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Ayy sup lads it's time for another EDF thread.
Two weeks ago I got myself a PSVita and got it setup for all that homebrew shit and installed EDF3 and EDF2 on it, and I was surprised on how fun EDF2 is I thought it will be the most junky game in the series but on contrary it's one of the most tightly designed EDF game in series and helped shape the series to what it is and there are many ideas that EDF5 took from it's predecessor, I think every EDF fun should atleast try this game out it's surprisingly fun.
His weapons are so fucking rad a fucking Sword with a Force Field that goes throught enemies, a motherfucking hammer that delets waves of bugs, a spear that POPS forgs heads and the Heavy cannons that goes like CLINK every shot it's a think of beauty.

A new game from the EDF mainline series has been announced, EDF6 is set in after the events of EDF5, EDF6 is set to release in 2021
And in other news developers of Iron Rain are making a new EDF spinoff called EDF:World Brother it's going to be released in 2021 for Switch and PS4

>What's your favorite game
EDF5 again but EDF2 is a close second now
>What's your favorite line
>What's your favorite weapon
Shotguns were my favorite but now that NCS cannon is the best gun in any videogame ever just because of it sound
>What's you favorite class
Still the Ranger even though I praised the Fencer I just like being that normal foot-soldier who save the day
>I want to play Online with anons
With Steam
Just extract these files and open steam to play online https://anonfiles.com/Z2E5f50fod/EDF5_SteamWorks_FIX_v2_rar
There's a nosteam file one but I don't have and it requires more setting up the steamworkfix is easier but requires steam.
Without Steam
Get this first https://anonfiles.com/LdCfO3N8o0/EDF5_GOLDBERG_FILES_7z
To connect to eachother we use the Goldberg Emulator.
Download it here: https://gitlab.com/Mr_Goldberg/goldberg_emulator/-/jobs/561581900/artifacts/download If you want the full emulator, but all the files for windows are included in the posted "EDF5_GOLDBERG_FILES.pdf"
The setup for this game is really just setting up this steam emulator.
>Unpack the downloaded emulator (Goldberg_Lan_Steam_Emu_master--5c41ba02) into a random directory or rename the image from "EDF5_GOLDBERG_FILES.pdf" to "EDF5_GOLDBERG_FILES.7z" and open in 7-zip.
>Put the steam_api64.dll from the goldberg folder (or "EDF5 GOLDBERG FILES.7z") into the EDF game's directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Earth Defense Force 5)
The steam_api64.dll file is the emulator.
Save the attached image (EDF5 Files.jpg) and rename to (*.z7) to get the preconfigured text files.
>Unpack "steam_settings" into the EDF5 directory
Now you should have C:\Program Files (x86)\Earth Defense Force 5\steam_settings with 3 files inside: custom_broadcasts.txt, DLC.txt, and steam_appid.txt
>custom_broadcasts.txt is where you put the IP of whoever is hosting. you can list multiple IPs.
>Once finished load the game and close it. This will create a directory with some files in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Goldberg SteamEmu Saves
>In there should be a folder called "settings" that contains 4 files: account_name.txt, language.txt, listen_port.txt, and user_steam_id.txt
>account_name.txt is what your steam name will appear as.
>listen_port.txt is what port you want goldberg to use. It is best to use the default.
>user_steam_id.txt is where you put your steam64 ID (Leave blank and goldberg will assign you a random one)
>If you'd like to use a specific account for example if you want to maintain progress from your actual steam account, put the Steam64ID# in this file. 
>If you'd like to use a seperate steam account for this game vs other goldberg games you may have you can create a folder next to the "settings" folder called "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Goldberg SteamEmu Saves\1007040" and put a user_steam_id.txt with a different account number in this folder. The emulator will read this folder first. consider the files in "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Goldberg SteamEmu Saves\settings" to be global for any game you use goldberg with.

If you want to host a game post your IP ITT and people can add it to their custom_broadcasts.txt file and connect to you.

I have included the fixed EXE that allows uncensored chat and an increased character limit.

All players (except potentially 1 per lobby) must have the goldberg port forwarded for both TCP and UDP in order to connect properly.
There is also a zerotier option if this method causes issue for you that would let you play with nosteam people without port forwarding
My pc is too weak to play this shit.
Replies: >>3232
Damn man your missing out on a fucking gem of game can your PC atleast emulate PS2 games ?
you could try playing EDF2
Replies: >>3234 >>4815
oh ok let me try that
Replies: >>3235
it's not as good or polished as the new EDF games but it's the game that builded a strong formula.
Also there is an english release of it but it doesn't have english voice acting while the PSVita port has one and adds some new missions.
Is EDF the perfect game? I liked a lot of 4's missions better but 5 added a lot, plus the frogs and cosmonauts were really fun to fight.
Replies: >>3325
When you think about it EDF is close to perfect there are some issues here and there but it's still a tightly designed game that provide hours of fun, I have 170 hours in this game just for playing Ranger and I still haven't completed any other class.
And also the frogs and the cosmonauts are one of the best enemies in videogames they are so fun to fight and they actually put up a challenge which is rare in videogames today, the way you have flank them and use your cover wisely is fun unlike other TPS the enemies here react to every move you make they are so satisfying to fight.
EDF is a satisfying game that never get's boring each new playthrough on a new difficulty changes the game approuch entirely.
Replies: >>3981
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>Manuel spam
Wew lad
>Younger cousin visits
>she wants to play vidya
>show her edf
She destroys every building she could. Was fun to watch. 

