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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

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Post limit edition

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Pretty amazing voxel-based simulator by this talented guy. Don't know when Teardown is scheduled to be available.
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>when Teardown is scheduled to be available
>vid from 2019
It's already out in early access since 29th of October, 2020.
>6.5 hours too late from last thread lasting exactly 1 month
This does not satisfy my autism. I will accept more progress to make it last less than 1 month though.
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the thread before last like 3+ so if anything it's a sign shit's going a bit faster
(5.2MB, 1920x1080)
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>Peripeteia is already getting "fanart" and fake shill threads on 4chan from salty twitter schizos
When is this coming out? I am interested in it.
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Whenever it's ready, I'd assume. There's a new demo coming out at the end of the month, hope it runs better in Wine this time but I don't have my hopes up.
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Is this what BlueDrake has been reduced to? Shilling random ass indieshit and getting excited over a decade old tech? He should just stick to making Project Reality videos and shut the fuck up.
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I can't even parse these images. Is 4chaim assmad that the best game in that showcase was from here?
Hows the progress on dorf rts?
wait is peripeteia that stealth game? what does it have to do with cuckchan?
He is also shilling "free alternative" to the Squad. Free as if when it's released, or you can be a good goy and paywall yourself into early testing.
(812.9KB, 2272x1480)
>Fucking finally finished with save system
Fuck it was hard
Planning to release Yeerk on 01.03.21. So a lot of polish on the way.
(110.8KB, 858x536)
>a lot of polish on the way
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Replies: >>37485
що за гра?
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Nice pixel art there
Табір Їрка. Стараюсь постити більш менш регулярно
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I'm going to make an MMO
(715.3KB, 709x874)
tell me more
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Massive Milkers Only? Very cool!
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This is unironically my goal in life. I want to get to the point where I can make an MMO and show everyone what an actually good one looks like. I have full faith that it will be a turning point for the entire genre, it will split the MMO playerbase in half and attract a new/old audience because it's so much better and obviously what MMOs should have always become, and nobody else seems interested in doing anything other than WoW clones so there won't be any competition. One half of the playerbase will never be able to play "normal" MMOs again and will always seek other MMOs that follow on the footsteps of mine. The other half, composed mostly of retarded normalfags, will keep playing shitty grindfests forever, they will always prefer those since those games just push sensory rewards at you without requiring you to think or care about the game, and there's nothing you can do to change that except wiping out all normalfags from this earth.
(1.4MB, 02:26)
I don't think the MMO genre is something you can really save. But I'd love to hear you would try to unfuck it. Your ideas may be stolen in the process.
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>I don't think the MMO genre is something you can really save
What is this viewpoint based on? You can't properly come to that conclusion in an environment where nobody's doing a damn thing towards improving the genre and every MMO is literally just the previous MMO with some tweaks.

>try to unfuck it
With these words we're already starting with the wrong foot. You don't "fix" the MMOs we currently have, you throw them into the incinerator and start from scratch. I'd have to give an entire design document to properly describe what makes it good and how it all works together, otherwise anything I say is just going to be dismissed with the mentality of "this won't work if you put it into X current MMO, it's shit!"
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(842.4KB, 1199x4410)
Greetings, anon. What is the source for such beauty that could only originate in the grorious continent of Asia? I anxiously await your reply.
Be sure to add plenty of customization! I like to go after cool looking rewards that are hard to get and showing off to newfags.
>Where did I get this mask? You mean you don't know? You haven't gotten it yourself yet? Oh hoh you only have been playing for a week!
Replies: >>37921
It isn't hard to make a good MMORPG. The reason they don't exist is human greed. Just look at WoW private servers. Basically every fight in WoW has been reverse engineered to perfection, and yet that took fucking decades because every private server project decided they would break the license agreement of MaNGOS and CMaNGOS and instead of releasing their fixes they kept them all to themselves making every private server shit. Only when major code leaks started to happen did things start to get really high quality.

We could have a basically fully open source reverse engineered engine to build on using the absolutely fucking colossal base that is the amalgamation of WoW expansions, and yet we don't. Because of nothing but human greed.

Unless someone makes an MMO with the explicit intention of it being self-hostable and self-moddable, MMO's will continue to fail as they will continue to depend on revenue streams that aren't viable in the long term. There are plenty of MMO's that at their core were amazing projects and products, like Wildstar, that literally just ceased to exist. When whether or not I'm allowed to use software depends on the whim of the markets there can be no confidence in the genre.

Abolish copyright, abolish proprietary software, and most of all abolish the jewish race.
Replies: >>37918 >>37921
>I'd have to give an entire design document to properly describe what makes it good and how it all works together
I think it needs to be the exact opposite, a few systems that can roboustly work with or be used by players goes a longer way than some gorillion tailored system. The hard part on the technical side would likely be on how to manage a large playerbase.
Considering modern AI directors and better generators for items and levels you could slap them and a better social hub onto Diablo 1 or 2 and already have a leg up on classic MMOs.
Replies: >>37921
Not just that but you also have private servers DDOSing each other because they're essentially competing for donation bux. It's pretty fucking sad.
>I like to go after cool looking rewards that are hard to get and showing off to newfags
Then I might have a treat for you. One of the fundamental ideas is that the game is "impossible" to beat, the difficulty gradually increases as people explore until it's nearly or literally impossible to progress with current tools and tactics. There will always be locations that players haven't been able to get to yet, and if/when such places start running out, development effort is focused into creating more. Fluctuations in world/monster states may create gaps that allow people to power through, or crafters may work for a long time to create highly expensive items that make it possible.

