with?
Replies: >>38424
>Makai Toushi SaGa
WSC version for 1, DS remakes for 2 and 3.
>Romancing SaGa
The SNES and PS2 versions of 1 are pretty different, so I'd recommend both (the WSC version has more content than SNES but isn't translated). Go with the SNES versions of 2 and 3 unless there are decensor patches for the remasters.
>SaGa Frontier
Your only choice is PS1 for the moment. SF1 is getting a remaster soon with the previously cut eighth protagonist, ruined graphics and probable censorship.
Playing Wild Arms 2 right after Xenogears feels like a breath of fresh air. Almost everything about it puts a smile on my face.
Replies: >>38439
I wish the translation was a little better though.
But yeah, Wild Arms is a great series and you can feel the love and care that the developers put into it.
The music is seriously gold too.
Replies: >>38443
(8MB, 04:28)
Replay or first time? Either way, enjoy it.

Definitely a favorite series of mine. And yes, the music is superb, whether it's by Naruke, Kouda, Agematsu, or other people (I think WA4 had four composers on it). Shame the official disc release of WA2's OST has each track barely even loop before ending.

On the idea of retranslation, Wild Arms 2 is one of those games where I really wouldn't trust anyone but a team of anons to do right by it. I don't know what Media.Vision and Contrail were thinking in making it, but I love what they got away with, some of which I'm sure rhdn, twatter, and others would probably deem "icky" and want to see censored.
>Bravery Second in japanese is filled to brim with memes and other pop culture garbage
>the english release removes the memes but also removes entire questlines
Why do people get excited over square enix shit again?
>japanese is filled to brim with memes and other pop culture
got any examples?
Replies: >>38935
Are they western memes and pop culture references? Japs love their ebin pop culture references, especially since 2channel became the Japanese Reddit. I think the monkey rape manga /animu/ scanlates averages two gratuitous mecha references per volume.
Replies: >>38935 >>38975
I'm convinced the only thing keeping squenix going is their marketing and retards who play FF14
Replies: >>38906 >>38969
Can't be anything else, because the games they made in the last few years were all shit.
Replies: >>38913
Just because it's shit doesn't mean it doesn't sell
(264.4KB, 1280x720)
(394.9KB, 1280x720)
(318KB, 1280x720)
(314.1KB, 1280x720)
i've been replaying xeno 2 because i always wantes to 100% the game and a lot of blades are NG+ exclusive.I deleted all my levels and and put the difficulty on bringer of caos, it becomes balances with the fact i have end game chips.Story wise there's a lot of foreshadowing that i didn't notice the first time around, like Homuro not being really nice, she's just depressed.I'll probably drop the game when Bravely Default 2 gets leaked, but these past few days i have put more than 30 hs into a game where i allready clocked 260hs.
Replies: >>38939 >>39006
Its very early in the game. Peppered throughout the tutorial.

Its not western meme shit but stuff you would see on 2channel or those NND chats. The western release completely removes it which I guess would be a good thing if it wasn't a typical treehouse shitshow.
I remember reading how even the nips were complaining about the memes in the dialogue.
(403.7KB, 1280x720)
(402.2KB, 1280x720)
>the english release removes the memes but also removes entire questlines
Really? I don't remember that happening in Bravely Second. What I do remember is that in the Japanese version, in the first cycle every choice you make in a sidequest is the wrong one, but every choice you make on the second cycle is the right one, and the Japanese got pissed off about that. So then they changed that to you always getting the "good" ending no matter which cycle you did, but then the English community got upset that your  choices basically didn't matter. Honestly, neither situation was good. Bravely Second's only redeeming feature is the battle gameplay, and you could make arguments the first game is better if you really liked the jobs that are missing from second, or that the balancing might be off compared to your tastes. Whatever, neither of them are 4 Heroes of Light, for better and/or worse.
NG+ is also better since you hopefully know what you're doing at that point, although given how bad the game's tutorials are at actually giving you useful information that's expecting a lot of the player. Regardless I hope you enjoy it. I tried the Bravely Default 2 demo, and I'm going to be frank, something about it felt off. Like, every single battle felt a lot worse in comparison to the original, I don't know how to phrase it honestly. That having been said I did only try the first demo, there was apparently an updated one. I feel like it might be a problem with how combat is structured though. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the original had you pick all your actions at the start of a turn, then had the turn play out, while 2 has you pick your actions before you do them based on your speed? Maybe that has something to do with it? But FF5 did the same thing with it's ATB system and that didn't seem as miserable. Is it because the Brave/Default system makes it feel slower? I dunno, I didn't beat the sand worm in the first demo I think, maybe I should work on that.
Replies: >>38993 >>39006
>also removes entire questlines
For what fucking purpose? Did the fan-compiled restoration patch bring them back and translate them?

