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What are some games that will likely never get a sequel? Most of the time for the better. It's better to remain dead that pozzed to hell. If you could have a proper good sequel of one of your favorite games though. What game would that be?
I would love to see a new Transformers Devastation game based on the 86' Transformers movie. I would also like to see a Pac-Man World 4.
wasn't there a pacman ps2 game tho?
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Yeah, World 2, 3 and Rally. That's why I said 4.
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>>34277 (OP) 
Speaking of Transformers I'm mad they killed the war for cybertron series with just two entries. They wanted some faggy movie tie-in and had to wrap it up so it would work. I think one more entry and we would have seen them really hit their stride.
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admittedly I only read the title and looked at the pics
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God Hand, it's one of the best action/character action/whatever the fuck they call these types of game game, the combat is satisfying and the OST is amazing, it's pretty much impossible to make a sequel or even a remaster of this due to you know CY.
Replies: >>34292 >>34733
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I'm pretty sure Beyond Good and Evil 2 is vapourware at this point
>action/character action/whatever the fuck they call these types of game game
3D beat 'em ups or 3D brawler? maybe doesn't encapsulate changing up weapons/movesets that's usually present
Replies: >>34296 >>46487
>Beyond Good and Evil 2
Good it looked like shit anyway, but yeah they haven't showed anything about it just trailers and shit like that.
>>34277 (OP) 
Warship Gunner 3
And no Warthunder / World of Warshit certaainly doesn't  count.
I just want my twin hulled battleship with 8+ 38 inches cannons at playable framerates.
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I just want BloodRanye 3
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Oni will always have a special place in my heart. I'm sad that it never got a sequel back in the day, but now I'm glad that it will never get one.
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But, anon, it did get a third entry, Rise of the Dark Spark. It's a canonical part of the Aligned continuity, after all!
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On one hand I really really want more like this, but on the other hand I can't even imagine what a sequel or a spiritual sequel would look like except dumbed down with a terrible faggy story with less basis on real history/mythology.
Replies: >>38501
it'll get a reboot at some point and kanako will be a strong woman genderfluid of color
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Despite many faggots trashing this game for muh lack of realism, it was mad fun. As to why it's not ever getting a sequel:
>The enemies are Chechen (Islamic) terrorists
>CIAniggers are involved and are behind the terrorist attacks in the US and are supplying the mudslimes with weapons
>US government is trying to sweep everything under the rag
Replies: >>34446 >>38705
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Replies: >>38705
Before being smashed into the same game with WOC/FOC; the movies had good games as well.
It was moreso that they just handed the game to a different studio from what i remember? In terms of why Dark Spark was so wonky.
>>34277 (OP) 
>86' Transformers movie
I loved that film when I was a kid. Still have it on VHS somewhere.
I'm glad no Devs have their eyes on a Devastation sequel though, they'd just fuck it up.
Replies: >>34608
>Despite many faggots trashing this game for muh lack of realism
Which is  retarded, it's about as close to a direct translation of burnout to the FPS genre you can get, obviously there's very little actual realism to be found there.
I'd be thrilled if game devs could, instead of pursuing realism, successfully create a 3D game that looks like an old 80s-90s cartoon. Pursuing reality is not in my mind the final frontier of 3D rendering. That one Tron game got sort of close but was far too shiny--although that's not what they were going for, it sort of almost had the look. Reproducing the shitty korean cartoonist jank would be a huge plus, too. I think there's a market for a vehicle-intensive Battlefield clone set in the MASK universe (or any of the old toy-shilling cartoons) if whoever has the IP were to throw the money at it, but it wouldn't feel right without also having the look, like fullbright translucent lasers that don't cast light and all.
Replies: >>34611 >>34668
Not quite what you want, since it doesn't have the looks, but worth mentioning this ARMA3 mod. It's GI Joe stuff with the serials filed off dropped into a warsim with their oddities intact. Actually looks fun
I want off this ride
As somebody who'd want to reboot Rock Lords into some wack shit, I understand your sentiment, but also understand that it's probably not happening. Unfortunately, most 80's cartoons either don't have the fanbase to support that, or are too big of a franchise now that throwback stuff is secondary to whatever new toyline they're shilling. That having been said, aside from Platinum not necessarily being involved, a Transformers game based off the old movie is not quite out of the question. While this year Hasbro is gearing up for a new movie, and in the next few years they'll be marketing that and possibly any other movies in the pipeline, there's evidence to suggest that the 86 film isn't forgotten. Their Studio Series toyline, which mostly made better versions of the toys from the 07 movie and beyond (and fans of the toys really liked because the movie toylines were generally good, regardless of the quality of the films) have started an 86 line with those characters. It's not impossible we'd get something, but given how "to sell toys" works, I doubt we'll see much out of it. However, up until a few years ago I would have thought they wouldn't try to shill the Generations toylines beyond just advertising them, yet they keep making CG animations of questionable quality starting with Combiner Wars (and the aforementioned Devastation is in relation to that specific subline imprint as well) so it's not impossible. Really, the biggest limiting factor is there are more profitable ventures in the video game space, and unfortunately Hasbro would want to double dip. So expect mobile garbage, but hope for something good. I mean, would you have expected Transformers Devastation in 2015? Or a good TF fps in the early 2010's, let alone two?
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Almost no one on /v/ remembers this. This was Vice City done right, minus motorbikes, aircrafts and tank.

