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A new Metroidvania game came out a couple days ago and it's currently the highest rated game of the year. Secrets are still being uncovered about it as of this OP and a lot of it is collaborative stuff, so don't be surprised if you come across something that stumps you. It's a lot like Tunic or Void Stranger if you've played either of those.

Game can be downloaded at https://files.catbox.moe/y34ula.zip and the password is cs.rin.ru.
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>>245441 (OP) 
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Looks not only boring, but explicitly shilled.
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Here's my progress so far. 49 eggs. I don't really seem to have much I can do besides the kangaroo statue. I know the roo comes by to fuck you up in at least three locations and presumably the object you would need to unlock it is in his pouch, but I've been ignoring his fight every time he's come by.

Because it's a video game I want to discuss.

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>that CRT filter
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Yeah is it possible to turn that filter off? I'll give it a try if so.
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>published by a company operated by videogamedunkey
I'll still try it if the filter can be turned off but now I'm really not expecting much.
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Neat. I saw the trailer on Steam and despite the uber minimalist pixelshit aesthetic it looked really cool. It's been too long since a game with a lot of animal motifs released.
>his pouch
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Dunkey is a fag and I can guarantee most discussion around the game is his faggot fans, but the game doesn’t seem to have any of the stupid humor you would expect.

I would imagine it’s a setting because some people might actually want to play it on a real CRT.
To be fair I had to look it up to find out male kangaroos don't have a vestigial pouch. Marsupials are weird enough as it is.
All the steam reviews for this game are dunkey references, and any criticism is swarmed by his fans.
On one hand, the developer is getting paid for his work, on the other hand, his work is being attributed to some fat pussywhipped faggot.
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Anon, did you type blacked into a machine translator?
It was produced by dunkey. The actual developer worked on the game prior and dunkey thought this had the most promise. 
I like the idea of companies finding promising game devs working on a passion project and offering them resources and budgets to make what they want and promote it in exchange for a cut. 
It’s probably what the entire video game industry should be.
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>>245441 (OP) 
Why does this bring up widows firewall prompt?
It's his fans lording over comments and ratings that are the issue. He could be a producer for absolute gold or an utter turd and they'd rate it the same while shouting down anyone pointing out flaws, it's how shit always goes whenever some eceleb decides to do anything like this.
So after playing a bit I'm surprised at how quickly I got sucked in and lost an hour of my life. No bullshit, no cutscenes, you press play and you're in the game.
It has a Knytt Stories feel to it which tickles me the right way but it's definitely an indie pixelshit metroidvania to the core. Make of that what you will.
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Spoiler File
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Anyone figure out how to coax the bear out? I also finally figured out how to use the top. I would recommend looking at the map very carefully when looking for secrets.

Right, because we cannot talk about any current release. Stupid drama whore.
>no bullshit, no cutscenes
I haven't thought about Knytt in well over a decade but that's high praise.
It qualifies as a video game and is far from the worst thing ever made, but I wonder if it's deserving of its own bread given the gargantuan amount of chinese exploration platformers around.
黒塗り萌 might've been more appropriate given the actual ethnic makeup of modern progressives, that or 真っ黒萌薬店 given niggerpill's rabu for the sacred Gamergay threads there.
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So aside from usual anon bitching is it any good? What do you do?
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It’s a decent Metroidvania with emphasis on exploration and puzzles, so much so that the post-game will take longer to complete than the main game. Nearly every room has more to it than you know, so there’s quite a bit of backtracking and that can get tedious, but that’s for the post-game; the main game is fun enough if you’re looking for something to be done in a day. 

If you need a reason for a thread to exist that isn’t because it is 1) on-topic, 2) not rule breaking, and 3) current, then it’s because I want to discuss something I’ve been playing.

