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A bread for all things emulation.


>Yuzu trannies act like degenerate faggots for years, sharing leaked XCIs on their Shitscord and bullying fellow emudevs for distributing custom builds/forks outside their gay nigger patreon while taking said devs' code and claiming it as their own in violation of the NAP GPL
>them "dropping" Windows 7 support by changing a few lines of code that didn't merit any change PCSX2 style was the last straw
>The cultured Windows 7 community alerts Nintendo to their blatant faggotry, which results in a lawsuit leveled against Yuzu's HRT LLC set up to launder manage their Patreon income
>Troons have to pay up 2,4 mirrion dorrah and shut down Yuzu+Citra forever
>Stoners keep uploading Yuzu forks to Shithub for the lulz while Nintendo tries to shut it down in an epic game of DMCA-mole
>meanwhile Ryujinx is completely unaffected by this due to not being ran by absolute retards it's still way slower than Yuzu on toasters sadly
>nothing of value was lost in the realm of 3DS emulation as Citra alternatives are finally, finally getting off the ground

>DOSBox Staging 0.81.0 adds multithreaded Voodoo chipset emulation and fixes a longstanding SC-55 MIDI playback bug.

>Autism speaks in the form of a N64 static recompiler that translates N64 ROMs into C for native compilation into x86/ARM/etc, feat. a MM native port despite the MM decomp not being finished yet.

>RetroArch adds packetized netplay to its DOSBox-Pure and gpSP cores for LAN multiplayer in DOSBox and some degree of GBA wireless adapter functionality.

>Crapple now permits Emulators on the iCattle feedlot.

>First discovery of a way to decrypt Xbox One games.
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>>246282 (OP) 
>decrypt Xbox One games
Replies: >>246287
>>246282 (OP) 
I checked the N64Recomp page and there seems to be no way to just input a ROM and output a native binary. Looks like a tool made by autists for autists.

>No one has hardware powerful enough for something like that except federal agencies and mega corporations. 
As of now. A few weeks ago there were news about a decommissioned but still working supercomputer from 2016  being put up for sale. Sure, it isn't exactly cheap, but maybe eventually someone will manage to snatch one and put it into good use.
>People rarely take advantage of source code leaks so why would they bother with decompilation?
Because touching that code can lead to all kinds of legal trouble, but the code made with decompilation is legally distinct, so in the case of video games, as long as the team that did the decompilation doesn't distribute it alongside the assets of the game they can distribute it freely. Then other people can make ports with it, and they are the ones who risk landing in legal trouble.
>>246282 (OP) 
Tattling to bintendo is pretty gay no matter how you frame it, being a buyfag only makes it worse t. would still be using yuzu on win7 if my partition hadn't recently been mangled by a hardware failure.
Patch related, probably still works on whatever yuzu fork still out there.
Honestly still more bothered by PCSX2 and their constant fucking lying for no benefit to anyone, not even themselves. It's just madness.
Replies: >>246405 >>246666
>>246282 (OP) 
>Autism speaks in the form of a N64 static recompiler that translates N64 ROMs into C for native compilation into x86/ARM/etc, feat. a MM native port despite the MM decomp not being finished yet.
I was talking about this with a friend a couple of days ago. The reason why this project seems like vaporware to me is because games from before the PS3/Xbox 360 era have self-modifying code, either through some micro-optimizations or by loading dynamically linked libraries. Spotting these self-modifications has been an open problem for years within static program analysis.
Replies: >>246440
>>246282 (OP) 
VMs are worthless until GPU passthrough stops getting broken every other update and DRM spoofing is completely functional
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Let's not forget about PCSX2.
Replies: >>246307
>screencapped my posts
Ebin, here is a newer version (not the newest because no more win7): https://files.catbox.moe/7b9vsu.7z
Patch is a fucking mess though for a variety of reasons (PCSX2 refactoring, re-adding SDL as a submodule because I couldn't be bothered building it separately, using an older version of Qt6 because fuck recompiling that bloat, my own code being less than ideal because the aforementioned hardware (RAM) failure kept trolling me didn't know it was the RAM at this point). Actually the binary might be jank because of that last bit as well but I've used it for 60+ hours without any issues.
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I've been using DOSBox 0.74-3 for years while finding out just recently that there are a shit ton of DOSBox forks with their own features. I just want to play single player stuff with the best compatibility and graphics, I don't care about online. What's the best fork?
[Hide] (32MB, 1280x720, 07:14)
>best fork
The most reasonable options at the moment are

By far the most autism ridden fork of the bunch, it emulates a shit ton of hardware including an entire PC-98 if you so desire while that portion of the emulator has improved a lot in recent times a dedicated PC-98 emu for 2huing and /hgg/ purposes is still preferable and unlike most DOSBoxes has a useable GUI to back it up.
The downside is that it's also by far the buggiest popular fork with many features being semi-maintained if not abandoned, an example would be the Voodoo chipset emulation which is still he same ol' single-threaded implementation from 2009, but at the same time it's the only major fork to also support Glide passthrough in conjunction with a wrapper like nGlide or dgVoodoo.
Can run Win9x as a sort-of-VM, but this is somewhat hazardous with crashes and file corruption inside the VM fairly commonplace.

Doesn't have a GUI and emulates less hardware than X, but is more focused on stability and functional QOL making it in my opinion the preferred choice for games that fit within its specs.
Recently added multithreaded Voodoo emulation which was one major reason to use X or Pure over this, though it doesn't have Glide passthrough.

Libretro-exclusive fork focused on adapting DOSBox to the confines of RetroArch.
While this sounds absolutely heretical credit where it's due the guy behind it actually made it sort of work with a surprising amount of controller presets, loading games from single zips with an automatically generated per-game directory for installed files and saves, and various other features such as the multithreaded Voodoo emulation which up until recently was exclusive to this fork.
Wouldn't use it unless you want your >FILTERS or are allergic to keyboards.

I'd recommend you grab both X and Staging with one serving as a fallback in case some game doesn't work right on one fork.
Replies: >>246312 >>246315
>gamenights in the good old days
man i would love to have a MW2 gamenight
Replies: >>246315
>The downside is that it's also by far the buggiest popular fork 
Ironically this was the most stable version I could find for running the MW2Mercs campaign, but ultimately the game still crashes at mission end way too often so it's not really playable.
We had MW2 might have been Mercs, don't remember which one had glitchy controls multiplayer working in dosbox at one point but then the anon that was going to hostfag disappeared.
Vanilla DOSBox has served me well but on my loonix laptop it sends the fan into overdrive the whole time it's open. Any idea why that happens?
>>246282 (OP) 
>win7 deranged autist spams nintendo because his support was taken away
He was a patreon cuck, deserved it taken away. Now no one can have it.
Replies: >>246344 >>246379
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Ignore that other sped.

If you just want the most accurate solution and don't care about anything else, get an actual emulator like 86Box or MartyPC. These emulators work like MAME (complete with BIOS ROMs that you need to download) and represent a for-real set of hardware, which means you need a beefy rig to emulate most systems past the 286 and anything newer than a Pentium is off the menu. DOSBox has instead (historically) done the bare minimum in terms of simulating hardware quirks to get DOS games working. That's why you had to deal with kludges like "cycles" that you had to keep fussing with to get speed-sensitive games working, and why installing Windows in DOSBox's bullshitted DOS environment has never worked properly.

If you just want "DOSBox on crack", use Staging. It seems to still have DOSBox's tried and true (not super accurate) CPU emulation, but a ton of autism has gone into its video adapter and sound emulation. All the major video adapters (CGA, Tandy, EGA, VGA, Hercules) have good emulation, including a "swiss army knife" CRT shader that reads the video type and tries to simulate a monitor from the same period, and functional VRR support. You have bit-accurate OPL emulation courtesy of Nuked, integrated Munt and FluidSynth for MIDI, and a ton of filter/equalizer settings for maximum broke-teen-in-his-bedroom immersion. The only major thing you're missing is Glide passthrough.
If you want maximum feature creep, use DOSBox-X. It's like a bizarre Frankenstein's monster combination of DOSBox and a traditional emulator/hypervisor. This means you get a lot of creature comforts like common freeware utilities on your Z drive from the word go and using any TTF as your font ROM in text mode, but a lot of it seems like a gimmick and the parts that aren't have mostly been folded into staging. It does have Glide passthrough and a retard-friendly GUI, so if those are your dealbreakers then use DOSBox-X.
Replies: >>246360 >>246555
>pay money for thing
>makers of thing go out of their way to make thing unplayable for guy who paid money 
>he destroys them
Sounds like a pigs vs nigs scenario to me, they both deserve suffering.
Replies: >>246356
It's more akin to an addict snitching on his dealer to the feds after being sold baking soda.
Replies: >>246358 >>246379
I have to agree with the other fag. Some autismo threw a tantrum. Granted, they shouldn't have been collecting money at all but once again, spergs ruin everything for everyone. 
If he couldn't figure out linux then he doesn't really get to have an opinion.
Replies: >>246379
So, is it still better to run DOS games on an ancient Thinkpad that has a 4:3 screen and Soundblaster support?
Replies: >>246362
How do I the forest level in Mayro Odyssey on Ryujinx at 3GB VRAM on Ganoo/Loonix?
It crashes the emu with no survivors.
The faggots making yuzu intentionally broke support for Win7 for literally no reason, and used copyright bullshit to take down any competing forks. When people called them out on this, they used burner accounts on reddit to control the narrative.

