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2005 version of Habbo Hotel is being re-released as Habbo Origins
>After discovering an old decrepit server with some long-lost files at the beginning of this year, over the past six months or so long-time Habbo developer and player Macklebee has lovingly restored an old version of Habbo Hotel first released in 2005.
Switch 2 will not be a part of the Nintendo Direct showcase
Pax Dei MMO is releasing into Early Access today
>The game will remain in early access for at least a year, during which the game will “expand in all directions, based on the reaction and feedback” from the players.
Fallen Aces released into Early Access a couple of days ago
>webm attached
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>>249733 (OP) 
>2005 version of Habbo Hotel is being re-released as Habbo Origins
Replies: >>249740
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CTR can now be played online through Duckstation.
>use the settings in the ini
>run game
>open client.exe and enter your name
>select server and room
>wait for other people to join if you're the first one in
>select a track when ready
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Game night when?
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>"we're too lazy to fix emulator netcode so we'll just cheat"
They couldn't even be bothered to fork DuckStation for their hacks and used memory injection instead, which means Wine will probably choke on it. Fucking discordfags.
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Embracer is closing Alone in the Dark reboot studio Pieces Interactive
Bethesda is targeting annual story expansions for Starfield
Trophy leaks point to Beyond Good & Evil remaster releasing soon
Replies: >>249751 >>249757
>Beyond Good & Evil remaster coming out before 2
I suppose it is a blessing that Ubishit is so inept that it'll be decades before they release that turd. Just like how they somehow cannot release what should be a simple remaster of Prince of Persia
>Embraces closing studios again
Making all those aquisitions without being able to afford them in the vain hope of saudis injecting money into your company must be one of the most retarded moves a company could make.
Replies: >>249845
>>249733 (OP) 
>2005 version of Habbo Hotel is being re-released as Habbo Origins
when are the zigras going to block the pool?
Replies: >>249759 >>249764
Depends on if cuckchan beats us to it or not.
Baten Kaitos HD randomly drops on Steam year after it appeared on Korean rating board.


Still infested by lolcowlizer trash. Literally cut ability to play as a female character from first game because not trans enough or something.
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I fucking hate seeing zoomers fetishizing the culture i grew up with
>Literally cut ability to play as a female character from first game because not trans enough or something.
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Excited for new monster hunter, dear goyim?
Replies: >>249776
Spoiler File
(6.4MB, 1280x720, 00:58)
In Baten Kaitos, the "player" is a spirit that the characters talk to and ask for help, etc.
In the original Japanese releases you could specify to have yourself referred to as male or female, but lolcowlizers were too lazy to translate additional lines and simply cut that feature from the western releases. Doesn't help that when they originally released the games were slammed in the west by game jurnos for simply being JRPGs too.
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you may as well post the whole thing.
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where's audrey's mommy milkies
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Why do I feel like I have seen this exact face 100 times before?
Replies: >>249783
>shitting on one of the best shopkeepers in vidya history
Glad this show is dead.
Replies: >>249783
It looks like a kike, reminds me of the gay of us kike.
Is time to learn japanese.
It died twice, the retards couldn't keep the normalfags entertained just to be able to push their retarded opinions.
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PEGI ratings suggest a Resident Evil rerelease is coming soon
Sony Pictures announces a second Uncharted movie
Everdrive maker KrIKzz releases open-source "Open-ED" flashcart for Mega Drive
Replies: >>249788 >>249869
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>Sony Pictures announces a second Uncharted movie
there was a first one?
yeah, it had spider-man in it
keep up with the news, e
I've heard it was "eh", unexceptional and unoffensive except for the fact that Nathan Drake was completely and utterly miscast. I've never even played the games or seen the movie and the soft faced, twiggy, actor makes me wonder what the hell they were thinking with the casting.

Yep. The remaster's English translation not only fails to restore the choice in Origins, it cuts it from the English release of the original. The trannies are just that butthurt over male and female existing.

English (I can't find a no commentary run where part 1 isn't hours long)

