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Today is Doom's 27th anniversary. Say something nice about the game.
Have you been playing any doom wads? Any you recommend?
I'm thinking of grabbing a drink and start playing some fucking hdoom.
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Downloaded Total Chaos earlier today. I'm not sure if it can even be called a .wad anymore but it's pretty cool
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Are there any wads/megawads that work well with continuous play, as opposed to the standard pistol start?
I wanna try some progression heavy mods like cola and doomxp without making the game too easy with carry over weapons on top of the levelups and stuff.
Hdoom update never
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>>25646 (OP) 
>been years since I made a new one
>check mango on mangadex
>check in other mangosites
>it only has 20 chapters translated
Why are the good ones so slow?
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>Have you been playing any doom wads? 
<tfw still stuck with Graf Zahl Doom
I can't wait for the day so that I can finally use a different engine for a change.
Almost every fucking day I fuck around in microtank, most of the time I spend playing instead of making progress because I'm a lazy bastard. Sometimes I play also other mods such as brutal dood on tactical modo or demon pandomenia with some tweaks by me so that its monster randomizer is slightly less bullshit. The recent progress I made is that I added 2 ore crate models and finally made a ZScript crafting menu which is much better than the doomz nigger rigged one but it still needs more work. I think later I will try playing a map pack with the lambda mod but I am going to modify that one too before I do it because I absolutely despite weapons that are not accurate at 400 range despite such weapons are designed for it such as the M16 (or whatever the fuck burger autism model it is), because in my opinion weapons are designed for killing niggers and hitting them accurately, and not some toy gun that loses its effect not even at 50-100m range. 
I really like the weapon designs of Half Life 1 but man its weapon balance just sucks, especially in Sven Coop. Also at the moment I'm trying for the 5th time making a map, but this time a very generic map pack, not optimized for one of my mods or for moon man doom, what I'm trying to achieve is a sandbox/free roam map a bit similar like in Stalker, it's going to be optimized for mid-long range combat so it might not work well on quite a few weapon packs out there. I just started out and I some more time before I can show it off. 

For the size of the Doom community, I’m still surprised by the dedication to GZDoom and Zandronum.
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>Hdoom update never
Look up Monstergirl Quest 3d. That's the guy's next work.
10490704980401.webm (u)
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I fucking hate it, blyat.
brutal doom 64 is pretty wild. First time playing (d64) today and am really enjoying it.
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What is even happening here
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Пойдём_на_парад-bAPK29Xun_c.webm (u)
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12-12-20-1607733425_scrot.png (u)
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poekhavshij decided to shit on the only plate they have and he smeared himself with shit, so it should be obvious why bratishka reacted angrily. Also poekhavshij keeps getting him on nerves all the time by telling some banal stories about how he fucked some girl by just drinking three "sevens", that he made 10 push ups before dinner and other such nonsense, he is practically driving him mad. There isn't any deep plot to green elephant, really.
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b2730405436cb5c22989bd2446b290c0918ae1a892431afa69bb8d18371e4808.png (u)
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tl;dr: "inmate" shits on the plate and floor and tries to feed his cellmate, while the other one looses his cool

>Buddy, buddy! [Brateeshka]
<...fucking sick of this guy
>Buddy, did you sleep well? Probably hungry, huh buddy? 
<Fucking hell, get the fuck out of here!
>Why, what happened-o? sounds ukranian
<Fucking drunk again, aren't you?
>No no, just brought you something to eat.
<Fucking faggot, what did you do? You fucked in the head or something?
>Come now, I just brought you some food
<Fuck, you shat on the plate, the fuck's wrong with you?
>I just brought you some food...
<Jesus Christ why'd you smear me with that shit, get away from me you degenerate faggot!
<Holy fuck the whole floor's covered with crap!
>I just wanted to cook you something
<I'll kill you, I'll fucking kill you
>Just eat something
<[quietly] You are some faggot piece of work. You are insane, holy fuck.
>You need to eat something.
<Fuck, who did they lock me in a cell with, Lord above* 
*translators note: He actually said "fucked in the mouth fuck", but it doesn't work in english well
>I didn't take a shit, honest! I only wanted to make a nice gesture towards you!
<You what?
>Just wanted to cook something for you.
<Why'd you take a shit on the plate? Where would you even get food from in here? Why'd you smear it with shit?
>ebhere f s birdies and flies, ffnrbehrbhjbr eeeeeee
<I'll kill you, I swear I'll kill you right fucking now. You understand me?
>But ehehfbjwhbej the button came off and I just wanted to cook you something, I didn't know
<Get yourself in the sink! HOSE YOURSELF OFF!
>There's no love in prison, I just wanted to do something nice for you.
<Go wash yourself up or I'll kill you! Shove yourself in the sink and wash up or I will choke your shit eating ass. Ewwww, fuck ewwww.
>You need to eat something... We don't eat enough here, the poor people.
<They took my pants away because of you, you dick!
<Lose the plate and wash up, lose th- Don't hand that shit to me! Get away from me!
>But you need to eat. You're only human, you need to eat.
<Wash yourself off! Lose the plate! Put it on the floor. The floor, put it on the floor.
>You want to eat it after all?
>ebeebebeebebebe just wanted to cook for you ebeebebe
<GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME! Shit's everywhere...
>ebebebe let's just sit down and break bread together
<You are just COVERED in shit, aren't you?
>I didn't even shit today!
<Get away from me
>[gets on all fours]
<[takes the plate off head] Wash your fat fucking gut, you cunt.
>We used to eat it just fine back in the village...
>We ate it just fine
<Ate what?
>The bread.
<Yeah, bread, BUT NOT SHIT!
-Alright what the fuck is going on here? Get down and go to work!
<He shat himself
-I said get down and go to work!
<Ah go fuck yourself
-WORK! Clean this shit
<He shat himself!
-And you're cleaning it, do it!
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I watched the "movie" and holy shit, what a miserable trashpile this was. The ending was especially retarded.
Replies: >>26332 >>26335
what movie
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GreenElephantTranscription.png (u)
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Bratishka_Doom_2.webm (u)
[Hide] (6.5MB, 640x320, 03:49)
Bratishka_Doom_1.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (8.5MB, 640x368, 01:37)
Thanks for the translation, here is the screencap for posterity. 
Its kino :^)
__ange_and_dorothy_princess_principal_drawn_by_sorimachi_doufu__d3f322b2202a3975f4336ff20ccea35e.jpg (u)
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The Green Elephant
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[naming_japanese_ships].PNG (u)
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Boy this sure is a thread about Doom.
35594e86d85d0ccff7ff22845c7938fc3f18b41421e6cf5573f961a445be5309.jpg (u)
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My coworker asked me to hook him up with Call of Duty 1 and 2, but I couldn't get it to run on his office machine, says "This a 32 bit application blah blah blah"... So I wanted to make it up to him and at least give him some Doom mods to play with, but even those fuck up and say they require "OpenGL 3.0".
He's using an i3 550, I downloaded the latest driver (as difficult as that was), but I still can't get some mods to run (like Russian Overkill for example).

