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Let's start building again edition

>Recent news
AMD Ryzen 8000F Series Processors Are Finally Here
Qualcomm goes where Apple won't, readies official Linux support for Snapdragon X Elite

>Advice on building or upgrading
Post your build list or current specifications, including a monitor: https://pcpartpicker.com/
Provide specific use cases (like playing vidya, editing or programming).
Specify your budget and region.
Think twice before deciding to buy something to avoid buyer's remorse.

At least one PCIe 4.0 M.2 slot.
Good VRM (power delivery) is required for CPUs like the i5 13500 and above.
Don't pair a K CPU with a B mobo chipset.

HTPC(4K60)/Web Browsing: 5600G, 14100/12100
Vidya: 7600, 7500F, 12600K, 12700KF; budget: 5600, 12400F
Overkill vidya: 7800X3D; alternate: 14600K/13600K
Workstation: 7950X, 14700K, 7900X; budget: i5 13500
AM4 upgrade: 5600, 5800X3D
Avoid iGPU-less CPUs, 5600X (if it is more expensive than the 5600)

>CPU coolers
Air: Phantom Spirit EVO/Peerless Assassin 120 SE; budget: Freezer 36 Air
Liquid: Arctic Liquid Freezer III
Avoid liquid coolers with a single 120mm fan.

DDR4: Zen3/AM4 - 2x 16GB 3600 MT/s CL18; for locked "non-K" 12th/13th/LGA1700 - 2x 16GB 3200 MT/s CL16
DDR5: Zen4/AM5 - 2x 16GB 6000 MT/s CL30; for unlocked "K" 13th/14th/LGA1700 - 2x 16GB 6400MT/s CL32
Slower kits are also fine, if much cheaper. Just make sure you check the benchmark comparisons.
Note that the sweetspots are bound to change with the upcoming Zen5 and Meteor Lake processors.

Avoid: outdated Samsung 970 Evo Plus, cheapest poorfag NVMe SSDs.

Avoid: GPUs that were used for shitcoin mining, 4070 Ti, 4060 Ti, 3050, NVIDIA GPUs in general if you're a Linuxfag.
1080p: used 3070/3060 Ti, 4060/3060 12 GB, 7600/6650 XT/6600 XT; budget: 6600; poorfag: used 2060
1440p: 4070S/4070, 7900 GRE; budget: 6700 XT
2160p: 4080S/4080 (at MSRP); budget: 4070S Ti (avoid MSI models), 7900 XT/XTX
Production: 4090, used 3090; budget: 4060 Ti 16GB; poorfag: 3060 12GB

Fully seat a 12VHPWR connector in its socket, otherwise the connection can melt.

Avoid: untested units, Bronze/Silver rated (assuming you live in yuroland).
Not worth buying a new PSU unless it's ATX 3.0 compliant.
Aim for 50-75% PSU utilization at full system load.
https://cultists.network/140/psu-tier-list/ (archive: https://archive.is/jzJ2L )
https://hwbusters.com/best_picks/best-atxv3-pcie5-ready-psus-picks-hardware-busters/ (archive: https://archive.is/QrPHX)

>Case (from $ to $$$)
mATX: I don't fucking know.
ATX: Lian Li Lancool 216, Lian Li Lancool III, Fractal Torrent.
AVOID: 'Silent' cases, fanless cases, Corsair 4000D airflow, Montech AIR 903 Base (awful stock fans).

Avoid: panels with less than 120 Hz refresh rates, without a single DisplayPort input and Variable Refresh Rate technology (G-Sync/FreeSync).
Check professional reviews for any monitor before you buy at sites like TFTCentral, pcmonitors.info, Monitors Unboxed, or RTINGs.
The bottom tier monitor for any decent gaming build has a 144+ Hz 24" 1080p IPS panel, of which there are many on market for around $125 (some great ones go even as low as $100).
Aim for a panel with low response times and perceived motion blur mode (Black Frame Insertion).
1440p 27" high refresh IPS is a common target for many new builds. 1440p is relatively easy to drive with even mid-range graphics cards.
Decent 2160p (4K) gaming monitors start at around $500.
OLED monitors have good HDR (including infinite contrast) and nearly instant pixel response times. However, potential burn-in is an important consideration for OLED monitors.
TL;DR: They all suck.

Install Ventoy on a flash drive, then transfer the iso files to it.
You can activate Windows with KMS_VS_ALL:
>Previous thread
>>238860 (archive: https://archive.is/Dddgc )
Replies: >>248168
Penis rocket.
The secure PC era is dead anyway.
>>248164 (OP) 
>Qualcomm goes where Apple won't, readies official Linux support for Snapdragon X Elite
How long until the hardware thread devolves into a shitposting war about which ARM board should anon buy to put into his old ATX case?
Replies: >>248328
Anybody here use Thermalright fans?
my local pc shoppe has some TL 12s for pretty cheap.
How's the noise level/efficiencies?
Are they 0.5Amp?
It won't, because they would tell just to buy RISC-V CPUs.
Replies: >>248672
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Discussing laptops might be kinda dumb here, but I need advice on whether to get a rugged Dell Latitude.
I can't stop thinking about using one as a weapon, even though I know that specs-wise they're ass
please let me know if i can do this with other better laptops
Replies: >>248409
Toughbooks are going to have cooling problems plus departments that use them don't need GPUs so they're gonna run like shit for anything but barebones data entry.
Just get a cheap old panasonic one.
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In the interest of breathing some life into this thread, let's talk hackjob DIY PC cases.
I'm thinking a plywood base with a horizontal open air configuration would be the best for air cooling, saves on case fans too.