Japanese (starts 8 mins in)
Yes, and it was shit, not even my brother liked it.
All they had to do was just resell the old games and make money. But no they suddenly needed every studio to pump out mostly mediocre sequels and now they are in deep in shit.
They cashed in on the spiderboy actor being able to sell the movie when Mark Wahlberg would make the better Drake.
Replies: >>250585
How many REmakes are they going to make? It feels like there are more of them than original games at this point.
Replies: >>249871 >>249873
>How many REmakes are they going to make?
Probably as many as it takes until they're left just with the choice to do so for Gaiden or Survivor next.
>How many REmakes are they going to make?
Anon, almost every single game company doesn't know what to do at this point. Despite all the headlines of games making record breaking sales all of the time, companies are losing even more money despite having access to an even larger audience than back when their only markets were restricted to 10 countries.
I had a look at the source and it doesn't touch duckstation functionality at all, only the game memory in the emulated console RAM via shared memory APIs (CreateFileMapping/OpenFileMapping). Basically it's a game mod in the same vein as a PC game MP mod rather than emulator netplay. Having to run duckstation in wine is gay but it should work fine as the relevant APIs are implemented in wineserver.
I still don't know how the dogshit game even got a sequel, yet somehow there are ~7 of them.
Fuck you all, I'm hyped for the new Mario & Luigi game.
Replies: >>249927
I would be if I trusted nintendo not to make half the game unskippable tutorials.
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In other news TLoZ went full tilt into DEI and is slowly replacing Link with Zelda as the protagonist, just like they're doing with the Mario series with Princess Peach Showtime.
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It's a spin off you retarded mongoloid, not even the first.
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Yeah and now that you ask, here are my full thoughts on the whole direct.
That direct was fucking trash:
>Mario and Luigi Brotherhood: go to the polls
>NES championship featuring commentary from black speedrunners
>One Piece Rip-Off the Videogame
>More JRPG slop!!!
>Sports switch 2 twerking update!
>Silk Song ripoff because real Silksong is never happening
>Disney woke tranny mouse plataformer DLC
>Hello Kitty farming sim cause we need another one RIGHT?!?!
>Looney Tunes multiversus skibbidy basketball videogame
>Shitty palworld farming sim rip-off
>DK country but Dixie is a tranny
>Batch of Dragon Quest demakes to bank of Toriyama's Dead
>LUIGI'S MANSION 2 (yes again)
>The rolling retard mmo
>Metal Slut TD without succubus, females and Dio is now a Tranny
>Darkest dungeon (the bad one (2) )
>Gameboy Advance and N64 games, $50 each.
>Perfect Dark 64 (the censored one)
>Kick Scammers simulator: Fight stick edition
>super Mario Party DLC this late into the switch lifespan
>Legend Of Zelda: Gone Woke, now it's up to the all powerful and asexual Princess Zeldass to save the useless Twink LINK!!!!! Sheik is confirmed trans
>Just Dance: The globohomo injection continues: your kids are next!
>Lego Nikocado Adventures (not an exclusive)
>The game about a cat and trans robots: 5 years later
>The Hobbit: BLM simulator
>Miles Edgeworth: journey into the noose
>NOT Danganronpa: school shooters are all white
>Genshit but Elden Ring But Xenoblade
>Metroid Prime 4: 10 years and still same shit
I'm amazed they didn't mention how Samus is now trans but i did saw the trans flag decal on the morph ball.
TL;DR: Nintendo Is no longer a videogame company, they have gone woke, for good this time.
the gameplay for that game seems pretty neat. likely the difficulty is babymode but you coukd generate a lot of depth with a modrl like that.
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>you coukd generate a lot of depth with a modrl like that.
Could I make a suggestion?
Replies: >>249939
I'll definitely play this new Zelda game as if Nintendo wanted to keep the spirit of those games alive, even if that's not true and they couldn't have cared less about that company going bankrupt.
They could have saved it.
Spoiler File
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Replies: >>250227
I'm gonna play this. It looks fun.
What's it like having an IQ of 85?
why did you feel the need to spoiler this?
Niggerfag tier babbling.
Insane post. Looks fun though.
nigger, both peach and zelda had standalone games before.
good bait it made me reply.
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Love how niggepill posted some AI made sign that says "FUCK NIGGERS" to appear like a legit poster, then goes with the usual ridiculous "it's all ogre bros" outing himself once again.
Replies: >>250246
That's not niggerpill; it's just some faggot using TOR, which you'd have been able to identify if you'd taken half a second to look at the ID.
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7 days to die is fully releasing next month.
Replies: >>250271
>Release Date: 13 Dec, 2013
>they've actually been milking EA for more than decade
How the fuck has it not been released/canceled yet? It barely looks like the game I played back then.
Will the dr disrespect headline be an exemption for news? Isn’t it a big deal in the video game circle?
Replies: >>250428
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GoG now has the original Resident Evil 1 on their store. 2 and 3 will come some other time.
Good! Now, if only they had original Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, too - without the remasters forcefully bundled in.
Replies: >>250367
Have they ever fixed their installers? Having an exe file with a bunch of others files with it instead of one file, seems retarded.
Replies: >>250364
Quick search shows it isn't just a port, they went ahead and fixed up a few things. Looks like GOG is the one who approached Capcom about it.
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Who's working on Metroid Prime 4?
Don't give enough of a fuck to archive right now since wayback is broken atm, just want to call attention to the complete absence of that one bitch from the list of known Retro Studios employees.
Replies: >>250366
she actually still works there but retro knows mentioning her name would be detrimental for sales, so she isn't going to be mention to be anywhere near the game until it comes out, but from the trailer you can clearly see that she is writting the game, the little transflag decal on samus's morphball that's visible for only 2 frames is a dead giveaway.
It's on gog-games
Replies: >>250431
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[Hide] (75.7KB, 680x406) Reverse
Replies: >>250376 >>250391
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>trans decal in the morph ball
if stretching was a competitive sport, nobody could ever match you
Replies: >>250460
>Capcom dusting off their old PC ports
I wonder if any of the other PC ports of Capcom games from this era will be re-released. Besides the MegaMan X games and Street Fighter ports (already in a compilation re-release on PC), there's Resident Evil 2/3, Dino Crisis and sequel, Mega Man Legends and sequel (likely not this one given the Capcom data breach essentially confirmed a Legends legacy collection since there was a version of the Tron source code that was getting active modifications), and Breath of FIre IV (a curious one because Capcom recently asked what games people wanted to see remade and they gave the option of BoF1-3, rather than BoF1-4), They also published Electronic Popple, a PC only beat-em-up set inside a computer.
>all the original content - 1996
>comparing it to PS1 version so its not just talking about the original release

That indicates this is based on the NEC port of the game. That's  'weird' . Resident Evil got four different PC ports (NEC, internal Capcom, Virgin, and MediaKite), all apparently forked off the original code independently. I wonder if Capcom (or someone going through old files from VideoLogic, the European distributor for the port) found the source code to that release.
Replies: >>250379
The PS1 version is far and away the most popular version of RE1 so I don't see anything odd about them choosing it as a point of comparison.
Replies: >>250391
Read the second picture in
It's saying that the description is taken from the 1996 PC version. That means this release is based on that port, rather than one of the three other ports.
What the fuck, is that true? Can’t find anything on this nor do I see it
Replies: >>250460
>the little transflag decal on samus's morphball that's visible for only 2 frames is a dead giveaway.
I fucking knew it!
Replies: >>250460
>some guy who has never made anything of value of merit, only hundreds of hours of useless Twitch footage, sent a thumbs up emoji when some teenage whore told him that she wanted to suck his dick
> the little transflag decal on samus's morphball that's visible for only 2 frames is a dead giveaway.
Are you taking me for a ruse?
Replies: >>250460
Didn't those niggers go private?
Replies: >>250432 >>250440
They closed down the downloads for a few days and then changed their minds and opened it up again. They've also added a torrent option recently.
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[Hide] (15.1MB, 1280x720, 00:21)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1280x720, 00:04)
[Hide] (4.4MB, 1280x720, 00:14)
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1280x720, 00:10)
Steam has started beta testing game recording
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1280x720, 00:10)
Replies: >>250494
To be fair, it is her legend.
>made me check
10/10 bait
Replies: >>250460
They realized they wouldn't get any donations so it was only private for about a week. Be sure to check that the installers are properly signed though, despite them crying about malware accusations at the time and swearing they would never do such a thing an anon actually found a compromised installer >>242625 >>242628
Replies: >>250445
I’m tech illiterate, a couple of gog games I have installed include a couple of bin files under application as well similar to that anons folder. Have I been running some form of malware unknowingly for years?
If you regularly install warez and you haven't run an antivirus check up to a week ago then you definitely have malware. That's just part of the tradeoff for free shit.
Replies: >>250463
The bins are supposed to be there. The games are often split into up-to-4GB bin files and small installers for FAT32 compatibility.
Replies: >>250463
Right click the gog installation file/s and check if it has a valid signature. Thats it. When i install any steam games i always virustotal every file. You can speed up that process by putting a bunch of files in a zip and upload it to virustotal and check the related tab. Max 99 files. Even then after doing that i still do regular malwarebytes scans. I've never had malware by doing this.
Replies: >>250463
it is true, check that morphball section of the trailer, it's actual split into 2 because the first part of the sequence is on late game while the rest is first level, frame by frame, the transflag decal is right there.
it still there and you will see it on the next trailer.
Replies: >>250468
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[Hide] (120.1KB, 663x874) Reverse
Kadokawa hacked by Black Suit Ransomware 
Anime has fallen.
I run windows defender and malware bytes occasionally and haven’t gotten any reports of foul play. Usually I’ll get false positive through virustotal or rarely if it’s a cracked software, I’ll see defender report a trojan which it then quarantines. but I didn’t know about the signature check which I’ll do now for all of these. Thanks
Appreciate clearing that up. Didn’t care to notice them before until now
[Hide] (1.8MB, 766x1200) Reverse
Maybe now we'll finally find out what really happened back in Summer of CY+3.
That statement became true twenty years ago. Only retards including spics watch anime trash nowadays
[Hide] (348.1KB, 500x500) Reverse
How about a little gamer on gamer violence?
>Kang and the victim, another young man around the same age as Kang, had never met in real life, but they both played ArcheAge, a medieval fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Leeper said. The game’s publisher announced in April that it would be shutting down servers in Europe and North America on June 27, citing a declining number of active players.
>Kang flew from Newark, New Jersey, to Jacksonville, Florida, last Thursday after telling his mother that he was going to visit a friend that he had met while playing a video game
>The victim was walking out of his bedroom when he was confronted by Kang, who hit him on the head with the hammer, officials said. The two struggled as the victim called for help. His stepfather responded and helped to restrain Kang until police arrived.
>Once in custody, Kang told investigators that the victim is a “bad person online,” officials said. He also asked deputies how much jail time people got for breaking and entering and assault.
[Hide] (54.6KB, 500x1397) Reverse
since you have such a keen eye, post screencaps and timestamp. it was in the trailer, right? go ahead, i'll wait
If these guys don't release it by July 1st you know they probably don't have jack shit and are bluffing.
Replies: >>250470
Japanese can't into IT or cyber.  I have little doubt it is legitimate.  But hey,  we'll find out soon.
[Hide] (17KB, 480x360) Reverse
>got years in jail over archeage of all things
>so terminally asshurt over a gay internet slap fight he spent money to fly so he could attack someone with a hammer because he was too much of a pussy to throw a punch
The archive isn't loading for me so I'm just going to assume it's a nigger, because this is very niggerly behavior.
Replies: >>250474 >>250477
Asian guy living in New Jersey
> I'm just going to assume it's a nigger
I doubt niggers have the brain capacity to play a gook MMO.