They got exactly what they deserved, and it would have happened to them sooner or later.
Replies: >>246381
Win 7 is a dead OS that can now do less than linux and takes just as much configuring to make work. Autistic people ruin everything.
There are more Windows 7 users than many active Linux distros. There are packages of new Windows 7 installs including many mods and tools to modernize it. Most people installing Linux requires tons of configurations that literally never ends and there are still problems like audio breaking and systemd related problems. Most Windows 7 users are using an install they configured years ago and don't have to configure to continue using (Except when devs intentionally break compatibility forcing the Windows 7 user to work around their bullshit). Most Windows 7 users wanting to avoid a new OS setup is their primary reason for staying since it can take years to configure it just right.

I have a Linux installation, but my primary PC is still Windows 7. Though I'm not a fan of the distro (Debian), There is plenty of software on Windows 7 that i really miss and Linux does not have have anything as good (in my opinion) for example;
Image Viewer - JpegView
Video Player - MPC
Music Player - Winamp 5.666
I've tried countless software for each and none of them are to my liking or behave as stable or customizable as these windows programs.
These are the main programs I use other than a web browser, which I have both an updated Chromium and Mozilla based browser. (Thorium and Mercury respectively) and Palemoon is still an option and there are still other compatible browsers to fall back on.
[Hide] (22.6MB, 1280x720, 01:52)
Oh, boy. Here we go again.
There are more Linux distros than there are Windows 7 users.
Replies: >>246666
Not really, linux takes much more tinkering and for example wine still can't run some DirectDraw games properly (using a newer windows version probably won't help here either since they also botched DirectDraw support). While wine compatibility has come a long way in the last decade it still isn't quite there, and if you want near native performance you pretty much have to run a esync/fsync/niggasync fork and dxvk. I'm not entirely sure but the native wine Direct3D -> OpenGL translation performance might have even regressed.
Win7 is by far the superior choice if you just want to play some fucken vidya but while most updated software can be patched to work I doubt you can even find drivers for new motherboards anymore even if you check the chipset manufacturers.
wait so the reason that yuzu development was halted is because some mouthbreather using an old insecure OS reported them to nintendo?
Hey, Windows 7 might be alittle insecure, but that's only because people keep telling her she isn't adequate when she is more than adequate.

Is GPU passthrough with VMs an option? Or is that still basically magic to get working properly still.
Replies: >>246391
>Image Viewer 
>Video Player
>Music Player
mpd with ncmpcpp

Replies: >>246393 >>246555
>Is GPU passthrough with VMs an option?
Never got around to trying it, don't have integrated graphics so the VM would just steal the only video outputs I have and at that point I might as well dual boot.
You are telling me win7 works after configuring it. You're right. After you configure it which you still have to do even more now because no one is supporting it. 

If you want to play old games, sure. But that's it. No reason for anyone else to continue supporting it. 

Yes, he was their little patron faggot too.
Replies: >>246393 >>246396
How do i set scrollwheel to zoom.
mpv sucks. Absolute garbage. Almost no customization. VLC is better than that;
I'll install MPD and find 100 reasons to hate it. Thanks for the suggestion.

>After you configure it which you still have to do
Stupid argument. Stupid thoughts.
If you're using something else already, why would you get 7? Windows 7 is for people that don't want to change, so there is nothing to configure for them. They finished configuring it like 10 years ago. So nothing to configure. Only maintenance, which is the same on any OS. Same as it ever was.

>supporting it
You mean by just continuing to write software and not intentionally sabotage it running on windows 7?
Stupid take, stupid thoughts.
>Image Viewer
Use Honeyview
>Video Player - MPC
>Music Player
I use Clementine

>using an old insecure OS
They LITERALLY broke the emulator to prevent from being used on W7. Also W7 is still receiving security updates, so how?

>They finished configuring it like 10 years ago. So nothing to configure.
Also, backing up a system backup image helps just in case something does happens.
Replies: >>246402 >>246404
If you're the one who insists on using an old OS that isn't supported then you might be the one with a stupid take and the stupid thoughts. It's up to them if they want to do it, if you still want to use an old OS then you fork and patch the software you want.
Replies: >>246404
>No reason for anyone else to continue supporting it.
I don't know the exact timeline of what happened with Yuzu but PCSX2 had people handing them pull requests restoring win7 support at no cost to anyone, but instead of accepting the free fixes the maintainers refused to merge them and whenever questioned they responded by sperging out or outright lying. I'm sure you'll find a similar story if the Yuzu issue tracker and pull requests got backed up anywhere.
>mpv sucks. Absolute garbage. Almost no customization. VLC is better than that
mpv is much more customizable than mpc though.
Replies: >>246403 >>246404
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Next time I'm in charge of a software project I'm going to make sure it doesn't work on Windows 7 just to spite you.
[Hide] (212.7KB, 864x720, 00:02)
Good thing you never will be in charge of anything worth a damn.
>How do i set scrollwheel to zoom.

If you don't want to click on any of that, you need to create the ~/.config/feh/buttons file and put these lines in it:

# Unbind existing scroll operations
# Set <action> <mouse button>
zoom_in 4
zoom_out 5

>mpv sucks. Absolute garbage. Almost no customization. VLC is better than that;
Have you tried it with a frontend? I haven't because it does everything I want from it, that is, it plays videos and lets me grab screenshots.
>I'll install MPD and find 100 reasons to hate it. 
Just remember that mpd is a daemon that you have to run as an user instead of as the admin:
The way you do that depends on your distro, but if it uses systemd then that article has you covered. Also, ncmpcpp is just one of many frontends, you can find GUI ones, but I haven't tried any of them.
Replies: >>246404
>Also W7 is still receiving security updates
I am going to demand some proof here, chief.
Replies: >>246404
Looks like something they used for  Yuzu stopped supporting win7, so they dropped it too. I would have to dig in more. Could they have supporting it? Probably, but ultimately it's not their problem. 

It's probably for the best. Imagine having to cater to a loud minority. Even worst some sperg might crater your project out of spite.
Replies: >>246405 >>246446
>Isn't supported.
You're using terms that aren't applicable here. Most likely because you're stupid and just regurgitating something someone else told you. I hope you hold the same opinion for Roblox blocking Linux users from running their game. How would you feel if more devs decided to do this? They absolutely can. Just requires a few lines of code, just like Windows 7.

>mpv is much more customizable than mpc though.
Maybe by configuring a bunch of files. MPC you can drop in various plugins that let you configure behavior down to autistic levels.  MPV I cant even get to remember the previous size/position of its window.

Make sure you also do it for free, unlike the devs Microsoft pays to do it.

See, I appreciate the help, and not to knock you, but the complexity of these answers is much less simple than the Windows 7 alternatives. I'll try these though. And will have to write down and document stuff like this for when I do a real Linux installation.

I'll try honeyview and clementine. Thanks for the suggestions.
Debian came with a massive software suite, which helped me learn everything I hate. Which was alot.
I intend to just get software preferences, then build a LFS, void, or even gentoo from the ground up with just the stuff I like.

Look up Windows 7 ESU. You can get them for free, too. There's a guide on thorium.rocks of which KBs to download and install.
See the attachment in >>246295, they were just being lazy and/or dumb niggers.
>Maybe by configuring a bunch of files.
Well, yes, that's how you configure mpv. I won't tell you it's easier or simpler, but it is more customizable.
Replies: >>246413
The thing is, if you really want a no frills, no bullshit, everything works exactly as you want system then you will have to stop bitching and put up with editing config files, and also look up things and stuff on your own. There are countless people who struggle with this, so there is always a good chance that someone somewhere already asked a question you wanted to ask, and a bunch of people already answered it. If that is not the case, you can find plenty of anons who are willing to offer help.