>plenty of customization
One of the things I'd really want is for crafters to be able to "model" their own items. You'd put smaller preset 3D models together to make up equipment, part of the value of a crafter would be how good they can make equipment look, not just their skill level. You could have unique pieces that are very hard to get and you'd want to display it prominently in your armor. Different types of pieces would have different stats so you could tell roughly what kind of equipment people are wearing stat-wise. It might be complicated to display a unique model for every player, but you could do something like making only the nearest 100 players show their real player models, and the rest look generic.

>look at WoW
>open source
Negatively correlated with good game design.
>revenue streams
You don't need a huge AAA-tier team to make an MMO. If you keep your team to only around 5-20 critical people and make a good game, I don't have any doubt that it'll work out. A lot of the effort in modern MMOs goes to art and gay themepark shit, you could cull a lot of the employees by toning down the former and removing the latter entirely, and only hiring people who actually care and aren't there just to pull out a paycheck. Like people did in the old days.

I'm not talking about some "you can do anything" Stefan Molyneux shit, I mean take out everything that you take for granted about MMOs and do something else instead. It's not more complex, it's just fundamentally different.
>X game except with Y
Just stop.
>I'm not talking about some "you can do anything" Stefan Molyneux shit
Favoring systems that can deal with a wider variety of ways that players interact with it is not "See that mountain, you can climb it" retard.
Replies: >>37930
You're dismissing something that has nothing to do with game design because of it's game design. Based on this alone I probably shouldn't continue reading but I will anyways.
>Negatively correlated with good game design.
A correlation that you can derive no meaningful conclusion from, evidently.
>You don't need a huge AAA-tier team to make an MMO
That isn't what I was referring to when talking about streams of revenue. I feel like it should have been obvious what I was talking about was the standard software as as service model MMO's often deploy.

You sound like the kind of retard fit for making another failed MMO because you get lost in retarded revolutionary ideas and can't even grasp fundamentals, good luck.
Replies: >>37930
>take out everything that you take for granted about MMOs
Remove player classes and levels. Customize your character with limited point buy, with free respec in any safe zone. Quests are the only way to get more points. Guild Quests are the only way to learn skills, which also take points to equip. Have an absurdly robust crafting/upgrade system (simulated material properties, alternate craft methods, tool quality, form factor, enchantment, speed/skill/quality tradeoff) with random bonuses that are secretly weighted by location, weather and the astrological conditions of a simulated star system. Make shops only carry low tier shit except for a far-off hermit who trades for one high tier item and teleports to a random location far from any players. Have a hundred handcrafted dungeons loaded with bullshit puzzles and traps at launch. Player-controlled instancing, full PVP with bounty and notoriety systems, world bosses that are controlled by admins, and player-made quests and dungeons that grant creator-crafted items to players who clear them and temporary points to the creator if enough parties wipe in them.
Replies: >>37931
I was referring to "gorillion tailored system", which you seemed to think I was talking about. Assuming I understand you right, I actually agree with you.

I don't give a fuck what WoW or any derivative does because WoW is absolutely fundamentally wrong. There's nothing valuable in it except examples of everything that's wrong with MMOs, and you shouldn't require examples of it because the entire genre has been that way for over a decade now.

>A correlation that you can derive no meaningful conclusion from
What meaningful conclusion is there? The conclusion I've made long time ago is that open source developers can contribute jack shit to making videogames good in any other way than ideology. You can just release your game open source if you want, but being able to keep a game on life support indefinitely is not going to do anything to make MMOs good.

>what I was talking about was the standard software as as service model MMO's often deploy
How is that related to anything? Should I assume that you're one of those faggots who blows a fuse every time you remember that subscriptions exist? It works and you're literally paying for a service. I don't even understand what this has to do with anything.

There's some incredibly old MMOs still running because it's not expensive to host an MMO, as the userbase declines so does the cost of hosting it. I think there has been discussions about this before and the conclusion was that the cost of hosting servers is eclipsed by employee salaries. Also if the MMO hits rock bottom, you could still keep adding content with only 1 developer and 1 artist, maybe even without the latter.
Replies: >>37933
(140.7KB, 677x804)
>tool quality affects crafting quality
>I don't give a fuck what WoW or any derivative does because WoW is absolutely fundamentally wrong.
Nothing I said was about WoW the game, it was about the process of reverse engineering it you brain dead faggot. Develop some basic reading comprehension before you attempt to make a game.
>What meaningful conclusion is there? 
I just said there was none. Are you actually illiterate? Mentioning a correlation while deriving no conclusion is meaningless. I was talking about FOSS projects in the context of MaNGOS derivative software being made proprietary and then being lost to time once those projects die and how other MMO's can be functionally solid projects and still cease to exist because of the whims of the market and how this is a core issue with the MMORPG software distribution model.

You don't seem capable of keeping up with this conversation.
>How is that related to anything?
How is losing access to the software you bought relevant to MMO's? Are you fucking retarded?
>Should I assume that you're one of those faggots who blows a fuse every time you remember that subscriptions exist? It works and you're literally paying for a service.
Yes, you're paying for software as a service. There is nothing wrong with this as long as the software can also be self-hosted. But if the software can not be self-hosted then it is inherently unethical. I'd love for you to attempt to dispute this as it would be very entertaining.
Replies: >>37936
>Nothing I said was about WoW the game, it was about the process of reverse engineering it
Then I have no idea what your point is and how it relates to making good MMOs. You said good MMOs don't exist because of "greed" and then started talking about WoW servers, and WoW servers aren't related to good MMOs because there's nothing good about WoW so anything related to it including finances and community is inconsequential.

