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>Another leaker has claimed that a PSP/PS Vita style PlayStation handheld is in the works, and it’ll supposedly support PS4 games at launch. 
>The handheld was first rumored back in February. 
>The following month, reports surfaced that Microsoft is working on a gaming handheld. 
>Could both companies be preparing portable systems?
>The latest report comes from Russian journalist Anton Logvinov (via ResetEra), who first leaked Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn PC ports prior to their announcements. <There’s some skepticism about Logvinov’s reporting, so take this rumor with a grain of salt. 
>However, known leaker MooresLawIsDead (MLID) — who first leaked PS5 Pro specs — is also convinced that a PS Vita-esque system is coming.
>Logvinov claims that the “PSP” like handheld will support PS4 games at launch. 
>He also likened the device to Steam Deck, which somewhat aligns with what MLID said back in February.
>MLID claimed that the handheld will feature a custom AMD Accelerated Processing Unit, and will be backwards compatible with digital PS4 games as well as PS5 games with a “Pro-like patch applied.” 
>He further suggested that the device will be part of PlayStation’s next-gen hardware family, possibly launching with or after the PS6.
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>>246341 (OP) 
Mark my words, they will fuck this up.
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They already did. There are just FOUR games on the PlayStation 4 worth playing:
>Gravity Daze 2
>Kyoei Toshi
>Shadow of the Beast
If other rumors are true, then Sony is planning on releasing Gravity Rush/Daze 2 on PC to help promote the shitty movie. Even if inevitably censored pirated with mods will fix it and the PSP fail can crash spectacularly.
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Make a portable PS2/PS Tripple but they won't because they are gay and stupid.
Replies: >>246368
Anon, you just described both the PSP/Vita.
Replies: >>246370
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There's barely any PS2 game collections on the vita and the Jak and Daxter one runs like shit.
What are your hopes and dreams for this? Go on. Just let it all out, monkeypaw be damned.
I want to imagine that they will make a legally distinct Steamdeck running FreeBSD that comes with Retroarch preinstalled.
Replies: >>246424
Being hackable day one, but it will be shitty hardware so it would be just a waste.
At this point? Releasing at all.
yes, imagine, because that shit is not happening.
i honestly hope and dream that it doesn't come out, i think the switch has done ireparable damage to the games industry and i just want sony to focus on making games for the PS5
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>i just want sony to focus on making games for the PS5
Aren't their games shit?
Replies: >>246492
But Nintendo makes better games than Snoy.
Replies: >>246470
they are just as shit
>BOTW reskin for 70 bucks
>princess peach baby game
>new soulless mario side scroller
>animal crossing now without sexes
>pokemon unity edition
Replies: >>246528
>What are your hopes and dreams for this?
Sony won't fund indie developers to make fun games for it so it doesn't matter. More so since nowadays every tablet/laptop/phone/Steamdeck can emulate PS2 games and more while also playing PC games on the go. The Vita 2 is irrelevant.
>Aren't their games shit?
That's the point, if this new handheld is getting trash that is either censored or filled with niggertranny propaganda then it goes straight into the trash, no matter if the hardware may be good.
>Shadow of the Beast
>Fist of the North Star
>Gravity Rush HD
>Gravity Rush 2 (allegedly getting a PC port)
>Gundam Breaker 3 (on Vita at non-playable framerate, GB4 may wind up being GB3 but more stuff/better and make it kinda pointless)
>Kyoei Toshi (Nippon only)

