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What a nice board!
Do you even lift? >>>/fit/

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Space Station 13: Stalkan "I was forced to post this on two boards by someone else" Edition

>What in the fuck is this?
An attempt to get you to play spessmans in a STALKER themed environment, faggot.
>STALKER themed environment?
Basically the server runs a codebase that uses STALKER as it's basis, mutants, anomalies, blowouts and all.
>How play, asshole?
Download BYOND here and make an account, negroid: byond.com
Enter IP from the pager(the thing you download to get BYOND working, retard): byond://
Play on server, fuckhead.
>Oh god there's no tasers?
You're right, there's makarovs and lots of fucking bullets to go around!
>ok how get fancy rifle
Find Artifacts, don't die to fucking anomalies, sell shit off those who DID die to fucking anomalies, Sign into your PDA and password it ORIGINALLY to get money.

Also any discussion about SS13 in general should be allowed unless the badmin is a nigger nigger nigger.
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(243.2KB, 1920x1080)
>RE:SS3D and SS14 still ongoing and both nearing completion
Please don''t fail you idiots.
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(737.4KB, 1080x1079)
Yes you nig nog, you. Come play spess.
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How jank is this?
Replies: >>3427 >>3428
SS13 is jank.
It is the embodiment of extreme jank, terrible UI and control schemes and requires a serious amount of grit to get through. Still somehow more stable than GSG's CoP engine and crashes slightly less often.
Expect to die to being mauled by dogs while you try to figure out how to pull out and light a cigarrete.
Well that was pretty comfy and fun. Will mess around in the server again.
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(606.8KB, 961x999)
(6.8KB, 400x430)
I'm glad you had fun. Serber is not dedicated but it will likely show up tomorrow.
Up again, same IP as before.
Such a shame the goonstation "community" went the way it did because that's server I have most experience and can do cool things on but it's pretty different from all the other places.
rib serb
Serbia is kill again. Will be up again later today hopefully.
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(98.3KB, 940x624)
>Serbia is kill again.
Srbija never dies
Damn, it's down.
(474.7KB, 946x530)
>server down
>no other servers exist
I liked this code, shame it's dead.
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(1.7MB, 640x480, 00:21)
Is not ded.

Serbia back up, host is a huge faggot and took too long to do this, IP same as OP
nevermind host is a faggot
(562.2KB, 490x674)
"Random" question.
Lets say you had yourself and 2 friends. You 3 embark on a journey to a server without doing any metacommunications, to either Hippie or TGstation. You have a job to keep the round going for as long as possible. What jobs do you pick?

Normal mode: You have to call the shuttle if too many people die
Hard mode: 1 head of staff max.

I was thinking Captain, Warden, and Engineer.
Replies: >>4803 >>5441
Did we revert to discord spoilers?
(9.7KB, 246x478)
Today on Unitystation.
(62.2KB, 961x559)
Not bad picks, but unless there is a skill system that determines your ability to do shit ingame, three robust assistants can keep a round going much longer than softheaded players with a title.

My picks are: Head of Personnel, Quartermaster, and Cook
Replies: >>5442 >>5480
You have to keep in mind that some people may find it odd if you have stuns for days as a non-sec, specially if you're guarding important areas such as the Armory.
Choosing between Captain or HoP doesn't seem to matter that much on the long run.
As for your picks, that would work on lowpop I suppose, but they all seem a bit silly. Why not pick Assistant instead of Cook? If people need food just break in. Otherwise you have a HoP friend so just ask for a job.
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(40.9KB, 680x1020)
>Why not pick Assistant instead of Cook?
>doesn't find joy in the simple things like renaming meatballs to Faggots as they should be
>never experienced the sublime delight of slam-jam-thank-you-ma'aming the animals barging into your kitchen for your sugar
>can't into making new recipes like my galactic famous Ciggy-Cheese™ pizza
Joking aside, the only thing greyshirts have over cook is maint access, which can be had by hop or hack. Cook could be replaced by whatever to keep a round going, but I would never turn down a robust cook ally that helps me hamburger assholes.
Quartermaster doesn't have as much utility as Engineer and infact, the only thing a quartermaster has over an Engi is just access to the resource console, which is solved by Captain already. Cook has no staying power in the station at all and the moment an antagonist goes on a murderspree you'll need as many traps as possible, as much firepower as possible and as much authority as possible to conduct others into helping deal with the threat.
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(706KB, 672x672)
I find myself permanently burned out on regular SS13, despite it being a relatively massive and complex game. I feel like I've experienced all there is to see a thousand times over. Every round feels like the same stale and predictable shit with the same antagonists I've seen and played a million times. The only exception is when great players act upon the  shift to shake it up a little, but that's a rarity.
Even if I wasn't burned out, the fact that the only populated servers now are tranny discord shitholes that ban you for wrongthink would discourage me from playing.
Replies: >>5494
(6.8MB, 1280x720, 03:05)
>Quartermaster doesn't have as much utility as Engineer
despite the ability to create an engineering department on its own 
>just access to the resource console
Shitting on other departments over mats is fun and very doable as cargo
>Cook has no staying power in the station at all
t. got turned into hamburger by cook
SS13 is fundamentally a multiplayer game in that all of the stuff in it exists to facilitate player interactions. If the antagonists or other staff are too autistic to work at being entertaining, then the round is boring. If the antags are much better or much worse than the average player on the server, the round is boring. A few players can fuck off and make weed and bombs, but if everyone's holed up working on autism projects, the round is boring. The game has a lot to do like learning how systems like atmos and all the science functions work, but none of them are much fun in isolation. Beyond that, even though antags are supposed to make rounds more exciting it does get frustrating to get 3/4 of the way to doing something useful for the station only to have medbay get turned into vacuum and gravity to go down. An old hand will just say "go kill the antag and fix everything yourself," but even if that was a legitimate answer, is it fun doing it again and again? Or let me put that all another way: everybody wants to be left alone to work on their favorite solo projects, but everybody hates green shifts where they actually have time to work on them.
Replies: >>5520
To add to this, SS13 puts a LOT of trust into the players to make the round fun. The stations is a big box of toys for people to use, but how they are used is left up to the players. The problem is that players now usually fall into one of three categories, A: The player that autistically abandons all social interaction and either does his job alone for the thousandth time or just tries to greentext as fast as possible as antag. B: The player that only exists to find ways to kill other people without getting banned. And less commonly seen, C: The player that actually interacts with others, mostly with a random stale gimmick and rarely with a good idea for some fun. The problem with player B is obvious, but maybe you think player A isnt really bad for the overall round, and if they arent antag I agree, a few people shutting themselves away isnt too bad, but if such a player is antag he becomes the cancer of a round, not by ethnically cleansing half the station for no reason but simply because they make the round incredibly fucking boring. Usually they are experienced at the game and head out to get their tasks done, without ever interacting with anyone else, as soon as they have them done they fuck the station up, not too hard to do as antag, to get the shuttle called and get their little victory message as fast as possible. Now they might have "won" the game but what they really did was cause a too short round that wasnt fun for everyone, and next round they or someone like them will probably be antag again. I would take the murderhobo trying to genocide medbay 2 minutes into the round every time instead of those antags. And now what I think is the biggest problem, player C is the guy that has a chance at making the round fun, even memorable maybe. Problem is those players are often vindictive fuckers and will immediately try to ruin everyone elses fun or crash the round if it isnt THEIR gimmick that people choose to have fun with. If someone else dares be the center of attention for this round instead of them they will do everything they can to make it unfun for all involved. Anyway thats how I see it, not even starting to get into admins and meta circlejerks trying to ruin rounds aswell.

