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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

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This console turned 26 recently.  So, anon, what are some of your favorite PS1 games? Have you been playing any of them recently?
To this day there still a ton of games from this console I have yet to finish. It had an amazing catalog. To list a few of the games that made this console what it is: the Crash Bandicoot trilogy and CTR, the Spyro trilogy, Medievil 1 and 2, the Twisted Metal games, RE 1, 2 and 3, Silent Hill, SotN, Klonoa, Tomba 1 and 2, Jumping Flash 1 and 2, MGS, FF 7,8 and 9, the Tomb Raider games, Tekken 3, Pepsiman and so many others. Are there any not so well known games from this console that you recommend?
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popn tanks
>>26901 (OP) 
I tried out SotN and didn't like it. Maybe I didn't give it an honest go, but I'm not a huge Metroidvania guy. The other games I've been emulating are Chrono Cross, Syphon Filter, and Ridge Racer, all of which are excellent and I highly recommend checking out. I was especially surprised by Syphon Filter, which I didn't think would be that good. It's ambitious for it's limited control scheme, but it exceeded my expectations.
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Only GOAT games get to respond to this post
I've been meaning to check out the ps1 catalog. I've tried out Parasite eve and its alright but it hasn't really grabbed me. I got to the police station part with that guys kid. I should try it again though its not terrible, just not what I was expecting.
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What is this face trying to convey?
(27.4KB, 206x236)
(27.3KB, 206x236)
Major ejaculative contraction whilst having a convulsion of pure terror due to witnessing giant arachnids and ghosts. 
You can see the upper left part of his face represents the former while the rest of the face shows the latter.
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Suikoden motherfuckers.
Anyway, I've just finished the first three Armored Core games on PS1 while transferring the saves and mecha. At first I'll say I wasn't really feeling the controls and the ugly menu, but as it went on I started to get more and more into it and I finished each game in a single day marathoning them for hours and hours.
Also the Nineball in Master of Arena was both one of the hardest and coolest final bosses I fought in a long while. Absolute bullshit attacks, dark arena, amazing mecha design and a fantastic theme. The buildup through the final mission was pretty great too, didn't expect that from a janky PSX action game.
And my brother is trying for the first time in his life Silent Hill which is my favorite in the series and he's amazed by how scary and atmospheric it is while I'm enjoying seeing the small details that connect the plot and stuff.
Great console.
Great taste anon, was going to post Monster Rancher 2.
If people made you expect a horror RPG you got bamboozled, Parasite Eve while great in its own rights is more of a "horror-themed" RPG. It isn't scary at all except for some enemy designs. Parasite Eve II is more of a horror game with RPG elements, pretty much the reverse, so it's very different but still really good. We don't talk about third birthday.
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post ur certificate bithc
>>26901 (OP) 
I've never got what is he supposed to be holding.
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Some artist who knows nothing was told "make it look like these specific real world guns, but not so much like these guns that we get sued." So the artist just took photoedited the back half or so of one and stuck the front half or so of the other on it and did some shitty touchup to make it look at least vaguely gun-like in the junction.
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One thing that always boggled me was how absolute dogshit the Tomb Raider games became after the first installment.
You explore tombs, temples, and caves, while solving mini puzzles and hunting treasure. Shooting the occasional wild animal that comes your way. It's an exciting adventure with a good balance of action and exploration.
You "explore" urban environments, no tombs included. You'll encounter a man with a gun at every step so you can SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT.
You get a taste of TR1 with the first level (India) where you explore a temple surrounded by nature, but then you're given the choice between "exploring" a desert, a village, or fucking London. Wild animals are back in certain areas but you're still shooting your way through the game.
A somewhat return to form. The whole game you explore magnificent ancient Egyptian temples and locations but STILL have to shoot your way through. Some enemies require certain weapons to die, others don't die at all. Also throughout the game you cannot backtrack if you missed something and are forced to redo entire areas, that is if you still had a save going that far back.
Can't remember what it was about, I dropped it almost instantly.