Feel free to shit on/add suggestions/talk about your own cardboard cases.
As much as I'd love to hop on that train, they will have to go a long way before you can use them even for more computation intense retro gayming, Meanwhile it looks like Snapdragon XXX leet chips will flood the market, followed by other similarly capable SoCs. I wouldn't bury x86 just yet, but it really looks like that if you want good bang:buck ratio then ARM boards will be a good option.
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New ram shenanigans, I will let the normalfags beta test it.
Replies: >>248706
Thinking about getting a fanless pc. Fans are really getting on my nerves. But there doesnt seem to be alot of alternatives out there.
Replies: >>248706 >>248709
How do you fit more than one board in?

Better fans. Unless you're using 40mm fans or something.
>Better fans
I've already tried the most popular/best specs fans and i've just come to the conclusion that i would be much happier with no fans
You could get a single-board computer for browsing the net and whatnot, and then use a proper PC for games that require that. Or wait a year or two for ARM boards.
>How do you fit more than one board in?
I think each board have different capacities.
>How do you fit more than one board in?
You don't, you replace the whole thing if you need to change capacity / speed.
Replies: >>248746
Before the autistic screeching starts, I feel compelled to point out that this is already starting to become available for laptops, where the RAM would normally be soldered down. That's not just for the typical jew reasons anymore, modern RAM protocols are living hell to make work with the SODIMM form factor because the tolerances for clock skew are just too tight. I can't imagine it's much nicer for DDR5 and full-size DIMMs.
Replies: >>248819
How would you handle grounding for a non metal case?
Replies: >>248769
Maybe try putting some foil or sheet metal before insralling mounts and connecting them to the PSU body somehow?
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Copy this PC case, I was looking at this one because I wanted to make my own case and the whole configuration and airflow would be great, of course the front would be different because I would like to have a whole front be covered by External 5.25" Drive Bays because why the fuck not? And behind that a row of Internal 3.5" Drive Bays because why the fuck not?
The case would be longer with that configuration, but I think the cables should be able to reach.
Replies: >>248786
Interesting, would the airflow still work when lying flat?
Replies: >>248794
>diy pc case
Why? Unless you’re bored and looking to experiment, you’d have to be stupid to consider this idea. You’re going to spend more on materials plus hardware(clamps, planer, bits) creating a case than you would just buying a trusted model instead.
Replies: >>248792
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I already have tools like any man, also you don't need to plane plywood, or any wooden board for that matter.
Plus it's fun.
Replies: >>248796 >>248806
Yes, in that case the fans are powerful enough to do that, as the reviews said.
It is an interesting design, sadly it didn't catch on, because the airflow for all the components looks great.
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Indeed, I was looking for a new desk and they were all too expensive and were not up to my needs, so I made my own desk the way I wanted, it amazes me that normalfags don't build their own stuff. It turned out pretty shitty, but it woks and I just need to buy more tools for the next project to make it better.
Replies: >>250332
Just make sure you sand and stain, rough plywood would not be a great idea for a PC case given how much dust it likes to hold.
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clean your case!
Replies: >>248810 >>248822
Don't be overzealous though. If your PC is especially dirty static buildup can ruin some of your components. I fucked over a GPU that way. It's best to clean your case regularly.
Replies: >>248815 >>248816
It's extremely difficult, borderline impossible even, to damage modern components with static electricity.
Replies: >>248817
I've not cleaned the inside of a case since I first got one with dust filters.
Really? I guess it was a coincidence then that it stopped working well after cleaning my case.
Replies: >>248820 >>248821
It's trading the ability to easily expand existing ram capacity, something people don't really do to begin with, for significantly faster ram speed.
Replies: >>248821
It's possible, but unlikely.
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>Canned air
You are literally paying for air in a can that won't even last you for one thorough cleanup and will also risk spitting water if you hold it at an uneven angle or hold it down for too long. 

Canned air is a literal scam and only retards fall for it. 
Look at pic related. See this thing? It's a handheld leaf blower. It costs about $20 - $35 and it will last you a lifetime because you'll only be using it for about 5 minutes twice a year. 
A few bursts and even the dirtiest case gets unclogged.
<m-muh fans, muh rip PC apart
It won't rip apart anything. As for the fans, just hold them in place with your left hand or if you're really autistic use a ziptie. 

I have even used a professional gas-powered leaf blower to clean a PC. It has about x100 the power of a regular handheld blower but I simply stood a few meters away and made sure the case was against a wall. Within 2 seconds the computer looked brand new.
Replies: >>248823 >>249112
Reminder to use hearing protection
Replies: >>248824
You don't need hearing protection for handheld leaf blowers or even most mid-sized gas powered ones. The handheld ones in particular are about as loud as a regular vacuum cleaner
Replies: >>248828 >>249056
I know this is the hardware thread but have any of you dealt with isp dmca notices? ffs now I can’t even do shit online without using a memepn? Fuck nu internet
Replies: >>248829
You should be using hearing protection while vacuum cleaning as well.
Use a private tracker, or a VPN like a normal person.
Is VR still a meme?
Replies: >>248880
Bigscreen seems pretty good for flight and racing rigs
INTELLIGENCEMicrosoft Bows to Public Pressure, Disables Controversial Windows Recall by Default
Thank God microsoft is listening to the users, I was so close on using linux.
Replies: >>249054
>Thank God microsoft is listening to the users, I was so close on using linux.
Oh man, it sure would be silly to hear that they never actually removed the feature but only created these news to avoid more people jumping ship. Sure would be silly haha.
Use hearing protection. >have never ending white noise in my ears
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>leaf blower
your littrelaly paying for a thing that blows air that dosent even have enough pressure to push stuff that caked in,.