>but I wonder if it's deserving of its own bread given the gargantuan amount of chinese exploration platformers around
See above.
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Couple new developments:
>figured out how to free all but one cat
>related to the first spoiled image, figured out that that the spinning top destroys some type of ground. Some locations have a UV stamp on them, but a lot of the time the ground looks slightly different. I found a pit in the bear cave, but it doesn't seem to be useful for anything other than falling through
>related to the last two images, there is a pixel mural beneath the pixel rabbit mural with what appears to have some sort of coordinate system on the sides. It's unaffected by the remote

I do not subscribe to your notion of hierarchy where all discussion must be in the most general thread available to you. There are a few reasons why I think you're wrong, but that doesn't matter since this thread does not violate any rule. 
>So there's nothing to discuss here besides the annoying eceleb who published it and his retarded fanbase doing their best to make the game too insufferable by pure association.
Yes, because, just like I indicated in the OP how much I want to talk about ecelebs, we can only ever discuss anything with the full context of its production and associations, or in the metacontext in how such a post affects board quality, how it compares with 8moe, and other very-much topical shitflinging.
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I hate to be that guy, but just ignore the shit stirrers. I think any rational human understands that we can have a thread for a video game on the fuckin' video games board. Any opinion contrary to that can be safely discarded.

Anyway, I'll have more to talk about when I get home and play more. I hope I make it further than I did in Axiom Verge.
My enthusiasm for the game cratered when it seemed like it was being pushed so heavily by some jewtuber's retarded fans, but there's still a chance it might be good despite that. It doesn't sound worth the asking price though. I heard someone say it's like 8-10 hours if you really drag things out.

And just ignore the braindead nigger.
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>that inconsistent framerate on some screens
Admittedly my PC is somewhat old but it can run the original Crysis at a stable 60 fps so a 2D indiepshitter game on Wine shouldn't be much trouble.
Man, the ghost dog is kicking my ass. I can get to the place with the platforms and switches but navigating that while he's chasing me is really tough.
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Use the firecrackers to distract him. Pretty much all of the animals are affected by them.
So the consensus is it's fun?
It's decently clever, but there is a lot of backtracking.
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I tried it the other day. It's one of those "this would be on Kongregate if Flash hadn't been killed" kinda games. It's mediocre compared to something like An Untitled Story; definitely not worth $25, but you'd pirate it so whatever.
The devs clearly assumed everyone would play with a controller so they didn't adding an option to remap keys, which annoyed me since it doesn't benefit from an analog stick at all. Also, there is, in fact, an option to remove the CRT filter, and considering I'm the first poster to answer that question I'm going to go ahead and assume I'm the first poster here who's actually played the game and everything before was just trolling and/or shitposting.
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I noticed you could turn off the crt filter but I left it on because I like my games to look like blurry bloomy dog shit.
Thanks for answering the question, I'll try it now. 
>rest of the thread
In the unlikely even someone manages to make a successful imageboard these are the kinds of obnoxious cancerous faggots you should contain in /b/ or ban outright.
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>In the unlikely even someone manages to make a successful imageboard these are the kinds of obnoxious cancerous faggots you should contain in /b/ or ban outright.
If anything, this is proof positive that having a functional onion only gives glowniggers an inroad to shit up your site and Tor should be enabled as a last resort if at all.
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From going in completely blind, it's a lot of fun to explore. The feeling of being overwhelmed by the unknown is very strong and it's very satisfying to piece things together from simple observation and intuition.

That's called exploration. You remind me of game journos trying to play Metroid Prime.
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>That's called exploration. You remind me of game journos trying to play Metroid Prime.
Sure, but I mean it's a LOT of backtracking, much more than Prime and more than any Metroidvania. Nearly every room has some secret to it that and you will be revisiting multiple times because chances are each new item will have something that wasn't so obvious before. With more than 90% of the game uncovered before the post-game, it can get tedious.
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Oh, I see. I'm still exploring and finding new things so perhaps I'll grow tired of it once I get to the end and have to scour the map for new things. Regardless, I appreciate that most of the challenging sections like the ghost dog or the grotto where you get the yo-yo are designed in such a way that you're never more than 30 seconds away from a second attempt.
I know that the circumstances are unrelated, but this is why you never give ground to the kind of disingenuous faggot who calls your site "cucked" due to restrictions like this.
Ok I'm retarded and can't get this shit to run.
Replies: >>246061
You simply double click the EXE. What isn't working?
Replies: >>246070
It says some shit about "kernel32.dll". I'll figure it out I'm sure I managed to break something like an idiot.
Are you on windows 7? If so that kernel32.dll crap is forced obsolescence.  You need wangblos10 or later. If you have 10 you're probably missing a dotNET, visual studio, or directx update.
Alternatively, try it with vxkex.
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That might not be enough as according the CLI output of Wine on my Lunix toaster the game seems to use DX12.
This game is literally just ho ho cum.