Why did the TR games go to shit? And are there any other franchises that scratch that TR1 itch?
Legend was pretty good too but yes the atmosphere really drops off.
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TR1 really was the most atmospheric. It is the first series I can think of that fell down the "action is better than atmosphere" trap that RE later fell into.
TR2 had you start at the Great Wall, which was interesting, but the second area was Venice, the third area was an oil-rig, the fourth area was a sunken ship (kinda tomb-like I guess), the fifth area was a monastery in Nepal/Tibet (not China, fuck you Xi Jinping), and it ended with another elaborate tomb followed by a castle in the fucking sky which is considerably more out there than a technopolis Atlantis.
I never bothered finishing 3, and I could never get into 4.
5 was "Chronicles" which was an anthology game of Lara's previous adventurers told by the people who are at her funeral, with the final part of the game being how she survived at the end of 4 (it ended with her sealed in at the end).
I hope the TRUE rumour is correct because I would love to play the original games (especially the first again and the fourth for the first time) instead of the new shit, but the games just don't run well on PC without a lot of fiddling that always breaks something else.

For games that feel similar, the only two that come to mind are Deathtrap Dungeon (PC and PS1) and the original Resident Evil.
No games really capture that feeling of exploration, puzzle-solving, adventure, isolation, and atmosphere that TR1 does.
You can actually chart the decline through the first three main themes as well. They're all basically remixes of the same tune but 1's is the loneliest and the least action packed. In II people are more likely to remember the Venice theme too.
>are there any other franchises that scratch that TR1 itch?
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First SH and RE games for me. Late 90s was really the golden era of horror video games
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one of my favorite ps1 games, that i never hear anyone talk about, was "chocobos mystery dungeon 2"
when i was a kid, i went to the store with like $10. wanted to get FF7 but it was like $20 or $30. right next to it i saw this, figured, "hey i know chocobo, ill buy this"
it looked a little cutesy, but it was only a few bucks and so i bought it. at the time i had no idea what a mystery dungeon game even meant, let alone that it was a whole genre.

at first i kind of hated it, as every time i messed up id lose all of my items and end up back at the start. as time went on and i learned the mechanics, i ended up liking it and replaying it a lot. not the least of which because its a mystery dungeon game, so it was randomized every playthrough. likely one of my most played ps1 games

a unique aspect about this game is that, when you have a companion, you can actually have them be controlled by a second player. me and my neighbor used to play it a lot.
its a very simple game, but was a good intro into mystery dungeon games, and compared with a lot of other ones, actually had quite a few unique aspects to its gameplay that set it apart, like capturing monster essence, claws that can dig through walls which you can use to steal items from shops, and a bunch of other shit that for some reason never became a standard for the genre

tl;dr definitely worth a playthrough if you like mystery dungeon games
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Seems like the Wonderswan fan translation of the first Chocobo's Dungeon was ported to the PS1 version recently.
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Are the PS1 Medal of Honor games worth emulating? Never played them.
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I mean 1 and 2 kinda do, aside from the fact they talk too much and there's too many cutscenes
I played Legend several years ago but recall not being too impressed with it, and not finishing it. Perhaps I should give it another try.

>Deathtrap Dungeon (PC and PS1) and the original Resident Evil.
Thanks for the recommendations. DD looks interesting, I'll give it a try. Already played RE. 
>but the games just don't run well on PC without a lot of fiddling that always breaks something else.
I managed to run the first 4 TR games on my old Windows 7 PC last year fairly painlessly, in widescreen, using a couple of online guides which should theoretically work for botnet 10 as well. I'll write down the steps here from what I remember along with links to the various patches, for your convenience...

Tomb Raider 1
 - Install TR1 GOG: 4EDD80C7B7DDEB4085B8764C71E2255570EA4BCC
 - Run TR_Multi-Patcher_v1.1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/69ujj4nwbf4hbuk/TR_Multi-Patcher_v1.1.7z/file [1]
 - Run Tomb Raider Automated Fix: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1WWQr5pHhs3p0S3YHkSW0BFF9hn34tWGN [2]

[1] from http://bhemuhelp.unaux.com/other/tombraid.html?i=1
[2] the older version (1.1) which I used is available from https://apg-clan.org/vbdownloads.php?do=file&fileid=2097 sourced from https://apg-clan.org/vbdownloads.php?categoryid=128
NOTE: There's also a recent (Nov 2020) installer that supposedly targets W10 without any patches. I haven't tested it, but here it is anyway: https://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=4475003&postcount=1

