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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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2 weeks ago, the vita turned 9 years old. A fun little handheld that didn't reach its full potential due to so many terrible decisions. Fortunately homebrew development is still very active and will only get better. So without further ado:
And most importantly, are you still having fun?

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First-time buyer's FAQ:
Upcoming game releases:
Recent game releases:
Game list (filterable):
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Vita hacking:
Vita homebrew/plug-ins:
Vita game mods:

Lastest news:
>Port of AvP Classic 2000
>Standalone N64 emulator without the need of Adrenaline
>GTA III port
>Some upcoming releases
Habroxia 2, UnMetal, Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story and Heart Forth, Alicia
Emulation when?
Replies: >>31898
>>31819 (OP) 
Lots of times i thought about buying one but there's only one game i'm interested in (dungeon travelers) so it's not worth it.
Who the fuck would spend 200 bucks on this shitty thing?
Replies: >>31870 >>31877
Look how much fun that anime girl is having. Surely it must be worth the money.
Replies: >>31876 >>31877
I tried out the (improved) dualshock 4 plugin and its working really well. It finally has allowed you to use the backtouch for R3/L3 on Adrenaline, meaning I can actually play MGS.
Otherwise I've only been playing visual novels on the thing,
f5a7cfd4cce0d40d99f0f4c736627d515a42f0012c5f792bf04dbd41f2c2dd2c.jpg (u)
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>Paying 200-400 dollars for reports  of boobie games that are on PC instead
 >Surely it must be worth the money.
Replies: >>31877 >>31878
Where are you fucking retards getting your vitas? You can get one for 50$-80$, sometimes less, then hack it, get a 1$ sd adaptor and fucking play videogames.
Replies: >>31885
Well, you can find a vita used for under $100 now, but at this point even though I really like mine but its obviously not for everyone. One other thing is many of the games were on vita first, that doesn't change the situation if you're looking for those games, the best versions are on PC but just wanted to correct you there.
Well shit negro, that's all you had to say. Where can I a cheap vita?
Replies: >>31896
idk, used vita on ebay?
Replies: >>32119
>>31819 (OP) 
I've never had a vita, but my friend has one and I did play some shit on it. I did enjoy virtual fighter.
But I do still own my PSP, but sadly I've never finished nfs shift port on there which is good
Not worth the hundreds of thousands of hours of coding for a few shitty games, even though people made an emulator for the wii-u.
Replies: >>31902
At least the Wii U had a couple worthwhile exclusives when emulators were being developed, like Splatoon and Wonderful 101. It also had the definitive version of Bayo until the PC port a few years ago. The Vita just has Gravity Rush and weeb shit.
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Caligula_combat_clip_0005.mp4 (u)
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Caligula_combat_clip_0009.mp4 (u)
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Still enjoying Caligula to this day, on my second playthrough. It's probably my favourite JRPG of the 8th generation. The combat system is highly addictive (albeit with some balance issues), and groundbreaking enough to be a sub-genre of its own if the industry paid more attention. 