tl;dr: The community is fucked every way possible, abandon ship
Replies: >>5521
*cause a too short round that wasnt fun for anyone
is what I meant to write
Are there any other servers worth playing in without all the poz?
Is CEV Eris still alive? That one was fine, but it's a radically different custom code.
the only server i would recommend is the terragov tgmc server. It's like the cm ayys vs marines server, but better code and less shit administration. One of the headmins is an unironic redditor but most of the rest are ok. It's been gaining pop lately, waiting to see it clamp down with the poz at some point in the future.
(608.3KB, 480x480)
(20KB, 468x468)
If you keep an eye out around the weekend Corporate Mercenaries is still running public server/balance tests.
Replies: >>5661 >>5926
>It still doesn't stay up consistently during the weekend
Replies: >>5663 >>5926
(99KB, 512x512)
I don't know why they don't go live with it at this point, there have been what feels like years of balance tests.
Replies: >>5926
Whats that about? Is Colonial Marines run by that stolen valor Apophis still around? Cause it seems like him and his clique would try and butt heads with any other server that cuts out of his paypig population.
Replies: >>5928
>Whats that about?
Its a PvP server kinda like Corporate Mercenary, as you'd guess. However, its a lot more laid back.
Friendly fire is disabled, has stats so some armors/jobs are better at some things compared to others, and so on. Lore is a lot more joking so you have stuff like crusaders or McDonald Mercenaries. Has/had? a furry LGBT admin that sometimes banned for petty garbage.

>Is Colonial Marines run by that stolen valor Apophis still around?
Not only are they still around, but they're preparing to port their game to SS14, which implies they plan on going for a lot longer.
Replies: >>5939
What the fuck is SS14? Why do people who play SS13 have some kind of pathological need to do things that split communities? We already have Unitystation and whatever that other one was going on.
Replies: >>5943
(19.8KB, 335x193)
(297.9KB, 884x358)
>We already have Unitystation
Replies: >>5944 >>6132
>We would lose most contributors
What? So the people who throw code on there would bail before correcting some error in style or otherwise? Oh wait, this is pure unity and not really any code?
Replies: >>5947
>Oh wait, this is pure unity and not really any code?
It'd be impossible to make a SS13 remake without some coding I believe. But nevermind that, listen to me.
Unitystation right now is fueled by a unholy mess of "coders" hungry for Patreon money, most of them people who never played SS13. Since they get paid for completing code bounties but the code isn't reviewed very well, there is usually a rush to be the first to code something so you can claim money from it.
Not only is the staff unwilling to quality control the code, but they're unable to thanks to Unity, which existed years before something like github popped up and simply isn't made for it. Testing things is difficult, you get merge conflicts, and with the looming threat of losing a coder due to pay drama they don't want to do it anyways.

In other words its screwed.
t. Redline I don't know who he is, other than that he works/worked at Unitystation.
This sounds like a giant devops fuckup combined with spineless leaders and Unity's abstraction fucking it up on top of that.

>In other words its screwed.
What a shame, then again with the code quality that is probably present it would have been a trainwreck second only to yanderesim.
Replies: >>6132
So Unitystation evolved into a patreon scam. That somehow doesn't surprise me. So SS14 is the next attempt at remaking SS13 in an engine that doesn't suck?
Replies: >>6064
>So SS14 is the next attempt at remaking SS13 in an engine that doesn't suck?
Yes. I suppose I should say some things about it.

>Base mechanic reworks
They're not using any premade engine. This means there will be no problems like "There is a bug with how Unity/BYOND handles X so we have to either sit on our asses until staff fixes it or we find a workaround".
Pixel movement instead of tile movement.
Combat was taken into consideration from the start. This means that SS13's janky combat you might have liked is lost.