Tomb Raider 2-4
 - Install TR2-5 CD: C3FAFEACC003F61FC00F863151847B4D5487E8D6
 - Run trupdate: https://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/vista/patch.html
 - Run TR234 Widescreen Patch: https://tombraiders.net/stella/files/gamefiles/misc/widescreen_tomb_raider_234.rar [3]
 - - Check "widescreen fix" with aspect ratio 16:9
 - - Check "FOV fix" with value 432

[3] from https://tombraiders.net/stella/downloads/widescreen.html

I assumed you're not interested in the other "fluff" patches like widescreen loading screens, remastered FMVs...etc but if you want those they are available, I just never used them so I can't cover them here.
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>How do I make V-Jolt again?
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>You'll never go back to a time where tits and industrial was ok and not "problematic toxic masculinity"
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looks like they did a decent job too
ill have to check it out at some point. i remember trying to play the wonderswan version once i got older and found out about it and emulation, obviously, but compared to the ps1 version it felt lacking. especially in regards to the sound design, which was excellent on ps1
Wasn't 2 a buggy pile of shit? That being said I had fond memories of it.
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Nah they're pretty bad, even for ps1 fps standards
Also a time before capeshit became so mainstream that every bit of media about it has to have hipster meme dialogue/quip-heavy style but still too serious for fun stuff like Spiderman 2000's storyline.
>I played Legend several years ago but recall not being too impressed with it, and not finishing it. Perhaps I should give it another try.
It's probably not as good as I remember frankly just it came out after the series had really dropped the ball. I know it has QTEs for example which is pretty gay.

They're fine but dated and obviously held back a bit by the PSX. You could play them for interest or completeness and if you're used to games of that period you'll find some fun in them or skip to the later games if you want since there's not really a continuous story you need to care about.
Replies: >>27743 >>28172
What did he mean by this?

Oh yeah I remember now. They weren't that bad, or at least not as bad as some other games, so I'll probably tolerate them for the sake of finishing the game.
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I didn't post 2
Replies: >>28118
Anon, Monster Rancher in yurop is Monster Rancher 2 elsewhere. Same thing as Motor Toon and King's Field in America.
I was never too fond of capeshit but I really liked how they played with it.
Since the 80s it pretty meta, but often to an edgy degree mixes up with innuendo and decent humour plus influence from B movie scifi.
Kind of like "imagine how fucked up IRL it would be to mutate like that, what would be the repercursions?"

Now it's nothing but shitty snark like every character is a woman and the plot is "srs bzn".
Fucking cancer, Scorcese, Whedon and the Mouse killed the fucking genre.
Worse yet, it's spreading to vidya with garbage like Destiny, Gaylo and NuDoom.

I'm glad the chink plague is fucking it's shit up.
John Favreau
Replies: >>28197
Being a europoor I also did not like or even particularly know about superhero shit outside of cartoons and 60s batman but what worked about games like Spiderman 2000 is they were functional without purely dropped references but they used their wider setting to imply a little bit of depth to what was going on as well as for actual fans to enjoy. Also hiding the overdone references behind the cheat was nice since it kept it more cohesive. This goes for some of the films as well as the cartoons like TAS. Even the Arkham games, for all their flaws in simplified gameplay, manage to use their settings like this (VTM:B as well): they were serious but not in the sense of having to obey the designed-by-committee tone where it has to be something retards can discuss to death.

>Fucking cancer, Scorcese, Whedon and the Mouse killed the fucking genre.
I'd actually blame BBT for making general 'nerd culture' popular relabelled as geek culture, of course, to ensure neckbeards and autistic kids still didn't get any credit more than I would the films and weak-willed men like Whedon who were just chasing the trend. They're a symptom rather than a cause.
I was a bit confused thinking I'd missed a Scorcese capeshit film.
Spoiler File
(131.5KB, 750x1122)
Spoiler File
(113.8KB, 750x1122)
>What did he mean by this?
TruLara has tits and capability and sass.
NuLara is flat (as a table), is constantly flailing, and always whining.
It's literally not even the same character, just the same name.
(62.3KB, 510x576)
You must have no good taste in women. Spoiler next time, so I don't have to see this shit.
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(307.9KB, 500x366)
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cant even imagine how much of a closet case youd have to be to get unironically butthurt about seeing tits
hi /cow/
Replies: >>28340
>jewish whore
(169.9KB, 324x261)
I'm not bothered because of her tits, I'm bothered by her disgusting mutt face. Faces are for me a very important factor, and I'd rather impregnate a flat chested girl with an beautiful face, than a big breasted woman with an ugly face.
Replies: >>28617 >>30379
>nasty whore tits
>what the fuck guys why don't you like this?
This is why no one likes /fascist/ and /fit/. Fail normalfags trying to be tough guys on image board.
Replies: >>28614
(44.3KB, 500x500)
For what purpose did you brought /fascist/ and /fit/ (which is dead by the way) into this, and why do you think that fascists, and anons that want to leave their skeleton body behind are failed normalfags?
Replies: >>28645
My nigger.