>I just said there was none
The way you used the word "evidently" implies that you were being sarcastic.
>MMOs dying
This isn't what's wrong with MMOs nor what's stopping MMOs from being made nor does it stop you from hosting an MMO for a long time if you want nor does it stop you from open sourcing your MMO at any point in time, so again I don't see your point. If your argument is that "your new MMO would be better if it was open source", then I half-agree, but that doesn't make the MMO good, the MMO being a good game is what makes it good.

I think this whole argument is being pulled into a direction that has less and less relevance to anything that I care about. Open source for instance has nothing to do with making a good MMO or that MMO succeeding.

>I'd love for you to attempt to dispute this
You seem to have already made up your mind though.
Replies: >>37938
>Then I have no idea what your point is and how it relates to making good MMOs
Then go read the post, since either you haven't or your reading comprehension is so abysmal I'm not sure how you're even forming coherent sentences. I'm not going to repeat myself.
>The way you used the word "evidently" implies that you were being sarcastic.
It's evident because you provided no conclusion you absolute fucking retard. Holy fuck.
>This isn't what's wrong with MMOs nor what's stopping MMOs from being made nor does it stop you from hosting an MMO for a long time if you want nor does it stop you from open sourcing your MMO at any point in time, so again I don't see your point
Except it is. If I have decided that X MMO is my favourite game, and my favourite game can cease to exist in a playable format, that is single handedly the most core and fundamental problem with MMO's. And since virtually all MMO's are software as a service it is uniquely relevant to MMO's. I can not even fathom a more pervasive and concerning issue with a game than not being able to play it at all. If you fail to grasp why this is important than you're simply incompetent.
>If your argument is that "your new MMO would be better if it was open source"
I don't care much about things being open source. Obviously if things are FOSS it's more ethical, but there aren't many practical ways to monetize this yet and you can achieve a decent enough level of ethical game software without needing to make it fully FOSS. That's why I specify being able to self-host and self-mod. These give the users enough autonomy over their software to be an adequate compromise. Software being self-hostable shouldn't even be a question, it should frankly be a moral obligation.
Replies: >>37941
>I'm not going to repeat myself
Then I guess it's game over because I read it at least 4 times and I still don't think your argument makes sense. From what I can tell, to you some mediocre variation of current MMOs dying is the problem with MMOs. I couldn't give less of a shit because to me the problem with MMOs is that every single one of them is a fucking piece of shit and fundamentally designed incorrectly. Making some shitty MMO last longer doesn't save MMOs, making a good MMO does, and "good MMO" here means something that shocks people out of their WoW fumes hard enough to redefine what the whole genre means. Whether I'm mistaken about how good or different my ideas are in reality is another topic though.

When it comes to the topic of making a new MMO, i.e. the topic I have been talking about, nothing that the current industry does (regarding payment models, open sourcing, etc) or has done has any relevance whatsoever because it doesn't stop you from doing otherwise. If something happens to a WoW server because it was closed source, that's not relevant to anything, I don't understand why you would bring it up at all because you can just not do that when you make your MMO. It would only matter if it was related to your game succeeding or something, which I assumed you were trying to say.
Replies: >>37942
Software that I don't have autonomy over is bad software. The fact such an unbelievably basic concept is this difficult for you to wrap your head around is almost impressive.
>If something happens to a WoW server because it was closed source, that's not relevant to anything, I don't understand why you would bring it up at all because you can just not do that when you make your MMO.
Autonomy over software can and should be relevant to the game design. Developers should design games around giving the users autonomy. I should be able to host my own server for the game I bought, and go into the config files and tune everything to be doable solo for example. If you're retarded then what I'm saying at face value might not seem relevant to the core game design aspects of constructing a game, but everything ties in together and it's actually the single most relevant thing to the game design bar none when you take a birds eye view.
Replies: >>37943
Now you're doing what I mentioned before about open source; ideology. No matter how "free" the game is to you, the game is not any better as a game, it's only better for reasons that are ideological and outside of the game itself. I don't care. Make it FOSS and send it to people's mailboxes if you want, none of it will ever fix MMOs.

>it's actually the single most relevant thing to the game design bar none when you take a birds eye view
At this point I think it's best to just conclude that you're either baiting or incredibly stupid.
The fact you can't separate the concepts of basic software autonomy without going back to freetard accusations is hilarious. I'm glad you've reached a conclusion because I'm no longer going to engage with (You).
(4.2MB, 2718x1808)
Are there any good guides on making optimal lighting in OpenGL? It seems everyone does shadow mapping. To me that seems like it'd be pretty expensive for too many lights.
For shadows, you can either use shadow mapping or stencil shadows. Shadow mapping is widely used for good reason.
For drawing lights, you can either use your mesh's vertex shader, fragment shader or use a postprocessing pass. Postprocessing is incredibly popular since it scales really well.

"Optimal" depends heavily on what you want your scene to look like. Most modern games fake just about anything to keep it running at a decent speed.
>it'd be pretty expensive for too many lights
Isn't that one of the biggest unsolved problems with realtime 3D rendering? That it's hard to have many lights simultaneously. I haven't paid attention in a long time, but I remember that was a thing.
Back in 2015 a paper was published on virtual shadow shadow mapping using clustered shading and I think that has become the industry standard since.

Replies: >>38258
Out of all the solutions I've seen this one seems the best. It's done by a shitload of AAA games like Doom 2016. The only problem is I can't wrap my head around how they do the shadows.
(7.2KB, 99x132)
(28.4KB, 95x95)
I'm currently learning RPGMaker VX Ace. I'm sure that's considered pleb as hell by you guys but I'm having a lot of fun. Currently making a game for my younger brother to play full of in-jokes and absolute retardation.
>pic related: a sentient, supernatural purple bear that will rape his character if he answers the bear's questions wrong.