>Why do people get excited over square enix shit again?
Either because they're told to, or because Square was their childhood friend. Worth keeping in mind that, SaGa (and Drakengard I suppose; maybe a few others) aside, their library is quite normalfag friendly.

>I think the monkey rape manga /animu/ scanlates averages two gratuitous mecha references per volume.
I only recall two explicit mecha references, at least since chapter 41 (both in the same chapter and by the same character). But yes, there are quite a bit of pop culture shoutouts throughout, both eastern and western, especially in the omakes wherein character design inspiration is discussed, with the more Japanese of which often require some degree of annotation for English readers. And at the very least, the series is set on a contemporary Earth where they can make sense, rather than being a fantasy game where it might break immersion. I don't know how the Japanese audience felt about it as the native readers (or if they were also present in the original novels from the 90s), but I haven't seen English readers complain.

>Forgetting they own Dragon Quest.
I swear, all they really have to do is release a new game every so often and they can negate their blown budget from Final Fantasy and other shit they get too experimental with.
Replies: >>38975
Fug, third paragraph was for >>38886 .
Your just an assblasted kike that's mad that the game's plot involved destroying  (((your))) god.
(488.4KB, 1920x1080)
(272KB, 1280x720)
(354.5KB, 1280x720)
>Correct me if I'm wrong, but the original had you pick all your actions at the start of a turn, then had the turn play out, while 2 has you pick your actions before you do them based on your speed?
You are  correct, just checked the final demo as is like you mentioned.I will pirate the game and write my impressions when it drops in case that there's a buy fag here.

About xeno 2, the combat is absolutely fantastic, i enjoy making mediocre blades work, too bad that the complete combat is locked behind 20 hs of gameplay, like that old meme of "it gets good 30 hours in" that they used to say about Final Fantasy XIII.I feel bad for the people that dropped the game before chapter 4 but it's understandable.I will always feel great for getting Kosmos early, feel bad for lucklets.
Replies: >>39050
(328.7KB, 1280x720)
Damn I'm glad I never had to play that shitty localization.

>NG+ is also better since you hopefully know what you're doing at that point
I tried going back to NG+ like a year after finishing the game and I had no clue what the fuck I was doing. It has no reviewable tutorial system like the first Xenoblade so I just gave up.
Replies: >>39050
(330.1KB, 1283x720)
Added The Last Remnant to the SaGa MEGA.

Also, for SaGa Scarlet Grace I changed the dub from the default english to japanese. If anyone wants to play with the (terrible) english dub, however, I can upload the voice files for that, too.
Replies: >>39394
Fuck, the combat can get kinda alright right from the start, if you know how combos boost overall damage while the meters are active, know how good pouch items are, and know how to best use your auto-attack animations and various kinds of canceling (of course there's a kind of canceling locked behind driver skill charts but still). But then there's also stuff like Just Range that is never explained at all, but is mostly pointless.
The tutorials in the other two games are so good, I'm shocked at how bad 2's are. Like, the closest thing is you have to buy them, and they're all still awful. I thought it might have been a localization thing, some of them are so questionable, but I don't know Japanese. I assume you don't really remember either, but the garbage pouch item they make you buy at the start of the game is a bad sign regardless. It's so bad Chuggaaconroy had to make a video that's basically a collection of tutorials that aren't garbage. Fuck, I made a post over here >>14627 that might be worth screencapping if anybody else wants.
Replies: >>39059 >>39082
>The tutorials in the other two games are so good
Only the first Xenoblade(and by extension definitive version) has good tutorials
X has really awful tutorials too
Replies: >>39062 >>39199
Funny thing is that Torna dlc has tutorials that you can read again in the menu.
Replies: >>39199
>I thought it might have been a localization thing
No those hint book things didn't help me. They are more like supplements to the actual tutorials they show you the first time.
Replies: >>39199
(9MB, 1280x720, 04:08)
>They removed choosing all your actions at the start of the turn in Bravely Default 2 because it was too complicated
The genre is finished.
I might not even pirate the game.
(388.1KB, 787x600)
At least there's still EO r-right?
Replies: >>39188
(54.1KB, 640x480)
To be fair, some people do like having a reactive turn based system where each move can be better decided by what happened immediately before and who can be expected to attack next. At the same time, I don't really know that a series intended as fourth gen throwback is the best place to be doing what had become more common (to my knowledge) in sixth gen.