In recent news, it seems the "Caligula 2" official logo was revealed on a Japanese trademark database, so I guess the inevitable sequel is finally around the corner. I don't expect it to be anywhere near as good as the original, but at least it will help introduce more people to it. 
In any case, it's pretty safe to say there's zero chance of Caligula 2 coming to the Vita. If I had to guess, it's probably going to be on the PS5, PC, Switch, and maybe KFConsole.
Replies: >>32057 >>43199
Next time use this to record a video:
Replies: >>32102
Caligula_2019_Happy_New_Year.png (u)
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A plugin for streaming to PC, huh? OK, thanks for the info. I'm looking this thing up on youtube now, and apparently it requires jailbreaking. Mind you, I'm a dinosaur, so don't hold your breath, but I'll give it a shot when/if I get another Vita. If I'm to get into this sort of thing, I want to have a spare on hand, just in case.
Replies: >>32105
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>>31819 (OP) 
There are STILL rumours going around that Soyny are planning 
to put out another handheld
Why even fucking bother at this point? People bought Vita for niche weeb games, they're certainly not going to bother with Sony censoring everything that comes out of Japan.
Replies: >>32105 >>32146
Even if they made one I wouldn't give a shit the vita is the last good console that sony put out.
>Still haven't hacked his vita
nigger what are you doing, hacking this thing will make it the ultimate entertainment system, this thing makes smartphones useless especially with it's cheap price
Replies: >>32132
If you don't know then why are you saying there's cheap vitas available retard?
Replies: >>32124 >>32189
Not him but I got one for around 75$ well in my country and most of them sell for that amount, but I'm not sure how much they cost for you, just do some research and you will find one for about the same amount.
>hacking this thing will make it the ultimate entertainment system
Not really since it's underpowered and lacking in games. Pretty much all of the good games have better ports on other systems.
Whoever is making those rumors is retarded.  Sony can barely manufacture enough PS5s, and then you hear shit like the PS5 is the least selling Sony console in Japan except for the PSP.
Replies: >>32147 >>32155
>PS5 is the least selling Sony console in Japan
I think that's mainly because they didn't stock many in Japan in the first place. It was sold out despite only selling like 120k units. NuSony just doesn't care about Japan anymore.
>the least selling Sony console in Japan except for the PSP.
The PSP sold well in Japan though.
Replies: >>32166
I think he might be referring to the Pocket, which didn't do too well.
Just check it, its just 60 dollar over here. You are just poor, peasant.
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Guess what lads the Dreamcast emulator Flycast is now in alpha and is open for everyone to download.
From what I've seen it can run 21 games in a playable state, also what does mmap/mprotect meant ?
The author mentioned it a couple of times saying that it's missing from the vitaSDk.
And forgot to mention that Sonic1/2/CD are now also playable on the vita, it seems that vita scene is starting to pick up some steam lately, I was scared that homebrew devs forgot about it.
Looking forward to finally playing Grandia II at a hopefully good compatibility down the line, though I have to wonder if the playable status extends to the patched Japanese version, or if it's only the North American version.
mmap/mprotect are two unix functions, and yes, they're missing from the vita. That's one reason you don't have jit in vita's browser.
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How bad do the older OLED models suffer from burn-in? Is it worth getting one over the newer LCD model?
I 'think' they burn-in if you have the same image for too long. Just take good care of it.
According to LG and common sense all OLED phosphors burn out over time. The higher the brightness, the faster they burn out. Two hours at 100% brightness is just as bad as four hours at 50% brightness. Vita 1000 is an early OLED panel so you would get lower phosphor life plus the fun of color shift as the different color phosphors dim at different rates; LG is the only company making OLED TV panels  worth a damn because they patented a white phosphor and use color filters on top of it so the color shift isn't as pronounced when burn-in happens. Only reason to get an OLED model is for that SD-to-SIM adapter.
Replies: >>33918
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>LG patented white light
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a commander genius port for vita came out recently:
Replies: >>36959
Speaking of ports, the vita just got Max Payne and GTA San Andreas is on the way cause why not.
Replies: >>36990
every port and "remaster" of SA sucked major ass after the pc and ps2 versions
Replies: >>36992
I agree, but these ports and remasters were done by corpomen.
I don't want to buy a vita for just one game (dungeon travelers 2) so i won't get one.
Ok that's good to hear I guess.
>dungeon travelers 2
Just emulate the psp iso with a translator on the side i guess. That way you play the game and learn moon at the same time!
Shame, DT2 is worth it.
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Vice City and SA are on the vita now:
Replies: >>39541
If it's those godawful "HD remasters" I don't want anything to do with them.
Replies: >>39542
SA is some mix between the android port with ps2 shit added in. The Vice City one was based off a PC project that reversed engineered the entire code with bug fixes while adding shit that the various versions had over the other. Though Take Two didn't like that and did a DMCA takedown of the Vice City project's github as well as a GTA 3 project that was by the same team.
Replies: >>39546
How playable is the VC project?
>>31819 (OP) 
Any vitafag with both systems say it's worth buying if I already own a hacked 2DS?
Replies: >>39766
I have a 2ds for gba/ds/3ds and a vita for psx/psp/vita games. I enjoy that I have portable handhelds that with a little homebrew allow me to play with no issues. If you want to play games on the Sony side of the aisle, and like handhelds over using emulators on the PC, then certainly is a good choice.
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I have an old 3ds, i'm afraid of not getting a vita or a new 3ds because they are not produced anymore, should i just buy them now? i don't have much money at the moment but i might be able to buy them with my credit card.
Replies: >>41462
s-l500.jpg (u)
[Hide] (63.5KB, 500x500)
Definitely. They will only get more expensive from now on. Try searching in ebay or your local second hand videogame store for a cheap one. Get the original fat model. While the slim has better battery the original has a better screen and looks prettier. Also get a sd2vita card adaptor for 1$. 
I don't know what the difference is between an old 3ds and a new 3ds are other than snes games but It might be worth looking into as well.
Replies: >>41469
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Vita_bullied.png (u)
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Vita_Tan.png (u)
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Vita_Mad.png (u)
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Thanks for the games
Replies: >>41465
question_spurdo.jpg (u)
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Why is pc-tan just pepsiman
Replies: >>41467 >>41468
Why is Vita-tan just Tomoko in a hoodie?
Replies: >>41468
thinkan_monkey.mp4 (u)
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Our questions may never be answered.
yomiwosakuhana.jfif (u)
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You are probably right but i don't want to get into debt for a console, might buy it in a few months after all i don't think they will just disappear after so many years, i have a huge backlog anyway.
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I dunno the games got some pretty insane issues
>combat is good but environments don't really gel well with it (easy to have a character get stuck on wall/in a door
>one single song in the entire dungeon to the point I quite literally turned the music off halfway through most of them
>every enemy acts almost the exact same minus the bosses
>big fps issues
>dungeon design is pretty garbage, just long hallways with context points for locked doors
To be fair with the last point it's a hell of a lot better than garbage like persona 5 but still mediocre. I really like how the combat works though and I'd love to see things other than Caligula adopt it.
>that feeling when you completely shittershatter an enemy with like 5x it's health in damage with a well planned combo
Replies: >>44722
So the rumormill is claiming Sony is going to get rid of all PSP/PS3 games from its store by July and Vita games by August of 2021. NPS browser gets the files straight from the Sony servers, right? So just in case this rumor turns out to be true, you should take what you can though anons should have been doing so beforehand.
Came in here to ask about playing pirated games on PS3 games on my old 60GB backwards compatible model myself. It's not that hard to do so it? How hard is it for them to detect jailbroken/hacked PS3s when going online?

As for the Vita, has anyone here played Ragnarok Odyssey Ace?
Replies: >>43716 >>43745
How big is the vita library? Is it feasible to mirror the whole thing?
Replies: >>43716
It's very easy to jailbreak, specially in phat models like yours. I haven't gone online but I think it's pretty rare to get banned. Also I would recommend getting an hhd for your ps3 because those 60gb are going to fill quick unless you just want it to play a few games.