If you want to go down this route, then I unironically recommend to learn some vim, because that text editor is perfect for wrangling long text files. After installing it you should run the command vimtutor  in a terminal emulator and that will give you the basics. No, it won't be fun, but if you use it for a while then you will learn to appreciate how quickly you can find and replace a specific word or line in a config file. I also recommend to add these two lines to the ~/.vimrc file:
set number
set relativenumber
Replies: >>246411
I get it. And said i would try those fixes. It's more about knowing those fixes are available in the first place.
Keep in mind this was all in response to the point in >>246381 about Linux being less of a hassle than staying on Windows 7 when it clearly isn't.

I wonder if these people will all go to Windows 11 in a few years. Windows 10 support ends in October 2025.
[Hide] (466KB, 917x926) Reverse
I did see the attachment. Programmers don't like patches like that because you're really just asking them to do extra work whenever an incidental change breaks "your" half of the #ifdef forever, for free. Programmers also don't like reddit spacing retards begging for gibs and calling them XYZ boogeyman when they aren't waited on hand and foot. Either install gentoo, hard fork everything and don't expect help from anyone to enable your hyper-specific OS fetish, or kill yourself. It's that simple.
Replies: >>246419
[Hide] (1.9MB, 640x360, 00:29)
>Linux being less of a hassle than staying on Windows 7 when it clearly isn't.
If you switch to a distro that is a point-and-click adventure where you are happy to use only the programs that the makers and maintainers of the distro in question want you to use, then that is quite possibly true. The problems starts when you want the genuine Linux experience and you suddenly end up in a world where you have to learn new things and make choices. An other aspect of it is that Linux is only getting more support as time goes on, meanwhile soon enough you won't even be able to buy new hardware that lets you run Windows 7.
Replies: >>246417 >>246555
[Hide] (2MB, 1543x1080) Reverse
Why is it that to this day analog video aspect ratios in bidya emulation are still objective cancer?
Is properly displaying the rapid PAR swaps of something like SoTN on the PSX impossibru? That game can't seem to decide which AR it wants at any given moment, doesn't help that half the game's sprites are taken directly out of Rondo of Blood on the PC Engine CD which has a 6:5 PAR while the SoTN uses 4:3(?) for new sprites that aren't modifications of PCE sprites.
This is honestly something you'd expect the libretro trannies to put into a RetroArch database as it can swap PARs at will, but strangely such has yet to happen.

Paying people for "eggsglusive" Patreon builds built from the same source code that anyone could clone and build themselves, then trying to take down builds/forks from other people using the same correctly attributed source code on the grounds of muh copyroight in addition to all their other faggotry made it inevitable.
It's like if the Dolphin devs didn't just declare Ishiiruka as an unsupported fork but actively went out of their way to ban Ishiiruka users from the dolphin forums for wrongthink while harassing said users/devs and spreading fake news about the dangers of unlicensed homemade dolphin forks which are all virus full of spyware unlike our certified paid Patreon builds which totally aren't loaded with telemetry.
They only managed to go this far because despite all the dilating Yuzu was still a useable emulator, especially on lower end machines.

It should be fine if you add Windows XP support, Windows 7 has excellent backwards compatibility for that OS and at the same time you'll probably break Windows 10/11 compatibility which is even better.

>Win10 supports already ends in a year and a half
Replies: >>246417 >>246420
Currently the latest stuff works with windows 7, though setup is a pain.  a system with a 10900k and 128gb of DDR4 ram and the latest PCIe video cards is still 100% compatible with Windows 7 without any tweaking. How long before that's obsolete?

>Win10 support
Also consider Microsoft considers Windows 10 versions like 21H2 to be "EOL" and no longer supported. 22H2 is just the last one for Windows 10.
That's not a patch to be submitted anywhere you gorilla nigger retard, a fix would choose which API to use at runtime and import the relevant API functions dynamically. It's from my personal build that I posted here for anyone running and win7 and pointed to now to show exactly what they broke. The way they broke it trying to squeeze some more performance out of their bloated OSs is just embarrassing.
Aseprite lets you build the software yourself if you know how to do it, entirely for free. Or alternatively you can buy it on Steam and support the developers, same shit. Nothing wrong with being rewarded for your hard work, commie.
Replies: >>246423

I hate to defend a schizo, but that's not what the yuzu trannies did. They deliberately withheld PRs from the repository for the sake of selling "early access" builds containing them on Patreon, bullied people exercising their licensing rights to distribute repositories with those PRs already merged, treated the master server for yuzu's LDN emulation like an extension of their discord, and at one point attempted to sell access to a "totally separate" NSO emulator as part of their Patreon scam.
They got what they fucking deserved.
Replies: >>246426
> treated the master server for yuzu's LDN emulation like an extension of their discord
how so
i believe you but i need to know how
Replies: >>246427
IIRC you had to beg for the privilege of listing a public relay server on the master server on their shitscord, and home builds made without the secret tranny handshake embedded by the official release server couldn't connect at all. Trannies could also walk into your public netplay session at any point and start kicking people for admin disrespect. None of this was a problem for direct IP connections, so a hypothetical Mario Kart 8 gamenight would be safe.
Replies: >>246429
Man that's fuckign disgusting, i never knew any of this. 
i hope ther'es at least one competent yuzu fork out there without the kikery
Replies: >>246436
[Hide] (18.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
So i'm trying out the delta emulator that came out on the app store a few months ago, i actually stopped keeping up with Delta by the time i finished high school like 7 years ago, it works pretty good, is this build of the delta emulator identical to the last one for jailbroken/sideloaded devices?
btw the new logo sucks, and i hope they actually changed it next update, Adobe is retarded because people don't expect free shit from Adobe so only a retard would confuse Delta to an Adobe program.
Replies: >>246432
>he bought an iphone
Replies: >>246437
There is, it's called Torzu.
Every other fork was started by idiot children on discord and was abandoned after a month due to a "surprise" discord DMCA or every remotely competent dev fucking off. It's a one-man show but that's fine because:
>Essentially, the main goal is that you can still use this emulator on modern systems in 20 years. It is very important to me that this project is going to be a good base to fork once grass has grown over the whole legal dilemma and people are willing to do real work on this emulator non-anonymously.
Nobody with enough emulation experience to commit meaningful new code is going to touch a yuzu fork given they were already rumored to have coded against SDK samples before the lolsuit, making the entire codebase legally radioactive.
Replies: >>246443
It isn't just that.
Despite what retard youtubers are spouting, it's far from a plug and play solution and there is still a lot of manual work involved. You still need to decompile or disassemble at least parts of the game to know what to patch and how to hook up the renderer and other shit. You also need to have a symbol table for most of the executable (a list of function/variable addresses). And yeah, it also won't work with certain autistic games that fuck with the TLB entries and decompress code into RAM in certain ways, such as GoldenEye. The Majora recompilation even has the decomp as a submodule on Shithub.
What is true is that you probably don't have to wait for a decomp to reach near completion like with "proper" ports. So while there's still a lot of work involved, it is a lot less work than a full decomp + PC port.
Replies: >>246441
The general idea is that it is not a plug and play solution, but it allows people to create a plug and play solution. Someone can create the exe with all the mods and tweaks and improvements, then roll it up in a nice package and distribute it for people that don't want to do all that tweaking.

The sm64 coop exe is kinda like that. You just unpack it and click the exe and its mario 64 with online coop, all the mods, extra maps, and cheats all in a nice selection menu. effort went into making that, but for the person downloading it, it's absolutely plug and play.
this is fucking awesome, thanks for sharing
>thing works
>devs intentionally break minor thing for no benefit whatsoever
>thing has problem
>devs abuse copyright bullshit to prevent other people from solving problem
>devs get copyright struck into bankruptcy
<ummmmmm win7 can do less than linux???? why do u car?????
I'm surprised the Yuzu devs can afford to hire you given their circumstances.
>Looks like something they used for  Yuzu stopped supporting win7, so they dropped it too
It's unfathomable how much of a nigger you are; read the image in the OP which catalogs all this. The emulator was literally capable of being run on Win7 and they added lines of code that prevented it from running. Kill yourself.
Replies: >>246451
If it was so easy to fix,  then why didn't the autistic retard fix it himself?
Checkmate, sperglord.
Replies: >>246452
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Just get windows 10! and get the vaccine! and put your pronouns in your emails! and eat the bugs! and don't have kids! and watch blacked porn!  and the holocaust happened exactly as it was told, all versions, simultaneously!