Any adult woman can get big boobs with breast enlargement surgery, but only those with good genes can have truly beautiful faces.
The first Silent Hill still sends chills up my spine, especially that alleyway sequence in that second pic.
How is Halo even relevant anymore? Last I can remember anyone even talking about it outside of people religiously shitting on it on /v/ (any /v/) was when Halo 4 came out and even then it was people being mad at how fucking garbage it was and talking about dropping the series entirely.
Halo 1-3 weren't snarky shit from what I remember though, just mediocre FPS garbage that had surprisingly enjoyable multiplayer.
Replies: >>28643
At least gays would be correct to not want to fuck that thing.
This isn't about tits you dumbass, she's ugly as fuck no amount of fake breasts will change that faggot. Get higher standards instead of willing to bang ugly Jewesses. 
>How is Halo even relevant anymore?
It's not, Halo is fucking dead as far as conversations I've seen on imageboards' /v/s. You can make a Gaylo thread on here or cakekike or anywhere else and the discussion will quickly die and the topic will more-so be about microcock.
it's some /tv/ tier tranny retard desperately trying to find a fracture point to create drama let him talk to himself for however long he'll try and keep this retarded gambit going and then move on
nothing else you can do really
This isn't mork chan.
(249.1KB, 952x946)
Do anons really feel pic related is outdated? Came to play it yesterday and the combat section really surprised me dearly. It doesn't feel clunky at all, considering most games from that era, given the devs at least cared about there multiple ends to the same mean: if you haven't got a weapon, you'll have to end off enemies hurling them at certain points in the terrain, which sounds somewhat limited, given terrain gimmicks are just another way to kill enemies and not a terminal condition. This point is exactly solved by the introduction of weapons, which can be used to impale enemies at close range or to execute them as you hurl the weapon as a javelin to them, clever stuff. Besides, Raziel is one of the most memorable characters of that era and the ambiance oozes with mood.
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(1.2MB, 800x799)
Are any of the Digimon World games worth playing?
Replies: >>30342 >>30410
Only the first one
(14.2KB, 324x451)
>no Ape Escape
Shame on all of you.
Replies: >>30378 >>30410
I sold it a year ago and I still haven;t got around to buy a USB to PC plugin. Shame on me, I didn't finish it.
That's why I never liked Lara Croft. People always talk about her tits without mentioning her ugly tranny face.
LOK:SR is one of that rare games that really does something special. The truncated development that ended the game with a cliff-hanger (so much so that the game actually has you witness in-game story content that was cut for the sequel) and the hardware limitations of the time are the only real downsides to it.
Amy Hennig deserved better.
Replies: >>30400
(908.7KB, 1295x1850)
To become Hollywood you must first do business like Hollywood.
3 is probably my favorite typical RPG. It's less a "monster" RPG and more like, say, a job-based RPG where the different mons are the different classes really.
That and I really enjoyed anally raping the card game minigame. Turns out when you build MTG vintage decks in a format where every noncreature spell costs NO MANA the game is broken into a million little pieces, who knew?
Man, saddest feels ever losing that disc, wonder if it emulates smoothly nowadays...
Holy shit those soulless eyes
Replies: >>30414
Fun fact; The Last of Us: Part II has a scene in a church and you can shoot up a statue of the Virgin Mary, but in the synagogue you're forced to listen to your Jewish partner about the holocaust and can't take out your weapons. I wonder why...
Replies: >>30452 >>30485
(337.8KB, 1080x1372)
Surprising literally nobody
Replies: >>30604
(16MB, 1920x1080, 02:57)
I wonder how TLoU2 would've been had Christ Robbers been in charge instead of Cuckmann.
So whats the best difficulty for a first playthrough of Silent Hill 1?
I don't mind a little difficulty, especially if it lends itself to the atmosphere of the game.
Replies: >>30600
hard actually requires some familiarity with the systems of the game. 
play it on normal and then replay it on hard if you want.
I think a crossover between Metal Gear Solid and The Last of Us part II will be a great combination.
Replies: >>30608
Only if it's Raiden killing them all in Armstrong's honor
Replies: >>30610
(183.6KB, 600x1040)
>raiden slicing the kikess, then dicing the flesh and preparing a kosher meal with it
Replies: >>30620
is gefillte kike actually kosher, though?
(830.6KB, 200x200)
