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>what is this
From the people that brought you Blood and FEAR five lustrums ago, play in this fast-paced team-based FPS where you lurk in the shadows and rape from behind. Pick a class and choose between a wide array of exhilarating characters such as Alien™s®, Predator™®s, Russians℠, and nigger; all with their own set of weapons, abilities, and handicaps. Autistic screeching ensues.

>where can I download the game?
Here's a repack I made with all patches applied to the base game https://1fichier.com/?vw7b6xzo8452g8ko38dj
The only thing that's missing is the dgVoodoo2 wrapper that's found on this link here: http://dege.freeweb.hu/dgVoodoo2/dgVoodoo2/ that you'll have to make yourself work by following this guide https://www.bitchute.com/video/oNdwyj01Dv0r/
>is this a virus?
If you genuinely don't trust any faggots here on this Malay anonymous dickwaving forum you can install the game yourself by going to https://avpunknown.com/avp2aio/ then downloading either one of the two available game options. You'll still need to apply these patches in the following order:
< updates (included inside the game's zip)
<SP & MP maps patch (most likely will only need the MP maps, included in the game's zip as well)
<AvP2 master server patch 2.4 (found inside avpunknown's link)
<dgVoodoo2 as shown above
If you still have any issues in-game I'd advise you to look into this thread here which covers most of this old ass game's troubleshooting on modern Wangblows: https://www.avpunknown.com/cgi-bin/YaBB.pl?num=1538797059/

>how do I connect to the server?
<start AVP2.exe
<Play > Multiplayer Internet > Find Games
<look for the server sleepy/v/ Gamenight Serb, IP:
<in case the server is protected, password's spurdofugg
The server's running with all retail + MP expansion pack maps. It doesn't include the UMP3 map pack because there'll most likely be 2 or 3 third worlders complaining about downloading a 1GB, 5 GB once uncompressed file for a single gamenight.

Omg wudnt it be really funny if a cute alien girl kidnapped u n made u her bf like haha and u wud hold hands n kiss and cuddle haha
haha no way what if you put it in her bunghole as a joke like whoops! haha as a prank and then accidentally nutted inside what would happen I wonder this just a hypothetical scenario I'd never want to do anything like that haha lol
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For the record I haven't been able to merge gamemodes other than Team Deathmatch into the server.
From what I've seen the other servers listed are stuck on the same gamemode 24/7 either way, and the people who play this game on the regular don't like the other modes regardless.

Haha imagine rubbing her cute little gray nipples and they get stiff all pointing up haha wouldn't that be funny.
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Ha ha who would want that?
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>>224703 (OP) 
Wine with DXVK just works, Linux wins again.
I don't even remember other game modes from the last time we played. If you weren't there last time expect jank by the way, this game is fun but not balanced at all.
just post the CGset already, you know you want to
Post the /tg/ greentext, you know the one.
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>the last time we played
May I ask what was the last time you >we played this game? For anyone who's started lurking during the webring imagine haha this game's brand new.
There are a lot of gamenight classics we haven't had a single gamenight on sleepy either. >we've never had more than a single RAD Ops gamenight nor have >we seen FEAR multiplayer or SWAT 4.
>check zzz's archived catalog from late 2020
>7 different gamenight threads up
>this was before /v/ added another page worth of thread to the check
You don't appreciate what you've got until it's gone.
Replies: >>224722 >>224730
there was an avp gamenight on zchan or maybe early zzz, I'm 100% confident, might've been december 2021
Replies: >>224728
>>224703 (OP) 
Shit I can't join. Good luck on getting players for the game though.  Although I recall the way the game is split up into four teams might make it a bitch to get the game going if the average gamenight playercount is anything to go by. 

If we count OG radcorp, there was an AVP2 gamenight in either January 2018, or January 2019. It was also done as an emergency replacement for the CoD:UO gamenight which was delayed at the time.
Replies: >>224729 >>224734
Should have specified. For webring days this should be brand new. I can't recall the gamenights for zzzchan that well outside of SRB2kart in 2020.
It was 2021 IIRC, I'll have to check the FS timestamps on my copy to be sure. Someone was making noises about hosting SWAT 4 but as usual disappeared without making a thread.
>late 2020
The scamdemic was a magical time for gamenights because society was forcibly shut down and nobody could go out and do shit IRL. We'll (hopefully) never see anything like it for a long time.
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>not a single instance of dolphin porn
What the fuck, OP? I feel cheated.

