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It's that time of the year again. This should have been setup a week ago.

Join the room: https://cytu.be/r/StockholmVidya
Shows should be queued near their start.
You can queue anything before then.

>Access-Ability Showcase: June 7 at 3 PM UTC (15:00)
>Summer Game Fest: June 7 at 9 PM UTC (21:00)
>Day of the Devs: right after Summer Game Fest
>Devolver Direct: June 8 (June 7's night) at 0 PM UTC (00:00)
>Wholesome Direct: June 8 at 4:00 PM UTC (16:00)
>Future Games Show: June 8 at 7:00 PM UTC (19:00)
>Xbox Games Showcase: June 9 at 4:00 PM UTC (16:00)
>PC Gaming Show: June 9 at 8:00 PM UTC (20:00)
>Ubisoft Forward: June 10 at 7:00 PM UTC (19:00)
>Nintendo Direct: time to be announced
Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20240605141707/https://www.pcgamer.com/gaming-industry/events-conferences/videogame-summer-showcase-schedule-2024/
Please mention if anything's missing in the thread.

Post your expectations, what you think about what's shown and anything else on your mind.
Replies: >>248661
Since I'm a big lazy baby, can anyone share their CyTube emote list? It doesn't have to be long or anything, just enough for a couple reactions.
Replies: >>248635
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I'm tuning in to SGF solely for the Shadow X trailer and hopefully a couple more SEGA announcement.
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>CyTube emote list
Here's mine:
Replies: >>248636 >>248673
Spoiler File
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Replies: >>248637
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Out of all the fucking pictures...
Replies: >>248651
Would you rather it be the exodia subway picture?
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Apparently we're getting some '83 gameplay in the PC Gaming Show
>>248623 (OP) 
We're starting with Access-Ability Showcase....
Replies: >>248673
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Access-Ability Showcase starts in 1 hour.
Also note that Devolver Direct is starting at 0 AM, not PM, after Day of the Devs.

Thank you Mr. Sharia Streamerfag.
If it's anything like last year, then there should be some memorable guests in it. Games not so much.
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>she/her streetshitter
Replies: >>248690
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>going blind and my vision wans't the problem, it was the videogame and devs problem
Nigger, please.
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Replies: >>248690
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Chink cripple.
Replies: >>248690
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Replies: >>248690
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>white women in her 30's
Replies: >>248690
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>I'm a woman
Replies: >>248690
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Replies: >>248690
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Why do you guys even subject yourselves to this filth?
Replies: >>248694
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There were like 3 or 4 real games.
See you in 5 hours anons!
Same reason as every year, live shitposting
Replies: >>248717
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This, imagine being in a mostly empty theatre or a bar watching something with your closest friends and like minded strangers, all watching something shitty, but everyone is drunk and loud and making jokes the whole time about how shit it is. This is the e3 experience. Its half jeering half emotional support and if youre LUCKY half genuine excitement at times.

Any hopes for the thing today? Some of it's leaked already but haven't seen anything of note yet.
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Summer Game Fest is starting in 1 hour. Get your snacks and beverages ready.
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fuck off fedtard
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I know you're reading this rapeman so please B&D the shithead who slid the news thread with 50 or so trailer screenshots for shit nobody cares about kudasai
Replies: >>248743
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>niggerpill present spouting the script his handler gave him
>OP does nothing
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Replies: >>248757
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Rapeman stopped modding zzz a year ago.
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I yield. This is just endless jewish money laundering and propaganda vehicles, the only thing that wasn't absolutely disgusting was City of the Wolves and the fucking Killer Bean game of all things. Someone add these images to the emotes list.
Replies: >>248747 >>248801
>he's only noticed how jewish the industry is in 2024
What are you, new?
Replies: >>248749
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Replies: >>248756 >>248762
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Being an oldfag doesn't make it hurt any less.

Have some more emote material.
Replies: >>248801
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>That thing
So, can I buy this as dlc for the pc version or do they really want me to buy generations again?
Replies: >>248761 >>248781
You have to shell out 50 bucks, goy.
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Replies: >>248791
You right.
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Wholesome Direct starts in 1 hour.
>A showcase hosted by the indie developer-founded Wholesome Games account focused on cozy games.