I wanted to help a buddy out, but it turned out to be a pain in the neck. What the fuck is happening?
Are these WADs require GZdoom, if not try Zdoom
OpenGL 3.0 for a fucking doom holy shit graf needs to fucking die
Replies: >>26485
Wasn't he obsessed with Vulkan? Or was he against Vulkan?
Replies: >>26487 >>26657
[inaudiable_screaming].jpg (u)
[Hide] (67.3KB, 600x662)
He was obsessed with vulkan,  and any hardware that couldn't run it or OpenGl 3.0 and above is meaningless to him even though he's making A SOURCE PORT OF A 90s FUCKING GAME HOLY SHIT HE'S FUCKING RETARDED
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visual_chaos.png (u)
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Replies: >>26517
>turned noise to 0.0 in options
It's okay now, I'm retarded.
13-12-20-1607866556_scrot.png (u)
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1920x1080)
13-12-20-1607866571_scrot.png (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 1920x1080)
And he does a piss poor job of adding Vulkan support too. 
Does any of you goys have any mapping idea of making a enemy base that looks generic and not hell themed? The reason is because I got a idea for a map pack that is optimized for vehicle warfare and is basically freeform in play with no ultimate goal, there will be of course several small goals that the player can do but does not have to. Basically there will be several large maps all connected in hub styles where almost every map has a player base/camp as well enemy bases/nest placed around various spots. 

I can't think much of what possible goals there will, what there will be that the player can collect credits by collecting ores or capturing special buildings that provides credits in order to buy himself more powerful weapons and items. There won't be any complex enemy behavior as that is totally outside of my league, unless I do manage to write a small event script where a small squad of enemies spawn around and trying too capturing bases.

So for the enemies to spawn there are several conditions which are: timers, resource and power. The enemy will too have limited amount of resources and power, the "Commander AI" (if it can be called as such...)  will have a set of goals defined somewhere which will dictate how it will make usage of its several platoons, such as attacking player base, attack player, capture buildings etc... Right now I'm trying to get very basic ACS stuff to work before I try to make everything ZScript, as I'm a bit more familiar with ACS. 

TL;DR a hub map pack with some strategic elements thrown in.
I'm surprised CoD 1 and 2 did not work since I've run them on pretty much every version of Windows since they came out. Did you try checking pcgamingwiki? Unless this was on a Mac.
The fix is pretty easy.
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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I have never played a single Doom in my life apart from 5 minutes of Doom 3 on Xbox. Which version should I start with?
Either start with Doom 64 or play the Doom 1&2's wads.
Replies: >>51832
Get Doom 1 or 2. Preferibly Doom 1 first. Do not get it from steam, pirate it. Neither Carmack nor Romero will give a fuck, and the money won't go to (((Bethesda))). Additionally, after beating both games you can try the Final Doom expansions TNT.wad and Plutonia.wad.

For a first time sourceport, try either Chocolate Doom or PrBoom+. ZDoom or Zandronum are specifically for mods and multiplayer and shouldn't be used until you at least beat the games.
Crispy Doom is pretty good for a first timer. Vanilla with a bit higher resolution.
Replies: >>51832
I have the biggest case of BethDoom fatigue. Seeing the spirit of the old Doom and it's community appropriated by this corporate entity and its fanbase. Goddamn it's so far from the rebel spirit that came before, it's like a predator caught and put on display in a zoo.
Replies: >>27927
doomgal.jpg (u)
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>brutal doom 64
No shit? That sounds like a fucking blast honestly. How does the "brutal" gameplay mesh with the more heavy atmosphere/puzzle ton of Doom 64?

>Get Doom 1 or 2. Preferibly Doom 1 first. Do not get it from steam, pirate it
Not long ago I would have suggested buying the GOG versions since they're at least DRM free, but after their latest fuck-up with their 360 backflip reversal on Devotion they can fuck off and die for kowtowing to Xinnie the Pooh and his "We Wish We Owned Taiwan" government.

Good thing Bethesda was bought by Microsoft! That will only make Doom better!
I tried Doom Eternal today. I didn't mind it. It seems decent, but it's more like a linear Metroid Prime + action game than a Doom game.
I think I'm just gonna give up on gaming soon. Nothing good happens anymore and everything new is shit. All I need is a Raspberry Pi for basic computing and playing actual good old games and emulators.
Replies: >>28091 >>28124
Just finished ep3, but the game seems a bit too easy when you have the chaingun and plasma rifle every level from carryover. Is there a setting to start with pistol only each level without having to kill yourself and restart?
Replies: >>27988 >>28351
Z/Gzdoom is supposed to have a setting for it but I could never get it to work.
Get a mod that does it (I use IDclever starter) or just type nextmap in the console at the end of every map.
Doom 1 and pretty much every single custom wad was designed with pistol start in mind, so its a good idea to get used to it.
Replies: >>28026
Why the heck did they add weapon rollover if the game wasn't meant for it? Maybe it was just easier to not reset the player state and development time was cut short or something. Anyway, I'm running Chocolate DOOM. I'm not sure how mod-friendly it is.
Replies: >>28351
>No shit? That sounds like a fucking blast honestly. How does the "brutal" gameplay mesh with the more heavy atmosphere/puzzle ton of Doom 64?
Not that anon but the game comes with a purist mode that keeps the game mostly the same with only a few small differences:
>pistol shoots as fast as you click
>enemy hitscan weapons use fast projectiles instead
>general graphical updates
It's how I played the game and it was awesome. Brutal Doom gets undeservedly shat on in my opinion but Purist mode was so fun that I ended up playing most of my Doom wads using the BD64 purist mode option just because it made the games feel better (muh gamefeel) without changing any of the important aspects (and fuck hitscan chaingunners sniping me from the other end of the map in 80% of wads).
Hadn't heard, absurd articles are telling me "video game distributor refusing to distribute video game because gamers so loyal to china." I know it's more likely boot-licking on GOG's part, but lol who knows in CY. Fuck GOG big time either way.

>microsoft bought bethesda
Hadn't heard. Fuck.
Game is fairly easy until Ep4. Weapon rollover in Doom 1 is only every 8 9 levels, so it stays at a rather consistent difficulty until Episode 4.
You are playing on Ultra-Violence right?
For pistol starts, just type in idclevXX (map number, for episode 1 map 3 it'd be idclev13, for episode 3 map 6 would be idclev36. Doom 2 has it slightly different due to not having episodes but the code is the same). This can be done at any time during gameplay as it is technically a cheat code, as long as you aren't on Nightmare! difficulty. No need to input it on a console either.

Do note that Doom 2 might be significantly easier than Episode 4 of Doom 1. This is offset by the Final Doom expansions, specifically Plutonia Experiment, being ballbustingly difficult.

Chocolate doom doesn't have modding as it is intended for pure vanilla gameplay, you have to input the map reset manually. The game is designed with weapon rollover somewhat, but every map is tested to be beatable on pistol start hence the somewhat ease of difficulty once you start rolling over with ammo from previous maps.
Replies: >>28358
alienst.png (u)
[Hide] (122KB, 1280x960)
>Chocolate doom doesn't have modding as it is intended for pure vanilla gameplay
Ever heard of Aliens TC newfag? Modding works, it just needs special command line options to emulate the old mod loading tools.
bd0d82d9a069e0737dc6f4ebdd8e9e7d5139490aa407eb4e32bc06025ee60c26.png (u)
[Hide] (21.8KB, 326x226)
There's apparently Starship Troopers mod in either semi-TC package or as weapons/monsters/props addons separately. Not sure for what GrafZDoom version it was intended, but it seem to work in Zandronum minus warning texts, although it is intended with OpenGL for the flares.
The minus of weapon only version is that they might be over-powered, especially in vanilla, have to use swarm and/or sturdy enemies mod. There's might be a chance of mixing props, usually related to the dead decoration sprites.