1298 gaims.
Replies: >>43723 >>43729
That seems a bit low. I mean, I just started pkgj and it shows Count: 3243, and I think that list only contains items where NPS actually has download urls (not like we could mirror items where it doesn't have though).
But to be honest with size I was more interested in GB and not count, there are games that are just a few hundred MBs, and there are 5 GB monsters. But I guess I'll have to download the csv files and figure it out.
Replies: >>43726
So, unless I fucked up my script,
PSX_GAMES.tsv: 296.53 GiB
PSM_GAMES.tsv: 41.19 GiB
PSP_UPDATES.tsv: 2.46 GiB
PSP_THEMES.tsv: 30.30 MiB
PSP_DLCS.tsv: 11.39 GiB
PSP_GAMES.tsv: 676.42 GiB
PS3_DEMOS.tsv: 360.20 GiB
PS3_AVATARS.tsv: 90.06 MiB
PS3_THEMES.tsv: 3.21 GiB
PS3_DLCS.tsv: 1.08 TiB
PS3_GAMES.tsv: 17.05 TiB
PSV_DEMOS.tsv: 239.27 GiB
PSV_UPDATES.tsv: 842.47 GiB
PSV_THEMES.tsv: 4.11 GiB
PSV_DLCS.tsv: 180.02 GiB
PSV_GAMES.tsv: 3.66 TiB

24.4 TB overall, PSV is about 5TB, a bit less if you leave out the probably useless demos.
Well now, I installed a nearly 1TB hard drive on it a few years back.
It's going to take a while to reinstall everything if I jailbreak it now, isn't it?
Replies: >>43734
You don't need to delete anything to jailbreak it.
Replies: >>43735
No formatting anything besides the flash drive, then? Looks like the news won't be a total loss then.
The maintainer of NPS claims to already have a complete offline backup in case Sony decides to cut off downloads. I'm more worried about all those PS3 games that aren't on NPS yet.
Replies: >>43743 >>43745
Provided that a) he's not lying, b) he's willing make it downloadable somehow. Hosting a few text files with a bunch of links inside is a different beast than making thousands of full games available, both legally and financially/required infrastructure wise.
Replies: >>43881
It's not hard to play pirated games. A program like MultiMan Command Module will let you call stored game data into the slot normally reserved for discs, thus you can run them as if their discs were inserted (and thus using the system's own capabilities). Works for PS1, PS3, and given your model, PS2 as well, though I can't speak with certainty on games that were digital only releases, whether they can be installed in a way that the XMB can pick them up like official ones. As to online, I'm not sure how many games still have servers up. Even the longstanding Demon's Souls ones went down a year or two back. I think there's some ways to try to obscure your hacked system from Sony's detection, but I'm not sure how often the applications get updated, if they are still updated.

As the other anon said, replace the hard drive with a bigger one (especially since, even if you have PS3 games technically on the HDD, the system will still force you to install some the normal way in order to play, so expect some doubling up). And get an ethernet cable to save yourself a lot of time transferring files.

>I'm more worried about all those PS3 games that aren't on NPS yet.
PS3's kind of a different beast, in that not every game actually got an official digital version, leaving some disc only. So depending on what you're looking at as being absent, NPS may not have anything on Sony's servers to pull from to begin with.

Come to think of it, wasn't the PSP in a similar boat, with some games being UMD only?
Replies: >>43769
Demon's Souls has a custom server up and running and as stated previously, I have replaced the original hard drive with a 900 GB one already. I need to look up whether or not I can play PS2 games that were japan exclusive and not on the JP PSN store.
Replies: >>43833
>PS2 games that were japan exclusive and not on the JP PSN store
You can dump an ISO in you PS3 and emulate it or rip it directly from the disc.
His plan is to post the whole thing on
Replies: >>43883 >>43884
>whole thing
That'll get DMCA'd whether he likes it or not. Sure the older systems seem to have full sets on there, but newer ones like the 3ds only seem to have a handful of games here and there that by no means make a complete set.
Replies: >>43884
91160a3b2df3e2a4c7c5fa865f91edbc7aded90aca75d9bce1427930339cabaf.jpg (u)
[Hide] (28.7KB, 256x256)
With all the no-intro and redump sets already on there it could work I guess.
Caligula is one of those rare cases of a game I play exclusively for showing off in combat and styling on enemies, while tolerating just about everything else (poor dungeon design, poor AI, crazy camera, lack of enemy diversity like you mentioned, etc.) It's a messy, unpolished game where all the fun is in discovering how much you can exploit, and bathing in the spectacle like a Greek god scorching the Earth with lightning. Long story short, the game has unconventional appeal that works as a normalfag filter, and is super addictive to the right people. 
Vid related, I compiled some of my clips into a little montage. 
(Before anyone asks, the music is from "This is a 1980's Japanese Mixtape, The 4th one". You can look it up on jewtube. It's good stuff.)
Replies: >>44723
Did my vid fail to go through? Strange. I most certainly did select it. 

