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What a nice board!
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Chimps and apes also apply. Let's get the main three out of the way. 
Also I got a question. Are the Pipo Monkeys really monkeys although the name of the game is called "Ape Escape"? I don't see them having a tail but they could be hiding it in their pants.
Don't you dare making the easy joke and posting niggers in videogames. Don't even compare such low iq animals to monkeys.
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Spoilers won't stop me.
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Would you?
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Replies: >>36889
Is it good?
I grew up playing it, so excuse any nostalgic biases. I found it to be pretty good overall, not the best game out there, but it is certainly one of the better movie games out there.
Does this count? Its been a while, but wasn't there a joke that he's a man in a gorilla suit?
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1167620-godhandgorilla_mask.jpg (u)
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Like an idiot I forgot the pic.
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neptune_ops_3.webm (u)
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Pretty decent on rails survival horror game
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to this day I still don't get why anyone hasn't made cod but with anime girls into an actual game, we get a gazillion battle royale clones with ugly dykes but anime girls? nope. even from a market point of view it makes perfect sense
>casual shooters are mainstream and popular among the normalfags
>anime is mainstream and popular among the normalfag
>mix the two
>cod but with anime girls 
1) I've seen a few games like that.  They're low-effort fapbait trash.
2) Girls Frontline, a mobile game where the girls are gijinka for firearms, probably has the market cornered on that sort of thing.
315eaa66e68a02236b04b83cafae044e6ff4f4fd39983ef5d9e6bd9b02b51586.gif (u)
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Still want my Upotte!! game where you play as each girl and can customize and clean guns by changing clothing and bathing respectively.
There was definitely a zipper on the back which Gene even comments on if you inspect the body after you beat him but you never unzip it to see what's in there so I like to think that it's just a gorilla in a gorilla suit
I imagine this would be a conundrum for foot fetishists because it'd be indistinguishable from a handjob.
Your premise is flawed. Anime might be well known but it's not popular, and even if it were popular in the way that you say it would still not logically follow that normalfags want to play as "cute anime girls". Shit's gay. Only fags want to play as "cute girls" and normalfags are generally really resistant to doing gay shit like that. It's too obvious.
How about pigs in vidya?

Replies: >>37515 >>37798
>but it's not popular
Splatoon did well enough that somebody could at least attempt this instead.
There are too many feminists in video games, anon. We don't need any more.
Spoiler File (u)
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Anon, this is how AIDS started.
Replies: >>37784
>normalfags are generally really resistant to doing gay shit like that
Your post is flawed, fuck you normalfags do much gayer shit than play as cartoon characters in video games.
Replies: >>37791
I heard that HIV most likely started in WWI with British soldiers securing a German colony in Africa and having to hunt monkeys. From there, it stayed pretty local until sex tourism in the 60s brought it to the US.
Replies: >>37785
Fuck the USA
Normalfags are generally very sensitive about being seen as gay. They absolutely do not do much gayer shit than make the center of their fantasy being a woman. Part of normalfag identity is not being a gay. Unless, I suppose, if you're a fagfag AND a normalfag, but then it's just that your fagfag identity supercedes the normalfag one. Your average normalfag is hyper-vigilant about being seen as gay to the point of over-correction. They do not play as girls in games for fear of the implication. If they do, they're probably at least sort of gay (as I said, the second identity eclipses the first).
Replies: >>37792
Your armchair psychiatry is bullshit, normalniggers do extremely gay shit in frats all the fucking time.
Replies: >>37793 >>37795
Acting like a massive fag is apart of the male bonding experience. Not that anyone here would know.
Replies: >>37800
You have no idea why fratniggers act the way they do. It's more of a thrill and peer pressuring people into doing stuff just because they can.
If anyone asks them the day after it wasn't gay because it was his brother in arms and they were both drunk, it was only 20 bux anyway. It's the way normalfags rationalize it anyway. You can't do that with being caught playing as an anime girl in some cod clone, they'd be ridiculed to oblivion during the entire semester or even longer.
Replies: >>37800
>you have lived to see the day when pigs and crows are more intelligent than game reviewers
Yeah nah normalfags are gay as fuck and rationalizing it this way is dumb, none of them would care if someone was playing a dumb anime game unless they weren't already part of an in group. They'd get ribbing but they wouldn't get constant ridicule over it.
through_the_bananas_and_the_yellow_hat.mp4 (u)
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dance.gif (u)
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Mother_3_[T+Eng1.2]-2.png (u)
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I'm not really sure what the difference is between a monkey or a chimp, but I assume Salsa is a monkey, since the game referes to him as such.
monkey_five.gif (u)
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apes such as chimps, gorillas, and black people dont have tail
monkey have tail
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Le_Monke.mp4 (u)
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Monkeys have tails and flat noses, Apes do not and have hooked noses.
a74327b6d836cb71e9c0eaaf46274d75.jpeg (u)
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This monkey gets to hang out with a hot mechanic chick, and basically, you're fucking stupid.
Baboons have tails and they aren't monkeys
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Apes are capable of brachiation (swinging from branch to branch with their arms), monkeys generally can't. Their shoulder joins aren't built for it. Also, apes have an appendix, but monkeys don't.
w5.png (u)
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An in-depth look at niggers in video games.
We look at and discuss vidya with niggers in them, ones where you can play as niggers, can kill niggers, can create niggers, etc.
Question of the day: what's the best character creation engine that allows you to make the most accurate nignog avatar and why it's dark souls

Also, was placing Stillman right next to the box of watermelons an inspired choice.
Replies: >>58418
a6a405a92f3efc91d6fe4649d23a8d269340fb441f184df43a3ae78151eeeeef.jpg (u)
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stillman is literally just a recolored white man, look at his bone structure, all japs can do is blackface. also
>nigger expert in anything
>especially bomb defusal
But we already have a thread here >>36819 (OP)  :^)
Replies: >>58431
Hey now, don't insult monkeys.
Reminder that all the people that use the n-word are /pol/fags and as such they never belonged to /v/ cultre. If you want to be racist go to /b/.
monkey.jpg (u)
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Do you avoid posting in /b/ because you are too dumb for the captcha?
Replies: >>58890
Don't you have your own /v/ to run, Mark?
Replies: >>58890
Han. I choose Dixie :)
reddit.png (u)
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Reddit_Ministry_of_Truth.jpg (u)
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go back to reddit faggot.
If you are an "anti-racist" faggot you don't belong in any imageboard.
kill yourself.
Replies: >>58890
Doesn't it hurt your stomach when you swallow the hook like that?
Replies: >>58898
3t.jpg (u)
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d-doesn't it hurt your throat to suck my cock like that?
Replies: >>59149
This. So much this.
Yeah you're the retard hear you fat cunt.

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