I'm hoping some of what I learn in RPGMaker will translate to other game-making programs.
Replies: >>38699
(164.6KB, 1280x720)
If you're having fun making games then what more can one ask.

>making a game for my younger brother to play full of in-jokes and absolute retardation
That's how I started gamedev, along with a few friends we used The Games Factory to make MS Paint point & click games full of stupid ways to die, and some half assed pokemon shmup games. Over time my ambitions started growing and I realized the engine was just going to be in my way, and I started exploring other options. Even though I did 0 programming, I consider my experience with it to have been useful since I learned how to put together things to make a game along with some basic logic.
Replies: >>38848
Does WEADZX for movement sound retarded for a hexagonal grid? The top has a vertex, so W and E would go top left and top right respectively. I thought I mapped it pretty cleverly onto the keyboard but it feels weird and I can't tell if I'm just too used to WASD or if I committed an Emacs atrocity.
(119.5KB, 800x937)
I think the reason It feels weird is that you can't comfortably keep your hands on the keys if you want to actually utilize every direction.ie.You have to peck at the keyboard like you never learned how to touch type.

Also this might just be autism but if E is up-right my brain keeps trying to associate Q with up-left.
Replies: >>38727
>you can't comfortably keep your hands on the keys if you want to actually utilize every direction
That's a good point. Maybe I should make the top an edge instead and use QWEASD.
>if E is up-right my brain keeps trying to associate Q with up-left
I notice it too now, so if it's autism we're both spergs.
Replies: >>38749
(11.1KB, 757x687)
A better system would be QWE ASD, pic related.
An even better system is to implement both (I'd make QWEASD the standard myself) and add key rebinding because either or both are going to be shit for some people's autism. Speaking of autism, I'm bothered that WS are orange in your pic, but QD and AE aren't paired instead of QE and AD.
In the end it's probably just getting used to whichever you settle on, like HJKL movement in VIM. Which I still think is wrong, J and K should be swapped, H and J should be "going backwards in the file" and K and L "going forward"
Replies: >>38787
(180.2KB, 600x550)
Yeah, this is so much more comfortable and intuitive it's not even funny. Good thing I asked.
Replies: >>38781
All games should do this
Replies: >>38781
(34.5KB, 500x500)
what if I just want to strafe left and right without moving forwards or backwards, retards?
Replies: >>38787
(11.3KB, 757x687)
(5.8KB, 635x543)
Oops sorry, fixed now.
>implement both
I don't see how you can implement QWASZX without rotating the hexagon like in the second pic...

Easily done if you implement a KB+M movement system.
(2.4KB, 450x300)
Looking for some help with collision detection and resolution, specifically preventing it from forcing the player out of bounds when pressing up against two different boundaries.

The game is 2d. What I'm doing currently is calculating movement along the X axis and resolving it, then doing the Y axis after. The player's bounding box and input movement are passed to a function that detects collisions and adjusts the final movement if one occurs. If the player collides with a straight line, it caps the X or Y movement at whatever value would move them into contact with the boundary without passing through. If the player collides with a slope, it moves them horizontally into the slope and sets the vertical movement to whatever value would keep the player on the outside of the boundary. (I'll also need to scale down the total movement to avoid weird acceleration, but that's a different issue and a simple fix). The problem is that this added Y shift can force the player through collision if there are two boundaries close enough to eachother. Pic related.

I could avoid the problem by avoiding that scenario in level design, but that feels like a cop out. Originally I was thinking I could just re-run the collision code - In the left example, the Y movement off the slope from the first pass would be capped and force the player back. The second pass would then cap that Y movement, which would make it hit the slope again and force the final position back to the left - but I think that would only really work in cases where one of the boundaries is a straight line and would result in a weird jittering if the player is wedged between two slopes. Instead, I think I need to calculate the position where the player's bounding box will be touching the two collision lines at the corners and constrain the movement to that point. Not sure how to do that though.
Bueno, I'm hoping that would be the case for me
Why are you separating the two axes? If you did both at the same time, this scheme should work, assuming that the object always moves into the boundaries and not vice versa.
Replies: >>38915
(26.2KB, 325x171)
Why is the slope shift done outside of the boundary check?
(6.6KB, 287x189)
I'm using a tile-based level design and calculating the axes separately prevents the character from getting caught on internal collision.

Let's say you've got an tile that is a completely solid square with collision on all sides. If made a platform out of these, gravity would constantly be forcing the player downwards before the collision moved them back up. If I calculated X and Y together, then any additional horizontal movement would see the player as moving into the left/right edge of the tile underneath their feet. In pic related, Mario would get stuck on all of the red lines. By doing it separately, it either moves you horizontally before accounting for gravity or resolves gravity before moving horizontally and avoids collision with the internal edge (which one depends on whether you calculate X or Y first, but that's arbitrary). Alternative ways you could avoid the issue are to have several different collision check routines depending on whether the tile is in the center or on the left/right edge (works well on floor tiles with distinct edges, but not so well a group of otherwise identical tiles. And in the example picture, it would get even more bloated when accounting for the ability to destroy tiles), to flag internal edges and not check collision on flagged edges, or to have the tile check what it's neighbor tiles are before running the collision checks, but all of these are more cumbersome than just doing X and Y separately.