Can confirm it works on my machine as well, although I had to switch to OpenGL for it to work. Had some problems getting it to run since it had a black screen at startup, but reinstalling fixed that issue.
Replies: >>224734 >>224741
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>It was 2021 IIRC
I swear I haven't seen a single AvP2 gamenight on sleepy from the day it was conceived on the 7th August 2020.
I've been checking catalogs on the archive as well and I've yet to spot it. Are you sure there was any at all?
>checking on threads on the old 2020 catalogs I actually recall
>Hottest Vidya Girls R:432 F:821
<The Wayback archive has not archived that URL
Sons of bitches. Who was responsible for archiving threads back then?
>reinstalling fixed that issue
What do you mean, the pre-packed game didn't work for you? Might as well remove the link if it's not any useful to begin with.

>good luck on getting players for the game though
Not a problem since I've disabled the password time to scare the normalfags out
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I don't know man, I nuked my .wine folder at some point but it left the desktop files behind. May 2021.
Replies: >>224738 >>224743
I knew it was 2021
Replies: >>224743
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how can I PROTECTIVE SHIELD in this game
I wonder what happened with Dolphin autist
Replies: >>224743
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You're right. Must've missed it because I remember all other threads surrounding it.
>it wasn't archived either
Goddamnit. Speaking of, can anyone here not connect to the server? I need to know.
>what happened with the Dolphin autist
The autism ran out since we're in imageboards in the year CY+9, just like how Kimeemaru gave up around a year ago.
Replies: >>224745
>What do you mean, the pre-packed game didn't work for you?
The issue was that the pre-packed version's .exe didn't have the NoCD patch, so the path of least resistance was just to install from the link. 
>can anyone here not connect to the server?
You just killed me. Fucking mouse aim is a bitch; I'll have to get that dinput fix.
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Changed my mind on the server being public. Some niggerfaggot entered the server curbstomping everyone will spamming xddddd.
Fuck that shit, server's now protected. I just wanted to have fun.
Replies: >>224757 >>224762
He was just camping a cheese spot, you could have ignored him or ganged up on him. No need to get butthurt lol
Replies: >>224769
Was he Brazilian by any chance?
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Alright I installed without a problem so I'll be on for the game night. Don't know if I'll play friday since there's movie night going on, but I'll be on saturday and sunday.
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[Hide] (3.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Looks like shit just werks, in spite of the server being put together with ducttape. Server's now protected for better or for worse. Even if it's few people it's alright. See you tomorrow,
>no need to get butthurt lol
I'm not that kind of man, anon.
Replies: >>224772
I found where to change game mode, it's GameType = # under [Settings]. You can generate full dedicated server configs if you host in-game. Don't know how to enable switching game mdoes in the vote menu, I think that's actually modded in by the master server patch.
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So why did you decide to do this instead of killing floor again OP?
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>6 fingers
[Hide] (68.7KB, 699x637) Reverse
>he can't count
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>he can't count
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I see ten digits, Fagwad. How many were (You) born with? 8?
I'm fairly certain you understand that thumbs aren't supposed to look like that, but I can see why you'd keep arguing since the tone of the back-and-forth was set as "number of fingers".
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>>224703 (OP)  (OP) 
I can confirm myself that there doesnt appear to be any malware from the original sources you posted. Checked everything on virustotal. To me it only seemed like false positives. (flagged by noname anti-virus programs that i remember seeing before also flagging other things with false posititves). I would still suggest you scan every file on virustotal and decide for yourself. You should never trust strangers on the internet. Some of the files had 1 or 2 false posititves while others had 3-4 or no detections. Do your due diligence and decide for yourself.
>dgVoodoo v2.81.3