Despite having quite a messy code (asset version didn't remove music code, resulting in missing files warning, and left footsteps for arachnids, also in both cases dedicated flare button do not work - have to use inventory), I found it so fun I even modified rank addon to show UCF ranks instead of normal ones, however I fucked up XP progression numbers. As well making stat folder system because ZOOMING IN MAKES IT A FUCKING DIFFERENT WEAPON.
Replies: >>29387
Playing through Doom 1 again while on holiday and holy fuck, I do not remember E4 being this ball-bustingly hard. E4M2 is kicking my ass and I'm only playing on HMP. Granted I finished the last map with less than 50% health but fuck.
Is Doom Zero any good?
Does it have lot's of alien scum is like EDF??
Replies: >>29524
>first version of a mod works perfectly without gzdoom
>the final release requires gzdoom
i don't like my motherfucking niggers be like this

On a more positive note, Beyond Reality is all you need.
05db3a3ec17e59c967fb51c09562536776838e2a3236fd791638327d253d9e98.png (u)
[Hide] (695.2KB, 1920x1080)
>someone wants to know more
tl;dr depends on map, alien bug variety doesn't seem great
And I should play some EDF again.

It's not Starship Troopers if you don't shoot up alien bugs (and blow them up to see bits flying), though enemy variety isn't quite diverse. You can bully small bugs, though. You can also use ST weapons only mod from asset download, allowing you to blow up some demons instead, or some other mod's alien scum. And yes, I am using ST Weapons to kill something other than bugs.
And it can be hordes to blow up if you find right map, or using Oblige. Just be ready for possible strange texture placement if you're playing with ST props mod or complete pack/semi-TC.
Ironically but unfortunately, the mod itself is buggy and never went beyond beta, ST Assets version was released in this year. I even fiddled around in Slade to make flamethrower spawn properly in ST weapons asset, as well as make flare button work as quick inventory use, and comment out bug corpses because they cause sprite errors if not used with ST monsters asset.
I'm looking for big maps, something that adds more monsters, and some new weapons. Any suggestions?
Replies: >>30310
>big maps
Slaughterfest 2011-2012 and Sunder did huge expansive maps really well, Sunder in particular. Fuck GZDoom being so slow though. When are we getting a non-niggerlicious engine that can still play mods?
>more monsters
Colourful Hell is my go-to for that. There's also DoomRLA Monsters if you like that more.
>some new weapons
dakka.pk3 and TerminusEst13's stuff is good. There's also Fractal Doom, BURL TUMD and Trailblazer, which are fun. Fuck pillowblaster's recoil fetish though, I just want to shoot demons without my view jumping up to the ceiling every time I fire.
Replies: >>30319
Nice, thanks for the sugs. Now for the last and most important question. How the fuck do you organize your doom folder?
Replies: >>30357
Thoughts on project brutality? I heard some anons say that it tries to be like nu-doom thus why they think it's kind of shit, but also heard anons say it's way better than nu-doom and is superior than vanilla doom in many ways.
I've played it, it supposed to fix some balance issues in brutal doom doom but I never really looked into that to much and just enjoyed it for what it was.
Superior than vanilla? Not really. Better than nudoot? Not a high bar since nudoot was miserable to play on my end. I found project brutality to be at its funnest in really tight, hectic mapsets like Going Down. It's breddy difficult but it was very fun.
Replies: >>30352
Also I'm curious, is Doot Eternal worth a play? It looks kind of faster than the other game and a lot more appealing.
Replies: >>30352 >>30453
Well the "superior than vanilla doom" line comes from cuckchanners, so take that as you will, but I've seen both 8chan and altchanners claim that it was at least more enjoyable than nu-doom.

>Also I'm curious, is Doot Eternal worth a play?
If you enjoy mediocre games and wanna witness how the series is gonna get worst, then sure you can give it a pirate. If not then leave this one alone; all I can say about it is that it's at least better than nu-doom 2016, but still has the issues that was wrong with its predecessor.
I don't at all. Everything's just thrown together in one folder. Maybe I just haven't collected enough shit but since I launch from command line anyway this works out fine for me.
I can understand someone liking overhauled weapons and enemies and shit, but to me it's all too many FEATURES™ instead of a focus on properly designed minimalist weapons and enemies. Not bad, but not really worth the HDD space.
Replies: >>30597
Call me a fag, but I kinda like it. The addition of dashing and the ssg hook, as well as increased demon aggressiveness made for a huge improvement over the slow turd that was 2016. If they had gotten rid of glory kills, ammo pinatas, made the maps less linear and stopped tying in-level progression to forced encounters -- it could've been a great game.
Replies: >>30590
I decided to try it. So far the game's been just as miserable as 2016, until I got the dash and a few runes that sped up my movement speed and glory kill speed. These should have been built into the game because the game's actually pretty fun so far with them, these were exactly what Doom 2016 was missing and it's scratching an itch I had with Serious Sam and Painkiller.
On the other hand I'm not a fan of oneshotting cacodemons and constantly using the chainsaw because LOL 16 SHOTGUN SHELLS MAX AMMO HAVE FUN, I still hate the music, I still hate how I can seemingly turn off every part of the hud except the red screen border for low health, I still hate that the game is designed for you spawning your own health/ammo/armor instead of having it laid out in the level, I hate the copious amounts of blood everyone shits out with the lightest of taps because I can't see what the fuck dies cleary.
Am I too jaded? I'm not at all impressed with all the gore and over the top execution animations and I feel like they detract from the game. I want to do sick airshots with the heavy cannon scope, not press E and be magnetized to a nearby enemy and watch the cool™ moves happen.
Replies: >>30597
There supposedly are mods that get rid of low health overlay and another that changes gameplay in a few ways, like increasing ammo capacity and making melee attacks deal damage (what the fuck?), but I doubt that will save the game.
>properly designed minimalist weapons and enemies
What is the point of the normal shotgun in Doom II? I feel like there's no room for it, between the super shotgun and the chaingun. I don't like the pistol either, even if it sort of has to be there, because of the pistol start.
I had issues with some monsters, but I don't remember anymore what it was, probably something to do with Reskin Knights or Arachnotrons.
Replies: >>30601 >>30602
Actually I think it might. I haven't played since I made the post but so far my issues were
>low max ammo
>glory kills/chainsaw
>weakpoint system(because I think the enemies I encountered so far are better without being oneshot or being stripped away of most of their attacks)
Replies: >>30704
>what is point of shotgun
Oneshots imps regularly. Faster RoF than SSG making it better at forcing hitstun on archviles, lost souls, mancubi or revenants consistently. More accurate than SSG at range making it more efficient to use shells at medium-long range, which are massively abundant compared to all other ammo types. Faster RoF makes it more viable vs low health but high priority enemies such as zombiemen, shotgunners, chaingunners in tight corridors such as map04, traps like map11 or fast paced segments like the start of map29.
Replies: >>30607
>Faster RoF than SSG making it better at forcing hitstun on archviles, lost souls, mancubi or revenants consistently.
Stunning archviles is a giant gamble, you're better off with most other guns. Lost souls die in one shot from super shotgun. I can kinda see why would you use it against mancubi or revenants, but I typically have either super shotgun or rocket launcher to deal with them.
I don't think it does better enough job at this to prefer it over super shotgun or chaingun.
Shotgun on its own is fine, but when I acquire super shotgun or chaingun, or both, it's kinda left without a role to fill, not unlike pistol. I have discovered Doom only recently, so maybe I'm a massive scrub, but I didn't really feel much need to use normal shotgun often in Doom II and Eviternity.
Replies: >>30609 >>30645
It mostly depends on the situation. SSG beats the main role of the shotgun on pretty much all respects on its intended range and it is supposed to as a direct upgrade. Chaingun is much better at mid-long range than shotgun and is supposed to be as that is one of two advantages of that weapon, however it has much lesser ammo than shotgun considering that every shell is actually 1x7 bullets or 2x20 if SSG and the ammo is harder to come by than shells thus using only the chaingun to plink at long range may be disadvantageous if you need it for stunlocking cacos or pain elementals that are too far away to deal with SSG or are partially bodyblocked by other enemies or terrain to hit with a few rockets.