leaf blowers are a leateral scam and only retarts fall for it.
look at pic related. see this man? it's a man blowing air. it costs nothing and it will last you a lyfetime because you literally have free air in your lungs.
a few blows and even the dirtiest case gets unclogged.
<b-but i have asthma and i arent strong lung capaseety
maybe stop being a weak puny beta fag with poor gene lemao.

i have even used a professional blower person aka your mum and she has about 100x the power of a regular person and i simply stood a few meters away from my computr while she sucked my cock and made sure she was against a wall. within 2 seconds my dick looked like it was brand sucked.

please like, subscribe and my original comment of contrarian opinion and donate reddit gold to my account.
Try blowing leafs at a hockey game faggot.
> dosent even have enough pressure to push stuff that caked in
t. retard that buys cans of air
Take your meds
These are the builds I'm comparing at the moment.
Intel ITX motherboards are generally much better for a similar price. More m.2 slots, higher end chipset. Basically the only reason to go AMD is for the ability to upgrade multiple generations down the line since they have confirmed AM5 support beyond 2027. But then the question is can this cheaper AMD motherboard handle an upgrade. I don't know much about motherboards and basically all the information on the differences between them is just that different chipsets provide more IO, which is basically irrelevant on an ITX board.
>250 for ram
Replies: >>249379
It's 225 CAD.
[Hide] (155.3KB, 1200x800) Reverse
It really depends on the motherboard and the chipset, look at the tables of link related https://www.amd.com/en/products/processors/chipsets/am4.html to get an idea how thing "might" go in the future.
What is the computer for? Vidya? Work? Emulation?
Replies: >>249388
Games, occasional VM GPU passthrough gaming, some AI nonsense if/when I feel like it.
Replies: >>249393
You could buy a 5700X3D or 5800X3D, fill it with cheap DDR4 ram and call it a day.
Replies: >>249431
>Basically the only reason to go AMD
Linux GPU drivers are better.
Replies: >>249412 >>249431
Those break all the time, at least nvidia ones just work
Replies: >>249420 >>249431
For linux? I have been using amd gpus for a while since I switched to linux and it just works.
Replies: >>249423
How old are they?
Replies: >>249428 >>249444
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Bought a laptop that had intel 7th gen cpu, was a pain to install W7 so I made the jump to loonix, had an amd gpu, don't remember the name, after that I also installed loonix to another laptop and then I finally bought a new computer with a 7900 XTX.
So far, I never had any problems with the gpus, only when I fucked up the OS with conflicting packeges when I updated the damn thing, but nothing to hard that my retarded brain couldn't solve.
I was talking about the CPU platform. I'm already using an AMD GPU.
I need an iGPU on the CPU.
AMD gpu drivers don't break on linux. But nvidia's are reaching a point where they are rather competitive on Linux. Irrelevant either way since I'm already using an AMD GPU.
Replies: >>249449
My HD7970 still werks and can into recently released indieshit via DXVK and VKD3D on Wine.
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[Hide] (1005.4KB, 1566x1012) Reverse
>I need an iGPU on the CPU.
7800X3D, is the best option for vidya, I think.
Replies: >>249450
Yeah no shit. I put a 7600 in the build because it's $250 cheaper.
Replies: >>249469
Well, go with the AMD option then, also, I think Seasonic are the best PSUs, so you should look into that if you have the chance.
How much RAM  do I need to fuck with AI models?
Should I get ECC or the super fast ones?
You can't fuck AI models, silly anon.
Replies: >>249632
[Hide] (180.6KB, 429x500) Reverse
Anon, you have no idea.
Now tell me how much I need
[Hide] (1MB, 1024x1024) Reverse
You don't need that much RAM, what you need is the biggest nvidia gpu you can get your hands on and watercool the damn thing.
Replies: >>249638 >>249641
>tail coming out of the left side of her ass
Replies: >>249641
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Does a 4090 not cut it?
Im not doing intense data training yet just running a waifu/assistant.
This, theres even a left cheek pocket hole for it wtf.
Replies: >>249651
[Hide] (1MB, 1024x1024) Reverse
If it has 16GB or more you should be fine, there are models that can run in shitty hardware below 8GB. If you have the monopoly money for a 4090 go for it.
Just a warning, the 40 series have a tendency of catching fire, so you better plug the damn thing correctly, the newer models should had a better connector, but still, be careful.
There is something else you need to buy, nvme drives or sata ssd drives, the model and your waifu will take a lot of space in your computer to keep her memory.
For example, I'm using AI to make qt 2D girls, and right now all the shit I have downloaded take up like 276.4 GiB. To tell you the truth I don't know how bad Text-AI can get, but I think your waifu memory must be saved in a file in your computer, and the more she remembers the more space it will take or something like that, you should research more about that.
I don't have any more tips.
Good luck.
Replies: >>249669
[Hide] (7.8MB, 320x240, 04:32)
Alright thanks anon.
I can't load the 2.7 mixtral dolphin on gpt4all with only 16gb system ram though, any ideas why?
Replies: >>249672
Don't know, I didn't get into text-ai because it was censored and bitched about it when I wanted rape and nigger jokes, so I stopped using it.
Is like having a holier than thou womyn telling you about the consequences of rape and not being a bigot.
Replies: >>249678 >>249779
I'm not very familiar with AI but I believe 32GB is the minimum system ram you ideally want to utilize most of the software. You can get aware with less but 32GB is where I would aim as a minimum if I was building a PC with AI in mind.
[Hide] (10KB, 553x170) Reverse
Koboldcpp with uncucked models has been pretty good for me.
Replies: >>249721 >>249779
What are the names of the uncucked models?
[Hide] (98.9KB, 590x700) Reverse
Anon why did you think I wanted that specific model?
How do I run it locally? Does it work on gpt4all?
Replies: >>249784
>Anon why did you think I wanted that specific model?
I will keep that model in mind when I mess with text-ai again.
>3080 ti
Whats the longevity rate of this combo? 7 more years before it struggles with AAA trash?
Replies: >>249937 >>249960
I have that setup but with a 3080. Works with everything I have thrown at it so far and I haven't seen otherwise yet. Mind you there are a few trends that may upset that. 
