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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

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In the spirit of Berserk since a new chapter just dropped, and it's atrocious so please do not actually read it, who are some characters who did, unequivocally, absolutely everything wrong? Let's get the most obvious candidate out of the way.
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Did nothing wrong
Replies: >>36776
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everything wrong
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He did it for all the right reasons but did everything wrong.
Every WWII allied protagonist
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Brad didn't do anything wrong, though. Buddy was like 9 years old, what's he gonna do, let some horny deranged sociopaths fuck her and ger her pregnant, when she might not even survive giving birth let alone coitous? Everyone around Brad was a pyschopathic fuckface except 
except for:
>Birdie Hall
>Bo Wyatt
>Buffalo Van Dyke
>Queen Roger
>Terry Hintz
That's it, everyone else in the game is an insane dickwad.
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>>34261 (OP) 
>>34261 (OP) 
I knew a guy who, I swear, behaved like Griffith (not even knowing the character) in real life, and was all about "being charismatic in order to attract a large group of ass-kissers to do his bidding", complete with the whole posing as wise while in reality being just an opportunistic asshole. The guy had a retarded "dream" of becoming a rockstar AND opening his own gaming studio, in order to cater to both audiences and be basically worshiped by them.
You would be surprised by how accurate Griffith's depiction is of some real life idiots who think that they will somehow become worldwide admired leaders simply because they amassed some ass-kissers in their teenage years in school.
The best part: the guy actually went full Griffith and had a lot of temper tantrums over people who would not obey his will, to the point that he messed up some contracts and ended up ruining his ass-kissers' lives in the process, which made them all abandon the guy. Now he is a trainwreck of a person, completely empty, went into depression, hard on pharma drugs and attempted suicide at least 2 times (that I know of), while married to a obese landwhale that he met in his school days (who was a hottie back them, but ended up deformed by becoming fat and old) who leeches his money and does nothing all day (failed at university, failed at at least 4 job careers, and has a divorced single mother that keeps trying to control her even though she is 35 now), while the guy resorted to trying to open a comic book studio with original characters of his own that nobody cares about, and said studio is making him lose even more money from a constantly diminishing reserve of his.
I always laughed at how Griffith was basically a cautionary tale, at least for me, about those types of idiots who want to be always the center of attention and want people to worship them and how they always end up failing hard on all of them out of sheer arrogance.
The real answer is that nothing in Painful mattered at all because someone could have handed Buddy a sword and a fistful of Joy pills and she would have resolved the major conflict in ten minutes.
Lisa the Joyful isn't canon
You know what, now I want to do another playthough.
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>a comic book studio with original characters of his own that nobody cares about
Must be doing something right if he has so much money to throw away and people keep following him.  I think youre just mad because you wish you had his power, you think you wouldn't squander it. 

Did your friend ever help out an old shotacon and have sex with him like griffith?
Get out of here, AI scum.
There's a point where playing devil's advocate just makes you look terminally retarded, even if he's making all that shit up why would anyone be jealous of such a character?
wait Griffith's the one on top now?
>>34261 (OP) 
Does griffith's betrayal imply that the band is what mattered to him most in that moment and he still fucking sacrificed them?
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>whole mission in life is to stop a guy from overthrowing a murderous worldwide military government and replacing it with a worldwide amusement park
>constantly rejects devoted qt loli and would rather hang out with some gay retarded fox
>one time he went to alternate futures, and eventually the series catches up to the future, and we see the "Bad Future" is canon, so he canonically fucked up
Replies: >>34552 >>34573
>and it's atrocious
Come on it wasn't that bad
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>overthrowing a murderous worldwide military government and replacing it with a worldwide amusement park
Where did that come from? In the original games it was just about rescuing helpless animals from being turned into evil robots.
Replies: >>34602
Do you consider the games written by Ken Pontac and Warren Graff to have any weight on this discussion? I won't blame you if you don't.
Replies: >>34602
Eggmanland was mentioned in the Japanese manuals pretty early on, actually, and "Robotnikland" made its way into some western licensed materials, too, separate from "Robotropolis" seen in SatAM and Archie. I remember I had one Gamebook all about Robotnikland. That said, GUN was pretty much entirely new to Sonic Adventure 2. There actually were many things showing Sonic interacting with humans in cities very early on, such as Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car, which might be the second Sonic "game" ever made, but nothing implied the government to be as fucked up as GUN.