I remember I bought the game from the bargain bin in a game stop  years ago. All the guys behind the counter said it was a great buy for 4 bucks and described it as "pure game".  I love seeing the devs lowly refine it into something better.
I would liken the enemy layout to doom, every enemy demands a certain amount of attention from you and interesting fights can be created via the layout of the map and placement of enemies. 
Editor when?
[Hide] (923.5KB, 1492x1258)
>trying to farm inferno weapons as ranger
>101: The Niggering City
>no matter what I try to abuse, there's always one green ass teleporting behind me instagibbing me
>1.6k HP
>farming more takes forever, even with that mass teleporter DLC quest
Replies: >>4133 >>4348
101 is literally shit as a farming spot
Try those instead.
79, leave the back pillar near the underground entrance untouched, infinite silver spiders that spawn about as fast as you can reasonably kill them with a tiny bit of Inferno gear
82, as long as you get in the Barga it's GG
87, it's long and boring but the safest spot, just get in that waterfall rock crevice thing and spam your best shotgun.
Replies: >>4162 >>4173
[Hide] (8.1KB, 326x272)
I thought BIGGER NUMBER MORE GOODER when it comes to the mission level / drop table.
gonna try that
<have to chase faggot frogs down
<takes forever to walk back to the tunnel once the ants spawn
<maybe 1 in  5 tries I don't end up getting gibbed by instant niggerbeam
<even if everything works out, sometimes the remaining cosmonog just turns around and blasts my ass while I'm collecting shit
I'm just sick of this mission. I can clear 101 just fine with Fencer and Raider, but Ranger is just pure suffering.
Replies: >>4172
Sort of, but for ranger 79 is pretty good seeing as it drops the vast majority of useful gear (lvl 60-88), and the only real missing thing is the last non DLC sniper rifle which is lvl 90.
For other class there's more gear where you'll need to use a latter mission, especially WD, but then there's that issue where all missions past 87 are kinda shit and the only one that isn't (91) is not gonna drop everything for WD either.
The real advantage of 79 is basically having near limitless drops (remember you can't keep more than 1024 armor + weapon crate pickup per try) and being rather fast.

><have to chase faggot frogs down
><takes forever to walk back to the tunnel once the ants spawn
I find it less boring than 87, and it's mostly there just to kickstart you with one or two decent drops, it's not really ideal and it favors using AR over other class because you can cleanup with another vehicle (depth crawler / tank) and not be bothered by the last enemy.

If you really want 101 you just need a maxed Magma Cannon and the last hybrid protector, and maybe a reverse shooter.
Replies: >>4173 >>4203
Disregard my absolute retardation and pretend every time I said 79 I actually said 80
Replies: >>4203
[Hide] (286.6KB, 636x616)
Cleared 79 80 once, finally got a magma cannon and then REMOVED ANTS.
>Ranger is always recommended for new player because his the easiest class out if the 4 others
<He's actually the hardest class to play especially on higher difficulties
If you play as Ranger on hardest or above the game becomes a tactical-shooter where every move counts and if you fuck up once YOUR DEAD
The game pace feels slow and the gear of war reload is fucking gay.
Replies: >>4365
>gear of war reload
Are you playing Insect Armegadon or Iron Rain, those games are spin-off made to get more "casuals" to play the game just like Persona.
[Hide] (59.8KB, 670x384)
Pick up IA today and dropped it after finishing level 14, boring fucking piece of shit definitely not recommend. I don't know about the other games since they are either too much for my potato or different platform, but this one is a GIANT piece of shit, do not pick it up. I repeat DO NOT pick it up.
I thought it was ok. I wouldn't bother playing it though considering there are better EDF games out.
Replies: >>4694
The  one thing from IA I really would want in a mainline game is that self locking missile pod launcher.
Replies: >>4694
Go play Iron Rain, its a bad EDF game but it at least has some good ideas in there.
Replies: >>4733
I heard it was lame. What does it do right?
Replies: >>4795
One of the classes has a cool grappling hook. That's about it.
Slow framerate, what do?
Replies: >>4816 >>4821
Latest emulator version or not?
Post screencaps of GSdx control panel and emulation settings > speedhacks
Replies: >>4832
The game was pretty intensive for the PS2 because of the amount of enemies that the game shits out ,and if you really want to kill your PC try using the flamethrower and you will see intresting results.
Replies: >>4832
Whatever fuck it, is EDF 1 good?
Replies: >>4833 >>4835
Show us your specs first we may help you set it up
And also what type of slowdown is it, if the sound slowdowns too that means that your PC can't handle it and if you can't EDF2 you can't EDF1 either.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1280x720)
(3.1MB, 03:25)
Man imagine guys in EDF6 you play a mission where you gotta defend a ship wreckage atfirst the soldier will complain about how stupid this mission is, but THEN it turns but that wreckage is actually a space ship that EDF is going use to find a way to restore earth to how it was because it was  half-destroyed when the aliens first arivved and THEN all the mission later take place in space in search for a solution to earth and THEN the last missions take place in the aliens planet.
Replies: >>6508
[Hide] (42.2KB, 680x531)
>SPEHSS Raider gets a SPEHSS Barga with Tempests strapped to it
Replies: >>6514
God damnit this makes me even more hyped up for EDF6 it's the only game that I looking forward to this year all the other announcement are shit.
I'm wondering if I can play this on my laptop until my motherboard ships in.
Replies: >>6527
Probably if your laptop is not too bad, please post your specs so I can answer you clearly.
Replies: >>6531
OS:Windows 10 64 bit
CPU:AMD A6-9225
AMD A6 micro-6500T Quad-Core APU Radeon R4 Graphics
8GB Ram
Replies: >>6534 >>6538
It's very unlikely that your laptop will run it at reasonable FPS and keep in mind that some mission have tons and I mean TONS of enemies which can slow down the game if your PC can't handle it but Mid-tier PCs can handle these game normally, I'd say try EDF 4.1 it's less intensive then EDF5.
Replies: >>6536
Eh, I already guessed that it wouldn't work at a good Frame rate, I could still always wait until my stuff gets in a week or two for now.
Replies: >>6539
Your PC at best will be able to run EDF: Insect Armageddon, I would recommend to wait until you build a better PC.
Replies: >>6540
Getting a new PC ? what parts will you get ?
Replies: >>6543
I'm kinda curiso about Insect Armageddon I tried Iron Rain and I thought it's fine but the mission design was not that great.
Replies: >>6542
It was made by a western dev and i only remember it not as good as EDF5, but It's been 2 years since I've played it, so my memory is a bit hazy. All I can say is that it was pretty meh and I think it had way more bugs within the missions than any other game and some of the previous games' charms such as the cringey dialogue are not in and some other great content, meaning they basically transformed it into a stale shooter.
Replies: >>6544
I already got the parts I need, I just need the motherboard which came last which is a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra. A friend recommended it to me because he claimed it had done him some good for far, so I decided to give it a try. Although if it's shit then I have something as a replacement that should work better.
>by a western dev
meant by a western studios named 
Vicious Cycle Software, Inc.
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Hey lads what's the most effective weapon for killing ayys with fencer I got stuck in mission 51 and I don't if I have the equipment to effectively deal with them.
Replies: >>7203 >>7230 >>7240
just stunlock them
>jackhammer + shotgun
Replies: >>7208 >>7250
Well I have to sacrifice my mobility for the Hand Gatling and you kinda need them for the ayys or will the damage output kill them fast enough ?
Replies: >>7213
use one set for mobility and one for removing ayyys
jackhammer + shotgun combo, dash jump on them and delete them, use corpse as cover if you need to reload and then jump on the next one. Alternatively, use blast spear +shield. Use a shield augment to reduce knockback. Go for the legs first so they can't run from you and make better cover in both cases.
>ora ora rush with jackhammer
shotgun helps you close in for sure, but flamethrower absolutely shreds through armor like butter
[Hide] (110.4KB, 634x482)
Holy shit the gatling guns are soo fucking good I never knew they would be this helpful, these babies can shread hundreds of enemies at once thanks anon.
>cruising around at max speed as fencer
>Surgically taking apart ayys and frogs with your melee weapon
Is there a better feel?
Replies: >>7261 >>7262
How about dash-jumping straight into an ayys head and poping them with Blast Hole Spear, god it's so fucking cool no other game can as rad as EDF.
[Hide] (395.4KB, 670x732)
>deleting the last niggerbee on the map.