Thanks for deleting the post, mods, I made it retard proof this time for you.
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No, it's an obvious Agony clone.
Yeah I'm on 7. So I didn't do something fucking stupid on my end then it's just M$ being kikes.
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I don't rember WinXP having this degree of autism worship when it reached end-of-life 10 years ago.
What prevents Anon from installing GNU/Linux?
is this by the freaking locoroco devs?
Having a computer with win 7 without internet and another computer with penguin with an internet connection is the best way to go in life.
>What prevents Anon from installing GNU/Linux?
Nearly every game that uses EAC and BattlEye
Replies: >>246151
So zero good games?
Replies: >>246181
[Hide] (737.5KB, 1280x720, 00:04)
>What prevents Anon from installing GNU/Linux?
Well, let's actually go through the reasons why. First of all, which one? There are several hundred different instances of Unix available at any one time, with a new one being released every time someone needs to get their PhD.

The obvious answer that will probably come up is to tell people to install the "most popular" one (Which is MacOS by the way), but that presents the problem that Unix is not safe itself as the "most popular" instances suffer from very important problems like systemMD, or development being dictated by the likes of M$/KikeBook (Because they're the ones funding these FOSS groups and projects) OR the one tranny of the team (If there's a CoC).

So the Unix instances you should look at installing are the following:
<Net: https://www.netbsd.org/
<Open: https://www.openbsd.org/
<DragonFly: https://www.dragonflybsd.org/
<Artix Linux: https://artixlinux.org/
<CLIP OS: https://clip-os.org/
<Devuan: https://www.devuan.org/
<EndeavourOS: https://endeavouros.com/
<Rocky Linux: https://rockylinux.org/

So, after you picked out your Unix instance from that selection, what are you going to have to do next? Well, you're first going to have to install and configure the damn thing:
<Net: https://www.netbsd.org/docs/guide/en/
<Open: https://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq1.html#ManPages
<DragonFly: https://www.dragonflybsd.org/docs/
<Artix Linux: https://wiki.artixlinux.org/Main/Installation
<CLIP OS: https://docs.clip-os.org/
<Devuan: https://www.devuan.org/os/install
<EndeavourOS: https://discovery.endeavouros.com/category/installation/
<Rocky Linux: https://docs.rockylinux.org/guides/installation/
Good luck!

So now you have your BSD/Linux instance installed onto your computer. But you're not done yet! Now you have to learn how to actually RUN this crap because Unix was never intended to be used with a GUI. It was designed for network terminals, so better put on your coding socks and remember the good old days of MS-DOS because that's what you've signed on for in learning how to run this shit: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/GNU/Linux#Let.27s_learn_about_GNU.2FLinux

<Anon, when do I get to the part where I actually play games?
Soon. Next you're going to want to download a program called Wine: https://www.winehq.org/
Just make sure you download the version compatible with your version of BSD/Linux: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=distribution&sTitle=View%20Distributions
AND the version compatible with any games you want to play: https://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#Which_version_of_Wine_should_I_use?

NOW comes the part where you can begin playing games. You load up the Wine VM and install games through it: https://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#Installing_and_Running_Windows_Applications
And then launch it like you would playing a game on MS-DOS. Just be careful how you open your games: https://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#Should_I_run_Wine_as_root?
And if your program doesn't work, and the forums cannot help you, then you're SoL and need to learn how to code: https://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#I_really_need_this_particular_application_to_work._How_can_I_go_about_making_this_happen?