Also, the bit with the animals being turned into robots was always actually secondary, story-wise, to the story involving the Chaos Emeralds. But the western adaptations always ignored it and/or fucked it up. tl;dr: Sonic is basically an avatar of the primal force of Chaos, a chosen one destined to stop Eggman from controlling chaos. He does this in more and more literal forms (saving animals and plants, which also represent chaos, because life is chaotic, saving the chaos emeralds, which create all chaos), until in Sonic Adventure Eggman tries to control the actual God of Chaos. Sonic has always had an autistic story, but the localizers removed it.

I suppose if I were to count those, they would contradict even each other, as in Unleashed and Colors, Eggman actually succeeds in making Eggmanland, and it is an amusement park, but then in Forces it isn't. I blame the furry terrorists (one man's terrorist is another man's "Freedom Fighter") that won't let Eggmanland be peaceful.

I wonder, how many times has Eggman killed an entire colony of scientists working for him, and their families with them? GUN has done it at least once. And Gerald's Diaries in Sonic Battle imply GUN had done plenty of fucked up stuff before that, like with Emerl.
Replies: >>34604
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>Also, the bit with the animals being turned into robots was always actually secondary, story-wise, to the story involving the Chaos Emeralds.
Finding the emeralds was Eggman's goal, saving the animals was Sonic's goal. Here's a snippet from the Japanese manual for Sonic 1 that clearly lays out his intent to save the animals.
Replies: >>34605 >>34606
Also here is a transcript in case you're an EOP.

Well sure, but Sonic has always been a character who basically just exists to stop the bad guy. Sonic doesn't make the story or move it forward, he reacts and saves the day. He barely has a story himself, and little personality besides liking to move.

Also, Sonic 1 isn't the first time Sonic and Eggman fought each other. Eggman only put the animals in the robots because Sonic was, even before the earliest events we, the audience, know of, already known for recruiting the locals to help him beat Eggman, so "Sonic's Friends" that everyone used to complain about during the 2000s were actually established as being a thing even before the first game happened. I bring it up to point out that they were fighting even without animals being put in robots. Though the first game was also the first time Eggman tried to get the Chaos Emeralds, so they would have fought without those, too. But The Chaos Emeralds were what started the ongoing plot and the deeper lore, while the animals being put in robots was never really expanded upon in the games aside from Gamma's story in Sonic Adventure 1, even though it certainly could have been used for more, like it was in some of the adaptations.
Replies: >>36627
>Wastes money and never accomplishes anything
>Had all his (supposed) friends and followers turn their backs on him
>Got addicted on pharma drugs in order to (unsuccessfully) get away from depression
>Doing something right
>Muh you jealous
Are you a woman, to be so much retarded and missing the whole point just because the guy was "popular" (with impressionable teens) in his teenage years?
>not mentioning Rando
Any player which tries to get all endings, as they include the bad one
What did Griffith do wrong?
Replies: >>36602 >>36609
Popping that princess cherry after getting super butthurt that Guts wanted to pursue his own dream, effectively throwing away his and his entire band's future in a moment of irrational anger. Ironically, Guts' dream was always to be by Griffith's side, but as an equal, which means he would have returned at some point. Double ironically, is that Griffith already saw Guts as equal or in some ways superior, so this whole thing was pretty much a misunderstanding that ultimately led to horrific sacrifice of everyone in the band of the Hawk.

You know, I read the golden age arc many years ago, but it never fails to stir up some anger whenever I think too hard on it. Must have been the mark of a brilliant writer.
Sacrificing Guts even though he left the Band of the Hawk per their agreement.
>Eggman only put the animals in the robots because Sonic was, even before the earliest events we, the audience, know of, already known for recruiting the locals to help him beat Eggman,
The sonic 1 manual says its because without the animal batteries eggmans machines literally did jack shit to sonic. Eggman prior to 1 is implied to be a mild nuisance.
Replies: >>36628
Also just a small reminder that adventure 1 onwards is a reboot, prior to that; sonic had multiple sets of emeralds(most manuals note each set as "of the island" and 2's are literally described as "sealed by the gods")
Its not just sudden age shifts, rotating out the animal friends and some minor redesigns that make them incompatible. So relying on early sonic for later sonic is a very sketchy business.
That entire game was wrong. It was made wrong on purpose and it achieved exactly what it set out to be- a downward spiral of misery with crude humor and no emotional upswing.