Also, I don't see how calculating X and Y would resolve the issue. In either case, it's forced movement vertical by the slope tile forcing you through the collision area of the other tile you're pressed up against, bypassing the normal collision checks. Additional checks will catch this, but I need figure out how to calculate the correct final position or else when you're between two slopes, they're going to just keep bouncing the player around like an idiot.
Replies: >>38918
(179.7KB, 301x301)
>but I need figure out how to calculate the correct final position
If you are in a situation where adding the slope would force you inside something then you can't actually move in that direction unless you can squish your body.
Thus the 'correct position' for that collision check is just standing still.
If your calculations for running in either direction on a single slope are fine then that is pretty much the only correction you need there.
Replies: >>38919
(562KB, 249x200)
>your per-frame movement is a 2D vector movementVector
>while your movementVector is not zero...
<check for a surface in front of you
<when you hit a surface, move up to the surface and take the difference from your movementVector
<remove the component of movementVector that is normal to the surface (use a dot product)
<go back to the start of the while
I made some minor progress yesterday, I wrote a script that changes the player weapons depending on what class got selected so if the player selects the Panzer III J he will get the 50mm cannon and if selects the Leopard 1 tonk then he gets the 90mm cannon, it took me a while to get this script to work because the first version of the script had a bug where when the Leopard 1 gets selected the player won't get the 90mm cannon but if I set it to a different item then all of suddenly it worked, so to fix it I just changed the way I iterate the arrays, first the script will check what player class the player is now and assigns a number to a variable which will be used by the other part of the script to access the second struct array to give the player the class specific weapon.

Later on when I refactored the buy menu so that it becomes class aware I need to expand the weapon class switcher so that it holds a integer array to determine which weapon got bought. So for example if I would implement a gauss cannon which will be there 3x version of it (medium, heavy, MBT) then the weapon class switcher script will switch the weapon of the gauss cannon too so when the player bought the gauss cannon while driving the Panzer III J tonk and switches later on to Tiger 1 he gets the heavy version of the gauss cannon.
I'm going to stop trying to plan things out and just see what comes to me

Maybe then I can get something halfway interesting done

<What is a Game Jam?
>A game jam is an event where participants try to make a video game as quickly as possible.
>"Jam" is a reference to musicial jam sessions. Similarly, the goal with a "game jam" is to come together and make a videogame, or a non-digital (analog) game like a board game or card game. Most game jams take place over the course of a weekend—24 to 72 hours is a typical length for a game jam, and they can take place online or in person. "Heimat jam" is completely online and takes place over three days. Jams usually have a theme, may have team restrictions, and sometimes can include a competition with voting, but overall the idea is to create a functional game or prototype in a short length of time. Once the jam is over, all entries will be uploaded on our website.

<How will the Jam work?
>This will be a purely online jam. If you want to participate, you need to register on this site. Don't worry, you don't have to give any more personal info than your e-mail address. You will then get an e-mail with all the details in time before the jam starts.

<What kind of content will be rejected?
>We will not accept any games that:
>have pornographic content
>glorify political violence or violence against specific groups of people
>are demeaning towards particular ethnic groups or portray them in a dehumanizing form
>have national socialist or other politically extremist content
>have any sort of illegal content

<What if I don’t finish? What if my game is terrible?
>You might not! That’s okay. Terrible games are also completely fine! We encourage you to submit anyway. You should adopt an "easy come, easy go"-mentality. You only work on this game for a few days and then you're done with it. If it turns out great, you may want to keep working on it, if not, you have learned something. Wethere it's a success or a failure The goal is that by the end of the period, you will have learned a useful skill in some area of game design. Even better, you just might have a really cool prototype that people would love to play.

<What platforms can I develop on?
>That is entirely up to you - Desktop, browser, mobile or even mods for existing games are all fine.

>has heimat in name
>hates natsoc
Were you expecting them to because they use a regular german word?
Besides, as far as I know the last 4 points are just the last point split up.
Replies: >>39252
(72.4KB, 1280x720)
(4MB, 1280x720, 00:21)
>has TempleOS logo and Alex Jones face plastered to it
>nuuh-uuhh don't do anything raycist!
What a bunch of soy chucking retarded faggots, did those idiots even watched a single video of Terry?
I was not expecting anything at all. Just pointing out they've decided to single out national socialism, not maoism or anything else.
Replies: >>39261
I think we all recognize they are pozzed af Anon. What might be a bit redpilling to their victims would be to create an actual ebin-gud vidya that was pure 1488, then watch as they seethe, dilate, & cope and shoot it down. The loud REEEEs could be entertaining at the very least.
(222.1KB, 1069x1071)
Let's try to make ANY game at all before we start thinking of epic btfoing leftists with trick games.
Better approach would be to create a high-quality game, like a role playing game set in a fantasy world like these old IE games (either turn based or RT) that seems apolitical as a glance, but sneak in some characters that present right-wing politics in a coherent and reasonable way. Many games from lib developers were doing things like this, but opposite - rightists and authoritarians were written to be ridiculous and unreasonable (and therefore self-discrediting), and the good, reasonable option was to take the liberal, feel-good stance. 
In Baldur's Gate 2 you get a castle in your possession. It was owned by a severe and authoritarian nobleman who is portrayed as a lunatic and a sadist (and you bring along his daughter who shits on his daddy all the time); when you become the ruler, the way to be good and efficient is to make your people feel good and give stuff for them for free. Compare this to KOTOR2 - remember when Kreia gave you a talk for giving money to a beggar?
You clearly implied that using the word "home" would point to them liking natsoc.
In any case, they hold a de domain so even on the offchance that these aren't just pretend-edgy goblins there is no way you'd not see that disclaimer save for the owner liking 4am door replacments.
>patriotic game jam
>can't make political game
WTF ?!
Well of course Angry Goy / Moonman wad tier game is too edgy for them.
But i bet they will not allow you to even host a game, which will be "alex jones tier ", about punching antifa, blm, queers and globalists.
Even the game like "Heimat defender " will be "no-no" for them, lol.
Replies: >>39281
(127.7KB, 1400x700)
Oh, turned out that whole gamejam is hosted by "Heimat defender" developers.