>God Hand, it's one of the best action/character action/whatever 
Back in /vg/ 2012 we used to call it Cuhrayzee games, alongside DMC, Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden. 

>Warship Gunner
Mein neger.
I miss my duck battleship equipped with dual waveguns and catapults launching duck jet fighters shooting green particle beams against UFOs taking off from 1940s Japanese Battlecarriers. 
That game was ridiculously Fun.
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>Warship Gunner 3
That would be amazing
I just want my copious amounts of Dakka to actually work

Great game
I really liked just lollygagging around endlessly talking to pedestrians
Replies: >>46133
>>34277 (OP) 
Any Osamu-sato game.
Replies: >>46100
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This game with more vehicle/enemy/mission variety and some wildlife could actually be amazing.
Even with some ductape mods like redux its a fine timewaster.
Shame its never gonna happen.
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Earth 2150 was fantastic, even though the X-Pacs could be punishingly difficult (especially Lost Souls).

Earth 2160 was so-so, and the publishers then decided to not only give the community the middle finger by means of a vastly overblown (and completely useless) anti-piracy system, but also by abandoning the long-awaited Earthnet 2 MP system it was developing alongside community members.
It thus single-handled managed to kill the entire series for good.

You realize most of AoM's story took dramatic liberties with actual mythology in the first place? It was Ensemble's usual brand of "Hollywood History", complete with horny vikings.
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Wasn't half the praise about the realistic reloads? Unless that was the extent of realism. Been a long time since I played it.
Beat me to it.
No sequel, but there's this: https://lsdrevamped.net/
devastation was really good, i wish it got a sequel
same, but activision killed high moon so welp, activision killed radical entertainment too which pisses me off, i wish prototype 3 existed so bad
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Metroid Prime 4 is gonna be a fat turd even if it ever gets out of development hell. There are so many fucking things they could do with the franchise that will never happen:
>Other M but by people who actually know how video games work and aren't communists
>2.5D sidescroller with Super Metroid's superdetailed environments and Zero Mission's emphasis on shortcuts and replayability at low%/100%
>game with a new main character where the enemy is Samus clones like that 8/vg/ post I wish I had screencapped
>character action game where Ridley just goes around upholding his title of biggest asshole in the galaxy
Replies: >>46131 >>46162
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>the galactic bounty hunter game everyone has always wanted
>a new Hunters to fill the downtime inbetween Splatoons
>a new F-Zero featuring a crossover with Metroid themed levels cars and drivers
>Metroid Souls featuring player controlled SA-X invasions
Replies: >>46134 >>46162
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>all those guns
I needed this in my life, thank you
>the galactic bounty hunter game everyone has always wanted
Nintendo has aready explained that they're retarded and didn't know what a bounty hunter is, that decription was a mistranslation left in because it sounds cool.
Replies: >>46135 >>46153
I know, but it also makes them double retarded for not caving and making it canon + having a game centered on it.
Oh shit, really? I've been playing Metroid since Super (though the first one I beat was the NES one) and I didn't know that. I always headcanoned that she worked as a bounty hunter to work independently, outside of federation bureaucracy, but was still otherwise a hero first and foremost.
Replies: >>46159
[Hide] (110.1KB, 247x196)
What? I thought everyone knew that was what happened from the Metroid 1.5 design document. Prime 2 was supposed to have bounty hunting as a BBA-enabled multiplayer mode but the N nixed it. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and not tell you to go back to cuckchan.
If they did it today it would just be Grand Theft Geemer or something similarly awful.
Meanwhile fans are making a 2D remake of Prime that will inevitably be C&Ded.