Of course, part of it could be that Square seems to have dropped Silicon Studio from developing the series, and instead whored the game out to a "Claytechworks", who prior to Bravely Default II apparently only had mobileshit on their resume, one game of which ("Palette Parade") I can only assume to be fujoshit as well from its preview image on their website.
Replies: >>39191
>who prior to Bravely Default II apparently only had mobileshit on their resume
So they were perfectly suited to work on square enix's full priced mobage?
Replies: >>39193
They actually did work on a mobage for Square-Enix prior: some Bravely Default game for phones. But to kick the original developers off (assuming Silicon Studio didn't want out of their own accord) in place of mobileshitters... At least Silicon had Operation Darkness and 3D Dot Game Heroes under their belt previously.
Replies: >>39199
>X has really awful tutorials too
In game, kinda, but the manual had some pretty good tutorial information.
I feel like 2 was a little rushed. Like, I thought it was going to be delayed when it was announced, and when it launched with even worse menus than usual (because I think the normal menu guy at Monolith was busy finishing up BotW) my fears were somewhat realized. Most of Xenoblade 2's problems are a QoL patch away, and most of them have been solved.
I meant, what was the tutorials you saw the first time. I don't expect you to know, but I also don't expect them to be very good in the first place.
Honestly, actions at the start of the turn is way less complicated than the ATB-ish-style ever was. Or maybe I just like getting everything done at once, I dunno.
I dunno why they didn't keep Matrix Software on in the first place after 4HoL, they had a decent track record, although that might just be me liking DS games too much. After 4HoL, Matrix Software got stuck making all the terrible FF mobile ports (although I didn't look at the credits of those games to see who to blame for the terrible graphics) for years. After that they made the Omega Labyrinth games, and I dunno how much money anime tiddy made for them but it seems like they've escaped mobile port hell for the most part.
(249KB, 1000x685)
>Matrix Software
Omega Labyrinth Life and Brigandine are both great games, try them out, Brigandine Legend of Runesia was a huge sleeper.
Replies: >>39212 >>39313
(268.4KB, 450x766)
(1.1MB, 1280x898)
I don't know. Matrix Software's an older company these days and can indeed be competent, but I know the games they did for Square are, at least among anons, considered hit or miss, even Final Fantasy IV DS. And I honestly question just how much involvement they even had on the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest mobile ports, as there's something of a lack of cohesive evidence between pages or sites; even mobygames' credits for the android gives far more prevalence to Square's mobile division and Tose than Matrix Software (I only see one guy's name appended with that as where he stems from).

>I dunno how much money anime tiddy made for them
Enough to prompt two sequels, at the very least

They also made Alundra, Dual Hearts, Avalon Code, and co-developed Nostalgia/Winds of Nostalgio with Red Entertainment. Though those aren't exactly recent at this point.

Shame that's practically digital-only here, having been snatched up by LRG for a physical. You'd think games/series that had a following back in the day would be easier to clear retail physicals of than modern original titles, but no. Not even Grandia apparently warranted that (though I've heard Gungho's remasters are pretty bad anyhow, or at least they were at launch)
Replies: >>39235
Hot take, as somebody who hasn't played any SNES version or the GBA version, FF4DS is the best version for how I like to play these sorts of games, and I probably wouldn't have bothered with FF4 at all otherwise. I mean, it's not like 3 DS (I have to space that title out for clarity) where they added character to the characters, but made the game-play worse because of technical limitations. The DS version of 4 also technically has the most accurate English translation, I think, but that's sort of to be expected during that era  (although given 5's GBA-era translation, that's arguable). But yeah, on other Matrix Software games, specifically for the DS, Nostalgia was alright but very basic, and I keep wanting to replay Avalon Code for some reason, there's probably something wrong with me. Or maybe it's one of those games where the potential is more interesting than anything else. I kind of feel similarly about Chaotix, but I don't want to replay it in it's current state. I really do need to get around to writing a design document on how to fix that shit, I know somebody in another thread wanted it.
Replies: >>39313
(1.8MB, 1200x673)
>a unique approach to its battle system
I really want to kill every journalist illiterate retard nigger on the planet.
Good game. I wonder how well (or not) it sold.
>Hot take
For the love of god stay away from Twitter lingo.