That's every PS4 game not playable on PC or PS3 that's worth playing. Every other PS4 title is either super old crossgen title or going to be directly compared (poorly) to SteamDeck (etc.) because there's a PC port already.
Just realized potential hilarity: If this is true and the titles for it are also PS4 compatible, there's potential PS4 software releases will outlive PS5 software releases. That would be a funny end.
Replies: >>246503
The fact the PS5's supposed "biggest exclusives" like Dad of Soy, and Horizon: Pozzed West also got a PS4 release because the PS5 sold like shit tells you everything.
Also, the Switch successor will probably offer PS4 level hardware (PS4pro at best) so it's not too far fetched to believe that games not exclusive to the Switch successor will also have a PS4 version, since the level of graphics will be similar probably.
Replies: >>246527
im conviced Sony hates the devs behind Horizon because they keep releasing their games literally days before way bigger and more hyped games, horizon 1 released days befroe BOTW 
horizon 2 released before a week Elden Ring
horizon 2 PC port released days before Dragon's dogma 2
and the worst part about that last one is that Dragon's Dogma 2 wasn't that  good.
and yet i see people enjoying all of that way more than anything sony has put out in the last 5 years.
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Who cares?
I'd rather play Bloodborne remastered than any garbage Nintendo has made for the switch.
Replies: >>246531 >>246553
me too but Bloodborne remastered is never happening, none of us wins and Sony will refuse to put their shit together  and nintendo will always outsell the ps2 no matter how much sony insists the ps2 wasn't retired over 20 years ago
Replies: >>246533 >>246553
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I doubt the switch will surpass the PS2 sales considering it's in its last legs.
Either way, I don't really care if they make handhelds as long as they are indeed PS4 quality.
Devs will keep making uncompressed bloated games anyways
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Remaster won't happen, you'll see a Remake by Bluepoint however.
Replies: >>246620 >>246621
>I don't really care if they make handhelds as long as they are indeed PS4 quality.
Anon, what "detail" can you honestly pick out on a five inch screen?
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The people who make ESG/DEI propaganda should receive divine punishment for their sins, is so fucking disgusting, how people can buy this shit..... I will play ps2 games for eternity at this point.
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looking for this picture, i found that it made a lot of redditors really upset, claiming that it was purposely making elden ring look good and DSR bad
Replies: >>246622 >>246722
found a video too
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>The people who make ESG/DEI propaganda should receive divine punishment for their sins
They will anon, they will.
>The people who make ESG/DEI propaganda 
You should have higher standards than this. Being able to walk and talk is not enough to turn a mere animal into a person.
Replies: >>246628 >>246664
That's an affront to the entire animal kingdom, ESG pushers are ungodly abominations whose every fibre is anathema to the very concept of life.
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If you learn moonrunes and vodka you will never have the need to play any tranny era vidya.
or just play old games lol.
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my fault anon.....MONSTERS, they are MONSTERS. DEVILS, ENEMIES of GOD, enemies of god, you can forgive your enemies, but not the enemies of god.
>moonrunes and vodka
i'm trying with moonrunes already, but vodka? sounds insteresting. Is suggested to learn russian? What the hell it is useful for? Aside from moving to an east european country to avoid taxes (and fags).
>vodka, what is it good for?
hacker forums.
There's also Fist Of The North Star Lost Paradise.
There is a info pic of slav games, maybe someone can post it.
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you forgot these
i miss these series
Replies: >>246703 >>246704
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Do you think that with the whole anti-russian propaganda and stuff, would there be a wave of slav vidya?
The remake of MediEvil was good?
Replies: >>246705 >>246713
Omega is just a port of 2048 and HD Fury (Which itself is just a port of Pure and Pulse), and MediEvil was already remade on the PSP.
Replies: >>246705
I've seen footage of it and it's extremely faithful while looking like an obvious high budget production. It's what those Crash Bandicoot remakes could've been had they not been made by a shitty activision b team.
The PSP remake is inferior to this one on pretty much every regard, worst offender being the camera.
Besides, Omega is the newest Wipeout anything we've gotten in ages, so even if it's just a souped up high resolution collection, I wouldn't want it to be left to rot on the fucking PS4.
Replies: >>246711
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You want to play games for blind people?
Replies: >>246721 >>246722
> I've seen footage of it
That means jack.
>Omega is the newest Wipeout anything we've gotten in ages
It's a fucking port!
The "newest" WipEout was 2048 on the Vita. Just let it die, like everything else related to Sony.
> even if it's just a souped up high resolution collection, I wouldn't want it to be left to rot on the fucking PS4.
Why? You're just playing Vita, PS3, and PSP games. If you want to play those games, get yourself a Vita, PS3, and/or PSP.
Replies: >>246714
>The remake of MediEvil was good?
I think it failed at getting the original's grotesque/creepy art style and went for something more similar to Skylanders/Fortnite shitty aesthetics.
Gameplay was good, and the OST was great as usual.
>Why? You're just playing Vita, PS3, and PSP games. If you want to play those games, get yourself a Vita, PS3, and/or PSP.
Couldn't you just argue the same thing about any other fucking PC port ever made? Why demand Ghost of Tsushima on PC? Just play it on the PS4, why port SM64 to PC? Just play it on a nintendo console.
Replies: >>246723
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Spoiler File
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Whoever made that comparison chart back on 2020 should've finished playing the remake. This shit is fucking comical.
It's also the only system where you can play DOA5 with the Soft Engine, that's very slightly different skin shading and altered bouncing physics. Kecmo didn't even bother upscaling the textures on next-gen, the fucking animals.
There's also New Sakura Wars too. I doubt Sega's thrilled to port that one.
How do you create a game for blind people?
Replies: >>246725 >>246731
>Couldn't you just argue the same thing about any other fucking PC port ever made?
No because the entire point is to entice people to buy the damn system that allows you to play these game "natively". And that's the problem that all these modern systems (The Swatch, the NoGames5, and the SexLessBox) cannot get away from. Even eighth gen systems suffered from this problem more and more the longer they existed. All of the "best" PS5 games are playable on PC, PS4, and the PS3. Majority of the "best" Switch games are playable on the literally every other system that ever existed. And the last time the Xbox had a good exclusive was WAY back in 2013 when the Xbone launched (Crimson Dragon).