>No Paper Metroid RPG with crumpled paper ball Samus and MAKE SCIENCE space pirates.
On second thought, considering how Paper Mario's been lately, it's probably better they don't.
Replies: >>46174
    For Prime 3, Retro needed a new gimmick and there was a great divide between the studio and Tanabe about what that should be. What they could agree on was Aran's character -- at least, for the most part. "Samus could best be summarized, at least in my mind, as Boba-Fett with a sense of honor. Everybody hears bounty hunter and, of course, Boba-Fett is synonymous with that for good reason: he's a very compelling character," says Walker. "But Samus has a sense of compassion and honor where she's not in it for the money. She does it to protect humanity. And her upbringing and being raised by the Chozo gave her that sense of nobility that I think many characters lack."

    Samus really isn't about the money, a truth that confused the developer -- and me, upon hearing this story -- when it presented Nintendo a gameplay design that appealed to Aran's chosen occupation. "We were looking for something more along the lines of a mission-based game where Samus collected bounties. And for the life of us we couldn't understand why [Nintendo was] being so resistive to that concept. And then over the period of days we came to understand that their definition of a bounty hunter is not a bounty hunter. It is not someone who brings in bad guys for money. That concept was completely outside of their definition," says Walker. Nintendo told Retro that Samus does not actually take bounties for those she hunts. (Someone should tell Nintendo that Aran has officially been labeled a bounty hunter for two decades now, a slight inconsistency.) "So we started joking that Samus was actually a pro-bono hunter. And occasionally we'll run into those nuances of translation and culture that can sometimes derail us for days."

Shit, was my head in the fucking ground?
The problem is that the idiots talked about it. I don't know why gaming rags promote these fangames when they know that it'll just get them foxed more quickly. I guess the alternative is to not talk about them, which just means that other publications or word of mouth will do it, and they'll just lose out on the advertising clicks.
Replies: >>46177 >>46197
I mean, you have to talk about it, at least some extent, to attract talent. Even if you plan something within your own circle someone in the group is bound to outreach and then it's just dominos.
Replies: >>46183
But haven't they gotten to the point already where they've demonstrated they have the talent that they need? If they have a working demo, and if it's playable and good enough for a rag to praise it, then unless they've been using placeholder assets or are unhappy with some of their staff, it's just a matter of thoughtful content production and mechanical development at that point. I guess they might be looking for additional staff so that they can get the thing done more quickly, or maybe they have a need they don't have filled to their satisfaction. 

Generating interest I can understand, but unless they're aiming for patreon sheqels, why court disaster (as other projects have actually done and had happen to them) when they could just as usefully pop the game out to the public at large in a finished state when it's too late for Nintendo to shut the barn door? Of course, it's also possible that I'm underestimating how Nintendo deals with these projects. I don't know if they decide to go after the projects as soon as they find out about them, or if they wait until they think the project gets "too big," or how they go about it. It's certainly possible that trying to keep it quiet enough to be unnoticed is just not possible; certainly Nintendo becomes aware of tiny, rom-hack-sized projects that simply aren't worth the trouble to go after.
>>34277 (OP) 
Suikoden 6 never ever. I will never not be upset.

I just wanted to go to Harmonia and see the end of the Yuber v Pesmerga plotline.
Replies: >>46197
I've always kind of daydreamed about what a Morrowind sequel might be like. Or a Daggerfall one for that matter.
Because page views make money. Bigger question is why people making fangames have to make people aware of them so far in advance. Why not make a game for one's own interests first, complete it, and then let others play it? Though, I suppose the answer there is apt to simply be attention whoring under a guise of audience gauging in most cases.