Worst feelings
>being dash cucked by residential areas
>being dash cucked by spiderjizz or ayyy boolits from across the map
>knowing there's still niggerbees buzzing about
Replies: >>7269
I still reach the point where I can understand the hatred the fencer mains have against bees.
Replies: >>7270 >>7354
haven't reach*
Replies: >>7282
You'll get there faster as an Air Raider.
t. doesn't know how to handle flying shit as raider
Always remember:
>Black & yellow? Remove that fellow!
>Black & red? Make it dead!
Replies: >>7291
The Air Raider is shit in anti-air the only way to deal with those flying niggers is to bait yourself with an gunship request which is dangerous thanks to his shitty mobilty.
Replies: >>7372
Fencer needs to build specifically for anti air i recall using the gatlings and it was the only real time i used them. Their other dedicated anti air options aren't able to also reliably engage ground targets. God I miss the javelin thrower.

In EDF 4 air raider could just use the limpet sniper or autoguns to kill everything that flies but both were nerfed either directly or indirectly(make enemies tougher) in EDF5.
Maybe on 4.1 (even though revolvers were op vs almost everything), but in 5 shot gunships and KM6's eviscerate flying niggers. And if that isn't enough he also has Revolver Nyx which are still pretty good vs them, and gun turrets to help kill them or even barriers for protection.
Replies: >>7394
Don't forget spritefall shooting mode is very fun to use against type 2 drones. One drone is enough credits to reload it instantly if you have the cost maxed.
Replies: >>7401
[Hide] (3.7MB, 427x240, 00:29)
>Don't forget spritefall shooting mode is very fun to use against type 2 drones. One drone is enough credits to reload it instantly if you have the cost maxed.
Yeah, they also excel vs deroys too.
Replies: >>8088
Holy shit the japanese dub is fucking great maybe I should try it out in my Fencer playthrough.
[Hide] (66.9KB, 200x414)
>plant flame geyser on Barga's crotch
[Hide] (283.4KB, 740x416)
Alright lads who are the strongest alien race in EDF!
-Is it the Primers with their Golden wearing armor and their strong Infentry.
-Is it the Ravagers with their powerful multi-use robots
-Or is it the Buggernauts with giant mothership named "Floating City Eden" what fucking cool name
I think both the Ravagers and the Primers can beat the Buggernauts easily, but the Primers and Ravagers are both kinda equal in strength, and the Primers tactics seems more like us a civilised species while the Ravagers tactics are more "automated" it feels like the Ravagers aren't exactly an alien "race" it's more like an IA or something like that I don't know maybe I'm wrong, but the Ravagers gave that vibe.
Replies: >>9451 >>9511
Primers are literally Golden Gods, so them

I liked the Ravagers because you never really saw how they actually looked like.
I think the A.I theory is pretty cool, they do give off that vibe.

Also kind of sad that in EDF 5 you didn't get to see shit coming out of the ocean, mostly due to the Hectors being replaced.
Replies: >>9458
Well it's only their leader who achieved that level but it's we still haven't seen their true power, EDF 6 may give us more of what they are capable of.
But I still liked how the Ravagers blocked the WHOLE FUCKING EARTH with their weapons, but I also like the buddha asthetic of the final boss he truly feels like a being who ascended to a higher form of power.
But they can't do shit against the bombardment of Storm 1 weaponry
[Hide] (459.7KB, 1280x1707)
OK, faggots, I've just formatted my computer and I've obliterated my EDF5 save file among other things. Post a save file itt if you don't mind.
Replies: >>9583
I liked the primers because they had a bit more personality. Plus the ayy and frog reveals really kicked my ass the first time. You get used to picking apart frogs limb by limb then the aliens show up. The way the cosmonauts just cleaned up all resistance with unerring precision. Horrifying
On the other hand nothing is more intimidating than a line of Hectors slowly marching toward you. That alien, uncaring machine though. 
I like them both for different reasons.
[Hide] (40KB, 720x701)
>gayyylium laser niggers
Replies: >>9517 >>9584
>Not wanting to rain down hellfire upon Gaylium laser niggers and truning them into meaty chunks of gore
Well my save file has about all mission completed on hardest with Ranger.
What kind of save file do you want ?
Replies: >>10277
Ohh fuck those faggot, especially if you are playing Fencer they can fuck you up pretty good.
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1920x1080)
We just got some new footage of the upcoming EDF6, here's the 8 minutes video of gameplay https://yewtu.be/watch?v=3aDHQZfU_HA .
Holy shit I'm even more hyped then ever, this looks fucking awsome everything about this looks great, the destroyed city, the new animation to the frogs looks fucking creepy I love it, the fact that soldier have different visuals and most of them look like civilian, it shows that the EDF is desperate after the war with the Primers, the Ranger can climb over obstacles and his backpack has physics FUCKING PHYSICS, and finally it looks much better then EDF5.
Ohh my fucking god I can't contain this amount of excitement, I want to play that shit RIGHT NOW.