I guess this will have to do until direct uploads are fixed. Sorry for the multi-posts.
Important_notice.png (u)
[Hide] (171.1KB, 1080x2303)
Sony confirmed that the PS3/PSP/Vita stores will be shutdown.
k_laying_on_the_bed.png (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1001x1055)
Fairly a good decision, considering how outdated these systems are, and thus insecure for the user to make purchases through them. God, I feel so old right now.
Replies: >>44787 >>44845
Does it mean that soyny will finally stop issuing vita updates whose sole purpose is to fuck up jailbreaks? Just kidding, I don't think they released a single update in the last year
Anyway, they say that you will be able to re-download already purchased games, so nopaystation links will hopefully continue to work. Nevertheless, download and back up anything you intend to play in the future. The only problem is that I have no idea what. I only really used it while sitting on the bus, but thanks to Corona-chan I'm saved from having to go to normalnigger places most of the time, so it's kinda moot now...
Replies: >>44788 >>44791
I mean I wanted to quote >>44781, but that other post is almost ok too.
>Does it mean that soyny will finally stop issuing vita updates whose sole purpose is to fuck up jailbreaks?
Maybe they will release another final one that you will have to spoof in your Henkaku options again since PS3 got one at the end of the previous year, but that's most likely only because they needed to update the outdated Blu-ray keys.
>Anyway, they say that you will be able to re-download already purchased games, so nopaystation links will hopefully continue to work.
Removing the option to download the purchased games on your PSN acc would be going too far, even for Sony. But they might do something that retarded in the near future. You never know.
>The only problem is that I have no idea what. 
There's an entire catalog of great PSP games waiting for you, and I prefer playing them on the Vita for the authentic feel.
But this might be purely because of all the good memories that I've had with PSP during my childhood and my brain likes to refresh it's memory about them. I feel sad that my little bro doesn't want to play on my PSP that I no longer use, but I blame my abusive commie Mother for ruining his mind with (((Jewtube Kids))) and other degenerate shit.
You can also emulate some games from other systems with Retroarch or native emulators like mGBA.
depressed_uni.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1013.3KB, 1333x2397)
Site ate my image.
Replies: >>44794
Don't make Uni cry, you bastard.
I've poked around a bit with it, but the problem is that vita is pretty underpowered for that, so outside of PSP and PSX which has native hw acceleration, you can only emulate really old consoles. And like I said, lately I'm sitting in my room like 24 hours a day, and doing any emulation is just way more comfortable on a PC. Plus I also have a fucking long backlog even if I only consider games that has native PC versions.
>Removing the option to download the purchased games on your PSN acc would be going too far, even for Sony.
If Nintendo could get away with it, why not Sony? Wii Shop Channel was shut down for reals last year.
Replies: >>44800
Will be fun when those online only consoles becomes bricks because MS/Soyny no longer want to support them. At least with older consoles you could always get a physical game and keep it forever.
Replies: >>44843
So does that mean I can no longer download shit with PKGj ?
Replies: >>44845
a6fe23f2a7bd5a5829939773ef26b5e86ed2a6dfb0cd9b6eb4d1de5ddc4bba3c.jpg (u)
[Hide] (52.4KB, 320x287)
I hate this thread because whenever I see the first two OP pics I pop a boner and need to kill it fapping to senran kagura smut
Replies: >>44838
just hide the fucking thread like a normal person instead of bitching about it
Replies: >>44869
>At least with older consoles you could always get a physical game and keep it forever.
Only the ones before the 360/PS3 era. Now that devs release unfinished games and patch them later, I wonder how they will work when the patch servers are shut down.
Replies: >>44844 >>44847
I don't know about the ecksbawks, but with PS3 patches are normal installs and I think you can even slipstream them into PSN games. What games from PS3 were unfinished and somehow worth playing after the patch? Only ones I can think of are Bayonetta (better on other systems) and the Zone of the Enders port.
angry_washboard.jpg (u)
[Hide] (490.5KB, 800x1000)
<Fairly a good decision
Scratch that. This actually fucking sucks.
I thought that you can still purchase them through your PC browser, but I guess the old PS Store is gone now. When did that happen? So all the games that weren't yet contributed to the NPS will be gone now forever.
>So does that mean I can no longer download shit with PKGj ?
You will still be able to download the vidya that has been added to the NPS before Sony's shutdown of the ability to purchase them.
Internet was a mistake.
Replies: >>44851
Blaming the outcome of a problem is not going to stop the problem.
miku_middle_finger.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1280x720, 00:33)
I use TOR so every time it reappears
Replies: >>44887
niggoneko_(((you))).png (u)
[Hide] (541.4KB, 360x512)
Install uBlock Origin and learn how to filter this thread with it. You could also just filter out the two images depicting Senrans that OP posted, instead of filtering the entire thread.
4d0339d098b6ae0947b3bbf568245d8c9f4997a863e9efde70a1e71fb3ed486a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (37.4KB, 720x544)
>Want to play a 3.69 game
>Keep getting c1-6703-6 error 
>Find out my plugins were fucked all this time and somehow my Vita just worked
All because I forgot to delete the ux0 tai folder on the onboard system memory. Sure did some funky shit where the onboard memory ux0 tai folder would load, then pass to the ur0 tai folder folder to boot the SD card and pass to the SD card. I could only guess that the Vita would only run the plugins that were initiated and then kept on the SD card as well since any plugins I tried adding didn't work, but deleting the SD card's tai folder would stop the rest of the plugins that were still operational.
Replies: >>47575
You really couldn't follow the retard proof guide?
Replies: >>47592 >>47709