<And if all that mess of information wasn't enough to convince you that people have a reason to shy away from using Unix because of all the overhead that comes attached with it, allow me to provide with a clip of the GNU/Linux messiah Richard Stallman telling people that he's also never installed the fucking thing himself.

So if the guy advocating for this shit doesn't even know how to install the damn thing, what hope is there for your average person? Meanwhile, here's majority of the overheard you have to face when installing windows 7: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Windows_7
If your game's don't install, the solution boils down to one of three options.
<1. Right click, "Properties", "Compatibility", and fiddle with the different settings (Most common problems can be solved be disabling "Visual Themes", "Desktop Composition", and "Display scaling on high DPI settings")
<2. Use this site: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Home
<3. (If it's an early Windows game) Install Windows 3.1/98 (Respective of your game's compatability) to a VM like 86Box, DosBox, or VirtualBox
Didn't one of these have something in a man page encouraging people to get the vax?
Absolutely do not install Devuan. Worst mistake of my life. Void is a far better option if you want to avoid systemd.
Rocky Linux has systemd, according to Distrowatch. Why not list Slack or Porteus?
>autism worship
What? Ah shit did I start some autistic slapfight about OSes by accident? I just haven't had a reason to switch because 8 and everything after sucks and nothing I do has required me to change anything.
Replies: >>246174
First of all (You) forgot that most emulators out there that aren't proprietary glowniggerware can natively compile and run on GNU/Linux, you don't even have to compile them as most offer an AppImage these days which is very complicated to run because holy shit on KDE it asks you if you want to execute the file, oh the horror.
From there on out it's mostly the same as using them on Shitblows except DX12 isn't available, not that you'd want it outside of Xenia.
Setting up wine is also far less complicated than it sounds, it begins with the harrowing act of typing an anti-semitic environment variable specifying where wine should set up its new prefix followed by the winecfg command and waiting for it to finish.
Messing with the winecfg itself isn't necessary at this point unless you want a borderless window instead of native fullscreen in your games.
Now you can try running your game, some will run straight out of the box such as the game in the OP while others might have font errors and some will crash with no survivors.

In those cases, the anti-semitic winetricks application has to be used in order to Bethesda mod your prefix to your preferences which you don't have because making your own decisions is so hard as GUI niggercattle, you can niggle with winetricks' crappy GUI or get the list of available Microshaft dependencies (fonts, DirectX, Visual Studio runtimes, .NET etc.) and command winetricks install those you want, but beware that GUI installers for DirectX, VC, NET etc. act just like they do on Windows.
DirectX is by far the most common dependency, here (You) should install the extremely anti-semitic DXVK wrapper which wraps DX9-11 to Vulkan and goes faster than native Windows in many cases, it's so fast the Krautweeb author ported it to Windows so fags could play GTA SA and IV with better frametimes than the native DX backends could offer.
DirectX is followed by VC runtimes and .NET, VC stuff is partially implemented by Wine but from my experience there's no harm in installing the required VC runtime a game asks for just make sure you don't let the game install the stuff for you like some dependent.
.NET is a mixed bag, Wine includes its own implementation called Mono which should work reasonably well with most applications but for those that are fugged a variety of dotnet versions can be installed via winetricks.
Installing these is very jank as while most of them should install and can sort of work with your games, they remove the prefix' own mono and tend to break when updating wine which due to registry autism can't always be fixed with the installer's repair function.
Later .NET versions also install prior .NET versions resulting in a clusterfuck that breaks even more easily and can at worst result in a wineprefix with a broken .NET that won't even uninstall itself due to a fucked registry, this is why you should only have 1 game per prefix.
Dsound and dinput should be left as is unless you modded your game with additional wrappers of some kind.
corefonts should always be installed to get rid of font problems in 99% of cases that don't involve moonrunes.
Does your game run?
Good, now the actual autism starts.