Ohh and EDF:World Brothers also had some gameplay footage it looked fine.
Replies: >>10275
Are those fucking Nyx upper torsos being carried by a logy?
Replies: >>10323 >>10385
I wouldn't really mind. I was mainly a solo Wing Diver doing babbysteps with Fencer, so having all of those missions beaten as Ranger would give me something to work with. It's very nice of you to look past the faggotry reeking from my post, I appreciate it.
Replies: >>10324
[Hide] (74.7KB, 600x832)
>super-heavy crush mortar deletes a beach full of silvers
>ponder how to crack the 50gorillion kaiju DLC mission
>notice how I never used twin blastspears
>equip two for shits and giggles
>can't see shit
>I am merely a ballsack, dragged along by rocket-propelled cocks of fury
Tell me about dumb shit that has no right to work as well as it does, anon.
Replies: >>10304
>Tell me about dumb shit that has no right to work as well as it does, anon.
Dash cancelling in general
Replies: >>10324
Yes, it seems that most of the Nyx were broken down after the war, so they had to improvise and replace they legs with trucks.
These little details makes the world of EDF much more alive and believable.
Replies: >>10385
In most games the heavy class is always slow, boring, no intresting weapons just give him gatling guns lol and again slow.
But in EDF :
Sorry for being late, here's the save file : https://anonfiles.com/h6d3YaZ9o6/EDF5_Ranger_Save_File_zip
Just put in "Documents/My Games" folder and your good to go.
Replies: >>10339
>Ranger can now vault over small obstacles
Surely, Air Raider will be able to do the same thing. H-Haha.
Replies: >>10339
>he posted the save files
Here's a wholesome (You). Maybe it was divine law for me to lose a save file I had dubbed scalie titters.
Why can't the Air Raider dash either way? Wasn't his giveaway his lack of direct attacks on enemies?
Replies: >>10354 >>10427
Well that and the fact he's the slowest class in the game, but he has objectivily the greatest damage output and great CC too.
Have you seen the Nyx walking animation? Removing their legs is an improvement, though at that point you're better off salvaging the weapons and armor plate and using a conventional turret on a truck. Would weigh less and be easier to armor. EDF4 had better small mechs than EDF5 even if they were blocky westaboo styled mechs.
>Removing their legs is an improvement
You haven't seen how fast the late-game ones are.
And your quite right about salvaging them, but I think that will still take time to do, maybe they were desperate for some firepower and found some semi-functional Nixes and quickly deployed them.
Replies: >>13068
>even if they were blocky westaboo styled mechs.
That's why they were good, no Gundam lightweight space magic bullshit.
Replies: >>10427 >>10506
>no Gundam lightweight space magic bullshit
Endgame Fencer covers that, don't worry. :^)

He has overwhelming firepower, far more so than before against single targets with the gunships being really good now plus the new spritefall shooting mode, and if that isn't enough he can still stall big ant waves with Vesta (not so effective with spiders as they can hop over the fire, but that's what rocket turrets can be used for), and is somewhat able to kite waves with lategame Nyx or Grape.
>It's this faggot again
And their are not space magic bullshit, and both of them move about the same speed it's just the Nyx can turn better.
but the Fencer design in EDF4 is much better then EDF5
Replies: >>10512 >>13068
[Hide] (151.7KB, 340x203)
[Hide] (188.4KB, 1200x675)
>And their are not space magic bullshit
They are, as that frail frame and legs could not possibly carry those heavy ordenance weapons.

Vegalta Ubermensch > Nyx mechoid
Replies: >>13068
[Hide] (5.1MB, 2480x7000)
Which one will you take home /v/?
Replies: >>12980
Without doubt, RollerPedes
I don't mind how the Nyx looks, even though the extended crotch portion in mechs is supposed to be part of a transforming plane mode, its just how its animated that bugs me so damn much.
[Hide] (991KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (851.9KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (917.7KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (1014.7KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (879.2KB, 1920x1080)
>though at that point you're better off salvaging the weapons and armor plate and using a conventional turret on a truck.
Speaking of which
Replies: >>13521
All I want is RAD mech controls in EDF
Replies: >>13521
RAD controls worked best against in 1v1 battle so I don't think it will work out in EDF.
I hope that the subtitles aren't that big in the future, I want to play it in japanese dub.
Most people don't know this, but liquid soap dissolves insect exoskeletons. I'm suprised by now, after so many years of fighting bugs, there isn't the equivalent of giant bugspray to kill them all, considering how many chemical checkmates they suffer from as a class.
Replies: >>13547 >>13560
Well the bugs also spit acid, so I doubt a little soap will do them in. Also, there are chemical weapons in the games.
Replies: >>13563
Considering by mission 27: Iron wall, industries are shutting down left and right thanks to the aliens occupying the areas. I think bullets are cheaper to produce.
Also isn't the throwaway line "Looks like they're afraid of water,but they aren't" meant to disprove that fact" 
They also beat out china's pollution with the enzyme bullshit the dead bugs have.
I've started on hardest and man are these some of the most fun missions I have had and some of the most nightmarish. I can't wait until I get to the first cosmonaut mission again and get to relive that for the first time again. 
I did my original run on hard because normal is for bitches.
Replies: >>14729
[Hide] (144.2KB, 480x480, 00:02)
If you're playing with Ranger, be ready to experience HELL
Replies: >>15136 >>16712
Has anyone shot down an alien ship before mission 15 in EDF5? I was playing through mission 11 and noticed that you can actually damage the ships deploying monsters. Wonder if it does anything other than take out the ship.
Replies: >>15136
Also know as "buy DLC plox"