If you were to choose 15 characters for a PS1 crossover fighter, what would you choose? Would you accept HUNK as your RE character? And how would an Armored Core mech fare in it? Please don't bully me.
Crash (Coco as an alternate costume)
Lara Croft
Spike (Ape Escape)
Heihachi (Kazuya as an alternate costume)
Eiji (Battle Arena Toshinden)
Nine Ball
Daniel Fortesque
Jill Valentine
Solid Snake
Now who would the secret characters/unlockables be is a better question
(76.9KB, 846x846)
Lara Croft
Neo Cortex
Solid Snake (Meryll as an alternate costume)
Cyborg Ninja
Tron Bonne (Bon Bonne as an alternate costume)
Tony Hawk
Rikimaru (Ayame as alternate costume)
Sweet Tooth
Rudy (Wild Arms)
Robit, Otacon, Lammy, Mr. Domino
(20KB, 268x268)
>a Battle Arena Toshinden rep
I've always wanted another character other than the Mishimas as the guest fighter from Tekken. Paul and King don't get the credit they deserve in their home games, specially Paul, so I would prefer him over Kazuya/Heihachi. As for the secret characters, I would want to see Vibri used in an actual game, unlike the games he/she/it/??? hails from; and for batshit crazy picks, I could see Millenia setting up giant feet to flatten the opponent. Moreover, how would you see multimedia characters to star in it? I hold Digimon very close to the idea of a Sony console, specially the PS1, and Pepsiman is already a landmark on the system, albeit as a joke character. Some anon already said Tony Hawk, so I guess he's truly a requested character.
Throw in the gay cowboy from Bushido Blade 2. Everyone loves that guy. And have Ramza sit this one out and put in Ashley Riot instead as Square's rep. Or the Einhander, because nobody but anons would have the gall to put a shoot-em-up character in a console fighter, and it has plenty of attacks.
(2.9MB, 315x210)
>Now who would the secret characters/unlockables be is a better question
You want some fucking garbage picks, huh?
Hermie Hopperhead (Hermie Hopperhead: Scrap Panic)
Buddies (Team Buddies)
Oliems (Tobal)
Kitty N/Robo Z (Bust a Move)
PiT (Pet in TV)
Mara (Megami Tensei series)
Taneo Hatsu (Incredible Crisis)
A literal Pocketstation (literally the Pocketstation)
Frankenstein's monster giving the middle finger (Harmful Park)
Spinning swastika baseball pitcher ('98 Koshien)
Irritating Stick (Irritating Stick)
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 (Gran Turismo)
Some dolphin (Fluid)
The Spice Girls (Spice World)
(263.6KB, 1000x1000)
>If you were to choose 15 characters for a PS1 crossover fighter
Lara Croft
Solid Snake
Revolver Ocelot
Megaman X
Someone from Twisted Metal
<secret characters
Tony Hawk
Arc the Lad
Ashley Riot
The dinosaur from the demo disc
(90.6KB, 1024x768)
>what are some of your favorite PS1 games? 
Spyro trilogy, Crash 2 and 3, Tales of Eternia, and Wild Arms 1 and 2. Though there's still a lot for the system I need to give a go.
>Have you been playing any of them recently?
Focusing more on backlog at the moment. Been playing Dragon Valor lately. Wasn't real sure what to think for a while after going in, but looking into its predecessors (Dragon Buster and Dragon Buster II) gives me much more appreciation of the advancements made. Do think they could have made the levels a bit longer without risking them overstaying their welcome though.
(118.6KB, 526x462)
(124.1KB, 533x481)
(32KB, 316x316)
(26.4KB, 317x315)
Didn't know Goemon had so many games on the PS1. I've been playing pic 1 and 2. Goemon: Shin Sedai Shuume (1) is like Megaman X and Klonoa. Ganbare Goemon: Uchuu Kaizoku Akogingu (2) is kind off like Pocky & Rocky for SNES with side-scrolling sections. They're pretty good. I'll play the other two next.
(366.1KB, 1698x1643)
Oh shit I never knew that
That still doeesn't explain how mangled the face looks.
Replies: >>33086
I just love the fact that they tried to show how scary the game is in the promo cover but forgot about the actions parts and just changed it last minute.
Replies: >>33084
(93.8KB, 640x1213)
(1.9MB, 1518x2156)
(161.8KB, 220x423)
That early cover art reminds me of one of those 3DO campy FMV games with real actors and strident color schemes. Wouldn't surprise me the artist was scheduled to make the cover art because the game was going to be released on the 3DO alongside Megaman X3.
I mean it does capture each emotion perfectly.
Bad tracing?
(57KB, 493x370)
I finally tried out the original Spyro trilogy and I must say I can only ask myself WHY.
Spyro 1 was a competent, original and pretty platformer with very wide levels with a strong focus on exploring every nook and cranny using your limited moveset at its max potential. I was surprised at how fresh and varied it felt until the end even if you were mostly collecting the same gems over and over. Simple and fun, as it should be.