Thanks, added.
ZZZ-like formatting was also added by request (in the room).
Replies: >>248847
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Future Games Show begins in less than 15 minutes.
>A multiplatform showcase for big and small games presented by our colleagues at GamesRadar+.
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Replies: >>248847
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So I played through that Clockwork Ambrosia demo.
It's not that bad, actually.
Feels a lot like Iconoclasts. Almost copied, really. You play as a girl mechanic and there is a loud raven short-haired lesbian sidecharacter in both.
The gun modifying mechanic seems like it would be fun to adjust guns to your preferred playstyle. Some of the enemies movement made it feel stiff to avoid their attacks, but it probably has to do with their 360° of attack range. I've always had trouble with those in 2D platformers.
Demo lasts just under an hour, and that's with me faffing about and checking in with the stream to comment on cow niggers.

I'd say it's good so far.
>ZZZ-like formatting was also added by request (in the room).
Ebin, thanks op.

>every character is an animal
Does "every character is a nigger" count?
Replies: >>248849 >>249161
Nigger is the free space
Replies: >>249161
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The Women-Led Games Showcase's replay is being played now since an anon mentioned that was streamed at the same time as the Future one.
Fortunately it's only half an hour long.
Replies: >>248853 >>248860
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>Games 4 Girls
Replies: >>248858 >>248923
That's MGS3, you fucking ape.
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>went for a run
>missed it
[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x360, 00:23)
Time in OP is wrong: Xbox Games Showcase is set to begin in 2 hours, not 1.
>The showcase for Xbox Games Studios and other studios owned by Microsoft such as Activision, Blizzard, and Bethesda, to be followed this year by a "[Redacted] Direct" that's likely related to a new Call of Duty game.
Don't tell me it's your first time seeing that image? It's a classic
Replies: >>248932
Xbox show is on now.
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>some random meme i personally find funny is a "classic"
I have heard this line from other people before and it does not sound particularly convincing.
Replies: >>248936
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dude, it's an old picture that's been reposted often in the past.
just take the L, my dude, gronk it up in the ohio phanum tax and skibidi the fuck outta here into spec mode you oughta be lurkmaxxing and shutthefuckupilling
Replies: >>248938
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You wanna say again in English?
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[Hide] (832.9KB, 640x360, 00:10)
PC Gaming Show is in 1 hour.
>The 10th annual running of our own summer showcase where we'll be featuring over over 50 games coming to PC.
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I miss E3, anons...
Replies: >>248943 >>248946
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Replies: >>248945
[Hide] (628.7KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
PC showcase in 5~ minutes.
[Hide] (12.1MB, 480x270, 03:43)
Replies: >>248948
>I miss E3, anons...
I don't, at least not what it was turning to in the last years.
I do miss the E3 of 2000's with actual good games that would make you excited and hot girls.
E3 died at the right time, when it was turning into yet another pozzed niggerfaggot circlejerk.
Replies: >>248947
The hour of random music videos after the Xbawks direct was more fun than anything else I've seen this weekend.
Damn what a choon, oddly nostalgic.
Also I'm amazed how his pants held on the entire performance.
Replies: >>248950
>I'm amazed how his pants held on the entire performance.
I don't understand, are you appreciating the size of his penis or what?
Replies: >>248991
Looks like '83 will be dead on arrival. Absolute diarrhea of a trailer. What a miserably end to the Red Orchestra franchise.
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You and your fairy gf after watching that embarrassing shit
Replies: >>248955 >>248956
[Hide] (871.3KB, 700x506) Reverse
Christ that was garbage
[Hide] (215KB, 837x595) Reverse
[Hide] (137.7KB, 1440x594) Reverse
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[Hide] (165.6KB, 1019x573) Reverse