>niggerly behavior
Have you ever seen videos of chinks in china fighting with each other machetes and knives, chinks stabbing a guy with a knife over League of Legends, or compilations of guys beating up women and children for the mildest reasons?
>Launched in May 2023, BlackSuit is widely believed to be a rebranding of the Royal ransomware operation, which itself is considered a direct successor to the infamous Conti cybercrime syndicate. Comprising Russian and Eastern European threat actors, this organized gang has been a persistent security concern.
Giving subhumans access the internet was a mistake.
Replies: >>250501
[Hide] (1.7MB, 320x240) Reverse
The same ransomware a few days ago that completely shut down Synnovis supplier company 
for NHS healthcare and  SYNLAB?The CEO cucked out and paid the 50 million?
>that nigger
Replies: >>250506
[Hide] (296.6KB, 1600x900) Reverse
>Edward Kang
CIA has off-site cyber operations run from russia and eastern yurop. Just saying.
Replies: >>250505
>IT knew the ransomware group was in the system
>Didn't pull the network right there and then
If that is true this IT group sucks. They could have just claimed a server went offline, which would be true anyway, to their management if they didn't want to tell the truth.
It's hard to believe such a well-funded organization that is capable of starting small wars would stoop so low as to hack a friendly country for ransom. Countries faced with economic threats such as Russia/China/North Korea have better motivation to do it.
Stardew Valley is kikeshit
To the CIA no countries are friendly, and no low is too low to stoop to.
Replies: >>250509
>no countries are friendly
Then why does that particular group consistently attacks only US allies? Surely there are some juicy targets in China.
Replies: >>250518
>It's hard to believe such a well-funded organization that is capable of starting small wars would stoop so low as to hack a friendly country for ransom.
They have to find SOME way for Brandon to pay off all that trillions of dollars of debt.
Replies: >>250514
Paying the debt by hacking your own infrastructure? You have to be kidding.
Replies: >>250535
Nice try, CIA.
Replies: >>250517
Your baseless accusation will only fly with schizoids, FSB,
It's all part of the plan.
Replies: >>250520
Cool, now let's hear what the plan is and how the group is actually commandeered by the CIA. You should be able to provide proof too lest you're a schizo.
Replies: >>250522 >>250524
You couldn't understand. The CIA doesn't even know. That's how deep it goes.
The burden of proof is on you. I'm expecting a signed letter by eight.
Replies: >>250527
[Hide] (408.7KB, 1500x1000) Reverse
Would you look at all these trash made just to deny the fact that Eastern Europeans and Russians (a nemesis of the Japanese even before WWI) hack poorly defended Japanese companies for profit.
Replies: >>250526
I'm not denying that it happens, dude. I'm just saying it's all part of the plan.
Replies: >>250546
[Hide] (63.7KB, 920x265) Reverse
[Hide] (60.3KB, 930x268) Reverse
If you can't even read the news, here, let me spoonfeed you.
Replies: >>250530 >>250545
Incompetence. I ask for a signed letter and you give me MSM garbage? No wonder you're underpaid.
Replies: >>250532
Why don't you ask signed letters from everyone that has posted news around here, genius? No wonder you're a balding fat neet.
Streissand effect at work.
Replies: >>250537
Did you see how bad the debate was last night? Do you think these people are thinking straight?
Replies: >>250537 >>250547
That tranny left retro 2 years ago, retard.
Replies: >>250543
[Hide] (138.6KB, 657x604) Reverse
The presidential debate in the US? No, I didn't and as a foreigner why should I care?
Unless you can prove the CIA takes all its orders straight from the president then I'm not sure that's relevant. 

Maybe question your assumption first and ask how would Russians and Eastern Europeans would work for its own arch nemesis because these bunch of (1)s embarrassed themselves by failing to do that. 

And it's working in my favor.
Replies: >>250546
[Hide] (224KB, 850x1210) Reverse
dup btfo

27-year-old Japanese man confesses to sending Nintendo threats to "kill everyone" because he was bad at Splatoon
Ubisoft CEO: "Multiple" Assassin's Creed remakes in the works
CDPR's American studio will make sure Cyberpunk sequel has the right manhole covers
Riot director claims $500 LoL skin was for "players who are willing to spend $200 a month on their hobbies"
says who? the media? her linkedin profile? bullshit, they'll hire the worst out of the worse just to get more DEI score with the shadow goverment, everybody knows ((( them ))) and their ulterior motives, pal.
Replies: >>250565
>Cyberpunk sequel has the right manhole covers
wtf does that mean?
Not reading. Untrue information. You've fallen for the psyop. It's all  part of the plan.
Replies: >>250546
Great way to contradict yourself dumbass >>250526.
Also why not try reading the picture here >>250537 if you insist acting like a Qboomer?
Replies: >>250548
They're both geriatrics.
>try reading the picture here
<It's all in Japanese
<Retard cannot even be assed to provide a source for said picture
Replies: >>250549 >>250554
>not reading raw news straight from the Japanese for events happening in Japan
>being dekinai
>applies double standards just for this occasion when >>250462 didn't provide source either
None of your deflection works, just accept the truth and move on.
Replies: >>250550
>when >>250462 didn't provide source either
And he should be bullied for that as well. So why don't you provide a source to so how much "better" than him you are?
Replies: >>250551
Have at it, you illiterate gaijin. 
Before you complain
They're all reposting news from Kyodo anyway. Here's a bunch of links with the same exact article 
Replies: >>250555
[Hide] (74.7KB, 200x240) Reverse
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1280x720, 00:20)
>On the 27th, a Russian hacker criminal group announced a crime on a dark site on the highly anonymous "dark web" due to a cyber attack on the publishing giant KADOKAWA and the video distribution site "Nico Nico Douga" and other sites could not be used.
>The hacker group called itself a "black suit" and claimed to have stolen a large amount of data such as personal information of users and employees, although the authenticity is unknown. If they don't pay the money, they will release it on July 1. KADOKAWA commented, "At this time, we have nothing to answer."
>The Black Suit is said to be one of the leading criminal gangs that use ransom-demanding computer viruses called "ransomware". According to the statement of the attack, they broke into Kadokawa's information system about a month ago, stole about 1.5 terabytes of data, and encrypted it. He made a deal with KADOKAWA's management, but was dissatisfied with the amount offered and threatened to increase the amount.
>According to KADOKAWA and its subsidiary Dwango, there was an outage that made it impossible to access multiple servers in the early morning of the 8th.