The first is that developers are starting relying too heavily on DLSS and alternatives to do the optimization of their games for them. Meaning you MUST run DLSS to get a good framerate on some of the newer games. We'll see how long NVIDIA provides DLSS updates to older cards.
The second is whether or not everyone starts going full retard on AI and tries to push that shit into vidya, requiring newer GPUs to run them. For now that hasn't materialized so the 12700K + 3080ti combo should otherwise run the newest games, even if it may require DLSS or devs to optimize their shit.
Replies: >>249946 >>249960
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[Hide] (628.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Introducing a new RISC-V Mainboard from DeepComputing
>We’re excited to share a preview of a Framework Laptop 13 Mainboard with a new CPU architecture today, and it’s probably not the one you think it is. The team at DeepComputing has built the first ever partner-developed Mainboard, and it uses a RISC-V processor! This is a huge milestone both for expanding the breadth of the Framework ecosystem and for making RISC-V more accessible than ever. We designed the Framework Laptop to enable deep flexibility and personalization, and now that extends all the way to processor architecture selection. DeepComputing is demoing an early prototype of this Mainboard in a Framework Laptop 13 at the RISC-V Summit Europe next week, and we’ll be sharing more as this program progresses.
>There is excellent philosophical alignment between RISC-V and Framework. Both are built on the idea that an open ecosystem is more powerful than the sum of its parts. To explain why, first we’ll go into what RISC-V even is. RISC-V is a fully open Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), which is the interface point between software and hardware. It’s a defined set of instructions that software is compiled and assembled into that the processor executes to run the actual program. x86 (or the latest version, x86-64) is the most common ISA for PCs today, and it’s what is used in the processors for each Framework Laptop we’ve shipped to date. The x86 ISA was invented by Intel, extended on by AMD, and is proprietary, with Intel and AMD being effectively the only two companies able to use and create processors around it. ARM is another popular ISA, owned by Arm Holdings. Arm licenses the ARM architecture out, which enables companies to pay a license fee for cores to make their own processors that leverage it. What makes RISC-V unique is that it is an entirely open architecture, which means that anyone can extend on it and create their own processors that use it without paying a fee. RISC-V International is the collaborative organization that exists to help develop the standard and define common versions to ensure cross-compatibility of hardware and software. There are hundreds of companies now developing cores and chips around RISC-V, but most of these have been hidden away in embedded applications. >The DeepComputing RISC-V Mainboard is one of the first instances of leveraging this ecosystem for the main processor in a consumer-facing product.
>All of this is what makes RISC-V unique from an ecosystem enablement perspective. The actual technology is equally interesting. The base instruction set of RISC-V is simple and streamlined, while there are a number of extensions enabling high performance and specialized compute. This means that RISC-V cores can be developed for anything from tiny control CPUs embedded inside a sensor (the Fingerprint Reader we’ve used in Framework Laptops since 2021 actually has a RISC-V core!) to monstrous multi-hundred-core server processors. The DeepComputing RISC-V Mainboard uses a JH7110 processor from StarFive which has four U74 RISC-V cores from SiFive. SiFive is the company that developed CPU cores using the RISC-V ISA, StarFive is the processor designer that integrated those CPU cores with other peripherals, DeepComputing created a Mainboard leveraging that processor, and Framework makes laptops that can use the Mainboard. The power of an open ecosystem!
>This Mainboard is extremely compelling, but we want to be clear that in this generation, it is focused primarily on enabling developers, tinkerers, and hobbyists to start testing and creating on RISC-V. The peripheral set and performance aren’t yet competitive with our Intel and AMD-powered Framework Laptop Mainboards. This board also has soldered memory and uses MicroSD cards and eMMC for storage, both of which are limitations of the processor. It is a great way to start playing with RISC-V though inside of a thin, light, refined laptop. The Mainboard will be able to drop into any Framework Laptop 13 chassis or into the Cooler Master Mainboard Case. DeepComputing is also working closely with the teams at Canonical and Red Hat to ensure Linux support is solid through Ubuntu and Fedora. We’ll continue to keep you up to date as we work with the team at DeepComputing to complete development of this new Mainboard and enable access to it. You can sign up in the Framework Marketplace to get notified when we have updates.
>We have a couple of other updates around scaling access to Framework Laptop 13. The first is that just like we did for Framework Laptop 16 last week, today we’re sharing open source CAD for the Framework Laptop 13 shell, enabling development of skins, cases, and accessories. The second is that we now have Framework Laptop 13 Factory Seconds systems available with British English and German keyboards, making entering the ecosystem more affordable than ever. We’re eager to continue growing a new Consumer Electronics industry that is grounded in open access, repairability, and customization at every level.
Replies: >>249964
This AI fad has been pissing me off and thats exactly what my worry was. I was thinking nvidia could very well have these cards become "obsolete" in shorter time than expected. I hope DLSS runs its course but retards will continue to support their nonsense.
I don't think they will push for AI in vidya, because not everyone is going to buy the newest GPU for that shit. It would be like fucking VR and you know how that turned out to be, only good for simulators and porn.
You will go along way if you don't crank the visuals to the max like a retard.
Well, colour me surprised, I though it would take at least a few years before we can buy anything other than those tiny chink SoBs. Still, we will have to wait for a bit before we know anything tangible about its performance. Also, I hate how we get this before some ATX-compatible SoB for desktop. To begin with, how hard would it be to make a chunky laptop that has a mini-ITX board inside?
Replies: >>249998
Whats a true upgrade from the 6800xt? Ive been thinking about grabbing a 4070S/4080 but seems redundant 

