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Would anyone here be interested in getting together and playing Dofus Unity when it releases? Dofus is a French Tactical MMORPG where you play as one of 19 classes and do combat in an srpg format where you move your character in a grid and take turns.
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>>249517 (OP) 
I would but it's an MMO in current year so it's probably gonna suck.
Also when is it coming out? I'm too lazy to check.
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>>249517 (OP) 
I am interested, but only because of the cute girls. However WoW left me with nothing but bad memories, and I don't think I'll ever be able to touch an MMO ever again.
I don't think they've given specific dates, however the beta for the Unity port is slated to come online in August and the release is somewhere in December this year.
How many dollars? I might play if you're okay with people who doesn't know anything about the game and doesn't like reading metagame guides right off the bat. I've played a lot of stuff like Ogre, Disgaea, FFT, etc. if it's anything like those.
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with someone who doesn't*
Subscription to the game are fairly cheap imo. it's about 3 bucks for a month of  in game time and you can convert in game currency to premium currency and buy more game time that way. Also, it doesnt matter if people have experience or not. I've found it more fun to learn stuff with people along the way.
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Only if one of you roleplays as my cute elf gf.
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>>249517 (OP) 
>Would anyone here be interested in getting together and playing Dofus Unity when it releases?
yeah sure I'll play whatever as long as there are anons pla-
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Wonder how much of a grind it is to get premium currency by playing. Maybe it's like RuneScape where it can be relatively easy after having skilled a lot. Kind of annoying just how cucked the free version sounds on the website.
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Sure if you give me all your money faggot
The prices on premium currency are actually dependent on other players. They buy premium currency and sell it for in-game currency. If we were to play  when they  fully release the game in December  the conversion would be  easier since there's less currency generated overall.
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Will the beta have subscription features for free? Seems stupid not to.
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Honestly, I don't know anon. Sorry I couldn't provide more info.  Ankama does a livestream every monthor so. Hopefully they'll address it soon-ish
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It's fine. $3 isn't a lot anyway, but I think any sort of monetary gate will filter a lot of anon interest out. I know MMOs require actual infrastructure and therefore the necessity to monetize is far more prevalent, but I strongly question the potential enjoyment and integrity of the free experience given that they gate such things as enforced single account (which I personally believe would offer the most camaraderie and fair play experience) to a relegated subscriber-only server. There are other serious problems with their free vs. paid model, but that's the big one for me.
>Dofus release was 20 years ago
Fuck I feel old.
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I tried Dofus or Wakfu many years ago and it sucked.
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Yah we've all seen the flash animations, but how is the gameplay?
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Do keep in mind that this isn't how Unity will look.  pics related is how they'll make player characters look more or less. As for  how I'd describe the gameplay, it's a Tactical RPG with an action point system, no bonuses for character orientation, and no real  elevation mechanics. The gameplay for each class varies depending on their kit, and the gear you have. Each class having roughly 42 class spells to choose from + common spells that can be acquiered by buying them or questing, and many dungeons in the game have their own mechanics that switch up the combat.
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>>249517 (OP) 
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You-know-who's in Paris
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Sadidas aren't NIGGERS
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Doesn't look like a tan to me...
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Just because someone's skin color is slightly lighter than a sheet of copy paper doesn't mean they're a nigger.
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I've got relatives who've been working under the sun their entire lives and that skin color hasn't got a shed of humanity in it.
That is without a doubt a nigger.
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That still doesn't change the fact that Sadidas aren't niggers, and you see niggers everywhere. Sadidas aren't niggers! They protect their environment, and can feed themselves.
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Look at the face and lips.
He's clearly fucking with you anon
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I miss Alchemist Code. That was the only mobile game I liked. Doing multiplayer missions on that with randoms was fun, so hopefully this plays a little similar.
I'm sorry anon, but we were both shitposting.
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M-me too
>>249517 (OP) 
isnt that just wakfu?
also sure
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Wakfu is the animation, Doofus the game.
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man that's nostalgic, haven't watched that cartoon in ages
>>249517 (OP) 
Retarded balance, lewd quests, p2w out the ass. Sure, I'll play, when it releases. And inevitably the /v/ guild will get stolen again by some nigger and robbed blind.
>3 bucks
Gonna have to wait on that. 3 bucks isn't bad but I don't want to give money if its got too much shit on top.
What do you think they smell like?
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Next you're going to say Shantae isn't a nigger...
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Fresh cut flowers.
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Yaaaaah. I still remember finding out about the game off an ad while playing flash browser games, then moving to the wakfu alpha and buying my first Nvidia graphics card. It sure has been a hot minute.