Winecfg has a neat Mod Manager-esque dll override feature in which you can switch between a "native" implementation of a given dll and wine's built-in FOSS recreation.
"Native" here means Wine will try to access the dll(s) as they are installed on the prefix, whereas "Builtin" will load an equivalent library or stub thereof from Wine's directories in your root partition.
Just like on Windows Wine will try to load a "Native" dll from wherever it can, starting with the .exe's directory for Glide wrappers/Reshade/broken ENBs/DSOAL, wherever the registry points to for stuff that ran through an installer or plain ol' System32.
Winetricks will automatically set any dll it installs to "Native", but this can be reverted to builtin any time which is quite handy when messing with dll-based mods or turning shit on/off to troubleshoot problems, all without having to move or rename shit like on actual Windows.
In case a game/mod needs or is something that isn't on winetricks' list, these dependencies can often be installed the plain ol' Windows way followed by manually adding the .dll's name to winecfg's list of overrides.
Further neat 'tism is that when specifying WINEARCH=win32 when setting up a prefix Wine allows you to wrap everything from Win7 down to Win3, which it does surprisingly decently in the games that work on it.

Or you could just skip all that and have Lutris do everything for you, only to sperg out when encountering some DX8 error in Metal Gear Solid 2 that could probably be fixed by dgVoodoo wrapping DX8 to DX9 which then in turn is wrapped by DXVK to Vulkan.

I just find it strange there's still people expecting a PC game released in 2024 to run on Win7 at all.
Sure there's madlads still running Win98 on pre-2006 Thinkpads for the lulz, but none of those people expect new Steam releases to work on their machines.
Replies: >>246185 >>246193
>First of all, which one?
It is a journey, anon. I started with mint cinamon, went to manjaro, liked the arch thingy and later ended up with Artix, because I wanted to see if I could live without systemD and so far so good.
>The project is now archived, developments and maintenance are no longer assured. It is still possible to consult the project archives on the following github directory
Just say NO to meme distros.
I don't know, Rising Storm Vietnam is pretty good
>I just find it strange there's still people expecting a PC game released in 2024 to run on Win7 at all
This is the first time I'm unable to find a workaround, and I don't "worship" OSes, calm down nigger I'm willing to try other shit to get it to run.
Fuck I have a bad feeling I'm about to start one hell of a shitfit with this next post but whatever I'll face meaning I'll probably not read most of the sperging if I can just try the damn game.
I have a laptop with ubuntu (20.04 I think I'll have to find the laptop first to verify). No I do not know much about fucking around with linux and I sure as hell don't know how to use WINE. Will figuring this out be a tremendous pain in the ass?
Replies: >>246189
Probably not. Ubuntu is the most popular retard-friendly distro and it has the most support. The only thing that might improve your experience, if you decide to keep using the laptop as a Linux box, is running Mint instead of Ubuntu (since Mint is a fork of Ubuntu but is generally less bloated and respects the user more).
>starting a shitfit
I think there's one anon who gets really irked by the notion that people want to keep using Win7 in particular because I've seen almost the exact same response you got above several times in other threads over the years. I believe he is annoyed that even a very old Windows OS is more comfortable than Linux with all the User Choice™ Linux distros offer.
Replies: >>246190 >>246192
*oh, Mint is also built to be Windows-like and lets you install programs in the typical Windows way. It has GUIs for various system config options instead of forcing you to use the command line, etc.
Replies: >>246192
Ok. I've seen people recommend mint to others before, I may just do a fresh install of that and start from scratch if I can't get things to work with ubuntu.
Replies: >>246199
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>I just find it strange there's still people expecting a PC game released in 2024 to run on Win7 at all.
Because there zero reason NOT to support Windows 7. In fact, evidence is pilling up that software developers, both professional and FOSS, are deliberately going out of their way to break programs that worked on earlier versions of Windows. The only difference between Qt6 and Qt5 is just two lines of code removed, two lines that would make Qt6 compatible with Windows 7. DX12 runtimes exist for for W7, but restrictively give only to specific partners who sign NDAs.
<Then, there's all this autism around Yuzu.
Not to mention that M$ is still releasing security updates for W7 until January of this year all the way to the end of this year (Wait and see as they push that back again) despite "officially" dropping support four years ago.