Okay, so we know that it's the Russians.
Hey, a little trivia for you!
Did you know that Putin is a member of the WEF's "Young Leaders" program: https://archive.ph/U5Xwg
Boy, I hope that doesn't make things awkward, nor show that this is all potentially ochestrated for some...Oh, would you look at that, Kadokawa announced last month that they're suspending Visa payments: https://archive.ph/hUk17
Not long after Fantia: https://archive.ph/Ih2kA
And DLsite do the same: https://archive.ph/iJWL6
Surely that had absolutely NOTHING to do with this sudden attack! Nope, just completely coincidental.
>Kadokawa announced last month that they're suspending Visa payments: https://archive.ph/hUk17
But Anon, that's Nico Nico Douga suspending Visa. I knew you couldn't read.
Replies: >>250559
Kadokawa owns Niconico.
Replies: >>250561
[Hide] (118.4KB, 947x736) Reverse
[Hide] (49.4KB, 850x478) Reverse
Oh and one more thing; why would a Russian move against the Japanese right after the latter denies US credit cards? It's not as if Russians are dependent on Visa or Mastercard, they have their own card. Russia has lots of reasons to go against the Japanese but I don't think they'll do that for an enemy.

It is still wrong. Bookwalker is also owned by Kadokawa and it still accepts US credit cards. 
Nico Nico bans Visa, not its owner. Maybe slow down and verify your own assumptions.
Replies: >>250567
[Hide] (40KB, 855x254) Reverse
The press release from Kadokawa was just released a few hours ago and the company wrote and they and everything in its group don't store credit card information so there's no possible way of customer credit card info being leaked. 

If the hack was somehow related to Visa then shouldn't the Russians be attacking the company handling the cards and leave Kadokawa alone? 
Or maybe they're just there for ransom?
Replies: >>250567
Confirmed niggerpill.

>linkedin profile
He said it himself that he left the company. Show evidence that he's still in Retro, otherwise you're just another faggot trying to spam rage bait.

>everybody knows (((  them  ))) 
((( They ))) also use the pronouns trannies want ((( them ))) to use. ((( You ))) are trying too hard to fit in.
Replies: >>250573
>why would a Russian move against the Japanese right after the latter denies US credit cards
Because those credit institutions can be used to control how and what people are allowed to spend money on, and Russia is one of the countries helping push for Agenda 2030, with one of the goals of said agenda being the control of how and what people spend money on.

>its group don't store credit card information
Why does that matter? I never said nor implied the hack had anything to do with stealing credit card information.
>If the hack was somehow related to Visa then shouldn't the Russians be attacking the company handling the cards and leave Kadokawa alone? 
No because the problem is Kadokawa dropping Visa, because that removes the amount of control global institutions have over how Kadokawa can operate their businesses.
Replies: >>250589 >>250607
That trooner is nowhere near Retro now. The poster claiming he still works there is baiting.
Those are some sick video games
Replies: >>250581
Spoiler File
(34.7KB, 256x326) Reverse
Pretty sure this is niggerpill's "innovative tactics" attempting to make the thread boring to drive people away from any discussion about any actual issue.
Replies: >>250582
Who gives a shit? So long as he keeps it here and nowhere else.
>They cashed in on the spiderboy actor being able to sell the movie when Mark Wahlberg would make the better Drake.
Mark Wahlberg sucks, there's a guy who did a fan made Uncharted movie that looked closer Nathan Drake, than the Spiderman actor who still looks like a middle schooler.
Replies: >>250599
>nothing can be genuine criminal behavior
Have you ever considered that this might just be crime? You seem like the typical anon who doesnt really know shit but loves to talk.
Replies: >>250595
>Have you ever considered that this might just be crime?
Have you taken a look at everything that's occurred over the past several years?
Replies: >>250614
What the fuck. I’m assuming these guys made this to pitch it to snoy but they didn’t pick it up. What the fuck they’re always handed shit but always go the other way. How are they still around
Replies: >>250600 >>250606
[Hide] (106.3KB, 700x630) Reverse
>imblyign it has to be Putler and not just some bored slavs looking to get revenge for the friends we've lost and/or fuck over VTuber Z-celebs for lulz&shekels
Careful there Anon, such c*ck*ch*n l*ngo might get you thrown off the plane around these parts.
Replies: >>250606 >>250607
You can type Soyny here, it's not like cuckchan where the faggot mods got so butthurt about the soy meme that the filtered the word.
>Kadokawa dropping Visa
Why bring up a point that's already been proven wrong? Anyway good luck proving all those theories in your post.