Did any of you try the demo for pic related? What a boring piece of shit. I'm not going to fall for it like I did for Octopath Traveler. What a waste of a game. Squenix is just so god damn awful nowadays.
Replies: >>39326 >>39333
What is  puzzling to me is that apparently many players are complaining that the game is actually too hard, so much so that they had to add Casual Mode, and it is still too hard as bosses and enemies have the same stats and attacks, with only random encounters just having lower speed. Also now they added a weight stat to avoid players just equipping the best gear and forcing to consider what to take or not, and at night enemies are even stronger. Also now speeds seems even more important in this game when it comes to decide turn order, and you are punished harshly for going into red numbers while braving by making your turns come slower. Also now enemies have "counterattacks" against certain actions that can fuck you over, like when using attack objects against certain bosses. 

It sounds more like they may have changed from round based to turn based to compensate for the added complexity in combat, but can say for sure really.
Replies: >>39322

>can say for sure really.

Can't say for sure, sorry I'm retarded
Alright, want me to rephrase it? FF4DS is the best version because the game is harder and offers you more options in battle, you fucking retarded nigger.
>Did any of you try the demo for pic related
after Octopath I stay away from Square enix shit
They really are the ubisoft of JRPGs.
Replies: >>39347
Overhyped shit that people consume and tell you it's good?
(71.9KB, 522x472)
Not my first blobber but it's my first EO, what are some fun classes? I don't want broken party comps, shut fun shit.
All medic run
(230.4KB, 1920x1080)
Jesus, you weren't kidding about the enemies.
15-ish hours in, I've just slogged my way through the pyramid dungeon in the desert.
It was short enough but there were so many fucking roaming enemies in a tight space that you had no choice but to battle all of them (and all of them meant at the very least 10 encounters every room). I'm still enjoying it a lot but man, it really tested my patience there. It actually reminded me a bit of SaGa 2 (I've only played the GB version), where towards the endgame you would have a fuckton of random encounters all filled with too many enemies to count.
And like SaGa 2, I feel the game is fairly easy now.
I hope the endgame doesn't ramp up into full bullshit though, the final boss of SaGa teared through my asshole several times.
By the way, is it normal that I have only 4 party members right now? I'm still missing one or two I guess.
I liked the class you get after the first stratum, don't remember their name. They are some of the most gimmicky shit out there though.
>the manual had some pretty good tutorial information
Can confirm, I have the euro limited edition that costed me like 60 yuros.
Isn't The Last Remnant that game with the grinding for absurd drop rates?
Replies: >>39396 >>39706
As somebody who pirated Xenoblade X, the digital manual should be fine enough (unless it's significantly different for some reason). I don't think the Wii U emulator works for that though, but X is a game that's best played with online so you're probably going to want to play on a hacked Wii U anyway. That is if you want to play X in the first place, it's a game I'm not sure I can recommend in general. I guess the best way I can phrase it is, did you wish Xenoblade had better combat and exploration, but don't mind most of the rest of the game being some degree of awful, then I think you'll have a great time. If you play Xenoblade for the story, wait until Episode 2 or whatever comes out, or some complete collection in 20 years. As somebody who has the unfortunate taste of playing JRPGs for the gameplay, even I can't stand parts of X. A lot of parts.
Replies: >>39398 >>39399
>but X is a game that's best played with online 
On the contrary its better to just play it on an emulator and use mods to enable online content offline.
You can also modify ticket drop rates and the resource drop frequency to make it feel less like a facebook game. I share your general sentiment about Xenoblade X but I don't think it had better combat than the first one.
Replies: >>39552
Yeah, X is a mixed bag.
The exploration and the world were honestly amazing, but you could feel how much it was cut down. It was supposed to have a rival character with his personal mecha for fuck's sake. If it was given more time I'm sure it could have been a hell lot better (like not having to grind random MMO tier quests to unlock story chapters). But I still liked it, especially the full-fledged side quests.
I would love to see a second game that fixes its issues, there aren't enough sci-fi JRPGs out there.
Replies: >>39552
Honestly, weapon drops with augments you want are the most annoying thing to get ahold of, I got most of the materials I wanted in my first offline play-through with relative ease, although I did get the good farming going with treasure sensor and meme missiles.
>I share your general sentiment about Xenoblade X but I don't think it had better combat than the first one.
I mean, given the original Xenoblade is just topple locking in almost every situation, I dunno. Granted, X over-centralizes on TP Arts, potential, and Core Crusher unless you don't have an Ether weapon for some reason, but even in there there's build variety, and the few actual multiplayer parts mean being a support is more viable. But on the other hand, I have a mech that kills the second hardest bonus boss in seconds with just auto-attacks, so I dunno either way.
We'll be getting X II at some point, for better or worse. Who knows if the Art of Mira secret files will factor into things, I feel like some ideas might have been re-used in 2 but that could just be Takahashi re-iterating the same concepts he always does. In that same art book, Elma has what appears to be a core crystal, I do not know what the fuck is going on there.
Replies: >>39553 >>39555
>We'll be getting X II at some point
Hopefully not before porting the original to a non-defunct system.
Replies: >>39614
The end game of XC1 involved you stacking up accuracy gems so that you can hit the post game bosses and fight them.
The end game of XCX involves you farming weapons and augment materials for 20+ hours so that you can kill bosses with 10 million HP in 5 seconds or just one shot them. 90% of weapon arts, mech parts and skills are completely useless. All NPC allies are dead weight. Most of the equipment doesn't matter and majority of augments are completely useless.
Replies: >>39614
(179.9KB, 1600x800)
Well, i have put 6 hours in the game acording to my save data and just finished the prologue.Random encounters in this game are just brave spamming, you never reach a second round and i have literally never used white magic in a random encounter, only during bossfights.Speaking of bossfights the first one is a 1:1 recycle of the first one, except you know have a fifth party member that makes a shit ton of damage, hels you or resurects a party member, one per turn.The only difficult fights were all boss fights,i'm playing on normal mind you, i'll probably put the game on hard now that the prologue ended.