To put it simply, it's a very open secret (And thorn in the side for M$) that W7 just refuses to die.
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She is best girl after all.
Replies: >>246204
Mint is the best user-friendly distro. It used to be Ubuntu but they injected too much bloat and adware into it. I tried Mint when I was distro hopping and I enjoyed it a lot; I'd be using it now if I weren't too autistic to accept the US military using systemd to crawl up my ass.
Replies: >>246204
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mint, debian, ubuntu are all way too bloated.

I'm also on Windows 7. Going to 8 and beyond is for retarded normalniggers. Windows 10 is the botnet. 

Absolutely. Yuzu deserved everything they got. Image 2 is how i got USB3 drivers that arent compatible with Windows 7 to run *perfectly* in Windows 7.
Software not being compatible with windows 7 (after the usual fixes like vxkex) might as well be the test to see if you should run it on your PC. I'm running a 12700k, and It was no picnic setting it up, but in the end i just needed to install (random) usb3 drivers and slipstream a windows 7 install from a third gen i7 configuration until it detected my mouse/keyboard. network drivers required the 1 line of change in the inf file.
For anyone else, just get a 10th Gen i7 or i9 and you wont have to do anything.  I dont know about AMD but i heard most of them are easier to get going, but the bigger concern is the motherboard components.
I would also recommend Void Linux.
>remember the good old days of MS-DOS because that's what you've signed on for in learning how to run this shit
Except that MS-DOS was pretty much just a launcher for programs where you were not expected to spend much time in the command line, meanwhile in UNIX you can do a whole lot of computing without a GUI. Expect that in this particular case you just have to open a terminal emulator, type in wine followed by a few flags and that is pretty much the end of the story. Remember, you can use tab to autocomplete whatever you are typing, and if you know the path then spelling it out in the terminal can be faster than finding it in a GUI-based file manager. And thanks to the powers of the UNIX filesystem you can set up the folders inside your home folder pretty much however you want, so you should know where everything is located.
>GNU/Linux messiah Richard Stallman telling people that he's also never installed the fucking thing himself.
That man is a living fossil who spends most of his time working on text documents in Emacs, and he has been doing that since the 70s. He spent more time typing away at terminals connected to mainframes that most anons here spent playing video games during their lives so far. In fact, he didn't even use UNIX before he started the GNU project, they just picked that operating system to copy because of its popularity.  You can read about it here:
What I want to say that the clip is the equivalent of an old steam train engineer saying that cars are these finicky things most people shouldn't bother with. Installing Linux is rather easy with most distributions, since the 2010s  and you have to pretty much go out of your way if you want to do it the hard way.
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I eagerly await the day when Windows 7 gets decompiled SM64 style.
Replies: >>246228
Nothing like this will ever happen because the kind of people who use windows are not the kind of people who are interested in operating systems. Most of the work has already been done but no one will ever finish it because the only people who are competent are afraid of copyright.
Replies: >>246265 >>246276
>but no one will ever finish it because the only people who are competent are afraid of copyright.
Would be nice to have those individuals directed toward reactOS development.
>discover the giant sleeping bat in a cavern in the upper left
>there is an unlit candle but I don't have a match
>light up the room with the flute and yo-yo, then try a firecracker
>nothing happens
>explore the bat cave and adjacent rooms, knocking down every stalactite in the process
>find a match, then return and light the candle
>bat starts flying around, seemingly immune to harm
Was I supposed to drop the stalactites on it or something?
Replies: >>246278
Decompiling seems to be a task that AI (as in Autocomplete Improved) could be trained to do rather well from what I understand, because you have to turn machine code back into the source code and then check if what you wrote has the exact same output. If you fed every OS whose source code if available into a large language model then I think it should be able to figure out how to do it with Wangblows 7 too. In fact, such a model might be able to decompile any software, and turn everything into open source simply because a company would have to make the original code available if they want to prove that someone decompiled it with AI.