>Gameplay reworks
There is a lot going on their changelogs/github and its too much shit to keep track of, one thing I can say now. Now miners have a huge magnet they can use to drag small "vaults" into the station, like meteors or broken off parts of ships. The logic is that it'll be less of a boring singleplayer game, and you'll need help from the station if you want to complete good vaults at a reasonable time.
R&D also won't exist, because screw tgstation's implementation and screw item checklist. It'll be much more like vgstation's mechanic job. You get new item designs from scanning forgotten items in Vaults.

Now the game is open source and has(will have?) a server browser like Unitystation, but who knows if someone will code the stuff you want.

>Internal server error
Is it my .webm? I'm gonna try posting without it.
(1.8MB, 1280x720, 00:19)
Trying again after downtime.
Replies: >>6138 >>6245
Lelfucking mao. They should only pay out bounties after the code is vetted and tested, not before. How did they think it would not turn into a massive shitshow with chinks, pajeets, and hues shitting out barely compiling code, taking the cash and dashing out? Keeping contributors is meaningless if they don't put out working code, and if the maintainers aren't able to vet the code then they should just bow the fuck out now and stop stealing money.
Replies: >>6136
If you rearrange the letters in the word "incompetence" you can spell "amateur game developers." Anagrams don't lie.
>that sword popping out of your character
>damaged things turning red
>green outline
What the fuck is this abomination?
Replies: >>11725
>Unity actively making things more difficult
How does a thing like this happen? I admit I am a brainlet who has never coded anything in his life, but Unity accepts C# in some way, right? That's what I've heard. Why can't you just take whatever you shove into Unity, whether it's C# or some made-up abstraction, and use git to track that?
Replies: >>6222 >>6224
Whatever you develop in C# or whatever other language has to interface with the base engine. You can't just do anything, it has to together with what's already there, and usually the more features any kind of software framework already has, the less compatible it will be with other stuff. When something becomes a part of your project that is as big as the game's engine that also means you have to accept its paradigms and develop your code more or less according to them. Otherwise everything will become one big mess and it would also raise the question why someone would choose unity without wanting to do things the unity way.
I can't find a way to explain to you what this version control and merge conflict garbage is so trust me.
The UI looks like a clusterfuck, but otherwise the progress they made so far seems promising. I hope they actually manage to finish it, but given the track record for SS13 remakes so far, I'm not going to hold my breath.
(81.1KB, 369x255)
(22KB, 156x301)
(33.2KB, 398x340)
>Unitystation's incompetence extends not just to coding, but drawing too
Replies: >>6398 >>6465
>when you make good-looking locker sprites that have too many pixels
If they're going that route they may as well up the tile sizes as well.
Replies: >>6404
(752.1KB, 640x368, 00:17)
Not as simple as that as SS13 always had a 32x32p tile limitation. Even though BYOND has considerably improved over the years and can support much larger non-symmetrical tile allocation and even pixel-based movement for entities without much issues embed related is on BYOND, it stays with the old limitation merely as a choice of design for actually making construction, navigation and mapping as simple as possible. To allow a resize you'd have to remake sprites for everything to be of the same size in the game, remake multiple-zlevel maps to accommodate the new sizes and perhaps redesign certain aspects of combat as well.

The art is bad regardless of how pretty it looks, not because the artist has poor skill, but because he is retarded enough to not even read up the specifications or look for examples of what the fuck he's spriting for and thus ends up with his work clashing with the rest of the artwork already in the game.
Can't wait until people hide behind lockers to melee because it makes half of their sprite unclickable or makes attackers put their weapon in the locker when they miss a click. We'll just be moving from BYOND's stupid limitations to some new system's stupid decisions.
Are there any good servers to play on nowadays or is it just the public servers left?
the /vg/ and /tg/ servers were fun when I played last.
Replies: >>9532 >>10876
/tg/ is a tranny shithole that added pronoun options and basically every public server is a "no bigotry >:(" hugbox. It's fucked.
(217.1KB, 1650x919)
Yeah this is why I asked, I haven't played consistently since pizzastation back on 8chan, where I learned to make bombs, pic related my very first maxcap.
Why aren't you guys playing the hit new game Among Us?
Actually people talking about that game is what made me want to play ss13 again.
Did some fagtuber talked about that shit or something? Or is it just ss13fags talking more about that game because it is diet ss13?
Replies: >>9643
Among Us and Fall Guys are the latest "influencer backed" games, so more the former.
That being said Among Us is in SS13 in a lot of ways, like being fun to play if you have a few good people and being pure shitcode.
Replies: >>9644 >>9646
Can I maxcap the station and read aloud WGW until people kill themselves?
Replies: >>9645 >>9672
Scrath that, tried to watch gameplay videos and all are full of cancer.
I mean it's basically just mafia/werewolf but with some extra steps, having to do little minigames and run around.
Because you can tell better stories in SS13. Also, because Among Us is just flavor of the month. I played Project Winter for a little while and I'm sure those two games are basically the same. I don't care if games have a "bad UI", it just becomes a barrier to entry to weed out the retards.
Because we're waiting on a new ss13 server to play until we are burned out like a bunch of niggers again.
Replies: >>9666 >>9676
it really is only public servers as far as I'm aware, yes

the worst part is just how far the faggotry reaches, to the point of putting servers on the hub and then redirecting people to a discord to get whitelisted

and the best one of the lot that I see is lumos station, but while it vaguely kind of resembles when /tg/station was actually good, it is still full of actual faggots and niggers