Plenty of stuff is invulnerable even if it looks like it's taking damage, some stuff is damage gated by scripts that work in mysterious ways.
I like ranger, some of the upgrades you can get for him are nice. I just with some of his other weapons weren't so shit. I often use shotgun and sniper because they work so well.
Replies: >>16714
Ranger is pretty fun but he's really underpowerd compared to the other classes, but that's what makes him fun especially in higher difficulties, playing Ranger on hardest or inferno changes the game completely.
[Hide] (14.7MB, 640x360, 02:19)
Just finished my Fencer playthrough, and man Fencer is soo fucking cool and the Shields were the MVP in the final boss.
>Got stuck in the final boss
>Most of my allies die in two seconds
>The only way to keep them alive is to tank the damage but health is scares
>Restart and equip the Ion shield with Shield protection
<Still not enough
<"I don't want to remove my 3-2 charge but I can't kill him without more protection"
>Put on two Shield upgrades and a Deflection Shield
>The boss literally can't fucking hurt me
>Easily beat him
>Most of my allies die in two seconds
>The only way to keep them alive is to tank the damage but health is scares
The ranger npcs at the start of the bossfight have absolutely low hp even on inferno (something like 50hp). The only groups that have normal hp are the storm team that spawns after each phase.
Replies: >>16906
Even though their health is low, they can be a good distraction against the wave of ayys
Not enough people know how amazing shields are now in 5. 360 degree protection from explosives including pillbugs. With shield protection y and deflect cell ax, you get 810k hp on great shield or go with barricade instead of deflect and get 106k shield health but have no chip damage or knockback. When I was doing a fencer playthrough, my go to set was blast spear + tower shield + deflect cell + dash cell or multi charger.
It would be nice if reflector shields had something like a reflect damage stat that multiplied the damage of reflected projectiles so there is a good reason to use them. Or make it a extra shield mod equip so even great shield could do reflects sometimes.
Replies: >>17010
You can still dash-cancel with shields. Its not as fast as the javelin, but hey its there.
Bump and reuploaded the files for playing online.
Replies: >>24281 >>24340
Are they for 4 or 5?
Replies: >>24357
They are for 5.
The first one is the method without using steam which requires Port-forwarding and posting your IP so anons can join, while the other one uses steam to play online which is much easier but some anons don't want to use steam.
Replies: >>24361
Weren't you the same anon in friday night thread ?
An RX470 is plenty for it.
Replies: >>24417
I'm not him.
Anybody got the files for edf 4.1? My computer is not to be envied.
Replies: >>24486
not sure what you mean by files here the magnet for EDF 4.1
Reinstalling 4.1 if anyone wants to play sometime soon.
Replies: >>24911
What files are going to use for multi ?
Replies: >>24918
I have it on steam so I have no idea.
Replies: >>24919
can you give me a screenshot of your game files ?
I believe piratefags can play with buyfags.
Replies: >>24922
[Hide] (17.4KB, 582x199)
Like this?
Replies: >>24924
alright download this https://mega.nz/file/d45xXIoB#r85a_1t_UF6flyyVY6QXcvx7CluHZkzuwdvvFrn8my8 and backup your steam_api64.dll and steam_api64_o.dll
Replies: >>24925
Alright done
Replies: >>24931
Now you have to wait for 30 min until my download is completed too, because I installed a few mods that fucked up my install.
either way try and see if it can work, also make a new dummy account just to mkae sure nothing happens to your main account.
Replies: >>24996
You got it yet?
Replies: >>24998
[Hide] (36.7KB, 1601x269)
Suffer like G did.
hey anon you still there ?
if you are I just made a room it's called "lel69".
Replies: >>25079
Gotta go now I'll try tomorrow.
>FedGirl Repack
You brought this upon yourself.
Who wants to play some EDF 4.1 multiplayer ?
Replies: >>25403
I am down to play now if by some chance you are still around.
ahhh shieet
could you please tell me when you could play ?
Replies: >>25743
My work schedule is fucky so usually afternoons or well past midnights central time.
Anyone up to some EDF4.1 multi or even EDF5 ?
[Hide] (142.8KB, 600x662)
Hello ?
anyone wants to play EDF online....
Replies: >>31681
[Hide] (18.7MB, 640x368, 04:05)
EDF 6 when?
Soonish. From what I've seen its looking pretty good.
2021, and that's for Japanese release not sure about which console will it come out or even it will come to PC.
and there are some rumors that it will be ranger only but I'm not sure about that, for me I kinda like the idea
Replies: >>32286
[Hide] (313.8KB, 1234x507)
I do, but i have the EDF5 nossteam goldberg setup. I can provide help to anyone that needs help setting it up.
Replies: >>31696
[Hide] (473.8KB, 1619x1725)
>nog's name is Yuki
If your still here I can play some games.
Replies: >>31700
i cant this second, dealing with a pc malfunction. but if you have the goldberg/nosteam setup i'll gladly play when finished
Replies: >>31701
[Hide] (59.4KB, 960x749)
Got everything setup dubs man.
Replies: >>31707
OK, after much frustration i am ready.   post IP or i can post mine.  I'll play anything but finished the main game on hard and am ready for hardest. or we can play the DLC maps on hard/hardest. your call.
plz no cheating
Replies: >>31709 >>31710
Should I port forward or not ?
Replies: >>31711
also you should give me yours too so we can connect to each other.
yes, for goldberg you should or theres problems with desync and DC.  but you can set which port it uses so i advise just using one you already have forwarded.
Replies: >>31712
everything is set just portforwarded too, are you set ?
Replies: >>31713
Yes, host a game when you're ready. Do you have the uncensored/chat exe?
Replies: >>31714
Replies: >>31716
GGs, Maybe we can get a few more anons to play as time goes on. eventually i will make a new thread with all instructions and everything.
Replies: >>31857
As promised, I'm going to post some guides/files some anons might want to help recruit/traffic more people into playing EDF5.
The first is a guide on how to transfer progress between accounts.  This uses SSE to access any save file on your PC, and this guide is to copy (overwrite) that progress onto any other account.
This way would let you take your current steam progress and copy it to whatever "account" goldberg or any other account on your PC.

Back up all of your saves first just incase something goes wrong.
I personally did this; it crashed the game and had to be reattempted 3-4 times before it worked, but it did work, and gave perfect results.
The idea is that you load the save file you want to copy, then while playing you use cheat engine to modify where the game autosaves to.
Replies: >>31858
BEFORE ANYTHING: Download the following shit and extract it/install/whatever.
>Smart Steam Emulator (SSE) - It will let you run the game with any Steam ID, including the one whose save you want to copy.
>Cheat Engine - You'll need this to change the Steam ID in-game.


1 - Check out your save folder: C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\My Games\EDF5\SAVE_DATA 
Each folder present in there represents a steam account, and each number for a filename represents its Steam ID in steamID64 format(EG: 76561200066607132), whose save files within are bound by the same ID.
saveslot00 (or some other number other than 00) is located inside, that's where the juice is.
You can delete the "SYSTEM" folder inside to ensure the save will work properly later at phase 2.

"SYSTEM", where shit like key binds, graphic settings and whatever else are saved. If it gets deleted, the game will run at default settings as if it was the 1st time.

up to 4 "saveslotXX" (XX being a number between 00 and 03, these are the individual in game save slots.). This is where the actual save file data is, DO NOT DELETE THIS.

"BACKUP", where older versions of your saves are kept just in case the most recent one gets fucked up.

1: The one whose save you want to copy.
2: The one that you have for your own steam account and you want to override. (you can check what's yours on https://steamidfinder.com/)


1 - Open the SSE as admin
2 - Add the game to the list by [File > Add Game]
3 - Find the game's launcher (EDF5.exe)
4 - A "Game Settings" window should pop up, on "Game Setting" tab set the Game App ID to "1007040", without the quotes.
5 - "On Emulator Setting" tab, set "Steam ID" to the EXACT SAME number as Steam ID #1.
6 - Press "Save", then run the game through the icon in the SSE.