Also 1fichier sucks. They capped the download speed like a year ago and it takes forever now.
If you want to be pedantic, thumbs aren't fingers, they're thumbs. Both thumbs and fingers are digits, but that doesn't make them the same thing. Fingers have a different number of phalanges and are not opposable.
Of course this gets mixed up so often, even in school books, that nowadays they're often but not always, Cambridge dictionary still makes the distinction for instance included in the same definition. But "literally" also has "figuratively" as one of its definitions nowadays so I don't care what the faggots in charge decide to define things as.
>1fichier sucks
Has it ever not sucked?
Replies: >>224913
You can clearly see 10 fingers 5 in each hand retatd.
Replies: >>224803
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Because I wanted to try this game's multiplayer out. That's enough reason for me to want to host this game.
If you don't like what's being hosted why don't (You) host something else yourself? This is a genuine question.
The S4fags got a lot of gamenights because there was always one fag willing to host them every now and then. Why don't (You) do the same?
>thumbs aren't supposed to look like that
Have you ever thought that's because it's AI shit? Tongues aren't supposed to have a white stripe in the center either.
>having full-fledged fisticuffs over something that took 2 seconds to generate
I shoggy doggy.
>1fichier sucks
What's the alternative then? No one on imageboards likes MEGA, Mediafire doxes the uploader and Anonfiles was slow as molasses.
Is it that much of an inconvenience to wait 1 minute longer for the download to end?
gofile but shit gets removed fast. Multiup? I dont know.
>fags can't into thumb or anatomy
I've had good success with pixeldrain. They do have a transfer quota but the speed cap when you exceed it is 1MB/s which is a hell of a lot better than the alternatives. Catbox is good for smaller files and the 3 day expiration on litterbox is just long enough for uploads that only need to be around for a gamenight.
Replies: >>224812
What port is the server using?
Replies: >>224809
27888 probably, looks like it's offline.
Replies: >>224812
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>looks like it's offline
It was. It's up now, but I don't know for how much longer it will be before it sneakily crashes again.
Looks like I'll have to stick around restarting it every now and then if I don't want this gamenight to be a dumpster fire.
I'll note down pixeldrain in case there's another gamenight, thanks.
Replies: >>224813 >>224817
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Replies: >>224815
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Alright, anon, here you go. Stop complaining.
>Looks like I'll have to stick around restarting it every now and then if I don't want this gamenight to be a dumpster fire.
while true
Replies: >>224850 >>224852
Please do not do this, set up an interval cron job instead.
Replies: >>224852 >>224853
I've been fiddling with gamemodes. Now the server's running Survivor instead of Team DM, so let's see how it is.
I can't do either. The server's working through wine and whenever it crashes the program doesn't seem to terminate itself. Either that, and the program uses a GUI since I never got to work the Linux binary.
Replies: >>224853
For what purpose? Pointless delays?
It does have a GUI, I usually set up Xvfb+VNC when running wine servers.
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For anyone trying to connect, I making Survivor mode work.
It mutates you into an alien now, which means it works and I'll stop fiddling with the server.
Feel free to stop by.
Replies: >>224857
It's back up again. Aliens vs Predators, at last.
>>224703 (OP) 
COCK how do I download the shit without waiting 23203020 minutes in queue
Replies: >>224862
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[Hide] (8.4MB, 1280x720, 00:28)
i am speed
Replies: >>224870
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You're a mongoloid.
Replies: >>224871 >>224877
find a better host for the op next time faggot im not digging through every reply to piece together your game
Replies: >>224882
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Replies: >>224876 >>224882
Create a .reg file with this inside, make sure to replace InstallDir with your game's path.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Monolith Productions]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Monolith Productions\Aliens vs. Predator 2]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Monolith Productions\Aliens vs. Predator 2\1.0]
"Update Command Line"="-rez AVP2P1.REZ -rez AVP2SP.REZ -rez AVP2P5.rez"
Replies: >>224879 >>224889
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same error
Replies: >>224881
Did you replace InstallDir correctly?
Otherwise try creating a file named avp2cmds.txt in the game's directory with this inside, change these arguments as you will, especially the resolution size:
-windowtitle "Aliens vs. Predator 2" -splashbypass -rez AVP2.rez -rez sounds.rez -rez Alien.rez -rez Marine.rez -rez Predator.rez -rez Multi.rez -rez AVP2dll.rez -rez AVP2l.rez -rez custom -rez AVP2p.rez -rez AVP2p2.rez -rez AVP2P1.REZ -rez AVP2SP.REZ -rez AVP2P5.REZ +DisableMusic 0 +DisableSound 0 +EnableTripBuf 0 +DisableHardwareCursor 1 ++RenderDll d3d.ren ++ScreenWidth 1920 ++ScreenHeight 1080 ++BitDepth 32 ++GameScreenWidth 1920 ++GameScreenHeight 1080 ++GameBitDepth 32