at least I can't be forced to say that vorestation's the best server for any sort of ss13 flavor anymore, but that really is more of how shitty things really are rather than vore and furries being a good thing
Replies: >>9971 >>12311
(174.7KB, 610x686)
I know that some ss13 servers like beestation removed WGW from the list of books.
Replies: >>9672 >>9673
Fug meant to reply
just add it back with custom books :^)
Replies: >>9675
I could do that but they would remove it again. One of my favorite things to do was put WGW on the AAS every round.
Kind of wish we had an 8ch server, but we'd be severely underpopulated all the time. SS13, outside of mods like Stalker, really needs at least 20 people to work properly.
Replies: >>9974 >>10198
Recommend me a serb that is not laggy as fuck. Feels  like every serb is in euro or australia nowadays.
>at least I can't be forced to say that vorestation's the best server for any sort of ss13 flavor anymore
Now I can't help but think of some Fallout scenario where the only known-functional vault in a region is the one run by furfags.
We used to, but then drama happened and people started acting like niggers.
Replies: >>10876
I mean we had several but the problem is population, and also different people want different things from communities and they can't play together without drama. I want good roleplay as well as good mechanics for doing things and a near-rule-free server (I've been playing lifeweb for years and I can't stand the rules some servers have on how to behave, IC or OOC) and less dumb meme shit in the game, I realise I'm not in the majority on this website at least. Some people just like to fuck around with the systems to see what they can accomplish, some people just want to play WGW every round over and over on a recording device put on play next to an intercomm, and then some people just want to win and will do everything in their power to win as antag and everything in their power to stop the antag from winning. 
There's some overlap between them but basically none of these people can play in the same server without intense drama occuring and we don't have enough of any one type of player to have a sustainable population.
Replies: >>10206 >>10224
You've sort of hit on the problem with video games with any kind of social elements in a nutshell. Different people have different ideas of how to have fun with any game, and the more open ended the game is the more conflict's bound to happen. With SS13, where roleplaying is supposed to explicitly be a desirable thing, that conflict is magnified. Even a large community wouldn't mitigate the problem in this case, because all the hardcore winners won't congregate in one server, and all the shitposters won't in another, and all the roleplayers won't in a third. You're going to have a mix, and some of those types are at a basic level never going to be able to get along. Naturally, the shitposters can't shitpost in a vacuum, for example, and players who want comfy exploration or roleplay rounds are probably always going to be put off by winners ending rounds at the earliest moment. It's a tough problem for the game as a whole, and it's not one that anyone is working on solving. There may not even be a rational or fair way to solve it.
Replies: >>10223
>and players who want comfy exploration or roleplay rounds are probably always going to be put off by winners ending rounds at the earliest moment.
Don't some servers have a new tensioner thing? If all antags die, the round continues and new ones may be generated.
Replies: >>10289
Then open the server to the public and become the only pub without SJW rules, it'd be an achievement at this day and age.
Replies: >>10235
I wouldn't be surprised if byond removes you from the directory if they find out you're not PC.
Replies: >>10237
Are you new? It would be completely unprecedented.
I've played servers that had something like but, but not for all antags. That helps out when the wizard is an idiot, yeah. I guess what I meant was more the differences in mindset. Roleplayers might want to prosecute and execute an antag with the gas chamber or whatever, but winners just want to use their stolen weapons to kill him and get the round won. They're just fundamentally different ways of playing the game and they're usually difficult to reconcile--although I've seen people do it. Roleplayers want greyshits not to steal guns from the armory, and winners want the guns because there's no server rule against it and they don't want to get caught off guard. People playing around with mining or chemistry or tox or slimes are going to get frustrated if they keep getting maxcapped or killed by viruses or rebels or cultists or losing gravity in the middle of their experimenting. Largely, yes, that's just the way the game is and everyone has to make the best of it. But plenty of people don't think that way, and that's a problem for the continued success of the game. But it's fundamental to SS13 and not something that necessarily can be changed or even needs to change.
Replies: >>10301
>keep getting maxcapped or killed by viruses or rebels or cultists or losing gravity in the middle of their experimenting.
Toxins and gravity garbage are just random stuff people coded. They could easily be removed from the code/map.
Not sure about viruses because I haven't passed by them too much, but they're usually more avoidable and less destructive so why? And If you get converted you can continue your experiments.

The problem with people wanting to just kill the antags could be eased. There already are mixes of confirmable and unconfirmable antags, so its up for winners to be willing to take uncomfirmed antags to court and for roleplayers to let confirmed antags die.
Replies: >>10310 >>10313
Hard to disagree, there's no real logic to allowing any player to easily make handheld instant detonation nukes that vastly outclass anything the syndicate has and blow up the entire station, or blow up an entire department if explosion limits are in place.
Replies: >>10313
It's worth considering that at one point in the game's history it wasn't clearly laid out how to get a maxcap built, and that at least nominally only folks who have business in tox should get in there long enough to build them. That said nobody really expects a round to work out that way in all but maybe the RP heaviest servers, and a lot of the lower-RP servers have meta-punishment for maxcapping for no reason. Then again, meta-punishment relies on the moderators not being faggots, and nobody moderates the moderators, etc. 
Those were just examples. My main point was that the player has to be okay with being interrupted at any point in anything that they're doing by chaos. It's sort of fundamental to the way the game works and is widely appreciated and expected, but because there's also a lot of stuff to play around with and it has a roleplaying tradition some players who might be steady players give up on it. That's not a reason to cater to those players, although RP servers try to do it. I think some of the codebases try a little harder to contain the chaos, so maybe everyone could find a comfortable home if the community of players was larger, which is contrary to what I said earlier.
Replies: >>10316
It seems that the problem is cutting the round short or dying. I don't think problems simpler than that will be dealt with, or if they even can given the nature of the game. There are bigger problems anyways.