>imblyign it has to be Putler
Exactly. Not everything has to be a grand worldwide shadow conquest conspiracy or whatever. Anon needs to learn how to use the Occam's Razor.
Have you taken a shower in the past 7 years? Do slavs need a reason to crime?
[Hide] (165.7KB, 963x1200) Reverse
Terraria creator will issue refunds "no questions asked" - if you can defeat him in PvP
Epic Games Store leaks dozens of unannounced and unpublished games
22 year old GBA game finally released after being canceled three separate times
Replies: >>250629 >>250709
>22 year old GBA game finally released after being canceled three separate times
<and it's horrendous
[Hide] (275.4KB, 1280x800) Reverse
>Terraria creator will issue refunds
What refunds??
>Do slavs need a reason to crime?
When has the CIA needed a reason to topple over government and run color revolutions?
Replies: >>250718
Never? I'm pretty sure the CIA runs independent of the central government and can do nearly anything they want and only have to report in afterwards.
>muh CIA
This is how I know you're a gopnig. You niggers always have the tendency to mention the CIAniggers when Russians are confronted or exposed for being massive retards.
Replies: >>250744
>implying it's not some ebin plot by a zoomer Saudi prince hiring some Russian hackers on discount through his secret gay Mossad lover because someone at Kadokawa made a slight towards one of his waifus
>implying Kadokawa's shit security practices weren't carefully crafted by glownig ((( consulting firms ))) and "advisors" for the purpose of trannomarxist niggerpilling only to bite them back in the ass
Replies: >>250745 >>250747
Take your meds
>bots on /v/
Never thought I would see the day.
It's the 1st of July, was anything released?
Replies: >>250767 >>250874
Lemme dive around and see if I can find anything.
Replies: >>250768
stupid nigger, why can't you die?
Replies: >>250769
[Hide] (549.4KB, 799x600) Reverse
Because I'm better than you and more handsome and likeable and have a large cock.
Replies: >>250771
>will make sure cyberpunk sequel
But it is very amercian thanks to the niggers, beaners, trannies and sodomites!
jokes on you, i don't have a large cock because i was born with a vagina
Replies: >>250772 >>250773
Yeah you wish
Replies: >>250798
Show tits or GTFO.
Replies: >>250798
Spoiler File
(47.1KB, 720x395) Reverse
Replies: >>250807
[Hide] (686.4KB, 892x929) Reverse
>A setting known for being Japanese influenced and usually taking place in Japan
>Needs to be more American
>By focusing on a detail literally no one cares about
Why is this news?
Because CuckeDPR got rid of their already shitty DEI compliant dev team for the gayme and replaced them with wymin and troons that are somehow even less competent. So they can't focus on anything to improve the game other then minor easy details no one cares about and those pointless details are the only thing they can tell the gaymin journos.
[Hide] (38.5KB, 566x261) Reverse
Your knowledge of Cyberpunk consists of masturbating to Rebecca's ass.
Replies: >>250813
[Hide] (83.4KB, 1018x570) Reverse
>no timestamp
>no nipples
‘Halo’ Composer Marty O’Donnell Details That Microsoft Began Pushing Woke Changes In ‘Halo 2’ Out Of Fear Of Being Labeled Islamophobic
>Marty O’Donnell, the composer for numerous Halo games including Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3:ODST, and Halo: Reach recently detailed that Microsoft executives began meddling with the franchise and pushing woke changes with Halo 2 out of fear of being labeled Islamophobic.
>Speaking with Andrew Chapados on his Andrew Says YouTube channel, O’Donnell first explained that executives embrace woke ideology and the DEI agenda out of fear.
>He detailed, “I can’t say for certain what’s in everybody’s mind, but when I was there, when I was on the Board of Directors let’s say at Bungie, when I talked to the higher ups at Microsoft, there >is a lot of fear. And a lot of fear started creeping in.”
“There is fear that you are going to essentially get on the wrong side of some special interest groups who can be very loud and very annoying so lets placate those people,” he elaborated. “So I would say fear is probably one of the biggest things.”
>He continued, “I don’t think, in my experience, that these are deeply held beliefs. You have to understand that especially in the big companies, the C-suite and the executives, all they are doing is looking at the bottom line. And if they think something could affect the bottom line-. I honestly think a lot of these people are empty suits. They don’t actually have core values. So they adopt the core values of the moment to make sure they are on the ‘right’ side so they don’t get any sort of backlash.”
>“And that’s an indictment of people who end up running companies,” he went on. “I understand that, but I’ve rarely found people with strong moral character running the companies. They tend to just be- they go the way the wind blows. It’s going to take them a little while to realize this is actually not helping their bottom line. There might be a few true believers out there, but it’s few and far between, in my opinion.”
>“Almost nobody who ends up being at the top level of these entertainment companies actually ever made any entertainment. They aren’t actual directors. They’re not artists. They’re not musicians. They’re not writers. They haven’t created anything. They might’ve come from marketing, or have an MBA, or worked their way up through the production side of things where they’re not really making things, they’re just overseeing the production side. And so for some reason I don’t trust their judgment. They just don’t have good judgment when it comes to this. And they have a lot of fear. So I would say fear is the big driving factor here.”
>When asked to provide an example, O’Donnell pointed to Halo 2, “I started seeing it a little bit even during our Halo 2, which goes back quite a ways. We were making Halo 2 in 2002, 2003, which was close enough after 9/11. If you know the story of Halo it’s about this group of religious zealots that essentially will commit suicide to keep their religion going. That’s the characters we had for the Covenant.”
>He then shared, “That started making Microsoft a little bit nervous because they felt like there could be some backlash from the Muslim community in the Middle East that maybe this could be seen as Islamophobic. All of a sudden we were being asked to be very careful about some names of people or references or phrases and things like that.”
>O’Donnell then detailed how he initially reacted to this, “I started seeing that and I thought, ‘Well, that’s not necessarily unreasonable because we weren’t trying to do some sort of allegory about the political situation in the world that had to do with jihadists and all the rest of it.”
>Next, he shared, “Maybe you know this story, but one of our main characters, the Arbiter was not the Arbiter during the whole time we were making Halo 2. The character’s name was the Dervish. And we had recorded all the voice. I had directed all the actors and everybody was using the term Dervish. And then we found out that like this could be seen as an insult because there is an Islamic figure known as dervishes. So we had to change it. We were forced to change that name to a different name. So we came up with the Arbiter.”
“I was never happy about it,” he continued. “I thought this is an artistic choice. This is what we had from the beginning. We were not making any sort of political or religious comment. We had tons of religious imagery: the ark, halo, the Covenant. All of these things are sort of imbued with religious terminology. So I didn’t see why the Dervish was a problem, but we were forced to change that.
>“I could see that the bigger the producer the more fingers would be in the pie trying to mess with things,” he concluded.
>O’Donnell would later detail that video game companies and their parent companies will never pushback against making white men villains. He detailed, “If your plot line deals with an evil white person or an evil corporation, you’re fine. Evil white guys, especially men, and evil corporations no problem. You will never get pushback on that. And that’s been around forever.”
>He added, “And you can also be, ‘Yeah, let’s make the Christians hypocrites and bad people.’ That’s easy. You’re never going to get pushback on that.”
Replies: >>250811
>A setting known for being Japanese influenced
Ghost In the Shell and Ergo Proxy endlessly reference Blade Runner not vice-versa. Philip K. Dick is the one who pioneered Cyberpunk as we see it today. 

>usually taking place in Japan
That's only true if you only read the ones that are from Japan. You're retarded.
Replies: >>250812 >>250813
[Hide] (1014KB, 227x158) Reverse
Niggergate thread is two blocks down, chum.
>Philip K. Dick is the one who pioneered Cyberpunk
No, that was Bruce Bethke: https://infogalactic.com/info/Cyberpunk_(novel)
Replies: >>250814
Funny you mention that, I actually really hated that character and only liked it when they all got dunked on in the end.

>Philip K. Dick is the one who pioneered Cyberpunk as we see it today. 
>That's only true if you only read the ones that are from Japan.
I suppose its my fault for not knowing that due to more being into 80's sci-fi manga and anime rather than classic sci-fi /lit/ works. Though I will admit, the first thing that comes to my head when I think of "western made cyberpunk" is that geisha from Blade Runner.
>You're retarded.
>No, that was Bruce Bethke
No, Bethke coined the term. Philip influenced the idea of a modern technocratic dystopia as a whole. Although to be honest, I should of been more specific in what I meant.
Replies: >>250827
>should of
Speaking of being retarded.
Replies: >>250923
American Company Blackstone Inc. To Acquire Japan’s Largest E-Manga Site In USD 1.7 Billion Deal