Then start the game with lithtech.exe -cmdfile avp2cmds.txt
Replies: >>224889 >>224896
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[Hide] (2.6MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
5 players peak today. It was a very modest gamenight but not a bad one either.
It's made clear PvE is the go-to webring gamenight format, considering KF had a peak of 13 players one week prior, if it wasn't already obvious, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
>im not digging through every reply to piece together your game
The very last reply at the time on the thread pointed you to the download link. You have no excuses other than (You) having the brain span of a fruit fly on crack.
Go to this link https://avpunknown.com/avp2aio/  then either follow OP's steps or the .txt inside the zip file.
Replies: >>224883
You also started on euro hours on a Friday when we just had a gaynight last week. Adjust your expectations.
Replies: >>224888
>If you don't like what's being hosted why don't (You) host something else yourself?
Easy bro, jus' havin' a conversation. I like avp2, I was just curious what made you choose it instead of doing killing floor again.
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>adjust your expectations
I wasn't complaining, I'm perfectly OK with it. I knew it was going to be a sideshow at most, and hosted it as is.
If anything I'm just glad KF attracted the bigger numbers.
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this is too complicatedz
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[Hide] (234.1KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
Installing the game from >>224815 and then running it as described in >>224881 through lutris with dgvoodoo enabled worked for me on debian based mxlinux.
Replies: >>224923
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>>224703 (OP) 
I'll join tomorrow
Yes. It used to be the go-to filesharing site. Unlimited speed. Then they capped it and it went to shit like the rest
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[Hide] (1.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
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Man, wasn't my predator about to dishonor his own race here for some hot xeno womb.
Unrelated to the thread, but I hadn't heard of this distro before.  I've been using Devuan since it seemed like the most practical non-systemd distro, but after going through some headache trying to get simple programs compiled or installed I have been thinking about trying another distro.  What's your experience with it, and how is the "it just works" factor?
Replies: >>224934 >>225006
reminder that you're autistic and should kill yourself
How much malware is this packed with?
Replies: >>224940
>non-systemd distro
I have been using artix and so far it has worked for me 99% of the time.
[Hide] (69.4KB, 824x542) Reverse
>how much malware is this packed with?
None, Eden. Some faggot's already inspected the files with his ol' reliable ZOGscanner over here >>224791 and gave his approval.
Speaking of,
>eden's stickied the no-games shitty gamenight thread on blacked.moe hoping it gains traction
Wew lad.
I'm going to jump on in a minute and play for a few hours. Feel free to join.
Replies: >>224953
In the meantime I've just changed the gamemode to evacuation. It's apparently another team based mode and it'll most likely need numbers, so let's see how well or not it fares.
Alright, fag. I will join in.
3 fags on the serb sucking shit through a straw. This game kind of sucks.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1080, 00:05)
>weapon switch a crapshoot
>mouse locked to center of screen in menus
>maps filled with long, straight corridors or wide open areas when 2/3 classes are melee-dependent
>preds and ayys at a clear disadavantage against marines
>switching classes in-game a pain in the dick or simply unresponsive
and people still play this?
[Hide] (15MB, 1920x1080, 00:21)
[Hide] (8.1MB, 1920x1080, 00:21)
[Hide] (7.2MB, 1920x1080, 00:09)
but i still had fun sort of
[Hide] (7.8MB, 1920x1080, 00:14)
[Hide] (19MB, 1920x1080, 00:17)
[Hide] (8.4MB, 1920x1080, 00:09)
Are we playing tomorrow?
[Hide] (315.2KB, 1000x1150) Reverse
There is some good ideas here but it's extremely poorly implemented. While you can have fun the games mechanics become more frustrating as players begin to fall into about 4 dominant strategies two of which are the human ones.
Snipers rifles can kill queens in two hits making it far and away the most OP weapon in the entire game.
The rocket launcher does incredible damage, and if you're careful can one hit kill most ayys as they leap at you without killing yourself. So long as you keep picking up the health and armor spawns you're good to go.
>Aliens strategy
Predalien is overall the best alien for it's incredible damage that will almost instant kill even heavy preds, and is very good despite how slow it is. If the map doesn't have anywhere to climb then praetorians are the best but cant climb at all. The hound alien is very good to, but is so weak good players will one hit kill you almost certainly.
Jumping and charging the shoulder mounted blaster is the best strategy for them. Yes they can do other thing but the plasma cannon is so much more reliable it outshines everything else in it's loadout. Netting people is fun, but it's nowhere near as good.