So yes, if you have the ammo and the situation isn't restrictive, shotgun appears as if it had no purpose. However, it is designed to be an all-rounder weapon as it doesn't really excell at any category, except probably ammo conservation and thus can adapt to any type of engagement without losing effectiveness.
Also, consider pistol start design for all maps. You do not always have access to the chaingun or SSG, the shotgun is pretty much everywhere in comparison due to shotgunner drops and never really phases out because of the abundance of shells making it serviceable enough to get you through any situation prior to adquiring bigger and better guns.
Replies: >>30624 >>30895
A_Cat_of_Ill_Omen.jpg (u)
[Hide] (112.8KB, 400x400)
My problem with the SSG is it turns deathmatch into a game of tag for Adderall kids. It kills instantly at close range with decent aim, still does good damage at mid range, and there are no other ranges because everyone moves so fast. Weapons that aren't the SSG, plasma or BFG are for potshots at people dancing around like spastics waiting for their SSGs to reload.
Replies: >>30656
The regular shotgun is much more accurate and better at tagging lost souls if you are being spammed by them. Weapons are not supposed to be equal because ammo is not equal. In other words a rocket is much more valuable than a shell and much rarer. If you're out of bullets (not hard to do if you just went on a chaingun spree) then the shotgun is good for clearing a lot of enemies quickly. The SSG kills larger enemies pretty fast considering it uses a cheap and plentiful ammo type, but the huge gaps between shooting can leave you very vulnerable when being attacked by lots of enemies. The only weapon that is objectively useless is pistol. Normal shotty is also perhaps the most ammo efficient weapon in the entire game.
Replies: >>30655 >>30895
Actually technically the SSG is more efficient if you hit all the pellets, but the pellets are less accurate.
Odamex_-_160_Player_CTF.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 640x368, 00:14)
Doom is a game about speed. It wouldn't be fun if the TTK was high.
Replies: >>30661
>t. guy who never played an arena FPS
High speed usually correlates to a high skill ceiling. Low TTK is mutually exclusive with that concept. Seeing someone first, although important, should not be the be-all end-all of competitive skill. A high TTK facilitates a higher skilled game by requiring the attacking player to make fewer mistakes over a longer period of time, and it allows the defending player to turn a fight around if he has superior skill in some other domain. Powerups also matter less if you die faster.
Replies: >>30669
You misunderstand me.
I said it was fun, not that it was good or balanced for all players involved in the match. Notice how the video is just essentially a clusterfuck with no clear standing on whichever side is gaining or losing ground. Doom has an incredibly fast TTK not because it was designed around that but because multiplayer and deathmatch are essentially afterthoughts in development and the game is primarily designed around single player.
Doom 2 deathmatch map design exemplifies this by just spawning everyone with the SSG in fairly close ranged arenas. There's no verticality, autoaim is a thing and powerups and items don't respawn or used to not respawn, sourceports changed this a long time ago but many old maps are designed with no ammo or health respawns, there's no need to really think about much when deathmatching.
You could say Doom 1 is slightly better balanced than Doom 2 because of the lack of SSG, but with the shotgun 2tapping people from obscene ranges faster than you can tapfire the chaingun and the plasmagun and rocket launcher being so weak compared to both of these outside of really tight corridors where you can't dodge anything, due to their very slow projectile speed, this becomes less of an argument.

It's why Quake is so widely different in terms of weapon balance and why the double shotgun in that game is so weak in comparison to the GL, RL and LG. It's not particularly slower, infact it is faster than Doom in some respects thanks to techniques like rocket jumping and bunny hopping. It is much better designed than Doom for deathmatch because the weapon balance is shifted more from starting hitscan weaponry into projectiles and power weapons with limited ammo counts, giving more value to those players who not only can aim well and can predict the enemy's movement but can also control the map spawns of items, weapons and ammo, thus raising the skill ceiling to higher than simply point and shoot.
Someone post that pic of someone eating John Romero's ass.
Which aliens doom mod is the best. I was thinking if anons were interested of throwing together packs of wads and pk3s that fit together thematically or worked really well together. Even if there isn't interest I might still do it on my own.
Here's another couple of things I can't stand about the game, 
>low movement speed unless you glory kill with that rune
>movement in general is so sluggish unless you have that buff, and if you want that buff at all times it means you need to glory kill at all times
>the fucking music
>limited enemy spawns
I just can't stand the base the game is made on. Maybe if I ever care to pirate the updated version and try that gameplay overhaul mod it might be better, but then I'd rather just wait for another game not made for people to clap at the cool gore kills instead.
Replies: >>30711
What little I played of Doom Eternal I hated, even more than Doom 2016.
Shit that rustled my Sir James include:
>slow movement
>limited ammo
>limited ammo forces you to switch weapons constantly
>limited ammo forces you to chainsaw to get your 8 shells back constantly
>enemy weaknesses that are weapon dependent
>enemy weaknesses that are weapon mod dependent forcing you not just to switch weapons but to switch mods
>can't just use weapons you like, have to use weapons the dev wants you to
>can't use them for long without needing to chainsaw again
>still more fucking glory kills that can't be skipped/minimised
>seriously, would a fucking "kick the glowy and the enemy explodes" glory kill shortcut have been too much to ask?
>all those movement abilities
>and fucking wall climbing
I will say this: Doom Eternal made me appreciate real Doom with mods and WADs that much more.
Replies: >>31037
>Also, consider pistol start design for all maps. You do not always have access to the chaingun or SSG, the shotgun is pretty much everywhere
>The only weapon that is objectively useless is pistol.
I don't think I would ever miss the pistol, if it was replaced with shotgun as the starting weapon. Just get rid of it, and if some maps require you to shoot tiny switch from a kilometre away, make 1 pellet 100% guaranteed to hit the middle.
I also wouldn't compare shotgun to chaingun, since they don't compete for the same ammo, unlike shotgun and super shotgun.

||I just got to 4th episode in Eviternity and realised I've been playing on HMP the whole time. Shit.||
So regarding weapons, what about the cut rifle that some wads restore? It's basically a pistol with a higher RoF and I believe more accuracy.
I uninstalled. It could be so much better which is why what I hate about it is so much more pronounced.
I gave the DLC music a listen because apparently Andrew Hulshult did that and even that didn't fix the music. It all has this issue of having like 10 seconds of good and the rest is a headache that's difficult to listen to.
I'm trying to play brutal doom nigger edition and it won't work, any suggestions of what I should do?
Replies: >>31247
What is Brutal Doom "nigger edition" and what launcher (if any) and what sourceport are you using?
Replies: >>31256
nvm I got it working by updating GZDoom and the mod, but it's just a brutal doom addon. It's very similar to project similarity, but not as good as vanilla doom. It's too slow and honestly it doesn't add anything that improves brutal doom. 