>Blackstone Inc., the world’s largest alternative asset manager, is set to acquire Infocom, Japan’s largest e-manga platform, in a deal valued at $1.7 billion.
>This marks Blackstone’s biggest private equity transaction in Japan to date.
>Blackstone will purchase a majority stake in Infocom from Teijin and launch a tender offer for the remaining shares at ¥6,060 each. The deal values Infocom’s equity at about ¥275 billion ($1.7 billion).
>The deal will give Blackstone access to Japan’s booming digital manga market, estimated to be worth $3 billion.
>Infocom’s main revenue source is Mecha Comic, a popular website and app offering serialized manga for a small fee per chapter.
>Mecha Comic platform is a leading destination for digital manga in Japan, boasting a vast library of titles catering primarily to female readers in their 30s and 40s. It contains both popular titles as well as original ones. However, it is their romance manga, that has garnered much attention.
>According to Bloomberg, Blackstone’s move is a shrewd investment, recognizing the untapped potential of Japan’s “soft power empire.”
>They highlighted the growing global influence of Japanese manga and anime and suggest that Blackstone is ahead of the curve in capitalizing on this cultural phenomenon.
>Blackstone plans to expand Infocom’s original content, focusing on genres popular with its primarily female readership, a demographic with growing disposable income.
>Atsuhiko Sakamoto, Blackstone’s head of private equity in Japan, sees potential in developing animation and merchandise based on popular titles.
>He noted that while Infocom has a small English-language business in North America, Blackstone would prioritize building up original content creation in Japan before expanding overseas.
>“The more original content we have, we can monetize that intellectual property over time,” Sakamoto said in an interview. “We can create animation or merchandising around that, which is going to be the potential opportunity in the midterm.“
>Right now, original content brings in about 10% of revenue of the platform.
>The acquisition comes amid a surge in global interest in Japanese content, with streaming platforms vying for rights to popular manga stories for live-action or animated adaptations.
>Additionally, digital manga sales in Japan has grown too, reaching approximately ¥483 billion ($3.1 billion) in 2023, nearly doubling since 2019, while print manga sales have declined.
>Sony Music Entertainment was previously reported to be competing with Blackstone and KKR & Co. to acquire Infocom. The bidding process reportedly involved multiple rounds.
>Infocom’s shares closed at ¥6,030 in Tokyo trading, having more than doubled since early March when reports of the potential sale emerged.
>Blackstone envisions a five-year plan for Infocom, culminating in a public offering. However, Sakamoto acknowledged the possibility of other companies being interested in acquiring the business due to its strong content portfolio.
>“If we build a nice content business, I think it’s going to be very attractive to a lot of people,” he said.
[Hide] (18.6KB, 524x393) Reverse
This actually makes me angry.
[Hide] (302KB, 502x640) Reverse
Euro hours won't save (You).
Bravo Tolkien!
[Hide] (87.9KB, 600x520) Reverse
>Infocom’s main revenue source is Mecha Comic
>Mecha Comic platform is a leading destination for digital manga in Japan, boasting a vast library of titles catering primarily to female readers in their 30s and 40s. It contains both popular titles as well as original ones. However, it is their romance manga, that has garnered much attention.
>Blackstone plans to expand Infocom’s original content, focusing on genres popular with its primarily female readership, a demographic with growing disposable income.
This sucks and all, but I don't really see the point in getting blackpilled about it if it's only going to be affecting man-starved christmas cakes. If anything, women are the only demographic that's idiotic or desperate enough to buy the westernized garbage that they're like to put out.
[Hide] (913.3KB, 1656x2342) Reverse
Kadokawa made a statement saying the Russians have already released some of the leaked data but didn't specify which.
Replies: >>250893
[Hide] (678.9KB, 700x687) Reverse
<A setting known for being Japanese influenced and usually taking place in Japan
Okay now you are making shit up.
Not fucking everything was invented in Japan, you know that!?
[Hide] (109.7KB, 355x369) Reverse
>A setting known for being Japanese influenced and usually taking place in Japan
>troonslated manga
No thanks.
Is that name supossed to be a reference?
Stone = Rock
Blackstone --> Blackrock ???
Well, I hope a weeb that knows moonrunes can translate the leaked documents.
[Hide] (2.9MB, 200x234) Reverse
>A setting known for being Japanese influenced and usually taking place in Japan
You know what, I'll take it. It's not as if Japan has been anything else other than a dystopia after being nuked.
Stick it up your ass faggot.

Who the fuck buys "translated" manga anyway?
[Hide] (178.2KB, 1738x880) Reverse
UK man jailed for carrying Master Sword "fidget toy" in public
Frank West VA Terence Rotolo was not asked to return for Dead Rising remake
More co-op games were released on Steam last year than in any other year
Catholic Church on the verge of canonizing its first "gamer saint"
>Frank West VA Terence Rotolo was not asked to return for Dead Rising remake
That is because Crapcom is admitting this abomination of a bad face job in the remake is not Frank West so they don't need his VA.
What the fuck I love the Pope now.
[Hide] (99.5KB, 700x500) Reverse
The Secret of Donkey Island (Tajemství Oslího ostrova), a Monkey Island parody game, has recieved an English translation and is now available as freeware
All he had to do was pay for his toy license.
[Hide] (484.9KB, 2048x1152) Reverse
Game night of suicide squad when?
>Mrs freeze who was canonically stronger than Mr Freeze by not needing the helmet nor any sort of special suit is now  just as week if not weaker than Mr Freeze and she looks like a corpse.
based rocksteady killing the batman IP in the  eyes of normalfags.
>the wall hit nora so hard she became a manly sheboon dyke
I almost can't believe they're still pushing this shit out after it spectacularly failed and even a playable "Joker" couldn't get normalniggers to give it another shot.
Were the Arkham games ever any good?
The first one, yes. The rest are all downhill from there. Don't take that to mean that they're bad, but they just don't have the same depth and level of quality as the first one.
If you like batman, play it.
Replies: >>251165
Who the fuck likes batman?
i like the old batman animated series from hbo
Arkham Asylum is good
I like Batman.
this looks like some dude in a mid-life crisis
[Hide] (14.6MB, 1920x1080, 01:12)
Support studio TOSE reports $2m financial loss, blames rash of game cancellations
Netflix Horizon TV series has stalled due to hostile-workplace complaints: report
Nintendo has ended Wii U repair support due to lack of replacement parts
GTA V cinematics director confirms story DLC was canned in favor of GTA Online
Replies: >>251209 >>251232
>Nintendo has ended Wii U repair support due to lack of replacement parts
How!? It barely sold anyway. I guess it doesn't matter to me personally though since mine bricked like eight months after I got it.
>Netflix Horizon TV series has stalled due to hostile-workplace complaints: report

First I've ever heard it was a thing
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1170x1361) Reverse
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1170x1188) Reverse
Dead Rising Remaster censorship. This is why you never play remasters or remakes
>GTA V cinematics director confirms story DLC was canned in favor of GTA Online
Barely even news. Most of GTA 5's content lies within GTA Online, while singeplayer remains barebones. RDR2 hasn't received any story DLCs or additional content for singleplayer either, because ((( Rockstar ))) only provides new content to Red Dead Online. It's gonna happen to GTA 6 as well.
Lol fucking fags
The first game (the original, not the HD remaster that fucked up every single graphical detail) is a dearly crafted love letter to the history of Batman comics and which truly embodies the feeling of being Batman, swooping into a crowd of bad guys, dispatching them with barely any effort, and swooping away to solve a mystery. It has a lot of trappings from the 7th gen era - having to hold a button to run, having heavy and slow animations, becoming significantly easier as it goes on since you accrue upgrades and gadgets against mostly static enemy types, stealth having too much leeway - but it's fun if you're willing to accept it as a AAA normalfag dudebro game. It is one of those games like Call of Duty 4 that is so good it ruins the industry for at least a decade following its release, which you can see in that every game had detective vision and one-button parries for a long time until Dark Souls became the "hardcore game for hardcore gamers" template.