You people are the devil and i will never submit to you. I will continue to use Windows 7 to my hearts content.
Heil Hitler!
enjoy your ever decreasing pool of software and increasing security vulnerabilities.
Same to you, regardless of what OS you're on you soulless retard demon.
Replies: >>246460
im on my favorite distro, why thank you :)
Replies: >>246462
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Use two computers you baka.
Heil Hitler.
Replies: >>246462
>Thinking linux is exempt from those 2 problems.
Shiggy Diggy

The more I use my Linux machine, the more I become sure it will never replace my Windows 7 machine.
[Hide] (34.5KB, 500x500) Reverse
no one said any of those things
>You people are the devil and i will never submit to you.
it's not exactly bold or brave to say you won't submit to an imaginary strawman to which you attributed extravagant quotes. unironically take your meds schizo.
Replies: >>246489
>notice the timing of this thread 
>see how much of a retarded shitflinging contest it is 
That guy in the Animal Well thread really did set off a shitfit huh?
Replies: >>246475
>muh security vulnerabilities
Nice corpo speak faggot.
Replies: >>246476
More that he had a genuine question, which attracted the usual FOSS-huffing freetards.
what the fuck do you want me to call it?
[Hide] (141.9KB, 446x539) Reverse
>grab sm64coopdx and compile it
>werks fine, now how do I put in the B3313 hack
>can't just put into the hacked ROM as it won't build
>dicksword faggots and vinesauce have apparently done it somehow but are hoarding their builds as jewsual
>apparently there's a way to extract assets from hacked ROMs using a tool called ROM Manager 2C for modding purposes
>clone the git, is python
>install the required packages, try to run it
>can't find any of the modules I installed
>spend ages messing around with various python versions, paths, broken packages before finally getting a venv to work because fuck me somehow even that tried to look for packages in my root
>now it complains about missing permissions
>adding +x to all .py files in the folder doesn't help
>give all .pys full administrator permissions, fuck's sake just let me extract the damn assets and see if I can build a port with them
>neither the GUI nor the RM2C CLI application can properly parse the ROM file's location
Python was a mistake.
Does this shit werk on W7?
Go the fuck outside and get a girlfriend, you loon.
Replies: >>246489
[Hide] (3.6MB, 480x272, 01:40)
>and increasing security vulnerabilities
Isn't Unix INSANELY insecure unless you actually know what you're doing because the paradox of a system being 100% customizable is that you can also fuck it up beyond all repair? However more likely scenario is that this is someone posting from W10/W11 and thinking that an OS that literally phones home is somehow more "secure" than an OS that you can control (Either through compiling it yourself, or flipping a switch and disabling it).
Replies: >>246484 >>246555
posting from debian :^) ackshually sweaty
Replies: >>246486
[Hide] (176.1KB, 1024x436) Reverse
[Hide] (544.4KB, 1200x1200) Reverse
Man you'd think Linuxfags would unite against the scourge that are Microsoft and Apple but I guess they're too stupid and divided to get the big picture.
[Hide] (49.1KB, 640x448) Reverse
[Hide] (89.3KB, 385x503) Reverse
[Hide] (542.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (27.8KB, 381x399) Reverse
[Hide] (115.8KB, 1046x764) Reverse
go back to leddit, retards.

They don't understand that the same mentality that is being used against Windows 7 is also used against them.
Replies: >>246511
Has Citra been forked?
Replies: >>246594 >>246595
That would require actually having power in the software and hardware industries, and jews don't use desktop Linux.
[Hide] (45.8KB, 608x402) Reverse
Is there any reason to run Windows 9x games on that specific OS, or is it fine to just run them with Wine?
Replies: >>246509 >>246513
Eh, it depends.
Backwards compatibility for Win9x has always been finicky on Windows, Wine can run some games modern Windows can't as it began development in the 1990s and hasn't dumped its old infrastructure, but early Win32 games using DDraw are often fugged and if not have broken color palettes while games using non-DX hardware acceleration that isn't Glide along with obscure proprietary video codecs rarely work as intended, for those you should use DOSBox-X or 86Box.
Best bet in my experience is to use Win7 compatibility patches when available as those tend to work very well on both Windows and Wine.
>What woke mean?
Why do they think this is a gotcha?
Replies: >>246512
The people who say that are jews, either spiritually or physically. They are incapable of viewing the world through anything except language, by pretending woke has no definition they convince themselves that anything labelled woke doesn't exist.
[Hide] (191.2KB, 480x360, 00:06)
Play those games with W7. If they don't work even with patches or other workarounds, you're next best option to play them on a version of W98 installed on a virtual machine or emulator.
Replies: >>246544
[Hide] (192.4KB, 468x720, 00:02)
>using wangblows when it is not absolutely necessary
I’m glad those cunts that worked on yuzu were finally taken down but it’s a damn sham that they managed to make millions, if legal rumors are true, before they got axed. 
Question is, why did they cause so much trouble using shady tactics if they were making a lot of money off people? No way would have any form of competition disrupt their money flow. Were they mostly made up of arrogant jeets/brownoids?
Replies: >>246609
[Hide] (808KB, 740x740) Reverse
<look in repo
<Rust garbage

I use both W7 and Linux as well, along with the programs you listed on Windows. I can offer you some Linux programs so your experience is more bearable.
Try Viewnior, it's pretty lightweight and does exactly what a basic image viewer is supposed to do. Pro: supports all image formats including webp. Con: can't set the desktop background (on my machine at least).
SMPlayer is a direct clone with better format support since MPC is no longer updated. Pro: can auto-download subtitles for you. Con: cannot export subtitles after you resync them.
Audacious supports Winamp skins and you can try it on Windows too. Also, like SMPlayer, it supports all the modern multimedia formats. Pro: scales the entire UI properly, not just the main player window. Con: doesn't support actual Winamp plugins, for obvious reasons.

Wine itself requires so much tinkering it's absurd. The fact that in practice different games require different prefixes (basically a separate Windows install for every game) is a non-starter for many people.

>suggesting cli garbage
Blow your brains out.

>I intend to just get software preferences, then build a LFS, void, or even gentoo from the ground up with just the stuff I like.
LFS and Gentoo might be a bit overkill, I suggest Void which is the distro I use alongside Windows. It has a dedicated tool called mklive which lets you create a custom (live) ISO from scratch with minimal effort (by Linux standards).

>the genuine Linux experience
>learn new things and make choices
Like the choice to do the operating system's job for it? And the choice to obsess over endless minutiae because "sane defaults" is not a phrase in the Linux dictionary?

Linux is more secure because literally nothing works on it so the attack vector is nil lmao

>you'd think Linuxfags would unite against the scourge
They're too busy infighting with muh license/CoC/distro faggotry to do anything else. Plus the average Linux dev is so far removed from Windows/Mac to have any idea what normal human beings expect from an OS.
Replies: >>246559 >>246596
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1280x720, 00:26)
>not preferring terminal programs
Replies: >>246564
>Terry: if you can't work a command line, you're a nigger
>Anon: you should always use command lines
Replies: >>246616
[Hide] (240.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Please respond.
Replies: >>246595
Yes, listed here:
>Citra (PabloMK7 fork)
>MPC is no longer updated
Last stable release was on April 10.
Replies: >>246597
[Hide] (14.1KB, 786x153) Reverse
Link? The official website hasn't been updated since 2017.
Replies: >>246598 >>246611
>Were they mostly made up of arrogant jeets/brownoid
There was a lot of Spanish and Spanish names being thrown around in their conversations iirc so probably faggot latinos. Regardless greed is one of those things that makes people do really fucking stupid shit so nothing about it surprises me.
I just use k-lite codec pack.
Replies: >>246612
If you think someone should kill himself for recommending a terminal-based music player then you are a fucking NIGGER, simple as.
Can you explain what this patch actually changes to make windows 7 work?

As of May 2024 approximately 4% of all desktop computers have Linux (any distro) as their operating system. Approximately 74% of all desktop computers have Windows (any version) as their operating system.
Of that 74% approximately 3% of them are Windows 7 users ,70% of them are Windows 10 users, and 25% of them are Windows 11 users, while 8, 8.1, XP, and all other versions make up around 1% when combined.
Microsoft estimates there are approximately 1.5 billion Windows 10/11 users.
That would put Windows 7 as having around 45 million users, meanwhile all linux users combined would be around 80 million. Ubuntu is the most popular distro of linux making up around 33% of all linux users totaling around 26 million. The next most popular is debian with around 12 million users.