1 - Run the game as #1
2 - Open the Cheat Engine
3 - Click on the computer with a magnifying glass on the top left corner
4 - Select the "EarthDefenseForce5 for PC" then press "Open" 
5 - Make sure the "hex" checkmark is off.
3 - On "Value" camp, insert the steam ID #1 then press "First Scan"
4 - A bunch of numbers and gibberish should appear on the left side.
5 - If there's any red numbers appearing without doing anything else, press "Next Scan".
5 - Select ALL remaining values in the list, then press CTRL+E (shortcut to change value)
6 - A prompt will appear asking you to place a value to replace with. Copy your Steam ID #2 in it then press OK.
7 - Return to the game and quit the mission then the game.
To do nosteam/goldberg so you can play with other anons, rename the attached PDF to 7z and open. in it contains everything you need. the goldberg emulator (steam_api64.dll)

read the readme for the simple instructions. i also included the readme that comes with goldberg if you want something more specific. 

post itt if you have questions.
Replies: >>31871
[Hide] (561.6KB, 793x934)
[Hide] (826.7KB, 3840x2160)
[Hide] (738.8KB, 3840x2160)
Anyone want to play edf5?
>that it will be ranger only
That sounds horrible.
[Hide] (357.6KB, 952x384)
>he doesnt know
Replies: >>32290 >>32444
it's just a rumor we don't know yet and I'm pretty sure it's wrong But I kinda like the idea, humanity in it's last only one normal soldier can turn the tides
>Highest combat strength
If someone finishes Ranger solo on inferno he could stop an actual alien invasion by himself.
Replies: >>32369
There are plenty of solo runs on inferno with ranger, with limits on youtube. I think you underestimate how broken the ranger's high level support equipment is.  the sprint is fast enough to outrun enemies and their projectiles. rangers regular walking speed is fast enough where ants will almost never hit you with their butt juice and spiders will just be left in the dust.  the ranger also excels at putting out constant damage and stunlocking enemies with high sustained DPS and the ability to stunlock.  
if you keep that in mind, and the fact that the railgun is one of the most powerful vehicles in the game, it seems much less impossible.
I agree it's hard as fuck, but not impossible. but soloing this game as fencer, air raider, or wing diver isnt exactly a cakewalk either.
[Hide] (388.9KB, 600x338)
His most powerful weapon isn't called SLAUGHTER for nothing.
Replies: >>32446
[Hide] (100.2KB, 500x347)
Anyone interested in some nosteam games tonight? perhaps in a few hours?
[Hide] (196.2KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (231.7KB, 1280x720)
>japanese only

anyways just played the game briefly
>seems like the game takes on a big spin on EDF in general
>the game still has classes and weapon types but is more geared towards very simple loadouts, but you control 4 dudes and can switch between any of them at really any time, when you do switch characters you do not switch to their location, they trade places instead
>gyro controls is in and highly recommended not turned on by default, not exactly like splatoon more like breath of the wild or daemon x machina, the gyro controls both axes and there doesn't seem to be a 'reset' button for gyro controls
does is it run fine on an emulator ?
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1088, 00:07)
>Can form a full Germanic squad
>They even do a Roman(?) salute while idling.
Absolutely based Nippons!
Replies: >>33702 >>33735
You forgot about the "No illegal imigrants allowed" line ?
Replies: >>33908
Are you having fun?
Friday EDF night when?
Replies: >>33742 >>33748
[Hide] (207.2KB, 460x412)
Want to play a game? I'm ready right now.
Replies: >>33748
Best geimu.
4.1 please, because 5 is too much for potatoes.
>tfw Inferno AP999
It's like a whole new game, except for Air Raider, then it's just more explosions
How do i fight massive amount of ants in a big open cave as ranger? I cant win level 30 phase 1 in 4.1 hard difficulty because i cant lure them into a small cave and maximize the explosive power. They are all over the place and soon enough they form a circle around me and fuck my shit up.
Replies: >>33908
That's also based, but not as based as this.

Try to use Napalm grenade launchers to crowd control chokepoints. Never actually fight them in the big ass open space. 
Alternatively, you can use a Tortoise and run back into a tighter part of the cave before it blows up.
[Hide] (16.7MB, 1280x720, 00:50)
Is there an English patch for this yet? Or is my punishment for not learning moonrunes no new EDF for a few more months
[Hide] (253.1KB, 947x641)
Anyone up for some edf5?
Replies: >>33970 >>33986
no please play 4.1 because my potato cant handle it.
Replies: >>33973
[Hide] (14.7MB, 1280x720, 00:17)
I would but I already 100%'d 4.1. though i never touched any of the dlc maps.
for edf5 i assume you tried playing without AA or shadows and also 640x480 resolution?
Replies: >>33991
Half an hour and I'll be there.
Replies: >>33987
[Hide] (384.6KB, 990x807)
Ok, i'll be lurking.
Replies: >>33990
[Hide] (1MB, 773x816)
Replies: >>33992
nothing works man 5 runs like shit here.
Replies: >>33992
damn, that sucks. how do you set up 4.1? goldberg?