Guess not, though this happened only after upgrading to 3.65 years ago and not adding any new plugins until recently. I know I purposely did it too since that folder was a copy of the ur0 one. Maybe I just like making myself do more work.
Replies: >>47611
Do you know what firmware spoofing is anon
Do anyone know what are these pending tsv files on nopaystation?
Replies: >>47676
Those are games that have been submitted to the NPS database but not approved.
jack.webm (u)
[Hide] (88.6KB, 640x360, 00:02)
PlayStation_Store_on_PS3_and_PS_Vita_Will_Continue_Operations.png (u)
[Hide] (184.7KB, 1132x2079)
Sony decides to keep the PS3 and Vita stores open for the time being. PSP store is still closing though. At the very least it prolongs the NPS database in grabbing titles that haven't been archived. I give it another year before they shut it down.
Replies: >>48509 >>48771
I wonder if that was all a publicity stunt to increase traffic to the old stores, and then seem like "they listened" by changing their mind.
Replies: >>48512 >>48771
That's really fucking smart if true
Replies: >>48774
Given this is kusony we're talking about, they probably just forgot about some contract they would be violating if they closed the stores this year. The real question is how long PSN is going to stick around, and if the private server fags will finally write a CFW plugin to replace it now that RPCS3 has proven it cam be done.
No, that is a common way of doing things like this. First they announce that they're doing something really shitty, and once people react to it negatively they announce that they're listening and on the consumer's side and will do something a little less shitty. They get to screw over customers and get positive attention at the same time because the typical idiot can't see through this.
Replies: >>48895
It's the oldest negotiation tactic in the book. Normalfags can see through it--they'll resent that sony tried to do it, they'll talk about it for a while, and then forget completely about it or dismiss it when sony makes the next thing that they want. It's not that they can't figure things out, it's that they don't care enough weighed against buying stuff that they think sony can give them.
>>31819 (OP) 
Should i buy an almost brand new vita or one that already was hacked and had one of it's sticks replaced? My fear is that the one that was already fixed breaks soon, on the other hand i don't have to hack it myself.
Replies: >>55151 >>55152
Hacking a vita is a piece of cake (just type an url into the browser and open it). The actual problem if it's too brand new, that came with factory firmware newer than 3.65, because in that case you can't downgrade with modoru and you can't use enso so no boot time hack, so you have to redo it after every reboot and you can say goodbye to many taihen plugins too.
I never tried replacing the sticks, but you should be able to get a new one for a few bucks from ebay
Replies: >>55155
Get an almost brand new one hacking a vita doesn't take too much time and it's super easy.
Replies: >>55155
It's a slim model so it's a gamble, but i think all firmawares can be hacked now, i just want it for the free games.
Thank you, i'll buy the almost new one, i already bought the sdvita adapter and a screen protector that should arrive tomorrow, i will buy the actual vita friday so it should arrive this weekend.
Replies: >>55158
Everything is hackable, but if you don't have enso it's more limited, as you have to redo it after each reboot. I don't know how well sd2vita works in that case, which normally kicks in pretty early in the boot process.
>>31819 (OP) 
PSP > Vita
Replies: >>56350 >>56443
I have my Vita since day one (2012) and the screen is still perfect.
Everything is except for the battery that is dying.
>PSP > Vita
I agree, of all the handhelds i had, the PSP is still my favourite one, it was way ahead of its time and it came out in fucking 2004.
The only downside were the UMD's, if it had cartridges instead it would have been perfect, with longer battery life, less noises, shorter loading times, and no game size limitations.
The vita is basically a PSP if you hack it.
Just got a vita slim today, hacked it after a few hours and now i'm downloading some games, the fact that i had to buy a fucking console to play Dungeon Travelers 2 makes me fucking mad.
Replies: >>59941
41e188e6515083ae7dba53984de84521e7ce66eced6af6cace42e6ee13baae09.png (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 1280x720)
__kitten_gravity_daze_drawn_by_nickleflick__f6e08221904bd68632432d7cfa044a99.png (u)
[Hide] (602.6KB, 764x912)
But, anon. You can now play Ape Escape for PS1 on the GO! What's better than that?
Oh, and you can also play Gravity Rush.
Replies: >>59942
Yeah, already got gravity rush downloaded just now, i really haven't looked how to play psx and psp games, enlighten me please.
Replies: >>59947
Ace_-_Adrenaline.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (8.2MB, 1001x1001, 04:21)
>enlighten me please
I wonder if Sony feels salty after the succes of the Switch that is basically a Vita 2, but i guess they don't care anymore about the portable console market.
Replies: >>63387
media_E3rgukiXIAMV6el.jpg_name=orig.jpg (u)
[Hide] (226.1KB, 2608x1649)
Haven't touched my Vita in a year. Any good games or hidden gems in the past few years? I mainly play my Switch at this point ever since it became the visual novel portable platform.
Replies: >>63373 >>63402
Spoiler File (u)
(1MB, 961x542)
Coven and Labyrinth of Galleria is an excellent sequel if you can read niprunes or you have a setup to Google Translate it.
Replies: >>63377 >>63378
unf.jpg (u)
[Hide] (18.4KB, 480x360)
>that mole
Might as well Google Translate. Wouldn't be any worse than your average NISA translation.
Replies: >>63379
rape.png (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 958x548)
There's a guy who is (very slowly) doing a playthrough on Youtube with English subtitles during cutscenes to supplement that.  He'll probably still be finished before NISA decides to regurgitate the game locally.  I'd highly recommend a playthrough of the first one beforehand to get to know the systems, though.
Replies: >>63434
The Switch is a hybrid console.
Replies: >>63393 >>63434
59ae86364d19f4b36199c41f56ee2a02a43747e49b5006cbff00db42e0712160.png (u)
[Hide] (125.4KB, 480x480)
you're mum is a hybrid console
Play dungeon travelers 2, one of if not the best dungeon crawler of all time.