They also added an idler game to leave the game runing during sleep mode, basically the longer you leave it in idle mode the bigger the prizes, some are really broken, some item made a character go from level 4 to 10 upon consumption, i assume that this is for the people that want the get on with the game as fast and possible, with this they can "grind" while not playing i guess.

Music is allright i guess, story is very similar to the first one, i expect it to be related to the possible twist.
Replies: >>39609
>They also added an idler game to leave the game runing during sleep mode, basically the longer you leave it in idle mode the bigger the prizes, some are really broken, some item made a character go from level 4 to 10 upon consumption, i assume that this is for the people that want the get on with the game as fast and possible, with this they can "grind" while not playing i guess.
Did the devs forget they weren't making a mobage
Replies: >>39611
There was the town restoration thing from the first game too and the Brave Second mechanic. Time based/sleep mode gimmicks are a thing from the very first game. I'll say if it is only to make your characters level faster or to get some items it may be an actual improvement compared to the first game which required you to actually use street pass and what not to unlock specials and unique equipment. Of course I'm sure they probably were retarded enough to add unique items to the idler, but we will see.
Or after, if Definitive Edition is anything to go by.
At least most weapon types have a few good arts (although defensively it's hard to beat Ghost Walker unless you set up for reflect). Compare that to the original, where 4 characters are really good (3 if you don't know what you're doing with Fiora), Melia is alright but outclassed, Rikki is situational at best, and Sharla is terrible. Again, we can say that Ether Blossom Dance is the dominant strategy, and it is pretty good and fairly easy to use, but the knife is just as good if not better, Black Butterfly/Black Bane is a good combo and they aren't even TP arts, and the knife is meant to be support. I could say the same thing about Dual Guns in and of themselves, actually. I guess X is more focused on what a single player can do, while the first game requires a party, so having a few different options for builds might feel better than having the same party of 3 all the time, regardless of which you prefer playing as. Your allies in X are kinda worthless though, they're stat-sticks at best.
Replies: >>39620
>Compare that to the original
The original is leagues ahead of X where 90% of the arts are useless and literally every NPC is terrible and useless.
Replies: >>39699
>The original is leagues ahead of X where 90% of the arts are useless and literally every NPC is terrible and useless.
You keep saying that, but provide no evidence. About half of most characters arts in the first game are useless, and again, half of them aren't great endgame. In X, the NPCs aren't great endgame, but interestingly during the game several of them are quite good when you play as them (Elma comes to mind as somebody who can carry a party during the early game if you play as her). Compare that to Sharla who barely does her job as a healer when you don't play as her, is barely better when you do, and when you get Dunban she immediately becomes useless because you can damage race the enemies better without her. Even a pretty good character like Melia is a victim of the situation she's put in, she shines a lot more in Future Connected where she's second or third out of four (although the fourth is a Sharla clone, for what it's worth). Melia's AI is notoriously shit, Shulk's isn't great either. At least the NPCs in X can reliably