Replies: >>31260
Oh yeah it also adds the quick melee for health crap from nu-doom. This mod in a nutshell is just nu-doom with brutal doom, but somehow makes it worst.
Replies: >>31364
Is it the same as Project Brutality where enemies sometimes go into a wounded state after being shot and if you melee them before they expire you do a kill animation(that's kind of long, if I'm being honest) that gives you 10 health back? Or is it the nudoom shit where all the enemies just go into stunned mode and you beat the pinata to get +50 health?
Come to think of it, Glory Kills could have had a great purpose. You know how in project brutality you can get some weapons from certain demons, like a rev's rocket launcher and a mancubus' flamethrower? What if in an FPS, you have a "basic" form where you have a moveset gears towards speed and have a fairly underpowered arsenal(or one focused around utility, stuns, crowd control, etc), and in fights you can glory kill an enemy to assume their form, movement and weaponry and such.
It might be a cool idea for a gimmick FPS.
Replies: >>31376
It's pretty much project brutality, except it's much slower. Per kill animation you obtain 10+ health back, but I believe if you quick melee different enemies such as the imps you can get +50 health back. I honestly didn't finish it and only played the first 3 levels of the doom 2 wad, because of how disappointed I was with it.
Replies: >>31390
Black edition enemies are much more spongy than PB ones, you basically have to headshot enemies all the time and glory kill them. 
Id rather play PB or some brutal doom addons.
Replies: >>31584
That's what I also meant by it's slower than PB. I don't know why the dev didn't just add in new enemy variety or generally more enemies within each map along with ammo, but for some reason normalfags even as modders think that making their games similar to nu-doom is a good direction.
Gay Maze Shit: The Video Game.
The level design is god awful and the fucking game itself it literally vomit inducing. I gives me motion sickness whenever I play it for more than 5 minutes, as do its clones like Dark Forces.
Monstergirl_Quest_3d.jpg (u)
[Hide] (167KB, 1280x720)
Does h-doomguy plan on doing anything after this?
Replies: >>31632
Quickly browsing his Shitter feed, I don't see any indication of a future major project, besides some faggy looking snake boy. Why? The only good sneks are girl sneks.
Replies: >>31638
ac2a1becf74f33818d4e33af0f11c9a9cf3a0c63ea1cf93485dca357c3463fee.png (u)
[Hide] (500.8KB, 480x397)
You underestimate the power of faggotry nowadays. And yet, snek girls are always the best.
4766e38c8298d014c85470abd706021863ff9c200fed3e2760d800fe08121fba.png (u)
[Hide] (212.4KB, 1920x1080)
i'm a noob so forgive the newfaggotry are these the best numbers i'm going to get? excluding the shitty megaman wads, all the deathmatches reach 4 if i'm lucky
SKELETON.png (u)
[Hide] (89.6KB, 432x446)
Who want to shoot some motherfucking bugs in invasion mode? Any interest?

I will NOT guarantee:
  1. Not having lags (блять)
  2. No Friendly Fire (although I may disable it for the tests, or if shit will go too much)
  3. Not having glitches (and/or technical bugs)
  4. No Ear-Raping Weapons
  5. No OP weapons (because mostly you'll use rapid-fire weapons that may stun-lock some/most enemies, and there's no reloading)
  6. "It's good day to die" for the menu music (will be a separate download, if interested, if you want to play single-player)
  7. Compatibility with Grandmother Rig even with Zandronum (2manyeffects)
  8. Being hosted on the Free OS (hello bot-san-net for the host)
  9. Not being a lazy fuck; not being incompetent
  10. Not having apes midget sprites (because there's no proper crouch sprites for troopers)

I will guarantee:
  1. Citizenship
  2. Bugs
  3. A lot of bugs
  4. Demons as well (maybe exclusively demons fighting instead)
  5. Tactical warheads instead of BFG
  6. Morita weapons aka basically miniguns at the start
  7. Ability to pick starting loadouts (alas, no skin changing)
  8. Flamethrowers
  9. Ability to sacrifice weapons and armor at spawn in favor for black trench coat and service/peaked cap (ability to command troopers isn't included)
  10. Apes.

Special thanks to anon from Game Preparation thread for making Alpha/Delta maps compatible with the mod, as well as adding mixed ammo items on top because I am a retard who can only tweak shit instead of fixing/adding code, feel free to bully.
Replies: >>33594
do it now, i have been asking myself when one of you gonna start a server.
Replies: >>33597
I'll do it soon, but I want to put up a complete set.
That and I edited Weapons, so you can see people crouching/becoming-midgets.
And of course I forgot to put README into archive. Fuck.
And of COURSE I am needed somewhere at this time. I can put up server for a short time to see how things will be messy.

Full Pack: aHR0cHM6Ly9hbm9uZmlsZXMuY29tL3Y2MDNTZDk4cGQvU3RhckRvb20tVHJvb3BlcnNfN3o=
Just a recently modified weapons code: aHR0cHM6Ly9hbm9uZmlsZXMuY29tL041MzhTYjk1cGYvU1REb29tX1dlYXBvbnNfT25seS1DX3BrMw==

Invasions maps and etc should be downloaded via wadseeker (hopefully).
For civilians newbies, you put extract wads and put them in either .doomseeker at %appdata% (roaming), or set wadseeker to grab them from separate folder in the settings.
When all done, search up for something with Bugs in doomseeker.
klendathudrop for connect
goodbugisdeadbug for join
719303193e3867833f699572d2c08f0edd6b85ab0b157d7dab2f2ac784acc40b.jpg (u)
[Hide] (226.3KB, 563x651)
I am back now for sure, and serb online. Refer to above post and let me know if shit's fucked.
Replies: >>33616
o fug
Guy that helped fix your shit here. Joinan now. Sorry for being late.
Replies: >>33618
Seen you passing through, but failed. Have you replaced weapon file with updated one?
Replies: >>33619
I have not. I'm having issues with anonfile taking a bitch ass time to download it. I'll connect when its done.
Screenshot_Doom_20210116_222336.png (u)
[Hide] (73.4KB, 1600x900)
Reminder to never zoom into sprites, ever.
85c87670dc0c55e16cfc830e186869eac743eb52de98d9d9fe1e38d6ee1d52bc.png (u)
[Hide] (768.6KB, 811x854)
Is there any megawad that doesn't contain any larger threat than the cacodemon/hell knight?
Replies: >>34882
Yes, try the 20 monsters or 40 monster community challenge maps. There is at least one or two secret maps with cyberdemons as a joke but the point of those is "making a map with 20/40 monster count and nothing stronger than a cacodemon". Actually fairly challenging mapsets so beware.

There was another mapset kinda in the same vein as these two but without the enemy count limit, sadly I forget what name it had.
Replies: >>34899
>Doom 1 canonically starts in 2022.
Good thing we don't have research facilities on Mars, right?
Replies: >>34889
Aeronautical firms around the world have trouble getting to the moon and back despite apparently accomplishing it 50 years ago, no way they can get to Mars which is still lightyears away
Replies: >>34894 >>34897
It's less because of actual trouble, but more because the journey is expensive and the lack of a dick-measuring contest between the US and the USSR means we instead spend the money on "dem programs".
Replies: >>34900
「Space_Oddity」.jpg (u)
[Hide] (82.2KB, 1000x700)
I could see us getting there (in terms of technological requirement) in 2 years if it suddenly became everyone's main focus of development like it was during the Apollo project for whatever reason.