Spyro 2 was a "Bigger, better, faster" kind of deal. New moves, cutscenes and orb challenges that change up things without straying too much from the base gameplay. While I wasn't too hot on either the stronger focus on plot and dialogues especially because most characters made me feel uncomfortable, like they were out of a furry wet dream or something, the orbs were a welcome change of pace compared to the gem-only affair that was the first game. What's important here, in my opinion, is that few to none of the orb missions discarded the core gameplay.
For example in a certain level there's an hockey minigame. Instead of giving you new controls, mechanics and stuff the game simply makes you eat the puck and throw it, like you normally do with projectiles.
Also you can swim too, and it feels good because it's fast and pretty responsive. 
Still, I'm not sure if I preferred it to the first or not, mostly because some things felt like unnecessary bloat. But whatever is my bad opinion, it can't be disputed that it's a great sequel and I had lots of fun with it.

But then, Spyro 3 came. I figure that Insomniac wanted something that differentiated this from the other 2 games, so they added some new playable furry friends. Problem is they all feel awful to play, or at the very least not nearly as fun as Spyro. Why add content if that content is empty bloat that is not enjoyable? 
For the sake of "variety"? I felt that both the first two games were varied enough to keep my attention at all times and push me to 100% them (which was not a chore at all), because all most content was quality content that featured polished 3D platforming. 
Here instead in the name of empty variety they kept changing the core gameplay for too many times into too many genres.
This is especially evident in Agent 9, a funny monkey with a gun that sadly features some of the most boring and drawn out sections in the series. One level is an FPS, one is a TPS with wonky controls and then some light gun shooting. 
But not only that, you have many, many turret sections with Spyro himself, and vehicles that mostly feel slower, weaker and more boring than the dragon itself.
I don't think it's an awful game, the "normal" parts are still good as ever, but so many times the pace slows down to a crawl and you have to slog your way through a shitty turret or vehicle segment when you'd rather just run around, glide and collect those jewels.

What are your thoughts on Spyro 3 anons, I'm really curious about your thoughts on this kind of Depth vs. Width game design.
Crash 3 had the same problem. Fuck those driving levels.
Replies: >>34081 >>39737
I remember enjoying the bullshit extra levels of Spyro 3 as a kid, but I also haven't replayed it since then either. Oddly though, Spyro 3 was my first full Spyro game I ever played so I'm sure that has something to do with it. I played the shit out of the Spyro 1 demo but it was actually the last one I played.
Hmm, I don't remember Spyro 3 being much different from 2.
Replies: >>34081
(111KB, 780x768)
I've also been playing Spyro 1 myself, as a grown man. I really hate how every level revolves around collecting gems and scrutinizing every corner in the entire map, and I don't believe the gameplay itself (gliding, ramming enemies and the occassional gimmick) makes up for it. Naughty Dog did win that generation for me, although Insomniac more than made up for it with Ratchet 1, that's a game I really enjoy coming back to every now and then. Does anyone remember that Doom clone Insomniac made for the PS1?
Replies: >>34079 >>34081
>scrutinizing every corner in the entire map
The gems are never that hidden. You should collect them all just by playing levels normally and following obvious tells that lead you to the secret areas, like trails of gems.
Replies: >>34081 >>34083
Yeah, I have to agree.