The purpose console exclusives to get you to buy the fucking device, but as we established the PS4 only has 'FIVE' exclusives worth playing. Now the "lack" of exclusives isn't necessarily a reason why you wouldn't buy a system. I can pull up my Wii U, Vita, and Dreamcast as examples of this, but let's also look at what those systems have to offer:
>Wii U
<100% backwards compatibility with Wii software and hardware (**Excluding GC related features)
<100% backwards compatibility with PSP software and features
So my Wii U and Vita have additional features that increase the value of those systems despite lacking content themselves.

But what about the Dreamcast? What's the point of owning one of those? As a personal opinion, I own a Sega Dreamcast because of what it represents. The "final" evolution of video games going from their arcade roots to home availability. And the VMU represents exactly the nature of what video games are at the end of the end of the day, A FUCKING TOY! And it's a system that's not afraid to be a toy, with exclusives that never left the platform for a reason (Like Seventh Cross).

Then let's look at what the PS4 represents. It was a console entirely developed and released by SCEA, siphoned off resources from SCEI's development of the Vita and leading to that system's demise, originally meant to be entirely locked to online until the backlash to the Xbone announcement, said component still existing in the system today if you remove the CMOS battery (Heard mixed messages on if they "fixed" that or not), and started requiring third-parties to censor their content once the system's dominance was "assured". That's not to mention the breakdown of why those five games worth playing absolutely cannot be found elsewhere:
>Bloodborne: Snowy paid for it
>Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise: The game's producer is a Soyny fanboy that derides anyone wanting to play his games elsewhere, even the Switch
>Gravity Rush 2: Originally in development for the Vita, until SCEA canned any and all projects for the system
>Kyoei Toshi: Vita version in development with PS4 version until...?
>Shadow of the Beast: Throwaway download-only game that only ever saw physical release in Hong Kong
The 'only' thing the PS4 going for it is it's sleek controller, but even that's a mute positive when the Vita TV can natively pair with it.

So at the end of the day, what does the PS4 have to offer that you cannot find elsewhere? Aside from five games that we're waiting to see the PC release for, unless one of those PS4 emus finally get them up and running.
Replies: >>246730
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Replies: >>246727
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>How do you create a game for blind people?
Ask Warp
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>Pic 1
For a while, an inside joke between me and a friend was to refer to NuDeS Maneater as just "Man" because they removed his stone gargoyle features and just made him more humanlike.
To be fair, they managed to give the Dreamcast excellent forward comparability, considering that the latest title for the platform is from 2023. All because they wanted people to be able to read the text of music CDs on a screen.
>How do you create a game for blind people?

I was about to buy a PS4/PS5 to play Sakura Wars,  so if that thing is retrocompatible with PS4 games, I'll wait.
>What are your hopes and dreams for this? Go on. Just let it all out, monkeypaw be damned.
If the industry wasn't kiked as it is currently, i would have liked a handled compatible with both the Vita game cards and the PSP UMDs other than their digital counterparts.
But what i would have liked the most, is consoled 100% retrocompatible with PS1, PS2, PS4, PSP and Vita, even if they had to physically put the emotion engine and cell chips inside for that to happen.
Replies: >>247001
>PS1, PS2, PS4, PSP and Vita
That's gonna require a lot of 3nm Field Programmable Gate Autism.
Replies: >>247002
And PS3 too of course.
If they can't emulate those, than shove the original processors, chips or whatever the fuck in it, like they did with the first PS3 model that was retrocompatible with PS2 games.
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