Could say that of most of the classic JRPGs that spawned in fourth and fifth gen. I'm honestly shocked that Konami didn't dump it onto the mobile reboot bandwagon, the way Capcom, Square, and Sony did theirs.
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Did anyone play Team Buddies? It seems to be that Psygnosis was developing a sequel for PC, only for The Absolute State of Play to can it while merging Psygnosis' assets to SCEE. That game really needed a sequel.
Replies: >>46486 >>46514
Spoiler File
(35.8KB, 640x480)
Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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>No (You)s
I may also use this thread, given the opic of cancelled games, to remind you that Shantae was originally going to be developed for the PS1, and there once existed a 3D free roaming prototype à la Ape Escape.
Replies: >>46662
Let it be dead please. I've 100% the original several times because I have autism and I would rather never get a current year sequel.
>Tf Devastation
That hurts. Especially with all the Nova Prime teasing. Nova Prime is just super evil Optimus with wings aka a classic Platinum boss. Woulda been so cool considering how good the other boss fights were.
>Team Buddy
I've played this game over at my nephew house which is ages ago I have seen him since then.
Replies: >>46520
[Hide] (131.7KB, 834x1134)
>at my nephew's house
Did you like it?
Replies: >>46536
Shit man I can't remember all the details, I can only vaguely remember that I played it with this other boy and that's about it.
Replies: >>46556
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[Hide] (53.3KB, 600x800)
[Hide] (57.3KB, 800x600)
This is /v/ for videogames, so let me speak you about this game.
It's an RTS mixed with top-down shooter like you would expect in a game like Loaded. The RTS aspect comes into play in the crates, which you can exchange for in a platform for more units, weapons or vehicles. If you played the EUR version, the pills you control are characterized by cursing a lot and mimicking stereotypes. As a game it's somewhat lackluster because the AI pathfinding is ass and so are the unit commands. I highly doubt it, but a PC release/sequel could have been a perfect place to polish those rough edges. Thing is, it was meant to happen but it didn't happen.
I think I've responded to myself over this feller.
Replies: >>46559
Well that sucks it never happened, though I hope it doesn't happen in the current year as most of the previous remakes of other games are fucking shit such as Diablo remake something. 

So you don't know the details of why the PC port got canned?
Replies: >>46578
It's easier to name sequels that were.
It's better for there to be no sequel. The game's God analogy being right about the world's inevitable destruction means the story ends with the world dying by stagnation from mankind's vain attempts at living in a world which is already dead by foregone conclusion, or the God analogy losing patience with mankind's vanity and activating doomsday anyway, or by some monumentally retarded last second retcon featuring the power of friendship defeating God.

The only good ending that maintains logical progression is mankind becoming one with God, yet as a subservient race. But I doubt Japanese theology allows this.
bought the first one by total chance as a retarded little kid (wow anime characters!) and loved it so much that i found all the genies and that pirate boss without guides. i still remember getting tons of anxiety the first time i beat the last boss because my gba was extremely low battery and the epilogue stuff felt like it was taking forever. i got two immediately when it came out and enjoyed that quite a bit as well. the two summons you get for collecting all genies in both games felt so rewarding. i was too dumb to understand the class system and just keeping pure elemental loadouts seemed like it gave the best classes anyway. i never played the ds game. is it good?
[Hide] (52.7KB, 620x364)
The PC port got canned because Psygnosis was being merged into SCEE (Sony Europe), meaning they no longer had any sway over their actions and Sony had to decide them. This meant most of their games got canned and they would no longer get their games published on PC. You may notice the biggest casualty was that Sony was now in total charge of Lemmings, which has gone under ever since.
As a matter of fact, we only know about Team Buddies PC because of some pajeet who was trying to recreate the game on Unity. The project didn't go too far ahead, though enough for one employee at Psygnosis to get ahold of him. Fucking Sony.
Replies: >>46582
[Hide] (95.9KB, 573x800)
I'm still upset about what happened to Drakan because of that.
Replies: >>46584
(40KB, 180x162)
>Drakan on the PS2
Tell me more about it.
Replies: >>46659
Basically, since it was a ps2 exclusive sequel to a PC exclusive game, Sony had them drop pretty much every open plot thread, including the teaser that ended the first game, so they could have a story that newcomers to the series wouldn't feel lost in, given most people who bought it probably wouldn't have played the first game. So Rynn's brother is basically just left to fall endlessly in the void and is never actually mentioned in the game, being forgotten in favor of a plot about opening giant warp gates in order to bring back the Order of the Flame. The game itself isn't actually that bad, and I feel it does certain things better than the first, but its first real area is just an absolute slog and the main reason I never feel inclined to replay it.
What are those screenshots? No way that's supposed to be Shanty?
Replies: >>46670
Take a look at this:
>F-Zero remake with online support
>The 2001 Duke Nukem Forever
First will never happen and if it does, Nintendo will add paid dlc and gimp the game somehow, but they're still too scared to touch to ip. 
And Randy Bitchford is a huge faggot who's too arrogant and jewish to release the nearly finished 2001 version. I hope he fucking falls on a burning hot rod, the pedophile, embezzling piece of shit.
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[Hide] (63KB, 952x678)
Cut content:
There was going to be a playable salmon in Tekken 3, but since Harada exists, we didn't.
I'm really fucking tired of Harada's hijinks
Replies: >>46788
Harada is responsible for every dumb shit in every game, good or bad.
Replies: >>46871
>harada is responsible for every dumb shit in every game
Not the good dumb shit, it seems.
There was also going to be a mantis in the game.

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