act as a stat stick if needed (although I imagine if I understood how Soul Voices worked a little better, my opinion might change one way or another). I dunno, the first game's combat just bored me at endgame, at least X somewhat keeps things interesting. But X does have a lot more options in general which might be where your complauints come from. The first game doesn't have as much going on, which makes everything seem more valuable. X has a bunch of worthless stuff (off the top of my head, most of the "X killer" skills) mixed in with a bunch of neat options. I guess 2 strikes a better balance, I greatly prefer it to either of the others. The limited character roster of 2 makes every one of them matter (except Nia because she got the short end of the stick animation wise) but the Blade system gives you a few different options for every character, and Poppi is a heavily customizable robot that isn't outclassed by a dude with a katana.
Replies: >>39707
I must be missing something.
I've done every quest available to me and now I can't find any way to progress. I've checked every single pub, talked to every single NPC, went to every city but nothing, seems like I'm softlocked or something. Is such a thing possible in Romancing Saga? This is the SNES version, mind you.
By the way, I still have only 4 people in my party and now they're strong, like 700 HP strong.
Not even guides and FAQs have helped me.
>About half of most characters arts in the first game are useless
Yeah no fuck off
Replies: >>40265
(258.7KB, 1200x770)
(99.9KB, 640x1005)
(68.6KB, 478x600)
(135.4KB, 800x800)
This is now a whatever RPG I want to post thread
Replies: >>40242
first 3 are great, never played any lanser
Rance Quest is out, should start playing that
What to Melia, Rikki, and Sharla have that's better than topple locking with Reyn, Dunban, Shulk, and/or Fiora? Melia is the strongest argument with her DoT, and she's pretty good in FC where Dunban and Fiora don't exist. Again, Rikki is questionable, and what the fuck is good about Sharla?
Replies: >>40272
What the fuck is that child porn site??? Reported  you disgusting fucking nigger.
Replies: >>40268
(498.3KB, 861x877)
>clicking random onion links
Replies: >>40270
what is it? im too scared to click
Replies: >>40275
Topple locking isn't the only way to play the game.
Melia is great because all of her attacks are ether based which means you can take down enemies 20+ levels above you without stacking accuracy bonuses.

You can take out the fire elemental which drops EXP bonus V gems very early with a team of Riki, Sharla and Melia with Sharla acting as a tank because her healing allows her to sustain aggro better than any of the tank characters. With this setup you can pretty much kill all non spike enemies way above your levels which in turn allows you to farm level 5 gem materials early. Riki works great in this combination because he can act as an off tank while also supplementing Melia's damage with his own DOTs as they stack instead of overwriting. You can also use tension bullet and spam Happy Happy. Also with Sharla tanking and the level difference you'll get vision tags very often and you can break them to get to Very High tension immediately and Hero Time will allow you to maintain it indefinitely.
Nothing good. Fear is there to protect you, anon.
Replies: >>40278
Fear is only there to control you.
Replies: >>40279
>sitting in tree
>vicious predator hanging out on ground to kill you when you come down
>feel fear
<this is only here to control me
>go down to the ground
>get killed
Replies: >>40287
you're replying to the faggot who posted the link in the first place
Replies: >>40306
It's a TOR id you fucking idiot

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