>The real answer is that nothing in Painful mattered at all
And this is exactly the worst thing about it. M.D. Geist was as bleak and pointless as Lisa, but that was a fault of the writers basically having no idea what the fuck they were doing in regards to story. Lisa on the other hand, everything is awful completely on purpose.

Dingaling, for some weird reason, based Brad his actual dad (who is also named Brad)- someone who he is immensely, emotionally attached to, and portrays the character as a "deconstruction" of the parental figure or some shit like that. 

Then when his dad died, he freaked out, SJWs dogpile his ass with their fake sympathy among other indoctrination techniques, then he disowned the Lisa series. 

Every time. People who make creative works about "life", "aspects of life", "Men", "Women", end putting their life, In it. They mean the men in their life, the women in their life and they don't say shit about life for everyone. They just project their own lives onto the world they've created.

Being aware of this allows you to make characters that are beyond you, and have them stand out in their own rights.

Sounds like both of them are a classical case of Narcissist Personality Disorder for both of them.
Replies: >>38701 >>38718
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Seconding this
>not including the greatest fish lawyer of Olathe
On second thought, I wish to apologize for my snappish outburst up there, as well as sleeping with your wife and slapping your son on his tiny little boy penis. Also, I'd like to add that you are fucking uglier than Rosie O'Donnel.
How's the comic studio working out for you?
In hindsight, the Progressive Restoration from Shadow Complex had the right idea but were off by a decade and 2 years to start a civil war against the USA government if you're going by the time frame that the game takes place in (i.e. 2009).
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>>34261 (OP) 
>looks like a chick, and is only slightly bitchier than a chick
>wants to fuck both Guts AND his darkskin waifu
>tells Guts he's useless if he doesn't fuck off and do something else for a while
>loses his ever-lovin' mind when Guts fucks off and does something else for a while
>deals with it the way any noble leader would... by raping a princess whose daddy was saving her vag for a special occasion
>spends a year getting mutilated, starved, and raped by the torturer
>gets rescued by his true friends
>repays his true friends by activating the Screaming Tomato of Doom™ at the worst possible time, sacrificing nearly all of them to become something out of Clive Barker's wet dreams
>saves most vicious betrayal for last, shattering the mind of one in a vicious rape and making the other so fucking pissed that he literally hacked off his own arm to try to stop it
>Fucks off with his new chums to eat babies or something, leaving his surviving friends to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives

That's as far as I got. People say that Berserk is one of the best manga/animes of all time, but I found Junji Ito's stuff to be less depressing and terrifying.
Replies: >>38698
>looks like a chick
you mean pretty? You know he's the prettiest boy in the manga
>wants to fuck both Guts AND his darkskin waifu
so does everyone else in the real world if given the chance
if i was in his position i would have done mostly the same, minus getting fucked between the butts by the king of course.
>M.D. Geist was as bleak and pointless
Nothing wrong with that. Not all works of fiction must be engaging. The world of Geist is a world that the audience watches in order to mock all the useless cannon fodder people living there, while rooting for Geist to ruin their lives even more.
>Sounds like both of them are a classical case of Narcissist Personality Disorder for both of them.
Exactly. The real life guy that I cited could barely go a day without surrounding himself with ass-kissers (all teenagers, mind you) constantly praising him. The guy literally took antidepressants whenever something prevented groups of impressionable teenagers from being with him praising him all the time.
He always reminded me of Griffith, in the sense that Griffith loses his mind the moment that people stops praising him.
>Lisa on the other hand, everything is awful completely on purpose.
Including the gameplay?
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Replies: >>39288
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>K1, delicious, Reina, Shion
>not Rika or Ahoko
What did he mean by this?
Replies: >>39298 >>39299
yes rika and sakoto and hanyuu as well while your at it. Everyone in this game is a fucking idiot.
Do not call her Reina you stupid fucking nigger faggot.

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