Best to hold a bit longer?
Replies: >>249981 >>249985
What the fuck do you need something better than a 6800xt for? Don't say AI because there's no reason to fuck with that shit unless it's your job, and if it's your job you can get a 4090TI and make the rest of the country pay for it.
Replies: >>249983
AI doomposting is getting to me too. The closest I’ve come to AI is using topaz video editing software which is honestly neat
Replies: >>249997
nvidia 5000 series isn't too far now, just wait another half year
So you want to upgrade for AI? If so, then buy a 4090 or better. You could always wait for the next gen in  a few months and do AI shit with the 6800xt for a while.
Yeah, it was a nice surprise, Framework doing a risc-v laptop and Prin64 doing a risc-v tablet, is a nice indication that maybe I can shitpost in a free as in freedom machine in peace.
The best chair is a cheap office chair with replaced casters right? because using an uncomfortable chair avoids back problems?
Replies: >>250175
I've noticed my softmodded Wii and Xbox have been displaying some elements of corruption and glitches.
All game copies are digital, but yesterday, while playing "Medal of Honor: Heroes 2", my Wii froze during the first level, stuck on a loud annoying note.
And before that, while playing Spider-Man 2 on Xbox, during Black Cat chase missions, she would routinely get stuck running into walls and then teleport halfway across the map.
Could this be some kind of mechanical fault at play here or something else entirely?
Replies: >>250171
Are you playing PAL on NTSC or vice versa?
Replies: >>250172
But I've set both consoles to pick region based on the game itself (fucked myself by playing the first couple of hours of SP2 in mixed mode that way), so it shouldn't be mismatched anymore.
Yes, pretty much. Get an office chair you find comfortable. Those gamer chairs are basically the same thing, but gayer. As for avoiding back problems, get >>>/fit/.
So how do you disable a npu chip in your computer?
Replies: >>250196
put it in the microwave
Replies: >>250208
I’m being serious. They are going to force AI into every computer from now on. Even if they have to do through hardware.
Replies: >>250212
If you disable the NPU somehow and they forcefully try to run AI  it'll just run on the GPU or CPU.
Replies: >>250251
This. Copilot and other low-tier AI shenanigans already run off the CPU. A lot of shit just runs off cloud servers too so may as well just build a Faraday cage.
Where are the goddamned discounts?
Motherfuckers. Fine. I'll stick with my 1600.
Replies: >>250273
Thoughts on the 7800x3D? Worth building a pc using amd or go with a 12900k/13900k build?
[Hide] (349.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (339.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (363.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (363.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (294.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
For gaming? There is no reason to buy an Intel if you are considering to buy a 7800x3D, but if you live in a very cold climate and the electric bill is cheap, but an intel to warm your room.
Replies: >>250318 >>250324
I want to but I'm afraid of the problems on linux. Plus zen5 soon so
Replies: >>250323 >>250498
Should work fine in linux, the release date was over a year ago.
Thanks btw