As of May 2024 Windows 7 is more popular for desktops than Ubuntu and Debian combined.
>As of May 2024 Windows 7 is more popular for desktops than Ubuntu and Debian combined.
Ubuntu is based on Debian, and in turn Mint is based on Ubuntu. Still, I don't see the point of this statement, you really have to go out of your way to find something written for one version of Linux that you genuinely cannot use with an other one.
Replies: >>246676 >>246696
80 million and 45 million isn't even that much.
Also, you really have to go out of your way to find something written for only Windows 7.
Replies: >>246696
>Microsoft estimates there are ...
I mean, it could be true, but i don't trust a world of what microsoft says.
Hollywood used to claim that their globohomo shit was successful, and then were forced to admit their failures only years later.
Replies: >>246680
*a word

fucking phone
I used that number, which could be somewhat accurate if based off of windows update logs and it seems atleast somewhat consistent with the other operating systems reported userbase counts, which are also likely skewed.
The percentages I gave are likely more accurate than the numbers i gave, but the numbers can just be used to put the differences into perspective if you don't believe Microsoft's estimate. (I figured saying 4% of 100% compared to 3% of 75% is harder to picture than saying 80 million compared to 45 million)
If you want to add some more "perspective", the most popular Unix-based desktop OS is MacOS.
Replies: >>246697 >>246736
I tried to, but when looking it up "iOS" is listed, but they refuse to give a number without including iphone/ipad stats.
Most statistics put them at around 15% for specifically OS X so that would be around 300 million. Chrome OS has around 50 million users.
[Hide] (23.4MB, 1920x1080, 02:21)
Yes, and? It's still locked down shit you can't rape into whatever shape you want.
Replies: >>246737
>It's still locked down shit you can't rape into whatever shape you want.
If that's all you're focusing on, you're missing the reason why Mac and Windows are so popular in the first place.
Replies: >>246739
They are popular because most people are cattle who either cannot be bothered to take control of their computer or too incompetent and scared to go through with it.
Replies: >>246742
We can't all be as cool as you anon
[Hide] (420.4KB, 1872x1990) Reverse
>Can not install gpt4all on windows 7
<The minimum supported version of Windows is Windows 10.
Does anyone know a good chatbot alternative that I can install locally to my computer?
[Hide] (372.4KB, 579x219) Reverse
In-engine level editor for SM64. Imagine integrating this with sm64coopdx and designing interesting new levels in real time drawing swastikas until the game crashes.
My problem is that I am about half-illiterate when it comes to tech. I understand hardware well enough, but as soon as I look at trying to figure out software my eyes glaze over. I'm still trying to figure out how to get YT-dl to work, how am I supposed to figure out how to stop my pc from automatically updating my system?
Replies: >>247043
> I'm still trying to figure out how to get YT-dl to work
Anon, you just open the command line to the same folder as yt-dlp ("Shift" + "right click" if you're using Windows) and then input the command "yt-dlp (URL)". Everything else is just bonuses that you put in between those two to give you custom results like putting the downloaded content into folders or making an archive of which videos you already downloaded so that you don't redownload them.
Replies: >>247216
You misunderstand me. I meant I'm too retarded to figure out how to get to advanced settings to activate the damn thing on this stupid modern system. I miss the 00's
Replies: >>247234
Okay I was actually being retarded. I figured it out. Does this program work for yanking iwara stuff?
Replies: >>247244
What is the problem exactly. You are afraid your pc will automagically update to win11?
>Does this program work for yanking iwara stuff?
Best thing to do would be to test it. Thus far, I've also found that yt-dlp can also download videos from NicoNico, Veoh, and Vidlii.
Replies: >>247319