The spyro sections are the same deal as 2 honestly, the big difference is the amount of vehicles, turrets and different gameplay styles that keep breaking the pace. Mostly the turrets. Fuck turret segments.
Also I'm not a fan of the new speedways but maybe that's just me.

Yeah, I never had to search every corner to 100% the games, it was always clear where the gems would be, with only a couple of exceptions like the castle level in the sky and that one time that gems were hidden behind a wall or something.
>Naughty Dog did win that generation for me
Crash 2 won that entire gen for me, can't disagree here.
>The gems are never that hidden
I know, but there's not a real danger or any real reason to keep going off, reason why I stopped playing halfway through the jungle area. Crash 1 did push your shit, so you always had a grudge against the game so as to keep going although you didn't necessarily want to come back to it knowing what you had tgo face.
Replies: >>34085
Seems that it's just not your kind of game. If you want a tight challenging platformer Spyro is not exactly what you're looking for.
I know because while I like Spyro I prefer Crash.
Replies: >>34098
It's not even the preference of a tight platformer over a looser one, it's that the Spyro games aren't really that far ahead of the rest. Looking into the PS1 games, Ape Escape is a far more competent game even if it's just because it borrows much from SM64 and so would I prefer Jumping Flash was the game much faster. I do believe Spyro's toolkit itself is way too limited and constrict to be enjoyable, and it's quite a shame because the technical side of the game exudes talent in the making I also really dislike the color palette the game uses, all characters other than Spyro look like furry bait and the music rubs me the wrong way, most likely because it was made by an actual musician and not as a dopamine producer.
I've liked 3 as much as the other two, but yeah, the other characters can have issues. Sheila and Sergeant Byrd I found enjoyable, but Bentley didn't really get that much of a moment to shine outside of his level, and Agent 9 I never liked playing as (though if one considers him proto-Ratchet, I'm glad they got that clunkiness out of the way there than the entirety of the first Ratchet and Clank feeling that way).

You're right though that Insomniac was looking to do something different. They'd wanted to make one last Spyro game and then move on, because there's only so much one can do with a quadrupedal protagonist (they "couldn't have him hold a gun" was one way they put it, I think). So it wound up following a similar state as the third Crash game, where there was a lot of variety to the gameplay but not every style was given enough time to be properly refined. Doesn't help either that, as far as the original North American release, with a name like "Year of the Dragon", they essentially gave themselves a strict deadline to have to release sometime in 2000 for it to still be relevant at launch.
(884.3KB, 486x394)
Replies: >>36019
Not a GET.
>Sanctioned GETs are the first digit followed by only 0s, sequential integers, or pure repeating numbers. (e.g 300000, 123456, 55555 etc.) Posts that just include dubs or greater are not true GETs. (177777, 34567, 220000 etc.)

sage because offtopic
Replies: >>39248
(53.2KB, 296x352)
I found an .iso of Alundra without Working Designs garbage gameplay changes to the game and I wished to play it. However, nothing is mentioned if Working Designs' humor has been replaced, so I would want to try the PAL version.
Moreover, the 60Hz refresh rate is too tempting to dismiss, and if I were to speed up gameplay inside the emulator's settings, the music would be sped up too. Is Psygnosis' translation the same as Working Designs' ? In case it isn't, what emulator do you know to speed up PAL games without modifying the music?
Replies: >>39250 >>39262
(52.9KB, 720x540)
Who the fuck are these people to determine what is a get and what isnt?
Just play the Japanese version.
Replies: >>39266
As far as I'm aware, not a single Working Designs handled game has been retranslated. Or rather, been allowed to be retranslated. Those titles are sacred cows to WD's cult, thus anyone wanting to play them in English needs to suck the rewrite teat.