Replies: >>246278 >>246285
I killed the bat with firecrackers after it woke up.
There's already a static recompiler for N64 ROMs that does that, though it doesn't generate legible C output and probably isn't based on AI.
Still good enough that the guy behind it managed to make a native port of MM despite the MM decomp not being finished yet, and other fags in the scene have started shitting out native ports of random N64 games in a matter of a few days per game instead of years.
Replies: >>246279
You are not thinking big enough: imagine a self-improving tool that can decompile a console exclusive title within a few days of release and then also recompiles it for Loonix and Wangblows, all with minimal to no guidance from humans. Maybe I am getting excited over nothing, but I am starting to suspect that the you in you will own nothing actually refers to companies that develop software.
Replies: >>246280 >>246285
>all with minimal to no guidance from humans
Doubtful, but if it can do the 80 of the usual 80/20 decompiling workload and leave the 20 to the humans that's already a gigantic improvement by itself, especially if the AI is not only trained to produce source code that compiles into an identical binary to the original but also has legible variable names and moderately discernible comments inferred and added by the AI.
>Maybe I am getting excited over nothing, but I am starting to suspect that the you in you will own nothing actually refers to companies that develop software.
The monkey's paw works both ways.
No one has hardware powerful enough for something like that except federal agencies and mega corporations. People rarely take advantage of source code leaks so why would they bother with decompilation?
>install Mint because ubuntu installation was fucked up 
>took forever because I had to reinstall 3 times to get Mint finally work for whatever reason (laptop would just freeze at the LM splash screen)
>can't get game to run have no idea what I'm doing with Lutris and WINE
>getting no results from following guides about how to use them
It's not retard proof enough for me faggots HAHAHAHAHAHA. Hope I can figure it out today.
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[Hide] (4.5MB, 1920x1080, 01:39)
You need to install the prefixes first to be able to run the game in lutris.
I think you also need to install some shit to make your mint install ready to vidya, just watch a ton of tutorials in kiketube of mint and you should be able to know what to do, good luck it was a pain at first for me.
i tried using mint too, i tried to install a game following a guide step by step
>guide tell me to put a command
>it doesn't work
>guide tell me to install a thing on playonlinux
>i try to install the thing and gives me an error
>i try to fix solutions on the internet
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You should link the guide here if you want us to help.
>doesn't post any of the errors or even the guide he used
How do you fuck up Mint? Also beware of guides with linux, you need to make sure they are recent enough and are your specific usecase.
Most of my stuff just worked on Mint. I'm also an advocate of Bottles over Wine if you're new. Devs are fags though.
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So I followed this guy's guide and shit was going fine, but when I got to the "add shortcuts" part the fuckin exe wasn't showing up even though it appears as an exe in the file explorer or whatever it's called on this OS (pic related).
>How do you fuck up Mint?
Hell if I know how I did it, there was something weird going on with my Ubuntu install which made me decide to just go with Mint and it didn't work the first two times so I selected some manufacturer option or whatever for the third install attempt and that worked fine.
Tried Lutris again and it worked. I have no fucking clue what I was doing wrong, but as with everything else in my life I bumbled my way through it until it worked.
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>I bumbled my way through it until it worked
The Linux Way™
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Well I'm liking the little bit I've played so far, I got up to the bubble wand and past some of the pipe shark things. I definitely like the color scheme, that subdued dimly lit/glowing cave aesthetic is a favorite of mine, it makes me think of the mushroom biome in Terraria. Thank fuck the scanlines can be turned off too.
[Hide] (22.6MB, 1280x720, 01:52)
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Baby duck syndrome. 

He will fuck it up until he likes it.
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I like linux actually.
Just use KDE and rice it into whatever you want it to be:
Replies: >>246347
Although that video is about XFCE. Point is, you can have classic Wangblows aesthetics.
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