The optional puzzles like Riddler trophies that require you to find very particular angles around the world and photograph things in particular alignments can be genuinely quite tough, and there was clearly a lot of love put into the game. It's worth a playthrough if you've never touched it, but I don't think any of the sequels really recaptured the magic since they had to keep introducing new mechanics and bloat.

I've been rewatching Batman Beyond and it's crazy good. The 90s/00s DC animators knew how to draw women.
Replies: >>251250 >>251251
>I've been rewatching Batman Beyond and it's crazy good.
I want to watch that, but I always remember that girl android episode, I hate womyn so much.
The animation for Batman Beyond and BTAS was handled by the Japanese, no really it’s why Big O looks so similar.
…did they really change that guys race? lol now he looks like your everyday fatass mutt
I'm more curious how the minor details that showcase MT Framework and the devs dedication is fucked over in the remake, which apparently uses the RE engine. I can only imagine that the remake now requires an RTX for reflections when it was accomplished without it in 2006.
Replies: >>251289
Take a look 

Not only did they completely remove the best part of the 2006 visuals, they also overhauled the gameplay to pander to retards
>unnecessary UI clutter
>everything has a life bar that gets in the way
>reusing assets from their awful re engine
>completely change routes to make survivor hauls easier
What a joke. Anyone buying capcom trash in current year is a piece of shit
Replies: >>251301
I'm so sick of the endless remasters. Why can't they make new games? Even shit like Tetris and Pac-Man got sequels.
Any dev worth a damn(white) has gone on to other things like google AI, apple dev, spacex etc where the pay is much better and the workers are treated with respect

Now we’re stuck with pos grifter studios(suicide squad) and untalented DEI devs. It’s easier to take a well liked game from the past and tinker with it than build an engine/game from scratch
It sells.
[Hide] (87.4KB, 526x800) Reverse
[Hide] (915.2KB, 615x800) Reverse
>Why can't they make new games?
Because the people in charge of the industry cannot actually develop games. Those in the industry who are capable of developing games suffer from the same mind virus as the people who cannot develop games. And the people outside of the industry who can develop games are releasing their shit on platforms OUTSIDE of Steam and modern consoles.

I've looked at it from the simple rule that there is zero reason to NOT develop games for every game console made in the past 20 years. And any excuse that does exist is the result of people no knowing how to code.
>Even shit like Tetris and Pac-Man got sequels.
They got sequels in the 1980's, the same decade both came out.
[Hide] (16.4MB, 1920x1080, 01:29)
Replies: >>251320 >>251368
>english VA
Sounds like shit, specially the loli.
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1440x1080, 00:32)
Sony Group to End Production of Blu-ray Discs
Just for reference, while Sony is one of the "many" patent holders and licensors of Blu-Ray tech, who have the entire medium under lock and key: https://archive.md/RhXC9
They are also the SOLE manufacturer of Blu-Ray discs: https://archive.md/shQPB
>In a press release issued in September, replicator association Media-Tech noted that Sony’s disc-pressing subsidiary, Sony DADC, commands a 94%-95% global market share for pressing Blu-ray discs. The big reason more replicators aren’t pressing Blu-ray discs, according to Media-Tech, is concern that Sony’s cross-licensing agreements with other Blu-ray patent holders is allowing Sony DADC to avoid many royalty payments altogether, giving it a huge competitive advantage over other disc manufacturers.
And why this is important, especially for gaming, is that the PS5, the SexBox, the Bloodborne Machine, and the Xbone all use Blu-Ray discs. Meaning that Sony bowing out of the market is effectively solidifying the death of physical ownership over video games. Meaning Nintendo is your only option going forward, as of right now.

While there are a couple of articles are running cover by pointing out how this "only" effects recordable Blu-Rays: https://archive.md/ebqFE
Both keen to reference the phrasing in the Sony press releases and even sourcing this random yahoo from L.A.: https://archive.md/XTP90
The problem still remains that this is another step towards killing physical game distribution altogether. If Sony suddenly decides they'll ALSO stop making pressed discs, there's nothing anyone can do to stop them.
I wonder if it would be possible to make something like a floppy USB emulator that uses SD cards. Of course, that would be only useful as a drop-in replacement for consoles with blu-ray drives and doesn't address the wider issues, but it would be a bit funny.
Replies: >>251352 >>251367
Doesn't this also obliterate the BD market for anime and movies?
Replies: >>251350
That's the goal. Pretty sure Sony has been recently acquiring more and more anime studios and distributing platforms.
Meanwhile Microshit owned CoD will now be so large that you will need to be always online to stream textures even on singleplayer.
I feel like all these companies are speedrunning that "you will own nothing goy" agenda, it's all too coincidental. I wouldn't put it past Sony if the next Playstation was some plastic box with a video decoder and a usb port for your controller like Stadia.
Flash memory would mean your game suffers bitrot and eventually stops working in three to ten years.
Replies: >>251367
Optical drive emus exist for several consoles, it was one of the premier ways to play pirated PS3 games until better CFW solutions emerged.
That's only if you frequently add and remove games from the SD, 99% of optical media are ROMs so unless you're playing some esoteric hack with self-modifying code or use Ugrainian SNES multicarts with MSU-1 games/hacks decent SDs should last you a fair amount of time.
Replies: >>251375 >>251376
The animation to this doesn't look very fluid. Is this a fananimation or some poorly done job done by western animators who want that animu aesthetic? Also the voice acting is horrible.
Outrage bait. I can't think of two people in my entire life who have ever used BD-Rs, and I'm one of them. Neither used them more than once for the novelty factor. Did you also know there's only one manufacturer left for CD-Rs? Why aren't you screaming into the void over that?
Replies: >>251375
Aren't they just switching to ULTRA MEGA SUPER BLURAY production or whatever meme name the new discs have?
>Optical drive emus exist for several consoles, it was one of the premier ways to play pirated PS3 games until better CFW solutions emerged.
Maybe some people used them on at the time non-downgradeable OFWs but that would have been after CFWs were already widespread t. been pirating on the PS3 since the jailbreak dongle exploit first got reverse engineered (CFWs were only a few months after that)
Wrong. Flash memories store data via trapping a small amount of charge and needs recharging every few months. First writes can last as long as five years, but even frequent reads can wear down flash memories.
Replies: >>251384
it's over
Ideally you'd store the disc images on a HDD (or other more reliable memory of choice) and only used the flashcard to feed them to the console, just like how the USB flash storage used by those floppy emulators is not meant to be the final resting place of the floppy disc images. Although I guess you could fit in an M.2 SSD, upload a whole lot of disc images to that, and cycle through them as needed.
[Hide] (911.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
OI! Do you have a license for that Master Sword?!
He didn't.
Replies: >>251437 >>251504
He should petition his lord or invoke trial by combat.
Replies: >>251496
Capcom Accused Of Race Swapping Psychopath Boss Larry Chiang “From Asian To White Likely Due To Racial Stereotype” In ‘Dead Rising’
Sweet Baby Inc. Defender Who Says “Every Lever” Must Be Pulled To Push LGBTQ+ Agenda Announces She’s Joined CD Projekt Red
Weekly Shonen Jump Preview For Square Enix’s ‘Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake’ Confirms Removal Of Male And Female From Character Select
Replies: >>251760
But who has wronged him?
Replies: >>251504
Is that centimeters?
The legal system
Replies: >>251508
Blu-rays are gay. DVDbros win as usual.
>who have the entire medium under lock and key: 
What are the odds of someone making a free as in freedom ultra mega disc?
>I feel like all these companies are speedrunning that "you will own nothing goy" agenda
The normalfags will own nothing and I will pirate everything and save it in my HDDs and I highly doubt the kikes will stop hdds, sdds or nvme production.
Replies: >>251516 >>251519
>Is that centimeters?
Yes, it was a tiny sword and he got like 5 months of jail, the eternal anglo.
[Hide] (439.1KB, 669x627) Reverse
>What are the odds of someone making a free as in freedom ultra mega disc?
About the same chance as (You) posting actual news instead of outrage porn, zero.