My pet peevee is not resisting culting/revving. Its a system problem, after all, but how do you reward people for not getting converted?
Replies: >>10664
>My pet peevee is not resisting culting/revving. Its a system problem, after all, but how do you reward people for not getting converted?
This is because people tend to prefer to play antags, and those two allow for that urge. Like many things wrong with SS13 the problem runs deeper than game design; its based in player preferential behavior. Back on our servers, you'd want to avoid getting culted/revved because we had some pretty goddamn robust validhunters even if they weren't security and you'd get your ass hunted the fuck down if you weren't on a team of badasses yourself. Revs and cults can be de-converted so it isn't all that much of an issue. Infact I'd think you're something of a validhunter yourself if you have a problem with people who jump at the opportunity to antag.
Someone pass me in the ligger paste.
>>3421 (OP) 
So,this game is a copy of among us?
Yeah don't even bother playing it.
Replies: >>10791
Genuinely triggered.
>/tg/ is a tranny shithole that added pronoun options
Got a source on that? If not guess I could check the server out again.
Replies: >>10891 >>12311
Yep absolutely. Go play Among Us, way more popular and way more players. You'll enjoy it more.
(178.5KB, 488x976)
>We used to, but then drama happened and people started acting like niggers.
The drama didn't kill the server. The teamspeak faggots got banned and that was basically the end of it. There were some game ruiners like the guy who would just just to tesloose. Also junkstation, which would lock up the server until negroid showed up, because the escape shuttle could never actually show up meaning the server was stuck until negroid showed up. 

What ultimately killed the server was the fact everyone left except the autists who wanted 9 hour rounds to build gigantic crazy projects. I don't blame them. That shit started because murderbone lings completely infested the station and half the server just hid in space/maints getting the whole building autism started in the first place.

/tg/ felt like the most vanilla SS13 server you could possibly get. Then they got retard coders doing shit like removing the singulo.
Join the server and see for yourself, it happened over a year ago and I haven't been there since.
Does anyone play on any of the regular servers? The "no bad words" ones?
Replies: >>10941
I've completely uninstalled BYOND so that should give you a idea.
Replies: >>11128
Why are you in the thread then?
Replies: >>11147 >>11194
Waiting for Unity/SS14/Whatever to shape up, occasionally sharing a in-game history from years ago, or something of the type.
(36KB, 223x349)
Programmer art. It is extremely useful for debugging and when developing features but need not appear in a released version.
(20.4KB, 1397x415)
(10.8KB, 1392x179)
(9.2KB, 1404x177)
(11.1KB, 1389x197)
(13KB, 1399x200)
The ban lists for these servers are hilarious.
>perma for WGW
Too fucking far.
Replies: >>11827
Not just that. He was permabanned for uploading it after it had been removed.
>all those clown bans
cmon now, thats fair for clown shenanigans. What a no-fun allowed server.
>deepfrying the armory
That protects the station more so than a fucking red alert
Replies: >>11853
We all know that most implementations have this schizophrenic rules tug-o-war between how the game is "intended" to be played and what actually healthy game play looks like. In my view, if the clown managed to get into the armory in the first place, then sec wasn't doing their job well enough to fix any problems that they're supposed to be capable of fixing. It wouldn't be a very popular opinion for an admin to admit something like "the players are too shitty to keep shitters from making this round a trash fire, so let's just see what happens" so they have to do other stupid shit so as not to admit that.
(293.1KB, 323x509)
Someone share their SS13 stories so we can reminisce about what a good game this is.
>round starts
>assigned to botany, aw fuck
>shitty at the job, watch what my co-workers are doing
>cook asks for potatoes
>botanist develops max potency max yield potato
>meanwhile I grow some grass and a bunch of shit
>figure out you can place grass on a tile and dig it up to get dirt
>co-worker plops some dirt on the kitchen floor and grows potato there for the chef
>suddenly like newfound natural instinct, we know what we must do
>all the hydroponics trays begin growing grass
>co-workers producing dirt full time
>potato fields begin pouring out of botany and into the station
>hallways are potato
>primary tool storage is potato
>library is potato
>part of medbay is potato
>captain thinks it's funny
>greyshitters begin harvesting all the potato crops and most of the station tiles are occupied by stacks of massive 100 potency potatoes
>massive lag ensues
>shuttle called due to spudpocalypse
>asspain in OC as it becomes too laggy to play
>server crashes and comes back up minutes later
>no one got banned
Replies: >>12012
>everything is potato
my sides
Not so much of a story, but a metagaming tryhard faggot on a tg server got fucking blasted into oblivion by his own bomb by me.
>round after round he goes sci for muh max caps
>9/10 he ends up being a traitor
>the 1/10 i got to be a traitor engineer
>block bomb path
>he launches one
>notices its not on the target
>goes and fixes it
>I am patiently wait by SE solars
>reblock path
>swipe a bomb before he notices its gone and remove the blockage
>rip off the detonator asap
>hide it for a while as he starts getting pissy about a bomb gone AWOL
>hear the detonator beep like mad in his attempt to detonate anyway
>rerig the detonator to my own code
>shove the bomb into a locker in science maitenence
>pull the fucking trigger
>him and the rest of science cease to exist
I hate having to do the same shit the tg faggots do but sometimes it works out brilliantly.
(318KB, 1420x1010)
If you don't mind a classic.
I always liked to jump into atmos when they were chronically short and actually try to fight fires and patch bits of the station piping back up. Since everyone expects atmos to either fuck with the SM or to just flood the station with radioactive gas anyhow, it made for a nice change of pace even if the way fire works makes it pretty hard to fight effectively by hand. One of my main goals each shift was to see if I could keep any of my non-traitor equipment from getting stolen without doing stupid meme shit like barricading off atmos from the rest of the station or actually engaging with the combat system. The design of /tg/ atmos made it impractical to actually manage the atmosphere correctly, anyhow, since the AI was a thousand times more efficient at it due to not having to walk up to atmos panels to change ventilation. 