PC Gaming Show had a lot of fremdscham and a few interesting games.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 540x540) Reverse
>tfw no fairy onahole gf
I want a fairy gf
Replies: >>248957
Me too anon, me too. I'd even settle for a moth gf so long as she didn't eat my clothes.
[Hide] (12.8MB, 1920x1080, 01:00)
They paid for this to appear.
Replies: >>248961 >>248962
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Imagine playing Tranny Station 14
Will there be a shitting mechanic?
I was commenting on how tight his jeans were, they looked like they were gonna come undone at any moment. This may be hard to believe but not everything is about cocks.
[Hide] (55.7KB, 380x380) Reverse
<Ubisoft Forward
See you fags next year.
Replies: >>249031
[Hide] (596.4KB, 500x666) Reverse
>Ubisoft is next
Replies: >>249031
[Hide] (823.7KB, 406x720, 00:06)
Ubisoft Forward will start in 1 hour.
>The summer showcase hosted by Ubisoft featuring games from its many studios.
Replies: >>249031
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Soejima scribble
Spoiler File
(558.7KB, 1400x1937) Reverse
>Ubisoft Forward
Here's a sneak peak:
Replies: >>249033
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[Hide] (78.8KB, 599x546) Reverse
Fo sho cuz.
Ubisoft Forward is starting now.
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[Hide] (806.8KB, 1897x754) Reverse
Crazy eyes
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1909x759) Reverse
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>stealth game
Ubishit was by far the worst. At least the others were quick and showed tons of shit.
Replies: >>249044
At least the other had ONE game that looked like fun.
Troons > nigger worshippers.
Change my mind.
I'd say they're about equal
>make everybody ugly and put their stupid fucking flag everywhere to try to force normalization of their sodomy
Nigger worshippers:
>make everybody a nigger to virtue signal, even if it makes no sense
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Thanks everyone for showing up these last 4 days.
See you again if and when Nintendo's show happens.
Trannies is a mental illness and can be cure, but niggers can't.
Trannies are nigger worshippers.
[Hide] (50.4KB, 600x761) Reverse
>Troons > nigger worshippers.
More like:
Troons = Nigger worshippers
They the two sides of the same jewish coin.
I fucking hate this planet
I want off this ride MR. Bones
>Does "every character is a nigger" count?
It's the WE WUZ space, that also stands for "We Wuz Humans n'shit"
The only game I saw that I was remotely interested in was Black Hawk Dawn, but I'm sure it will be trash judging by Hawk Ops.
[Hide] (638.8KB, 480x360, 00:08)
Every fucking games you saw during the Summer Game Fest is bought and paid for by AAA companies. NONE of that shit is "Indie":
>According to pricing details shared with me by multiple marketing professionals who requested anonymity, running a trailer during Summer Game Fest’s main show this year cost $250,000 for 1 minute, $350,000 for 1.5 minutes, $450,000 for 2 minutes, and $550,000 for 2.5 minutes. They also say last year’s edition of The Game Awards featured the same pricing tiers.
No shit sherlock, why do you think most lower budget games were in 5 seconds per game schizo cut compilations.
[Hide] (159.1KB, 450x450) Reverse
>marketting professionals
>oh but they're anonymous so I don't have to prove who they are
>they also all wanted to stay anonymous conveniently for this article, and shared it personally with me
[Hide] (267.4KB, 1262x703) Reverse
>wasting half a million for a commercial
>Surprised the guy who shamelessly shilled Doritos for a quick buck would like E3 down to the marketing
[Hide] (159.2KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
>Will Geoff Keighley give a nod to the thousands of workers who’ve lost their jobs this year at Summer Game Fest 2024?
Well? Did he?
We forgot to watch this one: https://yt.drgnz.club/watch?v=2GzhFo6iRmw
Replies: >>249683
Looks like Nintendo is slated for tomorrow 10am EST
[Hide] (224.5KB, 474x348) Reverse
>Live-stream starts tomorrow at 2:00 PM UTC (14:00)
>In a week day's morning (if you're a burger) or afternoon (if you're an yuro)
Join the room in OP tomorrow to watch the stream with anons. If I don't queue it in time, (You)'ll be able to since the playlist's open.
It will be replayed later in the day at 8:30 PM UTC (20:30) for anyone who misses it.
Sure, that can be played after the replay.