Well you can grab vids with it, as far as I know it's preventing me from getting anything that you require an account for. I think. The websites fucked up.
Replies: >>247367
You say that but "automagically" is not far from how a lot of win7 users ended up on win10.
Replies: >>247346 >>247367
>You are afraid your pc will automagically update to win11
Nigger I personally had to undo an involuntary 10 install like >>247340 described which almost destroyed my entire setup and I'm sure as fuck not the only one. Condescend and be a faggot about it all you want, there's no dancing around the fact M$ forcing you to "up"grade to their latest poo in loo spaghetti nightmare is a very real and justified fear. If linux devs could get their shit together and cooperate to any reasonable extent instead of being petty arguetranny retards they could easily btfo modern day M$, there's fuckall redeeming factors about 10 or 11. At least with 8 you could still reliably find workarounds despite it being a glorified piece of shit tablet OS.
Replies: >>247350 >>247367
>If linux devs could get their shit together and cooperate to any reasonable extent instead of being petty arguetranny retards they could easily btfo modern day M$
They don't care and they never will, they already have something close to their ideal setup and their use case is nothing like yours. If you are desperate for a Linux distribution for wintrannies you should build it yourself, all the tools are there, there are countless tutorials, you don't need to make anything from scratch, the only thing you need to do is to put it together, you can solve jigsaw puzzles, right?
with code
>If you are desperate for a Linux distribution for wintrannies you should build it yourself
And THAT is the reason why Linux will never be used by a wider audience. Because of this whole "Fix it yourself" mentality.
Replies: >>247390
I'm well aware they did that with win7 (thats what I meant), and if memory serves, they didn't care about people selecting "Don't upgrade" back then. I was just not certain if it was about yt-dl or windows updates lol. I did not mean to be condescending. 
I recall using some (separately downloaded) tool from M$ to disable certain driver upgrades that broke sound on my win10 LTSB install years ago. There was no option to selectively not upgrade certain packages without said tool, and some other updates would randomly overwrite my settings and start automatically updating everything again. The peace of mind I get from linux is worth the occasional game not working.
Sorry, cant help with that.
I know how to use Linux. Also
>be the kind of fag that says "fuck I hate how everyone uses M$ why do they do this?"
>proceed to also be the kind of fag that balks at the thought of cooperation and making an actual edfort to draw people away from wangblows
Replies: >>247381 >>247390
what's the best way to emulate PS1/PS2 games?
I'll make the logo
>what's the best way to emulate PS1 games?
Xebra, POPs, a PS2
>what's the best way to emulate PS2 games?
Replies: >>247539
PS1? DuckStation, or Mednafen if you're interested in netplay.
PS2? Nothing. Bite the bullet, get a slim and an OSSC for $250 and a stack of DVD+Rs for $5.
>get a slim
Bad advice. Slims are notorious for having issues, such as damaging discs. Get yourself a FAT model, specifically SCPH-500xx and up so that you can make it region free: https://archive.is/lzy6c
The other reason you want a FAT model is that you're going to want to jailbreak the system, so your options boil down to buying a memory card with FreeMcBoot already installed on it OR buying yourself a hard drive so that you can both softmod the system with FreeHDBoot and play backups through OPL: https://www.psx-place.com/threads/tutorial-the-great-ps2-aio-guide.30219/
Replies: >>247386 >>247405
psx2 for ps2 games.
Alternatively look into getting a slim with FreeMCBoot. 
OR what >>247385 said. 
I use both but usually emulate.
Someone has to fix it and neither I nor anyone else has any incentive to do it. Pay me a couple million and I will consider it.
>be the kind of fag that says "fuck I hate how everyone uses M$ why do they do this?"
I love how everyone uses Windows, it is endlessly entertaining to watch Microsoft rape wintrannies to death because they deserve it. Hail Gates. Hail Ballmer. Hail Microsoft.
>Get yourself a FAT
Bad advice. Fat models are notorious for having issues, including scratched discs, dead lasers, and flaky power supplies. Get a slim, preferably a 77k or 79k, so you can make it region free and get relatively painless backup burning. Disc scratching issues on slims are due to the laser flex cable coming unglued and floating into contact with the disc surface, which can be fixed with a piece of kapton tape. Disc scratching issues on fats are caused by the laser being near death and autofocus plowing it into the disc surface like a retard. Kapton tape is way cheaper and easier to find than a new PS2 laser.
Replies: >>247407 >>247408
Both my fat and slim lasers are dead lol
I have a FAT that is one of the first 2000 models and works fine, i think is a 30000. But a slim would be better, it doesn't matter what you get. In the FAT models, install freeMCboot is harder, but you can buy a memory card with freeMCboot already installed for like 3 dollars. Also, you can always burn DVDs to install games, is another option. To install freeMCboot in a slim is as simple as to burn a dvd and install the contents to the memory card. I heard the 500xx models have a quieter fan, so that would be useful to have in consideration, because my ps2 is very loud at 3am.
>Mednafen if you're interested in netplay.
DuckStation has a netplay fork https://github.com/HeatXD/duckstation-netplay
[Hide] (88.4KB, 541x545) Reverse
Wait for Ares to add PS2
Replies: >>247543 >>247549
Ares needs to add per-system and per-game overrides for controls.
What, when byuu unfakes his own death? Has ares had any developments of note since it became purely an open source endeavor?
[Hide] (168.3KB, 410x500) Reverse
How does Duckstation-netplay compare to that of Mednafen?
It uses Qt6 and therefore doesn't work on Win7, all hail Mednafen.
Replies: >>247618 >>247683
[Hide] (514.4KB, 1921x1075) Reverse
Replies: >>247622
What'd you do to it?
Replies: >>247631
How good would an early PS3 be for playing PS2 and PS1 games? Although fetching one of those might be quite a challenge. I also recall something about later models still being able to run emulators for the 1 & 2, but I am yet to dig into that.
Replies: >>247665
[Hide] (690.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
He used the power of love.
PCSX2 works pretty well for PS2 games, with the usual disclaimer that there are a lot of PS2 games which used the hardware in weird ways and that you may encounter strange performance problems seemingly at random.
Make sure you get the latest nightly build, though. When I used the stable build last year it was significantly out of date, whereas the nightly build Just Worked™.
>How good would an early PS3 be for playing PS2 and PS1 games?
Don't. The PS3's backwards compatibility suffers from the issues of compounding frame lag due to the way the system renders sub-480p resolutions. Every second that passes, the frame rate lags by 1-5 frames. Meaning that some games that are timing dependent games become almost unplayable after 30-45 minutes.
Replies: >>247687
Duckstation used to have a "nogui" build option that builds the emulator without Qt, so you get a Mednafen-like experience. Last version to support that option seems to be this: 
Is Vita3K any good?
Are you in a PAL country? I've never had anything like what you're describing when I played PS1 or PS2 games on my launch PS3.
Replies: >>247696
>After getting my chance to mess around with the PS3 today, I stumbled upon a very unfortunate discovery.
>PS3's HDMI out only supports 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. It cannot output a 480i signal from HDMI. But all PS1 and most PS2 games are only 480i . . . so what does this mean?
>Basically, the PS3 performs deinterlacing on the 480i signals from PS1/PS2 games so that it can output via the minimum 480p through HDMI. However, it does a very poor job of deinterlacing! Not only are there severe combing artifacts, but there is also a built in 2-3 frame lag, the same lag you would feel if you were to feed a 480i signal straight to your HDTV.
>Currently, the only way to avoid the lag is by outputting to an external scaler which can properly (and quickly) deinterlace the 480i signal. However, since the PS3 forces 480p on PS1/PS2 games through HDMI, there is a built-in input lag which affects all games and cannot be avoided. That means that the PS3 owners who paid large amounts of money for the iScan VP series will not be able to play PS1/PS2 games lag-free via HDMI, even with the "Game Mode" enabled.
>The PS1/PS2 games DO output 480i with Composite, S-Video, and Component cables. However, with Component cables as you know, the Blu-ray constraint token prevents you from getting a 1080p signal. Additionally, most HDTVs can't even accept 1080p via Component.
>This means that you'll lose 1080p if you go through Component, but if you use HDMI all PS1/PS2 games will have built-in input lag.
>No 1080i support was one thing, but I'm in a state of utter disbelief that the PS3 cannot properly output a video signal via Component nor HDMI. Since the PS3 cannot output both a Component and HDMI signal simultaneously, the only way to work around this issue currently is to tediously change output modes in the system settings every time you want to play a Blu-ray movie or PS1/PS2 game. This is completely unacceptable and should be addressed immediately.
>There are many possible fixes for this problem that could be implemented in a future firmware. Here are just a few of the ways that Sony could fix this issue:
<1) 480i output could be allowed via HDMI so that users could properly deinterlace PS1/PS2 titles with seperate hardware.
<2) There could be an option to automatically switch to the AV Multiout (Component) for PS1/PS2 games, while using HDMI output for other material.
>or, the best solution,
<3) Actually use a decent deinterlacing algorithm on PS1/PS2 titles, so that they don't lag and suffer from terrible combing artifacts.
>Now, while #3 would be the best solution, it's the solution I see the least likely for Sony to actually implement because it would take actual work. #1 and #2 are simple workarounds that could be applied, but they still don't do anything about the real problem.
>Yes they all have lag, no matter what.
>There's nothing you can do about this either. It's very slight, but it is there.
>Very noticeable on LCDs. Not so much on CRTs.
>Trust me, I've done extensive testing with multiple PS1/PS2 fighting games.
>This is why PS3s aren't used for fighting game tournaments at all (PS2 games).
>This time it's not caused by emulation but by the video post processing. The games are internally rendered at 480i and then deinterlaced and upscaled by the PS3 graphics processor. If you have a game which supports native 480p output and you set the PS3 to 480p output, then the lag is reduced a single frame
>On the PS3 side of things. Yeah it's pretty bad. I too own a release day Japanese unit, however I'm lame and Have a 20gb model. (You win this round, Fudoh) Gradius Gaiden is completely unplayable, and that game can be pretty forgiving. I haven't thrown Gradius III and IV in there (because I fucking hate those ports for being so bad. Why subject yourself to that when you have MAME for Gradius III and own a real Gradius IV PCB?) and tested it yet, but I'm sure it's just as bad. Shockingly, beatmania IIDX 10th Style was ALMOST playable on my PS3 when I tried it back with a CRT, although without a controller it's pretty fucking hard. Dualshockmania IIDX is pretty lame to begin with, but the timing did feel reasonably on spot. That test was done however with Component cables going into an Extended Definition capable television running at 480i (because at the time I was dragging my PS3 to and from school, where 480i over component cables was the only option) so maybe there's hope yet for using a PS3, but it's not worth the effort right now considering how fucking cheap PS2s are.
Replies: >>247698 >>247736
>Here are just a few of the ways that Sony could fix this issue:
He forgot option 4, or maybe option 0: just fucking get rid of backward compatibility and call it a day.
None of this says anything about "compounding frame lag", which is crazy idea in and of itself considering whatever hardware is doing the signal conversion would run out of memory to buffer frames in very quickly. What they're talking about is the lag from the time it takes to convert an analog signal to digital, which would be virtually constant. Using a PS2 on a modern TV would produce pretty much the same result.
What are your go to emulators that you use daily? Is retroarch as bad  as some on here have claimed it is?
Replies: >>247761 >>247762
>HTPC interface
>good for ARM boxes, as gayming loonix distros use it almost exclusively
>good cheat system once you get the hang of it
>unified shaders
>works out of the box with practically any controller, usually does not require configuration
<no WIMP interface because of developer autism
<old cores
<some cores do not expose all the options that the standalone versions have
<DIP switches for arcade games are often not labelled, and sometimes not even exposed, despite supporting MAME and FB cores

Standalone emulators
>usually WIMP interface, good for desktops
>newest versions are always available
>all options are exposed to the user
>MAME DIP switches are all exposed, even if the devs don't know what they do
>tend to run faster due to optimizations for target hardware
<usually no HTPC interface
<shaders are usually preset, with limited support for drop-in shaders
<almost always requires some controller configuration
<cheat systems vary from nonexistant to robust multi-step search
<not suited for ARM boxes

Personally, I like standalones a lot more, but I have a Pi5 hooked up in my garage for casual play.
Replies: >>247766 >>247781
i pretty much use a different standalone emulator for each thing im trying to emulate.

retroarch is an all-in-one solution with alot of customization and one of the worst/bulky interfaces known to mankind. i refuse to use it because of that, though i sometimes use it just to take advantage of netplay with a friend otherwise i avoid it like the plague. 

I generally go for accuracy but love features like being able to raise internal resolution, sprite increases, widescreen hacks, and geometry correction.
I dont give a fuck about filters, effects, scanlines, or any of that bullshit because i never use it and personally hate anyone who prefers it.
Replies: >>247766
i appreciate the input. 
i was looking for an all in one to keep everything organized but if standalone are a better option, ill go that route instead. How do you guys organize individual emulators?
>How do you guys organize individual emulators?
I just keep a separate folder for every gaming system and its ROMs, with a shortcut to the appropriate emulator at the top of each folder. Some emulators are used frequently so I pin them to the start menu and launch them from there. Fairly basic workflow I suppose.
Replies: >>247795
One aspect where RA genuinely excels over standalones is an unusually strict adherence to input lag minimzation.
On Software-rendered cores input lag is virtually uniform at 1 frame not counting monitor lag and such and most Hardware-accelerated cores tend to stick with it, the exception being shitter cores like Dolphin and PPSSPP which are severely outdated.
RA also has a feature called Runahead which uses savestates to run the emu logic X frames ahead of time upon receiving controller input followed by time-traveling to the emulated game's "future" state, in practice this can give you 0 frame input lag but also leads to frames being skipped.
Where RA utterly shits itself is in its netplay, in spite of having sound ideas behind it the main maintainer for it left a while ago due to Twinaphex being a street shitting niggerfaggot and as such it hasn't gotten any updates to its core features for years.
This results in instant desyncs most of the time and a variety of QoL features it should have automatic core version+setting sync, mednafen-style desync checks/alerts, an option for delay-based netplay instead of rollback that isn't supported by all cores being nonexistent to poorly implemented.
Replies: >>247787
[Hide] (263.8KB, 523x668) Reverse
[Hide] (3.4KB, 356x94) Reverse
[Hide] (69.2KB, 1905x599) Reverse
>shitter cores like Dolphin and PPSSPP
I can agree that the Dolphin core is ancient, but the PPSSPP one is only 3 commits behind master.
I do the same exact thing.