What’s the deal with newer intel products being power hungry? considering grabbing a 7800x3d and pairing it with a 3080 ti or 4070s either second hand on ebay. 3080 ti seems to be averaging $500-600 but is it still any good nowadays? I know it’s a stupid question to ask but considering dlss is around the corner who knows what will happen right
Replies: >>250329
>What’s the deal with newer intel products being power hungry?
Intel dropped the ball with cpus and the only thing they can do to not get behind the race is pumping as much power as possible into their chips.
They tried to do something new with the Efficiency and Potency cores, but it didn't amount to much.
Don't know much of dlss since I don't give a fuck about that shit, same with amd and intel gpus, but I think nvidia is locking down newer dlss versions to their newest cards, because fuck you, I think.
Replies: >>250430
If you want a god tier desk for the money, get two filing cabinets and a kitchen counter top. two filing cabinets and a kitchen countertop for less than $100 from Habitat for Humanity .
Replies: >>250333
*I got two filing cabinets and a kitchen counter top for less than $100 from H4H/
Replies: >>250437 >>250443
If you can wait till 09/30 you'll get the 9800X3D
>but I think nvidia is locking down newer dlss versions to their newest cards, because fuck you, I think.
DLSS can be split into three technologies: Super Resolution (2000/3000/4000 series), Frame Generation (4000 series only), and Ray Construction (2000/3000/4000 series). It is highly suspected even a 2000 series can run any of the technologies, the DLSS 3 DLL files for newer games run just fine on a 2000 series for instance, but Nvidia is preventing the older GPUs from running the frame generation features.
Don't have that here.
For $100 you can just get an electric standing desk from Amazon... they're super cheap now
Then the chink shit motor malfunctions and half your desk slides off crashing into the floor.
Replies: >>250479
Yeah, Amazon has more or less semi-consciously chased away anyone who sells anything skookum. It's all the finest chinesium fire hazards now.
[Hide] (10.1MB, 1920x1080, 00:42)
>electric standing 
Is time to level up.
What rpm are stock case fans?
AMD officially supports linux.
Where would you place the 3090 and 3080 ti in 2024? Many claim they’re better than the 40 series cards not 4080/4090…how?
Replies: >>250602
It's sort of false, their strength lies in 4k res and up, but most games run so shit on those resolutions nowadays that it doesn't matter
They both lose to 4070ti Super that uses 50% less power to do what it does 
3090 / ti are better for AI shit.
Replies: >>250603
Thanks. If 4k would be their only “downfall”, a 3080 ti for $500 is beginning to make a lot of sense to me. I’m assuming power consumption comes from rendering for extended periods of time or gaming at 1440p ultra?
Replies: >>250604
>Thanks. If 4k would be their only “downfall”
I meant the 30 series are better at 4k and up compared to their equivalent 40 series cards
More CUDA cores at lower frequencies = more utilization issues at low res
And  Nvidia did help that a lot by going with the big L2 cache on 40 series on top of a few other optimizations

> I’m assuming power consumption comes from rendering for extended periods of time or gaming at 1440p ultra?
Even capped framerate at lower resolutions should still have you use a lot less power.
The higher the load like rendering or uncapped framerate gaming the higher the difference but there's still gonna be a notable difference outside of that
>standing desk
i bought one of those but it felt hollow. When i would type on my keyboard the table would vibrate
Thinking of buying a new gpu because im sick of the damn coil whine. I have a 6700 xt. Whats a good upgrade from that?
Not really anything
4070ti / Super or 7900GRE/XT I guess
A 6700XT will run pretty much everything. There isn't even any game worth upgrading for.
Replies: >>250611
You're right but what should i do? I cant stand the coil whine.
Replies: >>250612 >>250630
iirc this has a few ideas for fixing coil whine if you can't RMA
>coil whine
Isn't that impossible to get rid off and always depends on your luck on how bad or good the coil whine is with each card?
Replies: >>250622
Plastidipping the card is pretty foolproof and works but thermals can go to complete shit
Warranty claim? Or keep your cabinet somewhere far away, like on the other side of the desk.
I upgraded by cabinet and now I have a 80mm fan left over. My new case only has slots for 120 and 140 fans. What should I do?
I need to find a 60hz crt in europe. I refuse to be cucked by emulation. I will then import retro consoles. I REFUSE TO BE A SLAVE TO 50HZ
2000s euro CRTs were usually PAL60, whether or not they can properly display an NTSC or NTSC-J signal is another matter though.
Anything somewhat recent (even craptastic noname brands) does PAL60 and anything that does PAL60 does NTSC.
What’s the deal with gaming not evolving and being shit? The fact that 8 year old hardware exceeds most game requirements is insane. There’s no excuse for games to be extremely poorly made. This shit fucking angers me. The fuck is the point of upgrading hardware if you’re already sitting on a 12th series intel, am5 or 30 series nvidia gpu?
Replies: >>250883
I want to get a fanless pc. I cannot stand the noise of fans. I've tried multiple fans and multiple fan settings. I've tried the quietest fans and more. Fuck fans
Make an immersion pc, pump the oil in another room.
Replies: >>250692
You can make a pumpless immersion With some low boiling point non conductive chemicals.
Replies: >>250693
how big do you plan on making the whole thing?
Replies: >>250695
n0ctu4 brushless fans and soundproof padding on the sides are the only way to go tbh glass component display being a stupid meme, anyone else know some good fan brands?
And that's X99, the liquid he's using there was super fucking expensive but now you can get the replacement one that's way cheaper with a lower boiling point.
Replies: >>250696
Unless you have a way of getting the heat out of that liquid it's still not going to do much,, guy probably had a pump and radiator somewhere
Replies: >>250697
You merely need to have a few passive radiators on top for it to work well enough but if you want compact and higher perf you can use a waterloop for the upper plate.
Just buy a walk-in fridge.
There are a few passively cooled PC cases, but they'll probably require low wattage hardware.
ended up buying a 7800. I was just fucking sick of the coil whine. I had my damn gpu for like 1-2 years and i had to live with something that screeched loud as fuck to the point where i couldnt even play something at fucking 144hz without hearing a damn whine.
Replies: >>250883 >>250891
quit justifying endless raytracing shit already
What was causing the coil whine? gpu%?
Replies: >>250884
It was just the gpu. I dont know why but fuck it was so loud that i couldnt play games
[Hide] (17.9KB, 422x314) Reverse
I know it's too late now but you can often get rid of coil whine with custom fan curves if you create plateaus at whine-free percentages, for example pic related where I have my card sit at 33% and then jump to 52% because of coil whine at 30% & 50% and many places inbetween.
Replies: >>250892
so is it temperature or gpu use ?
Replies: >>250903
Coil Whine results from inductors vibrating at a frequency that is within hearing range under load 
Changing a fan curve would potentially cause other vibrations that would counter that, but only if your power use and framerate are stable (each frame render causes a power usage spike thus causing the inductors to vibrate at a specific frequency, higher load would cause a more noticeable impulse and thus stronger vibration)
Replies: >>250929
What’s the deal with small factor/itx builds? I’ve always assumed they were  ticking time bombs, since I doubt there’s proper cooling. Plus don’t they age bad and are hard to upgrade? 