Are there any more events/streams, big or small, coming up next?
Replies: >>249701 >>249711
>Are there any more events/streams, big or small, coming up next?
We might get a Sonic Central soon.
Shouldn't this deserve its own thread?
Replies: >>249716
[Hide] (30.6KB, 500x376) Reverse
Nintendo Direct is a summer showcase so it should still be part of this thread (the OP should have been worded better).
You have a point though, other events (like Sonic Central) could go in a more generic event watching thread.
>10am est
Who the fuck is going to watch that stream? Normalfags are wage working and kids are at school.
Replies: >>249736 >>249769
[Hide] (136.2KB, 585x641) Reverse
no switch 2
Replies: >>249737
Even me, a NEET, will miss it because i will be sleeping.
[Hide] (998KB, 917x1142) Reverse
They are so fucking afraid of releasing another console that it's becoming funny.
Replies: >>249750 >>249753
[Hide] (81.3KB, 771x754) Reverse
Wouldn't you when the Switch is now the 3rd most bought console ever, eclipsed only by the DS and PS2? It still pushes consistently 100k units a week globally. When the alternative is a unit that failed to push 20 million and is closer to Xbox sale numbers then Nintendo would obviously be afraid.
Replies: >>249753 >>249780
I don't think they even intended to release a gen 8.5 console until Nvidia showed up at their doorstep with the more or less complete Shield Tablet 2 hardware and asked them to put a bintendo sticker on it. I doubt the same switcheroo is going to work a second time and they know it.
>kids are at school.
Kids are on summer break, at least where I live.
If the Wii U hadn't happened I would, but after seeing that disaster I don't blame them.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 275x276) Reverse
Honestly I just want to see more Shadow X footage.
[Hide] (2.6MB, 640x360, 00:36)
Nintendo Direct begins in 40 minutes.
>Watch the livestream for around 40 minutes of information focused on Nintendo Switch games coming in the second half of 2024.
New Mario & Luigi might be cool, I guess.
TLOZ: Echoes of Wisdom looks kinda interesting. In a sense it's a "we want the TOTK audience again" game reusing the artstyle from the Link's Awakening remake, but at least it looks like it has classic Zelda content even if you interact with it differently.
>Metroid Prime 4 actually exists