Wrong, Wakfu and Dofus are both games. Both strategy MMORPGs at that. But they are different games. Wakfu the game is based on the show, though.
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Dofus/Wakfu is slightly better than the average westoid game/cartoon in terms of moe, but it is miles behind any Japanese production. I don't understand why people get so excited about the "cute girls" and being "like anime" and whatnot (also applies to any similar westoid media)... to me it looks like vegans grasping at straws and getting excited over some substitute for meat that "tastes like the real thing".
It's curious but also in a way disturbing how it seems that there's a single-digit or even null instances of westoids capturing moe, other than maybe a few random artists doing standalone illustrations (ie. not for games, animations, etc). Compared to actual Japanese moe art, it looks like trannies compared to a women. Even Chinks and gooks can make pretty convincing and in some cases perfect imitations, so it's just a westoid thing really.
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>game based on a show based on a game
Any? Have you seen some of the trash that comes out nowadays?
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You should have stopped reading his post at "westoid".
what classes?
Replies: >>249719
https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/encyclopedia/classes you can go over each of the classes and their kits here.
Replies: >>249720
no what classes might be played? time mage sounds cool
Replies: >>249724
Hmmm, I don't quite got that. If you mean to ask what other people will play, I'm personally going to be picking Ecaflip or Sacrier. If you mean  "Which classes are viable?"  Then you should probably be cautious with xelor as the class it's not performing well at the moment and will be getting a rework soonish. Every other class is fine to play with and finds its  usefulness in a group.
Replies: >>249741
thinking of trying it out tonight. will randoms not invite me to groups if i play xelor?
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ur too slow!!!
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What's the difference between Dofus and Wakfu? I tried Wakfu when it released in 2011 or 2012 or something, but several things about it just pissed me off. Is Dofus significantly different?
Replies: >>249754
Well, I hope you find it enjoyable. Some dudes I play these games with constantly complain about it underwhelming but they're way more experienced with the game.
From a gameplay perspective? Wakfu was supposed to be an evolution to Dofus. Which is why Wakfu featured procedurally generated combat areas, bonuses for attacking   from the back/side, passives for classes, and way more visual progression for the gear. It was also experimental, which is why for a long time they tried to make it an npc-less player managed game. I think it failed, and after playing recently with other anons I would not recommend it to anyone who values his time.  Dofus lacks the dynamically created combat maps and the orientation damage but classes are more complex and  I find that it has more respect for your time.
They would if you respected their time and picked something viable
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oh no! now i'm sad!
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Important Dofus/Wakfu fact: everyone in pic related is human.
Replies: >>249814
Important Dofus/Wakfu fact: It's just another kind of fur suit.
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>lewd quests
Replies: >>249822
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That's not "lewd" (in any positive sense), that's just gross. Why are westoids like this? Why couldn't they do quests involving panties or something like that?
Replies: >>249828
There are, tho.
>used condom
Why? Fucking why?
That's more comedic than lewd
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Well, I know of at LEAST one quest where your character gets sent to assassinate an npc and she offers to have sex with you if you spare her.
It really isn't. Furfaggotry is an acquired neurosis. What happens in Dofus is you're going to be the kind of guy who lives life on the edge, the god of being a tricksy gambler likes the cut of your jib and because he's the cat god you come out of your mom's cunt looking like the cheshire cat.
Replies: >>249856
It's not even close to the spirit of furfaggotry either.
It really is just another brand of human. Not faggoty multicolored dog muzzle animals strutting around, each more outlandish than the last in a desperate vain attempt for attention.
Can you have kids with her?
Tell me more.
why is it that only the french are capable of making something like this yet americans can't?
Replies: >>249872 >>249876
The French don't consider seggs heresy.
Americans are terrified of sex because they're afraid of people finding out about their own sexual degeneracy.
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>their own sexual degeneracy.
>the puritan jews
inadequancy is more like it.
Americans are the only ones I know who fetishize having a fetish.
Replies: >>249898
Do you live with a 256MB floppy drive where you only have room for two anime screencaps to use as your reaction images here?
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Didn't floppy drives stall at around 1.33MBs? mpv's executable is already at around 78 megs.
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>Floppy Drive
excuse me?
Replies: >>249909 >>249931
Zip drives could hold that much data.
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It is a hard life with third world country computers.
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They weren't that rare but with CDs being cheaper and USB drives arriving soon after they didn't really stick around for long in most places.
So, did this happen? When is/was the release? Did anyone sign up, make a guild, or anything at all?
Anon read the thread
Replies: >>250084
Anon can't even read... it's tragic.
i made a time wizard but havent played much
Still hasn't happened. Release isn't set in stone, but it's supposed to be some time in December.
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