But the true SS13 experience only comes from playing Janitor. You're just barely useful enough to not just be an assistant with purple clothes, and yet you're almost never important enough to have to do anything or to get blamed for anything worse than mass slipping. Unlike most other jobs, there's really very little that you have that other people desperately want. You have the access of a greyshit, and on cuck maps that block off the trash handling section from them it's your own private free stuff paradise. The one downside is that almost nobody will make stuff for you (soap from chem, pipe dispenser from atmos), but you can find ways around that.
Replies: >>12079 >>12095
Repairing and building is fun in SS13, it just sucks that instead of repairing damage or putting out fires, people will always rather call the shuttle and end the shift.
I hate to say it, but the antag system really encourages that kind of behavior, because a new shift means new rolls. Also, most engineers are shit at actually fixing the station, although a lot of the time that's could be because important components of comms, for instance, get stolen or destroyed and sci never bothers to do the research to make them again. It's like that brief period when sleepers vanished from tgstation maps but were still researchable and buildable. It was an attempt to try to force the departments to work together, but instead people just got along without them. Non-organic attempts to force department cooperation have literally never worked for those servers, and yet they keep acting like it's possible to make departments cooperate. Gamers are lazy and will just find workarounds.
Replies: >>12116
on the flip side I've seen extremely large portions of the station flat out gone and the captain refuse to call the shuttle because he said we can somehow fix a missing reactor, atmos, and med bay with a non existent cargo bay and mining shuttle.
Replies: >>12099 >>12116
One of my favorite things to do was go to cargo (since they never do their job) and order a PA and singulo generator. It also helped that I hate cargo.
Replies: >>12099 >>12116
It's true, really, that big repair jobs almost never happen in isolation. Usually when something goes that far south on the station it keeps going south until the shuttle's inevitable or the round's forced to end because the antags get killed. So pretty often nobody even gets a real opportunity to do any repairs for good or bad reasons. Community mindset and the skill levels of the actual players are really critical elements to how a shift actually plays out. If the miners are all retards, for instance, then people definitely will get bored about not having mats and the round's likely to go to shit. 
Cargo's job is to push boxes. Blame the QM if you don't get your box of monkey cubes or whatever. Besides, half the time the QM's really a clown in disguise and thinks cargo's a great place to set up a tesla or an armory even if it's a green shift.
Replies: >>12116
Some components are hard to fix, some are impossible. Knowing how the station is put together is key to being a robust engineer, engiborg or MoMMI. Once you get good enough you end up trying to do stuff like build a completely new, functional station on the asteroid/lavaland and unlock the true power of autism. anyone remember golembase or any of its iterations on lavaland? That was (partially) me.
>Once you get good enough you end up trying to do stuff like build a completely new, functional station on the asteroid/lavaland and unlock the true power of autism.
I wish, the shift will just end before you finish.
/tg/ was once testing a gamemode where the crew had to abandon the station and settle on lavaland. I don't know what came of it, but it was quite interesting and it implemented that kind of building autism into the gamemode.
Back when NegroidRemover, bless his closeted aussie underage faggot heart, was host we had rounds go on for 8+ hours. It wasn't unheard of to go afk and come back the next day with the same round in play. It wasn't completely dead, at peak hours had ~10 players, but in order to squeeze the most entertainment out of what is essentially PVE content in a multiplayer game you gotta build an autismfort.
Replies: >>12129 >>12212
(2MB, 500x502)
>build a completely new, functional station on the asteroid/lavaland and unlock the true power of autism.
Robonia will rise again.
That gamemode was pretty fucked. Lavaland didn't have the resources to make up for stuff that idiots forgot to bring down, and nobody ever figured out a good way for midround joins not to get nuked as soon as they stepped off the shuttle. The first problem could eventually have been solved by the few competent chief/captain players learning how to efficiently whip people into doing what's necessary to survive, but any video game that relies on specific individual gamers being competent in order for rounds not to go to shit is doomed--look at every single RTS/FPS hybrid mod ever. Every single round where one team has even a halfway decent commander/builder/resource-apportioner/whatever and the other one doesn't either ends far too early or drags out with no chance of the underdog winning. It's a fundamental flaw of the genre, unfortunately. SS13 almost avoids having that problem because there are a lot of command roles and no one command role is absolutely indispensable. Also, everyone's expecting every shift to go to shit, anyhow.
Replies: >>12136
Personally I got a kick out of the tesloose and singularity people let out on lava land, just to see if the megas would get as ass fucked as everything else.
Once a wizard turned me into a mouse when I was a detective. The polymorph is permanent. The only thing a mouse has is one space to hold something. I rummaged in my backpack and found my revolver. I managed to find the wizard and kill him with the revolver. I think I got lucky with it being a newbie wizard but still felt great to get revenge as a mouse.
Replies: >>12135
>mouse with a gun
The first time I played was a fucking disaster in that people forgot to bring the needed equipment, it was so bad that the admin during the testing shifts restarted the round. It was more or less smooth sailing after people got the hang of the evacuation procedure.
The biggest issue with the gamemode was that the only win condition was to kill all the megafauna, which I think didn't happen even once during testing. Boss battles with overpowered RPG style loot existing in this game is fucking retarded anyhow. It was more fun to battle with the liggers, so the win condition could've involved that, or perhaps spawning syndicate antags in lavaland and having the goal be to eliminate their outpost.
Syndies have an outpost on there occasionally, a win could be take over their compound and send an SOS. Theres a ton to work with on lavaland yet they keep it as a psuedo RPG playground that turns miners into living super weapons.
Replies: >>12139
Megafauna are the result if taking the meme tile-based latency combat seriously and trying to make endgame content for people who have "mastered" it. In reality, its about cheesing them with max potency gatfruit from the crashed plantman ship.
Miners were all about that sweet PVE-in-a-multiplayer-game experience, though it used to be limited to goliath plates, hivelord livers and whatever was in the points vendor, though they kind of overdid it and it overshadowed the two other PVE focused content, deep space exploration and away missions. Lavaland roles was a good way to keep the ghost population happy and not pestering for admin spawns and add some unique forms of player interaction for miners to discover.
Replies: >>12141
>bring back momento mori
>just drop it in the halls and watch what disaster strikes next
>>12136 The mega fauna were retarded anyways because slime cores and extracts made them trivial.
Personally I loved it when people managed to get them onto the station, made evasion and escape extra spicy.
Replies: >>12177
It's not really honest to dismiss them as trivial when it requires actual work from other departments. Lots of tasks in the game could be dismissed as trivial with enough science/genetics/viro autism. 
That's fun as long as the round's already fucked or a miner did it as an antag, or at least as long as it doesn't happen too often. There's a surprisingly large number of ways to completely fuck the station given a good enough player, so it's no use complaining when it happens, but it is nice to have the occasional shift that's just about regular ling or traitor autism without fusion floods or maint shock treadmills or whatever.
Speaking of retarded, fuck xenobio. It's nothing but a self-serving massive clusterfuck of a goodie bag. I would scrap this system entirely.
Replies: >>12197 >>12200
The system itself isn't what's bad, it's the fact that many of it's extracts don't make any sense. They are really powerful ones that break the whole station. Which reminds me I need to do a clown prank where I inject a rainbow with all the reagents.
Replies: >>12200
You could almost say the same thing about mining, since miners can get enough mats for most purposes without engaging with megafauna and stuff. Xenobio is obscure enough that nobody thinks to ask sci for stuff and then hold them to it, and nothing they produce is really necessary to the station. And, like >>12197 said, some of it is clearly just overpowered. It feels like they created the basic system first and with an arbitrary number of colors, then tried to come up with a whole lot of effects for all the combinations to have. In that situation you'd expect everything from silly-broken to useless gags.
(438.2KB, 392x392)
TG in general is absurd.
>Moving at speed of light on heavy armor with absurd resistances
>Polymorphed myself into a cyborg race with a downside of being hard to repair, but nanomachines fix up every bruise and every burn I get so its just bonuses
>Could pounce to move around but its troublesome so I don't
>Pretty sure only thing that can kill me is a stealthy explosion
Replies: >>12251
(539.5KB, 1861x2226)
We had Junkstation on Negroid's server which was basically a busted up station like Charlie that the server would have to fix. There was just one problem:
>Station is laid out in a way that one broken window drains whole station of oxygen
>Escape Shuttle literally could not spawn
>This meant the server was stuck on the station until negroid force changed it (sometimes would take +12 hours)
>Meanwhile anyone who joined the server would leave arrivals, realize theres no o2, the arrival ship would leave, and they would just be stuck there and die
>Entire server would be dead and wouldn't be able to play until Negroid realized the station was fucked