Not that that's going to ever happen with where we are all going :^)
Replies: >>34898
Two years is unrealistic from a technical point of view alone, given that it takes around six months of pure travel time to get to Mars in the first place.
But yeah, we currently have more pressing issues. Like gender-neutral language for bathrooms.
Replies: >>34899
Alright noted. 
Didn't Cliffy Bleszinga solved this bathroom issue already?
3ca501cf004adfd82b845f9666743fd5b64938400a568bd602cbd793e022ffbc.jpg (u)
[Hide] (130.4KB, 640x627)
Also, remote probe technology has advanced a shitload in the last 60 years, and the more we learn about the effects of space on humans (a slow and painful death) the more obvious it becomes that it would be a one-way trip. The only reasons to send a manned mission to Mars are:
>to say you did (even in the cold war this wasn't an overwhelming priority, space research is a great cover for ballistic missile research)
>you think there are ayys there that can hide from remote probes but not humans
>you want to be God Emperor of a Martian colony and space anyone who displeases you (this is why Elon Musk wants to go to Mars)
Rocket physics sucks.
Replies: >>34916 >>34921
I made a dehacked patch for slaughterwads. Basically Russian Overkill except it runs on Prboom. It also makes archvile flames transparent, speeds up weapon switch and a few other things. Instead of options, there's a few commented-out lines in the patch to do things like make gibs disappear over time, turn berserks into soulspheres for mods that make lots of enemies drop them, or make bullets explosive.
Replies: >>34905
>zzzchan silently lets the post go through without telling me it can't upload the file directly
catbox it is then
You forgot "scattering Humans to the far reaches so as to nullify singular governorship and ensure the continuation of the only thing reality has bothered to harbor that's worth anything."
That's the best reason to send people out and it's also why all those fags won't do it.
mithrix.jpg (u)
[Hide] (16.5KB, 336x188)
>Believing in things
When will we ditch rockets and embrace grav-engines?
Replies: >>34925
When magnetic pulse anti-grav begins to work in vacuum and when localized grav wells don't collapse into themselves causing a massive implosion.
Why did you feel compelled to post some niggers dancing.
Replies: >>41475
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 1024x576)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (856.9KB, 1024x576)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (968.9KB, 1024x576)
>>25646 (OP) 
I know this thread is on page 10 and hasn't been posted in for nearly two months, but have any of you played Heartland, and what do you think of it? A level, let alone 7 good levels being made in the relatively untouched Eternity Engine is cool, and I feel like Eternity should be given more love.
To go with his nigger post.
9f46cab5588c9470a02517a282c281ce401030abb376ba70d20bd22092389321.png (u)
[Hide] (193KB, 346x750)
Anyone has a list of good doom wads to play? I haven't played any other than hdoom and grezzo 2.
Replies: >>46420 >>46433
1610835279388.jpg (u)
[Hide] (569.8KB, 1474x2048)
The Sky May Be
The "So you want to play some fucking doom" pic from cuckchan was made by a goon with delusions of grandeur so take its commentary with a mine of salt, but most of its picks are decent and it'll help give you an idea of the genres of wad you enjoy the most.
Replies: >>46429 >>51835
DOOM.png (u)
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1543x5500)
You mean this thing?
Replies: >>46433 >>46447
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1543x6892)
On the top of my head, Nobody Told Me About id and Corruption Cards are two mods worth checking out.
That's not the most recent version of that image.
quake.png (u)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1300x6971)
Thanks have one for quake to. Do you have one for Blood?
Replies: >>46437
I couldn't find an infopack for Blood. But I can dump some noticeable maps for Blood.
>Death Wish
>French Meat
>Bloody Pulp Fiction
>Rage Against The Machine
There's also this page for some more mods, but there's not much custom content for Blood, sadly.
Replies: >>46438
Also, why are my IDs changing every second?
Replies: >>46441
naga.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 704x528)
Are you having an identity crisis?
I downloaded the doom 64 pc port
How does it stack up next to the original n64 game? Also, why are cacodemons so fucking ugly in this game?
cacodemon_doom64.png (u)
[Hide] (24.8KB, 640x640)
>why are cacodemons so ugly
I think they look decent, but inferior to all but the Doom3 version.
>how does it stack up to n64
Probably better considering the n64 visuals were fucked on all but a specific aspect ratio.
00263e1555a7b74ff73e849b6cf600ff83ad2458c464427877b211615f5bd1a4.jpg (u)
[Hide] (29.3KB, 469x469)
IIRC Xaser disassembled the original ROM and compared it to the Doom 64 code to find the differences, so it should be the same as the original minus the N64 jank.
That's the one. Of the gameplay mods, these were made by the goon (te13, lat I heard he still posts on SA) or his circlejerk:
>Samsara (killed by engine limitations and the man doing all the work getting tired of being cucked out of the credit)
>HDoom (killed by drama and furrybux)
The Reelism dev was also buttbuddies with term at some point.
All that being said Samsara is still a ball for multiplayer and GMOTA was looking good when I still followed its development.
One other thing that comes to mind is Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch, which is just that: Mega Man as a competitive FPS based on Zandronum. It's spammy as shit but could be fun for a gamenight, especially if we make it public so we can call literal children niggers.
Christ, I'm old.
>why are cacodemons so fucking ugly in this game?
Replies: >>46464
I don't know why it decided to post when I simply hit ENTER, but oh well. I meant to reply that they probably realized they couldn't get away with just ripping off the head of a D&D monster again.
doomgal_1.png (u)
[Hide] (497.1KB, 1024x1447)
doomgal_2.png (u)
[Hide] (551.6KB, 1024x1447)
Does anyone actually like Thy Flesh Consumed? Shit has a reverse difficulty curve and the first level flat out sucks.
Please tell me the average Doom II level is better than the average TFC stage.
Replies: >>51103
TFC is for autistic speedrunning, however it teaches you key aspects of doom's balance as its spike in difficulty is entirely reliant on your skill with handling the unique enemies' patterns and the advantages of infighting to deal with threats you do not have the ammo or weaponry to deal with on a conventional manner. The average Doom 2 level is significantly easier in comparison even as you reach through levels 20-30, but the quality of the level design leaves a lot to be desired in comparison with the brutal ingenuity of Doom's TFC levels.