Other problems include maps outright favoring a certain style like camping, weapon, or race doesn't help the horrible balance. Yes the game is fun in it's own way, but it has serious issues that would be difficult to fix. Predators feeling so weak outside of their best weapon is particularly disappointing. I'll probably get back on a few hours or so, but right now I think I'll make something to eat.
Replies: >>224979
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Yes, this gamenight was a fluke and I'm not going to pretend otherwise. The core gameplay isn't fun, and while there are some novels ideas here and there I'd not come back to it if given the chance.
Truth be told I've never played this game before. I wasn't originally even going to host this game, and only came to be as a fallback because I couldn't make Source mods work on my machine/server.
I'd originally only considered hosting it because I'd read posts on imageboards long ago holding the MP in high regard. In hindsight I can now tell those posts were bull, but it took me the last two days to notice it.
It's a shame we've come from what appeared to be a gamenight renaissance with KF to this dung back to back. I simply hope this last one hasn't poisoned the well and we still get some decent gamenights in spite of it.
>and people still play this?
I'm puzzled as well, and judging by the faggot who jumped on the server when it was still public the players seem to be bitter autists bound by their ghastly fate of having played this game longer than a single weekend.
>it has serious issues that would be difficult to fix
Don't forget the essential issue here, and that it's a game made in LithTech, engine responsible for such fantastic titles as Blood 2, Might and Magic IX, and Super Bubble Pop.
Replies: >>224980 >>224981
Don't be sad anon. I'm happy to play with you guys even of the game is pretty terrible. Bare in mind though that the previous game night had classes disabled so all the preds and humans had the same loadout which meant no snipers. Sorry you're just figuring this out now.
Host Age of Chivalry or CS next time.
Replies: >>224982
[Hide] (43.1KB, 376x604) Reverse
>telling me what to do
Suck my cock and don't let go.
Replies: >>224983 >>224984
[Hide] (449.2KB, 997x791) Reverse
>not wanting an ayy to suck your cock
Pretty gay OP.
[Hide] (24.2KB, 724x508) Reverse
That's gay. You are gay.
[Hide] (84.5KB, 400x330, 00:01)
>blames game for kusOS
>can't win as gayylien
Jumping back on for anyone who missed out earlier today.
[Hide] (117.1KB, 1432x948) Reverse
[Hide] (54.5KB, 1159x511) Reverse
[Hide] (148.5KB, 1989x690) Reverse
[Hide] (13.2KB, 953x61) Reverse
[Hide] (88.5KB, 1222x859) Reverse
>What's your experience with it, and how is the "it just works" factor?
MX Linux is the first and only linux distro I have ever used full time, so I can't really give a firsthand comparison to other distributions. 
It was somewhere around 2018 when I decided to make the switch to linux after having used Windows 7 daily for over a decade, I backed up everything essential and then nuked my Windows partition, replacing it with a luks encrypted installation of MX Linux from live media, going into linux blind and raw, skipping the typical dual boot coping stage of switching the OS. Over time I converted all my storage drives to luks encrypted ext4 filesystems. 