I don't knock the creator for trying but he kinda acted a little faggoty about it. If I remember he basically didn't want to work on it anymore because everyone said it was unfinihsed and spun it as if everyone hated it for reasons unrelated to the fact it quite literally made the game unplayable. I have heard of a lot of other stations trying something similar. It's just every execution of it so far has been awful. I was theorycrafting on how to make it not-aids the other day, but I don't know if I want to put in the time investment to get a server + build the station + get a population going.

That stuff was fun at first but it got old fast. I remember there was a little war between people who would want to arbitrarily call the shuttle 40min-1hr in and people who wanted 1-2 hour rounds. Eventually the short round people all left, and with no one to cause any chaos to end the station the rounds lasted +8 hours. It was fun but it got old fast. Joining with 3 players on 1-2 being afk, dying and being dead for ~5 hours, etc. It all got old fast. I think a Junkstation type of map would help appease both since one could be autistic but not need 1-2 hours to do so since building autistic shit is the norm and the station is optimized for it
Replies: >>12274
On one of the previous 8ch servers, maybe pizzastation I don't remember.
>Traitor atmostech
>assassination target is the lone engineer
>skeleton crew of about 20 people so we have access to each others' departments
>the engineer comes into atmos
>thinking "oh god he's one of those fag engineers who's going to rearrange the pipes because he doesn't know how to make burn mix with the default layout and fuck up my workflow"
>actually he asks me how atmos works because he's not familiar
>oh this is nice actually
>show him the loops around atmos, teach him the colour coding, the reservoir system and how it works, how to mix perfect burn mix with the default piping, teach him how kpa works for pressure
>showing him how to set up the TEG
>everything's going great, this lasts like 20 minutes
>power's up, just finished setting up the TEG
>go back into incinerator room
>open the outer chamber
>engineer follows me out of curiosity into the outer chamber
>parapen him
>take his suit, his radio, his PDA and ID
>close outer chamber
>wait for him to wake up
>still can't talk because pen
>"I'm sorry, I'm a traitor, and you're my target."
>open the separating airlock between the chambers, exposing him to burn mix at like 10000 degrees
>"I enjoyed teaching you."
Watched him run around on fire for a few seconds before dropping, figured I may as well teach him something since I was going to remove him from the round. Got greentext.
Stuff like nanomachines and ultra-armor, and slime extracts and megafauna rewards etc were part of the TG powercreep.  Basically people who wanted to powertrip on noobs added smurf items in the guise of features but this was allowed because potentially anyone could benefit. Sometimes its to "balance" power between departments as if they were classes. Slime extracts and nanites in particular were added because TG took away the ability to print guns in science, by making firing pins harder to come by. Used to be the autolathe could make then when hacked, so science was usually stuffed to the gills with laser cannons and ebows. Now they just make mechs for a little more investment but even more firepower, they made it so ion rifles don't disable mechs.
Replies: >>12270
(86.5KB, 850x821)
Mechas were always a random slapped together feature. It always a way to be able to use guns and building one is just a few steps, yet no codebase ever remembers to also restrict combat mechs.
I want them to stay though. Also the way they interact with EMPs is such bullshit.
>Map is good, unique idea, and popular
<Map is irretrievably, unarguably, fundamentally not working right to the point the server breaks when it comes up
<Nobody manages to fix it or copycat it successfully
This single thing you brought up is like a microcosm of every major problem with SS13. Here we have a feature (a map) where one of the basic parts of it (allowing the round to end) is not working right, but the original creator refuses to understand the problem and nobody else knows how to fix it, or bothers to fix it, or even bothers to clone it working right. The community is dysfunctional to the point where the original map creator gives up mapping entirely rather than fix the one thing that makes the map a killscreen for servers. In what other game community would insane cartoon problems like this happen and poison the well of an entire type of map?
Replies: >>12459
I'm a newfag to SS13 who wants to get started. Any recommendations or is it like >>5522 and >>9666 say and there isn't any place anymore that allows gratuitous use of the word "nigger"?