I would say, if you want TFC-Tier difficulty in Doom 2, consider playing TNT Evilution or Memento Mori 1/2 mapsets. If you want Doom 2 difficulty within Doom as a new episode, without sacrificing on the level design quality, check out "2001 A Doom Odyssey".
Replies: >>51181
So far I'm preferring TFC over Doom 2. Every level feels like a gimmick stage and they're not nearly as fun to explore. Yeah, there's lots of room for infighting and there's more reason to use your harder-hitting weapons than in the first game, but I've beaten nine levels and it already feels like a slog.
Still, there's a good game buried somewhere in here.
>not linking the chart
I've been playing pistol start and it brings a very new perspective to how one plays a Doom WAD. I'm currently stuck at Map 06 or 07 on Alien Vendetta in UV mode and I gave up on it.
>made by a goon with delusions of grandeur 
huh why
Replies: >>51840
It's from the /vr/oom-#samsara cult of personality Term cultivated, basically because he thought he could pawn the work of making really good Doom mods onto other people and if he got enough impressions on Kotaku he could get a cushy "design"/PR job at a AAA in the same way Poole got a cushy job at Google for being a luggage lad. The first part worked (Samsara is genuinely fun when 12-year-olds aren't raping it with expansions like Cabel) but not so much the second part.
Replies: >>51858 >>51874
What other engines are there for Windows?
I have no idea what you're talking about. I am so sorry.
Yeah I used to hang out in #vr and it was kinda fucked how many people Term would get to work on his shit just because he was "the Samsara guy". The only mod he ever made that was more than 50% made by him was High Noon Drifter, and I'd say that was only like 51%, with the remainder being other people. The vast majority of all of the things in his mods were made by other people (mostly people like ijon for programming) who's only credit was their name somewhere where nobody would give a fuck about it.
You can really tell how shit he was at modmaking because once people stopped helping him out so much on projects they'd be dropped immediately, and Cosmic Tides will never be finished for that exact reason. Classic case of circlejerk communities propping people up artificially. It's a shame retards like S'Arais so thoroughly poisoned the well for the subject of criticizing Term because he really does deserve it if only to get his faggot ego in check.
cyberrunner never ever
Replies: >>52012
>Found a 40k weapons wad
>No monsters
God damnit
1a4e5c4e66d16490e316163929a98da6ddd9a8ce236f46249860039bbf62ed5d.gif (u)
[Hide] (80.8KB, 326x300)
I was there, man. I'm pretty sure Cyberrunner is the reason why ijon fucked off forever, he knew that interesting race maps would be too big for the engine at the speeds Terminus wanted and it would have been fifty times better as a deathmatch/CTF wad. But Term wanted to see "This Indie Dev Just Made F-Zero As An ESports Shooter In Doom" on the front page of Kotaku because he's a fucking shithead. He also wanted to sell wads on Steam and sucked cock until someone made a GPL fork of ZDoom for him to do it with. I'll bet a soulsphere he gets caught diddling in the forseeable future and/or troons out for attention.
Replies: >>52026 >>52035
>sucked cock until someone made a GPL fork of ZDoom for him to do it with
Wasn't it marrub who did that? He's a tranny now apparently.
Replies: >>52153
>He also wanted to sell wads on Steam
If it's something that's high profile like Ion Maiden then I don't see what's wrong. But if it's like
>average hauntedtechbase.wad
then I understand.
Replies: >>52042 >>52140
He couldn't just shove random wads on the store unless he bundled it with Freedoom, but there's enough CC and """original""" Doom assets floating around that he could dicksuck his way to like 70% of a short game and then just "steal" the rest from elsewhere, like a jewnity asset flip but with better graphics. The bigger issue is that Term is the archetypal goony beard "man" and everything he has ever done has been in the service of chasing clout and trying to get one of the mods he's tricked other people into making for him to go viral so he'll get invited to the kike-controlled "indie scene" where he can farm gibs on clout and media shilling. It's kind of sad because he isn't a terrible project manager; if he was then Samsara never would have been finished. But he chose to waste those talents, so he deserves to get holocausted along with the rest of the nu-community he helped cultivate.
Here's an example of the "quality" he wanted to sell. Made primarily by other people btw.
Replies: >>52150 >>52156
There is some effort there.
Replies: >>52154
Every shitty creator is a tranny nowadays didn't you know?
Replies: >>52154
Spoiler File (u)
(1.1MB, 960x1280)
There's some effort, sure, but is there quality? There are misaligned textures everywhere, every boss is a boring bullet sponge except the one that's just a jumpscare simulator, maps are typically "Main Room has 3 hallways that each give you a key then you open the last room" or "totally linear enemy hallway", almost none of the audio is custom made, enemy design is shit and they have like 6 frames at most, controls are janky especially for weapon switching, visual design is very bland, etc etc etc.
I was a playtester on this, I told the "team" all of these things and more, nothing was changed. There was plenty of time to change these things and it wasn't done because Terminus was too busy jerking off his ego about how he was going to be a gamedev while spending a dozen times longer on dev tasks like mapping than a normal person would, and doing so on a game for a timed game jam.
All you need to know about this is in the readme.
>- Bloax (Sprite artist, texture artist, coder, writer)
>- _sink (Mapper)
>- Mike12 (Sprite artist)
>- Nerdmurder (Character artist, portrait artist)
>- TerminusEst13 (Coder, sound designer, mapper, music designer, writer)
Seeing this you'd think Term did most of the work. However, conveniently it's not actually listed anywhere who made what, so I'll fill in the blanks
>Bloax made essentially every sprite that wasn't ripped from other games or other people's content with the exception of the autistic anime sprites which was largely Term and Mike12
>_sink did, if I recall correctly, every map except the final two maps
>"Nerdmurder", who wasn't even in #vr, probably did the cutscene spirtes
>Term did two (maybe 3, he might have made the opening map now that I think of it) maps, collected a billion free assets, and leveraged #vr to have people write a large part of the decorate code for him. I'm also about 90% sure ijon did the acs but I can't remember because it's been years. Also he "wrote" the thousand or so words of story
Terminus actually thought he would win a game jam with this. He thought it would be good enough to sell on Steam. Would you pay even $5 for this if you knew what was in it? I don't think so. This project is a perfect encapsulation of hi massively inflated ego because, when taken in context with everything else that was going on behind it, it shows the exact problems with his behavior.
Pic related, spoilered because it's haram as fuck. Btw this dude was literally 12 when he first came into #vr and he used to post about how much he hated his single mother and also would allude to being into all kinds of fucked up hardcore porn. Now he's changed his name from Graham to Alicia and probably lopped his cock off. Sad. Many such cases.
Replies: >>52156 >>52158
I remember Nocturne in Yellow. I was in #vr when that shit was happening. Pretty sure marble's efforts played some role in GZDoom transitioning to GPL, or at least some of the code was merged in.
What a rotten way to die.
Replies: >>52228
Yea, when it comes to gzdoom it's best to have as many versions on backup as possible. I don't even play on the latest one and only way I ever will is if there is a mod I'm interested in that only works with the latest version.
Replies: >>52629
He looks Jewish, but my perception could be wrong.

>Btw this dude was literally 12 when he first came into #vr and he used to post about how much he hated his single mother and also would allude to being into all kinds of fucked up hardcore porn. 
So in other words he was groomed after having some parental issues, many such cases. This is why I think the internet should only be used by anyone 18 and over, too many grooming cases and little shits being exploited due to their tiny brains.

>Now he's changed his name from Graham to Alicia and probably lopped his cock off. 
Trannies don't usually chop their man-sticks off until they've gotten enough money to do it in which most of them don't or are too cowardly to get it surgically removed for a literal pus hole. The 60% community are even more autistic and retarded than we are.
Replies: >>52159 >>52165
Well he does allegedly have a full time job now at some gamedev studio so I'm betting if he wanted it gone it's gone.
>So in other words he was groomed after having some parental issues
I'm almost 100% sure it was someone from an IRC chat that groomed him too, maybe #vr. Shit's fucked man, marrub wasn't a stupid guy but kids aren't equipped to deal with that kind of thing.
Replies: >>52163 >>52165
>Well he does allegedly have a full time job now at some gamedev studio so I'm betting if he wanted it gone it's gone.
Depends on the job itself and how much he makes from it. If he makes an estimation from 10-50 thousand dollars a year, then he probably didn't get the transition, although I don't know the exact cost for penis removal surgery. I think the surgery for transitioning of any kind is worth a fortune due to how long it takes to remove the penis and the resources it requires to do so. So he could be working his way up there, although not all trannies are into the idea, some do it because they just don't want to admit that they're sodomites. 

>I'm almost 100% sure it was someone from an IRC chat that groomed him too, maybe #vr. 
Common grooming sites are usually Discord, Reddit and forums for fags. My guess is that he became a fag after joining Discord, which is very common for creators.
You_have_entered_the_wrong_warren.png (u)
[Hide] (397.3KB, 1057x466)
I know "grooming" is the new noise failed normalfags make when they see something degenerate, but seeing as I was there I don't think he was actually abused by someone on IRC.
From context and memory (remember there were multiple porn artists on #vr) I would guess he just didn't have any innate morality, his parents didn't effectively beat morality into him, and so he crawled down the dopamine spiral into tr00ndom all by himself. It sucks but as previously said kids tend to be bad at dodging cancer bullets without a support group, it's like all those tales from old /b/. in hindsight I dodged way too many of those cancer bullets when I was younger