>so I would want to try the PAL version.
I'd be about 90% certain that the PAL one just borrows the existing English script. Much easier for one region to pay for a license to use someone else's work if they have more-or-less the same language there, for better or worse.
Replies: >>39264 >>39266
(230.1KB, 619x254)
Should note though that it's just my assumption. Maybe some PALfag can clarify if there's shit like pic related in theirs.
Replies: >>39265
They really added shit like that to a serious game like Alundra?
Replies: >>39266 >>39277
(570.6KB, 352x288, 00:16)
>just play the Japanese version
W-why would you ever recommend this? 
>I'd be about 90% certain that the PAL one just borrows the existing English script
That's what I'm afraid of. The men at Psygnosis were good men and translated the game to all PAL languages, something fucking OoT didn't, though I highly doubt they brought in a master Jap translator into the team. DId they, maybe they would have localized more games to recoup up the contracting losses.
>they really added shit like that to a serious game like Alundra?
They added a line in Magic Knight Rayearth where a villager tells the protagonists she saw a terrifying big black monster, just for the crew to ask if it wore Nike shoes and ate fried chicken.
(527KB, 1280x720)
(93.1KB, 1366x768)
(57.9KB, 1069x943)
(204.7KB, 636x888)
>that fucking song
Replies: >>39268
(547.8KB, 352x288, 00:16)
I would say the guy isn't the main appeal of the song.
Replies: >>39271 >>39274
(270KB, 1646x1457)
(407.6KB, 668x1109)
>W-why would you ever recommend this? 
So you can play the game without the shitty WDisms?
(170.5KB, 1200x799)
That one spicy meatbarr!
(200.9KB, 1642x796)
Yeah. Viccy and co were real big on rewrites and then-hip-now-dated pop culture references, be it that they felt they could write a more enjoyable story than the original authors, or in order to hit the market of people that otherwise wouldn't play anime style JRPGs. Whatever the case, they made the entire language's base suffer for it, and brought in a lot of riff raff to the JRPG scene that weren't so much fans of Lunar, or Alundra, or Popful Mail, or whatever else, or even the companies that made them, but rather fans of the "translation" in a similar way to how Woolsey has a following. Who whine about not having more JRPGs that cater to their preferred brand of humor, and from what I hear get incredibly asshurt at the blasphemous suggestion to retranslate the games they handled. And Ireland continues to cater to them with the company's rebirth as Gaijinworks, in which Summon Night is now their domain.

Honestly, if anons ever wanted to start a fan translation/retranslation scene, sticking it to the WD chodesuckers would probably be a good place to start.
Replies: >>39278 >>39284
>Honestly, if anons ever wanted to start a fan translation/retranslation scene, sticking it to the WD chodesuckers would probably be a good place to start.
I would love to try, but the biggest hurdle with translating games is the programming involved.
Replies: >>39279 >>39285
That's true. It's not as simple as blanking bubbles or redrawing to remove text, or timing a layered subtitle file. I'm just saying that, if other people's attempts at retranslating their games got bullied into quitting, those who are ideally immune to such banter, can sling back worse, and are free from having a personal reputation to maintain would likely stand the best chance of actually getting it done, assuming all the pieces were in place.
Replies: >>39285
(246.4KB, 1200x1600)
(243.7KB, 1600x1200)
(333.3KB, 1600x1200)
(203.6KB, 1200x1600)
(209KB, 1059x936)
>fans of the "translation"
I always thought the only factor that attracted these subhumans to spend the big dollar on these pieces of shit adaptations were the fancy packaging.
Replies: >>39293 >>39310
If you really want to get the ball rolling just dump and translate the japanese script.
That way when someone with technical knowledge and interest in the game comes around they can just insert the script.
Honestly fan translations are a fruitless and thankless endeavor. I respect the people who put in the work to make an accurate and quality fan translation in this day and age but I'll always think of them as stupid fools for bothering to do it
Imagine paying top dollar for a butchered game.
That's a cool watch.
Replies: >>39999
(2.3MB, 2000x2000)
i honestly found crash 3's motorbike races ok, only 3 excluding the special stage so it's not that bad
did crash 3 have the plane levels? they were kinda gay, although not as bad as WoC snowboarding and shit
i hate the underwater levels though, fucking shit to play but my most hated crash levels were in c2, the jetpack. thankfully they're fairly short and only 2 again, excluding NIGGER at the end but they're so tedious.
I agree, cool fucking watch

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