I think that porting Persona 4 Golden to pc really fucked the Vita, but it's not like most of it's catalogue wasn't already ported. I can't justify buying one unless you REALLY like first person dungeon crawlers.
Replies: >>63406 >>63434
>dungeon travelers 2
This seems like a fetish game. How vanilla is it?
Replies: >>63434
is there actually any decent games for this failed shit console? low test boob games and boring jrpgs don't count.
List of non-weebshit Vita exclusives:
>Gravity Daze
DLCst31_CG.pck_000001_waifu2x_2x_3n_png.png (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1088)
I still need to play the first game. Thanks for the rec.

Yet it still hits the mobile market. Sony could have easily made a more powerful Vita without the stupid memory cards, a better home UI, and possibly a better battery life. The Vita gave me no reason to get a Switch for ages until Sony forcefully killed the Vita and just gave the JP/handheld market to Switch. Seeing how "well" the PS5 is doing in Japan, it looks like the handheld market was their biggest market. Then again, Sony has pissed off Japan in many ways.

I already have and I loved it. It's a real gem. I even imported the special edition for the sequel but I don't know moon. It's criminal that the sequel was never translated.

It's a lewd game but it's as lewd as your average ecchi anime. The game isn't great for that though. It's because it's a very solid dungeon crawler with a great combat system. Though it's more that the balance between classes, skills, enemy design (the way the fight, not the way they look) and dungeon layouts are all packed together very nicely. My only gripes are the way equipment forging is handled, how certain classes dominate late post game, and how EXP isn't shared through the whole team who aren't in your party. It makes it a real pain every time you want to change up your team.

Since the Vita will never get a good emulator (it would just be for about 3 games and a bunch of updated visual novel ports anyway), at least the Dungeon Travelers trilogy should be ported. Though 1 can be played on PPSSPP.
>It's criminal that the sequel was never translated
So they can censor that one too?
Replies: >>63441
2021-06-29-150553.png (u)
[Hide] (663.8KB, 960x544)
2021-06-29-153947.png (u)
[Hide] (737.2KB, 960x544)
2021-06-29-155400.png (u)
[Hide] (566.8KB, 960x544)
Sting has been porting a lot of their games to the Switch lately, we can only hope that their next game is a dungeon travelers trilogy pack, there's a shit ton of echi games in the console without being censored so i don't see the problem.
Dude they censored like 4 CG out of 200, and all of them involved lolis, don't be such a faggot, also it's really easy to patch them.
>and all of them involved lolis
Is that supposed to be a good reason?
Replies: >>63449
2021-06-18-120717.png (u)
[Hide] (821.3KB, 960x544)
2021-06-23-125455.png (u)
[Hide] (639KB, 960x544)
2021-06-27-173450.png (u)
[Hide] (796.5KB, 960x544)
It is you fucking faggot, people don't tolerate loli smut outside of image board you retarded nigger, how disconnected are you from reality?
All the more reason to flood normalfag spaces with loli until they all kill themselves, each other, or go completely insane. Cunny shall dominate the Earth, inshallah.
discord called and wants its meme back
>List of non-weebshit Vita exclusives:
>Gravity Daze
But Gravity Daze has been ported to PS4.
That's one cute butt.
>It's a lewd game but it's as lewd as your average ecchi anime. The game isn't great for that though. It's because it's a very solid dungeon crawler with a great combat system.
I'll give it's gameplay a try then, but I have my doubts about the amount of enjoyment that you can get out of this game, especially if the story drags on for way too long, which isn't uncommon for Japanese games. Although this could have been a good thing, if only the stories told in them were interesting enough.
First they just censor a few lolis, next day you end up as worst korea. How did you manage to find this site without a brain? Go back to leddit or cuckchan or wherever you came from.
2021-06-16-140639.png (u)
[Hide] (790.8KB, 960x544)
2021-06-21-132850.png (u)
[Hide] (767.6KB, 960x544)
2021-06-21-132904.png (u)
[Hide] (766.2KB, 960x544)
2021-06-21-144400.png (u)
[Hide] (595.8KB, 960x544)
2021-06-21-144819.png (u)
[Hide] (591.2KB, 960x544)
Game is not story heavy but you have a lot of events, i sometimes spend hours in dungeons without seeing a single event. The game has a really low start compared to other first person dungeon crawlers but once you get a full party you start exploring proper dungeons.
looks_a_bit_smug.png (u)
[Hide] (170.5KB, 256x256)
>Gravity Daze has been ported to PS4
Yes, it's still a Vita exclusive.
read the OP stupid nigger.
ENV0403_waifu2x_2x_3n_png.png (u)
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1920x1088)
ENV0400_waifu2x_2x_3n_png.png (u)
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1920x1088)
ENV0295_waifu2x_2x_3n_png.png (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1088)
Nothing should have been censored and ATLUS is being a faggot.

>people don't tolerate loli smut outside of image board 
That's nonsense and that doesn't justify the censorship. None of these companies HAVE to censor unless Sony, Steam, or Nintendo directly tell them to do so if they want to host them on their platform. The ESRB excuse of "They force us to censor" was never real. The people who bitch about loli were never going to buy the product in the first place. The game wasn't advertised as "You are going to fuck a loli!" so it's not like that crowd was even going to be upset unless they are the retards who think all anime girls are little girls even when they're voluptuous. They had 0 reason to censor except for the things that personally offended them. And that has been the case for a large majority of censorship cases in general. 

Besides lewd loli can sell just fine these days. Just look at mobage and Illya Prisma. 