This is how I play doom
Another_way_to_kill_Imps.png (u)
[Hide] (551KB, 1000x1100)
What are some doom mods where you can play as a cute girl?
Replies: >>52215
Harmony_title.png (u)
[Hide] (158.4KB, 800x600)
No. The closest you're likely to get is this... thing.
Replies: >>52219
And what the fuck is that?
Replies: >>52224 >>52228
It's Harmony, can't you read?
Replies: >>52227
I didn't ask what it says, but thanks for your non-intelligent post that wasn't meant for (You).
01.jpg (u)
[Hide] (401.7KB, 600x800)
05.jpg (u)
[Hide] (316.8KB, 600x800)
11.jpg (u)
[Hide] (462.4KB, 630x832)
12.jpg (u)
[Hide] (368.9KB, 554x832)
I'm pretty sure Graf wanted to get rid of the remaining noncommercial/stolen source from GZDoom anyway, the circlejerk just did the work for him. The basic ZDoom source can't be packaged with freetard Linux distros because it's a fucking stew of old source releases, stolen leaked code and one-off licenses: https://zdoom.org/wiki/License
Since I'm feeling generous I'll spoonfeed. Harmony is a pastiche of mid-90s Doom clones that got spat out in barrels by small devs, complete with ugly faux-grunge digitized characters.
Replies: >>52232
Is it any good at least?
Replies: >>52236
Having played it I can confidently say that it is aggressively mediocre.
While the mod is as easy as fuck due to how op the weapons are it's still pretty fun. 
doomwinback.jpg (u)
[Hide] (487.6KB, 1920x1080)
I mainly use LZDoom unless a mod requires a particular GZ version.
doomworld_BoA_P15-fullpage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1791x9724)
Wolfenstein_2_The_New_Colossus_-_Russian_Gamers_React_To_SJW_Propaganda_(00_08_24).webm (u)
[Hide] (8.7MB, 600x476, 08:23)
Wolfenstein_2_The_New_Colossus_-_Russian_Gamers_React_to_SJW_Propaganda_Part_2_(00_07_45)_1.webm (u)
[Hide] (7.1MB, 730x470, 07:02)
laughing_wurstmann.jpg (u)
[Hide] (44.5KB, 440x600)
NS_laugh.webm (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 1002x424, 00:22)
Hola amigos, do you know what time it is? It is time for D O O M D R A M A. Take a closer look here:
https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/71736-wolfenstein-blade-of-agony-achievement-ideas-p13/?page=13 https://github.com/Realm667/WolfenDoom/issues/782 
>Make a dood mod where you get to kill le ebvul nazis for the 6 gorrillionth time
>trannies and other pussies get triggered for minor "controversial" content
>get banned from the forum
The joge writes itself.
HDoom update fucking when?
Replies: >>58372
I was there for the entire shitshow and I archived everything just in case the thread got deleted. Several years of work thrown down the shitter because of some gory sprites and getting the name of a tranny wrong. I loathe Doomworld.
Replies: >>58428
cuck_(2).png (u)
[Hide] (13.7KB, 918x159)
>we've already lost players
>so we have to comply
This is just sad.
Replies: >>59913
Man why is it still not okay to joke about an event that happened like 80 fucking years ago? Regardless of the validity of the holocaust it makes no sense to be this uptight about shit that happened a literal lifetime ago.
A level set in Pearl harbor would have been fine, a level set in Hiroshima or Nagasaki wouldn't have created such butthurt, but we are still trapped in this gay Earth where if you even say "holocaust" without bursting into tears then you're a monster.
WH5uhsPb4EcNmf0j.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 432x432, 02:19)
Yeah it's incredible, with regular violence they are okay and don't say anything about it but as soon it becomes slightly edgier they go on a butthurt spree about it.

>>58411 (checked)
It's hard to tell if its because due to indoctrination that happens for decades or for them just getting finally a excuse to dog pile a long standing author. Oddly enough a few jews on the github page issues says they have less issue with this mod and the mod author in question because they get at least to fulfill their power fantasy of killing ebvul nathzes. What a fucking joke that community has become.
Replies: >>58450
The mod doesn't even joke about holocaust. In the world of Wolfenstein, ever since the original game, nazis have been intentionally turning the dead into mutant/zombie soldiers. It's never specified whether they did this to their own dead or just anyone.
Apparently, in the mod, some kind of undead gas has turned holocaust victims into zombies and player has to shoot them. Why should any group of people be exempt from the effects of such gas? If anything, this is more of a horror thing, bordering on tragedy. But, this being the doomworld community, all the subtlety is lost to the cattle, intentionally or not. Oh, and zombies don't feel pain because they are fucking zombies!
What I truly find bizarre is the whiteknighting for the community tranny. But then again:
>What a fucking joke that community has become.
It's why every mod I make from now on will have the enemies with jewish names/concepts
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (947.7KB, 954x538)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (48.8KB, 956x568)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (82.5KB, 929x695)
Speaking of drama, there was some just two days ago, when cuck/vr/ released their
absolutely homosexual
wad, Hard Fast Faggot Maps, to good ol' Dramaworld. I'm willing to bet you can guess what happened afterwards.
In this shitshow, one of Doomworld's goons managed to himself banned on cuckchan after constantly berating the general, and complained about it back on DW. Fortunately, that tantrum is still up, unlike the release thread.
Replies: >>60232
>a level set in Hiroshima or Nagasaki wouldn't have created such butthurt
It's not like LO FUCKIN' WANG jokes about Hiroshima and Nagasaki when using nukes in Shadow Warrior.
42fd14aaeb4eab5b0c4e38ae169b793079e7688139f38516ae16ca4aa214fb37.png (u)
[Hide] (295.4KB, 1693x1184)
>That Doomworld
>The Doomworld that banned Graf and left him extremely butthurt because his annoying ass wouldn't get a wad banned that should what a piece of shit GZDoom was
Eh, their forcing a cancerous minimalism Web 2.0 UI upon their users should've been a sign enough. But what a shame oi what that site has become.
It's not just 
>we lost players
but it's
>we lost POTENTIAL players
They're not changing for people who have been playing but for people who will honestly never play that wad, change or no change.
As other said, it's propaganda. The (((people))) who rule over all the cultural institutions in the West are the people who were supposedly most affected the Holocaust, so they have to bitch and moan through propagandized repetition every chance they get.
Replies: >>60183
I've been playing Hideous Destructor recently. It's hard, and I savescum a lot, but it's really, really fun and I think I know what I'm doing now.
Besides, I'm fine with the menus and slowness, I've played much slower and more realistic games in my time.
Replies: >>60217
>The (((people)))...
Pretty much this.
doom08.png (u)
[Hide] (20.2KB, 640x480)
I built an old version of Prboom (2.2.3)  just because it reminds me of simpler times when the doom cummunity was actually cool (like 10+ years ago).  Nowadays I don't want to have anything to do with them.
As far as wads, there's tons of good ones.  One of my favorites is School Doom, by Pupils of the Cyberdemon.  I played it recently with Freedoom 0.7 as my IWAD (I don't like newer versions).
It's certainly an experience and quite an exhilarating one to try once you learn the controls and enemy nuances. I don't savescum anymore and do basically ironman runs of certain mapsets sometimes with it at mixed results. The added level of challenge and light-randomization is something quite neat about it, although it can get jarring if you get a lopsided encounter with healer imps in an area you can't reliably flush 'em out with grenades.

Highly recommend you try it out with the UACUltra.wad set, the color pallete and the set of maps is quite good for it despite the brutal initial start on map01 being seemingly impossible. And honestly it really isn't, the radsuit can be picked up before you melt and the teleporter with 4 imps can either be grenaded or you can immediatly start running once you teleport in with a pistol at hand to dodge fireballs and cap most of them, I've even begun to do so with shotguns and rifles. I often reach map03 or 04 before dying to a stray rocket or knight balefire.
>Dramaworld thread got hidden for unregistered users
Way to go. Couldn't they just have tried hosting that wad on moddb or other places instead? One of those halfchan anons even mentioned that moddb might be better.

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