The reason I picked this distro back then is because it was the most popular one on distrowatch.com at the time, that seems to be the case even now. From what I understand, their popularity list is ranked based on clicks so I can't say how big of a userbase this really has. What I have is around five years of linux experience through figuring things out with the trial and error approach, so chances are you are more experienced than I am. 

When it comes to Systemd/SysVinit, MX Linux takes the approach of making SysVinit the default init system, while leaving Systemd in reserve, giving you the option of switching to it on boot if you have some reason to do so. You could probably purge systemd off the system completely if you wanted to though. The biggest issue I've faced with the distro is outdated packages in the main repositories, it's possible to work around that by selectively upgrading individual packages to newer ones from the included "MX Test" or "Debian Backports" repos, if they happen to have a recent enough version. And god forbid, rely on a third party ubuntu ppa repository for up to date mesa packages, as I have done.

Link to the FAQ: https://mxlinux.org/wiki/help-files/mx-faqs/

There is a 197 page user manual that holds your hand: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MX-Linux/mx-docs/master/mxum_en.pdf

The image I used to install the system was the x64 “ahs” one, comes with xfce desktop. The other available flavors are KDE and fluxbox, I've no experience with either of those desktops, besides installing KDE out of curiosity, booting it once and witnessing it break bluetooth and other DE specific things, and then never booting with it again. There are some other desktops ready to install from the mx installer, see the pic. https://mxlinux.org/download-links/

Trying to list out things from memory that I've done on this installation over the years to make it work the way I want:

Kernel: I upgraded to the "Liquorix" kernel through the MX Package Installer some years ago to get something wine related working, FSync or something. Currently running 6.5.11-3-liquorix-amd64

Wine: Trying to set up wine with dependencies on a fresh linux install in 2018 with no prior experience with a package manager or the terminal was not a great experience. After enabling 32-bit packages I ended up in dependency hell for a while, I remember that installing steam pulled in alot of dependencies that wine needed to function. If I had to set up everything wine related from scratch now on a fresh install after five years of experience, I could probably do it in an hour without issues

Graphics drivers: After dealing with outdated mesa packages conflicting with something I was trying to do, I ended up doing something taboo: Utilizing a third party ubuntu ppa to get the latest mesa packages: https://launchpad.net/~kisak/+archive/ubuntu/kisak-mesa After finding out what debian version my release of mx was based on, I looked at which ubuntu release corresponded with that debian version. At the moment it's focal. And at the moment, it just works. I have a RX 6650 XT

Audio: After witnessing the earrape that the "flat volumes" feature in pulseaudio causes out of the box, I had to find out how to disable it. I later replaced pulseaudio with pipewire using the pipewire-setup-mx package from the mx test repo, allowing me to use the SBC-XQ bluetooth codec with my cheap bluetooth earphones. I also installed JamesDSP from https://github.com/Audio4Linux/JDSP4Linux to get equalizer and crossfeed effects.

This is the first time I've tried to write up anything comprehensive about my experience with linux, so I might have forgotten something.
Replies: >>225007
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>It was somewhere around 2018 when I decided to make the switch to linux after having used Windows 7 daily for over a decade
>Windows 7 was released to manufacturing on July 22, 2009. It was made available to the public on October 22, 2009
Replies: >>225011
Server broke, it looks like ayylien aras~ were too much for young marines to handle.
Replies: >>225011
[Hide] (141.6KB, 902x1200) Reverse
Whoops. It was a rough estimate :^)
It got stuck in infinite loading screen once the map was switched to dm_brokendreams
Replies: >>225012 >>225024
Sums up the game night in a way.
Replies: >>225014 >>225024
[Hide] (1MB, 1280x720, 00:03)
[Hide] (625.3KB, 525x700) Reverse
[Hide] (7.9MB, 600x600, 02:34)
OP is the server kill? I was going to hop on for a few more hours.
Replies: >>225082
[Hide] (194.7KB, 640x422) Reverse
I was trying to switch in between games to host but then I started playing a 3rd, completely unrelated game.
Expect a new gamenight thread either later today or tomorrow. Maybe.
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>expect a new GM thread
No more ayy shenanigans?
That picture kills me. You know that poor boy will never be able to lead a normal life.
Replies: >>225086 >>225104
>Expect a new gamenight thread either later today or tomorrow. 
Replies: >>225104
considering movie night is this weekend you may want to hold off on that i might host OpenRCT2 the week after next
Replies: >>225105
Movie night is every weekend for me. Do you mean the Thanksgiving Marathon?
Replies: >>225106
Replies: >>225118
The schedule kind of sucks so I wouldn't worry about it too much. How the fuck do you do multiplayer toaster cartoon? Is it just cooperative building autism?
[Hide] (843KB, 1280x720, 00:11)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x720, 00:17)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1280x720, 00:26)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1280x720, 00:33)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1280x720, 00:19)
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[Hide] (669.8KB, 600x521) Reverse
>he saved the OH NO shenanigans
I remember making her squirm a lot more than what the vid shows, otherwise that was the one highlight of the entire gamenight.
You should learn how to encode better with FFMPEG. I think your replays are missing out on a good encode.
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[Hide] (3.9MB, 1280x720, 00:31)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1280x720, 00:17)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1280x720, 00:33)
>I remember making her squirm a lot more than what the vid shows
You're right, I missed it initially while looking back at the footage.
I got greedy with file sizes that's why some clips look like crap.
Here's the worst of them re-encoded.
Replies: >>225444
Do you have more videos of the other matches?
Replies: >>225487
[Hide] (44KB, 452x469) Reverse
>>225444 (checked)
No unfortunately, I didn't play during the weekend.
Replies: >>225522
That's a shame, it was kind of a fun.
>>224703 (OP) 
I still prefer the first AvP in terms of gameplay...
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