There’s a 7800x3d build on ebay that was jerry-rigged together and I’m interested
how come newer cards have less whine?
Can you spare the money?
Replies: >>250930
>spare the money
Replies: >>250947 >>251037
Replies: >>251037
Small factor is for the minimalist crowd or for normalfags that live in small apartments.
It really depends on the case they are using if they have proper cooling or not. About the upgrade, yeah, if the next waves of gpus get bigger your whole case is outdated and you would need to buy a new one.
Of you don't mind gambling and it is a great deal and you have the money go ahead and post pics.
Replies: >>250957
Define small factor. Sub ATX stuff that's still 10+ liters in size is only losing a few degrees. Most Micro ATX and good Mini ITX is fine as long as you check the specs and know what fits.
Replies: >>250957
Have a look yourselves 

https://www.e bay.com/itm/36498 3749028
Replies: >>250959 >>250963
I apologize if ebay links aren’t allowed on here btw,

Here’s another i found. crazy what people with money do on their spare time. This one is just why 

https://www.eb ay.com/itm/166851 377922
Replies: >>250963
[Hide] (141KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
>Hellhound rx 7900xtx
>Ryzen 7 7800x3d
>Ram:32 gb
>motherfucking noctua fans
>$205.50 bid Ends in 3d 23h
>The gpu goes for $700, cpu $400 shekels, ram $100ish, mb $200, case $400
Damn, is the guy retarded or needs money bad? I say go for it, just consider how high it can go.
Replies: >>250960 >>250963
Claims to have built it a month ago and is going off to college. I’m assuming it’s a neet forced to go to school given the other build he’s selling in his store. Either way, I don’t see this going for less than $1200 since you could easily part out cpu/gpu and sell the other components and be positive
Replies: >>250961
Just keep an eye on it and good luck, anon.
Replies: >>250964 >>250979
I was thinking that too but guy has a decent feedback count and photos share similar room/not found anywhere else
Replies: >>250969
>decent feedback count
>3 sales 1 feedback
sure bro
Replies: >>250977
Speaking of CRTs, I wonder how viable would be a liquid crystal color shutter for retro gaming. I mean, they would be luxury products for the kind of people who don't mind spending tens of thousands of eurodollars. Here is this thing:
Long story short, it's a black-and-white CRT that turns a single analog colour image into 3, one for red, one for green, one for blue, displays them sequentially, and the LCD in front of it just switches between RGB in sync with the images, and due to persistence of vision it appears as a normal coloured image. The overall image is brighter, and making a CRT without a shadow mask and just a single kind of phosphor is simpler than manufacturing a Trinitron. Still, it would be a luxury product. The real question is if the lack of a shadow mask/aperture grill would have a negative impact on how old games are displayed.
Replies: >>250987
if you’re going to be weary about it, then I’ll be weary about it too. Was more curious to know about these small factor builds than the auction itself
Replies: >>250978
I mean doesn't it seem waaaaaaaaaay too good to be true? that whole thing is worth more than 5 times what he asked for, granted it's for bids but the starting price is way cheap
[Hide] (271.1KB, 680x680) Reverse
Or he just doesn't value money as much as others. My mother's co-worker asked her if our family was interested in buying a computer from her son for about 1,000 euros, and my mother said she would think about it. Since I was building a new computer at the time, she didn't immediately ask me what I thought of the idea. What we both didn't know was that for that price she offered us a 4080, 13900K and 64 GB RAM. When I told my mother how good the offer was, it was unfortunately too late and she gave the computer to some ukro pig family.
Replies: >>250983 >>250985
If he didn't value money he wouldn't be selling it.
Could just be pulling the usual scam where they say they sold it offsite if they don't meet a specific price.
[Hide] (1MB, 540x448) Reverse
Worst of both worlds. The parts that make CRTs a fossil technology are the tube itself and the deflection system. The tube requires some pretty evil stuff to make so you can really only do it in third world shitholes with no workplace safety laws and the deflection yoke is complex enough it was literally hand-wound on good CRTs for most of the life of the technology. This isn't even getting into the flyback transformer which frequently had to be custom built for the tube/yoke combo it was attached to.
With a shutter system you're not getting rid of any of those components, but you are adding motion blur and color shifting from the LCD. Mastering monitors use a similar system for their backlights because they need to be bright enough for HDR without haloing, and every techtuber who tries one says the input lag is terrible because it's just two LCDs stacked on top of each other which means double the latency from sample-and-hold. Hisense is testing it in chinkna as a cheaper alternative to OLED but we'll see if it ever gets sold in a country where the government doesn't kill you over a bad product review.
>The tube requires some pretty evil stuff to make
I wish first world shitholes stop being so fucking gay.
Well, fuck, guess the future will be to either use shaders or somehow start a company that will sell newly manufactured CRTs that cost more than a new car. And I might be a dreamer, but even I can see that shaders are the realistic option here.
Replies: >>251029
The real long-term solution is microLED with rolling-shutter strobe baked in to the firmware. It does exactly what a CRT image does that makes it better for motion without the extra steps. Analog/digital conversion is the only missing link from there and we can have flat panels that perform better than CRTs in every way, with the only differences left being audiophool tier aesthetics.
Replies: >>251222
>CRTs a fossil technology
CRTs are the pinnacle of technology
Replies: >>251050
You need english to use this board
[Hide] (11.6KB, 223x273) Reverse
My dick is the pinnacle of technology.
How the hell would LCCS even be capable of ghosting? Did you even watch the first video?
That sounds good, although if I understand correctly you'd still need to tell it to  light up some of those micro LEDs in a semi-random fashion so that the edges are not that sharp and dither works, but that is something retro gaming software should be able to handle.
are current amd gpus as awful as a lot of  people have said they are? Thinking of upgrading but apparently the 7000 cards are riddled with annoying issues with the main one being constant driver timeouts and some severe heating issues…
I thought the 7900 xtx was supposed to be a competitive card?
Replies: >>251255
>and some severe heating issues
I have never heard of this, only the amd cards had heating issues because the heatsinks didn't have enough water in them to work correctly, but the ones made by saphire, asus, etc where OK. The issue was fixed later on.
>7900 xtx
I'm using that in artix and it just works.
Replies: >>251257
>I have never heard of this, only the amd cards had heating issues because the heatsinks didn't have enough water in them to work correctly, but the ones made by saphire, asus, etc where OK. The issue was fixed later on.
AMD GPUs have a consistent hotpot issue with stock cooling
You can fix it with a better paste application or an aftermarket cooler but it's generally not worth it until you have it slamming at 90-100°C all the time
I hate computer fans so fucking much. I dont know how to make a fanless pc but im giving up on my pc until i can make it fanless. Im sick of hearing fans.
don't know much about computer building, does water cooling make fans obsolete?
or do i still need fans if im planning on using water cooling?
Replies: >>251462
[Hide] (21.4MB, 854x428, 07:01)
You still need fans to move heat out of the radiator. You could move the radiator far away from you, but you will need a lot of tubing, water and maybe more than one pump.
There are some fanless options, I think there was an anon making a fanless pc on the previous thread.
Replies: >>251464
[Hide] (29.6MB, 1280x640, 12:38)
It's quite simple.  give up placing your computer on top of your desk/anywhere head level put it on the floor, give up buying cheap fans and give up the stupid glass window, buy a normal door case and pad it with sound insulating foam | spongy material. Use proper feet to stop any vibration...