So, i think this "anti-nazi" disclaimer is their attempt too not get v& by German glows or something like that.
Replies: >>39300
Euro hate speech laws are beyond abysmal from what I heard so I wouldn't mind cutting them some slack here.
Game jams are cancer though, as if games weren't fast cooked enough already.
Replies: >>39309
>Game jams are cancer though, as if games weren't fast cooked enough already.

Eh, if you're trying to make the final thing in one, it's definitely going to be half baked shit. I can still see some value in using it to generate a base idea to build on and actually make good once it's over though. Never actually participated in one though, so maybe I'm just a retard talking out my ass.
What sort of brain damage do you have? Why do you keep writing like that? What does seethe, cope, and dilate even mean?
(11.6KB, 250x250)
>mfw reducing the amount of code due to finding a better way to handle something
The best kind of non-progress.
Replies: >>39331 >>39342
Those are the makings of a good programmer, there is no higher achievement than getting rid of code.
Replies: >>39342 >>39467
(126.8KB, 232x293)
I recently pruned down a bloated ~5k line script down to ~3k lines with some clever use of anonymous functions. I could probably get it under 2k if I went back in and removed blocks of commented out code that's no longer used and debug code. It's a good feel.
(132.3KB, 372x340)
Is anybody familiar with ballistics? If I want to balance my ammo to be slightly more close how it works in reality what approach do I need to take? I wrote a basic program that calculates me the values of several tank shell properties such as mass, velocity and type for piercing rounds and detonation velocity, explosives type and explosives amount for explosives rounds. 

This is the current output of my program:
language: python
Ammo: 50mm Panzergranate 39
Damage:  546
Ammo: 50mm Panzergranate 40
Damage:  790
Ammo: 50mm Sprenggranate 38
Damage:  210
Ammo: 50mm Panzergranate 39
Splashdamage: 80 Splashradius: 66
Ammo: 50mm Sprenggranate 38
Splashdamage: 997 Splashradius: 266I had to use modifiers because the Panzergranate 40 would do much less damage according to my formula because it has overall smaller mass but larger velocity while Panzergranate 39 has more mass but less velocity yet the penetration tables for those 2 rounds here https://panzerworld.com/5-cm-kw-k that the Panzergranate 40 penetrates much more armor at 100-500m range. If anybody wants I can upload the program, I don't know how I should upload it to a pastebin like site because it is separated in 2 files.
I don't think automating this will ever give you an interesting solution. Bullets with physics in game are already far slower than real bullets, and so you have to reduce the gravity (or their mass) so they don't drop like a rock, and then you have to tune the drag, and it just goes on.
Replies: >>39462
Depending on what type of game, system requirements, and realism desired, you might model ballistics and damage any number of ways.
The typical approach seems to be having a damage model based around parts and systems for each vehicle.  Small AP round without HE might get through armor better but needs to hit crew or vital parts to have good effect.  For a top-down tonk game, maybe a statistical model where you take into account the angle of impact and point of impact to determine what could be damaged by that round, then determine penetration, then roll the dice for what parts take damage.
Replies: >>39462
Why are the solid shots doing more damage? They have no explosive filling. Unless your game's "ballistics" are literally Battlefield tier.
Replies: >>39456 >>39462
Why wouldn't AP shells do more damage to amored targets compared to HE?
Replies: >>39463 >>39467
>I don't think automating this will ever give you an interesting solution. 
Well I still would like to automate it somehow because I want to add in for almost each vehicle their own unique cannon which have different properties, for my tonk mod I'm planning to add around 10~ different tank types sorted by their role/class such as medium, heavy and MB tonks. Having to manually adjust all 8-10 cannons with at least 3-4 round types each sounds like a pain to the butt to me.

>Bullets with physics in game are already far slower than real bullets, and so you have to reduce the gravity (or their mass) so they don't drop like a rock, and then you have to tune the drag, and it just goes on.
meh I'm too much of a brainlet to roll my own solution, the current GZDoom physic just fucking sucks massive donkey balls for projectiles, for regular projectiles the speed cannot be faster 60 else it bugs out and with fastprojectiles gravity cannot be applied to it.

For my mod since it can be played with different enemy packs that are available out there I would have to do anyway compromises with how "realistic" I can go, I cannot write a script that gives me a few basic information of what type the creature/enemy is as it lacks a lot of variables for that such as how much armor the creature has and what properties its armor has, if I am lucky I might be able to find out some info about its damage resistance if the author of those mods bothered to apply it.

>Small AP round without HE might get through armor better but needs to hit crew or vital parts to have good effect.  
That's one of the few differences I'm trying to do, AP* rounds should do more direct damage, while HE rounds does larger radius damage but relative weak direct damage. Then some few differences between APHE and APCR, APBC and APFSDS rounds through multi target piercing effect. 

>For a top-down tonk game, maybe a statistical model where you take into account the angle of impact and point of impact to determine what could be damaged by that round, then determine penetration, then roll the dice for what parts take damage.
I'm not quite fond of RNG based system that determines what part got damaged or not, the reason I dislike such system is because it gives the player the feeling he can only "pray" for a good dice roll that he did good amount of damage against his target instead of rather knowing or being able to guess if he did a good hit or not. Though to be honest I cannot think up of any better system on my own either. 