If i was trying to create some streamlined dedicated device/system to run on a TV and be controlled almost exclusively by a controller or something like that, I may consider using something like retroarch. You can update all of your cores with a few clicks and stuff like that, which can be convenient. 
But on a PC, there's no reason to not just use what you like best for each system or game, and just update it when you are about to start a new game.
[Hide] (407.9KB, 1246x1080) Reverse
>How do you guys organize individual emulators?
In my general "games" folder, have a specific subfolder with shortcuts to my preferred emus. As far as games, have them in a dedicated "rom" folder on my computer, with the games divided into subfolders based on the system.
Replies: >>247892 >>247895
>How do you guys organize individual emulators?

i only use retroarch
Replies: >>247818
Does retroarch have a functional UI yet?
Replies: >>247819 >>247895
I use Retroarch for consoles up to 6th gen+Dreamcast, and standalone emus for everything else.
As I am on GNU/Linux there isn't much in the way of organizing since everything is in my /bin so I use the command line.
The Qt UI ain't great but is functional enough if you're not retarded.
Replies: >>247892
>additional menus next to the system tray
I thought I was the only one doing that autistic shit.
Admittedly one of the good things I found in linux since I switched to it is the whisker menu, it basically splits the start menu into categories so I don't have to maintain additional menus.

>functional enough if you're not retarded.
What are you talking about? RA's UI is arguably the worst interface I've ever seen in an emulator, even Mednafen's taped-on Medanffe frontend is miles better.
Replies: >>247895 >>247900
[Hide] (293.1KB, 659x1103) Reverse
I do the same thing.  It's the best way.

Functional, yes. But holy shit is it obnoxious to use.
Replies: >>247900
>Admittedly one of the good things I found in linux since I switched to it is the whisker menu, it basically splits the start menu into categories so I don't have to maintain additional menus.
Why even organize things in menus in linux? Just get dmenu and add a shortcut to call dmenu_run.
>hit shortcut keys
>type name of any program, hit enter
>program runs
It's both faster and less effort than moving your mouse to multiple locations and looking for the right folder and program to click in a list like >>247895
>It's both faster and less effort than moving your mouse
To you maybe. I find using the mouse to be very comfortable and lightning fast, much better than typing on the keyboard all day.
You should go full suckless with dwm, dmenu, slstatus, and st. Patching them takes a bit of autism, but they will definitely make you feel like a real hackerman.
What's the best old laptop to put Win7 on?
My dick.
Is the mupen64plus-next core's ParaLLEl backend broken for anyone else?
>hit shortcut keys
>type name of any program, hit enter
>program runs
But that's how the whisker menu works though? Mouse/categories are completely optional.
Well, what is the latest gayming laptop that can run Wangblows 7? I genuinely don't know, but considering that there are thousands of models of laptops that work fine with that operating system, therefore this question is rather vague. If you wanted to run OS/2 or BeeOS, or turn a laptop into a hackintosh running a specific version of MacOS, then there might be a definitive answer, but with Windows 7 you have way too many options.
Every laptop can run win7, but if you mean hardware compatible too, windows 10 was released in 2015, and windows 8.1 in 2013. So look for laptops before 2015 with good hardware. I think in that years the best graphic card for laptops were the 980m. For example i found a random laptop with these specs: nVidia GTX970M SLI Intel Core i7-4870HQ 16GB 1866 DDR3L  Man, this was from 9 years ago and has better specs than my actual desktop PC, and this one has the 970m, so there may be even better laptops out there.
Replies: >>248046
If you know exactly what you want, yea. But this menu has 2 functions for me. I put stuff I am currently playing at the bottom so its a very fast selection when it's something i use frequently. The other stuff is for browsing what i have installed and deciding what I want to play.
Find something with a 10900. theyre the fastest gen that just works with windows 7.
Does the R.ID custom AyyMD driver for old GCN cards work on Windows 7?
[Hide] (150.4KB, 620x916) Reverse
Better yet- whats the best way of emulating windows 7 with as little overhead as possible?
Replies: >>248664
If you want pray game but not bother with installing an entire Windows, Wine exists.
If you want your W7 at acceptable performance without dual booting, KVM with GPU Passthrough exists.
If you want to "emulate" W7 86Box and DOSBox-X can sort of do it, but performance will be ass and you'll limit yourself to minimum toaster specs.
If you want W7 as it's meant to be dual boob it provided your motherboard doesn't prevent you from doing so and you have appropriate drivers.
Replies: >>249184
>a 4:3 picture in a 1920x1080 screen comes out as 1440x1080
>a 4:3 picture in a 1920x1200 screen comes out as 1600x1200
In other words, a 16:10 screen is better for old games than a 16:9 one. Alas, 16:10 is already slowly going the way of the dodo.
Replies: >>248783
>Alas, 16:10 is already slowly going the way of the dodo.
You're about 15 years late to the party. 16:10 monitors were very common for a few years when widescreen monitors were first widely adopted. They're still just barely in production but you won't find any 420niggahertz gayman monitors.
Replies: >>248784
I know, but compared to 4:3 monitors they are still not that incredibly uncommon. There are laptops with 16:10 OLED monitors, but not standalone monitors. If I was a chink businessman I would buy some of those panels from the manufacturers, contact an other manufacturer to turn them into proper monitors, and then send some samples to all the retro jewturbers with some text about how the screen is 10% bigger in 4:3 compared to 16:9. It is also better for reading text, so you could sell them as ”productivity monitors” or something.
Replies: >>249102 >>249103
>multiple rom sites shutting down or cutting content due to dmca
Didn’t think iphone emulation would cause this is much damage to the scene. How long before romsets get taken down? Time to hoard shit again
Outside of Vimm, who else got hit up?
I recently got an asus pro art display that's 1080p 16:10, pretty nice replacement for the old 16:10 acer one I had which was a decent bit smaller and sub 1080p
>It is also better for reading text, so you could sell them as ”productivity monitors” or something.
You can just rotate a 16:9 monitor 90 degrees to read text on. That's what I did with my old monitor.
Has anyone here played the NTSC-U Genesis release of Lost Vikings on a Genesis+CRT?
If I'm not mistaken the game seems to use the 16:10 DAR of the PAL region even though it was developed by proto-Blizzard in the US and released there first, but I only have emulators as a reference and as such don't know what aspect ratio the game uses on actual hardware.
Replies: >>249109
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1288x904) Reverse
This is what it looks like on real hardware. Definitely not 16:10.
Replies: >>249126
What is the best place to get ROMs now? I wanted to try Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Replies: >>249124 >>249126
If the Moon in the opening cutscene and game over screen is any indication the sprite aspect ratio is definitely 16:10, at 10:7 it's visibly squished in the horizontal.
Was this game primarily intended for the Euro market or something?
Archive.org, myrient's ftp server.
Replies: >>249128
It's more likely that they fucked up the cutscene graphics, since the game graphics would be stretched if the ratio was any wider. Those boxes for selecting inventory items are perfect squares in the screenshot I took.