While I was server hunting and looking into /tg/station, I looked on their forum. An Admin said a sentence like "all trannies should die" would be considered unacceptable:  https://tgstation13.org/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=573708#p573235
Replies: >>12313
It is as they say. Only retarded people want to play SS13 anyways.
God damn, I just wish someone in the 8/v/s hosted a non-pozzed server, be a beacon of hope in these dark times.
(153.7KB, 1360x756)
I think the guy who made the map realized it was a lot more work than he initially thought and didn't want to go forward with it. It had a LOT more problems aside from being objectively unplayable. Not to mention the server was bleeding players going from about 15-20 sometimes upwards to 30 (even before the gamenight) to less than 10 regularly. Most of the remaining people were super autistic about building shit though. It got so fucking autistic 1 day rounds became the norm. Not sure why non of them wanted to pick it up. Maybe because it's not a realtime collaborative thing.
Replies: >>12511
All right, at least that's comprehensible. I always had heard that problems with maps like donut were because mappers bitched if anyone else touched their stuff.
Replies: >>12589
>I always had heard that problems with maps like donut were because mappers bitched if anyone else touched their stuff.
What can he do to stop you?
Replies: >>12644
(164.7KB, 795x768)
Anyone know if SS14 is playable yet? I keep thinking of getting into starting an SS13 server but I don't want to get turbo autistic with it if there's a better option.
Replies: >>12628
>Anyone know if SS14 is playable yet?
Cry to the server admins about it and keep them from using newer versions of the maps because they "don't respect the creator" or some stupid shit? I have no idea, but everyone bitches about donut (and other maps) and nobody ever does anything about them. Although people were quick to fix maps when the let's-move-genetics-to-science meme happened.
Replies: >>12652
Donut just needs a gas miner so it isn't on a ticking death clock.
Replies: >>12684
>donut station doesn't have gas miners
So basically everyone dies after 20 minutes if they don't run internals, or immediately because an assistant vented the station?
Replies: >>12690 >>12692
What? No. Even Meta doesn't have gas miners, right, and just the big old tanks?
Replies: >>12692 >>12728
A bit longer. Default gas canisters had enough atmosphere hacked in for 900k moles on standard temperature, meaning yes it would run out eventually but even with active sabotague in progress it would take hours to completely run out.

Other codebases treated the atmos gas tanks as infinite supply, instead of passive generators like we had in pizzastation code that was ported into modern TG.
Replies: >>12728
>What? No. Even Meta doesn't have gas miners, right, and just the big old tanks?
The 8chan had gas miners on meta.

>A bit longer. Default gas canisters had enough atmosphere hacked in for 900k moles on standard temperature, meaning yes it would run out eventually but even with active sabotague in progress it would take hours to completely run out.
I remember some plasmeme throwing a hissyfit on 8chan's server because donut didn't have gas miners for plasma. This was around the time the autism was taking off at 7 hour rounds were the norm.
(146.2KB, 313x478)
Why are there so many remakes that are close enough to break the curse at the same time? Did someone break the great seal or something?
Replies: >>12944 >>13087
The only way to break the seal is to sacrifice goonstation and lifeweb permanently. Only then will someone with an ounce of competence do something for a change. Note that TG is a vassal of goonstation and thus has to suffer the same fate.
If you haven't heard, Barotrauma took off and sucked most of the playerbase with it.
Replies: >>13090
>Barotrauma took off
There is barely even a game there, how does it take off?
Replies: >>13260
By giving review copies to jewtube celebrities and selling itself at $29.99 a pop. I'm sure the logic there is that most people buy games off steam only during sales, so a fat 50% off means you get the priviledge of getting assfucked for only $14.99. And to think it was free in beta in order to be tested, as soon as the creator tasted a little bit of popularity he could smell the money to be made.
Betting Sseth will cover it soon.
Replies: >>13312
(835.2KB, 3803x2152)
>seth will cover it soon
I doubt he would even care. Hasn't the population plummeted sharply since the release. The beta had a few hundred on the servers regularly. I can't play the game though myself. I realized I had a problem when right before the round began I told myself "alright I'll be good this round and help people out so I am not being such an asshole." Next thing I knew I was wiring the reactor to blow. I am not like this in other games, maybe it's because of the sudden free falling and flashing lights everywhere.
Hey, hostfag here, i had to handle something for two weeks, maybe more, but here's the server.
(451.3KB, 998x1000)
Replies: >>14052
nope, negroid's dead.
Replies: >>14053
(94.9KB, 1280x720)
Oh might give it a try then anyways.
What code are you using?
Replies: >>14073
Read the OP my man, he's hosting stalkan.
(174.8KB, 800x450, 00:02)
>connection failed
Fucking hell nobody got on after I left? Or did the serf shutdown?
Same shit or back to spessmen?
Replies: >>14100
Oh, I just saw its stalker. Also its dead.
>homeless for the fifth year of travels
>cant spessmen this time around
My heart swells.

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