ok, join if you have my stuff. if not i can post it. or you can if you want to host.
Replies: >>33994
Yup everything is setup.
Replies: >>34012
[Hide] (141.8KB, 848x753)
I fucking love smearing my sexy Wing Diver with double Plasma Whip S and dip myself in a pool of many many giant nopes.
Replies: >>34613
Anyone up for EDF5?
Replies: >>34623
yo still there ?
Replies: >>34654
Me and the boyz bout to bully a lizard.
Replies: >>34652 >>34653
Replies: >>34653
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1151x858)
damn let me post
not until i buy a graphic card.
How the fuck do you deal with ayys with ranger, I'm doing another fresh start with ranger and don't remember the ayys kicking my ass, armored ayys to be specific.
I typically shotgun legs off, and hide in their crotch while giving them a involuntary lead dilation. Alternatively just snipe them in the face from afar.
I use a sniper to aim for the gun arm a lot of the time but you can start stunning them when their armor gets stripped off. The armored ayys are another story though.
C4 bombs or the mines work pretty well if its one of the maps you get to control the pace of.
they tend to pick main roads to travel on so if you place bombs in intersections, back up. then shoot one with a sniper, they'll often come at you straight down the middle of the street.  you can also use buildings as cover and get extremely close to them and stunlock and destroy them with a shotgun.
[Hide] (94.5KB, 640x640)
anyone ready for edf5 dlc1/hardest?
[Hide] (2MB, 154x273)
Got some news to you lads turns out they are some EDF5 mods, I knew about some where you control enemies like the ayy or the Kaijus but the modding scene started to develop more tools and opened the game much more, and there is a mod out there that changes alot of stuff in the game with intent or "rebalancing the game" it's made by japanese modder so it's only in japanese.
^ That one is a modloader for EDF5
Of course I got this information not from moddb or nexusmods, no no....
If something comes up I'll tell you lads.
Replies: >>35062 >>35064
This is some good shit, thanks anon
Replies: >>35064
[Hide] (17.8MB, 640x368, 03:24)
Fug, file didn't upload
Replies: >>35066
[Hide] (5.9MB, 320x240, 02:23)
Fun Fact that type of video is some kind of tradition in the japanese EDF community, I think it got started first with EDF2 and everytime a new EDF releases they make the same kind of video.
and there some unique EDF content in japan, unlike that shit that e-celeb put out.
Replies: >>35210 >>35307
[Hide] (105.5KB, 256x166)
I suddenly want to play some EDF RTS.
Replies: >>35210 >>35241
[Hide] (36.2KB, 480x360)
Good shit

Replies: >>35241
Do you know what I want, I want to EDF6 to have some squad management in it, you know something close to Mount and Blade and I think it will totally work in story and especially in game, if you play as storm 1 in EDF6 it will make sense that every soldier will follow you're command.
It could simple think like, a command for regrouping falling back or spreading out, or some a bit complex like dividing the soldier into small squads and managing them in real time, I think it will make the game much more fun.
Replies: >>35247
> I think it will totally work in story 
Won't work with gamepads though
Replies: >>35248
That's why I said something more simple would work out, maybe the D-pad would work out it has 3 button left unassigned.
Replies: >>35251
[Hide] (40.8KB, 640x360, 00:01)
Nah, Brothers in Arms was terrible at with a gamepad and Battlefront and Musou struggled and struggled all the time with real time tactics.

The best way to do it i either a order wheel or a holding single button to change the regular inputs  to tactical ones, and both are terrible.
It makes me wonder if it would be more beneficial to let the air raider spawn a command truck, that gives an over head cam and troop control, in exchange for the complete lack of mobility
Replies: >>35256 >>35307
But the troops need to be OP as fuck, my idea is to lead the charge with them and provide a bit of fire support and a distraction, like a squad can flank an enemy ayy and you can charge into  him pinning down the enemy, or when you're being attacked you order you're troops to fall back to keep them alive for even longer, some people think that allied troops are useless but they aren't, they are extremly usefull and if they next game gives you more control over them will reward strategic use of them.
I kinda like the idea of a command truck, maybe it can work if the truck gives a buff to the troops when it's near to them, and atleast the ability to still do air raids inside would be helpfull.
There are alot of japanese that literally only play EDF.

Sounds like you want a 5th class; EDF command, not air raider. 
your mission is to send storm team at everything so they can clean house every single time nomatter the odds.
>Free camera where you can send orders that pop up in the minimap and order arty strikes and send crates
I need it
Replies: >>35312 >>35343
>order arty strikes and send crates
Excuse me, but thats the air raiders job. He's the man on the ground. are you saying he no longer needs to be on the ground? because that's extremely dangerous. do you not recall a certain mothership blocking command from even seeing what's going on below, let alone being able to help?
storm team carries the entire edf organization, most of which are untrained civilians firing weapons wildly into the air.
Replies: >>35331 >>35343
Some way to improve the footmen in a mission would be nice, anything to stop pill bugs from treating them like literal bowling pins as they roll into the blob shaped formations. I can imagine a few mission going a lot differently if npc groups did more besides slow walk into the swarm.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 02:02)
Is it only me who feels that playing anything other then ranger doesn't feel canon to the story ?
I mean the first few missions only show ranger.
and while I'm talking a bit about the lore, do you think that the Primer's function like a monarch heiacrhy, like thing about compare the looks of the frogs and the aliens :
Golden looking armor and weaponry, a race of proud aregant warriors
No armor, weak weaponry compared to the aliens, a bunch of electronics are jammed into them indicating that they are an enslaved race of different aliens.
Now here's the question why did the primers enslaved the colonist (frogs) ?
Well If you think about it maybe they are the one who can control the monster hense the name "colonist" maybe these monsters are animals that exist in the native colonist planet and the Primers.
And you may be asking, how did you know that the Primers are bunch of proud warriors, well when you first fight the "Nameless" he looks down at you, crossing his arm, doing minimal amount of movement, he thinks that you are nothing but a "pest" who just got lucky, but slowly you show him and the final phase if you look at his animation he's actually tired he can't keep up with, his angry that you destroyed he's pride, and the Primers mentallity is like that, they don't show their face only half way through the game, they only used they pawns because they didn't want to "dirty" their and they only showed up because the EDF was still resisting human kind was still fightting, heck it's hinted multiple time that if we lose that we will become just like the "Colonist" a fate that humans didn't like, that humans didn't want and throught history humanity always fights for it freedom.
And this is what got me, after playing EDF2, EDF3, EDF4 and EDF5 I get it, this isn't just a "dumb game where you shoot big bug lol it's like the best bad game out there" that redditors always keep spewing out, EDF is more then that, EDF is story of desparition, greef and death, it's a sad tale of humanity darkest hours, where you hope you can be alive in the next 10 min, but it's also a story about determination, the absolute will of humanity it's ability to survive and to be free, it let's experience the meaning behind being a human, and it also let's you explore how legends are made, in every EDF game you always plays as the elite Storm1, Storm1 is always the legendary hero that saves mankind in every game and every generation, Storm1 is a symbol to humanity's greatest strength "Willpower" he doesn't super strength or anything like that he's just a normal soldier just like any EDF soldier but he's precented on saving humanity a noble hero who comes to aids at the moment of despair.
Some may say that I'm reading to much into it they may be right but I don't think so, a good example is EDF endings, nobody can lie that EDF is action game with lots of action packed missions but it always ends on this slow feeling ending, sometimes it can even be sad like EDF5 ending or how the credit song for EDF3 is this slow piano I love it.