The rest was just remakes or shit I'm not interested in. God damn so many remakes.
Replies: >>249799 >>249804
Direct was okay i guess but nothing too exciting.
The new Zelda game looks cute and playing as Zelda is kinda cool but not being able to fight directly kinda sucks to me.
Mario and Luigi brotherhood looks alright but nothing to be too excited about.
>Switch sports getting another update
I couldn't see that one coming, especially since Nintendo just tends to forget and move on after a while with these games.
Made me wish they updated the other unfinished games like Battle League.
Prime 4 was the highlight of the direct, it looked good, almost too good for a Switch title, but i wish we got Prime 2 Remastered in the meanwhile, at least.
[Hide] (17.4KB, 389x203) Reverse
Judging from it's fucked up development MP4 will probably be mediocre at best.
Replies: >>249803
>Judging from it's fucked up development
The development wasn't fucked up, it isn't a Duke Nukem Forever situation where different people worked on the same shit others left.
Metroid Prime 4 was being developed by some dev studio and since their results weren't satisfying,  the game was then given back to the OG devs that started all over from scratch.
I mean from the publisher standpoint it may have been fucked up, but not from the actual development standpoint.
It looked good to me, but it's still too early to judge, it may be great as it can be disappointing.
I agree the new Zelda looks very cute. Somehow, after years of everyone and their mother throwing out different ideas for what a Zelda focused Zelda game would play like, I think this one isn't half bad. I certainly prefer it to just dropping Zelda in Link's character model and calling it a day.
Replies: >>249808
Judging by recent events it's either going to be tranny shit or bland as hell.
Replies: >>249810
Are you talking about the TYYD scrip re-writes?
[Hide] (157.7KB, 1024x768) Reverse
Replay of Nintendo Direct at the OP's room is starting in 35 minutes.
Spoiler File
(389.1KB, 560x625) Reverse
Was there even one single person (specifically person; the various species of subHumans don't count) who liked that ugly Funko Pop "art" style the Link's Awakening cash grab got? Why did they have to copy it over to the new game?
I didn't think it was that bad, it fit LA's gonzo nature. It would have been better with cel shading (the JSR kind, not what Wind Waker did) than the same default shader nutendo has been using for everything since 3D World though.
What I want to know if the funko pop game is going to sell like hot cakes for the normalfags.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 565x800) Reverse
>The new Zelda game looks cute and playing as Zelda is kinda cool but not being able to fight directly kinda sucks to me.
From what I saw, it basically looks like a cross between Lost Kingdoms and Scribblenauts.
I don't like it, but the plastic toy look seems appropriate for a game where you can make cheap copies of everything you encounter.
[Hide] (13.2MB, 1280x720, 00:57)
The Zelda "Toy set" look is cute, Funko Pop are just garbage.
Speaking of Funko Pops, who the fuck ever thought that making a Funko Pop video game was a good idea?
>Prime 4 was the highlight of the direct, it looked good, almost too good for a Switch title
Because it isn't. If you noticed, they don't use any Switch logos or any of the Switch cutaways when showing Metroid Prime 4. The only other game that doesn't mention the Switch is Mario & Luigi Brotherhood, but the release date there gives it away as the only logical conclusion. It'll be a BotW Wii U/Switch thing all over again where the downgraded port that'll be emulated to hell will be the Switch version while the one that runs at a playable framerate is the Switch 2 version.
Replies: >>249846 >>249847
You may be right about that, but while it's true that looks too good for a Switch title, it doesn't look good enough for what is supposed to be a "new generation" console (well, kind of).
My bet is that it will be a Switch title that will offer graphical improvements when you play it on a Switch 2 (since it will most likely offer retrocompatibility)
Replies: >>249847
[Hide] (20.1MB, 1280x720, 01:59)
Could you guys help test a theory for me? So vid attached is the MP4 trailer. In the replies to this post, I will be attaching a series of trailers for other sci-fi first person shooters. Three are on the Switch (One being the actual Switch trailer), one on the Wii U, two are on systems less powerful than the Wii U, and the remaining two on systems more powerful than the Switch. Could you guys point out for me how much of a "difference" you see?
[Hide] (20.3MB, 1280x720, 01:00)
[Hide] (10.2MB, 848x480, 01:40)
Replies: >>249851
[Hide] (18.1MB, 1280x720, 01:10)
Replies: >>249852
[Hide] (23.6MB, 1280x720, 01:35)
Replies: >>249853
[Hide] (25.5MB, 1280x720, 01:42)
[Hide] (17.8MB, 1280x544, 01:10)
[Hide] (15.1MB, 848x480, 02:29)
Replies: >>249854
[Hide] (28.5MB, 1280x720, 01:55)
>No dialogue
>Music sounds like typical Metroid. Some weird mixing at the end with the rock but it isn't like the others with either famous rock music or generic action music
>Break in the action to showcase scanning is still in the game
>Only one to drop the title then show a quick scene that isn't action-based but just the environment
>Metroid and Killzone 3 are the only ones without exact dates
Now if you wanted graphical differences, then the older games at times look muddier. But Metroid 4 could fit right in if it was released at the same time as the other games.
>nintendo making the "what if zeldo main character" game after the communities that would have given a shit basically died off
good job retards lol
Replies: >>249879
[Hide] (126.3KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
It's, dare I say it, fucking "joever", bros.
>In 2015, following an article published by The Mary Sue that suggested Samus Aran was a transgender woman (which cited a potentially transphobic statement made by Hirofumi Matsuoka in 1994), Fausti tweeted her support for the idea and personal belief that Samus is and will be transgender.[1] This tweet was liked by the article's author Brianna Wu, but it has since been deleted. 
It's so doomed.
show me where it says that this bitch is the lead writer
[Hide] (390.5KB, 962x851) Reverse
Yeah, very reliable
>could be
>"... In my mind"
Replies: >>249877
>source: my crack pipe
[Hide] (11.3KB, 320x180) Reverse
>mfw she is writing a fanfic about metroid 4 where she is the lead writer of the game
>Was there even one single person (specifically person; the various species of subHumans don't count) who liked that ugly Funko Pop "art" style the Link's Awakening cash grab got? Why did they have to copy it over to the new game?
I found the "toy set" art style to be cute, but reusing it for new game in the series is the laziest thing they could have done.
Also the gameplay looks boring as fucking shite:
<"use the magic wand to copy'paste enemies that will fight in your place!"
Why would i want to play a game where npcs fight in my place?

>nintendo making the "what if zeldo main character" game after the communities that would have given a shit basically died off
Also this.
Replies: >>249889
>but it has since been deleted. 
Because it was a load of made up bullshit and they knew it.
You are retarded. These are old rumors. I looked up the Shinesparkers' article and their only sources regarding Fautsi being assigned as a writer for Prime 4 are reddit and resetera and they didn't cite anything.
Replies: >>249886
>You are retarded.
Of course he's retarded, he's niggerpill.
Seems like being retarded is a requirement for alphabet agencies.
[Hide] (108.9KB, 675x800) Reverse
[Hide] (969.1KB, 556x800) Reverse
[Hide] (93.4KB, 576x800) Reverse
>Why would i want to play a game where npcs fight in my place?
Because it's fun, faggot.
Replies: >>249890
The new Zelda's gameplay looks anything but fun, to be quite honest.
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