Because I cannot determine what type of armor the enemy actor has with ZScript because enemy actors if I am not mistaken cannot have armor the same way player can, only damage resistance (if there is one). If I would make it so that it has the same damage as the normal  Panzergranate 39 with the only difference it has multi-piercing effect because it has no fuze for the explosive filler and no explosive fillings thus making it a slug shot type of round.
Replies: >>39576
(47.5KB, 600x449)
>Panzergranate 39
Replies: >>39467
Less code does not always equate better code. Often less code is faster, but certainly not always. And that's without considering shit like multithreading and manual SIMD shit, which can bloat up your code fast.
Of course you should only care about that for time-critical code, but a similar thing could be said about optimizing cleanliness of code.

>Of course you should only care about that for time-critical code
Isn't that attitude how we arrived at this mess in the first place? Resources being so abundant that devs stopped giving a shit about optimizing and eventually we end up with 100GB shitty-looking games that gobble up memory and CPU cycles like there's no tomorrow and the icing on the cake: now there's almost no one left in the industry that even knows how to do it the correct way anymore.
Replies: >>39520 >>39585
No, most of what you describe is because of larger uncompressed textures (because they load faster), video files, and lots of audio. That and using generalised engines like Jewnity. Not spending time optimizing some code that gets run 5 times in a game from taking 0.001 seconds to 0.0001 has nothing to do with it.
>better code
There's more dimensions to "better code" than how fast it runs at runtime, there's more to it than the runtime period.
>but a similar thing could be said about optimizing cleanliness of code.
Not really. The main problem with premature optimization is that it shits up the code and makes it harder to change and maintain later. Obviously you shouldn't continually rewrite the same section, but the problem is much less pronounced.
Replies: >>39585
>Gravity cannot be applied to it
IIRC the Hideous Destructor mod did have gravity applied to bullets being fired from rifle-style weapons over 1.200 meters worth of map distance using a very specialized way of hitscans converting into projectiles for half a second and then converting back to hitscans for different sections of distance, making it so that in short range engagements the bullets are actually acting like hitscans and hit instantly but over longer distances it takes quite a bit of leading and prediction to hit a moving target. You could possibly ask the author, I've had decent conversations with him over mail correspondence, which he does check quite frequently, so it's worth giving it a shot to get that knowledge. Do know that GZDoom coding is SHIT and won't let you automate any of this so be prepared.
Replies: >>39586
(34.3KB, 581x425)
>enable -pedantic in GCC
<ISO C forbids nested functions
>disable -pedantic in GCC
That's mostly how webdevs create mountains of shit. "The web request takes 300 ms anyway, so any resources I use will mean nothing compared to it." And then within a few years everything is dogshit slow even though its doing nothing new.
Nobody is doing 'premature optimization' in 2021. It's all premature abstraction, which is a more pronounced problem because nearly everyone is doing it.
I've read a bit some of HD code while I was trying to search how to make my ammo a bit more realistic but man I cannot make head and tails how to figure out his code as it is way beyond my programming knowledge that I have so far, all that I've managed to extract is the bullet damage formula which for his mod it is "(mass + velocity) * 0.009" or so, though as I tried to use this damage formula for my AP projectiles I noticed that PzGr 39 does more damage as its mass and velocity sum is greater than the PzGr 40 round so for this one I need to come up with a different formula. I also tried reading his blast wave/fragmentation code and I couldn't get any further with this.

The current workaround I'm using for my projectiles in order to achieve gravity is by defining 4 actors (it's still decorate code) is by using 10 actors, the first 2 actors are projectile base to inherit from, the 3rd one is the fastprojectile actor, the 4th one the normal gravity applied projectile, the 5th one that is only there as a cosmetic which is fired exactly once so that it spawns effects upon impact and the rest are used for damage upgrades, that way for the 105mm APHE/APFSDS projectile I achieved multi-target piercing effect that when its timer reaches 0 or 1 (I forget) the projectile silently gets removed and it spawns another projectile with gravity applied and inherits from the normal projectile base actor. 

I use this call A_CustomMissile("MT_105mmAPHEshell_Drop", 0, 0, 0, CMF_AIMDIRECTION, velz / 2)  to achieve this effect, since the variables for that are integers there might be some accuracy issues but gameplay wise it is barely noticeable. You can take a look here: https://gitgud.io/MicroTank/MicroTank/-/blob/master/PK3/ACTOR/Weapon/Heavy/Cannon_Shell.dec . The issue with this method is that certain enemies like the lost soul can completely block this projectile and thus negating its multi-target piercing ability. Also obviously with this method the projectile must be 100% accurate, I think to achieve inaccuracies another workaround is needed which would be defining a spawner projectile that vanishes immediately upon the next tic.

>You could possibly ask the author, I've had decent conversations with him over mail correspondence, which he does check quite frequently, so it's worth giving it a shot to get that knowledge.
Alright I will keep it in my mind and asking him about that if he can give me couple easy to understand pointers or something.

>Do know that GZDoom coding is SHIT and won't let you automate any of this so be prepared.
Yeah I noticed it already, while I was trying to convert my ACS code that handles the weapon "reload" mechanic I've hit some limitation such as that I cannot make a fucking instance of the class item in order to access its max amount variable which is fucking stupid, trying to access it as pointer is no use as it just gives me bunch of zeros which means I cannot use this variable at all as it points to nothing instead of the requested object, jesus christ this is just fucking stupid. What I also noted that when I tried to write a array variables that holds a couple of strings and integer values for explosive materials so that I can use it for calculation on other place the only way I could store those arrays so that I can access it from any other functions and classes is via the fucking eventhandler object which is way too fucking overkill for my purpose this is how it looks like currently: 
language: c
	List of Items.