Then do immersion cooling you casual
[Hide] (340.1KB, 640x470) Reverse
I just learnt that fans have directions and that ive had my exhaust fan pulling air into the case. Rate my retardedness. I've spent thousands of dollars on my pc over the years and i just now learnt that fans have directions. I simply installed them so that i could see the sticker logo. Now i've turned the back fan around so its actually exhausting
[Hide] (65.8KB, 567x636) Reverse
>is aware of the concept of exhaust and intake
<doesn't know that fans have front/back orientation
>delete original post and repost it just to fix 1 typo (om my pc -> on my pc) while at the same time introducing a new one (i've -> ive) while ignoring the wrong usage of "learnt" throughout the entire post.
[Hide] (89KB, 905x1032) Reverse
>Rate my retardedness.
Now (You) know/10.
Replies: >>251505
Is that you, wally?
You want to know the worst part? That fan is overpriced for the work it is doing, a Noctua NF-A14 PWM would had done that just fine.
I was going to go full retard and fill my computer with Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM at $32 shekels each, but I notice that the A14 was in a discount like $15 something, so I bought those instead.
The NF-A14 are good for heatsink or watercooling jobs.
Replies: >>251513
>The NF-A14 are good for heatsink or watercooling jobs.
A12X only really matter for pushing air through a radiator / heatsink where a larger fan will have worse static pressure.
I'm not even sure the A14 beat then in noise normalized results for that specific application.
Replies: >>251534
>e NF-A14 are good for heatsink or watercooling jobs.
My mistake, I meant the NF-A12x25 are good for heatsink or watercooling jobs.
The NF-A14 are good for pushing air in and out of the computer case.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 828x819) Reverse
I have bought 2 different sapphire nitro+ gpus and both of them had coil whine problems. The funniest part (which isnt funny because it wasted my time) is that everyone seems to say that nitro+ is the best of the best of amd gpus and yet i dont see alot of people mentioning the coil whine problem. 2/2 gpus whining like hell. Thats not a coincidence.
Might also be your PSU being shit
>listening to team red. 
stick to nvidia for now, buy amd when you fell lucky or they finally step up
Replies: >>251638
Put your computer far away from you.
>coil whine
If your inductors are the oldschool coils, just get some varnish and paint them.
No thanks.
[Hide] (27.4MB, 854x428, 12:22)
Solid state batteries for handhelds when?
If real I'd say it will be in a minor revision (won't even be able to tell from exterior) for Switch 2 (assuming it launches next year) and an option (even if DIY replacement) for Deck as soon as they actually exist.
[Hide] (1.5MB, 2480x2480) Reverse
Anon I need those encode settings PLEASE
Replies: >>251859
You fucked the framerate didnt you?
Replies: >>251859
I just used yt-dlp -F and selected the options that were lower than 32MB
Replies: >>251860
They show you options and file sizes now?
Replies: >>251865
[Hide] (43KB, 940x318) Reverse
Yes, just use a capital F to get the list.
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