The story is nothing but a justification to explore. The meat of the "story" is just interactions with the cute girls. People play this for the gameplay anyway as with dungeon crawlers in general.
>Dude they censored like 4 CG out of 200
They shouldn't give an inch, anon.
Atlus conversations about the past are irrelevant at this point, because they are cucked now and not worth supporting.
Just play Dungeon Travelers with the CGs uncensored through a patch.
Getting the proper experience is the more important thing in all of this.
Replies: >>66136
The censorship patch for bullet girls Phantasia link in the wiki seems to be down, can someone upload it somewhere else?
Replies: >>66148
>Getting the proper experience is the more important thing in all of this.
You're not going to get that through a translation either way.
Replies: >>66140
Yeah yeah anon, we get it; you totally know Japanese.
As far as i know there were three patches, one simply removed the stupid censoring, another replaced the panties and bras with pasties and the last one was a shitty nude mod, i only have the first one.
I don't even own a vita anymore but i've been considering getting another just to do some trophy cleanup because it's the only game i own that i haven't gotten the platinum on.
Replies: >>66155
Nice, i just started the game 2 hours ago and it was fun, i found the full nude mod that you are talking about but i just wanted to remove the censorship, thanks anon.
Replies: >>66156
We need a fucking proper archiving of these mods, patches, fanslations and any kind of ROMs, ISOs, fangames, and whatnot so we aren't fucking scrambling when the links are all dead in a few years.
Replies: >>66164 >>66197
Yeah, besides the patch i just asked for there was a lot of other patches that i had to look for elsewhere, i should buy a couple of hard drives and start hoarding this kind of stuff.
I think that a big issue, whether one likes them or not (I certainly don’t), is that rhdn continues to host zero Vita patches, be they translation or romhacks, archived under their system's category. I don't know if they just have a beef against the system and it's library (kind of doubt it; the 3DS category is likewise barren), or that they for whatever reason consider the system too recent, but I don't imagine it's helped there to be any semblance of permanency for Vita patches. And other places out there that seem meant as aggregates don't bother to host the patches themselves in favor of just linking to the original uploads, which may well be down.
Replies: >>66258 >>66261
>Finish a game on vita
>Think to myself " I'll delete the game but keep the save file to make the post game later"
>It says that if you delete the game the save file gets deleted too.
What was Sony thinking when he made the fucking console? "Let's give the console propietary small memory cards and also not allow to make a backup". The fucking 3ds has that function.
Replies: >>66265 >>66311
>rhdn doesn't host vita patches
what the fuck. They're supposed to have near everything.

Welp, guess its up to us for the time being until people start being less retarded.

Mirror whatever shit you have, or for whatever games you like/consider worth a damn and post links here if possible.

I have the fanslated versions of Uppers, Omega Labyrinth, and the 8/nep/ re;translations of Rebirth 2 and 3 (not sure if they were the most up to date versions considering there might have been fixes done on them as of late) and an old partial translation of gun gun pixies

I guess i'm gonna have to go on a crawl for this kind of shit soon.
There were shit like resolution patches for the Utawarerumono games iirc for example, lots of little things out there that need to be kept track of
Most patches for Vita and 3DS are to unfuck anime/loli games. RHDN admins hate them because anything good or cute just reminds them that they will never be international Jews, and so their unending pedolust will never be sated.
Replies: >>66262
2494a125258bf7b7512a91289444d128d313078cb215561e74ff373203c5d59b.png (u)
[Hide] (141.6KB, 500x636)
You can't unfuck what's been fucked
Replies: >>66264
shog_yuri_MK2.png (u)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1354x1208)
back to cuckchan
Replies: >>66271
They paywalled that feature that was free on PS3 behind the psn gold bullshit subscription. I miss memory cards.
Just download save manager:
Is the omega labyrinth a complete translation? I feel like playing a shiren clone.
Replies: >>66268
Yes, its complete
1f8e8ef1d9e0ba3206865fac86ad2bd73ce9638dae2a6d49e2652a1176c036b6.png (u)
[Hide] (66.2KB, 237x361)
2/10 not even getting a (you)
Dr._Little_Greilia,_I'm_CPS.jpg (u)
[Hide] (220.2KB, 1500x1800)
looks like you dropped this
>not allow to make a backup
Huh? You can make a backup. Though you have to backup the entire game I think.
>what the fuck. They're supposed to have near everything.
Yeah. I don't even know why they even made categories for the Vita and 3DS if they're never going to use them. Or maybe they want to send a message along the lines of "there's nothing listed here, so there's no reason to even look elsewhere".
Any untranslated games for the vita worth playing besides dungeon travelers 2-2? Maybe something simpler.
Replies: >>69208 >>69230
The vita library is full of them
Just try out any interesting looking ones for yourself
Other than Gundam Breaker 3, are there any PSV+PS4 only games that run like shit/have less content on Vita left, or have all of them been ported to PC?
Replies: >>69221
Feel free to ask around the steam forums
Replies: >>69227