Struct S_Explosives
	string Name_;
	double Amount;

Class Explosives_Table : EventHandler
	const C_ITEMS = 2;
	S_Explosives Explosives[C_ITEMS];
	override void WorldLoaded(WorldEvent e)
		Explosives[0].Name_ = "TNT";
		Explosives[0].Amount = 1.0;
		Explosives[1].Name_ = "Np10";
		Explosives[1].Amount = 1.7;
	static double Get_Amount(string Item)
		Explosives_Table ET;
		ET = Explosives_Table(EventHandler.Find("Explosives_Table"));
		if (ET)
			for (int i = 0; i < ET.C_ITEMS; i++)
				if (ET.Explosives[i].Name_ == Item)
					return ET.Explosives[i].Amount;
		return 0.0;
}With python I can just do it like this 
language: python
explosives2 = {
            "Base": Explosives(
            name = "Base",
            detonation_velocity = 1400,
            modifier = 1.0),

            "TNT": Explosives(
            name = "TNT",
            detonation_velocity = 6900,
            modifier = 1.0),
            "NP10": Explosives(
            name = "NP10",
            detonation_velocity = 11730,
            modifier = 1.7)
            }Just a single dictionary variable and I can access it from any other functions, ZScript is really a fucking stupid language that this rooster fuck came up with. I stored those as a object instead as plain dictionary variable because I'm planning to add for my fictional caliber calculator program a "profile" support so that for each game/mod project I'm working with that I can retrieve different results so that the ammo are appropriately balanced more or less.
(1010.8KB, 3160x3254)
>nesting functions in the first place
Replies: >>39605 >>39613
I bet you think macros are bad as well.
(1.2MB, 222x167)
I'm too retarded for this.
Source (Zig/Glfw3) https://litter.catbox.moe/i9fs7v.7z
Replies: >>39615
Why would you even enable -pedantic? Bragging rights?

There is literally nothing wrong with nesting functions.
Replies: >>39617 >>39624
(6.8MB, 400x304, 01:31)
nice cube
Replies: >>39633
Is this thread now a cube rendering competition?
Replies: >>39619
>Why would you even enable -pedantic?
I want to improve portability, and I recall hearing that the compiler can optimize better if your code follows standards (which -Wall and -pedantic help with).
Replies: >>39623
Also there were some other useful things that -pedantic told me about. I forgot what they were though.
(1.2MB, 400x304, 00:34)
(353.8KB, 494x360, 00:16)
the best mice cube rendering will win the competition.
(1.4MB, 935x1417)
>the compiler can optimize better if your code follows standards
While this is generally true --pedantic is for an extremely specific subset of the standard that you really do not gain anything from conforming to unless you absolutely know that you have to(ie specific embedded systems etc).
(384.4KB, 561x574)
I don't get what you people are doing.
I always use -Wall -Wextra -Wpedantic -std=c99 (or c89 depending on the project) and my programs always compile without warnings.
(810.5KB, 640x480)
For some reason that video reminded me of old demoscene productions.
(21.4KB, 700x188)
>How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70%
Archived version: https://archive.vn/AFMWI

Surprisingly not a long article, but really goes to show how shit some of the AAA code is, and that's only judging by its disassembled form... This is why runtime analysis is important.
Sounds like the end result of a generation of CS grads who were taught cargo cult versions of some programming concepts, didn't understand them, and then went out into the world to poorly apply them while not shunning everything with Java in its name.
(582.5KB, 977x544)
>make large open world game engine with nice graphics that runs decently on mid-tier hardware
>70% of playing online is loading screens
>over 70% of those loading screen is spent parsing the same JSON data over and over
>no optimizations
>no caching
>just pure brute force parsing and duplication checks
>every time
Am I going insane? Is the world insane? I cant tell anymore.
<This is why runtime analysis is important.
No, this is some babbys first C++ code shit. And the fact that nobody caught it in all these fucking years is pure insanity.
Replies: >>40285
Yes, but runtime analysis would have shown it was babby's first C++ shit and the responsible pajeet could have been sent to the toilet as punishment.
Why. They could compress their data size by a factor of 20 and parsing time by a similar number by using binary data.
Replies: >>40299
And that's if your JSON parsing is actually good.
Did you even read the post? The JSON was not the problem.
Replies: >>40300
A: it was, and B: it doesn't matter. JSON is a terrible format, it would take someone a day or two at most to write a custom binary format parser.
Replies: >>40302
Pajeets pointlessly writing quadratic runtime code all over the place and not profiling it once has nothing to do with the format. You're a retarded fucking nigger.
>why is the adgd thread so dead lately
>oh, the new reply limit is 450
>there's a new thread since a month ago
Replies: >>40314
I don't have much progress to show and it's been stalling for a while, the only thing noteworthy I managed to do was rewriting my projectile code so that it's much less messy now and that I made a template for a multi piercing effect which is based on damage variable instead of projectile amount, then some work on the weapons which is mostly code related and its changes is not quite visible in-game, right now I only have a working 50mm and a 90mm cannon going and the multi purpose device.

I am currently trying to debug why my multi purpose device is not correctly using the new ammo render code as there is somewhere a weird bug that I cannot figure out that prevents from displaying its primary mode. I also tried writing some code that adjust the chassis angle when the player got teleported but for some reason it is not working either, probably it might work when I move the ACS part to the Eventhandler or something but this is something I don't to work on right now. 

Hopefully the remaining 2 months~ will still give me enough time for me to finally rework the buy menu so that it becomes class aware, at the very least so that weaker tonks ammo cost is cheaper as it makes no sense that a 50mm cannon shell should cost the same as a 90mm cannon shell. 

Maybe I will finally get around soon to implement these caliber sizes: 75mm, 88mm and 105mm and a couple new weapon types too for some variation idk which type might make in maybe a gauss cannon or a reworked pepperpot cannon.

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