Maybe something to do with how it was originally a SNES game, since SNES has some weird aspect ratio inconsistencies.
[Hide] (111.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>KVM with GPU Passthrough 
Doesnt work
>dual boob
>provided your motherboard doesn't prevent you from doing so and you have appropriate drivers.
>but performance will be ass and you'll limit yourself to minimum toaster specs.
Thats only because it's still in the early stages right?
Replies: >>249191
86Box and DOSBox-X are meant to emulate an entire early 80s-very early 2000s PC, DOSBox is the "faster" but also jankier of the two in regards to Windows support with very buggy HLE Glide acceleration support while 86Box is far more fleshed out and supports dozens of early GPUs, soundcards, CPUs to a fair degree including realistic BSODs from shitty pack-in drivers but is 10x as resource hungry with no HLE for anything so a mid-late 90s gayman PC with a 3D accelerator will either have extremely slow emu performance or extremely slow gayman performance if you turn down the emulated machine's specs to save resources.
86Box' emulated hardware goes up to ~2001 which if I recall just barely meets Win7's minimum requirements, I'd only recommend it for debugging or running weird autismoware that won't work on a modern system due to missing CPU instructions/BIOS faggotry/displeased machine spirits.
Regular VMs like VirtualBox now support DXVK-style 3D guest acceleration, but I've never messed around with that and doubt it to be very accurate compared to proper GPU passthrough.
Replies: >>249195
I tried VirtualBox and I couldn't even get it to run an old 2D game like Age of Empires in Windows XP properly.
Don't know where else to post this. So here are a few screensavers that came with the following Saturn games: https://files.catbox.moe/ztv0p9.zip
>Langrisser IV
>Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 2
>Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon
Testing these on my Windows 7 machine and they still work.
Replies: >>249230
Are those chink devices any good like the retroid pocket? Keep seeing that one mentioned(shilled) often but seems like a ps vita would be a better choice right
[Hide] (5.8MB, 2500x2500) Reverse
>costs like 40 bucks
>emulates consoles up to 4th gen
>emulates/natively plays all nintendo handhelds
Replies: >>249230
[Hide] (60.5KB, 950x750) Reverse
No way chink bootlegs are that good now
>Testing these on my Windows 7 machine and they still work.
No shit man it's the best.
Replies: >>249233
Depends on what you want to play.
>PSP/PS1/4th gen/2D Arcades
Get a vita.
Get a 3ds.
>Anything above 4th gen like N64/Dreamcast/PS2
Maybe on of those although check reviews to see how the games run. I doubt they can handle something like Conker's Bad Fur Day.
Replies: >>249236 >>249310
Why did you mean by replying to me? I wasn't promoting chinkhelds, but rather Nintendo 2DS
Replies: >>249238
>Anything above 4th gen like N64/Dreamcast/PS2
You're still better off getting a 3DS/Vita because of the amount of ports from those systems that were released on the NDS/PSP/3DS/Vita. Such as RR64 being ported to the NDS, Crazy Taxi being ported to the PSP, MGS3 being on the 3DS, and Persona 4 being on the Vita.
Replies: >>249253 >>249259
Oh never mind then.
Why not just use your phone instead?
Replies: >>249244
Because it has physical controls and natively runs DS and 3DS games without the problems of emulation. It's also good for privacybros who hate smartphones.
[Hide] (38.3KB, 424x505) Reverse
>you should buy a 3DS because there's a port of Ridge Racer 64 on the DS
As it should be, now I'm sold.
Replies: >>249259
[Hide] (2MB, 3470x2458) Reverse
MGS3 also got ported to the Vita, in fact a hacked Vita can play every Metal Gear game up until 4. So basically it only plays the good ones.
I'm mildly annoyed that DOA: Dimensions never got ported to anything else since it's both the last DOA game in the old 2.5D art style and the DOA game that makes the stories of DOA1-4 actually comprehendible without needing to read wikis or manuals.

It's Ridge Racer!
[Hide] (195.7KB, 630x700) Reverse
Which N3DS model is the best? Also, is the IPS-TN screen lottery as bad as people are making it to be?
I have both a PSP (3000) and a Vita (2000). PSP is a lot comfier to hold and play with, especially in games like CTR, where you have to constantly hold the X button. While Vita's screen is superior, the 2x integer scaling in PSP games makes the games look really blocky, and playing them in 480x272 is rather difficult since everything is so small. There is also the PSP Go, which is less comfortable to play with than the regular PSP, but has a higher quality screen, Bluetooth (for playing with a DS3 controller) and 16GB internal storage (which is rather funny, since the Slim variant of Vita has only 1 gig).
I originally bought the Vita to not only play the games that were still stuck on it, but also to replace my PSP and play older generation titles, but the Vita just doesn't do it well enough for me, and now the Steam Deck has filled that void for me. The Vita could have been an amazing system, but Sony unfortunately screwed it up on too many levels, and I bet its successor will be even worse.
Replies: >>249311
[Hide] (793KB, 2016x1134) Reverse
[Hide] (698.8KB, 2016x1134) Reverse
>Which N3DS model is the best?
Not the XL. It has the worst paint I have ever seen on a handheld that just peels and flakes off over time. I wish I could go back in time and get a regular N3DS or a N2DS instead.
Replies: >>249338 >>249339
Get a cheap shell on Aliexpress for 5 bucks and replace it.
Paint it yourself, anon.
How much of a shitshow is the MARS FPGA going to be?
Replies: >>249535
>shaders no longer working for ryujinx
damn. where do you guys go for shaders?
>>246282 (OP) 
How do you disable the rumble on Duckstation?
>$700 niche FPGA for muh accuracy
What shitshow are you expecting? Because I doubt there are enough who care when a Raspberry Pi is more then enough for their emulation needs and perfect accuracy, including all the imperfections, isn't a high priority. The only thing that is a red flag for this is they are about to release it and are talking about future cores they want to develop for so it sounds like this thing will support little outside the gate. Though if it is just an FPGA with an ARM CPU I don't see why it couldn't support other VHDL code assuming it has enough logic cells to run it.
Replies: >>249660
Oh shit. And it looks to complex for normalniggers. This reminds me,  where to get mass storage 4 cheep? Or should I ask in the hardware thread?
Replies: >>249658 >>249662
[Hide] (149.6KB, 456x496) Reverse
>file directories are too complex for normalniggers
Maybe that's why Archive.org hasn't been nuked to the ground.
$700 is about as much as it costs to buy a DE10 Nano board and add-ons to do all the shit the MARS has built in, and an ARM shitbox can't output to JAMMA, or use original controllers, or output to CRT without a separate DAC, or use lightguns without hacks, or be close to accurate emulating niche hardware. They're basically going to run a gaytreon scam on the side for new cores but nothing is stopping people from downloading the dev tools for the FPGA and either doing their own thing or porting cores from MiSTer. You can already play Saturn games on a MiSTer so in theory you could stuff a fucking Dreamcast into this thing.
As in HDD? Just buy some in you local hardware store like WD, seagate, toshiba or hitachi.
Also, buy CMR HDDs and avoid SMR drives if you don't know what the fuck you are doing.
Remember to have 3 copies of your data, I think there are some anons that can help you in the hardware thread.
Or are you talking about tapes? Because there are a lot of options like LTO from 1 to 8 I think, but that shit is fucking expensive.
[Hide] (991.6KB, 1322x764) Reverse
Anyone experienced in buying used parts? I'm thinking on doing an upgrade from RX580 to RX6600 and Ryzen 2600 to 5600x, but I'm afraid of getting scammed by being given broken parts (especially the GPU since it could have been easily mined to shit). The difference between new and used isn't that great on the CPU but the used GPUs are like 100 yuros cheaper than new ones, so I'm wondering if that's worth the risk.
Replies: >>249705
Just pray to God or something.
Doesn't the RX 6600 cost 200 shekels in newegg?
Replies: >>249706
Like at least 230 here for the Sapphire Pulse model. We don't have newegg.
Replies: >>249708
230 new?
Replies: >>249709
Yeah, which is not too horrible all things considered, but I am rather stingy...
Replies: >>249710
>I am rather stingy...
It is up to you, anon.
Replies: >>249713
[Hide] (113.2KB, 456x591) Reverse
Well it's not like I'm in urgent need to upgrade for now (other than having to play AC6 on minimal settings), so I can postpone that. Who knows maybe there will be a better or cheaper budget graphic later on.
Replies: >>249714
[Hide] (97.4KB, 827x539) Reverse
Patience is the best option, also the new nvidia cards are right around the corner at the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025 and that would mean cheaper prices for old cards.
Same with CPU shit, just keep an eye on the prices.
Replies: >>249778
Nerds wanted validation from normalfags... they got what they wished for
[Hide] (18.6KB, 300x349) Reverse
Are those cards good enough to emulate a working OS-tan?
Replies: >>249785 >>249790
[Hide] (217.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Replies: >>249838
>emulate an OS-tan
>on a GPU
This is the emulation bread not the hardware bread, you don't emulate AIs unless this is some super sekrit operation to restore Tay.
Replies: >>249838
[Hide] (113.2KB, 480x360) Reverse
Is it noble to wait during loading screens without using fast forward?
Replies: >>249821
some emulators have a fast load option you can enable
Replies: >>249825
OK, then is it noble to refrain from using such features and wait for the full loading screen?
Replies: >>249826
Nah dude, just fast forward that stuff, your time on this earth is finite. Unless you are like recording a speedrun that shouldn't matter.
Spoiler File
(420.4KB, 1872x1990) Reverse
Don't forget, piracy is a service issue. And devving is a supply issue
Replies: >>249839
[Hide] (38.8KB, 128x128) Reverse
I saw that
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