I know that may sound like giberish it's just my thoughts on this series, for me this is best series of all time and I hate to see a bunch of e-celeb keep repeating the same shit about "it's dumb shooter game" no it's labor of love and pastion, a game made by people who actually cared a game where even the devs are odds are againts them just like the game, they created an amazing game like this with such a small budget while AAA devs can't even make something like this with their billions, I love everything about this game my words can't describe how much I love this game, in world where everything is a made without this is such a breath of fresh air.
Replies: >>35345
[Hide] (163.1KB, 947x711)
Officer (Lieutenant?) Class
>able to deploy camera drone for easier unit command, unless there's interference.
>OR able to deploy mini-HQ, sacrificing any ability to move around but get view as far as LOS of units, or something like Full Spectrum Warrior/Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy had. Alas, I still need to play TA and that FPS game set in ST-Movie Universe
>able to command troopers on the battlefield that mission provides
>via equipment selection able to get own platoon, even on missions without troops
>can equip only one weapon
>cannot call in vehicle crates normally, but can call in ammunition (and fuel crates) for both vehicles and un-reloadable weapons, can be finite depending on mission
>only get very limited amounts of ability to call in whatever artillery strikes and vehicle crates set by mission, but they're also inaccurate normally
>get bonus points for rescuing civilians and soldiers

>optional player slot for multiplayer
>can place mark for the players, while he is able to control NPCs otherwise, including even assigning NPCs to the player instead think of expanded Savage.
>able to set mark for the Air Raider for artillery strike or vehicle drop, slightly decreasing delay
>and also able to ask Air Raider to provide better artillery aim and crate drop, if such tool available for Air Raider.

That's what my mind was able to come up for now.
>words words words
[Hide] (13.2MB, 320x240, 04:39)
Replies: >>35842
fucking shit wrong link.
[Hide] (19.7MB, 640x352, 03:31)
Is it me or does EDF4 looks better then the updated 4.1, I like darker look of the original and I think that EDF4.1 is much brighter and I think the depths of field effect is missing too in 4.1.
[Hide] (99KB, 560x524)
a normal soldier fighting against an unbeatable army, fighting for the freedom of mankind, and beating those odds with just his skill.
No "He's actually a super soldier" or any of that gay bullshit, he's just a normal man fighting for what he believes in just like any normal human should.
God damnit EDF is fucking great
Anyone want to play?
yo lads anyone up for a EDF5 game ?
Replies: >>36885
Yes. want to host?
Replies: >>36886
yup just a sec
Replies: >>36919
[Hide] (691KB, 2560x1440)
[Hide] (625.1KB, 2560x1440)
Peace was never an option.
So how's EDF:World Brother I tried to see if the game run the switch emulator but it crashes after the opening... I want to get switch now just to play EDF, just like I got a vita to play EDF2/3 and I almost bought a PS4 just to play EDF5 early
Replies: >>46392 >>46873
bump from last page
Well now you don't need to
Replies: >>46398 >>46401
Why ?
Ohh I get it now It's coming to PC on may 27th simultaneously on PC and consoles....
Replies: >>46410 >>46473
No. Edf is banned forever and you are double banned forever from playing it ever.
Replies: >>46504
[Hide] (447.6KB, 706x1000)
No idea, but all i know is after i figure out a way for us to play, you fags better play or i'll be sad
Replies: >>46504
Fuck you nigger I'm going to play EDF to the end of time and nobody is gonna stop.
Don't worry anon we will send the ayy back to their shitty planet together.
Replies: >>46682
(39.4KB, 245x245)
>back to their shitty planet
No. They're not allowed to leave. That option for them expired as soon as they started dropping gold ants. They have made their decision. The earth will be their grave.
I was considering getting it last night, but it seemed a little to pricey and with it coming out in a month I think I can wait till the PC version drops.
Replies: >>46874
You know you could pirate it right ?
Even though Sandlot actually deserve most people money and their games actually offers hundreds of hours of gameplay without any gay DLC
Replies: >>46895 >>47021
I could but I don't like pirating EDF
Replies: >>46968
just pirate the game and contribute to their patreon.
Didn't Yuke's make World Brothers? They're the ones that did Iron Rain.
I completely agree that Sandlot deserves money.
Replies: >>47054
Yeah Yuke did make World Brothers, although they kinda fucked up with Iron Rain atleast World Brothers looks like a great game.
[Hide] (843KB, 1283x624)

[Hide] (128.6KB, 314x256)
Replies: >>47486
[Hide] (198.9KB, 1283x624)
Replies: >>47521 >>47590
[Hide] (140.1KB, 820x741)
>armor is 6969
[Hide] (207.9KB, 600x574)
[Hide] (49.4KB, 715x960)
Started playing EDF2 on my Vita again, shits old but still a classic. Currently on Mission 37. I should have picked the Air Raider class since I had a lot of fun with it in 5 but I'm already committed to finishing the game with Soldier .
Palewing > Wingdiver
Replies: >>47903
You will notice some similarties between 5 and 2, 2 is the jankiest of the bunch but it set a good foundation for the future.
The class system and the mutant enemies all started with 2, so if you see someone say the the class system was inspired by Insect Armagadon well they are full of shit.
Replies: >>47910
I love fencer, but once you realize you need a mobility loadout and a shooting loadout it feels kinda restrictive. Doesn't matter much because you're zooming around the map blowing things away. I want to like ranger, but even the bike feels lame mobility compared to fencer and wing diver.

IA was my first EDF. It's not as terrible as people make it out to be, but it's not as good as the mainline games either.
Replies: >>47909
I never played IA but I did play Iron Rain and it give this "restrictive" feeling, controlling the classes in mainline EDF games felt fluid and responsive unlike IR which gave me this restrictive kind of feeling.
So I'm wondering if IA would be the same but I don't have Xbox360 maybe Xenia would work on it.
I knew that, I played the original EDF2 on an emulator years ago, never beat it just because I don't know if it was my computer at the time or game itself that ran like ass, but the vita version is pretty well made, a lot less frame drops compared to what was coming out on the 360 and PS3 at the time.
Replies: >>47913
>I don't know if it was my computer at the time or game itself that ran like ass
Kinda both, if you want a PS2 to catch fire try playing 2 with only the flamethrower it will literally burn the console down.
>a lot less frame drops compared to what was coming out on the 360 and PS3 at the time.
Well the games 360 and PS3 where much bigger then 2, also fun fact EDF2025/4 on PS3/360 has some visual effect that don't exist in EDF4.1.

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