Ubisoft apologizes for using re-enactors' flag in Assassin's Creed Shadows concept art
Microsoft's new ad campaign brags "you don't need an Xbox to play Xbox"
Nintendo drops baffling and disturbing "Emio" teaser trailer
Replies: >>251517 >>251520
>actual news
>posts an article about a 15-second teaser trailer
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>What are the odds of someone making a free as in freedom ultra mega disc?
Nil. Hardware needs actual money to make unlike software and is unsurprisingly only produced by entities that value profit over openness.
>I will pirate everything and save it in my HDDs and I highly doubt the kikes will stop hdds
Pirating always-online vidya is prohibitively difficult so even if you physically have the game files they're useless without the ability to phone home. And as soon as the industry moves to cloud-based vidya piracy will become impossible.
>Nintendo drops
Link leads to nothing, found it at https://archive.ph/eqAtJ though
It's news because nutendo's spent the last decade and change trying to stay as far away from any kind of edge as they can. doing what blackrock tells you is the opposite of edgy The guess leading the pool right now is Eternal Darkness, either a reboot or a rerelease.
>And as soon as the industry moves to cloud-based vidya piracy will become impossible.
Cloud-based vidya will fail time and time again, the best glowniggerkikes can do is put bloated unnecessary telemetry and/or encryption schemes into games which gopniks are guaranteed to crack and/or hack around at some point.
Actual cloud-based vidya would require a complete shift towards turn-based gAAAAAAy or other genres where reaction time is a non-issue (VNs, Depression Quest, pure walking sims) because unless FTL Internet is discovered the practical realities of physical fibre infrastructure will make it inherently impossibru for most current AAAAnigger trash relying on QTEs or degraded Souls gameplay, not to mention the ongoing brain drain with pajeet contractors struggling to replicate ZSNES' Kaillera rollback netcode from 2006.
Modern hardware also satisfies the basic needs of a vast majority of game genres at a low price point and devs are moving towards cross-platform mobileshittery with a greater focus on 2D titty assets than hyper-realistic 8K 12-bit ray traced horse scrotums at a cinematic 30 fps with dynamic AI-assisted upscaling.

What could instigate a move towards cloud-based faggotry would be a Stalinist takeover of the Western hemisphere with personal possession of microelectronic entertainment devices restricted to dumb terminals, and machines capable of independent operation subject to heavy loicense restrictions and GDR-style 24/7 surveillance of their permitted owners.
Even Norks haven't done the former because operating the server farms to feed those terminals is a massive investment that only a select few entities on this gay earth can afford.
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>And as soon as the industry moves to cloud-based vidya piracy will become impossible.
<there are still retards on this board that think the video gays industry will be the first to invent FTL communications
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>And as soon as the industry moves to cloud-based vidya
Not fucking possible with the current tech. Why do you think stadia fucking failed?
Not even that but it uses more energy than just having the thing ran locally so it's never gonna fly if it's used at scale nowadays.
>Dead Game News: Response from the European Commission
This might be the must frustrating case of someone just wanting to play video games.
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>Removal Of Male And Female From Character Select
the main character isn't human then.
>nearly month-old video
After Going Public, ‘Stellar Blade’ Developer Shift Up Seeks Employee To Publish ESG Reports
The gooks will fall soon enough along side the nips.
Moral of the story is don't trust investors and self publish.
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>market a game with tits and ass
>people who are sick of women in games looking like trannys get excited
>get soyny to publish it and make it a nogames6 exclusive is it up to 6 or is it still 5?
>censor titty and ass game day one because landwhales and troons at soyny tells you
>customers angry about censorship
<no you don't understand we always meant to censor the game! we just released the game uncensored and promoted it without the censorship because we knew that would get more preordersreasons
>go public
>start hiring ESG/DEI/BRIDGE employees
I don't think I've ever seen a studio go from having a ton o f goodwill to cucked DEI slop so quick. Rest in piss. Literally the only game I know of from them is Stellar Blade, but the censorship and retarded damage control made me lose interest. Would have been less cucked if they had come right out and admitted they got bullied by trannys and ugly women in commiefornia into censoring their game or they weren't going to get soyny's ESGbux.
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No, the moral is "don't reply to outrage bait" and "never trust a gook".
[Hide] (241.9KB, 800x680) Reverse
I'd wager they were DEI from the start, what with them being worst Koreans and all.
it was always a lesser Nier Automata, anyone who unironically wasted money on this deserves to be dissapointed
>shitskin brownoid talking about dei 
Thats comical. 
Kill yourself you latinx trash
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you and the other low iq spics in this thread. kys and fuck off
Replies: >>251837
Yeah I got a funny feeling about their studio and unnatural behavior from the get go. I would place more trust in a chink studio than a gook one.
>comes into thread and begins insulting everyone like a low IQ vantablack nigger monkey 
Replies: >>251842
Why the fuck do asians and spics think they deserve to post here? You are always beneath white people, you worthless pieces of shit. Learn your fucking place spics gooks chinks and niggers. Learn your fucking place before you talk, your white masters are here.
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>I would place more trust in a chink studio than a gook one.
What is the difference?
>having a ton o f goodwill
They should never have had goodwill in the first place. They are a gachashit dev.
>t. larping paki sand nigger
they probably had a handful of people who meant what they said and had optimism, but you're likely correct in an overall sense, this was always going to be the outcome
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Dance thread!=

>Microsoft is reportedly shuttering a major diversity, equity, and inclusion team, according to an email sent by the team’s leader to a number of staff last week in which they state that companies no longer see DEI programs as "business critical."
Tweet: https://archive.ph/fnrb4
Article: https://archive.ph/rhVbG
<The email goes on to assert that DEI programs are in danger not just at Microsoft, 'but across all businesses':
<"Unofficially in my opinion, not specific to Microsoft alone, but [conservative policy plan] Project 2025 looms and true systems change work associated with 'DEI programs everywhere are no longer business critical or smart as they were in 2020'. Hence the purposeful and strategic 3-5 year shelf life of many company's inclusion commitments post the murder of George Floyd are being reevaluated," the email reads. "And the way I see it, the timing was impeccable so businesses everywhere could reevaluate the path forward should their U.S. federal contracts be at risk if the work continues on its face."
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I'm not going to get my hopes up until there is actual proof by pic related being removed from games.
How many normalfags lost their slavewage jobs?
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