I just want to know if there are any games like Gundam Breaker 3 (frame rate chugs on Vita) Nights of Azure (Same and apparently more broken PC port than Saints Row 2), or Cyber Sluts (got a lot of new content for PS4 release. Since released on PC with even more stuff) that are better played on PS4.
a7b80ac79d9bbdfcc73f508c2a63b3b4782255b42f55fb958b9679bed0ac2f46.png (u)
[Hide] (325.6KB, 548x511)
Net High
Is there any way to get the dlc for dungeon travelers 2-2? Can't find it anywhere.
0ef06c45c7748c634a4bff4bb87c40b5421cc5df3609e3a8fdd03dc3b655ae5e.jpg (u)
[Hide] (293.7KB, 1200x1600)
Spoiler File (u)
(1MB, 640x360)
Haha I found it.
Replies: >>75312
I used to have pokemon smut on my psp and jack off to it. I sometimes do it now with lewd games on my vita because tradition.
Is getting a refurbished vita a good idea or is it just another jewish trick? I'm really not sure what I should be looking for when I buy a vita. I can't seem to find one in person, which I suppose means that I have to buy one online basically sight unseen. 
Is there really anything I can do about that or should I just go on kijiji, get one that seems to be middling price and hope for the best?
Replies: >>75622 >>75627
You can check the review to see if it's authentic and good or not, and if it sells over a thousand don't buy it. If there's a single bad review regarding the hardware and the sellers seem uncaring and not replying in a humanly way don't touch it.
I mean you can if you want to but
is fine, just look at the condition of it with your eyes
Refurbished doesn't mean shit if it doesn't have an actual company's name behind it (and even then it still doesn't mean anything, it just means they cleaned it a little but that's still more than the "literally nothing" that it would mean under individuals)
Japanese sellers are a bit better about this though.
>sight unseen
ebay has plenty of photos from sellers
Vita means life.
Replies: >>75896
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (23.4KB, 927x1053)
Yes it does anon, yes it does
Replies: >>75902 >>75977
c66250c96bdb9859cabb30130d47fb75875453d3f256ee29aae3fecf4bfb0111.png (u)
[Hide] (164.4KB, 413x352)
Time to end your vita, footfag.
Replies: >>75903 >>76052
893131e6f2ea6a8658693b6e446b3d1e4c8f5a9e33c2f8c973f01df47eb66627.jpg (u)
[Hide] (276.4KB, 1500x1100)
I don't like extreme, disgusting food fetish but this one's okay. Would lick and tickle and let it rest on my face/10.
Replies: >>75973 >>75976
187723645_1932021013620206_7601737195382368477_n.jpg (u)
[Hide] (42.7KB, 731x796)
>food fetish
Are you going to eat the feet anon?
what_a_story.webm (u)
[Hide] (105.4KB, 640x360, 00:02)
>food fetish
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (703.2KB, 1400x1200)
Anon, this is an E X T R A healthy™ Vita™ household.
Replies: >>76052
Fuck's sake, my OLED Vita doesn't weigh that much
i-its still lighter than a switch after all
I just thought the pic looked nice, I don't really have a foot fetish
Replies: >>76086
Pierce+brosnan+the+architect_c3c52e_7668996.jpg (u)
[Hide] (140.3KB, 1200x384)
Pierce+brosnan+the+architect_c8fca4_7668996.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 720x400, 00:10)
Now it's a good thread.
601681127.jpg (u)
[Hide] (50.9KB, 1920x1080)
Also tell me more about the fat vita, i have the slim model because i heard the oled burns out quickly.
Replies: >>76109
Its a beauty.
My screen has no issues despite me getting it used and using it heavily for a while. Colors are vibrant, build quality is great, and the weight is appreciable but not overwhelming. Battery is still in great condition.
The only thing that I'm slightly worried about is the triggers possibly starting to get a bit fragile and the fact that I might've abused the left control stick a bit during repeated fighting games where I would try my hardest but its in excellent condition besides those things which are just worries for now, rather than realities.

I'm tempted to get a backup fatty just in case since I'm absolutely shit at repairing, but I'll probably also get a slim just because its got a nice sleekness to it.
Gotta make sure I have the money for it though, I really wish I had bought spares when the Vita was cheaper
Black_Vita_Swordsman.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (16.8MB, 864x480, 02:29)
Some OC I made (there are also versions with music)

I also updated the thread archives with most of the missing threads, at least from August 2015 onwards.
Black_Vita_Swordsman_(Trillion).mp4 (u)
[Hide] (16.8MB, 864x480, 02:29)
One of the music versions
dc8a36252fbdd8bf65e7c8e7bcf0b68ffddcf81a504372dcccab0f901242cf2a.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1280x720, 00:12)
>tfw no vita
I'll get one when i have a jeb. Wait for me vita-chan.
Replies: >>79379
I bought one just before they blew up in price, feels good.
<clearnet freds suckage
probably been done a million times now but is there any sufficiently open minded honest and chan-tier review of all and everything that made the vita fail, soyny included
<in b4 goyphones
Replies: >>80892
There are too many factors to address for something like that
The Vita "failed" over the course of many years, but its a lot more complicated than that, there are reasons the Vita was able to "stay alive" after all this time despite Soyny's efforts and numerous factors. it really is a bit of a mess.
Replies: >>80893
forgot to mention that I could try my best to do so though.
Spoiler File (u)
(4.1MB, 1280x720, 00:30)
Because of Take-Two's sues, most links of GTA's vpk and data files for vita have been removed. Here's an archive of them including GTA III, SA, Vice City, CTW and Max Payne. They also include the files from the games so you don't have to rip them off a digital copy. Just transfer and install.
Replies: >>81430
73495a87a2a538fb4d2471153087409eab5b6cd83c420b7edaaf4af0edea6791.png (u)
[Hide] (260.3KB, 960x544)
You could have included the converted files instead of the windows uninstaller, but whatever, it works better that I expected. How to turn off this first person on camera move thing, (which is annoying and you can't turn around while moving)?

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